Black stockings and black heels

She waited patiently. She knew he would want her to be dressed just as
she was- simple black dress, black lace bra, black garters, black stockings
and black heels, and of course, no panties. She sat on the couch getting
more nervous with each passing moment. Waiting for him was torture. She
heard a car pass… then stop… She jumped up. Ran to the door. She
opened it before he got there, welcoming him in. He did not speak to her
as he entered the room. She did not dare look into his eyes. He glanced
around the room, making sure that everything was as requested. Wine
chilling, candles lit, lights dimmed and romantic music. When he was
satisfied that everything was as he wished, he looked at her. She kept her
eyes lowered. He looked at her beautiful body clearly visible in the
outfit he’d asked her to wear for this occasion. He walked toward her,
reached a hand under her dress to check to see if she had followed his last
instruction. Under the dress she was bare, completely; she had shaven and
worn no panties. He smiled for the first time. He rubbed the smooth skin,
so soft. He could feel that she was already getting damp to the touch.
Oh, she was such a good little slut. “Go get them!” he ordered. She ran
to the drawer and returned with the handcuffs. He took them from her and
she immediately held her arms out in front of herself for her master.. He
shook his head. She pouted and moved her arms behind her. He circled her
and cuffed her wrists together behind her back. She was not fond of this
because it was much more difficult to maintain her balance during some of
the things her master requested.. “Knees” he demanded. She dropped to her
knees in front of him. He placed his hands on his hips and looked down at
her. “Unzip me darling”, he requested. She leaned into his crotch and
used her teeth to gently pull his zipper down. She could see how hard his
cock was through his underwear. She kept her face close to his crotch
feeling the warmth. He moved her head away. Not so rough as to make her
loose balance, but rough enough to let her know he would not put up with
any silliness tonight. He was all business. He wanted her beautiful lips
around his cock fast. He lowered his pants and underwear to midthigh. His
cock sprung out in front of her face. She smiled. She looked up at him
waiting for permission; she knew better than to start without his okay. He
enjoyed this moment. Looking down at her hungry little face. “Suck it
Slut”, he said. She lowered her mouth to the head of his cock and slowly
swallowed the head. Swirled her tongue all over her master?s prick head.
“Mmmmm”, she murmured. He put his hands on her head and forced her head
down the full length of his cock. “Ungggggg”, he moaned; “I don’t want to
be teased tonight. Gag on it bitch.” He held her head on his cock, letting
her adjust to its size filling her little mouth. She was trying to relax
her gag reflex and accept the cock she was forced to semi swallow. He
looked down at her. “Now, start sucking that baby and do it fast and hard
like I want. Go the whole length each time and I want to feel those lips
circling the base too,” he demanded. She looked into his eyes and nodded
with his cock filling her mouth. “Ok, now,” he said as he released her
head. “If you have some problems doing as I have requested, I will help
you. You know what that means don’t you dear?” Her big blue eyes widened
as she realized what he meant. She began sucking her master with earnest.
He put his hands back on his hips and let his eyes close and head fall
back… She bobbed her head as fast as she could up and down on the full
length of his cock. She was pleased to hear his moans. She could feel her
lips circling the base and knew the tip of his cock had to be down her
throat. He was growing larger and larger with each thrust. Suddenly, he
pulled away from her lips. ?Ahhhh, dear we will not finish so quickly this
evening…? He circled her and uncuffed her wrists. “Finish undressing me
slut,” he demanded… She crawled to him and pulled his pants and
underwear down and off. He took off his shirt. “Are you ready dear?” She
looked up at him with curious eyes not knowing what would come next.