The Naughty Virgin

Every society is marked by an adolescent stage. A growing-up period. A time when each young member feels he is infinitely more daring and modern than the adults ruling the establishment he often rebels against. Nowhere is this phenomenon more marked than in an open society like ours.

Many an adult has smiled in remembrance of the time he snuck out back for a forbidden cigarette or beer. The time he challenged another boy to a drag face in his father’s car. The time he threw a firecracker in the school john.

Rebecca Wilson’s story is that of a young girl growing up in her own special way. Breaking the moral code she has been taught by her strict aunt. Reveling in every wanton new experience. Indeed, Rebecca makes a world of her own, where hedonism becomes the standard. But the truth is that she is searching for meaning in her life, for love and affection, not just pleasures of the flesh.

THE NAUGHTY VIRGIN — the story of a girl’s struggle to find herself, and the shattering experiences that carry her over the threshold into young adulthood and eventual happiness. A timely story for our restless society.


Rebecca had been trying not to think about sex. God knows she’d tried. But every time she closed her eyes, there was that new boarder filling her mind. She could almost imagine exactly how it would be to kiss somebody so good-looking. Not that she’d ever have the nerve. Her aunt had told her that kissing was a good way to get in trouble and Rebecca didn’t doubt it. Just thinking about it made her feel all tingly and weak inside. It wasn’t a bad feeling, but it was the kind of sensation Aunt Lana warned against.

Outside her window Rebecca could hear the birds fluttering and chirping. Her aunt told her it was because the birds were happy about spring coming. Rebecca suspected there was more to it than that. She suspected that there was more to a lot of things she had been thinking about.

Since it was Saturday she knew she wouldn’t have to get up for another half-hour at least. She tossed under the sheet, stretching and enjoying the lazy time of awakening. Because when she got up there’d be no time for much laziness. Aunt Lana kept her busy with housework and whatnot. At least she’d have the afternoon. Rebecca tossed again, feeling her flannel pajamas tangling between her thighs. The pressure against her young cunt made her tremble. Her nostrils flared as she opened her legs slowly and rolled onto her back. Now the flannel was pulling up between the plump lips of her cunt and the friction mad Rebecca moan.

“I’d better not think about this kind of stuff,” she mumbled, throwing the covers back and sitting up. Lana had warned her about self-enjoyment. Not in so many words. But the hints had been plain enough. A young girl had to be especially careful in the bathtub or in bed. Her aunt preferred that she took showers, when it came right down to it. Rebecca sneaked in a bath every so often though. And Aunt Lana thought that a proper young woman should always wear pants-style flannel pajamas with the top buttoned up to the neck.

Her aunt’s concern about temptation even extended to what Rebecca was allowed to wear during the day. Not so much what people could see, but what they couldn’t see. Like underwear.

Rebecca went to her dresser and pulled out a clean pair of cotton panties. It was hard to really think of them as panties. They were made of thick, white cotton with an especially thick panel in the crotch. They even had very short legs, something like a panty girdle and they completely covered Rebecca from well above her navel to the upper part of her thighs. When she had them on. And she always had to have them on except when sleeping or bathing. Rebecca had the distinct feeling that Lana would’ve preferred her wearing the damned things to bed too.

This morning Rebecca skinned down the flannel nightwear as usual but something made her stop. She’d caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. This was a definite no-no too, but there was something about the fresh smell of the air blowing though her window and the cry of birds outside that made her feel a little disobedient. The sparse fluff of red hair that didn’t come close to hiding her cunt glistened in a narrow band of sunlight from the open window. It shocked her to see that something glistened down there where her outer lips came together. She was damp, slippery. With the flannel top still on, she stood facing her reflection and opened her legs some. Then, as sexily as she could, she rocked her hips and tried to look seductive. The familiar tinge of excitement went through her but it was immediately followed by one of guilt. Still, the temptation to admire herself was very strong. She was growing so fast.

“God, my legs sure are getting long,” she whispered, sliding a heel up her shin to her knee and then extending the leg slowly. This time her cuntlips parted with a wet sound and she could see the glistening slickness, the dainty pink surfaces. Rebecca fluffed her thick, red hair and pouted. She knew she couldn’t do this any longer. Lana would know somehow. But she’d never felt quite so wired as she was now. Her fingers trembled as she touched the first button of her flannel top. But she undid it anyhow.

“Forgive me, Aunt Lana,” she whispered as she shucked the pajama top off the back of her shoulders. She let it slide down her back and then dropped it to puddle at her feet. Rebecca put her shoulders back and turned so that her tits showed in profile. She sighed to see the curved deepening over her body. She’d been just a straight-hipped, flat-chested little tomboy but now she was getting curvy and rounded. Her tits were the size of tangerines. Large tangerines at that. Her nipples were dimpled little nubs of pink the size of the tips of her little fingers. Her tits ached too. Almost all the time. And though she’d never let on to her aunt, it felt better to rub them. Rebecca rubbed them now.

“Mmmmm,” she sighed, closing her eyes for a moment. As her palm accidentally brushed one nipple, a shudder of pleasure went through her. This time she could feel her cunt changing, growing plumper. This had happened a few times in her life and it always disturbed her. She’d thought she was sick the first time her cunt got puffy and hot. Now she knew it was just the sort of thing that Aunt Lana had warned her against. But what could she do? She wasn’t trying to make it feel like that.

She turned to look at the pert outward curve of her ass. It looked plusher and larger than a year ago and it felt different when she touched it too. She touched it by rubbing her palms over the soft curves until she could feel the tangle of her cunt hair poking under her bottom. Reaching around front, she traced the line of her mound. Now she knew she was really misbehaving but something inside her wouldn’t let her stop.

“Ohhh, so wet!” She let three fingers rest against the feverish mound of cunt flesh for a little bit. Inside she ached in the strangest way! Like her slit wanted to be rubbed or gouged or pinched.

For just an instant, she dipped a finger into the dripping crevice. There was a squishy sound as her fold sucked around her knuckles. And then a jolt of the wildest pleasure she’d ever experienced made her knees shake. She had to hold onto the side of her dresser to keep from failing to the rug. Quickly she withdrew the finger and as it slid over her clitoris the hot nub rose from its hood and again she felt pleasure too intense to understand.

Breathing hard, Rebecca went to sit on her bed. She pulled her heels up and held a small mirror down to look at the slick-looking flesh between the pouty lips of her young cunt.

“I hope nothing’s wrong with me,” she breathed. But she didn’t feel like there was. In fact she felt right, very right. She wished she had the nerve to touch herself again. She sniffed her finger and it made her wrinkle her nose. It was musky with a slight tinge of pee. It amazed her that men actually used their…

“Ohhh, I’d better not think of those kinds of things,” she said aloud. But she still gazed intently at the raw, slick wound that seemed to beg to be touched again. It was pulsing now, like it contained a tiny heart. Holding the musky finger out of the way, Rebecca licked another one and pressed it down into the juicy heat of her slit. Gingerly she stroked forward and back over her clitoris. It felt lovely. Her shoulders drooped forward and her breasts seemed heavier than before. Using a finger and a thumb, she lightly pinched one nipple as her other finger continued to stroke deeper into her crevice.

“Uhhhh, uhhhh God, that’s n-n-nice!”

But Rebecca knew that it wasn’t really very nice at all! Aunt Lana would have a fit if she found out. She’d make Rebecca wear a burlap sack for punishment, or worse.

“But I c-c-can’t stop. Ohhh, ohhhh wow!” The slick, slurpy sound of her finger sliding back and forth in her throbbing cunt made Rebecca even hotter. On the sheet a dark spot was spreading. Her juices were dripping down like a leaky faucet, a faucet she didn’t want to turn off. She wasn’t just breathing fast now. She was panting. And her nipples stung with desire. She rubbed them both in turn, being rougher than she ever had before.

“Nhhuuhh! I’ve just got to stop!” She dragged her shiny finger free of her cunt and looked at the hot sex juice that still dribbled down her crack and onto the sheet. Somehow she staggered to her feet and made it to the bathroom. She splashed cold water on her face and then wet a washrag and held it against her fevered cunt. She was still very weak and her breathing wouldn’t slow down.

“I can see why Aunt Lana warned me,” she gasped, feeling more guilty than ever. “A girl could have a heart attack doing that.”

She sat on the commode and peed with nervous squirts, the sensation of hot urine exciting her again. She considered taking a bath but knew that the longer she allowed herself to be naked, the stronger would be the temptation to touch herself again. Rebecca went back to her dresser, found a pair of thick cotton panties and jerked them on without daring to gaze at her nakedness again.

When she went downstairs, Aunt Lana was fiddling with the coffee pot. Her hair was mussed from sleep and she had on her housecoat. Rebecca was thankful that her aunt wasn’t fully awake. Because she felt that if Lana looked at her twice, she’d know what she’d been doing.

“Would you see if the paper’s here yet, dear?” Lana asked. “That paperboy is so lazy on weekends.”

Rebecca had just bent to pick, up the morning paper when a shiny red sports car roared up to the curb and a pretty girl with blond hair got out. She was tan and healthy-looking, her legs and midriff bare. Under her white tennis shorts and skimpy halter top, Rebecca could tell she was a full-blown woman. Yet she seemed very young.

“I’m here to see David,” she announced. She was close enough for Rebecca to see her painted nails. Rebecca wondered if her toenails were painted too. Her perfume smelled like something you’d never find in the five and ten.

“David? Oh, you mean David Pearson.” Rebecca smiled. “He just moved in so I forget sometimes.” But she hadn’t forgotten what the handsome boarder looked like. A sting of envy went through her. She wished that she was a girl with a sports car who could go calling on young men. But that was as ridiculous as wanting to fly. Not only was Rebecca ignorant about males, she was downright scared of them.

“I’ll just go on up to his room if you’ll tell me where it is,” the leggy girl said.

“Maybe you’d better ask my aunt.”

As soon as they’d gone into the house and the pretty blond had told Lana what she wanted, the shit hit the fan. Rebecca blushed with embarrassment for the pretty young woman as her aunt gave a lecture on why a girl shouldn’t go to a young man’s room by herself. To Rebecca’s surprise the blond took it all with a sly smile. Then she spoke softly and it was Aunt Lana’s turn to listen.

“Then your daughter can go upstairs with me. Wouldn’t that be all right?”

While her aunt blustered and mumbled that the young woman was referring to her niece not her daughter, the pretty young thing in white tennis shorts smiled confidently. Her manner won Lana over without argument. And Rebecca found herself leading Martha Heddington up the stairs to the second floor.

“You make certain David is up!” Aunt Lana called after them. Rebecca said that they would. She tapped lightly at the door at the end of the hall and stepped back to wait. They didn’t have to wait long.

“Hey, baby,” David said, grinning at the sexy blond. He had on a pair of jeans and that was it. Martha urged Rebecca into the room and they closed the door behind.

David really rented two rooms. A small sitting or reading room and a bedroom with attached bath. While Rebecca watched, the young couple embraced. She felt shock at the way Martha let David slide his palms down over her curvy ass. And their kiss was more than just an affectionate peck. They were really getting it on. Like in the movies. What shocked her the most was when they broke it off though. Martha slipped slender fingers down to the crotch of David’s jeans and patted the huge lump that pressed against the faded denim. Rebecca realized with a shock that she was observing an erection! She could almost imagine what David’s cock must look like under his pants.

“Now, Rebecca,” Martha said, taking her hand, “why don’t you excuse David and me for a moment. You can stay right here like your aunt wants you to. David and I will slip into the bedroom for a sec.”


“She’ll never know,” Martha said, wrinkling up her nose and smiling. Rebecca was taken with the young woman. It would’ve been impossible to refuse.

“Okay, but we hadn’t better stay up here too long.”

As the bedroom door closed, Rebecca paced the room a couple of times and went to peek out into the hall. It was just like her aunt to come upstairs to see what was happening. And Rebecca didn’t want Martha to get in trouble. But what was she doing in there? She and David?

“Rebecca!” Aunt Lana called. When Rebecca opened the door her aunt was standing at the foot of the stairs.

“We’re just talking,” she lied, feeling that Lana would know she was being deceptive. “Everything is just fine.”

“All right young lady, I’ve got to run to the market for some butter. We’re completely out. I won’t be more than a minute.”

“Thank God,” Rebecca whispered to herself. She closed the door and sat on David’s sofa. Martha had sure been in there with him for a long time. Probably something to talk over. She rose and smoothed her plain, blue dress and went to the window. It was the noise that made her turn. Some noise from the bedroom. Like someone in pain.

Rebecca tiptoed closer to the bedroom door. She felt wrong about listening in on a private conversation. But as the moan came again, she decided that they weren’t talking anyway. She pressed her head close to the keyhole.

“Ohhh yeah, baby, get it good! Ohhhh, Jesus Christ, I needed this!”

Rebecca’s heart almost stopped beating. But she didn’t pull her ear away. Instead she pressed it closer. What was happening? What could this Martha be doing to make David say things like that? Rebecca found her mouth was dry and her breathing very rapid. There was the sound of moving bodies and then David groaning again. Rebecca ignored the juice that was leaking into the thick band of her panty crotch. But she couldn’t ignore the way her cunt felt or the way her tits tingled. Something was happening in that bedroom! Something that Aunt Lana would definitely not approve of.

In the bedroom, Martha had her thumb and forefinger tightly circled around David’s cockshaft. She jerked upward sharply, letting the fat head of his cock stop her fingers. She lowered them gently and jerked again. She did this once every second, watching the expression of her new boyfriend change.

“Ohhh honey, suck it… would you?”

“Nasty man,” she breathed, looking directly into the slitted orifice of his glans. She let his foreskin slide up to cover the blood-packed knob then jerked it sharply downward again.

Martha knew how to jack a man off so slowly that it would finish him for an hour. But she didn’t want to finish David for an hour. She’d come over that morning because she was horny. She was so horny that she’d fingerfucked twice during her shower and hadn’t begun to feel satisfied. She knew that satisfaction came only with feeling something thick and hard being forced up into her tight, slick pussy. That something thick and hard was the very organ she held in her hand. David’s wonderful prick.

She tossed her mane of blond hair and dropped her head down. She’d stripped off her shorts and halter top and was kneeling between her boyfriend’s open legs. He liked her to keep on her panties. He liked to take them off himself. And that was fine with Martha. She liked him to take them off too.

“Before I start licking,” she said, “I want you to understand that I’ve already had my breakfast.”

“Just a few sucks, Martha baby,” David begged. His hands caressed her as he propped himself up on elbows to watch. He always liked to watch her open her lips and let them slide down around his glans. She knew he liked to see how shiny she could make it with her spit.

Martha wet her lips and then wet his glans. She rubbed her bottom lip back and forth against the plump lobes under his tip. That had a way of driving most men up the wall. David was no different. He started writhing around and pumping instinctively as she let her tongue get into the act. Now she was licking him, letting him watch her lick him. Like a big lollipop, his blue glans throbbed hotly against her teeth. She sucked him noisily, making a mess of it now, knowing that he liked her to make a mess of it.

Hot spit dribbled down his cock and into the tight tangle of his cockhair. She bobbed her head down, down until his pricktip bumped the roof of her mouth. Then slowly, sucking her cheeks in tightly around him, she pulled upward. His cock came loose from her lips with a pop.

“Don’t forget about me,” she pouted, watching him watching her. She stroked his cock again, her finger and thumb tightening just behind the head. As the blood filled the barbed tip until it looked about to explode, a shudder went through David’s body. Martha was crazy about his body. It was long and lean and though he wasn’t really the athletic type, David had nice muscles. Plenty for what she needed. And she needed it now.

“Isn’t Davey-wavey gonna fuck Martha-wartha?”

“You are one horny bitch!” he laughed, winding fingers in her hair and pulling.

“That’s why you love me.”

She rolled onto her back and kicked her legs playfully. “I want to feel you get it in me good and deep! Ohhhh God, I want you to be rough today!”

“A little rape game perhaps?” David growled, grabbing her wrists and pinning them to the bed. Martha burned with desire. She squealed in mock helplessness and flopped her hips around as the lean, brown-haired male lowered his body onto hers. She made him force her thighs apart and quickly closed them again when he tried to grab her panties. She wasn’t going to make it easy for him. But she didn’t want to make it too hard either.

“I’m gonna poke you good when I get it in,” David chuckled, struggling harder. “Jesus, you are in a playful mood.”

When he tried to yank her panties off, Martha opened her legs and wiggled furiously. He stuck his mouth into her neck and pushed his cock up against the nylon band. She knew he could feel her wet hungry heat under the silk. She rubbed against him like a cat.

“Oh God, I want you,” David whispered, finding her mouth. They kissed deeply and loudly and Martha sucked his tongue until he groaned excitement. But just as suddenly, she broke the kiss off and began to fight like she really was protecting her virginity.

“Uhhh, ohhh David, don’t hurt me,” she whimpered, play-acting but not really play-acting either. Because things had gotten a little wild. David bit her and gouged a finger across her panty crotch. Snagging the narrow band, he stretched it to one side, exposing the dainty, swollen lips of her pussy. She bucked wildly now as she felt the overheated tip of his cock being pushed into the slippery crevice. Her hot folds seemed to melt round him. Shivers of pleasure spread over her skin.

“Nhhuuh, uhhhh!”

“Oh Christ, you smell good! Like a bitch in heat.”

“You bastard,” she grunted as he thrust forward. His cocktip stretched her ring of muscles out around the thickness but he didn’t go in. She squeezed down hard with her sphincter, trying to resist the penetration. This excited David all the more and he mouthed one of her big breasts hungrily, roughly. Her nipple exploded up from the dark circle of her areola and she felt David’s tongue sliding back and forth against the sensitive bud.

“Ghhhaaahhh,” she moaned, her hips plunging in an effort to keep him from having her. But he had her anyway. He ground her roughly into the bed as his cocktip slipped past her muscular opening. There was another squishy sound as she was penetrated. Their mouths clung wetly, hungrily.


“Oh David… ohhhh God!”

“Mmmmm, tight! Christ, you’re hot and tight!”

“Ohhh damn you! Ohhhh you’re so big and lovely! Ohhh, David, do it hard! Do it, do it, do it!”

She clung to his back, her nails gouging his skin as he humped furiously between her open thighs. The sound of their bodies slurping and squishing together down there was like the most beautiful music in the world, Martha thought. She couldn’t get enough, would never be able to get enough. She inhaled the musky male aroma that rose from David’s excited body. She lurched and plunged under his frenzied thrusting. She was taking him deep now. All seven and a half glorious inches. It was more than most girls could take. But she wanted it all. Even if it hurt a little. She had to have all of it.

“Ohhhh yessss!”

“I’d better take it easy. I don’t want to get you in trouble or anything…”

“It’s all right, darling,” Martha cooed, licking his chin. “It’s safe now.”

She locked her legs behind his thighs and pumped up and down until the old bed made a rhythmic thumping sound. It was getting better, hotter with every passing second. The slick, sucking friction when David pulled his cock out was as good as the stiff penetration of her soft insides when he rammed it deep.

“There… ohhhh do it right there! Rub me there!”

David had speared her to the hilt and as he rolled his hips, her clit was being pressed down and caressed by the tangle of his cockhair and the hardness of his pubic bone. She arched her back, then humped it down into the bed to shove her open cunt up at him. He fucked it with excited jerks of passion. She could feel that feverish knob swelling inside her. It always swelled first and then burst like a ripe plum. Burst its white cream for her pussy to absorb.

“I’m gonna do it, David darling!” she whined. “I’m gonna c-c-c-ome!”

“Yeah… me too!”

They held on to each other and rolled violently across the mattress. It sounded like they were tearing the room to pieces. But Martha couldn’t begin to think of stopping. She wouldn’t have been able to cease her frenzied fucking if the landlady herself had suddenly walked into the room.

She was excruciatingly aware of that long, slick rod sliding deep into her pussy and being dragged back. In and out, jabbing and thrusting as her trembling ass squirmed to caress and milk the hot sap from her lover’s balls. It came in hard little spurts and David growled and clung to her as he shot it deep.

“Ohhhh, David baby, my darling!”

Only then did Martha remember that they’d left the landlady’s daughter to stand guard while they sneaked off a morning quickie. As she panted and moaned in the lusty throes of good sex, Martha hoped that they hadn’t made too much of a racket. She believed in sex education, sure. But she didn’t want Rebecca to get the wong idea about her. She didn’t want her to think she was a nymphomaniac. Martha giggled as she felt a hot dribble of jizz leak from her hole.

“Maybe I am.”

“What’d you say?” David mumbled, kissing her face.

“Nothing, darling,” she cooed, smiling slyly. “Nothing at all.”


Rebecca ran down the stairs two at a time and went into the back yard. She stayed there, out of sight behind a blueberry bush, until she heard David and Martha leave the house and drive away in the blond girl’s fancy car. She was trembling over what she’d heard through the keyhole. Her mind spun with the infinite world of sex that had just been displayed for her.

“I wonder what it looked like,” she breathed to herself. All she’d been able to make out by peeping through the keyhole was blurred shapes moving wildly. Once she’d caught a glimpse of Martha’s bare foot kicking high. But it was the sound of their wild lovemaking that had really gotten to her. Rebecca had never imagined that two human beings could create such a symphony of gasps and cries and whimpers! She’d gotten her attitudes about sex from her Aunt Lana and though Lana would never dream of discussing anything so taboo she gave the impression that sex between a man and a woman was calm, premeditated and mechanical.

Rebecca had tried to imagine such a love match before. The woman on her back with her eyes closed. The male resting gently against her body. No words spoken, no moans or cried. In Rebecca’s mind the act would take only seconds. Just enough time for the male to implant his semen inside the female’s womb. Rebecca had never been quite sure how this was done. Aunt Lana strictly forbade any literature on the subject. But Rebecca had gleaned a few details from friends at school.

She knew that male sperm was stored in those things that dangled below his cock. The girls at school referred to these reservoirs as “balls”. So that meant that somehow the man had to insert his penis into the female body. For years she’d thought that the girl had to take the sperm into her mouth to become pregnant. Then a friend had her about virginity. Now Rebecca realized that she too was capable of having sex with a male. All that had to happen was for her hymen to be breached. It sounded a little frightening. And at the same time daring and exciting. But she tried to keep such fantasies out of her head. Until she’d heard Martha and David going at each other like wild dogs!

“Oh, they sounded awful,” she said to herself, picking a dandelion roughly from the grass. “I’d never act like that! Maybe Aunt Lana is right about sex. It’s embarrassing and dangerous and…”

Rebecca had noticed that the cotton crotch band of her panties was very damp. She rose and went to the house. She was thinking of changing her panties. But in a corner of her mind she wondered if it wasn’t just an excuse to get naked again. So she could poke at her tender cunt. No, she had to resist the temptation. She was pouring herself a glass of milk when she heard her aunt pull up in the driveway.

“You’ll never guess who I just met,” her aunt bubbled, putting down the butter she’d just purchased. “I was coming out of the market and ran into Nate Winslow. You know Nate, that man who’s restoring the old Ritz movie theater. He tells me he’s going to turn it into an art theater.” Rebecca watched her aunt make a little fact. “I suppose he’ll show those foreign films and things. But he’s a very charming man. And, he’s looking for summer help.” Aunt Lana looked at Rebecca.

“I don’t think it’d be much fun sitting in a ticket booth half the summer.”

“Oh, he can fill those jobs easy enough.” Lana poured herself some coffee and gave Rebecca another knowing look. “He needs someone to assist him in running the place. A sort of girl-Friday. Of course I suggested you.”

“Oh, Aunt Lana, I don’t know anything about that kind of stuff. I don’t know anything really. He wouldn’t hire me.”

“Well you can at least stop by and talk to him. I gave him my word that you’d be over sometime this morning.”

Though she was embarrassed by her aunt’s meddling, Rebecca couldn’t wriggle out of seeing Nate Winslow. She changed, into a summer skirt and found a blouse to match. Then she spent some time with her hair and examined the final results in her mirror. She sighed, wishing Lana would let well enough alone. She had no hopes of actually being hired by Nate and guessed that he’d agreed to interview her simply out of politeness to Lana. She was in for a surprise.

“When can you start?” Nate said, pushing his chair away from his desk and coming over to where she sat. They were in an office just off the lobby of the theater the man had just bought. Outside Rebecca could hear the workmen redecorating the lobby.

“Right now, I guess,” she gasped with surprise. Nate put his hands on her shoulders. He was standing behind her chair and as his fingers massaged the muscles of her neck, she felt a tingle go down through her belly and loins. She swallowed hard. Wasn’t he being a little familiar?

Rebecca gently twisted away from his hands and stood up, facing him. She was trembling a little and she felt her cheeks flush as he looked unblinking into her gray-green eyes.

“I want you to know,” Nate said, “that I must be able to trust you implicitly. I’ll be paying you well and I expect loyalty. Total loyalty.”

Rebecca hadn’t expected to get much for the job. After all she was just fifteen. What did Nate mean he’d pay her well? Nate put his hands on her shoulders and pulled her closer. She felt a pang of fear. What in the heck was he doing now?

“You do trust me, don’t you?” he asked.

“Yes, I g-g-guess so.”

“Then kiss me,” he breathed. Rebecca went rigid. She could see his handsome face coming closer. A curl of brown hair dangled over his forehead. For some reason she focused on that. She was too scared to move. His lips were so close to her own that she could feel the heat of them. She was holding her breath, paralyzed, about to faint. Then he brushed her mouth with his. It was a soft, gentle kiss. His big hands pressed up against the small of her back and she felt her willowy body being pulled into Nate’s embrace. Shivers of pleasure went up and down her skin. Rebecca was too shocked to really enjoy them but they were making her panty crotch very, very wet. She gave a weak whimper and Nate released her. Her lips felt wet from his kiss. She remembered to breathe at last.

“Well, you don’t entirely trust me yet, but I think you’ll do just fine.”

As her normal consciousness returned, Rebecca felt anger. Just who did this guy think he was, kissing her like that? She had a good mind to tell him what he could do with his job. He was probably just making fun of her, anyway.

“Will five dollars an hour be okay to start with?” Nate asked. He had his back to her as he fooled with some papers on his desk.

“Five…” Rebecca rubbed her sweaty palms on her skirt. “Oh sure, Mr. Winslow.”

“Call me Nate from now on. That’s an order.” He turned, smiling at her. “Now let’s see if you trust me any more than the last time.”

Though she was still resisting, Rebecca let the strong man take her in his arms and kiss her again. The kiss was a little more intimate, a little wetter, a little longer. It was long enough to make her tremble. Nate sensed that she was having trouble breathing and released her. She had to brace herself against a chair. At last she was able to return his grin with a small smile of her own.

“I don’t believe in taking on employees without some exhibition of trust.” He winked at her. “Of course with the boys a handshake is usually sufficient.”

Rebecca laughed and wiped a hand across her mouth. She had been kissed less than a dozen times by a member of the opposite sex so she wasn’t all that used to the intensity of such intimate contact. After Nate had put her to work on a list of films he wanted checked, she could hardly concentrate. All she could think of was her handsome boss and his strange behavior. Once she giggled out loud, knowing that aunt would have fainted dead away if she’d known that Nate had started her employment with a hug and kiss. Rebecca was still in shock herself. But as the morning wore on, she found her new employer thoughtful, easy-going and patient. By late afternoon she was beginning to get the hang of things.

“I put a little star by all the comedies,” she told him, handing the sheet over. “And here are the names of those distributors in that thick book. I’m not a very good typist but I think I corrected all my mistakes.”

“You did fine.” Nate put the sheet in a folder and put it in his drawer. “It must be getting late, so why don’t we knock off for today?”

“I sure enjoy working for you, Mr. Winslow… I mean, Nate.”

“What if you called your aunt and told her you were having dinner with me this evening? Think she’d let you go?”

Rebecca felt the tightness in her chest again. Part of it was the way Nate looked at her when he spoke. Like he wanted to take her in his anus again. And that scared her. Scared her in a funny kind of way. Like she almost wanted to be scared. This guy was in his thirties and she was just fifteen and he wanted to take her out to dinner! No, she wouldn’t know how to actor what to say. And if he hugged her again.

“Here,” Nate said, picking up the phone, “I’ll call her myself.”

“I… Nate, maybe…” But he ignored her weak protest. She listened to him charm her aunt and when he hung the phone on the hook she knew that it was decided.

The evening was a rush of unbelievable things. Nate’s big white car with plush leather seats and stereo. The restaurant where everyone thought she was his daughter. Until they danced. Rebecca had never danced with a man like that before. He held her so close his lips almost touching her ear. Sometimes they did touch. But she felt ill-at-ease in her school clothes and clunky shoes. Nate didn’t treat her like a schoolgirl though. And when they were back in his car, be pulled her over close to him. Rebecca didn’t want to act silly about it so she snuggled without seeming to act wanton. All that wine she’d drunk made her feel so lightheaded and giggly.

“I told your aunt I’d bring you home later,” he said. “Why don’t we go to my apartment and I’ll play you some records and…”

“No, I’d really better go home.”

Rebecca tried to pull away a little. Because she knew what was coming. Another kiss. Another kiss that started behind her ear and grew wetter and hotter until Nate cradled her small face between his hands and gingerly feasted on her lips. She moaned with the exotic thrills that burst up through her. She’d never experienced anything so powerful, so overwhelming! She couldn’t think, couldn’t make herself react like Aunt Lana would expect her to. And what was he doing with his hand? It slid down her arm and suddenly was pressing against her side, her hip! Then down, down her thigh… Even through her dress she could feel the warmth of his palm.

“Nhhoo,” she groaned, twisting her head to the side. But Nate’s lips captured her earlobe then and he began to bite the lobe. Rebecca found herself panting. Her mind spun. She tried to push her hands against his chest but was so weak from the strange passion that burned through her that she couldn’t make him let her go.

When he did, she almost sprawled across the seat. She stared at him with scared eyes, her small breasts rising and falling rapidly. When he picked up her foot and slowly removed her shoe, Rebecca stared at him like he was a being from another planet.

“Nate, I want to go home.”

“In a little while,” he smiled. His voice was reassuring. And as he dropped her shoe and slid his hand up her ankle, a jolt of pleasure went up her long leg and into the mushy heat of her cunt. She whined with the hot, incredible feeling. Then still feeling the thrill of his fingers on her ankle, she watched as he brought the sole of her feet up to his mouth. Then he kissed her there and Rebecca writhed on the seat, her head falling back as she gave in to him.

“Ohhhhh, Nate! Ohhhhh God, what are you doing to me?”

“Loving you,” he said, his tongue sliding between her littlest toe and the one next to it. The soft, wet friction made her body jerk. She knew that she was behaving in an unforgivable manner. But how could she make him stop doing something so heavenly? Her cunt glowed and she felt her juices flooding out to drench the crotch of her thick, cotton panties. As Nate had lifted her leg, her skirt had slipped up her thigh. She made a weak effort to pull it down again but was too wiped out from the throbbing, titillating thrills that surged though her.

“Stop… ohhhhh, don’t do that any more! Ohhhh, Nate, no!” He was taking her little toe between his teeth now. He was chewing it! Sucking it! Another flood of sex juice spilled into her panties and she rocked her hips. It was an instinctive, hungry movement, something she had no control over.

“You lovely little nymph,” he murmured.

“Nhhhuuhh,” she groaned, wishing she would think straight. What had happened to her will power? Her dress slipped higher on her thighs. She was barely aware of the way her legs had become exposed. But Nate saw. He continued to suck at her toes as he slid a hand over her calf and then patted the soft spot behind one knee.

“Nhhuuuhhh, nhhhaaahh,” Rebecca sighed, putting a trembling hand out. Nate ignored her weak gesture and petted his way up her thigh. She groaned and her hips lurched. It was like she was out of control! She was ashamed and embarrassed. But the most powerful emotion was that of pleasure! She couldn’t make him stop doing those lovely, wet things to her toes!

Nate’s fingers paused for a second at the cotton panties that clung to her upper thigh. Then he petted his way upward until she felt the gentle pressure directly against her cunt! Rebecca grabbed his wrist with both hands. But she had no strength. She couldn’t stop him from touching her, stroking her. And as he stroked, her cunt grew even wetter. He knew how wet she was too! Oh, she felt terrible for allowing him to become so intimate. Rebecca had heard sexy stories from girls at school about letting guys feel them up. Now she knew what getting felt up was really like! And it shamed her to know that she was letting it happen to her.

“Don’t! Ohhhhh, Nate, stop it, please stop it now!”

She wasn’t sure if she meant those words or not. She knew how she should behave and she knew she wasn’t coming up to her aunt’s standards. Not by a long shot. But with Nate’s fingers gouging tenderly at the cotton panel that stretched damply against her young cunt, she couldn’t reason or think.

“Does that aunt of yours make you wear these?” he asked.

“Yes.” Rebecca felt herself blushing. She thought of someone walking by Nate’s car and looking in and she blushed even more.

“How would you like a pair of real silk panties?”

“I couldn’t wear them. Not around my Aunt Lana.” It felt so odd talking about female undergarments while Nate stroked her cunt. What must he think of her? Yet there was only affection and admiration in his eyes.

“Well, I’m going to buy you some nice ones,” he said, bending to kiss her thigh.

“Can I put on my shoe now?”

Nate laughed and shook his head. “You’re even more innocent that I’d hoped. But I guess you can if you want. That is, if you’ll let me kiss your breasts.”

“Mr. Winslow!” she blurted, wanting to disappear. How could he say such things to her? And he didn’t look embarrassed at all. “I really had better get home now, don’t you think?”

“I’d like to show you my apartment first,” he said, shifting back under the wheel. Rebecca didn’t say anything as he started up and left the parking lot. She didn’t want to appear impolite for the kindness he’d shown her. But when they were on their way up to his rooftop apartment, she shivered and backed into the corner of the elevator.

“Just because I’m turned on by you,” Nate said, “don’t think I’m some maniac…” He put out a hand and she took it. “Come on over here and let me put an arm around you.”

The elevator opened directly at Nate’s door and he let them in and flicked on the lights. The lights of town spread below the open balcony, and while Rebecca gazed out into the night Nate poured her a glass of wine. But as soon as they were sitting on the couch together, he started working on her.

“I’ve got to kiss those lovely little breasts of yours,” he whispered, turning a special dial by the end table to dim the lights. Rebecca wiggled backward but came up against the arm of the sofa and stopped. With an easy motion, Nate got both his hands under her skirt, hooked his thumbs in her cotton panties and skinned them off over her bottom. She had her head about her this time and she kicked at him. Nate just knocked her legs aside and tossed the cotton panties across the room.

When she started after them he dragged her down onto his lap. Her skirt was hiked up and he began to rub his fingers gently at the insides of her thighs.

“Ohh, you promised you’d be nice.”

“I am being nice,” he laughed. “If you’d let me show you more, you’d understand just how nice I really want to be.”

“No!” She tried to get up but Nate pulled her by the hips and she flopped across the sofa cushions. Like a hungry lion, he burrowed his head under her skirt. She gave a cry of surprise. She was naked under there and suddenly his face was sliding up between her thighs. Now she knew she should never have trusted him. He’d just been trying to get her to his place so he could take advantage of her. Just like Aunt Lana had warned about men.

“Stop! Ohhh God, stop it now!” Rebecca made an effort to kick at him but Nate used the moment to force her knees wider and then her cries turned to deep moans as she felt his open mouth fit tightly around her young and feverish mound.

At first she froze, her muscles trembling as she held herself rigid against the slow, hot licking. The strokes of his tongue went deep into her crevice as he smeared her clitoris with spit then rubbed it the other way.

“Yeahhhhhh!” she gasped, her fingers fanning out against his shoulders. She was still pushing at him but not with much force. She felt her shoes being slipped off. Then Nate draped her long legs over his shoulders, never pausing for a moment with his mouth. He worked it back and forth against her swelling pubes as her sex honey dripped down like hot rain.

“Whhuuhhhh, ohhhhh God…”

Rebecca knew pleasure. But this thing that Nate was doing to her went beyond mere pleasure. It was like she was floating free of all worry or care. All that seemed to matter was the gentle rub of his lips and tongue against her squishy vulva. And at last she could keep still no longer.

“You!” she groaned, digging her fingers into his hair. “Ohhhh you awful, awful man!” Then her ass plunged as she rubbed her hot cunt up and down against his mouth. Doing this made her feel wrong but it made her body feel so good. She thrust her hips again but immediately felt the guilt and saw her aunt’s face as if it peered down on her terrible sin.

“You must dig it,” Nate breathed, looking up over her heaving belly, “you’re squirming like a snake.”

“I… I can’t help it. It feels so strange!”

“Strange is good,” he said, pushing his mouth down against her cunt again. Her juices flooded hotly and she could tell that Nate’s cheeks must be smeared with the slickness. When she plunged she could feel her throbbing pussy sliding against Nate’s mouth like the surfaces were oiled with butter. The sound of it was slurpy too and she could hear him feasting on her soft, pink parts.

“Ohhh, ohhhh stop! Ohhhh, you’re going to kill me! Ohhh, Nate, this is wrong!”

But struggle as she did, she knew he would never let her up until he was satisfied. She had no idea what pleasure he might be getting from it all. Her own pleasure throbbed more intensely with each passing second.

It started as an itchy tingle, an itch she couldn’t scratch enough. Because the more she rubbed herself against Nate’s hungry mouth, the more intense the tickle became! Now she was being self-conscious. She was writhing under him, humping her ass up and down as he licked wildly at her cunt. Sometimes his tongue even skittered into the crack of her ass.

“Nhhhhh, ohh, ohhhh, ohhhhh!”

It was getting so intense, this pleasure she felt, that she could hardly bear it. She was panting hard. Her eyes wouldn’t focus and she felt a dizziness sweep over her as the tickling in her loins reached up into her belly.

Spit leaked down her thighs and into the crack of her ass. She felt so hot and wet down there! Nate was covering her with spit, his hot tongue never pausing for a second. She dug her heels into his back. She hated herself for the way she was acting. But it was like another person had been set free inside her. She squealed as the itchy pleasure grew intense. Then, as if it had been kept a secret from her until that moment, Rebecca knew she was going to have a climax!

“Oh no! Ohhhh God…”

Aunt Lana had always implied, never dared to say, that ultimate sexual pleasure was somehow wicked, but instead of feeling wicked, Rebecca felt helpless. She wanted to give up, to spread her knees for the hungry man who was eating her pussy. Her legs fell weakly apart, opening her cuntlips completely. With a hot slurp, Nate wallowed harder against her tender pink folds, the juice spilling down his chin.

“Mnnnuuuhhh! Ohhhhh God, ohhhh what’s happening to me?”

“You’re getting your hot little cunt eaten out,” Nate growled, his fingers digging into the soft flesh of her thighs. He seemed crazed. Rebecca felt that it was the steamy musk from her open cunt that was helping make him this way. She knew how boys acted after just one kiss. And a friend had told her that once a guy smelled a girl’s cunt juices he was really hard to turn off. With Nate actually eating her, it was no wonder he was behaving like the wolf man.

Her dress was tangled up around her waist as the big man burrowed and licked her young crevice. The muscles in her legs tightened as she felt the pleasure increase. She plunged her hips back and forth, too caught up in the passion of the moment to be ashamed.

“Uhh, ohhh, Nate, you’re going to make me faint! Ohhh, it feels so crazy! I can’t t-t-take it!”

But Nate slid his hands under her quivering ass again, his fingers pressing into each cheek until Rebecca felt helpless. His mouth opened wide as he tried to take her whole mound in one bite. His tongue fluttered back and forth between the swollen, clasping lips. She began to thrust her cunt up and down against his licking, her movements more rhythmic than before. She was raking the itch of total pleasure until it grew like a volcano and she was screaming and pounding his shoulders with, her small fists.

Then she came.

Rebecca hadn’t been ready for it. It wasn’t just a tingle or a burn of something good. It was total release. She soared on a wave of ecstasy as the throbbing pleasure made her squeal and buck around wildly on the divan. Nate’s mouth seemed hotter than ever. Hungrier than ever. It sucked powerfully at her youthful juices and she dug her fingers into his hair to pull him even tighter against her. The sound was shameful. But as she was past caring. Rebecca could only growl like some animal and rub her aching, climaxing cunt against the slippery heat of the strong man’s mouth.

“Uhh, uhhh, uhhh,” she moaned in rhythm to her hunching hips. Nate moved his tongue even faster. She couldn’t get enough and yet felt that if she let him suck and lick her any longer she’d lose her sanity. Then the turbulent sensations peaked and for an instant she lost consciousness. When she found herself still aware of her surroundings she knew that the moment of total excitement had passed and miraculously she was still alive.

Twitching, squirming with breathless little cries gurgling in her throat, Rebecca began to relax. Nate eased his wet caresses, too, as if he knew that too much of a good thing wasn’t any good at all. When he pulled his lips free of her with a smack, Rebecca shivered and sank into the cushions of the couch. She felt total exhaustion. And every nerve seemed drained of its tension. She was panting weakly when she felt Nate’s lips on her cheek.

“Now, aren’t you glad you let me do that?”

“Let you?” she gasped weakly. “I didn’t have any say at all… ohhhh, just let me be. Just leave me alone.”

And he did. When at last she lifted her head and glanced around the room, she found that Nate had pulled her skirt back down to hide her swollen, devoured pussy. But she knew what he’d done before he’d covered her nakedness. Because he held an expensive-looking camera in his hand. Then she remembered the small click she’d heard while drowsing.

“I couldn’t resist it,” he said, giving her an apologetic look. “Please forgive me.”

“You’ve got to destroy that film!” she cried. She felt totally incapable of bearing any more of this. Her new boss had brought her to his apartment, seduced her into carnal acts no self-respecting girl would ever allow. And then he’d taken a picture of her freshly eaten pussy! She got weakly to her feet. He caught her as she almost fell.

“Hey, you’d best better take it easy. I don’t think you’re used to that much action.”

“Just take me home! Please…”

Rebecca didn’t know what she was going to do. But her mind was too confused and full of embarrassing images for her to reason her problem out. All she wanted to do now was sleep.

But as Nate helped her out to his car, she felt her body respond to his warm embrace. Even with the sexual energy drained from her by his hungry, yearning mouth, she still tingled when he hugged her against him. Then they were in the car and he held her, face and kissed her mouth over and over and over again. He kissed her until her small hands crept up his shoulders and then Rebecca was clinging to him, letting him push his tongue between her teeth. She was ashamed. But she kept kissing him, whimpering from the power this man seemed to have over her.


“Rebecca! Rebecca, what’s wrong with you?”

“I… I’m sick,” Rebecca called. She pulled the sheet over her head and wished she were a million miles away. But her aunt pounded on her bedroom door like she was going to break it down.

“Nate Winslow has called twice this morning, asking why you haven’t shown up for work. You should have at least called the man and told him if you don’t plan to report for your job. What on earth are you thinking about, acting like this?”

Rebecca dragged herself from the bed and went to the door.

“I’ll be down in a minute, Aunt Lana.”

Rebecca had known all along that she wouldn’t be able to wriggle out of her problem by playing possum. She remembered too that Nate Winslow had a picture of her. A photograph of her nude, raw cunt. She could almost imagine how she must have looked all sprawled open, her juices leaking down onto the sofa cushion. Not that Nate would be so ungentlemanly as to threaten her with exposure. But just the fact that he held something so intimate made her nervous about her relationship with him. Maybe it was better to go to her job after all. She could tell him face to face that she no longer intended to remain in his employ. She wasn’t going to risk temptation. Nor give him another chance to use his experience to seduce her. She’d come close enough to danger that last time.

Rebecca chose a pair of slacks and a not particularly sexy top and hurried through her breakfast. Her aunt was very put out at her and Rebecca could understand why. But she couldn’t begin to explain why she’d behaved as she had. Aunt Lana would never understand. Never in a hundred years.

When she walked up to the front of Nate’s art theater, the workmen were just finishing the new marquee. There were painters in the lobby now and she skirted the spread tarps and went into the office. Nate was interviewing a girl Rebecca recognized immediately. She had just graduated from high school that year; a frizzy-haired redhead who chewed gum incessantly and wasn’t the smartest girl in the world by a long shot. Tammy Patterson hadn’t been the model of chastity during her high school career either. There had been plenty of rumors about Tammy doing it with various members of the football squad. Or basketball squad. Or with whatever sports hero happened to be in the limelight at any given time. No, Tammy wasn’t especially bright. But she had a body like a movie star and wide, large eyes. Rebecca guessed that Nate was interviewing her for a job selling popcorn. She waited until Tammy left the room before she dared say anything to Nate.

“I’m sorry I’m late. But you see, I don’t think I can work here any longer and…”

“Oh that’s silly.” He smiled and hugged her shoulders. Rebecca stiffened and twisted away from him. Nate kept smiling his knowing smile. “Why don’t you give it one more chance. Besides, there’s a surprise in your desk.”

“You’re not even mad because I didn’t show up this morning?”

“I understood why you hesitated to report for work. But let’s forget all that. Now, if you could help me out with those film orders, I’d like to get them out by this afternoon.”

Rebecca started to say something but Nate grabbed a sheaf of paper and left her standing there feeling stupid. Like always he seemed to have a knack of getting his way. She hadn’t even agreed to go back with him and here she was, feeling half obligated to get to work.

She sat dejectedly at her desk and opened the first drawer. The small box was wrapped with a blight-red ribbon. She picked it up and put it down again. She knew that if she opened the darned thing she’d be obligated even more. It just wasn’t fair!

At last she could resist no longer. She slid the ribbons off and lifted the lid. Inside, nestled in tissue paper was a pair of panties. They were incredibly sexy-looking and at first Rebecca didn’t even want to touch them. She’d never even been close to anything like that. The red silk looked wicked and the white lace around the legs set off the narrow band that would cover — at least it was supposed to cover — a girl’s cunt. The panties were made in the bikini style and contained no more material than a small handkerchief.

Her heart pounded as she returned them to the box and slid the ribbons back in place. Of course she couldn’t dream of accepting such a gift. But she got out the work Nate wanted her to do and twisted a blank order form into the typewriter.

It was close to quitting time when Rebecca finished the orders and put the cover on her typewriter. She had still not decided whether she would continue to work for Nate Winslow or not. And though she knew she couldn’t, keep the present he’d bought for her, she had started to wonder how those things, would feel on her body.

“All I’ve ever worn are those awful cotton drawers my aunt gets for me.” Again she opened the box and lifted the dainty red panties up to look at them. They would feel terribly sexy on her. She knew how it was with such things. A girl could sort of glow all over, knowing she had something like that on her body. Hurriedly, Rebecca stuffed the things back in the box and got up.

“I can’t… I just can’t keep them.” But she could try them on, couldn’t she? Nate would never know. She tucked the box under her arm and went out into the lobby. The workmen were busy in the girls’ restroom so she couldn’t change there. Then she thought of the balcony. She pushed through the curtains into the darkened theater and climbed up to the highest seats. She was passing the projection room door when she heard the sound. There was no mistaking her boss’ deep voice but at first she couldn’t identify the girl who answered back.

She pressed her ear closer to the door and knew at once that it had to be Tammy, the red-headed girl Nate had hired that very day. And the things they were saying made Rebecca feel funny in her belly.

“Of course I’ll pay you much more for these favors,” Nate said, chuckling. Tammy giggled back and then all was quiet. Grasping the present Nate had given her, Rebecca went down the last row of seats. Above her head were the small, square openings where the projectors beamed the movie out. She climbed carefully to the back of a chair and slowly straightened until she could peer into the projection room. What she first saw made her almost lose her balance.

“I knew it wasn’t any mistake, hiring you,” Nate breathed. His arms were around the redhead’s body and as Tammy squirmed happily in the embrace, he lifted her skirt and began to pet the crotch band of her panties. The blue nylon was already dark from the young girl’s cunt juices. And the more Nate rubbed her there, the wetter it became.

“Ohhh, ohhhh, Mr. Winslow, I feel all out of breath.”

Rebecca knew that Tammy wasn’t as innocent as she sounded. But Nate seemed to enjoy the way she talked and rolled her eyes. His finger found the elastic band of one leg of her panties and he was working under it. Tammy pretended to resist. Then her eyes closed suddenly and she let out a long, shuddering breath. By the angle of his hand, Rebecca knew that her boss had just inserted his middle finger into Tammy Patterson’s cunt. What amazed Rebecca was that he could reach up into the girl so deeply! She knew she didn’t have any place so deep along her young crevice.

Nate pulled his finger back and pushed again. He started doing this in a teasing, rhythmic way and the sound of Tammy’s juices gurgling wetly around his knuckles made Rebecca’s own cunt flood with sex butter. She wanted to scream or run away. She felt strange, contradicting emotions. But through it all, she kept her eyes on Nate and Tammy.

“Mmmmmm, that feels yummy,” the redhead cooed. Nate was kissing her neck as he fingered her. Tammy had opened her legs a little as she stood there in her employer’s embrace.

“Whuuhh, ohhhh, Nate, Nate darling!”

Rebecca felt angry. One minute it had been Mr. Winslow and now the silly redhead was calling him Nate. She knew that she was envious of this girl’s attraction. She was envious without a right to be. Because, after all, she didn’t intend to be intimate with Nate Winslow again, did she? Rebecca’s breasts glowed and she began to breathe faster.

“Ohhhh, ohhhh, God!”

“I want to put it in you,” Nate rumbled. Tammy whimpered back. And at that moment Rebecca realized something she hadn’t been able to figure out before. Tammy had a hole inside her! That was how a man and a woman made love. The man put his cock inside that hole and gave the girl a baby. The semen wasn’t taken into the girl’s mouth or absorbed through her navel. And a mating couple didn’t just rub their parts together, hoping somehow that the miracle would occur.

“That’s why Aunt Lana has always warned me about playing in the bathtub. She said a girl could hurt herself that way…” Rebecca thought of Tammy in a new light now. She could see all those football heroes going at her in the darkened back seat of a car. She could imagine the redhead’s dress thrown up to reveal her plush thighs and feverish cunt. And she could even see the girl’s hole opening as the boy forced his cock deep, deep into her belly! Rebecca shivered again and felt like she had when Nate had rubbed his tongue up and down her crevice.

“Nate!” Tammy struggled weakly as Nate pushed her against the wall of the projection booth. He was pulling open the front of her dress. Rebecca felt another stab of envy as the big man mouthed the redhead’s breasts. They were big breasts, much bigger than Rebecca’s immature swells. And Tammy seemed to be going crazy from the hot licking of her nipples. She clung to Nate’s head with both hands, her long lashes fluttering as he feasted noisily on the dark nubs and large areolas.

Nate peeled Tammy’s dress all the way off now. Rebecca was hardly breathing. She felt anger and disgust at what was taking place. But nothing in the world would make her stop watching. As turned off as she was by the way her boss was behaving, she was fascinated too. She knew so little about sex. And the longer she watched, the more her turn-off became a turn-on. Then Nate dropped his pants and skivvies and Rebecca had to stifle a cry of shock.

It was huge, that… that angry-looking thing that swung up from Nate’s groin! It was at least seven inches long, maybe longer! And the white skin that partly covered the tip seemed stretched by the swollen state of the bulb-like protuberance inside. Tammy clung to him as he pressed her harder against the wall. They were both standing and, as Rebecca watched, Nate jerked the girl’s panties down. They puddled around her ankles and she stepped out of them like she’d done it every day of her life.

“You want this?” Nate whispered. Tammy’s fingers surrounded the white, pulsing shaft and she began to rub and massage it. Rebecca had never seen such immoral behavior. She knew she should stop watching. She should renounce things such as this. But she clung to the edge of the small, square opening and stared as the redhead gently worked the foreskin back from Nate’s big cock.

“Yeah, baby, do it slow, do it nice!”

Tammy did it slow. And from the way Nate was groaning she was doing it nice too. Rebecca could see that knob in all its swollen glory now. It was streamlined and shiny from lubrication. It was dark blue in color, probably from blood. Yes, it seemed to be congested with blood, Rebecca thought. Maybe that was what made it so big and hard-looking. But as Tammy pressed a fingertip into the head of it, the flesh gave. That strangely shaped tip was spongy. Rebecca stared harder, her heart pounding. The two naked bodies were almost close enough for her to touch. She could smell the sexy musk rising from Tammy as Nate let her play with his big cock.

Rebecca found herself fascinated with the way the red-headed girl was manipulating Nate. She squeezed his shaft hard and brought her fingers up sharply against the flared part of his glans. Yes, she remembered that term now. She’d read about it and never realized what it meant. This sudden jerk against Nate’s glans seemed to be very pleasurable. Because the big man trembled a little each time Tammy did it. She watched his swollen tip as she continued to excite him. It was almost as if that bulging knob of spongy flesh had hypnotized the redhead.

“Yeah, baby, you do it just right. I think I won’t be able to get along without you from now on…”

These words from Nate made Rebecca angry again. She knew she had no right to be, not if she didn’t intend to be intimate with him in the future. Still, she had enjoyed his perverse interest in her much as she’d hated to admit it. What girl didn’t like to be wanted, to be needed?

“Ohh, you’re so big and hard, Nate!”

“Why don’t you give me a little lick?”

Tammy blushed. Her embarrassment and shock seemed authentic. Rebecca shivered at the mere thought of brushing her tongue along something so strange and swollen as Nate Winslow’s cock.

“I don’t know what sort of girl you think I am, Mr. Winslow,” Tammy said, her voice cool.

“Aw, that’s a bunch of crap.” He grabbed her shoulders and made her look at him. Though Tammy struggled, Rebecca saw that the big man was forcing her down. Down onto her knees!

“No! I won’t do it, Mr. Winslow.”

“A second ago you were calling me Nate.” He laughed, winding his fingers in her luxurious locks. Suddenly he thrust his cock out at her and pulled her head forward.

A sudden smear of cockjuice appeared on the girl’s cheek as she turned her head to the side. Then Nate let her go. She scrambled away and got to her feet, her eyes smoldering as she wiped the glistening sex oil from her face.

“I don’t have to do any of this, you know!” she snapped. “I don’t even have to be up here.”

“Hey, cool down. I was just seeing if you’d do it.”

“Well I won’t!” Tammy stamped a pretty foot and acted as if she were about to pick up her clothes. Nate grabbed her from behind and kissed her back and shoulders. Then she whimpered and turned and once again they were in each other’s arms. Rebecca saw Nate trying to guide his cock between Tammy’s thighs and she saw the girl grab the stiff shaft and turn it away. She giggled, knowing how bad Nate wanted it. Rebecca felt a mixture of emotions, most of them confusing. But her cunt didn’t seem to be confused at all. It was flooding with hot juice. And the juice had soaked through her thick cotton underwear.

“Ohhh, Nate, you do want me, don’t you?”

“Christ, baby, isn’t my cock good enough answer for you?” Nate pushed the redhead toward a high stool. She perched on it obediently and opened her knees, her heels hooked on the rungs. Rebecca watched in total amazement as Nate rubbed the redhead’s open pussy with the head of his cock. The sound of their juicy parts sliding together made her want to plunge a hand down inside her slacks. But it was bad enough just peeping without getting perverted about the whole thing.

“Uhmmm, that’s wonderful,” Tammy gasped, letting her head fall to one side. Nate let her rub herself with his cock and the girl eagerly grabbed his white shaft and pushed it up and down in the heated slickness of her crack.

“Nate… Nate darling! Ohhhh what do you want of me?”

“I want to fuck you, Tammy.” He licked her chin. “Then I’m gonna give you a raise in pay.”

Angry as this made her, Rebecca was afraid even to blink now. She was afraid she might miss seeing what she knew was about to happen.

“Uhhh, ohhhhh you’re so stiff!” Tammy lurched where she sat on the high stool. She clutched, one hand around Nate’s ass and tilted her hips so that her hair bowed out in back. Rebecca saw the dark-blue head of her boss’ cock press between Tammy’s outer lips. The redhead bit her lip and quivered as Nate thrust forward with quick, short jerks.

“Oh God,” Rebecca sighed under her breath. “It’s going in! It’s going into Tammy’s body!” And it was. She saw the girl’s face change as the knob disappeared between the plump lips of her vulva. There was another slick sound as Nate lunged, his hands surrounding Tammy’s ass from behind.

“Ouch! Ohhhhh!” She nipped at his shoulder as her big eyes opened and closed, “You’re awful big inside me, Nate… ohhh, Nate!”

Nate had her now. Rebecca watched him thrust and jab again. His cockshaft was disappearing inch by inch. And as it filled Tammy’s tight cunt, a drop of her sex juice slid down and made a wet place on the wooden stool. The girl’s mouth hung open now and she was panting. Nate pulled his cock back a little, teasing her.

“Ohhh give me! Gimmee, gimmee!” She dug her nails into his ass, leaning forward on the stool. Nate kissed her neck and gave her another three inches of what she wanted most. His balls bumped softly against the edge of the stool.

Rebecca could hardly continue to stand on the chair back. She was weak and a little feverish. Her pants were clinging to her pubes. She’d squeezed the gift box Nate had put in her drawer until the cardboard had gotten damp and bent. But how could she leave now?

“Faster! Ohhh, Nate, I’m so hot already that… that…”

“Baby. Baby Tammy,” he groaned, holding her firmly as he fucked.

Rebecca could almost imagine herself being clutched in Nate’s powerful arms. She was about the same size as Tammy though not nearly so developed. But no, she couldn’t really think of doing anything so carnal, so wicked! And besides, that hole that Nate had found in Tammy’s body… there wasn’t anything like that that opened between her own thighs. She was a virgin, and for the first time in her life she really knew what that meant. Tammy was squirming furiously on the edge of the stool.

“Nate! Uhhhhhh!”

The man’s long cock was so deep inside the girl’s cunt that Rebecca could no longer see anything. Just Nate’s hairy balls testing against the edge of the stool as he ground his hips around in slow circles, imbedding the swollen glans of his prick as deep as he could get it. There was a look of pleasure on his face that made Rebecca feel funny about watching. And Tammy’s look was very much the same. Though her lips were twisted in a kind of agony, Rebecca could guess what that agony must feel like. It was a sweet, feverish agony of pleasure as Nate forced his erect prick in and out of the girl’s pussy.

The stool teetered as he screwed Tammy more excitedly. She clutched to his middle and squealed and he pulled her up, into his arms. She wrapped her legs around his waist, her ass jerking and plunging with that long spike of hard flesh inside her. Her juices spotted the floor of the projection room.

“Hold tight ’cause I’m coming!” Nate bellowed. He leaned against the wall and then staggered away again. Tammy was writhing in his embrace, her ankles still locked behind his back. She could rise and fall over that hot hard thing. It went in with squishy force and when she rose, lifting her pussy up from that knob-like head, her juices spilled down the fronts of Nate’s thighs.

“Uhhhh! Ohh, ohhh, ohhhhhh, Nate!”

Rebecca couldn’t stand to stay there and watch her boss explode his hot stuff into the twitching, gasping redhead. She didn’t even want to find out what it looked like when it came out. Not that there’d be any left once Tammy’s hungry hole had drunk it all up.

“Oh, how awful! How crude and…” She hurried down the aisle and downstairs, still clutching the gift Nate had given her. Rebecca only remembered she was carrying it when she was halfway home. And though she could have returned and put it on Nate’s desk, she decided to go on. Something inside her was yearning to feel those silk little nothings clinging to her body. Especially after seeing her boss and Tammy going at it. Rebecca had to have some kind of excitement in her life. And no matter how horny she was, she was going to resist the urge to touch herself with her own fingers.

In the privacy of her room, she stripped her crotch-soaked cotton panties and washed herself with cold water. The shock made her cunt a little less puffy and for a while she felt as if she’d quieted the fires that had been glowing inside her. She patted her cunt dry and stood before her dresser mirror with the red satin panties in her hand.

“I’ll just try them for a sec,” she breathed to herself. The skimpy things clung perfectly to her body. It was as if they’d been made for her exact proportions and she turned and traced the pert outward swells of her ass with both hands. She wanted to keep them now and hated herself for bringing the damned things home.

But then she was remembering what she’d seen through the projection window. She couldn’t get Tammy out of her mind. Nor Nate. The way the redhead had squirmed when he’d forced his cocktip into her juicy crevice. The sound of it. The smell of it all!

“Oh God, why can’t I just forget all about it? It only causes me trouble.”

“It’s Mr. Winslow calling!” Aunt Lana yelled from downstairs. “Rebecca? Will you please come take the call?”

It was Nate all right, and he wanted her to come over to his place. Right away. She refused, of course. And then Nate told her he’d come over there. Before she could think of what to say, he’d hung up.

“Nate just wants to talk to me about something,” she told her aunt, who was standing close by, an inquisitive expression on her face. “Something about work.”

“He certainly is a nice man,” Lana put in. “Isn’t he nice to work for, Rebecca?”

“Oh sure. He sure is nice.” She turned her face so Lana wouldn’t read her look. She felt terribly ill-at-ease. She felt trapped. That damned Nate wasn’t going to let her be. He was trying to drag her down into his carnal, wicked world. Before she could get her thoughts straight, the doorbell rang and Aunt Lana was leading Nate into the front room. Rebecca tugged nervously at her brown hair as she looked at him.

“Your aunt just gave me permission to take you out for a Coke.” Nate smiled. “I don’t mind mixing a little pleasure with business.”

“I do hope my niece has been doing a competent job,” Lana said.

“Oh, there’s no problem with Rebecca. This is one of my goofs I’ve got to talk to her about.” Before she could protest or think of a way out, Rebecca was being led firmly out the door, Nate’s hand on her arm. And it was then she remembered that she’d forgotten to take off the red satin panties.


Rebecca didn’t know where Nate was taking her. But she was bright enough to know it wouldn’t be for a Coke as he’d told her aunt. He wanted more from her than her company and a little idle chatter. She could feel the hot vibes off him like rays. She scooted against the door and watched his face in the glow of the instrument lights.

“There’s no reason to be frightened,” Nate said.

“Why do you keep after me?” she whimpered.

“Because you know you love it.”

“I hate it. I just want to go back home.”

The big car moved quietly out of town. Then without her even noticing, they were on a dirt road winding into the pine trees. The air was cooler and stars played through the branches. When Nate stopped to unlock a gate, Rebecca threw open her door and darted into the darkness. But it was impossible to get away. She didn’t know exactly where she was or how far they were from the highway. Nate stood in the car lights, laughing.

“Come on, little nymph. You know it’s silly to hide from me. And I don’t see what you’re so scared of. I just wanted to show you my country place.”

A hoot of some animal in the bushes beyond her sent Rebecca scurrying back to the safety of Nate Winslow’s car. He drove through the gate and on up a narrow, tree-lined drive. The cabin was large and luxurious-looking. It was even nice inside.

“I’ve pictured you on that bear rug,” he said, shutting the door behind. Rebecca looked around the comfortable house. She was trying to act normally but kept trembling with the fear of what Nate wanted to do with her.

Nate came from the kitchen with a glass of wine for her. She took it and managed a small smile.

“I’m glad to find that you accepted my present,” he said.

She mumbled something and turned red. She couldn’t let him know that she was wearing the gift. Nervously she drank her wine down in one gulp. Nate refilled her glass from a decanter. She had drunk half of that glass before she made herself stop. The wine was making her feel lightheaded.

“Don’t you think you’d better take me home now?”

“What if I decided to keep you here?” Nate grinned. “Forever.”

“You could get in, a lot of trouble for what you’ve already done,” Rebecca snapped. She was thinking of the improper advances Mr. Winslow had made that first day she’d gone to work for him. And another part of her mind was replaying the scene she’d watched when Nate had actually fucked Tammy Patterson in the projection room. For an instant she was so angry that she almost threw it up to him.

“I don’t see why you brought me up here anyhow,” she said, finishing her second glass of wine. “You must have someone around who’s more cooperative.”

“Ah, you mean Tammy?” Nate sucked a tooth and glanced through his wine at her. “Yes, an interesting young female. But not nearly so interesting as you.”

“What makes me interesting?”

“You’re the first repressed virgin I’ve ever had the good fortune to stumble upon. And I don’t intend to let you go until…”

Fear made her hug her shoulders, but Rebecca felt something else too. Something like a slow fire burning between her legs. She stepped back. Nate followed.

“I think I want to go home,” she murmured. He took her shoulders gently.

“Don’t you, want the other present I have for you?” He slipped a small box from his pocket and opened it before her eyes. Two gold bracelets glittered in the muted light. They were the oddest bracelets Rebecca had ever seen. Before she could refuse, Nate had slipped one on each of her wrists. They were engraved with figures of people engaged in some sort of sport, it seemed. But when Rebecca looked closer she recognized exactly what the delicate carved figures were doing!

“I can’t take these!” she gasped.

“They’re very expensive,” Nate said. “They’re made of gold and the engraving is seventeenth century…”

“They’re awful! Ohhh, take them off!” She tugged at the beautiful but pornographic bracelets. They were locked tight and she could see no release for the catch. But then Nate brought the bracelets together and the two small loops clicked as they fit together. A thrill of fear went through Rebecca’s tummy. These things were a kind of handcuffs. And now her wrists were bound together. Nate hugged an arm around her waist and muscled her easily toward another room. When the light came on Rebecca squealed and struggled wildly. Nate tossed her easily onto the big bed. He stripped off his clothes as he came at her. Her braceleted wrists were tied to the end of a rope that was secured to the head of the bed. Rebecca kicked as Nate grabbed an ankle and slipped a loop of leather over it. But with all her screaming and kicking, she was helpless to stop him from securing both her ankles and then pulling the thongs tight.

“Ohhh! Ohhhhhh, God help me!”

Nate stood back to survey the job he’d done on her. She could see his cock swinging at his crotch. It looked heavy and hard like it had when he’d pushed it deep into Tammy Patterson’s squirming young body. Rebecca tightened her thighs but couldn’t bring them together. Her ankles were bound, each to a corner of the bed. Her arms were pulled up above her head and bound there. When she tugged against the bracelets she knew they fit her too exactly to ever slip off. But at least she was still dressed. And there was no way Nate was going to get her clothes off without ruining them. Surely he wouldn’t chance discovery by doing that. Almost at that very instant, Rebecca saw something glinting in his fingers. A pair of surgical scissors. The kind doctors used to cut off bandages. He picked up one leg, of her slacks and slipped the scissors against the material.

“You wouldn’t dare!” Rebecca muttered. “If I went home with all my clothes ruined, what do you think my Aunt Lana would say? She’d have you in jail so fast…”

“Unless you didn’t want me in jail,” Nate put in. “And by the time the evening is aver, I think that’s how you’ll feel.”

“You’re an animal! Don’t you dare cut my clothes! Don’t you… ohhhh, noooo!”

The scissors worked up the length of one leg. Though she struggled against the sensations, Rebecca couldn’t help but feel the thrills as he moved the clit near her upper thigh and peeled the slacks back. When he saw that she wore the red panties underneath, he seemed elated.

“They look lovely on you,” he said, careful to cut around them.

Rebecca writhed, her long legs jerking against the leather thongs as Nate slipped the remains of her slacks out from under her. Then he quickly snipped her blouse from her shoulders. Her tangerine-sized breasts quivered naked on her chest as Nate tossed the ruined clothing away.

“There’s more than one way to skin a cat,” he whispered, bending close to brush her nipples with his lips.

Rebecca squirmed violently but he continued to caress and wet that one breast until at last she heard the suck and felt the sudden heat of his tongue. He had sucked the small orb between his teeth and was gingerly nibbling it. Her cunt dampened the red satin crotch band of her panties as she writhed.

“Nhhoo! Ohh, this is terrible! I feel so wrong, Nate! Why don’t you let me go?”

But he wouldn’t. He just kept kissing her, working on one tit until the nipple had darkened and lengthened and then switching to the other. At last Rebecca’s belly was heaving as she fought to get more air into her lungs. She tugged to get her arms down, but when Nate saw her struggling, he kissed her downy armpits until she was dizzy with the strange sensation. She hadn’t realized that being kissed there night be sexually exciting. But lately it seemed that every place she touched herself had some sort of erotic feeling upon her. And what made it frustrating was that Rebecca couldn’t control her emotions. As Nate continued to lick her upper body, she panted and whimpered from the thrilling contact of his wet, hot tongue.

“Stop! Ohhh st-st-stop!”

“You taste too good to stop.” He was delving into her naval now. His spit made everything very slick. She writhed, her flat tummy fluttering as he licked his way down her abdomen to the lace line of her panties that cut across her sharp pelvis bones.

“Don’t… don’t do it!”

Nate kissed the satin surface and she could feel his hot mouth though the thin material. He kissed his way down to her mound. His breath and tongue made her cunt convulse. The muscles inside her I tightened and for the first time in her life Rebecca thought she could feel that tube that went up into her body. Over and over again Nate caressed and pressed his mouth against the taut stretch of red satin. Her cunt flooded juice, drenching the narrow band until it was almost like wearing nothing at all.

“Now that we’ve messed up your panties, why don’t we take them off?” Nate picked up the surgical scissors from the bedside table. “But don’t worry, darling, I’ll buy you another pair just as nice.”

“No! Ohhhh don’t cut them off me!” Rebecca wasn’t worried about him ruining the damned sinful panties. She just didn’t want him to expose her poor, overheated cunt. The scissors clicked and she felt him laying the silk back to expose her lower tummy and then her mound. He snipped around, cutting through the legs and up between the crack of her ass. When he peeled the satin away he did it so slowly that Rebecca couldn’t keep her hips still. She rocked them with excitement, feeling ashamed at the same time. As the red remains of her underwear fluttered to the floor, Nate began to use his mouth against her cunt like he had that first time in his city apartment.

“Ghhhuuhhh,” Rebecca gasped, her ass lurching on the bed. She was trying to jerk herself out of the way but no matter where she moved, his mouth stayed plastered against her aching, smoldering pubes. She could feel the tickle of sexual hunger begin. And she knew that she was far too weak to resist that sort of pleasure.

“Damn you!” she cried. “God damn you!” She threw her head back and forth on the pillow. Her wrists throbbed in their gold bracelets and she realized that she’d been tugging at them again.

For fifteen minutes, Nate licked and teased at her young curd. For Rebecca it seemed like hours. It was a slow, erotic torture that he gave her. Using the tip of his tongue he would caress and urge her pink clit from its hiding place. He would massage and entice the nub of sensitive flesh until it was pulsing and stiff. Then he would push his mouth down to her hymen and swath the thin membrane with hot spit while Rebecca’s white ass quivered with frustrated excitement. Her face felt flushed and she could hardly get her breath. She could feel the itchy ecstasy just out of reach as she dug her nails into her palms and moaned. But Nate seemed to know just when to lighten his licking. He knew how to take her right up to the gates of paradise and then make her wait there.

He did this over and over again until at last Rebecca was heaving with sobs. She couldn’t take much more without losing her mind. And Nate knew it.

“Ohhhh God in heaven! Nate… Nate, please don’t stop this time! Please!”

Nate did something with the ropes. They still held her ankles and braceleted wrists but she was loose enough to turn over or sit up. Then he lay on his back. He was naked and his muscled body and hard cock made Rebecca’s fires burst hotter inside her. Her cunt was dripping hot juice as she crawled weakly to his side and then up against him.

She felt like a fool. Only moments ago she’d struggled against what Nate was doing to her. Now she yearned wildly for the strength and hardness of his body. He lay watching her, his hands by his side.

“Ohhh, you, you…” She rubbed her cheek against his chest. She couldn’t get her hands apart because of the locked bracelets, but as she brought them up, she felt his throbbing erection. Her palms slid over the firmness and she sighed. She wanted that hard, hot shape against her cunt! Her cunt was already itching like it might explode any second. She wanted to rub it against something… something like Nate’s big cock.

Straddling his hips, she dragged her dripping pussy up over his balls and the jerking hardness of his erection. Too hungry for release to feel the shame, she steadied herself with her hands and began to plunge her open cunt up and down against the length of his cock. Just feeling that bone as her slippery cunt glided up and down over it started her belly to heaving.

“Ohhhh yes! Ohhhh, God that feels good!”

She thrust and plunged and wiggled, shoving her cunt down harder, smearing the big man with her young juice. But again he stopped her. His fingers went into the meat of her ass just when she thought she might make that furious tickle turn into lightning inside her.

He squirmed out from under her and reached under her cunt from behind. She was on her hands and knees, shivering, groaning for some kind of release from her sex torture. Carefully Nate petted her cuntlips apart and probed her hymen with his forefinger.

“Don’t you think you’ve been a virgin long enough?” he breathed against the nape of her neck.

The shock of his words left Rebecca speechless. She hadn’t guessed that he might do something so totally ruthless as that! But his finger pressed up and in and she felt a tiny sting as her hymen was stretched to the breaking point. She was afraid to move for fear of rupturing the dainty flesh that kept her a virgin.

“Wouldn’t you like to feel my finger going inside you?” Nate whispered. His tongue wet the nape of her necks then moved slowly to her earlobe. He nibbled her there as he continued to rub the slick, heated patch that had protected her virgin pussy for eighteen years.

“I’m begging you… don’t do it! Nate, please don’t hurt me!” It was all she could do to hold still. The aching tingle in her cunt needed more scratching. Yet she knew it was all so wrong, all so wicked. This bastard had a way about him. He knew all her weaknesses. Weaknesses that she had never suspected. At last she could bear it no longer. She began to plunge her hips very gently, rubbing her crevice against his finger. Her hymen stretched more. But the rubbing felt too good to stop.

“Uhh, uhhhh, uhhhnnnn.”

“Yeah, baby you want it. Every girl wants to be really felt up good. You want to have something inside you. It’s instinct.”

“Shut up… just shut up!” Rebecca closed her eyes and kept rolling her hips. She was chewing her tongue it felt so good. Rubbing against the sharp press of his finger. Her arms trembled and collapsed and she pushed her face against the bed and groaned louder. Her ass jutted up high, her young pubes open from behind for Nate to tease and tickle. She wasn’t ready for the sudden stab of pain.

“There,” he soothed, “that wasn’t so bad was it?”

“Ahhhggg! Ohhhhhh! Ouch! Ohhhh!” She couldn’t speak, could barely find the presence of mind to cry out. Because Rebecca knew that it had happened. Nate had done it quickly, without warning. He’d forced his finger through her thin cherry and was pushing it deeper into her body. The sting was already fading as her soft and dainty insides closed down around his knuckles. It was a sensation she’d never experienced and her heart thudded faster in her chest as the thrills rippled through her flesh.

As Nate kissed her back and shoulders, his forefinger slid in and out of her cunt. He did it slowly, letting her feverish pussy tighten around him when he went deep. Then as he eased the finger out, he hooked it so she could feel him gouging against the velvety slick surfaces. Her hips lurched wildly. She couldn’t control herself, couldn’t control the hunger that gnawed at her as Nate fingerfucked her for the first time in her life.

“I’m bleeding! I can feel it dripping down my legs!”

“Yeah, you’re bleeding.” The tone of his reply made her know that he’d done this to women before, that he knew it wasn’t a serious wound. And Rebecca couldn’t feel more than a dull ache where her cherry had been torn. Because the pleasure that throbbed around her hole was far too intense to ignore. Who wanted to feel pain when there was that sensation of being penetrated? Rebecca had never thought she’d think things like that.

“God, you’re hot!” Nate licked at her earlobe again. “And so nice and deep. Now wouldn’t you like to feel my cock sliding into you?”

“No! Ohhh God no!”

“Spoken like a true virgin,” he laughed, thrusting his finger in as far as he could and watching her hips buck. More blood and juice dribbled down the insides of her thighs. Her heart beat fast, her small breasts hung heavy. That teasing itch around her clit was still hard to scratch into something better. She rolled her hips and then plunged them forward and back as Nate shoved his finger in and out of her hole.

The rhythm grew faster. She could hear the sucking juices as his knuckles glided past her clasping membranes. She could feel how swollen she was down there. Her nipples throbbed, aching to be touched.

“Uhhh, ahhhhh, I can’t take it any longer!”

“Yeah, you can.” Nate pushed two fingers together and inserted them with tantalizing slowness into Rebecca’s swollen cunt. After a few minutes of wild squirming, she realized that Nate wasn’t moving his hand at all. He was just holding the fingers straight and letting her fuck herself on them. Again, he’d tricked her into showing him just how horny she’d become. But even this couldn’t shame her now. She could only think of that aching need, a need she’d never known until Nate had begun to play his hot and hungry games with her.

“Ohhhh help!” she squealed as Nate grabbed her suddenly and threw her over on her back. The ropes came off and he undid the bracelet loops so they were no longer handcuffs. But Rebecca found herself pinned under him, her long legs flailing the bed as he ground his hips down and wedged between her thighs. For the first time in her life she felt the overheated head of a cock. Nate pressed it between her labia and it smacked wetly in her blood and juice. When he lifted himself a little on his knees, she saw her own red smear across his glans. With a hungry moan, he lowered himself again and rubbed his pricktip up and down her vulva.

“Ohhhhh, Nate, what are you trying to do to me?”

“I thought that was pretty obvious.” He held her head still long enough for his mouth to surround her lips. Then he was kissing her furiously, his tongue forcing her teeth apart. As she let him fuck her mouth with his tongue, the turbulent excitement between her thighs grew hotter. She felt how slick she was. She was aware of her spilled blood and the raw, swollen state of her pubes. The flesh there was much more sensitive than anywhere else on her body. And when it was all puffed up and hot like that it just had to be rubbed against something firm and cocklike! Maybe Nate was right. Maybe she was fighting the inevitable.

“You’re doing such awful things to me,” she whined.

“And you love ’em.” He pushed his hips forward and his glans flattened her clit. Then he lifted himself slightly, holding his cock firmly in one hand. Rebecca couldn’t resist thrusting her cunt up and down against that firm and slippery knob. It slipped across her bumps and hollows in such a sexy way! She plunged her cunt faster, reaching for that final tickle that Nate had held beyond her reach all evening.

“Uhhh, ohhh, ahhhh! Pleeeease, Nate, let me go! Let me have it!”

“You mean…”

“Noo, don’t fuck me! Just let me come!”

“You want to come? Now?”


“You want to bad?”

“Oh God, yessss!”

“Then I’m going to let you do it yourself.”

Again Nate pulled away from her and rolled onto his back. She was babbling half out of her mind as she crawled up onto his body like before. But this time she pressed her young breasts down against his chest and wiggled her bottom as she reached for his throbbing cock. A few minutes before she would not have let herself touch a male so intimately. But now she clutched his feverish cockshaft like it was her salvation. At least it was her sanity… if she could just hold that damned thing while she plunged her hungry pussy against it.

Nate seemed amused as she got herself into position and began to writhe her hips so that her folds opened like a hot flower against his glans. She pumped and bucked, her breath coming in rhythmic gasps. Her nipples had darkened from their more innocent pink hue and they pushed out from her areolas as she rubbed herself against Nate’s broad and hairy chest.

“You long-legged wildcat,” he laughed, grabbing her trim ass in both hands. Rebecca squealed with fright. Because Nate was forcing her back against his rigid cock. She could feel the thing pressing her surfaces wider, stretching the muscles that surrounded the opening in her young body.

“Oh yeah, I want to get it inside you good!”


“Just squirm all you want,” Nate growled, his fingers sliding into the crack of her ass. “Just squirm that beautiful little ass of yours as much as you can!”

“Stop, Nate! Nooo! Ohhh, you’ve already broken my cherry… what else do you want?”

“Your cunt!” He bit her shoulder and Rebecca felt herself being rolled over again. The full weight of Nate’s body crushed her down into the bed. He lunged and his glans slipped into the tight opening of her pussy. He lunged again and she felt the head bulge as it went in another half-inch. But her unsullied cunt wasn’t used to being opened like that. She tried to resist by squeezing him back out. The friction against his sensitive knob made him grunt deep in his throat.

“Stop it now, Nate! Ohhhh it’s hurting me!”

“But when it gets deep, you’ll want it all the time.”

“That’s not true! I didn’t even want to come up here with you. I hate you!” Nate lunged again and this time she felt her muscular opening close tightly behind his cocktip. It was as if her pussy wanted to hold that carnal pinnacle of male flesh! Wanted to keep it inside her forever.

Rebecca was in a panic. A part of her was the feverish, humping flesh of a sex-starved woman. The other part was the frightened child. She squirmed wildly under Nate’s body, her long legs flailing. She could tell that her tight pussy was having an excruciating effect upon his cock. He looked dazed as he pumped faster and faster, trying to penetrate deeper into her slurpy insides. Until somehow, with one last concentration of strength, Rebecca drove her heels into the backs of his thighs and jerked her cunt free of his flared glans. Grabbing her hard, Nate thrust his juice-coated cock up across her belly. As he smeared her with her own sex butter, Rebecca felt something hot spurt up across her stomach.

“Baby,” Nate moaned, pumping wildly, “ohhhh, baby doll…”

Sliding in its own sap, Nate’s big cock pressed into her soft tummy flesh. Scared half to death from how close she’d come to being impregnated, Rebecca was still very excited. She was excited by the hard, feverish shape that was slurping and sliding against her adolescent belly. She could only begin to imagine how that thing would feel, stabbing its full length into her tight cunt. But knowing how big the head of it had been pressing past her broken cherry, she wondered if she’d ever be able to stand going all the way. Like Aunt Lana had warned, it was dangerous fooling around with men.

“God, you angel-bellied darling…” Nate was still pumping his cock up and down against her and his white cum streaked along her skin. The undersides of her breasts were spattered with the hot stuff. When at last he stopped coming and rolled away, the jism dangled in sticky strings. Disgusted now that it was over, Rebecca grabbed a corner of the sheet and mopped herself clean. She was trembling, her cunt itchy and unsatisfied. Again she felt that contradictory pull inside. She wanted to get away from this house and this man and yet at the same time she wished that she could get her smoldering pubes rubbed or kissed or something!

Somehow she managed to limp to the bathroom and wash her cunt with cold water. She splashed herself, purposely shocking her flesh. She had to regain some kind of control. She certainly hadn’t maintained very ladylike behavior with Nate fooling with her. To hide her nakedness, Rebecca wrapped a towel around her slim body. Nate was partly dressed when she came out. On the bed he’d laid out a brand-new outfit, red panties and all. Now she knew how well the evening had been planned.

“What if my aunt asks why I left the house with one color pants and returned with another?”

“Oh, you can get upstairs before she gets a good look at you,” Nate said. “If you really want to.”

“I should tell her everything! Everything you did to me!” Her voice trembled.

“You might now know it yet, honey,” Nate said, “but you’ll come begging for it one day.”

“I’ve never been so ashamed,” she blurted. She jerked on the red panties, swearing to herself that she’d throw them in the incinerator as soon as she had the chance. Nate watched her dress and then took her out to the car. The ride back to town was tense and embarrassing. She stayed plastered against the far door while Nate sipped whiskey from a flask and sang her slightly off-color songs. She was going to say something nasty to him when he pulled up in front of her house to drop her off. Nate’s words stopped her.

“You’ll have to see that photograph I took of you,” he grinned. “I’ve got it in my desk at the theater.”

“I’m not coming back to that theater any more,” she said, getting out before he tried to grab her.

“Oh yes you are,” he laughed. “I’m certain of that.”

Rebecca hurried to the door, relieved that the front room light was off. That meant that her aunt was already in bed. She let herself in as quietly as she possibly could and started upstairs on tiptoes. But she wasn’t ready for the soft moans that came from the boarder’s room. It was obvious that David had waited until Aunt Lana was out of circulation for the night and then invited his girlfriend up for a late-night get-together. Rebecca closed her bedroom door, pulled off her clothes and buried her head under a pillow. She didn’t want to hear about any more sex that night. She couldn’t stand to overhear someone else reaching paradise. Not when she suspected that paradise was naughty and wicked and a place she should never be tempted to taste. But those damned red panties clung against her damp cunt like reminders of what had happened to her that evening.

She was no longer a virgin. Nate had wounded her with his finger and then driven the head of his big cock into the opening. He hadn’t fucked her more than a few inches, if that much. But it was enough for her to know how excruciatingly pleasurable something could be.

“No! I’ve got to get it out of my mind. I can’t start daydreaming about sex all the time.” And Rebecca didn’t see how she could go back to work for Nate Winslow. But could she bear to stay at home and immerse herself in confusing thoughts about right and wrong?

“I think I’m going crazy,” she murmured. Her fingers slipped down her belly toward the red panties. She drew her hand back before she touched her panty crotch. Rebecca knew she should peel the naughty undies off and put on the cotton drawers her aunt always bought for her. But she didn’t. She lay there in her darkened room, the satin panties clinging tightly to her cunt. And when she dreamed, she dreamed hot dreams of cocks sliding across her buttocks and belly and back.


Since she couldn’t very well quit her job at Mr. Winslow’s art theater without Aunt Lana asking a lot of embarrassing questions, Rebecca got up as usual the next morning and got ready for work. She tried to dress as plainly as possible. And she didn’t wear the red satin panties that Nate had given her to replace the ones he’d snipped from her squirming body.

Just remembering last night up at his mountain retreat made her tremble. At times it scared her to realize the danger she’d been in. And when she washed herself and saw the swollen wound in her once-virgin body, she almost cried. But at other times the sexy daydreams would filter into her head without her wanting them too. Then she’d find herself growing aroused as she thought of how it felt to have those gold bracelets on her wrists.

How incredibly exciting Nate’s mouth had been brushing her heated flesh. But when she got to the part where he forced the head of his cock into her vagina, Rebecca would whimper and shake her head as if to forget all that.

“I’m going to work for another week or so and then tell Lana that I just wasn’t cut out for that kind of stuff,” she told herself. Rebecca finished breakfast and bounced out of the house.

When she got there, Tammy Patterson was cleaning up the freshly painted lobby. The pretty redhead was wearing a dress that was too tight and short for her leggy frame but obviously chosen to please male eyes. Her big tits pushed out over the low-cut neckline like they wanted to burst from her uplift bra at any moment. Tammy gave Rebecca a shy smile. When Rebecca started by on her way to the office, the girl touched her wrist.

“Could I talk to you, Rebecca? Nate isn’t coming in until this afternoon so there’s nobody around except some electricians down front.”

“Well, I do have some orders to finish up, but…” Rebecca shrugged. “Sure.” Actually she was uncomfortable with Tammy, more uncomfortable than she liked to admit. She couldn’t identify the emotions she felt. She didn’t want to call them jealousy. After all, she didn’t want to become as loose as Tammy was. She certainly wasn’t envious of the redhead’s attraction for their mutual boss. Or was she? It was easier just not thinking about it.

Tammy took Rebecca into the front office and then went to the door that opened into Nate’s private office. Rebecca told the girl that it was locked but felt her face flush when Tammy pulled a key from the front of her dress and fit it into the lock.

“He gave me this,” she said. “I guess he trusts me.”

Rebecca felt miffed that she wasn’t trusted with a key to Nate’s office. But again her thoughts were contradictory. Why did she want to be able to go into his dumb office anyway? She wasn’t even planning on working here much longer. Rebecca followed the curvy redhead into the room and watched her shut the door.

“It’s about what Nate has been making me do,” Tammy said with a blush. “At first I liked it. Well, really I still like it. But I guess I feel kind of wrong…”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Rebecca said. But her own cheeks were getting hot and she knew that Tammy suspected that she’d learned something of Nate’s strange desires.

“Oh come on, Rebecca. I’ll bet he’s patted your bottom a few times.” Tammy gave her a knowing look. “Hasn’t he?”

“What did you want to tell me?” Rebecca said, showing impatience.

“It’s more what I wanted to show you.” Tammy opened a bottom drawer of Nate’s desk and rummaged in the back of it. She brought out a small black box. Tammy’s fingers trembled as she opened the lid. Rebecca put her hand to her mouth and gave a little cry when she realized what it was. Tammy picked it up and held it cradled in her palms.

“Nate likes me to wear this sometimes,” the redhead said. Her voice was husky and strange sounding. “He’s even got a special pair of panties to go with it.”

“He makes you wear this?” Rebecca couldn’t bring herself to touch the weird-looking device. It was the same color and texture of human flesh, shaped like an erect cock. The base was curved to fit tightly against the entire surface of a girl’s vulva. There was even a little ridge which would contact a female’s clitoris. The flared glans looked so real that Rebecca could only stare at it in wonder.

“It uses three batteries,” Tammy went on. “Nate can turn it on or off with a little radio-control switch he carries around with him.”

Rebecca’s eyes widened. “You mean…”

“Yeah,” Tammy nodded, licking her lips nervously, “sometimes when I’ve got it on it just starts trembling inside me and I just about lose my mind.”

“But why?”

“Let me tell you,” Tammy breathed, “after a few minutes of this you’ll do anything to find relief. It makes me start thinking of sex, sex, sex. And after a while I can’t even work. I just have to find Nate and beg him to turn it off.” The girl’s eyes darted around and then she dropped her lids modestly.

“But he will turn it off if you ask him?”

“Oh, he’ll turn it off, all right. After I do what he wants.” Tammy was panting and her big breasts swelled from the front of her skimpy dress. Rebecca was almost afraid to ask what Nate Winslow demanded of Tammy before he turned his diabolical machine off. She didn’t have to. Tammy quirked her mouth.

“This Mr. Winslow has a real hankering for blow jobs, I kid you not.”

“Blow…” Rebecca thought she knew what Tammy meant.

“And he likes them to last a long time.” Tammy rubbed her jaw. “I’ve really been getting in shape lately, working on him.” She turned the electric dildo over in her hand. “If it wasn’t for the good pay…”

“Nate makes you…”

“…suck him.” Tammy glanced at Rebecca. “Don’t you know about that?”

“Sure. I’ve heard anyway.”

“Well after this… this thing has been running inside me for a few minutes, I actually want to suck him. It’s kinda funny cause I never liked cum in my mouth before. But I get so hot and his cock is so slick going between my lips that I really get into it. If you know what I mean.”

“I guess so.” Rebecca was blushing violently. She felt sweaty and nervous and wanted to run from the office and forget all about Nate and Tammy and this strange mechanical device. But she wanted to stay too. She was trying to imagine poor Tammy trying to do her job with that thing strapped to her body, that long, firm-looking cock thrust deep into her young vagina.

“…yeah, Nate is using this radio-control thing to turn me off and on while I’m sucking, see. And when I really get hot and my tongue is…” Tammy grinned, realizing she was getting a little too graphic with her description. “Anyway, I guess I kind of forget what I’m doing with that thing buzzing and humming inside me anti Nate lets me bring him right up to the point of shooting his wad and then he turns this thing down.” Tammy circled the dildo’s glans with her thumb and finger and squeezed.

“I never guessed he was so perverse,” Rebecca gasped.

“…and he keeps doing this until he’s about to explode. I can feel how big he is inside my mouth. He pulses and throbs and groans something awful. Then he turns up this rubber cock so it’s about to vibrate me to death and I suck like I’m gonna eat him alive and we both come together.” Tammy held her tummy and shivered. “That stuff used to make me a little sick. But when he does it like that, I can’t seem to get enough.”

“I’d better go,” Rebecca said.

“I’m sorry to bug you about all this,” Tammy said, “but I just had to get it off my chest. I had to tell somebody. And you’re the only one around who I thought might understand.” She took Rebecca’s hand again. “Do you think I should let him keep doing this to me?”

“Personally I think it’s horrible!” Rebecca blurted. “But it’s up to you I guess.”

“Oh, I know it’s horrible too, Rebecca.” Tammy seemed close to team. “If my dad found out… I’m the only one he’s got now since Ma ran off with that truck driver… poor Dad.”

“Well why don’t you just quit? Tell Nate you’ve had enough?”

“I’ve tried,” Tammy sobbed, rubbing tears from her cheek. “But he always talks me into wearing this damned thing one more time.” I swear I’m a slave when he turns it on. All I cab think of is sex and more sex.

Rebecca was getting angry at this dumb redhead. “Just refuse to put it on then.”

“It’s not that easy.” Tammy’s eyes brightened. “He pays me twenty-five bucks every time. And with Dad on unemployment, we really need the money.”

When at last Rebecca returned to her own desk and tried to get to work, she could hardly think straight. She had a good mind to quit right then and there. Everytime she thought of Tammy having to suck Nate’s cock she wanted to scream. And once while she was thinking of it, her cotton drawers felt suddenly damp. Her nipples glowed.

“Oh, what’s wrong with me?” she groaned, getting up and pushing her work away.

It was about one o’clock when Nate arrived. Rebecca watched him put his hand on Tammy’s shoulder and asked how she’d been doing. A mixture of revulsion and raw sexual energy seemed to flow through her. She gave him the orders she’d completed and he brushed her cheek with his lips and disappeared into his office. A few minutes later he sent for Tammy Patterson.

When the lovely redhead came out again, Rebecca saw the look in her eyes. She gave a short nod and her expression was one of resignation. Rebecca knew that she was wearing that strange device Nate kept in his bottom drawer.

“Could you help me bring down a box of paper cups?” Tammy asked. Rebecca went with her to the upstairs storeroom. They round the paper cups on a high shelf and Tammy got a ladder and started handing them down. Rebecca couldn’t think of anything to say. But when the redhead gave a little lurch and clutched the rungs of the ladder, she had to say something.

“Why don’t you just take it off and throw it away?”

“Nate would fire me. And anyhow, he locks it on me. I wouldn’t know how to get it off.” There was the slightest hum in the air as Tammy tried to descend the ladder. But again she bent forward and her eyes turned glassy. “Ohhh, ohhhh, God, it’s making me crazy again!”

Rebecca helped the girl down from the ladder. Tammy lifted her dress and put both hands against the base of the vibrating dildo. It made Rebecca’s heart pound to see the way the thing fit tightly against the girl’s slick vulva. The naughty panties she wore were split along the crotch so that there would be nothing between the dildo and Tammy’s swollen cunt.

“Uhh, uhhhh, he’s… he’s doing it hard now!” Tammy slipped a breast free of her dress and rubbed the nipple until the brown nub grew into a stubby finger of sensitive flesh. She seemed oblivious to Rebecca’s presence. It was the sexual energy rushing through her that made her that way. Rebecca was excited too just watching the poor girl’s dilemma.

“Isn’t there anything I can do?”

“No… I’ve got to go now. I’ve got to go to Nate.” Tammy limped toward the door. She leaned against it for a moment, struggling to get her breast back into her dress. Then she worked the knob and made her way downstairs toward Nate’s office.

Rebecca brought the cups downstairs and tried to go back to her desk. But behind Nate’s closed door she knew what was happening. She couldn’t sit still. Her nipples rubbed uncomfortably against her top. She knew it was because they’d become swollen. Just like Tammy’s had become.

It seemed like more than half an hour when the door to Nate’s office finally opened. Tammy emerged, her eyes even glassier than they’d been upstairs when the dildo had first been turned on. She closed the door again behind her and leaned there locking dazedly at Rebecca. The front of her dress was stained with dribbles of something white. The slick looking curds were smeared across her lips and a single droplet dangled from Tammy’s chin. Even her fingers glistened with the creamy stuff and the girl looked at one hand as she opened and closed it, the cum making a sticky sound.

“Are… are you okay?” Rebecca asked, getting up.

“Yeah. Just fine.” Tammy stumbled past as she headed for the restroom. Rebecca bit her lip and squirmed in her chair. No! She wasn’t going to work in such a place for even one more day! Nate’s door opened.

“Rebecca, would you come in here please?”

“I… I…”

“Please, Rebecca. Right now.” There was something in the sound of his voice that made her go. She entered and heard Nate close the door. He slipped an arm around her waist and hugged her to him. Why couldn’t she break away? What was making her tremble so?

“Nate, I wanted to tell you something. I don’t think I’m going to be able to continue working here…”

“Oh yes you will,” he smiled. His lips dampened her forehead. He smoothed her long brown hair back over her shoulders and seemed to be gazing at her with adoration. She didn’t notice that he’d slipped one of the gold bracelets on her wrist. She started to struggle but he was strong and fast and the other bracelet closed on her other wrist.

“Mnhhuuuh,” she whimpered, squirming away from him. “Ohhh let me go!”

“Easy now, little wildcat!” He lifted her arms above her head, locking the two bracelets together at the same time. She hadn’t noticed the hook high on his wall. But it had been placed there at just the right height. The bracelets hooked snuggly over it and she was forced to stand there, her buttocks against the hard surface.

“You should be in prison!” she spat. “I think it’s getting you angry that, turns me on the most,” Nate laughed. He worked the zipper of her slacks and eased them down from her slim, almost boyish hips. He laughed at the cotton underwear but peeled them down too. Kicking like crazy, Rebecca managed to slow him up a little. But in the end her clothes and tennies lay in a pile nearby. She was nude from the waist down.

Just being in that position, arms stretched high over her head, made Rebecca’s pubes grow hot and damp. She hated this man for making her feel such wicked things. She hated the way he was looking at her. Then he went to his desk and removed the black box. It occurred to Rebecca that that thing was probably still warm from Tammy’s body. But when he took it in his hands and walked toward her — her cries grew even louder. He intended to use it on her now!

“Now that you have a hole,” he smiled, “I thought you might like to feel what it’s like to have something inside you.”

“Nhhooo! Ohhh God no!”

She wiggled furiously, but Nate slid the rounded knob of the dildo up against her young pussy and rubbed it back and forth until more of her juice flooded out. She didn’t want her sex honey to flow but she could do nothing to stop it. It was that friction against her clit and the teasing of her muscled opening.

“Uhhh, uhhh, st-st-stop! Ohhhh please don’t do this to me, Nate!”

Nate kissed her brown fur as he rubbed the end of the strange device back and forth along her folds. Rut when he turned it on and the thing started to buzz and tremble against her hot flesh, Rebecca whined and bucked her ass against the wall.

“You won’t get away that easy,” Nate told her. He pressed the vibrating cock harder against her cunt. She felt it slide down between her inner lips until it bumped into the hollow where she had her muscles pinched tightly closed. But the slickness and heat of her body made the smoothly rounded tip of the artificial glans force her opening out around it.

Using just the gentlest thrusts, Nate tried to ease the head past her resisting muscles. To loosen her up he started kissing her belly, lifting her top so he could work on her breasts.

“Nhhhaaaah!” Rebecca groaned, fighting to resist the pleasure that surged through the lower part of her body. She plunged and struggled, trying to kick her heartless abductor. But when all her weight was on her wrists, it hurt. She had to keep her toes on the floor and that meant that Nate had control of her dripping cunt. He surrounded her left breast with his lips and forced her vibrating cock into her.

“Ohhhhh!” she babbled, her hips shivering. Then, without her being able to control it, her pelvis dipped and squirmed as she rubbed against the stiff, trembling shape that was forcing her insides apart. She’d never had anything inside her but Nate’s fingers. So this cock-like thing was stretching her out around it. She was being rubbed in a way she wasn’t used to. The saliva dripped from the corner of her mouth as she tried to get her tumbling emotions under control. But Nate, that damned Nate, was gently thrusting that thing in and out of her tight hole. In and out, slowly, teasingly. And the vibrations went through her from toe to tit.

“Nhhuuh, uhhnnn, ohhhhh, ohhh, ohh!”

“That’s the way, beautiful,” Nate whispered, wetting her other breast now, against the tip of his tongue to flick her pink and tumid nipple.

“Stop… ohhhh God, I can’t stand this!” She let her head flop as Nate forced the quivering device deeper into her adolescent body. Her juices were dripping down over his fingers as he searched into her heated folds.

“Uhhh, it’s going into me so far! Ohhh, you’re gonna kill me! It’ll tear me inside!”

“You’re deeper than you think, sweet baby,” Nate breathed as he stroked her willowy young body and continued to ease the vibrating dildo deeper. Then she felt something being touched way up inside her. It send hot shudders through her flesh and again she drooled on herself. Her big eyes fluttered as she tried to keep her wits about her. But she’d never experienced that kind of pleasure. Not with that thing touching her deepest, most secret parts!

“Now I’ll just lock these little chains around your thighs and waist,” Nate told her, snapping the catches to keep the dildo deep in her body. The base of it fit perfectly against her spread labia and as he cinched the last strap, she felt the vibrating force against her clit and the fleshy petals of her vulva. More juice flooded out and she squirmed her hips in a slow circle, panting rapidly as the excitement continued to flame inside her.

Only now did Rebecca notice that Nate had picked up a small control device from his desk. He fooled with it and the tingling sensations grew stronger inside her. Now she could hardly breathe and she kicked her long, slender legs out from the wall weakly, her hips rocking first to one side and then to the other. Even rubbing her pert bottom against the wall helped some. But nothing would release her from this erotic torture but total climax. And yet when she felt that itchy thrill begin in the depths of her slit, Nate seemed to sense it too. He would turn down the vibrator and then watch her mouth open as she pleaded for mercy in a weak and trembling voice.

“Nate… uhhhh, Nate, please make it stop make it stop!”

She couldn’t think straight any more. She was a tingling, burning mass of yearning flesh. She could feel her heart throbbing and the lips of her pussy swelling even tighter around the vibrator which had penetrated her to the hilt. She squirmed against the hard stiff shape inside her, trying to rub the tickle into something more. Rebecca had resisted the hungry emotions until she could resist them no longer. Now all she wanted was sweet release. She wanted to feel herself slide into that wondrous world of slurpy, mind-boggling ecstasy. That paradise she’d known only a few times in her life. The heavenly pleasure she knew Nate could give her, much as she hated him for taking advantage of her.

“Uh, uhh, uhhhnnnn!” She pumped her hips wildly, her back arching and then humping against the wall as she pushed her pubes out viciously. But what was Nate doing? He was undoing her wrists from the hook. She whimpered as she brought her arms down. Nate dropped his pants and stepped out of his clothes as he pulled her with him to the swivel chair behind his desk.

Rebecca was half sobbing as he made her get down on her knees. That thing was still pulsing inside her, but slower now. She was able to pull herself together a little as Nate gently smoothed her long hair back from her face and caressed her short nose with his lips.

“Now it’s time for you to learn a few things you’ll need to know later on.”

“Whu… whu…” She stared at her boss’ cock. It jutted up straight and strong from his crotch and the head looked immense. “What do you want me to do?” Rebecca suspected what Nate expected from her. She’d heard the awful truth from Tammy Patterson.

“I want you to suck my cock.”

“I couldn’t… I think it’d make me sick.”

“You want to do it,” he said, his voice edged with desire. “Touch me, Rebecca. Now.”

She put a trembling hand out and as her fingers lightly circled his white shaft, the vibrator went crazy inside her. She writhed where she knelt as she tried to resist the lovely feeling. She hadn’t noticed that her fingers had tightened on his cock until his foreskin was being pulled slowly back from the glistening, dark-blue glans.

It was strange how her feelings were changing as she stared at that strange, throbbing thing. It was so hot against her palm. It was so firm and stiff! The vibrator made her cunt start leaking. The hot drops made spots on the rug as she panted, her small mouth hanging open a few inches away from Nate’s hard cock.

“You want to suck me,” he said again. “Repeat what I say, Rebecca.”

“I… I want to…” She shook her head, trying to make her mind work. But Nate petted her cheeks with his fingertips and urged her to bring her mouth a little closer to his erection.

“You want to put your lips around me.”

“I want to put my lips… Nhhooo, ohhh…”

“My cock is hot and smooth and slick,” Nate droned. He turned the dial on the control sending dazzling thrills up into her young pussy. Rebecca hunched her hips and clung with both hands to his seven-and-a-half-inch shaft. She was so close that her hot breath puffed against Nate’s glans. The foreskin had been forced back to expose the barbed edge and the tender lobes just beneath the tiny orifice.

“Brush your lower lips against me,” he said. “You want to do this, Rebecca. You want to do this very bad.”

“I want to do this,” she mumbled. She could smell the faint male musk of his body now. She could even feel the heat of him radiating against her open lips. She ran her tongue between them and swallowed hard. Could she really do what Nate wanted her to do? And did she want to, like he said? She couldn’t make her mind work at all.

“Now,” he whispered hotly. “Kiss it now!”

“Ohhh. Ohhhhhh I feel so funny! My insides are coming out!”

“You want to come, don’t you?”

“Yesssss!” Rebecca looked up at him with her big, sad eyes. “I’ve got to or I’ll die.” The vibrations inside of her faded again as Nate worked the controls.

“Then do what I tell you.” He looked down at his cock. “Suck me!”

“Uhhhnnn…” Rebecca let her head drop another inch. Her lower lip brushed the lobes of Nate’s glans. She brushed them again, her saliva smearing across the velvety hot surface. It was almost as if that thing was shaped perfectly for a female mouth. Because her upper lip curved around the rounded tip and then Nate thrust up from his chair a little, sliding his glans against her closed teeth. The shock of knowing that she had a huge male cock against her lips made Rebecca dizzy for an instant.

“Open your mouth. I want you to lick me. You want to lick me.”

“I want to lick you,” Rebecca repeated. She let her jaw open. Her tongue flicked out. Nate made the strangest sound as she rubbed back and forth against the underside of his pricktip.

His hands closed behind her head and he urged her forward and down. She resisted and his force increased only enough to get what he wanted. Then it was too late to stop because he had that vibrator going crazy inside her again. With the thrilling shivers surging through her pussy she no longer cared what she did.

The streamlined shape fit so easily between her lips. It slid so slickly along the quivering trough of her tongue. Why was Nate making those funny sounds in his throat? He was shaking just like she was. The vibrator sent another hot flood of tantalizing sensations through her belly and loins.

“Whhhuuhh!” Her nostrils flared as she let her head drop again. There was a soft, sucking noise as the hot barb of Nate’s prick disappeared inside her mouth. It was huge! She had to strain to take it all. And that was only the head! How did a girl ever manage to swallow with something so huge filling her mouth? Rebecca swallowed then and her cheeks sucked in around it. Nate grunted with pleasure. Her tongue pushed forward and back, softly sanding the underside of his tip and shaft. He pulled her down more on him and his glans bumped the roof of her mouth. There was a wet sound again as her saliva overflowed and dribbled down her chin.

“Yeah, baby, now you’re getting the hang of it. Just suck it good and hard. Don’t stop sucking!” He dug his fingers into her neck as his cock seemed to swell rhythmically against her tongue. The vibrator buzzed stronger and her hot cunt squeezed down on it like it was a real cock. The tumid prick in her mouth grew larger and hotter and her tongue curved wetly against it.

Her long brown hair draped over Nate’s thighs as she sucked at his cocktip. She could hear the excited gasps from deep in his throat. She could see his muscled chest expand as he took in deep breaths. He was trembling just like she was from the persistent humming of the vibrator caught in her cunt. But what was making him shake wasn’t any vibrator. Rebecca knew it was the slick, sucking clasp of her mouth around his throbbing cock! She could feel the way she excited him and it excited her to have that power.

“Mnnhhhaaahh,” she groaned through her nostrils. The tingling in her cunt had gotten so intense that she knew she was going to lose all control. She bucked and tightened her fingers around Nate’s cock. Her mouth wallowed sloppily on that blue knob that was spongy soft and yet so hard too. She dug her tonguetip into it and rubbed it along the flared ridge. Her spit dripped from her chin as she feasted. And for the first time she realized she was enjoying herself! She was digging the texture and heat of her boss’ prick. She was loving the way it pulsed when she fanned her tongue across his lobes or flicked at him teasingly. And now with that vibrator bringing her excruciatingly close to a climax, she sucked more furiously than ever on that stiff male flesh.

“Ohhhh, ohhh Rebecca, now you got it! Wow! Ohhh… Jeesuuuss!”

“Mmmmm,” she cooed, her lips oozing spit, her tongue surging along the bumps and hollows of his prick. Her head bobbed up and down without him even making her do it and as she continued to hold his shaft with one hand, her other hand slipped down to where his big balls hung. Unconsciously, almost as if she’d been taught to do it, she cradled the heavy eggs in her palm and closed her fingers around them. That seemed to be all that Nate needed. His muscled belly drew in under his ribs and he seemed to go rigid with excitement. Spit ran down his shaft and over her knuckles as she squeezed his erection, massaged his balls and began to chew very tenderly at that blood-heated glans. It was the pulsing that told Rebecca Nate was about to come.

His cocktip grew hotter and swelled even more. Then it burst like a ripe plum.

“Mmuuuhhh!” she moaned in surprise as the slick cream spurted against the back of her throat. She giggled as she tried to swallow it down. It tasted odd, but this wasn’t what bothered her. What bothered her was the way it kept flooding out. Faster than she could drink it. And then a stream of white erupted from one nostril and she gurgled again.

“Suck, Rebecca… God damn it, suck, suck, suck!”

Rebecca sucked for all she was worth. Her fingers had tightened on his nuts like she was squeezing it all out into her mouth. Her other hand slowly jacked his foreskin up and down. And the tight circle of her lips rode up and down his rigid shaft.

Cream dripped from both corners of her mouth now. It had a sharp aroma and the taste was oddly flat. But Rebecca was only trying to keep from choking. It was hard to get the rhythm of sucking and swallowing just exactly right. And Nate was coming so fast!

“Ghhhaaaaa!” she choked, still sucking for all she was worth. The fluid that filled her mouth was hot and slick and as she drank it down she found herself liking it more and more. It was the very expression of Nate’s need for her. He needed her mouth doing this to him. And someday, someday soon, he would have all of her. He would have her body too.

“Nhhyyyuuuh,” she groaned, the white curds spilling down her chin now as the big man gave a shudder and let his hands relax on her head. For a few seconds she just stared up at him, totally locked in the tingling sensation inside her as the vibrator seemed to go crazy.

She fell backward, kicking and twisting as she came. She could feel her insides squeezing tightly around the pulsing dildo. She’d never experienced any pleasure so keen before. Except when Nate had eaten her young cunt and used his tongue on her clit. Nate was watching her now as she writhed and squirmed like a crazy snake on the rug.

“Help… ohhh, Nate, do something! I’m going crazy!”

Nate seemed to be smiling, standing over her with his hands on his hips. The dildo had become almost a live thing as it made her young and slender body buck and twitch. She gouged at the thing that had been inserted so deeply in her cunt. She wanted it to go in and out of her like a real prick was supposed to do. What would it be like to really be fucked? Not by this little gadget but by a man! A big man like Nate!

“Ohh, uhh, uhhhhh! Nate, help me! It’s gonna drive me cray-ay-ay-ayzeeeee!”

Rebecca almost fainted when she climaxed. Pinwheels of color spun before her eyes. She was conscious of her own breath panting hot in her throat. Her cunt spasmed with rhythmic contractions around the mechanical phallus in her body. And she could feel her lubricating fluids dripping down onto the rug as she ground her pubes against it. Until at last she felt her boss pick her up and put her in a chair. He unlocked the vibrator and eased it from her swollen hole. She gave a weak whimper as she felt the flared tip pop free of her muscled grip.

“I think you’ve had enough for the present.” He kissed her sweat-damp forehead. “You’re coming along just fine.”

“Ohhh, I feel so empty inside. That… that thing was making me want to keep it in me forever.” She realized what she was saying and blushed. But the heat of her climax was still on her and she couldn’t keep from crawling over to grab Nate’s limp cock. It was still long and thick but instead of the rigid shaft of feverish flesh like it had been in her mouth, it was spongy-soft and drooping. She kissed it, not knowing why she was behaving so shamefully. If Aunt Lana knew… Rebecca shuddered. She pressed her lips against Nate’s cummy glans and licked slowly.

“That won’t be any good for you for a while,” he laughed, petting the sides of her face. “Why don’t you go get cleaned up? Maybe tonight we can get together.”

“Yess,” she gasped. She felt like a different person. Her past life seemed nothing in comparison to what had happened the past few weeks. What was important now was doing what Nate wanted her to do. Even if it meant doing things her aunt had forbade her to participate in. Because Nate, she was beginning to see, could bring her more pleasure than she’d ever dreamed. He was going to show her more of that glorious paradise she had so far only glimpsed.


Martha parked her sports car a block away from the boarding house where David lived. She knew what an old crank that woman was who ran the place. Martha pitied the pretty brown-haired teenager, Lana’s niece. Wasn’t her name Rebecca? Yes. David had mentioned it once or twice. Rebecca seemed awfully shy for someone with her good looks. It had taken college to open her up.

“Yeah,” she grinned, flicking off the ignition of her MG. “It sure opened me up all right.”

It had been halfway into her freshman year when she’d lost her virginity. David had been kind enough to see to that. And he’d been kind enough to see to a lot more in past months. But Martha felt that a certain amount of boredom had set in. She wasn’t all that experienced, nor was David. He had a couple of positions in his repertoire and used them over and over. He also had, a penchant for fellatio. Martha hadn’t liked the thought of cumin her mouth at first but when David had shown such pleasure, she’d taught herself how to gulp the spurting cream without choking. She’d taught herself a few tongue techniques too, watching his reactions closely and remembering what pleased him most.

But even this hadn’t really brightened up their sex life that much. Martha was beginning to wonder if their relationship was growing a bit stale. Well, even if it was, David could make her come. Most of the time. And at nineteen, Martha couldn’t dismiss the throbbing, thrilling torment of hot climax under the thrashing body of a good-looking male. She had to learn something before she found that special guy.

It was still too early for the landlady to be up when Martha came quietly up to the back door of the big old house. She could see David’s window and a tingle of anticipated sex went through her mound. She opened the door and slipped into the empty kitchen. The house was still. Smiling, she crept softly to the stairs and went up them, pausing at the top to make certain she wouldn’t be discovered. David’s door beckoned. She let herself into his room and turned the key to give them privacy. By now her cunt had begun to dampen the crotch band of her panties. There on the bed David was sprawled, his legs out from under the sheet, his lanky body naked.

Her misgivings about carrying on a boring relationship with a male she didn’t love quickly vanished as she felt her breathing quicken and her heart begin to pound. Martha peeled off her tennis shorts and panties together, not bothering to untie her jogging shoes. She peeled her top up over her head next and glimpsed her reflection as she hesitated before the mirror. She had a perfect build, her breasts in proportion to the rest of her, her blonde hair falling loose and long around her shoulders. A tangle of tightly curled fluff almost hid her cunt but she could see the dark-pink line of glistening flesh where she was beginning to swell open. She dipped a finger slowly across the yearning flesh.

“Uhhhh,” she breathed, watching the handsome young man sleeping on the bed. His cock was partly erect. A piss hard-on is what David called it. She liked to fuck his piss hard-on because it lasted longer. When he got up to relieve himself it was like flicking a switch. He’d come almost as soon as he got it in her.

Martha sat gently on the edge of the bed and curled her fingers around his cock. She began to massage him gently, lightly kissing his small male nipple. David smiled and turned to look at her.

“Morning, Martha,” he drawled.

“Don’t you have it easy?” she said, pretending to be miffed. “I drive over here early as you can make cummy in my tummy without your funky landlady raising hell.”

“Aw, kiss me!” he said. They kissed, but Martha was more interested in having his rigid cock inside her. And it was right now. Her working fingers had brought the hot blood pulsing in. His glans was swelling even as she watched it. Turning from a pale blue to a much darker hue. She bent forward to let her wet lips brush the lobes along the bottom. David sucked in a breath.

“Hey, it’d be neat to do something different today,” he said, touching her soft, blonde hair. She cuddled against him a little.

“Like what, evil man?”

“Ohhhh, I don’t know.” His fingers curved around white bottom. He squeezed each plump cheek as she cooed and nuzzled against his chest. When one finger found her rectum and lightly pressed against the taut, dry place, Martha gasped and jerked in shock.

“You’re kidding.”

“God, Martha, don’t freak out. I was just thinking of what some guy told me. He says that’s really a nice way to do it.”

“Fuck a girl’s…” Martha couldn’t even say it. It sounded wrong to her. And it wasn’t that hole she wanted filled. It was the other one that ached to be reamed out.

“Let me! Come on, Martha, I won’t hurt you.”

“It’s so dry. And anyhow I don’t think you’d fit.”

“Hell, how would you be able to take a…”

“Oh stop talking like that, David,” she snapped, sitting up. “I mean, I’m no prude, but isn’t that a bit much?”

“I’ve got something to make it go in easy.”

Martha pushed hair back from her forehead and stared at him. “You really want to, don’t you? You really want to fuck me in my ass.”

“Yeah, Martha. I do.” He squeezed her shoulders. “Come on.”

Martha rolled onto her belly and put her face against David’s pillow. He seemed overjoyed and excited. She heard him bustling around the room. When he sat on the bed again, he had a jar of something.

“Just relax, baby,” he whispered, unscrewing the lid.

Martha closed her eyes. She was a little shocked by all this. It still didn’t seem quite right. But when a boy was so insistent, it was hard to resist. For no special reason she thought of the landlady’s niece sleeping innocently a few doors away. What would that shy, long-legged creature think if she knew what was happening?

David’s finger slipped into the crevice between her asscheeks and she groaned as he smeared something greasy against her rectum. He petted and spread the lubricating gel until, despite her aversion to what he had in mind, Martha began to grow a little excited. When he eased his forefinger into her pinched hole, she gave a squeal of surprise.

“It’s not so bad, is it?”

“I don’t know. It sure feels weird.” Martha noticed that David had a rock-hard erection. It was obvious that he was very worked up about this little new little game. He’d probably been planning it for days.

“You look so big,” she gasped. “I know it’s gonna hurt.”

“Does my finger hurt?”

“It’s lots smaller.”

“Here, I’ll use two. Get you loosened up.”

“Uhhh, ohhhhh, David, stop! That feels… weird!”


“Kind of. No, it doesn’t feel right.”

“Easy, don’t fight me. Just let it relax.”

“It won’t relax! It keeps squeezing when you do th-th-tha-ah-ah-at!”

“I can imagine how it’ll feel when you’re squeezing my cock like that.”

Martha sulked. “Isn’t my cunt tight enough?”

“Oh sure,” David laughed. “But this… Oh Jesus, I can’t wait.”

Martha half rolled to her side. “I don’t know whether I’m ready for this little idea of yours.”

“Hey, just take it easy. Come on, roll over again.”

With an exasperated sigh, Martha got onto her belly again and tried to relax. Yes, it did feel kind of good. In a perverse way. David’s finger eased her rectum wider and then he inserted two again. He moved them in and out, widening the gap as she made growling sounds deep in her throat.

“Ohhh, ohhhhh God, David, isn’t that enough? You don’t want to fuck me there, do you?”

“Oh yeah, I’ve got to get my cock in.” He kissed her back as he rolled his body onto hers. She felt his belly against her pert asscheeks. She felt him smearing grease on his cock. Now he was pressing it gently between the soft cheeks. Instinctively she tightened against him and his glans slid across her closed hole.

“Please let me in, darling,” he breathed against the nape of her neck. He pressed gently against the tiny, well-lubricated opening. Martha kept closing her eyes and trying to relax. But whenever it felt like he might begin to slip into her, she couldn’t stop her muscles from pinching shut.

“We can’t do this!” she blurted at last.

“Okay, just rest for a second. We’ve got time.”

David didn’t wait long. Before she could get her mind straightened out about the consequences of their act, he was holding the fronts of her hipbones, thrusting in and out between her hot, white cheeks. And the streamlined barb of his cock was starting to hurt her a little as he forced against her rectum.

“Relax, Martha baby,” he kept saying.

She forced herself to yield from the hard shoving against her asshole. And when she did, his smoothly greased tip started to penetrate her. She cried out but when the temptation to close herself came, she resisted and buried her face in the pillow. The ridge head of his cock popped inside her circle of muscles and David let out a shaky breath.

“Oh wow, baby; Jesus Christ, that’s tight!”

“It hurts a little.”

“I’ll let you get used to it.” He traced the graceful curve of her hips with trembling fingers. “Ohh God, you’re beautiful.”

“Uhhh, uhhnnnn!”

“See, it’s not so bad.”

“Ohhh David, it feels so b-b-big!”

“Like this?” He forced it deeper, his teeth closing on the nape of her neck. Martha flopped around as she sensed that swollen glans going deep, deep in her guts. The gel was making it so easy! She squirmed her hips, not really knowing what it was doing to David.

“Uhhnnn, he grunted, digging his fingers even deeper into her belly. Uhhhnn, God damn!”

“Am I hurting you?” she asked, panting faster now. It wasn’t the same as getting fucked in the cunt, but the jerking and thrashing was stretching the flesh along her cunt enough to feel good.

“Just keep wiggling like that,” David begged.

“Up and down or sideways?”

“Both! Oh Christ, do both!”

Martha rocked her hips rapidly and then began to plunge forward and back, her back humping and then arching sharply. She could feel the thick, hot shape of David’s prick speared into the tight hole of her rectum. Her asscheeks caressed his balls firmly as she rolled her hips.

“Ohhhh, ohh God damn… ohhhh, Martha honey!”

“Is it good for you?” she sighed, feeling the slight tickle against her clit as he speared more frantically. She tried to concentrate on that tiny flicker of sex fire. David was squirming wildly against her back, his belly sweaty on her asscheeks and his big cock sliding in and out of her with sticky, greasy sounds. She let him have her completely, let him ravish her poor, virgin ass. But though the tickle of pleasure was there in her cunt, it wouldn’t grow large enough for her to do anything with it.

“Harder,” she heard herself gasp, wishing it was her pussy getting fucked.


“Ohh David, ohhhh!”

“Hold on, hold on, Martha… uhhhh, I’m gonna blow my wad!”

Martha felt a prickle of anger as she sensed her boyfriend’s nearness to orgasm. He was shivering now, like he did when he came in her cunt. He was jerking and drooling on her back as his cock pierced her hot guts again and again and again. She squeezed her rectum tight on him and he made an animal sound and fucked even faster.

“Yeah… yeah… uhhhhh!”

“Oh David…!” She tried to think of that glow around her clit. But that was all it was. A teasing glow which hadn’t been rubbed enough, loved enough. She wiggled her ass furiously, rubbing her naked pubes down against the mattress, but David was oblivious to her pleasure, or lack of it. He was totally lost in stabbing his erect cock in and out of her rectum. It was a new, different way. He was enjoying the strangeness of it, the feel of her plump bottom pressing against his belly and loins. He stiffened and bit her neck again.

“David, darling…” Martha felt the sharp spurts inside her. She knew that the constriction of her rectum was probably making it excruciating for David. And he was acting crazy, flopping around like his prick had been caught in some strange sexual machine.

It was over quickly. David lay heavy on her back, panting, half unconscious with the exhaustion of quick, hot sex. She moved, easing him off of her. His cock was still firmly clutched by her insides but she didn’t know what to do. She was a little ashamed of herself for letting him have his way. More than this though, Martha felt frustration. She was thinking of her own pleasure now. And realizing that she wouldn’t get it either. Not with David milked dry like that. He always seemed to take his time about getting interested for a second romp.

“Well, take it out, can’t you?”

“Yeah… okay.” He eased back and his cock came free of her with a soft pop. Her rectum closed, keeping his spilled cum inside. Martha went to the bathroom and cleaned herself up with soap and water. She didn’t feel quite so sullied after scrubbing dry with a towel and making sure that all vestiges of the lubrication were gone. But nothing could help the state of her cunt.

It throbbed like never before.

When she got a mirror and held it down between her thighs, her clit looked as if it had been stung by a bee. Its pinkness had turned to a dark ruddy hue and the hooded flaps that hid it were peeled back to expose a finger-like base. She wanted to rub it and bring herself off. But Martha knew that if she did that, she’d feel more guilty than ever. Masturbation was something she’d never been able to feel good about. Her parents had seen to that, especially her mother.

“Ohh David,” she breathed to herself. “Why couldn’t you understand how horny I get when I come over here?”

When she left the bathroom, David seemed asleep in the same position she’d left him. She touched his shoulder and he made a sound in his throat but didn’t open his eyes.

“David, David darling?”


“Want some company?”

“Sure. If you want.” He seemed uninterested in further sex.

Martha almost smacked him right on the ass. But she contained her temper and went to find her dropped clothing instead. She jerked up her panties and shorts and pulled her short-sleeved top over her head. David was snoring softly when she wiggled her feet into her jogging shoes and opened the door to the hall.

“That’s it for that sonofabitch,” she muttered, starting toward the stairs. But a noise in the bedroom to her right, Rebecca’s bedroom, made her pause. As she listened she knew she was hearing the unmistakable sounds of lust. And then Rebecca said something as if she were conversing with another person. Martha was drawn to the partly open door. Was this shy-acting nymph sneaking guys up to her room without her aunt knowing. It amused Martha to think of something so unexpected. But when she put her eyes closer to the open door, she found she was mistaken about another person. What she saw shocked her even more.

“Nice cock.” Rebecca whispered, petting the long, rubber shaft. Martha could see that the device was a perfect replica of a male penis. Right down to the last detail of veins and wrinkled foreskin that formed a collar behind the glans. It was big, this thing, and it looked capable of giving a female plenty of penetrating pleasure. But it was the base of the dildo which seemed so strange. It was formed to fit tightly against a girl’s vulva, so it appeared. Rebecca held the thing firmly in both hands as she brought her small, daintily curved lips against the tip. Martha pulled in a breath as she saw the girl’s tongue flick out. Then she tucked her chin in and took half of the rubber phallus into her mouth. She sucked noisily on it, spit running down the sides. Martha had never seen anything so erotic in her life.

“Nice, hard cock!” Rebecca petted the spit drenched thing with her forefinger and once again inserted it in her mouth. This time she took it so deep that Martha could hardly believe it possible. She watched the young girl gag and quickly withdraw the dildo. But as soon as her belly had stopped quaking, she inserted it again and gingerly forced it deep like before.

Rebecca wore only a filmy nighty and it was obvious she had no panties on underneath. Since Martha had never seen her in anything but old-fashioned flannel pajamas, she guessed that this little piece of nothing had to be a gift. But a gift from whom? No guy Rebecca’s age would be able to afford something like that. On the bedside table a splotch of red satin caught Martha’s eye. They were panties, she saw at last. The sexiest panties she’d ever seen. And then she knew that somewhere in the city, Rebecca was hiding a sugar daddy. Because Martha knew the girl’s aunt well enough to realize she’d never allow her niece to wear such things.

“Gonna suck you all the way this time,” Rebecca said. Her voice was giddy and strange sounding. “Gotta get in practice for Nate. Gotta show Nate how well I’ve learned.”

With wide eyes Martha watched the teen take the huge dildo inch by inch. Until at last it seemed that there was no more room in her mouth. But Rebecca tilted her chin out to make the angle of her throat less sharp. There was a sucking sound as the young girl’s tonsils closed around the rubber glans. And then Rebecca took it the rest of the way into her throat.

“Chhhaaahh,” she murmured, her belly heaving. But she kept it there, her tongue flicking along the finely detailed shaft. Martha remembered to breathe again. Her cunt was flooding juice into her panty crotch so fast that she had to rub her thighs together to smear the hot slickness against her clit.

Now Rebecca eased the dildo out of her mouth and lay back with her head propped on a pillow. The short gown fluttered down around her waist as she raised her knees and parted them. Martha was careful to remain in the shadows of the door but she could see clearly the swollen, angry membranes of Rebecca’s young pussy. She glistened with wetness as she lowered the big vibrator down to brush the plumpness of her blond-furred mound.

“Oh hurry, Nate,” Rebecca breathed, “come to get me, come to take me!” She rubbed the rounded tip back and forth along her crevice. Martha was holding her breath again as she watched the young girl ease the cockhead against her torn hymen and push up and in. There was the sound of slick folds sliding around firm rubber as the thing slipped into Rebecca’s cunt.

It took Rebecca a few minutes to allow her body to adjust to the thick shape. But as she thrust in and out Martha noticed that more and more of the phallus was disappearing each time. Until at last Rebecca was taking almost all of it! And it was long too, long enough to make most full-grown women squeal.

“God, I never imagined this little nymph… this innocent little nymph was…”

“Ohhhhh Nate! Ohhh come to get me, Nate!” Rebecca murmured again. Martha had the distinct impression that the willowy girl was waiting for something to happen. Or for someone to do something. Just exactly what, she wasn’t sure.

Until she heard the soft hum of the dildo. Rebecca’s fingers had left the thing the moment before it had come to life so Martha knew that it wasn’t the girl who’d turned it on. But who could it have been? She looked down the hall behind her, almost expecting to see this fabled Nate of whom Rebecca had just spoken. But the old house was quiet, the girl’s aunt probably still sleeping as she did most mornings.

“Nate!” Rebecca moaned, thrusting the vibrating phallus deep into her pussy and closing her thighs slightly to hug it there. “Ohhh, you want me! You want me to come to you!”

Martha felt like she was in the middle of a science-fiction movie. She watched dazed as the pretty brown-haired nymph continued to fuck herself with the vibrator for a few more minutes and then extracted it slowly from her smoldering pussy. She kissed the juicy tip one last time, pushed it deep into her cunt and, after circling her thighs with the gold chains attached to the base of the phallus, she limped weakly to her dresser.

Martha realized as she watched Rebecca dress, that the device was meant to be worn. Someone had crafted the thing especially for this sort of use. And as it kept humming inside Rebecca’s clasping pussy, Martha almost wished that thing was inside her!

It was all Rebecca could do to get dressed. And even then she did a sloppy job of it. But it seemed to Martha that she wouldn’t be dressed for long anyhow. She ran a brush hurriedly through her hair and started for the doer. Martha hid in a nearby doorway but she was really in no danger of being discovered. Rebecca rushed past and went downstairs two at a time. When Martha heard the front door close, she entered the girl’s room and went to the window to see Rebecca hurrying across the lawn to the big white car that idled at the curb. The door opened and she disappeared inside.

“Oh God,” Martha said in the silence Rebecca had left behind. “What in hell is going on?”


“Everything is ready,” Nate said to her. One hand was on the steering wheel, the other on the small control that operated the hard shape inside her. Rebecca kissed that hand, teasing the fingers with her tongue. The fingers moved on the dial and the vibrations increased suddenly, her hot cunt squeezing back in reply.

“Ohhhhh, Nate, ohhhhh, darling Nate!”

“Tell me again what you’re going to do tonight when we get to the cabin.”

“I’m going to fuck you,” she breathed, bending over a little as the sensations rose in intensity and then faded as suddenly as they’d appeared. She panted, a string of drool on her bottom lip. She stared at Nate’s hand, the one that rested on the control box. “Yes, that’s what I’m going to do. Fuck you.” She kissed his fingers again, begging for more.

But Nate didn’t turn the control again. He wanted her to say something more. What might it be?

“You’re ready, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Nate. I’m ready for anything you want.”


Rebecca whimpered hungrily, her teeth nipping the back of his hand now. She licked him like a cat, sucked at the finger that was lightly touching the control knob.

“More! Ohhhh, do it more, Nate!”

“Would you like me to give you this so you could do it yourself?”

Rebecca stared at him, swallowing hard. Then she nodded frantically. Nate held the control box out and she snatched it and spun the knob as far as it would go. The sudden tremor in her cunt was so intense that she began to flop around, her long legs jerking.

“Ohhh! Yeahhhhh! Uhhhh!”

“You silly little nymph,” Nate laughed, grabbing the box back again. He turned the knob off and Rebecca whimpered louder than ever as the phallus went dead inside her. Her hips flicked forward and back on the seat as she tried to stir it to life again.

“More, ohhhh, Nate, more, more, more.”

“You’ve turned into a greedily little piglet,” he whispered. “And that’s exactly what I wanted you to do, of course. But now you’d better wait. You’re going to have a busy evening.”

The big car glided through the countryside and slowed at the road that led to Nate’s country house. Rebecca was relieved. Her mouth was dry. Her cunt ached from being teased and excited and she knew that if she couldn’t come pretty soon, she’d lose her mind.

“Tammy will be waiting,” Nate told her. “She wanted to be with us. She wanted to see you have me for the first time.”

Rebecca felt a vague tug of envy. After all, it’d been Tammy who’d first known pleasure from Nate’s attentions. But it didn’t really matter. She had forgotten petty jealousies and games. There was only Nate now. Nate and Nate’s mouth and cock. Yes, his cock! She longed to know what it would be like in her cunt. Because it was glorious in her mouth! She began to moan as she thought of that throbbing, spurting thing. She could almost taste his hot cum now.

“Nate,” she whined, grabbing at the front of his pants.

“Rebecca… you’re incorrigible…”

She heard him laughing as she hassled with his zipper and finally worked it down. It took her a few seconds to fight through the tangle of his skivvies but she found that hot, throbbing cock and lifted it free. It straightened before her eyes as she worked his foreskin back and forth over his glans. Then, unable to resist her impulses any longer, Rebecca licked her pouty lips and pushed them down over his tip. The big car swerved slightly as Nate gripped the wheel tighter and took a deep breath.

The pleasure she experienced made her groan. She’d never imagined herself acting like this. But as her tongue lightly petted the feverish bumps and hollows of Nate’s big cock, she knew that she couldn’t go back to her old way of life. There was something about the way a cock felt on her tongue that made her weak and dizzy. It was a feeling that she couldn’t describe but had to have. She tingled all over as she let her wet lips slide down, down as far as she dared.

Nate’s glans tickled her throat and she controlled her gagging reflexes well enough to let it stay there for a few seconds before sliding back. She let her teeth brush the flared barb of his tip and felt the car swerve again.

“God… Rebecca, you’re getting a little too good at that.”


“You hungry little cat.” He petted the back of her head. She bobbed it again, rocking her head so that his glans brushed the softness of her inner cheek. Her tongue flicked furiously along his lobes as the knobbed swelling grew fatter, hotter.

“You’re going to have that thing shoved into you tonight,” he breathed.

“Uhhh,” she sighed through flared nostrils.

“Yes. As far as I can shove it into that hot bod of yours. It’s going to be something you’ll never forget.”

“Uhhmmmmmm.” Her tongue had formed a deep trough now and she was sliding it forward and back against his rigid, pulsing cock.

“Easy, honey,” the big man moaned. “Or you’re gonna have a mouthful of hot cream.”

“Yhhess,” she murmured, taking her hot lips away from him only long enough to beg for the spurting sap. But Nate seemed to have other plans. He forced her up from him by holding her nose closed. She had to breathe, had to pull her sucking lips away from his glans. He grinned at her lovingly.

“You’ve turned out better than I ever expected. I think you’re ready to be introduced to a new way of life.”

“I’ll do anything you say, Nate.”


“I… I think so.”

“You’re ready for this thing,” he touched his rigid prick, “to be shoved into your cunt?”

“I’m not big enough. Am I? You said I was awful tight.”

“You had the dildo. I’m not much bigger.”

“But you could make me pregnant!”

“You have to take my cream into your belly. It wouldn’t be tight otherwise.”

“You want to give me a baby?” Rebecca was beginning to feel fearful. Though her body still throbbed for more erotic attentions, this man beside her was beginning to sound really crazy.

They were pulling up in front of the house now.

Nate got out and walked with her to the door. The lights were low in the main room and soft music was playing. It seemed to Rebecca that thighs had been arranged carefully for the events to come.

“Hi, Nate, hi, Rebecca.”

Rebecca turned to see Tammy Patterson emerge from a bedroom. The leggy girl was wearing a bodice which accentuated her slender waist and large breasts. The freckled orbs were pushed up out of a lace cradle as if they were offerings to some strange God. Rebecca knew who their God for the evening was. Nate eyed the tall redhead and then turned to Rebecca.

“Tammy has something picked out for you in the bedroom. Why don’t you go and let her help you change?”

Rebecca went with Tammy. She was trembling. She hadn’t guessed that things would be so strange. She could feel the tension, the anticipation of Nate and Tammy. Her heart pounded rapidly as Tammy closed the door and went to the closet.

“I’m afraid, Tammy. I wish I’d never come here with Nate. A little bit ago I was glad just to have his cock in my…” She blushed and dropped her eyelids. “But now I want to get out of here. I don’t know what he wants of me.”

“He wants from you what he wants of me.” Tammy smiled knowingly. “Only more.”

“Ohhhh,” Rebecca whimpered, biting her bottom lip. But Tammy had unhooked something from a hanger and turned to hold it up. It was so much nothing that for a moment Rebecca couldn’t see how it would cover her at all. The crotch piece was just a v-shaped band of embroidered satin that would be held around her waist by an elastic string. As Tammy helped her off with her clothing and on with the new apparel, Rebecca felt the thrills tingle over her flesh. The small bra cups were held up over her youthful swells by an elastic cord that went around her neck. Near the bottom of each cup another band went diagonally across her back to the waist string of the panties. If they could be called panties. They didn’t even cover her ass.

“I feel naked.”

“That’s the general idea,” Tammy smiled. “Oh wow, you look wonderful. Nate is really gonna be surprised.”

“I want to go home,” Rebecca whimpered. “I’ve been dreaming or something. It’s that damned cock of his.” She flushed again with embarrassment but decided to blurt out what was on her mind. “He taught me how to suck it and… and I do like doing that. I don’t know why.”

“Me too,” Tammy hissed excitedly. “After you do it for a while, you get like that. Maybe it’s the cream. I think it’s habit forming.” She rubbed where the skin-tight bodice fit against her tummy. Her breasts were flushed. Rebecca knew that if the girl bent over, they’d come tumbling out. There was a black cord that held the cups together and it seemed that untying it would have a similar effect.

“Aren’t you wearing anything underneath that thing?” Rebecca asked.

Tammy shook her head. “It’s open under here.” She touched a finger to her mound, showing a few bright-red curls. Rebecca hugged her arms across her barely covered tits and looked nervously to the door.

“Don’t fret,” Tammy soothed her. “Nate really likes you a lot.”

“But he wants to fuck me. He might knock me up.”

“He’s fucked me,” Tammy put in. “It’s lots better than that vibrator he’s been strapping to us.” The redhead brushed Rebecca’s brown hair gently, patting it into place over the tops of her shoulders. “Don’t worry. Just think how much fun it’ll be.”

“I’ve never done it with a man before!” Rebecca cried.

“Come on.” Tammy took her hand firmly. “Nate’s waiting.”

The mood in the other room was strange. Nate had stripped completely and was mixing drinks when Tammy led her in. He handed the two of them small glasses half filled with strong-smelling liquor. It tasted like brandy, Rebecca thought. She sipped, then drank it all down at once. She had to quiet her jumpy nerves. She couldn’t keep from looking at Nate’s cock. It wasn’t fully erect, but hung drooping from his crotch. The shaft was still pretty fat and his glans dark with blood. She had had that fantastic organ inside her mouth and loved it. But how would it be to feel it shoved between her thighs?

Nate got his arm around both their waists and cuddled in the middle of the big bear rug. Rebecca felt a little strange in the skimpy sex outfit he’d chosen for her. But Tammy seemed to feel at home in what she was wearing. Nate fooled with the top of her bodice, finally pulling the string that was tied in a bow at the middle. The top of the bodice opened back, and just as Rebecca had suspected, Tammy’s plush tits bounced free. The nipples were already engorged with blood, dark little fingers of excited flesh. Rebecca felt her own nipples throb in sympathy as Nate bent down to nuzzle against Tammy’s nubs. The redhead whimpered and arched her back, pushing her shoulders as fax back as she could. Her tits rose to Nate’s mouth and he sucked at them wetly as the girl trembled and curled her fingers into the nape of his neck.

A gamut of emotions went through Rebecca. She strained against Nate’s embrace but he felt her puffing away and suddenly his mouth was gliding wetly along the lace edge of the clinging satin cups that hid her tangerine-sized breasts. He mouthed her nipple through the sheer material. She groaned and let out a breath. Slowly, gently she felt herself being urged down onto the floor. She saw with surprise that Tammy was there with her. Between them, Nate hovered, his hands petting their young tummies.

“Ohhhh,” Tammy moaned, pumping her hips.

Under the tight, white satin of her bodice, her red-haired cunt glistened. Nate had them on their hands and knees as he began to rub their bottoms. Rebecca felt terribly sinful. It was bad enough letting a male do that anyhow but to allow him to do it to another girl simultaneously seemed terribly perverse. She couldn’t decide which of the warring emotions inside her would win. One moment she was shivering with the thrills from Nate’s bold fingers. The next moment she felt whorish and evil and certain that when this was all over she would be punished by her aunt in some weird manner.

“Such hot, tight little quims,” Nate breathed, letting his fingers slip into Rebecca’s crevice. A slurpy sound nearby told her he was doing the same thing to Tammy. And Tammy’s head hung down between her braced arms. She was panting, tongue lolling from between her teeth.

“Uhhhh,” Rebecca groaned, closing her eyes. Nate’s finger teased her clit to firmness and then slid down along the dripping folds to her throbbing hole. With a quick little thrust he was inside her. Rebecca humped and arched her back. Her hips made twitching, excited circles as he began to fingerfuck her deeply, pulling his finger out so slowly that she drooled down her chin.

“Ohhh, Nate, ohhhh I can’t think straight.”

“Who needs to think when you’re playing?”

Tammy glanced dazedly at Rebecca. Her red hair half covered her face but Rebecca could see that the girl was lost in the enjoyment of Nate’s finger sliding in and out of her cunt.

“Rebecca,” Nate said, “I want you to listen to me. I’m going to get nice and hard and then I’m going to fuck you.”

“Ohhh God,” she gasped.

“Do what I tell you now.” He positioned himself behind Tammy. The redhead sensed that she was about to be mounted and began to thrash her curvy ass around like she could hardly wait. “Take my cock, Rebecca,” Nate ordered.

Rebecca put her fingers out to his groin and curled them wound the hot, stiff shape. His foreskin had slipped up over his glans and as she tightened her hold, she watched the clinging flesh slide back to expose his magnificent tip. It was dark blue now and glistened with his body’s natural lubrication. A few inches away Tammy’s ass danced eagerly. Below the cleavage of her cheeks, Rebecca could see the swollen membranes of her cunt. Her outer lips were plump with blood, the tight red curls clinging damply together.

“You put it in, Rebecca.” Nate said. He hugged Tammy’s belly as he eased his cock forward. Rebecca was trembling. She felt like the most wicked person in the world. How could she let herself go on behaving like this? It was some kind of crazy orgy he wanted. And she wasn’t that kind of girl. But to watch his streamlined glans pressing against Tammy’s slippery folds was too excruciatingly sexy to think of stopping.

Nate thrust forward gently and there was a wet sound as his cock went between Tammy’s inner labia. Tammy couldn’t keep still with that smoldering knob touching her. She bucked her ass up and down and made a whinnying sound. Kneeling lower, his knees between her legs, Nate thrust again and Rebecca’s fingers felt his cock throbbing with excitement as his glans pushed into the heated depths of her crevice.

“Push it up another inch,” Nate ordered. Rebecca squeezed him hard behind the glans and tried to guide his cock, against where she thought Tammy’s hole must be. There was another gasping sound from the trembling redhead and Rebecca knew she’d found it.

“Yeah… now here we go!” Nate bit the redhead’s shoulder and this time his ass muscles bulged as he forced his glans into Tammy’s body. The girl let out a pent-up breath and pawed the rug. The sucking wet sound as her cunt was half filled with cock made Rebecca jerk her hand back. She stared, hardly believing that this was how it looked when a girl got fucked. That prick looked so big! So thick! Yet as Nate continued to jab at her with hard, quick movements of his hips, Tammy’s young body opened for him. A rivulet of juice spilled down the girl’s thigh. Some dripped down Nate’s shaft and into the hair round his balls. He pumped harder and the slurpy sound came again as his shaft buried itself another inch into the feverish, slick heat.

“Uhh, uhhhhh!” Tammy moaned, her head flopping wildly. “Ohhhhh get it in me! Ohhhh fuck me forever! Ohhhhhh, Nate!”

“Yeah, you red-headed bitch! You lovely, tight-cunted bitch!”

Rebecca was affected strangely by Nate’s language. She was surprised to find herself almost wishing he’d called her that. The skimpy little panty-bra outfit slid against her skin as she sat on her haunches and watched Tammy take Nate inch by throbbing inch.

“It’s getting deep now, baby,” he groaned. His fingers held her shivering ass as he plumbed her pussy. It looked like Tammy was about to flip out. Rebecca started to crawl away. She was scared. Scared to have that huge erection shoved into her own immature body.

But then Nate’s balls swung forward against the underside of the redhead’s buttocks and at the same time he reached out to grab Rebecca’s wrist.

“Don’t be going anywhere. I’m ready for you now.”


“It’s nice and slick. Nice and hard.”

“Ohh God, it’s gonna split me apart.”

Tammy began to whimper. “Don’t pull it out, Nate! Ohhh please don’t! Keep fucking me so I can come.”

Rebecca watched the redhead’s big tits jiggle as she humped her back, making her pussy tighten around Nate’s rigid prick. It was obvious that he didn’t want to pull it out. But Rebecca saw too that he wanted to feel what her cunt was like even more. With a wet, squishy sound his cock came free of Tammy and he turned, the bobbing hot shaft all shiny with the girl’s juices.

“I’ll take care of you later,” he told Tammy. “Just grab her wrists and pin them back on the rug.”

“Nooo!” Rebecca squealed. But Tammy seemed half hypnotized by Nate’s urgent passion. She pinned Rebecca’s wrists as Nate had ordered. Rebecca flopped around on her back, her legs kicking. Nate pushed them apart and lowered his body between her thighs.

“Uhhhhhh, uhhhh, it’s gonna hurt!”

Nate’s lips brushed her mouth. “Easy now, baby, just take it easy.” He kissed her hard and hot, his tongue giving her a preview of what he had in store for her young pussy. Rebecca tried not to respond but soon she was nursing on his tongue, lost in the surging pleasure that his hands brought to her breasts as he peeled the red satin cups down. He licked her nipples until both of them were standing straight up from their areolas.

“Huuuhhnnn! Ohhhhh God, your mouth is so hot!”

“And your tits are so soft!”

Rebecca felt the string panties being stretched aside. Nate held his cock up, guiding it against her aching pubes. She felt her outer lips slide open as he pushed into the plump, slippery flesh. She was panting, her eyes fluttering as the heat from his body melded with hers. She tried to keep from moving but the thrilling moment was too intense and she bucked suddenly, her mound plunging rapidly against the firm, smooth shape of Nate’s glans. It was the juiciest, slickest sensation she’d ever experienced.

“Nate, ohhhhh God, I don’t know if I’m ready… ready. If I stopped now you’d have to see a psychiatrist.”

Licking her lips, Rebecca looked into his dark eyes. Then his mouth was covering hers again as he thrust a little harder. His cocktip slipped up over her clit and out of her crevice. For an instant she lost her senses completely. It was a strange panic that made her grab for Nate’s shaft, push it back into the hot opening of her body. He smiled knowingly as she panted harder, her ass dipping and dancing as she rubbed herself against that lovely spike of flesh. Tammy watched her with hungry eyes.

“You… you made me like this,” she whined.

“Put your hand around my glans. You’ll feel it going into you.”

“Ohhh, I can’t! I can’t do that.”

“Touch me. Come on, touch me.”

Tammy let one of her hands go and Rebecca reached down. She held his glans daintily with thumb and forefinger, letting it slide into the hollow where her body’s opening pulsed. He thrust gently, then a little harder. Herring of muscles opened like a flower and she felt his tip sliding in. She pulled her hand away when the head was surrounded by the squeezing flesh. Her flesh. Her unsullied virgin flesh. Nate read her thoughts.

“Even with your cherry gone, you weren’t really mine. Until now.”

“Uhhhh! Ohhh, it’s hurting a little! It’s bigger than that… that thing.”

Tammy had let both her hands go now and she pushed them between her belly and Nate’s hard stomach. She found that spear of rigid, hot cockmeat and traced the stretched pussy flesh that had been stabbed with his tip. Her ass jumped as he pushed more of it into her and then eased back enough so that his glans was almost free.

“Tell me how you want it,” he whispered, breath hot against her neck.

“I… I…” Rebecca tried to say she didn’t want it. But she did! Jt hung there, that barbed knob of Nate’s prick, teasing her hole. Her muscles opened and closed as if begging to be filled again.

“How do you want it?” Nate asked again.

“Ohhhh, just put it in me.”

“Yeah…” He thrust and his cock made a slurpy sound as it plowed between her cunt lips and into her sucking hole. It went halfway into her body and the sudden feeling of being filled made Rebecca twitch and jerk on the rug. Tammy continued to watch her hungrily. Nate ground his hips against her, forcing her ass cheeks down against the floor.

“It’s going in so far!”

“God… damn…”

“Uhhhhh, Nate!” She clung to his back, her thighs flopping wide as he plunged furiously to get into her tight, wet hole. Her heels hooked behind his legs and she pumped her trim ass up and down even though it hurt to take him so quickly, so deeply.

Tammy was making hungry sounds nearby as she watched Nate fuck. Rebecca bit at the big man’s shoulder and gave herself completely to the raging inferno of lust that spread through her. Her tummy heaved against his. Her breasts were flattened against his chest. His big cock speared past the string crotch of her sexy outfit, speared her tight cunt and sent glorious shudders of pleasure over her flesh.

“My insides are all, tight around you. Ohhhh God!”

“You lovely little nymph! Ohhh baby, it’s better than I thought it’d be!” He dug his fingers in her ass, pumping another inch of thick shaft into her body. Rebecca didn’t see how she could take much more. But there seemed to be nothing stopping him now.

Without warning he rolled onto his back. The sensations were entirely different for Rebecca now but just as sexy. She found herself free to ride him, ride that staff of hot meat like she was a merry-go-round horse. Her back arched sharply and she plunged her bottom up and down, feeling that lovely cock gouge deeper, deeper!

Juice ran down her thighs where she straddled Nate’s waist. Her small tits jiggled as she licked his face and teased her tongue across his lips. He petted her slim waist, enjoying the way her breasts hung out of their cups and the way her throbbing pussy seemed to suck at him.

“Ohhh, I’m going to lose my mind!”

“Why, baby?”

“‘Cause it’s so good! Sooooo good!”

“Tell me how it feels.” As he held her ass still, he hunched upward from the floor.

“Hot… and thick. Ohhh yes, it’s thick. It’s stretching me up inside!” Rebecca panted, trying to catch her breath. “Uhhhhh, you’re pulling it out now… ohhhh God I can feel the end of it… it’s dragging my insides out!”

Nate laughed and pushed in again. Her juices squirted from the edges, of her cuntlips and dribbled down her thighs. Then he held still and let her do the moving. Rebecca’s tongue hung put of her mouth as she rode him with quick little movements of her hips. She rocked her pelvis to the side, making the fit even tighter. A trembling whimper of pleasure made Tammy’s eyes widen as she watched the two of them locked in the throes of their hot fuck.

“I can see it pushing out her belly!” Tammy exclaimed.

“Yes,” Rebecca grunted, “I can feel him inside! Ohhhhh God it’s so deep, so hard!” She let her pubes settle against Nate’s balls and then squirmed furiously with his shaft as far as it would go inside her pussy. The friction against her womb and clit was excruciatingly intense. She knew that she was getting very close to a climax.

“Ohhh wow,” Tammy sighed, her eyes growing even wider than before. “Rebecca’s cunt is squeezing in and out on your cock, Nate. It looks like it’s gonna eat it up.”

“She is eating it up. I can’t take much more of this, Rebecca baby.”

“Ohhhh, me either!” She arched and humped her back, riding his cockshaft upward until the muscles opening of her cunt squeezed tightly around his glans. Holding herself up off of him like that, she dipped her ass again, letting her clasping flesh surge and caress the feverish tip of Nate’s cock.

He grunted deep in his throat as his balls swelled tight with seed. Rebecca tossed her mane of brown hair and her thin shoulders shook. She felt glorious! She felt totally free with that cock imbedded in her young hole.

“Jeesuus,” Nate gasped. His face looked slack, dazed with sex.

“Nate,” she moaned. “Ohhhhh I’m gonna come!”


“Oh! Ohhhh! Ohhhhh!”

“Yeah… here it…”

“Comes!” Rebecca squealed, her ass dancing wildly atop the velvety knob that filled tightly with blood, pressing against her squeezed muscles. She dropped her body down on him, feeling the lovely slide of his erection penetrating her to the hilt. He surged inside her. Hot sap spurted into her womb. Rebecca gurgled with pleasure as she rode him to the top again. His glans surged stronger, jetting thick cream. Some of it oozed from her cunt, dripping in strings down his cock to hang in shiny droplets in his cockhair. Then Rebecca speared herself down on him and the next spurt was tamped into her womb again.

“Ohhhh God,” Tammy whined, “why can’t I have any?”

But Rebecca knew that this was her turn. Her turn to experience paradise. Her breasts tingled, her belly heaved, her cunt spasmed with thrilling ecstasy as she rose and fell, rose and fell on that rigid shaft of male flesh. She was getting it pushed into her pussy, wiggling against the force of flooding jism, milking the cum from Nate’s body.

For an instant she rose above the cummy fountain and felt it spatter against her thighs and buttocks. Then, grabbing his cock firmly, she sat on it again and let her weight impale her like before.

“Rebeccuuhhhh!” Nate gasped. His hands fondled her trim ass as she frolicked over him. Nate’s cum covered her brown curls as she let her pussy slide up and down, up and down that throbbing hot cock.

“Ohhhh, it’s killing me it’s so good. It’s so damned good.”

Her climax was suddenly pounding through her, the pleasure she’d experienced before merely a prelude. She cried out as her body twisted in the throes that almost made her faint. She squirmed atop Nate’s lovely cock as the itchy tickle exploded again and again along her swollen crevice. And then she was spent, too weak to stay on top of him. She flopped her head down on his chest and drooled in total and oblivious pleasure. Her pussy continued to squeeze him rhythmically for a few more seconds and then it too relaxed and a dribble of semen oozed out onto Nate’s balls.

Rebecca didn’t even know she was doing it until she saw Tammy staring at her. But it tasted so good when it was warm. Nice and warm and slippery. She’d unhooked herself from Nate’s cock and turned to lick the spent seed from his cock. She curled her tongue around the base of his shaft and swallowed the sharp-smelling stuff down. Then Tammy gave a little moan and pushed her face down too. Nate lay there breathing hard as the two of them licked him clean.

Rebecca thought of her past life and dismissed it with a shrug. With her lips around the soft tip of Nate’s cock, she used her tongue to urge the last few drops of jism from his tube. At fifteen she had begun life all over again. She belonged to this crazy man now. Even if she had to crawl to get it, Rebecca knew she would. Because that hot, hard cock that she loved was the best thing in the world. She kissed it worshipfully and gave Tammy Patterson a knowing look.

“It’s the best thing in the world, isn’t it?” Tammy commented.

“It sure as hell is. No matter what my Aunt Lana says.”

Martha bought her ticket from the red-headed girl in the booth and pushed through the glass doors into the theater. She’d found out that Nate, the man who drove the big white car, operated this place and she knew too that Rebecca Wilson worked for him. That wasn’t all she did for him either, if Martha’s guess was right. And since she’d dumped her boyfriend David, she’d thought about little else. Who was this man? And how did he manage to play so dangerously without getting caught?

When she turned, the boy selling popcorn was staring at her legs. Martha looked around, hoping to see Rebecca or Nate Winslow. Only the curtained entrance to the theater beckoned. But there was a closed door on the right that had to be the owner’s private office. Martha took a deep breath, fluffed her blonde hair and stepped boldly forward. She knocked once and turned the knob.

“Mr. Winslow?” she asked, her voice trembling more than she wanted it to.

The dark-haired handsome man smiled at her. He dropped a folder of papers on the desk and came toward her.

“Is there something I could help you with?”

Martha couldn’t begin to tell him the truth. That she’d lain awake for a week trying to imagine what he did to that innocent little fluff of a girl, Rebecca. And that she’d thought about herself taking that teenybopper’s place. She was nineteen, after all, old enough to want more excitement than her old boyfriend had been able to give. But now that she was face to face with Nate Winslow, Martha wondered if she was really cool enough to handle him.

“I was wondering,” she began, “if you were still hiring people to work here.”

“To be perfectly honest, I don’t have any more openings.” It was plain to Martha that he was measuring her body under her loose-fitting dress. She shrugged and looked appropriately disappointed.

“Well, I just thought I’d ask.”

“How old are you?” Nate asked.

Martha told him.

“How big are your breasts?”

“Wouldn’t you like me to know?”

Blushing for the first time in years, Martha dropped her lashes. There was something about this guy that got to her. She felt dazed by his approach. He had a way of looking at a girl that made her skin tingle.

“Well, wouldn’t you like me to know how big they are?”

“Yes,” she said, afraid to look up.

“Come into the other office,” he ordered. His voice wasn’t mean, just forceful. Feeling weak in the knees, Martha followed him to another door. She entered and he closed it behind her. This office was more sumptuous. And there was a deep carpet under her sandaled feet. Her heart was pounding. Nate petted her blonde hair and then caressed her forehead with his lips.

“Mr. Winslow, I just wanted a job. I didn’t come here to…”

“Like hell you didn’t. It was all over your face.” He kissed her cheek this time and Martha felt her panties go damp.

“But, Mr. Winslow…”

“Take off your blouse.” Not daring to meet his eyes, Martha worked the buttons with trembling fingers. Nate himself gently peeled her blouse back from her shoulders. Her breasts rose firm and well-rounded, the nipples already erect. “I think I could find a place for you here at the theater,” he breathed, cupping one of her tits. “Now if you’ll take off your skirt, I’ll show you your first assignment.”

“Yes, Nate,” Martha murmured, swallowing hard. And then her dress puddled at her feet and she was peeling her nylon panties down off her hot, juice-slickened cunt. The hands of the big man were suddenly all over her and she moaned as he bent her over the desk. But her next moan was deeper. Because Nate was spreading her cuntlips apart with the head of his cock. And then her body shuddered as she was penetrated, his mouth feasting hotly at the nape of her neck.

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