The Smiths Come Together!

It has been said that every person has some dark passion within his soul — some hidden secret, desire or whim that may never surface to be seen by even the closest confidante. Such a secret can be evil or sinister, or it may be trivial and trite.

In America, such dark passions are easily submerged by the complexities of modem everyday life. But sometimes these passions are exposed, and another scandal hits the headlines.

THE SMITHS COME TOGETHER! is a dramatic representation of a family who dares to let its most base desires come to the fore. Father and daughter, mother and son are all swept into an illicit web of lust, from which none of them seem willing or able to escape. They are some of the few in our society who are willing to accept the consequences for allowing themselves to be completely liberated.

This is the startling story of a family who dares to let it all hang out.


Greta Smith padded barefoot around the polished wood floor of the dance studio, straightening a back here, lilting a chin there, reminding her students to keep their toes pointed, their shoulders back, their chest lifted high as they stretched at the bar. The tang of sweat hung in the over-heated air, and the radiator clanged from time to time. As the half dozen boys and the three-dozen or so girls of Greta’s advanced dance class performed their final stretches at the bar, Greta told them to drop to the floor and do a few stretches in the full-split position to finish things off.

The girls, in their tight black leotards, had no trouble sitting in the full-split position. With backs straight, tits lifted high, crotches pressed to the floor, they bent from one side to the other, touching their chins to their knees, reaching out to grasp their pointed toes. The boys, on the other hand, being built differently, were not nearly so flexible. They grunted and sweated as they struggled to imitate the more flexible girls.

Only one boy had no trouble sitting in the full-split position and performing perfect stretches — Greta’s golden-haired son, Patrick. Greta had started him stretching early in life. He’d been doing full splits and stretches since infancy.

“Thomas, you’re going to have work more on your flexibility,” Greta told the least flexible of the boys. “You’ve been slipping lately. I want you to put in extra time at home.”

Greta walked among the teenaged dancers, counting out their stretches as they bent in unison to one side, then to the other. In all her years of teaching ballet and modern dance, in the fifteen years since she’d founded Greta’s School of Ballet and Modern Dance, this was by far her best class. And the pride of the class was her own son, Patrick, now six feet tall and good enough to dance professionally. Greta’s daughter, Susanne, Patrick’s younger sister, was a fine dancer as well, but the competition among the girls was greater than among the few boys and several girls in the class surpassed Susanne in ability.

“Fine,” Greta said. “Very good. See you all tomorrow, boys and girls. Class dismissed.”

As the dance students left the studio for their respective dressing rooms, Greta couldn’t help noticing the way several girls surrounded Patrick, flirting with him and giggling. They all wanted to be his girlfriend, but Patrick had never taken a steady girlfriend. He seemed to prefer being free to take out any girl he wanted to, any time he wanted to. Even Candace Wilson, the prima ballerina and top girl dancer at the school, couldn’t get Patrick to commit himself to her. It pleased Greta that Patrick refused to pledge himself to any one girl. She knew that if he did so, she herself would feel jealous, resentful even. He was hers, after all — her son — and she dreaded giving him up.

The girls pressed up against Patrick on all sides, rubbing against him like cats, some of them stroking his back, his ass. They intentionally stepped on his bare feet with theirs. It was a shameless display of female sexual heat, and Greta had to bite her lip to keep from saying something to the sluttish girls.

Leave him alone, she thought. Will you just leave him alone!

Patrick, who was all smiles and red cheeks, appeared to delight in the attention. Much to Greta’s dismay, he was, as usual, eating the attention up. Even more disturbing to Greta was the rampant cock-bulge swelling in the boy’s tights. She caught herself trying to imagine what her son’s cock looked like naked, and she found herself flushing with heat and getting tight and tingly between the thighs.

Patrick had always been prone to getting erections around girls, especially in dance class, and sometimes even up on stage during a performance. These unruly erections both shocked and excited Greta. For years now, she’d been fighting against the desire to finger-fuck her pussy while imagining Patrick naked with a raging hard-on.

“Please girls!” Greta said. “Run along now and get dressed. The snow is coming down outside and the weather’s getting worse by the minute. They’re forecasting a blizzard. The sooner you all get showered and get home, the better.”

As Greta was ushering the dallying girls to their dressing room, Morgan Smith — Greta’s husband and the business manager of Greta’s School of Ballet and Modern Dance — was viewing them from his locked office, which warn situated between the dance studio and the girls’ dressing room. By swiveling in his chair, he could turn from the wall in front of him to the wall behind him. Through the two-way mirrors he had secretly installed in both walls years ago, Morgan could view what was going on in the studio or in the girls’ dressing room. By closing sliding doors, which blended perfectly with the wall paneling, he could hide his secret windows whenever he wasn’t using them.

Lucky bastard, he thought of his son Patrick. Those nubile young bitches had all but pulled Patrick to the floor on top of their overheated young bodies. The boy had it made. Every fucking girl in the class wanted to lay Patrick, and he was sure the youth took advantage of it — at least he hoped to God the boy took advantage of it.

If he himself had had the opportunity to vent his sexual desires at Patrick’s age, he would never have married the first and only girlfriend he’d ever had, Greta. He would have known that a guy didn’t have to marry a girl to get into her panties, that there were a lot of unmarried girls out there hot for cock. He’d married Greta because she was the best-looking girl at his college — a Swedish blonde with big tits and an ass curvaceous enough to make a fellow drool all over himself. Greta had been a damned lucky catch — at least, back then. Today, he’d trade her in for a sexually active woman with only half Greta’s looks and body.

Ever since she’d started this damned dance school, she’d become sexually colder and colder. The school took all her time, all her thoughts, all her energy. What sexual energy she had left, she channeled into her teaching. If Morgan could get a piece of her ass once a week he was lucky, and then she’d just lie there like a plastic doll, preoccupied with thoughts of the dance school while Morgan fucked her and shot his jism into her cunt. She didn’t even are about having orgasms of her own anymore, although Morgan’s cock rubbing inside her pussy got her off at least half the time. Often, she’d look surprised when she came, as if she’d just awakened and had discovered a man raping her.

As the last girls filed out of the studio, followed closely by Greta, Morgan closed the panel door over the window in front of him and swiveled around to open the panel door behind him. His stiff prick was in his hand, and he worked his foreskin up and down slowly over the lube-greased head of his prick.

He was damned horny. He could have shot off a dozen times as he’d watched the girls go through their dance steps and stretching exercises. The sight of three-dozen barefoot, long legged girls in tight leotards was enough to stoke up the fire in his loins to one orgasm after another. But he was nearly forty and had to pace himself or end up crawling like a whipped dog, so he’d held off coming. Gone were his teenage days when he could get off five loads a day regularly.

I’ll have to get a fan installed, he mused as he jacked his cock, and air vents — so I can smell ’em. The trouble with being locked in this office was that he couldn’t smell the girls. He wanted to smell them sweating when they worked out in the studio, then wanted to smell their hot pussies as they peeled off their leotards in the dressing room. He aught to have a fan blowing in the scent of pussy while he watched the girls and jacked off.

Left and right, the girls were peeling off their clothes in the dressing room. They displayed pussy-fur of every color, tits of every size, young asses sexy enough to make a man have a heart attack.

How he longed to crawl in there on his hands and knees and sniff those girl-asses, those hot teen pussies! How he longed to lick between those spongy cuntlips, to suck the pussy-honey from those succulent young cunts! How he longed to stick his cock inside those hot little vixens! He wanted to fuck them. He just wanted to fuck them all!

“Christ, look at ’em!” he muttered. “Jesus balls!”

He’d installed the two-way mirrors five years ago, but every time he looked through them at the girls he still got just as excited as he had the first time. Without these secret mirrors and his daily jack-off sessions, sexual frustration would have driven him crazy long ago. Me often wondered what Greta’s reaction would be if she ever found out about his secret voyeurism, about how he watched her precious little dancers and lusted after them. She’d probably have him locked up as a pervert — if she didn’t kill him first.

A little blonde stepped up to the mirror and gazed into the reflection of her own eyes. It looked as if she were going to kiss her reflection. Morgan could have kissed her through the glass, but he feared she might see him through the mirror if he got too close. He gazed at the pretty little bitch, longing to stick his tongue between her pink wet lips, to pull her voluptuous young body against his own body, to slip his horny, lust-burning cock up her juicy young pussy and fuck the hell out of her.

“Oh, Jesus Christ!” The lust surged through his cock and suddenly he was shooting cum all over.

As the fuck-itch pulsed through his cock and balls, as he humped at his jerking hand, his jizz splatted against the wall.

“I’m shooting off in you, baby,” he whispered. “I’m fucking my jizz up your pussy. I’m creaming you, little bitch. Oh, yes I am!”

As his orgasm subsided, Morgan felt guilty and a little foolish, and he started to close the panel door. At the last moment before the door closed, he glimpsed his own daughter Susanne, her tits bouncing as she wiggled out of the shower room. His eyes lingered over her voluptuous curves for a few moments, then he sealed out the sight of her. He tried to push the image of her naked body out of his mind.

I shouldn’t think about her like that, he told himself. She’s my own daughter, for Christsake!

For years now, he’d been trying to deny his feelings about her. The truth was, he wanted to fuck her just as he wanted to fuck every other girl in the dance school. Maybe he wanted to fuck her even more.

“Don’t think about it,” he muttered. “Just don’t think about it.”

He didn’t have time to think anymore about it at that moment, because there was a knock on the office door. In a panic, he zipped up, wiped his cum off the wall with his handkerchief, took a deep breath, and opened the door. Greta stepped inside.

“Why are you forever locking this door?” Greta asked in her Swedish accent.

She’d asked him that a thousand times before, and as usual she didn’t wait for his answer — as if she really didn’t want to know.

“I’m afraid you’ll have to drive some of the girl’s home, Morgan. The roads are terrible and some of the girls’ parents can’t get here to pick them up. The phone in the hall has been ringing with frantic calls. I’ve had to interrupt my teaching to answer them. Why haven’t you been taking the calls in here?”

“I’ve been busy with the books,” Morgan said. “You know I can’t be interrupted when I do the books or I get lost in the figures completely.”

“Well, now you must get on your coat and boots,” Greta said. “The girls need rides.”

After Morgan had left, Greta sat in his office, waiting for the remaining students to leave so she could lock up the building and drive home in her own car. With the office door open, she could watch the girls leave their dressing room and walk down the hallway to the outside door. Each time the outside door was opened, snow and frigid air blew in from the darkness outside. Greta shivered, dreading the cold drive home.

She swiveled restlessly in Morgan’s desk chair, wondering what he did locked in this small, dimly lit office so much of the time. Why did he love this office so much? She got up and closed the office door and locked it, then sat back down, trying to put herself in Morgan’s shoes.

She’d been sitting there a few minutes, starting to get claustrophobic, when she noticed that the grooves of the wall paneling in front of Morgan’s desk didn’t quite line up. On closer inspection, she discovered why. After a little probing with her fingers, she found herself sliding aside a section of paneling and looking through a window into the dance studio. What in God’s name was this?

“Anybody here?” Patrick was shouting in the hallway outside. “Mom? Dad? Anybody? Anybody still here?” He rattled the office door, trying the knob.

Before Greta could pull herself together and answer, she saw Patrick through the window. He was still dressed in his dance clothing.

“Aren’t we lucky!” Patrick said, looking around the deserted studio. “Looks like everybody else is gone and we’re all alone. I’d better lock the front door.”

He stepped out of the studio and Greta heard him pad down the hallway and lock the outside door of the dance school. Meanwhile, two girls walked into the studio, giggling as they pulled off their clothes and dropped them on the polished wood floor. Greta knew the girls couldn’t see her, knew she was watching them through a two-way mirror, but she moved away from the window as if to hide herself as the girls looked her way.

When she dared look back through the mirror, the two girls were stark naked and rubbing their pussies. They squeezed their legs together and wiggled their sexy young asses. Despite her shock, Greta felt a twinge in her cunt.

I must be seeing things. Greta thought. Or I must have fallen asleep in Morgan’s stuffy little office and I’m dreaming all this.

“I’m back, you sluts.” Patrick danced back into the studio, performing a few pirouettes and leaps. He stripped don to his tights alone, then danced some more, his bare feet thudding on the hardwood as he performed a few more leaps and showed off for the girls. He came to a standstill next to the girls and put his arms around them and pulled them against him. He kissed them one at a time, shoving his tongue into their mouths.

The girls, a pony-tailed redhead named Wendy, and a pigtailed brunette named Cynthia, were two of the younger girls in the advanced class. Both girls, though slender, had well-developed tits and nicely rounded, tight asses. They quivered in Patrick’s muscular arms and looked ready to faint as Patrick licked out their mouths. When he let them go, they both moaned theatrically and collapsed as their legs folded under them.

As they lay before him on the floor, Patrick stroked their nipples and noses and lips with his bare toes. Cynthia started licking his toes, and he squeezed his cock through his tights.

“That turns me on,” Patrick said. “Suck on ’em.”

Immediately, Wendy started licking the toes of Patrick’s other foot, slobbering her warm spit all over them. Patrick shoved his hand down inside his tights and rubbed his cock as the two cooing girls licked and sucked his toes.

Greta’s heart slammed in her chest. Her face pulsed with heat and sweat broke out on her skin. The office felt like a sauna. Hardly aware of what she was doing, she began pulling off her clothes. As she watched her son play with the two naked girls, she stripped herself until she was completely nude.

Then she sat in Morgan’s chair with her legs spread, clutching and rubbing and finger-fucking her pussy. Her pussy-juices pooled on the chair seat between her legs. The room filled with the smell of her steaming cunt and of her over-heated female body. She wondered if she’d ever been this excited in ha life — if she had, it hadn’t been in many, many years.

“Take off your tights, Patrick,” Wendy begged. “Let us see your big cock. Oh, please!”

Smiling, Patrick stepped away from the girls. He turned his back to them, then slowly peeled down his tights. He wore a dance supporter underneath the tights, and he pulled that off, too. Naked, he pulled apart his asscheeks, showing the girls his asshole as he leered at them over his shoulder.

Greta had never seen anything so filthy and shocking in her life. She wouldn’t have imagined in a million years that her perfect and sainty young son was capable of such an act — showing his asshole to a pair of panting teenaged girls. As she stared in horror, she leaned closer to the window so she could get a better look. Her fingers plunged in her frothing cunt.

“Show us your prick, Patrick!” Cynthia whined. “Please show us!”

Patrick put his hands on his hips. Slowly, very slowly, he turned around until he was facing the girls. His cock jutted up at an angle, its foreskin almost completely peeled back off its gleaming, wet knob. His prick throbbed with each beat of his heart. The two girls were speechless, and so was Greta.

It was the biggest cock any of them had ever seen in their lives.

“Eleven inches,” Patrick said proudly. “And if you don’t believe it, you can measure it.” He stroked his hard cock with his fingertips, as if it were a pet snake. His balls, which were the tie of eggs, shifted slowly in their hairless sac. The two girls rose to their knees. As Patrick stood over them, his hands on his hips, the girls started playing with his colossal cock. They treated it gingerly, as if it were dangerous, a rattlesnake about to strike. They sniffed his prick and felt it, then began to kiss it and lick it. Wendy peeled Patrick’s foreskin back all the way and started to slurp at his prick-head. Immediately, Cynthia started licking, too.

The pink tongues of the girls lapped up and down all eleven inches of Patrick’s cock. They licked his balls. They plunged their hands between their legs and started finger-fucking themselves as they licked and kissed Patrick’s mammoth fucker.

“Suck on it,” Patrick said, thrusting his loins. “Give it a hand — job and suck on it at the same time. Work the skin up and down while you suck the head.”

He took his cock away from the girls and beat it back and forth across their flushed faces, listening to them moan and groan and gibber. The cock-hungry girls grabbed his cock back and Wendy went down on his prick-head. Her lips nearly split and her jaw nearly dislocated as she swallowed his cock-knob and two inches of his cock-shaft. She was incapable of swallowing any more cock without choking.

“Suck that big thing!” Patrick groaned. “Jerk it! Play with my balls. Rub my belly.”

As Wendy sucked Patrick’s prick-knob and worked the foreskin up and down his cock-shaft, Cynthia squeezed his balls and caressed his abdominal muscles. As they pleasured the boy, the girls squeezed their legs together and shimmied their pussylips between their thighs. The fuck juices ran down their legs like warm oil.

Greta’s mouth watered for what Wendy was tasting. Saliva ran from the corners of her mouth and dripped on Morgan’s desk. Spit ran down her neck and trickled over her voluptuous, voluminous tits. Her pussy itched and burned with such lust that she started to see blurry.

Oh, Patrick! Greta thought. Oh, my darling stud son! Oh Patrick, I want, you! Greta plunged her fingers in her cunt. Pussy-cream dripped from her hand.

“Let me suck it too!” Cynthia snapped at Wendy. “Don’t hog it!”

She had to wrestle Patrick’s cock away from Wendy before the other girl would give it up. Her mouth slipped over Patrick’s spit-wet cockhead, and she sucked vigorously.

“Ohhhh, yeahhh!” Patrick moaned. “Blow that big fucker! Work the skin up and down, suck the head! Ohhh, yeahhhh!”

As Cynthia bobbed her head, as she sucked Patrick’s cock-knob and masturbated his cock-shaft, Wendy licked the boy’s squirming balls and kissed his rippling belly muscles. Patrick, looking more dazed by the moment, thrust his loins faster and faster, fucking Cynthia’s mouth and making her choke.

“Suck that cock! Jerk it, eat it!” Patrick moaned. “Make it come! Make it come, ohhhh!”

His eyes rolled back, his toes curled against the floor, and he trembled. As his cum-load exploded into Cynthia’s mouth, she jerked her head back. Cum shot in her face, and splashed on her tits.

“Awwwww!” Patrick moaned, thrusting like a stallion, rubbing his cock between Cynthia’s hands. “Yeahhhh!”

The two girls went crazy as Patrick shot his cum. They fought over his cock, trying to aim his spurts in their own mouths. Cum shot in their faces and all over their tits. The white fuck cream shot again and again from Patrick’s flexing, shuddering prick, and by the time he’d pumped out his load both girls were drenched. Warm jizz ran down their tits and bellies, dripped from their nipples and noses.

“Patrick! Oh, Patrick!” Greta whispered.

She was on her feet now, one hand braced on the desk as she leaned toward the window the other hand grinding between her legs as she reamed out her pussy. As she watched the last spurts of cum leap from her son’s cock and splash on the two cock-crazy girls, the spasms exploded in her cunt and she felt herself melt. She licked at the window glass, as if licking her son’s sticky warm cum off the smooth skin of the girls.

“Oh, my darling! Oh, my stud!” Greta moaned, thrusting her loins as she fucked her fingers in her hard-sucking pussy.

Her asscheeks and tits felt swollen and sensitive. The orgasmic pleasure pulsed through her body in wave after wave. She couldn’t remember when she’d last experienced so delicious an orgasm.

Patrick’s cock softened and flopped down over his balls. It still hung at least eight inches long and still looked as fat as when fully hard.

He pushed the girls away and stepped back, swaying on his feet as if he were going to fall over. Greta had never seen him look so clumsy and ungraceful on the dance floor.

The two girls started licking the youth’s cum off each other. They cooed like a pair of hungry babies as they sucked the cum off each other’s nipples, as they lapped the sticky cock-cream off each other’s face. Soon, they were kissing each other and rubbing their bodies together.

“Make out with each other, lezzies,” Patrick said. “Suck each other’s pussy.” He sat down on the floor and crossed his legs. As he watched the two girls, he massaged his cock.

Wendy and Cynthia rolled together like a pair of playful kittens. They kissed deeply, rubbing their tits and cunts together. Some of Patrick’s cum had splashed on the floor, and they rolled it in, getting more and more turned on as they made out with each other.

“Sixty-nine,” Patrick said. “Suck each other’s pussy. Come on, you sluts!”

The girls stopped kissing long enough to reposition themselves in the sixty-nine position. Cynthia’s pigtailed brunette head bobbed between Cynthia’s legs. Their tongues slurped, their lips sucked and kissed, and they growled deep in their throats as they ate each other’s pussy.

“Oh, yeah!” Patrick said, pounding his fast swelling cock. “That turns me on! Eat pussy, you lesbo sluts!”

Continuing to jerk on his cock, Patrick leaned close over the girls so he could watch them suck each other’s pussy. He sniffed their asses. He spread Wendy’s asscheeks and licked her asshole. He moved over and did the same to Cynthia. As the two girls growled over each other’s throbbing cunt and stuck their tongues inside each other, Patrick moved back and forth between them, licking out their assholes.

The two girls squirmed, grinding against each other, twisting their heads between each other’s thighs, licking and gnawing and sucking each other’s pussy. Their pink toes wriggled and curled as they became more and more excited. As Patrick licked their assholes, they got wilder and wilder, grinding their sexy asses in his face.

“Ohhhh!” Wendy sighed, her toes clawing the balls of her feet, her fingernails digging into Cynthia’s ass.

Tremors passed through her body as she came, and Cynthia slurped loudly, sucking up Wendy’s hot cunt-juices. As Wendy spasmed, she continued to gnaw at Cynthia’s pussy, and before her orgasm had subsided Cynthia went into spasms, too.

“Uhhhh! Uhhhh!” Cynthia moaned, her petite body jerking as the hot spasms overwhelmed her.

She humped her pussy in Wendy’s mouth, feeding Wendy her tart-sweet pussy-cream as the fuck-pleasure pulsed through her again and again. As Cynthia came, Patrick flicked his tongue in and out of her spasming asshole.

Patrick jerked up suddenly, his hand a blur on his giant cock. Bridging himself over the two girls, he started shooting jizz on their squirming bodies.

“Ohhh, yeahhh!” Patrick groaned, his body jerking, streams of white fuck-juice spurting from his cock.

He trembled, trying to hold himself up as he spasmed, but his strength gave out before he was done shooting and he fell on the two girls, shooting the last of his cum in Wendy’s ear.

At last, the threesome un-piled.

“Yuk!” Wendy said, cleaning Patrick’s cum out of her ear. “You guys can be such animals.”

“Look who’s talking,” Patrick said as Wendy and Cynthia once again licked his cum off each other. “There’s more on the floor, cum-lickers.”

Patrick smiled as the two girls crouched like two kittens and licked his fuck-cream off the bare wood floor.

From the office adjacent to the studio, from behind the two-way mirror, Greta watched the two naked girls lap up her son’s cum from the dance floor. Their bare asses were up in the air and their ass puckers quivered between their buns, moist with Patrick’s saliva.

Greta didn’t know what shocked her most about all this: Morgan’s secret window? The two girls? Patrick? Or herself?

Morgan had a lot of explaining to do — if she ever dared confront him. And she could never again look at those two girls, or Patrick, as if they were innocent, perfect young saints. Now she knew otherwise. As for herself — she could no longer deny her true feelings toward her son, her secret wicked feelings, feelings she’d kept buried for so many years.


Morgan Smith drove blindly through the snowstorm, amazed that he hadn’t already slid off the road or plowed into another car. The night looked blinding white through the windshield, with the snow coming down so heavy that the wipers could hardly keep the windshield clear. If he ever got these last two girls, and he and his daughter, delivered home safely, it would be a miracle. A voice on the hissing, buzzing car radio repeatedly warned people to stay home and off the roads.

The girls he hadn’t yet delivered home — one left in the back seat, and his daughter and the other one in the front — were tensely quiet. They no longer squealed and shrieked and gigged as they’d done when they’d first climbed into the car. Now they stared ahead into the snowy darkness, holding their breaths as the car weaved down the road. Seated in the middle of the front seat next to Morgan, Candace Wilson pressed up close to him as if for comfort. And Morgan, despite his nervousness, was just about shooting off in his pants.

Christ! Morgan thought, swallowing. He’d run off the road for sure now. The ice and snow and darkness were bad enough, but with Candace all but sitting in his lap, he couldn’t concentrate on his driving. And it wasn’t just Candace that was interfering with his concentration — the smell in the car was enough to send any man to Lotus Land. All those teenaged girls crowded together inside one car gave off a combined female scent that could short-circuit a man’s brain cells and put him in the asylum for life. With each breath he took, his mind swam and his cock pulsed.

“I’m so glad you’re driving, Mr. Smith,” said Candace, pushing up even closer to Morgan. “I feel so secure with you behind the wheel.” Her hand dropped on his thigh and squeezed.

Morgan laughed nervously and turned up the radio, hoping to drown out the sound of his slamming heart, which he was sure all three girls could hear. His cock was throbbing to be freed from his pants. His underwear were getting wet with cock-lube.

As they passed within a block of Morgan’s house, Susanne, who was sitting next to Candace in the front seat, asked to be let out.

“Are you sure?” Morgan said. “It’ll only be a little while before we get Candace and Rosemary home, and then in a few minutes we’ll be home, ourselves.”

“Don’t worry, Daddy,” Susanne said. “I can make it a block on foot. I’ll have some hot chocolate ready for you when you get home.”

“All right,” Morgan said. “Don’t get frostbite.”

Snow blew into the car as Susanne climbed out the door. As Morgan eased the car ahead, Candace remained seated close to him, pressed up against him. He considered reminding her that there was more room in the front seat now and that she could slide over, but he knew that would sound strange. As Candace pressed closer to him, her hand continuing to rub his thigh and edging closer and closer to his cock, he thought he must be dreaming.

She’s making a pass at me, for Christsake! he thought. Is it for real, or is she just playing games, seeing how far she can push me before I lose my mind?

He pressed on the accelerator, spinning the tires and making the car fishtail. In the back seat, Rosemary gasped.

Five minutes later Rosemary was climbing out of the car in front of her house. Only Candace remained to be delivered home.

“We’re alone, finally,” Candace said as Morgan pulled the car away from Rosemary’s house. “Aren’t you glad?”

“What’s your address again?” Morgan said, pretending not to have heard the question.

Candace told him. “But there’s no need to hurry, Mr. Smith.” She began easing her fingers down in his pants.


“Candy,” said the girl. “I like to be called Candy. I’ll bet you like Candy better too, don’t you?”

“I like it fine, but…”

She shoved her hand deep in his pants and wrapped her fingers around his rigid cock. “Ohhh, it’s a big one! I just knew you had a big one!”

“Candy! Oh. Jesus!”

Morgan pulled the car over before he lost control of it. He set the parking brake and sat there shaking as the blonde teenager massaged his cock.

“I love it!” purred the prima ballerina. “It’s so hot and hard and wet!”

Morgan couldn’t control himself another second. He wrapped his arms around the purring little slut and cruched his mouth to hers. She groaned, sucking his tongue, moving her soft hand up and down his hard cock and working his foreskin up and down.

They kissed until they were breathless, Candy’s hot tongue flicking in Morgan’s mouth, Candy’s honey-sweet spit sliding down his throat. Morgan pushed his hand down into her jeans and onto her silky, sizzling-hot young pussy. He worked his finger between her cuntlips. He pushed the finger inside her and probed the wet, fluffy crevices of her, hot fuck-hole. He was dangerously close to shooting off in his pants.

Candy broke their kiss. She was flushed and panting. “I’m so hot, Mr. Smith! Will you fuck me?”

“Jesus Christ!” Morgan muttered. “Here?”

“It’ll be easy,” Candy said. “I’ll ride it. All you’ve gotta do is sit there.”

If it hadn’t been night, with a blizzard going on, Morgan might have hesitated to fuck Candy in the front seat of his car, only a few blocks from her house. But under the circumstances, with the streets deserted, who would catch them? He couldn’t resist.

“Okay,” he said.

As he moved to the middle of the front seat and shoved his pants down to his knees, Candy kicked off her shoes and peeled off her jeans and panties. Before Morgan could stop her, she threw off the rest of her clothes — her ski jacket, her blouse, and her bra. Stark naked, her silky body throwing off heat like an oven, she straddled Morgan’s lap and shoved her big tits in his face.

“Feel me all over!” she panted. “Feel me up!” She squirmed against Morgan, the pussy cream running down her legs, her tits flapping in his face.

She was almost too hot to handle. He’d fantasized about girls acting this way, but now that he actually had one on his lap, squirming like she’d jump out of her skin, he didn’t know what to do with her first. He wished he were naked too, so he could feel her voluptuous young body against his bare flesh. He rubbed his hands over every inch of her body that he could reach. He began licking and sucking her tits. His cock throbbed against her belly, and his fuck-lube poured out.

“I wanna be fucked!” Candy moaned. “Now! Right now! Before I go nuts!”

She grabbed Morgan’s cock, guided it into position between her thighs, and sank her cunt down on it. His prick disappeared inside her to the hilt.

“Oh, Mr. Smith! Mmmmm!”

Morgan saw stars. His cock had never felt so good. His thick club of fuck-meat was completely inside the girl’s hot young body. He crushed her in his arms, growling as he churned his cock inside her cunt.

“Ohhhh, it feels so good against my clit!” Candy moaned. Bracing her hands on his shoulders, she began to slide up and down, fucking him.

Morgan’s fingers encircled her slender waist. He twisted her body this way and that as she fucked up and down on his cock and rubbed her silky hot tits in his face. He started licking and biting and sucking her nipples. Her cunt contracted rhythmically around his cock, and her pussy-juices drenched his balls.

“Listen to your big cock squish inside me!” Candy panted. “That sound turns me on! Mmmm, I love to fuck a big hard cock!”

“I love to fuck a hot young pussy,” Morgan moaned. “I love to fuck you!”

Candy squealed. “Oh, Mr. Smith, make me come! Make me come quick! I can’t stand it!”

Neither could Morgan. “Can I come inside you, baby?”

“Of course!” Candy said. “That’s how I want it! Shoot your jizz inside me!”

Morgan growled, ramming his cock up Candy’s sizzling cunt as she bounced, grinding her cunt down on bone-hard prick. Her pussy was as tight as a fist. Her tits flapped in his face. Her cunt-juices drenched his balls and got the car seat slick under his ass. The car rocked.

Candy’s eyes rolled back. “Oh, Mr. Smith! I feel it! I’m gonna come!”

Morgan felt her body quiver against him, felt her seething young cunt squeeze. Bear-hugging her, he rammed his cock up her fuck-hole with all his strength, trying to make his cockhead come out her mouth. He rammed his cock to her womb as her cunt erupted with spasms. She shrieked, her body jerking, only the whites of her eyes showing. As her pussy sucked his cock, he exploded inside her, fucking his cum-load into her pussy.

“Oh, Candy! Oh, baaaby!” Morgan grunted with each spasm, with each drilling spurt. “Take it, baby! It’s yours!”

“Eeeeeh!” Candy squealed. “Ohhhh! Ooooh!”

She writhed in Morgan’s arms, screwing her pussy down on his cock again and again. Her toes curled and her nipples, almost split open with hardness. She was a girl in total ecstasy.

Candy giggled as she pulled up off Morgan’s cock. “Thanks, Mr. Smith. I really needed that. I get so horny when I’m in a car with a man, especially with a handsome man like you. I hope you will give me a ride again sometime. Now you’d better get me home, before Mom gets worried.”

By the time Morgan had pulled up his pants, Candy had dressed completely. Morgan had never seen anybody dress or undress so quickly. Candy must have had lots of experience taking off her clothes and putting them back on.

After dropping Candy off, Morgan drove home in a daze. His cock was still sticky in his pants with her fuck-juice. The car reeked of hot pussy. He didn’t think he’d ever wash his cock again. He knew he’d never be able to drive his car again without getting a hard-on. He stared ahead into the snow and darkness, hardly aware of where he was going.


Susanne Smith sat cross-legged on the bearskin rug in front of the fireplace. Her robe had fallen open in front and the heat from the fire fell on her tits and belly and between her legs. She imagined a tongue slowly licking her crotch, and a few drops of pussy-juice oozed from between her golden-furred cuntlips. She caught the sticky droplets with her fingertip and tasted them. Tart-sweet, like a strong honey.

It was too bad Patrick wouldn’t be able to give her the usual cunt-lapping tonight, she thought. He and Mom were trapped at the ballet school, snowed in. Mom had just called to say that she wasn’t going to chance driving borne in her car, and that under no circumstances was Dad to try to return to the school tonight to pick her and Patrick up. Mom and Patrick would make themselves comfortable at the studio for the night.

Lucky Mom! Susanne thought wickedly. She knew nothing would happen between Patrick and Mom, but it turned her on to imagine Patrick working over Mom with that tent pole cock of his. Mom could use a little loosening up. Mom was getting much too tight and strict in her old age, and if anything could soften her up, it would be Patrick’s eleven-inch prick.

Susanne slipped a finger up her pussy, lazily jerking off as she bathed in the warmth of the fire. She felt wicked this evening. There was something exciting about being snowed in. She knew that before she went to sleep tonight she would jerk off a dozen, times.

She was really going to miss her big brother’s tongue, though. She couldn’t remember the last time he’d failed to give her a cunt-sucking before bedtime. He’d been sucking her off for years. He said she had the sweetest-tasting cunt of any dancer at the school. And he ought to know — he’d sucked off every girl there at least once, and most of them dozens of times. He’d fucked most of them, too.

If Mom only knew about Patrick, she’d shit in her leotards! Morn thought Patrick was such a pure, innocent boy!

Susanne laughed out loud at her mother’s ignorance. She pulled her finger out of her pussy and smeared pussy-cream on her big toe. She extended her leg toward the fireplace, drying the spit-like cunt-juice on her toe in the dry heat of the fire.

Mom and Dad think Patrick and I are such saints, she mused. If they only knew the truth, they’d die. Patrick had not only been sucking her every night for years, he’d been fucking her too — and not always up the pussy. Patrick enjoyed fucking a girl’s asshole, and Susanne had learned to enjoy a good ass-fucking. In fact, her asshole could have used some cock action tonight.

Susanne started fingering her asshole, but at that moment the garage door opened and she jumped up to peek through the living room curtains. Her dad’s car was laboring in the driveway, spinning through nearly two feet of snow as he tried to steer it into the garage. The snow was coming down so hard that Susanne could hardly see through the beams of the car’s headlights. As the car crawled into the garage, Susanne fastened her robe and ran to the kitchen to heat up the chocolate.

Her dad came in looking snow-blind and punch drunk. He looked at Susanne for a few moments as if he didn’t even see her, then blinked his eyes a few times and gazed at her as if she were an apparition.

“Barefooted?” he said. “Shouldn’t you be wearing slippers?”

“I’m not cold,” Susanne said. “I was just sitting in front of the fire and I’m going right back there once the cocoa’s ready. Mom called and said she and Patrick are sleeping at the studio tonight. She doesn’t want you to even try picking her up.”

“Well, I don’t know…” her dad said. His words trailed off as if he couldn’t think too well.

“Get into something warm and comfortable,” Susanne said, stirring the cocoa. “We’ll have hot chocolate in front of the fire — just you and me. Won’t that be romantic?” She giggled without looking at him.

Morgan looked at his blonde-haired young daughter in her pink robe and bare feet, and he had a hard time not grabbing hold of her from behind and pressing his swelling cock up against her voluptuous ass. He could tell she was stark naked beneath her robe. Forcing himself to leave the kitchen, he went to his bedroom to change clothes. He was quivering all over.

Susanne served the hot chocolate in thick mugs. Father and daughter sat on the bearskin rug in front of the fireplace and watched the flames as they sipped their cocoa. The only light in the room came fro the flickering fire.

Like Susanne, Morgan was dressed in a robe, with nothing on underneath. If he had allowed it to, his cock would have snaked out of his robe and stood naked and vertical for Susanne to see. He stole glances at Susanne’s long hair shimmering in the firelight, at her sexy bare feet, at her adorable profile with her upturned nose and full, sensuous lips. He remembered the taste of Candy’s mouth, and he knew Susanne’s mouth would be even sweeter.

Susanne giggled self-consciously, as if the cocoa were making her drunk and giddy. Her pussy was throbbing, her pussy-juice dribbling out of it like hot, melted butter. She kept wiggling her toes and squirming, giving her dad flirtatious glances. Through the open top of his robe, she could see his muscular bare chest, and she could tell he was completely naked underneath the robe. She had never been this close and intimate with an adult man before, let alone with her own dad, and she was surprised at how turned on she was.

“What are you giggling about?” her dad said.

“Nothing,” Susanne said coquettishly. She intentionally brushed her toes against his foot.

Her dad downed the dregs of his cup as if chugging a shot of brandy. As Susanne refilled his cup, he stared reflectively into the fire.

She’s not trying to seduce me, Morgan told himself. It’s impossible. She can’t be trying to seduce me. She’s just being what she is — a giggly, flirtatious teenaged girl. They’re all that way, damn them!

“Is something wrong, Daddy? You look a little funny. Don’t you like the cocoa?”

“It’s delicious,” Morgan said. “I’m just tense from driving in that blizzard. I’m surprised I made it home.”

Susanne put down her cup. She kneeled behind her father and began to massage the muscles of his upper back and shoulders. “Relax,” she said.

Morgan started to melt. He let his head droop forward. “Mmmn, that feels great!”

“You are tight,” Susanne said. “Why don’t you let your robe down so I can dig deeper into the muscles?”

Before Morgan could answer, she was pulling the robe off his shoulders.

He sat there bare-torsoed, with the robe draped around his waist and covering his legs. Susanne’s soft, warm hands stroked the bare flesh of his upper back and shoulders.

“You’re really muscular,” Susanne said. “More muscular than Patrick even.”

“I should hope so,” Morgan said. He worked out at the health club regularly, where he lifted weights, whereas Patrick only worked out at the dance studio.

Susanne leaned close to her father, pressing her swollen tits against his back. Even through the robe, he could feel her nipples pressing like fingertips into his flesh.

She put her chin on his head as she massaged his chest and abdomen. She was flushed and shaky, unable to believe how daring she was getting. The more she rubbed her father’s naked flesh, the more turned on she got. She itched and throbbed between her cuntlips, and her pussy-cream ran in trickles down her inner thighs. As she rippled her fingers down her dad’s belly, she could sense that his cock was hard underneath his robe.

Morgan was on the verge of losing his mind.

Susanne was draped all over him, for Christsake! Her fingers caressing his nipples and abdomen sent shivers through him. Her breath on his neck gave him goose bumps. He could smell her sweet, perfumed girl-flesh. He could feel her tits like firm balloons against his back, and he could feel her heartbeat.

“Would you like me to massage you now?” he managed to say, his throat so dry he could hardly swallow.

“I’d love it,” Susanne said. She slid away from him and lay face-up on the bearskin rug. “My legs are really sore from dancing.”

Keeping his robe draped around his waist, Morgan leaned over his daughter and began to stroke and knead her silky-skinned feet and legs. Susanne closed her eyes, sighing, melting under her dad’s touch. Her robe fell open in front, revealing all of her tits but her nipples as the voluptuous mounds rose and fell. As her dad stroked up her legs, her toes worked sensuously.

“Feels good, Daddy.”

Morgan’s hands shook. He could sense she was all his. He still wasn’t sure whether she was intentionally trying to seduce him, but he was sure that she wouldn’t resist any advance he made. As he stroked her thighs, his fingers sliding farther and farther up under her robe, she spread her legs little by little, gradually opening herself up to him. His fingers slid into the buttery, warm fluid on her inner thighs and his heart stopped. She was burning up between the legs, drooling with lust just as Candy had drooled. Losing all control, Morgan flung her robe open.

“Oh, Daddy!” Susanne stretched, arching her back and shoving her naked loins up in the air. Her blonde pussy throbbed in his face. The hot juices bubbled out of her cunt.

Morgan went crazy at the sight of her nakedness. His own robe fell away as he crawled between her legs and pushed his face between her thighs. His cock throbbed wildly, oozing lube with each pulsation. He shoved his nose against Susanne’s golden pussy and began to suck at her juicy cunt-furrow. His tongue probed between her pussylips and slipped inside her cunt-hole.

“Eeeeeh, Daddy, eat me!”

Susanne squirmed like a butterfly stuck on a collector’s pin. Grinding her cunt in her dad’s face, she fucked herself on his fucking tongue. Morgan was delirious. He’d never tasted anything so sweet and exciting in his life as his daughter’s pussy. Her honey-tart juices poured into his mouth, dribbled down his chin and ran down his neck. Her slurped and sucked and guzzled, eating his daughter’s cunt-flesh, gnawing on her squirming little clit. His head filled with the taste and smell of her. Her cunt-hairs got caught between his teeth.

“Lick it deep!” Susanne moaned. “Oh, suck it, eat it! Oh, Daddy, that drives me crazy!” She wrapped her legs around her dad’s head and fucked his face as he sucked.

Morgan could hardly breath, but who cared? He’d gladly smother to death between his daughter’s smooth young legs. He’d gladly drown in her tangy fuck-juices. He wished he could shove his entire head inside her.

His tongue twisted in her seething, contracting pussy-hole, the tip of it probing the fluffy folds and crevices of her pink cuntal walls. As he licked and sucked, he slid his hands up her belly until he was squeezing and rubbing her tits, until he was pinching and rolling and puffing on her nipples.

Susanne writhed, gasping and whimpering. Even Patrick had, never eaten her out with such hunger. No boy had ever given her a cunt-lapping like this. It felt like her dad was going to eat her crotch all the way to her tits. He was going to devour her entire body.

“Oh, Daddy! Oh, Daddy, yesss!”

Morgan growled like a starving dog, rubbing his nose between Susanne’s swollen, throbbing cuntlips, twisting and darting his tongue in her contracting fuck-hole. Hot juices flowed into his mouth as if squeezed out of a sponge. He sucked and slurped and swallowed, unable to get enough of the taste of her.

“Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!” Susanne gibbered, out of her mind.

Her legs tightened so hard around his head that she feared his skull would crack like an eggshell. Each flick of his tongue sent electricity shooting through her cunt. As his nose fucked her clit and his tongue fucked her cunt, her loins overflowed with fuck-tension and she exploded with pleasure.

“Eeeeeeh, I’m coming!”

Morgan choked as his daughter’s fuck-juices poured into his mouth. He gripped her by the hips to slow the wild jerking of her loins. As the spasms ripped through her, he felt the muscles of her slim waist contracting against his fingers. Her clit turned hard as steel, twitching and vibrating.

“Daddy! Oh, Daddy, yessss!” Susanne’s eyes relied. Her body shuddered. Her toes clutched air as the sensations pulsed through her again and again.

Morgan’s right hand went to his cock. He pumped his foreskin up and down. The itch in his cock demanded relief.

As Susanne’s body reined and her legs fell away from his head, as she lay exhausted before him on the bearskin rug, he lowered himself on top of her and stuck his cock between her cuntlips.

“Oh, Daddy!” Susanne moaned. “Stick it in!”


Morgan’s cock slid up and down in the sizzling wet meat between his daughter’s cuntlips. He pressed his chest to her spongy, swollen tits. Her skin was like hot velvet. He covered her mouth with his own and shoved his tongue between her lips. She licked his tongue, drooled spit in his mouth.

He forced his cock up her cunt, burying it to the hilt. Her eyes rolled back with such a look of ecstasy that he almost came from the sight of them. He forced the head of his cock into the mouth of her womb. He crushed her against the bearskin rug, trying to absorb her body into his own.

Susanne wrapped her legs around her dad’s loins, wrapped her arms around his back. She couldn’t believe how massive and muscular he felt on top of her and in her arms. He had a very big, very thick cock, though not as long or thick as Patrick’s. Sweat rolled from the armpits and got her tits wet. He was shaking like a leaf on top of her, and his cock felt ready to split with hardness inside her. As he stroked his back with her hands and his ass with her bare feet, he started to hump against her, to fuck his cock inside her. She groaned and began to rock her hips. Her cunt felt like a pulsating furnace inside.

“Mmmmm, Daddy, I love it! Give it to me, Daddy!”

Morgan fucked in a daze. He couldn’t believe the horny young girl squirming under him was Susanne. He couldn’t believe he was actually fucking her — and that she was ecstatic about it. Susanne had always been flirty, coquettish, but he’d never dreamed she was like this. From the ease with which his cock fucked in and out of her, and from the way she manipulated his cock by contracting her pussy, he knew that the girl under him had been fucked scores of times before, maybe hundreds of times. And that just couldn’t be! The girl under him couldn’t be Susanne, not innocent little Susanne!

“Oh Daddy, ram me!” Susanne growled, “Grind that cock in my pussy!” She humped upward, rocking her loins to meet her dad’s fuck-thrusts, trying to get his cock inside her deeper, frying to get him to fuck harder and faster. “Bang it, Daddy, ram it!”

Morgan’s heart slammed. He panted as if he’d just sprinted a hundred yards. He could feel the blood surging through his arteries, especially through the arteries of his cock, which felt a foot long and was saturated with throbbing fuck-itch. All the tension in his body — a tension that had been building for years — concentrated in his loins, focused in his cock.

He wasn’t coming yet, but he felt electricity shooting like cum through his cock and into Susanne’s pussy. He swung his hips with all his strength, banging his hipbones against Susanne’s hipbones, nearly knocking the wind out of her. His fucker slammed into her like a punching fist — again and again and again.

“Oh, Daddy, that’s it!” the girl squealed. “Fuck me hard!”

She arched up against him, rubbing her tits and belly madly against his chest and stomach, grinding her lust-saturated pelvis against his loins, fucking him as hard and fast as he was fucking her. The pussy-cream frothed out around his fucking cock and dribbled like hot sap down her ass crack. She raked her fingernails down his back, leaving raw, fiery claw marks on his skin.

Morgan wanted to fuck her to death. He wanted to fuck them both to death. He wanted them to come together and then to die, their bodies fused forever in ecstasy. The sensations shooting through his cock were almost more than he could stand. Each fuck-thrust brought him nearer to climax. Each grinding thrust made his toes tingle and his eyes roll back, and he let out a bestial grunt of pure pleasure. He couldn’t understand how the soft, willowy young girl under him could withstand his violent ramming.

“Are you all right, honey?”

“I’m in heaven!” Susanne moaned. “Fuck me forever, Daddy! Oh, God! I love the feeling! Harder, Daddy! Faster! Deeper!”

Morgan didn’t think he could fuck any harder without having a heart attack. He’d never in his life fucked like this. The sweat poured off him, drenching Susanne under him. Their naked bodies slipped together as if oiled. He pounded his loins against her loins, fucking his cock into her with everything he had. His balls swelled like tightening fists. Tingles filled his asshole. Such pleasure whirled through his cock that he couldn’t hold off coming another second.

“I’m gonna come!” he gasped. “Oh, baby!”

Susanne felt her dad’s cock swell hugely and turn to steel inside her pussy. She felt it flex powerfully, felt his entire body shudder in her embrace, felt a shotgun blast of jism scald her cunt as her dad grunted like a wild bull. She crushed him against her body with all the strength of her arms and legs and she ground her blonde pussy-mound against his groin. She squeezed his spasming cock with the strong muscles of her pussy, milking him, making his eyes nearly pop out.

As a third round of man-cum splashed in her cunt, her own body shuddered and her loins exploded with orgasm.

“Ohhhh, Daddy!” she moaned, tossing her blonde head from side to side deliriously.

Each flex of her dad’s cock in her pussy, each spurt of his hot jism into her womb, sent orgasmic tremors through her loins and all through her heaving, squirming young body. Her toenails clawed her dad’s rock-hard asscheeks. Her tits swelled against his chest until she thought they would explode.

“Ohhhh, Daddy! I’m gonna die!”

Morgan felt so good that tears ran from his eyes. The spasms that shook his body were like strong electric shocks. His body jerked uncontrollably with each shot of his cum into his daughter’s quivering pussy. He crushed her under himself, smothering her, grinding her into the bearskin rug. Their bodies were fused, and now he wanted to absorb every cell of her into himself. He’d never felt so close to another person. He’d never dreamed such ecstasy was possible.

Their orgasms fizzled away, and Susanne lay groaning under Morgan, her pussy sucking his cock each time his cock flexed with an aftershock. Her arms and legs fell away from him and she lay under him passively, letting him enjoy the feel of her completely yielding young body buried under his own. She felt so small and fragile under him, and yet so resilient and vibrant that he knew he couldn’t hurt her no matter how hard he fucked her. Her body had been conditioned for hard fucking, just as it had been conditioned for the demanding rigors of ballet.

“Wiggle your cock in me, Daddy. I love the feel when you wiggle it.”

Susanne squealed when Morgan flexed his cock, and he kissed her deeply, licking out her sweet young mouth. She responded by squeezing his cock with her cunt, and they lay that way a long while, Morgan wiggling his cock inside Susanne, Susanne contracting her cunt and making it suck.

“I feel your cum leaking out of me, Daddy. Pull out your cock and I’ll eat your cum.”

Morgan was shocked by the girl’s words, but he did as she asked. As his half-hard cock slipped out of her, dripping with cum, he raised up away from her. She shoved a hand between her thighs and caught some of the cum leaking out of her pussy with her fingertips. She smiled devilishly as she lifted her fingers to her mouth and licked her father’s cum off them. Her lips smacked.

“Yummy!” she said. “Now get up over me and let me suck your cummy cock.”

Am I dreaming? Morgan wondered. Is this really my daughter? He almost felt a parental obligation to slap the little slut’s face, to tell her she was a whore, and that she should behave. This couldn’t be his innocent little Susanne!

The girl stuck her tongue out. Her mouth was open. Morgan’s sense of parental outrage vanished as tingles of lust shot through his cock. Moving forward on his knees, his cock and balls dripping with cum, he straddled Susanne at the neck, lowered his ass to her tits and his slimy cock to her lips. Her tongue flicked at the underside of his prick head and he slipped his cockhead past her lips, into her mouth, down her soft, hot throat.

She looked like a small lizard trying to swallow a gigantic snake. Morgan was astounded to see her take his entire cock down her throat without her choking. She not only didn’t choke, she didn’t even gag. Her eyes shone mischievously as she began to suck, to munch, to smack her lips. She reached up to guide his hips, to coordinate the movements of his cock in and out of her mouth.

Susanne moaned, her eyes glazed aver. Morgan had never seen anything more beautiful, and yet more wicked. He stroked her forehead, her temples, and her silky hair. His big, cum-slick, pussy-slick cock slid in and out, his cock’s veins rippling against her lips, his cockhead sliding from her lips to the depths of her hot, wet gullet. The sucking, slurping, lip smacking sounds she made, along with her moans and coos of lust and satisfaction, sent rushes of excitement through Morgan.

“Oh baby, I love you! I wish I could marry you,” he said.

Susanne gave him an impish, smart-alecky glance that made him feel like an idiot. He was sure she was thinking: Divorce your wife and marry your daughter! You must be nuts!

“You sure love cock,” he said. “Oh baby, suck it! I’m almost there!”

She pushed his hips away, forcing his cock out of her mouth. As his dripping cock throbbed in her face, she buried her nose in his balls, licking and sucking them, cleaning the sweat and cum and pussy-cream off them. He raised up so she could burrow under his balls and lick his crotch. Her tongue probed farther, and he planted his hairy ass crack over her nose. Groaning, growling, she licked from one end of the hairy cleft to the other. The excitement was too much for him, and Morgan grabbed his cock, working the foreskin up and down.

Susanne’s hot tongue slipped up his asshole. Morgan had never felt anything like it. Electric tingles filled his asshole, saturated his swelling balls. He jerked on his cock hard, trying to crush out the rush of fuck-itch that pulsed through it. His ass mashed down on Susanne’s face, squashing her nose between his asscheeks, forcing her tongue deeper up his asshole. The girl wriggled her tongue in all directions, licking him out deep, probing sensitive spots in his asshole. Morgan couldn’t control himself. His hand pumped his cock and his pleasure rushed to a head. His balls contracted and the cum surged.

“I’m coming!”

Susanne squirmed violently, forcing him to move back off her face. As the first spurt of cum shot from his cock, she moved her face into position to receive it. The slimy spurt splashed against her forehead. The next spurt hit her cheeks. She took the third spurt of his jism in her open mouth. Her eyes were glazed, focused on Morgan’s cock, on his open piss-hole, on the snakes of white cum hurling from his prick to splash on her face and in her mouth.

“Shoot it!” she panted. “Squirt it! Oh, yes!” Her tongue flapped. She made slurping, sucking noises. Cum ran in sticky rivers down her face. Suddenly her eyes rolled back and her body arched up at the loins. Her right arm jerked as she finger-fucked herself to a climax.

“Ohhhh yessss!” she hissed.

Morgan sank his softening, spent cock down her throat, letting her suck the cum from his piss-tube as she writhed with her own orgasm. She sucked like a hungry calf, her body jerking, and grunts of pleasure coming from deep in her throat. Morgan reached down, smearing his cum all over her face. At last, when she’d stopped spasming, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and replaced it with his cum-slick fingers. She sucked them greedily.

“I love cum,” she mumbled as Morgan cleaned the cum off her face with his fingertips and fed it to her. “Mmmm, yummy!”


Patrick Smith was sitting naked on a bench in the boys’ dressing room, playing with his eleven-inch prick and daydreaming about fucking every girl in the dance school. In his fantasy, all the girls were lined up on their hands and knees on the polished wood floor of the dance studio, their naked asses turned up so he could see both their assholes and pussies. And be was walking around, sniffing the air, stroking his cock, trying to decide which pussy or asshole to fuck first. Each girl was wiggling her ass and watching him over her shoulder, begging for him to fuck her first.

“Patrick? Patrick, darling? Are you still here, my pet?”

Patrick nearly hit the ceiling at the sound of his mother’s voice. He grabbed his tights and stretched them up his long, muscular legs, then tucked his rigid cock down one leg of them.

“Patrick, answer me. Are you in the dressing room, darling?”

“Yes, Mother, I’m still here, doing a little extra stretching.”

“May I come in?”

“Yes.” Patrick quickly sat on the floor, his legs straight out in front of him, and leaned forward, grabbing his heels as he pulled his chin to his knees.

His mother stepped around the corner and into the room. “Darling, I’ve been looking for you. We must spend the night here, darling — you and I. The blizzard is too severe for travel. I’ve been on the phone, informing your father and Susanne — who have made it home safely — that you and I will not be joining them tonight.”

Patrick glanced up. His mother was dressed in cellophane-thin leotards that he could almost see through. Her feet were bare. He could see the darker color of her nipples through the thin, elastic material. She had big tits, which always made his cock throb and tingle when he imagined them naked.

“How long have you been here, Mother? I thought you’d left a long time ago.”

“I never left, darling. I’ve been in the office, looking over some paperwork.”

“We’re here alone, then?”

“Yes, darling. I just ushered out the last two girls, Wendy and Cynthia. I do hope they make it home in this storm. I’m sure they will. Both live within six blocks.”

Patrick flushed. He hoped his mother hadn’t heard him and the two girls making out in the dance studio.

“I thought everybody but me had left a long time ago,” he said.

“So did I,” Greta said. “But when I opened the office door, there were Cynthia and Wendy, bundled up like two Eskimos and just on their way out. When they saw me, they stopped giggling and went red in the face. Then they ran out. Silly girls! Am I that terrifying, darling?” Greta laughed and reached down to stroke her son’s thick hair.

“You know how girls are,” Patrick said. “Don’t ask me to figure them out. So, what are we gonna do here all evening? Where are we gonna sleep?”

“I’ve kept sleeping bags stored here for just such an emergency,” Greta said. “We can pretend we’re camping. And as to keeping busy — we can dance, we can massage. I haven’t had time myself to dance in so long, and your legs I’m sure can use a massage.” She reached for Patrick’s hand and pulled him to his feet.

“Come, darling, to the studio.”

Patrick couldn’t figure his mother out. She was acting strange this evening, almost drunk. She wasn’t drunk, though. He couldn’t smell any alcohol on her breath. He felt weird as his mother led him to the dance studio as if he and she were about to go onstage.

At the same time, though, he felt excited. His mother’s touch, her moist, warm hands, sent thrills through him. His cock remained hard as stone, throbbing down one leg of his tights and oozing a few drops of warm lube against his leg.

“We shall dance the pax de deux you and Candace Wilson have been rehearsing,” Greta said. “We need no music. We shall dance to the synchronized beating of our hearts.”

Patrick was beginning to fear his mother had lost her marbles, or that she was going prematurely senile. Just before they stepped onto the dance floor, she reached back and pulled the pin out of her hair. She shook her head and her golden hair tumbled down her back, reaching nearly to her ass. Patrick had never seen his mother look so beautiful, or so sexy.

“You oughta let your hair dawn more often, Mother. It makes you look years younger.”

Greta laughed, her face flushing rosily. “You mean I look your age with my hair down? Or perhaps I look even younger, like your sister.”

“You look like a beautiful woman,” Patrick said.

“Thank you, darling.” Greta kissed him on the check and pulled him out onto the dance floor. “Pretend we have an audience of thousands.”

As soon as he started dancing, Patrick lost all his misgivings about his mother’s sanity. As he performed high kicks, his toes pointed, as he pirouetted and leaped, as he balanced and supported, lifted and caught his prima ballerina, he forgot completely that she was his own mother. She looked like a Goddess to him. She looked like the most beautiful female he’d ever seen. The sight of her excited him, energized him.

His cock nearly ripped through his tights as it strained to break free and stand fully erect. Dancing had always turned him on something fierce, and dancing with a female turned him on even more. As he caught and supported his mother, he held her tighter and closer than was necessary, pressing his cock against her hip, against her leg, against her ass. And she seemed to press closer to him than was necessary — the way Candy did when she wanted to be fucked.

Greta’s heart pounded wildly. She was not in the best condition, that was for sure, but her wildly pounding heart came as much from her excitement at dancing with Patrick as from her lack of stamina. Her body trembled. At times her legs felt rubbery, and she was grateful for Patrick’s strong arms. Her leotards were becoming sopping wet between her thighs as her pussy throbbed.

Take me, darling, she kept thinking — wishing Patrick could read her mind. Oh darling, I want you, I need you!

I’ve completely lost my mind, she thought. I should be locked in an asylum. But I can’t help myself. I want him! I must have him!

The pax de deux ended. Sweat trickled down bath their faces. The smell of Patrick’s sweaty armpits and Greta’s hot cunt perfumed the air. They were both panting.

“You dance beautifully,” Patrick said. “You should still be performing.”

“Thank you,” Greta said. “But I’m too old for the rigors of performing. I no longer have the elasticity of muscle and connective tissue of you young people. Besides, I do love to teach. Come, it’s time for your massage.”

The small, dimly lit cubicle that served as a massage room was much warmer than the studio. The air smelled of liniment and scented massage oils — wintergreen and rosemary, lemon and mint. Greta sealed the door and told Patrick to lie on the table.

“Darling, you must remove your tights. How am I to spread oil on your skin otherwise?”

“Darling, I’m your mother. I saw you naked the day you were born. You must not be shy.”

Keeping his back to his mother, Patrick quickly peeled off his tights and slid up onto the massage table without turning around so she could see his cock. He lay face-down on the sheet, his cock as big as an arm under him, its fist-sized knob burning against his stomach.

It is customary to begin Swedish massage with the patient lying on his back, Greta was tempted to say, but then she decided not to rush things. She would get Patrick turned over eventually. For now, she would content herself with the sight of his bare ass and his enormous, hairless balls, which could be seen between his sprawled legs.

“Rein, my pet.”

Greta squeezed oil into her hand, then spread the oil up the boy’s hairless legs and onto his ass. Despite his strong, finely chiseled muscles, he had skin as smooth as a girl’s. She spread oil on his back as well, then went to work massaging him.

Patrick pressed his cock hard against the padded table top, getting the sheet wet and slick with his cock-lube. The sensations that went through his body at the touch of his mother’s warm, soft hands made him want to rub off against the table. Her hands thrilled him much more than the strong, rough hands of the young man who routinely came in to massage him and the other boys. Karl’s fingers penetrated his muscles too deeply at times, making Patrick wince and complain. His mother’s hands made him moan and melt.

He sighed. “Mother, that’s wonderful! You ought to take over Karl’s job. He’s a sadist compared to you.”

“I’m glad you do not consider me a sadist,” Greta said with a laugh. “You have the softest skin, darling, and the most supple muscles.”

She ran her hands up and down the boy’s legs, gently kneaded his calves, his thighs, his firm buns. She pressed her fingers into the muscles of his lower back, massaged his upper back and shoulders.

Greta wanted to lean over and lick her son, to bite his flesh. She wanted to eat him. She had never in her life lusted this way over any other male. She massaged his feet, then kissed them, tempted to chew on his toes.

“Darling, you must turn over now.”

“That’s all right,” Patrick said. “I’ve had enough.”

“Darling, you must turn over.” Greta used the tone of voice she’d always used with her children to communicate that she was giving an order which must be obeyed.

“Yes, ma’am,” Patrick said. He knew he had no choice.

Holding his breath, keeping his eyes closed, sucking in his stomach as if trying to make his cock recede into his slender loins, Patrick flipped over. He settled back, his legs spread, his hands clasped behind his neck. His gigantic hard-on was pulsating wildly.

“You have a magnificent body,” Greta said, “so slim and sleek, so muscular. You could pose for sculpture.”

Patrick slowly let out his breath. His entire body was flushed and hot. As his mother began to spread warm oil up the fronts of his legs, he nearly jumped out of his skin.

“Relax, darling,” Greta said.

The boy was trembling, quivering from head to toes. His muscles felt like living creatures under his skin. Sweat trickled from his armpits. The muscles of his chest and stomach stood out as if carved in stone. He swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbing. His cock towered up from his groin. Close-up, his cock appeared even larger to Greta than it had appeared through the glass of the two-way mirror.

Greta’s hands shook as she stroked up the boy’s legs, shook as she rippled her fingers over his belly muscles. He shuddered as she stroked his nipples and worked her fingers down into his armpits. She was leaning close over him, almost close enough to kiss him. The masculine scent of his armpits made her head swim.

She quickly moved back to the other end of the table before she lost all control and threw herself on her naked son.

He arched up, stretching, pointing his toes as Greta massaged his feet. His cock swelled even longer and thicker, its foreskin completely stretched back off its knob, its veins bulging, his egg-sized balls squirming slowly in their hairless sac. Greta braced his sole against her lower belly as she stroked his toes. His heel was pressed to her pussy-mound. She was shaking so much she could hardly coordinate the movements of her hands. Suddenly, she could not control herself a moment longer. She leaned over and started sucking on her son’s toes.

Patrick gasped. His eyes opened and he watched with shock and fascination as his heavily breathing mother, her blonde hair fallen forward over her face, chewed and sucked on his toes as if they’d been dipped in honey. Her hot lips and tongue sent such thrills through his toes and feet, thrills that shot simultaneously through his cock, that he grabbed his cock and started pumping it, sliding his tight foreskin up and down.

“Feels good,” he whispered. “Mmmmn, yeahhhh!”

Greta drooled, her spit running down her son’s feet. She licked the spit off his muscular insteps, licked his soles and between his toes. Her pussy was throbbing madly, and she thrust her hand between her legs and started groping her crotch through her leotards.

“Oh, my darling!” she rasped. “I want you!”

“Take off your clothes,” Patrick said. “I wanna see you naked.”

“Yes,” Greta said. “Of course, darling.”

Without looking at the boy, she stepped back, unsnapped her leotards and peeled them off. Her tits felt enormous and heavy as she leaned forward. She straightened up and stood naked before her son.

“Wow!” he moaned. “Oh wow!”

He jacked his cock as he looked her up and down, and Greta stood there, letting him admire her, letting him lust at the sight of her naked body and jack himself off shamelessly in front of her.

“I could shoot off just looking at you,” Patrick said. Though he’d fucked dozens of girls, he’d never in his life encountered a fully mature, stark-naked woman’s flesh. His mother looked good enough to eat. He licked his lips, his face flushed, his eyes glazed with lust. “What a body! What tits!”

Now what? Greta thought. She’d gone this far, but now she didn’t know what to do next, especially with Patrick watching her and making her feel self-conscious. She felt ignorant and incompetent. She realized suddenly that she knew almost nothing about sex. She had always been the passive one, letting Morgan be the guide, lying passively under him while he did what he wanted with her, as if she were an inanimate doll he was playing with.

Patrick’s hand quickened on his cock. His eyes rolled back with a look of ecstasy. He panted shallowly, rapidly. He was about to come, Greta realized, and she lunged toward him and pulled his hand away from his cock, hoping she was not too late. The boy fell back, his loins thrusting, his huge cock flexing wildly and spurting blobs of creamy cum onto his stomach.

“Thanks,” the boy panted as he calmed down. “I guess I got carried away. I really didn’t want to come yet. It’s just that you’re so beautiful, you’re so hot. I could…” His voice trailed off.

Greta leaned over and kissed him, stroking his checks, his blond hair. Patrick wrapped his arms round her head, groaning as he thrust his tongue into her mouth, as he rubbed his chest against her hot, silky-skinned tits. Her spit ran into his mouth and he swallowed it. They kissed and kissed, and pussy-juice ran down Greta’s legs.

“Darling, I don’t know what to do next,” Greta said. She kissed the boy all over his handsome face. “I’m at a loss.”

“I don’t know what to do first,” Patrick said. “I’d like to do about a hundred things.” He kissed her neck, sucking up a mouthful of flesh and making Greta tingle all over with excitement. He licked his way down her tits and sucked on her nipples.

Greta gasped. She thought she’d die. Her cunt contracted fiercely with each suck of the boy’s hot lips, with each flick of his tongue across her nipples. She groped her pussy and started finger fucking herself.

“I love your tits,” Patrick growled. “I love all of you.” He licked her tits, her belly, her moist, shaved armpits. He licked out her navel, then slid off the table and fell to his knees at her feet. He pressed his nose and lips to her bushy blonde cunt-muff. “I adore you!”

Greta felt like a Goddess. She sat against the edge of the table for support, stroking her son’s silky, golden hair as he nuzzled and kissed her furry pussy. As he nuzzled deeper between her thighs, she sat up onto the table and spread her legs wide. The boy stretched apart her pussylips with his thumbs and kissed her naked, sizzling cunt-meat. Her pussy contracted and her hot fuck-juices dribbled out into the boy’s mouth and down his chin. He sucked greedily.

“Oh, my angel!” Greta kicked her legs up, splitting them fully resting her heels on the table. She leaned back slightly, supporting herself with her hands behind her. Her tits heaved from her panting as her son rubbed his nose and lips between her pussylips. “Oh, my darling, yes!”

Patrick sucked his mother’s burning, super tasty pussy. She had a wonderfully ripe flavor, like a good wine. He sucked her clit which was as thick and firm as the tip of his little finger. Her clit quivered and wiggled as his lips smacked around it. His mother’s toes curled when he chewed on her clit and she groaned as if he were torturing her. He rammed his tongue up her pussy-hole to lick her out as deep as he could. He didn’t dare touch his cock for fear that he’d lose his cum-load.

Greta writhed. She’d never experienced such intense pleasure. She rubbed her ass against the tabletop and rubbed her crotch in her son’s mouth. His tongue twisted inside her cunt-gash, sending itchy tingles swarming through her cunt and asshole, swarming throughout her loins. Her cunt contracted repeatedly around his probing tongue, and her toes clutched wildly. She was panting so rapidly that she was faint from hyperventilating.

“Angel! Oh, my angel! I am so so close! I urn going to explode any second! Oh, please, make me come!”

To Greta’s surprise and dismay, the boy pulled his tongue out of her cunt and his face away from her crotch. Her frothy cunt-juices dripped from his chin. A few cunt-hairs stuck to his lips. He licked his lips and wiped off his face with his hand.

Then, before Greta could say a word, Patrick stood up, his enormous cock in his hand, and he moved closer to the table. She watched with fascination as he pressed his dripping cockhead against her open pussy and slipped it inside her. He grabbed her around the ass and pulled her firmly against him, fucking all eleven inches of his cock up her cunt. Greta almost fainted from the sensation.

“Ohhhhh, darrrrrling!” she moaned, her eyes rolling.

The boy crushed her in his arms, grinding his chest against her tits, madly kissing her all over the face and neck, stuffing his tongue in her mouth, wiggling and grinding his cock inside her pussy as she clung to him. She was almost unconscious with excitement and shock. His cock filled not only her cunt, but her womb as well. It felt as if a gigantic snake had crawled into her body. She could feel the swollen cockhead throbbing in the very heart of her guts. She trembled in her son’s arms and clamped her legs around his loins. Her entire body pulsated with pleasure, as if her body had become the boy’s thrill-saturated cock.

“You’re such a hot woman!” Patrick muttered, slobbering such wet kisses on Greta’s neck and shoulders that his spit ran down her flesh. “What tits!” He couldn’t stop rubbing his chest against her spongy, enormously swollen tits. They were the biggest tits he’d ever pressed up against, and their hard, hot nipples seemed to give off electric shocks. “Man, I can hardly stand it!”

Greta was out of her mind. Her eyes overflowed with tears of lust. She squirmed in her son’s arms, trying to rub every inch of her body against him, grinding her pussy on his cock. As he sucked at her neck and growled, she clawed his back, rocked her hips.

“Fuck me, my angel, fuck me!”

The boy cupped her asscheeks in his hands and began to swing his loins, to fuck his cock in and out of her sizzling, rhythmically contracting pussy-hole. Each time he fucked in, Greta pressed her calves against his asscheeks, helping him probe her pussy as deep as possible. She had her arms around his neck, clinging to him as he fucked her, as he made them both groan with ecstasy.

“Yes, my darling!” Greta panted. “I am so close again. I will come when you do, when you shoot your cum into me.”

Patrick’s heart hammered as he fucked his beautiful mother for the first time.

He hadn’t been this excited since the first time he’d fucked a girl, or the first time he’d fucked his sister Susanne. Each thrust of his eleven-inch cock into the seething depths of his mother’s cunt sent shockwaves through his cock, through his loins and asshole. His entire young body prickled with sensation. Sweat poured off his face as if he were dancing solo onstage before hundreds of people, poured off him and dripped on his mother’s big tits. His mother groaned, adoringly lapping the salty sweat off his neck and cheeks.

“Your cock swells so huge inside me,” Greta panted. “It becomes so hard I cannot stand it! Oh, my darling, fuck me deeper! Harder! Hurt me, angel, hurt me!”

Patrick growled, fucking so hard that he was jolting the massage table across the floor, nearly knocking it over and out from under her. To fuck her deeper, harder, he needed to get on top of her. Maintaining the penetrations of his cock in her cunt, he centered his mother better on the tabletop and climbed up on the table with her.

Then he bridged himself over her and fucked down into her, using not only the strength of his loins but the force of gravity as well. He crushed her to the tabletop, slamming and grinding his magnificent cock into her juice frothing cunt and taking her breath away.

“Angel!” he panted. “My precious baby!” He moaned, his eyes rolling with lust, his body saturated with pure fuck-sensations. He was fucking his mother so deep that he expected to see the head of his cock pop out of her mouth. His skin prickled from his scalp to his toes with zillions of electric tingles. Every cell of his fucking cock tingled and itched. His balls felt ready to explode.

Greta tossed her blonde head from side to side, delirious with fuck-lust and pleasure. She clawed Patrick’s back, twisted her heels against his ass. Each slicing thrust of his cock into her cunt made her arch up against him and writhe, made her mouth gape as she moaned with ecstasy. She was so close to climaxing!

“Fuck me!” she cried. “Fuck me! Fuck me!”

“Yeahhhhhh!” Patrick growled. “Fuck, yeahhhh!” He grunted with each cock-thrust, his body shaking. “Man, I can’t hold it!”

Greta’s loins tightened, nearly cramped as her spasms began. She sank her fingernails into Patrick’s back, arched up against him, felt his cock flex powerfully inside her and shudder.

As his cum streamed into her, splashing in her womb like scalding milk, she nearly blacked out with excitement and sensation. She raked her fingernails down her son’s back and writhed against him.

“Awwwww, mannnnnn!” the humping boy moaned, his eyes rolled back to show only their whites, his body jerking and shuddering with each ejaculation. “Ahhhhhh. Ahhhh!”

It felt like liquid fire shooting through Patrick’s cock, liquid ecstasy. His toes clawed the tabletop. His cock swelled, hardened, flexed — swelled, hardened, flexed — pumping stream after stream of molten fuck-juice into his mother’s squeezing, sucking pussy-hole. He felt warm, milking sensations through his spine and lower back, through his asshole and balls.

Greta had never seen such an expression of ecstasy on a boy’s face. She had never experienced such ecstasy, herself. She clamped her arms and legs so fiercely around her bucking, quivering young son that she feared she’d crack his ribs.

“Fill me with your cum, my darling!” she moaned. “Oh, angel, squirt it! Oh, God!”

The boy had lots of cum to squirt.


Greta led Patrick to the dance studio, where they danced naked, the boy’s cock wagging like a huge, upright club, Greta’s tits wobbling and jiggling like jelly-filled balloons. The boy’s cum dribbled from Greta’s well-fucked cunt, trickling down her inner thighs like warm spit and making her slippery between the legs. She felt deliciously wicked.

“Why have we not been dancing like this for years?” Greta said.

“I wish we had been,” Patrick said.

He pressed his cock up against his lovely mother and they tongue-kissed. He stroked her tits and nipples. She reached between them and squeezed his cock.

Patrick broke their embrace, sliding down her body, kissing her belly, her navel, her pussy-mound. On his knees in front of her, he licked his cum off her inner thighs, lapping all the way from her knees to her crotch.

Then he nuzzled between her cuntlips and pressed his lips to her fuck-hole. As he sucked, his own freshly shot jism and Greta’s pussy cream filled his mouth and ran down his throat. Greta moaned, pressing her hands to his head, forcing his nose and lips deeper into her crotch. Each suck of his hungry mouth sent throbbing sensations through her loins, and she closed her eyes sighing. When she opened her eyes, she saw the boy’s arm jerking, saw his hand pounding his cock and rapidly sliding his foreskin up and down.

She pulled Patrick to his feet, pulled his hand off his cock, licked the cum and pussy-cream off his nose and mouth.

“My turn now,” she said.

And she watched herself in the wall mirrors as she slid to her knees in front of her son, licking his armpits, his nipples, and the chiseled segments of his muscular abdomen on the way down.

With her blonde hair trailing nearly to her ass, she looked like a willowy young girl making love to the tall, handsome youth. Kneeling before him, she licked his navel and kissed his huge, sweat-moist balls. His cock throbbed before her eyes like an enormous, dancing cobra. She wrapped both her hands around the cock-shaft and peeled the foreskin down off the cockhead. Patrick moaned, his legs quivering, a few drops of fuck-lube oozing from the open slit at the tip of his prick-knob.

“Your cock is magnificent,” Greta said. “The cock of a stallion, of a God.”

“It sure is big,” Patrick agreed. “All the chicks love it.”

Greta licked the thick pearl of cock-lube off the boy’s piss-hole, savoring its salty flavor.

“I love your cock, too,” she said. She licked the naked cockhead, tasting the flavor of Patrick’s jism and of her own cunt.

“Man, I love that!” Patrick moaned, thrusting his hips. His cock slid between Greta’s hands, the burning head of it rubbing against her mouth.

Greta felt almost squeamish as the boy’s huge prick squirmed between her hands. The skin was velvety soft, the head as hot as a glowing coal, and the shaft underneath the skin harder than sculpted marble. She got chills holding the enormous, living fuck-snake. In all her years of marriage, she had never played with Morgan’s cock as intimately as she was now playing with Patrick’s, had never explored Morgan’s cock this closely.

“Suck it,” Patrick whispered. “I love having it sucked on.”

Smiling, Greta kissed all around the prick head. As she smooched the underside of the knob, the powerful cock nearly jumped out of her hands and fuck-lube dripped on her face. Holding the foreskin down tightly, she licked the naked cockhead all over. As she lapped at the underside, Patrick shivered, his toes curling hard against the polished wood floor.

“Eat it!” he begged. “Open your mouth and suck it!”

The cock-knob slipped between Greta’s lips and into her mouth. It was like swallowing a fist. She managed to get the cockhead in and about three inches of cock-shaft before she could take no more. The fed of the boy’s cockhead throbbing in her mouth, and the musky, sweaty taste of it, make Greta groan with lust.

She stuck two finger up her cunt and started to rub herself off.

“Ohhh mannn, suck!” Patrick moaned, squirming as his mother munched on his cock.

He clasped his arms behind his head, as if lying back in an easy chair and luxuriating as his mother sucked his big fucker. He closed his eyes and twisted his head from side to side, wiggling his ass, working his cock in his mother’s mouth.

Greta held the boy’s cock-shaft with her left hand and finger-fucked herself with her right hand. The boy’s cock was so thick that the fingers of one hand alone could close only halfway around it. She wished she could swallow more than only five or six inches of his beautiful prick, but swallowing any more was impossible without her choking herself to death. She sucked the prick-knob, churned her tongue against the underside of it, and jerked her hand up and down the prickshaft, making the foreskin slide.

Cock-lube ran out of the pulsating fuckmonster and Greta ate it up greedily.

Patrick lowered his hands to her head, stroking her soft hair. “Oh, Mother! That feels wonderful! Mmm, keep licking right there, it drives me nuts — I feel it all the way to my toes!”

Spit dribbled from the corners of Greta’s mouth as she slurped and munched and sucked, as her head bobbed and her lips smacked. She was hungry for her teenaged son’s creamy fuck-juice, for the milky white cream brewing in his balls. She had never hungered for anything more in her life. Each throb of the boy’s prick in her mouth sent thrills through her, made her moan, excited her to suck harder.

Her fingers fucked in and out of her rhythmically contracting pussy-hole. Fuck pleasure filled her loins and Patrick’s warm cum dribbled from her cunt into her hand. She couldn’t believe that he’d fucked her — that her godly son had actually fucked her — and that now she was actually sucking his cock!

“I’m close!” Patrick moaned. “Squeeze my balls! Yeah, like that!”

Greta’s mind was spinning. She made loud, smacking noises as she sucked. Her spit dribbled onto the boy’s balls and made them slippery in her massaging hand. His balls swelled, getting plumper and firmer, quivering against her fingers. His cock turned from stone to steel in her mouth, throbbing powerfully with each flick of her tongue and each smack of her lips.

“Stick your finger up my ass!” Patrick gasped. “Quick finger-fuck me!”

Though not quite understanding what she was doing, Greta obeyed the boy. Her left hand slid between his legs and her fingers slid up his ass crack. Her middle finger, wet with the spit that had leaked from her cock-stuffed mouth, found his burning, twitching ass pucker, and she hardly had to push to penetrate him. His asshole opened like a mouth and sucked her finger in to the hilt. Patrick groaned, his cock vibrating.

“Rub!” he groaned. “Fuck me!”

Greta pistoned her finger, wiggling and twisting it in the boy’s squeezing asshole. Her lips slid up and down his cock, her tongue churning at the underside of it. She felt something in the boy’s asshole swell against the tip of her finger, and she jabbed at the swelling, rubbing her finger against it.

Patrick went crazy. Grinding his loins, he churned his cock into Greta’s mouth as he exploded cum down her throat.

“Ahhhhhbhh!” he bellowed. “Ahhhhhhbh!” Greta choked. The boy’s slimy cock-cream filled her throat faster than she could swallow it, and her mouth overflowed. Hot cum dripped on her tits. She sucked frantically, gulping as much cum as she could, finger-fucking her contracting asshole and finger-fucking her own seething, itch-saturated pussy. Her body jerked like a rag doll as Patrick gripped her head and pounded his cum-spurting cock in her mouth.

Sucking and gulping, Greta got herself off, too. Her eyes rolled back and she almost passed out.

She felt the orgasm throughout her body, in her every cell. Her muscles quivered under her tingling skin. She could feel Patrick’s asshole squeezing the middle and index fingers of her right hand. She sensed that both she and her son were sharing the same ecstatic feelings, and that knowledge increased the intensity of her excitement. She sucked the boy’s cock until it softened in her mouth and he pushed her away.

Patrick stood before her, his wet cock dangling over his balls like the cock of a donkey. Even soft, his cock was nine inches long. Greta watched his foreskin slide back over the ridge of his cockhead and half cover it. The naked half of the cockhead was shiny, with her spit, and some milky cum oozed from his piss-hole. Patrick gave his cock a few tugs and milked a thick gob of cum onto his fingertips.

He smiled down at his mother, who took his hand and greedily sucked his cummy fingers clean. She could not get enough of her sow’s jism.


The bearskin rug in front of the fireplace was damp and slippery with Susanne’s fuck-juices, and Morgan rolled on it, getting his body wet with the sweet pussy smells of his voluptuous teenaged daughter.

His cock wouldn’t go down. He felt like a teenaged boy again, ever hard, ever ready to fuck. In fact, as he waited for Susanne to return from the kitchen, he had to restrain himself from jerking off from sheer horniness. He’d come so many times in the last few hours since leaving the ballet school that it was a wonder he could still get hard. But his cock was not only hard, he was as horny as if he hadn’t come in days. The smell and taste and feel of Susanne had a rejuvenating effect on him. He knew without a doubt that he could fuck her all night, pumping out load after load of cum for her insatiable mouth and pussy. She was the kind of girl he’d been daydreaming about all his life.

He sat up as Susanne wiggled naked into the living room, carrying a wine bottle and two glasses.

She poured them each a glassful of wine and handed one glass to Morgan. They toasted each other and drank.

Susanne rolled her eyes. “I get drunk fast,” she said. “And when I get drunk, I get horny.”

Morgan squeezed his rigid, upright cock, worked his foreskin up and down a few times. “I’m ready for you, girl.”

Susanne giggled. She refilled both their wine glasses, then dipped her nipples, one at a time, into her wine. Morgan leaned forward to suck her nipples clean. Susanne squealed and dipped her nipples in the wine again. Morgan’s lips smacked around her firm, erect nipples. It was a sweet wine, and tasted twice as sweet mingled with the taste of her candy cane nipples.

“Oooh Daddy, my pussy goes crazy when you do that!” Susanne dipped her nipples in the wine again, and wine dribbled down her tits.

Morgan licked the wine off her tit-flesh and finished by again sucking it off her nipples. Susanne’s toes curled. She stuck a finger up her pussy and fucked it in and out as Morgan dipped her nipples in the wine again and again, each time sucking her nipples clean.

“Oh, Daddy, you’re gonna make me come!” Susanne moaned, jabbing her finger in and out of her sizzling pussy as Morgan ate up her tits. “Ohhhhhh, Daaaaaaddy!”

Her eyes rolled back with ecstasy as her seething pussy exploded around her pistoning finger. Morgan sucked her nipples until her orgasm had subsided and she was begging him to stop.

“Dip your dick in the wine,” she said.

It wasn’t easy to bend his rigid cock down enough so he could dip it in the wine, but Morgan finally managed it, and Susanne immediately flopped down on her belly in front of him as he sat cross-legged on the rug, and she swallowed his prick head, sucking the wine off it and sending electric shocks through Morgan’s cock.

“More wine,” Susanne said.

Morgan dumped wine on the tip of his vertical cock, letting it run down under his foreskin, letting it run down the length of his cock and over his hairy balls.

Susanne squealed and started licking, slurping the wine off his balls and cock, sucking and licking it out from under his foreskin. Every flick of her hot tongue sent itchy tingles shooting through Morgan’s cock and balls. Fuck-lube oozed out and Susanne sucked it up greedily.

“I love the taste of cock,” she purred. “Especially this cock.”

Morgan smiled, flattered by her preference for her father’s cock. He wondered how many other cocks the little slut had sucked in her short life.

Half drunk, Susanne glanced impishly up at him. “Wanna fuck my asshole, Daddy?”

“Of course,” Morgan said, sure she was joking. “I’d love to hammer your hot little slitter.”

“Great!” Susanne said. “I love it up the asshole.”

She got up on her hands and knees and wiggled her ass at Morgan, and he sat there stunned. His balls swelled and tightened and squeezed his cock. He also took a swig of wine.

“What’re you waiting for?” Susanne said.

“Stick it in!”

“If you don’t watch yourself, I might just do that,” Morgan said.

“Well, do it!” Susanne said, her eyes on Morgan’s rigid, lube-bubbling prick. She stuck her right hand up between her legs and started finger-fucking herself. “Come on, Daddy, assfuck me!”

Morgan set down his wine glass and rose up on his knees. The wine made him dizzy. He jacked on his cock, tempted to shoot off all over his daughter’s gorgeous young ass. She looked so inviting on her hands and knees, wiggling her ass at him as she finger-fucked herself, but he was still convinced she was playing games with him. He’d read about ass-fucking, and he was sure some women went for it, but he couldn’t conceive of his thick, eight inch fucker opening up Susanne’s tiny, puckered asshole and sliding inside it. He’d split her in half if he tried.

Susanne slipped her fingers out of her pussy and rubbed them up between her asscheeks, smearing her frothy cunt-juices on her asshole. The girl’s pink little asshole glistened and twitched. Susanne dipped her fingers in her twat a few more times, then smeared more pussy-slime between her asscheeks. As he watched, Morgan nearly shot off all over her cute ass.

“Well, shove it in!” Susanne whined. “Don’t tease me like this! You’re worse than Patrick.”

“Patrick?” Morgan couldn’t believe his ears. “What about Patrick?”

“Whoops!” Susanne said. “I mean, Patrick’s always teasing me about everything. You know how he is. He’s been teasing me all our lives.” She hadn’t meant to mention Patrick, but the wine had loosened her tongue and his name had just slipped out.

Morgan sat back on his heels, massaging his cock, sliding the foreskin up and down. He was too horny to control his hand, but not too horny to be shocked by the idea of Patrick and Susanne fucking together.

“Stick it in, Daddy!” Susanne panted. “Jesus, you’re gonna drive me crazy! I need a cock up the ass!”

“Enough games,” Morgan said. “I’m gonna fuck your pussy.” He moved up to mount her, dizzier than ever from the wine. He felt as if her were moving in slow motion.

“Daddy, I want it up my asshole!”

“I’d split you in half,” Morgan said.

“If I can take Patrick, I can take anybody,” Susanne said, her speech getting thicker as the alcohol took effect.

“You little shit!” Morgan gasped. “You really have fucked you own brother, haven’t you?”

“Of course,” Susanne slurred. “What girl wouldn’t fuck that gorgeous big cock of his?”

“Incentuous little slut!”

“A lot of girls I know fuck their brothers,” said Susanne. “And none of them have a brother like Patrick. He’s got a cock like a horse. All the girls at the studio are nuts about it. And a lot of them love getting it up the ass, too — not just from Patrick, but from their brothers, too. So what do you think of that? Are you gonna fuck me now, Daddy — up the asshole?”

Morgan had never heard Susanne use such filthy speech. Nor had he ever imagined she was capable of thinking such things, let alone doing them. He was shocked, he was angry — and he was horny out of his mind. He wanted to both love and punish his rotten little daughter.

“I’ll teach you!” he growled, and he grabbed her ass and stuck his cock between her buns.

As he pressed her hot, slick, twitching ass pucker against his prick head, such a powerful surge of arousal shot through his cock that he could do nothing but ram with all his strength. The girl’s asshole opened and swallowed up his cock to the hilt. It was like slipping his cock into a tub of soft, warm butter. Once his cock was in, however, her asshole tightened around it like a strong, burning fist.

“Oh, honey!” bemoaned.

“Daddy!” the girl purred. “I love it!”

She churned her silky, hot ass, rubbing it against his muscular stomach. Her asshole squeezed and sucked his cock rhythmically. She twisted her blonde head from side to side, moaning.

Morgan Smith was delirious. He’d never felt anything so incredibly pleasurable as his daughter’s tight asshole throbbing around his completely engulfed cock. He fell forward over her, licking her upper back and neck, nuzzling her soft, blonde hair.

“I love you!” he moaned. “Honey, I love you so much!”

Susanne was all goose bumps. Her dad’s hard cock pulsed in her ass guts. She could feel its every throb, the twitching of its arteries, the searing heat of the naked cockhead. She lowered herself to the bearskin rug so she could rub her tits and belly in the silky black fur as her grunting father crushed down on top of her and fucked the shit out of her sizzling young asshole. Then she lowered herself, she pulled her fingers out of her cunt. She didn’t need to masturbate while she was getting ass-fucked. She could come without even touching her pussy.

“Suck my fingers,” she said, holding her fingers up so her dad could suck her cunt-juices off them.

To Morgan, his daughter’s cunt-flavored fingers tasted like honey. He ground his muscular body down on the girl, churning his cock in her asshole, sucking and biting and licking her sweet young flesh. She turned her face to the side and he kissed her, their tongues darting together and sending electric shocks through both their bodies. Morgan swung his loins, banging his hard belly against Susanne’s swigging ass, driving his steel-hard fucker up her squeezing asshole again and again. He’d never felt anything like it.

“You’re so tight!” he panted. “Baby, this is heaven!”

“Mmmmmm,” Susanne sighed, agreeing with him completely.

He didn’t have as big a cock as Patrick, but he knew how to use it just as well. She squirmed against the bearskin rug as her father squirmed on top of her and reamed out her asshole.

“Oh, do it, Daddy! Do it!”

Morgan probed the depths of Susanne’s bowels with his knifing, grinding cock. Fucking her asshole was a different sensation from fucking her cunt, and that difference excited him. Just the idea of fucking his daughter’s asshole, and the knowledge that she loved it, made him so excited he could hardly think straight. Sweat poured off his body and he slid against Susanne as if their skin had been oiled.

Coals glowed in the fireplace, and Morgan imagined that Susanne’s asshole was just as hot as those coals. He fucked faster, plunging his cock in and out, excited by the squishing, nasty sounds his cock made in her sucking asshole and by the smacking of his belly against her ass.

“Ohhhh, Daddy, Daddy!”

Susanne was out of her mind with pleasure. She was half drunk, and let herself go completely, thrashing and squirming on the fur rug as if she were being tortured, grinding her well fucked ass against her dad’s banging, smacking belly. She loved getting fucked hard — the harder the better.

“Baby, I’m close!” Morgan groaned. “I’m gonna shoot you full of fizz, baby!”

He had his hands under her anus, getting them wet with the sweat of her armpits. He pulled his hands out and rubbed the sweet, girlish sweat on his face, licked the sweat off his fingers. He shoved his hands back under her arms and resumed fucking, hammering his prick in and out of her ass.

Susanne kicked her legs up, working her feet and toes sensuously, grinding her belly against the bear fur and her ass against her dad’s hairy groin. Each screwing thrust of his cock up her asshole made her gasp and grunt. Her blonde-haired pussylips had spread apart, opening up her pussy, and her dad’s cum-laden balls slapped against her crotch as the hot pussy-juice ran out of her. The air reeked of cunt and girlish asshole, of wine and sweat. Susanne reveled in the aromas, in the feelings, in the sounds of her dad grunting and of his cock slurping in her asshole. Her asshole tightened and every cell of her body felt ready to explode.

“Daddy, squirt it!” she whined. “Daddy, I’m gonna come!”

The tone of pained ecstasy in his daughter’s voice sent Morgan over the brink. He rammed his cock to the hilt up her asshole and felt the ecstasy well up in his loins, felt it flow through his balls and asshole and erupt through his cock. His body jerked as if he’d been shot in the back, and his cum-load streamed into his daughter’s ass guts.

Her asshole shuddered and contracted, and she cried out as her pussy erupted with spasms.

“Dadddyyyyy!” she wailed, gasping and jerking, feeling the hot spurts of her dad’s jism splashing in her bowels. “Ohhhhh, Daddy! Yesssss!”

Morgan felt so good, felt such tortured ecstasy that he whimpered as his body jerked and his jism spurted. He lay helpless on top of his squirming, gibbering daughter, his loins humping spontaneously, his cock flexing with each eruption of his sizzling cum into Susanne’s cock-hungry asshole. The pleasure streamed all the way to his toes, and he gnawed into the back of Susanne’s neck, blubbering about how good it felt.

“Don’t ever take it out,” Susanne cooed, writhing sensuously under her dad. “Don’t ever stop squirting.”

“Oh, my God!” Morgan groaned, unable to believe his pleasure.

“Yesssss!” Susanne hissed.


Greta Smith brought the sleeping bags from the storage room and spread them out on a gymnastics mat on the floor of the dance studio. She and her son lay side by side on top of their sleeping bags, relaxing after their energetic fucking. The lights in the studio were still on, beaming down on them like spotlights. Greta had no intention yet of trying to sleep. She doubted that either she or Patrick would get much sleep tonight.

She glanced at the reflections of herself and Patrick in the wall mirrors, admiring the lines and proportions of their naked, athletic bodies. Ballet training built such beautiful, flowing lines. Although Greta hadn’t performed professionally in many years, although she wasn’t in the best condition possible, she had maintained her figure through daily stretching and ballet exercises.

She rolled toward Patrick, stroked his handsome profile with the tip of her finger, outlined the square muscles of his chest and rippled her fingers over his abdominal segments. His cock lay resting over his balls, as magnificent soft as it had been hard. Greta stroked the long spongy cock, remembering a donkey she had seen on a farm during her girlhood in Sweden. She had never dreamed that she would one day have a son with a cock as big as the cock of that donkey, or that she would be lying next to him naked one day, caressing him.

“Tell me, darling,” she said, “why is it you enjoy my finger up your asshole when I suck you?”

Patrick had his eyes closed, as if he were doing. “It makes the sucking feel twice as good, that’s why.”

“What do you feel?”

“I feel something in my asshole that feels just as good as my cock when you rub it.” He opened his eyes and smiled at her. “You mean you’ve never had a finger up your asshole?”

“Never, darling.”

“Or anything else?”

“Anything else like what, for example?”

The boy glanced down at his cock, which immediately swelled up away from his balls, stood vertical far a moment, then fell back against his belly with a thudding smack, like a tree falling. The boy’s fully erect prick looked grotesquely huge against his slender body.

Greta watched his cock throb. “Such a thing is surely impossible,” she said, although her asshole tingled as she thought of Patrick’s cock entering it.

“It’s not only possible,” Patrick said with a grin. “It happens every day.”

Greta shook her head. “I cannot believe it. It would kill a woman.”

“I’ve had my cock up the assholes of half the ballerinas in this school,” Patrick said. “And they’re not only all still alive, but they’re always begging for more. They can’t get enough.”

“Animal!” Greta said, both joking and serious.

After what she’d seen earlier through the two way mirror, she could believe. Patrick had seduced half the girls in the school. She could not believe, however, that he had penetrated even one of their assholes with that donkey-cock of his.

“Wanna try it, Mother?” The boy held his cock upright, grinning wickedly at Greta.

Greta flushed, a rush of excitement and fear going through her and making her shiver. “I tell you, it would kill me. It is not possible.”

Patrick sprang to his feet. “Be right back.” He performed a flying leap through the doorway as he exited, his massive cock pointed straight ahead of him like a battering ram. Greta shuddered at the thought of such a merciless weapon impaling her asshole, but she had no time to dwell on her fear — the boy was back in seconds.

“Voila!” he said.

In one hand he held a large container of Vaseline. In the other hand he held a smooth, white-plastic cylinder which was tapered at one end and blunt at the other end. The cylinder was slender and nine or ten inches long.

“What in the name of God?” Greta said.

“It’s a vibrator,” Patrick said. He twisted the blunt end of the plastic cylinder and a humming sound came from the device. “See? The chicks love it. I do too, as a matter of fact.”

Greta didn’t need to be told… what the vibrator was for. During her girlhood she had shoved various cock-shaped objects into her pussy to masturbate, including carrots and cucumbers. She had never, however, realized that one could buy a specially manufactured, cock-shaped vibrator for female masturbation.

“Wanna try it?” said Patrick. He licked the tip of the humming device and smiled. “It tingles.” He touched it to his cock, pressing it to the underside of his prick head. His eyes rolled ecstatically. “Feels good!”

Greta was getting more excited by the moment, watching the boy play with the vibrator and pleasure his cock with it. She lay back on her sleeping bag and spread her legs. Grinning, Patrick dropped down between her legs and started stroking the tip of the vibrator up and down her inner thighs. Greta sighed. It did feel good. When he neared her pussy with the vibrator, she trembled with anticipation. She gasped when the vibrator touched her cuntlips.

“Pull your legs up,” Patrick suggested.

Greta pulled her knees to her shoulders, showing her son her swollen blonde-furred pussylips and the seething pink pussy gash between them. The boy vibrated her clit and Greta saw stars. Her toes curled and she groaned.

“Oh, darling!” she gasped. “You dirty boy!” Patrick chuckled, rubbing the vibrator up and down her pussy gash, working it deeper and deeper between her pussylips. Each time the device touched her clit, her clit contracted and the vibrator buzzed louder. Patrick flushed as his excitement increased, and without warning he fucked the vibrator up Greta’s cunt as if it were his own cock.

Greta squirmed, wiggling her ass, moaning with pleasure. The vibrator felt marvelous, and as the boy worked it in and out of her pussy, her fuck-juices dribbled out, trickling down her crotch and ass crack. Patrick slipped the vibrator out of her, rubbing it in the trickle of cunt-juice, probing her asshole with the tip of it.

Despite her excitement, Greta was not about to allow the boy to attempt penetrating her asshole with the dildo. She lowered her legs.

“What’s the matter?” Patrick said. “You’re so wet down there, it’ll slip right in. It won’t even need Vaseline.”

“I prefer not to endure pain,” said Greta. “Fuck me with it in the pussy, darling.”

“It won’t hurt,” Patrick said. “You’ll love it. I told you, all the chicks love it up the ass.”

Greta smiled, unconvinced. She shook her head. “Push it back into my pussy, darling.”

“All right, I’ll show you,” Patrick said.

He popped the tin lid off the Vaseline container and greased up the vibrator with the slick lubricant. Then he flopped back on his sleeping bag, kicked his legs up, pulling his knees to his chest, and inserted the tip of the vibrator inside his awn asshole. Seven inches of the smooth cylinder fucked up his asshole, and he started jacking on his cock.

“Feels great!” he moaned. “Drives me as nuts as it does the chicks.”

Greta blinked her eyes, unable to believe what she was seeing. She watched fascinated as the boy twisted the humming vibrator in his asshole and pumped on his enormous cock. The boy’s eyes were glazed with pleasure. The vibrator made rhythmic buzzing sounds as his asshole contracted around it.

Greta pushed Patrick’s hand away and took hold of the protruding end of the vibrator herself, as if to determine for certain whether this was real. It was real, all right. The vibrations tickled her hand and moved through her arm.

“This is shameful,” she said. “My own son, acting in so perverse a manner!”

Despite her words, she was really delighted by the boy’s shameless behavior. She twisted the vibrator and fucked it in and out, watching the boy’s balls squirm in their sac, watching his toes work sensuously and his head roll from side to side. She could tell by the way he was grunting and moaning as he beat off that his jism would soon be splashing all over his chest and stomach.

Patrick gazed at her seductively. He was panting. “Wanna try it, Mother? If you don’t, I’m gonna pop off right now.”

Greta slipped the vibrator out of her son’s asshole. Patrick released his cock. His legs came down and he sat up, catching his breath.

“I’m vibrating all over,” he said. “If I touch my cock now, it’ll shoot off like a rocket.”

Greta allowed him a few moments to cool off. The vibrator was still buzzing in her hand, its smooth surface slick with Vaseline…

After a minute, she said: “How do you want me, darling?”

“On your hands and knees,” Patrick said. He sat up and took the vibrator from her.

“Beast!” With a giggle, she got up on her hands and knees.

Patrick kneeled up behind her and shoved the end of the greased vibrator between Greta’s asscheeks.

“Take a few deep breaths and relax,” he said. “This won’t hurt a bit.”

The boy was right. Greta felt the tip of the vibrator enter her asshole, and a moment later the entire device, except for the few inches Patrick was holding onto, was humming inside her. She wiggled her ass excitedly, enjoying the sensation. The boy started to fuck the vibrator in and out. Greta reached up between her legs and began to finger-fuck her pussy.

“Darling, this is marvelous!”

“I told you you’d love it,” the boy said. “Feels just as good as having it up your pussy, doesn’t it?”

“It’s wonderful!” Greta agreed. “Oh, my angel, you know how to make a woman feel all there is to feel.”

Patrick kissed his mother’s wiggling ass. He fucked the vibrator in and out of her asshole as she finger-fucked her pussy. The juices dribbled from her seething cunt and ran down the insides of her thighs.

“Wiggle that hot ass, Mother! You are just beautiful!”

Greta laughed. Her tits flapped under her, fiery and swollen. Patrick released the vibrator and let it hum untouched in her asshole. As Greta squirmed and gasped, wiggling her vibrator-stuffed ass and fingering herself off, Patrick greased his cock with Vaseline.

The vibrator popped out of Greta’s asshole, squeezed out by the contractions of her ass muscles.

“Stick it back in,” Greta begged. “I love it!” Patrick kneeled behind her and shoved his cockhead between her asscheeks.

“My, it certainly is hot!” Greta said, unaware that Patrick had replaced the vibrator with his cock.

“I know,” Patrick said. He took hold of her hips and fucked half his cock up her relaxed, tingling asshole.

Greta’s mouth gaped. It felt as if an arm had been shoved up her ass. When she looked to the side and saw in the wall-mirror that the end of Patrick’s donkey-cock was anchored in her asshole, she nearly fainted. She watched with helpless horror as the boy sank the remaining five or six inches of his cock up her asshole, and she screamed in shock.

“Relax!” the boy demanded. “It can’t hurt that much. If it really hurts, I’ll pull it out.” He reached forward under her and started sucking her nipples, making her pussy contract.

Greta panted like a woman in labor, aware of an intense pressure in her loins, but admittedly feeling no pain she couldn’t tolerate for the moment. As the boy remained still, letting her asshole adjust to the feel of his cock inside it, the sensation of pressure diminished rapidly, and soon all sensation of discomfort vanished. Suddenly, Greta felt only her son’s huge cock throbbing in her bowels, and she couldn’t resist wiggling her ass, making it slide inside her.

“Oh, my darling!” she moaned. “It is exquisite!”

Patrick grinned. Greta watched in the mirror as he leaned to the side and snatched up the still humming vibrator from where it had fallen. She watched fascinated as he reached behind himself and slipped the well-greased vibrator up his own asshole again. And immediately Greta felt vibrations from the device travel through the boy’s cock and into her own body, as if his cock itself had become a battery-powered vibrator.

“My darling!” she purred. “Fuck me, my angel — but gently. Oh my, this is wonderful!”

She slipped two fingers up her cunt and slowly wiggled her ass. Patrick began to fuck his enormous prick in and out, and she watched him in the mirror. His cock looked like a polished white tusk slipping in and out of her asshole, and as he fucked her, he fucked himself with the plastic vibrator.

“I feel like jumping outa my skin!” the boy moaned. “Man, this is hot, fucking your asshole, Mother! Shit, I could fuck my cock in and outa you forever!”

Greta arched her back, sucked in her waistline, and fucked back fast enough to make her tits flop. Her blonde hair fell past her cheeks, brushing the blue sleeping bag upon which she crouched like a female animal in heat.

She was a lovely sight, she thought as she watched herself, and the Godlike youth mounted on her was even lovelier. The muscles of his smooth body stood out like ropes writhing under his sweat-sheened skin. He was a magnificent specimen of young manhood, and the most magnificent part of his body was sliding in and out of the most intimate part of her own gorgeous body — her asshole. She too felt like jumping out of her skin.

“Oh, my angel, harder!” Greta squirmed as the youth fucked his cock into her, his muscular loins colliding with her ass and jolting her. “Harder! Deeper! Oh, yes!”

She watched in the mirror as the boy rammed, as her body shuddered from the collision. She raised up, leaning back into her son’s embrace, turning her head to the side so they could kiss.

“What a woman!” Patrick growled.

He hugged her with his left arm, rubbing his hand up and down her belly, squeezing and massaging her hugely swollen tits, pinching and rolling and pulling on her nipples. Their tongues flapped, darting in and out of each other’s mouth.

Greta was in heaven. Every cell of her naked body tingled. She took her son’s left hand and guided it down to her pussy so he could play with her clit as he churned his cock in her asshole. She squirmed back against him, grinding her ass against his belly, screwing her asshole on his thrusting fucker. All the while, she kept her gaze trained on their reflection in the wall mirror. The sight of her and her son coupled like this, performing the most intimate sexual act she could imagine, gave her as much mental pleasure as the coupling itself gave her physical pleasure.

“I can’t hold it much longer,” Patrick moaned, biting her ear, drooling on her shoulder.

“I will come when you do,” Greta mumbled, her entire body flashing with goose bumps as a boy gnawed a sensitive spot where her neck joined her shoulder. “Oh, my darling, rub my clit harder!”

The squirming youth was performing several actions simultaneously masturbating Greta’s clit, fucking her asshole, licking and biting and kissing her, and sliding the vibrator in and out of his own asshole. He moved like, a well coordinated machine, pleasuring both himself and Greta, driving them both toward climax.

“You are marvelous!” Greta crooned. She could not take her eyes off the mirror. She wished she could capture their performance on film.

Patrick fucked faster, groaning and panting, grinding his cock deeper inside her and sliding the vibrator faster in and out of himself. The vibrations from the vibrator shot through his cock nonstop and into Greta’s asshole. The boy’s fingers, greased with her pussy-butter, pinched and rubbed Greta’s clit until she thought she’d scream from the intense sensations gnawing though her loins. She pressed back harder against the boy, twisting her head from side to side deliriously as he chewed at her neck, as he plunged his cock in her asshole, as he pinched and pulled on her squirming clit. Her tilts swelled, heaving wildly, and fuck-pleasure whirled to a climax in her loins.

“I’m coming!” she gasped. “Shoot, darling — now!”

The boy fucked so fast his belly sounded like a hand rapidly spanking her ass. He cranked the buzzing vibrator in his own asshole with a vengeance. As Greta’s loins exploded with spasms, as her asshole began to gnaw out of control at his cock, his cock swelled hugely inside her and flexed so hard her knees were nearly lifted off the sleeping bag.

She cried out in ecstasy as her son’s cum-load splatted in her ass guts.

“Ahhhhh!” Patrick bellowed. “Yeahhhh!” He let go of the vibrator and crushed Greta in a fierce embrace with his right arm. His right hand pinched and rubbed her heaving tits and belly. The vibrator popped out of his asshole and he gasped as his jism jetted into Greta’s ass. He twisted on her clit, making her nearly black out as orgasmic pleasure shook her.

“Uhhhhhh!” she grunted, delirious, writhing in her son’s embrace, her vision so blurred with lust and pleasure that she could no longer see herself in the mirror. “Shoot, ohhh yes!”

She gasped and shivered with each squirt of the boy’s molten jism into her ass. She squealed as his cock flexed inside her. When he pinched her clit and nipples, she shuddered with such ecstasy that she thought the sensation would kill her.

“Ohhhhh, Mother!” moaned the grunting, humping, cum-spurting youth. His orgasm became so intense that he whimpered.

Greta fell forward, bracing her hands on the mat, and Patrick fell forward on top of her, licking and kissing her shoulders and neck, moaning as he worked his cock inside her and squeezed the last of his cum into her asshole.

She couldn’t hold his weight and she collapsed flat out onto her sleeping bag, rubbing her tits and belly on the silky nylon while Patrick rubbed his smooth body on top of her. She responded to each throb of the boy’s cock with a contraction of her ass ring, listening with satisfaction to his exhausted moans.

Within minutes, Patrick was breathing deeply, asleep on top of her, his half-hard cock nestled in her asshole like a dozing snake.

Greta lay awake a long time, watching her sleeping son in the mirror. She looked small under him, like a young girl, almost like Susanne. Susanne has her youth, but I have Patrick, Greta thought. So who is luckier, Susanne or myself?

Great felt quite content and self-satisfied lying there under her sleeping son until she heard him mumble a name in his sleep: “Susanne”. At the same moment, his cock swelled and flexed inside Greta, and he humped her ass a few times, and Greta’s self-satisfaction turned instantly to shock and envy.

Although she could hardly imagine it, she knew without a doubt that Patrick and Susanne were lovers, that they had coupled with each other, had fucked perhaps many times. The thought of her son and daughter fucking each other both disgusted and excited her, and she shoved her hand down between her legs and began to finger-fuck her cunt.

At that moment, a few miles away from the dance studio in a cozy little brick house with smoke curling from its chimney into the blizzardy night, Susanne lay panting on the bearskin rug in front of the fireplace, her legs up and wrapped around the heaving loins of her father. Her toes clutched sensuously and she grunted with each thrust of his rock-hard prick into her smoldering pussy. Her dad growled, biting her tits, her neck, her cheeks. He’d already given her several hickies, and she knew she’d have to use lots of make-up tomorrow to hide them from her mother.

“Oh, Daddy, keep moving! I can’t get enough!”

Her dad looked exhausted, like he’d been through hell, but his cock remained hard as steel and he fucked like the world was going to end any minute and he wanted to die spurting cum. He crushed down on her, grinding his hard, sweaty chest against her tits, plastering his mouth to hers and shoving his tongue down her throat. Susanne clung to him, rocking her loins, rubbing her ass against the fur rug, sucking her dad’s tongue and drinking his spit. She couldn’t get enough of him. He was a real man.

“Come into me, Daddy!” she crooned. “Oh, Daddy! I’m gonna come!” She sank her fingernails into his scratch-covered back and pressed her belly up against his loins. She felt his cock quivering and bucking in her pussy. She shuddered violently and started to jerk with spasms. “Ohhhhh, Dadddyyyyy!”

The humping, groaning man crushed her to the floor and churned his cock fiercely inside her cunt. As her spasming pussy sucked and squeezed and chewed his pleasure-saturated prick, Morgan’s body trembled and his jism surged. He grunted, firing spurt after sizzling spurt of man-cum into his young daughter’s pussy. Susanne squirmed under him, fucking wildly.

“Daddyyyy,” she squealed. “Daddyyyy!”


Morgan woke up the next morning with a bladder ready to burst. He realized that neither he nor Susanne had pissed since he’d arrived home last night in the storm, and after all that wine and all that fucking, he was almost afraid to move for fear the dam would break and he’d pies all over the bearskin rug.

He was lying on his side, pressed up against Susanne’s naked backside, his half-hard cock nestled in her tight young asshole, and he was tempted to piss inside, fucking her ass as the floodgates of his bladder opened. It was a wicked, sick thought, and he pushed it quickly out of his mind, simultaneously pushing himself gently but firmly away from Susanne and rising to his feet. Embers still glowed in the fireplace, but the flames had died.

Susanne rolled over on the soft rug. “Where you going, Daddy?” She was still half asleep.

“Bathroom,” Morgan said, stumbling toward the hallway, his cock squeezed in his hand to keep him from pissing all over the carpet.

“Wait for me,” Susanne said.

And a few moments later she was sliding past him through the bathroom door. She perched her naked ass on the toilet seat and giggled. Her eyes were still half closed with sleep.

Morgan was in no condition for games. He couldn’t hold his piss and he stopped in front of the sink to piss down the drain.

“Wait!” Susanne reached over and grabbed Morgan’s cock just as the piss started to flow from it, and she pulled him toward her, his piss running down her arm.

“What the…” Morgan watched, stunned as his piss shot all over Susanne’s face and tits.

His piss-flow wouldn’t stop and Susanne wouldn’t let him go. She giggled like a crazy girl, bathing in the stream of his hot, yellow piss, washing her face and tits and belly with it, letting his piss run down between her legs and cuntlips. Morgan wasn’t sure whether he was awake or dreaming. He groaned as the pent-up reservoir of piss flowed from his aching bladder.

Susanne opened her mouth, catching some piss in it. Her throat bobbed as she swallowed, blinking her eyes as if she’d just gulped a hot of whiskey. Then she pulled Morgan’s cock into her mouth and sucked the piss straight out of it, guzzling, gulping, moaning. As she drank his piss, she rubbed her hand up and down her belly, over her tits, between her legs, smearing his warm piss into her skin. She shoved a piss-wet finger up her pussy and started to finger-fuck herself.

Morgan’s cock swelled to a full, splitting-hard erection in Susanne’s mouth, and his piss-flow finally stopped. Susanne sucked his cock, gazing up at him seductively. She flicked her tongue at the underside of his prick-knob, and he gasped. She sucked him until he was on the verge of coming, then pulled her mouth off his cock.

“Want me to pee on you now, Daddy?” the girl asked. “Sure, you do!”

Before Morgan could say a word, Susanne was off the toilet and pushing him into the bathtub. She made him lie on his back in the cold tub, then stepped into the tub with him and squatted over his chest, showing him her beautiful young asscheeks and her pink asshole, which was moist and twitching between them. Morgan was about to take a slurp at her ass crack when she began to piss on his chest.

“Oh, baby! That feels good!” Morgan groaned, reveling in the sensation of her hot piss washing over his chest and belly and running up onto his neck.

He grabbed his daughter’s asscheeks and turned them up so she could watch her girl-piss running from between her blonde-furred cuntlips. The smell made his head swim. He shoved his nose between her asscheeks, pressing it to her asshole, and lapped at the piss running out of her sweet little pussy. The taste of her piss made him gag at first, but he forced himself to swallow, and soon he was relishing the taste. As he sucked the tart-sweet piss out of his young daughter, he started to jack himself off.

Susanne rubbed her pussy in his mouth. “Drink it, Daddy! Oh, yes!” She humped, fucking her dad’s mouth as she pissed, making him lick deeply between her piss-dripping pussylips. “Eat me, Daddy, suck me!”

She lay forward on top of her father, keeping her pussy pressed to his mouth, and she went down on his cock, swallowing it to the balls, rippling her lips over his prick-veins as she bobbed her head and sucked for his cum. His hot fuck-lube ran down her throat. She played with his hairy, cum-swollen balls. She stretched his foreskin down tight so she could suck his naked, musk-flavored cockhead.

“Oh baby!” he groaned, humping upwards, working his cock in her wet throat. “Suck it, honey, make it come!” He rubbed his nose up and down her ass crack, licked out her ass crack and crotch.

Susanne purred, smacking her lips around her father’s cock, drooling warm spit down his balls, grinding her sizzling cunt in his face. Her toes curled as her dad’s tongue slipped up her pussy. She was so excited that she could no longer hold the bubble of gas in her bowels and it escaped her asshole as a small, popping fart. To her lust-crazed dad, even her girlish fart smelled sweet. He nuzzled her asshole as if he wanted her to fart in his face again, but she couldn’t.

Susanne and her father writhed in the piss-wet bathtub, her dad fucking his tongue in and out of Susanne’s cunt, Susanne bobbing her head faster and faster, sliding the tight ring of her lips up and down around his ramrod-stiff cock. She felt his balls swell in her hand, felt his cock grow even larger and harder and begin to quiver. She pressed her cunt hard into her dad’s mouth, and to her delight he caught her clit between his lips and sucked fiercely.

She came immediately, her orgasm shooting through her cunt and asshole and surging to her nipples and toes. Her eyes rolled back and she shuddered, her body jerking.

A second later, her dad’s cock went off in her mouth.

Susanne gagged on the sudden explosion of man-cum, then she began gulping his cum-load as eagerly as she had gulped his piss. Her pussy contracted in his mouth, juicing, sizzling like a steak fresh off the grill, and her dad rubbed his nose in it, bathing his face in her warm pussy-slime. His fuck-juice shot into her throat, filled her mouth and overflowed it despite her frantic attempts to swallow every drop. Cum gobs slipped out of her mouth and dribbled down his hairy balls, and Susanne smeared her fingers in it.

“I love cum,” Susanne told her dad after she’d pulled her mouth off his cock and was licking the cum off her lips and fingers.

They filled the tub with hot water and sat in the tub facing each other, with the water up to their shoulders Susanne wrapped her legs around her father’s waist, wrapped her arms around his neck, pressed her floating tits to his chest. His hard cock throbbed inside her pussy, and she moaned, wiggling her ass and fucking herself on his rigid man-cock. They kissed deeply, Susanne sucking on her dad’s tongue and wiggling her tongue in his mouth. Fuck sensations pulsed through their coupled cock and pussy, and each surge of pleasure through their bodies made them groan in unison and chuckle.

“I could fuck you like this all morning,” Morgan said.

“Then do it,” Susanne said. “What’s stopping you?”

“Nothing,” said Morgan, fucking his cock in and out of his daughter’s cunt-hole.

They fucked slowly, luxuriating in the hot water, enjoying the feel of their coupled bodies being buoyed. Morgan sucked Susanne’s lips, licked water droplets off her tits. She tightened her legs around him, pulling his cock into her pussy deeper, squirming against him. Over the course of the next hour, both of them neared the brink of orgasm several times, but they both held off coming. They wanted their pleasure to last.

Finally, though, Susanne had enough frustration. She couldn’t stand the fuck-tension any longer. She crushed herself against her muscular father as her pussy reached a climax and her young body soared into ecstasy. Her eyes rolled back, and she shuddered against her father, her loins gnawed by spasms, her toes clutching under the water.

“I’m coming!” she gasped. “Coming!”

Morgan fucked his cock rapidly in the sucking, quivering cunt-hole of his teenaged daughter, and in seconds he was coming, too. As his jism spurted into her pussy, he and Susanne swayed dizzily in the hot bath-water, their loins pulsing with mutually shared pleasure.

“I love it!” Susanne purred.


The morning session at the dance school was canceled, so Morgan and Susanne didn’t arrive there until after noon. Morgan felt surprisingly energetic after his exhausting night and morning with Susanne, and Susanne appeared just as bright-eyed and rosy-cheeked as always. The girl had done a good job with her makeup, hiding the dozen or more hickies her father had left on her neck, cheeks, and tits. After greeting her mother in the studio, she went to get dressed for her dance warm-ups. She and Patrick always got a jump on the other students in the afternoon advanced class, arriving early to warm up and to get in some era practice before the class started.

“So, Morgan, how are the roads?” Greta asked.

She was at the bar, performing her daily stretching routine. Today, however, the leotards were much tighter and more revealing than usual, and her feet were naked instead of covered by ballet slippers.

“Passable,” said Morgan, ogling his provocatively dressed wife. “Now that the snow’s stopped, the plows are out in full force.” Greta certainly looked much younger this morning, almost as young as Susanne. “You let your hair down,” he said. “I haven’t seen you with your hair down in years. I like it.”

“Thank you,” Greta said, her face reddening slightly. “And how was your night?”

Now Morgan’s face reddened. “Fine,” he said. “Well, I’d better get to work. I’m behind with the accounting.”

A few minutes later, as Morgan was sitting at his desk daydreaming about Susanne and on the verge of locking the door and jacking himself off, Greta stepped into the office and sealed the door shut behind her. Morgan snatched up a pencil and pretended to be working.

“We must talk,” Greta said. She was breathless and sweating from her exercise.

Morgan put his pencil down. “What’s on your mind?” he asked, thinking as he spoke that he’d rather fuck Greta than talk with her.

In her thread-bare leotards and bare feet, and with her hair dangling nearly to her ass, she looked sexier to him than she’d looked in years.

“This is on my mind,” she said.

And to Morgan’s shock she leaned over his desk and slid open the wall panel that concealed the window into the dance studio.

Morgan flushed like a young boy caught playing with his cock. “It’s my private window on the world of dance,” he said, letting out a nervous chuckle. “I can watch while I’m working. It relieves some of the drudgery of doing paperwork all day.”

“Uh-huh,” Greta said, shaking her head as if she understood. “And I suppose this also helps relieve your drudgery?” She stepped behind his chair and whisked open the other panel, the one that covered the window into the girls dressing room.

Morgan groaned inwardly. How long had she known? And what could he possibly say to defend himself? He turned slowly in his swivel chair to face Greta.

He expected to see Greta’s stem face glaring down at him, but instead he saw her gazing wide-eyed and open-mouthed through the two way mirror. She braced a shaking hand on his shoulder as if for support, and Morgan immediately saw why. In the girls’ dressing room, Patrick and Susanne, both of them stark naked, were kissing like a pair of lust-crazy teenaged lovers. Morgan’s mouth dropped open and he stared in silent shock.

Patrick’s back was criss-crossed with long, reddish scratches. He crushed his sister in his arms, humping his enormous cock against her belly, wiggling his tongue in her mouth. Susanne stroked his asscheeks and slid the tips of her fingers up and down his ass crevice. She was flushed like a rose from the roots of her blonde hair to the tips of her toes, and she was shaking visibly with excitement.

Morgan thought he’d go nuts if he didn’t pull his cock out and start beating off. He’d never witnessed a more exciting spectacle, and Greta’s sweaty body next to him didn’t help matters any. He couldn’t resist putting, his hand on Greta’s ass and stroking it. If Greta noticed his hand, she gave no indication that she minded his feeling her up, so he slipped his hand between her thighs and felt the heat and wetness near her cunt. She was just as hot as he was, he realized, and he started rubbing her pussy through the tight leotards, which were all she was wearing.

Susanne slid down Patrick’s body, kissing his nipples, his belly muscles, his cock and balls. She nuzzled under his balls and licked them. She tried to suck one of his balls into her mouth, but it was too large. She took the shaft of his enormous fucker in her two hands and bent it down so she could lick the naked cockhead. His foreskin was pulled down almost tight on the cock-shaft and his naked knob looked purplish and shiny as Susanne slurped at it. Fuck-lube bubbled from his piss-hole and Susanne sucked it up, rolling her lust-glazed blue eyes.

“My God!” Greta muttered. “This is unbelievable.”

“Yes,” said Morgan, agreeing completely.

Even though Susanne had told him last night that she and Patrick made it together, he found the actual sight of Susanne and Patrick pawing each other as unbelievable as did Greta.

Susanne released Patrick’s wildly throbbing cock and nuzzled down his legs until she was crouched at his feet. She licked his toes and insteps, and Patrick raised each foot so she could suck his toes into her mouth. She slid around behind him, licked her way up his calves and thighs, and started nuzzling and licking out his ass cleft. She spread his firm buns with her thumbs and shoved her tongue up his asshole. Patrick wiggled his ass, rolling his eyes as he pumped his lube-dripping cock.

Morgan stood up behind his wife. Gingerly, he fingered the zipper of her leotards and pulled it down. He nuzzled under her hair and kissed the nape of her neck. Greta shivered. Morgan peeled the leotards down Greta’s sweat-moist body and kissed her bare ass as she stepped out of them. The smell of her smoldering cunt filled the air in the small office. Morgan spread Greta’s asscheeks and licked her ass-crack. She had a delicious asshole. She bent forward and Morgan spread her pussylips, slurping up and down between them. Pussy-lube dribbled down her inner thighs, and Morgan lapped it up. His wife had never tasted so good to him.

In the dressing room, Susanne got down on her hands and knees and Patrick kneeled behind her, stroking his massive cock, which looked like a dangerous weapon more than a tool of love. He was a tall, muscular youth, and she was a slender, petite girl, and as he fucked his colossal cock up her tight pussy from behind, Morgan expected to see the massive cock come out of Susanne’s mouth. How the young girl could tolerate Patrick’s cock up her cunt without so much as a flinch of discomfort, Morgan couldn’t understand.

Susanne wiggled her ass, smiled at Patrick over her shoulder, and said “Fuck me!” so distinctly that both Morgan and Greta could read her lips although they couldn’t hear her.

Morgan tare off his clothes. Then he sat back down in his desk chair and pulled Greta toward him. He held his cock vertical.

“Sit on it,” he whispered.

Greta lowered her ass, draping her burning pussylips over his cockhead, then impaling her cunt to his balls. Both she and Morgan groaned ecstatically as his cock fucked into her. Morgan wrapped his arms around her, feeling her tits, kissing and licking her back and shoulders, knifing his cock up her juicy, sizzling-hot pussy.

“Oh, Morgan!” Greta purred. “Yes, darling!”

Morgan couldn’t believe his ears. His cold-fish wife suddenly had feelings! He pinched Greta’s stiff nipples, grinding his itch-saturated cock in her sucking, quivering pussy-hole. Her fuck-juices dribbled over his balls and he was in heaven!

Greta was in heaven, too. She had forgotten how good Morgan’s cock could feel inside her pussy. She had forgotten what a lusty, sensual man he was. He was very strong, his body solid with muscle from his weight-lifting. He growled like a bear as he fucked her, and she could hear the pained ecstasy in his tone. She needed his cock inside her now. It kept her from losing her mind with frustration and envy as she watched Patrick give his incredible cock to Susanne. She had never in her life witnessed a sight more exciting — or more upsetting.

“He is magnificent, is he not?” Greta said watching the eleven-inch prick of her teenaged son plunge repeatedly into the quivering cunt of her young daughter. “But such an animal! And Susanne is such a little whore!”

“They’re both animals,” said Morgan. “Look at their faces. They’re both crazy for it — just like I’m crazy for you.” He reached between Greta’s legs and rubbed her moist, nipple-like clit.

“Yes!” Greta said. She wiggled her ass, panting and grunting as she fucked up and down. Her tits flopped.

In the dressing room, Patrick suddenly yanked his cock out of Susanne’s pussy. Susanne grinned at him over her shoulder. His cock pulsed, dripping with her slippery fuck-juices. He shoved his wet cock-knob between her asscheeks and grabbed her by the hips, simultaneously pulling and thrusting. His cock fucked as easily up her asshole as it had up her cunt. Susanne wiggled her ass, rolling her blue eyes with pleasure.

“Can you believe it!” Morgan said. “How can she take it?”

“He is a bull,” said Greta. “A magnificent bull.”

It was as if Greta didn’t even notice where Patrick had stuck his cock. Then, to Morgan’s shock, Greta pulled up off his own cock and repositioned herself over it. Her asshole opened and his cock impaled her ass guts. She reached between her legs and started to finger-fuck her pussy.

“I’ll be damned!” Morgan said. “You wonderful hot bitch! You don’t know how long I’ve been wanting to do this to you!”

“Animal!” said Greta. “Worse than Patrick.”

She bounced up and down, fucking her asshole on Morgan’s cock, jerking her hand between her legs. She felt marvelous — the way she could tell Susanne was feeling as Patrick sucked her ass.

Susanne, on all fours, churned her ass on Patrick’s cock and jerked it back against his hard-smacking belly. Her tits flapped under her. Pussy-lube ran from her cunt and down her legs. Her blonde hair dangled along her cheeks and she tossed her head from side to side deliriously. Patrick gripped her tightly at the hips, swinging his muscular loins, ramming his huge fucker in and out of her asshole. He tossed his head as deliriously as Susanne and rolled his lust-glazed eyes. The sweat glistened on his body.

“He is close,” said Greta. “I can tell by the look on his face. He is in ecstasy, and I am in ecstasy. He and I shall come together.”

She bounced up and down, tightening her asshole around Morgan’s cock, rubbing her fingers between her pussylips. She matched the rhythm of her fucking to the rhythm of Patrick’s fuck-lunges. Her tits and Susanne’s tits flapped to the same obscene rhythm.

Morgan groaned, writhing in his chair. His wife’s tight asshole felt as if it would skin his cock alive. The fuck-sensation he felt was raw and intense, almost too much. Needles of fuckitch shot through his massively swelling prick and he felt his balls swell and tingle. He rammed upward as hard as he could, and the jism shot through his cock.

“Ahhhhhh!” he groaned. “Baaaby!” He clutched Greta at the waist, trying to control the wild movements of her body as she ass-fucked his spurting cock.

Greta gasped as she felt Morgan’s jism splash in her ass guts. His cum was hot, and it shot forcefully. She loved the feel of his cock vibrating and jerking in her asshole. She shoved two fingers up her cunt, rubbing her clit madly. Her eyes were on Patrick and Susanne, and she watched Susanne go into spasms.

The young girl’s eyes rolled back to show their whites and her body jerked and shuddered. Then, as if Susanne’s asshole were an electric socket and somebody had just turned on the switch, Patrick started bucking wildly. Greta could almost hear the splashes of Patrick’s jism in Susanne’s ass guts. As Morgan’s cock shot off in Greta’s asshole, as she watched Patrick and Susanne writhe together in orgasmic ecstasy, Greta’s excitement soared to a climax and she saw stars.

“Ohhhhhh!” she moaned. “Ohhhh, yesss!” She grew faint from the intensity of her orgasm. If Morgan hadn’t been supporting her at the waist and guiding her movements, she would have toppled off his cock. She squirmed, flashes of light exploding behind her eyes, and pussy-juice drenched her cunt-beating hand. Her toes curled against the office door. She felt so good!

Morgan crushed Greta in his embrace, grinding his cock in her spasming asshole and biting her upper back and shoulders. He was grunting. Her pussy-butter dribbled down his balls and onto the chair seat. He held her tightly, flexing his cock inside her ass, stroking her tits, sensing the slamming of her heart.

In the dressing room, Patrick pulled his cock out of Susanne’s cummy asshole and Susanne immediately swung around on her hands and knees to face him. She crawled forward, her mouth open, and devoured over half his eleven inch cock, sucking more cum out of his piss-tube, sucking the ass-juices off his prick. Patrick pushed her away, turned her, around on her hands and knees, and stuck his nose between her buns. His tongue probed her gaping asshole. He pressed his lips to her slimy asshole and sucked. His freshly shot cum leaked into his mouth.

“Such animals!” Greta said. “I don’t believe them! What next?”

Patrick stood up, cum dripping from his chin, his cock swinging half-hard over his balls, and Susanne kneeled in front of him and kissed his prick head. She started beating his heavy, rubbery donkey-cock across her pretty face.

Patrick smiled down at her, his hands on his hips. As Susanne slapped his prick back and forth, piss started flowing from it. Susanne opened her mouth and caught the piss. Piss ran down her chin and neck, dribbled over her lips.

Greta stood up, puffing her asshole off Morgan’s cock, and she pressed her nose to the glass of the window-mirror. “This is not possible!” she said, watching Susanne drink Patrick’s streaming piss. “This cannot be!”

Susanne stuffed Patrick’s cock in her mouth and drank his piss directly from the open slit, sucking as she gulped. When Patrick finished pissing and pulled his wet cock out, Susanne slithered like a sensuous kitten up his naked body, her cheeks bulging with a mouthful of piss, and she pressed her mouth to Patrick’s mouth. They embraced, kissing, and Patrick’s piss leaked from the corners of their mouths. Their throats bobbed as they both swallowed.

Greta had never seen anything so disgusting. She pressed her nose to the glass, watching in horrified shock. Morgan moved up behind her and slipped his cock up her cunt. As he started to fuck her, she groaned.

“Wiggle your hot ass!” Morgan growled.

And Greta wiggled her ass. Her pussy-cream dribbled down his hairy balls.


That night, Greta could not sleep. She lay next to Morgan in bed, staring up into the dark, her middle finger sliding between her swollen, throbbing pussylips. Morgan had fucked her twice before he’d fallen asleep, but Greta felt as horny and unsatisfied as if he’d teased, her with his cock, then had refused to shove it into her. She could not understand what was happening to her. She had never in her life felt so relentlessly horny, nor could she stop thinking about Patrick. She needed him now, but did she dare go to him? If Morgan got wind of her relationship with Patrick, she had no idea what he might do.

She glanced at the bedside clock and saw that it was midnight. Morgan had been sleeping a half hour. He might easily sleep straight through until morning without waking up. A snow plow had just rumbled by on the street outside, and Morgan hadn’t stirred. If that noise had failed to disturb him, very little would.

Greta held her breath. As quietly as she could, she slipped out of bed. She was still naked after fucking Morgan, so she had to fumble around in the dark for her nightgown. Cum oozing from between her pussylips, she crept out of the bedroom, her nightgown in hand. She would put the nightgown on only if necessary — should she meet Susanne in the hallway, for instance. She tiptoed up the carpeted stairs, her heart pounding.

Patrick’s bedroom door was open a few inches and light shone into the hallway. Greta peeked into the room, immediately stunned by what she saw.

Patrick lay naked on his bed, his legs bent at the knees, his feet resting flat on the mattress, his asshole stuffed with the plastic vibrator, which he held in place by pressing his heel against the protruding end of the humming device. He stroked his hard cock slowly as he paged through a magazine with a picture of a naked woman on the cover. From time to time, he moaned and squirmed.

“Man, I’d like to fuck this one!” he muttered to himself, and he licked the magazine page he was looking at. “I’d love to fuck your pussy, bitch, and your tits, and your asshole. Man, what a hot bitch!” He kissed the magazine page, his hand moving faster on his huge cock.

Greta was fascinated. She stuck her middle finger up her cunt, pleasuring herself. Morgan’s cum dribbled into her sliding hand. Each time her finger rubbed along her clit, she had to bite her lip to keep from gasping out loud.

Patrick turned the pages, kissing and licking page after page. He wiggled his foot, manipulating the vibrator in his asshole with his heel. Fuck-lube dripped onto his belly as he worked his foreskin up and down.

“Man, what a body!” he mumbled. “Oh baby, I’d love to fuck you!”

Greta had seen and heard enough. She entered the room as if the boy were speaking to her, finger-fucking herself as she walked. She was halfway to the bed before Patrick heard her and looked up. For a moment be looked shocked, then a smile spread over his face. He tossed aside his girlie magazine and held his massive cock vertical.

“Hello, Mother,” he said. “Would you like to sit on this?”

“I would love to,” Greta said. She reached down and pulled the vibrator out of her son’s asshole. “You do not need this, my boy.”

She turned the vibrator off and laid it on the mattress next to Patrick, then climbed up on the bed with him and straddled him at the waist. Her cum-filled pussy slipped easily onto his cock, engulfing it to the hilt. Both she and Patrick groaned as they coupled.

Patrick reached up, squeezing her tits, pulling on her nipples. “I love your big tits, Mother. Fuck me!”

Smiling, cooing with pleasure, Greta began to fuck up and down on Patrick’s cock. Morgan’s cum frothed and bubbled out, dribbling down the boy’s cock-shaft and balls. Patrick squirmed, his eyes rolling deliriously, his loins straining upward. He had his legs stretched out along the mattress now, and his toes pointed sensuously with each thrust of his cock up into Greta’s squeezing, sliding pussy.

“Oh, mannn!” he moaned.

Greta reached down, pinching her son’s small nipples as he pinched her rigid nipples. They gazed into each other’s eyes, their faces contorted with lust as they fucked slowly, enjoying the rubbing together of their juice-slick fuck organs. Patrick’s cock swelled larger, hardening even more, throbbing powerfully as Greta’s cunt swallowed it again and again.

“Go slow,” Patrick moaned. “Or I’ll be shooting it quick.”

They took a rest, Greta impaled motionless on her son’s upthrust cock as she stroked his face, his chest and abdomen. Patrick played with her tits, rubbed his fingertips in her sweaty armpits and sucked the sweat off his fingers. He picked up the vibrator and turned it on, pressed the vibrating tip to Greta’s nipples one at a time. Greta gasped, her cunt contracting.

“What, a pussy!” Patrick groaned. “Now turn around, Mother.”

Keeping her son’s cock anchored inside her pussy, Greta swiveled around until she was facing Patrick’s feet. She lay forward on him, nuzzling and kissing his legs and feet as she showed the boy her ass. He shoved the vibrator up her asshole.

“Mmmm, yesss!” Greta sighed, her loins tingling from the vibrations. She wiggled her ass as Patrick fucked it with the vibrator. Then she sat up again, grinding her pussy on his cock.

“Your pussy’s vibrating,” Patrick said. “I love it.”

He fucked the vibrator in and out of Greta’s asshole, at the same time fucking his cock in her cunt. Greta tossed her head from side to side deliriously as she fucked his cock and the vibrator.

At that moment, Susanne walked into the room, stark naked, her right hand jerking between her legs. Greta’s heart nearly stopped, and she felt the heat of embarrassment flush through her body.

“So, you weren’t lying,” Susanne said to Patrick. “I’d never have believed it if I wasn’t seeing it.”

“I told you,” Patrick said. “Why don’t you hop on and join the fun?”

Susanne giggled. “Just what I was thinking, big brother.” She jumped onto the bed, straddled Patrick over his face, and shoved her cunt onto his mouth. “Lick me, hot-mouth!”

Patrick growled, slurping between his sister’s throbbing pussylips. “Tastes so good!” he moaned.

Greta watched Patrick and Susanne over her shoulder, still too stunned to say a word. When she saw Susanne smirking at her, she turned away, unable to face the girl.

“You’ve got a gorgeous ass, Mother,” Susanne said. “I can see why Patrick likes to fuck it. Of course, I don’t think there’s a female ass around that Patrick wouldn’t fuck if he could get his hands on it.”

Greta lay forward along Patrick’s legs. As his cock throbbed inside her, as he fucked the vibrator in and out of her asshole, she started sucking his toes. She was still shocked and embarrassed, but she was too horny to let those emotions get the best other. Each smack of her lips around Patrick’s toes made his cock flex inside her ass, and her pussy contracted in response.

“Oooh, eat me, eat me!” Susanne panted, grinding her seething cunt on Patrick’s mouth. “Eeech, make me come, make me get off!”

Greta was about to tell Susanne to quiet down, that she’d wake up Morgan if she wasn’t careful. But before she could get the words out, the devil himself walked into the room. He was stark naked and was stroking his erect, lube dripping prick.

“I don’t believe it!” he muttered, shaking his head.

“Hello, Daddy!” Susanne chirped. “Gimme a kiss, huh?”

“Christ!” Morgan said.

And, to Greta’s horror, he marched straight up to Susanne, wrapped a muscular arm around her neck as Susanne embraced him, and plastered his mouth to the young girl’s mouth. Father and daughter tongue-kissed, moaning in unison, Susanne squeezing her father’s balls as he jacked an his cock. They broke their kiss and Morgan shoved his cock into Susanne’s mouth. Susanne gulped his prick to the hilt. Cooing, smacking her lips, she bobbed her blonde head.

Morgan smirked at Greta. “Don’t look like you’re gonna have a stroke, darling. In your position, you’ve got nothing to lecture me about.” He glanced at the vibrator in Greta’s asshole, at Patrick’s cock in her cunt, at Patrick’s spit-drenched toes. “You’re no better than I am, Greta, and maybe worse — maybe a lot worse.” He gave Greta’s ass a playful slap. “Beautiful!”

Greta’s face softened into a smile. She felt her body relax and she giggled. “You are right, darling. Let us enjoy ourselves.”

“I won’t have any trouble doing that,” Morgan said, fucking his cock in and out of Susanne’s soft, wet throat.

Susanne groaned, her eyes rolling with pleasure as Patrick sucked her cunt and she sucked Morgan’s cock. She rotated her ass crazily, fucking Patrick’s hard-sucking mouth. Her tits bounced, and Morgan pinched her nipples. Suddenly, her eyes rolled back to show only their whites and she started to jerk. As she came, she gnawed on Morgan’s cock as if it were made of wood.

Morgan stroked Susanne’s head, tolerating her teeth on his cock. He enjoyed watching her come. “Sweet baby,” he murmured.

Susanne’s orgasm petered, out and she climbed groggily off the bed. Patrick’s face was covered with Susanne’s glistening pussy-juice and golden cunt-hairs were stuck to his cheeks and lips. He smiled at Morgan.

“Hello, Dad,” he said.

“Did it taste good?” Morgan asked.

“You oughta know,” Patrick said, smirking knowingly.

“Get outa here!” Morgan said.

He knocked Patrick’s hand aside and yanked the vibrator out of Greta’s asshole. Her asshole remained wide open for several moments and both men gawked at it.

“Turn around, darling,” Morgan said to Greta.

Greta obeyed without asking why. She sat up, then swiveled on Patrick’s cock until she again faced him. The twisting of her cunt on his cock made both her and Patrick groan. Morgan pushed Greta forward until she lay flat out on Patrick, and Morgan climbed up on the bed behind her.

Greta pressed her tits to Patrick’s chest, stroked his forehead and covered his mouth with her lips. As she and Patrick kissed, she licked out his mouth. His cock flexed inside her cunt and his body quivered.

Morgan, kneeling on the mattress between the spread legs of his wife and son, caught some of the cum and pussy-juice that were trickling down the boy’s balls and rubbed the slick fluids up Greta’s ass crack. He rubbed more of the fuck-slime onto his cock. Sliding up over his wife, mounting her from behind, he fucked his rigid cock up her asshole.

“Ahhhh!” Morgan groaned, burying his cock to the balls.

Greta’s loins were so saturated with fuck pleasure that all she could do was squirm between the two guys and whimper. It felt as if two gigantic snakes were sliding in her body, one in her pussy, the other in her asshole. She licked Patrick’s face as Morgan gnawed into the back of her neck. Her skin flashed alternately with goose bumps and heat.

“Fuck me!” she howled. “Fuck me!”

“Yeahhhh!” growled the two men in unison, grinding their cocks in her squeezing, quivering fuck-holes.

Each time they fucked into her, their enormous, spunk-filled balls rubbed together. Each man could feel the other’s cock sliding against his own through the thin partition of flesh that separated Greta’s pussy-channel from her ass guts.

Greta was in heaven. She writhed sensuously, moaning and cooing, her body sliding between the sweat-slick bodies of her son and her husband. The fucking of their big cocks inside her sent thrills through her and she shuddered, jerking with near orgasm. She was so close to coming, but she wanted to prolong the pre-orgasmic pleasure as long as she could.

“Go easy,” Greta moaned. “Make it last.” Susanne got up on the bed behind her father and mother and brother, nuzzling between their legs and lapping up the fuck-juices that dribbled down the men’s balls. She licked up and down her dad’s ass cleft, nuzzled down his hairy legs, licked his feet, then Patrick’s feet and Greta’s. She sucked toes, moving from one foot to another, enhancing the pleasure each of the three fuckers was experiencing. Her hot, wet tongue lapped up and down soles, slithered between clutching toes. Her lips smacked as she sucked.

The two men grunted in unison, ramming their cocks faster into Greta’s loins, fucking her asshole and pussy. As they fucked her, as she squirmed between them, Greta’s fuck-holes tightened, sucking and manipulating their sliding cocks. Their cocks swelled, hardening even more, and the fuck-tension in their cocks and in Greta’s loins surged to an irreversible climax.

“Ahhhhhh!” Patrick groaned, his body bucking under Greta and his cock flexing powerfully inside her pussy.

He writhed spastically, squirting hot jism into her cunt as his eyes had rolled crazily.

A second later Morgan’s cock went off in Greta’s asshole. As he fucked in a frenzy on top of her, biting her neck and shoulders, moaning deliriously, he fired his molten cum-load into her ass guts.

“Ohhhhh, yeahhhhhh!” he groaned.

Greta closed her eyes, imagining the two socks bucking and spurting cum inside her. They were red-hot and slippery, and they saturated her loins with electric tingles, shocked her pussy into climax. She squirmed frenziedly between the jizz-shooting men as her clutching, seething fuck-holes exploded and the orgasmic sensations spread through her body in searing waves.

“Ohhhh, yesssss!” she whined, writhing frantically. Greta prayed her pleasure would last forever.

As the coupled threesome squirmed in post-orgasmic bliss, their toes working sensuously, the cocks of the two men squeezing out the last of their jism into Greta’s throbbing fuck-holes, Susanne tried to roll Morgan off the top of the pile. He was too dazed to resist, and his cock slipped out of Greta’s asshole. He sat up at the edge of the bed.

“Gimme a break,” he mumbled as his horny daughter got down on the floor in front of him and started licking his half-hard, jizz-dripping cock. The big slimy fucker dangled over his balls like a wet salami.

Susanne smirked up at him and stuffed his entire cock in her mouth. Her lips smacked, her tongue churned, and within seconds Morgan’s cock was ramrod stiff in her throat.

“Jesus!” Morgan groaned, his body shaking as Susanne sucked his cock. “Oh, yeah!” He pressed down on her head, forcing her to swallow it even deeper. “Mmm, baby!”

Greta rolled off Patrick and sat beside Morgan at the edge of the bed, watching as her wicked young daughter sucked her husband’s grossly soiled cock. Susanne glanced at Greta, smiled, and released Morgan’s cock. She slid between Greta’s legs, forced Greta’s thighs wide apart, and plastered her mouth to Greta’s cum-oozing pussy. The shameless young girl sucked and slurped, and Greta watched with mixed shock and pleasure. When Susanne fucked her tongue up Greta’s cunt, Greta gasped. She hugged the girl’s blonde head and started humping against Susanne’s pretty face, grinding her slippery pussy in the girl’s mouth and driving herself toward climax. Susanne sucked for half a minute, then squirmed away from Greta.

“I want my asshole fucked,” Susanne said. Licking the cum off her lips and chin, she positioned herself on her hands and knees on the floor next to the bed. She glanced seductively at Morgan and Patrick.

Patrick was off the bed and mounted on his sister’s ass before Morgan had a chance to move. As the boy fucked his eleven-inch cock up Susanne’s asshole, Susanne moaned, gyrating her gorgeous young ass and finger fucking her pussy. Patrick gripped her at the waist and began to thrust, ramming his gigantic fucker up her ass again and again. His swollen bull-balls swung between his legs, and Greta watched them, licking her lips.

“Feels great!” Patrick moaned, smacking his muscular belly against his sister’s upturned ass, pleasuring his donkey-cock in her seething asshole.

Morgan slid off the bed and kneeled in front of Susanne. His rigid prick throbbed inches from her nose and she opened her mouth. Morgan slipped his prick head between her lips, then forced the rest of his cock down her hungry, waiting throat. Susanne moaned, sucking his prick, rubbing her nose against her dad’s hairy groin.

“Yeahhhhh!” Morgan growled. “Eat it!”

As Susanne sucked, the noises she made with her mouth sounded a lot like the squishy, sucking noises in her asshole as Patrick fucked her. Greta sat finger-fucking herself at the edge of the bed, watching the two men work over her cute little daughter. Patrick glanced at Greta, his tongue hanging out, and Greta immediately got up and shoved her cunt in the boy’s face. He shoved his nose and mouth between her thighs and sucked greedily at her swampy cunt. Greta moaned, delirious with forbidden pleasure and incestuous excitement.

Fucking Patrick’s mouth, Greta watched his gleaming cock fucking smoothly in Susanne’s pink, clutching asshole. She watched Morgan’s cock slide between Susanne’s smacking lips. She pressed her crotch hard into Patrick’s mouth, groaning as he fucked his tongue up her pussy. She reached back, finger-fucking her asshole, and Morgan’s cum dribbled into her hand. She rubbed the sticky cum in Patrick’s hair, smeared it on his handsome face. She felt absolutely wicked, absolutely shameless, absolutely wonderful.

This is better than dancing, Greta mused, driving herself toward orgasm. “Ohhhh, yesss!”

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