The Naughtiest Sister

It was Henry David Thoreau, in Walden who remarked, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” This statement appears to be just as true today as it was then. Perhaps it is even more valid today considering the pressures and frequent monotony of today’s world.

The majority of today’s men and women live in boring circumstances, and when the opportunity for change arises, they are often quick to seize the chance. For the characters in this story, the opportunity is one which many would consider perverse and deranged for it is one of incest. But it provides a release and a need. All morals and scruples are cast aside in a moment of madness — a chance to grab pleasure before it is taken away.

THE NAUGHTIEST SISTER — a story about the quiet desperation in so many of us — and the extremes to which it may drive us.


Susan Walker held her brother’s cock with both hands, gently digging her fingertip under the loose foreskin. She looked up and gave his shocked expression a hungry smile.

“You don’t like this?” she teased, pulling the swelling prick closer to her mouth. “Tell me you don’t like it, and I’ll stop.”

Mike couldn’t believe what was happening, let alone even comment on it. He watched her part her lips slowly and dart her tongue out, barely touching the tip of it to the underside of his shaft.

The sensation was electric, sending a jolt, of pleasure through his loins. He saw his hands move, as if pulled by a magnet, then rest on her shoulders. Her skin was as creamy and smooth as he knew it would be — yielding but firm.

“Want to play with my tits?” Susan asked, unbuttoning her blouse. “You do that while I suck you good, little brother.”

“Jesus!” Mike whispered when he saw the huge melon-sized breasts flop forward. Her nipples were the color of coral, gently throbbing, perfectly shaped. He lowered his hands and cupped them, digging his thumbs into the delicate flesh. “Jesus!” he whispered again, spreading his legs a little wider.

“You like this?” Susan whispered, raising herself slightly. She sandwiched his cock and balls between her tits, rolling the mounds fully into his crotch. “Ever tit-fuck before?”

Mike shook his head, unable to speak. Already his nuts were throbbing painfully, ready to explode. Goddamn, he thought, I’ve never felt like this before! If she doesn’t watch it, I’ll cum right between her eyes!

“You want to cum in my mouth?” Susan asked, reading his tortured expression. “You want to poke a whole gallon in my throat? Mmmmmm, I love sucking cum!”

“Yes,” Mike answered finally, his voice weak. “Suck me!”

Susan pulled his prick back into her mouth and gobbled down to the large, meaty base. As her nose rested in the thick wiry patch of hair, she began slapping her tongue all around his shaft. The delicious flavor of dried piss and sum assaulted the back of in throat with a salty pungency thirst increased hunger.

“Mmmmmm, and I’ll just bet a boy like you has a whole lot of cum!”

“Come on, Sis,” Mike said, now desperate for her to suck him. “Eat my cock! God, I can’t take this… much longer!”

Susan placed her fingers at the base of his cock, pulling his shaft at a right angle to his crotch. Holding it firmly, she began bobbing her head back and forth, each stroke coming faster than the last until her face was a blur. Within seconds she felt his shaft begin to jerk even harder, and she could taste the steam from his nuts.

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned, probing her finger under his balls, gliding it into the crack of his ass.

“Goddammit! Suck, you cocksucker!” Mike groaned, crushing her face harder into his crotch with his hands, “Lick it good! I’m gonna blow your fucking throat away!”

Susan gave it everything she had, blowing him like he had the last cock on earth. While her hands was playing with his ass, swirling her fingers into the dark greasy hole, down his lean slender thighs, jamming them between his dangling nuts. She knew he was about to go crazy just from the way his rigid shaft was so tight, and her own body was reacting to what she was doing. Her pussy was oozing juices into her panties now, gluing the soft material to her crotch. She rubbed her legs together and felt a pang of ecstasy spear into the back of her cunt.

“Ahhhh!” she gasped, her voice a plea for his orgasm.

“Now!” Mike barked, jerking his hips forward brutally. “Goddamn, now… I’m… FUCK! SUCK! UNHHHH!”

The first searing blast of cum shot into the back of Susan’s throat with smacking force. Then, almost immediately, another thick creamy glob splattered from his cockhead. His climax was so plentiful and quick, she didn’t begin to have time to drink all he had to offer. The boiling juices sloshed around his plunging shaft and, finding no more room, dribbled from the corners of her mouth, wetting her chin. A few silvery strands fell onto her tits, causing another ripple of pleasure to spasm her pussy.

“AAARGGGG!” she choked, feeling her climax begin to build. The thundering jerks of ecstasy grew hotter, came quicker, then, exploded with violent release.

The sensation was so all-consuming and so brutal, her head flopped to one side, releasing his spewing cock. She watched it for a couple of seconds, feeling the greasy warmth as it spit on her neck and shoulders before she gobbled it back down. She gave another gurgling moan of pleasure.

“Take it ALL!” he grunted.

Susan sucked and pulled on his dick until she had taken every drop. And even when he was completely dry, she kept at it, working her lips up and down the shaft. When she felt him relax and pull back slightly, she scooped up the stray glob of juice from her tits, her shoulders and neck, and squeezed them between her lips, washing them around his cock.

“Damn, you really like that stuff, don’t you?” Mike said as he watched his sister smack like a baby.

“I could drink bottles of it,” Susan said, running her tongue over her teeth, pulling the residue of his orgasm into her throat.

She sat back on her haunches and studied him. God, he sure was some little stud. Although only a teenager, he had the body of a man — very muscular and angular. His square-jawed face was almost perfectly handsome, framed by a shock of blue-black curly hair. Another patch of dark hair haloed his prick, with just a hint of hair crawling up along his navel. She placed her hands on his thighs and kissed the tip of his dick.

“You gonna do it again?” Mike asked, swallowing hard. “I… I mean, would you?”

“When I’m finished with this big dick of yours, I’ll let you know,” Susan answered with a laugh. “And let me tell you, you little bull, it won’t be for quite a while!”

She stood up suddenly and undressed, watching with amusement his expression. It was more than obvious from the way his prick was gently slapping his belly that he was getting excited again.

“You like my body?” she asked, knowing that he did. She was almost thirty, but she had taken care of herself, and anyway, she had all the natural endowments — firm large tits, shapely legs, a flat belly, shoulder-length red hair, and eyes as green as a fir tree.

“You’re beautiful!” Mike said. “I never knew you were… so beautiful!”

“Come here,” Susan whispered, standing with her legs spread apart. “Get to know my body.”

Mike walked over and stood before her, his heart pounding in his throat. Slowly he reached out and touched the taut nipples that throbbed on the tips of her breasts. Then, leaning forward, he pulled them between his lips and bit gently. He felt Susan flinch, then her hands on his shoulders, working her fingers into his muscles.

“Lick me,” she whispered, her head thrown back. “God, lick me all over!”

Mike washed and sucked her tits for a long while, until he could take the torture no longer. He knelt, licking downward, leaving a glistening trail of spit across her belly into her reddish-blonde patch of soft cunthair.

“Your pussy…” he said. “So… fucking little!”

“Eat me,” Susan murmured, placing her hands on his wide shoulders. “Stick your tongue in and fuck me with it!” Mike had exactly that in mind, but first he just wanted to look at it, to smell the perfumed juices.

He placed his thumbs on either side of her tiny cunt-crack and gently pulled them apart. Her cunt was juicy and pink, almost like a steak, filmed with a slick coating of opaque fluid. Her small clit was nestled just at the top of the crack, partially bidden by the loose folds of skin, throbbing just like her nipples. He stuck his tongue out and touched it, making it swell.

“Ohhhh!” Susan whispered, feeling a stab of hot pleasure in the back of her cunt. She humped forward, trying to suck his tongue inside, but he moved back slightly. “Oh! I want it! God, Mike, eat me! My pussy is on fire!”

“Wait a second, baby,” Mike said. “Let me do it my way.”

His way, for Susan, was pure torture. He began probing the tip of his tongue inside, curling it upward and licking across the top of her canal and over her clit, but when she was just getting to love it, he would pull back.

“Don’t do this to me!” she begged. “God, if I don’t get something in my pussy, I’ll so crazy!”

“Don’t worry, big sister,” Mike said with a lustful grin. “You’re gonna get all you can handle in just a few minutes.”

For several agonizing moments he chewed and sucked her tiny puckered opening, before lunging the full length of his tongue inside. When he did, it was immediately engulfed in a pulling warmth. An oozing film of pussy-juice crept into the back of his throat while other streams flowed down his chin.

“Baby, you taste so fucking hot,” he murmured, his voice wet with her juices, “and so fucking delicious!”

“Suck me,” Susan said, her voice barely audible. “God, shove our tongue in and… eat me!”

Mike placed his hands on her hips and drew her closer. At the same time, he lunged forward, sinking his tongue deep into her pussy. His front teeth brushed her clit, causing Susan to scream out with growing hunger.

“That’s it!” she wailed. “God, just like that! Don’t ever, stop licking my pussy!”

Mike squeezed his hands around her body, cupping her firm rounded ass. With his middle fingers, he began diddling up and down the narrow crack of her ass for several moments before probing inside the small hole. Finally, he jammed his tongue inside with a poking motion as be jerked his fingers into her shitter. He knew he must be doing it right, because his sister stood her tiptoes and yelled out.

“Yes!” she cried. “Mmmmm UNHNH!”

Her orgasm was so intense, Mike thought his tongue would be yanked out of his mouth from the way her pussy was spasming.

“Suck me,” he grunted into her cunt. “Let’s eat each other to death!”

Susan gobbled down on his cock like a hungry calf, and the moment his cockhead spread between her tonsils, she felt another explosive climax rip into her guts. She began humping and sucking, almost in a rage, every ounce of strength devoted to only two things — cock and cunt!

“Ah, that’s good,” Mike growled, his tongue still flicking in and out of her spasming hole. “Just like that, cocksucker… suck it… mmmmm, suck!” was now thrashing about, her body bucking and grinding over his, her mouth lapping the full length of his prick in and out. Delicious spearing sensations kept throttling her pussy with such force, pleasure became commonplace. Then she gave a final heave, her orgasm hitting her violently. Her eyes shut tightly, her expression one of pure agony. A long wailing moan escaped her lips, then a gurgle.

“Now?” Mike grunted. “Goddamn you… SUCK! SUCK! SUCK!”

Susan couldn’t get her body to move. She could only lie there and watch his cock explode, sending gushes of hot, volcanic-like fluid into her face, into her hair, into the hollow of her throat. Finally, however, just as he was peaking, she lunged down on his prick and caught the bulk of his load. It steamed into her throat and plunged into her stomach in quick creamy wads, sending chills of pleasure up and down her spine.

They molded themselves together for a long while, mouth to cock, mouth to cunt, until their energies were fully spent. Finally she pulled away and lay on her side, gasping for breath.

“Jesus, God!” she gasped. “I’ve had some fun in my time, but, little brother, you fucking gave me something to write home about!”

“Boy… me, too,” Mike said, happy and proud that he had pleased his sister. He propped himself up on one elbow and looked down at her face, saw the glistening film of cum on her lips. “I just hope you’ll let me please you a lot!”

“You will,” she said, giving him a wicked grin. “You will right now.”

“You want me to eat you some more?” he asked.

“Right now I want that big dick in my pussy,” she said getting to her knees. “Doggy style. Then, since you’re gonna be back there, fuck me in the ass.”

“Your ass?” Mike said, a hungry glint in his eye. “You really mean it? You’d… let me…”

“What’s the big deal?” Susan asked, puzzled.


Susan screamed loudly when she felt Mike’s hard throbbing cock slam into her pussy. His prick pushed her cunt violently open, then buzzed in the back of her cunt. She inhaled quickly, her face contorted in pure agony.

“Well, big sister?” Mike grunted. “You ready for a nice long fuck?”

Susan nodded her head, unable to answer. God, was he really that big? She reached between her legs and touched his dangling nuts, slipping her middle finger between than, nudging the bisect his shaft.

Jesus, this kid is like a fucking mule! she thought. Mike leaned forward, brushing his lips over the back of her neck. For several moments he stayed completely still, letting her narrow cunt adjust to his cock’s size. Then he reached under and cupped her tits. Slowly he inched his mouth over her shoulder, darting his tongue into her armpit. He began moving slowly in and out now, his mouth kissing toward her tits. She turned slightly sideways to give him a better angle, and when she did, he gobbled her right nipple between his teeth.

“Oh, little brother,” she murmured, “You fuck and suck so good! God, don’t ever stop!”

“Mmm-hmmmm,” Mike whispered, slipping his left hand down her belly. He squeezed her twat mound with his palm, slowly digging inward. Her tiny clit was now throbbing quickly, almost matching the way her nipple was pulsating. “Baby… baby…” he panted, chewing the delicate flesh of her tits.

Susan could hardly believe how quickly her body was reacting to his fucking. She began moving her ass back and forth to match his fester stabs, thoroughly enjoying the way his cock speared in and out of her pussy. She gave another low muffled moan as she bit her lower lip. The beginnings of climax were already rumbling in the back of her pussy, slowly spasming forward. She squeezed bet cunt muscles savagely around his cock trapping him momentarily.

“Fuck me!” she begged. “God, slam that big dick in my little pussy… and tear it apart!”

Mike sat back on his haunches suddenly and yanked her legs apart with a savage move, as if she were a wishbone. He thrust his hips back until his cockhead just barely remained between her cuntlips, then jammed forward with all his strength. Even before the head of his prick hit the back, of her slit, he felt his sister flinch, then scream.

“Like it, whore?” he spat. “You like a big dick creaming your insides to fucking soup?”

“Yes… God, yes!” Susan gasped. “Just don’t ever stop!”

“Baby, don’t worry about that,” he grunted. “I’m not gonna stop until you’ve been fucked. And when I say fucked, I mean like this!”

As he spoke those words, he began a brutal assault that increased in intensity with each move. Soon his ass was jerking back and forth in a blur, his belly slapping against her ass with loud smacking sounds. His nuts were flopping about, whacking into her cunthair.

Within a couple of minutes Susan felt the first stab of release drill through her cunt. The sensation grew, then exploded suddenly, causing her cunt to grip his shaft like a hot greasy hand. Her orgasm peaked, then fluttered there for what seemed like an eternity before subsiding.

“My… God!” she grunted passionately. She worked her ass backward, accepting the hard plunges of his cock. “You’re so good! Keep it up! God, don’t ever stop!”

She had barely gotten the words out when another flash of hot climax thundered through her entire body.

“Give it to me!” Susan begged, shivering with excitement. Just the idea of having a whole lump of cum boiling away in her cunt made her shake with new desire. “Show… me… unhhh… give it to me, you bastard… ununh!”

At the moment her climax peaked, Mike felt his nuts swell and begin to pulsate. The volcanic-like globs of jism were shooting from his prick. A hard, almost violent jerk ballooned his cockhead painfully. Then his guts seemed to empty inside her.

“Whore!” he spat, poking wildly into her slit.

“Cunt! Bitch! Unh! Whore! Take… take… Unhhhhh!”

Susan experienced another blast of hot release when his scalding juices flooded her pussy. And when the pulsating wads kept coming her moaning took on a tortured quality. For several long moments she was in a state of pure euphoria, writhing about as his jism sloshed back and forth inside her cunt-tunnel. But when he jammed in the last of his massive climax, the pleasure turned to agony.

Mike stopped moving suddenly, his body collapsing. He fell forward, crushing his sister beneath his hulking frame, his teeth sinking gently into the bock ether neck. His breathing was hot and wet, softly laced with grunts.

“Jesus, God,” he said finally, “I think I fucked my nuts into you.”

“Mmmmm, I wish you would,” Susan replied. “I’d like to have all of you inside me.”

They lay there for perhaps fifteen or twenty minutes, hardly moving, their bodies recharging. Mike pulled away and lay on his back, his fingers still on her tits.

“You said something about letting me fuck your little shitter,” he said. “You still game?”

“Just promise to go slow,” Susan said wit a grin. “I don’t want you to rip my asshole apart like you did my pussy. God, I feel like hamburger down there.”

“Well, since I’ve never done it,” Mike said, “why don’t you just take over?”

That idea suited Susan just fine. She looked down at his ramrod-hard cock, knowing if he shoved it in with the same force he had fucked her cunt, she’d be in big trouble. She straddled his waist, her head toward his feet, and carefully sat down on his belly. His greasy prick now lay in the crack of her ass, the head of it pulsating at the small of her back. She reached under and grasped his shaft, slowly jacking the foreskin over the meaty cockhead.

“Shit, I just hope I can do it,” she said, aiming the end of his dick toward her tiny puckered shitter.

“Just take your time,” Mike said, rubbing his fingers over her back and thighs, “We’ve got all the time in the world.”

Not only was she hungrily lapping his toes and feet, she was also massaging his balls while she pumped her ass up and down. He seemed to be engulfed in a hot feminine blanket, or a greasy vacuum, pulling his insides out through his cock.

“Ahhhh…” he whispered softly, feeling his cum filling his balls. He gave another moan, wandering how long he would be able to take this torture.

Susan released his foot and sat up fully, throwing her head back. She ran her fingers up from her cunt to her tits, feeling the pressure of his cock force her guts upward. She squirmed around for a few seconds, then lowered her hand back to her pussy. The moment her fingers glided across her swollen pulsating clit, she winced with pleasure.

“God, I love this!” she said. “I love having a big cock in my ass! I just wish I could have one in my pussy at the same time!” Then, going with her fantasies, she continued, “And a great big juicy one to suck on!”

“Well, you do have three brothers,” Mike said. “And when the others find out just how good our sister is, you’ll get your three cocks.”

Susan honestly hadn’t even thought of that. She had just seen Mike there and one thing had led to the next. She certainly hadn’t planned on this. But there were Brian and Gary — it was indeed something to think about. But right now, she had exactly what she wanted.

“Cock!” she said, expressing her thoughts. “Big hot, delicious cock! Fuck me, little brother! God, ram your cock in and bang my shitter like a drum!”

“I… I… baby! Fuck! Take… FUCK!”

When the boiling masses of juice slapped into the back of Susan’s shitter, she gave a long, silent scream of release. The thundering spasms that shot up and down her cunt walls seemed to blast outward, drilling into her ass canal. For a few beautiful moments her entire insides were filled with hot, sucking jerks, making her writhe and buck like a tortured animal.

“YES! AIEEEEEEEE!” she screamed, her orgasm peaking. She thrust his balls into the crack of her pussy and felt the throbbing globs of cum shoot upward, through the center of his shaft and into her asshole. Again she gave a cry of agonized release, her voice cracking with emotion.

Mike hammered into her asshole for several moments, long after he had stopped splattering her insides with his jism. Then, giving her one last hard lunge, he crushed their bodies together, molding his cock to her asshole.

“Wow!” he gasped, collapsing, heaving for air. “I… shit… that was… good!” Susan lay there beneath him for a long while before even trying to move. She felt perfectly happy, engulfed by his strong muscular frame, his prick inside her hole, his breath on her back. Finally she pulled put from under him and pushed him to his back. She nestled herself between his thighs and lowered her face to his shit-stained cock and darted her tongue out, lapping down a thick glob of cum that hung from just under his cockhead.

“Delicious!” she exclaimed, rolling the liquid over her tongue. She pushed it back forward, squeezing it between her teeth. Then, washing it around with her spit, she let it seep slowly into the link of in throat. “Mmmmmm, I want more,” he asked, clearly amazed.

“Just wait and see,” Susan said, gobbling his long shaft into her mouth.

“Jesus, I see,” Mike whispered passionately. “But I don’t know how long I can wait!”


Susan peered through the window and saw Brian coming up the steps, his shirt thrown casually over one shoulder. He was dripping with sweat, which matted the luxurious growth of hair that covered his sculptured chest. From his cut-offs he sported a nicely muscled pair of hairy legs.

“Finished mowing the lawn?” she asked when he came through the door.

“Yeah,” he said in a booming baritone voice, “and it’s hotter than a motherfucker out there.”

Brian watched as she sank her lips around his growing shaft and pulled it into her mouth. As she inched forward, taking more of it into her throat, she felt his cock jerk to life. When it was fully hard, she pulled back once more, just keeping his cockhead between her lips.

“You can,” he said. “I mean… that is… suck me. But don’t you want me to shower first?”

“No,” Susan said. “I like it just like this.” She pulled his shorts down to his ankles and gripped his huge thighs. Then, lunging forward, she took the entire length of his cock into her mouth. She sucked it in and out for several seconds and then let it flop from her lips, standing at an angle from his crotch. “Lie down on the floor and I’ll wash you all over with my mouth,” she instructed.

Brian kicked his shorts off and slipped off his tennis shoes then lay down on the carpeted floor. He spread his legs wide and pulled his sister between his thighs.

“OK,” he whispered, looking into her face intently, “I’m ready when you are.” When he felt her mouth once more clamp down on his prick, he arched his back and grunted loudly. “God, you wouldn’t believe how much I’ve dreamed about this happening,” he said. “I used to lie in my room and jack off thinking about you… when I was a kid.”

“Really?” Susan said. “If I’d known that, I would have come in and jacked you off.”

She nuzzled her mouth under his balls and spread his asscheeks slightly, revealing his dark hairy shitter entrance. She thrust the tip of her tongue against the rim, spewing in a bit of spit.

Brian humped forward, digging her knees into her armpits, and at the same time leaned forward, brushing his belly over her forehead. He placed his hands under her head and jerked her face harder into his crotch.

“Goddamn you, you fucking cocksucker,” he grunted, his face contorted with pleasure. “Suck me! Come on, you little cum-sucking whore… suck!”

Susan held her mouth wide open, letting him do all the work. For several moments he jammed into her throat like some crazed animal, continually shoving his cock with lightning-like strokes. When his cockhead slid across the roof of her mouth and over her tongue, she could feel the vibrations of ecstasy filter through her pussy. Her clit grew rigid, then began throbbing, sending waves of delicious jerks down the insides of her thighs. She rubbed her knees together and felt the first hot jolt of release sear her cunt.

She choked, baring her teeth and scraping them up and down his plunging shaft. Another thundering explosion of climax shot into her body, making her thrust her head upward.

“Hold on, baby.” Brian grunted. “You’ll get it… in a second. And when I blow my fucking load, I want you to gargle it down like a… unh… good girl!”

Susan reached between his legs and dug her nails into his bobbing ass, rubbing her fingertips into the hot, hairy crack. She was peaking, her pleasure becoming all-consuming. Nothing in the world now could possibly make her feel better than a thick lump of cum.

He gave a low panting groan of pleasure and squirmed his ass around, grinding the base of his cock between her lips.

“Baby… baby,” he whispered. “So fucking good!”

Susan opened her throat completely, allowing the thick lump of cum to drain into her stomach. While it warmed her insides, she worked her tongue around his shaft, capturing the slick residue that bubbled inside his foreskin. When he was clean, she nudged her head aside and pushed him away.

“Now fuck me,” she whispered. “Fuck me like a little dog!”

She got to her knees, supporting herself on her elbows, and looked over her shoulder, wagging her ass. She grinned seductively and ran the tip of her tongue over her teeth.

Brian knelt behind her and pushed her legs further apart with his knees. He ran his hands up the insides of her thighs and rested his fingertips in the crack of her pussy.

“You sure I’ll even fit in here?” he asked. “Jesus, you’ve got the tiniest pussy I’ve ever seen!”

“It’ll fit,” Susan replied. “I’ll make the motherfucker fit or die trying.”

Brian placed his cock between her legs and rubbed his engorged cockhead between the slick puckered lips of her cunt. His dick was immediately engulfed in a pulling warmth, almost as hot as her mouth. He held her hips and squeezed in about four inches of his shaft, then remained motionless for a few seconds.

Then, when he couldn’t take the agonizing torture any longer, he increased the speed of his fucking. He felt his sister’s pussy constrict, sucking on his shaft like a hungry mouth.

The thought of her brother fucking a another girl filled Susan with hungry desire. She could almost imagine what it would have looked like, his huge frame engulfing her tiny body, his gigantic cock ripping into her guts. She shivered with anticipation, knowing that she, too, was getting the same thing that little girl had gotten.

“Give it to me, stud,” she moaned, her voice quivering with lust. “God, fuck me hard! Fuck rue just like you did that little girl! Bang my pussy into a million pieces!”

Brian dug his fingers into the soft flesh of her hips and began, drilling in and out with savage strokes. He increased his speed, devoting every bit of his energy to battering her cunt to hamburger.

His face was contorted in a wince, his breathing rapid and low, his nuts swinging back and forth like a pendulum.

“Take it, cum,” he spat. “Goddamn you, take my dick.”

Susan felt a hard throb begin to swell in the back of her cunt. The buzzing inched forward until a quick spasm tore at the outer folds of her pussy. She inhaled loudly, then began shaking all over matching the rhythmic plunges of his huge cock.

“Yes!” she cried. “God… God… yes! Give… it… to… MEEEEE!”

Brian fucked furiously into her pussy with such speed, his entire body was like a jack hammer. He wanted desperately to hold back for a little while longer, but it was useless. His nuts were boiling over with a thick, lava-like lump of cum. He felt it explode into the base of his cock, the squirt violently up the center of his shaft. When the first blast of cum erupted from the end of his prick, then he slammed his full weight forward, grinding into her cunt with animal-like brutality.

“Fuck!” he grunted. “Goddamn you; you fucking big cocksucking whore… FUCK! UNH! FUCK! FUCK!”

Susan’s orgasm peaked just at the moment when she felt his cock empty into her cunt. Hot spasms drilled up and down the length of her pussy canal with unbelievable force, causing her to shudder.

“All of it!” she begged. “God, fuck me full of his greasy cum! Give it to me, you fucking bastard! Oh! Oh! OHHHH!”

For several long moments they both bucked and squirmed around, gasping and groaning as spasm after hot spasm gripped their insides. Finally Brian plowed in the last of his load, then relaxed, biting the back of her neck. He continued moving his prick in and out of her frothy hole, however, until he was sure that every drop of jism had oozed from his cock.

Susan was exhausted but still filled with a growing hunger. She moved her ass around and slipped her fingers down the sides of his body. Reaching between them, she touched the sticky taste of his cock, puffing some of the spilled juice over her ass.

“Let me suck you again,” she whispered. “I want to eat some more of your sweaty dick.”

“Damn, I’ve never known a girl like you before,” Brian said. “You really do love dick, don’t you?”

“Let me show you, little brother,” Susan whispered.

“You do that, baby,” Brian said, pulling her to his side. “Then I’ll show you a thing or two.”

“Or three… or four,” Susan grunted, placing his cock into her mouth. “Mmmmmmm… or even five or six!”


Susan stood outside Gary’s bedroom door, her hand on the knob. When she heard muffled voices, she leaned her head closer.

“I’m just scared, that’s all,” came a young feminine voice.

“Don’t know why,” Gary answered. “It won’t hurt. Well… much, that is.”

Susan grinned. The conversation she was overhearing had happened to her once — almost word for word. She knocked gently on the door and went inside.

“Oh, hi, Sis,” Gary said, quickly getting off the bed, color rising in his cheeks. “I… I thought we were alone in the house.”

“So I can see,” Susan said, sitting down on a chair by the door. “Who’s your friend?” she asked, smiling at the young blonde girl.

“Georgia,” Gary said. “Like the song — Sweet Georgia Brown.” He gave Georgia an affectionate look and again his face turned beet-red.

Susan quickly understood why Gary was so obviously fond of the girl. She was tall, still a teenager, but had the body of a twenty-year-old. Her enormous tits were well shaped and came to two upturned points, giving her slim waist the illusion of being even smaller. Her hips were rounded and full, leading down to shapely tanned legs. Her eyes were hazel, large and expressive. Wearing an emerald green jumper and a pale shade of peach-colored lipstick, she was the epitome of youthful beauty.

“I couldn’t help overhearing,” Susan said after the introductions were over. “Perhaps I can be of some help…” She let the inflection in her voice drop to a whisper.

Gary looked as if he’d been slapped. He glanced over to Georgia, then to his big sister. There was a long moment of silence before he swallowed hard, then spoke: “I… I don’t exactly know what you’re talking about,” he said. “We were just…”

“You were just trying to deflower Georgia,” Susan said, her voice calm and reassuring, then to the young girl she added, “to you want to do it?”

“Yes,” Georgia whispered.

The girl walked, over as if in a dream and sat down beside them, her eyes on reddish patch of cunthair under Gary’s cock.

“My God, it’s huge!” she whispered, noticing now that Gary’s shaft was still growing to perhaps nine or ten inches. “This will kill me… and her!”

“No, he won’t,” Susan whispered, placing her fingers around his thick, pulsating prick. “Let me show you.” She nuzzled the meaty cockhead up and down the tight crack of her pussy, then forced about two inches inside. “Damn, that’s good,” she groaned. “Jesus, Georgia, you’re one lucky little girl! I wish I could have a dick like this inside me as much as you’re gonna get it!” She thrust her hips upward, gobbling down his long cock to the hard throbbing, base. “Oh… yes!” she gasped. “You’re gonna love this! Now fuck me, little brother. Fuck me apart! Then fuck Georgia!”

“Oh, baby,” Gary whispered when he felt her tight sucking pussy pull on his dick. He reached out and pulled Georgia down beside him, locking his mouth to hers. After flicking his tongue deep inside, he bit down on her lower lip. “Say you’ll let me do this to you… God, say yes!”

Georgia returned his eager kisses, feeling her own pleasure grow with lightning-like speed. Already her pussy was vibrating, oozing hot juices. She reached between Gary and his sister and touched his two dangling nuts.

“Yes,” she whispered. “I… I want it now! God, I’ve never wanted anything so bad in all my life. Hurry and fuck her! I… I… need it!”

Gary kissed sad sucked on Georgia’s mouth, then ran his darting tongue down to the hollow of her throat. While he fucked in and out of his sister’s hot pussy, his ass bobbing up and down with greater speed, he began tearing Georgia’s clothes. When the girl was fully naked be buried between her tits.

“God this is good,” he murmured lapping his tongue around her hard throbbing nipples.

“Two fucking sets of tits to suck!” He ran his mouth over to his sister’s breasts and chewed on the soft delicate flesh. Then, after wetting them thoroughly, he went back to Georgia’s. “Shit, could anything be better?”

“It’s… getting better… all the time!” Susan gasped. “Fuck me hard, you little bull! Fuck me!”

She slipped her right hand over to Georgia’s thighs and inched her middle finger into the young girl’s swollen cunt. Careful not to rupture the delicate membrane that preserved her virginity, she began working in and out until the burning juices oozed over her palm. She felt the girl’s hole tighten and begin to suck like a mouth.

“Mmmmmm…” Susan murmured. “You’re really gonna love this little pussy of hers. It’s so nice and tight!”

In a way, Gary already thought he was fucking Georgia. He was kissing and fondling her body while pumping his ass, almost able to know just how delicious it would feel to rip through her cherry. The idea excited him so much, he began hammering wildly, slapping his body up and down with brutal strokes.

“Take it!” he gasped, gobbling nipples between his teeth, his face contorted in what looked like pure agony. “Goddamn you both, take it!”

Georgia’s eyes were closed as she lay there, totally enraptured with what was happening. Not only was Susan’s probing finger giving her pussy a delicious sensation, but Gary’s hot hungry mouth was sending shivers of ecstasy up and down her spine. She was groaning and panting, her voice quivering with lust.

“Hurry… and… fuck… me!” she moaned. “God, I want… cock! Give… me… dick!”

As she said those words, she felt a hard stabbing sensation drill into her cunt. Susan had grown so excited, she was ramming her finger wildly, almost poking through Georgia’s cherry. She inched her body back, wanting to save her maidenhead for Gary’s prick, but still it was difficult. Her own climax was so close, she could taste it.

“I can’t wait, Gary!” she cried out. “Fuck your sister now! I… NEED IT!”

Gary felt the first rumblings of his orgasm jerk the base of his cock, and he hammered as hard as he could. He dug his fingers into the soft flesh of both girls and bared his teeth, scraping them over their bodies, leaving reddening welts.

Then, as the first glob of cum spit from his nuts and thundered up the center of his shaft, he cried out loudly: “I’m… God, I’m… NOW!” His cockhead expanded, throbbed violently, then spewed out a rich creamy wad of jism. “Oh… fuck… take it, whore! UNHHHHHH!”

“God, I’m ready now!” Georgia replied desperately. “If I don’t get a cock inside me, I’ll… I’ll… God, I don’t know what I’ll do!”

“Let Gary rest a little,” Susan said. “Then when he’s ready, it’ll be a lot better.”

She pulled the girl over on top of her own body and humped her hips upward, crushing cunt against cunt. She darted her tongue into the younger girl’s mouth and stroked her fingers down her smooth shapely back.

“Ever sucked cunt?” she asked Georgia.

“No,” the girl answered, “but I want to… What does it taste like?”

“Why don’t you find out for yourself,” Susan said, pushing the girl down and spreading her legs. “Lick his cum out of my pussy.”

“Do what?” Georgia said, horrified. “Out of…”

“Go ahead,” Susan said. “You may like it.”

Although Georgia couldn’t even begin to comprehend what was happening, she sat back on her haunches and slipped her hands up the insides of Susan’s thighs. Never before had she been this close to another girl’s cunt, and the thought was both exciting and terrifying. She looked closely at the gaping hole, watching the bubbling juices seep from the loose folds of skin. She placed her fingers just at the hairline and pulled her cuntlips apart. The reddish inside, filmed with creamy jism, made her throat lock. She inhaled the steamy flavor of both their bodies — male and female — and shivered.

“Go ahead,” Susan whispered, placing her hands behind the girl’s head. “Lick my pussy.”


Gary knelt between Georgia’s legs and leaned forward, brushing his lips over her open mouth. He placed his hands on her firm upturned tits and squeezed them together until her rubbery nipples throbbed as one. He licked downward, over her chin, into the hollow of her throat. Then, leaving a glistening trail of spit, he opened his mouth wide and gobbled one delicious mound of tit over his tongue.

“Hurry! Fuck me!” Georgia grunted, thrusting her body upward. He, too, was finding it more than difficult not just to ram his cock into her right then with one hard plunge. Instead, he held her shoulders and gently humped forward, digging his pulsating cockhead into her pussy.

“You ready for it, baby?” he whispered, licking the hollow of her throat. “Hmmmmm? You ready to get your little cherry ripped apart?”

In answer, Georgia slapped his ass with both hands, trying to drive him forward. When he resisted, she felt she would explode with hunger. She bit her lower lip and tasted the salty flavor of blood.

“Fuck me,” she said, barely a whisper, “Fuck… me!”

Gary squeezed his enormous cockhead into her swollen puckered opening. It was immediately engulfed in a sucking, pulling warmth. He held it there for several seconds, then began gyrating his hips, inching just a small portion of his shaft inside. He withdrew slightly and stopped.

“I’ll try not to hurt you,” he whispered, pushing his cock further inside. He felt the rubbery, delicate membrane mold around the head of his prick, and again he stopped. “I can feel it now,” he said. “Can you?”

“Yes!” Georgia said. “Poke it apart! Goddamn you, shove your big hot dick inside my virgin pussy and fuck it to hamburger?”

“Here goes,” Gary said, withdrawing and taking a deep breath. “Get ready, baby.”

He rammed forward with all his strength, ripping his cockhead through the sheath of her virginity, pulling her cuntwalls apart, almost to the breaking point. When his nuts slapped noisily into the crack of her ass, he ground the base of his prick violently against her tight opening.

“AIEEEEE!” Georgia screamed, not really knowing whether it was from pain or pleasure. The sensations combined again, sending jolts of electric-like ripples into every cell of her body. She inhaled quickly and gave a blood-curdling scream.

“Hurt?” Gary asked, slowly withdrawing, able to feel the sticky seeping of her virgin blood around his prick.

“Yes!” Georgia groaned. “I mean no! Yes! God, keep hurting me! Don’t ever stop! Fuck me apart, you stud!”

While Gary began a steady pumping into her bleeding pussy, Susan crawled behind him and spread his asscheeks to get a better view of his fucking. As she watched his huge dick slam in and out of Georgia’s tight pussy, her own pleasure began to grow. She grabbed her brother’s dangling balls and rolled them around on the insides of Georgia’s thighs. The delicate vibrations of his cum buzzed against her palms like a million tiny heartbeats.

“Fuck her, little brother,” she whispered, lowering her face to the hairy crack of his ass. “Mmmmm… fuck her while I eat out your shitter!”

She thrust her tongue inside his dark puckered hole and curled the tip of it upward, drawing it from his smooth shit-canal. When it slipped from his rim, she bared her teeth and began chewing on the entrance, thoroughly wetting it up with her spit. After doing this for several seconds, she licked down to his swinging balls. She opened her mouth wide and sucked them both into her cheeks. The flavor of cum, his asshole and virgin blood assaulted her senses like a hammer, sending shivers of pleasure up and down her spine. She felt a tingle of nearing orgasm burn into her pussy.

“Blast her full of hot cum,” she murmured. “I want to suck some cream while you’re fucking her.”

Gary began pounding Georgia’s cunt with all his might, unable to believe the hot flashes of pleasure that engulfed his body. Not only was his cock bathed in the delicious warmth of a tight ripped open virgin cunt, but his asshole and balls were being washed by his sister’s hungry mouth. He panted loudly, his face contorted in what looked like pure torture. He wanted to hold back, to make this feeling last forever, but he knew it would be useless to fight it. Already he could feel the pressure of his jism, burning at the base of his cock.

“Take it, you virgin whore,” he growled, biting down on Georgia’s tits like a striking snake. “Goddamn you, take every fucking inch! I’m gonna fuck out your cocksucking mind!”

Georgia was only vaguely aware that he was even talking. Every ounce of strength she could muster was devoted to one thing and one thing only — the delicious stabbing sensations his cock was giving her cunt. She had already climaxed so many times she’d lost count, but now she felt a burning explosion.

“UNHHHHHH!” he grunted. “I… I… fuck! Take your first load of cum, you whore! Goddamn you… UNHHHHHH… take it!”

Georgia was lost in a total all-consuming explosion of pure raw release. Orgasm after orgasm tore through her body with such force, she thought for a moment her backbone would break. She bucked and writhed wildly, her pleasure peaking, almost lifting Gary off the bed. Not only was his plunging cock giving her unbelievable ecstasy, but the burning lava-like luke that squirted from his cockhead was about to drive her crazy.

“GIMME IT!” she screamed, jabbing her fingers into the crack of his ass, trying to force more of his prickmeat inside her.

Gary pumped and slapped with furious strokes until he felt the last of his load empty deep into her cunt. He relaxed completely. The only part of his body moving was the steady throb of his prick. He closed his eyes and sighed with utter satisfaction.

“Oh, baby… baby,” he murmured, enjoying as his cum sloshed pound his shaft and spilled from her pussy.

While they molded themselves together, still gasping for air, Susan was behind them, hungrily gulping down the oozing globs of cum that streamed from Georgia’s pussy. She took a large wad between her teeth and then gobbled down on Gary’s nuts, washing them with the hot pussy flavored fluid. As she did this, she straddled his leg, crushing his heel into her cunt. An explosive spasms of pleasure ripped through her cunt, causing her to scream.

“Unhhhhhh!” she gasped, his balls flopping from her mouth, his jism splattering down her chin.

Georgia was so enthralled with the delicious sensations that had thundered in her cunt, she almost forgot all about Susan. She looked over Gary’s shoulder and gave the older woman a grin, hungrily noting the thick residue of Gary’s spent orgasm.

“Can I have some of that, too?” she asked.

“Sure,” Susan said, crawling around and locking her mouth around Georgia’s parted lips. She thrust a massive lump of jism into the girl’s throat, then sucked it back into her own mouth. “Delicious, huh?” she murmured.

“I could live on it,” Georgia said. “Let me have some more!”

“Why don’t you two go straight to the source?” Gary said, rolling to one side. He spread his legs and humped his hips upward. “How about both of you sucking me… I’ve never had that.”

Both girls nestled themselves between his thighs.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Gary groaned, feeling Georgia’s mouth further down his shaft. Soon her lips were locked around the base of his cock. He held her head with both hands and draped his leg over her shoulder. “Just stay like that for a few minutes.”

Georgia twisted her lips around his cock for a long while, then pulled back up. Her first cock, she thought, and what a big hot cock it was! She kissed it reverently, wondering how she’d ever doubted it would be anything but wonderful.

“Fuck my mouth,” she whispered. “It’s still virgin, too.”

Gary was more than eager to do anything either one of them asked. He dropped her to her back and straddled her waist, placing his knees in her armpits. Still holding the back of her head, he pulled his face into his crotch, digging his cockhead deep into her throat. He leaned forward, crushing his belly to her forehead.

“Suck it, cocksucker,” he grunted. “I’ll give you all the cum you can gargle down!”

Susan watched as her brother began thrusting his prick in and out of the girl’s mouth. Wanting something of her own to suck on, she knelt between Georgia’s thighs and lapped her tongue up and down the steamy crack of the girl’s cunt. They both shivered when contact was made, Susan murmuring softly into the dark reddish hole, Georgia gurgling on Gary’s cock.

“How about sucking my ass some more, Susan,” Gary whispered, “while Georgia licks my dick.”

“Just a second,” Susan answered. “Let me chew on this delicious pussy for a while.”

After thoroughly eating out the girl, Susan almost reluctantly placed her face in the crack of her brother’s ass. She darted her tongue up and down the rough hairy surface, then plunged inside. She bared her teeth and chewed down on the acrid tasting cum.

“Ahhhhhh… that’s just right!” Gary gasped. “Two fucking suckers at once… one on my dick and the other sucking on my asshole! Fuck, this is good! Come on, both you cocksuckers, suck me good!”

He began drilling his cock, in and out of Georgia’s mouth with increasing speed, each thrust hard and brutal. Never before had he been so excited. God, it seemed as if his entire body was surrounded by hot mouths and steaming cunts. He felt his nuts begin to churn with a fresh load of cum.

“Tell me when you shoot off,” Susan whispered. “I want some of your cream, too.”

“Any second NOW,” Gary grunted. “You’d better get under here now, otherwise I can’t make any promises.”

“Take it, you cocksuckers!” Gary grunted loudly. “I’m… I’m… FUCK! Suck, whores! Eat my cum, you cocksuckers!”

Georgia felt the first scalding blast of jism pound into the back of her throat with the force of a punching fist. Unable to swallow all of it, she merely relaxed her throat muscles, letting the juice flow where it may. Some of it shot up behind her nose, gushing into her nostrils, while some sloshed into her cheeks, down her throat, between her teeth. Soon she was filled to overflowing, causing two glistening streams to ooze from the corners of her mouth.

“I want it, too!” Susan begged, fighting for his cock. She jerked it out of Georgia’s mouth and gobbled it down. “Mmmmmm!” she moaned, savoring the flavor as it burned into the back of her throat. She gobbled another few squirts, then aimed the pulsating cockhead back between Georgia’s lips. “Yours,” she whispered.

For a long while they shared him, until his orgasm was spent, and during the peak of his creamy rich flow, they each felt their own climaxes grow with thundering intensity. Soon all three were panting and groaning, their bodies molding into a writhing mass of throbbing flesh.

“Jesus, God!” Gary gasped, falling to his side, barely able to breathe. “I feel like you’ve sucked out my whole body!”

The girls were so exhausted, they couldn’t answer for several moments. Finally Susan sat up and stretched. She looked down at her little brother and grinned.

“We’d better give him a rest,” she said. “Don’t want to ruin a good thing.” She touched Georgia’s shoulder and added, “Are you tired?”

“Not in the least,” the girl replied. “What did you have in mind?”

Before Susan could tell her, the door opened. There stood Mike, a happy but shocked expression on his handsome face.

“Hey, is this a private party?” he asked. “Or can anyone join?”

“Yes, it’s a private party,” Susan chuckled. “Now get over here and stick out your privates and join us!”


Mike pulled Georgia off the bed and led her toward the door. He gave Susan a wicked grin as he held the girl close.

“You take care of our little brother,” he said. “I want this one all to myself.”

Before either Susan or Georgia could object, Mike whisked her from the room down the hall. He opened his bedroom door and gently pushed her inside. After dosing the door, he held her close with one hand, using the other to shuck off his clothes. When he was fully naked, he led her to the large bed.

“So you’re my little brother’s girlfriend,” Mike said, cupping the girl’s tits. “I must say, he’s got excellent taste.”

Georgia felt like a frightened rabbit. She’d seen this huge hulking giant on the football field, and on more than one occasion had felt ripples of pleasure swirl inside her cunt when he ran by. Now he was standing next to her, stark naked, his monstrous dick swelling. She swallowed hard, unable to understand anything that had gone on in the last hour or so. Yet she gave no resistance when he pushed her onto the bed and spread her legs with his large hands.

“Hey, what’s this?” Mike asked, noticing a slight pinkish trickle on the inside of her creamy thigh. “You on your…”

“No,” Georgia said, almost a whisper. “I… I… well, I just got my cherry popped.” She flushed beet-red and turned her face toward the wall. “Gary,” she added in explanation.

“Why, that lucky little bastard!” Mike exclaimed. “Good thing you told me, though. I’m not known as the most gentle person around. And with a body like yours, it would be almost impossible.” He crawled between her, legs and lowered his massive body onto hers, sliding the underside of his prick along the narrow crack of her pussy. “You gonna let me do it?” he murmured, brushing his lips over hers.

“Yes!” Georgia answered. The idea of having her second cock in such a short length of time made her tremble with excitement. “God, yes!”

“You want to fuck doggy-style?” Mike asked her, slipping his hands down her shoulders to her narrow waist.

“Doggy-style.” Georgia asked, clearly not understanding his meaning.

“From the back,” Mike said, rolling her over onto her belly. “This way,” he explained, “it goes in all the way, and even some of my balls. Believe me, it’s the best way.”

“Whatever you say,” Georgia whispered, her eyes wide with fear.

Mike nudged his finger tips into her swollen cunt for several seconds, trying to get her relaxed. When he finally felt her muscles give slightly, he aimed the end of his cock toward the tiny opening and humped forward. About half of his cock slipped inside, stretching and pulling hard on her pussy tunnel.

“Ohhhhh.” Georgia grunted, yet strangely not from pain. It was the most delicious sensation she’d ever know. “That’s so… good!” she whispered. “Is… is it all the way in?”

“Almost,” Mike lied, looking down at his cock. “Just a little more. You ready?”

“Mmmmmmm!” Georgia answered. “Shove it all the way in and fuck me! God, fuck me, you bull!”

Mike kicked her legs further apart with his knees and held her waist tightly. He withdrew about two inches of his dick, then hammered forward, drilling the entire length of his shaft deep into her cunt. His balls slapped forward, banging into her silky patch of cunthair.

Again Georgia cried out, this time a mixture of pain and pleasure. And quite frankly, she didn’t know which she liked best, the pressure of such a gigantic slab of cock inside her or the delicious pangs of ecstasy that began to swell in the back of her cunt.

“That hurt?” Mike asked, not moving for a few seconds. “If it did, I’m sorry. With such a nice tight little cunt like this, it’s hard for a man to go easy.”

“It’s perfect!” Georgia gasped. “God, it’s getting better every second, too! Just fuck me! God, rip me apart! I love it!”

“OK, you little whore,” Mike said, leaning forward and placing his hands under her arms. He latched onto both full tits with his hands. Using them as support, he began fucking wildly back and forth.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Georgia began chanting, hardly able to believe how close her orgasm already was.

“Fuck me just like that! God, harder… as hard as you can!”

[missing text] wondered, then she found out almost immediately. A thick scalding wad shot into the back of her pussy with the force of a pressure hose.

“Take it, cocksucker!” Mike grunted, blasting in more of his explosive orgasm. “Goddamn you, take… take… UNHHHHH!”

His climax was so plentiful and so creamy, it seemed to shoot in every direction at the same time. Huge steaming wads blasted the walls of her cunt, washing his shaft, then oozed from her tiny hole. He seemed to be a veritable cum-machine, giving her an unending supply of juice. Soon the insides of her thighs were sticky and hot.

“All of it, whore!” Mike spat, leaning forward, enfolding her in his muscular frame. “Goddamn you… ALL! ALL!”

When the last of his thick load shot into the back of her cunt, he fell forward, crushing her beneath his full weight. He chewed down on the back of her neck and squirmed his ass around, grinding the base of his cock further into her hole.

“Did you like that, baby?” he murmured. “Hmmmm? Tell me what it was like to have your second big dick in your little box.”

“It’s still good,” Georgia whispered, gently lifting her ass up, pulling the loose folds of skin that surrounded his balls, into her crack. “I wish I could have a dick inside me all, the time!”

“Well, you stick around here, and you just might,” Mike laughed. “What with me and Gary and Brian…”

“Ooooh,” Georgia interrupted. “Do you think maybe someday I could have three cocks all at the same time?”

“Don’t see why not,” Mike said. “But where would you put than all?”

“You don’t mean to say you can… would shove that big thing up my ass, do you?” she asked.

“Ah, good,” Mike said, becoming more animated. “Then my little brother didn’t fuck you in me ass!”

“Of course not,” Georgia said. “It would be impossible!”

“Nothing’s impossible, baby,” Mike said, withdrawing his cock from her raw and bleeding cunt. “I’ll show you.” He lay on his back and pulled her over so that she straddled his waist, her face toward his feet. “You do all the work,” he said. “I’ll just lie here. Won’t make a move until you say so. Just slide it in that little asshole of yours.” When he saw that she was completely against the idea, he added, “Look… if it hurts; you can stop OK?”

Reluctantly, Georgia came up to her knees and grasped his long meaty prick with both heads. Carefully she aimed the head at the crack of her ass and sat down. Due to the fact that his shaft was slick with cum and that oozing streams of juice had soaked the rim of her shitter, his cock head slid in easily — too easily, in fact. She was wincing, expecting a blast of pain. Instead, she felt only the pressure of his meat. But not only that, her ass vibrated around his prick, creating a vacuum. Cautiously, she inched in more of the bulging shaft.

“It doesn’t hurt,” she said, amazed. “God, I thought it would rip me apart!” She held her breath and crunched her full weight down on his middle. She had to admit that now there was definitely a little pain, but somehow, it felt good. “God, I don’t believe this!” she gasped.

Mike was also a little surprised that she took to ass fucking so easily. He placed his hands on her hips and pulled her down harder. Half-sitting, he slipped his fingers over her belly to her firm young tits.

“You like this?” he whispered, nuzzling his face in her silky hair. “You like a big dick in your little shitter?”

“Oh, yes!” Georgia answered. “It’s almost as good as in my pussy!”

“Let me show you how to make it better,” Mike murmured. “You ready for one hell of a butt fucking?”

“Anything,” Georgia said. “God, anything at all.”

Mike lunged forward, getting to his knees. Still holding onto her tits for support, he jammed his full weight down on her ass as he kicked her legs apart. He raised her to her knees and yanked her thighs upward so that her knees slapped into her armpits. He held her there for a couple of seconds.

“AIEEEEEE!” she bellowed, biting her lower lip. Another jab of release tore into her asshole and cunt at the same time, mixing, bubbling, exploding. Again she gave a harrowing cry of agonized pleasure.

Mike pumped wildly, emptying his climax brutally into her shithole. When he felt the last churning glob blast up the center of his pulsating shaft, he fell forward, crushing his full two hundred and twenty pounds down on her slim body.

“Jesus fuck!” he gasped, still enjoying the sucking sensations her ass-canal gave his withering cock. “I’ve fucking died and, gone to heaven!”

A few moments later, Georgia pulled from beneath him and pushed him to his back. She knelt beside him and simply looked at his beautiful face and body for a long while. He was an Adonis, his full sensuous ups curved in a half-smile, his hard muscular body, a study in angles. She reached out and touched the curve of his massive shoulder.

“Give me a few seconds,” Mike whispered apologetically. “I’m fucked out.”

“That’s OK,” Georgia whispered. “I like just looking at you. You’re so handsome.” She slipped her fingers over to the hollow of his throat and felt his pulse. “I used to watch you play football, and I would imagine all sorts of crazy things.”

“Like what?” Mike asked.

“Oh, you know,” she said, giving a nervous laugh. “Lying in bed and…” Her voice trailed off to a whisper.

“And what?”

“Kissing you and touching you,” she said finally.

“Well, go ahead,” Mike said, lifting his hand to her cheek. “You don’t have to imagine any more. I’m right here. And you can do anything you want.”

Leaving a glistening trail of spit, she inched down his leg, laved his left knee, then his calves and ankles. Holding his large well-shaped foot up, she darted her tongue between his toes and over the hard callused bottom to his heel. She licked back up his leg, finally reaching the area just beneath his nuts.

“Was that good?” she asked, now trailing down the other leg, doing the same thing to it.

“Just fine,” Mike sighed, feeling his nuts swell with a fresh load of cum. “You’re a good little sucker.”

Although inexperienced, Georgia leaned quickly how to please a man. She was covering his hairy belly with kisses, moving toward his sculptured pectoral muscles. She took each of his nipples between her teeth and swirled her tongue around, wetting them thoroughly. Then she thrust her tongue under his arm, pulling the silky hairs between her teeth. After licking the other armpit, she slipped her mouth back down to his crotch. His cock was now hard and ready, throbbing with life.

“My God!” she gasped with pleasure, touching his cockhead with her lips. “So big and hard!”

She lapped down the meaty underside to his nuts. Taking them separately, then together, she sucked them into her mouth and washed them thoroughly. A few seconds later, she flopped them out of her mouth and nuzzled her face further between his legs, smelling the masculine aroma of his asshole. She darted her tongue out and thrust it into his tiny, hairy shitter opening.

“Oh fuck, yes!” Mike grunted, lifting his hips to give her a better angle. “That’s good, baby. I like an ass sucker. Now chew on it! Fuck… eat me up, you little whore!”

Then, when she could no longer ignore the throbbing ache in the back of her throat, she raised herself slightly and gobbled his cock into her mouth.

“Suck me, cunt!” Mike said, throwing his legs over her shoulders, pulling her face brutally into his crotch. “Goddamn you, suck me dry! I want you to fucking gargle my cum down and eat it!” The hunger Georgia was feeling in her throat seemed to filter through her whole body, to the back of her cunt. Her pussy was aching, empty and wanting the same thing that was burning in the back of her mouth. She pulled Mike’s right leg from her shoulder and, bending his knee, pushed his toes into the crack of her cunt. An immediate jolt of pleasure constricted her pussy-canal.

“Mmmmfffff!” she grunted, pursing her lips and lunging down to his jerking cockbase.

“Oh. I see,” Mike whispered. “You want to get foot-fucked, huh? Well, here goes, baby.”

He began working his toes in and out of her cunt with greater speed, feeling her muscles spasm awl churn with hunger. And all the while, she was sucking like a starving calf.

“Ommmm… ommmm… ommmm…” Georgia was chanting, feeling her climax draw closer. She sucked furiously, already able to taste the steam from his nuts.

“Ready… for some… UUNHH! UNH!” Mike groaned, feeling the first bubbling glob of semen jolt up the center of his shaft. His orgasm hit him so quickly, he couldn’t believe it. But what he could believe was the way this little cocksucker was blowing him. He’d never known a girl so eager for cum! “Suck, you whore!” he grunted, shoving his foot in until he lifted her ass off the bed. “Suck… me… good! Goddamn, take it all!”

Georgia gargled his jizz down with hungry gulps, savoring each delicious creamy wad. But the best part was the way the heat from his orgasm shot down her throat and exploded inside her cunt. Huge rippling spasms of release blasted up and down her pussy-tunnel, each jerk more wonderful than the last. She was now screaming and choking on his juice, her entire body devoted to pleasing them both.

Mike humped upward, drilling the last of his climax into the back of her throat. He held himself there for a few seconds, then slowly relaxed. He let both legs drop and lie there. He reached down and touched the back of her head. She was still bobbing up and down, lapping her tongue around his dick, smearing it with a mouthful of cum.

“That’s good,” he murmured, his eyes closing. “Goddamn, you sure like dick, don’t you?”

“Mmmmm-hmmm,” Georgia panted, her orgasm only barely subsiding to a dull throb. When she had licked him clean, she pulled her mouth away and nuzzled her nose between his balls.

“Think I could have some more of this stuff?” she asked, licking her lips.

“Not for a while, I don’t think,” Mike whispered. “But you never know. Keep sucking.”

Georgia placed his limp cock back between her lips and licked the rubbery shaft. Never before had she felt so secure, so happy. She closed her eyes and relaxed, inhaling the heady aroma it his body. Without knowing when, she fell into a deep sleep, with dreams of cock and own and hard masculine bodies. Mike was soon asleep, too, and they lay without moving for almost two hours, his legs spread wide, his prick embedded fully in her throat.

It was exactly like this that Georgia’s brother, John, found them. He stood in the doorway looking like an enraged bull, his fists clenched tightly.

“What the fuck!” he shouted. “I’ve… I’ve never in my life seen so much cocksucking going on! I’ll kill you, you bastard!”

Unfortunately, his anger was greater than his ability to fight. Less than ten seconds later, he lay on the floor, blood dripping from his nose. One punch from Mike was all he could take.

Susan burst into the room and instantly knew what had taken place. She knelt beside the young man and touched his cheek. Heaving a sigh of relief that be was still alive, she looked up at her brother and Georgia and forced herself to smile.

“We have… how you say… a problem,” she said quietly.


John looked through the haze of semiconsciousness and saw a pair of rounded upturned tits. A pleasurable throb seared into his loins as his cock was wrapped in a sucking, creamy warmth. He closed his eyes and shook his head, trying to remember where he was and what had happened.

When he opened his eyes, he felt, the tips of the woman’s tits graze his belly. The rubbery projections seemed almost like tongues, sending goosebumps over, his flesh.

“Just lie there… I’ll make it all better,” he heard her say. Then she added. “God, what a nice big dick you have!”

Slowly, reality crept into his mind. He had come in looking for his sister and, and receiving no answer at the door, had peered into the living room. There had been gasps of — what? Almost like someone was being tortured. Entering the room where the sounds had come from, he’d seen this very woman parked between a young boy’s legs, sucking as if her life depended on it. Stunned, he had checked another room, finding his sister in much the same situation.

“What happened to me?” ho said weakly, now focusing on Susan’s smiling face. “Where’s Georgia?”

“She’s busy,” Susan answered, running her fingers over his shoulders.

“What are you doing?” John said, now fully aware of what was taking place. “What happened to my clothes?”

“I had to cheek you all over for injuries,” Susan grinned, “and when I got to this big delicious cock, I just couldn’t help myself.”

John looked down and saw her tiny cunt engulfing his throbbing prick. Whatever anger he had felt before was now a thing of the past, his body reacting to the fantastic spasms her cunt was giving his prick. He tentatively reached up and cupped her dancing tits pressing the rubbery nipples into his palms. “I’m fucking you,” he said ridiculously, as if trying to make polite conversation.

“Mmmmm… I’ll say,” Susan whispered, lowering her face to his. She brushed her open mouth over his lips, flicking the tip of her tongue out. “And you’re doing one hell of a good job… let me tell you!”

“I… I still don’t know what the fuck is going on,” John said. “But whatever it is, just keep it up. God, that feels, so good!”

Susan shoved her knees into his armpits and squirmed her ass around. She sat back and dug her nails into the boy’s taut, well-muscled belly, studying him. He was trim and wiry, perhaps a little too skinny, but he was big where it mattered. And although he couldn’t be classed as handsome, his face was full of character. His eyes were the wrong shade of blue for his shock of blond hair, and his lips were a bit thin. His high cheekbones gave his face a hollow, hungry look.

“You’re beautiful,” John said suddenly, pulling her back down. “And… and you’ve got a beautiful little pussy!”

“I’ll bet they’re all little for you,” Susan answered, clamping her mouth around his. They kissed hungrily for several moments, their tongues playing like angry snakes. “Mmmmm… yes,” she murmured into his mouth. “I love big dicks so much! Now fuck me, you little bastard!”

John half-sat and placed his hands around her waist. He chewed down to the hollow of her throat, then locked his lips around her tits. As he bit down on one buzzing nipple, he jerked forward, slapping her to her back. Placing his hands under her thighs, he lifted her knees up. He withdrew his cock until the tip of it rested just inside her puckered hole, then thrust forward with all his might.

“Baby!” he groaned when he felt the base of his cock jam between the deliciously tight lips of her cunt. “God… I’ve never had a better pussy to fuck! Jesus, I think I could shoot off right now.”

“Not yet,” Susan whispered. “Fuck me slow and easy. Let me enjoy your big cock as long as possible.”

It was more than difficult for John to do as she asked. Already he could feel the swelling inside his nuts becoming unbearable. Thick sobs of cum were splashing around, trying desperately to plunge through the throbbing sphincter muscle at the base of his shaft. He held his breath and closed his eyes, thrusting and withdrawing with rhythmic movements.

“God, I don’t know,” he grunted, lapping between her tits. “I… shit… want you!”

Susan could already feel his cock beginning to jerk, pulling her tight sucking muscles apart. She tightened her grip around his cock and sucked him fully into her pussy. She held him there for a few seconds, then relaxed.

“OK… now!” she cried out, feeling the beginnings of her own orgasm. “Fuck me hard, you bastard! Goddamn, ram that big cock in me and fuck out my brains!”

John needed absolutely no encouragement. He began assaulting her cunt with the speed and brutality of a jackhammer. Each thrust was deeper and quicker than the last, until his ass bobbed up and down in a flesh-colored blur. Every muscle in his body was fully defined as he flinched almost painfully.

“Take it, whore!” he spat. “God, take it! Take my big dick in your pussy and suck it into your fucking guts!”

Susan felt a sharp stab of pleasure pierce the back of her cunt. The rippling sensation blasted forward, spasming her pussy canal, then exploded around the base of his cock. She screamed out loudly, jerking her hips upward to accept every wonderful inch of his hard, almost iron-like shaft.

“YESSSSS!” she wailed. “Fuck me… full! Give… give me a gallon of… OHHHH! FUCK MEEE!”

Her orgasm was so powerful, so intense, that John’s own climax was yanked from his nuts by the vacuum of her cunt. Huge gobs of cum gushed through the center of his shaft and shot from his cockhead. The first squirt slapped into the back of her pussy with a dull thud, then sloshed backward, washing his shaft.

“Take it!” he screamed, crushing his full weight into her steaming, spasming hole. “Oh, fuck… TAKE IT!! TAKE IT!”

Susan’s orgasm took on new meaning as her cunt was soaked by his spitting cock. Each volcanic-like wad of jism carried with it a new ripple of ecstasy. Warmth spread throughout her entire body, making her buckle and writhe as if in tortured pain.

“COCK!” she shrieked. “COCK! COCK! COCK!”

For what seemed an eternity they molded their bodies together, pushing and pulling on the same orgasm, until at last they crushed themselves together, peaking in anguished release. John relaxed his grip on her thighs, letting her legs fall and slumped over her form, punching his cockhead into her burning cunt hole.

“Jesus. God,” he murmured when he finally got his breath, “I’ve never fucked until now.”

“Then you’re no longer angry?” Susan said. “I mean, about finding your sister…” the statement incomplete, wondering what his reaction would be.

Quite honestly, John was unable to comprehend the situation. He thought of Georgia and how he had found her between that guy’s legs, the pure rage he’d felt. Now he saw it in a different light. If she was getting what he was getting — well, what the fuck? Yet, she was his little sister. A big brother should take care of his sister. The sudden thought made him shudder.

“What’s the matter?” Susan asked, concerned. “I’m terrible,” John said, somehow feeling he could tell this woman anything, even his darkest secrets. “I was just wondering what it would be like to… to…”


“Fuck my sister,” he said, looking away. “It’s awful, isn’t it?”

“No,” Susan grinned. “Know who that was I was sucking when you barged in? My little brother. I’ve been fucking and sucking all three of my brothers for a long time now. It’s great, and it has made us closer. Besides, just about anything can be… wrong… if you want it to be wrong.”

“Jesus, she’d never let me,” John said. “And I couldn’t even ask her. She’d think I was crazy!”

“Well, when I’m finished with you, why don’t you give it a try,” Susan said, pulling from beneath his frame. “Who knows? Maybe her answer will surprise you.”

John had little time to think over the matter when he felt Susan grab his cock and aim it toward her parted lips. The warm engulfing sensation sent jolts of pleasure up and down his spine, making him think of only one thing — the delicious sucking she gave his prick. He spread his legs wider and held her shoulders, pressing her face harder into his crotch.

“Damn, that feels nice,” he whispered, locking his ankles together around her waist.

“Suck… just like that!”

Susan pursed her lips tightly around the thick meaty base and darted her tongue up and down the rubbery shaft. She raised her face slowly and bared her teeth, nibbling around the indention just under his cockhead. The delicious flavor of cum clung to her lips, sending pangs of hunger into the back of her throat. She let his dick flop from between her lips and nuzzled her nose between his furry balls.

“What a beautiful cock,” she said in admiration. She held it upright at an angle and studied it. It was long and thick, slightly curved, and on one side — about an inch from the rim of his foreskin — was a coffee-colored mole. “Mmmmmm, I’m going to love sucking you dry,” she murmured, gulping his hard shaft between her lips once more.

John watched his dick disappear in her mouth and flinched with pleasure. When her lips sucked right down to his nuts, he turned slightly to one side and wrapped his legs around her neck. He engulfed her face entirely in his lean muscular body and held her head tightly with his hands and knees.

“Suck, you cocksucker,” he groan, pushing his ass back and forth, digging the full length of cock deep into her throat. “Come on… suck me lust like my sister was sucking!”

Susan slipped her hands between his thighs and rubbed the hairy tight crack of his ass. Slowly she nudged her middle finger into the dark greasy hole, burying it to the knuckle. Now as she sucked up and down his prick, she finger-fucked his shitter with rhythmic motions. Within seconds she felt the base of his dick begin to swell, then jerk. A slight oozing from his cockhead burned the back of bet tongue, making her hungrier for his climax.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned, digging her nose into his blonde, curly crotch hair. She shivered as she inhaled the rich heady aroma of his body. Again she moaned, her voice muffled and wet.

“Jesus, suck!” John gasped, humping into her face a little faster. He wanted to keep this feeling alive forever, the delicious agony of waiting, but something in his mind snapped. His body went out of control, causing him to assault her mouth like a furious animal. “Suck, whore!” he spat. “Goddamn you… I’m so fucking close… fuck… sucks bitch… suck me!”

She could feel her own orgasm begin to grow with rapid pangs of pleasure. The back of her cunt began to burn, sending forth a gushing wave of ecstasy. Her muscular contractions caused the masses of cum he had fucked her with to spit outward, oozing between her legs. Then it hit her like a ton of bricks. Massive spasms of release thundered up and down her cunt-canal, gripping her insides like a greasy fist.

“Arghhh!” she gurgled, bouncing her head in and out of his steamy crotch.

John felt his nuts swell painfully, then contract. His blasting orgasm was jerking up the center of his cockshaft. It erupted from his cockhead with hard, spewing explosions, completely filling up the insides of Susan’s mouth and throat.

“Suck it, cocksucker!” he said, his voice racked with anguish. “Goddamn you… suck. SUCK! SUCK, WHORE!”

Susan gobbled furiously on his very hard cock, but it was physically impossible even for her hungry throat to accept it all. Thick masses of juice were pushed behind her nose and streamed from her nostrils. Other boiling wads seeped between her teeth, into her cheeks, hanging from her tonsils. Soon, twin streams of milky cum were oozing from the corners of her mouth.

“Mmmmmm!” she moaned, hoping he would never stop shooting his load, because each thick lump gave her own orgasm fiery new throbs.

Finally John poked the last of his climax into her throat and rolled over on top of her face. He crushed his full weight into her mouth and relaxed, grinding the base of his cock brutally between her lips. He could feel, even hear the sloshing globs of jism swirl around his cock.

“Yes,” he groaned. “Oh fuck, yes!”

Susan remained where she was for several moments until she had thoroughly licked him clean. When his crotch, balls and cock were glistening with hot spit, she pulled from beneath him, licking her lips.

“Don’t stop,” John begged. “God, I could lie here forever, just having you suck me.”

“Don’t worry, you little stud,” Susan whispered, sitting up and giving him a wicked grin. “I’ll get my share of your cock sooner or later, but right now, I think you’d better talk to your little sister… you… straighten things out.”

“What if she says no,” John said.

“Then she’s an idiot,” Susan said simply. “And believe me, she’s no idiot.”

John got to his feet and made for the door, his heart pounding in his throat. Here he was, he thought, one minute ready to kill his sister for sucking somebody, and now he was going in there to ask her if she would suck him.

“By the way,” Susan called out, “send my brother in here… OK?”

“Which one?” he asked.

“Doesn’t matter,” Susan laughed. “I’m flexible.” She chuckled a little louder and added, “As long as they aren’t!”


John found his sister in the living room, sitting on the couch, nervously thumbing through a magazine. When she saw him enter she didn’t look up. Instead, she pretended greater interest in what she was reading.

He sat beside her and cleared his throat, sizing his sister up for perhaps the first time in his life. God, she was a good-looking kid! Feeling both ashamed and embarrassed, he reached out and touched her shoulder.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. “I… I…”

“That’s OK,” Georgia said softly turning her head and looking at him. Her eyes instinctively went to his crotch, where his long meaty cock clung to the inside of his thigh, glued there by a filmy residue of jism. “Really,” she added.

The room was silent for the longest time, each trying desperately to tell the other the feelings they couldn’t name. Finally, John spoke.

“Would you like to…” he began, leaving his question unfinished, his heart pounding in his throat.

“Yes,” Georgia answered, leaning forward. She placed her fingers around the base of his sticky cock and rubbed them up the rubbery soft. “God, yes!”

“Oh, baby sister,” John murmured, locking his mouth around her parted lips. He held her passionately, crushing their bodies tightly together, darting his tongue into her mouth with brutal urgency. “Fuck me,” he moaned, “fuck your little pussy around my cock!”

Georgia leaned back, puffing her brother with her. She spread her legs and guided his hips between her thighs, holding her cunt up and ready to accept his growing prick. With one hand on his full firm balls and the other wrapped around his pulsating cock, she nudged the large cockhead into the crack of her yearning cunt.

“Stick it in and fuck me to pieces!” she groaned, humping upward, driving the end of his dick into the din of her cunthole. “God, I need it.”

When John felt the tip of his cock inching into her burning pussy, he gasped with pleasure. Lowering his face to her delicious-looking set of tits, he chewed down, slipping her hard throbbing nipples under the roof of his mouth. He breathed a moan filled with ecstasy and pushed forward, thrusting in about half of his rock-hard shaft.

“Jesus Christ!” he gasped. “You’ve got a nice, tight little pussy, sister! So hot and… fuck, I’m gonna rip it apart!”

“Do it!” Georgia begged, feeling his dick swell even larger, forcing her sucking muscles apart. “Ram it all the way in and shove a whole gallon of cum in my guts!”

John withdrew slightly, just letting the head of his prick remain inside her pussy. He held still there for a couple of seconds, then plunged back inside, burying his cock to the hilt. As his staff slipped noisily through her cunt-canal, he gave a low grunt of pleasure. He began chewing even more furiously on her tits, savoring the creamy texture of the soft flesh.

For Georgia, an immediate spasm of ecstasy tore into her pussy when she felt his huge meat completely fill her. She tightened her cunt muscles violently, trapping him, almost pulling his nuts into her hole. She spread her legs a little wider and reached around him, digging her nails into the taut flesh of his muscular asscheeks.

“Poke it to me, big brother!” she wailed. “God, fuck me to death with this big dick of yours! Mmmmmm… it’s so good!”

As she bucked and writhed beneath him, matching his inward thrusts, John held her with his hands, driving her firm young body downward. Soon the base of his cock was crammed into her sucking hole with such force, the room was filled with the hard smacking sounds of fucking.

She was in a state of pure ecstasy, every fiber of her body inflamed with desire. She jammed her fingers into the crack of his hairy greasy-ass, forcing him harder into her pussy. Each quick lunge of his trick now brought with it a new even more wonderful feeling. She began shivering and jerking wildly, knowing that any second bet cunt would explode. She only hoped that when it did, he would bang his fizz into her at the same time.

“Tell me when YOU want it,” John said, sensing her desires. “I can shoot my load… any… time.”

“Not yet,” Georgia moaned, lowering her right hand to his nuts and grasping them. She could feel the delicate vibrations of his churning cum pressing, billowing outward, ready to smack up the center of his shaft. “Just fuck hard? In a few minutes… and… I… NOW! GODDAMN YOU, NOW!”

Even if she hadn’t told him, John would have known that she was climaxing violently. Her cunt was like a vacuum, pulling him harder inside, as if trying to suck his entire body into her pussy-hole. Her muscles were working like a million fingers, massaging and gripping his prick, working his cum out. He let himself go completely and felt his orgasm surge from his nuts, sweeping through the center of his cock with hard, jerking explosions.

Georgia’s orgasm peaked, held there for a couple of seconds, and just as it was about to subside, she felt the first blasting warmth of his jism. The sensation caused her climax to renew itself, making her pussy suck out his juices like a hungry mouth. She gave a long scream that soon turned into the yell of a dying Banshee.

“AIEEEE!” she cried out, her throat racked with burning rasps of release. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! UNHHHH! FUCK MEEEE!”

John pounded into his little sister’s pussy with all his might, totally filling up her insides. Soon his release was so thick and plentiful, he felt it slosh backward, bathing his plunging cock. Spurting streams now steamed down the insides of her thighs, flowing into the crack of her ass.

“Take it, whore!” he barked, lifting his head for a second, his body flinching painfully. “Take every fucking drop and suck it into your cocksucking brains!”

Georgia humped wildly, hoping he would never stop shoving the deliciously hot wads of jism into her cunt. Never before had she felt so intensely excited about anything. Perhaps it was because her brother was giving it to her, or maybe it was the huge size of his cock. Whatever it was, it was more than wonderful.

John continued fucking her pussy like some crazed animal, even after the last of his cum had gushed from his cockhead. Then, slowly decreasing the punching motions of his prick, he finally relaxed.

“How was, that?” he asked at last.

“Mmmmmm, you have to ask?” Georgia panted, working her fingertips into his shitter. “It was wonderful!”

“I think I could do it again… right now,” John said, almost embarrassed. “Could you?”

“Of course!” Georgia said, her ecstasy renewing itself with just the thought of more cum inside her. “Fuck me all over! Want to fuck my asshole.”

“You mean you’d let me?”

“I’ll beg you,” Georgia said, her eyes glinting with pleasure. “Mount me just like a dog and fuck out my insides!”

John sat back on his haunches and rolled her over onto her belly. Gently lifting her to her knees, he spread her asscheeks with his thumbs, revealing the tiny dark hole. He slipped one hand between her thighs, resting his palm on her oozing cunt. Pulling backward, be smeared a few wads of cum into the crack of her ass, then nudged his cockhead forward.

“Ohhhhhh!” Georgia breathed when she felt the combination of his cooling cum in her crack and the pressure of his dick. “Fuck me hard! God, blast it in!”

For a moment John thought he’d never be able to get his cock into the tiny opening, but when he humped forward, she relaxed completely, gulping him inside. He worked his cock in until the thick meaty base stretched the delicate rim to the breaking point. Surely it was killing her.

“That’s nice,” Georgia grunted. “So big and hard! Now fuck it while I eat your cum out of my pussy!”

She dug her fingers into her snatch, drawing out a large glob of cunt-flavored cum. Slowly slipping her hands over her belly and between her tits, she lapped her tongue out, ready to eat it down. When the burning fluid touched her lips, an electric jolt of pleasure raced up and down her spine.

“Delicious!” she exclaimed. “Fuck me full so I can eat it out of my asshole, too!”

John leaned forward and began hammering into her shitter with increasing speed. Although still unable to believe that such a small hole could, take so much meat, he was now past caring. All that mattered was the delicious sensations her spasming muscles were giving his cock. He pressed his lips against the back of her neck and bared his teeth, his breath hot and wet. Reaching under and grasping her dangling tits for better leverage, he jabbed forward with such force, she collapsed beneath him.

“Oh fuck yes!” he groaned, jerking his knees up, yanking her legs apart like a wishbone. “This is as good as your little pussy!”

“Wait a second,” Georgia urged. “Let me stick your balls in my cunt. I want all of you inside me.” She reached under and pushed his nuts into the crack of her pussy. As they swelled and throbbed, sending ripples of pleasure up and down her cunt canal, she felt her climax begin to jerk. “Oh, this is too good!” she gasped. “It’s like my insides are full of… oh, John, I love this!” She felt a hard spasm of release explode, causing her to flinch.

“Oh… now! Fuck me hard! Goddamn you, fuck my shitter into a million pieces!”

When John withdrew almost all of his cockhead, his balls slipped noisily out of her pussy but remained glued to her silky patch of cunt hair from the combination of cum and pussy-juice. He grabbed her shoulders in a powerful grip and, with a demonic expression on his face, began punching into her shitter with every ounce of strength he could muster.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” he chanted, his passion mounting with each jab of his prick.

Georgia closed her eyes and sighed with pleasure. Now fully engulfed by his hard body, she felt safe and secure, ready for anything he had to offer. Soon her pussy was rippling once more with nearing orgasm. She slipped her fingers into her fuckhole and pushed downward, able to feel the gliding sensations of his spearing cock. The mere touch was more than enough to make her cunt spasm with release.

“Oh, brother!” she gasped, arching her back, almost lifting him off the couch. “I’m… fuck… I’m… FUCK ME! God, I can’t stand it! It’s too good!”

John felt the base of his shaft begin to throb, opening up to allow his steaming masses of cum to jerk upward. Then as he kit the first shot of jism bolt up the center of his shaft, he rammed into his sister’s shitter with violent force. His cockhead ballooned and began spitting like an angry snake.

“Now!” he grunted, his ass bobbing back and forth in a blur. “Goddamn… NOW take it, you cocksucking whore!”

As his prick emptied into her shitter, Georgia felt new stirrings of pleasure. Her orgasm built almost painfully, then blasted outward, searing her guts like, acid. She humped and flailed about, driving her ass backward to suck in every drop of his jizz.

“All of it!” she cried, her face contorted in agonized torture. “Fuck me, big brother! UNH! Slam it to me, you big bull!”

They molded themselves together for several moments, giving and receiving ultimate pleasure. Finally, with a hard thrust, John shoved in the last of his explosive orgasm. He fell forward, gasping for air, his eyes closed in pure satisfaction.

“Baby… baby,” he murmured. “So fucking sweet!”

Georgia’s orgasm was spent, the delicious ripples of pleasure still gripped her cunt canal. Now she wanted his cum in her mouth, to feel it swirl over her tongue just like it was now doing in her shitter. She pushed back, squirming from beneath him.

“Let me suck you,” she begged. “God, I’ve got to have a mouthful of dick or I’ll go crazy!”

John felt as if his entire body was made of rubber. He sat back, his legs spread wide, and let his head fall backward. A couple of seconds later, he felt the smooth texture of his sister’s tits slide up the insides of his thighs, then the warm sucking sensation of her mouth around his cockhead.

“I… I hope you’re not wasting your time,” he whispered. “I don’t think I can get hard again.”

“Mmmmmm… I don’t care,” Georgia said urgently. “All I want is to have a big slab of dick in my throat… soft or hard!”

Georgia chewed his cock until it was rock-hard, swelling to its full size. Then, rasping his balls, she began bobbing her head up and down, sucking and licking with growing urgency. The delicate pangs of ecstasy inside her pussy began to jerk with event greater intensity.

“Mmmmmmm!” she moaned, rubbing her thighs together, feeling a quick jolt of climax begin to burn around her puckered opening.

John looked down suddenly, feeling fresher than ever. His balls were now loaded with cum, ready to gush into her little mouth. He held her shoulders and jammed her face fully into his crotch.

“Suck!” he cried out. “I’m gonna shoot my load any second! I… I… UNHHHH!”

Although his load wasn’t as plentiful as before, it was just as steamy and delicious. And in a way Georgia was glad, because she was able to suck down every silvery drop without wasting any. The juice boiled into her throat, almost like a slippery animal, then seeped into her stomach. The heat from his orgasm was fantastic, inflaming her own insides with greater desire. She choked loudly, gargling his jism, as her entire body shook with release.

Licking down the last of his orgasm, she leaned forward, resting his cock inside her throat. A delicate swirl, of juice moved around his spent shaft, seeping over her tonsils. She murmured a satisfied moan like a kitten who is gorged from too much warm cream.

“Mmmm,” she said, her voice greasy, pulling away and kissing the wiry halo of hair that ran from his crotch to his belly button. “Can we do this every day?” she asked.

“And night,” John answered.

“But not tonight,” Susan said, entering the room. “I’ve got plans for your big brother.” She looked down at his long rubbery cock.

“Mmmmm… big plans!”


Susan looked at Mike’s cock and gasped with pleasure. At first it dangled between his legs, flopping slowly from side to side as he walked toward her. But now that his feet were planted firmly apart. His body just inches from her face, it pulsated to life. Soon it stood at a sharp angle to his belly, the meaty cud of it glistening as the rubbery membrane was stretched to the max.

“Let me have it!” she begged grasping his cock with both hands and nuzzling it to her face. She opened her mouth wide and gulped in the entire length.

“Goddamn!” Mike grunted, looking down at his sister. “You really want it bad!”

Susan pulled her mouth up his shaft and let his cock flop from between her lips. Then, running her lips down the thick underside, she gobbled his nuts into her mouth. The taut hairy texture of his flesh was buzzing with a thick load of cum, making her throat burn with increasing hunger.

“Give me a whole gallon of hot cream to suck,” she pleaded, working her mouth back up to the tip of his prick. “Poke me full, you big bull!”

“Baby, you can have all you can eat,” Mike whispered, arching his back. He placed his hands behind her head and pulled her face. At the same time he jerked his hips forward, cramming his prick into the back of her throat with a violent lunge. “Suck… just like… that!” he gasped, holding her face forcefully in his crotch.

Susan choked on the enormous size of his cockmeat, but soon her throat adjusted, giving her full reign on her desires. She began chewing and pulling more urgently now, her lips pursed tightly around his shaft.

Behind her, Brian was watching what was going on with pure fascination. Seeing that his sister and brother were getting hotter and more aroused every second, his own desires became inflamed. He began fucking furiously into his sister’s cunt, digging the end of his dick into her womb.

“Suck him good, Sis,” he growled, “while I fuck you.”

Mike grunted. “Let’s fuck her so she stays fucked!”

With that, both boys began ramming with unbelievable strength, almost crushing Susan’s body like an accordion. Cocks slipped in and out of her mouth and cunt like jackhammers, causing the room to echo with the smacking sounds of flesh slapping flesh.

Another sweet stab of release blasted into Susan’s guts as she became totally engulfed in hard muscular bodies. She wiggled her ass and sucked savagely, ready to receive their orgasms — more than ready. She was starving for cum!

“Ready, Sis?” Brian said.

“I… I can holdout a little longer… but if you want…”

Susan yanked Mike’s cock out of her mouth. At first her voice was unintelligible because her passion was so all-consuming.

“Give it to me!” she finally managed to say. “God! God! I… need it! Fuck me full, you bastard bull!”

She had no more gotten the words out when she felt a scalding explosion in the back of her cunt. Brian was now blasting furiously into her hole with a deliciously thick and creamy cum. The sensations were almost too much to take, as if a million icy-hot needles were stabbing into every inch of her cunt. She screamed with pleasure and then opened her mouth to gobble Mike’s cock back down her throat. She wasn’t quick enough, however.

“I’m… I’m… UNH! UNH!” Mike cried out, jerking his hips forward. The end of his cock slipped into her hair, spitting like an angry snake. “Fuck! UNH! FUCK!” he growled.

Susan’s hair and face were now streaming with his massive release, and it was several seconds before she could fight his tight embrace to swallow his exploding cum. When she did, a huge gush of the fluid creamed her cheeks.

She choked as more wads of jism poured into her throat. She gulped and chewed furiously, but couldn’t have possibly taken it all. No one could have. Soon, streams of cum crawled from the corners of her mouth and hung from her chin.

“Aw… suck!” Mike said, his orgasm peaking, sending out the bulk of his release. “Goddamn you, you fucking whore… you cocksucking slut bitch… SUCK! Gargle it down… SUCK!”

As both boys hammered into her body, Susan’s insides were churning and spasming as if someone were kneading her guts. Rash after hot flash of climax consumed her, leaving her a writhing mass of flesh. She pulled the last of Mike’s jizz front his cockhead and collapsed, her face dropping into a hot pool of cum. She darted her tongue out with the last bit of energy she could muster and lapped it up.

“No you don’t, cunt,” Mike said, grabbing her by the hair and lifting her face back to his cock. “You keep sucking. Suck my big dick and get it all out!”

She squeezed his shaft and pulled upward, releasing the last glob of jism that lay hidden in his cum-tube. As it oozed from his cockhead and dripped down his rubbery foreskin, she licked it up. Wallowing it around in her mouth for several seconds, savoring the delicious texture and flavor, she squirted it between her teeth. Almost reluctantly, she let it slide down her throat.

“Wonderful!” she gasped. “Both of you are just wonderful! What would I do without you?”

“Probably the same thing you’re doing right now,” Brian laughed. “Don’t kid us, baby… we know what you want. Cock… plain and… simple… cock.”

“How right you are, Sherlock,” Susan laughed. She looked over her shoulder at Brian. “Now get off me, you big bull. I’m thirsty. You guys want anything to drink from the kitchen?”

Mike sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled her over, mashing her face into his crotch. He humped the head of his cock into the back of her throat.

“You’re so fucking thirsty, why don’t you drink some more cum?” he asked.

Susan gave him a few licks before pulling away. She pushed him down on the bed and held both their cocks inter hands. She kissed them tenderly, then got up.

“I’ll be right back,” she said softly. “Don’t go away — or start without me.”

Brian and Mike looked at each other.

“You’ve got nothing to worry about on that score,” Brian assured her.

Susan left them and walked into the living room. She stopped suddenly when she saw Georgia sitting on the couch, her head thrown back. Her legs were spread wide and a creamy stream of cum oozed from her tiny pussy. On the floor lay Gary and John, both asleep. She had obviously fucked them into oblivion.

“Georgia?” she whispered as she walked over. “You awake?”

“Mains,” the girl moaned. “Fuck… fuck yes… fuck…”

Susan knelt between Georgia’s legs and leaned forward, inhaling the heady aroma of pussy flavored cum. She reached down to her own cunt and scooped out a thick mass of jizz, then spread it over the girl’s pussy. The mere idea of having four kinds of jism in a cunt to eat inflamed her with hungry desire.

“Oh yes,” she whispered, darting her tongue out, touching Georgia’s glistening patch of pussy hair. “Best way to suck cum,” she murmured, “right out of a hot little snatch!”

When Georgia felt the probing tongue inside her cunthole, she sat upright. Although disoriented, she soon realized what was happening. She placed her fingers behind Susan’s head and pulled the woman’s head into her crotch.

“Lick me,” she said softly. “God, eat my pussy alive!”

“Glad to see you’re awake,” Susan said, her lips glistening with a film of pussy-juice and cum. She went back to work on Georgia’s cunt, lapping greedily into the puckered hole. “Mmmmmm,” she moaned, “a whole lot of cum here.”

“Save some for me,” Georgia said. She looked longingly over at the two sleeping boys.

“I… didn’t get enough.”

“Don’t worry,” Susan said, pushing the girl down on the couch. “I’ve got a cunt full of hot cum… if you want it.”

The girls got in a sixty-nine position with Susan on top. Then, burying their faces in each other’s crotches, they began licking and sucking furiously, lapping out the creamy wads of jism.

“Delicious!” Georgia gasped, thrusting her hips up. “Whose cum is this?”

“Mike’s,” Susan answered, swallowing an especially thick creamy lump of jism. “Good, huh?”

Georgia shivered. “God, he’s got the best tasting juice I’ve ever had! I can’t wait to suck him again!”

“Me first, then him,” Susan said. “Now, eat out my pussy!”

Georgia closed her eyes with ecstasy and plunged her tongue deep into Susan’s cunt. Immediately it was engulfed in a sucking, pulling warmth. She licked toward the bottom of the tight opening and nuzzled her nose into the crack of Susan’s ass.

“Oh! That’s right!” Susan said, her body buckling. “Lick my pussy and ass!”

Georgia ran her tongue up and down, wetting both holes. But when her own pleasure began to mount, she concentrated fully on Susan’s pussy, darting her tongue in and out in a fucking manner.

Susan was doing the same thing to Georgia’s cunt, stabbing hard and quickly, until she had sucked out all of the spent cum. There were more oozing wads, the succulent streams of cuntjuice seeping from the girl’s pussy-walls. She licked them down passionately, each suck bringing her closer to an explosive orgasm. She began humping her ass up and down, smacking her crotch against Georgia’s face.

“Eat me!” she gasped into the girl’s pussy.

“EAT! EAT!” she screamed, her face contorted in anguished release.

Georgia could sense that Susan was climaxing powerfully from the way the woman’s pussy was jerking and throbbing. She stabbed her tongue in and out furiously, as if sucking her own cuntjuice into her throat. Within seconds, she felt her insides turn to butter, then explode in a rich, delicious orgasm.

“UNHHHHHHH!” she wailed, bucking upward, lifting Susan slightly. Another rippling sensation hammered up and down her cunt-tube, making her cry out once more.

They molded themselves together for several long moments, as if sharing the same climax. Finally their pleasures subsided and they relaxed, panting and moaning.

“That was good,” Georgia said at last. “But I still feel… well… empty. You know what I mean?”

“I know exactly,” Susan said, pulling away and looking down at Gary and John. “I need a big dick inside me!”

“Me too.” Georgia said. “I think I could fuck all night long.”

“Then let’s do it,” Susan said. “Let’s fuck all four of them… trade them off… OK?”

“Who do you want?” Georgia asked.

“I’ll take on these two,” Susan said, indicating the sleeping boys. “Mike and Brian are in the bedroom.” She kissed Georgia on the mouth, her hands on the girl’s shoulders. “Come on… let’s get started.”

And so a memorable night of fucking began.


Susan found it difficult to choose between John and Gary. Each looked perfectly handsome as they lay there on the carpet, their cocks long and rubbery between their thighs. Finally she picked John and knelt between his parted legs. She lowered her face to his crotch and lapped around his cock and balls, feeling him stir.

“Just lie there,” she whispered. “I’m going to take real good care of you.”

She began clawing and washing his loose foreskin with her teeth and lips until his thick shaft started to pulsate, growing like a puff adder. When it was rock-hard, she straddled his waist and sat down, squeezing his prick into her narrow pussy crack. His balls were now resting against her shitter, buzzing with a thick load of cum.

“Mmmmmm… what a way to start!” she gasped, running her fingers over his hard muscled chest, squeezing his tiny nipples. “A big, hard dick!”

John’s eyes fluttered open, and when he saw what was happening, he grinned broadly. He reached up and brushed his palms over Susan’s tits, then cupped them, pulling her down.

“What happened to Georgia?” he asked, looking around. “She finally go to bed?”

“Yeah, she’s in bed, all right,” Susan said. “Probably doing the same thing we are.”

“And just what are we doing?” he asked playfully.

“This,” Susan answered, holding his cock up at a right angle to his belly. She aimed the swollen shaft toward her oozing pussy-hole and thrust her hips down, sucking the entire length into her.

“Mmmmmm… this!” she gasped.

“Oh, fuck!” John groaned when he felt the sucking warmth of her cunt bathe his throbbing prick. “You fucking get tighter every time we fuck!”

He half-sat, placing his hands around her waist, then buried his face between her creamy tits, lapping his tongue over the taut, pulsating nipples.

“That’s good!” Susan whimpered, feeling a delicious stab of pleasure drill into her chat. “You sure know how to please a girl. Fuck me! Poke your big cock in me and blast my pussy.”

While John began humping upward, grinding is dick fully into her burning snatch, Susan was jerking her ass down, impaling his shaft in her cunt. Each stroke seemed to be better than the last, sending shivers of ecstasy up and down her cunt canal. Her clit was now throbbing in his wiry patch of cockhair, ready to burst with pleasure.

“Just like that!” she panted. “Keep ramming it all the way in! Jesus… fuck me, you little stud bull!”

“All right, whore, take it.” John said, pushing her to her back and yanking her legs apart with one violent move. He began hammering furiously into her cunthole, his ass becoming a fleshy blur. “Like this, cocksucker?” he barked.

“Unhhhh… yes! God, yes!” Susan cried out. “Keep fucking me hard, you bastard! Rip my little pussy into a million pieces!”

John reached under and grasped her thighs. Then, bending her legs, he shoved her knees up until they crushed her upturned tit. In this position, her ass rolled upward, completely revealing her hot hairy cunt-opening. Holding her legs with a tight grip, he began banging into her pussy with savage strokes.

“Unh! Unh! Unh!” Susan grunted, her body throbbing with a delicious combination of pain and pleasure. “Give it… to… me!”

“I will, you fucking slut,” John growled, pounding into her cunt even harder — so hard, in fact, they were inching along the carpet toward the wall. “I’m gonna fuck the Goddamn jelly outta your beans!”

Susan was in a state of frenzy. Her pussy was begging for release, yet the ultimate pleasure was withheld from her. Each time the ecstasy grew to explosive intensity, a sharp stab of pain would burst the beginnings of climax. She was bucking and writhing fitfully, screaming out in agony.

“Fuck me!” she shrieked. “Goddamn you… ram me full of hot, hard dick! Oh, Jesus, fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

John felt that he could have fucked her slicked up hole forever, but the swirling masses of cum inside his nuts were becoming too demanding. Sharp spasms tore into the base of his cock, opening his cum-hole.

“Baby, you ready for a load of hot… UNHHHHHH!” he panted, unable to complete the sentence. A massive bolt of steaming jism blasted up the center of his shaft, gushing into the back of Susan’s constricted pussy.

If Susan’s pleasure had been blocked before, the floodgates were now fully open. Gigantic waves of pure raw release hammered into her guts with the force of a punching fist. And each time another quick splatter of searing juices spewed over her, another stab of ecstasy shot up her cunt tube. Her cunt was on fire, sucking and pulling on his plunging cock like a hungry mouth.

“Ohhh!” she cried out, twisting her body violently, tearing at his back with her nails.


“Take it, bitch!” John screamed, pouring in more of his thick creamy load. “Take it into your fucking slut brains!”

For several moments they banged together, giving and receiving until their climaxes were spent. Slowly they relaxed, gasping for air, their faces slack with satisfaction.

“Jesus, what a way to wake up!” John said finally, releasing his grip on her legs. Her thighs fell apart with a thud. “And what a way to go back to sleep!”

“You’re not going back to sleep just yet,” Susan whispered, gently pushing him off. “You’re gonna fuck my ass now.”

“Either that or get raped,” she said, straddling his waist. She aimed the knob of his prick at her shitter. “Your choice, buddy.”

“OK… how about raping me?” he said. “I’ve never been raped before.”

“Oh, shut up, you bastard, and fuck me,” she said, sitting down on his cock. When his thick meat shaft plunged into her tight asshole she groaned loudly — partly from pain, partly from pleasure. “Jesus fucking Christ, you’re so Goddamned big!”

“Shit, my little finger would be big in this tiny fucking hole,” he grunted. He sat up and reached under her arms, pulling and kneading her full rounded tits. “Mmmmm… but, baby, it sure is nice!”

Susan threw her head back and turned her face to one side, rubbing her lips over his neck as he fondled her nipples. God, did this kid know all the right moves! She lifted her right arm and squeezed his head around her side.

“Suck my tits and fuck me, you stud,” she gasped. “Stick them in your mouth and… ohhh!”

His hungry licks almost drove her crazy with desire, causing her body to shake like she had a fever. She began bouncing up and down, sliding his cock in and out of her shitter with increasing speed. Already her cunt and shitter were burning, throbbing with ecstasy.

“Baby… baby,” John murmured, chewing into the delicate flesh off her tits like an infant. “You fucking taste so sweet.”

Susan couldn’t take it any longer. The torture was just too much to bear. She threw her body down toward his feet, grabbed his ankles for support and began bobbing up and down on his prick like a crazed animal. As she increased the momentum of her fucking, she opened her mouth and gobbled up his toes.

“Oh, shit!” John grunted, feeling her wet lips crawl up and down the soles of his feet. But that was only a small part of the pleasure. Her asshole was puckered tightly around his cock, sliding in and out with the speed of a jackhammer. “Do it, whore!” he barked. “Goddamn you… fuck my cock up into your cocksucking throat!”

His cock was so big and hard; Susan half expected it to do just that. Never before had she been so completely filled. And God, it kept getting better and better!

“Fuck me!” she gasped, chewing the hard flesh of his heels and ankles. “Ram it in… and… GOD! GOD! FUCK ME!”

As her orgasm hit her violently, she quickly reached under her body and thrust his nuts into her suction of her climax was so savage that they disappeared completely. She squirmed around like a worm in hot ashes, crunching the base of his shaft brutally past her shitter rim, squeezing her knees against his. More spasms of release thundered wildly into her guts, turning her insides to a buttery mass of writhing flesh.

John stopped moving for a second and watched her buck around on his cock. Even though he was seeing it, he still found it difficult to believe that anyone could love cock so much. But it was obvious she did, the way she was fucking — almost worshipfully. He let her do all the work, only giving a light touch to her rounded hips, until he felt his nuts ready to explode. He began moving once more, jerking his hips upward.

“Ready for some cum, you cock-hungry whore?” he whispered. “I got a whole lot of it, just ready to poke into your little shitter.”

Susan nodded her head quickly. “Yes!” she begged, almost able to feel how the juice would blast from his cockhead. “Give… me! Give… unhhhh!” More climaxes hammered into her cunt and asshole.

“Any… second… now,” John panted, tightening the grip on her hips, crushing her down with savage yanks. “I’ll poke your little shitter so full, you’ll… BABY! UNH! UNH!”

The first splatter of hot creamy jism shot from the end of his prick with the force of a power hose, making John’s body flinch, every muscle standing out in hard ribbons. But the best part was the way her shit-canal sucked on his prick meat, draining him. Jesus, it was almost as good as a mouth or a pussy!

“Yes!” Susan cried out. “Give it to me… all of it! Fill me up, you bastard!”

As he pumped in more wads of cum, Susan felt her climax reach new levels, making her teeth chatter. Then, when she felt the last of his enormous climax spew from his prick, she sat up and squirmed her ass around. Massive streams of juice seeped from her asshole, wetting up the insides of her thighs. She reached down and smeared the liquid around, then brought some of jt up to her mouth and drank it down.

“Let me suck you now,” she said, her voice filled with new urgency. “I need a big dick ramming away in my throat!”

“You gotta be fucking kidding!” John said, his entire body exhausted. “I couldn’t come again if…”

“I’ll be the judge of that,” Susan interrupted. “Now let me have it, stud!”

He lay there, his eyes closed, heaving for breath. No way! he thought. There’s no fucking way I could go again anytime soon! She’s like a milking machine! He relaxed completely and felt himself drift into a fitful sleep with visions of mouths attacking his body, sucking out his very blood.

Susan crawled between his legs awl held his limp cock with both hands. A delicious film of glistening cum covered the rubbery shaft like icing on a cake. She flicked out her tongue and murmured a hungry sigh as the sticky liquid burned her lips. Thai, opening wide, she gobbled the entire length of his shaft over her tongue. When her lips reached the base, she twisted her head around and pulled back up. She felt his cock pulsate slightly, growing a little harder.

“You’ll come, bastard,” she whispered, determined to have some more of his delicious jism.

She began sucking up and down rhythmically, and although it did take quite a while, his prick finally became iron-hard. She squeezed his nuts and felt a welling spasm of fresh cum. This gave her the encouragement to work even harder, bobbing her head up and down as fast as possible.

“Suck… suck…” John said, his voice a sleepy whisper. He spread his legs and bent his knows slightly, thrusting his hips upward.

Susan was now doing everything possible — jacking, sucking, licking, rubbing her fingers over and between his nuts, devoting her all to blowing him. And it was paying off, because she could already taste the steam from his cum-hole, feel the slight jerks at the base of his cock. His cockhead pulsated to almost twice its already enormous size, squeezing into her cheeks.

“Ohhhh!” John said, this time a little louder, although he was still asleep. “Suck…”

Swan gulped the first wad of his cum as it shot into the beck of her throat. She felt it burn downward, constricting her insides. Then as the second and third squirts rolled over her tongue, she climaxed violently.

“Ahhhh!” she gasped, rubbing her thighs together to stimulate her clit. She pulled the rest of his cum out and ate it down hungrily. “Delicious!” she whispered, then reined, letting his dick flop from between her lips.

A few moments later, she crawled toward Gary and spread his lean muscular legs. Getting between them, she lowered her face to his crotch. This will be better, she thought. He’ll have plenty of jizz to suck down! She was about to gobble the end of his dick between her lips when a sound startled her.

“Mike! Don’t! God, don’t!” Georgia screamed from the bedroom. “I can’t take it! I…”

Just what the fuck is he doing to that little girl? Susan asked herself. Maybe I should…

“Yes, Mike!” Georgia screamed out, this time even louder. “Just like that! God, yet! Do it!”

Susan grinned broadly. Well, whatever it was, it must have gotten better, she thought. “OK, little brother,” she said to Gary, stroking his smooth muscular belly, “get ready for one hell of a blowjob!”


Georgia’s body buckled once more with a flash of pain. That sonofabitch had to have the biggest cock in the world! The long, rock-hard shaft was like a baseball bat, grinding violently in her shitter. She tried to relax, but it was impossible. But although the pain was terrible, the occasional burst of pleasure made it all worth while.

“You like this, you little cunt.” Mike asked, fucking savagely. “You know you do, bitch.”

Georgia wondered for a moment how she’d ever gotten into this horrible situation. She had gone into the room prepared for a nice quiet night of sucking, perhaps to fall asleep with his cock in her throat.

“Want to try something strange?” Mike had asked.

“Sure,” Georgia had agreed. Anything for this stud! God, anything? “What do you have in mind?”

When he had thrown her onto her belly and blasted his prick into her asshole, she was prepared for a little discomfort, but the way he was doing it now — Jesus!

Mike was standing, holding Georgia in his arms, his hips jerking upward, totally impaling her shitter with his dick. Her feet were resting on the top of the dresser, her hands gripping the insides of his elbows. His mouth was on the back of her neck, biting her soft flesh, his teeth as sharp as needles.

“Come on, slut,” he growled. “Tell me how much you like getting fucked in the ass.”

Georgia was about to scream in pain when a quick spasm of pure ecstasy raced up her spine. The burning sensation exploded in a shower of raw pleasure, then subsided. Once again the hard jerks of torture thundered into the back of her shitter.

“I don’t know,” she gasped, dropping her right hand to his crotch. She cupped his dangling balls and rolled them around the insides of her thighs, over her cunt. “You’re too big! It hurts!” When he withdrew, then stabbed again, another ripple of ecstasy smacked into her asshole. “It… hurts so… good!” she cried out.

“Just like a woman,” Mike murmured. “Never know what the fuck you want. You get a big dick, then bitch about it.”

“All right, you prick,” Georgia said, a flash of creeping into her voice, “ram it to me. BY God, this woman knows what she wants!” She grabbed his shoulders and forced herself down hard on his cock, ignoring the pain. “Fuck me! Goddamn you, you egocentric bastard! I’m gonna fuck your dick to hamburger!”

For a moment Mike was taken totally by surprise. Georgia had turned into an animal, her entire body bouncing furiously over his prick. It was all he could do to keep his balance.

“Jesus Christ, bitch!” be exclaimed. “You don’t have to get mad about it.”

“I’m not mad,” Georgia lied. “I’m just gonna teach you a fucking lesson. Now shut the fuck up and bang it to me!”

Their roles had changed. Mike was no longer the aggressor. Georgia was now hammering over his prick like some crazy person, her nails digging into the taut flesh of his arms. And each time she smacked down to the base of his cock, her skitter seemed to get tighter, hotter. He felt his mats rumble with cum, his cock throb with unexpected pleasure.

“You like it, you bastard?” Georgia barked out. “Tell me you like it, asshole!”

Their fucking was no longer an act of love — or even affection. Pure rage was what they both felt, each trying to prove something unknown to the other. And yet, through it all, they had to admit it was deliciously pleasant. They were now fucking like cats on a fence, concentrating on one thing only — raw sex.

“Give it to me, you bastard!” Georgia wailed, suddenly kicking the dresser, causing them to fall backward. Somehow Mike managed to land on the bed, still holding her tightly. “Unhhhh, yes!” she gasped, feeling the base of his dick sear into her tight shitter. “Give me… God! Fuck me!”

Mike whirled her around and slammed her face down on the bed. He held her waist with both hands and stood once more, kicking her legs apart with his knees. Knowing full well that he must be hurting her, he blasted into her asshole with brutal stabs. He wanted to make her cry, to hear her scream for mercy, to know she was suffering.

“That’s good!” Georgia yelled out. “Do it harder! Can’t you fuck me harder? Faster?” She squirmed her ass around, sucking the full length of his prick meat into her guts. “Come on, big man give it to me like a man!”

Mike’s face was contorted in rage, unable to believe what was happening. How could that little whore keep this up any longer? How could something so soft and delicate be such a bitch?

“OK, cunt,” he said. “You fucking asked for it.”

Georgia’s body was racked with a delicious mixture of pain and pleasure, each throb so distinct, so clear, it seemed to have a life of its own. He could do nothing to her now; she was immune.

So she thought.

“Goddamn you!” Mike screamed, jamming furiously forward, his hands on her thighs, pulling her legs into a split. “You’re gonna fucking beg! I’m gonna fuck you to death!”

“Unhhh!” he gasped, his body now glistening with a film of sweat, causing their bodies to smack noisily together. “I’m… I’m… Fuck! Fuck! UNH! FUCK!”

Huge thick globs of jism poured into Georgia’s asshole with hard jerking force, totally filling up her insides. His orgasm, they both had to admit, was the most powerful possible, each throb giving them both incredible spasms of joy.

“All of it,” Georgia said weakly, her pussy and asshole in a constant state of peaking release. “Fuck your cum into my brains!”

A few seconds later, as the last of Mike’s orgasm pumped into her asshole, he relaxed, punching his spent cock deep into her shit-chute. He was panting and gasping against the back of her neck, his eyes closed in satisfaction.

“Jesus, that was good,” he said a couple of minutes later. “I’ve never had it so good.”

“Me, neither,” Georgia replied, still enjoying the way his dick pulsated. “I didn’t know it was possible.”

Mike lay there on top of her for a long while, fondling her body, kissing her neck and shoulders, waiting for his passion to return. And when it did, he pulled away and rolled her to her back. He looked down at her firm, ripe little body and lowered his face to her upturned, perfectly shaped tits. Taking her nipples between his teeth, he sucked gently, slowly, lovingly.

“Ohhh,” Georgia moaned, throwing her arms around his neck, pulling him closer. “Fuck my pussy now. God, I want to have your big cock inside me so bad!”

Whereas before Mike was an animal, now he was the epitome of gentleness. He licked and chewed on her tits like a hungry baby while he slowly pushed forward, slipping his cockhead into her swollen silt. It took perhaps five minutes before he penetrated her fully, because each time he nudged in an inch, he withdrew almost as much. Soon, however, his entire shaft was planted deep inside her, his nuts resting in the crack of her ass.

“Oh God, this is wonderful,” Georgia gasped, thrusting her hips upward. She spread her legs wide, then wrapped them around his waist, locking her ankles together. She pulled him hard into her crotch, feeling the loose folds of skin that surrounded his nuts creep into her crack. “I love this having you so far inside me!”

Mike kissed her, darting his tongue into her mouth. He nuzzled his lips under her chin, then inched back toward her mouth. They kissed lightly at first, barely even making contact, then locked their tongues together. Georgia opened her mouth wide and sucked gently, squeezing the tip of his tongue and his lower lip between her teeth.

“Baby… baby…” Mike murmured into her throat. “You’re so fucking sweet and… baby… tight!”

He slowly worked his cock out of her cunt until just the tip of his prick remained inside. He held there for several seconds before pumping back in. As his cockhead stretched her narrow pussy-tube, engulfing him in a creamy blanket of warmth, he groaned with pleasure.

“Stay inside me all night,” Georgia whispered, placing her hands behind his head, giving him a lingering kiss, “Don’t ever take your dick out. God, it’s so big and hard and… Mike, fuck me! Fuck me good!”

With deliberate slowness, Mike gouged into her cunt rhythmically, each stroke an act of love. Even after five or ten minutes he was fucking her the same way, ignoring the steady burning inside his nuts. His cum had collected once more, squeezing into the base of his cock, but now he was giving it to her with an emotion he’d never felt before. It was agonizing, but deliciously so, filling him with raw passion.

Georgia could read his thoughts but couldn’t manage his control. Her body was filled with buzzing sensations, ready to explode. She began slapping her hips forward, nudging his cock fully inside, her pussy rippling with enormous pleasure.

“Fuck me,” she whispered, her voice barely audible. “Shove it to me! Fuck it to me, sweetheart!”

“You ready?” Mike asked. “You ready to get really fucked?”

“Mmmm-mmmmm,” Georgia moaned, placing her mouth on his wide shoulder and biting gently. The salty flavor of his body was like ambrosia, causing pangs of hunger in the back of her throat. “I’m ready for anything you can or will give me!”

Mike slipped his hands down the sides of her body, swirling his fingertips over the edges of her full rounded tits, then to her thighs. Holding her firmly, he pushed her knees up, tilting her ass. He withdrew about half his cock, then plunged again, stabbing the base of his shaft into the tight puckered rim of her cunt mouth.

“Ahhhhh!” he gasped, withdrawing once more. “SO fucking hot and small! Baby, you have one fucking good pussy!”

“Oh, Mike!” Georgia panted, feeling the first stirrings of orgasm ripple through her. Her cunt became buttery, sending streams of cuntjuice around his lunging shaft. “Poke it to me! Goddamn, ram it in and tear me apart!”

Mike buried his face between her tits and groaned loudly, chewing her soft yielding flesh. He increased the momentum of his fucking, each stroke coming a little faster than the one before. Soon his ass was a blur, his body tight and ribboned with flexed muscles.

“You like it?” he whispered. “You like a big cock reaming out your fucking pussy?”

Georgia wailed in answer, her climax building to an unbelievable peak. When her ecstasy hit her, she flinched, buckled and arched her back.

“Ohhh!” she screamed. “Yesssss! God, yessss!”

Mike wanted to hold back a little longer, but it was useless. Her cunt was like a mouth — pulling, sucking and gobbling his shaft. His nuts exploded with hard jerking throbs, sending a massive load of cum through the center of his shaft. The scalding cum squirted from his cockhead, gushing into the back other pussy.

“Take it!” he grunted, hammering violently forward pushing in more of his climax. “Goddamn, take… it… ALL! Suck it inside you, you fucking bitch!”

They climaxed together, molding their bodies into one throbbing mass of flesh, giving, receiving, sharing. And when the final mass of cum had blasted into her snatch, they both melted together, engulfed in each other’s arms.

“Ohhh,” Georgia moaned against his lips, her body still shivering with ecstasy. His cum was sloshing up and down her pussy-tube, bathing his shaft, “Just stay right here,” she said softly. “Don’t move…”

“I have no intention of moving,” Mike said. “I’m gonna stay parked between your legs forever.”

He began fucking her again, going even more slowly than before. He could feel his spent orgasm slosh from her hole, gluing his nuts to the insides of her thighs.

“God, I think I could shoot off again… right now,” he murmured. He had barely gotten the words out when he felt his cockhead spurt another rich creamy load of jizz. “Ohhhh, baby!” he gasped, his climax peaking.

Georgia stroked his back, accepting his climax with throbs of her own pleasure. Her cunt was raw, rippling deliciously as it wrapped around his spent cockshaft. A few moments later they stopped moving, drifting off to sleep, their bodies locked together.

“What’s that?” Mike murmured, half-asleep.

“Hmmmmm.” Georgia moaned.

“Sounds like…” he said, then dropped off to sleep.

“Susan…” Georgia replied. “Thank you, Susan…”

The room was silent except for the soft sounds of their breathing. But from the other room came the gurgling noises of a mouth on a cock.


With John’s cock still impaled in her throbbing cunt, Susan was leaning to one side, her face buried in her brother’s crotch. His huge cock was slipping over her tongue like a snake.

“Huh?” Gary said, awakening. “Susan?”

“Hello, little brother,” Susan gurgled, looking up at his handsome face. “You mind if I suck this big dick of yours?”

“Fuck, no!” Gary said, wiping the sleep from his eyes. He propped himself up on his elbows and grinned. “Get after it!” be added, watching his cock disappear in her mouth.

Susan sank her lips around his thick hard prick, cupping his furry cum-filled balls. She rolled the hairy orbs around on her cheeks and moaned, able to feel the slight vibrations of his cum churning. When the thick brush of cockhair tickled her nose, she pursed her lips, then sucked back upward.

“You gonna give me a lot of cum?” she said, holding the base of his cock with both hands. She bit down lightly, squeezing his rubbery foreskin over the indention that separated his cockhead and the huge shaft. “Hmmmm? Enough to fill me up?”

“Mmmmmm… good!” Susan groaned, gobbling his prick back into her throat. She began sucking up and down furiously, feeling his shaft grow, pulsating to iron-like stiffness.

Gary nuzzled her between his thighs, wrapping his legs over her narrow shoulders. He humped upward, engulfing her head with his crotch, and leaned slightly to one side.

“Come on, dick sucker,” he growled. “Lick it into your fucking, cum-sucking throat!”

And his prod blossomed to near pain, stretching her narrow throat open, Susan gave a gurgling moan, her spit slashing around his thick meat. She shook her head quickly, grinding her nose into this hairs, inhaling the heady, masculine aroma of his body.

“Baby baby…” Gary chanted, rolling over and pinning her beneath his body. He punched violently into her open mouth, digging his knees into her armpits, “That’s so fuckin good! Suck it… suck!”

“Mmmmm…” Susan moaned. She could already taste the steam of his boiling cum, sending even more intense pangs of hunger to the back of her throat.

Gary grabbed the back of her head and leaned back, sitting on his haunches. He stayed like that for a couple of seconds, then stood, pulling her with him. As she knelt before him, he lunged forward, crushing her fully into his crotch.

“Eat it, you cunt!” he gasped, hammering into her mouth with brutal stabs. “Goddamn you, you fucking cum-sucking bitch, lick out my cream!”

Susan ran her fingers up and down his well muscled legs, then rested them on his ankles. As she continued licking and sucking his dick, she pressed her oozing cunt against his knee. An immediate throb of pleasure seared, constricted her pussy-walls.

“I need a cock in my pussy,” she said, pulling her face away, trying to stand. “God, I feel like I’m on fire! I can’t take it any move!”

“No you don’t, cocksucker,” Gary said, shoving her back down and jamming his cock back into her throat. “You’re gonna stay right there and load up on my cum!”

Susan choked with desperation, her entire body racked with anguish. Her cunt was sucking on an imaginary prick, feeling horribly empty. She jammed her fingers into her cunt hole to relieve the ache, but it only made it worse. Again she pulled away.

“Please!” she begged. “I’m going crazy!”

Gary threw her to her back and straddled her shoulders, punching his cock deep into the back of her throat. When the base of his shaft jerked between her lips, he pressed his right foot between her thighs.

“I’ll foot-fuck you if you want, but I’m not gonna let you stop blowing me,” he said. He thrust his toes into her burning pussy-hole, feeling the slick juices of her body. “That OK?” he asked.

“Mmmmmm,” Susan moaned, clamping her pussy-muscles around his toes, drawing him a little further inside. It wasn’t a dick, but it would have to do for a while.

“Eat it, you cum-drinker,” Gary murmured, leaning forward. “I’m getting so fucking close!”

“Shit!” Gary gasped. “Jesus… fucking Goddamned… UNH!”

The force of his climax was unbelievable for Susan. The rich creamy wads splattered like an explosion, sending streams of jism behind her nose, more into her cheeks.

She choked on his cum, feeling her own pleasure mount with lightning speed. She humped upward, constricting her cunt tightly around his foot, then gave a cry, this time from pure raw release.

“Oh yes!” Gary grunted, now shoving his full weight into her mouth. “Lick out every fucking drop and gargle it down!”

Susan sucked like she’d never sucked before, but even her hungry mouth couldn’t drink fast enough. Twin jets of juice shot from the corners of her mouth, dribbling into her ears.

Soon her entire face was covered with a creamy film of cum, causing their bodies to smack together noisily.

“All of it!” Gary barked, shoving in the last of his load. He squirmed around over her face, then relaxed, crushing his pulsating cock fully into her throat. “Fuck, baby… fuck, yes!”

Susan’s body began shaking violently as her pussy became as inflamed as her throat. Her cunt constricted, then began spasming around his toes, each rippling sensation growing hotter, more savage. She flinched wildly, her gurgling gasps of air mixing with his lava like cum as more thundering blasts of climax tore up and down her canal.

Gary fell to one side, but Susan moved with him, not wanting to take that delicious cock out of her mouth for even a second. She continued licking and sucking for a long while until he was totally dry, then pulled her mouth away. She scooped up the stray wads of cum from her neck and face, and sucked them between her lips. She held her head back, wallowing her tongue around, then let the liquid glide down her throat.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she whispered, her voice greasy. “So good!” She went back to his cock and washed it with her cum-stained lips. “Think you can give me some more?” she asked.

“Sure,” Gary answered. “But this time, I’m gonna ram it in your little pussy.”

He pushed her to her belly and knelt behind her, gently lifting her ass with his hands. He kicked her legs apart with his knees and lunged forward, shoving his cockhead between her swollen cuntlips.

“Oh yes!” Susan cried out. “Fuck me hard with your big dick, you bull! Rant it in hard!”

Gary jerked forward, grunting loudly as his cockhead slid further into her pussy canal. When be reached full penetration, he held himself there a couple of seconds before withdrawing. When he did, he felt her muscles tighten, trying to suck him back in.

“Jesus, you’re tight,” he murmured, leaning forward, brushing his lips over her shoulders. “Just what I like… a nice tiny pussy to fuck.”

Susan squirmed her ass around as she pumped backward to meet his inward thrusts. The hugging sensations inside her cunt were becoming almost too good, causing her to pant and gasp with painful ecstasy. She flinched, feeling the first electric jab of climax ripple up her cunt-tunnel.

“Harder!” she begged. “Ram it to me, bastard! Hard!”

Gary’s pleasure was growing with equal intensity. Each time he buried his cock to the hilt, be felt his nuts throb. He dug his fingers into her soft flesh and pounded harder.

“Take it, cunt!” be growled. “Take every fucking inch and suck it up your dick-loving brains!”

Susan’s orgasm peaked suddenly, clutching her insides like a grasping fist. But this sensation was only the first of many hard thundering waves of ecstasy to drill into her snatch. Soon she was a writhing mass of flesh, every cell in her body exploding with release.

“Give it to me!” she screamed. “Shove me full!”

Gary held back as long as possible, wanting this feeling to last forever. But only a couple of seconds later, his body went out of control.

“Now!” he cried, punching brutally into her cunthole. His cum burst up the center of his shaft and squirted into the back of her pussy with noisy gurgles. “Take it now, whore!”

Susan sucked on his cum with her spasming muscles, unable to believe that anything could possibly be so good. Her insides were boiling, steaming with throb after hard throb of pure raw ecstasy. And each stroke of his cock gave her even more climaxes, until she lay there limp and exhausted.

“Wow, that was good!” she said finally, squirming from beneath him. “Now to change with Georgia.”


“We’re gonna fuck you boys all night,” she answered. “Do you mind?” She slapped him playfully on the ass. “Wouldn’t matter anyway,” she added.

“How do you do it?” Gary asked. “If I fucked as much as you did, I’d be raw as hamburger.”

“I just can’t help myself,” she said honestly. “With all this cock around, it drives me crazy!”

She stood up and ran her hands over her body, slightly spreading her legs. When she felt the oozing wads of cum seep from her hole, she cupped her hands and collected a large lump of jism. Taking it to her lips, she gulped it down, savoring the creamy texture as it slid over her tongue.

“I’m gonna get myself some more of this stuff,” she whispered, “if Georgia hasn’t fucked them out already.”

She walked toward the bedroom, feeling tingles of pleasure race through her pussy. The thought of having two more cocks to fuck and suck made her shiver with anticipation. She opened the bedroom door and peered inside.

“Georgia?” she called out. “How are you doing?”

Receiving no reply, she walked inside and squinted in the semi-darkness. There lay Mike, planted between her legs, his cost completely embedded in her glistening cunt. On the other side of the bed lay Brian, fast asleep, his long rubbery prick glued to the inside of his right thigh.

“Asleep!” Susan said. “Well, I’ll be a sonofabitch!” She flicked the light on and banged the wall. “Wake up, you clowns! Fun time!”


Susan pushed Mike off of Georgia and crawled between the girl’s legs. She lowered her face to her slicked-up cunt and gently pulled the loose lips back, revealing a cum-filled tunnel of steamy warmth. Darting in her tongue, she collected a large wad and gulped it down.

“Mmmmmm… delicious!” she exclaimed, reaching out and grasping Mike’s thick rubbery dick. With her other hand she began jacking Brian. “Come on, you people, wake up and enjoy this!” she said loudly.

Brian woke up and looked over at his sister.

When he saw her hungry tongue lap in and out of Georgia’s cunt, he fell a rush of pleasure, causing his prick to harden.

Georgia woke up when she felt the hot searing pleasure ripple up her insides. She turned slightly and placed an arm around Brian, drawing him closer. She planted a long lingering kiss on his open mouth and gave a low throaty groan.

“Eat me,” she whispered. “God, that feels so good!” She turned and gave Mike a kiss, waking him. “Mmmmmmm… look at what your sister is doing.”

Susan was jacking both brothers a little quicker as her own ecstasy became more intense. She licked furiously up and down the narrow crack of Georgia’s pussy, completely wetting up the girl’s crotch.

“That’s good,” Georgia murmured. “Keep doing it, Susan… I love it!” She pushed Mike and Brian down on her tits. “Suck my tits while she eats out my cunt!”

Brian and Mike each latched onto one tit, gulping them into their mouths, rolling the rubbery nipples toward the backs of their tongues. They rolled against the girl, sandwiching her in a taut blanket of hard masculinity, their hands creeping down her flat belly.

“Tell me when you get ready for a big dick,” Brian said, chewing into the delicate flesh of her tit.

“I’m ready to go anytime!” Susan murmured.

“Not until you’re finished licking out her cunt.”

“Well, you’d better hurry,” Brian said, “or stop jacking me. I’m so fucking close.”

Susan pulled his dick into Georgia’s cunt, rubbing the enormous cockhead over the smooth silky mound. She squeezed his shaft hard and licked around the foreskin while she rubbed the tip of his meat up and down the crack of Georgia’s pussy.

“Go ahead,” she urged. “Shoot off on her cunt and let me lick the cum out.”

She had barely gotten the words out when a thick glob of jism blasted from the end of his dick. She watched, fascinated, for a couple of seconds, then opened her mouth. She let the juice splatter over her tongue, but made no effort to swallow it, instead letting it dribble back onto Georgia’s cunt. Soon the girl’s crotch was covered with the greasy, glistening cream.

“Shit!” Brian barked. “Suck it a little at least!” He grabbed Susan’s head and jammed her face toward his cock. Thrusting his shaft deep into her throat, he humped brutally, punching the last of his climax into her mouth.

Susan gave a choking moan of pleasure, then pulled his cock out other mouth. She crushed her face into Georgia’s pussy and parted her lips, sucking the spilled juice from the curly hairs. After she had licked the girl clean, she turned her head and gulped down Mike’s cock.

“Wait a second,” he said. “I gotta have some pussy right now. You’re having all the fun, Susan.”

Susan pulled away and let her brother crawl between Georgia’s legs. After he had thrust his prick deep into her hole, she spread his asscheeks and darted her tongue up and down the tight, hairy crack. After thoroughly wetting him up, she squeezed her had under and pulled his nuts into her mouth.

“Goddamn!” Mike said, his body bucking with pleasure. “This is so fucking good… having a sweet little pussy to fuck and having my nuts sucked at the same time!”

Susan was so excited, she could hardly control herself. She chewed and lapped around the base of Mike’s cock, savoring the delicious flavor of dick and cunt at the same time. Still jacking Brian, she wished she had another cock — one fucking her own pussy. She hadn’t long to wait.

John walked into the room, having been awakened by Mike’s groans of pleasure. He saw Susan’s squirming ass and simply couldn’t resist. He knelt behind her and hammered his hips forward.

“Ohhhh!” Susan cried, taken by surprise. She looked over her shoulder and saw John’s grinning face. “Oh God, you’re just what the fucking doctor ordered! Fuck me, stud! Goddamn… ram it in hard!”

John did exactly that. He held her hips in a tight grip and spread her thighs a little wider. Then, pumping forward and upward at the same time, he began fucking for all he was worth.

By now Georgia was panting and moaning as if in pain. Mike’s cock was grinding furiously into her cunt, each stroke more wonderful than the one before. Already she could feel the first spasms of climax begin to churn her guts to butter. She jerked her hips upward and screamed out.

“Fuck me… fuck me… FUCK! FUCK ME!” she shrieked. “Ram it in and… Unhhhhh!”

Mike had planned on delaying his own climax for as long as possible, but when he felt the sucking sensations of her pussy, his cum was practically yanked from his nuts. He winced, every muscle ribboned tightly, feeling the juices slosh from the end of his prick.

“Now!” he yelled. “Take it! Oh, sweet fucking Jesus!”

Susan was in heaven. Not only was she getting her pussy plowed furiously, she had a delicious load of cum to suck at the same time. She watched Mike’s cockbase throb and jerk, then the streams of cum as they flushed from Georgia’s crack. She greedily gulped down the steaming liquid, savoring each drop.

“Poke it to her,” she whispered, nuzzling her nose between his balls. “Fill her little pussy up all the way!”

As she licked up the stray burning liquid, she felt her own climax building rapidly. The pangs shot up and down her spine like electric currents, making her flinch. She pulled away from Georgia’s snatch for a second and screamed out: “That’s it!” she wailed. “God, just like that! Fuck that big dick in all the way!”

Brian was getting excited once more as he watched the wild orgy taking place. He pulled his sister’s face over to his crotch and stabbed his prick between her lips.

“Suck me, bitch,” he grunted. “Suck and get fucked at the same time!”

Susan gobbled down on his prick with a quick lunge, chewing down the shaft y. When her lips met the thick throbbing ban, she twisted her face around, grinding the wiry hairs between her teeth. A lightning bolt of orgasm ripped into her cunt suddenly, making her choke and splutter.

“Unhhhhh!” she groaned, pulling away from Brian’s cock for a moment. She threw her head back and screamed again as another flash of climax drilled into the back of her pussy. “Fuck! Fuck me! God, give it to me hard!” she begged.

She gulped Brian’s prick back into her throat and inched her mouth down to the meaty base. Then, as her nose dug into his wiry crotch hairs, she tasted the steamy flavor of his jizz. She bared her teeth and scraped up his shaft, squeezing the tip of her tongue under his loose, rubbery foreskin.

“That’s good, you little cocksucking whore,” Brian grunted, humping forward with a savage move. “Just keep it up like that, and… oh, baby… just suck!”

“Ready?” John grunted, thrusting his prick deep into her burning pussy-hole. “I’m almost there!”

“Mmmmmmm,” Susan moaned, nodding her head in answer. Just the idea of having cum blasting into tiff cunt and throat at the same time gave her another hard jerking sensation of pure raw release.

“Now… here it comes!” John barked, hammering the first of his massive climax into her pussy tube. The fluid splattered violently against her cuntwalls, then sloshed around. “Take it… UGH! ALLLL!”

Just as his orgasm peaked, Susan felt Brian’s cock swell, then begin to spit like an angry snake. It was just as she had imagined it would be — twin streams of jism plowing into her body. The heat from their climaxes seemed to blend, forming a huge explosion in her entire body.

She choked as she gobbled down the thick creamy wads of cum. New ripples of ecstasy tore into her guts with the force of a crunching fist. Again she gave a loud gurgling moan of release.

“That’s it, cum-sucker,” Brian breathed, drilling the last of his thick spasming climax between her lips. “Drink it down like a good little girl.”

A few moments later, both boys stopped moving, engulfing her body in theirs, panting for breath. Brian finally pulled to one side and give a satisfied groan.

“Jesus Goddamned Christ!” he whispered. “I thought you were gonna fucking eat my ass alive!”

“Maybe I will,” Susan grinned lustily. She spread his legs and nuzzled her mouth just under his dangling balls. “Mmmmmmm… looks nice,” she murmured, noticing the wiry patch of hair that adorned his greasy shit-crack. She darted her tongue out and touched the tiny puckered opening. Brian immediately flinched with growing pleasure.

“Oh, baby,” he growled, his voice low and hungry. “You sure know how to use that cocksucking mouth of yours. Jesus!”

For several moments she reamed out his asshole, digging her tongue in and out of his acrid-smelling canal before once more going back to his cock. She held his enormous shaft with both tiny hands and flopped it up and down, slipping the meaty cockhead over her cheeks, between her eyes. The sticky residue of jism caught her flesh.

“You gonna fucking play with it or suck it?” Brian asked, his passion once more mounting.

“What do you want me to do?” she asked playfully.

With unbelievable strength, he jerked her over to his side of the bed, slamming her to her back. Quickly he straddled her chest and stabbed his cock between her lips.

“This is what I want you to do, you fucking slut!” he grunted, holding the back of her head. He jerked her face violently into his crotch, and at the same time sat down fully on her neck. “Now suck, you cum-gargling whore!”

At first Susan was taken completely by surprise, and in her confusion, her throat muscles locked, cutting off her air. She flailed about, digging her nails into the taut flesh of his ass, her entire body shaking with pain. Finally, just as the room was about to grow dark, he released his hold, allowing her to breathe.

“You bastard!” she spat. “You almost suffocated me!” Her anger couldn’t have been too great, however, because she immediately gulped his cock back into her throat and moaned hungrily.

“Ah, that’s fine,” he whispered. “Just like that.”

Susan matched him stroke for stroke, gobbling upward to meet his downward plunges. And only moments later, she felt her insides explode, the rippling sensations of raw climax swelling her spasming cunt. She choked and spluttered and pursed her lips, her throat begging for his cum.

“Take it, bitch!” Brian said, feeling his cum about to burst, from his nuts. “I’m… I’m… oh, fuck! Suck! Eat me, whore!”

Susan gulped his jism down as quickly as possible, not wanting to miss one single precious drop. When he finally finished squirting his pleasure over her tongue, he fell forward, crushing his cock into her mouth with his full weight.

“Baby… baby…” she groaned, dropping off to sleep. “I… I… baby…”

Susan looked around and to her dismay, everyone was fast asleep, happy smiles on their faces. Shit! she thought. And I’m still horny as hell!

Gary walked in just then, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. Somewhat taken aback by what he saw, he paused in the doorway.

“Goddamn!” he whistled. “Looks like a Goddamned war took place in here!”

“Oh, Gary!” Susan said, sitting back on her haunches. “Will you fuck me? God, I need it so bad I can taste it!”

“You mean fuck my big sister?” he said in mock horror, moving toward the bed.

“No,” Susan grinned wickedly. “Fuck your horny big sister!”

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