Babysitting Can Sure Improve Your Sex Life

The very first time I baby-sat for a young couple I’ll call Al and
Barbara, I discovered a magazine rack loaded with foreign-
language pornographic magazines. Wow! what sexy pictures!
couples fucking and sucking in all sorts of positions, men fucking
women’s cunts, assholes and mouths and shooting their cum up
their cunts, assholes and into their open mouths, and women
getting down on each other, ramming big dildos up each other’s
cunts and assholes as they licked and sucked each other’s cunts,
anuses and clits. The whole assortment made me so horny that I
took off my clothes and frigged myself, reaming my hot cunt with
my fingers until I had come three times. My pussy was drenched
and swollen by the time I had finished all the erotica available. I
had even managed to insert two fingers into my anus while I
rammed my thumb up my cunt and had experienced an orgasm the
likes of which I had never had with boys, even though I was 20.

When Al and Barbara returned, the magazines were still on the
coffee table and I was ramming the neck of a wine bottle up my hot
wet cunt. They teased me about having looked through their
“collection” and remarked how hot I looked with that bottle rammed
up my pussy. Barbara moved to my side and grabbed the bottle
and began to stroke it in and out of my hot cunt as she bent her
head down and licked my exposed clit. Al proceeded to strip his
wife, removing her skirt and blouse to reveal her full firm tits and
shaved pink pussy. Barbara pulled the wine bottle out of my pussy
and began to eat me in earnest as Al stripped, showing off his big
stiff 9 inch cock.

Al moved to Barbara’s exposed cunt and began to lick her swollen
clit and cunt lips as he probed her anus with two fingers. Barbara
begged Al to fuck her cunt and I watched as Al slowly rammed his
big dick up her pussy as she ate my cunt, making me cum and cum
and cum. Finally Barbara climaxed and Al pulled out of her
stretched pussy and asked if he could fuck me. As I was not
wearing my diaphragm I told him I was afraid of getting pregnant
and offered to suck him off. Al was delighted and straddled me,
offering his stiff cock to my waiting mouth. I devoured his cock,
ramming it deeply down my throat and sucking it like a big popsicle.
Barbara began to tongue and finger Al’s asshole while she
continued to probe my cunt and asshole with her magic fingers.
Soon Al could not hold out any longer and began to cum, filling my
mouth and throat with his thick creamy load. I swallowed most of
his sperm but some managed to leak out onto my tits where
Barbara quickly licked up her husband’s seed while sucking my still
erect nipples.

I was embarrassed but they really didn’t seem to care; so the
whole thing was sort of laughed off. When Al drove me home, he
asked me whether the threesome had excited me, and I told him it
certainly had. When we parked in front of my house, he kissed me.
I let him unfasten my cardigan sweater and unfasten my bra. He
sucked both of my boobs until I just about flipped, and then he
slipped his hand up between my legs. I got so hot that I couldn’t
resist groping him.

“Let’s get in the back seat, Lorry,” he whispered. “I want to eat
your pussy.” The minute we got into the backseat, he pulled me up
and buried his face between my legs. Al was a pro at cunt licking
and brought me off twice in rapid succession, making me cover his
face and chin with my slick cunt juice. Al then proceeded to
tongue fuck my hot little asshole, it was the first time anyone had
ever done this for me and the feeling of his hot tongue probing my
anus really got to me. I climaxed just as Al’s fingers rammed up my
cunt and his tongue reached into the depths of my pulsing rectum.
When it was over, I saw that he had somehow slipped his cock out
of his pants, and he shoved it right up my sopping cunt. I pulled
away, warning Al that I had no protection and then offered to suck
him off again. Al was a bit disappointed and told me he really need
to pound his hot cock up something tight and young. Seeing his
enraged cock pulsing in my hand I offered to let him fuck my
asshole if he would be gentle as I had never done that before. Al
was delighted and proceeded to inch his hot prick up my asshole.
After some initial pain I managed to take his full 9 inches up my
virgin asshole and Al began to pump my ass, frantically making me
cum twice before he filled my tight asshole with his jism.

A week later my mother told me that Al and Barbara wanted me to
baby-sit for them again. I could hardly wait and remembered to
put in my diaphragm before I left. When Al picked me up, he told
me that they really didn’t want me to baby-sit; they wanted me to
see their pornographic movies. Maybe, he added, all three of us
could have some fun again. Al drove the car into the garage and
asked me whether he could give my pussy a few licks before we
got into the house.

I pulled up my skirt and took off my panties, Al went right to work
and I climaxed quickly as I felt his tongue go up inside of my hot
pussy. When I started to climax again, he said that we better go
into the house before he shot his load in his pants. When we got
inside, Barbara put her arms around me and said that she was sure
that we would have fun. Her hands moved up and down and soon
Barbara had her right hand under my skirt and was rubbing my still
drenched pussy as her left hand caressed my breast and she
pinched and rolled my erect nipples. Seeing that things were
progressing well, Al suggested he strip both of us and then we
could strip him in preparation for our movie session. Both Barbara
and I agreed and I was elected to go first.

Al quickly stripped me, removing my blouse and bra, exposing my
erect pink nipples and small firm tits. Al stopped to suck and lick
my tits as he worked his other hand under my skirt and fingered my
drenched cunt. Barbara prodded him to finish his work and Al
unzipped my skirt and pulled it up over my head, exposing my
dripping pussy which he was quick to fill with his fingers as he
pulled back my cunt lips and began to tongue my stiff clit. Al
continued to lick and suck my cunt and clit as he probed my anus
with his long fingers. All this attention was too much and I began to
climax, letting my juice wet Al’s face and tongue. Looking over at
Barb I could tell she was enjoying the show as she had her skirt
hiked up and her blouse open and was finger fucking her shaved
pink pussy while she twisted her nipples and squeezed her big firm

Once I had finished my climax, Al helped me to the couch where
Barbara was and let me relax while he pulled his wife up and
began to strip her hot body. Al pulled off her blouse, exposing fully
her hot firm tits and her inch long erect nipples. Al massaged his
wife’s tits, pulling and twisting her stiff erect nipples, making
Barbara moan loudly and beg for release. Al unzipped and pulled
down her skirt, exposing her nicely shaved and sopping wet cunt.
Moving one hand down Al spread her swollen cunt lips and began
to rub her stiff protruding clit. This action made Barb twist and
moan with pleasure and she began to beg Al to suck her cunt.
Moving around, Al replaced his fingers with his tongue and began
to suck and lick his wife’s hot slit. This brought on a steady stream
of moans from Barbara. I was enjoying the show and began
frigging my own cunt and squeezing my tits and pinching my stiff
pink nipples as I watched Al and Barbara work themselves into a
frenzy of lust. Just as I began to cum Al rammed his fingers up
Barb’s cunt and asshole bringing her to a crushing climax.

Al helped Barb to the couch and as she recovered her wits I
managed to move down between her open legs and lick her
fragrant cunt as Al probed my pussy and ass with his tongue. Too
soon Barbara was ready to go again and told me to help her strip
Al. We pulled him to the center of the room and as I pulled off his
pants Barb stripped off his shirt. As soon as I had Al’s stiff thick
cock out I rammed that big cock down my throat and began to suck
it with all my might. Barb moved down behind Al and spread his
hairy ass cheeks and began to tongue fuck his anus as she
massaged his swollen balls. This proved too much for Al and he
began to pump my throat full of his hot sperm, Barb stuck her head
between Al’s legs and demanded her share so I squeezed off the
flow of sperm and pulled Al’s cock out of my mouth and forced his
dick into Barb’s mouth and released my grip on his cock. I watched
transfixed as Al pounded his thick cock down his wife’s throat until
his balls rested on her chin and she sucked the rest of his load
down her throat.

After Al had regained his composure he announced it was time for
the movies and slipped a tape into the VCR. I never saw movies
like this. I got so horny that I could hardly stand it, and I guess
Barbara felt the same way because she had three fingers stuffed
up her cunt and was rubbing her clit between her fingers as she
twisted in her sweet pleasure. I, too, was swollen with lust and as I
watched this big dick stud on the screen force his mammoth cock
up his blond girlfriend’s asshole I reamed my cunt and ass with my
fingers. Al had his stiff cock in his hand and was pumping it for all
he was worth. As the tape ended I moved to Barb’s side and
started to suck and lick her hot boobs. I snickered, and she said,
“are you getting horny?”, that was when we all decided to go into
the bedroom.

Barbara said that I had nice boobs and ran her tongue over both
of my nipples. Al took me by the hand and put my fingers on his
stiff cock. “Did I tell you that Lorry let me butt fuck her, Barb?” he
said, laughing. “I’ll bet she’ll eat your pussy while I fuck it, won’t
you, Lorry?” I told them I had never done that, but I would sure like
to try it. So we went into the bedroom, and Barbara got up on all
fours on the bed with her legs spread apart. I was kind of new at
this but Barb coaxed me to crawl up under her with my head
between her legs and my own pussy in her face. Barbara asked
me to nuzzle up to her pussy and lick her sopping cunt and clit as
she began to finger my own hot cunt. What a great sensation it
was, the more I licked, the more she began to squirm. “Is she
going to make you cum?” Al laughed. “Boy, is she ever!” Barbara
said excitedly. Al moved up closer, and began to probe her hot
asshole with his tongue. This made Barb hotter than ever and I
watched as his tongue probed his wife’s hot twitching anus. I
licked faster and faster. Then pretty soon, Barbara was hollering,
“oooh, baby, I’m going to come!” and she did! wetting my entire
face with her sweet pussy juice and right afterwards I climaxed,
too, spilling my pussy juice into Barb’s mouth and tongue.

Barb was insatiable and demanded Al’s cock up her tight cunt. I
continued to lick her stiff clit as Al moved in behind her and slowly
pushed his big tool up her slick twat. I could see the lips of her
pussy being pushed aside as Al rammed his big swollen dick up
her tight slit. As soon as Al was fully up her tight twat Barb began
to ream my cunt with her fingers in the same rhythm to her
husband’s stroking in her pussy. When Al began to cum both I and
Barb did, too. The sight of that raging prick being repeatedly
rammed up Barb’s cunt was too much. I licked and sucked down
all of Al’s sperm that dripped out of Barb’s cunt as our three way
climax subsided.

Barb was breathless, but she wanted to eat my pussy, so I got up
in a doggy style position and before I knew it, she was down
between my legs, with her tongue inside of me. I almost flipped,
and it wasn’t long before I knew that I was going to climax. Al was
sucking one of my boobs and I had my face buried in Barb’s cunt
when I came. Al wanted to fuck my ass so Barb could see it, I told
them I would enjoy it but first I wanted my pussy reamed by Al’s
cock. Al warned me about pregnancy and I told him it was OK
since I had my diaphragm on. Al was elated at the prospect of
reaming my pussy and filling it with his thick creamy sperm. Al
moved in behind me and Barb guided his hot thick cock up my
slippery slit. I felt his big thick cock spread my tight cunt like never
before, I felt so full and hot I began to climax almost at once. I
muffled my orgasm by forcing my mouth and tongue deeply into
Barb’s twitching pussy, bringing on her climax and clamping down
hard on Al’s pounding cock so hard he came, pumping a river of
sperm up my twitching cunt. Barb licked Al’s sperm up as he
continued to pound my pussy until I climaxed again.

Al and Barb still were intent as I on having Al fuck my asshole and
Barb planted her mouth and tongue up my cunt as Al pulled his still
throbbing cock from my fuck happy twat. Barb spread my ass
cheeks and fingered my puckered ass, spreading a mixture of
sperm, saliva and cunt juice on my throbbing anus. Grabbing Al’s
thick cock Barb placed the head in my well-lubed asshole and
watched as Al slowly pushed the entire 9 inches up my tight back
door until his balls slapped my swollen cunt lips. Al set up a slow
stroking motion that sent me into orgasmic bliss in a few minutes. I
can still remember the feeling of my climax as Al shot a big load of
his sweet cream up my vise tight asshole. I must have passed out
from the pleasure because the next thing I remember is waking up
lying on my side and feeling Barb’s head between my spread legs
and her tongue fucking my cunt and anus. Opening my eyes I was
staring into Barb’s cunt and watching Al pump his stiff cock up his
wife’s well stretched asshole. I immediately began to suck and lick
her clit and cunt; soon after I had begun my assault on her pussy I
could feel her clamp down hard and heard Al grunt as he climaxed
up Barbs asshole, filling her tight back door with his sperm. As
soon as he withdrew his now limp member I started to tongue her
asshole sucking the overflow of Al’s load from her twitching

Being tired and thirsty we all went to the kitchen and had a coke.
Al started to get another hard on and Barbara asked me whether
I’d let Al and her both fuck me at the same time. I giggled and said
sure so long as I got a chance to do the same thing to her. Barb
agreed and told me to prepare myself for the fuck of my life. We
returned to the bedroom where Barbara went to the dresser and
pulled out a double headed strap-on dildo. Forcing one end up her
own cunt she fixed the straps around her waist and between her
legs securing the dildo firmly up her cunt. Al laid down on his back
and I crawled up on him and spread my legs and forced his cock
up my cunt, ramming its length deeply up my cunt. Barb moved in
behind me and slowly rammed the dildo up my asshole, making
sure to plant the entire ten inches deep into my packed asshole.
The feeling was tremendous, I had never experienced anything like
this as Al and Barb pounded my packed pussy and anus I felt like I
was being turned inside out. Al sucked my tits and bucked his cock
deep into my cunt as I climaxed over and over until I again passed
out from the pleasure. We repeated this little game with me
fucking Barb’s asshole with the dildo as she reamed her cunt with
Al’s big prick. I could not get over the feeling of that big plastic
cock reaming her stretched anus and my swollen cunt at the same
time and kept up the pace until I climaxed two times and Barb
passed out.

We looked at some more sex movies, and then Al suggested that
we go back to bed. He had Barbara and me lie side by side so that
he could first eat my pussy and then Barbara’s. He had a hard-on
by the time he’d done us both, and so Barb and I shared him
sucking him off until he shot his load into our mouths and we kissed
exchanging his sperm.

Sometimes now they really want me to baby-sit, but most of the
time we have sex. Of course my folks don’t know, and I’m not
going to tell them. Barb and Al have another baby-sitter that they
say would like to get it on with us and I can hardly wait until the four
of us get it on together when she gets back from college.