Bosom Buddy Secretary

“Ungggh! Oh, shit, that feels good! Oh, little girl, you are the world’s best little cocksucker! Work out on it now, Cheryl! Ungggh! Suck my stiff, fucking prick.”

William Nixon, proprietor and head chef of Nixon’s Shakes ‘n’ Burgers, now stood in front of the desk in his small private office. In itself, this was hardly unusual; the position allowed him to look through the window between his office and the restaurant portion of the building to make sure that his employees were keeping busy and keeping his customers happy.

Now, however, the thirty-eight year-old Nixon’s pants were crumpled around his ankles, and the anguished expression on his long, leathery face indicated that the workings of his burger stand were the last thing on his mind. This was because one of his employees, twenty year-old Cheryl Dawson, was kneeling in front of him, feverishly sucking on his cock.

There were a lot of reasons that Cheryl was Nixon’s favorite employee, and why he was particularly unhappy that this was to be her last day on the job. The fact that she was always so eager to suck a big, spewing load of cum out of his cock was, of course, the most important one.

William Nixon had employed a lot of fetching teenaged girls in his years of owning the burger stand, and he’d met more than one who was willing to trade sexual favors in return for a small boost in pay, or a lighter work load. But he’d never met any girl who could match Cheryl’s incredible skill and enthusiasm in stuffing a big cock in her mouth and sucking out a load of hot cum.

Cheryl had been giving him daily suck-jobs since her first week on the job. One day, she had simply commented innocently that his pants always seemed to be bulging when he was alone with her. Of course, this was because the sight of Cheryl’s spectacular, big-titted body had given William Nixon a hard-on every time he’d looked at her. He’d never dreamed that the petite, busty, wide-eyed blonde would volunteer to take his stiff prick out of his pants, to suck it, swallow his cum, or that she would then offer to keep on performing this cock-sucking service every single day.

The other reason that Cheryl Dawson was his favorite employee was that she had an incredibly voluptuous figure. William Nixon had had a lot of stacked female employees in the years he’d owned the stand, some as curvaceous as Playboy models.

But he’d never seen a girl as outrageously busty as “little Cheryl”, as he sometimes called her.

Petite, with a slim waist and a girlishly small ass, Cheryl sported a simply enormous pair of tits that threatened to burst through any of the uniforms he’d had in the wardrobe closet. His business had gone up appreciably in her first month on the job, attributable purely to an influx of horny men who were willing to spend a few bucks on a burger in order to ogle the blonde teenager’s gigantic tits.

He really was going to be sorry to see her go.

“Make it squirt now, Cheryl,” Nixon panted. He clutched her head with both hands, twining his fingers in her short blonde hair as he fucked his hips back and forth, jamming his immense cock lance farther between her lips. “Unngggh! Oh, shit, what a good little cocksucker you are! Make it cum now? Make it cum!”

Cheryl knelt before her boss, her stiff-nippled tits heaving under her tight uniform as she obediently bobbed her head, fucking her mouth with his enormous prick.

Cheryl had always had a special appetite for sucking cock and swallowing cum, but her boss had one of the tastiest pricks she’d ever mouthed in her life.

Her boss’ fucker was getting really stiff now, pulsation rhythmically on the roof of her mouth. The cock-hungry teenager shut her eyes tightly, concentrating on the taste and feel of the ready-to-squirt cock shaft as she stretched her lips to take it farther into her mouth. Sometimes Cheryl got so caught up in the art of sucking prick that she nearly choked herself on a salami-sized boner like Mr. Nixon’s. Well, she thought, it didn’t matter. A small discomfort was worth suffering through to get to suck out a really big load of jizm.

“Cheryl, you’re making me cum!” Nixon’s words sounded strangled as the load of cum churned in his balls. “Unngggh! Suck harder, little girl! Oh, you’re making it squirt!”

Cheryl started sucking his cock as hard as she could, her lips pressed tightly and wetly around the stiff cock shaft, her cheeks rhythmically puffing up and puckering inward as she increased the suctioning pressure around his prick. Up and down her head bobbed. More pre-cum oozed out of the cock knob, and Cheryl gratefully lapped it up with her swirling, swiping tongue.

Gosh, she sure did love sucking on pricks! It was hard to believe now, when she looked back on it, but Cheryl had once intended on keeping her cherry until the day she married. That had been before her folks had died in a car crash, leaving her and her kid brother Kenny to fend for themselves.

With no one to watch out for her, Cheryl had finally succumbed to the persistent advances of the countless men who’d been trying to get into her blouse since puberty. Cheryl knew her tits were huge, particularly as the rest of her body was so petite and delicately built. It pleased her that so many men loved sucking her giant tits, though it worried her at the same time. Sometimes she thought that a lot of the men who were interested in her secretly thought she was just one big tit!

Getting her tits sucked a lot had made her awfully horny, and often, after dates, she’d had to hurry home for a long session of making her pussy feel better with her finger. But what had really decided her on getting her cherry busted and fucking on a regular basis was her first sight of a big, stiff prick!

Cheryl didn’t know why, but there, was something about looking, feeling and touching a long, meaty boner that just started a fire of passion throbbing in her cunt. It didn’t matter too much if the cock was long or short, thin or fat, though she did like the huge, meaty cocks best of all. Her cock-sucking hunger had grown so strong so quickly that she knew she now preferred giving head to all other sexual acts.

She knew Mr. Nixon thought she was just a horny slut, but she just couldn’t help herself when she wanted to suck cock so bad! Her cunt had started getting all wet and itchy the very first time she’d seen the big cock bulge pulsing in Mr. Nixon’s baggy slacks. Cheryl had offered to suck his balls dry that very first day, and she’d been doing it for him happily every day ever since. The nice thing about sucking his prick was that he was a married man, unlikely to spread the word about what a horny, compulsive cocksucker she was. His cock was delicious, too. Cheryl had her own regrets that this was to be her last day on the job.

“It’s cumming!” Nixon panted. He clutched her head with both hands, violently thrusting his hips forward, jamming his cock lance between her stretched, slurping lips. “Suck it, Cheryl, suck my prick!”

Now came the best part! She tightened her fingers around the root of his hard-on, beginning to jack and stroke the big pisser as hard as she could move her fist. Her slurping, smacking sounds of cock-sucking delight grew even louder.

Cheryl’s enormous tits bobbed and jiggled in her uniform top as she settled into a frantic rhythm of face-fucking, torridly gliding her lips up and down the boss’ big prick.

“Ahhhh, swallow it! Cumming!”

The enormous boner started to spew, pulsating between Cheryl’s clinging lips, showering her tonsils with a gushing spray of cum. Cheryl whimpered happily around the jizz shooting cock lance, loving the taste of the cream so much that she newly came in her panties, without even having to touch herself. Eagerly, she clung to the cum-gushing prick, whipping her fist up and down on the prick shaft, slurping and gurgling contentedly as she drained his balls of the outpouring of jizz.

At last, the boss’ big prick had stopped squirting. Cheryl rose slowly to her feet, still staring hungrily at the stiff, spit-dripping length of his boner. Then she backed up against the door, folding her arms demurely behind her back and looking at her employer with wide, innocent looking eyes.

“Oh, God, that was really a good one,” Nixon groaned. He still slumped against the desk, breathing heavily. “I really am going to be awfully sorry to see you leave, Cheryl. I don’t think I’ll ever meet another girl who can give head like you can. I’ll tell you, I’m downright grateful!”

“Do you think you’d be grateful enough to give me an extra two weeks’ severance pay, Mr. Nixon?”

Nixon frowned, staring at her suspiciously. Cheryl’s mammoth tits heaved in her blouse as she took a deep breath, determined to extract this last favor. She liked Mr. Nixon a lot, but she really did need the money.

“Now, Cheryl,” Nixon frowned. “You know business hasn’t been all that good lately. I’ve already been paying you as much as any of the other girls, including women who’ve worked with me for ten years. An extra two weeks’ severance pay? I think that’s pretty ridiculous, don’t you?”

“Oh, Mr. Nixon! You know I don’t like having to ask you for money and stuff!” Cheryl gushed. “I mean, if it wasn’t for my brother, I’d never be asking at all. Matter of fact, I wouldn’t even be quitting at all, if it wasn’t for Kenny.”

“I know.”

“He’s just our one big chance to make something special out of our family, Mr. Nixon. I mean, if he can just get into the state university and make the varsity team, I know he’ll be a real NFL kicker some day! Really! He’s that good! And I need to move him and me to Metro City to find an apartment, but I just don’t have quite enough money yet. So if you could just… just give me an extra two weeks’ severance pay! You know I’d find a way to pay you back someday!”

“I’m sure you would, Cheryl, but I’m sorry.” Nixon shook his head. “An extra five hundred? It’s out of the question.”

“But what about these, Mr. Nixon?”

Cheryl reached behind her back, still staring at her boss’ big, half-swollen cock shaft as she pulled down the zipper of her uniform dress. Nixon’s eyes bulged in amazement as she pulled it down to her waist, leaving herself naked from the waist up except for the stuffed, lacy-white cups of her bra.

Her huge, creamy-white tits seemed to burst from confinement as she stripped the bra off — two huge, rounded melons with the fattest, reddest, most suckable nipples that William Nixon had ever seen.

Cheryl knew how horny her enormous tits could make a man, and she hated to use them to deliberately manipulate Mr. Nixon for a favor. But she did need the money; she didn’t see how she had a choice. Cheryl deliberately wiggled her shoulders as she waked back up to her boss, making her huge, spongy tits jostle and jiggle provocatively together on her chest.

“Look at these, Mr. Nixon. You’re not just going to miss me ’cause I suck your cock so good, are you? You’re gonna miss me ’cause I’ve got such big, juicy titties too, aren’t you?”

Nixon just stared dazedly down at her huge tits, studying the areolas that were at least three inches wide, with fat, red, thimble-sized nipples. Cheryl took hold of his wrists, drawing his hands down, encouraging him to squeeze and fondle her tits.

“You like the way they feel too, don’t you?”

“I… suppose I do,” Nixon admitted. His big prick was getting very stiff again as he hungrily kneaded and squeezed the mammoth milkers, kneading and rolling their tremendous weight under his hands. The nipples grew even stiffer, poking against his palms.

“See, this is how it is, Mr. Nixon. Metro City, that’s kind of a long way away. It’s not too far away, you understand. I mean, I could come back every once in a while and visit, if I felt like it. But I wouldn’t necessary come back if I didn’t have a good reason to. Do you follow what I’m saying so far?”


“Then please give me the extra two weeks severance pay, Mr. Nixon!” Cheryl leaned closer, lewdly fondling his stiff cock. “You know I want to keep coming back and keep sucking your big boner for you, and letting you slurp on my big boobies and everything. But you gotta give me a reason, Mr. Nixon. You gotta do something extra special nice for me before I go. Now, please, please, won’t you be a sweetie, and pay me for an extra two weeks? Please?”

Cheryl kept jacking on her boss’ huge hard-on, making more pre-cum dribble out of the piss slit as he hungrily fondled her tits.

“Y-yes,” Nixon moaned at last, in a hoarse, croaking voice.

“You mean it?”

“Yes, I’ll give it to you! You know perfectly well you make me too horny to say no!”

“Oh, Mr. Nixon! You’re so wonderful! And now you’ve got a big throbby boner again, don’t you? Gosh, the least I can do now is let you give me a good fucking.”

Cheryl stepped away from him, picking a spot on the carpet that wasn’t already threadbare from fucking sessions they’d enjoyed in the office in the past. She stretched out on it on her back, pulling up her dress so that the uniform was crumpled in a band around her waist. Her giant, fat-nippled tits jiggled as she wiggled out of her panties, exposing her richly furred, very tight and juicy pussy to her boss.

“Go ahead and fuck my cunt just as hard as you want, Mr. Nixon,” she panted. “Just remember to do plenty of titty-sucking at the same time!”

Nixon dropped to his knees between her splayed, creamy-white thighs, staring at her moist, musky-smelling pussy, resisting the urge to give her oozing little cunt a good licking. Instead, he held his prick in his fist, aiming the swollen tip at her throbbing fuck-hole. Cheryl automatically cocked her legs as high as she could, looking down the valley between her tits to watch her boss putting in his prick.

The fat cock head nudged into her pussy, prompting Nixon to gasp as he felt her tight, slippery cuntlips nipping hungrily around his prick. Nixon supported his shoulders on straight arms above her, the helmet-shaped head of his cock throbbing in her cunt. Then he shuddered with need as he started driving in his prick, fucking inch after inch into the creamy, sucking tightness of the blonde teenager’s cunt.

“Unngggh! Oh, Mr. Nixon! Your boner feels so big today!”

Excitedly, Cheryl kept looking down, watching the fat fuck-pole disappearing into her pussy silt. Then her enormous tits started sloshing and jiggling as she humped her horny little ass off the carpet, fucking her cunt onto the satisfying stiffness of her boss’ big cock.

“Fuck my cunt, Mr. Nixon! Unngggh! Oh, oh, your cock’s really stretching me now. It’s stretching my pussy so good! Awwww, Mr. Nixon, I need fucking really bad now! Fuck my pussy, fuck my horny little cunt!”

Nixon sprawled flat on top of her, crushing her enormous, fat-nippled tit mounds under his chest as he sank his fucker in to the hilt. For several seconds, he lay without moving, panting on her shoulder as his aching cock shaft soaked in the clasping, contracting tightness of the teenagers juicy pussy.

Slowly, he raised his hips, withdrawing until only the head of his fucker parted her pussy lips. Cheryl immediately started humping much more exuberantly, the wet need in her pussy prompting her to thrust the furry slit repeatedly onto his prick. The hung, horny boss slammed his cockmeat back into her pussy, then commenced a quick, urgent fucking pace, rhythmically pounding his cum-bloated boner in and out of her cunt.

“Unnggggh! Oh, shit, you’re fucking me good now, Mr. Nixon! Awwww, harder! Fuck my pussy, fuck my horny little pussy! I need a good cum!”

Cheryl locked her ankles together high across her boss’ back. Frantically, she wriggled and humped her blushing, pear-shaped ass beneath him, hearing the gooshing sounds her juicy pussy made as she fucked the clinging slit onto his cock.

His hard-on was getting really stiff again, seeming to hit the back wall of her cunt with every fucking stroke. Cheryl knew that pretty soon her boss’ throbbing cock was going to be sprouting another load of cum deep inside her pussy. She was tempted, even as she fucked him, to ask him to pull it out at the last minute, to let her shove the aching cockshaft into her mouth to suck out the tasty cum instead. Cheryl’s craving for the taste of jizz was so strong that she sometimes thought it was a waste to let it spurt into her pussy. Still, she knew she was too horny to ask her boss to stop now. And she did want to feel the sappy jizz spouting into her pussy, too.

“Fuck my cunt, Mr. Nixon, fuck my horny cunt!” Cheryl gasped. She whipped her bare buns off the carpet in a frenzy of fuck-lust, shuddering every time her boss’ prick plowed to the hilt in her pussy. “Unngggh! Oh, Mr. Nixon, you’re making my pussy cum now! Love your big boner! Ahhhh, yes, fuck the piss out of me! I’m cumming, Mr. Nixon!”

The girl’s tight little pussy erupted in a series of uncontrollable spasms, milking around her boss’ cock lance, sucking and spasming around his hard, pounding prick. Nixon grunted on her shoulder, fucking his waitress’ wet pussy as hard as he possibly could.

In the delirium of her orgasm, Cheryl felt his enormous hard-on growing totally stiff inside her. Then his big prick bucked and twitched as it started to spew out another load of cum.

“Shoot it up my little pussy, Mr. Nixon! Ooooh, it feels so fucking good!”

Nixon fucked her cunt fast and hard, draining his balls completely into the spasming tightness of her pussy slit. When his orgasm finally subsided, Cheryl’s cunt felt as wet as a puddle. She blushed slightly as her boss sprawled on top of her, panting on her shoulder, his cock still stiff inside her.

The only trouble with fucking on the job, she thought, was that sometimes the cock cream leaked out and made sort of a mess in her panties. Then the odor of cum would seem to follow her around all day, prompting some of the other waitresses to giggle at her.

“I’m really gonna miss you, honey,” Nixon panted.

“You forgot to suck my big boobies, Mr. Nixon. Don’t forget, they need attention, too!”

Cheryl pushed up one of her huge tits, offering its blood-red areola and stiff, thimble-sized nipple to her boss’ lips.

Hungrily, Nixon engulfed the red cap of the girl’s enormous tit between his lips. He puckered his cheeks on it, sucking the nipple with wet determination, as determinedly as a suckling baby determined to nurse milk out of his mother’s tits.

“Ooooh, Mr. Nixon,” Cheryl sighed, wriggling beneath him and stroking his hair. “You know I just love it when you suck my big titties like that! It makes my pussy get all tingly! Ooooh, do it harder!”

Nixon held the enormous tit globe with both hands, sucking and smacking hungrily on the stiff nipple.

Cheryl shuddered with pleasure and wondered if he could keep his cock stiff for another fuck. She knew she was doing the right thing in quitting her job and striking out on her own in Metro City. Getting her kid brother into college and onto the football program was worth any sacrifice.

But Cheryl still knew she’d have a lot of reasons for missing her job at Nixon’s Shakes ‘n’ Burgers, too!


“Why, Kenny! What on earth do you think you’re doing on that thing?”

Cheryl’s eighteen year-old kid brother was sitting on the exercise machine in his bedroom, stark naked, grimacing as he worked his way through a set of leg raises. He let the weight fall and looked at his sister sheepishly as she walked in.

“Oh, hi, Sis. I was just trying to iron out a few kinks, that’s all.” He smiled unconvincingly. “The knee’s starting to feel a lot better, Sis! Really! I mean, all I’ve got to do is get the blood flowing in it, and I hardly know it’s hurt at all!”

“That’s nonsense, Kenny, and you know it. You know the doctor told you that the best way to treat it is to just lie right on your ass in bed and let it heal itself.”

“But it seems so silly! I can walk fine.”

“I don’t care if you can do jumping jacks, Kenny! The only reason we’re going to Metro City is to get you onto the college varsity team. And what you can’t do while your knees still hurts is kick like you used to. So get off that machine and get in bed this instant!”

Kenny sighed, then obediently slid off the exercise machine and walked stiffly back to the bed.

Cheryl smiled warmly again as the naked youth slid onto the sheets, bunching several pillows behind his back. And she glanced automatically at his big, meaty prick as she sat beside him on the mattress.

“What it needs is surgery,” Kenny mumbled.

“Yes, I know that, dear,” Cheryl sighed. “But we just don’t have the money for any of that stuff. The next best thing is bed rest. Now, I want you to keep being optimistic, Kenny. I’ll find a job in Metro City that’ll pay rent money and your tuition in college. All you’ve got to do is keep that leg healthy so you can impress Coach Walsh at try-outs and get onto the varsity team.”

“All right,” Kenny sighed dejectedly.

“Oh, honey, you’re just tired of lying round doing nothing, aren’t you? Now, let me just rub that knee of yours and see if I can’t make it feel better all by myself.”

Cheryl leaned across the bed, her enormous tits jiggling in her uniform top as she gently started rubbing her kid brother’s knee. Kenny sighed pleasurably, enjoying his big sister’s soft touch. Soon, his prick started getting stiff, swelling in lewd little jerks on his thigh.

“Oooooh, you like the way big sister rubs your knee, don’t you, Kenny?” Cheryl giggled. “Something big and juicy looking sure is getting stiff in a hurry!”

Kenny just blushed sheepishly, saying nothing as his cock grew completely hard, throbbing stiffly over his navel. Kenny was slightly built for his height, and it surprised many to learn how well he could hold his own on the football field. What was even more surprising, Cheryl felt, was the size of his cock. The teen’s cock was simply enormous; a long, fat fucker that Cheryl adored to suck and fuck. No matter how many pricks she sucked, she knew her favorite prick of all would always belong to her little brother.

“Maybe your knee isn’t the part of your anatomy that really needs attention.”

Cheryl stopped rubbing his knee, slid her right hand up and wrapped it firmly around the blood-beating root of his huge, quivering pisser. Kenny groaned as his big sister started beating his meat for him. He settled low on the bed, spreading his thighs, dazedly watching her glide her skilled fist up and down on his bloated fucker.

Cheryl had started sucking on her kid brother’s cock shortly after his eighteenth birthday. Only a few weeks had passed since the deaths of their parents, and she supposed the shared, hysterical need for emotional support had driven them into each other’s arms, and had broken down the psychological barriers against incest.

It had been one night while tearfully hugging her baby brother that she’d felt his enormous hard-on throbbing against her thigh. With her natural hunger for sucking pricks and swallowing cum, Cheryl had automatically taken Kenny’s prick out of his pants for a long, loving cock-sucking that very night.

She’d been blowing his boner and swallowing his jism every day ever since. As hard as she tried, Cheryl couldn’t find anything really wrong with the practice. Kenny had been over eighteen when they’d started, after all; it wasn’t like she’d seduced a child.

And the simple fact was, her own little brother had the best-tasting cock she’d ever wrapped her lips around in her life. She knew Kenny enjoyed getting regular suck-jobs from her. It wasn’t every boy who had a sexy big sister with such enormous, suckable tits, let alone one who’d suck the cum out of his prick.

“Want me to put my mouth on it now, Kenny?” Cheryl panted.

By now she was jacking his big prick so fast that her fist was a blur. Her feverish meat beating rhythm had already made plenty of precum ooze out of his cock head, coating the spongy cock knob with a sticky sheen.

“Ooooh, your big boner’s sure leaking a lot of stuff now, Kenny! Want me to start sucking it for you?”

“Yes!” Kenny gasped. “Oh, yes, yes!”

Cheryl opened her mouth wide, plunging downward, hungrily slurping the first several inches of her kid brother’s mammoth fucker between her wet, stretched lips. She clasped her mouth around his cock, shutting her eyes in her eagerness to block out all unrelated thoughts. Then she started nursing on her kid brother’s hard-on with a wet, insatiable intensity, hearing her own slurping, gurgling sounds fill the bedroom as she sucked feverishly on the bay’s big, oozing pisser.

Kenny looked down at her dazedly, seeing how red and puckered her cheeks looked, a sure sign that his big-titted sister was completely lost in the tender art of cock-sucking. Up and down Cheryl bobbed her head, her enormous tits quivering in the uniform as she shamelessly fucked her mouth with her young brother’s prick.

The youth’s boner grew progressively stiffer, pulsing on the roof of her mouth, oozing out a steady flow of hot, sappy pre-cum. Contentedly, Cheryl swirled her tongue over and around his pulsing, mushroom-shaped cock head, thrusting her tongue teasingly into his piss hole, wanting to taste every drop of his jizz.

“Do you like the way I suck, little brother?” She popped his prick out of her mouth long enough to give him a teasing look, a strand of saliva hanging luridly between her lips and his cock tip. “Ummmmm, it sure is awfully stiff and sticky now, Kenny. Do you want me to suck really hard now, and make this big boner start squirting?”

Kenny just stared at her, obviously too excited to speak. Cheryl opened her mouth as wide as she could, again plunging her face into his hairy crotch, this time sinking even more of his prick between her lips.

The cockshaft was so swollen that it felt thicker than her wrist, and there was so much pre-cum oozing out of his cock head that it was like licking tasty juice out of a split orange. Cheryl swirled her tongue insatiably around his cock head, swabbing it, coating it with spit. She tightened her fist around the root of his cock lance, then started beating his meaty hard and fast again, her fist a blur as it whipped up and down his prick.

“I’m cumming!” Kenny cried in a choking voice. “Unnngggh! Suck my dick, big sister, suck my stiff, fucking cock! Unnnngggggh! Cumming!”

The kid’s mammoth boner started to spew, blasting cock cream onto the roof of her mouth, spraying thick gobs of cum down his horny sister’s throat. Eagerly, Cheryl clung to the jizz shooting pisser, jacking and sucking cock as hard as she could, determined to milk down every drop of her kid brother’s jizz.

One of the things she loved best about sucking off her little brother was how much cum he always shot off! Her kid brother always shot off big, sometimes spurting forth so much of the tasty, salty jizz that she had to swallow as fast as she could to slurp it all down. And he was cumming the way right now, Cheryl thought, as she insatiably sucked and beat the squirting cock lance, gulping down the frothing white jism until she’d completely drained her kid brother’s balls.

“Umm, that was a nice big one, Kenny,” Cheryl said. She held the big pisser in her right hand, jacking on the spit-dripping cockpole just hard enough to keep the blood in it. “And it’s still awfully stiff too, Kenny. Do you think your knee would feel even better if I let you give my itchy little pussy a good fucking, too?”

“Yeah!” Kenny grinned.

“All right, little brother. Let me just get out of this uniform.”

The busty blonde teenager slid off the bed, staring obsessively at her brother’s cock lance as she started to strip off her uniform. She wasn’t fondling his cock anymore, but she knew the sight of her spectacularly busty bare body would make his cock stiff again, if it went down at all.

Quickly Cheryl pulled off the uniform, leaving herself naked except for her bra and panties. Her brother’s boner pulsed over his belly as she undid the bra, letting her enormous, red-rippled tits jiggle and sway spongily on her chest.

“Gosh, Kenny, sometimes I think you’re the biggest tit freak I know,” Cheryl giggled. “I mean, I know I’ve got a set of really big ones, but your cock always just stands straight up every time you look at ’em!”

“I know!”

“I think you might have a hard time finding a girl to settle down with, little brother. I hope you don’t expect her to be as busty as I am.”

“Shit, I don’t care if she’s flat-chested!” Kenny grinned. “I’ll just keep coming over and visiting you instead!”

“Oh, Kenny! What a thing to say!”

Then Cheryl wiggled out of her panties, realizing that her cunt was so wet and juicy that the crotch band stuck stickily to her cunt fur. That usually happened when she sucked a nice, spewing load of cum out of her kid brother’s boner. Kenny’s prick juice was so warm and tasty that she could almost cum without touching herself, just from sucking his prick and swallowing his jizz.

Now her cunt was throbbing and aching, the pouting pussy lips pulsing in and out with her need to get fucked. The petite blonde sprawled on her back beside her brother, her huge tits slowly rolling to a stop on her chest. She stared at his boner as she splayed her legs wide, opening her curly-haired cunt for the invasion of a nice, big prick.

“Kenny, why don’t you lick it a little first?” Cheryl panted impulsively. “That way, my little pussy’ll just be burning for you to put your cock into it!”

Kenny grinned, then obediently sprawled on his stomach between his big sister’s legs. He spread her thighs wider, helping her drape the backs of her knees over his shoulders. Cheryl shuddered and bit her lip as she felt the first pressure of his wet, swiping tongue between her pussy lips.

“Ooooh, Kenny! That feels so good!”

She slid her hands down, delicately peeling apart her pussy petals with her fingers, exposing the bright, juice-glistening pinkness of her cunt interior, and the fat little bud of her clit. Kenny hungrily started licking and lapping, his cock pulsing between his belly and the bed as he savored the musky aroma of his sister’s wet, ready-for-fucking pussy.

In and out his tongue fucked, thrusting as far up her cunt as he could shove it in. Then Kenny settled into a steady, up-and-down rhythm, lovingly lapping the pussy oils from the oozing depths of his sister’s cunt slit.

“Unnggh, Kenny!” Cheryl’s giant tits started jiggling again as she humped her round little ass off the bed, hungrily thrusting her wet, throbbing pussy on her kid brother’s face. “Now lick my clitty, Kenny! Unnggh, unh! Lick it for me, lick it really good!”

Her clit was fat and protuberant, tingling and aching with its need for a nice, hard licking. Kenny pressed his tongue on the underside of the nubbin, making his big sister’s thighs twitch against his cheeks. Then he started licking the pulsing little clit bud expertly from side to side, sending waves of intense pleasure coursing through her naked body.

“Oh, Kenny!” The naked sister’s tits jiggled as she humped her bare ass furiously off the bed. “Lick it for me, Kenny! That’s right! Oh, lick me, lick me good!”

Kenny straightened two fingers, gooshing them into the narrow, clasping interior of his sister’s spasming fuck-channel. Rhythmically, he started fucking them in and out, making his busty big sister hump her ass even more frantically off the sheets.

He took her clit into his mouth, sucking gently but forcefully, puckering his cheeks around the sensitive nub. Cheryl cried out with pleasure, arching her hips off the sheets as the cum spasms burst through her loins.

“Suck my pussy, suck my horny pussy!” she cried. “Unnnggggh! Cumming now, Kenny! Suck, my cunt, it’s cumming!”

Her aching pussy burst violently into orgasm, throbbing on Kenny’s mouth, her cunt channel sucking and gripping needfully around his fingers. Again and again, the heat of cumming pounded through her pussy, until Cheryl thought she might pass out with the sheer intensity of her lust. But her horny kid brother kept sucking and finger-fucking her, guiding her through the delicious delirium of her orgasm.

“Oh, gosh, Kenny, that was a really good one!” Cheryl panted. “Now hurry up and fuck me, little brother! My pussy needs your big prick!”

The sucking had left her pussy hot, swollen, and slickened with a lewd mixture of pussy juice and spit. The pouting pussy lips pulsed in and out with Cheryl’s need for a long, hard cunt drilling from her brother’s giant pussy-pleaser.

Kenny rose to his knees, smiling at his sister, licking the pussy juice from the corners of his mouth. He held his cock in his hand as he loomed up in position between her spread thighs, aiming his blood-beating cock head at her gooey fuck-hole. Again, the horny blonde stared down the valley between her enormous tits, wriggling her ass as she watched her brother fitting his cock head into her cunt.

“I can feel it going in, Kenny! Ooooh, it really feels fat!”

Kenny pushed his big cock lance up his sister’s juicy cunt, sighing with pleasure as he felt the glove-tight fucking channel spasm welcomingly around his cock meat. In and in the boy’s immense boner pushed, giving Cheryl’s cunt the big, meaty pussy-prober to suck on that she’d wanted. The big-titted blonde started humping when half the cockmeat was stuffed inside her, eagerly thrusting her hot fuck-hole onto the satisfying stiffness of her young brother’s cock.

“Unngggh! Feels so good, Kenny! Awwww, fuck my pussy, fuck my horny little pussy! You know I love it, Kenny! My pussy loves your cock so much!”

Kenny grunted, coming down hard, ramming every inch of his blood-beating fucker up his sister’s pussy in one hard stroke.

For several seconds, he lay flat on her naked body, crushing her big tits under his chest, letting her tight, stretched pussy suck and spasm around his prick. Then Kenny started fucking his horny sister, fast and hard, making the bed squeak beneath them as he rammed his huge fucker in and out of her buttery cunt slit.

“That’s right, Kenny! Unh, ungh, unh! My pussy’s getting really juicy now!” Shamelessly, the naked teenager humped and wiggled to meet her brother’s rhythm. “Fuck my tight pussy, Kenny! Unh, ungh, unh! Fuck my horny pussy just as hard as you can!”

Kenny picked up the pace of his fucking, panting on his sister’s shoulder as his huge prick soaked in the buttery juices of her cunt. In and out his massive fucker sawed, spearing deeper into her pussy with every savage thrust.

Cheryl’s expression contorted with the intense pleasure of the incestuous fuck-session, feeling her juice-oozing cunt hole beginning to suck and contract around her brother’s prick. She twined her arms tightly around his shoulders, clawing his back in a desperate attempt to make him shove his boner even harder and deeper inside her.

“Kenny — think I’m gonna cum now!” she gasped. “Unngggh, oh fuck, my little pussy’s getting super itchy now! Need hard fucking, Kenny! Unh, unh unh, oh, yes, ram my pussy, ram my horny little pussy! Oh, Kenny, I’m really gonna cum hard!”

Kenny started fucking his horny sister as hard as he could, relentlessly ramming his boner in and out of her cunt. Cheryl felt the luscious heat of cumming mounting deep inside her belly. Suddenly the orgasm exploded through her loins, making her nipples tingle and her asshole pucker, her expression contorting obscenely with need as her cock-stuffed pussy sucked and gripped around her brother’s prick.

“I’m cumming, Kenny! Fuck my cunt, fuck my horny cunt hole! Cumming, cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

Kenny kept fucking his sister’s cum-throbbing pussy as hard as he could, guiding her through her orgasm. Then he suddenly rammed his prick to the hilt in her cunt, shuddering as his balls vented another load of spewing cum.

Cheryl felt his cum-load spouting and streaming deep inside her, showering her aching fuck channel with a soothing sheen of jizz. Feverishly, she kept wiggling and humping beneath her naked, horny kid brother, flexing her fucking muscles around his cum-squirting prick, helping him to drain out every droplet of cock cream.


“Nixon’s Shakes ‘n’ Burgers?” Judd Kramer, owner of Metro City Employment, squinted at the resume on his desk and shook his head decisively. “And you’re looking for a secretarial position? No, Cheryl, I’m very sorry. It’s out of the question. The only position I could help you find would be waitress work. And I’m afraid it wouldn’t pay very well, as every really blue-chip restaurant in town is full up. Again, I’m sorry.”

Cheryl squirmed miserably in the hard chair facing the handsome, forty year-old employment counselor’s desk. Through her mind raced a jumble of figures, some related to the minimum and she and Kenny would need to get by each month, some to the student loans he’d secure as a first-year student at the university. The bottom line was that she’d never make ends meet if she didn’t make at least $1,200 a month.

“Mr. Kramer, there’s just got to be something,” she said desperately. “I mean, well, I’m not a really good typist, but fifty words-per-minute’s nothing to sneeze at! And I’m conscientious and everything, and I’m a fast learner. There’s just gotta be something!”

“As I said, Cheryl, I wish I could help.”

Kramer folded his arms across his chest and leaned back behind the desk, giving Cheryl a stony look that indicated that, as far as he was concerned, the interview was over. Then, as Cheryl had known it would, his gaze wandered lower, taking in her enormous tits. She hadn’t deliberately dressed that day to show off her huge tits, but it was impossible to conceal their size, at least in proportion to her otherwise petite, slender body. The nineteen year-old blonde had long ago grown so accustomed to having men ogle her big tits that she tended to take such stares for granted.

But Cheryl knew now that she had to put her great tits to good use, just as she she’d used them with Mr. Nixon. She didn’t like the idea of having to fuck an employment agent to get a job. But Mr. Kramer was attractive, and the main thing was that she’d already visited several employment agencies that day, who’d all told her the same, discouraging thing.

“Mr. Kramer, look at me.”

Kramer did look up, apparently surprised by this novel tack. Cheryl rose and carefully positioned herself in front of his desk, gripping its edges and leaning forward in a way that made her frilly dress top gap open as far as possible, showing off her big tits.

“Mr. Kramer, I need a secretarial job. I mean, I know my problems aren’t important to you or anything, but I’ve got a lot riding on this. I know you could help me at least get an interview if you’d put your thinking cap on. Honest, Mr. Kramer, I’ll just do anything if you’ll help me out. I mean it! Absolutely anything!”

The tall, handsome man made a choking sound, trying not to stare at Cheryl’s deep cleavage.

“Young lady, I admire your persistence, but I’m terribly sorry…”

“Mr. Kramer, do you mind if I ask you kind of a personal question?” Cheryl interrupted.

“What is it now?”

“How come you keep staring at my tits?”

Mr. Kramer’s mouth dropped open. Cheryl slid around to his side of the desk, standing close beside him, her mammoth tits heaving in her tight, clinging dress top.

“Well, I… I… er…”

“I already know I’ve got a couple of really big ones, Mr. Kramer. And I sure hope that me having giant titties isn’t the reason you’re not helping me out. I mean, some people can’t help thinking that a girl with really huge breasts doesn’t have any brains. You’re not like that, are you?”

“N-no, Cheryl, I’m…”

“Then how come you keep staring at ’em so much? Do you wanna see ’em, Mr. Kramer? I mean, I don’t mind taking off my dress and letting you look at my big tits, if you want. Maybe that’ll help you take your mind off of ’em afterward, so you can get serious about helping me find a job!”

Kramer just gaped at her, unable to believe his eyes and ears.

Cheryl swiftly reached behind her back, unzipping the dress and letting it slide from her slim hips to the floor. She stepped out of it and her high heels at the same time.

As usual, she’d skipped stockings. All she wore now were her skimpy, bun-hugging bikini panties and her overstuffed bra. The bra cups were opaque, but Cheryl’s nipples were so red that Kramer could still clearly see her areolas through them. The employment agent’s face reddened, a big cock bulge forming in his slacks.

“Cheryl, please…”

“Look at this, Mr. Kramer.”

Cheryl again reached behind her back, undoing her bra. Her enormous, milk-white tits jiggled out of confinement, bobbing firmly on her chest. Brazenly, Cheryl stepped closer, her tits slapping pendulously together as she draped one giant tit against his face.

“Go ahead and play with it, Mr. Kramer. I don’t mind.”

The forty year-old business owner seemed to be fighting for self-control. At last he gave in, his face red as he raised his hands, filling all ten fingers with the spongy enormity of the blonde girl’s super-sized whoppers. Hungrily, he milked and squeezed the tremendous tit globes, and now the cock bulge in his pants was throbbing obscenely.

“What’s that big, stiff thing sticking up in your pants, Mr. Kramer?”

“Well, I…”

“Does playing with my titties giving you a big boner?”

Kramer obviously couldn’t think of anything to say. Cheryl knew she had to move fast, before the horny employment agent realized what they were doing, and, more important, where they were doing it. Swiftly, she pushed his chair back, giving her enough room to kneel in front of him. Cheryl looked up at him unashamedly as she started fondling his throbbing prick through his slacks.

“Gosh, Mr. Kramer, you sure do have a big, stiff cock for somebody who’s supposed to be helping me find a job! Maybe the reason you can’t help me is that this big old boner of yours is throbbing too hard for you to concentrate. Maybe if I just shove this big cock in my mouth and suck the jizz out for you, you’ll be able to concentrate better. Now how does that sound?”

Kramer just stared down at her speechlessly. Cheryl quickly undid his belt and pulled down his zipper, roughly yanking his pants and shorts down to his knees. Then her eyes widened in happy surprise as she saw the length and thickness of the man’s enormous, cum-clogged pussy-pleaser twitching over his navel.

“Oooooh, Mr. Kramer! You’ve really got a big one!”

Cheryl eagerly wrapped both hands around the mammoth stalk of fuck-meat, shuddering as she felt her easily aroused pussy creaming heavily in her panties.

She tightened her right hand around the root of his cock, and then she started jacking the stiff pisser rapidly. Up and down her hand stroked, soon moving in a blur, the jacking rhythm making his piss hole open to spit out little droplets of pre-cum. Cheryl lowered her head, lovingly swabbing his spongy prick head, coating the meaty crown with a glistening sheen of spit. Then she started jacking Mr. Kramer’s boner harder than ever, still holding his gaze with her wide, baby-blue eyes.

“Is this making you feel different about finding a job for me, Mr. Kramer?”

Kramer moved his lips, but no words came out. Cheryl opened her mouth as wide as she could, plunging her lips on the reddened, oozing cock tip. She thrust the boner as far down her gullet as she could take it, nearly choking herself in her frenzied eagerness to suck in all of his cock meat.

Puckering her cheeks, the busty blonde teenager started a frantic, clinging cock-sucking, contentedly smacking and slurping around the jizz-oozing stiffness of Kramer’s fuck-meat.

Kramer moaned, wriggling on the chair, excitedly clutching her head with both hands. Urgently, he started thrusting his hips off the seat, fucking his aching boner in and out between her clasping, sucking lips.

“Oh, that feels good!” he moaned, at last voicing his pleasure. “S-suck it, Cheryl! Oh, what a sweet little cock-sucker you are! Oh, do it hard!”

Cheryl knew it would have been best to bargain further with the counselor before she made his prick too stiff, but by then she was too horny for cock-sucking to let up for even a second. Mr. Kramer really did have an incredibly long, fat cock, and it was nearly as tasty to suck on as her little brother’s cock. Cheryl felt famished for a load of cock cream as she bobbed her head faster, her enormous tits jiggling as she rhythmically fucked her mouth with Kramer’s big prick.

“Harder, oh, suck hard!”

His cock was growing extremely stiff now, moments away from showering her tonsils with a healthy outpouring of jism. Again, Cheryl told herself to stop while she still had time. She was sucking cock for a purpose, she reminded herself, not just to treat herself to another gut warming load of cum.

But she just couldn’t make herself stop quite yet. Gosh, he sure did have neat-tasting pisser! Cheryl sucked harder than ever, her whole face reddening with the torrid intensity of her cocksucking. She tightened her fingers around the root of his fucker, jacking the cockshaft as hard and fast as she could move her hand. Her fist was a blur as it tore up and down his veined cock trunk, wildly beating his meat from the hairy root to her sucking lips.

“Gonna cum! Oh, keep sucking, Cheryl! Suck it good! Gonna cum!”

At last, Cheryl made herself stop. Her hunger for the tonsil-basting load of cum was so great by then that she actually felt thirsty for it, but still, she had, to put business before pleasure. Cheryl clamped her thumb and forefinger firmly on the tip of his prick, to prevent any of the white cum from spilling out. She kept whipping her hand slowly up and down his prick as she looked deliberately into his eyes.

“Mr. Kramer, I asked you a question before, and you didn’t answer me,” she said softly. “I wanted to know if the way I suck cock made you think twice about helping me find a job.”

“Oh, God, why are you stopping now?!” Kramer gasped. He grimaced, his swollen boner pulsing violently with its need for release, still trapped in her stroking, jacking fist. “Just… just keep sucking it! Make me cum first! We’ll talk about all that later! Please, please, just suck my cock!”

“Uh-uh, Mr. Kramer. You gotta promise to help me find a job first. A good job too, one that pays at least twelve hundred a month.” Pinching his cock head tightly, Cheryl jacked his prick harder than ever, going for the close. “I’ll let you fuck me after you shoot your wad, Mr. Kramer. Honest, I will! And I’ll even let you suck my big titties some more, too!”

“All… all… right!” Kramer panted at last. “All right, anything! Just let me cum!”

“That’s a good boy, Mr. Kramer!”

Cheryl stopped pinching his cock head, again opening her mouth wide and plunging her lips onto the bloated, beet-red cock head. She wrapped her lips around his veined, aching cock shaft, and then she started jacking and sucking even harder than before, knowing that her cocksucking efforts were about to be rewarded with an incredible shower of jizz.

She wasn’t disappointed. The sappy white jism seemed to literally erupt from his cock head, blasting on the roof of her mouth and fountaining down her throat in a memorable shower of hot, salty-tasting cum.

Cheryl clung to the man’s jizz spraying pisser, whipping her fist up and down, smacking and gurgling louder than ever as she started gulping down cock cream at the same time as she sucked. Again and again, the frothy white cum gushed out of his prick head, warming her belly. Cheryl kept sucking and beating his meat for a minute straight, until she’d nursed the last droplets of cum out of the agent’s prick.

At that point, Cheryl had sucked cock so hard and swallowed such a bellyful of jizz that it wouldn’t have surprised her if Mr. Kramer had lost his hard-on immediately. Instead, he surprised her. As she continued fondling and licking his big prick, she was delighted to realize that it had lost none of its stiffness. If anything, his cock throbbed more dramatically than ever as Mr. Kramer gazed with open hunger at her magnificently curvaceous body. It had obviously been a long time since the horny forty year-old had fucked a pretty blonde teenager with really big tits.

“Ooooh, Mr. Kramer. Your prick’s still so stiff! I think it’s plenty hard enough to push up my pussy now, even if my cunt is awfully tight. Do you feel like lying on top of me now, Mr. Kramer, and giving my tight little cunt a good fucking?”

Kramer nodded his head eagerly. By that time, the joy she’d derived from the cocksucking had made Cheryl’s cunt so wet that her whole panty crotch area felt sticky with oozing cunt juice. The big-titted teenager slid sideways on the floor, still staring at Mr. Kramer’s boner as she wriggled out of her panties.

“Better take your pants off the rest of the way, Mr. Kramer. You’re not going to be able to fuck very well with your slacks bunched around your knees like that.”

Kramer did as she suggested, staring transfixedly at her spectacular, naked body as he stripped nude from the waist down. By then, Cheryl was lying on her back on the rug with her legs spread wide, her knees hovering over her shoulders as she completely opened up her curly-haired pussy for the invasion of a big, hard prick.

“Hurry up and lie on top of me, Mr. Kramer! My pussy needs a good fucking really bad!”

Again, Kramer did as he was told. He held his cock in his hand as he mounted her, nudging its spongy tip between the pouting lips of her moist, swollen, itchy-for-fucking cunt. Cheryl raised her head, watching the veined prick shaft boring into her. Her pretty, youthful face contorted with pleasure as she felt her pussy hole stretching wide to suck around the big, womb-probing prick.

“Oh, Mr. Kramer! Unggggh! You really do have a big one! Unnngggh! Fuck my pussy, Mr. Kramer! Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck my juicy cunt!”

Kramer was securely in position above her, bracing his shoulders on straight arms, every inch of his mammoth fucker throbbing deep inside her buttery, clinging pussy channel. Then the man started humping furiously, surprising Cheryl with his skill and energy as he worked his muscular ass cheeks up and down, steadily pounding her drippy little pussy hole with the in-out thrusts of his prick.

“Unngggh! Oh, Mr. Kramer! You’re fucking my pussy good, Mr. Kramer! Harder now! Fuck my pussy, fuck my horny little pussy! Oh, shit, oh, fuck, my pussy needs a good cum!”

Cheryl whipped her blushing ass cheeks frantically off the floor, her giant tit melons undulating spongily as she rhythmically fucked her glove-tight pussy onto his prick. Kramer let his arms bend, now supporting his weight on his elbows as his cock kept fucking in and out of her cunt. Soon he was fucking her much harder than before, their bellies slapping sweatily together as he drilled his freshly jizz-laden pisser into her pussy as hard as he could.

“Fuck my cunt, Mr. Kramer, fuck my horny cunt!”

Cheryl cocked her thighs higher, scissoring her ankles together high across his back. Then she started humping and wiggling in a frenzy of fucking passion, tirelessly thrusting her spasming, juice-oozing pussy onto the cunt pleasing length of his cock.

“Unngggh! Love your big cock, Mr. Kramer! Oh, fuck, you’re making me cum with it! Unngggh! Fuck my pussy, fuck my horny little pussy! Ahhhh, cumming now!”

Her pussy erupted in a series of uncontrollable spasms, milking and nursing around his fucker, holding the cockshaft deep inside her body as the musky-smelling fuck oils spewed uncontrollably out of her pussy slit. Kramer kept fucking the piss out of her, now sprawled flat on her naked body, clutching her hips as he relentlessly rammed his giant fuck-shaft in and out of her cunt.

“I’m cumming, too!” he gasped. “Take it… tak… take it…” He collapsed between her thighs, nailing his prick to the hilt in the cum-spasming sheath of her pussy. Then a gigantic second load of cum gushed out of his stiff fuck-organ, spraying and spewing non-stop into the gooey depths of Cheryl’s well-fucked cunt. Cheryl whimpered with delight, wriggling beneath him, feeling the sticky white cum basting the insides of her pussy. Hornily, she flexed her fucking muscles around the long, fat, cum-shooting cock, helping the employment agent to shoot out every delicious drop.

“Okay, Mr. Kramer,” she panted, when she finally felt his prick getting soft. “Now you have to keep your end of the bargain. Where do I get to look for a job?”

“Muh-muh-Metro Industries,” Kramer moaned, panting the words on her shoulder. “I’ll call personnel tomorrow, set you up with an interview. They… they must have something. They’re the biggest employer in the whole fucking town!”

“Well, gosh, Mr. Kramer!” In spite of herself, Cheryl felt irritated. “Why didn’t you tell me about this Metro Industries before?”

“Because I’m using up a favor, that’s why!”

Kramer pulled his wilting prick out of her pussy, absentmindedly wiping the sticky tip off on her inner leg. Cheryl shook her head and gazed disgustedly at the ceiling as she felt the sticky white jism dribbling back out of her hairy cunt.

It wasn’t what you knew, it was who you fucked!


“I-I guess… didn’t do all that great on the typing test, huh?” Cheryl mumbled.

“No, you didn’t,” Bill Wayne agreed. He was the personnel director at Metro Industries.

“I really can type around fifty words per minute sometimes,” Cheryl said hastily. “Once in a while I can, anyhow. It’s really just a matter of getting used to the keyboard. I mean, if I’d just been used to the keyboard, I think…”

“Thirty words per minute,” Bill Wayne interrupted, “is a long way from fifty.”

Bill Wayne leaned back in the swivel chair behind his desk, still studying Cheryl’s typing test, frowning at it. Cheryl squirmed miserably and tried to keep herself from getting discouraged. In the two days that had elasped since her “interview” with Mr. Kramer, she’d felt herself putting a bigger and bigger stake on her prospects with Metro Industries. She really needed to get a job here. It was the biggest employer in town, and everyone else had been slamming doors in her face.

“Maybe there’s an entry-level secretarial position somewhere in Metro Industries that I…”

“With thirty words per minute typing speed?” Wayne shook his head.

He was a handsome enough guy, Cheryl thought, big and husky-looking and about thirty-five years old, but she supposed it wasn’t surprising that the director of personnel had such a quick knack for acting like an asshole.

“Sorry. That’s just too slow. No way,” he said.

Cheryl heaved a deep sigh. “Then isn’t there some job you could help me find here? I mean, I’m really kind of desperate, Mr. Wayne. I really need a job!”

Wayne leaned back in his chair again, folding his arms behind his head and studying Cheryl with narrowed eyes and pursed lips.

Something’s gonna happen, Cheryl thought. And she wasn’t disappointed. The personnel director lowered his gaze slightly but significantly, obviously treating himself to an eyeful of the pretty blonde teenager’s enormous tits.

“I could use a personal secretary,” he said.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me. A personal secretary.” He took a long look around his private office, down the hall and completely separate from the bustling personnel pool Cheryl had walked through when she’d arrived for her interview. “A secretary just for me, personally. Type my letters for me, take phone calls for me.” He gestured to a small desk in the corner. “You could work right there, just fine.”

“But…” Cheryl took a deep breath, already sure of what was coming. “I guess I don’t understand, Mr. Wayne. You already said that my typing speed’s not that great, and there are all those other girls in the steno pool I saw…”

Suddenly the personnel director’s face broke into a broad, leering grin. “Let’s just say they don’t have the right qualifications, Cheryl.” He looked at her giant tits again. “I think you do, though. As a matter of fact, I’ve been waiting for a cute little girl like you to come along for quite some time now.”

“All right, Mr. Wayne!”

Cheryl stood up, breathing hard, blushing as she felt how conspicuously her tits were heaving under her frilly top. Mr. Wayne just smiled pleasantly.

“Mr. Wayne, I hope this isn’t rude of me, but do you mind if I ask you a personal question?”

“Go right ahead.”

“Do… do you w… do you want me for your personal secretary,” she said, gesturing at her huge tits, “because of these?”

“Oh, I guess you could say they have something to do with it.”

“Mr. Wayne, I think that’s very wrong of you! I mean, just… just ’cause I’m busty and everything, that doesn’t mean I’m just a horny little slut who wants to go around fucking everybody in town. I mean, my intentions were very sincere in coming here for an interview, and I don’t think…”

“Have it your way,” Wayne shrugged. “The only opening I’ve got is for a personal secretary. Take it or leave it.”

The man grinned again, dropping his hand to his lap to brazenly rub the big, pulsing boner that now showed plainly through his slacks.

Cheryl thought about it. First she thought about her wonderful little brother Kenny, the dreams he’d had since childhood of someday being a kicker in the NFL. The only way for him to achieve that goal was to make the varsity team at the university, and the only way for him to do that was if Cheryl could find a job to support both of them.

“All… all right,” she said at last. “When do I start, Mr. Wayne?”

“Oh, tomorrow morning should be just fine,” Wayne grinned. “Be sure to wear a nice, tight blouse.”


“Harder, damn it!” Wayne panted. “Came on, I’m in a hurry! Make it squirt!”

Cheryl was on her knees, early the next morning, her huge tits jiggling in a tight, turtleneck blouse as she bobbed her face feverishly in the personnel director’s lap, fucking her mouth with his prick.

Gosh, this sure was a hard way to make the money she needed. The only good part about it, Cheryl thought, was that Mr. Wayne had turned out to have such a big, meaty prick. He’d shown it to her as soon as she’d arrived for work a half-hour before, locking the door and then sprawling on his swivel chair, whipping open his zipper. As soon as she’d seen the length and thickness of the boner standing out of his slacks, Cheryl had felt her pussy getting wet in a hurry. No matter how gross she thought it was to have to go down on her new boss like this, she still thought he had a big, neat, thoroughly suckable cock.

“Come on, suck it!” Wayne panted. “Can’t you do any better than that? I need to cum!”

Even with her mouth jammed with hard cock, Cheryl felt herself getting little bit angry. No one had ever questioned her cock-sucking abilities before, even men who’d been sucked off by pros! Kneeling with her new boss’ prick crammed between her lips, Cheryl decided that she’d show him that she really did know a thing or two about cock-sucking after all.

She tightened her fingers around the root of his meaty prick, marveling at the thickness of the cock shaft that pulsed between her fingers. Then Cheryl started jacking on his boner as hard as she could, her fist flying up and down the prick shaft between the hairy root and her sucking lips.

She forced her mouth to open farther, nearly choking herself as she jammed another half-inch of his fucker between her lips. Then the busty teenage secretary started sucking cock as hard as she could, her whole face reddening with the intensity of her suck-job.

“Oh, shit, that’s better!” Wayne panted. His handsome face contorted into an obscene smile as his cock grew stiffer, milked to total hardness by the whirlpool-like wetness of her mouth. “Yeah, that’s a good little cock-sucker!” He clutched her head tightly, thrusting his hips off the chair. “Suck it now, damn you! Suck it hard, make me cum!”

Cheryl kept sucking as hard as she could, alternating between puckering her cheeks sharply inward and puffing them out again, working on his spongy cock head like a sexual vacuum cleaner. She jacked on his big pisser so hard her wrist ached, furiously whipping her hand up and down the cock shaft. Plenty of pre-cum was oozing out of his piss hole now, and she lapped up every droplet with her swirling, swiping, slobbering tongue.

“Gonna shoot it!” Wayne panted. “Suck my prick, Cheryl, suck my prick! Oh, fuck, fuck, gonna cum!”

Cheryl moved her left hand between his thighs, tenderly clutching his ball bag, marveling at how heavy and bloated his balls felt. She squeezed his balls and jacked his throbbing boner at the same time, her slurping, gurgling sounds of cock-sucking pleasure now filling the whole office. Tirelessly, she bobbed her face on his crotch, urging her new boss to spew a big, hot load of cum down her throat.

“Swallow it! Cumming! Ahhhhhh!”

The milky white jizz started spewing, making the huge cock lance buck and pulse as it disgorged great, sticky gobs of cock cream between her lips. Repeatedly, the frothing torrent spewed out of his prick lance, spurting on the roof of her mouth, basting her tonsils with the flowing load of cock cream.

Cheryl clung eagerly to his boner, feeling her pussy getting deliciously wet and sticky as she savored the taste of his shooting jizz. She jacked his prick slow and hard now, draining the cumload out of his stiff pisser, continuing to suck cock and swallow cum until she’d drained the last droplets of cum out of his balls.

“Well, Mr. Wayne?” Cheryl said, when his cum had subsided. She slid the big, drippy fucker out of her mouth, looking up at him with flushed cheeks and an embarrassed expression. “Still think I’m nothing but an amateur?”

“That wasn’t bad,” Wayne admitted. He pushed her roughly away, tucking his wet cock back into his slacks and pulling up the zipper. “Not bad at all. Now why don’t you just split, so I can get some work done now? Okay?”

“Excuse me?”

“Hey, you heard me,” Wayne said, almost sneering. “I hired you because you’ve got big tits and a good mouth, okay? I’ve been working here a long time. I can get away with giving myself an occasional perk. But there’s no way I want you around getting in my hair when I’ve got real work to do. Now, there’s a desk in the steno pool all set up for you. Why don’t you just go out there and make yourself busy with something until I call you in again?”

“But… but… but I… was supposed to be working with you in here!”

“I changed my mind,” Wayne grinned. “Now vamoose, okay? Don’t call me, I’ll call you! Scram!”

Cheryl hesitated a moment longer, then blushingly left the office, still tasting her new boss’ prick juice on her lips. He sure did have a big, meaty pisser to suck the cum out of, but she definitely didn’t like being treated like a whore.

But the important thing was that it would help make ends meet until Kenny was locked in as the starting kicker. She’d just have to keep reminding herself of how much she needed the money!


Mr. Wayne didn’t call her back into the office until the middle of the afternoon. By then, Cheryl was grateful to get out of the steno pool, no matter what her new boss wanted her to do. It was awful out there! She didn’t have a thing to do, and all the other girls seemed to know it. She’d heard plenty of whispering and giggling behind her back while she’d tried to make herself look useful with a bunch of meaningless paperwork she’d found on her desk.

A lot of the whispering and giggling, of course, had to do with the size of her tits. Cheryl was proud that her tits were so huge, but she still didn’t think it was fair that other women should be prejudiced against her because her tits were so big. It was true, in this case, that her spectacular chest size was the reason she had the job. But that wasn’t the sort of job she’d wanted to get. Cheryl almost wished she could confront one of the girls and tell her the truth…

“Now let’s have a look at those big, juicy tits!” Mr. Wayne said.

He was still sitting behind the desk, exactly where he’d been when she’d left his office that morning, as if he hadn’t moved once since getting his cock sucked. He folded his arms behind his head, looking pleased as he stared hungrily at Cheryl’s tits.

“Excuse me,” she murmured.

“Come on. I didn’t hire you to act coy.” The personnel director rubbed his crotch. “I haven’t seen your tits lately. Why do you think I asked you to wear that sweater to work? What are you, stupid? Now take it off and show me those big knockers of yours!”

Cheryl pursed her lips in a girlish pout, wondering how much longer she was going to have to take this abuse. But her pussy was getting wet again in spite of herself, as she remembered how big and meaty her boss’ prick was, and what a big cum-load the man had spewed down her throat.

Cheryl grasped the bottom of the sweater and pulled it up, revealing her tiny waist and girlishly rounded belly. As usual, she had to struggle to get the sweater over her enormous, bra-encased tits. Her new boss rubbed his cock bulge harder as she pulled the sweater off her shoulders, leaving herself naked from the waist up except for her bra.

“That, too,” he said.

“You sure are demanding, Mr. Wayne.”

But the busty blonde teenager did as she was told, reaching behind her back to undo the clasp keeping her giant milkers in the harness. The bra fluttered to the floor, and her spongy, white tits tumbled out, jiggling lightly as she stood submissively before her employer.

“Jesus, they’re big!” Wayne panted. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a cute, skinny little girl with such huge jugs!” He gestured impatiently. “Now the slacks too! Panties, everything! I want you naked!”

“Gosh, Mr. Wayne! You could at least try being polite!”

But, again, Cheryl did as she was told. Besides, she could feel her pussy getting juicy. The slacks were quite tight, and she had to wiggle her ass to peel the pants over the cute, rounded cheeks of her panty-clad ass. Then she skinned the slacks down her sleek, tapering legs, pausing to tease her boss a moment longer before taking off the panties, too.

Now she was completely naked.

Cheryl stood in front of him, conscious of his eyes shifting rapidly between her huge, fat nippled tits and the dense, hairy triangle of her cunt.

Mr. Wayne stood up, and Cheryl saw that he’d taken off his pants. His giant, twitching boner wagged obscenely before him as he came around from behind the desk.

“On your back, on the floor,” he demanded. “Right now!”

Cheryl did as he asked, unable to stop staring at his big hard-on, her pussy getting hotter and creamier as she realized that she was in for a nice, hard fucking. She wiggled her ass into a comfortable position on the rug, still staring at Mr. Wayne’s prick as she cocked up her thighs and spread them wide apart.

But Mr. Wayne apparently didn’t want to fuck her yet. Instead he sprawled on his stomach between her thighs, facing the curly-haired lips of her cunt. Cheryl’s pussy was very wet and gooey now, more than wet enough to stretch for a big prick like her boss’. But apparently Mr. Wayne had a taste for pussy-licking that he hadn’t told her about yet.

He leaned forward, groaning with desire as he pressed his mouth on the pouting lips of Cheryl’s pussy. Cheryl looked down in happy surprise, biting her lip and grimacing with need as she felt the first pressure of his tongue in her cunt hole, sluicing up and down between the swollen inner lips of her hot, aching fuck-hole.

“You like that, don’t you?” her boss asked.

“Oh, yes!”

Wayne pushed his hands up, gently peeling open her pussy folds with his fingers. Then he started licking avidly, running his tongue rhythmically up and down between the swollen, prick folds of her wet, juicy cunt. Cheryl bit her lips, feeling her pussy hole starting to spasm and pulse.

She just loved getting her cunt licked! Mr. Wayne sure was a demanding asshole, but he sure knew how to make her horny, too!

The man’s tongue probed hungrily, thrusting deep inside her musky-tasting cunt slit one moment, then tenderly licking and swabbing the glistening interior of her pussy trough. Cheryl whimpered with need, her enormous, stiff nippled tits jiggling as she started humping her ass off the floor, eagerly fucking her wet cunt hole on her boss’ tongue. Then Mr. Wayne started licking higher, his tongue flicking on her clit.

“Yes, y-y-yessss!” Cheryl hissed. “Unngggh! Oh, it feels so good when you lick me there, Mr. Wayne! Ungggh! Oh, my clitty’s so swollen! Suck it, Mr. Wayne, suck it good for me!” Wayne took her fat, tingling clit bud between his lips. He sucked her clit gently yet forcefully, puckering his cheeks around it, drawing it out of its protective folds as if he were nursing on a tiny prick. Then he started sucking less and licking more, keeping the pressure on the underside of the fat little bud as he licked from side to side with his sliding, rasping tongue.

“Ummgggh! Oh, fuck, Mr. Wayne, oh fuck, oh, shit!” As usual, Cheryl couldn’t control her dirty mouth when a guy did a really good job of licking her pussy. “Oh, oh, gosh, my pussy’s getting super wet now! Suck my fucking little clitty, Mr. Wayne! Unh, lick it, unh, lick it good!”

Wayne alternated between licking and sucking, straightening two fingers at the same time, gooshing them into the narrow, clinging interior of her pussy. Then he started to finger-fuck her wet, throbbing cunt hole fast and hard, simultaneously slurping and licking her tingling, pulsing clit.

“I’m cumming, Mr. Wayne! Ungggh! Oh, fuck, damn you, suck it! Suck, suck, ohhhh, Mr. Wayne! Cumming now!”

The big titted blonde burst violently into orgasm her enormous tits bouncing and jiggling as she frantically tucked her wet, cumming pussy onto her boss’ mouth and hand.

Wayne expertly kept jacking and sucking, guiding her through the intensity of her orgasm. Then, abruptly, he raised his head from her steaming pussy mound, rising to his knees between her legs.

“All right, that’s enough. You’ve had your orgasm. Now I want mine. Get on your hands and knees!”

Cheryl just looked up at him dazedly. She felt comfortable just lying on her back with her legs up and open, her pussy all slick and open, ready to take a big, cunt-ramming prick. Why couldn’t Mr. Wayne just lie on top of her now and fuck the shit out of her the regular way?

“What’s the matter with you?” Wayne said irritably. “Are you deaf? Get on your hands and knees this instant!”

Gosh, what an asshole he was! But Cheryl still did as she was told, thinking of both the money and her wet, throbbing pussy as she twisted around into the dog-fucking position on the rug. She spread her knees apart, automatically wiggling her round little ass enticingly at her boss, thinking about how good it would feel when he fucked his big prick in to the hilt.

Then the busty teenager braced her elbows on the rug and dropped her shoulders low, her enormous tits swaying over the carpet. Impatiently, she looked over her shoulder, waiting to feel her cunt stuffed.

“Go ahead and shove it in, Mr. Wayne!”

Wayne held his cock in hand, knee-walking forward, staring at Cheryl’s curly-haired pussy and the small, delicately puckered ring of her asshole. He nudged his prick into her cunt, watching the meaty boner disappear between her slick, clasping pussy lips. Cheryl shuddered and bit her lip as she felt the cock meat sliding in, stuffing her pussy to bursting.

“Oh, Mr. Wayne! You sure do have a big one!”

Cheryl started humping immediately, too horny to control herself, her huge tits jiggling over the rug as she started wiggling her ass and fucking her tight cunt onto his cock. Wayne held her hips tightly, still staring at her pussy and tight little asshole. Then he started humping to meet her rhythm, sinking his fucker a little farther up her pussy with every cunt-thrilling thrust.

“Unnngggh! Oh, gosh, it feels so big! Unngggh! Love your big boner, Mr. Wayne! Unh, unh, unh, fuck my pussy with it! Oh, shit, oh, fuck, my pussy needs another cum!”

The ramrod fuck-pole was buried to the balls now, stabbing all the way in and out of her gooey, cock-sucking pussy with every hammering fuck-thrust. By now, Cheryl didn’t care what kind of obnoxious asshole her new boss was-as long as he kept fucking the shit out of her.

“Harder, Mr. Wayne! Unh, unh, unh, do it super hard now! My pussy needs to cum!”

Wayne started fucking as hard as he could, gripping her peach-shaped little buns tightly, savagely pounding his stiff fucker in and out of her sucking pussy slit. Cheryl humped madly to meet his rhythm, feeling her pussy beginning to nip and contract uncontrollably around his cock.

Gosh, he sure was a good fuck for such an asshole! She could already feel herself getting ready to cum!

“Fuck my cunt, unh, fuck my horny cunt!” she cried. “Oh, fuck, I’m making it now, Mr. Wayne! Ahhhh, cumming!”

The deliciously violent spasms of orgasm pounded through her naked body, making her pink little asshole pucker and pulse, and her pussy spew cunt juice plentifully around his fucking prick. Wayne kept holding her hips, fucking hard and fast, guiding her through her orgasm.

Then, abruptly, he pulled his prick out, leaving her slick pussy with an empty feeling as he pushed her flat onto her belly on the floor.

“Mr. Wayne! I wasn’t done cumming yet! Oh, gosh! What’re you doing now?”

“Spread those cute little buns apart!”


“I said spread em, Cheryl! Do as you’re told!”

If Cheryl had been thinking more clearly, she would have refused. Instead, however, submissively obeying her boss seemed like the easiest thing to do. She reached behind her back, clutching her ass cheeks and spreading them wide apart. The next thing she knew, his cock head was pressing right on the rubbery ring of her shit hole.

“Oh, Mr. Wayne! What do you think you’re doing back there?”

“I’m going to fuck your little asshole, that’s what!” Wayne rasped. “Now just lie still and let me get it in.”

“Unngggh! Oh, nooo!” Cheryl squealed. “Ungggh! No, not up my asshole! No, it’s too big for me! It’ll hurt!”

But Wayne obviously wasn’t paying any attention. His fat, spongy cock head was securely embedded in her shit opening now, stretching the rubbery sphincter wide. Slowly, he started to fuck into the busty girl’s ass, sinking inch after inch of his giant prick into the compressing grip of her ass guts.

“Unngggh! No, take it out! Unngggh! Oh, it’s too big for me! Ungggh! No, no, it hurts!”

But it didn’t really hurt all that much, not nearly as much as Cheryl had expected. The fact was, it had been so long since she’d last gotten a good, sound ass-fucking that she’d forgotten how good it could feel. Mr. Wayne had an awfully big prick, and he wasn’t using any lube. But there still wasn’t much pain as her tight little asshole stretched open to accommodate his prick.

Instead, there was a whole lot of pleasure. Cheryl stopped protesting, sprawling flat on the floor and silently submitting to the ass-fucking. Mr. Wayne lay on her peach-shaped little ass, shuddering as her powerful, rubbery shitting muscles contracted and spasmed around the iron-hard stiffness of his prick.

Forcibly, he kept fucking the cockmeat into her, stuffing the tender tightness of her asshole with every inch of his prick. Cheryl whimpered, feeling the man’s boner throbbing deep inside her asshole. The next thing she knew, she was humping eagerly off the floor again, excitedly thrusting her stretched, itchy asshole onto the bowel-clogging thickness of his cock.

“Unngggh! Oh, Mr. Wayne!”

“You like it now, don’t you, Cheryl?”

Grinning triumphantly, the horny boss settled into a hard, pounding rhythm, relentlessly fucking his prick in and out of her shitter. Cheryl lay still, panting on the carpet as his stiff boner fucked in and out of her ass. It felt a lot different than getting her pussy fucked. It was more of a hot, burning, itching sensation, but it was still making her horny and eager to cum.

“Harder!” Cheryl panted.

She thrust her hand under her belly, groping through her juice-moistened pussy curls until she felt the fat little bud of her clit. Eagerly, she started rubbing the tingly little nubbin, simultaneously fucking her horny asshole onto the boss’ prick.

“Unngggh! Oh, I like that now, Mr. Wayne! Oh, your cock feels so big up my asshole! Fuck my horny shitter, Mr. Wayne! Oh, fuck my horny asshole with your big, hard cock!”

Spurred on by her girlishly panted obscenities, Mr. Wayne started fucking the busty girl’s stretched-open asshole as hard as he could.

Now, Cheryl could really feel the heat of a nice, big cum welling up inside her. The horny teenager started finger-fucking in a frenzy, wildly thrusting her itchy little asshole onto his cock meat.

“Awwwww! Feels so good, Mr. Wayne! Ungghhh, fuck my asshole, fuck my horny little asshole! Oh, fuck, I’m really gonna cum now! Harder, harder… unnggggghhh! My asshole’s cumming, Mr. Wayne!”

The busty blonde’s stretched asshole burst uncontrollably into orgasm, her pussy spewing cunt cream onto her fingers, her ravished asshole sucking and gripping rubberily around his prick. Her hung, horny boss fucked her tight little asshole as hard as he could, guiding her through her orgasm. Then he collapsed on her blushing buns as another big, hot load of jism spewed up from his balls.

The frothy torrent spewed up her asshole, basting her aching guts in a soothing gusher of jizz. Cheryl panted with pleasure, flexing her shifting muscles around the man’s cum-spraying fucker, helping her horny boss shoot out all of his cum.

But in the back of her mind, she was still pretty angry with him for the cavalier way he’d treated her that day. Gosh, it just wasn’t fair, Cheryl thought. All she wanted was a normal job, and just because she had such super big tits, everybody thought she was some kind of fucking machine.


“Unngggh! Yes, Kenny, yes!” Cheryl panted. “Lube it up good, Kenny! Oh, shit, my little asshole wants your cock so bad today!”

Early the next morning, an hour before she had to leave for work, Cheryl was in bed with her brother in their cheap but cozy new apartment in Metro City. Cheryl was on her knees again in the dog-fucking position, now deliberately holding her ass cheeks spread as wide apart as she could.

Kneeling behind her, his cock standing up straight and stiff, Kenny was dipping his fingers into the jar of petroleum jelly, withdrawing another hunk of the goo to smear onto the pink, puckered ring of his big sister’s horny-for-fucking shitter.

Cheryl definitely didn’t like the idea of being so turned on to anything Mr. Wayne had introduced her to. The fact of the matter was, though, that her asshole had felt all warm and tingly ever since her boss had given it such a good fucking the day before. Cheryl had blown her kid brother several times that evening and, of course, had fucked him a couple of times, too. But as soon as she’d opened her eyes this morning, she’d known that she couldn’t leave the apartment without letting Kenny give her hot asshole a hard, good-morning fucking, too.

“Oh, Kenny, it feels so good!” Cheryl sighed. “Unngggh! Really get your fingers in there, little brother! Oh, my asshole wants your cock so much!”

Kenny dipped his fingers back into the jar of lube, withdrawing another glob. He straightened two fingers now, carefully worming them into the stretched, rubbery ring of his big sister’s shit sphincter. Cheryl wiggled her ass in pleasure as she felt the boy’s fingers going into her asshole, thoroughly lubing the exterior.

“Okay, Kenny, that’s enough!” she panted. “Time to fuck big sister’s asshole, Kenny! Hurry, I need your cock up my ass right now!”

Kenny dipped his fingers into the jar one last time, covering his enormous, throbbing hard-on with a liberal coating of lube. Then he mounted her, fitting his spongy cock head onto the rubbery gateway to her ass. Cheryl spread her buns farther still, grimacing as she felt her brother’s boner pushing into her ass. She was humping rhythmically only seconds later, eagerly fucking her tender asshole onto the satisfying stiffness of his big prick.

“Fuck my asshole, Kenny!” she gasped. “Unngggh! Oh, I can feel it going into me now! You’ve got such a big one, Kenny! Unnggggh! Fuck me with it, fuck me really good!”

Cheryl sprawled flat on the bed, crushing her enormous tits on the sheets. It was no longer necessary to hold her ass cheeks spread open now that her brother had his fucker securely embedded in her shitter. In and in and in the cock lance pushed, stretching her vulnerable asshole farther with every impaling thrust of his cock. Feverishly, the busty teenager thrust her hand under her belly, beginning to finger and play with her wet pussy as her asshole sucked and spasmed around her brother’s cock.

“Shit, it’s tight!” Kenny groaned.

He grunted, coming down hard, suddenly plowing every inch of his enormous fucker into the sucking tightness of her shitter. For several seconds, he lay flat on top of her letting his hard-on soak in the cock-nursing heat of her ass. Slowly, he raised his hips, withdrawing until only the tip of his prick parted her ass ring. Then he again rammed his cock meat up her sister’s ass, and now he settled into a steady ass-fucking rhythm, pounding his prick in and out between her blushing, jiggling ass cheeks.

“Unnggggh! Oh, Kenny! Unngggh! Fuck my asshole, little brother! Unngggh! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, my asshole loves your big, meaty prick.”

Cheryl was by now lost in a frenzy of ecstasy.

Frantically, she finger-fucked her pussy, feeling how fat and swollen her clit had grown, how much juice her cunt hole was dribbling on her hand. Her asshole kept sucking and spasming as if it had a nerve center of its own, convulsively milking the iron-hard stiffness of her kid brother’s cock. Soon the busty girl was humping just as hard as she could move her hips, feverishly fucking her stretched little asshole onto his cock.

“Fuck big sister’s asshole, Kenny!” she pleaded. “Harder, harder, do it as hard as you can! Unnggghhh! Love your big boner, Kenny! Oh, please, please, fuck the living shit out of me! I need to cum so bad!”

Kenny grimaced, his prick soaking in the constantly throbbing grip of her shit channel. Then he started ass-fucking as hard as he could, grunting on her shoulder, relentlessly plowing his mammoth fuck-lance into the sucking heat of her ass guts. In and out the big boner fucked, seeming to drill deeper up her shit tunnel with every thrust. The bed was creaking beneath them, and Cheryl could feel his balls thudding against her pussy crack with every fuck-thrust. It wasn’t long before she felt her ravished asshole flexing and sucking as she grew close to a nice big cum.

“Fuck my asshole, fuck my horny little asshole!” she cried, almost squealing out the words. “Unngggh! It’s so hot and itchy, Kenny! Oh, fuck it, fuck the shit out of it. I’m cumming now!”

Kenny fucked his big sister’s asshole as hard as he could, wincing as the narrow, rubbery shit hole gripped and sucked his prick. In the middle of her orgasm, the ecstatic blonde felt her brother’s cock growing even bigger inside her. A huge, early-morning load of cock cream was fountaining up her asshole only seconds later, basting her shit channel.


“Maybe he’s just testing you,” Kenny suggested a few minutes later. “Some people are like that. Maybe he’ll stop acting like such an asshole in another couple of weeks.”

“I don’t think so,” Cheryl laughed. They were talking about her boss. Cheryl was sitting beside her brother with a sponge and a small basin of water, scrubbing the mixture of lube and fuck-juice off of his half-swollen prick.

“Well, then you ought to quit,” Kenny said angrily. “I mean, there’s no way I want my sister taking any shit from an asshole like that!”

“I can’t quit, Kenny. It’s the only job in town.”

“Then I’ll get a job, too.”

“You absolutely will not!” Cheryl stopped washing his cock, looking at him seriously. “We came here for one reason and one reason only, Kenny, and you know it. You’re going to be the best varsity kicker in the history of that damn university, and you know perfectly well you can’t concentrate on your career if you’ve got a job, too. Not even part-time.”

“Well, okay,” Kenny sighed. He seemed pensive for a moment, lying still as his sister washed his prick, the huge fucker beginning to swell with another big load of cum. “It sure doesn’t seem right, though. Maybe… maybe, if it’s such big company and everything, there’s a way you could get a promotion. So you wouldn’t have to work for Mr. Wayne anymore.”

“That is an idea,” Cheryl agreed.

And it was a good one, but she didn’t want to think about it any longer, as her gentle scrubbing made his wet cock nice and stiff. Cheryl quickly put the scrub rag and water basin on the floor, freeing her hand to wrap her fingers around the root of her brother’s cock and start jacking it hard and fast.

Kenny sighed with pleasure, his prick swelling with the sensations. Soon his prick was twitching and pulsing over his belly, with precum dripping from the tip.

“Does my little brother want some nice, early morning cock-sucking?” Cheryl asked teasingly. “Ummm, your cock’s just so big and juicy looking, Kenny! Don’t you want me to shove it in my mouth and give it a nice, hard suck?”

“I guess so…”

His words trailed off as Cheryl plunged her head down, opening her mouth wide to engulf the head of his prick. Feverishly, she clasped her lips around the cock shaft, puckering her cheeks to increase the pressure. Then she shut her eyes, forgetting everything as she immersed herself in the pleasure of sucking prick, slurping and gurgling contentedly on the cum-oozing cock knob.

Maybe Kenny was right, though, she couldn’t help thinking. There just had to be a way of using nasty Mr. Wayne as a stepping stone to a better position with Metro Industries.


“Suck it, damnit!” Wayne panted. “God damn it, suck my fucking prick!”

“Don’t talk to me that way!” Cheryl squealed.

“I’ll talk to you any fucking way I feel like!” Wayne clutched her head with both hands, cruelly pulling her face onto his erect, spit-slickened fucker. “Now jam that mother down your throat and make the jizz shoot out this instant!”

Obediently, the huge-titted teenager opened her mouth wide, again plunging her lips onto the blood-beating stiffness of her boss’ prick. Cheryl devoted herself to the cock-sucking, her cheeks blushing as she puckered them, wetly slurping and gurgling around the meaty prong of his cock.

She sure did make a lot of noise when she sucked prick. Cheryl listened to her own slurping, gurgling sounds, and hoped that none of the girls in the steno pool down the hall would overhear.

Then Mr. Wayne started gasping and stamping his foot on the floor, urging her on more loudly than ever.

Boy, this was really embarrassing! The girls in the steno pool probably could hear! Cheryl feverishly started sucking cock as hard as she could, less because she was hungry to gulp down another load of cock juice than because she wanted him to shut up. Her right hand flew wildly up and down the jizz-oozing cock lance, jacking his prick into her mouth. Her huge tits jiggled in her blouse as she moved her face tirelessly up and down, eagerly fucking her mouth with the boss’ big cock.

“Cumming!” Wayne groaned, almost braying out the word. “Suck my prick, you little whore! Unngggh!”

The sticky white cum started spewing out of his cock, the size of the load indicating that it had been a long, full day since her boss had last drained his balls of jism. Again and again, the salty-tasting cum raked out of his cock head, making the girl gag and choke as the hot, slimy torrent spewed down her throat.

Cheryl clung to his cum-spraying pisser, loving the taste of his cum almost in spite of herself. But there was more of his cock cream this morning than even she could swallow. A lewd stream of his cum ran out of the corner of her mouth around the jizz-spraying hard-on, running down her chin and dripping obscenely on her overstuffed blouse.


Gosh, this was just awful, she thought. Everybody was looking at her and snickering.

Fifteen minutes later, Cheryl sat at her little desk in the steno pool, pretending to be concentrating on some meaningless busy work while struggling to ignore the giggles she heard around her. Her attempts to clean the cum stain off her blouse had been unsuccessful. The wet spot showed clearly on her blouse, and she also knew that several girls had seen how wet and shiny her mouth had looked on the way out of Mr. Wayne’s office.

Everybody knew she was giving blow-jobs to her boss! It was terrible!

“Cheryl Dawson?”

Cheryl looked up. A snide-looking secretary was standing over her, holding a slip of paper.


“You’re wanted in Mr. Graham’s office, upstairs.”

“But…” Cheryl stood, self consciously. “Who’s Mr. Graham?”

“He’s the department supervisor. He said he wants to see you immediately.”

The department supervisor! Now she knew she was in trouble.

Cheryl rushed out of the steno pool, her high heeled shoes clacking on the tiled floor, her enormous tits jiggling under her blouse. She considered the reasons for the summons as she proceeded to Mr. Graham’s office, and sadly concluded that her suspicions had to be correct — she was in trouble. There was no other reason someone so important in Metro Industries would want to see her.

“Yes? Who is it?” The voice behind Mr. Graham’s office door sounded strong, authoritative.

“Cheryl Dawson,” said Cheryl, meekly.

“Come in.”

Cheryl entered, blushing as she closed the door behind her. The office was larger than the others she’d seen in the company, which, considering Mr. Graham’s rank, was no surprise. He sat behind a broad desk in the center of the room, a tall, immaculately dressed, surprisingly handsome man in his late thirties.

“Sit down, Cheryl.”

He wasn’t acting mad at her, Cheryl noticed. She sat on the big couch facing his desk, feeling slightly more at ease as she noticed Mr. Graham’s easy manner and gracious smile. The department supervisor leaned back in his chair and pressed his fingers thoughtfully together in front of his chest.

“Do you know what I want to see you about, Cheryl?”

“No, I sure don’t sir!”

“Cheryl, this is a little awkward to say.” Mr. Graham pursed his lips, still smiling. “I’m afraid there have been same rumors floating around about you in the steno pool. About your relationship with Mr. Wayne, your superior. Can you guess what those rumors might be?”

Uh-oh, Cheryl thought.

“I don’t think so, Mr. Graham.”

“Actually, I don’t think you’re being candid, Cheryl. I think you could easily guess, if you were so inclined. But, you’re not. It’s understandable.” Mr. Graham cleared his throat. “The rumor is that you don’t really have any work to do for Mr. Wayne. The rumor is that you are, instead, having sex with him. Frequently. Every day.”

Oh boy…

“Please be honest, Cheryl.” The department supervisor suddenly pushed his swivel chair away from the desk, sliding it around in front of her, so she could see his whole body. “Are these rumors true?”

Oh no! Cheryl knew her cheeks were beet red. She shook her head unconvincingly. “No, they’re sure not true. Not at all. No!”

Gosh, why couldn’t she be a better liar? Mr. Graham’s lip curled with wry amusement. He shook his head slowly, meaningfully.

“Cheryl, it’s really not very nice to tell fibs. Mr. Wayne is being dealt with separately in this matter. Now, I’m going to ask you again, and please remember, you do not represent yourself well telling lies. Are the rumors true?”

The pause was long and tense. Cheryl took a deep breath, unconscious of how enormous her tits looked under her blouse. Then she blushed shamefully and nodded her head.

“They’re true.”

“Ummm. That’s what I thought.”

“I… I had to do it… I had to do it, Mr. Graham!” Cheryl said miserably. “I need the money, and I’m trying to put my little brother through school and, everything, on account of what a great athlete he is, and I just couldn’t find another job. Honest!”

“You can relax, Cheryl. No one’s saying you’re being fired.”

“Excuse me?”

“You’re perfectly welcome to stay on as an employee of Metro Industries. As a matter of fact, there may be a substantial raise in it for you.”

This silence was even longer. Cheryl stared at the strangely smiling department supervisor, wondering why she hadn’t already been canned on the spot. Then, finally, she lowered her eyes and looked at his crotch.

Golly, he really had a big cock bulge.

“Do you think you’d like to be my personal secretary, Cheryl?”

“Me? Well, gee…”

“Of course, you’d get a raise in your pay. How about sixteen hundred a month? How does that sound? Of course, this would be predicated on your ability and willingness to handle certain new employment requirements.”

“I don’t think I know what you mean, Mr. Graham.”

“I think you do, Cheryl.”

And then the handsome department supervisor put his hand on his swollen crotch and started rubbing it right in front of her. The busty teenager blushed deeper, wiggling on the couch as she felt her pussy getting all wet and itchy.

“Of course, you can always refuse, if you’d like.” Her prospective new boss rubbed his cock bulge more blatantly. “In that case, I think I would have to dismiss you immediately. There wouldn’t be any severance pay, I’m afraid. But it’s your choice.”

“I… I guess I do know what you’re talking about after all, Mr. Graham.”

Cheryl rose to her feet, blushing fiercely, her giant tits heaving under her blouse. She took three steps across the carpet, then knelt in front of her new boss’ chair.

Graham looked down at her excitedly. Cheryl reached up, gently pulling his hands away, then undoing his belt and pulling down his zipper. Graham raised his hips to help her pull his slacks and underwear down to his ankles. Cheryl moaned in horny amazement as she saw the immense size of the stiff prick that throbbed up to pulse in front of his stomach.

“Gosh, Mr. Graham! You’ve really got a big one!”

His cock was huge, an enormously thick, fat pussy-pleaser that rose stiffly out of his cock fur to pulse and jerk in front of his dress shirt.

Cheryl felt her pussy getting almost unbearably wet and sticky, seized with her near constant hunger to suck on big cocks and suck out their cum. She stared at the meaty prick shaft with wide eyes as she wrapped her fingers around the trunk and started jacking it swiftly.

“That’s a good girl,” Graham panted. “I… I think you’re a fast learner after all, Cheryl.”

Cheryl was too busy beating her new boss’ meat to answer. Rhythmically, she whipped her fist up and down his big prick, her eyes still wide as she admired the size of the cock shaft. The skin of the wide, heart-shaped prick knob, was all stretched and rosy, and big drops of pre-cum were already dripping out of the piss slit. Mr. Graham hadn’t even asked her to suck him yet, but Cheryl was too horny to stop herself. Hungrily, she leaned down, kissing and licking his prick tip, lapping up the oozing pre-cum.

“Oh, that’s a good girl,” her new boss panted. “Why don’t you put it in your mouth now, Cheryl? Show me how you suck.”

Cheryl kept jacking and licking the huge boner for several more seconds, coating the bloated cock knob with a liberal sheen of spit, making lots of creamy pre-cum dribble out of the tip. Then, unable to restrain herself any longer, she plunged the big pisser deeply between her lips.

The stiff fuck-tool clogged her throat, nearly making her choke in her eagerness to suck Mr. Graham’s boner as far down her throat as she could. Cheryl paused when she had over a third of the man’s big cock in her mouth, her lips stretched around the thickness of the cock shaft. She shut her eyes, concentrating completely on the taste and feel of the prick in her mouth. Then she started sucking on the huge, leaky pisser very hard, puckering her cheeks around it, urgently slurping and gurgling on the cum-oozing thickness of his fucker.

“That’s a good girl, Cheryl,” Graham panted. He stared down at her pleased and excited by the spectacle of the busty teenager with a mouthful of hard cock meat. “I… ahhh… I think you’d… ahhh… work out as my new secretary very nicely!”

Cheryl responded by bobbing her head faster, her big tits jiggling in her blouse as she shamelessly fucked her mouth with her new boss’ big prick. Cheryl couldn’t help thinking that most people would have called her a slut, but she already knew she was secretly pleased with the way things turned out. Mr. Graham was a lot nicer than Mr. Wayne, and she’d be making more money.

Thinking of all this, Cheryl became even more eager to give her new employer the best cocksucking possible. She tightened her fingers around the blood-beating root of the prick shaft, commencing a fast, urgent hand-job, beating his meat rhythmically from the hairy base up to her sucking, clinging lips.

Mr. Graham moaned, lurching his hips excitedly off the chair, clutching her head with both hands. The blonde secretary’s face reddened as she sucked his cock with all the energy she had, her slurping and gurgling sounds growing loud, wet and obscene.

“Gonna cum!” Mr. Graham panted. “Oh, suck it, Cheryl, suck it really hard! Unnggggh! What a good little cock-sucker you’ve turned out to be! No wonder Mr. Wayne hired you! Unnggghhh! Oh, Cheryl, please suck harder! You’re making me cum!”

The head of his cock was pulsing wildly on the roof of her mouth, on the verge of spraying her tonsils with a salty outpouring of jizz. Clinging to the man’s huge hard-on, Cheryl managed to suck even harder, puckering and puffing her cheeks, dragging her lips tirelessly up and down his prick meat. His giant prick grew even stiffer, and then finally started squirting out jism.

The hot droplets of cum spouted out of his prick head, spewing onto the roof of her mouth, cascading down her throat. His boner was a lot tastier to slurp on than Mr. Wayne’s, and now Cheryl knew his jizz was better tasting, too. Hungrily, she clung to the man’s erupting pisser, sucking and jacking harder than ever, now swallowing cum at the same time. She worked her throat muscles rhythmically, hungrily, refusing to let his wet hard-on slide out of her mouth until she’d sucked the last droplets of cum from the tip.

“Oh, Cheryl!” Her new boss sprawled back on the chair, panting loudly. “That was so good! I don’t think I’ve ever had my prick sucked like that before. Just wonderful!”

Cheryl didn’t answer. She sat back on her heels, licking the cock cream from the corners of her mouth and staring at his boner. He really did have a big cock, she told herself, and felt how wet, itchy and hungry for fucking her pussy had grown as she realized, too, that his cock was still stiff. Cheryl knew she’d just undergone a lot of stress as the result of nearly losing her job. She couldn’t think of a better was to relieve it than to lie on her back and spread her legs for a good, hard pussy drilling with Mr. Graham’s big fucker.

“It’s still all stiff, Mr. Graham.”

“Yes, so it is.” Graham smiled pleasantly down at his big cock. “I guess it just shows how much you excite me.”

“Mr. Graham, sucking your cock like that made my pussy get all wet,” Cheryl admitted unashamedly. “I don’t think I’ll be a very good secretary for you when my pussy’s all wet and itchy like it feels now. As long as your prick’s still hard, Mr. Graham, maybe it would be kinda nice if you gave me a really hard fucking with it!”

Graham stared down at her, surprised by her blunt language. Cheryl was surprised by what she’d said too, but she was simply too horny to care. Staring at the man’s big wet pisser, she swiftly peeled off her blouse, showing her new boss the incredible size of the tits stuffed in her lacy-white bra cups. Graham’s prick throbbed stiffer still as she undid the clasp, letting her giant tits tumble out of confinement, the red nipples swollen and stiff.

“Do you like my super big titties, Mr. Graham? Is that part of the reason you hired me, maybe?”

Graham didn’t answer. By now Cheryl was positive she needed a hard fucking session immediately. Quickly, she stripped off the rest of her clothes, staring at his cock the whole time, sprawling flat on her back on the carpet. She wiggled her ass into a comfortable position, then cocked and splayed her thighs as wide and high as she could, completely opening her curly haired pussy for the invasion of a big, steely prick.

“Hurry, Mr. Graham,” she panted. “You can see how wet and swollen my pussy is for you. Please put your prick in me now, Mr. Graham. Gosh, my pussy really needs you to fuck it awfully bad!”

Hurriedly, he stripped off his pants completely, now naked from the waist down except for his shoes and dress socks. Then he knelt between her spread thighs, staring hungrily at her furry little pussy, seeing how wetly the pouty pussy lips throbbed with her need for hard prick.

“Stop teasing me, Mr. Graham! Fuck my hot cunt!”

Graham held his cock in hand and hunched over her, pushing the spongy cock tip into her bubbling pussy, slot. Cheryl raised her head, looking down, excitedly watching the veined cock fucking into her. Excitedly, she started wiggling and humping, her enormous tits jiggling as she shamelessly fucked her tight, wet pussy onto the satisfying stiffness of his prick.

“Feels so big and fat! Unnggggh! Fuck my cunt, Mr. Graham, fuck my juicy little cunt hole! Unngggh, unngggh, fuck it deep for me, fuck it really good!”

Graham’s expression contorted as he loomed on top of her, as if he could hardly believe how deliciously snug and clingy the busty girl’s pussy felt. He supported his weight on straight arms, enabling him to watch her big tits jiggle as he stuffed her cunt with cock meat. Gradually, the new boss fucked into her pussy channel, shuddering with intense pleasure as he fucked in to the hilt in her buttery, throbbing cunt.

“Unnngggh! Oh, Mr. Graham! Love your big boner, Mr. Graham! Unh, it’s going into my pussy, going in so deep! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, fuck me hard with it!”

The meaty cock was all the way inside her cunt now, seeming to throb in the depths of her womb. The blonde’s big tits rolled and slapped sweatily together as she started wiggling and humping, thrusting her glove-tight pussy onto the base of his cock.

Graham couldn’t stand the pleasure. He sprawled flat on top of her, crushing her huge tits under his chest. Then he commenced a fast, eager humping rhythm, ramming his freshly cum-laden boner in and out of Cheryl’s tight cunt.

“Fuck my pussy, fuck my horny little pussy! Unngggh! Oh, fuck, feels good, Mr. Graham! My pussy needs your big cock!”

Cheryl humped to meet his rhythm, her tits jiggling against his chest, excitedly thrusting her itchy little fuck pole onto the cunt-clogging thickness of his long, meaty fucker. Up and down he moved his ass, fucking his prick in and out of her. Cheryl humped harder and harder, her whole face contorting with pleasure as she drew gradually closer to a hard, body enveloping cum.

“Fuck me, fuck meeeee!” She scissored her legs around him, twining her ankles together high across his back. Then the horny teenager started humping and bucking in a frenzy of fuck-passion, furiously thrusting her tight littie pussy onto the thickness of his cock. “Fuck me, make me cum!”

Her new boss panted on her shoulder, his immense prick pulsing uncontrollably in the gurgling depths of her pussy. He slid his hands down, madly clawing the sides of her humping, jiggling ass cheeks. Then he started fucking young Cheryl’s tight pussy as hard as he could.

“Unngggh, unh, unh, love your boner, love your big fucking boner!” Cheryl panted. “Oh, shit, oh fuck, I’m cumming now!”

Her tight, hairy pussy erupted deliciously into orgasm, spewing cunt cream around the new boss’ hard-on, sucking and gripping repeatedly around his prick. Graham groaned, collapsing on top of her naked body, ramming his fucker in as far as he could.

The second load of hot, milky cum spewed out of his prick lance, spraying deeply into Cheryl’s pussy channel, drenching her cunt with a soothing, cunt-warming load of jism. Cheryl wiggled and humped eagerly as she felt his cum pouring into her pussy, running back out of her cunt slit.

She flexed her fucking muscles around the man’s cum-spraying cock, thinking that she was going to enjoy her new assignment to the department supervisor more than she’d ever dreamed.


“Unngggh! Oh, Mr. Graham! Feels so good! Fuck my little asshole, Mr. Graham. Fuck my itchy little asshole!”

It was ten the next morning. Cheryl was lying on her new boss’ office floor again, on her belly this time. Her dress was hiked up to her waist, and her panties were crumpled on the rug beside her. A jar of petroleum jelly was open next to her. Cheryl was holding her ass cheeks wide apart, gasping and groaning as her hung, horny boss speared his enormous fucker slowly into the rubbery ring of her shitter.

“It’s tight,” Graham panted.

He humped steadily on top of her, obviously being careful not to hurt her, slowly stuffing inch after inch of his big fuck-pole into the sucking sheath of her asshole.

It was Cheryl who had suggested the assfucking this time, despite her strong reluctance to be ass-fucked by Mr. Wayne only a day before. Her asshole had started getting hot and horny on her way to work that morning, as she thought about how big her new boss’ prick was. She had, of course, done plenty of wake-up fucking with Kenny, but they hadn’t gotten around to ass-fucking, and Cheryl had been just dying to see what Mr. Graham’s huge cock would feel like stuffed between her ass cheeks.

“Harder! Unh, unh, ram it in!”

Cheryl thrust both hands under her belly, no longer needing to hold her buns spread open now that her boss had his prick securely embedded in her ass. Feverishly, she started finger-fucking her cunt hole with one hand, rolling her clit with the other, simultaneously fucking her stretched, tender asshole onto the bowel reaching stiffness of Mr. Graham’s prick.

“Deeper, Mr. Graham! Unh, unh, unh, my asshole loves your big boner! Oh, shit, oh fuck! Fuck me with it! Fuck my horny little asshole till I can’t even walk!”

Graham grunted, coming down hard, panting on her shoulder as he suddenly fucked every inch of his enormous pisser into the hot tightness of her ass guts. For several seconds, he lay motionless on top of her, giving his cock a chance to soak in the constant, sucking grip of her shit channel. Then he started stroking slowly and gently at first, fucking his big prick through the Vaseline-slickened tightness of her bowels.

“Harder!” Cheryl kept on finger-fucking, wildly thrusting her stretched, tender asshole onto the stiffness of his prick.

“Unnngggh! My asshole loves your big boner, Mr. Graham! Oh, fuck me! My asshole needs to cum!”

Spurred on by her obscenities, the hung, horny boss started ramming her shit hole much harder, grunting as he fucked his oozing pisser in and out of her ass. Cheryl humped to meet his rhythm, wriggling and bucking, fucking her wide-open asshole onto his cock. Soon the boss and secretary were fucking in rhythmic unison, oblivious to everything except the in-out thrusting of his giant fuck-shaft in her ass.

“Gonna cum!” Cheryl squealed. She humped in a frenzy of fuck-passion, tirelessly jacking off her pussy and ass-fucking Mr. Graham’s boner at the same time. “Unngggh, unh, unh, it’s so long, it’s so fat! Fuck my horny little asshole! Oh, shit, fuck, comming now!”

Her asshole spasmed violently, contracting around his hard-on, sucking every inch of his huge, ass-probing cock. Graham grunted, fucking harder than ever, the morning’s first load of cum churning deep inside his balls.

Cheryl squealed in ecstasy as she felt the hot sticky cum fountaining inside her. Again and again, the warm cum blasted up her asshole, soothing the itchy walls of her stretched ass guts with a drenching load of cum. Hungrily, she kept wriggling and humping under her boss, flexing her shitting muscles to drain all the cum out of his cock.


“I just can’t believe you love to suck cock so much,” Graham said.

Cheryl didn’t answer. It was 11:30 a.m. now, and Cheryl had noticed a few minutes before that Mr. Graham’s cock had started bulging again while they worked together in the office. Perhaps it had been the sight of her giant tits, so well exposed by her clinging dress. Cheryl didn’t know or care. What she did know was that she’d just had to offer to suck Mr. Graham’s big prick again the moment she’d seen it was stiff.

He was sitting behind his desk now, sprawled on the swivel chair, sighing as he watched her fuck her mouth on his pisser. Cheryl knelt in front of him, her fingers wrapping tightly around the root of his fuck-pole, wildly slurping and gurgling on the knob of his prick.

“Gonna cum!” He held her head tightly. “Suck it, Cheryl, suck my cock! Unngggh! Gonna cum!”

Cheryl sucked the man’s tasty boner as hard as she could, coating the jizz-oozing crown with a sheen of spit. The cock rod was as hard as iron, pulsing on the roof of her mouth. Cheryl puckered her cheeks and sucked as hard as she could, whipping her right hand furiously up and down the cock shaft. “Cummiiiinnnnnggggg!”

His cum-load started squirting, cascading into her mouth, rewarding her cock-sucking efforts with a frothy outpouring of jism. Cheryl clung eagerly to the cum-quirting pisser, jacking and sucking at the same time.

She was still sucking cock and swallowing cum when they were suddenly interrupted by the ringing phone.

“Shit!” Graham said.

He leaned across the desk, picking up the receiver even as his busty teenaged secretary kept fucking her mouth with his oozing prick. Then, after a minute of listening, his expression changed to one of nervous fear.

“Right away,” Graham said. “Yes, Ms. Benson. Yes, she’ll be right up. I promise.”

Graham put the receiver back in the cradle, and then he surprised Cheryl by pushing her gently but firmly off his prick. Cheryl sat back on her heels, looking up at him curiously, still happily licking the traces of cock cream from the corners of her mouth.

“That was Peggy Benson,” Graham said.

“Who’s she?”

“She’s Mr. Archer’s secretary.”

“Who’s Mr. Archer?”

Graham rolled his eyes. “Mr. Archer, young lady, is the president of this company!” Graham sighed. “And his executive secretary is nearly as important, which Ms. Benson happens to be. I’m afraid she’s a bit more important than me, in fact.”


“You’re wanted in Mr. Archer’s office, young lady! They said they’re very short handed up there, and Ms. Benson insists they need my new secretary to help out. And please, whatever you do, handle yourself as well as possible.” Graham smiled feebly. “The last thing I want to do is let you go now.”


Half of the building’s fourth floor was reserved for the presidential offices, and the big-titted teenager felt suitably impressed as she strode down the long, red-carpeted corridor to Mr. Archer’s private suites.

Golly, these furnishings sure had cost a lot of money, Cheryl thought. She fingered an antique-looking vase stationed outside the towering double doors, and wondered if the Metro Industries shareholders knew anything about the elaborate decor.

“Come in,” a cold female voice said from inside.

Cheryl turned the massive doorknob and let herself in. The outer office she now found herself in was vast, with floor-to-ceiling windows affording a spectacular view of Metro City. Stationed at the center of this outer office was a single desk, behind which sat a slim, statuesque, immaculately dressed woman in her mid-thirties.

It was only as she meekly crossed the room and stood in front of the desk that Cheryl also saw — or rather, couldn’t help noticing — that the woman also had an incredibly huge pair of tits. Even bigger than her own, though the woman was also quite a bit taller.

The woman, at first, didn’t acknowledge Cheryl’s presence. Then she sat back behind the desk, studied Cheryl coldly, and made a sniffing sound. Despite her snotty manner, she was quite pretty. Cheryl found herself staring at the woman’s long, wavy black hair.

“I’m Cheryl,” the girl said.

“I would have guessed,” the woman replied with a sneer, staring significantly at Cheryl’s giant tits. “I’m Peggy Benson, Mr. Archer’s personal secretary.”

“Oh. Okay. It’s good to meet you.”

“I wish I could say the same.”

“Mr. Graham said you’ve got some special work for me to do. I… I’m afraid I’m not that… I’m afraid I’m not that fast a typist, but I can still…”

“Be quiet!”

Cheryl blinked, staring. The woman’s full lips curled in a snide smile. She drummed her fingers on the desk.

“Mr. Graham thinks there’s some extra work here,” she said. “But what he thinks and what is actually the case are separate things. I told that to Mr. Graham so he’d send you without giving me any shit about it. I wanted to have a look at you, Cheryl.”

“I… I guess I… I guess I don’t know what… to say.”

“Let me just ask you this. Which have you spent more time doing, Cheryl? Fucking your new boss or improving your typing speed?”

Cheryl just stared at the executive secretary, struggling to comprehend the significance of what had just been said to her. Ms. Benson’s full lips curled in a knowing smile. She pushed her chair away from the desk, folded her arms under her giant tits and looked up at Cheryl haughtily.

“I… I don’t think I really know what you mean,” Cheryl said nervously.

“Of course you do. I know everything that goes on at Metro Industries. I know why you were removed from Mr. Wayne’s supervision, and I also know what a notorious liking Mr. Graham has for young, bosomy girls. I’m sure you had his cock in your mouth as soon as you started working for him. Don’t you dare try to deny it!”

Cheryl just stood still, quivering with shame and embarrassment, wondering how she could get out of this awful new predicament. Then Ms. Benson rose, standing a full four inches taller than Cheryl as she crossed the room and glowered at the busty blonde.

“I have a nice body, don’t I?” Ms. Benson hissed.

“Wh-what? I… I don’t understand.”

“I said, do I have a nice body? You heard me. And I used my body to get where I am.” Ms. Benson nodded, anticipating Cheryl’s reaction. “That’s right. Used it. I make four thousand dollars a month. I’m Mr. Archer’s secretary, exclusively. Mr. Archer also happens to have something of a liking for large-breasted women. It’s a liking I’m happy to satisfy.”

Peggy Benson stepped very close, so close that Cheryl almost felt physically afraid.

“Johnson Archer is mine. All mine. You are never, ever to come up here and parade those big knockers of yours in front of him. He’s my meal ticket, and if I ever think you’re trying to steal him from me, I’ll nail your little fanny but good!”

“But I wasn’t even thinking about anything like that!”

“Then you don’t have anything to worry about, do you?” Ms. Benson smiled haughtily. “Of course, now I’d like you to do me another favor.”

The tall, stacked brunette stepped back, sliding her shapely ass onto the desk top behind her. Then she shocked the girl by swiftly pulling her dress up, exposing stockings, garter belts, and an absence of panties. Cheryl’s eyes bulged as she ogled the very hairy black bush fringing the executive secretary’s cunt.

“I want you to lick me,” Ms. Benson hissed.


“Do it, you little tramp, unless you want to be looking for another job this afternoon! Right now, Cheryl! I’ve got the clout to get you fired any time.”

“But, Ms. Benson!”

“I said get on your knees and start eating cunt, you little whore!” Ms. Benson hissed. “Two more seconds of dawdling and you’re fired! Eat it, Cheryl, right now!”

And then Cheryl did it. Everything was moving so fast, she felt, too fast for her to really decide if what she was doing was right or wrong. Ms. Benson’s pussy was all wet and sticky, and Cheryl could actually smell the tangy, fishy fuck-juices across the room. If she didn’t do what Ms. Benson wanted, she’d be looking for another job. Cheryl realized that she just didn’t have any choice but to start licking pussy immediately.

It was for her brother’s career.

“That’s a good girl,” Ms. Benson smiled, pleased by Cheryl’s submissiveness as the busty blonde crossed the room and knelt in front of the desk. “Now you just be a sweet little whore and put your mouth right on my pussy, Cheryl.”

Cheryl submissively kissed her way up the older secretary’s thighs, blushing with shame, yet, feeling her own cunt moistening with arousal. She pressed her mouth on Ms. Benson’s hairy cunt bush, tasting another woman’s hot, creamy pussy for the first time.

Gosh, it really tasted good! It was almost as fantastic as locking her lips around a big, throbbing cock and sucking out a bellyful of cum. Cheryl started licking and lapping immediately, more excited than she’d ever thought she could be, her fat nipples stiffening in her bra cups as she tasted the musky wetness of Ms. Benson’s pussy.

“Mmmm, that’s a good girl,” Ms. Benson purred. The huge-titted older brunette clutched Cheryl’s head lightly, beginning to hump and rock her ass cheeks off the desk. “You like licking pussy, don’t you, Cheryl? It makes you horny to taste another woman’s pussy, doesn’t it?” Cheryl was too busy eating pussy to answer. Yes, it definitely was making her horny! She raised her hands, pressing Ms. Benson’s outer cuntlips with her fingers, parting them delicately. This revealed the pink inner juiciness of the older secretary’s pussy, and the fat little nub of her clit.

Ms. Benson shuddered as Cheryl started licking and lapping the ultra-sensitive nubbin, pushing it from side to side with her tongue. Ms. Benson’s inner thighs twitched as Cheryl took the fat, nut-sized clit between her lips, sucking it forcefully, guiding the older woman steadily to orgasm.

“Oh, you little bitch, that’s right,” Ms. Benson groaned throatily. “Suck it, you little cunt! Unngghhh! Suck my pussy! Unnggh! Oh, put your fingers in it now! I need to cum!”

Cheryl straightened her fingers, gently worming them into the narrow, sucking interior of Ms. Benson’s fuck-channel. Then she started jacking the older woman off, fast and hard, banging her knuckle rhythmically on the puffy outer lips of Ms. Benson’s fuck-hole.

Her tongue swirled and danced all over Ms. Benson’s fat clit, licking the underside one moment, then lapping the fat bud from side to side. Benson’s inner thighs twitched and trembled more dramatically, and Cheryl knew the older woman was about to get off. She jammed a third finger up Ms. Benson’s pussy and started finger-fucking as fast as she could.

“I’m cumming!” Ms. Benson squealed. “Suck it, you little bitch! Suck my pussy! Unngghh! Oh, yes, oh, fuck! Cummiiinngg!”

Ms. Benson’s pussy spasmed violently, sucking wetly around Cheryl’s fingers, the fat little clit pulsing obscenely between her lips. Cheryl avidly kept licking, sucking and finger-fucking, guiding the bitchy older secretary through the force of her cum. She didn’t stop fingering and licking pussy until nearly a minute later, when the drained, satisfied Ms. Benson finally pushed her away.

“All right. That’s enough,” Ms. Benson panted. The older secretary slid off the desk, hastily smoothing her dress back down around her thighs. Then she looked at Cheryl meanly. “Well? What’re you still standing around here for?”

“I… well…”

“You thought you were going to get your pussy licked too, didn’t you?”


“Well, fat chance, Miss Blondie Big Tits! Fat chance!” Ms. Benson snarled. “Now you just get your trampy little ass out of this office this instant. And remember what I told you. You keep your gold-digging little hands off of Mr. Archer! He’s mine!”

Which, as far as Cheryl was concerned, was just fine…

If Ms. Benson hadn’t put the idea in her head, she never would have thought of fucking Mr. Archer anyway. She hadn’t even known who he was!


The next week passed happily for the big titted, constantly horny blonde teenager. She did so much office-hours fucking with Mr. Graham that his productivity rating for the week dropped a notch.

And she also did her usual amount of fucking with Kenny at home. But, Kenny’s mood wasn’t nearly as chipper as Cheryl had come to expect from him.

It took nearly a week, but Cheryl finally pried the reason for this out of her shy little brother. It was his knee again, Kenny confessed. The soreness hadn’t gone away, and his kicking motion just wouldn’t be what it had been before unless the problem was resolved. Without surgery, it wouldn’t be resolved.

The good news was that the surgery required would be so simple and painless that he could be back on the playing field a day later. The bad news was that it would require a specialist, which was expensive.

The operation would cost three thousand dollars, cash up front.

Mr. Graham didn’t have it. Cheryl knew she couldn’t borrow it. With Ms. Benson’s threat ringing in her ears, she decided that there was only one thing she could do.


“Hi, Ms. Benson. It’s me again. Do you mind if I talk to you for a minute?”

“Yes, I do mind.”

It was seven the next morning, and Cheryl had accosted the snooty older secretary in the fourth-floor corridor — with the exception of a few engineers in the basement, the building was still deserted. Ms. Benson always arrived before anyone else.

“Well, it’s kinda important, Ms. Benson. It’ll only take a second. I swear.”

“All right!” Ms. Benson glowered at her. “What is it, then?”

“Well, I… I don’t know how to tell you this, but… well… I need you to help me get my tampons.”


“They’re in the storage room.” Cheryl grimaced and hopped up and down, as if in pain. “I… I always keep some extras at work and I hid ’em in the storage room, on account of that stuff embarrasses me, and I guess one of the janitors must have moved ’em. The box I hid ’em in is on a top shelf now, and I can’t reach it. I’m not tall enough! And you are!”

“Oh, this is ridiculous!”

“Puh-leeze, Ms. Benson! I don’t want to drip all over everything! Please, can’t you just help me? Oh, please!”

“Oh, all right, for God’s sake!” Ms. Benson snapped. “Anything to shut your silly little mouth. Let’s go.”

They walked to the storage room down the hall, with the anxious-looking Cheryl leading the way. It was a small, windowless cubicle, completely separate and insulated from the rest of the building. Cheryl opened the door and let Ms. Benson enter first.

“Now where is this ridiculous box you’re referring to?”

“Gosh, it’s not there after all!” Cheryl was already stepping back, closing the door, with the woman still inside. “Guess I made a mistake, Ms. Benson. Bye…”

She shut the locked door on the older secretary’s screams of rage.

Cheryl hurried down the hall to Mr. Archer’s office, wondering how long she had before someone discovered the hapless Ms. Benson and let her out.

“Well, well, well!” Mr. Archer turned out to be a good-looking, husky, gray-haired man in his fifties. He looked up in surprise as Cheryl entered his office. “Now who are you, young lady? I don’t believe we’ve had the pleasure of meeting.”

“Hi, Mr. Archer. I’m Cheryl, Ms. Benson’s substitute for the day.”

“Ms. Benson’s substitute? She never mentioned anything to me.”

“I guess she forgot. Anyhow, I’m her substitute. My name’s Cheryl Dawson, and I’m totally and absolutely at your service for the day. And I must say what a pleasure it is to be at your service, too, because I’ve heard a lot about you and admired you, and I happen to think you’re very handsome, too.”

“You do?” The company president grinned broadly. “Why thank you so much.”

“Mr. Archer, do you mind if I hang up my coat in here? There’s no coat rack outside.”

“You go right ahead and be my guest.”

Cheryl removed her coat, placing it neatly on the rack, taking her time, turning back to the company president as nonchalantly as possible. As she’d known it would be, however, Mr. Archer’s face was bug-eyed with his astonishment.

The blouse she wore was completely transparent, and she was braless underneath it. The blonde teenager’s enormous, creamy-white tits were completely exposed, the big red nipples rising through the fabric. Mr. Archer groaned audibly as he ogled her mountainous tits, and Cheryl was relieved to see a big cock bulge growing in his pants.

“Is there something wrong, Mr. Archer? You’re looking at me kinda funny.”

“Wrong?” He made a wheezing sound. “No, no…”

“Oh, gosh, Mr. Archer! Look at your pants! Oh, I’m so sorry! I’ve given you a big boner!”

Mr. Archer gasped, staring down at his swollen crotch in utter disbelief. Cheryl knew she didn’t have any time to be subtle. Swiftly, she dropped to her knees in front of the company president, briskly kneading his cock through his pants.

“Young lady, what on earth are you doing?”

“I’m taking care of your boner, Mr. Archer. Oh, golly, I’m so sorry for giving you a hard-on. I know Ms. Benson usually takes care of your hard-on for you, and now I better do it, too! I just should have known better than to wear this blouse. Oh, gosh, lemme just take your dick out this instant and make it feel better!”

Mr. Archer was too shocked to protest. Instead, he just sat there, looking on dazedly as Cheryl unzipped his slacks and pulled them roughly down to his ankles. Then it was the girl’s turn to be shocked. Considering his age, she’d expected that this would be one fuck session she’d really have to suffer through.

Instead, she felt her pussy moistening immediately as she realized that Mr. Archer had the biggest prick in the whole company.

“Oh, Mr. Archer!”

His cock was a real monster, over ten inches long and as thick as her wrist. Wonderingly, Cheryl stared at the doorknob-sized crown of the man’s huge, meaty fucker, seeing how red the cockhead was, how it was already dripping with pre-cum. She wrapped her hand around his prick, jacking hard. Archer sighed as his piss hole opened up, bubbling out more pre-cum.

“Oh, Mr. Archer, I had no idea!” Cheryl licked her lips, jacking the man’s cock hard and fast. “Oh, what a big beauty you have, Mr. Archer! Oh, gosh, I just can’t wait to help make it go down!”

The boner was throbbing and oozing, dripping out creamy droplets of pre-cum onto her hand. Cheryl couldn’t restrain herself. She opened her mouth wide, lowering her head, plunging the company president’s cock lance as deeply into her mouth as she could.

Cheryl nearly choked in her eagerness to suck in as much of his prick as she could, jamming her mouth-down onto his cock lance until she had over a third of the gigantic fuck organ pulsing down her gullet. Cheryl shut her eyes, concentrating on the taste and feel of the big boner throbbing against the roof of her mouth. There sure was something kinky about sucking off a guy this old!

Cheryl started sucking his cock very hard, puckering her cheeks, her whole face flushing as she worked to bring off the company president with a suck-job he’d remember for a long, long time.

Her brother’s football career was at stake, and Ms. Benson might burst in on them at any moment. And, besides, Cheryl was already practically in love with the taste and feel of the big, juicy fucker jammed between her lips.

Up and down she bobbed her head, her giant, braless tits bouncing and jiggling in her see through bra as she feverishly fucked her mouth with the company president’s cock. Archer groaned, sighing with pleasure as he curled his fingers into her thick blonde hair.

Now Cheryl knew she had him where she wanted him — in love with her cock-sucking abilities, not caring about anything except her wet mouth around his cock, and shooting a big load of cum right down her throat! Eagerly, the busty teen sucked the man’s boner even harder, smacking and gurgling on it, her hand tenderly holding the fuck-pole up as her lips slurped on the prick knob.

Cheryl thrust her tongue into his piss hole, gliding it back and forth in the trough, lapping up the pre-cum. The boner throbbed harder than ever, the cock knob puffing up and getting even fatter than before. Lovingly, the horny blonde slurped on the company president’s huge fucker, already sensing that her hopes would be realized — that she would replace Ms. Benson as his personal secretary, that she’d be making four grand a month and sucking the juice out of this big cock every weekday from now on.

“Oh, good Lord!” the president panted. He stared down at her dazedly, seeing how tightly Cheryl’s lips were ovalled around his cock lance. “Unnggggh! Oh, what a sweet little cock-sucker you are, young lady! Unggggh! Harder now! Suck it, Cheryl! Oh, please, please, suck the cum out of my prick!”

Cheryl tightened her fingers around the root of the cock shaft, marveling at how fat it felt in her palm, so thick that she could barely grasp it between her fingers. But she managed, beginning to jack the huge pisser rapidly up and down, expertly beating his meat from the hairy base up to her sucking lips.

His prick responded by growing larger still, pulsing against the roof of her mouth, signaling her that the spewing outpouring of hot, sticky cum wasn’t that far away. Cheryl frantically flicked her mouth up and down on his huge prick, slurping and gurgling, her cocksucking sounds nearly drowning out the president’s moans and sighs.

“I’m cumming!” Mr. Archer cried. “Suck it, suck it, oh, yesss! Cuuummmiiinnnngggg!”

His cum-load started to spew out and, again, Cheryl felt amazed that a man his age could gush out such an incredible profusion of cum. Maybe Ms. Benson hadn’t been doing her job as executive secretary and resident cock-sucker, Cheryl thought. In any case, the load now blowing up from Mr. Archer’s balls was as big as some of the cum-loads she’d drained out of her younger brother.

Again and again, the milky cock cream spouted out of his dilated piss slit, spraying onto the roof of her mouth, spewing across her tongue. Cheryl mewled happily around the man’s enormous, cum-blasting cock, clinging to it with both hands, jacking it with both wringing fists at the same time. She sucked and swallowed cum, sucked and swallowed cum, over and over. It was nearly a minute before she finally, reluctantly, slid her mouth from his enormous pisser. By then, she’d drained his balls completely of jizz.

“Does your big boner feel better now, Mr. Archer?” Cheryl panted.

Archer just stared down at her in a daze. Cheryl kept her fingers wrapped around the veined trunk of his fucker, marveling at how huge and stiff the wet prick still was. She kept jacking his cock, making the company president moan and wriggle on his chair.

“It still looks awfully stiff, Mr. Archer. Didn’t I do a good enough job of sucking out the cum and making your cock feel better?”

“You… you did too good a job,” Mr. Archer panted. “It been a while since I maintained an erection after orgasm. Your abilities are miraculous, young lady!”

“Oh, gosh, Mr. Archer! Thank you so much!” Cheryl felt her cunt getting wet as she watched the man’s big cock throb. “Mr. Archer, would you like to give me a good fucking now?”

Archer looked down at her, his cock twitching as he openly ogled the teenage blonde’s giant tits through her see-through blouse. Cheryl’s pussy got even itchier as he nodded in agreement.

“Don’t suppose there’s any danger of being caught,” he mumbled. “I am the president. People do tend to knock before they barge in.”

“Oh, Mr. Archer!”

Cheryl slid away from bun, never taking her eyes from his throbbing hard-on as she swiftly stripped off all her clothes. She watched his expression as her hairy pussy came into view. She saw his cock pulsing harder as she slid her panties down her long, tapering legs. Then she was completely naked. The busty, fuck-hungry teenager stretched out on her back on the lush carpet, splaying her thighs as far apart as she could.

“Go ahead, Mr. Archer! Don’t be shy! Oh, gosh, my pussy wants you so bad! Just lie on top of me and fuck the shit outta me!”

By then, Archer had already stripped off all his clothes. Again, Cheryl felt hornily surprised with what she saw. For a man his age, he had an awfully good physique.

His giant cock lance pulsed before his flat stomach as he slid off the chair, staring at the teenaged secretary’s spectacular body as he prepared to mount her. Archer held his cock in his fist, knee-walking forward, nudging his fucker between her swollen, curly-haired pussy lips. Cheryl eagerly wiggled her bare buns in anticipation, looking down to watch the giant horse cock fucking into her cunt.

“I guess it’s really gonna stretch me, Mr. Archer! You sure do have a big one!”

“I always have, young lady.”

Now the huge cock was fucking in, stretching her pussy lips to bursting, sliding wetly into the most secret depths of her cunt. Cheryl felt overwhelmed with the length and thickness of the company president’s fucker. Her enormous tits bounced and jiggled as she started wiggling and humping in a frenzy of fuck-lust, frantically pistoning her tight little fuck-hole onto the satisfying stiffness of his prick.

“Unnggggh! Oh, Mr. Archer! Love your big boner, Mr. Archer! Unh, unh, fuck me with it, fuck me really good!”

Archer was sprawled on top of her naked body, supporting his weight on his elbows. His humping motions were surprisingly nimble as he labored between her spread-eaged thighs, ramming his stiff fuck-pole in and out of her pussy.

Now his cock was all the way inside her, and Cheryl’s tight little pussy felt utterly stuffed with fuck-meat. The company president was fucking fast and hard, pounding his prick into her pussy. The pressure was directly on her clit, and Cheryl could hardly believe how good it felt. Already, old Mr. Archer had her close to a very hard cum.

“Fuck my cunt, Mr. Archer! Fuck my horny little cunt hole!” She tossed her legs up as high as she could, scissoring her ankles together across his back, completely opening up her juicy pussy passage for the skewering stiffness of his prick. “Unnggggh! My pussy loves your big boner, Mr. Archer! Oh, shit, oh, fuck! Fuck my cunt with it! Harder, Mr. Archer! Do it super hard!”

Now the company president was sprawled flat on top of her, panting on her shoulder, his immense prick like iron inside her pussy. He slid his hands down, grasping the sides of her heaving, wriggling ass. Then he started ramming her pussy in a frenzy of fuck-hunger, pounding her tight little cunt with all the energy he had.

“Fuck my cunt, fuck my horny cunt!” Cheryl cried. “Unnggggh! Cumming now! Oh, shit, oh, fuck-cumming!”

Her pussy burst exquisitely into orgasm, spasming around his pounding fucker, sucking at the driving stiffness of his prick. Again and again, the cum pumped sweetly through her, filling her with all the ecstasy of orgasmic release.

The company president kept fucking as hard as he could, guiding her through her orgasm. Then his ten-inch fuck organ grew even stiffer inside her pussy, and Cheryl knew her cunt was about to be showered with another gushing of cum.

“Oh, Cheryl!”

The man’s sticky cum spewed into her pussy tunnel, basting the overheated inner cunt walls with a soothing tide of jizz. Cheryl eagerly wiggled and flexed her fucking muscles around the cum-spurting prick, helping the company president to shoot out all of his cock cream.

“Mmmmm, Mr. Archer,” she panted. “I really loved it, Mr. Archer… you’re such a good old fucker… oh, pardon me, you’re such a good fucker… oh, please, keep pounding my pussy…”

But Mr. Archer wasn’t finished, at least for the time being. Slowly, he slid his giant prick out of her pussy, the huge cock finally beginning to soften slightly. He slid down Cheryl’s lush body, pausing to fondle her huge tits, hungrily sucking the stiff nipples. Then he surprised her again by sliding down lower, lying on his belly between her legs.

“Oh, Mr. Archer! What’re you doing now?”

“I always love to lick a pussy after it’s had a good fucking…” Archer mumbled.

Hungrily, be started lapping her pussy, thrusting his tongue into the buttery cunt slit, shamelessly licking his own cum out of her cunt. Cheryl whimpered with pleasure, holding his head as she started humping her ass off the floor.

The pussy-licking session was well under way when the door flew open a minute later, revealing an out-of-breath, extremely angry Ms. Benson.

“You scheming little cunt!”

“Why, hello there, Peggy,” said Mr. Archer, quite sociably, raising his head from Cheryl’s throbbing pussy as nonchalantly as if she’d only interrupted him eating lunch. “I’d like you to meet Cheryl…”

“We’ve already met!”

“She’s your new replacement, Peggy. Your permanent replacement.”


“His motion is very good,” Coach Walsh said.

It was about a week later.

The slim, handsome forty year-old university football coach stood at the window in his office, watching Kenny practicing outside.

“He kicked a forty-five-yard field goal once,” Cheryl said. She was sitting in front of his desk.

“You don’t say.”

“He sure did. I’ve got the newspaper clipping to prove it, too.”

“No, that’s all right. I believe you.” Coach Walsh sighed, shook his head, and turned to face Cheryl with a smile of grim resignation. “You’re obviously very devoted to your younger brother, to come visit me in my office like this.”

“I’m just trying to help.”

“But we already have a good kicker, Cheryl. I’ll admit, it’s a tough choice. Kenny’s excellent, but so is Tim Hankison. And, since Tim’s a junior, with more experience, I’m afraid I simply must choose him as the starter.”

“But he doesn’t have as much leg strength as my brother!”

“As I said, I’m sorry.”

“And if Kenny has more leg strength, he has more potential. Tim Hankison’s never kicked a really long field goal. He’s never going to make the pros, and you know it!”

“Cheryl, please…”

“But it’s the truth, Coach Walsh!”

Cheryl felt desperate. Mr. Archer, as anticipated, had given her an extremely generous “promotion” bonus as soon as she’d started working for him full-time, more than generous enough to completely pay for Kenny’s surgery. The surgery had been performed the next day, and it had been a complete success. If anything, her younger brother’s kicking motion was now smoother than it had ever been.

Her only problem now was with the stubborn coach.

“Coach Walsh, I know the only reason you’re saying is that ’cause my little brother’s a freshman! You just don’t think he’s old enough to handle the pressure. Isn’t that right?”

Walsh grimaced. “That’s about it.”

“But if you don’t give him the chance now, he’ll never learn. And the more actual game experience he gets, the better he’ll be down the road!”

“Cheryl, you’re a very brave, gutsy girl,” Coach Walsh sighed. “What can I say? I’m sorry. My mind’s made up.”

The coach sat at his desk and started to look busy with a stack of papers. As far as he was concerned, the interview was over.

Fortunately, Cheryl’s experiences with Mr. Archer had taught her the easiest way to handle such a situation. Men could be such suckers for her big tits!

“Well, I guess I might as well wait here till Kenny gets done. Thanks for hearing me out, anyway, Coach Walsh.”

“No trouble.”

“Gosh, it’s kinda warm in here. I think I’ll take off my coat.”

Which she did, calmly placing it on the couch beside her. It seemed to take the coach a minute to notice what she was wearing. But when he did, his gaze didn’t go back to his papers.

This time, Cheryl had chosen an elastic tube top. She couldn’t even remember the last time she’d worn a tube top outdoors, particularly a really tight one that showed her naked belly and everything. Her tits were way too big, firm and juicy-looking to wear tube tops, outside, especially without a bra on.

Coach Walsh dropped his pencil. Cheryl batted her eyelashes, looking at him innocently. The coach’s eyes were riveted to her enormous tits, ogling the mountainous suckers stretching the elastic top to bursting, jiggling as she breathed.

“Is something wrong, Coach Walsh? Oh, golly, Coach Walsh, I’m sorry! You’re staring at my big tits, aren’t you? Gosh, how inconsiderate of me!”

Cheryl stood, pretending concern for the coach’s welfare, her mammoth tits bouncing heavily as she stepped around the desk and stood beside him. The hard-on tenting his slacks looked enormous. Cheryl clapped her hand theatrically over her mouth.

“Oh, gosh, Coach Walsh! Look at what a big boner you have!”

Walsh looked up at her helplessly. Cheryl knew she had to act before he realized what she was pulling on him. She dropped to her knees, pulling his chair toward her and his hands out of the way. The coach’s jaw sagged open as she started fumbling with his zipper.

“That was really rude of me to give you a big hard-on like that, Coach Walsh. Here, let me just make it feel better for you.”

She took out his cock, happy to see what a long, fat, meaty-looking fucker it was. By then, the coach’s pants were bunched around his ankles, and he was staring at the busty teenager with a helpless mixture of shock and excitement. Cheryl started whacking his giant prick up and down as fast as she could.

“Is this making your boner feel better, Coach Walsh?”

“What… what on earth…”

“Not better enough, huh? Gosh, Coach Walsh, I guess your big cock is going to need some sucking instead!”

Cheryl opened her mouth wide, plunging her lips onto the flared tip of his cock. Hungrily, she slurped in the meaty inches of his prick, stuffing his stiff fucker as far down her gullet as she could. Coach Walsh sighed with pleasure, obviously too overwhelmed with the pleasure of being sucked to stop her. Cheryl shut her eyes, concentrating hungrily on the taste and feel of the cock between her lips.

Gosh, she just loved sucking cocks so much! It really didn’t matter that she had to do this to convince Coach Walsh to make Kenny the starting kicker. She happily would have done it for nothing.

Cheryl started bobbing her head up and down, her enormous tits jiggling in the tube top as she feverishly fucked her mouth with his big pisser. The coach made a strangling sound, trying to reach down and fondle her whoppers. Cheryl obliged him, pulling down the tube top to release her tits from confinement. The coach reached down to clumsily squeeze and knead the spongy tit flesh as she slurped on his prick.

The guy’s boner was already oozing a lot of pre-cum.

Cheryl tightened her fingers around the base of his prick, beginning to jack the meaty cock shaft fast and hard.

More pre-cum oozed out, and she lapped it up greedily with her swirling, swiping tongue. Cheryl forced her mouth to open wider, her tits jiggling in his hands as she jammed her open mouth down onto his hairy crotch. The coach sighed, his prick pulsing wildly between her lips. Cheryl’s pussy creamed as she looked forward to swallowing a nice, salty load of jizz.

“Gonna shoot it,” the coach panted. “Unngggh! Suck it hard, Cheryl, suck it really hard!”

Cheryl sucked his big, tasty boner just as hard as she could, slurping and gurgling noisily, feverishly fucking her ovaled lips up and down on his cock. Her fist was a blur, whipping up and down, beating his meat from the base up to her sucking lips.

“Swallow it, Cheryl! Unnggggh! Oh, shit, what a good little cock-sucker you are! Unh, unh! Gonna cum, gonna cum!”

He clutched her head with both hands, frantically jerking his hips off the chair, fucking his big cock in and out of her wetly sucking lips. Suddenly a torrent of cum spewed out of his cock tip, gushing down her throat.

“Ummlllpp,” Cheryl gurgled.

She clung hungrily to the big, stiff jism shooter, now eagerly sucking, jacking and swallowing at the same time. The size of the cum-load now spewing between her lips told the experienced teenager that it had been a long, long time since the busy coach had had a chance to pop his rocks.

For nearly a minute straight, the sticky white jism kept spewing, blasting against the roof of her mouth, blasting her tonsils.

Cheryl felt quite certain now that her brother would he the starting kicker for the football team. She clung hungrily to the coach’s erupting prick, sucking and stroking, draining every droplet of cum out of his balls.

“Oh, my Lord!” the coach panted. He sprawled dazedly on the chair, overwhelmed by the pleasure of shooting off such a big load. “I can’t believe… just can’t fucking believe this…”

“Oh, golly, Coach Walsh!” Cheryl panted. The busty girl stood straight, clapping her hand theatrically over her mouth as she looked at his still-hard pisser. “Your cock’s still so awfully big and stiff. You need more relief, don’t you?”

The coach just looked up at her in a daze. Cheryl was already busily stripping off the rest of her clothes. Hurriedly, she scattered her sandals, tight jeans and panties around the room, revealing every inch of her magnificently voluptuous body. Then she pushed the coach back on his chair, preventing him from getting up.

Coach Walsh stared up at her as she mounted him, straddling him, holding his cock and fitting the prick knob into her tight, juicy, itchy for fucking cunt.

“Now you just sit tight and let me do all the work, Coach Walsh.”

The coach looked down, dazedly watching his veined cock shaft disappearing into her tight, slick fuck-channel. Soon, his prick was all the way in, and the girl had commenced a furious humping rhythm, fucking her glove-tight pussy hungrily up and down on his prick. “Fuck me back, Coach Walsh!”

The coach did. He clutched her ass cheeks, wincing as he felt how tightly her hot pussy clasped his cock. Slowly at first, he thrust his hips off the chair, fucking his prick in and out of her pussy. Soon, the coach and the naked blonde teenager were humping in rhythmic unison, oblivious to everything save the intense pleasure of a hard cock fucking in and out of a tight, eager cunt.

“Sis! Holy fuck!”

Cheryl twisted her head around, still fucking the coach, looking at the door that had just opened behind her. She didn’t miss a fuck-lunge as she recognized Kenny. And she kept right on fucking as she smiled lovingly at her wonderful brother.

“Kenny, guess what?” she exclaimed. “Coach Walsh just said you’re going to be the starting kicker this year! Isn’t that right, Coach Walsh?”

Walsh sighed and nodded.