A Mom And More

Barbara moved her cheeks between the slender, smooth, ever-so-hot thighs.

It was a moment she had long anticipated, yet dreaded at the same time.

A girl was sprawled on the couch, her legs very wide, the tight crotch band of her panties molding the sweetness of her cunt, her pussy hole outlined. Her dress had been pulled to her small waist, and she slumped with her hands at her hips, breathing raggedly as she waited.

The girl’s usually clear blue eyes were clouded now, dulled by passion as she looked down at Barbara.

Barbara lifted her hands and pressed the heated inner thighs against her face as she looked up at the girl. The girl’s dark auburn hair seemed to have coppery highlights, and her moist lips were parted slightly. Barbara moved her palms up and down the girl’s thighs. She wasn’t with her legs crossed and her knees up against the couch. Barbara saw the fine hairs on the girl’s thighs up near the tight panties. It was not surprising to Barbara that she felt a tingling heat inside her own pussy.

Her fingers, caressing the slim thighs, traced the edge of the lacy panties.

“Candy,” she murmured.

“Barbara,” came a soft, throaty reply.

“I don’t know if…” Barbara suddenly twisted her head between the girl’s thighs, kissing halfway up from a dimpled knee. The flesh was hot, but she had not expected the sugary taste of Candy’s thigh. “Ohhh, you’re sweet, Candy!”

Barbara felt Candy’s exquisite thigh quiver beneath her lips, and she kissed it again. This time, Barbara parted her lips and sucked very gently on the flesh, sliding her tongue back and forth. Her hands, tracing the edges of Candy’s panties, slipped underneath to cup the succulent cheeks of that tight, little ass. She felt Candy’s asscheeks writhing in her palms, and she squeezed into the taut, yet spongy flesh. Candy moaned softly, wiggling her ass slowly.

Barbara gazed up.

Even though Candy’s features were twisted now with passion, there was no mistaking the unusual beauty there. Her blue eyes were wide set, and she had a fine, straight nose. Those parted lips were pouting in a sensual way. The long, graceful neck was creamy, and a pulse could be seen beating there. Beneath the light summer sweater rose a pair of young, firm tits that made mouths water, made lips purse and tongues eager to lick and suck. Her tits rose now, swiftly, as Candy breathed with eager passion.

Barbara fondled Candy’s writhing ass, feeling those warm thighs scissor lightly, urgently. She inhaled a clean, fresh scent that came from Candy, and it caused her own breath to quicken. The twitching of her cunt was becoming more pronounced, the crotch of her panties almost soaked. She lowered her gaze between Candy’s thighs. She saw the slight mound of Candy’s cunt and her cunt hair.

And Candy’s panties were moist.

They were moist where that tantalizing cunt slit was.

Barbara licked her lips, turned her mouth toward a creamy thigh, snaking her tongue out. She licked at the sugary sweet thigh flesh, running her tongue up… up… to the lacy edges of Candy’s panties.

A shudder went through Barbara.

She almost jerked her face back.

She had never had her mouth so close to a cunt before, yet she felt driven, unable to resist the powerful urges and desires that streamed through her body. She had never felt the softness of a cunt, tasted the sweetness of a silky haired pussy. A cock… oh, yes! Barbara knew the pleasures of sucking on a hard, throbbing cock. She knew the way a cock throbbed against her lips, the way it probed at her throat, and she knew the deliciousness of having, thick come juice squirting over her tongue and burning down her throat.

She closed her eyes and pressed her lips against the moist heat of Candy’s panties. She felt the wetness against her lips as she kissed, at first gently, then with more pressure.

Something burned deep within her own cunt, and her clitoris was painfully swollen. She wanted to adjust her panties, but she didn’t want to turn loose of Candy’s tight little ass. Those asscheeks seemed to fit perfectly in her palms, and the heat against her hands was exciting.

With her mouth pressed against Candy’s panties, Barbara began to whimper. The sound of her whimpers were those of a woman experiencing a deep, fiery desire… a desire to kiss, to taste, to suck, to lick…

Her tongue slithered from her mouth and worked up and down the crotch of the tight panties. Barbara tasted the juices of Candy’s cunt as they seeped through the lacy crotch panel. She dug her fingers into Candy’s ass, then opened her mouth as wide as she could. Barbara began to suck.

“Oooooh, Barbara!” Candy mewled, grinding her cunt tighter, arching hard. “Oh, Barbara!”

Barbara’s hands began to move, fondling the roundness of Candy’s ass, but her mouth remained upon the crotch of those tight panties. As her tongue licked up and down, her fingers traced the outline of Candy’s delightful ass, finding the crack between them, the creases where they joined her exquisitely long thighs.

The heat of those creamy inner thighs against her face and the moistness of Candy’s panties against her mouth and tongue flooded Barbara’s senses with an erotic sensation unlike any she had ever known.

Snaking a finger under Candy’s ass, Barbara hooked it into the crotch of her panties, pulling it aside. Drawing back, but keeping her cheek rubbing against Candy’s soft inner thigh, she gazed at what she had revealed.

Candy’s cunt was quivering. She could see the puffiness of those pussy lips as they throbbed. The tip of Candy’s clit rose up, tiny and exquisite, glistening with pussy moisture. The silky cunt hair was thick at the top, thinning out along her cunt lips, then tucking neatly into the crack of Candy’s ass.

With a sob of desire, Barbara moved her face close, her long tongue protruding. She slipped the tip of her tongue along the hairy lip, then brought it across, lightly brushing the tip of Candy’s clitoris. Barbara heard Candy mewl hotly and felt her ass cheek tighten.

Still holding the crotch of Candy’s panties to one side, Barbara ran her tongue very slowly down the wet slit of the girl’s cunt, tasting the slippery moisture. Dragging her tongue up the slit once more, she twirled it about Candy’s throbbing clitoris, causing Candy to whimper and jerk her hips upward. The motion of Candy’s hips coming up so suddenly caused Barbara’s tongue to slither into her cunt hole. For a moment Barbara was unable to breathe. She felt the tight heat of Candy’s cunt lips gripping her long tongue, and with a soft moan, Barbara plunged her tongue deep.

Candy wailed and closed her thighs tight about Barbara’s face, clutching the back of her head. Barbara, with her tongue penetrating a very sweet-tasting cunt, stared up into Candy’s hot eyes. Teasingly Barbara withdrew her tongue, then thrust it back into the boiling wet heat once more. Before she was fully aware of it, Barbara was tongue fucking the squirming girl enthusiastically, plunging ha tongue back and forth as she pressed her open mouth against those puffy lips. The crotch of Candy’s panties were now held to one side, and Barbara clutched Candy’s ass.

The initial dread Barbara had felt was no longer with her. She felt elated, ecstatic, now that her tongue was moving back and forth inside this delicious cunt. It was as sweet as she had suspected, very hot, very wet. Candy’s cunt was so wet that Barbara’s cheeks became slippery. She lifted Candy’s hips, pressing her mouth as tight as she could, thrilling to the feel of silky cunt hairs against her nose. Candy was whimpering loudly now, churning her cunt against Barbara’s face, grinding without shame. Barbara darted her tongue very deep, wiggling it against the velvety wet walls of Candy’s cunt, her fingers squeezing the tight, springy cheeks of the girl’s thrashing ass.

Barbara’s cunt seemed to be boiling. She wanted desperately to have a hand on her pussy, rubbing it, feeling it, caressing her swollen clit. But she wanted to cling to Candy’s ass, too. She pulled Candy’s cunt very tight against her mouth, her tongue darting now like a hard, eager cock, fucking Candy’s cunt with ecstasy.

With her mouth wide open against Candy’s puffy pussy lips, juices seeped into Barbara’s mouth. She swallowed with wet, gurgling pleasure, keeping her tongue driving in and out of the girl’s clasping cunt.

Barbara’s cunt spasmed, contracting into tight orgasm as she felt Candy’s cunt lips sucking at her tongue. Her mind was reeling and she could no longer see, her vision becoming hazy with passion that was ripping through her.

Feeling those creamy, slender thighs scissoring excitedly against her face, Barbara felt her orgasm increase, and then she had another. Barbara had never enjoyed two orgasms in a row before, and she was surprised. A grunt came from her as the second orgasm burned like wildfire between her thighs. She slammed her tongue swiftly in and out of Candy’s pussy.

“Ooooh, Barbara!” Candy yelped. “I’m about to… oh, you’re gonna make… I’m gonna come, Barbara!”

Hardly had the words come from Candy when Barbara felt those succulent cunt lips tightening around her tongue. It was quite a contrast to the throbbing of a cock between her lips. Now it was her tongue being squeezed by a cunt, not her lips squeezing a hard cock.

The way Candy’s cunt drew at her tongue was amazing. The strength of this sweet cunt surprised Barbara. The juices within Candy’s pussy seemed to increase, and Barbara’s throat worked to swallow. She had no idea that a cunt could become so juicy, and it was almost like swallowing some juice from a gushing prick.

The spasms within her cunt increased to the point where Barbara was moaning into Candy’s pussy, her eyes closing as ecstasy burned at her nerves.

Reluctant now to remove her mouth, Barbara kept it pressed tightly against Candy’s cunt until the spasms stopped.

Then she drew back, gazing at the fuzzy cunt she had just tongue fucked. It still looked succulent, sugary, and beautiful.

“Ooooh, Barbara!” Candy whimpered, her small tits rising and falling as she struggled to breathe. “Ohhh, that was so good!”

Barbara pressed her cunt-wet lips against an inner thigh, kissing it tenderly. She wanted to tell Candy that she had never done anything like this before, that she preferred a cock. But she said nothing, feeling pleased because of the pleasure she had given this lovely little girl and the pleasure she had received.

“I’ve wanted to kiss you for a long time, Candy,” Barbara said in a low voice. “God, how I’ve wanted to kiss you and touch you and lick you!”

“I knew, Barbara,” Candy said, a naughty giggle in her voice now. “I knew it from the first.”

“You’ve done this before, honey?”

“Once,” Candy answered. “It was good, but not as good as this time.”

The reply pleased Barbara. She wondered who the girl or woman was that had sucked Candy’s cunt. But it didn’t matter, not if she had sucked and licked and fucked it better for this delicious, curvy girl.

Barbara felt no misgivings. She had never had her mouth on a cunt in her life, but she felt no shame, no guilt. She felt good about it, and she knew that she would want to suck it again, taste that sweetness, feel those silky soft cunt hairs against her cheeks and nose, to run her hands over the girl’s velvety thighs and swelling tight ass.

Now that she had tongue fucked Candy, Barbara knew it would be very hard for her to stop.

But she had to.

She sat on the floor between Candy’s spread thighs. She was unable and unwilling to turn her gaze from between them. The crotch of Candy’s panties had slipped back, caught by one puffy cunt lip. She traced the tip of her tongue along the hot thigh flesh, feeling Candy tremble beneath it. She stroked her thighs lightly, moved her fingers along the lacy edges of those bikini panties. Drawing her hand around, she fondled the crotch panel, placing it into place and seeing the girl’s tantalizing bulge again. The crotch of Candy’s panties were wet with cunt juice and Barbara’s saliva, but it did not seem to bother Candy.

“You’re so lovely,” Barbara murmured, dragging her fingertip up and down the outlined slit of Candy’s cunt. “You’re such a beautiful girl, baby, and so young and hot! I’ve never felt so drawn to a girl in my life.”

“I like you, too,” Candy replied. “You’re different, Barbara.”

“Oh? How am I different, Candy?”

“You’re better than other people?” Candy said. “Some people call me bad, but I’m not bad. I just like this. If it makes me bad, then I guess I am.”

Barbara ran her hand up past Candy’s hiked skirt and placed it around a tight, spongy tit, squeezing it gently.

“You’re not bad, darling. Don’t ever let anyone say you’re bad. If you enjoy sex, enjoy it and to hell with anyone else. No, you aren’t bad at all. You’re sweet and lovely and…”

Barbara gave a throaty laugh. “And you’re so damned hot! God, for a girl your age, you literally boil.”

Barbara moved her hand to Candy’s crotch and pressed it, making the girl mewl and arch tightly.

Although Candy had just come strongly, Barbara felt the heat coming from those panties. Barbara had always felt her ass was about as hot as they came. But Barbara knew she had found another girl here who was just as hot. Candy’s cunt seemed to literally sear the palm of Barbara’s hand.

“No, baby,” Barbara said as she ran her palm up and down the tight crotch, feeling the moist heat of Candy’s cunt. “You’re not at all bad, but the sweetest girl I’ve ever known.”

“Do it again, Barbara,” Candy whimpered, lifting her hips and pressing her cunt against Barbara’s palm. “Ohhh, please, do it again!”

Barbara chuckled, glancing at the clock. There was time, she saw. At least another half hour. It would be lovely to taste the sweetness once more. But only once more, she told herself. She would suck Candy’s cunt one last time, then she would have to stop.

She pulled the crotch band away once more, stretching it. She stared hotly at Candy’s hairlined lips, the throbbing tip of Candy’s clitoris. Running her tongue over her lips with anticipation, Barbara moved forward.

The heat of Candy’s cunt seemed to burn her lips as she opened them, slipping her tongue out and fluttering it up and down the girl’s slippery pussy lips, twisting it about her clitoris. Candy moaned softly as Barbara closed her lips on her clitoris. Barbara began to suck on it, flapping the tip of her tongue up and down. She wrapped her arms around Candy’s hips, tightening her grip on that saucy ass again.

This time Candy threw her legs wide, grabbing the back of Barbara’s head and pulling her face tight, grinding her cunt up in tight circles. Candy wailed in pleasure as Barbara’s tongue moved up and down her hot pussy slit, from the bottom of it to her clitoris.


Barbara found herself being pushed away, and before she could stop it, Candy had shoved her backward and was clamping her knees as she shoved her skirt down.

Barbara didn’t understand. She sat on the floor with her knees up, her skirt at her waist, staring in a bewildered manner at the girl.

Candy was blushing, her eyes cast downward. Barbara turned and saw Lewis in the door, his mouth wide open and his eyes huge.

For a moment Barbara could not react.

Her knees were apart, her panties revealed, and Lewis was staring directly between her legs.

“Lewis!” Barbara said, shocked and frightened.

She clamped her knees together quickly, but it was too late. Her son had seen her.


If it had not been for Candy.

If it had not been for the erotic nature within her mind and body.

Barbara sat in her bedroom, darkness cloaking her. She was not aware that night had come. She had fled to her room in embarrassment when her son had come home earlier than she had expected, and that was where she stayed.

At first Barbara had cried, but not because of sucking Candy’s cunt; she cried because her son had caught her with her face buried in Candy’s cunt. She cried because she was embarrassed. She cried most of all because Candy was her son’s girlfriend.

Barbara was thirty-four years old. She had been a widow for ten of those years. She had looked and speculated and dreamed about certain men, but she had not taken any of them into her bed.

Barbara had felt that by fucking some man, she would be cheating not just herself, but the memory of her husband. And, too, she had her son to consider. It would not do for him to see a stream of strange men coming and going with her.

It had been Candy who brought all the suppressed and dormant desires to the surface. It had been Candy and her beautiful face and her exquisite body that had made Barbara do something she had never done in her life. It had been Candy who had made Barbara eat a cunt, lick a pussy, something Barbara had never so much as thought of doing.

Candy was so appealing, so sweet and innocent. Candy was the kind of girl whom people men and women alike had to fight hard to keep their hands off. Some girls had it and some girls didn’t. Candy had triple portions of an erotic nature. Barbara had given in to the lure of that sweet body.

Lewis had been going with Candy for well over two months. They stayed in and around the house more than they went out, and Barbara had been unable to keep, her eyes off the girl.

Candy wore short shorts and tight blouses, flaunting her beauty and availability without shame. When she sat in the house or on the lawn out back, she was careless about her skirts, and Barbara had often gazed at those long, slender thighs, wondering why Candy had this appeal for her.

It seemed that every time Candy was near, the little girl would manage to brush against Barbara’s body, and electrifying shocks would ripple through Barbara. That her son was fucking the girl was almost a certainty. It was obvious in the way Candy would look at Lewis, touch him, the heat glowing in those big eyes.

And now Lewis had caught Barbara, his mother, sucking the cunt of his girlfriend.

Barbara prepared for bed, her eyes dry now, but feeling miserable. She pulled a long nightgown over her head and crawled into the sheets, trying to relax. She was wound up, very tense. Lewis had not said anything to her. But he had seen her with her mouth pressing against Candy’s cunt, then he had stood there and stared between his mother’s knees before Barbara could clamp her legs together.

And she had run to her room.

She didn’t know when Candy left, nor did she know what time it was. All she knew was it was dark and Lewis had come to her, probably ashamed of her, she felt.

After a restless night, Barbara prepared breakfast for her son. She sat and drank coffee nervously as he ate. She wanted to reach her son, to try an explain if she could. But Lewis seemed oblivious of her. If only he would make the first overture, she felt, it would be all right.

But he ate and left quickly, not looking at her, not saying goodbye, not saying when he would be home.

All morning she paced about after dressing, wringing her hands, trying to find some way to approach Lewis, to let him know.

Sometime after one in the afternoon, Barbara found it impossible to remain in the house alone. She left and began to walk about the neighborhood, her mind dwelling on what had happened.

And she found herself wanting to lick Candy’s cunt again. She could not get the girl out of her mind. It was there, burning hotly, making her cunt throb as she walked slowly about the neighborhood. She remembered the taste of that sugary cunt on her tongue, the way those pussy lips squeezed when Candy came. She remembered how Candy had asked her to suck her cunt again.

Barbara started returning home, unable to keep walking with the heat searing her cunt.

She walked faster and faster.

Opening the door, she stepped into the living room and saw Lewis and Candy sitting on the couch. They sat closely together, and the flush on Candy’s face told Barbara they had been feeling one another. The bulge in her son’s pants told her that, too. She looked at her son and found him gazing back at her. She searched his face for recrimination, but found none.

Then, Lewis deliberately placed his arm around Candy’s shoulder. Barbara saw her son drape his hand over the girl’s shoulder, and then he curled his fingers around a small, straining tit. He was still looking at his mother, his face holding no expression that she could see.

As she saw her son feeling Candy’s tits and Candy sitting there accepting it, the heat of Barbara’s cunt increased, flaring hotly. She leaned against the door, her eyes becoming glassy as she watched her son fondle Candy’s luscious tit. His other hand moved along Candy’s thigh.

Today Candy wore a summer dress, and Lewis continued looking at his mother as he boldly slipped his hand under Candy’s dress. Candy spread her knees, and Barbara watched her son’s hand move up that silky smooth thigh. Then Lewis was cupping Candy’s cunt and tit, while gazing boldly at his mother.

Barbara trembled, unable to jerk her eyes away, unable to stop seeing her son feeling Candy up.

Candy moved her hand, and Barbara watched it slide over the bulge of her son’s pants. The hardness of Lewis’ cock was quite evident, and Barbara sucked in a gasp as she saw Candy squeezing her son’s cock through his pants. There was a stabbing, burning sensation between her thighs, and Barbara’s hand was at her throat as she stared at the two young ones.

She had nothing to say, she knew.

She knew her son was letting her know that what she could do, so could he. She had no right to tell him to stop, that if he and Candy wanted to fuck, she would have to leave.

Barbara didn’t want to leave.

She wanted to stay… to see them fuck.

She moaned softly. A mental image flared in her mind of her son’s hard, throbbing cock sliding into Candy’s cunt, going deep, deep, his balls smashing against her tight, hot ass cheeks.

Barbara came.

Her cunt convulsed as she leaned against the door. She saw Candy rubbing her son’s cock through his pants, saw her son boldly feeling up and down the tightness of Candy’s panties.

The orgasm surprised her, and for a moment she was stiff and frozen. As the orgasm receded, she turned and walked as quickly as she could to her room.

The sight was gone, but the sounds followed her.

She sat on her bed and listened.

“You go for that stuff, Candy?” Barbara heard her son asking.

“Sure,” Candy replied, giggling. “What’s wrong with it, Lewis? You like to fuck me, don’t you? There’s nothing wrong if I wanna get sucked sometimes by a woman.”

“But she’s my mother!”

“What difference does that make?” Barbara heard Candy reply. “She’s nice. Your mother is beautiful, and if she wants to suck my cunt, I’m gonna let her. I like it and I don’t care if you don’t.”

“I’ll lick your pussy,” she heard her son saying, his voice now thick with desire. “You want to get sucked, I’ll do it. You’re my girl, remember?”

“I won’t be if you try and stop me from having fun, Lewis,” Candy replied. “You gotta stop acting jealous. You know I won’t let no other boy fuck me. But if I wanna have your mother lick me, I will.”

She heard her son reply, but his voice was so thick and low, the words were indistinct. Then she heard Candy. “I wanna fuck now, Lewis. You got me all hot feeling wound before your mother came in. Now you gotta fuck me!”

Barbara heard what sounded like the beginnings of an argument.

“Okay, I will!” Candy said. “I’ll just go in there and ask Barbara to lick my pussy, so there!”

Barbara heard steps, and her heart began to beat rapidly. The steps, however, stopped when she heard her son call out: “I was just teasing, Candy. Come on, I’ll fuck you!”

“You gotta fuck me on the couch, like I said,” Candy replied. “If you don’t, then I won’t do it. I wanna fuck on the couch.”

“But my mother is [missing text].”

“Are you gonna fuck me or not, Lewis?”

“Yes, Goddamn it!”

The sounds of rustling clothing seemed loud to Barbara, the sighs and grunts and mewls drifting to her open door. She couldn’t stand it any longer she had to look.

Barbara’s legs felt like rubber as she slipped down the short distance of the hall. She looked into the living room.

Candy was sprawled out on her back, one leg bent over the back of the couch, the other dangling over the cushions. Her dress was at her waist and her panties were on the floor.

Her son had taken his pants off, and Barbara watched her son get on his knees between Candy’s spread thighs. She saw a glimpse of his cock straining outward before he pressed upon Candy’s shivering body. She saw her son gripping the tight cheeks of Candy’s ass, then she saw her son’s ass naked and moving.

The sight sent ripples of excitement tingling up and down Barbara’s body. She gazed in starry-eyed fascination at her son’s naked ass, seeing the muscular cheeks bunch as he plunged his cock in and out of Candy’s cunt. Candy drew her legs up and back, lifting her cunt to the thrusts of Lewis cock. Barbara could hear the moist sounds of his prick fucking into that steamy wet pussy, and it caused her own cunt to start throbbing all over again.

As Candy drew her knees back, it caused her ass to lift from the cushions. Now Barbara saw her son’s cock driving back and forth, and her eyes became glazed with a perverse, lust. One of her hands lifted to clutch a suddenly swollen tit, the other pressing hard against her clit.

“Ooooh, Lewis!” Candy whimpered, shaking her uplifted ass, grinding as Lewis rammed into her cunt. “Ooooh, this is so good, Lewis! Ahhh, fuck me, Lewis! Fuck me fast and deep! I love the way your cock feels in my pussy! You fuck me better than anyone else!”

Her son, apparently caught up with ecstasy, grunted in reply. His face was buried into Candy’s shoulder. Candy was clawing at his ass with hot hands, squealing with ecstasy, thrashing her ass up and down to meet his driving hardness.

Barbara saw her son’s balls swinging up and down as he fucked Candy, and the desire to caress both of those two hot young kids became strong. She felt the overwhelming urge to drop to her knees at their side, to run her hands over their hot bodies, to kiss them and excite them to greater efforts.

Barbara had never seen anyone fucking before, but it was something she had dreamed of after becoming a widow. In her intense frustration, she had imagined many erotic situations, mostly with her in the center of all the action.

Now she was watching someone fuck her son and his girlfriend. She had a hunch neither would care if she came in and sat there, watching them.

But she remained where she was, her eyes glowing with hot desire, watching her son’s cock plunge in and out of Candy’s wet cunt, his balls swinging about. Barbara licked her lips, almost tasting Candy’s cunt again as she gazed. Candy had drawn her knees far back until her slim thighs were taut, her cunt glistening.

Candy was gasping and gurgling with delight as she squeezed Lewis’ asscheeks, trying to pull his cock as deep as she could.

Lewis was groaning loudly and his jerking increased.

Barbara pressed hard into her cunt, her other hand digging harshly into the tenderness of her swollen tit.

“I’m going to come, Candy!”

“Come, Lewis!” Candy shouted. “Oooh, I’m gonna come, too! Let’s come together!”

Barbara felt light-headed as she watched her son and Candy grinding together, knowing they were coming. She could almost see her son’s cock gushing, the thickness of his come juice spewing into the satiny walls of the pussy she had sucked. She felt envy, and the thought of having her son’s hard cock squirting sweet, precious come juice into her own cunt was intense.

Barbara did not move until she saw them relax. Just as she started to leave, she caught Candy looking at her. Her young eyes were glowing and twinkling, then Candy flashed a quick smile at Barbara.

Barbara returned to her room and sat on the bed.

Something had just happened that would change not just her life, but that of her son’s, too. She felt it, felt it deeply.

Something was going to happen… something that sent shivering anxiety through her body.

It was late, and she had not eaten all day. Still, she was not hungry. She heard her son fixing something in the kitchen. She remained in her bedroom for the rest of the day, wanting to talk to her son, to try and explain. But he would not come to her, and she didn’t have the nerve to approach him.

She had always been close to her son, and now she felt they were drifting apart. She felt he was ashamed of her because he had seen her eating Candy’s cunt.

It was almost eleven at night, and Barbara was in bed with the sheet pulled to her neck. Wide awake, she stared up at the dark ceiling.

The presence of her son was felt before she heard him.

She turned her head toward her bedroom door and saw her son. He was in jockey shorts.

As her breath caught in her throat, Lewis came into her room and stood at the side of her bed, looking down at her.

Then, before she knew what he was doing, he had jerked the sheet from her chin, letting it fall past her waist.

“Lewis, please,” she whimpered. Barbara was not afraid, but he had never been this way with her before. She started to reach for the sheet to pull over her, but he was too quick.

He grabbed the sheet and threw it off the bed.

Barbara lay there in her nightgown. Although it was dark, there was enough light so he could see her outline.

“You watched,” Lewis said.

Barbara tried to detect anger in his voice, but there was none.

“Candy told me you were watching, Mother,” he went on. “She saw you and she told [missing text].”

“Lewis, honey, don’t.”

“Why, Mother?” he asked. “Why did you do it?”

“I… heard you,” she answered, her voice trembling.

“I mean eating… you know what I mean, Mother.”

Barbara felt a sinking sensation in her chest. She reached for her son’s hand. Instead of his hand, she felt his hip.

Whether Lewis had started to move or what, she didn’t know. Her fingers brushed along the front of his jockey shorts, and she felt his cock. His prick was hard, bulging at the straining whiteness of his shorts.

“You’re my mother,” Lewis said. “But you’re a cunt-licker, too.”

Although his voice came out harsh, there was no anger in it.

“Candy is my girlfriend, Mother. And you sucked her! You kissed her pussy, Mother!”

Barbara winced.

“You want to feel my cock,” Lewis said. “Here! Feel my fucking cock Mother!”

Barbara tried to pull her hand away, but her son gripped her wrist as he shoved his shorts down. The contact of her fingers on her son’s cock jolted her.

Lewis closed his mother’s fingers around his cock and pressed them tightly.

“Feel it, Mother!” he growled. “Feel my cock! You like my hard cock, Mother! Would you like to have my cock fucking you? Is that it? Is that why you watched me fuck Candy? Did you suck her cunt because it’s really my cock you want?”

Barbara could not reply. He had wrapped her hand around his cock, and she felt it burning and throbbing in her fist. He stood at the side of her bed, looking down at her, his hips arched forward.

Although he was no longer holding her wrist, Barbara clung to his prick. Then she was moving her hand, jacking his cock. Pre-cum was dripping from his piss hole, and it made her fist slippery. Then Lewis was pumping back and forth, fucking her fist.

Strangely, Barbara felt no reluctance about touching her son’s prick, stroking him, feeling his hardness, the first hard cock she had had in her hand since becoming a widow.

There was a heat between her thighs that seemed to scald her flesh, and Barbara yearned to feel his cock sliding into her cunt. She twisted her hips against the mattress, her fist jerking back and forth on her son’s cock.

Lewis was arching forward, grunting now.

“Feel my cock, Mother! You want to feel my cock, feel it! Jack my cock off, Mother! You want it… you want my cock so bad you’ll eat the cunt I fuck, huh? Are you a cocksucker, too, Mother? Do you suck cock as well as suck cunt?”

Barbara’s cunt burned, her pussy lips flexing as her clit became painfully swollen. She came close to putting her other hand down there, to rub up and down on her pussy to make it convulse.

She had started to reach for her pussy when her son came.

The discharge was sudden and unexpected to her.

She felt his cock throb, then the come juice was spewing from his piss hole, splashing onto her concealed tits. A drop or two struck her neck, searing her flesh. The hand reaching for her cunt paused at her trembling stomach, but her other hand beat faster than before on his gushing cock, making him come.

Without further words, Lewis pulled his shorts up and left her room.

Barbara lay there, feeling his come juice soaking through her nightgown, drenching her tits.

She brought the hand that had been jacking his cock to her neck and found a small pool of his come juice in the hollow. She moved her finger into it, then brought it to her lips. Her tongue licked it away, and with a soft whimper, she plunged her tongue into her mouth, thrusting it in and out like a cock.


The next day after bathing, Barbara pulled on a pair of shorts she had not worn in a long time.

They were a bright yellow color and hugged her shapely ass like a second skin. The legs were cut high at her hips, and she was very much aware that, the dark curls of her cunt curled out from the tight crotch. She knew that her puffy cunt was outlined, the bulge of it was obvious. On her swelling round tits, she wore a bikini halter, her nipples protruding. The lower curves of her rounded ass showed, and the shorts dug into the crack of her ass. She knew what her appearance was like, yet, after last night, she didn’t care.

She had finally admitted to herself that she wanted to fuck Lewis. She admitted it to herself during her bath. She wanted to fuck her son, and it was not out of jealousy over Candy, either. She didn’t mind if he fucked the exquisite girl at all, but she wanted his cock in her cunt, too.

Yet, as much as she wanted her son’s cock up her pussy, Barbara felt she could not ask him. He would have to ask her.

Lewis was at the dining room table when she entered. The first thing she noticed was that a cup of fresh coffee was placed where she usually sat.

With a nervous smile at him, she stood and sipped the coffee. Looking at him over the rim of the cup, she saw her son’s eyes move up and down her body. She turned, facing her son, and his eyes lingered at the outline of her cunt. The slit of her pussy was obvious, as well as the hairs sticking from the tight crotch.

“Well, look at that,” Lewis said, reaching for her.

When Lewis tugged at a few strands of cunt hair, she trembled. He had not pulled them hard enough to hurt her, but it did make a twitch come to her cunt.

She stood in shaking pleasure as he lightly ran his hand up her thigh. Glancing past the table, she saw his cock was bulging inside his frayed and worn cut-off jeans. After tugging at her cunt hair, he pulled his hand back. For a while longer Barbara stood facing her son, then she turned and faced the sink, rinsing her cup.

She knew what her son was looking at, and she tried to stop the quiver of her ass cheeks. Then she felt her son’s presence behind her. When she felt his hands cupping the cheeks of her ass, she trembled, unable to stop the squirming movement of her ass.

Feeling her son’s hands cupping her ass, Barbara wanted to turn and face him, press her tits against his chest and feel his hard cock against her body. But before she could turn, he had drawn away.

Over her shoulder she saw him leave.

A sob of yearning frustration came over her. She leaned against the sink, her cunt throbbing and her body shaking.

Her son had touched her.

He had pulled her cunt hair, and he had felt her ass.

Maybe, she thought, he wants to fuck me but is afraid I’d stop him. Oh, Lewis… I won’t! I won’t! I want it, too, darling! Oh, I want to get fucked so much! And I want your cock, darling, your cock fucking me!

Thinking she had made Lewis mad by her wanton dress, she returned to the bedroom. He had not liked seeing her this way, she told herself. The way he had touched her, the way he had looked at her, told her that.

Feeling embarrassed, she peeled the bikini halter off and then her shorts. She pulled on a pair of gauzy bikini panties and then a cool house dress. Her nipples still strained against the dress since she wore no bra. The skirt was full, swirling about her legs. If Lewis didn’t like those shorts, she would dispose of them, throw them away.

Lewis came home about noon, and he was with Candy.

Barbara sat in the wall-hugger chair, and when they entered, she remained there.

Candy greeted her with a smile of cheerfulness, her sparkling white teeth showing. Lewis seemed to ignore his mother.

Barbara listened to her son and Candy talking, but she wasn’t hearing the words. She could leave, but she wouldn’t. It was her house, and if her son wanted to fuck Candy, he could damn well take her to his bedroom. Either that or… she lifted her eyes.

Candy was sitting close to Lewis, and they had their mouths pressed tightly together. Barbara saw her son’s tongue going deep into Candy’s eager mouth. But the kiss was not what drew her eyes. It was her son’s hand moving into Candy’s blouse.

She watched her son playing with Candy’s tit, then his hand came out and roamed down the girl’s body to her lap. She watched as her son pressed his hand against Candy’s cunt, and, lifting her eyes, she saw that he was looking at her.

Candy giggled and placed her hand on Lewis’ bulging hard-on.

“I’m going to fuck Candy, Mother,” Lewis said. “If you don’t want to watch, then you can go to your room. But I think you want to watch me fuck her.”

Without anything more, she saw her son stand and strip his cut-offs from his body.

Candy was giggling softly, her eyes on Barbara. But Barbara wasn’t looking at the exquisitely beautiful girl. She was staring hotly at her son’s cock.

She was amazed at the length and thickness of her son’s prick. She had not thought his cock was this large from jacking it off the night before. It jutted from a thick mass of hair, the shaft long and round, very hard. The head of his cock was swollen almost to the size of a small plum. His balls hung heavy below.

Lewis was not at all embarrassed to be naked in front of her, she saw, nor was he embarrassed by the hardness of his cock.

Candy took his prick in her small hand and fondled it, while still looking at Barbara. Lewis stood there for a while and looked at his mother, too, letting Candy jack back and forth on his prick. Then he leaned over Candy and shoved her skirt to her waist.

Barbara watched her son peel the skimpy panties down, and again she saw Candy’s coppery-haired cunt. She could not stop her tongue from running over her lips.

“You’d like to suck this cunt again, wouldn’t you, Mother?” he said. “Well, you can’t… I’m going to fuck Candy, and you can damn well sit there and watch.”

Barbara saw him sit on the couch as he pulled Candy across his thighs. Barbara gazed with hot eyes at Candy’s sweet, naked ass. She saw the smooth tightness of the flesh, the round firm asscheeks. She saw her son’s cock and balls as he stretched his legs out, positioning Candy’s cunt above his straining cock.

She saw her son looking at her as he pushed his prick into Candy’s juicy cunt. As Candy settled upon his cock, and Barbara watched the lips stretch until Lewis’ cock was deeply buried. Then her son clawed at Candy’s ass, pulling the girl’s asscheeks wide. Barbara’s eyes were glassy as she saw the tight pucker of Candy’s pink asshole.

“Fuck me, Candy,” Lewis said, his voice thick with desire. “Let her watch us fuck! Ride my cock, Candy!”

Candy began to squeal with ecstasy as she bounced her ass up and down.

Barbara watched her son’s cock appear and disappear, her own pussy boiling hotly.

“Spread your legs, Mother,” she heard her son say. “You’re watching us fuck, so spread your legs and show me what you’ve got!”

Barbara found herself doing as her son asked.

Sitting back in the wall-hugger, she spread her thighs wide, her skirt stretching. Her eyes glowed; straining to watch Candy’s ass bouncing, her son’s cock thrusting.

“I can’t see, Mother!” Lewis gasped, clinging to Candy’s wiggling asscheeks. “I can’t see a damn thing! Pull your dress up… I want to see your cunt, Mother!”

Barbara pulled her, skirt to her waist, then she lifted her knees and spread them wide. The crotch of her panties were wet from the seeping juices of her cunt, and the curls of her cunt hair stood out from the crotch band. She was moaning softly as she watched them fucking, feeling an intense excitement.

Barbara could not resist a twist of her hips, and then she lifted her ass up, as if offering her cunt to her son. She kept watching as Candy bounced her beautiful, tight ass up and down, listening to the girl’s ecstatic squeals, knowing her son was gazing between her legs at the tightness of her panties. She closed the fingers of one hand on her tit and squeezed.

While Candy plunged her ass up and down on his cock, Lewis kept his eyes on his mother, seeing her dig into her tit, her widely spread knees, the softness of her inner thighs, the crotch of her moist panties. He thrust hard and fast with his cock as Candy came churning down.

“Ooooh, I’m gonna come, Lewis!” Candy wailed, grinding powerfully onto his cock. “Ahhh, you’re gonna have me coming in a minute! Oh, so good… so hard… fuck me!”

Barbara saw her son pull the sweet roundness of Candy’s ass apart, seeing her tight asshole twinkle invitingly. Now Barbara had both hands digging into her tits, her knees thrown wide and her own ass twisting as if she, too, were being fucked.

The excitement gripping Barbara was intense. She thought she would come because her cunt was bubbling so hotly. Having her son stare between her widely spread thighs sent shivers of ecstasy through her, ecstasy as much as watching Candy fuck him. She saw his balls become tight, and she heard his loud grunt.

Candy jiggled her ass tightly.

“I’m coming, Lewis!” Candy yelled, her body shaking, the cheeks of her ass shivering.

Barbara saw her tiny asshole become tighter yet, then it was flexing like a winking eye. Next she saw her son’s cock spasm, and she knew he was shooting come juice into Candy’s cunt.

When Candy slumped across Lewis, gasping, Barbara maintained her exposed position. She felt as if her body had been dipped into scalding water; the urge to come was intense. And Lewis was still looking at her, his mouth open as he panted.

Barbara could not pull her eyes away. Her son’s cock was still inside Candy’s, sweet cunt, his balls looking loose now. Candy’s exquisite ass was fully revealed, and Barbara could see her asshole winking. Her son, his eyes a bit lazy, was gazing at her.

A moment or so later, Candy got off Lewis’ cock and sat next to him. Her cunt was glistening, the lips slightly pouty. She looked at the crotch of Barbara’s panties, her hot eyes moving along the soft inner flesh of her thighs.

Candy’s hips writhed gently.

Barbara did not feel in the least embarrassed. It gave her a goad feeling to be sitting so lewdly, exposed to their hot, young eyes. It had felt so very good to watch them fuck.

There was silence in the room, and after a while Barbara closed her legs and stood up.

She left the room and went into the kitchen. For a moment she leaned there at the sink, gazing at nothing, eyes vacant. She prepared lemonade, poured it into tall glasses filled with ice cubes, then returned. She gave a glass to each, then returned to her walls hugger with a glass in her hand. She sat there her knees primly closed. After they finished with the cooling drink, Candy began to fondle Lewis’ cock again, but her eyes were on Barbara. Those eyes were knowing, Barbara thought. They held an intense, burning, erotic quality to them, yet they retained that innocent look.

Finally her son spoke. “Mother, are you mad?”

Barbara had been watching Candy’s hand move about his cock and balls, caressing and stroking. She lifted her eyes to her son’s face. For a moment she stared at him, then a slow smile spread over her beautiful face. She shook her head. “Why should I be mad, darling?”

“Well, I… you know, Mother.”

“I should be mad because you and Candy fucked?”

She saw her son gulp. Her smile grew wider.

“Of course I’m not mad. I thought that was beautiful. Seeing two young, vibrant teenagers fucking is a turn-on.”

Lewis gazed at his mother, then his eyes became bright. With a laugh he ran his hand underneath Candy’s blouse and openly played with her tits as Candy stroked his cock into hardness once more.

Barbara was excited again, and watching them intensified her excitement. Once more her cunt was throbbing with a steamy heat, her tits swelling. She sat back in the wall-hugger again, spreading her legs. She lifted them, as before, bending at the knees, then letting her knees fall wide apart. She jerked her dress to her waist, and sat there wearing her bikini panties.

Her position seemed to excite both her son and Candy. They began to fondle each other with more urgent hands and fingers. But she noticed they kept their eyes on her, specifically her thighs and the crotch of her panties.

Candy twisted on the couch, her rounded little ass in the air, waggling it almost in Lewis’ face. Her son stared at what was offered to him, his cock thrusting up from his wiry pubic hair with a swollen, dripping head.

Barbara saw her son’s balls twitch as he ran a hand over Candy’s up tilted ass. Then Lewis leaned forward and kissed Candy’s hot asscheeks. Barbara sucked in a delighted gasp of air, once more clutching her swollen tits. This time, however, she opened her dress and, while her son glanced at her, she began to twist and pull at her sensitive nipples.

Lewis got on his knees behind Candy, his cock straight and very hard. Barbara gazed hungrily at his prick. She dug her fingers into her tits as she watched her son press the smooth head of his cock into the eager wetness of Candy’s cunt again. She could see, by their position, the way her son’s cock stretched Candy’s pussy, and the soft sobs of ecstasy that bubbled from Candy came to her ears.

As Lewis began to fuck Candy, he leaned over her back and shoved her blouse up, exposing the girl’s titties. He fondled them as he hunched his cock into Candy’s cunt again. His eyes, however, turned to look at his mother.

Barbara lifted, her hips from the chair and gave a grinding motion, while grinning lewdly at her son.

As he plunged his cock in and out of Candy’s cunt, Lewis’ eyes glazed in passion, his voice was thick as he called to his mother: “Show me your cunt, Mother! Let me see your cunt!”

Without hesitation, Barbara ran a hand to her crotch, hooked a finger into the tight crotch band, then pulled it far to one side. She saw her sons’s eyes burn hotly and heard his gasp of delight as he stared at her pussy for the first time.

Barbara’s cunt was fully exposed to her son’s eyes, and Candy, too, was looking. Barbara’s thick triangle of cunt hair was curly, soft-looking. The lips of her cunt were very puffy, burning with the heat she felt. Her clit, a good quarter-inch long, throbbed with a greedy desire that sent ripples up and down her flesh.

Barbara opened and closed her thighs, watching her son as he plunged his cock into Candy’s cunt.

She began to stroke her clitoris with a fingertip. As the contact sent a jolt of ecstasy through her, Barbara arched her ass higher off the chair and twisted it, rubbing at her hairy cunt as she watched them fuck. The movements of their fucking became more frantic as Barbara exposed her cunt to them, and they increased when she started rubbing her clit. The pleasure built high within Barbara’s body, and suddenly she was plunging her finger in and out of her cunt, finger fucking wildly. The thrusting movements of her son’s cock increased when he saw his mother fucking her hairy cunt with her finger.

Barbara began to coo and sigh and gurgle as her finger ran in and out of her pussy. She could feel the hair-lined lips closing on her finger. She pressed the heel of her hand tightly upon her swollen clit as she dipped her finger in and out. Her ass twisted about lewdly as her eyes glazed with boiling desire.

The heavy excitement of seeing his mother finger fuck as his cock was being seared by the liquid heat of Candy’s cunt caused Lewis to slam hard and deep into the girl’s eager pussy. His body became stiff as he held his crotch tightly against Candy’s shaking asscheeks. A loud yelp came from Lewis as she came.

Hardly had his yelp stopped when Candy began to squeal, her cunt closing in sucking waves about his spewing cock. Barbara, watching those young bodies in orgasm, suddenly erupted into her own. She mewled, the sound increasing as the power of her orgasm clutched her.

When the spasms diminished, Barbara lowered her shivering ass to the chair. Her legs were spread wide and her feet hung over the sides of the chair. Her finger was still hooked in the crotch of her panties, holding it to one side.

“Oh, shit!” Lewis groaned as he pulled his cock free of Candy’s clinging cunt.

He slumped on the couch, his balls looking so precious to Barbara. His cock glistened with the wetness of Candy’s cunt, and Barbara felt the urge to take it into her mouth and suck for a while.

But she remained in the chair, slowly recovering from her orgasm. Never had she come so strongly and so much on her finger.

About fifteen minutes later, Candy pulled her panties on and straightened her clothing. She kissed Lewis, then came to Barbara. She stood at Barbara’s side, then leaned down and kissed her.

Barbara felt Candy’s hot little hand feel her cunt, then Candy went out the door.

Lewis was still sitting on the couch, his cock still gleaming.

Barbara got to her feet, looking at her son’s cock, her tongue moving over her lips.

Before she could obey the hungry impulse to take his cock into her mouth, she started for the hall.

“Mother?” Lewis called in a tired voice.

She stopped, not turning.

“Let me see your ass, Mother.”

For a moment Barbara almost refused, then she lifted her dress in back, holding it at her waist while her son gazed upon her curvy, shapely ass encased in bikini panties. She stood for a long moment, then let her dress drop before moving down the hall to her room.


Candy had wanted to stay with Barbara until Lewis came home that day.

Barbara had been willing, but she had felt that, being alone with Candy for any length of time, she would be unable to keep her hands off the girl.

And she had been right.

Candy had hardly been with her fifteen minutes when Barbara found the girl’s arms around her, hugging tightly, and she was returning the hug. From there it progressed, and Barbara had been unable to resist shoving her mouth into Candy’s succulent cunt. The fact that Candy had wanted it did not excuse what she had done. After all, Candy was her son’s girlfriend. If she had not been, Barbara would not have felt that badly about it.

And, she did not resent her son coming into her roam and deliberately making her jack his cock off, feeling him come aver her tits until her gown had been drenched with the thick juice.

She had deserved it.

Barbara undressed in her bedroom, taking her time and dwelling on what had happened only a few minutes ago.

Barbara was facing the far wall, and she did not see or hear Lewis as he came into her room.

He stood gazing at his mother’s back, his eyes moving up and down her long thighs, the roundness of her creamy ass. Although he had pulled up his cut-offs, his cock began to bulge.

After a moment, Barbara sensed he was there. She looked over her shoulder at him.

They stood looking at one another for a moment, then Barbara tuned and faced her son.

She stood with her hands at her sides, letting him look at her naked body. She did not blush, did not feel embarrassed. Her tits rose out and up, peaked with light-brown nipples that were beginning to tingle under his gaze.

Lewis lowered his eyes to her flat stomach, then to the thick curls of her cunt.

Barbara saw the bulge of his cock against his cut-offs, and her eyes turned hot with desire. Again she licked her lips.

Lewis lifted the frayed edges of his cut-offs, and the head of his cock peeked out at his mother.

“I suppose I can’t stop it,” she said, her voice low and husky, het eyes fixed upon the head of his prick.

“Stop what, Mother?”

“You are going to fuck me, aren’t you, Lewis?”

He nodded.

“I don’t blame you, darling,” Barbara replied. “After what I did with Candy, I suppose I deserve whatever you want to do to me.”

“Like last night?” Lewis asked, lifting the edge of his cut-offs until his cock jutted out completely, one of his balls exposed, too. “Making you jack me off, Mother?”

“You didn’t have to make me jack you off,” she said, running her tongue over her lips. “I would have jacked you off anyway.”

“I thought so,” he said.

“And now you’re going to fuck me, right?”

“That’s right.”


“I want to, Mother,” Lewis said. “I wanted to fuck you last night, but was afraid. But I’m not now. You let me see your cunt while I fucked Candy, and you’re letting me see you naked now. I guess that means we can fuck.”

Barbara lifted her eyes from his cock and stared at her son. She moistened her lips again, then said in a whisper: “If you’re determined to fuck me, then I suggest we do it naked. No clothes, Lewis.”

Lewis fumbled with his cut-offs, and they fell to his feet. Naked, with his cock thrusting forward, he came toward her.

Barbara lifted her arms to her son and pursed her lips. She closed her arms around his neck as he wrapped his around her waist. As their lips met, she felt his cock poking against her lower stomach. There was a hot wetness on her flesh, and she squirmed her hairy cunt against him.

Feeling her son’s hands slip to her ass, she wiggled into his palms, moaning against his mouth. His cock slipped between her thighs, and feeling it throb, she squeezed her legs about it. She could feel his hot hardness against the lips of her cunt, and she began to slide her hips back and forth, rubbing her cunt lips against the shaft of his cock. She felt his hands tighten on the cheeks of her naked ass, and his tongue slipped into her mouth.

“Ooooh, darling,” Barbara cooed. She sucked at his tongue, excited that her tits were smashing against his smooth chest, her nipples rigid. “Oh, baby! Lewis, honey… let’s oh, please!”

She pulled at him as she stepped back. Her knees hit the bed, and she sprawled onto her back.

Barbara gazed with burning eyes up at her son, spreading her legs wide and holding her arms out to him. The lips of her cunt throbbed for his cock, her tits swelling up tightly.

“Fuck me,” she groaned. “Oh, Lewis… fuck me! Please, darling, fuck me! Mother is so… Mother wants… oh, baby, give me your hard cock!”

Lewis fell across his mother, his cock thrusting into her cunt without guidance. Barbara, feeling the stretching of her cunt lips around his hard cock, gurgled hotly and pulled him against her tits again. She ran her hands down his back and clawed at his bunching asscheeks, drawing her knees up and back.

She felt his balls slapping against her ass when he started thrusting into her pussy. She dug her fingers into his ass, churning her own up and down in a frantic motion, fucking her son with jerky, ecstatic thrusts of her cunt.

She was amazed at the depth of his penetration, thinking it was deeper than a cock had ever gone into her cunt. It seemed as if her hairy, hot pussy lips were stretched like a rubber band around his cock, and her cunt was being rubbed and smashed and scraped and tickled all at the same time.

Lewis reached for his mother’s uplifted ass and clung to the naked cheeks as she thrashed wildly beneath him. She gurgled with hot ecstasy when she felt one of his fingers brush the tightness of her asshole. She flung her cunt up and ground in a frenzy at his ramming cock.

Within short moments, Barbara was coming.

She was squealing loudly as her cunt flexed and contracted around her son’s hard, throbbing, sweet cock. The spasms caused her cunt to suck and nibble at his prick. She shoved one hand lower on his humping ass and captured his bouncing balls. She tugged at them, twisting them in her excited frenzy, making Lewis groan with delight.

“Ooooh, you’re making me come, Lewis!”

Barbara groaned in a thick voice. “Oh, God, baby! You’re making Mother come! Oh, am I ever coming! Fuck me! Oh, Lewis, fuck Mother’s hot, wet cunt!”

Barbara’s pussy was burning, flames licking at it and searing her flesh. The heat increased until it was consuming her. She slammed her cunt up and down harshly, loving the way his hips churned into her crotch. The puffy, sensitive lips of her cunt were being smashed and bruised, as well as her tender, inflamed clitoris.

But Barbara loved it all. She wanted her son to hurt her, to smash her cunt and make it melt. Through the power of her orgasms, Barbara still felt the hard throbs of her son’s cock.

She didn’t know how many times she came, but even when the convulsions stopped, her son continued fucking strongly into her fiery cunt. She grunted and clung to him, her knees drawn to her shoulders, her cunt lifted high. Lewis was almost standing up as he fucked into her gripping cunt, grunting loudly.

“Ooooh, I’m going to come… again!” Barbara wailed in surprise. “Oh, yes, darling! Fuck me… fuck my cunt! I’m coming again and again and again! Fuck Mother’s hot pussy, Mother’s twat, Mother’s cunt, Mother’s snatch! Ooooh, feed my cunt that hard, sweet cock!”

Her naked body shook with the violence of her orgasms. She was coming more than she ever had in her life, and it was all due to that enormous, beautiful, hard cock of her son’s.

She became weak from the shattering orgasms, and she could no longer hold her ass up. She straightened her thighs alongside his hips, closing them against his.

Barbara, unable to keep up her grinding, lurching motions, lay still, shaking. And her son continued to thrust his cock into her clinging cunt. She was being scooted along the bed by the frenzy of his fucking, and she didn’t care. Her head banged into the headboard, then it was hanging over the edge, and her son rammed his cock in and out. She was almost ready to fall over the side of the bed when her son finally came.

The splashing of his come juice, spurting rapidly into her cunt, sent Barbara into one last orgasm. By this time she was so weak that she could not fully respond. The best she could manage was a weak wiggle of her hips.

She lay sprawled, her head hanging over the side of the bed, legs wide, unable to move.

Lewis sat up, looking upon his mother’s naked body, the quivering of her hairy cunt lips. He gasped with exhaustion.

After a while Barbara sat up, leaning against the headboard and grinning at him.

She drew her knees up, resting her chin on them, waiting for him to say something. She felt quite comfortable, being naked with him. Even his cock, looking wilted and exhausted at the moment, was the most beautiful sight in the world to her. His prick glistened wetly, and she thought how it had fucked Candy and now her, and in a matter of an hour at most.

“I would think you would be tired after Candy,” she murmured. “But, my God, darling…”

“You’re some fuck, Mother,” he grinned. “You almost wore my cock out. I thought your cunt was going to set my cock on fire, really.”

“Am I that good, baby?”

“Better than good, Mother,” he replied.

“I’ve never come so much in my life,” Barbara said. “I thought I’d never stop.”

“I felt it, Mother. Your cunt squeezes harder than Candy’s. I wasn’t sure if I would have a cock left by the time I came.”

Barbara giggled childishly and ran a finger down the back of her thigh, probing at her slightly sore cunt. “I’m full of come juice. I was sure you had no more left after fucking Candy twice. But you sure filled my pussy with juice.”

Lewis leaned forward and lapped her tit, sucking her nipple into his mouth. Barbara whimpered and held his face tightly against her tit, feeling his tongue twirl around the nipple. He moved his mouth to her other tit as she straightened her legs.

Barbara looked down at her son, seeing him suck her nipples, trying to pull more of her spongy tit into his mouth. Shoving her hand down his body, she felt his cock and balls, cupping them in her palm as he sucked her nipples, sliding his tongue along the smooth, creamy flesh from one to the other.

“If you keep sucking my tits,” she whispered, “you’re going to have to do something with my cunt, too.”

Lewis lifted his mouth, looking up into her face. Barbara leaned down and kissed him. She caressed his wet cock and loose balls gently.

With her lips close to his, she said in a soft voice: “I don’t think I can come again, and I bet you can’t either, but right now it doesn’t matter. Lean back, darling.”

He looked questioningly at her.

“Go on, lean back. Or better still, lie back and rein.”

Lewis sprawled on his back, looking up at his mother. Barbara smiled affectionately at him, still caressing his cock and balls.

“You know I licked Candy’s cunt,” she said in a low voice. “I’ve never done that in my life. Well, I’m not a cunt-licker, darling. Not really. But Candy is Candy as you know. Yes, I sucked her cunt and made her come. But your mother is also a…” she took a deep breath, “your mother also loves to suck cock, Lewis.”

A grin spread over his face. “So does Candy, Mother.”

“I suspected that,” Barbara replied, stroking his cock with a warm hand. “I suspect Candy is ready to do anything with a cock.”

She looked at his prick, wiggling it back and forth. Taking his balls in her hand, she twisted them gently. Leaning down over him, she kissed his balls, then the moist shaft of her son’s cock. Turning her head, she looked up at his face, seeing the expectancy there, the anticipation of having his cock inside her mouth.

Barbara ran her tongue up and down her son’s cock, tasting the juices of her cunt there, and maybe even Candy’s pussy. There was a lingering taste of came juice, too. She licked the flat surface of her tongue from his balls to the tip of his prick, then down again. She flicked the tip of her tongue beneath his balls, then at his thighs. She pressed her nose into his balls and reached with her tongue until it almost touched his asshole, dragging it up. She swirled her tongue against his balls, then along his cock once more. When she reached the head of his cock, she pulled it between her lips.

Lewis groaned with pleasure and Barbara made a soft sobbing sound of delight. The feel of her son’s cock between her lips caused Barbara’s naked body to shiver. It tasted so very good. Her lips writhed at the base of his prick, feeling the hairs against her nose. As she began to suck on his cock, she ran her hands up and down his hips, between his thighs and dragged a fingertip lightly along the crack of his ass.

Lewis groaned and arched his hips up. He had one hand resting on the back of his mother’s head, gazing at her mouth as she sucked up and down on his cock.

Barbara felt her son’s cock swelling between her lips, and with a gurgle of pleasure, she sucked a bit more vigorously.

“Mmmmm!” she whimpered about his growing cock.

“Oh, Mother!” Lewis moaned.

His cock continued to swell, and then it was hard again. The heat of her son’s cock, the throbbing of it, the intensity of his hardness, sent a ripple of triumph through Barbara’s naked body. He had fucked Candy twice and then her once, and she was sure he would not be able to achieve a hard-on so readily. But he had, and it was due to her cock sucking skill, she felt.

She leaned over him with her mouth moving up and down, her eyes open but so glazed that she saw nothing. All her sensations were centered in her mouth and her lips and tongue. Her lips, stretching around her son’s cock, tingled and her tongue had never tasted anything so good before. She dived down on his cock with a gurgle, feeling the swollen head of his prick prodding her constricted throat.

She writhed her lips down, then she sobbed with delight when her son’s swollen cock head entered her throat. She pressed her mouth down tightly on the base of his cock, holding his prick deep in her throat. She let her throat work on the sweetness of his cock head, then she drew her hot, wet lips upward, making a moaning sound of pure, sweet ecstasy.

“Oh, Mother!” Lewis groaned. “Your mouth is so hot, so fucking hot! Mother, suck me! Suck my cock! Take it deep in your throat! Lick it with your tongue! Ahhhhhh, Mother… suck my cock!”

The words of her son were like music to her, and she devoured his cock. Her lips scraped up and down the thick, long shaft swiftly. Her tongue swirled and licked as her cheeks sank in to create a strong suction. Her son’s cock tasted so good, so very good, to her. It had been years since she had sucked a cock, but she remembered each cock that had been inside her mouth. Her son’s cock was the sweetest of them all.

When she felt his cock increase with throbbing, she dived her face up and down quickly, rapidly jerking with her lips. She went up and down on his cock in such a hungry way that Lewis was almost growling with ecstasy, his hips lifted high from the bed. She shot one hand under his ass, holding his asscheek as she clutched his balls with the other. She sucked wetly and noisily.

The gush of hot, thick come juice coming out of his piss hole and coating her tongue sent Barbara into a frenzy of cock sucking ecstasy.

As her throat worked to swallow that sweet come juice, her lips clung tightly as her tongue lapped the spewing piss hole. Her eyes rolled about, and she made wet swallowing sounds as he spurted into her mouth.

As he finished, she clung to him, making sure she would not miss a delicious drop of his come juice. Then she released her son’s cock and laughed.

“I didn’t think you’d come again, darling.”

“I couldn’t help it, Mother,” he said. “You suck so fucking good!”

“I bye it,” she said, sprawling out next to him. “That’s what makes me a good cocksucker, loving that sweet come juice going dawn my throat.”

She placed an arm over his chest and a warm thigh over his cock and balls.

Soon they were both asleep.


“You kinda liked watching us, didn’t you?” Candy asked as she sat across from Barbara.

It was the next day, and Barbara was still glowing from spending the night with her son. She had wanted him to stay with her that morning, but he had football practice and she reluctantly watched him leave.

“Yes, I did,” she admitted.

“I sorta thought you would.” Candy sat with her knees apart, and Barbara could peer underneath her skirt. “We’re two of a kind, Barbara.”

“I agree with you,” Barbara replied. “But I would not have thought so a few days ago.”

“I can tell about a woman,” Candy said. “There’s something about a hot woman. You can see it in the eyes most of the time.”

“Like yours,” Barbara laughed softly. “You have the hottest eyes I’ve ever seen, even on a grown woman.”

“I know,” Candy laughed. “All the guys see it, but I just want Lewis… for now.”

Barbara examined the girl closely. She was sure that, if the opportunity presented itself, Candy would fuck the whole football team, and she would do it enthusiastically.

“You know what the guys say about you?” Candy asked.

“Nothing good, I’m sure.”

“Oh, it is!” Candy enthused. “The guys all think you’re beautiful; I’ve listened to them, talk when they don’t know I’m there. Everyone thinks you have a hot ass, and they’d all like to fuck you.”

Barbara laughed, somewhat nervously. It was good for her ego to know that a gang of young boys would love to fuck her. It reminded her somewhat of her young days. It was good to know that she still had the beauty, the body, to turn a teenager on.

She drew a mental picture, a picture of her sprawled out on the long bench in a locker room, the boys all taking turns fucking her, giving her a real gang-bang. A shiver went up her spine at the thought of taking one hard cock after another into her cunt. It would be very nice, simply delicious, to fuck them one after the other, make those young cocks squirt until she was literally rolling in come juice. But it would never happen, she knew.

Candy drew one knee up, hooking her heel on the seat of the chair. Barbara gazed at the exposure, seeing that tight crotch bulging with what she knew was the sweetest cunt in town. Her mouth watered up and she licked at her lips.

“Wanna suck my cunt?” Candy asked, her voice a mixture of lewdness and a hint of shyness. “Do you wanna suck my cunt again, Barbara?”

Barbara lifted her eyes to Candy’s. “Don’t you ever do anything in return, honey?”

Candy shook her head. “Why should I? Guys love to fuck me and I know girls would enjoy licking my cunt. I don’t have to do anything to them they’ll do it to me.”

“But haven’t you wanted to run your tongue up a nice wet pussy, Candy? Lewis told me you’ve sucked his cock, so I know you’ll do things with a boy. Why not with me?”

Candy shook her head again.

“You can’t expect to have another girl lick you and not be licked, too. That’s selfish, honey.”

“Would you like a girl to lick your pussy, Barbara?”

Barbara nodded. “I’d like it very much if you did.”

“I don’t suck pussy… just cocks,” Candy said.

“Then there’s no reason for me to, is there?” Barbara replied.

“You still want to eat me, though.”

Barbara was amazed at Candy’s perception. It was fantastic that she could see the yearning desire in her eyes, on her face. All she had to do was flash a bit of panties, or those slender thighs, and Barbara did indeed want to thrust her tongue into Candy’s sugary cunt. Even now Barbara’s cunt was pulsating with heat, wanting to kiss and lick on the girl’s sweet pussy, despite Candy not returning the favor.

“Yes, you’re right,” she said. “I do want to eat you, Candy.”

Candy immediately jumped to her feet. “Let’s go to your bedroom. We can be comfortable there.”

“Suppose Lewis catches us again?” Barbara asked.

“Does it matter? He caught us once, didn’t he?”

The desire to feel that hot cunt closing about her tongue again was too strong for Barbara to resist. She got to her feet and took Candy’s hand, and they went to her room. Wrapping her arms around Candy, she pulled her tight and kissed those moist, pouty lips. Candy mewled with pleasure and pressed her lower body against Barbara’s. Barbara felt the moist tongue sliding between her lips and, with a moan, she clutched the small cheeks of Candy’s ass.

“I’m gonna be naked this time,” Candy said in a low voice as she pulled away. “Why don’t you take your clothes off, too? I like, to look at a woman.”

They stripped. Candy was not as tall as Barbara, but her body was perfect. There was not a blemish anywhere on that satiny, creamy flesh. Her small tits would fit into the palms of Barbara’s hands. Her waist was very small, her hips rounded. Her thighs were flawless. The tangle of her coppery cunt hair was glossy with auburn highlights. Pink nipples rose saucily from her spongy tits.

Candy crawled onto the bed and spread her legs, waiting for Barbara.

“Do it to me on your hands and knees,” Candy said. “That way, if I wanna touch you I can.”

Barbara lay down beside the girl, her head toward Candy’s feet. Candy turned slightly, and Barbara gazed at the succulent cunt that was already moist and pulsating. She drew her finger up and down the cunt slit, feeling the wet heat, tickling the tiny clitoris. She lifted her knee, her hairy cunt showing.

Barbara hoped that by exposing ha cunt Candy would kiss it, but all the girl did was caress up and down her thigh, but never her pussy.

Barbara ran her tongue along the smooth thigh of the girl, tasting the sweetness. As she licked and kissed the creamy flesh, her hands moved, feeling all over the tight roundness of Candy’s ass, up and down her thighs, down to stroke those perky tits rand rigid pink nipples.

Barbara gave Candy’s moist cunt a quick kiss. Then she dragged her tongue up through the silky cunt hair, darted it about the girl’s dimpled belly button. Licking her way up to a firm tit, she stroked Candy’s cunt lightly.

Candy began to squeal softly as Barbara closed her wet lips on a hard nipple. Sucking on Candy’s tit, Barbara felt the girl fondling one of hers, twisting and pinching her rubbery nipple. She was hoping Candy, would become excited, enough to at least touch her pussy, perhaps finger fuck her, as she sucked her cunt.

Barbara sucked both tits. She found Candy’s tits as sweet as her young cunt, and as the urgency grew inside her, Barbara began to kiss and lick her way back to Candy’s fuzzy cunt.

Again she plunged her face into Candy’s crotch. She wrapped hey arms around Candy’s hips and cupped her ass, drawing the girl’s seeping cunt tight into her open mouth. Her tongue darted, squirming between those hot, wet pussy lips and going deep.

Candy squealed and began to grind her cunt into Barbara’s mouth, clutching at her head with one hand, the fingers of her other hand digging into Barbara’s thigh. Barbara plunged her tongue in and out of the girl’s tasty pussy, then she drew the girl’s, throbbing clitoris between her teeth and sucked hard. Candy giggled as she pounded her cunt against Barbara’s face.

“Eat me,” Candy urged. “Eat my hot cunt, Barbara! You love my pussy, don’t you! You just love to suck my cunt! You love to tongue fuck my pussy, Barbara. Ohhh, eat me, eat me like Lewis eats me!”

Barbara was steaming with desire for this young girl, and she was sucking and fucking with her tongue, groaning in ecstasy.

Barbara rolled onto her back, and Candy was pounding her pussy furiously on her face, rubbing her cunt against her face. She was almost sitting on Barbara’s face, and Barbara felt Candy’s hands squeezing her tits. She found her tongue racing about the girl’s wet cunt slit, then she licked the girl’s puckering asshole a number of times.

At this moment Barbara would have sucked Candy’s asshole, fucked it with her tongue, as long as she could gobble on the girl’s sugary cunt. She clutched at Candy’s wiggling hips, trying to draw that cunt tighter against her face. Her tongue, far out of her mouth, seemed to be licking everywhere in Candy’s bouncing, twisting crotch. Sometimes it was near the girl’s rigid clit, sometimes in her cunt and sometimes licking the pussy lips, and as often as not, Barbara found herself licking Candy’s asshole, too.

She enjoyed the way Candy was pulling at her nipples and tits. And she enjoyed the way Candy wiggled her cunt against her face and mouth.

“Cunt-licker!” Candy wailed. “Fucking hot-assed cunt-sucker! Hot fuck shit piss whore! Eat my cunt, you fucking bitch! Eat my pussy, you cunt! Cunt… cunt! You’re a cunt, Barbara, and I’m gonna call you cunt face from now on because that’s where you always have it… in my cunt!”

The words began to come through to Barbara. She paused, wanting to say something, but Candy squirmed her cunt down tight against her mouth.

“Eat my cunt, you fucking bitch!” she screamed, her fingers clawing at Barbara’s tits. “You cunt-face son-fucker… suck my pussy! Shit piss whore, suck me!”

Barbara dropped her hands from Candy’s hips and placed them on the rounded, spreading cheeks of Candy’s ass. She gave a shove, and Candy sprawled to one side.

“What are you doing, bitch!” Candy snarled. “You’re supposed to eat my cunt!”

Barbara lifted up on one elbow, looking at Candy’s face, no longer seeing the exquisite beauty but sheer cruelty.

“What are you saying, Candy?”

“Goddamn you cunt-face,” Candy said, trying to swing her leg over Barbara’s head. “Stick your fucking cunt-face back into my pussy and suck it! You’re nothing but a cunt face whore that sucks pussy and fucks her son! Eat me, you bitch cunt-face!”

Barbara sat up, staring with puzzled eyes at Candy. She shook her head. “No, I think that’s enough.”

Candy grabbed Barbara by her tits, her fingers digging painfully into the tender flesh. “You’re gonna suck my cunt, damn you! You got me all hot and now you’re gonna tongue fuck me until I come! Get your cunt-face where it belongs… between my legs, whore!”

Barbara worked Candy’s curled fingers free of her tits, scooted to the head of the bed and stared at Candy.

“I think you better go, Candy,” she said.

“Fuck you, cunt-face!”

Barbara could hardly recognize Candy. She was no longer the sweet, innocent girl of before. Somehow, Candy had changed into a growling, evil, nasty beast… a snarling, sadistic girl.

Lust glowed in Candy’s eyes, but there was something else, too. It was perverted, whatever it was. It was not pure passion, the love to fuck and suck, but a burning desire to hurt and destroy.

Why would she want to destroy me? Barbara wondered. I’ve done nothing to her. My son hasn’t hurt her in any way. Why has she turned on me?

As quickly as she had done before, Candy changed again. Her face softened, her eyes melting. She lifted her knees, spreading them wide and arching her hips forward. With a becoming smile on her face, Candy framed her cunt with both hands, caressing slowly the lips of her cunt.

“You like me, Barbara,” Candy whispered softly. “You love my cunt, don’t you? Kiss my pretty cunt, Barbara. You know I didn’t mean it. I was mad, that’s all. Come on, Barbara, eat me, please.”

Barbara was unable to take her eyes from that cunt. She was tempted to put her mouth back onto that pussy, but she fought the impulse. Candy was a troubled girl. There was something wrong.

Candy was working a finger slowly in and out of her cunt, and the glistening moisture on it called out for Barbara, but Barbara didn’t move.

“Oh, kiss my pretty cunt, Barbara,” Candy whined softly. “You like my pussy, Barbara. You love to taste my cunt. Please, suck my cunt, Barbara.”

As if she were mesmerized, Barbara cringed as the girl began to move toward her. She could not take her eyes away from the coppery-haired cunt, watching those sweet pussy lips cling to the girl’s darting finger.

Candy moved slowly on her knees toward Barbara, very slowly, her hips swaying. Her tight little tits rose and fell as the girl breathed.

Candy was close now.

Barbara did not resist when Candy caught her wrist and brought her hand between her slim thighs, placing her palm against the heat of her moist cunt. Barbara felt the wetness in her hand, the puffiness of those cunt lips. Candy moved her wrist, making Barbara’s palm slide back and forth on her bubbling pussy.

“Is my cunt hot and wet, Barbara?” Candy whispered in a low, almost hypnotic voice. “Don’t you love my wet, hot, young cunt, Barbara? You like to tongue fuck my tight cunt, don’t you, Barbara? Give my pussy a nice kiss!”

Barbara jerked her hand away from the girl’s boiling cunt.

Immediately Candy began to snarl and shout in anger once more.

“Cunt-face whore!” she screamed. “You’re gonna suck my fucking cunt whether you want to or not! Shove your cunt-face mouth up my pussy, whore!”

Candy tried to grab Barbara’s head and lower it, but Barbara freed herself. She held Candy’s arms, seeing the crazy anger in the flashing eyes.

“You will go, Candy,” Barbara said firmly. “I want you out of my house and away from my son, do you hear me? You are no longer welcome here.”

Candy struggled, spitting and screaming that Barbara was a cunt-face, a son-fucker. In the struggle, Barbara found herself straddling the girl, holding her arms above her head. Candy’s eyes blazed up at her. Barbara felt the soft, creamy flesh of the girl’s stomach twisting against her cunt, and the idea came to her then.

“You’ve never sucked a cunt, have you, Candy?” she asked, her voice harsh with anger now. “You don’t eat pussy, do you? You want it all done to you, don’t you? You selfish little bitch!”

Barbara scooted her crotch up. She felt one small, firm tit against her inner thigh, then the nipple of Candy’s tit rubbed against her cunt. For a moment Barbara wiggled her wet cunt against Candy’s spongy tit, feeling the pink nipple slip between the wet lips of her cunt. She rubbed against the girl’s tit, with Candy screaming and protesting all the time.

Barbara scooted her bushy cunt higher, and when Candy realized her intentions, she twisted and squirmed with renewed power.

“I won’t!” Candy screamed. “I won’t, Barbara! I’m not gonna do it! You can’t make me do it! Don’t you dare put your cunt in my face! I’ll bite it, Barbara!”

“And I’ll slap the shit out of you if you bite,” Barbara said.

She pressed her wet, hairy cunt against. Candy’s face, rubbing back and forth. Candy fought and struggled as Barbara twisted and rubbed, smearing the girl’s face with the juices of her hairy pussy. She felt the girl’s nose scrape over her clitoris, and although Candy kept her lips pressed tightly, she could feel the girl’s mouth with her sensitive cunt.

Finally Candy stopped struggling. She lay limp, not moving at all.

Barbara kept her hairy cunt moving on the girl’s face, rubbing her cunt against her chin and lips, feeling herself grow hot and tingly. Barbara cupped her tits, squeezing and twisting at her nipples. Her hips moved, pressing and grinding her cunt into Candy’s face as she lay passive, her eyes open and gazing up past the thick curls of Barbara’s cunt.

Barbara felt an orgasm boiling, and she began to rub and grind faster against Candy’s closed mouth. Yet, as she came, Barbara kept a watchful eye on the girl, no longer trusting her.

When she finished with her orgasm, Barbara lifted from Candy’s face. Candy’s face glistened wetly as she stood at the side of the bed.

“You can go now, Candy,” Barbara said, no longer feeling anger, but pity for the girl.

Barbara watched as Candy dressed, still waiting for another explosion from her. But Candy dressed in silence. Barbara knew there was something wrong with Candy now, and as much as that sweet body appealed to her, she could no longer relent.

What would Lewis say? she wondered. She would have to tell him about Candy. But what could she tell him?

Lewis would just have to understand, she felt.


Barbara didn’t know what to say to her son.

Lewis was totally infatuated with Candy, despite the fucking he was getting from his mother. Pussy alone was not enough to keep a man, Barbara knew. Yet she had no desire or intent of keeping her son exclusively to herself. She knew he was young, had a lot to live for.

But she had to open his eyes to Candy. The girl was dangerous, Barbara felt.

How could she tell him?

The only way she knew was to be blunt and truthful.

She was unable to tell him that day.

When Lewis came home, he was tired and sweaty. After a shower, he went directly to bed and did not wake up even for dinner. Barbara checked on him frequently, standing beside his bed and looking at his face. Her eyes stayed to his cock and balls, and since he was sprawled out there nakedly, they were completely exposed. She loved that cock, those precious balls.

As she stood looking at him, she saw his cock stir. It began to swell into hardness, and his face told her he was enjoying a very good dream. She hoped it was about her and not Candy.

His cock came up stiff and hard, pointing toward the ceiling. She could not resist touching it, feeling it. Dropping to her knees at the side of his bed, she closed her fingers lightly around his prick, feeling the throbbing hardness of it, the exciting pulsations.

She held her son’s cock, gazing at the swollen head, watching the pre-cum seep from his piss hole. Moving her other hand to his balls, she hefted them. They were heavy balls, and Barbara preferred large, heavy balls on a man. Lewis’ balls felt so good in her palm, with his cock throbbing in her other hand.

She began to stroke him, gliding her fist up and down slowly, enjoying the feel of his cock as he lay sleeping. Although it was unnecessary, she fondled his prick lightly so he would not wake up. He needed this rest, she felt.

She felt her cunt become warm, then hot. Her clitoris was pulsating, her hair-rimmed cunt lips swelling. She was very wet, and the insides of her creamy thighs were now slippery. She wanted to finger fuck her cunt as she stroked his cock, but that would mean turning loose of his sweet, precious balls.

Squeezing his cock slowly, she watched the pre-cum bead on his piss hole. The more she squeezed, the larger the head of his cock became, the piss hole flaring. Barbara could not resist licking the fluids away. She ran her tongue tip lightly across his piss hole, tasting the juices. Again she licked, drawing more liquid onto her tongue. When her tongue was slippery with it, she drew it back into her mouth and ran it about her teeth.

Lewis remained asleep.

Cradling his balls, she leaned over and kissed them, feeling the few hairs tickle her lips. Sliding her lips up and down the base of his cock, she kept her hand moving, her breathing increasing. She wanted to take his cock into her mouth, to feel that delicious hardness between her lips.

Slithering her tongue out, she ran it up and down her son’s cock, feeling the heat of it. She brushed his balls against her cheek, moaning softly with delight.

Her tongue swirled over that smooth, swollen head of her son’s prick. The flesh of his cock was like satin on her tongue, and she pursed her lips and kissed the very tip of his cock, then brushed them back and forth on his wet piss hole.

With a sob of delight, Barbara closed her lips on the head of his cock, holding it just behind the ridge.

The heat of his prick filled her mouth. She scraped her tongue very lightly across the dripping piss hole once more.

I’ll help him with his dream, she thought. I’ll suck his cock and hope he’s dreaming about me, my cunt, my tits, my ass… and not Candy’s.

Barbara slipped her lips downward, moaning softly as she stuffed her mouth with his cock. The more she took, the harder and thicker it felt. When her lips pressed into the wiry hairs at the base, she held him for a long time. The head of his cock had slipped into her throat, and she worked the muscles there, writhing her lips.

She held his balls against her cheek for a moment or so, then sucked upwards. She wanted to suck fast and hotly, frantically, but she didn’t want to wake him either. She sucked up and down slowly, but with tight, wet lips, her tongue moving in feathery touches.

Lewis moaned, wiggling his hips. Barbara glanced up at his face, his cock half inside her mouth. She wished he would wake up. She wanted him to grab her head and plunge his cock in and out of her mouth, fuck her mouth as if it were her cunt.

Lewis remained asleep.

Barbara gurgled softly as she sucked up and dawn her son’s cock. As much as she enjoyed his cock in her throat, she loved to suck up and down on it too. Sometimes she wanted to just hold that deliciously smooth cock head between her lips and roll her tongue over it. Sometimes she wanted to jack on the throbbing shaft of his prick as she sucked the head.

As she drew her lips up his prick, she held them as tight as she could, creating a hot, wet suction as her tongue dragged over it. She was thrilled to feel his swollen cock against the roof of her mouth, with her tongue pressing against it. She continued to hold his balls, very gently twisting them.

When she felt the throbs of his cock increase, she also felt her son’s hand on the back of her head. She glanced up at him and saw he was grinning at her. Barbara flashed her eyes at him, then started sucking hungrily now.

She raced her mouth up and down his cock, her tongue lapping. She twisted at his balls, her eyes still glowing hotly up at his smiling face. Her hair swirled around his hips as she mewled in happiness.

Her son’s cock bubbled with pre-cum.

Then the spewing of his thick, sweet come juice flooded her wet, hungry mouth. Barbara wailed softly around his cock as he came into it. Her lips jerked up until she held only the swollen head between them, sucking at his piss hole as her tongue licked in a frenzy. Her slim throat worked as she swallowed. She continued to lick at his piss hole even when he had stopped gushing, then she finally slipped her lips off it. She kissed his cock, flicked the tip of her tongue against his balls, then sat back on her heels at the side of his bed.

“Thank you, Mother,” he said sleepily.

“You’re welcome, darling,” she replied.

Lewis tuned his back toward her, going back to sleep. Barbara sat there for a while, looking at his young, muscular ass. She cupped one of his asscheeks and gave him a gentle squeeze, then stood up. Her cunt was still burning hotly and she wanted desperately to come.

She walked from his room and waited for Lewis to wake up, wanting his cock up her cunt almost desperately.

But he slept and slept.

Finally it was time for her to go to bed, too.

She slipped beneath the cool sheets and tried to find a comfortable position. Barbara rubbed and petted and probed her pussy, bringing herself to orgasm before she could sleep.

The following morning, Barbara woke up late.

And Lewis was gone.

She bathed and dressed, pulling on a thin blouse and a checkered skirt. She found coffee already made, and she sat drinking it alone at the kitchen table. She still had to talk to Lewis about Candy, and she had not yet come up with some argument that he would understand.

Later, she left the house and walked, thinking. She was so deep in thought that she was not aware of where she was going. She was not even aware of anyone around her.

She heard the whimpers before she saw them.

There, in a car parked at the curb, was Candy. And Candy was not with Lewis. Although it was late afternoon, with the hot sun shining, Candy was straddling a boy in the front seat of the car, her ass bouncing up and dawn.

Although she could not see Candy’s face, Barbara recognized that long, coppery hair. The boy had his eyes closed with ecstasy, and Barbara managed to stand there watching without being detected. The boy she knew.

George Adams was a good friend of her son’s, a boy who had been in their home often.

She leaned and peered inside the car. George had his pants on, and his cock was out of his fly. Candy’s dress covered them, but there was no doubt that she was fucking him eagerly.

Barbara noticed that George was not even holding Candy’s ass, his hands were at his hips.

She’s fucking the piss out of him, Barbara thought. All he has to do is sit there and let her cunt fuck his hard cock. And Candy’s cunt was certainly doing that. The squeals of the girl came to Barbara, as did George’s grunts.

Wanting to stand and watch, Barbara knew she could not. She didn’t want Candy to see her. Here was more evidence to present to her son.

Barbara knew Lewis thought he was the only one fucking Candy, that she was his exclusive girlfriend.

No, she did not blame George.

When she arrived home, she found her son was there.

After closing the door, she went quickly to him and threw her arms around his neck, hugging him hotly as she pressed her lips against his. Lewis, surprised but delighted with such a hot greeting, grabbed his mother’s ass and pressed his crotch against hers tightly.

Barbara moaned and wiggled against him.

“Mmmm, you taste good,” she whispered, leaning back but keeping her crotch tight against his. She writhed her ass into his hands. “And what have we down there? Think I feel a hard-on, Lewis.”

“That is a hard-on, Mother,” he grinned. “I’ve been sitting here waiting for you to come home.”

“Where’ve you been?” she asked, grinding against his hard cock.

“I was supposed to meet Candy, but she didn’t show [missing text].”

Barbara envisioned Candy grinding and bouncing her ass up and down on George’s cock. But now was not the time to talk to Lewis. With his cock so hard, it was time to fuck him, then talk later.

She scooted a hand between them, gripping his cock through his pants and squeezing it. When Lewis lifted her skirt in back, he found himself cupping a naked asscheek.

He looked at his mother, his eyes shining. “Since when did you stop wearing panties, Mother?”

“Since I thought it would surprise you.” She giggled, twisting her ass into his hands. “Like it this way?”

“I think it’s great.”

She fumbled with the zipper of his pants, then sneaked her hand inside. She closed her fingers on his cock and pulled it out. She pumped his prick a bit, kissing him as her cunt boiled with heat.

“You’re going to have to suck my cock again when I’m asleep, Mother,” he said. “I like waking up that way.”

“You didn’t stay awake, damn you.” She laughed to show she was not angry. “You went back to sleep and I was sp fucking hot, I had to finger fuck myself. You know, I haven’t fucked my fingers for a long time.”

“You won’t have to ever again,” he promised. “From now on, you just climb on and fuck away, Mother.”

“I intend to, and you can damn well stay asleep and miss the fun,” she replied. “But you’re not asleep now, and I’ve got something very hard in my hand, and there’s something very wet and hot between my legs.”

“And hairy, too,” he laughed, rubbing the sensitive lips of her cunt. “Yes, I’d say it was quite hairy.”

“We better do something about them, don’t you think, darling?” she murmured, pulling on his cock.

She released him, then dropped to the floor, going to her hands and knees. She waggled her ass as she looked at him over her shoulder.

“Shove my skirt out of the way and fuck it, baby!”

Lewis dropped behind his mother and shoved her skirt up to her waist. Barbara wiggled her naked ass for him, gasping when he ran his hands over the creamy cheeks of her ass. She lowered her head and looked between, her thighs, seeing his cock jut out in beautiful hardness.

“Drop your fucking pants, Lewis!”

His hands left her ass for a moment, then she saw his heavy balls. A soft squeal of surprise came from her. “What are you doing?”

“Just seeing what your asshole feels like, Mother,” he said.

She felt him brushing the head of his cock on her asshole, smearing dripping fluids on her asscheeks. The sensations of his cock there felt good, making her tingle in perverse delight. She did not protest when he began to move the head of his cock back and forth on the tightness of her puckered asshole. The pressure felt good to her, very good. But it was her cunt that needed that thick hardness, not her asshole.

“Fuck me, Lewis,” she pleaded. “Oh, please, darling… fuck me! I’ve been so damned hot for your cock since last night! Fuck my pussy, darling!”

Lewis lowered his cock, and as he pressed it into his mother’s bubbling cunt, she moaned and lay her cheek on the carpet, her ass lifted high into the air for him.

She groaned as he gripped her hips and began to push and pull her ass back and forth while he held his hips still. The moist sounds that her cunt and his cock made came to her, and her gasps of pleasure turned to sobs of ecstasy. She turned her head so she could look between her thighs, watching his heavy balls swing to and fro as he pulled at her hips.

“You like my ass, honey?” she crooned in a thick voice. “You like my naked hot ass, baby? You really like to fuck my hairy cunt, don’t you?”

“Oh, yes, Mother!” he grunted.

“Is Mother’s cunt hot and tight for your hard cock?”

“Very much, Mother!”

“Is Mother’s hairy cunt a good fuck?”

“Oh, the best!”

Lewis held her hips still and began to fuck swiftly into her pussy, thrusting deep and powerful. She watched his balls swinging, jiggling and twisting her uplifted ass for his visual pleasure.

She knew he was, looking down at her asscheeks, seeing her asshole pucker tightly, the hairy lips of her cunt clinging to his thick prick.

She squealed loudly and plunged her ass back against him as he sucked forward. The soft smacking sounds of her ass striking his lower stomach increased the ecstasy already boiling through her. His cock seemed to swell even larger inside her cunt, becoming longer, too.

She whimpered and twisted her uplifted, naked ass almost violently, her cunt drawing on his prick with tight heat. Her clit was being banged by his balls, and it triggered a fantastic orgasm within her pussy.

When the convulsions came, they caused her cunt to contract tightly on her son’s cock, the waving, rippling sensations causing his balls to draw up tight, then he was coming up her pussy.

The thick spurts of his come juice seemed to spew forever, splashing at the velvety heat of her pussy, reaching into her stomach. She was certain the taste of his come juice was in her mouth as he drenched her gripping cunt.

Lewis slumped over his mother’s back, pressing her to the floor. She felt his cock pull from her cunt and rest between her thighs. She lay with her tits crushed against the carpet as they rested.

Finally Lewis climbed off her back. She felt him kissing a cheek of her ass, and she rolled over, feeling as if she were in a dream, a lazy smile on her beautiful face.

“Now it’s my turn to thank you,” she said, running a hand along his thigh. “I needed a fuck so much, and that was a fuck, let me tell you.”

After she had cleaned up, she prepared a light, early dinner for them. After her son ate, she took him to her bedroom and sat him on her bed. Sitting beside him, holding his hand in her lap, she started telling him about Candy.

At first he didn’t believe her when she told him of the sudden, cruel change that had come over Candy, the names the girl had spat at her. He didn’t believe it when she tried to explain how selfish Candy was.

“Not Candy!” he exclaimed. “Mother, you must be wrong! She’s sweet and good and…”

Barbara broke in. “Has she ever sucked you off, darling?”

“Yes,” he said, then added, “no, not really, Mother. She jacked me off, but she used her tongue on the head of my cock.”

“You came in her mouth?”

She saw a frown conic on her son’s face.

“No… she jerked her mouth away when I came. I made a mess all over my pants.”

“Did she explain why?”

“She said I was too quick and she didn’t expect me to come then. She said she would keep her mouth on my cock next time.”

“Has there been a next time?”

She paused for a moment, then said, “I think you should talk to George.”

“George? What’s George got to do with Candy?”

“Just talk to him, darling,” she said. “I think he’ll be honest with you.”

“I will,” Lewis replied, his face grim.


The bedside light was on, and Barbara was on her back, naked.

Lewis lay between his mother’s thighs, looking at then feeling her cunt, running his hands through the thick hairs and over the moist lips. He prodded her clit to make his mother writhe in pleasure.

Barbara, with her head propped on two pillows, looked down at her son as he fondled her cunt. Her long legs were spread as wide as she could stretch them, exposing her cunt completely to her son. She shivered as he drew a finger up and down her cunt lips, then along the deep, tantalizing crack of her ass.

They had been lying this way for a long time, and Lewis was getting his first close look at his mother’s cunt. He seemed happy with all the thick curls, with the pink wetness of her lips and glistening clitoris.

He pulled her pussy apart, leaning close and kissing between the lips. She trembled when he turned his face sideways to kiss the sensitive inner softness of her thighs, his tongue tip dragging over the creamy flesh.

She knew his cock was hard. He squirmed his naked ass, the muscular cheeks flexing.

She cupped her tits as she looked between them at his fate. Lifting her crotch up, she twisted lewdly.

“Mmm, darling, give Mother’s cunt a kiss,” she mewled. “Kiss Mother’s cunt, baby.”

Lewis glanced at her face, then at her pussy again. He pursed his lips and pressed them against her hair-lined cunt, kissing it the way he kissed her mouth. Then he opened his mouth wide, pressing his lips around her pussy and sucking. He pushed her cunt lips together and drew them into his mouth, sliding his tongue up and down the cunt slit.

Barbara dug her fingers into her tits and gurgled hotly with pleasure. She was thrilled by the way he sucked at the hairy lips of her cunt, but even more by his tongue moving up and down the slit of her pussy. She lifted her hips higher and pressed her cunt against his mouth. She felt his tongue swipe over her inflamed clitoris, then he had his lips between the wet, hairy ones of her cunt.

Lewis pressed the lips of his mother’s cunt about his mouth as he licked her sensitive cunt. He lapped up and down, holding her pussy lips apart, tasting the juices seeping forth.

Barbara closed her legs, lifting them to drape her feet over his back. She squeezed her son’s face with the creamy heat of her inner thighs, arching and twisting her pussy against his face.

Lewis ran his tongue deeply into his mother’s cunt, licking the satiny walls, then over her swollen clitoris, finally sucking it between his lips and teeth. He chewed gently, bringing gasps of ecstasy from his mother. He shoved his hands underneath her lifted ass, gripping the tight swell of her asscheeks as he licked and thrust his tongue up her cunt.

“Ooooh, Lewis, Lewis!” Barbara gasped. “That’s good, darling! Oh, your tongue goes so deep in my cunt! I love it, honey! Oh, God how hove to have my cunt sucked… licked, fucked!”

His tongue drove in and out of her hot, wet pussy again, rapidly, his chin pressing upon her asshole. Barbara squirmed and yelped, grinding into her son’s face. His eyes shined up into hers, although the ecstasy rumbling through Barbara made her vision hazy.

“Ohhh, baby! You’re going to make Mother come, Lewis! Oh, God! Your tongue feels almost like your cock… fucking me! Mmmmm, fuck Mother’s cunt with your cock tongue! Go deep, Lewis! Ooooh, fuck me deep!”

Barbara’s hips jerked upward, smashing into her son’s face. She twisted and began to grind mindlessly, a frenzy of a motion as her orgasm ripped through her body, exploding in her cunt and against his face.

The hair lined lips of her pussy closed on his plunging tongue, squeezing and contracting. The muscles of her flat stomach rippled beneath her smooth flesh, and she lifted her head from the pillows as the orgasm clutched her. A loud scream of ecstasy burst from her mouth, and her hips became a whirlwind of gyrating wildness.

Lewis clutched his mother’s tight ass cheeks as she came, his tongue lapping about her clitoris. He sucked and licked until she became still, her ass slumping to the mattress. Her tits heaved up and down as she relaxed, gasping harshly.

He scooted up beside her, pressing his cock against her still trembling hip.

Barbara closed her fingers on his prick, feeling so sleepy she could hardly keep her eyes open.

“I can’t stay awake, baby,” she murmured. “I know you’ve got one hell of a hard-on, but I can’t stay awake.”

“That’s okay, Mother,” he whispered, caressing her tit. “You go to sleep. I can wait until you wake up.”

“You’re sweet, Lewis,” she mumbled, turning her back to him and drawing her knees up. She squirmed her ass against his groin, feeling his cock throbbing there. “A mother couldn’t have a better son.”

She felt comfortable with his arm over her, his hand holding one of her shapely tits. She wiggled her flaked ass against his cock as she drifted into sleep.

As she slept, her son lay close against her back, his cock throbbing between the cheeks of her warm ass. He fondled her tit gently, wondering about what she had told hint of Candy. His mother had never lied to him before, but he had never fucked her before either.

He recalled the day he came home to find his mother sucking Candy’s cunt. It had surprised him very much, but he had not been really shocked. He knew Candy was a hot girl. But he felt that she was faithful to him. He didn’t think Candy would be fucking anyone else. He didn’t count his mother eating Candy’s cunt as being unfaithful. That was his mother, and that was different.

He regretted his aggressive attitude with her now, but on the other hand he was glad things had happened the way they did.

He was fucking his mother, and she had a fantastic cunt. And he enjoyed the way she sucked on his cock. His mother enjoyed sucking cock, and Candy didn’t, not really. All Candy would do was use her tongue and jack him off. He had not liked it when she jerked her mouth from his prick when he started to come, and she had never so much as kissed his cock since then.

He would talk to George, and on that thought she began to drift into sleep.

Barbara woke up with the pressure of her son’s cock against her ass. She didn’t know how long she had been asleep, and she felt too lazy to turn and see the clock.

She squirmed her ass back against her son’s prick, feeling it throb between the cheeks of her ass. She was resting her cheek on one hand, then she moved her other hand between her drawn-up thighs to position her son’s cock against her cunt. She loved the feel of his cock there, the heat against her pussy lips. It was still dark outside, but the night lamp was still on.

The heat of her son’s cock against her cunt made her think about how it would feel inside her pussy, and she began to move gently, trying to take his cock inside. She felt her son stir, and she pressed back against him.

His movement drew his cock from her cunt and toward her asshole. Feeling her son’s cock between the cheeks of her ass, Barbara trembled. What she was thinking about doing was wild. A few weeks before the thought would never have entered her mind, but somehow at this moment, she wanted to try this.

Wiggling and squirming her ass against him, Barbara gulped. The sensations of his cock pressing against her asshole was so much different than when it pressed against her cunt.

Reaching between her thighs again, she positioned her son’s cock so that the swollen head prodded her asshole. For a moment she held it this way, letting her asshole become accustomed to the gentle pressure.

She had thought her son was still asleep, but when his hand came sneaking over her body and closed over a firm tit, she knew he wasn’t.

“Are you awake, Lewis?” she asked softly. “Yes, Mother.”

“Do you know where your cock is?”

“How could I miss it?” He laughed.

“Do you know where your cock is going?”

“I have a good idea.”

“Want to try it?”

“If you do, Mother.”


Barbara arched her rounded ass back a bit harder against his prick. She moaned softly as the pressure increased. His cock felt much larger, but she knew it was because of where it was.

The round head of his cock pressed as she shoved back, and a tingling heat coursed through Barbara’s naked body. She edged back a bit more.

“Oooh, it’s going to ga in, Lewis!” she squealed.

She felt the head of her son’s cock slip past the tight ring of her asshole. For a long moment, neither moved. Barbara felt as if he had stuffed a huge steel rod up her ass, but it felt good… it felt very good. She could feel her asshole clinging to his cock, squeezing it, flexing around his swollen cock head.

“More!” she grunted.

Digging, his hand into her firm tit, his other hand cupping a cheek, of her ass, Barbara felt her son move his cock slowly into her burning asshole. She groaned softly as it entered. She was certain his cock was all the way up her asshole, but he was still putting more into it.

Her hand was between her thighs, and she felt his balls. She opened her fingers and closed them around his heavy balls as Lewis slowly shoved more of his hard cock into her ass.

“Enough, Mother?” he asked in a panting voice.

“Is there more, darling?”

“Yes,” he replied.

Barbara felt his cock throbbing inside her ass, and she shivered. The shiver caused her ass to move, and more of his cock slipped into her.

“Put it all in!” she urged hotly. “Every hard inch… I want every hard fucking inch of your cock up my hot ass, Lewis!”

She placed one hand on her ass, trying to open it for him. She felt his wiry cock hairs against her ass, and now she knew he had the full length of his cock in her asshole.

For a while they didn’t move. Barbara felt as if she had a pole rammed up her asshole, and it seemed to reach into her stomach. Her asshole had never felt so stretched before, and the throbbing hotness of her son’s cock sent delicious ripples through her flesh.

“Fuck me, baby,” she mewled. “Oh, God… fuck me there! You fell so big and hard, Lewis! I’ve never had a ooooh, darling, fuck Mother’s ass! Fuck Mother up the Goddamn, fucking tight hot ass!”

She wiggled, then began to thrust her ass back and forth, her asshole riding his cock as he lay still. She held his balls with one hand and the cheek of her ass with the other, grunting in pleasure as her asshole pulled at his prick.

“Fuck me, darling!” she squealed. “Please, honey, fuck Mother! Don’t make me do it all, Lewis! Come on… fuck my ass!”

A gurgle of delight bubbled from her tight throat as her son began to fuck her, meeting the thrusts of her ass with plunges of his cock. They were both grunting and gasping. Barbara thought her son’s cock would split her right up the middle, but the ecstasy, the intense, searing sensations, made her go crazy.

She lunged her naked ass back and forth, meeting each of her son’s stabs. The throbbing of his hard prick deep inside her asshole was making her cunt twitch, and her clit became swollen, knotting up.

Without losing his cock, she turned onto her stomach with her son on top of her. She arched her creamy ass up to him, spreading her thighs so he could kneel between them. But this position prevented her son from the hard fuck strokes that she wanted. Drawing her knees under her body, she lifted her ass. Bowing her back, she arched her ass into the air.

“Now fuck me!” she wailed. “You can fuck me deep now, darling! Oh, God… shove that sweet cock as deep as you can up my tight asshole! Ooooh, rami it to me, Lewis! Fuck the piss out of my fucking asshole!”

Lewis gripped his mother’s hips and began to fuck her ass violently, gazing down with hot eyes, watching her asshole suck and cling to his hard cock.

Barbara shoved her arms above her head, fingers digging into the sheet as she gurgled in hot delight.

“Mother,” Lewis grunted tightly, “your asshole is so damned tight! I don’t know if I can keep it up!”

“Please, please!” she yelped, throwing her uplifted ass about in a frenzy of orgiastic ecstasy. “Keep it up! Don’t stop! Oh, never stop! Fuck me… screw me… ohhh, baby, fuck my ass… fuck it!”

Barbara’s naked, up tilted ass was swinging from side to side, then churning against his driving cock. She moved her ass as if she had ball bearings for joints. Her fingers dug deep into the mattress as she closed her eyes, her lips parted, her face contorted with intense ecstasy.

Her son’s balls swung back and forth, beating against the puffy lips of her hairy cunt. Lewis fucked her ass fast and hard, deeply, his loins slapping at her ass moistly. She could hear her son panting, knowing that he was straining to keep from coming. She hoped he would not come yet; she wanted to experience this new, wild, perverse sensation for a long time.

Her cunt was bursting, convulsing, as her son’s cock slammed harder and deeper into her asshole. The fact that she was coming was no surprise to Barbara. She had felt as though she were going to come even with the pressure of his cock against her asshole. Now that his prick was going rapidly in and out of her, stretching and stuffing her ass, her cunt was going through wave after wave of tight, clutching orgasms.

“I can’t… Mother, I’ve got to come!”

“Then come!” she shouted, throwing her naked ass even faster against his cock.

Lewis fucked powerfully into his mother’s ass, his cock fucking violently. Barbara, although she was coming in fantastic contractions, felt her tits scraping against the sheet on the bed, then her head was pressed against the headboard. She had been scooted forward by the power of his fucking, and now she had no place else to go. But she didn’t care; she loved it tremendously.

She felt his cock swell, stretching her asshole beyond all limits, and his prick was so deep that she was sure it was almost in her throat.

The hot splashing of his thick come juice burned along the walls of her asshole, flooding her as if he had stuck a garden hose up her ass and turned the water on.

Barbara screamed in ecstasy, the sound bouncing off the walls of the bedroom. Her ass shook wildly as the throbbing spurts of Lewis come juice went on and on, and Barbara wondered if he would ever empty those precious balls.

Then it was over. Barbara was far too weak to lower her hips the bed. She remained with her ass high in the air, but swaying from side to side, ready to topple at any second. Her asshole continued to clench even after Lewis had pulled his cock out of it. The air on her asshole felt cool, a welcome feeling. Juices dripped along her inner thighs, and her cunt felt as if it had gone through a violent and ripping tornado, or a gale-force windstorm. There was a fiery heat in and around her asshole, but the sensation was not at all unpleasant.

“That was great, Mother,” she heard her son gasp, then felt him kissing the cheek of her ass, the tip of his tongue licking like a tickling feather.

“Ooooh, it was, darling,” she agreed, waggling her up tilted ass against his face.

Slowly she shoved her feet back and her hips went down, the cheeks of her ass quivering visibly. She lay there and relaxed, feeling her son caress and fondle the shapely swells.

“We’re going to have to fuck this way again,” she murmured. “I think you’re going to have to take turns fucking my cunt and asshole, darling.”

He slapped her ass playfully. “You’re just a hot-ass, Mother. That’s all… one hot piece of ass!”

“You better believe it,” she giggled softly. “Come on and go to sleep. I’m so tired I can’t bold my eyes open any longer. My God it’s still the middle of the night.”

She felt him press against her, one of his legs over her naked ass, his face at her shoulder. As she went to sleep, Barbara thought she could still feel her son’s cock inside her asshole.


“George told me, Mother.”

Barbara sat in the living room with her son, dressed in her short shorts, the ones that molded and outlined her cunt, and there was curling hair along each side of the crotch. She wore a thin cotton blouse, and her nipples could be seen through the garment.

“I hope you’re not mad at George, honey.”

“Hell, no!” Lewis replied. “It wasn’t his fault. You know all the guys would fuck Candy if they could. I’m beginning to think maybe they are fucking her.”

“Seldom is a girl completely faithful, Lewis,” Barbara said. “Some are, but there are many that just can’t stay with one boy. They seem to have this driving desire to try every hard cock they can find. Of course, boys are always trying to dip that thing into girls, too. I suppose it all works out evenly in the end.”

“Speaking of the end,” he grinned at his mother, his eyes gazing between her thighs, seeing the tight band of her short shorts, the cunt hair curling out.

“No, you don’t,” she laughed. “I’m not ready for another fuck up the ass. Maybe later on… tonight, perhaps. But that was my first time. You got a cherry, baby. My asshole is no longer virgin.”

He laughed. “First time I ever had a virgin.”

“Oh, how many girls have you been getting?”

A flush came to his face. “Not very many. Girls don’t fuck as much as they talk, Mother. Everybody is talking about fucking, but not many are actually doing it.”

“I suspected that,” she replied. “Are you still going to see Candy?”

“I’ve thought about it. I’m more pissed off because she lied to me than anything else. And after what you told me, I think she is a selfish little cunt. Wants her cake and eat it, too.”

“How would you like to teach her a lesson, Lewis?”

He lifted his eyes from her crotch. “How?”

“Bring her here, but invite George first,” Barbara said. “Gang-bang her little ass. Make her suck your cock off and even George’s cock, if you want. Teach her about lying, that she can’t get away with it.”

“But what about you, Mother? Do you plan on being with us? I mean George…”

Barbara gave her son a lewd grin. “Would you mind terribly, Lewis? I’ve always found that boy attractive. I wonder how it would be to have his cock fucking me.”

Barbara could see the idea appealed to her son. His cock had been almost hard as he gazed at her crotch, but now it lifted into full, beautiful hardness inside his pants.

“You know, Mother,” Lewis said, “I have an idea George would go for it.”

“Go for Candy or… me?”

“Both,” he answered. “I’ve caught him looking at you a few times. George is a horny asshole. He’ll fuck anything including his fist, which is most of the time.”

“Then let’s give it a try, darling.”

“I’m willing,” he said, “but first…”

He stood up and dropped his pants. His cock jerked free, swollen and beautiful. She gazed at it with hot eyes, licking her lips with eager anticipation.

When he came to her, Barbara took his cock and stroked it for a while. Lewis rubbed his hand up and down the crotch of her short shorts, and Barbara twisted into his hand.

She leaned forward and kissed the tip of his dripping cock. When Lewis pulled her to her feet, she went willingly, pressing against him. Her son pulled the zipper of her shorts down, and she peeled them from her curvy hips and down her long thighs. They dropped to the floor. Barbara was on her back, lifting her knees and spreading them wide. Lewis, on his knees, stared hotly between his mother’s slim thighs, gazing at her pulsating cunt. Her pussy was rimmed so sweetly with those curls of silky hair, the lips pink and moist, inviting him.

“Climb on and let’s do it!” she urged with a hot voice.

Lewis swung his feet across his mother’s face, and she stared eagerly between his thighs, seeing his heavy balls and hard cock, the cheeks of his ass. When Lewis lowered himself down, Barbara lifted her head and met his ass with her long tongue. She scraped her tongue along his ass hole, then at his balls as he pushed his mouth to her cunt.

“Fuck my mouth, darling!” she gasped as his tongue darted into her pussy. “Fuck my mouth, Lewis!”

He stretched his legs out, and she sucked his cock as it came down. She twisted her pussy against her son’s face as he began to tongue fuck her swiftly. At the same time his tongue sank into her bubbling cunt, Lewis started moving his cock up and down. Barbara clutched his naked ass, urging him to fuck into her mouth as hard and fast as he wanted.

His balls bounced up and down on her nose as she held his cock tightly with her wet, hot lips, her tongue licking frantically.

She dug her fingers into the cheeks of his ass, pulling and stretching them, grunting as he thrust up and down, her lips clinging to the thick hardness of his cock. She arched her ass upwards, puffing her knees along his shoulders until she was almost doubled up.

She moaned in pleasure as his tongue licked like a flickering flame at her distended clitoris, then plunged into her cunt, then into her tight asshole, and again deep into her cunt. She humped her ass up and down as he fucked at her mouth, his plunging movements becoming more frantic. The smooth swelling of his cock head probed her throat. Being fucked in her mouth was as good to her as it felt in her cunt.

Barbara held her son’s bouncing ass cheeks tightly, thrilled to have his heavy balls bouncing on her nose, his cock fucking her mouth the way he did her cunt. It seemed that her son’s tongue could reach into her very depths when he thrust it hard. The way he licked at her tingling, hairy pussy lips caused her to draw her knees back even more, her cunt mashing against his face. He held the cheeks of her ass as she held his, and they mouth fucked each other with a frenzy of erotic ecstasy.

When Barbara began to come, her pussy closed in liquid tightness on his tongue, convulsing around it as his lips smashed her clit. She felt his hot breath searing her sensitive asshole, and it increased the ecstasy of her orgasm.

She squirmed and rubbed and banged her cunt up and down, grinding into her son’s mouth as her body trembled. She gulped and sucked hard on his throbbing cock, taking it very deep into her throat. By now she could always tell when her son was approaching discharge, and she felt it now. She gave a loud sob of ecstasy as her lips drew on his cock hungrily. The liquid sounds of their lips and tongues filled the room.

Lewis tried hard to keep from plunging his cock far into his mother’s throat. The urge to push deeper at the instant of discharge was overwhelming. Barbara pulled at his ass cheeks, swallowing his cock as it began to spurt sweet, thick come juice from the piss hole. The only problem with sucking his cock so deeply was that Barbara could not taste his come juice on her tongue. Yet, this was more for her son than for her.

When Lewis rolled off her, Barbara lay still, her flesh rippling, her lips feeling very puffy and slightly bruised. She turned and smiled at her son, who was gasping for air. She stroked his cock and balls lightly.

“Still want to bring Candy here, darling, so you and George can fuck her together?”

“Do you still want to watch it, Mother?”

“I think it will be the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen, baby.”

“Yeah, me too. But what if George wants to fuck you? He’s going to get pretty damned excited, Mother.”

“Mmmm, I know.”

She lay with her legs sprawled lewdly, and she idly fondled her cunt as she watched her son pull his pants back on.

After leaning over to kiss her, she watched him go.

Slowly she climbed to her feet, picking up her short shorts. Her legs were a bit wobbly, but she felt good, very good. Sliding into her shorts, she knew she would be feeling much better soon. There was hardly any doubt in her mind that George would want to fuck her. A boy his age would want to fuck anything around. Besides, Lewis had told, her that George was horny, that he had been looking her over for some time.

Barbara was amused. She thought she was too old for a boy of that age to look at, to dream about, drool over and jack off. It pleased her a great deal, though, to know she was competition to someone like the sexy little Candy.

When the knock came on the door, she answered it, not minding that her tits and nipples could be seen through her blouse, and the slight bulge of her cunt was obvious.

George entered.

“Lewis isn’t here right now, George,” she said. “Hasn’t he seen you?”

George was a bit nervous, and he tried to avoid looking directly at Barbara. “I saw.”

“Did he ask you to come here?”

George nodded, trying to keep his back turned to Barbara.

She thought he had a hard-on and was embarrassed. She smiled. “Did he tell why?”

“No, just that I should wait for him, that’s all.”

Barbara smiled, thinking her son wanted to provide a surprise for his best friend. She looked at the boy’s back, seeing him, really, for the first time. George had always been around, but for her he was just another boy, a teenaged boy who happened to be good pals with Lewis. But now, after knowing this boy had been looking at her, probably fantasizing and jacking off, her interest in him was doubled.

“I’ll get you a glass of lemonade,” she said, feeling his eyes on her ass when she turned.

She knew the lower curves of her ass cheeks were exposed, and she knew that was where he looked. She made the swing of her ass more pronounced, knowing she was teasing him.

When she returned with the tall, frosty glass, she caught sight of the nice bulge in his pants before he could conceal it by crossing his legs. With a delicious feeling between her thighs, she sprawled back in the wall-hugger, opening her legs slightly. She pretended to have no interest in him, and she caught him peeking a number of times between her thighs.

It had been years since she teased a boy, and it felt good.

George had difficulty keeping his eyes oft her, and Barbara deliberately spread her thighs a bit more. She knew the boy could see the curls pf her cunt hair now, and a peek at the front of his pants told her he was about as excited as a boy could be without coming off inside his pants. Even though his legs were crossed, she could see where the head of his cock bulged up.

Her pussy was throbbing hotly and Barbara wondered if she would be able to wait until her son came home. She wanted very much to grab George’s cock, and either fuck it with her cunt or her hungry mouth.

Fortunately, Lewis came home, and behind him, holding his hand, was Candy.


“Hello, cunt-face,” Barbara said. Candy’s eyes went wide, then, she looked at George. She started to pull her hand away, turning to leave. But Lewis held her tightly, and Candy was pulled into the room.

When Barbara had said cunt-face, George almost choked on his lemonade, staring at Barbara. She gave the boy a wink.

“I better not stay,” Candy said. “I think I’m supposed to do something at home. I’ll see you another time, Lewis.”

“You’ll see him now, Candy,” Barbara said, a sharpness in her voice.

Candy stood near Lewis, leaning close to him as if for protection. She looked shyly from Barbara to George. Barbara knew very well that Candy realized she had been caught, but it was obvious that she didn’t know what this was all about. The girl trembled as she held tightly to Lewis, darting her eyes from George to Barbara.

“It’s a lie, Lewis,” she said in a low voice, unable to keep her lower lip from quivering.

“What’s a lie, Candy?” he asked.

“Whatever she said, it’s a lie.” Candy pressed closer to Lewis. “And don’t believe anything George says, either. He’s always trying to touch me. You know that, Lewis.”

Barbara watched Candy with glowing eyes. She could see the girl tremble. Barbara’s legs were about a foot apart as she leaned back in the wall-hugger. She saw Candy glance quickly between them.

Barbara smiled at the girl, a smile of affection, and she knew she would not be putting Candy through this if it had not been for her fucking George. She could have accepted anything from her, but not cheating on her son.

George looked puzzled. He looked at his friend, then at Candy, and finally at Barbara. Barbara told George about seeing him and Candy, told about how Candy had been with her. George was still puzzled by it all, but there was a gleaming interest in his eyes, too.

“So, George,” Barbara said, “Candy has lied and cheated on. Lewis. She’s called me names I don’t deserve, and…” Barbara took a deep, excited breath. “She won’t return any favors at all. She made me… made me kiss her between her legs.”

George’s eyes almost popped from his head.

Barbara gave a low, throaty laugh. “That’s right, George. My son knows all about it. We’ve agreed it’s time for Candy to learn she can’t lie and be selfish, that she should give as well as receive. Are you willing to be with us, George?”

“It’s all lies!” Candy cried, clutching at Lewis. “You can’t believe them, Lewis! You know I wouldn’t do all that!”

Lewis pulled his arm away from Candy. “It’s all true. My mother would never tell me a lie, and you know she’s watched us fucking.”

“It’s lies!” Candy insisted, stamping her foot. “George, you don’t believe all that, do you? Don’t you want to… wouldn’t you like me for your girlfriend, George? I’ll be your girl, only yours.”

George failed to reply. He looked at Candy, then at Lewis, and finally at Barbara.

Barbara now had her thighs spread wide, all of her crotch revealed. She twisted her ass teasingly for him.

“Take her clothes off, Lewis,” Barbara said. “Strip her hot little ass naked. Let her prance around with it hanging out.”

“Give me a hand, George,” Lewis said.

Candy started to dart for the door, but it was George who caught her. Barbara sat with her legs wide apart, letting George look between them even as he and her son began removing Candy’s clothing. Barbara saw the large bulge of George’s cock inside his pants. Now George didn’t mind that Barbara saw his hard-on.

Watching Candy struggle as Lewis and George pulled her clothing off made the erotic juices stream from Barbara’s cunt. She cupped one of her spongy tits, her eyes glowing with pleasure.

Candy wiggled her hips as her jeans were shoved down. She shrugged her shoulders as they removed her shirt, exposing her hard titties and pink nipples. Barbara knew, despite the girl’s struggles, that Candy was intensely excited. Her nipples were very hard, harder than she had ever seen them.

The skimpy bikini panties were shoved from Candy’s curvy hips next, and then Candy was naked. She stood almost passive now, her eyes downcast, hand folded demurely in front of her coppery-haired cunt. Both George and Lewis had raging hard-ons now.

As George looked at her, Barbara gave him a lewd grin and traced a finger teasingly along the edge of her short shorts and then dragged it up and down the slit of her cunt.

“What… what are you gonna do with me?” Candy asked in a very low voice.

“Why,” Barbara said very sweetly, “cunt face, you’re going to get fucked, of course.”

George gasped, and his eyes were mesmerized on Barbara’s finger sliding up and down the outlined lips of her cunt.

“My son and George are going to fuck you, Candy. They’re going to shove those cocks up your hot little pussy and fuck you good. They may even make you suck their cocks off.”

“No! I’ll tell!” Candy exclaimed, shaking, her eyes darting from George to Lewis.

“What will you say? I have a good reputation, Candy,” Barbara said. “And you think about yours, honey. Who will believe you?”

“But… but it’s rape,” Candy gasped.

“Probably,” Barbara replied. “But I don’t think you’re going to mind at all. A think you’re going to love it.”

Barbara kept her finger, moving up and down her cunt, still clutching her tit with the other hand.

“I suppose you two better undress,” Barbara said in a thick voice. “It’s always best naked.”

Lewis was fast with his buttons and zippers, but George took his time, unable to keep from looking at Barbara. This pleased Barbara very much, especially since the succulent Candy was standing there naked and available.

When they were stripped, Barbara looked at George’s cock. It was as long as her son’s, and his balls were big. Seeing them increased the heat that had been boiling between Barbara’s thighs, and she twisted her ass about on the cushion.

Lewis took Candy’s hand and wrapped it around his cock, and Barbara was quick to note that she didn’t try to pull away. On the contrary, Candy closed her fingers hard and tight and even made a few jerking motions on it. When George pulled her other hand to his cock, Candy did the same thing.

Barbara mewled softly with pleasure, watching her son and George cup Candy’s tits, twisting her rigid nipples. A soft moan came from Candy, and when Barbara looked at the girl’s face, she saw no fear, only an intense and expectant desire.

It was erotic and sheer excitement for Barbara to watch Candy standing between the two boys, a cock in each of her hands, pumping them as they fondled her tits. As the excitement grew hotter, so did it inside Barbara. Her finger on her cunt pressed and rubbed.

“Fuck her!” Barbara hissed, her eyes gleaming. “Fuck her hot ass!”

Lewis and George glanced at her, then shoved Candy onto the floor. Candy was positioned on her hands and knees, and Barbara realized the girl wasn’t fighting this at all. Her rounded little ass arched into the air as her son dropped to his knees behind her.

Barbara’s eyes blazed as Lewis plunged his cock into Candy’s tight cunt without hesitation. A squeal came from Candy as she arched her naked, curvy ass higher, her face resting on the floor, her fingers curling into the carpet. Candy’s eyes burned in Barbara’s direction, her mouth open, panting, as Lewis began to bang into her gripping cunt.

With her palm now rubbing between her thighs, Barbara looked at her son’s balls swinging back and forth as he thrust into Candy’s cunt. She lifted her eyes to see George standing with his cock straining, his piss hole dripping. The desire to call him to her, to take it in her hand, was strong. She shrugged it off, saying, “Now you fuck her cunt, George!”

Lewis was a bit reluctant to give it up, but he moved aside as his friend came down. Barbara gurgled with hot delight as she watched George’s long cock slide into Candy’s cunt without, difficulty. While George fucked Candy, she saw her son with one hand squeezing a small tit, his other hand moving about the girl’s trembling, jerking ass.

Lewis and George were taking turns fucking Candy. Candy, with her sweet ass high in the air, murmured and yelped with delight. There was no way she could avoid the ecstasy that those two cocks were giving her. It was just as Barbara suspected, though. She had not really intended. Candy to be raped by her son and George. If Candy had fought and cried and kicked, she would have stopped it.

But Candy was in ecstasy.

Barbara was very excited as she watched the boys fucking Candy. She was now squeezing a tit inside her blouse, trying to get a finger into the tight crotch of her shorts, and failing. She wanted to rip her clothing off, be naked with them, and have her own cunt fucked brutally. Besides, she wanted to see the boys perform a few more delicious things with Candy.

“I can’t hold out much longer!” Lewis shouted. “I’ve got to come!”

“Squirt it to her, darling!” Barbara urged in a thick sound. “Squirt come juice up her hot cunt! Give it to her, baby!”

Her eyes glazed as she watched her son ram his cock deep into Candy’s cunt, his ass trembling. Barbara could almost feel the gush of his come juice in her own pussy, and her hand pressed hard into it.

George, who had been on his knees waiting for his turn again, quickly took Lewis’ place. George plunged his cock up Candy’s cunt, rammed it in and out a few times, then went stiff as he flooded Candy’s gripping cunt.

With her cunt filled with thick come juice, Candy felt weak. She held her rounded little ass in the air, her eyes closed as her body shivered. The expression on her beautiful face indicated the intensity of her pleasure.

Barbara knew this was not exactly what she had in mind for Candy. It was best if the girl enjoyed it, of course, she thought. Yet there were more things she wanted done to the girl, things she felt Candy would enjoy just as much as the two-boy gang-bang.

It was not long before Lewis and George were ready to go again. Barbara was amazed and pleased at how fast those two cocks became hard, eager to plunge into a wet, fuzzy cunt again.

Candy had flopped onto her side now, her knees drawn up, but with a radiant smile on her face. George could hardly keep his eyes off Barbara, always looking between her widely spread thighs and the tightness of her shorts. Barbara knew the boy wanted to fuck her badly, and she was considering it strongly.

But first there was Candy.

“Stick your cock in her fucking mouth, Lewis,” she said, her voice low, yet quivering with excitement. Looking down at the girl, she said: “You’re going to suck cock, Candy. You’re going to be fucked in that sweet mouth by both cocks!”

“I’ve never sucked a cock off before,” Candy said, sitting up. “Please, Barbara… I’m sorry. I don’t want one of those things coming off in my mouth! I don’t like…”

“It doesn’t matter if you like or hot,” Barbara interrupted. “This time you’re the cunt face, and you’re going to get a mouthful of cock!”

Candy was on the floor, leaning on the couch, her long legs straight out. Lewis was at her shoulder, with George on the other side.

When his mother told him, again, to stick his cock into Candy’s mouth, he twisted the girl’s face toward his crotch.

Barbara noticed, with amusement, the way Candy willingly turned her head and drew herself up on her knees. The sweetness of her ass shivered, and then Barbara saw Candy’s lips close on the head of her son’s cock.

Although Candy didn’t start sucking on Lewis’ cock, he started pumping it, holding the back of her head in case she tried to move away.

“Suck his cock, Candy!” Barbara insisted. “Move your cunt-face lips up and down on my son’s prick! Suck it… suck it deep, and use your fucking tongue, bitch!”

Candy obeyed, and Lewis leaned back. Barbara watched as Candy’s stretched mouth sucked up and down, and she could hear some soft gurgles coming from the girl.

“Hold his balls while you suck, cunt-face!” Candy grabbed Lewis’ balls quickly, and Barbara was pleased to see her roll and twist them. Candy’s lips gilded hotly up and down his cock, but she could not take it all the way into her throat the way Barbara could.

Barbara’s hot eyes moved up and down Candy’s smooth, naked back, watching her ass cheeks. She saw them flexing, and she smiled.

The way her ass moved was enough to tell her that Candy was, certainly enjoying this cock inside her mouth, despite her protestations of never having sucked one before.

Barbara saw George looking at her, his fist gripping his throbbing cock. She gave the boy a lewd wink and opened her blouse, freeing her curvy, firm tits to his eyes. George gulped and began to pump on his cock.

“Don’t come, George,” she cautioned. “Don’t jack off and come.” To Candy, she said: “Candy, suck George’s cock. I think he’s about to come. Hurry, you cunt-faced bitch! Suck George!”

Candy moved quickly, twisting her head toward George’s cock. Her copper-colored hair fanned about her face as she bobbed up and down, her lips stretching.

Suddenly George gave a loud grunt. Candy squealed and started to jerk her mouth off his prick. But George grabbed her hair, shoving her mouth down onto his spurting prick.

Barbara trembled with pleasure, licking her lips as if she were tasting his come juice. She saw the creamy juice slip from Candy’s tightly stretched lips, and the girl’s eyes were wide as she struggled to pull away.

Then Candy’s eyes rolled, and her slim throat began to work. Barbara realized Candy was no longer struggling to get away, but was swallowing the come juice as it spewed from the piss hole of George’s cock.

“Eat it, Candy!” Barbara growled with excitement. “Suck his come juice up! Swallow that cock… lick his piss hole! Eat his come juice, bitch!”

A squeal came from Candy, and Barbara was sure now that the girl was less reluctant to suck cock.

Lewis pulled at Candy’s hair, and Candy greedily twisted around and gobbled up the thick hardness of his prick. Her shapely ass began to sway and writhe, and this time Candy sucked vigorously and hungrily.

Barbara was clutched with orgasms from watching the sudden transformation of Candy from a reluctant cocksucker to a very greedy one. She pressed her palm hard into her tight crotch, twisting her ass in the chair. Her tits, fully exposed, tingled hotly as her cunt convulsed.

When Lewis came, Candy sucked in a heated frenzy as her mouth filled time and again with thick came juice, her slender throat swallowing quickly. The way her small ass jerked told Barbara that Candy was coming with amazingly strong contractions.

Candy slumped to the floor, her head resting on the cushions of the couch, her legs spread wide.

Barbara gazed at the girl’s cunt, seeing it twitching. Candy’s lips were puffy, and come juice clung to them, glistening lewdly. Candy ran her tongue out, flicking away the drops of come juice at the corners of her lips, drawing her tongue back into her mouth.

“Not as bad as you thought it would be, huh, Candy?” Barbara asked.

Candy shook her head, her eyes glowing. “I should have sucked one of these cocks long ago! Oh, I think I love a hard cock in my mouth, coming off… oh, I do!”

“Now you’re a little fuck-face, cunt-face cocksucker,” Barbara said.

“I’m not mad at you, Barbara,” Candy replied. “I’m sorry for the things I said.”

“Are you, really?”

Candy nodded, taking the boys’ cocks in her hands and caressing, arching her cunt up as she looked at Barbara.

“Wanna suck my pussy again?” Candy asked, her voice teasing and low. “Wanna tongue fuck my pussy again, Barbara?”

Barbara looked at Candy’s cunt, then she licked her lips. She shook her head slowly. “Not at the moment. I’m not finished teaching you a good lesson.”

Alarm came to Candy’s eyes. “Barbara, I’ve done everything you wanted. I haven’t fought or anything. I sucked these cocks for you, didn’t I?”

“And beautifully so,” Barbara replied. “But there’s one more thing you have to do.”

Barbara got up from the wall-hugger and stripped her blouse away. When she began to peel her tight shorts off, Candy became alarmed, knowing what Barbara was going to make her do now.

“Please, Barbara,” Candy pleaded. “Not that! You know I don’t like eating cunt! What do you want me to do with Lewis and George? Just tell me and I’ll do it! Please!”

“I know you will, Candy,” Barbara replied with a throaty sound. “You’ll do anything I tell you to do. And you’re going to eat my cunt, whether you want to or not.”

Barbara stood with her legs apart, her pelvis arched forward. She noticed George staring at her cunt now. She spread her cunt lips apart, exposing the wet pinkness of her pussy, the throbbing of her clitoris.

She moved toward Candy, her hips thrust out, her feet wide apart. Candy watched Barbara approaching, her eyes wide with alarm. Barbara straddled the girl, twisting her naked ass about, lowering her hairy cunt toward Candy’s face.

“You’re going to lick me,” she said. “You’re going to fuck my cunt with your tongue, and you’re going to fuck it good! You’re going to make me come with your tongue and your lips, Candy. You’re going to suck my pussy!”

“No, please,” Candy whimpered, shoving her hands up to push Barbara’s crotch away.

Barbara grabbed Candy’s head, her fingers twisting into those coppery curls. She brought Candy’s face to her pussy and began to rub it against her mouth.

“Eat me, bitch! Suck my cunt! Candy, fuck me with your tongue! You do it, you hot little cunt! Eat my pussy… suck it!”

Both Lewis and George leaned over, watching Barbara’s hairy cunt sliding over Candy’s face. Barbara closed her hot thighs against Candy’s lovely face and gave a soft sob of pleasure. Candy had slipped her tongue into her cunt and began to fuck in and out.

Twisting her naked ass, Barbara whimpered when Candy began to suck at her inflamed clitoris. She felt the girl’s hot hands cupping the cheeks of her ass, and it was obvious to her that Candy was enjoying this now. Her hot pussy moved about as Candy sucked and licked freely, her fingers digging into Barbara’s ass cheeks. Candy was pressing her mouth hard against Barbara’s wet, hairy cunt, her tongue thrusting wildly.

She saw the boys’ cocks swelling again, and she could not resist taking them in her hands. She curled her fingers around her son’s cock, then George’s, as she squatted on Candy’s face. She jerked on their cocks, feeling them come to full hardness. Holding two hard pricks in her hand as a wicked little tongue raced about her burning cunt sent ripples of ecstasy through Barbara.

Barbara’s cunt began to squeeze on the girl’s plunging tongue, and Candy was gurgling loudly. She looked at Barbara, gleaming with intense ecstasy as she sucked and licked.

“Ohhh, I’m about to come!” Barbara shouted, squeezing hard on the two cocks, her ass twisting as she ground her hair-lined cunt violently into Candy’s open mouth. “I’m going to come… in your cunt-face mouth, Candy! Ooooh, suck my pussy! Tongue fuck my twat, you hot little cocksucker!”

As her orgasms struck, Barbara threw her head back and screamed, grinding in a frenzy against Candy’s mouth. She was no longer jacking on those cocks, but holding them with a death-grip as intense pleasure shot through her naked body. The convulsions in her cunt clutched at Candy’s deeply buried tongue, yet she could still feel the girl’s tongue moving, like a small cock, fucking her as she came. She also felt hands on her swollen tits, digging into her firm flesh, pulling and twisting at her rigid nipples.

Drawing her cunt from Candy’s mouth, Barbara stood on less that wobbled, her vision foggy. As her vision cleared, she looked at Candy’s wet face and the boys two hard cocks.

“Now you can put your clothes on and get your ass out of here, Candy,” she said, her voice still husky from the strength of her orgasm.

“But I…” Candy started to protest.

“You heard me,” Barbara cut in. “I don’t want you to ever come around fucking my son again. You can take your selfish little cunt to someone else.”

As she dressed, Candy became shy once more. But her shyness was more of a plea than anything else. She glanced often at Barbara from her lowered lashes, licking her lips in a gesture of willing eagerness. Dressed, she walked slowly to the door, where she turned and looked at them.

“Barbara, let me stay,” she said. “I’ll do anything else you want. I’ll tongue fuck you again. Lewis and George can fuck me… in my cunt-face.”

Barbara was unrelenting. She lifted her arm and pointed at the door.

Candy went out with one last, forlorn look at her.


Barbara sat at the table with her son and George. She had slipped into her robe after Candy had gone.

Excitement still gripped Barbara, and it increased more because her son arid George were still naked. She found it a real pleasure to see their cocks and balls. She wondered if she were becoming insatiable, and she decided if she was, her son and George were available to feed the flames of her desire.

“Why didn’t you let Candy stay, Mother?” Lewis asked.

“I’m not sure now,” Barbara replied. “We could have fun with her, couldn’t we?”

“I’ve wanted to see you naked for a long time, Barbara,” George said. “I think you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

Barbara was pleased with the compliment. She rewarded the young boy with a dazzling smile. “You should have made it known to me, George. I might have let you earlier.”

Leaving the table with the dishes, Barbara stacked them in the sink. Turning to the boys, she opened her robe, holding it wide. “Would either of you be interested in this?”

Lewis and George grinned, their eyes flashing as they looked up and down her body, from her arching, rounded tits to her hairy cunt and long, creamy thighs.

“You know I am,” George said, his voice thickening with desire as he looked at her.

Barbara winked at him. “And so is my son. You don’t mind that, do you, George?”

“Hell no!” George replied.

“Neither do I, Mother,” Lewis said. “You want to fuck George, I won’t be jealous at all. Just let me watch.”

“I wouldn’t think of fucking him unless you were with me, darling,” she told her son. “Being with you makes it more exciting for me.” George twisted in his chair, and she saw his cock throbbing with hardness. The head of his prick was swollen and very smooth, his piss hole dripping. She dropped her robe to the floor of the kitchen and began walking toward the boy with hot eyes.

Barbara stood in front of George, her legs wide apart, her knees on each side of his. George brought a hand up the inside of her thigh, cupping her cunt. Barbara gave a soft mewl of pleasure and wiggled her hips for him. She leaned down and kissed his mouth, then inched her crotch forward until she hovered her hairy cunt a few inches above his hard cock.

“I have to warn you, George,” she said in a teasing voice. “I’ve got one hot cunt! It might burn your cock off if you’re not careful!”

George moved his hands to her hips and lifted his lap upward. Barbara grabbed his cock and rubbed the head back and forth on her wet, fiery pussy lips. She fitted the head between her cunt lips, then slowly lowered herself down. She mewled with delight as George’s cock stretched her cunt.

She moved slowly, savoring the sensations, and when she had every inch of his cock inside her cunt, she sat there for a while, wiggling gently, feeling his balls against her ass. George clamped his lips about one of her hard nipples, sucking it as his tongue flicked about it, making Barbara whimper with delight. When George cupped her asscheeks, Barbara started bouncing up and down, riding his cock, her head thrown back as she wailed with ecstasy.

“Oooh, you’ve got a wonderful cock, George!” she whined hotly. “I love it! Ohhh, I’m going to burn your cock up with my hot, wet, hairy cunt! I’m going to give you the fuck of your life!”

Lewis, watching his mother’s ass move up and down with short strokes, urged her on. “Fuck him, Mother! George has wanted that hairy cunt for a long time! Give it to him!”

Having her tit sucked vigorously as she jiggled her naked ass up and down, Barbara felt intense heat flood her body. She clung to the back of George’s head, holding his mouth to her tit. His cock seemed to reach the very depths of her being, and she squealed happily as she jerked and twisted, plunged and churned.

Watching the boys with Candy had created a most intense, mindless passion in her, and she was getting her reward now. The orgasms she had produced with her own hand as Candy fucked and sucked the boys had not satisfied her, nor had it stilled the raging heat of her cunt when Candy sucked it off. The only thing that would cool her hot ass off was cock hard, throbbing, dripping cock.

She swung her naked ass in every direction, her passion flaring because her son was watching her fuck his best friend, seeing her naked ass move in a frenzy of motion. She was certain that Lewis could see the way her hairy cunt clung to George’s cock, and she arched her ass back, but not so far as to lose the plunging prick from her pussy.

“Ooooh, this is so good, so fucking good!” she moaned. “Oh, Lewis… you’re next! You have to fuck Mother next, baby! I want your cock… fucking me! I want both cocks, fucking me! Oooh, George, fuck me deep and hard! Hold my hot ass and fuck my hairy wet cunt!”

But George was unable to comply. Barbara was plunging her crotch up and down violently, riding his prick so hard and fast that he couldn’t move. The best he could do was push up with his cock, hold himself there, suck her tit and cling to her churning asscheeks.

The orgasms came upon Barbara without warning. She was plunging her cunt up and down one second, and in the next, she was grinding powerfully on his cock, her cunt tightening as she came. She screamed with mindless ecstasy as her pussy rippled in waves of orgasm.

Her cunt sucked and flexed around the boy’s cock so hard that he could not prevent the sudden gushing of his come juice. The thick juice spurted hotly into Barbara’s cunt, spraying the sensitive, satiny walls, filling her pussy. Her body went rigid as she held his mouth tight against her tit, his mouth full of her hard, tingling nipple.

George clawed at Barbara’s naked ass, bruising the flesh, but she felt nothing but pure, intense ecstasy.

When it was over, Barbara slumped against George, her tits almost concealing his face. She gasped as her body trembled, the pleasure still hot inside her. Finally she cupped his cheeks and kissed his mouth tenderly.

“George, you’re going to be a regular visitor here, aren’t you?” she murmured happily. “I want you to be here as much as you can. Between you and my son, we’re going to have so much fun, fucking, sucking, everything!” As they went to the living room, she held her son shard cock, stroking it tenderly and with a great deal of affection. “You know Mother will take care of this, don’t you, darling?”

Lewis grinned. “I know, Mother.”

She sat with the boys on each side of her, fondling their cocks and balls as they enjoyed feeling her body, cupping her tits, licking her nipples, sliding their hands up and down her smooth, spreading thighs, probing at her hot, hairy cunt.

The boys were young, virile, and so eager, she thought. With both of them, her cunt should always be very well satisfied, as would her hungry desire to suck a hard cock.

She fondled their balls, tickled them, squeezed their cocks as they throbbed in her hand. She ran a thumb over her son’s wet piss hole and brought it to her mouth. She licked at her moist thumb, then did the same thing with George. She even dipped her finger into her cunt and licked at it, much to the excitement of the two boys.

“I wish I had not made Candy leave now,” she said in a low voice. “There was, one other thing I was going to have you two do with her.”

“What was that, Mother?”

“Fuck her ass,” Barbara said.

“Fuck Candy in her asshole?” George asked. “I tried that and she got pretty mad, Barbara.”

“She wouldn’t get mad if I made her do it,” Barbara insisted. “I think Candy would do anything I told her to do now. She didn’t want to go, you know.”

“I can call her, Mother,” Lewis offered. “She’s probably home right now.”

Barbara thought about it, then said, “Later. Right now I want one of these cocks. Better yet, both cocks.”

She slipped from the couch and went to her hands and knees, wiggling her rounded ass as she giggled. “George, watch my son fuck my ass.”

Lewis was fast. He went to his knees behind his mother and began to rub the swollen head of his cock against her tight asshole.

George, his eyes wide and hot with interest, leaned over, peering between the spreading cheeks of Barbara’s ass.

Lewis pressed his cock forward.

“Are you really going to take it up the ass?” George asked, his voice trembling with desire.

“Mmmm, you just watch me!” Barbara murmured hotly. “Push, Lewis! Oh, God… shove your sweet cock up Mother’s ass! Fuck Mother’s asshole, darling!”

She heard George suck in air as she felt her son’s prick slide into her gripping asshole. She moved her ass back, squealing as the burning, stretching sensation came to her again. When she felt her son’s balls brush at the hairiness of her cunt, she turned and looked at George over her shoulder.

“Come here, George, hurry!”

George moved to her head.

“Fuck my mouth!” Barbara yelped as her ass began to plunge back and forth on her son’s cock. “Fuck me in my mouth… while my son fucks my asshole!”

Barbara held herself up with her hands and knees, and as George knelt in front of her, she opened her mouth when he moved his cock toward it.

She felt her son clinging to her hips as he thrust his hard cock deeply into her hot asshole. George held her cheeks as he began to fuck her mouth, driving his cock into her throat the way she wanted.

Being penetrated in her asshole by her son’s cock and being fucked in the mouth by George’s cock, Barbara thought she was in erotic heaven. She sucked hard as George banged into her face, his balls slapping her chin.

She was being fucked by two excited, eager boys, and she was going out of her mind with passion. Never had she been fucked by two boys, and as they fucked her now, Barbara knew it wasn’t going to be the last time. Feeling a hot cock driving into her tight asshole and one between her hungry lips sent her soaring with ecstasy.

She felt boiling orgasms going through her body, the heat centering in and around her cunt and asshole. Yet it seemed to Barbara that she was enjoying an orgasm with her mouth and throat, too.

Her naked body was being pounded front and rear, her tits swinging tightly, her nipples tingling in hardness. She wanted to grab George by his naked, plunging ass, but she would fall on her face if she lifted her hands. Every nerve in her slender, shapely body was on fire, and the heat was increasing until it was a roaring flame. Her cunt was exploding time and again, causing her asshole to squeeze very tight around her son’s plunging cock.

Feeling her son’s prick start throbbing and squirting into her asshole, she growled around George’s cock. The boy slipped his cock between her tight lips, then her mouth was suddenly being filled with the thick sweetness of his come juice. The boys were coming up her ass and into her mouth, and Barbara was about to faint from the mindless pleasure.

As they pulled away from her, she slumped to the floor, her asshole still on fire and flexing, her lips bruised. But Barbara felt so very good.

Minutes later, she saw Lewis and George were hard again.

“I don’t believe it,” she whispered. “I just don’t believe those cocks can get so hard so fast.”

But they were.

“Oh, God… I guess I’ve got to take care of them,” she whispered. “I just hope I can keep, up with you two. I’m getting tired already.”

The boys were proud of themselves, arching the hardness of their pricks forward so she could feel them.

“It’s your turn to fuck my asshole, George,” she said, feigning more exhaustion than she actually felt. “Come on and plug my asshole.”

Barbara rolled to her stomach and drew her knees underneath, arching her rounded ass high in the air. “Fuck it, George! You’ve fucked my cunt and then my mouth… now you get to fuck my asshole!”

Eagerly George dropped to his knees, pressing his cock into Barbara’s already well fucked asshole with ease. She closed her asshole tightly around his cock, then looked up at her son.

“Call Candy,” she said, moving her ass slowly on George’s cock. “Call her and let me talk to her.”

When Lewis had Candy on the telephone, he handed it to his mother.

“Candy, would you like to come back here?”

Candy must have been crying. She was still sobbing softly when she said: “Please, Barbara… I’ll do anything you want me to do. I’ll suck your cunt again.”

“You know what I’m doing right now?”

“You’re having all the fun, I know that.”

“I’ve got. George’s cock up my ass right now, and I’m getting ready to suck my son’s cock. George is going to fuck me in my asshole and Lewis is going to fuck me in my mouth.”

“Ooooh, Barbara!” Candy sobbed. “Let me! I’ll do it, too. I wanna be there, please!”

“You’ll fuck them both?”

“Oh, yes!”

“Suck them off?”

“Ooooh, I’ll suck everything, even their assholes!”

Barbara laughed, shoving her ass back against the throbbing hardness of George’s cock. “Will you take their cocks up your tight little asshole… eat my pussy… gobble their balls… let them come in your cock sucking mouth and…”

Candy broke in excitedly. “Yes, yes! All of it!”

“Then get your hot little ass over here fast!”

When Lewis hung the phone up, Barbara said to him: “Fuck Mother’s mouth now, darling. I have a hunch when Candy, gets here I may not get much. Besides, I need some help with you two hard-cocked bastards.”

She opened her mouth as her son moved his cock to it, mewling as George fucked deep into her asshole. While she waited for Candy, she once again began to come strongly.