Balling Eager Wife

The facade of respectability often crumbles to dust with remarkable swiftness once its protective armor has been pierced.

The relatively minor investigation into the conduct of one police officer results in the discovery of massive corruption within the force. A routine check by the government of a corporation’s finances turns up damning evidence of widespread tax evasion, graft, kickbacks, bribes and payoffs.

And what of the facade of righteousness and puritan morality in the tree-shaded, picket- and wrought-iron-fenced suburbs of middle and upper-middle-class America?

What really goes on behind those freshly painted doors? Is depravity an exclusive right of the ghetto-dweller, as many of the more fortunate would like to think?

The serious and shocking story of one pleasant suburb, and of some of the people who live there, one sensuous housewife in particular, a woman ready and eager for anything.

BALLING EAGER WIFE — a novel that goes beyond the fictitious town in which it is set… possibly any American town?


Anne and Dave had just moved to Paradise Beach. They were in their new house ready to go out for the evening.

Anne stood before the mirror. She looked regally beautiful in a white merry widow that hugged her body, enhanced her fabulous curves. The rich roundness of her hips spread below, her garter-straps tight to dark nylons, and she had on white heels. The bra cups of the merry widow bulged with her huge melon-like tits.

Her hair was cut into bangs across her forehead, then shaped like a bell around her beautiful square face. She had well-defined cheeks and pouting red lips.

She was beautiful, sexy.

When Dave emerged from the shower and saw her standing at the bathroom mirror, his cock leaped with love and admiration for his lovely wife. He dried quickly and knotted the towel around his waist.

Dave slipped up beside her and stood looking at Anne in the mirror. He pulled the towel away and his huge hard-on shimmered and snapped back against his belly with a slap, then wobbled and thumped in anticipation.

Anne smiled coyly, reached over, grasped the throbbing prick and squeezed the stiff, thick stalk. She looked into Dave’s eyes in the mirror.

Passionate wrinkles creased his forehead as her fingers gripped his cock.

She bent over, touched her bright-red lips to the tip of his prick and kissed the bulging cockhead.

“Oh, Anne… honey,” he sighed.

Her freshly lipsticked lips left a bright-red smudge on the tip of his boiling prick.

She licked her tongue over the cherry-red cockhead, then sucked her mouth around his prick. Her head bobbed beautifully on his cock. Her lips were fish hooked in a red pucker on the top of his cock.

Dave gulped loudly. “Oh, darling… Anne! Anne, darling, suck me, suck my dick,” he babbled.

Anne’s luscious lips slid up and down on his stiff prick. She liked the hardness of his cock in her moth. Her hand held the stalk of his prick at the base. His cock throbbed in her fist and felt hard as a brick that had been left out in the hot sun. Her mouth sealed around Dave’s prick in a sweet pucker.

He watched her suck his hard cock in the mirror, watched her head dip in and out, her sweet lips slush up and down like a plunger.

“Oh, shit!” he moaned. “Shit, I love it love the way you suck my prick.”

Anne, as she sucked his prick, gazed into the mirror and saw Dave’s impassioned face full of desire and love with pleasure.

His tongue hung out like a dog’s. His hands were on his hips, and he ever so lightly humped, fucking his hips and iron-hard prick at Anne’s sucking mouth, at her red puckered lips.

“Darling,” he whimpered. “I wish you were sucking my prick every day.”

Anne slipped her lips up in a slurpy slide off his cock. She rubbed the sticky, spit-shining prickhead along her reddened cheek.

“I wish I could suck you every day,” she whispered.

She pecked her lips on the tip of his foaming prick, then sloshed the hard cock back into the warmth of her luscious mouth.

“Goddamn!” Dave gulped. “Anne, you’re the best cock-sucker in the whole world. No one has ever sucked my cock like you. I love it. I love you!”

Anne reached her free arm around behind Dave and slid a finger up and down the crack of his ass, then she button hooked the tip of her finger in his asshole.

“Ooooo,” Dave sighed. “Oh, Jesus, baby!” Dave trembled in pure delight at the way Anne fucked his ass in rhythm with her sucking. He drew his fingers down her back and plunged his hand under her pink pants over the glassy smoothness of her award-winning ass, clutching, fondling.

His breaths now came in short gasps, like jets of hissing steam.

Anne felt his huge cock expand and swell in her mouth, hot hard, and she could feel the continuous throb of the marble-slick prick stick as her lips slicked splendidly up and down in a superb suck.

“You sweet sucker!” Dave huffed.

She glanced at him in the mirror.

Their eyes met. Dave fishhooked his finger up her asshole. He fucked her there hotly. Now they fucked each other’s ass as Anne slobbered on his prick.

Sweet ripples of sizzling satisfaction went tingling through Dave’s lean body, sent him swooning into a shudder of sweet ecstasy. Oh, how he loved this woman, loved the way she bent over at the waist in her tight waist-cincher.

Her big, beautiful tits were bulging in her bra, almost as if they were going to pop out any moment. Her pussy-packed pink panties, so snug at the crotch, pulled in against the rich a forest of copper-colored cunt hair that puffed in an enticing mound against the thin nylon.

He looked at the way his hand knuckled out the panties as he fucked her asshole with his finger. He looked at the shiny white garter-belt. The straps were hooked to the dark nylons. He liked the way her mouth puckered on his stiff prick.

Anne suddenly and slowly slicked her lips off his prick, but kept a grip at the base of the hard cockstalk. The head of his prick was wet with her sweet spit. His cock bulged and wobbled, then spat out a gob of cum that splashed into the sink.

“God, it’s squirting,” Anne whispered.

She reached over and underhanded the wobbling, throbbing cock. His prick was huge. Her husband’s cock was hot as a gun barrel. She wrapped her fingers around the pulsing cockshaft, her thumb extended, and slowly danced her hand in and out.

His cock bubbled, foamed. His passion soared. He kept his hand inside the back of her pink panties, trailing his finger up and down the marvelous crack of her beautiful ass.

Anne jiggled her hand and gave his sizzling prick a sweet, slow jacking stroke. She watched in the mirror as did Dave.

Their eyes met. His mouth fell open. He puffed out a hot pocket of air.

“Whew, baby,” he whimpered.

“Feels good and hard,” she commented, looking back down at his huge hard-on. Her hand worked a bit faster now, slicking some of the bubbling fuck cream from the cockhead, along the prick stalk. Then she brought her hand to her mouth, deposited a big gob of saliva in her palm, brought it back to the thumping prick, and slicked the spit all over the thick cockstalk.

Dave trembled, gulped and watched intently as she played with his lovesick prick.

“Oh, Anne, pump it for me,” he mumbled. She gave him a fabulous hand-job, watching her own action in the mirror, seeing the excited look on Dave’s face, liking the way his prick throbbed in her firm grip. She slicked her hand in and out. The big cockhead was bright red and still smudged with her red lipstick, but now also glistening with jizz juice.

“Oh, shit, Anne,” Dave whispered. “I love that. I love you fuckin’ me with your fist.” Her crackerjack jack-strokes became faster, a divine slide, a marvelous jig, a jim-jam that had Dave shuddering with delight and passion. He shook all over.

Another hunk of white fuck cream shot from the bulging prick tip and spilled into the sink.

“God, it’s squirtin’ all over,” Anne said softly.

“Squirtin’ for you, honey,” he panted.

“That’s what I like,” she teased, her hand fucking faster and faster on his spit-slick prick.

“Phewwww,” Dave moaned. “Oh, shit… baby! Wow!”

“Looks good in the mirror, doesn’t it?” Anne commented, her eyes glued to the jacking action reflected back to her. Her pussy creamed wet, soaking through her pink panties. Her cunt itched. She got hot and turned-on, watching her hand jacking off his cock.

“You’re so damn beautiful, Anne,” he whimpered.

His cock burned in her chopping hand. The thick prickstalk bulged bigger. The cockhead was red, shiny, and it spilled more cum. A chunk of white fuck cream spewed out and splashed onto the mirror.

Anne’s hand thrummed thrillingly. A feeling of sweet satisfaction wobbled through Dave, and finally overwhelmed him. Hot tingles of pleasure, ripples of ecstasy gripped him. A slick, liquid slurp-slurp sound filled the bathroom as Anne’s hand danced wildly on his prick. A cake of white fuck cream rimmed her thumb and forefinger. She hitched faster with a firm grip on the expanding prick.

“Oh, God, honey,” Dave moaned. “This feels so Goddamn good!”

Her mouth was open, her tongue a blur of movement in her mouth as their eyes met in the mirror. Dave looked down at her jacking hand.

Creases of pleasure lined his forehead. “God, baby, I’m gonna get it!” he gasped. “Go on, come and… get it!” she encouraged. He choked, gasped. His body stiffened. He sucked in his breath. It caught in his throat. He groaned loudly.

“Oooooooo, ooooooooh, oooooooh, Anne!” he sobbed.

His cock erupted. A thick, steady stream of cock cream arched from his prick and splashed all over the sink, the mirror, the faucet.

Anne’s hand worked faster harder, jerking his load out with precision.

He sobbed, gulped, panted, gasped with exquisite joy. “Aw, mmmmmm, whoo, Anne! Honey! Uh, uh, uh, ahhhhhhh!”

His cock creamed, shooting out a huge load of thick fuckjuice. Anne’s hand pumped faster, becoming a jacking, jerking blur.

“Oh, honey… Goddamn… shit… oh shit!” he babbled, the jizz still spurting from the bulging cockhead of his incredible hard-on.

Anne watched herself give him a dandy handjob, watched as the cum slushed from his prick and splattered all over the mirror and sink. She brought the lovesick man over the edge of glorious orgasm.

His whole body shuddered and shook. It was almost as if an electric jolt had been shot through him. And indeed it had… that electric jolt of divine pleasure.

“Uh, huh, uh, whuff, whuff, whuff,” he puffed, trying to catch his breath. “Darling, darling!”

“God, you sure squirted your cookies, baby,” Anne whispered.

“For you… all that stuff is for you, Anne,” he breathed.

Her hand had stopped its wild jim-jam on his prick. Her fingers dripped with strings of white fuck cream. She slicked up slowly, squeezing out the final drop of his magnificent squirt-off.

Dave fell, panting, back against the bathroom wall. His cock squirted a final slick shot of fuck cream that spilled to the floor.

“Oh, jeez, baby… that was so damn good,” he whimpered happily, huskily. “You know what to do. You know how to make a man feel good. No, you know how to make a man feel wonderful and fantastic.”

“I know how to love,” she said.

“Yes, yes you do, darling. You certainly do,” Dave cried.

He fell to his knees and waddled across the room to Anne. He slid his hands along her nyloned legs, feeling the fine taper and line.

His tongue licked the creamy white lushness of her skin above the nylons. He licked the garters. He kissed her lovely thighs passionately, his lips open, his mouth like a wet, slobbering puppy’s.

He turned Anne sideways so she could look in the mirror and see him on his knees, see him licking, kissing, loving her thighs.

Then, suddenly, he pressed his mouth to her panties, hungrily licked at the soft mound of her crotch.

“Mmm,” Anne mumbled.

His tongue was wet and wild as he punched it into Anne’s pussy-packed pink panties.

“Oh, God, baby,” he panted, moaning while he licked salaciously at her panties.

His hands went behind her. He clapped them to the thrilling cheeks of her sweet, fabulous ass. His fingers pinched the smooth softness, clutching, feeling, cupping the curve of her incredible ass.

“Lick my panties, honey,” Anne whispered, urging the hot lover on, teasing him, intriguing him.

He loved it, loved her when she talked to him like this.

“Mmmm, mmmm,” he burbled, his tongue swiping and slurping at her crotch.

His tongue wagged furiously. He had the panties soaking, spit-wet. His hands kept probing the marvelous expanse of ha ass.

Suddenly he was chewing her panties, sucking her pink undies into his mouth along with the muffy brown pussy underneath. He crunched lovingly.

“Yeah, suck my panties, baby,” Anne whimpered, liking his intensity, his adoring ardor.

“Mmmm, uh, uh, whew,” Dave panted, still, slapping his tongue tantalizingly at her panties.

“Suck my panties!” she repeated. “But not too long.”

Dave thumbed the elastic top of her pink panties, peeled them slowly down her curved hips. He reached behind, tucked his hand into the back of the panties, and rolled them down onto her thighs.

He stared at her beautiful cunt. Her pussy looked like a huge Mars Bar, so sweet, so delicious, so inviting.

“Oh, darling,” he whimpered in heated admiration and adoration.

His hands played up her hips, he licked her garter-straps, his tongue lightly touching the white stretched spandex. His hands crawled behind Anne.

He lightly palmed her magnificent ass, so smooth… like satin. He cupped each lovely asscheek, his fingers pressing into the pliant eggshell smoothness of her flesh.

His tongue skidded over her lush thighs, then he muffed his face into her pussy. His tongue slithered up and down her wet cunt-slit.

“Phew, mmmmm,” Anne murmured, feeling his tongue slick her cunt with all the subtlety of a wet feather.

He clasped her ass tighter. He opened his mouth and kissed, her cunt, kissed hotly, longingly, lovingly, and then sucked her sweet pussy into his mouth.

He chewed and munched tenderly on her pussy.

Anne watched him intently in the mirror, liking the wag of his head. His sucking, puckered lips were like a plunger pulling on her rich carpet of cunt hair, her soft pussy-lips.

He bit and chewed softly.

Anne moaned lightly. She spread her legs wider to accommodate his wild sucking. She put her hands on his shoulders, moved one hand to the back of his neck, and pressed in lightly, pushing his face tighter to her cunt.

Dave’s tongue slacked and swapped, snaked and snacked, up and down the slit of her pussy as he sucked.

He finally took a breath and panted, “I love your pussy, Anne. It tastes so delicious, so good. I could dine on it all day.”

“I wish you would,” she whispered. “Suck it. Suck my pussy for me.”

And he did. He sucked wildly, furiously, his tongue like a hungry dog’s lapping in a water bowl.

Slap, smack, slurp, squish!

He slurped her pussy as his hands fondled every inch of her marvelous ass.

“Ah, whew… yeah, baby… like that. Suck like that,” Anne gulped.

Oh, how Dave loved this beautiful woman. He managed to glance in the mirror as he munched her tasty cunt.

Anne’s gorgeous face was reflected back to him. Crinkles of passion creased her face. Her mouth hung open. Her tongue bled out the corner of her lips, and she bit it lightly.

This was ecstasy at heavenly heights. Anne took her big C-tits out of the bra cups and set them up over the top of the merry widow. They looked like scoops of delicious vanilla ice cream.

She took one hand and rubbed the palm over the erect nipples. Dave found her clit and bit lightly, gnawing the pleasure-button lovingly.

“Ah, yeah, yeah, baby. That’s it,” Anne whispered.

He sucked her clit into his mouth, bit lightly, then tongued wildly.

Anne shuddered, trembled.

Dave clutched her ass tightly. His mouth was like a suction cup.

“Oh, honey!” Anne gasped. “I’m gettin’ it! I’m cummin’!”

Dave worked furiously to bring her to the most satisfying climax he possibly could.

Anne felt the tingling vibration start slowly, then pick up speed. What a feeling, what pleasure. Her whole body convulsed in a glorious blat of pleasure.

She was jerked forward at the waist by the sensation that flowed through her. She grabbed Dave’s shoulders for balance. A splendid fickle consumed her.

Dave gulped her pussy and twiddled her clit with his expert tongue.

Anne shook through a humdinger of an orgasm.

“Ooof, mmmmm, uh, uh, ooooh, baby!” she cried.

Dave’s cock had risen to another erection, hard and stiff as a hammer-handle. He worked hard to bring her to the top of her climax.

She finally fell back against the bathroom sink, her hand catching the edge for balance.

Dave backed up on his knees, catching his breath.

Anne was above him, huffing, puffing, feeling the beauty of her glowing cum.

Dave reached up and stripped her pink panties down her legs, her knees, and over her heels. Anne two-stepped so be could yank them off. He kissed them fondly, then looked up at her as his tongue licked the inside crotch of the panties.

“I’ll keep these and jack off in them later,” he whispered.

“You do that. You do that, and let me watch when you do,” Anne said.

He pulled Anne down to the bathroom carpet. She was on her knees. They kissed wildly Dave grabbed at her ass. His hard prick slapped against her belly. He pushed Anne down, took her to the floor. She lay on her back, her legs spread. He got up over her.

His cock wobbled. The big red prickhead was shiny and dripped with creamy cum-goo. He lowered his body to hers.

Anne reached up and fisted his hard cock. She guided the thumping hard-on, to her cunt.

She opened her legs wider.

Dave fucked forward. His cock slid into her pussy.

“Oh, baby,” he panted.

“Oooo,” Anne whispered.

He started a slow fuck-stroke, up and down, fucking his big prick in and out of her pussy.

Anne tucked her chin to her collarbone and looked down to watch the slick and slide of his throbbing prick fucking her pussy.

“We’re fuckin’ again,” Dave whimpered.

“You’re damn right we are,” Anne answered.

“God, I love fuckin’ you, honey.”

“Good, come on… fuck it… fuck me! Nail my pussy down!” Anne chanted. Dave’s ass pumped and bumped. Anne watched with glee, seeing her husband fuck up and down. She loved the sight of his big cock fucking in and out of her cunt.

His balls slapped against her ass like two hard-boiled eggs. His balls were smacking, spanking, whacking against her ass with each hot fuck-stroke.

“Your balls are bangin’ up against my ass,” Anne commented.

Dave loved her fuck poetry, loved her when she talked to him like this. Her naughty words inflamed him. He fucked faster and harder on top of her.

“You’re the best fuck in the whole damn world, Anne,” he panted.

“You’re good… you fuck me good,” she said.

“Oh, Goddamn!” Dave puffed.

His ass thumped like a jackhammer. His cock fucked in and out of her pussy. Anne scissored her legs around his fucking body, lifting her heels in the air, hooking her legs, consuming him, taking all his hard cock up to his balls with each stroke.

“I love fuckin’ you,” Dave sobbed.

“Then fuck me… fuck me… fuck me and nail my pussy down, damn it!”

He did. He was like a fucking wild man, screwing his pretty wife to the bathroom floor.

She looked good in the tight merrywidow. Her nyloned legs were hooked around him. Her white heels were in the air, and her big tits were flopping. She fucked back to meet him, bucked up, taking his cock with each thrust, then rolled her ass off the floor, bumping her pussy at his punching prick.

His balls swatted Anne’s ass. His cock fucked her pussy. Anne’s pussy-lips sealed around the fucking prick, and her excellent use of muscles made her cunt-slit pinch his big prick.

“You love to fuck, don’t you, Anne?” he panted.

“You’re damn right.”

“You’d drop your panties anytime for a good hard cock, wouldn’t you?”

“Yeah, I would.”

“You love a hard prick, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I love hard pricks. I was made for fuckin’ hard pricks,” she panted.

Dave was fucking faster now, as if he were doing forty quick push-ups-short rabbit jabs. His cock punched, sawed, fucked her cunt hotly, blushing with heat, finally squirting in her.

“It’s startin’ to squirt in me,” Anne whimpered.

“I’m gonna cum, honey,” Dave huffed.

“Come on, get it, fuck me, fuck off,” she encouraged hotly.

Dave came. His cock erupted a huge, thick stream of hot cream into Anne’s pussy.

“Ah, mmmfff… oh, oh, oh, ahhh, shit!” he babbled, as his cock spat out his hot load.

Anne felt the crackerjack titillation of sweet climax slip through her. She bucked her ass off the floor, screwed her hips around and around at the throbbing, spitting prick.

“I’m cumin’!” she cried.

“I’m cummin’ with you, Anne!” he answered.

And they did, there on the bathroom floor… the lovers locked together in fucking paradise in their new home in Paradise Beach.

“I love you,” Dave sobbed.


They lay crumpled and panting on the bathroom floor.

Dave fucked off his last juice.

Anne’s pussy closed tightly on his softening cock.

“Darling,” he panted. “Yes?”

“I’d love to watch you fuck,” he said. “You would?”

“God, yes. I’d love to see you fuck. That would really excite me.”

“My, my,” she teased. “Wanna see me fuck a hard prick, huh?”

“Yeah, I’d like to see you fuck a hard prick, and I’d like to take pictures of you doing it.”

“Oooo,” Anne cooed. “Really?”

“Damn right.”

“Sounds exciting.”

“You’re the one who’s exciting. There’s no better fuck in the world than you, Anne.”

Dave pulled her to him, kissed her jizzy red lips, his tongue speaking to her in slapping spit. He speared his finger, into her pussy.

The wet juices slicked against his finger as he slipped it into her cunt. He felt as though he’d just stuck his finger into a hot-buttered muffin.

He broke the kiss and immediately trailed his tongue down her neck and onto her big tits. He wiggled the tip of his tongue over her nipples, then cupped each big tit in both hands, squeezed and sucked them into his mouth.

Anne watched his greedy moves. She smiled at his intensity.

He lifted her off the floor. “Get on your hands and knees,” he said.

Anne placed her gorgeous body in the pose he had requested, on her hands and knees, her ass spreading beautifully from the tight merrywidow, the straps of her garters cutting into her ass cheeks and along her hot, lush thighs. Her tits hung like two ripe melons.

Dave cupped her ass cheeks in his hands. His cock banged to a hard-on. He caressed her fine ass. Then he fastened his face into the crack, licking his tongue up and down the furry line.

“Oooo, God!” Anne gasped. “What are you doin’, baby?”

“Fuckin’ your ass with my tongue.”

“I… I guess you are!” Dave’s tongue waned in a wild flutter, slicking up and down the crack of her ass, sending a new thrill through his lovely wife.

She felt pangs of biting pleasure as he manipulated his tongue as an artist might use his brush, painting wild, wet strokes up and down her ass-crack.

“Oh, jeez!” Anne gulped.

“I’m tongue-fuckin’ your ass, Anne,” Dave panted.

“Yeah, do it… tongue-fuck my ass.”

Then Dave sent his tongue flicking at her asshole.

“Ooooo, mmmm, whew!” Anne gulped.

His tongue slapped, swirled and twirled against Anne’s asshole. He sent his tongue right up in there. He gave her a wild twiddle, then a circular slurp, a wild twitter, then a rotating swish.

He was on his hands and knees behind Anne, snacking on her ass, his tongue hard, wet, wide, rimming her, sending shivers of sweet delight shuddering through her whole body.

She reached between her legs, now in a three point stance — one hand on the floor, her knees on the floor — and her other hand went to her pussy. She flicked her cunt-lips with her fingertips, then slid a finger in her cunt and diddled herself.

Dave went to a three-pointed stance too. He clutched his stiff cock, which was bending, curling up in a sweet-looking erection.

Anne looked into the full-length mirror against the other wall, saw them on their hands and knees. She watched Dave bury his face in the crease of her ass, saw his head wobbling, saw him jacking his hand on his prick.

The sight excited her.

“Fuck my ass, baby… rim me, and jack yourself off,” Anne cooed.

Anne finger-fucked her pussy faster, enjoying the rippling waves of satisfaction that flooded her being.

Dave lapped and slapped his tongue at her shitter. His hand pumped hard and fast on his prick.

Anne watched in the mirror. She started to roll her ass in lewd, wide circular swings, rotating her gorgeous ass at Dave’s face.

Suddenly he was up on his knees behind her. His hands slid to her hips. His cock wobbled between her thighs, slapping at them.

Anne reached down, between her legs, grasped the iron-hard prick and pulled the cockhead against her itching pussy.

Dave pushed.

Anne rolled her ass.

He slid his cock into her cunt. “Ah, yes,” he moaned.

“Fuck me like a dog,” Anne said.

He started fucking, bent over behind her, then reached under her and cupped her tits. He fucked his cock into her hard, then fucked softly, then slammed harder.

Anne bucked her ass to meet his fluid fuckstrokes.

He fucked a full eight inches in and out of Anne’s pussy, and, much to her delight, his cock was hard as a lead pipe. His prick was so hard and throbbing she could feel the thumping against her cunt-lips.

She continued her wild movements, corkscrewing her ass in incredible swings and sways, fucking back to him, taking all of his cock, making the man swoon with the deep pleasure of real love.

“Fuck me, come on, fuck it, baby!” Anne gasped.

“I am, honey. I’m fuckin’ into your pussy with my hard prick. We’re on the floor, on our hands and knees.”

“I love this,” Anne murmured. “This is a great way to fuck.”

“I love your ass,” Dave blurted.

Then Anne felt the rippling delight of her climax, a sweet sensation that consumed her, totally took over her entire body, made her shake and shudder with pure pleasure.

“I’m cumin’ right now!” she gulped.

Dave fucked her faster, ramming his cock with short, quick jabs into her cunt. He came. His prick unleashed a huge, thick load of fuck cream that splashed hotly into Anne’s cunt.

And they had a good movement going, a good fucking in process, with Dave humping behind her, his balls swinging, his cock fucking in and out of Anne’s slurpy cunt. He clutched Anne’s big, round tits, fondling them as he fucked her from behind.

She kept watch in the mirror.

Now, Dave moved his hands back and placed them on the lush curve of Anne’s hips. He got a good grip so he could fuck his prick in her pussy all the way.

Anne stuck her hand down there between them and felt the slick, creamy slide of his cock as he fucked her cunt. This cock-to-cunt touching excited her, and Dave loved having her fingers exploring the action of their fuck.

Dave looked in the mirror. He caught Anne’s gaze.

“We’re fuckin’ like dogs, darling,” he whispered hotly.

“Yeah… like dogs, baby. Fuck me like a dog,” she panted, rolling her ass in wide, sweet circular motions.

“You’re fucking me with your ass. I don’t even have to move,” he said.

“It’s the best ass-movement you’ll ever have,” Anne puffed.

“Damn right it is, and I know it, that’s why I love you so much,” Dave whimpered.

He was still behind her, on his knees, his hands holding her rotating hips, her corkscrewing ass. His cock was hard as shiny chrome, sticking up into Anne’s cunt. She wound her ass, swayed her hips round and round, fucking his incredible hard-on.

“You sweet son of a bitch,” he whispered. “You look so good fuckin’ me like that.”

Anne watched in the mirror.

So did Dave.

They were beautiful, on the floor fucking. Anne dropped her hands, went down on her elbows, and pressed her cheek on the floor, her head turned sideways. This action stuck her ass up higher, more beautiful than ever.

Dave couldn’t stand it. He began fucking his prick in and out at Anne’s winding ass. She treated him to nice slow fuck-strokes, keeping time to his with the circular swings of her miraculous ass.

“Oh, Anne, fuck me,” he whispered hotly. “We’re fuckin’ good, baby,” she cooed. “You’re comin’ in the back door.”

“Oh, shit, honey, darling, sweetheart, lover, my lovely wife… how I love you!”

“Yeah, well if you love me, make me feel good. Keep pumpin’ that big, hot prick into my pussy.”

“I wish I had a picture of us fuckin’ like this,” Dave said.

“You do, huh?” Anne teased, smiling, still resting her head on the floor, still screwing her ass back at his iron-hard prick.

Dave picked up the pace. “I wish we could fuck all night.”

“You promised to take me to dinner. Don’t forget it’s our anniversary.”

“An anniversary fuck!” he cried.

Anne worked harder, faster, and Dave humped and thumped his cock into her cunt. “I’m feeling that good feeling,” Dave panted.

“I’m gonna cum, Anne!”

“Go on, squirt off in me!”

He did. A hot, juicy load of fuck cream splashed into Anne’s pussy. She saw Dave in the mirror tremble, saw his body shudder, and then she felt the passionate singe of pleasure sear her whole being. A delicious swelling came over her, sending vibrations of sweet satisfaction buzzing through her.

“Ah, whoo, mmm, uh, uh, uh, uh, oooo, Anne!” Dave cried.

“Shoot off in my cunt,” she sighed. “Squirt it all into me, baby.”

He fucked harder and faster, his cock erupting magnificently, the hot load splashing, spilling like a geyser into Anne’s juicy cunt.

“Is there anything you like better than a good fuck, Anne?” he panted.

“Yeah, baby,” she whispered, consumed by the climax zipping through her. “A bunch of fucks, fucks, fucks, oh, oh, oh, oh, shit, shit, uh, ahhhh!” she moaned with delight.


Dave had to take another shower after all the fucking and sucking.

So did Anne.

When he finally emerged from the shower, she had slipped into her merry widow again, the nylons, the shiny white high heels, the tight garter-straps, and a sweet pair of tight white panties.

She slipped into a white linen skirt designed for summer wear and a black nylon blouse that bulged enticingly with her big, round tits.

Dave wore a dark-blue suit. They left their house on Paradise Beach and drove into the city for dinner.

Anne sat on the front seat, the skirt skipping up over her knees, her legs sleek, fine in the sheer nylons, the white high heels. The skirt pulled in tight around her beautiful hips and ass.

“Do you really wanna watch me fuck someone, take pictures of it?” she asked.

“Oh, yes, darling,” he answered quickly, feeling a twinge in his crotch, feeling a thump in his cock.

“It might be exciting,” she said.

“Mmmm, really would be,” he murmured. “God, sure would be.”

His hand fluttered up and down her soft thigh, pulling the skirt up over the top of her nylons. His cock leaped to another erection and spiked up against his pants.

“Honey, don’t, not in the car,” Anne protested.

He took her hand, squeezed it, then placed it on his lap.

She felt the rock-hard prick.

“Good grief!” she exclaimed. “You have another hard-on. I can’t believe it!”

“Yes, you can… just feel.”

She grasped the stiff cockstalk through his pants and squeezed.

“Good God, baby, it’s really throbbing,” she whispered.

“Take it out?”

“In the car?” she cooed.

Anne unzipped his fly and pulled out the solid, swollen prick. His cock thumped thickly in her soft hand.

“God, you are horny all the time, aren’t you, sweetie?” Anne whispered, her hand caressing his throbbing thick prick. “It feels good.”

She squeezed the cockstalk, wrapping her soft warm fingers over the bristling, hot hardness, pulling the big prick out of his unzipped pants.

The cockstalk wobbled. Anne gripped his prick mid-way down, held on firmly.

She pumped up and down, pulling the slick-as-marble skin, making Dave’s cockhead look big, red, hard like an apple.

She leaned over in the front seat and licked her tongue over the head of his prick. She swished her soft, wet, tongue all around, wiggling wildly, flapping her wonderful tongue at the tip of his cock.

“Baby,” he whimpered.

She bobbed back up, slid over in the seat and sat next to him as Dave drove down the concrete canyons of the city toward the restaurant.

“Have you seen that young girl who lives next door to us out at the lake?” Anne asked softly.


“She’s a good lookin’ little piece, isn’t she?”


“Bet you’d like to fuck her, wouldn’t you, honey?” Anne teased.

“Only if you wanted me to fuck her, Anne.”

“Bet you’d like to stick your hand up her short, little skirt and feel her pussy.”

“Oh, baby,” Dave panted as Anne’s hand jism-jammed his stiff prick.

“I’ll bet you’d like that, Dave. I’ll bet she’s pretty young too. So young. Bet she’d go wild over a big, hard cock like this.”

“Oh, Anne!”

“Wanna fuck her, don’t you?”

“Yeah, yeah,” he gulped.

Anne’s hand danced faster on his stiff prick. Dave trembled as he drove, his hands shaking on the steering wheel.

“You said you wanted to see me fuck… I’d like to see you fuck this prick into that young pussy, really give her a hard fucking.”

“Darling, Anne, honey!”

Her hand was a blur. Faster… faster… she jacked and whacked his prick.

“Yeah, I’d like seeing that,” Anne whispered, and now she had her hand jacking so fast on Dave’s cock that he was utterly amazed at the speed. He loved the marvelous feeling she gave him.

“Oh, jack my hard cock, Anne!” he whimpered.

“That’s just what I’m doing. I’m givin’ you the best hand-job you’ll ever have,” Anne said.

“Ooof, wow… mmmmmmmm!” Dave panted, and then it happened.

Anne felt the cockstalk bulge, pulsate, throb, and the big prick shot off a spray of cream. A high arching load splashed all over the speedometer, the steering wheel, the dash.

Anne’s hand danced him into the far corners of delicious delight.

“Yeah, yeah, Anne… jack me off, fuck my cock with your fist… baby… keep it up! I’m cummin’!”

“Shoot off! Yeah, shoot off again!” Anne cried loudly.


Anne fixed drinks and waited for Dave to arrive home from work. She had been out shopping, and she looked lovely in a short white skirt, summer linen, a pink blouse, white high heels, and sheer nylons.

Dave came through the front door and walked into the kitchen. He came up behind Anne and kissed her neck.

“I’ve got a surprise for you, darling,” he whispered.

She turned around. “What’s that?”

“Peek in the living, room.” Anne walked to the kitchen door, opened it a crack, and looked in the other room.

“Who’s that?” she asked softly.

“Gary Peterson, he’s the boy who lives down the block. We haven’t met his parents yet.”

“God, he’s young,” Anne said, peeking in again at the boy, then looking at Dave with a smile. “You want me to fuck him, huh?” she whispered. “While you watch?”

“Yeah, and take pictures. I bought a brand-new Polaroid. It’s out on the table. I wanna take some pictures of you alone first, though, okay?”

Dave took his drink in the other room and Anne went with him. Gary sat on the couch. He was lean, almost six feet, had a square-cut, tight skin face, was very handsome, and he wore jeans and a button-down shirt. His hair was cut short and had been bleached blond by the sun.

“This is Anne,” Dave said.

The boy stood up. “Hello, ma’am.” Anne smiled and said hello. Dave picked up the new Polaroid and loaded it. “I told you I wanted you to help me take some pictures.”

“Yes, sir,” the boy said.

“Well, first, I don’t need any help. You can just watch… then you can help me.”

The boy sat down and said, “Yes, sir.”

Anne sat down on the other end of the couch away from the boy. Dave focused the camera and shot a picture of her looking ravishingly beautiful in her skirt and tit-bulging blouse, her sheer nylons, and white heels.

Then Anne slid to the edge of the couch and hiked her skirt over the tops of the nylons, showing off shiny black garter-straps. Dave took a picture.

Gary watched, surprised by the action.

Anne pulled her skirt up farther and revealed a pretty pair of pink panties that were shaded at the crotch by her rich, thick, carpet of cunt curls.

Dave took another picture.

Anne unbuttoned her blouse, pulled it open to reveal a black bra. She reached into the big C-cups and popped her tits out over the top of the bra so they sat there like two delicious oysters on the half-shell.

Dave clicked a picture.

Gary watched, trembling. His cock snapped to attention as he looked at the sexy, older lady, so beautiful, so voluptuous.

Anne rubbed her hand over the muff-mound of her pussy-packed pink panties as Dave flashed another photo.

Then she pulled her skirt high on her waist and slid her panties down to her knees so they were a tight roll there. Her brown pussy was bared to the boy and her husband. They both gawked and shuddered with delight.

Dave took a series of photos of her in various sexy positions, her legs spread, her panties down on her ankles, and then finally off. Anne took the pinkies and dangled them sexily from one hand.

She spread her legs wide, slid way down on the edge of the couch, her white skirt up, her blouse open, her pussy a jewel.

Gary’s cock spiked his jeans.

Dave’s cock squirted in his slacks.

Anne stood up and took her skirt and blouse off and revealed herself in a black waist-cincher, black bra, nylons, garters, and white heels. Her pussy was exposed.

Dave reloaded the camera and went back to work shooting pictures. Anne stood with her hands on her hips, rubbed her pussy, played with her tits, and drove the man and boy wild.

Then she sat down beside Gary, looked deep into the boy’s eyes as her hand fell to his lap. She felt his hard teenage cock. She palmed the length of the shaft.

She leaned in and kissed the lad, plunged her tongue into his mouth and flapped it around as her hand played on his pulsing cock through his jeans.

She broke the kiss, took Gary’s hands and placed them on her tits.

“Like those?” She smiled seductively, teasingly.

“Yes, ma’am… they’re… they’re big.” Dave flashed off more pictures. Anne took one of his hands and placed it between her legs, moved it at the wrist, took his fingers against her pussy.

“Ever felt a cunt before?” she whispered. The boy took his head to indicate he hadn’t. Anne unzipped his jeans and pulled his cock out. The teenager had a hard six-incher, just as hard as brick. Anne fisted the cockstalk, squeezed, felt the heat and throb of his erection in her soft hand.

Gary rubbed her pussy.

She squeezed again on his prick and it erupted.

“Oh, my God!” Anne gasped.

“He’s gettin’ it… he’s cummin’!” Dave exclaimed.

Dave was busy taking pictures of the sweet scene on the couch.

“I just touched his prick and it’s shootin’ off,” Anne said with amazement and delight in her voice.

Gary’s prick sprayed a seething, bubbling splash of hot cum-cream. A frothing deluge that shot upward in a high arch and spilled to the carpet in front of the couch. Anne watched him cum, then squeezed harder on his teen prick and pumped her hand. Another huge load pissed out and showered the carpet.

Gary stiffened, gasped loudly and moaned. “Ah, ah, ooooo, oh, ma’am, ma’am!”

“Come on, boy… cum for me like this,” Anne teased, her hand jacking the boy’s cock.

“Oh, ma’am… it feels…”

“Good, doesn’t it, Gary? Feels so good, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, yes, yes… ooooh!” the boy panted.

Dave caught all the action, the spraying, spurting prick, Anne’s dancing hand, the way the boy had slid a finger in Anne’s pussy, the way his whole body trembled and shook as though he’d just come in from a freezing storm, which made his hand shake to give Anne a thrill too.

Suddenly Anne dipped and went down on Gary, her tongue sweeping over the bubbling, fizzing prick, and she sucked the plum-head into her soft, warm mouth.

“Ah,” the boy gulped.

Anne’s lovely head bobbed up and down. The boy gulped and gasped.

Dave took pictures of the magnificent scene, watching and filming his wife sucking the teenager’s squishing cock.

Dave’s prick was like a bar of iron in his pants. He put the camera down and quickly stripped out of all his clothes so he was naked. His huge, thick prick looked dangerous, and dripped a big string of cum from the cockhead that looked like a hunk of spaghetti hanging there.

He reloaded the camera and took, some more pictures of Anne sucking Gary.

She lifted off his cock.

“It’s still hard. He came, and I got half his load, but he’s still hard as a brick,” she said.

“Have him take off all his clothes,” Dave suggested.

Anne stood to let the boy disrobe. She looked marvelous in the black waist-cincher, the black bra with her huge tits over the top, her nylons, and white high heels.

The boy stripped.

Anne pulled him to her and kissed him, winding her arms around his neck, then taking one hand down his back and sliding it over his tight little ass.

“Have you, ever fucked before?” Anne whispered, breaking the hot kiss.

“No,” Gary whispered back.

“Wanna fuck me?”

“Oh, yes, ma’am… can I?”

Anne pulled Gary to the floor. She lay back and spread her legs.

Dave took a picture.

She motioned for Gary to get over on top of her.

He did. He lowered his body to hers.

Anne grabbed his prick and guided his hot, throbbing, young cock to her pussy. She inserted the hard-on into her cunt.

“Now, fuck me,” she said.

The boy fucked up and down clumsily, but fast and hard.

Dave took pictures. But he couldn’t stand it any longer. He was so hot. He put the camera down and went and sat on the couch. He grabbed his prick and started jacking himself off.

“Fuck him, Anne,” Dave panted.

Anne ground her hips, screwed her ass off the floor to meet Gary’s wild strokes. The teenager was bumping up and down, slapping his body to Anne’s, pounding his prick in and out of her cunt.

“God, he’s fuckin’ me good,” Anne cried. “Feel good, honey,” Dave yelped. “I’m gettin’ it!” Anne cried again. “Yeah, cum!”

Anne felt the flush of hot fuck cream splatter out of Gary’s prick into her cunt. The tingle of sweet satisfaction simmered through her.

Dave’s cock erupted and sprayed out a huge load that arced through the air and splashed to the carpet next to the hot fuckers.

“I love you,” Dave called to Anne.


Anne and Dave had invited Karen and Rick to have dinner and drinks with them. Karen and Rick lived across the street.

Karen was twenty-three. Rick was thirty-four. She was a lovely blonde, her hair long, and she had a luscious young body. Rick was a six-footer, muscular, handsome, and looked a lot like Tom Selleck.

Karen wore a pair of tight jeans, faded blue, a tight red sweater, and the sweater was pushed out by a pair of hard, round, young tits.

Rick wore jeans and a T-shirt. Dave and Anne fixed drinks and they sat in the living room talking and drinking.

Karen looked like a cheerleader, so fresh, smooth skin, beautiful, with a slightly turned up nose, a real California look.

After dinner, Anne suggested they dance or go to a club. They had all had a bit too much to drink. She put on an album with some ballads on it, and asked Rick to dance.

The muscular, handsome neighbor took her into his arms and they moved together. Anne felt the press of his body to hers. She moved lightly against him, her hips rolling teasingly. She felt the surge of his cock in response.

She was amazed that his prick kept rising, and she had never felt a cock as big. His prick thumped against his slacks, against her.

She rolled her hips harder at the bristling prick.

Rick responded by puffing her closer, his hands roaming her back, slightly dipping to the curve of her ass.

“My, my,” Anne whispered, looking up at him.

His face was serious, impassioned. She reached between them and clasped her hand around his hard-on.

“God,” she huffed. “It’s so long.” He plunged his hand into the soft luxury of her fine ass. Anne squeezed on the thumping cock. His prick felt ready to jump out of his slacks.

She unzipped his fly, stuck her hand inside and withdrew the hard cock.

“Whew,” she whispered, “it’s huge!” She backed off and baked down between them to see a big, long prick wobbling and throbbing.

She fisted the stalk of his prick and they continued dancing. She danced him to the couch and pushed him down. He sat down, his cock sticking up like a hard pipe.

“Rick! What are you doing?” Karen cried, breaking away from Dave.

“He’s showing me his big cock,” Anne said, falling to her knees between his legs, grasping the big prick, licking her tongue over the huge red cockhead.

“Rick… she’s…”

Dave came up and stood beside her. “Sucking and licking his prick,” he said, finishing Karen’s sentence.

His hand went behind the young wife, and he fanned his fingers over her hard, firm ass, flicking his middle finger up and down the crease of her ass.

“Ah, oh, baby,” Rick panted as Anne dipped down and sealed her lips around his cock.

Dave knelt in front of Karen, clutched behind her back and grabbed her ass, then muffed his face to the crotch of her jeans. He licked at the jeans, sucked, bit. Karen looked down to see his lapping tongue slap her, then looked back and watched as Anne bobbed up and down, her ripe, red lips gliding on her husband’s splendid erection.

“Oh, I mean… we shouldn’t do this,” Karen whimpered.

Rick looked her in the eyes, a long, lewd look, as he had his cock sucked.

“Karen, she’s givin’ me a blow-job,” he whispered.

Dave had Karen’s jeans down on her thighs now, revealing ice-blue panties. He stuck his tongue into the crotch of the panties and lapped like a hungry cow.

“Oh, oh, oh,” Karen murmured.

Anne couldn’t believe the length of the cock, the hardness, all ten inches. She held the stiff prick at the base and sucked the top half. She felt the throb and fucking pulse.

She finally stood up. She lifted her skirt and slipped her panties off, then hoisted the skirt high on her hips and straddled Rick, reaching down and gasping his cock, guiding the bubbling head to her aching pussy.

Dave peeled Karen’s blue panties down on her thighs around the jeans and pushed his face into her marvelous blonde pussy. His tongue slicked up and down her eager, quivering cunt-slit.

“Ah, oh… Rick, he’s… he’s licking me.”

“I know, honey, I see him.”

“He’s eatin’ my pussy!”

“I can see him do it.”

“She’s fuckin’ you, Rick. You got your prick in her pussy.”

“Uh-huh. She’s on top of me, fuckin’ me.”

And Anne was. She took half of his huge prick into her pussy and began a slow screwing of her hips and ass, round and round on top of him.

Karen could see the way Rick’s cock slid in and out of Anne’s cunt, watched her ass whirl and swirl, then looked down and saw Dave gulp, suck her pussy into his mouth.

“We’ve never done this before,” Karen whimpered. “Oh, Rick, he’s slurpin’ on my pussy.”

“Feel good, darling?”

“Yeah, yeah, he knows how to do it, he really knows how to suck cunt!” Karen cried.

Karen tossed her pretty, blonde head back, shook it from side to side, then looked down again at Dave. She watched his thick, wide tongue flap against her hot pussy.

“Oh, shit! He’s lickin’ me, Rick, he’s really lickin’ my slit!”

“Baby!” Rick gulped.

“And I’m fuckin’ your husband!” Anne cried, looking back over her shoulder at Dave and Karen, but keeping her sweet slide and glide going, taking more of Rick’s big prick into her hot pussy.

“Oh, wow!” Karen exclaimed. “I never felt this way before. Oh, oh, oh,” she murmured over and over, looking down at Dave munching her cunt. Then back at her husband getting fucked.

Dave jerked her panties and jeans to her feet, took them off, and then stood up and took off his clothes so he was juicy-nude, his cock dripping with cum.

He kissed Karen, a sweet, pussy-cum kiss. He slid his finger in her cunt. She grabbed his cock. They caressed and played with each other, getting hotter, hotter, more passionate.

Dave knelt down, kissed up her naked legs, then pulled her to the couch. He sat down next to Rick. Karen took the cue. She straddled him, grasping his thick prick and pulling the throbbing shaft, rubbing the cockhead against her fuzzy, blonde pussy. She put his cock in.

Now both women were on top of the men, fucking them. Karen looked over at Rick, saw the passion, the delight on his face as Anne bounced up and down on top of him.

Karen reached over with one hand and felt the way Rick’s big cock was fucking in and out of Anne’s pussy. She balanced herself with the other hand on Dave’s shoulder. Her hips rotated, and her ass screwed around and around.

“Fuck me, Karen,” Dave panted. “Fuck me, Anne,” Rick puffed. The women did. They fucked hot and hard on the big, hard pricks, both bouncing and fucking on top of Rick and Dave, their dream asses splatting and slapping on the men’s thighs.

Rick humped up and fucked his cock deeper into Anne, fucked all his inches of prick into her cunt.

Dave did the same, pumped his hips off the couch and fucked Karen’s cunt. Karen fucked faster, in and out, up and down, taking the hard prick with ease.

Anne got the feeling too. She loved the feel of the huge cock exploding in her cunt, the splash and heat of the thick cream pouring up her pussy.

“Ah, shit!” Anne cried. “Here it comes… I’m gonna get… ah, ah, I’m cummin’!”

And she did. A fabulous flutter of excitement singed her whole being as she rode high and bounced on the huge prick.

“Oh, shit!” she yelped.

“Yeah, shit!” Karen panted.

And they all let out long sighs of delight and pure pleasure as they crested at the pinnacle of their orgasms, their bodies shuddering, shaking, trembling, their mouths open.

“Karen and I are fuckers!” Anne yelped. “Fuckers… fuckers… fuckers… fuckers!” they all chanted.

Then Karen leaned in and planted a lovely kiss on Dave’s mouth as she fucked him.

Anne did the same, leaning in, French-kissing Rick, both women bent over with stiff cocks in their cunts, and they looked good-kissing, cumming, fucking.

“I want us all to cum together,” Anne huffed.

“I could cum right now,” Dave said, looking into Karen’s beautiful California-girl face.

She had her mouth open, eyes glazed, her lips moist. She fucked expertly on top of him, looking from Dave to Rick, then looking over to Anne, catching all the looks, the action, so turned on by the whole scene.

“I’m gonna fuck and cum,” Karen babbled. “Rick, he’s gonna make me cum. He’s fuckin’ me with his prick. He’s fuckin’ my pussy, Rick!”

“I know, darling…”

“And I’m fuckin’ Rick’s prick,” Anne smiled. And she fucked up and down. “Now, let’s fuck fast, fast, fuck fast, everybody, let’s cum!”

Karen was sweating. She humped up and down.

Anne screwed and fucked on Rick.

Rick’s cock surged and bristled. He shot a load into her pussy.

“Oh, God… he’s shootin’ off in me! Rick’s cummin’ right now!” Anne shouted.

Karen looked at her husband, saw his face in an impassioned ecstasy. This turned her on, and she felt the tingle of sweet satisfaction slink through her slowly at first, then a wild vibration, as she climaxed and Dave’s cock erupted, tossing huge gummy chunks of cum into her pussy.

Rick humped one last time, speared Anne’s cunt in a final fuck-stroke. Anne yelped with glee.

Dave fucked up to Karen like a rabbit. Short, hot, jabbing fuck-strokes that thrilled the young wife beyond words.

Karen panted, moaned, groaned and simmered through a multiple orgasm she didn’t think would ever stop. Her body shook uncontrollably, and she made Dave cum again.

Anne took the last of Rick’s load and fell off the huge prick and sat beside him.

“Let’s make a date for another dinner date,” she said. “Neighbors should be neighborly, right?”

Everyone agreed.


When Dave arrived home from work the next day, he was surprised to find Anne in a short black skirt, creamy sweater that looked good against her big tits, white high heels, and dark nylons. Her hair was perfectly arranged.

With Anne was the young girl from next door that she had teased him about when they had their fuck a few days before.

“Hi,” Anne said. “This is Tammy from next door.”

“Hi,” Dave said, and looked at the young girl, who appeared to be fairly young. She wore a sleek little girl’s skirt, a uniform from her school. It was dark blue, pleated, and swirled high on her lovely, smooth thighs.

Tammy wore a white sweater with the little skirt, a fuzzy wool sweater that hugged her juicy tits, pulling in to make them look like two big scoops of ice cream. She wore white knee socks and blue and white saddle shoes… and this enhanced the entire outfit.

Her face was peach-colored, round, and she had pouting, luscious young lips that had been glossed with cherry-berry red. Her hair was sandy-brawn, and she had it cut straight in bangs across her forehead and bobbed into two ponytails that hooked up and fell at the sides of her lovely head. She was gorgeous!

Anne smiled. “I’ve been talking to Tammy, telling her a few things.”

“Such as?” Dave asked.

“Well, she’s never seen a prick, and I told her you’d show her yours.”

“Mmm,” Dave said, his cock rising, thumping to a lewd erection in his suit pants. “Well, let me go upstairs, wash up, and I’ll come down and show you my prick, okay, Tammy?”

“Yes, sir,” the girl said shyly.

Dave went upstairs, stripped nude, took a quick shower, toweled dry, put the towel in a wrap around his midsection and returned to the living room.

Anne sat in a big easy chair.

Tammy was on the couch, looking delicious in her school uniform.

Dave walked over to Tammy. “Here, Tammy, now I’ll show you,” he said.

His cock was hard as a peg of iron under the towel. He let the towel fall. His cock snapped up and slapped his belly with a thick thud.

“Oh, mmmm, ooof, ahh!” the girl stammered at the sight of Dave’s rigid, thick prick.

Dave stood before her and let Tammy have a good look at the prodigious tool. She eyed the cock, his low-hanging balls, his tight belly, his hairy chest. Her eyes roamed him.

Dave moved closer, his cock wobbling inches from Tammy’s face. She trembled all over.

Anne walked over. She took Tammy’s hand.

“Feel his prick, Tammy, go ahead.” Anne took her hand and placed it on the massive cockstalk.

“Oooh,” Tammy whimpered at the feel of the hot throbbing prick.

“That’s it,” Anne said. “Massage and caress it for Dave. He likes that.”

Tammy drew, in a sharp breath of air. “How’s his prick feel, Tammy?” Anne asked.

“It’s warm, and it’s… it’s smooth and real stiff.”

“Watch me,” Anne said.

She bent over and licked out her tongue and swirled and flapped it against the bright-red head of Dave’s cock.

“Try that, Tammy,” Anne said. Tammy slid forward on the couch. Her little blue skirt skipped up higher on her lovely thighs. She kept her fist wrapped tightly halfway down on the stalk of. Dave’s hard-on. She ducked her head out, her lips cherry, wet, glossed thickly. Her pink, young tongue slowly slipped out from between her beautiful lips. She wiggled it, just the tip, against the cockhead of the throbbing erection.

“Oh, shit!” Dave yelped.

Anne felt a shiver of excitement grip her as she watched the schoolgirl lick her husband’s prick. She hiked up her tight, black skirt, up over a pair of pussy-thick pink panties.

Anne rubbed her cunt through the panties. And Tammy kept wiggling her tongue on Dave’s cockhead. She looked up, eyebrows arched, to see the look of pleasure on his face.

“Suck on his prick, Tammy,” Anne instructed.


“Like this,” Anne said, and again bent over. She sucked three inches of the hard-on into her mouth and bobbed in and out.

Tammy dipped in and sucked on Dave’s cock. She could only get the big, bulging prickhead in her mouth at first, then she managed to suck in another inch of the bristling prick.

“God!” Dave huffed.

Anne stuck her hand in her own panties and diddled her hot cunt.

“Now, Dave’s gonna lick your cunt, Tammy,” Anne said, “aren’t you, Dave?”

“You bet.”

He pulled away from Tammy’s gaping mouth and fell to his knees in front of her. He spread her smooth, golden legs, his hands feeling the creamy, young flesh.

He got on his hands and knees between her legs. He licked his tongue on her thighs and lifted her pleated blue skirt up to reveal a pretty pair of pink panties.

“Ah, pink panties like mine,” Anne said. “It’s Dave’s favorite, huh, honey?”

“Mmm, mmm,” Dave mumbled, his tongue sucking up into the crotch of Tammy’s pink panties.

The girl tucked her head down, chin to her collarbone and watched Dave lick her panties.

She slid out to the edge of the couch, her ass on the edge of the cushion. Dave lapped his tongue slowly, lewdly at her pantied crotch. Tammy had never felt such an excitement that now trembled through her, shook her with a thrilling delight.

Dave tugged her panties down, down her knees, to her ankles, over her shoes, and he took them off. He looked straight on at the beautiful sandy-haired pussy, so enticing, so delicious-looking, the hair so silky and slick.

He muffed his mouth to her cunt. He kissed her right on the pussy.

“Ooowhew,” Tammy breathed hotly. “Oh, sir!”

Dave sucked her cunt, sucked the soft deliciousness into his mouth and nibbled. The girl shuddered. Dave slicked his tongue up and down the cunt-slit. She gasped and moaned.

“God, that looks good,” Anne whispered. Dave slid his hands under Tammy’s hot little ass, cupped her smooth cheeks, lifted the rump off the couch, and feasted on her pussy like a wild, hungry mad man.

Anne finger-fucked her cunt as fast as she could, her knuckles bulging out the crotch of her panties.

Tammy’s little, blue skirt was up over her waist now, and she was splayed out, Dave crunching and munching at her crotch. She felt the first tingle of climax grip her, and she had never felt anything so special, so wonderful.

“Ah, ooo, oh, oh, oh, oh, whoooooooo!” she yelled. “Oh, sir!”

“Goddamn, she’s cummin’,” Anne panted, fucking her pussy with her finger.

She quickly got down on the floor, slid her body between Dave’s legs so her head slid through and she arched up and sucked his prick. She lay spread out like this, then reached down and fucked her pussy again with her finger. She sucked wildly on Dave’s dick, felt the flush of cream spill into her mouth.

She heard Tammy scream: “It feels so good, sir!”

They were quite a sight for delight. The beautiful young Tammy, splayed out on the couch, her schoolgirl skirt high on her waist, her tits bulging the white sweater, and Dave on his knees, legs spread, his hands under Tammy’s tight little ass, lifting it up as though he were munching greedily on a watermelon, his tongue lapping like a horse at the girl’s pussy.

Tammy was trembling uncontrollably, her orgasm singeing her.

Anne was on the floor twiddle-deeing her hat cunt with her finger, her hand pulling Dave’s prick down to her mouth… her head arched up to get the cock, her mouth like a plunger, gulping his cream offering.

Tammy fell back on the couch.

Dave lunged forward, breathless, vibrating from his cum.

Anne on the floor, crawled on her hands and knees, her pussy now fucked gloriously by her finger. A trickle of cum slid down her chin.

Dave fell back and took a deep breath. “Oh, damn,” he muttered.

Anne got up, straightened her skirt, and said, “Now Dave will sit nude on the couch. You get up, Tammy, and do some cheers for Dave. Tammy is a cheerleader at St. Mary’s High School, Dave.”

“Wonderful,” he mumbled.

Tammy stood up, looking adorable in her blue pleated skirt — now back down on her thighs — and her fuzzy tight white sweater. Her tits looked like two baseballs under it, pushing at the front. And, of course, she wore her cute white knee socks and blue and white saddle shoes.

“Just do some of my cheers?” Tammy said, looking at Dave’s prick, wilting, slick and slimy with cum.

“Uh-huh,” Anne said, and she took a chair near the couch to watch.

Dave grabbed his soft cock and held the stalk of his prick in his palm.

Tammy swung her hips to the right, cocked them there and then threw them to the right.

“We got the team… we got the steam. We’re rough, were taught… Go Tigers!” She sang the words sweetly, swinging her hips, then jumped high in the air, her little skirt flipping up and over her nude cunt, then falling back down again.

Dave played with his prick as he watched. Anne slid down on the edge of the chair, pulled her black skirt up over her cunt and spread her legs.

Tammy turned around, put her hands on her knees and wiggled her ass. The skirt slipped up high to reveal the cheeks of her lovely ass.

“Hold that line… defense! Defense!”

“Push ’em back one more time… defense!”

She leaped high again, her legs in a V as she jumped.

Dave’s cock was hard again.

Anne watched him. She picked up the Polaroid camera from the table where she had it ready. She snapped photos of Dave playing with his prick, and shots of Tammy cheerleading.

Dave couldn’t stand the passion. He leaped off the couch, his big cock wobbling, and pushed Tammy to the carpet. He pulled her skirt up and lowered his body over hers.

“Ever been fucked, Tammy?” he whispered.

“No, sir, never.”

“I’m gonna fuck you now, little darling.”

“Oh, sir, I don’t think you should, but…”

Dave’s cockhead pressed lightly against the sloppy, spitty, cum-soaked pussy-lips.

She stiffened and gulped loudly.

He pushed the cockhead into her tight cunt.

“Oh, oh… oooof!” she muttered.

He was a wild man on top of her. He made sure Tammy’s smooth legs were wide apart, and he began his hot fuck-strokes, giving the girl just three inches of his big cock. He gently fucked the hard cockstalk in and out of her pussy.

“Ah, ah… oh!” Tammy gulped, looking down, seeing him fucking her.

Dave picked up the beat.

Anne stuck her finger on the click button and flashed off a series of photos, then put the camera down and played her fingers over her cunt.

Dave humped and pumped on Tammy. She wound her arms around his neck. He kissed her lovely mouth. His cock slipped and slid in and out of her tight little curt, fucking her.

They were fucking good.

Real good, and Tammy loved it. She loved the feeling of the cock in her cunt. She had never felt so good.

Dave’s balls slapped her ass. He fucked more cock into her.

She took the extra inches. She humped off the carpet, her ass bouncing back at him, and they fucked right into paradise, their bodies slamming and pounding with a delightful smack and thud sounds.

The sight of her husband being so turned on, there fucking the young lass on the floor excited her. She ripped right into a climax.

So did Dave. His cock bulged in Tammy’s pussy and spit out another load of cream.

Tammy stiffened up under him, she was like an ironing board as her orgasm gripped her body, sent her to a delicious lusciousness she never knew existed before.

“Fuck me, sir… fuck me!” Tammy cried.

“I will. I’ll fuck you anytime you want me to, Tammy!”

“Oh, goody, shit… goody, gooody!”


The next morning, Dave awoke early with a giant hard-on. His cock, sometimes in the early morning, was larger than at any other time. His most massive erections were constructed upon waking.

He went to the bathroom quietly and sat down on the toilet. His cock stuck up larger than eight inches… a full nine inches and it was so damn stiff… so hard. He waited for his prick to go down, but it wouldn’t. He finally fisted the mammoth cock and squeezed.

Just then, Anne walked into the bathroom.

“Playing with your prick… wow… whaaaa,” she stuttered. “You’ve really got a hard-on there, honey. That thing is huge!”

“It won’t go down, Anne. I was thinking of you, and it would go down, darling. You keep my cock hard all the time.”

Anne wore a flimsy, thin, sexy little nightie, and it was short, hemming out on her thighs. She had her hair in big hair-rollers.

But this vision excited Dave.

Her beauty was not diminished at all by no make-up and the rollers. She was ravishing. Her big tits pressed against the nightie. He could see her pussy through the thin material, and the sexy sight made his cock throb.

Anne saw his greedy stare, saw his cock respond to her presence. She walked to the toilet, reached down and removed Dave’s hand from his prick.

“Let me feel it,” she whispered, and slid her warm little hand up and down the pulsing cockstalk. “Whew, baby, this thing is like hot iron… it’s thick as a big flashlight.”

She bent over at the waist and licked her slick tongue over the big, bulging red cockhead.

Dave moaned softly with delight.

“Anne, baby… oh, sweet sucker!” he panted.

She sealed her warm mouth over the top of his prick and sucked. Her cheeks caved in, dimpled, and her lips fish locked on the cockstalk.

“You sweet, lovely fucker,” Dave babbled. “Suck my prick stick, baby. Suck my cock!”

Anne did, but for only a slithering, slurpy minute. Then she lifted off, and spread her legs whipping one over him, straddling the big cock, standing over him as he sat on the toilet.

She spread her legs wider to come down to the big cock. She fisted the cockstalk and pointed the tip at her pussy, then corkscrewed her ass around and around, pushing her cunt against the prickhead.

She liked how hard his prick was, liked the way the bulging cockhead slid around on the lips of her pussy. She humped and thrust forward.

Dave’s hard-on penetrated her pussy, sliding in nicely.

“Ah,” she breathed hotly.

“Anne… Anne… you beautiful fucker,” Dave panted, puffing his hands on her hips, looking into her glassy eyes, seeing her face, the hair rollers, her big tits.

Anne looked down between them to see his big prick plugged in her cunt. This sight excited her, and she began fucking Dave slowly, with a lewd circular swinging motion of her fabulous ass.

Her huge tits bobbled and wobbled as she moved.

Dave pulled the white nightie up and over Anne’s head and threw it to the floor.

She sat on his cock, nude, gorgeous, her body fucking him, her face impassioned, her beauty enhanced by the sheer early-morning shine of the hair-rollers.

She pulled up, taking just the head of Dave’s cock in her cunt, then fucked short little strokes at him, her tits swinging toward his mouth.

He reached up and grabbed the big tit-orbs, squeezed them firmly, mashed his greedy mouth to the nipples and sucked voraciously.

Anne liked him sucking her tits, liked the hot iron-hard cock fucking in her pussy.

Dave sucked her tits good for a minute or two, then pulled back, gasping. Anne looked down between them and saw the slide of his prick in her pussy.

“Looks good,” she said.

“You look good, Anne, you’re beautiful… you’re a beautiful fuck… I love fuckin’ you… you know I’d spend all day fuckin’ you if I didn’t have to earn a living.”

“Your prick is better, bigger than it’s ever been, baby,” Anne whispered. “I love it so hard like this.”

“And you’re sittin’ on it.”

“You’re damn right I am,” Anne puffed, winding her ass upward, pulling her pussy-lips up the slick stalk of Dave’s big, magnificent hard-on. She fucked the tip of his prick, just the cockhead in her pussy. She was astraddle his thighs, nude on top of him on the toilet.

“Damn it, baby,” Dave huffed. “You’re drivin’ me crazy!”

“Good!” she purred.

Dave humped his ass off the toilet seat and fucked his big-bar cock up into Anne’s cunt, plunged it all the way into her pussy. “Ooof!” she puffed.

“Fuck me!” Dave murmured.

Anne began a soft slow humping and pumping on top of him, fucking gently. She picked up speed, grinding her ass, her cunt sending Dave into a simmer of delight.

He fucked up to her.

She humped down and caught his stroke. She bounced higher on him.

He grabbed her hips and held her. He fucked up to her off the toilet seat, throwing her higher.

She came down, her cunt sliding the length of his tough prick.

Anne grabbed his shoulders, held on and bounced wildly on the super-hard, slick prick. A slushy, clicking, fucking sound filled the bathroom. She leaned in and kissed Dave hotly, her tongue spearing into his mouth, licking his lips.

Dave sucked on her tongue and nibbled the tip as she took him over the edge of divine paradise.

The feeling gripped him slowly, then rippled lusciously through him. He broke the kiss.

“I’m gonna squirt off, Anne!” he gulped. “Came on, fuck me, baby. Come on, baby fuck!” Anne yelped.

“Oh, shit. Goddamn, honey!” Dave moaned. “Oh, baby!”

His cock erupted. A hot, thick gusher of fuck cream spurted into Anne’s cunt.

She felt the hot load splash her just where it felt good, flood her pussy to overflowing, and then the same feeling Dave was experiencing sizzled through Anne.

She came!

“I’m gettin’ it,” she cried. “I’m cummin’, darlin’, I’m cumming!”

“Ah, baby,” Dave sighed, breathless. Anne fucked wildly on the stiff prick, enjoying the hard length fucking up into her cunt.

All Dave’s love poured into her snatch in hot, thick, creamy squirts of cum.

“This is wonderful,” Anne gasped. Dave fucked, humping and pumping off the toilet seat, fucking his prick deep up into her cunt.

Anne screwed down on him, enjoying the vibrating luxury of her fabulous cum.

“Keep squirtin’ in me,” she huffed, falling helplessly on top of him. “Keep fuckin’ that cream into me.”

“You sweet son of a bitch, Anne!” Dave gulped, holding her vibrating hips, her whole body simmering, shuddering with the satisfaction of her climax.

Dave’s prick kept swishing and squirting in Anne’s pussy, and his cock stayed hard as birch, hard as iron, hard as brick, hard as metal, hard as lead, hard, hard, hard. His prick seemed to never soften.

“Wow… you sweet, sweet, sweet son of a bitch… you beautiful fuck buster, ever-livin’, ever-lovin’ darling,” Dave muttered.

“Prick me, Dave. Prick my pussy!” Anne yelled.

“Yeah, I’m prickin’ your pussy, Anne, I’m prickin’ it!”

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop fuckin’ me, baby,” Anne gasped.

“No, no, never will, ever will… can’t stop fuckin’ you, darlin’.”

Dave fucked his hard cock deeper into Anne’s precious pussy. His cockhead spurted out the last of his thick load.

“God, you shot at least a pint into me,” Anne whispered.

“And I got more to shoot in you, too,” he panted.

He rolled his ass on the toilet seat and fucked her good, spearing her on his hard cock.

Anne hung onto him, her hands around the back of his neck. She was helpless, breathing hotly and sweetly, gasping, gulping, still sliding off the edge of her own ecstatic orgasm.

“Oh, God, I love to fuck,” Anne whimpered.

“You’re the best, baby, you’re the best fuck in the whole damn world… there’s no one like you. There’s no one who can fuck a prick like you.”

“I love fuckin’ dick!” Anne huffed. “I love the way you fuck too, sweet pussy,” Dave muttered.

They sat now on the toilet, huffing and puffing, bathing in the glow of a fabulous climax, both bodies loose and relaxed, both pleased and pleasured.

Dave reached down and took one of Anne’s legs and brought it up, threw it over his shoulder so it hooked at the knee. He did the same thing with her other leg.

Anne still had her hands entwined behind his neck.

He slid his hands under her sweet ass, then stood up holding her. He walked with her, his cock still locked in the squeeze of her pussy, toward the mirror in the bathroom.

They both looked at themselves.

Anne was fabulous, clinging on to Dave, her legs over this shoulders, her hair-rollers still perfectly in place. She leaned in and kissed him.

Their tongues swept and swirled against each other’s.

Dave started swinging Anne by the ass, back and forth, in and out, on his expanding cock.

“God, honey, fuckin’ me like this, bangin’ your prick in me while I swing back and forth. Wow!” Anne whispered.

“Looks good in the mirror,” Dave said. Both, together, looked at themselves, then into each other’s eyes, then down to where Dave’s cock was getting stiffer and stiffer as he fucked in and out of Anne’s pussy.

His cock slipped and slicked with a slurping sound into Anne’s cunt.

She held on as he swung her wildly now. Anne felt the thrusts of his hard prick fucking into her luscious wet cunt, feel the heat of his burning cockstalk, felt the slippery, gooey slip and slide. She loved a prick in her pussy, loved the way Dave had her impaled on his cock. He was swinging her so effortlessly, so easily, fucking her like this for the first time.

He had his feet planted solid on the bathroom floor, and he manipulated Anne’s ass, clutching the blossoming ass cheeks, thrusting her out, then back again.

Anne slid with the glide, humping her cunt to meet his cock. Her big tits bobbled and wobbled.

Dave checked her beauty in the mirror, her face, her hair in big rollers, her legs over his shoulders. He saw his cock fucking her cunt.

“I’m gonna cum, baby,” he rasped. “Get it,” she purred. And he did. His cock spat a hot squirt of fuck cream into Anne’s sucking cunt.

She felt a shudder simmer through her and she fucked fast.

Dave lost his balance and turned her around, then sat her down so her ass was on the edge of the sink.

He caught his hands on the sink by her thighs, got his balance and fucked his spewing prick harder and faster into her pussy.

Anne kept her legs over his shoulders, her arms stretched behind her, her hands on the edge of the sink bowl for her own balance.

Dave’s cock poured thick streams and squirts of fuck cream into her cunt.

Anne felt the hot slush fill her up. She trembled and shook at the apex of her climax.

Dave huffed, puffed, pumped and humped his sweet wife. He fucked her gloriously.

“Oh, Anne!” he cried.

“Yeah, baby, yeah… I know,” she panted. “I know… it’s wonderful!”


Hank Henry, who lived across the street and down the block from Dave and Anne with his wife Crystal, had made a date to meet Dave to play some golf.

Dave knew Hank was going to show up at two on this Saturday afternoon. He talked it over with Anne, and they decided to present a surprise to Hank.

When Hank rang their bell, Dave was in the kitchen behind the door, peeking out of the small window in the door, and Anne waked through the living room. She had on a slinky white robe, sheer nylons, white high heels, and she looked absolutely stunning. Her hair was piled up, and she had bangs set on her forehead. She wore white panties, white bra, and a black garter-belt.

She opened the door for Hank Henry, who surprised her by being with a friend.

“Hi,” said Hank, “this is my friend Van. He’s going with me and Dave to watch.”

Hank had black hair and looked a lot like Clark Gable. Van had sandy-brown hair, a square face which was chiseled into a smooth handsomeness. Both men were lean and around six feet tall.

“Well, hello,” Anne said, “Dave will be with you in a few minutes. He’s running late. How ’bout letting me get you both a glass of iced tea. Just sit down on the couch.”

The men sat down, and Anne went back into the kitchen.

“There’s a friend,” she said to Dave inside the kitchen. “Should we still do it?”

“Yeah, do it, honey,” Dave whispered.

She fixed the iced teas. Anne noticed his cock was hard in his slacks. She reached out and grasped Dave’s hard-on. She unzipped his fly and withdrew the stiff, throbbing cock.

“God, you’re hot, huh?” she whispered. “Oh, yeah, baby… damn right.” Anne bent over and licked her tongue over the bulging red head of Dave’s prick, then stood back up and took the iced teas to the living room.

She placed them on the coffee table and let the white robe fall open to reveal her overflowing bra, her pussy-packed white panties, the shiny black garter-belt, and the sheer nylons.

Both men gawked at her beauty, at her luscious curves, at her beautiful face. They squirmed on the couch. Anne sat down between them.

She smiled.

There was silence. It was awkward. The men didn’t know what to do.

Van had a hard-on.

Anne could see the man’s prick spiking his tennis shorts.

Hank’s cock was stiff as wood against his shorts too.

She reached out with bath hands and massaged their cocks. Her hands moved slowly and meticulously as her fingers probed their marble-hard pricks.

She unzipped their flies and withdrew their hard cockstalks. Van had a six-incher, but Hank Henry had a big one. Anne could only guess at the length, but she would have given odds that the cock was over twelve inches long. She gasped, ran her hand the length of Hank’s prick. His cock was like a huge cucumber. She trembled at the sight and feel of the pulsing cock.

Dave stood in the kitchen peering out of the little window in the door. He grabbed his cock and started jacking off as he watched his wife playing with the men’s cocks.

Anne’s hands worked magic on the men.

Van’s cock slicked out a crop of fuck cream that spilled out off the top of his prick, down over Anne’s knuckles.

Anne saw the cum ooze out and trickle sweetly over her hand. She brought her other hand to her mouth and deposited a huge gob of spit and slicked it over the trembling-tall prick that belonged to Van.

Her robe was wide open. Hank looked greedily at her. But both men wondered when Dave would appear and what might happen when he did.

“You’ve got a really big prick here, Hank,” Anne said. “How big?”

“It’s twelve inches.”

“Whew,” Anne breathed hotly, sucking her spitty hand up and down the rigid stalk, feeling the hardness, the long beauty of this hot prick.

Dave kept jacking his prick in the kitchen as he watched Anne’s action. He was so hot, so excited — he was shaking all over.

“Why don’t you guys get up and take your clothes off? Let me see you naked,” Anne suggested.

“What about Dave?” Van asked. “Let me worry about that,” Anne said. The men stood up and stripped. Van had hair all over his chest, his belly, and big bushy masses around his prick. Hank was lean, hairless, but his cock stood out like a metal rod.

Anne stood up and fisted their cocks and stood before them. Hank reached out and rubbed her cunt through her panties. Van lifted her tits out of her bra and played with the big orbs.

“Why don’t you take my panties down, Hank?” Anne said.

She let go of his cock and he knelt before her beauty and slowly tugged her tight panties off her thighs and hips, revealing her brown cunt.

Hank gaped at her. He slid her panties down her nylons and slid them off. Hank ducked in and kissed her pussy.

Anne tightened her grip on Van’s cock.

Van fondled her tits.

Anne got all hot and excited with Hank chomping so greedily at her cunt. She grabbed him by the hair and pulled his sucking lips away.

She got down on her knees and pulled Van with her, the three of them on the floor. She pushed Hank back so he lay on his back on the carpet, his huge roller-pin prick standing up tall and hard. She straddled over him, her knees on either side of him. Van came around and knelt in front of her.

Anne moved up on Hank and mashed her pussy to his mouth, screwed her hips around, and ground the soft pussy muff against his sucking lips.

She reached behind her with one arm and grabbed his mammoth prick and slicked her hand up and down. She felt a gob of fuck cream slip down over her wrist.

Van, kneeling over the two, leaned in and kissed Anne’s big tits.

Dave was hot and excited in the kitchen. He played slowly with his prick, savoring the scene in the living room.

The kitchen door behind Dave opened and Tammy, the sweet, darling school girl, walked in from outside. She was wearing her snazzy, sexy cheerleading uniform. She had just returned from a game.

“Oh, sir!” she gasped when she saw Dave. His pants were a heap on his feet, his shorts on his ankles, standing with his cock in his hand peeking through the small window into the living room.

“Anne said I could drop by anytime I wanted to, but to always use the back door,” Tammy explained.

Dave looked her over.

She was saucy and stunning in an all-white outfit — a so-tight white sweater that just touched the top of her white pleated cheerleading skirt that had two rings of red around the hem. She wore white tennis shoes with red streaks up the sides.

“Come here,” Dave said. “Look at what’s going on in there.”

He stood away from the window.

Tummy tiptoed up and pecked through the small opening.

“Ah, oh,” she gasped.

“She’s fuckin’ and suckin’ with those guys,” Dave said.

“And that one guy… he has such a well, a really huge…”

“Cock… he’s got a big prick, Tammy.”

“Oh, yes, sir, very big.”

Dave slid his hand over her tight young ass, feeling the soft, but firm ass cheeks. He opened his hand lewdly all over her ass.

His hand slicked his prick.

Tammy looked at Anne, who was now on all fours over Hank, putting his giant cock up in her pussy, while Van offered his stiff prick to her mouth.

Dave got behind Tammy. He lifted her cheerleading skirt over a pair of very tight, white bloomers. His hand continued caressing her fabulous teenage ass. He peeked over her shoulder at the fuckers in the other room.

“Wow, they’re really gettin’ it on, huh, Tammy?” he whispered.

“Jeez, sir. I’ve never seen anything like that!” Dave stuck his hand inside her bloomers and felt the egg-shell smoothness of her marvelous ass. He trailed one finger like a feather up and down the crack of her ass.

Tammy watched Anne start screwing her ass around and around the big cock below her as her lips fish-sucked Van’s cock.

Dave got all hot watching this, and he took Tammy’s bloomers down around her thighs. He humped down, legs spread, behind her, and shoved his cock between her thighs.

His prick throbbed up against her crotch.

“Ah, woooowww,” she whimpered.

Dave lifted her little white skirt high on her waist.

Tammy saw the big cock sticking between her legs. She reached down, grasped his prick, and bent the head back up against her soft pussy.

“Yeah, like that, Tammy,” Dave huffed.

“Oh, sir… sir,” she whined.

Anne really had a fuck-stroke going, and a suck-stroke at the same time, on the men in the other room. Both Tammy and Dave watched eagerly from their hidden viewing place.

Anne couldn’t believe she was riding the big, mammoth prick, fucking around on the cock, having the hard prickshaft fuck into her cunt. She was thrilled with the heat of the rigid hard, throbbing, big prick fucking her cunt. She slid her lips in and out, bobbed her head forward, then back on Van’s cock.

She imagined her husband in the kitchen watching her fuck the two cocks, and that thought excited her even more. Oh, how she loved being on her hands and knees, a foot-long prick driving, fucking up into her curt, the other cock hot in her mouth.

Little did she know Dave had his own scene going.

He was humped down behind the beautiful cheerleader. Her ponytail trailed down her back. He crouched behind her humping, pumping his rock-hard prick between her thighs.

The girl held the bulging head in her palm, bending it back against her cherry cunt.

“You like this, don’t you, Tammy.”

“I’ve never done or seen anything like this, sir. I’m goose-bumpy all over.”

“They’re fuckin’ and suckin’ in there, Tammy, and I’m feelin’ your ass with my hands as I pump my prick through your legs.”

“Oh, I know… I know!” the girl gulped. She loved to hear the man talk dirty.

“I want my prick in your pussy, Tammy,” Dave whispered, and humped a little lower so he could fuck his cock up and into Tammy from behind. He slipped the big, thick prick into her soft, tight cunt.

“Ah, mmmmmm,” she mumbled.

He reached around in front of her. His hands went to her tits and cupped them.

“Hold your skirt up, Tammy,” he said. She did, and he began fucking her as they both watched Anne take on the two pricks in the other room.

“Feels so good, Tammy. Fuckin’ you is good.”

“Yes, yes!” she whimpered, wiggling her wonderful ass back at his thumping, pumping prick.

“You’re a beautiful young lady,” Dave huffed.

“Thank you, sir.”

“You’re a sweet fuckin’ darlin’ cheerleader, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am.”

“You like showing off your ass when you cheer, don’t you?”

“Oh, God yes!” she gasped.

Dave fucked faster and faster.

Tammy wagged her fabulous ass back at him.

In the other room Anne took a hot splash of fuck cream in her mouth as Van came. She worked harder fucking her ass on Hank’s priceless cock.

He exploded a load of spunk up into her cunt.

Her mouth was filling with fuck cream. Van’s cock simply squirted like a fire hose in her mouth, pouring jizz down her throat, and Anne swallowed gladly.

Anne felt the thrill of climax sweep over her like a low-flying cloud… a cloud of ecstasy that lifted her to new heights of pleasure, the pleasure of two hard cocks spurting fuck juice into her.

Dave fucked faster at fabulous Tammy. His prick bulged.

Tammy could feel the hot throb of his prick, and then felt the thick, boiling load of cum that spewed into her tight, young pussy.

She worked her ass faster back at Dave’s drilling prick. She felt the first tremor of sensation grip her, a thrilling ripple of orgasmic delight. She shivered, shook, shuddered, and threw her palms against the kitchen door to keep her balance.

Dave fucked his prick harder into her pussy, giving her a refreshing blast of fuck cream. One spurt, two, three big blows, of fuck juice shot into her cunt.

“Oh, sir!” she sobbed. “You’re squirtin’ all that stuff in me.”

“Mmmm, mmmm,” he mumbled. “Damn right I am, you little fucker.”

“Yeah, I’m a little fucker!” Tammy cried.

“A sweet, hot little fucker!” Dave whined.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she panted.

And, in the other room, Anne shimmied through the final phase of her climax and fell back to the floor.

Cum dripped from her, mouth, and jizz trickled from her pussy.

Later, after Dave had finished fucking the sweet little teenager, he got dressed and went into the living room as if nothing had happened. He found his wife sitting on the couch with Hank Henry and Van. Both men were drinking iced tea, and everyone in the room was fully dressed.

“Dave,” Hank said, “this is Van. I hope you don’t mind but he wants to come along and watch. I told him it would be okay.”

“Sure, no problem,” Dave replied. “Sometimes watching is the best part of a game.”

Anne glanced at her husband and gave him a secret wink.

“Anyway,” Dave continued, “I’m sorry about keeping you guys waiting for me, but you know how it is when you get behind and have to spend all the rest of your time catching up. I hope you didn’t get bored or anything. I mean, Anne played the part of the good hostess, didn’t she?”

“Well… uh…” Hank stammered.

Van looked like he had swallowed a tadpole. It was all Dave and Anne could do to keep from bursting out with peals of laughter. Evidently the men felt pangs of guilt about what they had done with Anne while Dave was out of the room. And neither of them was a very good liar. Anne wondered if either of them had ever fooled around before, and, if they did, how they managed to get away with it.

“Oh, don’t worry about that, Dave,” Anne cooed. “I kept both your friends entertained while you were coming.”

Dave chuckled, apparently without reason.

Hank and Van assumed the worst.

Then, Dave said: “Well, let’s get my clubs in the car and be on our way.”

The two men sighed and followed Dave out the door.

At the door, the two men looked back momentarily to see Anne flashing her pussy they reddened and hurried after Dave. Anne laughed.


Anne and Dave had been invited to a neighborhood party at Maria and Steve Huntington’s house down the street. They showed up a little late.

There were two other couples. The group played Trivial Pursuit, and this bored both Dave and Anne, because they thought perhaps this might be a more exciting party… in many ways.

Anne finally slipped away to the kitchen and was followed a short time later by Steve. Anne was fixing an iced tea.

“Sorry, this is such a boring party.” Steve said, “but my wife is a bit prudish.”

Anne smiled. “Oh, this is a fine party, really,” she said, lying through her teeth.

She looked ravishing, as usual, in a black skirt, tight like a towel around her lush hips, a white sweater that enhanced the pointed bulges of her big tits, and sheer, dark nylons with black high heels.

Steve looked her over good.

He was tall, about six-foot-three, lean, good looking, had shaggy brown-blonde hair, a jagged handsomeness to his face, and a good hard body. Not an ounce of fat.

Just then, one of the other members of the group came into the kitchen and they all went back to the living room.

As they played Trivial Pursuit, a note was passed with a card to Anne from Steve. She saw the look in his face, as though he did not want her to reveal that he’d slipped her the note.

She waited awhile, then excused herself and went to the bathroom. She opened the note and read:

Anne, I’m crazy about you and I will pay you $1000 to take some pictures of you and make love to you. Just nod if it’s a deal… and if tomorrow afternoon is okay.

Your admirer,


Anne had never had such a proposition, and she really didn’t know what to make of it. But a thousand dollars was not to be sniffed at without serious consideration. Of course, she could never tell Dave about this, or could she?

She went back to the living room, sat down, and Steve looked over at her with eager anticipation.

Anne nodded.

The next day Steve called her, and Anne said it was okay to come over.

He arrived to find her in that same tight black skirt, a very tight yellow sweater that really showed off her big C-cups, dark nylons and shiny black high heels.

Steve had a Polaroid camera with him. He walked in the living room, following Anne, watching the magnificent swing of her fantastic ass.

“Here,” he said, once they were in the other room, “here’s the thousand dollars.”

He handed her a fresh, crisp stack of hundred-dollar bills.

Anne took them and put the on the coffee table. “So, you’d like some pictures, huh?” she cooed.

“Yes, I really do.”

“Well, just tell me what to do, Steve, and I’ll try to model just like you want.”

Steve trembled. “You know, I think you are the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen, Anne.”

Anne liked to hear that. She sat on the couch and crossed her legs.

Steve focused the Polaroid and snapped a picture of her.

“And you’re so beautiful, too,” he whispered, his hands shaking ever so slightly as he looked at her through the camera.

Anne uncrossed her legs and slid her skirt up at the sides, over the tops of her nylons, then crossed her legs again, giving Steve a real hot cheesecake shot.

He snapped a picture.

Her big tits were almost bursting through her tight yellow sweater. Her lips were thick with red lipstick. Her make-up was a sweet burnt orange. Her hair had been fixed professionally, set around her pretty head, bangs on her forehead. She uncrossed her legs and pulled the skirt up over a pair of beautiful yellow panties.

Steve gasped with delight. He eagerly snapped three quick pictures of Anne with her skirt up on her waist, her yellow panties, tight, snug at the crotch, muffed out with the thick hair underneath.

Anne slid down on the edge of the couch and spread her legs, her feet on the floor. She had on a black garter-belt and the straps were tight to the nylons, stretched sexily.

Steve took another picture.

Anne unbuttoned the sweater down the front and opened it. Her tits bulged out of a pretty yellow bra. She posed sweetly this way, and Steve took another photo.

She reached in and cupped her tits and set them up over the top of the bra, like two big luscious grapefruits, so big and round.

Steve gasped and took a shot.

Anne toyed with her panties and rolled her palm over the crotch of the yellow undies.

Steve caught the action.

Then she pulled the panties down on her thighs and showed him her pussy, so brown, so hairy.

He gulped.

She rolled the panties neatly in a stretched line just above her knees and let the eager man take several pictures of her moving deliciously on the couch. He reloaded the camera and clicked away.

Anne stood up, holding her skirt high, pushed her hips out and let him take some shots of her that way. Then she unbuttoned the skirt, let it fall to the floor and stood really in the yellow bra, black garter-belt, the yellow panties at her knees. With her nylons and black heels, she was a picture of ravishing beauty.

“God, you are really smashing,” Steve mumbled.

“You must think so. You paid me a thousand dollars.”

“And the first of many more thousands I hope,” he said.

She played with her panties, toying and teasing, letting them slip to her ankles. She spread her legs so they stretched out just above her heels, and she rubbed her cunt lightly with her fingers.

Steve reloaded the camera and clicked more pictures.

Then Anne kicked the panties off and they floated to the middle of the room and fell at Steve’s feet.

Anne stood nude, except for the yellow bra, the black, shiny garter-belt, the nylons and heels, a Goddess of pure magic.

Steve took another picture of her.

She turned around and bent over, put her hands on her knees. The garter straps slashed into her milky ass and thighs, cutting against the smooth skin.

He flashed off more pictures.

Steve’s cock had been pulsing at his gray slacks. A deep stain of cum spread across his crotch.

Anne looked over her shoulder and saw his hard erection. She wiggled her fine ass for the man. She got down on the floor, on her hands and knees, and moved sweetly, her ass swinging round and round. She lay on her back as though she were ready to take on a big prick, her legs spread widely, her knees cocked up.

Steve took pictures. Finally, he sat the camera down. His cock had squirted his crotch full, and the front of his slacks was soaking with cum.

Anne smiled up at him.

He took his cock out.

He had a handsome, thick, ten-inch prick that bulged and bristled. The big cockhead was shiny and dripped a big string of cum.

He fisted his prick and stood over Anne.

She moved her hips up and down, rolled them, waited for his next move.

“Why don’t you take your clothes off and let me see you naked? Let me see that big prick swinging out there,” Anne whispered.

He was out of his clothes in seconds and on his hands and knees between her legs a moment later. He muffed his mouth to her cunt. His tongue flapped wildly.

“Mmmm, whoof!” Anne breathed hotly.

He lapped and sucked at her cunt, licking the delicious, juicy pussy as though he hadn’t eaten in days.

“Steve, you’re so wild down there, licking on my cunt like a dog.”

“Mmmm, mmmmmm,” he mumbled, and sucked her whole pussy into his mouth and munched the softness of her delightful cunt.

“Wow!” Anne gulped. “You’re chewing my cunt.”

“Mmmm, ugggh, mmmmmm, whoooo!” Steve muttered.

“Suck it, baby… suck my pussy… suck my cunt!” Anne yelped, and rolled her hips up off the floor. She screwed her ass up, offering Steve her pussy.

He gobbled furiously, slid his hands under her ass, clutched the asscheeks, lifted her ass off the carpet and feasted on her hot cunt.

“Baby, baby,” Anne moaned. “Sucker, sweet sucker… you can eat me any day.”

Then Steve was up over her. His cock slapping at her belly, her thighs.

Anne reached for the hard prick. She got his cock, fisted the cockstalk, felt the firm throb, the thick roundness, flipped her fingers up and down the long hardness, and guided him into her cunt.

“Ahhh, Anne,” he mumbled. “This is what I want. This is what I’ve wanted since you moved into the neighborhood. Wanted to have my prick in your pussy. Wanted to fuck like this.”

“Yeah, well now you’re doing it.”

“I wish I could pay you more than a thousand dollars,” he said.

“Well, that’s enough this time, but it’ll cost you more if you ever want to fuck me again.”

“Oh, yes, yes, I know it will,” he panted. She hooked her nyloned legs around his humping, pumping body.

He fucked all that big prick into her cunt. She fucked back off the floor and met his hot stroke.

“Wanna fuck you all this time,” he babbled, “need to fuck you… ’cause you’re so fine.”

“Uh-huh,” Anne cooed, “I’m the best you’ll ever have, Steve. I’m the best fuck you’ll ever have in your whole life.”

“Oh, Anne!” he shouted. “Darling!”

His fucking was intense. His hot prick fucked in and out of her cunt. His big balls smashed against her fine ass.

They made a fine sight on the floor in the living room, the money just a few feet away on the coffee table. Anne wound her arms around his neck and pulled him down, into a hot kiss as his cock shot off in her pussy.

She felt the hot splash of jizz splatter and flush into her. Just then, the wonderful feeling of climax tickled her all over.

They broke the wild kiss.

“I’m cummin’, Anne!” Steve yelped.

“Come on then… shoot, fuck, fuck, shoot, fill me up. Cream me, baby! Cream me!”

And he did. How he creamed the hot housewife, the sweet, beautiful neighbor. He filled her pussy full of bubbling hot fuck cream.

Anne tingled through another climax, the feeling consuming her entirely. She loved the feeling of orgasm, the undefinable ecstasy. “Fuck me harder!” she yelled. He fucked up and down on her fine body, shoving and drilling his cock into her cunt. Anne fucked back with a humping, bumping stroke, and the room swirled around them. The slurping, clicking, bouncing sounds of their fucking sounded just like the counting of hundred-dollar bills.


Anne awoke the next morning just as Dave did. He rolled over and kissed her good morning.

His cock was so stiff with a morning hard-on that his prickshaft wobbled against Anne’s blue nightie.

She had on hair-rollers, and was careful as they kissed. He reached, down and rubbed her cunt. Anne clutched at his incredible hard-on.

“Goddamn, Dave,” she whispered as they broke their kiss. “You get monster hard-ons in the morning, don’t you?”

“Yeah, big. Big and hard for you, Anne,” he gulped.

“Oh, baby,” she sighed.

It was Saturday morning, and they had slept late. They lay embracing, Dave’s finger in her wet cunt, her hand wrapped tightly around his throbbing cock.

They heard a knock downstairs on the kitchen door.

“Should we answer it?” Anne whispered. “I called the cable man to hook up HBO,” Dave said, “but I didn’t think he’d be here until this afternoon.”

“I’ll slip on a robe and go down,” Anne said. She pulled off the nightie, slipped into a pink silky robe and went downstairs. It was Gary, the young boy.

“Hi, Gary,” Anne said.

“Hello, ma’am. I didn’t want to disturb you, but you said I could drop by anytime I wanted to, and I thought I’d come over.”

“Well, good, that’s fine, Gary.” He had on jeans and a T-shirt. She looked at him sexily. He was so young, so cute and it made her hot. She opened her robe.

“Is this what you wanted to see, Gary? Wanted to see my pussy and tits?”

“Oh, yes, yes,” he gulped.

Dave walked into the kitchen in his shorts, his cock pushing them out as though he might have an axe handle in the crotch.

Anne stood with her robe open, there in her hair rollers, showing Gary her cunt. The boy responded with a big erection.

“Well,” Dave said, “Gary is here, huh?”

“Yes, and he’s dropped by to see my pussy and tits,” Anne teased.

“Who wouldn’t?” Dave said, and slipped up to his wife and took her robe all the way off, pulled her into his arms and kissed her hotly.

She reached down and stuck her hand in his shorts and clutched his cock.

Dave caressed her ass.

Gary got all turned on watching them kiss and play in front of him.

Anne slid Dave’s shorts down, and then she reached down with both hands and got a two handed grip on his big cock.

Dave slid a finger in her pussy.

Another knock came upon the door. It was Tammy. She walked in. “Oh, oh!”

“It’s okay, Tammy,” Dave said. “Come right in. We’re about to have breakfast.”

Tammy had her sandy hair bobbed into double ponytails that fish hooked up and fell at the sides of her head. Her lips were glossed a wet pink, her rouge red on her smooth young cheeks. She wore a right white camisole and her tits mashed against the soft material like two hard oranges.

She had on a pair of tight red shorts, pink anklets and white tennis shoes. The shorts squished and tugged tightly at her crotch.

“Just come on in,” Dave said. His hand rubbed Anne’s pussy.

She still had hold of his enormous hard-on with both hands, his shorts now on his feet.

Tammy stared at them in this exciting pose. She looked and saw the erection spiking Gary’s jeans. She felt an electric buzz of delight thrill through her.

Dave kissed Anne, one hand still fingering in her pussy, the other hand clutching her ass. Anne pulled and pushed on Dave’s prick. Her hair-rollers sat neatly on her head, her beautiful face so open without the framing of hair, so fine now, as though chiseled by a great sculptor.

Dave broke the kiss. “You two kids get naked, and then you do what Anne and I do.”

Both Gary and Tammy stripped naked.

Tammy’s lush young body was tanned golden except for the bra and bikini sections where her bathing suit had kept the sun from bronzing her. Her sandy-blonde cunt-bush was silky and curly, her tits hard, young, round.

Gary’s young, lean body was hard just as his cock was, sticking out in a six-inch erection.

They came together, with Tammy grasping his brick-hard prick with both hands, and Gary stuffed his hand between her legs and rubbed her cunt.

“That’s right,” Anne said, “play with each other like we’re doing.”

“Kiss my cunt, Dave,” Anne hissed, “and you kiss Tammy’s cunt, Gary.”

Dave knelt down and reached behind Anne, clasped his hands to her ass and pushed his face to her pussy, his tongue snaking out in a wild licking, wiggling waddle.

Gary got down on front of Tammy. He mashed his handsome teen face into her sweet cunt. He licked his tongue up and down her juicy slit.

“God, Anne,” Dave gulped, puffing back from her pussy for a moment, “Your cunt tastes like sugar.”

“God, Tammy,” said Gary, “your cunt tastes like sugar, too.”

The boys lapped the girls, greedy tongues slapping hot-twitching pussies. Dave’s big tongue flapped lewdly at Anne’s delicious pussy. Gary frantically wagged his tongue at Tammy’s precious little cunt.

It was sweet delight in the kitchen of the house at Paradise Beach.

“Now, Gary come over here,” Anne said.

Gary got up and walked to her. Anne pulled Dave up off his knees. She made both of them sit down on chairs pulled away from the kitchen table.

She knelt between them and grasped both their cocks in her hand, loving the feel of the hard pulsing cockstalks throbbing against her fingers and palm.

She played her hand up and down the hot cocks. Tammy watching jealously. Anne began a good jack-stroke, pumping up and down faster and faster on the two hard pricks.

“Play with your pussy, Tammy, and watch me give these two cocks a real good hand-job.”

“A hand job, ma’am?”

“I’m gonna jack ’em off, Tammy.”

“Oh, ma’am, look. Gary’s cock is squirtin’ out goo!”

“Uh-uh, and I can make it really shoot off, just watch.”

Tammy finger-fucked her pussy and watched with glee.

Both cocks were fizzing and foaming. Gary was the first to cum. Anne’s hand was a dancing delight, a beautiful blur as she brought him to climax. His prickhead erupted and spewed out a high-arching stream of hot fuck cream.

“Ah, uh, uh, uh… oh!” the teen cried.

Tammy fucked her pussy faster.

Dave was next. His cock snapped and tossed out an incredible load, as if someone had turned on a faucet, thrusting cream all over the kitchen floor. He gasped, moaned loudly, stiffened like an ironing board.

Now Anne had both cocks squirting at the same time. Tammy watched excitedly and hit the button. She got it. She came with force. She was pulled over at the waist. She fucked and fucked her finger in and out of her hot, little cunt.

Anne kept playing with the pricks even when they had stopped their hot squirting and creaming. She worked to keep the cocks hard, and she leaned over and licked her tongue on the tip of Gary’s dying erection. It quickly came back to life.

Dave’s cock stayed hard without any problem. “I love the way you can keep this big prick up all the time, honey,” Anne said.

“Now, Tammy, I’m gonna fuck both these pricks,” Anne said, standing up.

She hoisted her fine body up on the kitchen table, and said, “Who wants me to suck ’em… and who wants to fuck my pussy.”

She got on her hands and knees and wiggled her ass.

Dave slipped up behind her and stuck his prick in her cunt. Gary moved to the other side of the table and stood up on a chair so his cock was level with Anne’s lips. She sucked the hard-on deep into her mouth.

Tammy started fucking her pussy again as she watched the wonderful scene.

“I’m fuckin’ her from behind, Tammy, and she’s suckin’ Gary at the same time.”

“Oh, sir!”

“Come over here and I’ll finger-fuck you while I fuck Anne.”

Tammy came to him. She stood beside him. He reached and slid a finger into her creamy cunt. He sawed fast, fingered her with agility. Tammy spread her legs and thrust her young cunt at his humping, pumping finger.

She watched his prick slide in and out between Anne’s legs. She watched Anne’s lips slide lewdly on Gary’s cock.

“Oh, shit!” Tammy cried. “I love this!”

Anne, on her hands and knees on the table, sucking Gary’s prick, her lips puckered, and plunged around the cockstalk, sliding in a hot glide. Her ass wiggled and screwed in circles back to Dave’s hammering cock.

Dave humped her good as he screwed his finger in and out of Tammy’s rich pussy.

“Oh, sir, sir,” the girl called, her eyes glassy, her breath short, coming in hot gulps.

“Feel down there, Tammy,” Dave said, “you can feel how my prick is fucking Anne.”

Tammy reached down and got her fingers entwined in the slushy action of cock and cunt, and this thrilled her.

“God, Gary just came in my mouth,” Anne gulped, pulling off his dick, cream spilling down her chin.

The boy stumbled off the chair and clutched the table for support.

Dave pulled his cock out of Anne’s cunt and pointed the big, thick weapon at Tammy’s pussy. He spread his legs wide, feet flat on the floor, humped down and pushed the cockhead to the lips of her cunt.

He shoved and pushed in.

“Oh, shove that prick in me!” Tammy babbled, looking down, seeing the hard stalk sticking between them, plugging her pussy.

Anne crawled to the edge of the table and sat on the edge. Gary fell to his knees before her and began gobbling, chomping her big pussy.

“Oh, wow!” Tammy gulped, watching them, and watching the slick slide of Dave’s prick in her cunt.

“Fuck him, Tammy… fuck back to him, bump your hips at his prick.”

Tammy did this, humping in short jabs of her hips, fucking at the wild cock in her pussy. “Ah, oh, oh, oh, I’m fuckin’!” she cried.

“We’re all fuckin’ and suckin’,” Anne whispered, “just like good neighbors should.”


Dave got up for breakfast the next morning, and found Anne already out of bed. He showered, slipped on a pair of shorts and went in to the kitchen.

Anne stood over the sink. She wore a tight black corset that tapered her luscious body, a black bra, black garter belt, dark nylons, no panties, and black heels.

She turned. “Hello.” She smiled.

“God, baby, you look good,” Dave whistled.

“Good enough to eat for breakfast?”

“You’re damn right,” he answered. Anne sat down at the kitchen table, pulled the chair away, slid to the edge of it, reached for the butter, knifed a big gob and spread it all over her cunt.

“There. It’s hot-buttered pussy for breakfast, darling,” she cooed.

Dave knelt down and sucked at the butter, licked voraciously, his tongue sucking and sliding in the thick goo.

“Did you know there’s a man in this neighborhood who’ll pay me a thousand dollars to fuck him?” she whispered.

“Mmmmm, mmmm,” Dave muffed. He wagged his head as if to say no.

“Well, there is, and he called me this morning. He wants to come over and pay me to fuck him. What do you think of that?”

Dave gulped wildly at her cunt and jerked on his hard cock. “Mmmm, mmmm,” he mumbled.

“I told him to come over and I’d fuck him for a thousand dollars.”

Dave’s tongue was like a feather slashing up and down the slit of her cunt. Anne felt a wild tickle of delight shiver though her, a satisfying sensation of sweet love.

“I’m gonna fuck him, Dave. Fuck him for the money.”

Dave lapped like a dog eating a pile of biscuits.

“Oh, oh, oh, honey, honey,” Anne whispered.

A knock came at the door.

Anne called to come in. Steve walked through the entrance and saw her sitting sweetly on the chair getting her pussy sucked.

“Come in, Steve,” Anne said. “I was just telling Dave you officered me a thousand dollars to fuck me.”

Then she came.

“But now… right now… oh, my sweet husband is making me… making me… ah, ah, uh… cum… cum… Oh, shit!”

She shuddered into a beautiful climax, rolling her hips and ass up off the chair to the muffling Dave. Steve’s big cock leaped in his slacks.

Dave finally pulled off.

Anne turned her attention to Steve. She stood up and walked to him, wound her arms around his neck and treated him to a delicious kiss.

“Did you bring my money?”

“Yes,” he said, “here.” He reached into his pocket and brought out a fresh stash of hundred-dollar bills.

Anne took, the money and put it on the kitchen table.

Dave stood up and watched his wife unzip Steve’s fly and bring out his monster prick.

“You can fuck me all morning for a thousand dollars, Steve.”

“Can I… oh can I?” he gulped. “You’re damn right you can, baby.” She took his hand and placed it on her pussy, letting him rub her down there as she gripped and squeezed his blue-ribbon prick.

“Take your clothes off, Steve.”

Steve undressed, became nude.

Anne pushed him down on the chair and straddled him. “Now I’m gonna give you a thousand dollars worth of fuckin’,” she whispered.

She fisted his cock and screwed her ass down, and the huge prick slid up into her cunt.

“Ah, yeah,” she gasped. “Such a huge, big, beautiful prick.”

Anne looked good in her lingerie, straddling the huge ten-inch prick, screwing her ass around and around, her hands entwined his neck, giving Steve a marvelous fuck.

He glazed his eyes at hers, deeply in love and lust with this beautiful woman, completely entranced by her enigmatic charm. He reached for her tits and cupped them out over the top of the bra, leaned in and sucked on the juicy orbs.

Dave was all hot watching Anne up on the hard cock, screwing it so lewdly, so lovely, so hotly. She bounced up and down on the hard cock.

Their fucking made a slurping, hot, slushy sound.

Dave’s cock was hard as iron. He walked over to them and offered his prick to Anne.

“No, darling,” she said. “You’ll have to pay me.”

“What?” he said, startled.

“You’ll have to pay me like Steve has done.”

“Just suck me while you fuck him.” Anne bounced high on Steve’s big prick, she leaned in and kissed him hotly, her mouth wide open. Her tongue speared into his mouth.

Dave took her hand from behind Steve’s head and brought it to his prick.

Anne broke the kiss. “Uh-uh,” she said, “no, no.”

“Hey, come on,” Dave said angrily, his cock throbbing, wobbling, hungry for some action from pretty Anne.

“How much are you gonna pay me?” she whispered.

“I’ll give you two thousand,” Dave blurted.

“Oh, honey, will you?”


Anne slipped up and off Steve’s prick. She smiled at her husband, came to him, kissed him, pressed against him, clutched at his cock and fisted the stalk.

Steve lay helpless on the chair wondering what was going on.

“Hey,” he said, “what about my fuck?”

“I did fuck you… that’s all you get for a thousand,” Anne said. “I’m getting two from Dave.”

She slid Dave’s cock into her cunt.

She humped at him, fucked wildly at his thick erection.

“I’ll give you three thousand,” Steve huffed.

“Three? God, now you’re talkin’, Steve,” Anne said, and pulled away from Dave. She went back over and straddled Steve, slid back down on his cock and started fucking him again.

“Oh, yeah, Anne, fuck me like this… feels so good with my prick in your pussy.”

“Sure as hell does,” Anne answered. “Your prick is so damn big, and I feel it throbbing in my cunt, throbbing and squirtin’ juice. Are you gonna cum?”

“I’ll give you five thousand!” Dave shouted. “Oh, darling, will you?” Anne said. “Really will you?”

“Yes!” he snapped.

She lifted off Steve.

Dave took her to the floor, pinned her down and mounted her. He stuck his cock in her cunt and started a hot fuck-stroke.

“I’ll give you a new car!” Steve yelled. Anne pushed Dave off, and he rolled to the floor. She jumped up and got back on Steve, started fucking him hard and fast.

“What kind of car?” she whispered.

“Anything you want!”

“Oh, God, here we go… I can feel your cock bulging in there… you’re gonna cum… I feel it… I can tell. You’re gonna squirt me full, aren’t you, Steve?”

Dave grabbed Anne and pulled her off Steve.

“You bitch!” he cried.

Anne slapped him.

He slapped her back, pulled her violently to him and kissed her. Steve jumped up and tried to pull Anne away from Dave’s hold.

“If you boys don’t stop fighting, I won’t let either one of you fuck me!” Anne snapped.

They stood like helpless dogs. Their cocks were like iron ban. Anne grabbed each hard prick and pulled the boys to her. She rubbed the tips of their cocks together, then brought both cocks to her pussy and shoved them in.

It was difficult for Anne to get the cocks into her cunt at the same time, but it was not impossible, not when it was something she wanted so badly. The two pricks slicked into her pussy with moist sounds, and she thought for a moment that she was going to tear in half. Never before had she been stretched so much. It was not the width of the two cocks that was stretching her so much, though, but rather the fact that the two pricks were coming in at such harsh angles to each other.

The men fucked awkwardly for a moment, then began to pick up a tempo, feeling something of a spirit of cooperation. The two moved almost as one, delighting Anne to no end.

Anne leaned back and watched the men fuck into her, watched their pricks fuck in and out of her slurpy cunt. Yes, this was what she wanted, at the moment. Later, there would be other games she could play with these men and with the other neighbors as well.

She had worn the money game out, hardly deriving any satisfaction from it anymore. Sure, they were giving her money, but what was money to people who had so much? No, the idea was the thing. Steve could well afford to give her thousands of dollars and lots of cars for what he wanted her to do for him, but it was not necessary. She had made her point, had had her fun. She had pitted the two men against each other, and that had been fun too.

She knew she had a body men would pay money for, but the money meant as little to her as it really meant to the others. At most, it was just a symbol of their desperation.

Steve had been willing to pay any amount to get what he could not get at home. Anne felt sorry, but not for him; she felt sorry for Steve’s wife. The woman just did not know the fun she was missing by being such a prude.

Anne smiled as she thought about having the woman lick her cunt, and Steve and Dave thought she was smiling because of what they were doing to her, and they began to fuck even harder.

Anne craned her neck back with the power of the fuck-jabs, and knew what the men, were thinking.

Let them think what they want, she thought.

They were just pricks.

Even though she loved Dave and would not have traded their marriage for anything, Dave was just a cock. It was hard for her to see him as anything else.

She thought of all the neighbors around them, both male and female. There was a incredible variety out there, and she had just begun to sample it. She had a long way to go, and she planned to go all the way.

She leaned back, accepted the fuck-thrusts, smiled, and planned.

“Fuck me,” she whispered.

And the men thought she was talking to them. She wasn’t.

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