Black stockings and black heels 2.

He moved to her and pulled her to her feet. He reached down to grasp
the hem of her dress and swiftly pulled it over her head. He tossed her
discarded dress to the floor. He looked over her beautiful body. His
first view of her shaven pussy. He walked around her in a large circle so
he could view her body from every angle. He was very pleased. Her large
breasts were heaving. He could see the peaks all hard and firm through her
bra. He walked to the bed and lay back on it. He put his hands behind his
head. His cock was standing straight up. “Come here,” he requested. She
walked to the bed and stood touching the edge. “Come and ride me,” he
ordered. She climbed on the bed and straddled his body. She looked at him
with a question, “Where sir?” He pulled his arm from behind his head and
inserted his finger inside her wet pussy. She gasped with the harshness of
it. He pulled it out just as quickly and folded his hands behind his head
again. She positioned herself and lowered her pussy on his cock. The
sensation was different with her freshly shaven pussy. She was sensitive
to each touch. She looked up into his eyes and saw growing impatience.
She began bouncing on him. Riding him hard like she knew he loved. Her
large tits were bouncing. He made no attempt to touch her. His arms
remained behind his head and he continued to look at her. Her moans filled
the room. “Stop!” he requested. She stopped. He unlocked his hands and
placed them on her lovely hips. He lifted her body and repositioned her so
that her lovely ass was open to him. He teased her hole with the tip of
his cock. She gasped and moaned in pleasure. “Please go slow this time
sir,” she begged. He grinned a nasty smile. He began to enter her slowly.
He pulled her body on his cock. She groaned in sheer ecstasy. Then he
slammed her hips down full force on his cock! She screamed in surprise,
pain and pleasure. When she finally opened her eyes, he could see tears in
the corner. “They will do you no good with me,” he warned. He slowly
started to move her again up and down on his cock. Oh she was so warm and
tight. It was the best sensation he knew. She was starting to loosen up
and relax her little hole. He kept pumping her up and down until he had
worked up a good speed. Almost where he liked it. He released his hand
from her hips and reached for the clasp in the front of her bra. He opened
it and watched her boobs fall out. He grasped her large firm tits. “Fuck
it,” he told her. She continued to ride him while he stroked her tits.
“You know how I like it.” She built up speed. She could feel the wetness
between her legs dripping from her pussy. She knew he used her pussy to
cream up his dick before sticking it into her ass. He started to pinch her
tender nipples. Pull on them. He was pulling very hard. She was not
allowed to complain about the pain. She knew that. She could tell he was
close. He was panting. Sweat was running between her breasts and down the
middle of her back, but she dared not stop for fear of punishment. She
worked harder to please him. He pulled her body close. Took one whole
breast in his mouth and started to suck. She groaned loudly. She could
feel his tongue all over it at once. In this position, her clit was
rubbing against his body and she could feel her own orgasm starting. He
continued with her breast in his mouth and she looked into his eyes and
begged for permission. “Ask,” he told her knowing how hard it was for her
to talk when she was so close to Cummins. She winced in pain as attempted
to hold off her orgasm. “Please master, may I cum for you?” she begged.
It took everything she had to ask him. He had finally taught her some
control. He slowly nodded after pausing to make sure she was obedient.
She screamed as she came for him. She knew he loved to hear her cum. He
continued to suckle her through her orgasm. Then he regrasped her hips and
pounded up into her. He wanted to fill her sweet ass with his cum. It
didn?t take long. He came in her ass and then pulled her body down to rest
on his. They lay together until they were both on the brink of sleep. He
knew there would be many other amazing nights together. He watched her
fall asleep, his cock still in her ass and a smile on her sweet face…