Daughter Puts Out

Although Americans appear to the rest of the world as frank and open people, the truth is often the opposite when relating on a personal basis. This is particularly true regarding sexual matters.

The fact is Americans are only now beginning to learn to discuss sex and sexuality with candor, and usually that is within limits of marital sex.

While no one is advocating sex as the main topic of conversation, and while sexual privacy is very important, many adults harbor fears about themselves and their sexual behavior that could be erased if they were more aware of other people’s behavior. Most of us have been brought up to be at least slightly ashamed to discover that we are not different, naughty or even perverted in our sexual practices. In discussing sex with others, people find out how truly normal they are.

DAUGHTER PUTS OUT — a shocking story, certainly, but one which may not be as unbelievable as it first appears, one which could hold many valuable lessons for a large segment of our diverse population.


She ran the wash cloth caressingly over her firm, very big tits, feeling the spongy weight of the melons, pausing to soap her nipples. The sensation made the fat, dusky-pink caps crinkle and stiffen. Tammy moaned as she washed her luscious naked body in the tub. The pretty teenager was thinking about some stiff, throbbing cock.

The bathroom of their new condominium was clean and spacious, unlike the cramped toilet of the old house her father and she had just moved out of. Tammy sighed happily, dipping the wash cloth down her slender waist, touching the light-brown triangle of her young pussy. Sometimes she got lonely for her old neighborhood, but the immaculate condo was nice consolation.

She had a shower and a bathtub now; a bathtub was such a wonderful place to jack off. Tammy’s big tits jiggled as she scrunched down in the porcelain basin, pushing her succulently rounded ass cheeks onto the floor of the tub.

She splayed her long, slender legs widely, draping one delicate ankle over the side of the tub. Then the blonde-haired vixen wantonly began to finger-fuck her pussy, groaning and whimpering as she pumped two fingers between the pouting, fur-fringed lips of her cunt.

Tammy scanned her horny mind for fantasies, remembering the countless boys and men she’d given her pussy to since her father had first fucked her. Instead, she decided to jack off to new fantasies, of all the guys who would be drooling over her with stiff, oozing pricks, as soon as they learned what a stacked, horny fox had moved into their part of town.

One thing Tammy had never had a problem with was getting guys to fuck her. It wasn’t only because she was so eager and willing and had a very lewd mouth, though that certainly didn’t hurt. And it wasn’t because of her age, either, though experience had shown her how much older guys dug fucking a teenager.

It was because she was so gorgeous! Tammy giggled and jacked off harder, making the bath water slosh as she humped her ass and fucked her fingers into her cunt. Her long, wavy blonde hair framed a face that had already won two beauty contests, but that was only the introduction, in a way, to the real treat… her body.

Men were always getting boners around her, Tammy thought, with a self-satisfied smile. Even conservative clothes couldn’t cover her big tits or her dazzling legs, though she rarely dressed conservatively. If she wore her usual outfit — short denim cut-offs that hugged her ass cheeks, a halter top stretched over her ample tits — cocks leaped to painful, pulsing stiffness everywhere she went.

Tammy knew how much she enjoyed giving men hard-ons. There was nothing like knowing that her huge, rounded tits or long legs had created the anxious grimace on a man’s face when his prick pounded in his pants.

Sometimes she just liked teasing them, flirting and showing her body until she was sure her victim would have to beat his meat the moment she finally went away, spraying his ceiling with cum in memory of her mouthwatering body.

But most of the time Tammy was eager to spread her legs and give her admirers the fucking and sucking of their lives. She’d been that way ever since the first time her father’s huge prick had pierced her virgin cunt.

At that moment, her father entered the bathroom.

Most people seeing Tammy for the first time assumed that she had come from extraordinarily handsome parents, reasoning that there was no other way she could have acquired her beauty.

But Tammy’s father William was an ordinary, mousy looking man in his early forties, with a weak, slender physique and horn rimmed glasses, that made him look like the bookworm he was. He was a grammar school teacher, who’d hardly been noticed by his colleagues when he abruptly chose to transfer to another school. Tammy knew that no one who knew her father would ever have guessed that he had the guts to fuck his daughter.

“Honey, it’s almost seven o’clock,” William said, in his soft, shy voice. “I thought you said you had a date tonight.”

“I do, Daddy.” Tammy wiggled her nose vixenishly. “I’m just making him wait a little, that’s all.”

Her father fell silent, but he didn’t leave the bathroom. Instead, he moved closer to the tub and stood silently watching his stacked young daughter, naked in the tub. Tammy saw his eyes roam over her full, D-cup tits, down her slender waist, to the grotto of her hairy, wet cunt.

Tammy looked boldly up at her father and again draped her slender leg over the side, of the bathtub. Without taking her eyes from him she again began to finger-fuck her pussy, wiggling her ass as she pumped a slim finger in and out of her cunt.

“Daddy, did you know who I was going out with tonight?”

Her father shook his head with a slightly pained expression. A long lump swelled the crotch of his khaki slacks.

“Mr. Jackson, Daddy. Remember? I used to baby-sit for him all the time.” Tammy watched her father’s eyes and started to beat off faster, humping her ass in the water, slipping a second finger into her pussy. “Daddy, do you know what I’m going to do with Mr. Jackson tonight?”

Her father’s expression was anguished now as he nodded. Tammy knew she was torturing him. She loved teasing her father.

“I’m going to fuck the hell out of him, Daddy,” she confessed huskily. “I used to fuck him all the time when I was sitting for him. He’d leave with his wife, but then he’d leave the party early so he could come home and give me a good fucking while his kids were asleep. Once one of his little boys came out and saw us. Frank got so turned on then, he just exploded in my pussy. What do you think of that, Daddy?”

William said nothing. Then Tammy watched as her father unbuckled his pants and slid them down his skinny, hairy thighs. She whimpered and rubbed her cunt as his huge prick bobbed out in the raw.

Her father was incredibly well hung for such a slight man. It frustrated Tammy that, after all the men she’d fucked, her daddy still had the biggest prick she’d yet seen.

And now his cock was as hard as stone, rising stiffly out of his cock hairs like a club, capped with a shiny-skinned, rosy prick knob that was already leaking cum. Tammy got very, very horny as she stared at her father’s prick, watching it throb and jerk lewdly up and down.

“Why Daddy, look at you,” Tammy whispered. “I’ve given you a big boner!”

William said nothing; he rarely spoke when he was turned on. With his pants bunched around his ankles, he stood as close to the bathtub as he could. His huge hard-on twitched over the water.

Tammy took her fingers out of her cunt and got on her knees to face him. “Look at this big cock you have, Daddy,” she mewled, wrapping her little fist around the meaty base and holding his cock up for inspection. “Now what are we going to do about this? I can’t just go out and leave you here with a boner. You need some release.”

Her father remained silent. Tammy looked up into his anguished eyes. Then she slowly began to stroke and jack his aching prick, pulling her fist up to the cock knob before luxuriously sliding it back to the root.

“Unh!” William moaned. “Oh shit, honey.”

“Do you want a blowjob Daddy?” Tammy’s pussy juiced as she jacked her father off faster, watching more pre-cum ooze from his piss slit. “My, but your cock’s really throbbing tonight. Wouldn’t you like me to give it a good sucking before I go on my date with Mr. Jackson?”

William groaned and nodded. Tammy opened her mouth wide and dropped her head, taking her father’s prick between her lips.

She wrapped her lips in a tight circle around the center of the swollen prick shaft, stretching them obscenely to accommodate the thickness of her father’s fuck tool. Then Tammy caved in her cheeks and feverishly started sucking, making gurgling, slurping sounds as she sucked her daddy’s cock.

“Oh shit, Tammy!” William gasped as he held the back of her head, curling his fingers in her wonderful mane of long, blonde hair. “Unh! Suck it, honey! Suck hard!”

Tammy began to bob her head, fucking her face with her father’s cock. He’d taught her how to suck him off shortly after fucking her, and in three years Tammy had become very proud of her ability to give fantastic blowjobs.

Sometimes, on her many dates with strange men, Tammy did nothing except give a quick blow-job. She loved having control over the opposite sex just as she had control over her father, and there was no better way of getting it than watching a man swoon when she took his prick between her lips.

Most men liked to have a cock-sucking last a while, but it made Tammy even more powerful when she forced him to shoot his wad within a couple of minutes with her ultra-talented mouth. Jacking and sucking and making lots of noise at the same time usually did the trick. Then she could take the man’s cock out of her mouth at the last moment, and giggle as she watched his jism spray all over his shirt.

But Tammy rarely did that with her father, though she loved the sight of his thick, milky cum cascading onto his chest. That was because she loved the taste of his jizz.

Now his cock grew even longer and harder in her mouth, twitching spasmodically and leaking jism that she swiped up with her tongue. Tammy puckered and bellowed her cheeks like a machine, feeling her face flush with the wanton energy she devoted to her daddy’s cock.

“Oh, Tammy,” William moaned. He pulled her hair and bucked his ass faster. “My balls are burning up… I can’t hold it back.”

Tammy panted through her nose, making loud smacking, gurgling sounds as her lips worked madly around her father’s fucker. Her fist pumped rhythmically up and down his veined cock shaft, beating his meat between her lips.

William was literally shaking all over with excitement. Tammy knew he was going to spurt soon, and she thought of taking his cock from her lips so she could watch the creamy goo gush out, landing on her face and big tits.

But she had to swallow it, had to taste the cum. Tammy squeezed her father’s balls with her left hand and jacked and sucked his cock as hard as she could, summoning up all her energy to help her daddy cum.


A hot stream of cum opened her father’s piss hole, shooting down Tammy’s throat. Tammy gurgled contentedly and noisily started swallowing, working her throat muscles, relishing the taste of her daddy’s cum as it spurted across her slippery tongue.

William grimaced and moaned as his jism continued to spout out of his cock. Tammy kept on gulping for nearly a minute, nursing her father’s cock with her fist, refusing to release his prick until she had drained his balls of cum.

Then her embarrassed looking father pulled up his pants and hastily left the bathroom. Tammy giggled and climbed out of the tub, momentarily admiring her lush nakedness in the mirror.

Wait until Mr. Jackson gets a load of this, she thought proudly. His prick will practically split his pants!

Ever since her father had, first fucked her, Tammy had loved the power her pussy gave her over men.


“Come on, Tammy! I can’t stand this! Please let me fuck you, please!”

They were in a clean, sterile-looking bedroom, in the most private motel Frank Jackson had been able to find in town. Frank had worn a suit for his illicit date with the teenaged nymphomaniac, but now it was badly disheveled, and his stiff throbbing cock protruded obscenely within his pants.

Tammy was teasing the hell out of him. He was practically chasing her around the bed, swiping at the long, revealing gown that was now almost in shreds. Tammy giggled as her huge naked tits bounced before her former babysitting customer. The slit of the gown had been torn up to her hips, exposing all of her legs and the gorgeous cheeks of her panty-clad ass.

“But I’m not ready to fuck you yet, Mr. Jackson!” Tammy squealed, wiggling away from his grasp. “You’re not being nice enough to me!”

“Nice enough! Shit, I take you out to dinner… if my wife found out… Jesus, Tammy, you’re killing me! My cock’s going to explode! Oh please, just let me see your cunt!”

The middle-aged father lunged at her, ripping at her gown. Tammy screamed, but she wasn’t quick enough. It came off completely, leaving her naked except for her bikini panties. Frank moaned like a horny animal at the sight of her pussy triangle through the sheer fabric, and the stain her wet cunt had left on her panty crotch.

“God, Mr. Jackson!” Tammy cried. “If you’re really that horny you should go into the bathroom and jack yourself off! You’d just cum the second you got your prick inside me!”

“Tammy, why are you doing this to me?” Frank moaned. “I can’t stand it! I’ve got to have your cunt!”

Then he threw himself on top of her, wrestling her to the bed. Tammy flailed her fists on his back, but it was a mock struggle; she had only wanted to make him wild with lust before sacrificing her cunt.

Madly, the older man tore at her panties, shredding them from her lithe hips, exposing her hairy, dripping cunt. He forced her slim legs apart and buried his face between them, moaning with desire as he rubbed his mouth on the fragrant folds of her fuck slit.

“No, Mr. Jackson!” Tammy cried playfully, beating her fists on his back. “You’re raping me! Noooo!”

Frank pushed his hands under her hips, sighing as he enveloped her peach shaped ass-cheeks in his brawny hands. Then he eagerly started to suck and tongue her tender young pussy, thrusting his tongue between the pouting, hairy lips of her cunt.

“Mmmmm…” Tammy slowly stopped struggling, letting her ass fall to the bed. “Oh, Mr. Jackson, that really feels good. I don’t know if I want you to stop, after all.”

She opened her slender legs widely, completely baring her hairy, pink cunt for his lips and tongue. Tammy held the back of his head and lightly ground her ass off the mattress, biting her lip as she felt the sensations of having her pussy sucked ripple through her young cunt.

“Yes, that does feel good now. Ungh! Suck me good, Mr. Jackson! Then I’ll let you fuck me!”

Jackson pawed her ass cheeks with shameless hunger, rooting his tongue deeply into her pussy, licking up the fuck oil that drooled heavily from the depths of her cunt tunnel. Tammy looked down her belly between her huge tits, wanting to giggle at the sight of his hair and forehead nestled between her legs.

Then the pleasure of the cunt-sucking started to get to her. Tammy loved it when men sucked her pussy. To make a man so horny that he simply had to lick and eat the hairy fuck hole he wanted to put his cock in it almost made her feel as powerful as when a guy shot his cum-load all over her tits.

“Unh! More, suck me more!” Tammy pulled her babysitting client’s thinning hair and bucked her ass off the bed, hornily fucking her pussy onto his lips. “My cunt’s getting super hot, Mr. Jackson! Keep sucking me! Then I’ll let you give me a good fucking.”

The promise of dipping his cock into Tammy’s juicy teenaged pussy made Frank more eager than ever to satisfy her. His big hands kneaded her ass cheeks, making her little asshole stretch and pucker as he pawed at the two creamy-white tit globes.

His tongue burrowed into her pussy, licking a wet swath from her aching clit to the little ridge of flesh separating her cunt from her asshole. Tammy moaned and bucked her ass faster, fucking her pussy all over his face.

“I want to cum now!” she gasped. “Keep sucking me! Oh, Mr. Jackson, my pussy’s so wet and hot!”

Unable to hold her humping ass in position, Frank withdrew his hands from the wildly jiggling ass cheeks. He slipped his fingers up her slender, sweating thigh and insinuated one finger into the sopping sheath of her cunt. His cock stiffened and throbbed as he felt her very tight pussy suck needfully round his finger, seeming to draw it into her belly.

“Gotta cum!” Tammy panted.

She knew she was losing her control now, as she always did when she was about to cum, but by now she was too horny for that to bother her. Tammy made the bed shake as she whipped her lithe ass frenetically off the mattress, grunting as she thrust her pussy onto Frank’s tongue and lips.

“Suck my clit!” she pleaded. “Oh God, Mr. Jackson, suck off my clit!”

Frank glued his lips to the pink, shining bud. He sucked her clit gently but forcefully, simultaneously burying a second finger into the fragrant, sucking wetness of her pussy. Tammy immediately came.

“Suck meeeeee!” She writhed as if in the throes of a fit, pulling his hair and grimacing as the spasms swept through her pussy. “Suck me, Mr. Jackson! My pussy! Ahhh! I’m cumming!”

Her hairy cunt slit throbbed in his lips, oozing fuck cream into his mouth. Pawing at her luscious, naked body, Frank tongued his babysitter’s gooey pussy until the racking spasms had completely subsided.

Then he pulled down his pants and crawled up between her legs, and the crazed expression in his eyes told Tammy that he was going to put his cock inside her body now, whether she wanted him to or not.

Tammy smiled teasingly, wiggled her ass on the bed and spread her legs wide apart; she lifted her knees until they nearly touched her shoulders, completely opening her plump pussy mound for the invasion of his cock.

She was going to give him her cunt, just as he wanted. But she was going to make it fast, humping so quickly that Mr. Jackson would pop his rocks long before savoring the real pleasure of a fuck session. That would keep him, nice and frustrated, Tammy thought mischievously.

And she didn’t have to worry about her own satisfaction. She’d get that when she returned later that night, from her father’s big, ever ready prick.

“Oh Tammy, I want your pussy so much!” Frank moaned. He nestled his cock head between her pussy folds, sighing as he felt the petal-like lips nip around his prick. “I’ve got to fuck you… fuck your sweet little cunt.”

“Go ahead, Mr. Jackson! I’m horny too!” Tammy squealed. “Fuck me!”

Frank pushed his cock into her fuck hole. Immediately Tammy started wiggling her butt, helping him fit every inch of his big prick into the buttery wetness of her fuck tunnel.

Then she started humping and bucking her ass like a machine. Her legs locked around his thick waist, pulling his body closer to her.

Tammy panted as she flexed her cunt muscles, sucking and kneading the painful hardness of his cock.

“Not… not so fast, Tammy!” Frank said anxiously. “My cock’s so stiff… you’ll make me cum too soon!”

“Fuck me, Mr. Jackson!” Tammy shouted. She ignored his request and humped her horny ass faster than ever, lifting it off the springy bed with each fuck-thrust. “I want you to cum in me! I want to feel your juice gushing inside my pussy!”

The pounding rhythm of her ass and the constant sucking pressure of her pussy was irresistibly good. Frank panted and started fucking his babysitter like a wild man, making his hairy balls slap her ass crack with every thrust.

“Faster, fuck me fast!” Tammy clawed his shoulders, lifting her long legs until they were around the center of his back. Her voice whipped him on, encouraging him to shoot his load quickly into her velvety cunt.

“Unh,” Frank gasped. “Oh Tammy already… I’m starting to cum!”

“Fuck meeee! Fuck me hard, fuck me good!” Tammy’s pussy burned and juiced as she squeezed down on the older man’s pounding prick, using her cunt to suck it from the base to the knob. “Awww, your fucking cock feels so big inside me! Shoot your load, Mr. Jackson! Shoot your wad up my cunt!”

“Oh, Tammy!”

He collapsed between her thighs, less than a minute after he had first inserted his prick in her pussy, burying his cock to the balls in the slippery heat of her cunt tunnel. Then a torrent of cum shot out of his throbbing cock, filling Tammy’s pussy with tide after tide of hot, salty cum.

“Unh! Oh God, you made me cum!” Wincing with lust and frustration, Frank pumped his cum-gushing prick in and out of her hairy pussy. “So fast! Damn you, Tammy! Ungghhh!”

Tammy giggled and tirelessly humped her ass, helping her babysitting customer drain his balls in the receptacle of her cunt. For days and days, he had probably looked forward to this date, getting a huge, painful boner as he dreamed of the youngster’s big tits and hot, pumping pussy.

And now she had just made him shoot his wad in less than a minute. It wouldn’t be enough, Tammy knew. Now Mr. Jackson would be more hot for her body than ever!

“Please do something for me, Tammy. Please. I can’t stand it.”

An hour later Frank’s Cadillac was parked on the dark street beside Tammy’s condominium complex. The middle-aged father sat behind the steering wheel with a pained expression on his face and a painful hard-on stretching his pants.

Tammy sat next to him, wiggling her ass, playfully running her fingers up and down the outline of his cock. She had known he would get another big boner. That was what usually happened when she made a man cum too fast.

“But you just fucked me an hour ago, Mr. Jackson,” she said teasingly. “I mean, God! You must really think I’m some kind of whore.”

“No I don’t,” Frank interjected quickly. “I’m just… Tammy, please do something for me. I just can’t take this. I’ll get blue balls. Please.”

He was really begging for it now, and that was what Tammy had wanted to see. Smiling vixenishly, the teenaged blonde unzipped his pants and pushed them down his thighs. Then she wrapped her little hand around his big, throbbing, stiff prick.

“Oh yes, Tammy!” Frank settled back in the car seat and moaned with pleasure. “That’s the girl… do me, Tammy, please!”

“You want me to suck your cock?” Tammy whispered. She looked at him with mock solemnity as she tantalizingly beat his meat, tugging it up and down in long, hard strokes. “Your cock is really throbbing now, Mr. Jackson. You want a blow-job, don’t you?”

“Yes, oh God…”

“Will you promise to let me go if I give your prick a good sucking?”

“Yes, yes! Anything, please!”

Just begging for it, Tammy thought. A big, powerful man, begging for her lips. She loved it!

A lewd, lascivious smile curled her lips. Slowly she pushed her fist to the root of his hard-on, holding it up for inspection. Then she dropped her head and mewled contentedly as she enveloped his cock between her lips.

It wasn’t as big as her daddy’s, but it was plenty big enough, and she had to stretch her lips wide to engulf the thick, swollen cock shaft. Tammy bobbed her head and eagerly started sucking, rolling her tongue all over the purplish flesh of his cock head.

Jackson grinned luridly, and put his hand on the back of her head. “Not so fast this time, Tammy. Please! I want to enjoy it!”

But Tammy was going to make him cum as fast as she could. Faster and faster her head bucked, taking more of his prick between her lips.

“Ahhh!” As if in agony Frank jerked and writhed under the steering wheel, helpless in the pleasure of the teenager’s cock-sucking. “Not so fast, Tammy! Oh, Jesus, I can feel it already. You’re making me cum!”

Lewd slurping sounds filled the interior of the Cadillac as Tammy feverishly sucked his cock. Her hand and wrist ached as she violently jacked him off, milking and tugging his cock between her lips.

“Cumming… oh!”

A thick gob of jism spouted from the tip of his prick, shooting down Tammy’s throat. Tammy gurgled hungrily and started to jack him off with a slow, steady rhythm, beating the cum-load out of his balls as she sucked.

“Oh!” Frank shook like a quivering animal as the second load of cum spurted from his throbbing prick, filling Tammy’s mouth with his cream. “Oh, Tammy… you made me cum fast… oh, God!”

Tammy opened her mouth and let her babysitting client’s cum drip back down over his cock into his lap. Then she sat up and smiled at the spectacle she had created: a rich, older man in a suit, with his suck-wilted, greasy prick lolling out of his pants, and a wet, white stain on his crotch.

“Bye, Mr. Jackson!” Tammy cried gaily, throwing open the car door. “Call me again soon, okay?”

“Wait, Tammy!” Frank looked miserable, knowing how long it would be before he could again get a date with such an incredibly desirable, big-titted girl. “I’m not… wait!”

Tammy ignored him, running up the flagstone pathway to the still-unfamiliar grounds of the condo complex. Her pussy was still wet from the cum-load Mr. Jackson had shot off in her cunt. And she was unbearably horny, too. Her pussy burned and throbbed from all the teasing, fucking and sucking she’d done that evening.

She couldn’t wait to fuck with her daddy.


Tammy’s father was reading a book as she entered their living room. The expression on his face told her how obvious it was to him that she’d just been fucked.

The slinky, expensive gown she’d warn on the date was practically in shreds now, barely covering her huge tits or her long, delectable legs. Her hair was disheveled and her make-up was mussed. More importantly, the scent of cum seemed to hang over her, along with the pungent aroma of her own dripping cunt.

“Hi, Daddy. I’m home.”

William put down his book and looked at his nymphomaniac daughter.

Immediately, Tammy saw the bulge of a big hard-on rising in his pants. Boldly she crossed the living room and stood over him as he sat on the couch, pushing her hips forward, letting him see the wet stain on the crotch of her dress.

“Aren’t you going to ask me if I had a good time tonight, Daddy?”

There was a long silence. Her father licked his lips and looked at her with a pained, nervous expression. That was what made her so horny for her daddy, Tammy thought: that he was always trying to fight his lust for his daughter.

“Did you… enjoy your date?” William asked softly.

A mischievous smile spread across Tammy’s gorgeous, wide-eyed face. Slowly she lifted the hem of her gown, bit by bit, exposing more and more of her long, tapering legs. Her father gasped when he saw she wasn’t wearing any panties, and he gaped at the sight of her wet, reeking, hairy cunt.

“Look at my pussy, Daddy. That’s how much I enjoyed my date!”

Her father just stared, inhaling the cock stiffening aroma of wet, cum-dripping cunt, with his boner pounding wildly in his pants. Tammy hurriedly knotted the gown around her waist, exposing her naked body from the waist down.

She put one high-heeled foot up on the couch, opening her pink pussy slit for her father’s inspection. Then she gently put her hand on the back of his head and pulled it forward, to the throbbing head of her pussy.

“Mr. Jackson fucked me, Daddy. He had a really big cock, but it’s not as big as yours is. He fucked me good, and he came in my pussy. And now I want you to suck my pussy and make me cum.”

Her father’s whole body trembled as he leaned forward and glued his face to her steaming cunt. He slipped his tongue between her swollen pussy folds, making Tammy whine as she felt it brush her clit.

Then he started sucking her, pressing his lips up her hairy gash. After three years, no one knew how to suck her pussy better than her daddy did.

And now it was Tammy’s turn to lose control. Her eyes became slits and her expression became dreamy as her father tongued and sucked the juice from her cunt.

“Oh, Daddy,” she moaned. Hotly, she started rocking her ass, pumping her pussy onto his lips. “Harder, Daddy. Suck my cunt now… oh God, it’s burning so much. Make me cum!”

William slid his hands up his daughter’s leanly muscled thighs, cupping the juicy cheeks of her humping ass. Then he started to eat out her pussy in earnest, swiping his tongue rhythmically up and down her open, juicing cunt slit.

“Unh!” Tammy grimaced and started to shake her head from side to side, unable to stand the intense pleasure shooting through her pussy. “Daddy! Oh fuck, Daddy, fuck! You’re making me so hot!”

His hands pawed her ass cheeks just as Jackson’s had, but there was something different in his touch, something that made it possible for Tammy to resist him. She bit her lip and humped her ass much faster, fucking her pussy wildly all over his face.

“Gonna cum now, Daddy!” she squealed. “There, suck on my clit! Oooh, jack off my pussy, Daddy! Put your fingers up my cunt!”

William slipped his hand from her bouncing ass cheeks and buried two fingers in the gurgling tunnel of her cunt. He jacked her off hard and fast, knowing that was how his daughter liked it. At the same time, his lips moved higher up her cunt slit, enveloping her cunt.

“Cumming now!” Tammy’s cheeks flushed nearly crimson as the spasms started to burn through her belly, making it difficult to remain standing. “Oh, Daddy! My pussy’s burning, it’s burning up! I love the way you suck my cunt, Daddy! Cumming, I’m cumming!”

She pounded her curly-haired pussy onto his lips, moaning and crying put her pleasure as the cum drenched her cunt slit again and again. William squeezed her ass and kept sucking his daughter, helping her through the delicious climax.

Afterwards, Tammy backed away and looked at her father with wide, shining eyes. She had cum incredibly hard with his mouth on her pussy, but that hadn’t begun to satisfy her.

Tammy knew she’d just been born with a wet, horny pussy. She’d been finger-fucking herself ever since she was a kid. That was one of the reasons her father had started fucking her. He had come into her bedroom to say good night and found her naked, groaning as she pumped her pussy with her fingers she was constantly daydreaming about stiff, spurting pricks, especially her father’s. And now she wanted to fuck her daddy all night…

“Rub it in me, Daddy,” Tammy sighed. “Ummm, that feels so nice. Daddy, you’re making me so hot!”

They were on Tammy’s bed now, with the blonde vixen on her belly and William seated beside her on the edge of the bed. An open jar of almond oil sat on the bedstand. Tammy’s father was giving his little girl an extremely sexual massage, rubbing the oil into the cheeks of her naked, jiggling ass.

“Get in between the cheeks, Daddy. It feels so good!”

She squirmed anxiously on the mattress, feeling her pussy throb, dying to feel his cock in her pussy. Her father poured some oil on the crevice between her ass cheeks and started to rub the inner cheeks.

Tammy squealed as his finger touched her asshole, smearing the lotion around her pink, hairless ass ring. Her father pushed his wet finger up her ass and finger-fucked her rubbery ass tunnel, making Tammy squeal and hump her pussy on the bed.

“Fuck my pussy now, Daddy!” she said excitedly. “Please, I’m so hot!”

William dabbed lotion on his fingertips and buried them between the dripping folds of her cunt. Tammy gasped and hornily bucked her hips, fucking her pussy onto his hand.

“Can’t stand it any more, Daddy!” she gasped. “Take off your clothes right now! I need your cock inside roe, fucking my cunt!”

William rose from the bed to strip off his clothes, revealing his slender, naked body and his oversized cock. He climbed back onto the mattress and knelt between, his daughter’s splayed thighs. Eagerly, Tammy grabbed a pillow and shoved it under his belly, lifting up her ass and hairy pussy for the invasion of her father’s cock.

“Put your cock in me, Daddy! Ram it up my cunt!”

Her father centered his spongy, heartshaped cock head on the small slit of his daughter’s pussy. Then he pushed forward, burying inch after inch of his huge, throbbing prick into the churning wetness of her fuck hole.

“Ahhh!” A lurid smile spread across Tammy’s face as she felt her daddy’s prick fucking into her cunt. “Oh Daddy, it’s stretching me! I can feel the way it’s stretching my pussy! Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck my hot cunt!”

William panted as he felt the succulent tightness of his daughter’s pussy sheath, sucking and milking around his bloated prick. Harder and harder he bucked his hips, forcing his cock into the depths of her silken pussy.

Then he started fucking her, ramming his aching hard-on furiously in and out of her cunt. His hands slid up her slender waist, cupping the big, rounded globes of her tits.

He pinched her nipples as he fucked her, making them stiff between his fingers and thumbs. Tammy gasped and made the bed shake as she pounded up her pussy to meet her father’s fuck-strokes into her cunt.

“Harder, Daddy, harder!” she pleaded. Her expression was a mask of arousal; nothing felt better than her father’s big, hard cock, thrusting into her cunt. “Fuck my pussy! Do it as hard as you can!”

Pulling on her tits, William pounded his throbbing cock into her pussy in a frenzy of fuck-lust. Tammy felt her cunt hole pulsing and juicing, sucking spasmodically around the steely stiffness of his prick.

“Cumming now!” She clawed the sheets and groaned as she bucked madly beneath him, thrusting up her hips to get more of his cock into her pussy. “Oh Daddy, it feels as good the way you fuck me! Ungh! Cumming now, Daddy! My pussy’s hot, I’m cumming!”

The spasms gushed deliciously through her cock-filled fuck hole, making her clit tingle and her cunt throb repeatedly around her father’s cock. But her father kept his cum-load back, still pistoning his prick into her pussy to guide her through her cum.

When she regained her composure, the first thing Tammy realized was that her father’s cock was still as hard as stone, juicing and pulsing deep inside her cunt. She had to satisfy him, she realized; her daddy needed relief.

“Take it out, Daddy,” she whimpered softly. “Now I’m really gonna make you cum!”

Obediently, William pulled his hard-on from his daughter’s clinging cunt. Reaching around her hips, Tammy dug her fingers into the rounded, creamy-white cheeks of her ass. Shamelessly she spread them wide, revealing the pink, puckered ring of her burning asshole.

“Fuck me there, Daddy! That’s where I want to feel your hot cum! Ram that whopper of yours up my little ass!”

Excitedly, William grabbed the bottle of almond oil and smeared more of the lotion on his daughter’s hairless asshole, making Tammy whimper as she felt the thick goo dripping down her ass tunnel. Then her father’s cock replaced the liquid as he mounted her, pressing the heart-shaped knob of his prick to the tender ring of her asshole.

“Push your prick in me, Daddy! My asshole’s so wet! Cum up my horny ass!”

His daughter’s filthy language seemed to make William hornier than ever. Squeezing her tits, he contracted his ass cheeks. He groaned with incestuous lust as the meaty inches of his cock bored into the furnace-like heat of his daughter’s asshole.

“Harder, Daddy! It feels so good!” Tammy madly humped beneath him, wiggling her ass cheeks to help her father fuck his thick cock meat between her ivory ass globes. “Love it, Daddy! Love your huge prick fucking up my butt!”

William groaned and pulled her huge tits, as if trying to separate the spongy melons from her body. With a furious fuck-thrust, he rammed every inch of his enormous cock into her little asshole, stretching the rubbery walls almost painfully around the thickness of his fat cock.

There was a flash of intense pain as Tammy’s asshole struggled to accommodate the hugeness of her father’s prick. For a moment she lay silently and submissively beneath him, moaning as her ass tunnel throbbed around his prick.

But soon the pain vanished, and it felt better than ever. Tammy curled her fingers into the sheets and started humping faster than ever, making her ass cheeks jiggle as she lifted them for the satisfying invasion of her father’s cock.

“Fuck me fast, Daddy!” she gasped. “I’m so horny, you’re gonna make me cum again! Fuck my asshole!”

Her father fucked her asshole as hard as he could. The almond oil bubbled up in her rubbery ass tunnel around his cock, making the path of his cock slippery as the rock-hard shaft pistoned grisly between her ass cheeks.

Tammy squealed and whimpered continually as her father brutalized her little asshole with his big, hard cock. Her belly was burning and knotted; she had to cum soon.

Thrusting her hand under her pussy curls, the horny girl moaned as she buried two fingers in her sopping, empty-feeling pussy. Then she wantonly jacked off her cunt as her father reamed out her asshole, rolling her clit feverishly under her thumb.

“Cumming, Daddy! Gonna cum!”

The spasms burst suddenly inside her body, making her clit ache and her asshole clench violently around her father’s cock. Tammy shrieked and fucked up her ass as hard as she could, grunting and moaning as she squirmed her asshole on her father’s prick.

“Cumming!” she cried. “So good, Daddy, love your huge cock! Fuck me with it! Fuck my asshole!”

It was a long, incredibly hard cum, completely satisfying the tingling lust that had racked her body all night. Her father was unable to bear the pressure of her sucking asshole around his cock.

He fell heavily on top of her stacked, naked body, hammering his huge prick into the churning depths of his daughter’s asshole. Then the salty white jism erupted from his balls, gushing and spurting out of his swollen cock head in burst after burst of cum.

“Yes, Daddy, shoot your rocks!” Tammy screamed. She flexed her asshole muscles, helping her daddy drain his cum-load between her ass cheeks. “I can feel your cum now, Daddy! It’s spurting, oh God, it’s shooting inside my asshole! Fuck me, fuck meeeeee!”

Exhausted, William rolled off her ass and lay panting beside her. Tammy giggled and rested her cheek on her folded arms. She was still horny, but it wouldn’t hurt to let her father rest a little bit.

He did have to get up for work, after all. And Tammy pinched herself, realizing that she’d almost forgotten tomorrow was her first day at her new high school.


Tammy was happy that her father didn’t have to leave early for work the next morning. That gave her a chance to tease him when she came out for breakfast.

“Jesus,” her father whispered as she entered the kitchen. “Jesus Christ! Tammy, you can’t go to school dressed like that!”

Pretending innocence, Tammy looked down at herself as if surprised. She wore her favorite outfit, a tube top with sandals and a skin-tight pair of denim cut-offs.

The trouble was, her body was much too voluptuous for such skimpy clothes. Tube tops weren’t made to be worn with bras, Tammy felt, and her enormous, firm tits jiggled obscenely beneath the stretch fabric. Her fat red nipples protruded clearly, making it even more obvious that her huge tits were bare under the top.

The cut-offs were just as provocative. Tammy’s long, shapely legs were enough to make any man cum in his underwear, but the shorts had been cut extremely high, so that her delectable ass cheeks were exposed under the hem.

“But Daddy, what’s wrong?” Tammy asked, barely suppressing a giggle. “You’ve seen me dressed like this before.”

“But… but Jesus, not on your first day at a new high-school!” William’s mouth sagged as he ran his eyes up and down his teenaged daughter’s body. “Tammy, can’t you see what I’m talking about? You’ll get raped before you ever get to your first class!”

Tammy laughed and lowered her eyes to her father’s slacks. Her pussy began to ache under the cut-offs as she saw the big hard-on stretching the crotch of her father’s pants.

“Ummm, Daddy’s getting a big boner again,” Tammy whispered teasingly. She stepped close to him and massaged his burning prick through his slacks. “I guess my little outfit turned you on, didn’t it?”

William shook his head and looked at her helplessly. “Please, Tammy, don’t do this to me now. I’ll be late for work.”

“Can’t go off to work yet, Daddy,” Tammy said, and slid to her knees on the kitchen floor. “Not with a big hard-on like this stretching your pants. You’ll make a mess in the car!”

Her father stood over her in horny frustration, knowing that a blowjob would make him late but too aroused to stop her. Tammy unzipped his pants and tugged them down his thighs, releasing his stiff prick from confinement. Her eyes widened as she saw how big her father’s cock was. Daddy always was horny in the morning.

“Please, honey. I can’t be late. I’ll lose my job.”

Ignoring his protests, Tammy opened her mouth wide and took the mushroom-shaped knob of her father’s prick between her lips. She clamped her lips tightly around the cockshaft, gurgling as she struggled to accommodate all of his prick meat.

Then she feverishly started sucking his cock, rolling her tongue around the delicious, cum oozing knob, caving in her cheeks to increase the pressure around her father’s wonderful cock.

Tammy was in a teasing mood this morning, as she was nearly every day. For a full minute, she sucked her father’s cock as hard as she could, wrapping her little hand tightly around the prickshaft and beating him off violently as her tongue swirled on his piss slit.

Soon her father was groaning and rocking his ass, fucking her face with his gigantic prick. Then, just as he was about to unload, Tammy withdrew his cock from her mouth and giggled as she watched the pre-cum ooze from the tip of his cock.

“Still want me to stop, Daddy? Remember, you don’t want to be late for work!”

Her father looked down at her miserably. Tammy laughed again and pushed her fist to the root of his cock. Then she took it back between her lips and sucked harder than ever, feeling her pussy burn as she awaited the hot spurts of her daddy’s cum.

“Ungh!” William pulled her long, thick hair and bucked faster; his balls slapped the underside of her chin. “Oh, Tammy! Oh, fuck it, little girl! Here it cums!”

He heaved forward, fucking his cock almost two-thirds down her throat. Tammy nearly choked around the unexpected thickness of his prick, but she made herself keep on sucking furiously. Her tongue slid over and around his cock, feeling it throb hotly, waiting for the rich, gooey jism.

Then he spurted, shooting what felt like whole pints of cum down his daughter’s throat. Tammy moaned in ecstasy as she tasted the thick, salty cum sliding over her tongue. She jacked and sucked her father’s cumming prick as hard as she could, draining his balls completely of their milky load.

Fifteen minutes later she was walking happily to school, down a street lined with small houses and other condominium developments.

She felt the weight of her big, spongy tits jiggling under the tube top, and smiled when male drivers passing her slowed down or honked their horns or had to swerve violently to avoid crashing into another car.

She slid her tongue around her lips, lapping up the residue of her father’s cum. Sucking his prick had made Tammy’s pussy burn painfully beneath her shorts. She hoped she turned on lots of boys at school that day, as she was sure she would.

Tammy was extremely, painfully horny by her last class.

The girls at her new school were much more conservative than they’d been at Roosevelt; all the boys acted as if they’d never seen a girl without a bra before. Tammy had lost count of the number of guys who had hooted at her, or made obscene gestures, or the even larger number, who had remained bashfully silent while enormous cocks had swelled obscenely in their jeans.

At lunchtime she had passed a roughlooking bunch of boys around a row of hot cars in the parking lot, sand she’d had to run when two of them had started following her.

The other girls in the high school looked at her jealously all the time. The teachers were just as bad. They weren’t supposed to get horny for high school girls young enough to be their children, but it was hard for them to resist staring at her big tits through her skimpy top.

And Mr. Jennings, the teacher of her last period class, was the worst of all.

Tammy sat primly in the front row, realizing that she was the center of the poor man’s attention. He was a tall, rugged-looking history instructor in his early forties, who was apparently quite popular with the other students.

But he was obviously totally flustered by the mouth-watering lushness of Tammy’s body. He kept on staring at her as he lectured, frequently forgetting what he was saying in mid-sentence… making a fool of himself, Tammy realized, and all because he was hot for her gorgeous body.

His desire for her pussy made her incredibly hot. Tammy had to stop herself from wiggling her ass on the hard wooden chair, even though a burning wetness soaked the hairy lips of her cunt.

When the last bell rang and the class let out, Tammy was overjoyed when the teacher called her name and asked her to stay on a little longer.

“Did I forget to give you my registration or something, Mr. Jennings?” she asked, standing beside his desk and looking at him innocently.

Jennings waited until the last student had shut the door behind him. Then he sat back in his chair, mopped his forehead with a handkerchief and looked at Tammy nervously. He was trying to keep his eyes on her face, but he was obviously having trouble. Tammy wanted to smile as she watched his eyes persistently glancing downwards to the mouth-watering shelf of her big tits.

“No, nothing like that,” he sighed. “Sit down again, Tammy, please. There’s something special I have to talk to you about.”

Obediently, Tammy returned to her desk. The teacher rose from his chair and approached her slowly, looking more nervous than ever. Tammy was delighted to see a large cock-bulge growing in his pants.

“Tammy, I’m not sure how to begin this.” Jennings paused. “The high school you just left… did they have a dress code there?”

Something mischievous gleamed in Tammy’s eyes, even as she innocently shook her head. “I don’t think so, Mr. Jennings. Why?”

“Well, we really don’t have a formal one here either. Times have changed quite a bit since I first started teaching. Nonetheless, Tammy, if you don’t mind, I would like to ask you a little favor.”

“What’s that, sir?”

“Would you mind wearing clothes that are… a little less revealing… in the future?” Tammy looked down at herself in mock dismay. “What’s wrong with what I’ve got on?”

Jennings seemed increasingly, flustered as the conversation continued. “Well, it’s provocative, Tammy. Teenage boys are very easily excited, you know, and same of them were obviously having difficulty concentrating on my lesson today.”

“But lots of girls wear cut-offs and tube tops!” Tammy protested. “I saw girls dressed like that all over school!”

“I realize that, Tammy, but the other girls aren’t nearly as… well-developed as you are. Every silver lining has its cloud, in a sense. It’s just a lot easier for a young lady with your unusual physical, attributes to entice males than it would be for other girls. Perhaps if you wore a bra things might be different. That would be good for a start.”

There was a long pause. Tammy’s cunt throbbed wetly as she stared steadily at the cock-bulge in her teacher’s pants, which was now so big and stiff that it looked like his prick might explode through his slacks.

“Mr. Jennings,” she said softly, “I don’t think its the other boys you’re concerned about at all. I think you’re just too scared to say how much you want to fuck me.”

Jennings blushed fiercely. “Why, T-Tammy!” he sputtered. “What a thing to say to me! You must know that’s not true at all.”

“Not true, huh?” Tammy’s ripe lips, broke into a lascivious smile as she shamelessly lifted her hand to squeeze the rock-hard prick pulsing in his slacks. “Then how come your cock is so hard, Mr. Jennings? Hmm?”

Jennings gaped down at her speechlessly, too shocked to speak or step away.

Tammy was very, very horny, and she didn’t want to waste any more time seducing him. Deftly, her fingers squeezed and massaged his hard-on through his slacks, until a wet stain appeared on the cotton by the tip of his cock. Then Tammy unzipped his slacks, pulled them down and groaned at the sight of his naked prick. His cock was huge and thick, nearly as big as her daddy’s was.

Jennings bit his lip and remained silent. There was obviously no point in denying his arousal now that the teenaged blonde could see his enormously swollen cock, bobbing and twitching, luridly oozing cum.

“So you don’t want to fuck me?” Tammy pushed his shirt out of the way and wrapped her little hand securely around the base of his cock. Slowly, she beat his cock meat, smiling as more pre-cum dripped and oozed from his inflamed cock head. “I guess you always like to teach history with a big boner like this, huh?”

“Tammy, please don’t do this to me,” Jennings gasped. “I’m a married man.”

Tammy held up his magnificent cock and planted a wet kiss on the tip. She slipped her tongue all over the spongy, juicy prick knob, lapping up the cream that ran from the tip. Then she made his cock twitch and dance as she gave every inch of it a tongue bath, leaving his prick glistening with a mixture of her saliva and his own oozing cum.

“Ohhh, Tammy,” Jennings moaned. His face was a dazed mask of guilt and lust. “You’re making me lose control of myself!”

Tammy chuckled and pushed her wet fist to the root of his prick. Then she parted her lips and pushed the heart-shaped knob between her lips, compressing her lips in a tight circle just under the crown.

His prick tasted delicious, but then again, Tammy had loved the taste of every cock she’d ever sucked. Gurgling, the horny youngster swirled her tongue around the purplish prick knob, enjoying the way her teacher trembled every time her tongue danced on his cum slit.

Her hand began to stroke and knead his cock shaft, tenderly beating his meat. Tammy caved in her cheeks and grunted wetly as she let his cock head go deeper into her mouth, pushing down her buttery, sucking throat.

“Oh, fuck!” Lust quickly started to outweigh guilt as Jennings watched his stacked new student giving him head. “Suck harder, Tammy!” His cock leaped at the spectacle of her pretty lips, stretched tightly around the circumference of his fuck rod. “I can’t stand it any more! Give me a blowjob! I’ve got to cum!”

Soon the classroom was filled with the slurping, gurgling sounds of a good cock sucking as, Tammy worked feverishly on her teacher’s prick meat. Her head bobbed, making her lips slip up and down on his cock like a pussy; wantonly, she fucked her face with her teacher’s prick.

“I said harder, Tammy.” Jennings thrust his hands behind her ears and moved the lean cheeks of his hairy ass, fucking his prick between her lips. “My balls are so full! Oh God, I think I’m going to cum now! I can feel it! Oh shit, Tammy, please. Keep sucking! I’m cumming!”

His prick swelled to enormous dimensions in Tammy’s mouth, nearly making the young girl gag as she whipped her tongue around the veined stiffness of his hard-on. Then a stream of jism pumped out of his balls, gushing torrentially out of his cum slit.

His cum was salty and thick and milky white, loaded with the man protein Tammy had craved constantly since her father had first fucked her. She puckered her cheeks around her teacher’s cum-gushing, throbbing cock and sucked harder than ever.

“Ahhh!” Jennings held onto her head and gasped as the thick, gooey jism continued to spurt from his cock head. Tammy clung to his prick with her stroking hand and slurped noisily as she gulped and swallowed down every delicious drop of his cum.

“God, Mr. Jennings!” Tammy teasingly wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. “You really came buckets! Doesn’t your wife ever give you blow-jobs?”

“Not like that.” Fear returned to the teacher’s face as he looked wildly around the deserted classroom. “Oh my Lord, Tammy, what have you made me do? At school and everything… don’t you realize the danger? We could be caught!”

Tammy was well aware of the danger, but that only made her hornier. She rose from the chair and fingered the edge of her tube top, staring hungrily at her teacher’s thick cock.

“Mr. Jennings, what were you saying earlier about making me wear a bra? Don’t you like my tits?”

Jennings’ jaw sagged open as Tammy whipped off the tube top, baring her huge, spongy, creamy tits. The horny blonde pinched, her silver-dollar-sized, nipples, making the rosy caps stiffen with her lust. Quickly, fresh blood flowed into Jennings’ meaty prick.

“I mean, most guys really dig my knockers!” Tammy cupped her D-cup tits in her little hands and then released them, making the twin globes jiggle and sway. “They’re so big and everything. Half the guys I fuck spend hours just sucking my tits.”

“Tammy, please don’t do this to me.”

“And the rest of my body’s not bad either. Don’t you like my legs?” Tammy kicked off her sandals and held out one long, slender leg for inspection. “And wait till you see my ass and pussy!”

She stripped off her denim cut-offs, stepping out of them and leaving herself naked. Her teacher’s cock leaped to total stiffness when he saw her softly furred pussy mound; his eyes riveted to the pink slit of her small, wet cunt.

“Look at my ass, Mr. Jennings.” Tammy crossed the classroom and leaned across his broad desk, pushing papers onto the floor. Her huge tits flattened on the wood; she reached behind herself and spread her ass cheeks with her fingers, completely exposing her pink asshole and her pouting, hairy cunt. “Look at my cunt!”

“I can’t stand this!” Jennings gasped. “I just can’t fucking stand it!”

He was on her in a second, wrapping his arms around her slender ribcage to desperately paw her enormous tits, hurriedly trying to cram his cock head into her cunt. Tammy squealed and leaned farther across the desk, impatiently awaiting the throbbing impalement of her teacher’s cock.

“Fuck me, teacher!” She spread her ass cheeks wider, completely opening her pussy slit for the invasion of his cock. “Yes, I want it now! Fuck my pussy, Mr. Jennings! Fuck my horny cunt!”

Jennings stuffed his bloated cock head into her cunt hole, groaning as her pussy muscles gripped slickly around the tip of his prick. Then he was madly fucking into her, burying more of his cock into her hot pussy with every fuck stroke.

“Oooh, yes!” Tammy released her ass cheeks and held onto the edge of the desk for support. “Fuck me!” She wiggled her hips, hornily trying to help her teacher to fill her pussy with his stiff, aching prick meat. “I can feel it! Oh God, it’s going into me! I said fuck meeeee! Fuck me with your big cock!”

Her screams were nearly loud enough to be heard by the janitors in the basement, but Jennings was now too horny to care. Her wet teenaged cunt was much tighter than his wife’s pussy. He could feel it sucking spasmodically around his burning cock, as if her cunt were milking the jism out of his balls.

With one heavy fuck-thrust, Jennings rammed every inch of his hard-on into his young student’s cunt. Then he held onto her stiff-nippled tits and furiously started fucking her, sawing his rock-hard cock in and out of her velvety, dripping cunt.

“Harder!” As best she could in her standing position, Tammy wildly humped her ass, pounding her pussy up to meet the fuck strokes of her teacher’s cock. “It feels good, Mr. Jennings! Awww, making my pussy so hot! Fuck me, lover! Harder make me cream!”

She had always loved being fucked. Ever since her father’s massive prick had first stretched her teenaged pussy tunnel, Tammy’s cunt had always felt a little empty without a big cock fucking inside it.

The first fuck-thrust was always the best her cunt slit spreading, tightening and clinging around the fat, hard cock the heat in her belly as a big prick fucked all the way up her cunt.

As hard as she tried, Tammy just couldn’t understand girls who said they weren’t horny.

She was always horny, twenty-four hours a day.

Now her teacher was panting as he fucked her hard and fast, pounding his swollen cock in and out of her hairy pussy. Tammy felt his prick shaft chafing her clit, making the little button rise from its pink hood.

Her belly was burning, and her cunt sucked wetly around his pistoning cock with every fuck-thrust. Tammy groaned and shuddered as the heat built in her cock-stuffed pussy. Soon she was going to cum.

“Fuck me harder, Mr. Jennings!” Tammy clawed the desk and made her ass cheeks jiggle as she fucked on his cock as fast as she could. “My pussy’s burning, it’s so God damn hot! Unh. Oh shit, fuck me deeper! I wanna cum!”

Jennings’ fuck-strokes became more and more furious as his balls ached with another load of cum. Both their bodies were covered with a thin veneer of sweat, and he could feel the hairy sac of his balls slapping her luscious thighs with every cock-thrilling thrust.

“Oh, Tammy!” Jennings’ prick jerked in her pussy as he prepared to cum, growing to total, tingling hardness. “I’m gonna cum now, honey! I can’t hold it back! Oh shit. God… fuck!”

He came, spraying her pussy tunnel with hot spurts of his jism. Tammy had always been incredibly excited by the way it felt to have her pussy deluged with some guy’s thick, gooey cum. She felt herself cumming too as she worked her cunt muscles, helping her teacher gush all of his jism into her pussy.

“Fuck meee!” she shrieked. “I’m cumming too, Mr. Jennings! Ungghh! Fuck me harder! You’ve got such a big cock! Fuck me, oh shit… ungghh! I’m cumming!”

Her pussy throbbed convulsively around his cock, making him spurt more jism into the gurgling depths of her fuck hole. Jennings gazed dazedly all around him, unable to believe that he had just fucked one of his high school students on his desk.

A few minutes later, Tammy smiled with satisfaction as she walked home from school, feeling her teacher’s cum-load squishing in her pussy. Wait until Daddy gets home, she thought hornily. He can suck my cunt for dinner, and for dessert, too.


Each building contained two condominiums, an upper and a lower. The upper condo had a balcony; the lower had a small back yard.

Tammy and her father lived in a lower unit, and that weekend she decided to make use of the small patch of grass on the other side of the living room’s sliding glass doors.

Dressed in a skimpy bikini, the stacked blonde went out back for a long session of sunbathing. Her creamy white skin was perfect just as nature had made it, but Tammy had always enjoyed sunbathing because it made her so horny. She knew she was going to fuck her daddy half to death when he got back in a couple of hours.

Tammy smeared her luscious body with cocoa butter as best she could, regretting that there were no males handy to help her. Then she spread the beach towel on the grass, stretched out on her belly and almost immediately began to sigh as she daydreamed about stiff pricks.

Her father was fucking her daily, of course, and Tammy was kept constantly aroused by the way bays had ogled her mouth-watering body during her first week at her new high school.

Then there was Mr. Jackson, and Mr. Jennings… but Tammy was still horny. She moaned as the sun warmed her back, and she wiggled her ass, grinding her pussy lightly on the towel. She was always horny, always hungry for stiff, pounding cock meat.

The back yard was bounded by a chest-high wooden fence, separating it from the yard of the condominium opposite hers. Tammy hadn’t met the people who lived in it yet, but she realized she was going to when she noticed something moving, visible through the slits of the fenced boards.

Not wanting to disturb whoever it was, Tammy rested her cheek on her folded arms and half-lidded her eyes. But she kept them open enough to watch surreptitiously, and before long she was able to determine that it was definitely a man, and that the man was definitely peeping at her through the fence.

Tammy’s pussy burned as she realized her next-door neighbor was a voyeur. She wiggled her pussy on the towel harder, knowing that her ass cheeks would jiggle for him under the thin strap of the bikini bottom.

Having apparently found the slit between the fence boards with the best view, her neighbor was watching her intently. Tammy yawned and rolled onto her back, letting the peeper see the way her huge tits stretched the bikini top, the way her fat, stiff nipples protruded against the sheer fabric.

She picked up the cocoa butter and smeared it all over her belly, legs and tits. Then Tammy lightly began to rub her pussy mound through her bikini, knowing that by now the voyeur’s cock had been as hard as a rock.

The crotch of her bikini panty was wet, but not from tanning oil; her pussy was dripping with cream. Tammy told herself to make the show last longer, but she was too horny to control herself.

Quickly, she pulled off the bikini top, baring her huge tits. On the other side of the fence, she was sure she heard a soft, suppressed groan. Even more hurriedly, she pulled off her bikini bottoms, wiggling them over her luscious ass cheeks and down her long legs, revealing the hairy triangle of her aching cunt.

Then she wiggled her ass on the towel and spread-eagled her thighs as far apart as she could. Tammy whimpered as she slipped a finger into her gooey, hairy pussy slit. Hornily, she started to finger-fuck herself, bouncing her ass on the towel.

“Ungghh…” She groaned loudly, wanting the peeper to hear. “Fuck me… so hot… fuck my cunt…”

“Excuse me,” a polite voice said above her. “Would you like a little help?”

Tammy looked up. The peeper had decided to show himself. He was a fat, man about her father’s age, with a shiny baldhead, red cheeks and an expression of utter lust branded on his face.

“Come over the fence, God damn it,” Tammy hissed. She looked at him hornily and fucked her fingers faster in and out of her burning pussy. “I’m so hot. Come over here and eat my pussy!”

Her neighbor climbed over the fence, grunting as he struggled to hoist his pot, belly over it. He wore a pair of bathing trunks, Tammy saw, and the crotch was stretched obscenely over what looked like a very big prick.

“Suck my pussy!” Tammy spread her legs as widely as she could, lifting her knees nearly to her shoulders. “See how wet it is? Suck my cunt!”

Her neighbor crouched on the grass between her legs and stared hungrily at the hair-fringed fissure of her pussy. Then he moaned, stretched out on his big stomach and buried his face between her milk-white thighs.

The sun beat down on her naked body, making Tammy hornier than ever. She shuddered as she felt the man’s lips wriggle on her curly-haired pussy slit, and his tongue pierce into the slick pinkness of her cunt.

“Yes, oh God!” Tammy dug her fingernails into the back of his neck and feverishly started to grind and hump her bare ass cheeks off the towel, fucking her pussy all over his face. “I’m so horny! Oh Jesus, that’s just what I need! Suck my pussy juice, mister! Please make my pussy cum!”

Her filthy mouth obviously aroused the voyeur incredibly. He groaned on her steaming cunt as he slipped his hands up her oil-slicked legs, thrusting them under her ass, cupping the rounded, peach-shaped ass globes. Then his tongue licked quickly up and down her pussy slit, wiggling on her clit.

“Suck it, suck harder!” Tammy pulled his ears and bounced her ass off the towel, grimacing and grunting as his tongue made her pussy burn and ooze juice. “Eat my dick, lick it good! I’ve gotta cum, mister! I need to cum!”

Lewdly, he pawed her ass cheeks, thrusting one hand into the jiggling cleft of her ass. Tammy stiffened as she felt his big finger massage her pink, hairless asshole. Slowly he pushed it into the rubbery, tight tunnel, fingerfucking her as.

“Ye-ye–yesssss!” Tammy’s burning ass humped up and down like a machine, pushing her asshole onto her neighbor’s finger. “DO it to my pussy too!” she cried. “Ungh! My cunt’s so hot, it’s starting to burn! Jack me off, mister, make me cream!”

The voyeur slid his other hand from her humping ass, realizing that he couldn’t hold her down. He sighed as he pushed two fingers into the sopping, hairy hole of her pussy, feeling her cunt muscles cling tightly around them. Then he finger-fucked her pussy and asshole at the same time, simultaneously wrapping his lips around her tingling clit.

“Cuming now!” Tammy’s pretty face flushed with lust as the cum burned through her loins, making her cunt flood and her asshole suck around the man’s finger. “Aww, suck it, such it haaaard! Cuming!”

Her neighbor sucked her pussy feverishly throughout the duration of her cum, fucking his fingers hotly in her cunt and asshole.

Tammy whimpered and let her rounded ass fall slowly back to the towel. The man stopped sucking her clit and again thrust his tongue into her fleecy-haired pussy. Sloppily, he lapped up all the fuck oil that glistened on her pink cunt slit.

“My name’s Sam, by the way,” the man said pleasantly, finally lifting his head and smiling at her. “What’s yours?”

“Tammy.” She giggled at the sight of her cunt curls stuck around Sam’s mouth. “Where’d you learn to suck pussy like that, Sam? Jesus, you really made me cream!”

“My wife taught me,” Sam replied. “I think I just took to cunt-lapping naturally the first time I tried it, but she just loves it. She always wants me to eat her pussy before we fuck, so my cock will go in easy.”

Sam rose to his knees and skinned off his bathing trunks. Like the rest of his body, his stiff cock was short and very fat. Tammy pussy moistened with fresh juice as she wondered how it would feel to take such a thick boner into her buttery cunt.

“Well, you’ve licked my pussy, so why don’t you fuck me too, Sam?” She wiggled her horny ass into a comfortable position and again spread-eagled her silky legs. “If you can get that fat cock up my little cunt!”

Sam quickly moved into position between her spread thighs, supporting the weight of his ample torso on his outstretched arms, so he could stare at her gorgeous face and huge tits.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said hoarsely. “Watching you through the fence, playing with yourself… God, you’ve got big tits for a girl your age. I nearly came in my bathing suit!”

Tammy giggled, reached between her thighs and hotly grasped the stone-hard length of Sam’s cock. “You can tell me how gorgeous I am later, Sam,” she said huskily. “Right now I’ve got to feel that fat prick up my cunt!”

The spongy, drooling cock-knob nestled between her pouting pussy lips, mingling his cum drippings with the hot cream that flowed continually from the depths of her cunt. Sam’s big belly jiggled obscenely as he heaved his fat ass, slipping his aching cock greasily into the sucking sheath of her pussy.

“Oh, Sam!” Tammy scissored her long legs around his waist, barely able to clamp her ankles together on the small of his back. “Yes, Sam, it’s going into me! Oh fuck, I can feel it!”

Tammy wrapped her arms around his brawny shoulders, humping and wiggling her burning ass to help him get his prick all the way inside her pussy. It had looked like a short cock, but maybe that was because it had been partially hidden by his stomach. His cock seemed to keep on fucking into her, stuffing her pussy with the steely hardness of his prick meat.

“Oh, God, you’re beautiful,” Sam groaned. “So God damn young and pretty… oh fuck!”

Then he started fucking her. His big ass heaved up and down between her thighs, pounding his rigid prick in and out of her gurgling pussy. Tammy squealed as her hot cunt started to juice and burn. She felt her cunt tunnel clinging slipperily to his pistoning prick, the muscles working, drawing his cock deeper insider her pussy.

“Fuck me, Sam!” She lifted her thighs up his back, desperate to feel more of his cock going inside her. “Unh shit, you’re gonna make me cum some more! God, you’ve got a fat cock! It’s stretching me… keep fucking, Sammy! Fuck my cunt!”

Sam moaned as he watched her big tits jiggle. His face dropped to her deep cleavage; he turned his face so that he could pop one fat, rosy nipple into his mouth. Sam sucked her tit furiously as he fucked her cunt, rolling his tongue all over the stiff, rubbery tip.

“Harder, Sam!” Tammy realized that she loved being fucked by such a fat man, feeling his weight crushing her lithe young body. “Your cock is so good! I love getting fucked by fat cocks, Sam! Unhh! Make me cum, lover, fuck me good!”

Sam’s big balls slapped the crack of her heaving ass with every fuck thrust. Suddenly Tammy felt his prick growing inside her, stretching her velvety pussy walls farther as he hammered his cock wildly into her burning cunt.

“Gonna spurt!” Sam moaned. He winced as the jism boiled in his balls. “Oh Tammy. Tammy honey, you’ve got such a tight pussy. I can’t control myself. Ahhh!”

Grunting, he fucked her pussy as fast as he could. Then the white jism gushed and streamed, from the reservoir of his balls, cascading out of his cock head, squirting her cunt full of fuck cream.

“Cumming!” Tammy cried. Her pussy contracted tightly around his cum-gushing cock, wringing every drop of jism from his purplish cock. “Oh fuck, Sam, fuck me harder! Harder! Fuck me super hard! I’m cumming now!”

Her pussy throbbed around his prick oozing fuck juices onto his pistoning, spurting fuck rod.


After Sam finished fucking her and crawled back over the fence, Tammy lay naked on the towel for a long time. She moaned as the sun warmed her big-titted young body, and smiled lustfully as she felt his jism trickling out of her hot cunt.

Finally she retrieved the towel, the cocoa butter and her bikini and walked across the little yard to her house. Her pussy was still very hot, and until her father returned, Tammy knew that nothing else would do but to jack off in the bathtub.

Then she entered the sliding doors and was shocked to see that her daddy had already returned. William stood in the middle of the living room, with a bag of groceries beside him on the couch. One look at his face told Tammy that he’d just seen their neighbor fucking her cunt.

Tammy threw the bikini and towel on the floor and walked boldly up to her father. “Hi, Daddy,” she said breezily. “Did you enjoy the free fuck show?”

Her father was too stunned to say anything. He just looked at her succulent nakedness; his mouth sagged open as he saw the smeared white cum on her fleecy-haired pussy.

“Why are you looking at my pussy like that, Daddy?” Tammy asked vixenishly. “You’ve seen it full of cum before.”

“How long have you been fucking him?” William asked hoarsely.

“Oh, this was the first time,” Tammy replied. “But Daddy, I think I gonna be fucking Sam lots more from now on. He’s really fat, but he sucks my pussy so good, and he’s got such a fat cock. It’s almost as big as your cock is, Daddy!”

William licked his lips and looked at his daughter nervously. As expected, a big hard-on stretched the inseam of his slacks. Tammy stood close to him and squeezed and fondled his swelling cock through his pants.

“But Daddy, I’m still, horny. Very horny. Sam licked my pussy and fucked my cunt, but Daddy, all he did was finger-fuck my asshole a little. I’m still really horny down there, Daddy. I need a big prick up my ass.”

“Little bitch,” William whispered fiercely. “You are such a horny little bitch!”

Tammy giggled and fell to her hands and knees on the living room carpet. “Fuck me, Daddy!” She dropped her shoulders and lifted her ass, letting her father see her cum-dripping pussy slit and the pink, throbbing circle of her asshole. “My asshole’s super hot for your cock!”

Silently her father kicked off his shoes and slid off his pants and underwear, releasing his blood-swollen fucker from confinement. It weaved and pulsed obscenely before him. He crossed the living room, kneeling on the rug between his daughter’s legs.

Tammy shuddered as her father dipped his cock briefly into her pussy, wetting the bloated, veined prick shaft with her cunt juices. Then he reached for the tube of cocoa butter, unscrewed the top and poured a liberal glob of the clear jelly in the cleft of his daughter’s ass.

“Oh, yes, Daddy! Ummm!” Tammy bit her lip and dry-humped the air as her father rubbed the goo all over her asshole, moistening the puckered sphincter for the invasion of his cock. Then he tossed the tube aside and mounted her, pushing the knob of his cock into her horny young ass.

“Oh, Daddy!” Tammy grunted as her father’s cock head pierced her asshole, spreading the tubbery ass ring around the invading thickness of his fuck tool. “Yes, Daddy, it feels super good! My asshole’s so hot! Fuck it for me, Daddy! Fuck my asshole as hard as you can!”

William sighed as he worked his hips, fucking his big prick deeper and deeper into the tender sheath of his daughter’s ass. He could feel her asshole muscles working around his cock, clinging and clasping to the hard pink surface, as if to drain his balls of cum before he ever got his cock completely inside her.

His hands came up, grasping the pendulous globes of his daughter’s huge tits. He paused, with all of his cock embedded between her creamy ass checks, savoring the pressure of her asshole around his cock.

Slowly he pulled out, until only the cockknob parted her sphincter. He rammed his cock home again. Then he eagerly started assfucking her, pistoning his prick deeper and faster with every fuck-stroke.

“Oh Daddy, Daddy, I love your cock up my ass!” Tammy clawed the carpet and humped her hips like a machine, pounding her burning asshole onto her father’s throbbing cock. “Fuck me harder, Daddy! I want to feel your prick all the way up to my throat!”

His big cock twitched and oozed, lubricating her asshole further with the translucent precum that dripped from the crown of his fucking cock. The cocoa butter had never been intended for a girl’s tender asshole tissues; Tammy felt it starting to burn deep inside her asshole, but that only made her hornier for more ass fucking.

Her father had kept her asshole cherry for a full six months after first fucking her pussy, until one sunny afternoon, when he had fucked her second fuck hole in the bathroom. Since then, Tammy had loved having her asshole fucked almost as much as she adored straight fucking.

Sometimes she went on binges, when her ass throbbed and pulsed all day for hot, steely prick. At such times, Tammy would almost ignore her pussy, demanding her father’s cock up her asshole again and again, until the pink, hairless ring was rubbed raw and the rubbery tunnel felt so sore that she could hardly shit.

But it had been a few days since her father had last stuck his fat cock between her asscheeks, and Tammy was ready for all the assfucking he could give her. She whimpered as she felt the simultaneous throbbing in her asshole and pussy, and the remnants of Sam’s cum-load dripping luridly from her cunt.

“Gonna cum, Daddy!” Her knees bounced off the carpet as she pounded her ass cheeks onto his cock as hard as she could, gasping and squealing as his cock bored into her guts with every fuck-thrust. “Oh Daddy, my asshole’s throbbing! Can you feel it pulsing on your big prick?”

William could feel it, and the pressure of his daughter’s asshole made his fucking cock as hard as a brick. He panted and sweated and reamed out her asshole as hard as he could, knowing that it wouldn’t be long before the cum exploded from his balls.

“Gonna cum!” Tammy gasped again. She thrust her hand through her fleecy pussy curls and whimpered as she fucked two fingers into her sopping cunt.

Her pussy was dripping with her own girl juices and the white liquid of Sam’s jism. Tammy moaned and frantically finger-fucked her pussy, sloshing her fingers through the swampy wetness of her fuck hole.

“Cumming, Daddy!” She pinched her clit, fucking two fingers into her gurgling pussy. “Daddy, Daddy!” Her asshole throbbed and puckered, clasping tightly around her father’s hammering cock. “Cumming now! Keep fucking me!”

William felt the pressure of his daughter’s asshole through every inch of his cock. His hairy balls slapped her pussy mound with every fuck-thrust, until he felt his cum-load boiling up.

Gasping, he slammed his cock to the balls between his daughter’s jiggling ass cheeks. Then a gusher of cum erupted from his cock head, exploding in the depths of Tammy’s rubbery asshole.

Tammy shrieked as her father’s salty cum sprayed her ass tunnel with fuck juice. Clawing carpet, she humped and bucked to help him shoot out every drop.

There were many, many men in her new neighborhood that she hadn’t given her hot pussy to yet. But no matter how many men she fucked with, Tammy knew her big, beautiful daddy would always be her favorite fuck.


Tammy knew her father had been made both horny and jealous at the sight of her fucking their neighbor in the back yard. For the rest of that day and most of the night, he fucked her constantly, until her asshole, mouth and pussy felt raw from so much fucking and sucking.

The next day, Sunday, was as bright and hot as Saturday had been. Tammy dressed in sandals, a polka-dot bikini bottom and one of her father’s shirts, without a bra. Then she decided to take a walk around the condominium complex, to see what other studs she could give her pussy to next.

Her ass cheeks jiggled delectably in the bikini bottom, and her huge tits swayed and danced under her father’s shirt, with the stiff nipples clearly visible through the sheer white cotton. All the men were out, pruning hedges or fixing their cars, and they all leered at her body, making Tammy’s pussy wet with expectation and lust.

Within ten minutes, she had found herself a new baby-sitting customer, a balding middle-aged man named Todd Brady who was tinkering with something under the hood of his car. Tammy stopped and talked with him for a minute, creating a big hard-on in Brady’s pants and making him blush as he stared helplessly at her big tits. It turned out he had two small boys, and he quickly asked if she could sit for him the next Wednesday night. Tammy agreed with a wink and a wiggle of her hips as she walked away.

Tammy left the complex and walked down the street, passing small houses and developments similar to her own. As always when she was provocatively dressed, cars slowed as they passed her, and women passing her on the sidewalk regarded her jealously from the corners of their eyes.

Then Tammy passed a small house sandwiched between two apartment buildings. A big, muscular man was washing his windows, wearing only a air of Hawaiian-print shorts.

As soon as she saw his rippling back muscles and the shape of his ass, Tammy knew she’d found the stud to give her Sunday afternoon fucking.

“Hi,” Tammy said, and crossed the lawn towards him. “It’s a little hot to be doing that today, isn’t it?”

The man stood on a short stepladder. He glanced quickly at her over his shoulders, revealing a chiseled, weathered face. Tammy guessed he was in his early thirties. Then he did a classic double-take and nearly fell off the ladder as he saw want a stacked, blonde vixen was walking towards him.

“My name’s Tammy. We just moved in down the street, my Daddy and me. I’m sort of trying to get to know people in the neighborhood.”

“Hank Nelson,” the man said, extending his hand and looking nervously at her tits. “Pleased to meet you.”

Tammy’s pussy started burning as she felt his solid, masculine grip. Only one car was parked in the driveway behind him; he was probably alone. She was pleased to see a bulge already beginning to form in the crotch of his shorts. Now what was the best way to seduce him?

“God, you’re good at this,” she said, stepping back and admiring the sparkling, streakfree picture window. “I always have to let my daddy wash the windows. When I do it they look dirtier than they did when I started.”

“Aw, shit it’s easy,” Hank said, smiling. “I put myself through school doing this on weekends. Nothing to it.”

“Maybe you could show me the right way, then. Here let me try.”

Hank stepped off the ladder and handed Tammy the sponge and wiper. Tammy stood on her tiptoes and made a great show of sudsing the glass and squeegeeing it clean with the rubber sliver. Not what she was really doing was giving her neighbor a chance to see her pussy curls peeking out of the thin crotch of her bikini.

“Am I doing it right?” Tammy asked. Hank said nothing. Then Tammy felt his fingers moving boldly up her sleek leg, pressing against her steaming cunt through the bikini.

She dropped the sponge and wiper and looked down at him evenly. “God, Mr. Nelson. You’ve really got a lot of nerve.”

“Sorry.” Hank stepped back anti looked at her nervously. “You’re so gorgeous. I guess I couldn’t help myself.”

But then he pushed his hand up her leg again, pulled aside the panty crotch and rubbed her hairy pussy with his fingers. Tammy giggled and arched her back, pushing her cunt onto his hand.

“Do you like my pussy, Mr. Nelson? It’s really juicy, isn’t it?”

Hank remained silent. Tammy shuddered as he slipped his finger into her pussy, probing the hot, slippery wetness of her cunt tunnel. Hornily, she pumped her ass, fucking her pussy on his hand.

“Is your wife inside?”

“Nope.” Hank’s grin was both bold and nervous as he slipped a second finger into her tight, sucking pussy. “Took the kids out shopping. Won’t be home till dinner time, at least.”

“How would you like to suck my pussy, Mr. Nelson?” Tammy asked. “Then maybe I’ll let you fuck me.”

Hank pulled his hand from her cunt and made room for her as she climbed off the ladder. Tammy’s huge tits swung under her father’s shirt as she followed him inside, entering a living room that was bright from the sun streaming through the newly washed window.

“Take off that fucking bikini,” Hank said behind her, kicking the door shut. “Please, honey. You don’t know how much you’ve got me turned on.”

Tammy walked to the couch and stripped off her bikini bottom as she moved, revealing the deep cleavage of her round, heart-shaped ass. She sat on the cushion and took the bikini bottom off the rest of the way, leaving herself naked from the waist down.

Then she stretched out on the couch, dropped one foot to the floor and rested the other on the back rest, completely opening her curly-haired pussy triangle for her neighbor’s perusal.

“Oh, shit,” Hank whispered.

He climbed onto the couch and knelt between her nakedly splayed thighs, staring hungrily at the profusely haired slit of her pussy. The lips were swollen and pouting, hiding the bright pinkness within. Hank’s big cock throbbed obscenely in his shorts.

“Suck it, Mr. Nelson!” Languidly, Tammy dropped a hand between her legs and started to finger-fuck her pussy ring in front of him, making her hot cunt jiggle and shake. “Can’t you see how wet my pussy is? Can’t you smell it? My cunt needs a good cum.”

Groaning, her neighbor dropped between her thighs. Tammy stiffened as she felt his breath on her pussy, then his tongue probing the flowering cunt lips. Hank panted through his nose and started to eat out her cunt like a wildman, fucking his tongue in and out of her pussy slit.

“Ooooooh, fuck it!” Tammy thrust her fingers into his thick black hair and feverishly started to grind and hump her ass off the couch cushions fucking her pussy onto his mouth. “That feels good, Mr. Nelson! Oh God, you’re a super good pussy licker! Unghh! Suck harder now, lover! Make me cream!”

Hank thrust his hands under her ass, pawing the succulent, bumping ass checks. His tongue swiped quickly up and down her furry pussy slit, lapping up the hot fuck juices that drooled from deep inside her fuck tunnel.

“I’m getting really hot, Mr. Nelson!” she cried. “Get my cunt now! Please suck on it. It hurts so fucking bad! Unghh! Oh fuck, Mr. Nelson, I’m getting so close!”

Hank enveloped her blood-swollen clit between his lips. He sucked it gently but forcefully, dancing his tongue teasingly on the cunt tip. At the same time, he fucked two fingers into her pussy furrow, burying them to the knuckles in her throbbing cunt.

“Cumming!” Tammy whipped her ass off the couch in a fever, pounding her pussy onto her neighbor’s lips. “Suck me, it’s so good! Aww, God, get my clit, suck my clitty! Cumming!”

Nelson tongue-fucked her through the wet tide of her cum, pursing his lips on her clit, sucking it hard before returning his lips to her open, cum-gushing cunt slit. Tammy shrieked and wantonly bucked her ass, until the cum subsided and she collapsed on the couch.

“Okay, Mr. Nelson,” she panted. “That was really good. Now you get to fuck me.”

“Take off that fucking shirt first,” Hank said breathlessly. “I’ve got to see those huge tits!”

Tammy giggled and unbuttoned her shirt, revealing her enormous, milk-white tits. She tossed it to the floor, baring all of her nakedness. Then she sat up and fumbled eagerly with her neighbor’s shorts.

“Now you get to show me what you’ve got, Mr. Nelson,” she said, tugging his shorts over his hairy ass. “From the way your cock’s been sticking out of your pants… oh, God!”

His prick was a whopper, long and thick, nearly as big as her daddy’s. Tammy’s eyes bulged as she watched Hank’s cock bob and twitch with its engorgement of blood. The spongy prick-knob was swollen nearly to the bursting point, and even as she stared at it the thin piss slit lewdly drooled seeping pre-cum.

“Oh, fuck!” Crouching beside him as he sat on the couch, Tammy wrapped her hand tightly around his blue-veined cock. “You’ve got a beautiful prick, Mr. Nelson! I can feel it throbbing and everything! Oh, God, I’ve just got to suck on it first!”

She opened her mouth wide and made a gurgling sound as she lowered her head into Hank’s lap. Hank’s massive prick throbbed harder than ever as he felt the teenaged blonde take his fucker into her mouth, clasping her lips tightly around the center of his cock.

Then Tammy caved in her cheeks and started sucking on his prick, groaning as she savored the musky, cunt-moistening taste of his fuck rod. Her tongue swirled sloppily all over the rosy prick-knob, teasing the piss hole, lapping the turn juices that dribbled from his cock tip.

Quickly, she started to bob her head, fucking her face with the magnificent cock. Her hand stroked lightly up and down his cock shaft, beating his meat into her mouth.

“Harder!” Hank stared dazedly at the spectacle of the beautiful girl sucking his cock. “Oh shit, Tammy, my prick’s never been this hard! You give such a good blowjob… oh fuck, do it like that! Oh yes, make me pop my fucking rocks!”

Tammy bobbed her head faster, fucking her face with more and more of his prick. Her wrist ached as she jacked him violently, squeezing and massaging the thick root of his cock. At the same time her pussy burned and grew wetter than ever, anxious for the invading stiffness of his big fucker.

“Okay! Stop, stop now!” Hank cried excitedly. “I’m gonna cum!”

Obediently, she released his prick from the grip of her lips and giggled as she watched the gigantic cockshaft twitch and jerk and drip over his lap.

“Get an your back!” Hank demanded hoarsely. “And spread those legs wide!”

Tammy squealed impatiently as she wiggled her ass cheeks on the couch cushions, spreading and lifting her knees to her shoulders.

Hank mounted her quickly, jabbing his aching hard-on at the gurgling slit of her cunt.

His cockhead penetrated the slick folds her pussy. Tammy stiffened and whimpered as she felt its meaty thickness fucking up her cunt. There was nothing better than that first penetration, she thought hornily that big, whopping ramrod fucking into her cunt.

“Fuck meeee!” Tammy threw her long legs around his back and frantically humped her ass, fucking and grinding her hairy pussy onto the stabbing shaft of his cock. “It’s throbbing in me, Mr. Nelson! Oh shit, I can’t believe how hard your cock is! Please, fuck me with it. Fuck me good and hard!”

Nelson pulled up his hips, withdrawing his swollen prick until only the crown parted the flowering lips of Tammy’s pussy. He sighed as he rammed his cock back in again, feeling his bloated cock enveloped by the slippery, velvety wetness of hot teenaged cunt.

Then he started to fuck her pussy hard and fast, pounding his cock in to the balls with every fuck-thrust. Tammy squealed and moaned as her pussy juiced with every thrust, and her cunt slit started to burn with the friction of his fucking cock.

“Faster! Fuck me harder!” She clawed his back with her long fingernails, driving him on. “I love getting fucked, Mr. Nelson! I need it bad! Oh shit, my pussy’s burning up! I’m gonna cum now! I’m gonna cream all over your big prick!”

“Can’t hold it, Tammy,” Nelson groaned. “Ahhhh…”

For a minute he fucked her so violently that the couch shook on the floor. Then he slammed his prick all the way up her pussy and groaned as the white cum poured out of his balls, spraying her cunt tunnel with one hot burst of cum after another.

“Keep fucking me!” Tammy gasped. “I’m cumming too! I can feel you spurting in me! Oh fuck, it’s gushing out of my pussy! I’m cumming, Mr. Nelson! Harder, harder, keep fucking me, cuuuummmmiiinnngggg!”

When it was over, her hairy cunt had been fucked raw, and a wet puddle, of fuck juices glistened on the cushion beneath her ass. Tammy hugged Hank tightly, feeling his prick starting to soften inside her pussy.

Todd Brady’s condominium was better furnished than theirs but it was also messier, because had two small boys. Tammy yawned, picked up the remote control switch and flicked the channels on the television in search of a good show.

But there weren’t any. Tummy had never been very fond of TV anyhow; she had always preferred sex, even before her father first fucked her. She shut off the set and wandered around the living room in search of something to do.

That was the main drawback with babysitting, she thought: boredom. Mr. Brady’s kids had been asleep for hours, and he and his wife weren’t due back from the party for a while yet. Tammy had been tempted to invite a date over to give her a good fucking while she waited, but she decided against it. Besides, she was sure Mr. Brady wanted to fuck her.

Tammy wandered into the bedroom and brazenly started opening closets and bureau drawers, in search of anything that might catch her interest. Then she found it: a big box of fuck magazines in the closet, under some old blankets.

The box was obviously being hidden from either Mrs. Brady or their small kids, and it was obviously quite a collection, too. Magazine after magazine showed pictures of girls with their mouths stuffed with cock, and others squealing as big hairy studs fed prick meat into their wet pussies.

“Fuck,” Tammy whispered. She dumped the contents of the box on the double bed and stretched out on it, opening one of the magazines and starting to rub her pussy hornily through her jeans.

She didn’t get a chance to look at hardcore very often, but when she did it always turned her on. It occurred to Tammy that the Bradys might return to find her with their porno collection, but she was too horny to care about that. She just wanted to jack off to all the fantastic pictures.

One spread showed a tiny young blonde sucking on a gigantic cock. The next picture was of a Latin chick taking it up her well greased asshole, and the next was a close-up of a frizzy-haired pussy, opening to suck around a stiff, thrusting cock.

“Fuck me,” Tammy repeated.

Unable to control herself, the stacked blonde tugged her jeans and panties halfway down her lush thighs. She stretched out on the bed, propped the open magazine on her big tits and shamelessly began to finger-fuck her pussy as she ogled the glossy color photos.

Tammy’s fingers made her pussy burn and froth as they fucked in and out of her hairy cunt slit. Her thumb danced on her hard clit. She grew hornier and hornier as she turned the pages, dreaming that it was herself in all the photos, sucking and fucking all those big, cum-spurting cocks.

“Jesus!” someone gasped nearby.

Tammy gulped, dropped the magazine and looked to the door of the bedroom. Standing there open-mouthed were both Mr. and Mrs. Brady, dressed in a tuxedo and evening gown, respectively. Mrs. Brady was a slim, petite redhead in her early thirties.

Tammy flushed brightly with embarrassment, tossed the magazine aside and desperately struggled to pull up her designer jeans.

“My God,” Mrs. Brady whispered.

“I’m, uh, sorry about this,” Tammy muttered. She wiggled the jeans over her ass cheeks and tried to zip them up, but the zipper caught in her pussy hair. “Oh, fuck… I me… I was just, well, looking around your place when I saw the mags, you know, and…”

“Get her, Todd,” Mrs. Brady whispered. “She’s all yours!”

Tammy’s mouth hung open in astonishment as she watched her babysitting client leap onto the bed with her, covering her body with his own. The next thing she knew, her clothes were being torn off and scattered around the room, revealing all of her magnificently big titted, naked body.

“Jesus, Mr. Brady!” Tammy gasped and glanced fearfully from his lust-crazed face to his wife as he tore off her clothes. “What do you think you’re doing to me? Not right in front of your wife!”

“What’s the matter, honey?” Mrs. Brady said as she approached the bed. “Haven’t you ever gotten it on with a woman before?”

Then she stripped too, revealing one of the most gorgeous bodies Tammy had ever seen. Her legs were slim and her hips were lithe, making her furry pussy triangle look even hairier. Her tits were small, firm globes peaked by unusually large nipples, protruding nearly a half-inch from the strawberry circles.

Mrs. Brady climbed onto the bed and parted the bewildered Tammy’s thighs, staring hungrily at her fleecy-haired cunt. Tammy quickly felt her pussy starting to juice and burn harder than ever. She’d never thought of making it with another woman before, but there was always a first time, and this was evidently going to be it.

“Get out of the way, Todd,” Mrs. Brady said throatily: “Her cunt’s all mine.”

Stretching out on the bed between Tammy’s legs, Mrs. Brady slid her fingers up the girl’s soft thighs and parted her pouting pussy lips with her fingers. Tammy whispered and ground her ass as she felt the woman’s fingers outline her cunt sheath, pressing hard on her swollen clit.

“You’ve got a juicy little pussy, baby,” Mrs. Brady murmured. “Has anyone ever told you what a pretty girl you are?”

“Suck me,” Tammy pleaded. She grimaced as Mrs. Brady started finger-fucking her cunt hard and fast, pounding her fingers in and out of her clinging pussy. “Please… I need it bad.”

“You’ll get it, baby. God, what big tits!” Mrs. Brady lifted her free hand and lustfully squeezed Tammy’s huge tits, massaging and kneading the globes, pinching the nipples. “Jesus, Todd, don’t you wish I had a pair of knockers like this? Is this turning you on some more, baby!”

“Suck me, please, suck me now!” Tammy dry-humped Mrs. Brady’s fingers, dying to feel her tongue probing the gushing folds of her pussy. “Please, I need to cum!”

“So our little porno collection turned you on, did it?” Mrs. Brady asked.

Without waiting for an answer, the horny wife dropped her head between her babysitter’s legs. Then her tongue swiped up and down her pussy slit, and Tammy knew instantly that being sucked by a woman would be a very special thrill.

Tenderly, Mrs. Brady ran her tongue around Tammy’s cunt hole, outlining it, pausing to lick and wriggle her tongue on the hard clit until Tammy thought she was going to go out of her mind with fuck-lust.

“Suck my pussy!” Her ass cheeks danced off the mattress, slamming her pussy up to the wife’s mouth. “Please, I can’t take it any more! Suck my cunt!”

Mrs. Brady breathed through her nose and pressed her lips to the hairy folds of her babysitter’s pussy. She sucked it tenderly but forcefully, running her tongue quickly in and out of her gushing cunt, lapping up the cunt cream that flowed from deep inside Tammy’s pussy. Her tongue swirled repeatedly around her pussy slit, drawing close to her aching clit.

“I’m gonna cum!” Tammy gasped. She pulled Mrs. Brady’s red hair and whipped her ass off the mattress, grunting and squealing as she fucked her pussy all over her face. “You suck me so good! Oh fuck, I can’t stand it! Lick my pusss-eeee! Make me cum.”

“Cum with a cock in your mouth, honey.” Tammy turned her head to see Mr. Brady’s cock throbbing before her face. He had stripped naked too, and his prick was very long and fat, swollen and pulsing warmly.

Tammy opened her mouth automatically, anxious for a mouthful of stiff, oozing prick. Tenderly, Brady held her head as he eased his cock between her lips, pushing it down her throat.

“Ahhhh, so good!” A lewd smile curled his lips at the spectacle of the babysitter sucking his prick, her lips stretched widely around the circumference of the cock shaft. “Suck hard, baby! Make it a good blow-job!”

Mrs. Brady tirelessly sucked her pussy, making Tammy’s wet cunt burn and ache more by the second.

With flushed cheeks and glistening eyes, the big-titted babysitter wrapped her lips tightly around Brady’s cock. Then she caved in her cheeks and started sucking it, dying to taste his cum as it gushed down her throat.

“Make him cum, honey,” Mrs. Brady whispered. “And I’ll make you cum, too.”

She thrust her hands under Tammy’s hips, digging her fingernails almost painfully into the ripe, peach-shaped cheeks of her ass. Then she sucked her pussy more forcefully than ever, spearing her tongue in and out of the foaming cunt slit.

“Umfff,” Tammy gurgled around Brady’s cock. Her face contorted as she sucked his big prick as hard as she could, swirling her tongue around the fat, rosy cock knob, lapping up the cum juices that dripped from his piss hole.

“Oh, fuck!” Brady pulled her hair and started to buck his ass, brutally fucking his cock down her throat. “Harder, honey, suck harder! Just like those chicks in the magazines! You can do it, baby! Work out on my fat cock!”

Mrs. Brady pulled one hand from Tammy’s sweating, humping ass, and this time burying three fingers into her sopping, pink pussy. She finger-fucked Tammy’s cunt hard and fast, slamming her fingers in to the knuckles with each stroke. Her lips closed around Tammy cunt, sucking it out of its reddened hood.

Tammy puckered her cheeks around Brady’s throbbing cock as the heat burned in her belly, and she felt her pussy starting to cum.

“Umphh!” She tried to moan and squeal around his cock, but all she wound up doing was sucking it harder. “Umph! Um-um mmmmmmmmmm.”

The cum gushed satisfyingly from her red-hot cunt, drenching the pouting pussy lips with fuck cream and making her clit tingle deliciously on Mrs. Brady’s lips. The horny wife rubbed her own pussy on the mattress and continued to eat out her babysitter long after the cum had subsided, cleaning up all the fuck juices from the swollen lips of her cunt.

Then Mrs. Brady pulled her mouth from Tammy’s pussy, and the babysitter could devote her complete attention to sucking the jism out of Mr. Brady’s pulsing cock.

She turned her head slightly, allowing him to spear more of his big prick down her throat. Then Tammy’s pretty face flushed as she sucked his cock as hard as she could, determined to gulp down the hot jism that her lips and tongue would make gush up out of his balls.

“You suck my cock good, baby!” Brady gasped. Delightedly, he watched the babysitter pump her head up and down on his stiff prick. “Oh shit… it’s starting to boil in my balls now… I can’t hold it back much longer, honey!”

“Cum in her,” Mrs. Brady whispered, rubbing her red-haired pussy as she watched. “That’s right, Todd. Cum in her fucking mouth!”

Todd lunged forward, jamming nearly all of his rock-hard prick down Tammy’s throat. Tammy choked and started to gag as she felt his cock head swell to enormous dimensions deep down in her throat.

Then he came, shooting off what felt like whole pints of cum into her mouth. Tammy tasted the milky, salty deliciousness of his jism and groaned with ecstasy around his cumspurting prick.

Wrapping her hand around the base of his prick, she furiously started beating his meat. Then she gulped and slurped and swallowed, draining every ounce of cum from his balls, until his still-throbbing prick popped out of her mouth and dropped another spurt of cum onto her chin.

“Did you like that, baby?” Mrs. Brady asked.

Tammy gulped, smiled and shamelessly nodded her head. Her pussy was still burning; she was so horny that even her asshole hurt. She hoped the wanton Bradys were ready for more fucking and sucking.

“That’s good, baby,” Mrs. Brady whispered. “Because now you get to do me.”

She climbed up Tammy’s body, pausing briefly to fondle and squeeze her huge tits. Then she sat on Tammy’s face, planting her knees onto the bed to either side of her ears. Tammy groaned as Mrs. Brady dropped her hips and ground her pussy onto her lips.

“Smell good, baby?” She reached down and parted her pussy folds with her fingers, exposing the bright pinkness of her fuck hole. “Now suck my cunt good for me, okay? Make me cum just like I made yours.”

Tammy’s head reeled as she inhaled the aroma of her first pussy. It didn’t taste or smell as fantastic as a man’s prick, but it was tantalizing in its own way, and she felt fresh fuck juices seeping from her pussy as she fucked her tongue into Mrs. Brady’s cunt.

“Umm,” Mrs. Brady’s pretty, proper looking face contorted with lust. “That’s right, baby!” She pulled Tammy’s hair and started to rock her ass, fucking her babysitter’s face with her burning, sopping pussy. “Suck my pussy good now! Clean up my hot cunt with that cute little tongue!”

Tammy wiggled her tongue between the lips of Mrs. Brady’s pussy, lapping up the rich fuck in earn that shone on her cunt. It tasted delicious, and she felt her pussy steaming all over again.

Her hands came up, squeezing the plump checks of the wife’s bucking ass. Then she started to eat out her pussy as if she’d been doing it all her life, rhythmically slipping her tongue up and down her open, flowing cunt.

“Harder!” Mrs. Brady was fucking her ass like a wild woman now, pounding her pussy slit onto Tammy’s mouth. “Suck it, you little slut! Get my clit, make me cum, baby, got to make me cum!”

Tammy took Mrs. Brady’s clit between her lips and gently bit it, making the naked redhead gasp and buck her ass faster than ever. Squeezing and clawing her ass cheeks, Tammy alternated between sucking the hard little clit and fucking her tongue in and out of her pussy.

“Cumming!” Mrs. Brady stiffened, pulled Tammy’s hair, then pumped and bucked her ass like a bitch in heat as the cum exploded in her fuck tunnel. “Ohhh! Oh, Tammy, you’re such a good cunt-sucker! Eat it, little girl! Eat my cunt! Awwwww, I’m cumming!”

Her cunt exploded on Tammy’s mouth, drenching the babysitter’s mouth with her fuck juices. Tammy squeezed Mrs. Brady’s ass and eagerly continued to tongue and lick her pussy, anxious for more of her fuck juices. Finally the exhausted wife slipped off of her face and gestured tiredly to her husband.

“God, that was fantastic,” she moaned. “I can’t take any more. Now you do her, Todd!”

All Tammy could do was lie there and watch excitedly as Brady mounted her, crawling between her spread-eagled legs. She moaned with pleasure as she felt his spongy cock head pushing onto her pussy. Then the moan turned to a gasp as the prick knob parted the cunt slit and started to fuck into her cunt.

First thrust, Tammy thought giggly. Big, thick cock fucking into me… spreading my pussy… so good, up my belly. Fucking his big, stiff prick.

After being sucked to orgasm by Mrs. Brady’s skillful tongue, Tammy’s pussy was incredibly sensitive to cock. Brady’s meaty prick shaft seemed to keep on going into her, until she imagined she could feel his juicing prick head oozing cum in her throat.

“Oh Jesus, what a tight cunt!” Brady collapsed on top of her, flattening her huge tits beneath his hairy cheat as he fucked his cock to the balls in her churning fuck hole. “Nothing like… unh… a teenage girl for a… oh, shit… fantastic fuck!”

“Go ahead, Todd,” Mrs. Brady whispered hornily. The naked redhead stretched out beside them and started to jack off, rubbing and fingering her wet cunt as she watched her husband’s cock fucking into the babysitter’s cunt. “That’s what she needs, the horny little slut. Give her a good fucking!”

Tammy whimpered and impatiently started to grind her ass off the bed. Todd lifted his hips, until only the crown of his throbbing hard-on parted the folds of her young pussy.

Then he slammed it back home again, and started fucking her cunt hard and fast. Tammy gasped and raked his back with her fingernails, twisting her head to and fro on the bed, almost unable to stand the pleasure of his long fucker hammering into her hairy, clinging cunt.

“Haaaarder!” She tossed up her long legs, twining them tightly around his heaving back. “My cunt’s so wet! Keep fucking me, Mr. Brady! Make my pussy cum!”

“Harder, Todd!” Mrs. Brady pumped her ass off the mattress as she stroked her slender fingers into her own sucking pussy. “That’s what a young girl likes.”

Panting, Brady fucked his prick into Tammy’s curly-haired pussy as fast and hard as he could. The bed creaked and shook obscenely; their bellies slapped sweatily together as they fucked.

“Harder, Mr. Brady!” Tammy squealed into his ear. She threw her arms around his shoulders, then pulled on his ass cheeks, trying to get more of his cock meat into her pussy. “Oh fuck, I’m getting so close! I’m gonna cum soon! I can feel it, gonna cum!”

“Cumming,” Mrs. Brady murmured. Her contorted face and the jerky movements of her fingers in her fuck hole told her husband and babysitter that she was getting off. “Fuck her, Todd… cumming… cumming good!”

Todd’s balls slapped heavily on the crack of Tammy’s ass. He fucked her like a machine, slamming his prick all the way into her pussy with every brutal fuck-stroke.

“Cumming!” Tammy cried. She lifted her jiggling ass cheeks a full foot off the bed, clamping her thighs around his waist and raking his back as the cum burst through her hot pussy. “Harder, harder, fuck me as hard as you can! I’m cumming!”

As he felt the teenaged babysitter’s pussy throbbing convulsively around his prick, Brady gave himself permission to shoot. Burying his cock inside her clinging cunt tunnel, he moaned as the jism shot from the tip of his cock, deluging her pussy with the second load of his salty cum.

Tammy whimpered and pumped her ass, helping her babysitting customer to drain his wad completely in her tight, hairy fuck hole. Wait until I get home, she thought hornily. Then I can get same more sucking and fucking from my father.


Tammy awakened the next morning feeling particularly horny, even hotter than she usually was. The first thought she had upon opening her eyes was how wet and hot her pussy felt; evidently she had just come out of a very arousing dream.

Tammy got out of bed and admired her full figured nakedness in the mirror. Her cunt really was burning, so wet that she could see her fuck cream glistening on her inner thighs. Tammy hefted her huge tits, moaning softly as she pinched the stiff, crinkled nipples.

It was only six-thirty, an hour before she and her father usually awakened. But Tammy trotted out of her bedroom and opened her father’s door, figuring that Thursday was a good day to make sure her daddy got to work extra early.

William slumbered heavily on his back, with the sheets crumpled at the foot of the bed. Tammy was delighted to see that her daddy had an enormous, throbbing hard-on as he slept. His big fucker rose out of his prick hairs in a steely crescent, with the cock, knob bloated and dripping cum luridly as it twitched over his navel.

With her steaming pussy squishing between her thighs, Tammy crossed the room and knelt on the floor beside the bed. She licked her palm several times to make it nice and wet, then wrapped her little hand tightly around the veined stiffness of her father’s cock.

It felt hot and hard, just like a cock should. Tammy made her father moan in his sleep as she lightly caressed his aching cock, sliding up the loose flesh, milking the prick knob to make several more drops of pre-cum ooze from the piss slit.

“Unh,” William murmured, and he shifted slightly. “Tammy… ummm…”

He was dreaming about her! Happily, Tammy extended her tongue and licked a wet, teasing circle around the crown of her father’s prick. She pushed his stiff boner with her tongue, making it weave and dance over his hairy stomach.

Then, unable to control herself any longer, the horny young blonde opened her mouth widely and stuffed her father’s cock down her throat.

William started to awaken as he felt the wet pressure around his cock meat, but Tammy ignored him. She puckered her cheeks and sucked her daddy’s cock extremely hard, groaning as she savored the salty taste of his prick.

More cum was oozing out of his purplish cock head; Tammy became hornier than ever as she realized her daddy was about to cum. Wrapping her hand more tightly around the thick root of his fuck rod, Tammy started to jack off her daddy’s prick as she sucked on the cock knob. Soon the bedroom was filled with the smacking, slurping sounds of a good blowjob.

“Umph… whassa…” William’s eyes fluttered as he slowly came to. “Tammy! Jesus Christ!”

“Good morning, Daddy!” A thin, gooey strand of cum dripped from the blonde’s lips as she removed her father’s cock momentarily from her mouth, looking up at him. “I decided to wake you up with a good blow-job. You don’t mind, do you, Daddy?”

William sighed and let his head return to the pillow, more than accustomed to such shameless wanton behavior from his horny daughter. Whimpering, Tammy smacked her lips as she again engulfed the heart-shaped crown of her father’s prick.

She badly wanted to drink his cum, but she also wanted him to fuck her. Mischievously, Tammy decided to torture her father a little and have her pleasure both ways.

Her head bobbed, fucking her throat with her father’s stone-hard prick. Tammy’s cheeks flushed luridly as she sucked his cock as hard as she could, rhythmically puckering and bellowing her cheeks to increase the suction around her father’s throbbing cock.

“Oh shit, baby!” William stiffened and curled his fingers in her thick, blonde hair, arching his ass off the bed as his balls prepared to explode.

“You suck my prick so good… here, here now… ahhh!”

His meaty prick trembled between her pursed lips, growing another half-inch in length and becoming even fatter than before. Then a hot geyser of jism spurted from the tip of his cock, puffing out Tammy’s cheeks with the first shot of her father’s cum.

Holding his cum in her mouth, Tammy immediately pulled her lips from his cock and clamped her thumb and forefinger on the tip. Her father looked up at her in surprise and pain as his prick throbbed wildly in her pinching grip, unable to release the rest of its load of cum.

“Jesus, what the fuck are you trying to do to me?” he shouted miserably. “Give me blue balls?”

Tammy smiled as she gulped hard, swallowing the first shot of her father’s cock cream. She held her thumb and forefinger tightly on his prick head, becoming hornier than ever as his big fucker pulsed and throbbed in a vain effort to shoot the rest of his jism.

When she finally released his cock, the fat, rock-hard tool bobbed and twitched painfully and spasmodically over his stomach. But the prick head stayed dry, and Tammy quickly mounted him, planting her knees on the bed to either side of his hips.

“I wanted you to fuck me, Daddy,” she explained simply. “I just had to drink some of your cum, but I wanted to make sure you’d stay stiff enough to fill my pussy. I’m sorry if I hurt you!”

Giggling, Tammy reached between her milk white thighs and grasped the pounding length of her father’s prick. She drew the meaty cock tip to her swollen pussy lips, shuddering as she let her father’s prick fuck into the oiled, dripping sheath of her cunt.

“Fucking me, Daddy!” She wiggled her ass to help his cock go up her pussy, then lean forward so that her enormous tits danced and swung over his chest. “I love the way your prick feels when it’s going up my cunt! Stretching me… so hot in my belly… oh fuck me, Daddy! Fuck my pussy!”

Tirelessly, she humped and wriggled her little ass until his prick was buried to the balls in the syrupy warmth of her cunt. Then Tammy grabbed her father’s shoulders and wildly started pumping her ass up and down, fucking her hairy, gurgling pussy slit quickly up and down on his pulsing cock.

“Unh! Good!” William’s hands idly massaged his daughter’s big, jiggling tits, feeling their spongy weight. He lowered his head to the pillow and simply lay there groaning, feeling his aching cock continually massaged by the buttery wetness of her young cunt.

“Fuck meeee, Daddy!” Tammy made the bed shake as she fucked her ass faster and faster, grunting every time her father’s cock filled her cunt. “My pussy’s burning! Oh shit, I gotta cum!”

William started grinding his ass, thrusting up his throbbing cock to meet the downward fuck-thrusts of his daughter’s pussy. Within a few strokes they were fucking in almost perfect time, with William panting as he struggled to keep up with the frenzied, driven rhythm of his lust-crazed daughter.

“Gonna cum, Daddy!” Tammy felt the throbbing heat begin deep inside her pussy as she fucked her pussy on his cock. “Cumming now, it’s burning! Keep fucking me, Daddy! Harder, faster, I’m cumming!”

“Oh shit, honey,” William whispered. He grimaced as his balls swelled with cum. “I’m cuming too!”

He whipped his ass off the bed, slamming his twitching hard-on all the way into Tammy’s cunt. Tammy squealed happily as she felt the hot spurts of his dim gushing from his hairy balls, deluging her velvety cunt tunnel with paternal cum.

But it wasn’t enough, she thought, even as she contracted her pussy muscles to milk more jizz from her daddy’s slowly softening cock. She was so horny today; she didn’t know why; she just was. If she didn’t get fucked at school, she would just go crazy!


Tammy deliberately wore the same outfit to school that morning that she’d worn on the first day: her skimpiest cut-offs, and the tube top that barely restrained her enormous, jiggling tits. It was her most provocative outfit, and she knew she was making a spectacle of her gorgeous body, but she was so horny that she wanted every male in sight to know she was available for fucking.

Living dangerously, Tammy walked to her morning class through the back parting lot.

On her first day, she’s had to run when two boys had chased her through the rows of parked hot-rod cars. That was where all the tough kids hung out, she had later learned, the delinquents who showed up at high school only between long stints at juvenile hall.

They took drugs, and they drank, and they shouted obscenities at teachers, and they extorted money from any smaller kids who were stupid enough to wander into their turf. Tammy’s pussy tingled as she walked through the gate to their parking lot.

She knew she was going to get raped as she felt the first horny pair of eyes turn to watch her big tits bounce under the tube top. She wanted to get raped this morning, she was so horny.

Tammy’s high-heeled sandals clicked on the pavement as she walked slowly between the rows of cars, feeling the silence envelop her as groups of tough boys stopped talking to stare at her hungrily.

Their mousy-looking girlfriends looked at her jealously. Tammy realized two young dark-haired guys were following her. One of them dragged on a cigarette; the other sipped a half-pint of Jack Daniels.

She passed the open door of a red van, noticing a sullen-looking older man lying on a garish pink carpet. Suddenly Tammy felt strong hands on her shoulders, and she realized she was being pushed into the van, against her with and that she was going to be raped after all.

Tammy squealed as she was dropped on the van’s carpeted floor, then lifted her head just in time to see the van door thrown shut and locked securely. She studied the two boys and realized they were the same boys who’d chased her on her first day at school.

She had heard their names in whispered, fearful conversation in the girls’ lavatories. Chuck was the really big one with the long, greasy hair; Tammy had heard two younger girls say he’d been acquitted on two rape charges in the past year.

The smaller boy, who was very muscular, was named Walter. He had been one of the school’s best wrestlers before he’d started drinking and stealing money from the lockers.

She didn’t know who the skinny, older man was. He was in his late twenties, Tammy guessed, much too old to be hanging around high schools. A pencil-thin mustache made him look menacing; he wore a windbreaker and a stained pair of jeans. Sitting on the floor of the van opposite her, he looked at her, apparently disinterested in her abduction.

“Hi, Tammy,” Chuck said softly. “It really was nice of you to come to school through our parking lot today. We were waiting for you to come back here.”

“You fuckers!” Tammy screamed. “What the hell do you think you’re doing, grabbing me and throwing me in here like that? I’m gonna go to the principal’s office… you let me out of here right now!”

She lunged at the van door, but both Chuck and Walter immediately grabbed her and threw her onto her back. Tammy squealed as Chuck hungrily squeezed her grapefruit-sized tits through the tube top, rolling his palm on the outline of her stiff nipple.

“God damn, you got big tits,” he whispered.

“You’re not going anywhere, Tammy,” Walter said gleefully. “Shit, this is your surprise party. We’ve got a special present for you today. Meet Ben!”

The sullen-looking older man smiled briefly and nodded his head. Tammy screamed as Chuck pulled down her tube top, attached his mouth to one rosy nipple and sucked it like a lamprey, as if he expected to suck hot milk from the rubbery tit tip.

“Ben here’s gonna fuck you, Tammy,” Walter continued. “And you’re really gonna dig it. And you know why? ‘Cause Ben’s got the biggest fucking prick you ever saw in your life!”

Tammy was too busy squealing to reply, flailing her fists on Chuck’s back as the horny delinquent tore at her clothes. In spite of her struggles, she was naked within a few seconds.

Both boys developed enormous hard-ons at the sight of her bare tits and hairy pussy triangle. Tammy looked at Ben’s crotch and gasped. His expression was still sullen, but a gigantic tube of prick meat had grown down the inside of his pants leg.

“Whip it out, Ben,” Chuck whispered. “Show her that huge cock!”

Ben silently stripped his pants over his tennis shoes, leaving himself naked from the waist to the ankles. Tammy’s eyes bulged in both lust and fear. For the first time, she saw a cock even larger than her father’s.

Ben’s fucker was enormous, at least ten or eleven inches long and incredibly fat, thicker than her wrist. Tammy couldn’t believe the slender man had enough blood in his body to fill out such an oversized cock, but his prick was now as hard as stone, standing out nearly a foot from his slender hips, bobbing and twitching with lust.

“Noooooo!” Tammy squealed and struggled to rise to her feet. “You’re not going to fuck me with that big thing! Nooooo!”

Chuck fell on top of her chest, crushing her tits beneath his weight. Walter grabbed her ankles and spread them wide apart. Tammy shrieked and continued to struggle as Ben crawled between her thighs, holding his gigantic cock before him.

She was frightened of being fucked by such a huge cock, but she was also extremely turned on. She was being raped, she thought giddily, for the first time in her life. They were so hot for her pussy that they were taking her by force. And giving her to their friend, whose prick would stretch her pussy farther than ever before.

“Stick it in, Ben,” Chuck whispered. “Feed her your cock meat.”

Crouching between Tammy’s spread-eagled, struggling thighs, Ben rubbed his cock head up and down her fleecy-haired pussy slit. He smiled as he realized how wet her cunt was, but said nothing to his companions, keeping to himself the secret of how badly Tammy craved to be fucked.

Then he pushed his cock head into her fuck hole, and Tammy shuddered as her pussy lips stretched to admit his massive prick.

“Ungghh!” She bit her lip and grimaced and wriggled her ass desperately, overwhelmed by the sensation as her cunt stretched to admit his prick. “Oh, fuck…” His huge cock seemed to burn as it fucked into her, inch after inch of the swollen knob and shaft penetrating the slippery tunnel of her pussy.

“Oh God, stop it!” she shrieked, when his prick suddenly felt too big for her pussy. “You’re killing me with that monster! Ungggh! Take it out!”

Ben ignored her protests. Something changed in his blank expression as her pussy worked around his cock, milking and wetly clinging to the blood-swollen hardness of his cock. “Tight cunt,” be said dryly, wincing as Tammy’s pussy clasped spasmodically around his cock. “Oh shit, yes… tight teenage pussy!”

Finally his prick was all the way inside her, buried to the balls between the stretched, swollen lips of her hairy pussy. Tammy gushed and writhed as she felt his cock throbbing rhythmically deep inside her fuck hole, seeming to bore all the way into her stomach.

“Oh God, can’t stand it,” she moaned. “Too fucking big!”

Ben pulled out, watching as his huge prick, glossy with her pussy juices, pulled greasily out of her furry cunt. Gently, he eased his enormous prick back in again.

Then he started to fuck her, reaming out her pussy with long, smooth strokes of his rock-hard cock. Tammy’s eyelids fluttered. She struggled to suppress the feelings of wet need throbbing through her cunt hole, not wanting to give in to the rape so easily.

But it was impossible. Ben’s ten-inch cock made wet, squishing sounds as he began to pound it in and out of her cunt. Sensing her arousal, both Chuck and Walter released her. Then they sat up and happily watched the spread-eagled blonde moaning as she was fucked by their friend’s giant cock.

“Do you like it, Tammy?” Walter asked, rubbing his stiff prick through his jeans. “Don’t it feel good?”

“Ungghh! Fuck!” Tammy lifted her knees until they nearly touched her shoulders, opening up her pussy passage completely for the invasion of Ben’s hammering cock.

“Fuck, fuck harder!” she gasped. Then she started to rock and hump her ass off the floor of the van, fucking up her pussy for more of his cock.

“Shit,” Chuck whispered.

“I gotta get my cock sucked,” Walter moaned.

Hurriedly, he unbuttoned his jeans, never taking his eyes off the blue-veined shaft of Ben’s ten-inch cock, fucking steadily into the gurgling wetness of Tammy’s cunt. Tammy turned her head and watched as his prick popped out of his underwear… a long, slender cock, very stiff, perfect for sucking.

“Suck it, bitch!” Walter demanded. He grabbed her head and thrust his rosy cock head between her lips. “Suck out my cum!”

Tammy knew she was now being gang banged, but she was much too horny to protest. Submissively parting her lips, she made a gurgling sound as Walter rammed his prick into her mouth, hitting the back of her mouth with the oozing crown of his cock.

Ben fucked her faster, whipping his huge prick in and out of her pumping, horny cunt. Tammy caved in her cheeks and started sucking Walter’s cock very hard, swirling her tongue all over the tip.

“Good, do it gooood!” Walter moaned. He held her head and made humping motions with his hips, fucking his prick in and out of her lips. “Do you like the taste of my dick, baby? When you’re getting fucked?”

Tammy slurped and nodded her head. Her big tits jiggled gelatinously as Walter fed her his cock, and the feeling of her stiff, shaking nipples made her hornier than ever.

Pushing her hand up his hairy thighs, Tammy wrapped her fist tightly around Walter’s cock. Then she eagerly bobbed her head, helping him fuck her face with his swollen cock.

“Gonna cum,” Walter whispered. “Shit, you suck cock good. I can’t hold it much longer!”

Ben continued to fuck her tirelessly, wincing every time her slippery pussy sheath contracted around his long, thick prick. Tammy was dying to gulp down a mouthful of boiling cum. She jacked Walter’s cock and sucked the prick knob as hard as she could, darting her tongue into the cum slit.

“Can’t fucking stand it!” Walter yelped. “Oh fuck, here I cummmm!”

He bucked his hips forward, fucking nearly all of his cock down the vixen’s throat. Tammy gurgled wetly as she tasted the salty cum spraying out of his cock head. Creamily, it rushed down her throat, and she gulped and swallowed it all down, continuing to suck and lick his prick until she’d drunk all of the jism from his throbbing balls.

“Oh, fuck,” Walter said. Sighing with pleasure, he fell back against the wall of the van and wiped his cock off as he watched Ben continue to hammer his cock into Tammy’s pussy. “Make her cum now, Ben. I want to watch her cream!”

Ben quickly started fucking her pussy as hard as he could, slamming his prick like a piston into her buttery fuck tunnel. Tammy groaned as an intense, throbbing sensation started up in the depths of her pussy.

Fucking me, she thought hornily. Huge, throbbing prick, stretching me, fucking me, filling my pussy. Going to cum now. Stroking my cunt, oh fuck!

“Cumming!” she cried. Tammy bounced her ass off the van floor like a wild woman, clawing Ben’s shoulders as she feverishly fucked her pussy on his huge cock. “Fuck me, Ben! Fuck me hard, as hard as you… can! Oh God, my cunt’s burning up! I’m gonna… unggghhh! Oh fuck me, keep fucking me. I’m cumming!”

The spasms deluged her pussy with ecstasy, making her clit tingle and her nipples ache and her dripping pussy tunnel sucked convulsively around Ben’s cock. Ben moaned, feeling the tight cunt milking his cock. He fell forward, stabbing his ten-inch rod as far into her cunt as it would go.

His cum-load was as big as his prick. Again and again, the hot spunk shot out of his plumsized cock head, spraying the innermost walls of Tammy’s pussy with his milky cock cream.

Tammy screamed and fucked and flexed her cunt muscles, wanting to drain her assailant of all of his jizz. Cum kept on squirting into her pussy, finally gurgling out of her cunt around his fucking cock and running onto the carpet.

Ben moaned as he pulled his prick out of her clinging pussy. He watched his fuck-wilted, dripping cock shaft soften slowly, until, in its flaccid state, it was only a few inches longer than the average man’s cock.

Tammy whimpered with both satisfaction and disappointment, thinking that her rape was over. But she’d forgotten about Chuck, who she quickly remembered when she turned her head and saw his naked prick, jutting out of his curly cock hairs like a length of iron pipe.

“Turn over, baby,” he said harshly. “Get on your hands and knees, just like a dog. I’m going to shoot my wad up your sweet little asshole!”

Tammy screamed, but she was too exhausted and horny to make much of a struggle as Walter rolled her onto her belly. Submissively she lay flat on her stomach, looking at Chuck over her shoulder as his big prick bobbed and throbbed with blood.

Walter held her ass cheeks apart, revealing her cum-drenched pussy slit and the pink, puckered ring of her asshole. Chuck groaned with pleasure as he centered the cock knob onto the rubbery circle.

“Ever had your asshole fucked before, honey?” he asked, and he started to push his prick in.

Tammy nodded her head shamefully. Then all she could do was moan and start humping as Chuck gradually packed her asshole with the burning hardness of his big prick.

In and in and in it went, filling her asshole as completely as Ben’s monster cock had stretched her pussy. Releasing her ass cheeks, Walter sat back and watched the big-titted blonde taking his friend’s cock up her little asshole.

“Do you like it, sugar?” Chuck lay with all of his throbbing boner embedded in her shitter, groaning as her rubbery asshole muscles sucked convulsively around his cock. “Don’t it just stretch you to death? Tell me how much you love my prick!”

Tammy slowly lifted her ass, rising on her knees until she was crouched in the dog fucking position, with Chuck on top of her and her enormous tits dangling pendulously over the van floor.

“Unh!” Slowly she started to hump her ass, fucking her asshole onto Chuck’s cock. “Yes, oh fuck yesss!” she hissed wantonly. “I love getting my asshole fucked! Do it, Chuck! Fuck my asshole, fuck it hard!”

Chuck moaned and pulled out his greasy prick, staring between her ass cheeks as only the mushroom-shaped crown parted her pink asshole. Then he rammed his cock home again, pounding his stiff, oozing cock in and out of her little ass.

“Fuck me harder, Chuck!” Uncontrollably horny now, Tammy thrust her fingers through her pussy curls and moaned in ecstasy as she buried two in the dripping, cum-filled slit of her cunt. “I said fuck me, do it harder!” Wantonly, she jacked off her throbbing pussy, rubbing her clit with her thumb. “I’ve gotta cum again, Chuck! I want your prick fucking my asshole good and haaaard!”

Chuck panted as he fucked his cum-bloated prick in and out of her tight asshole, already feeling the jism starting to churn in his balls. Tammy gasped as she fucked her fingers in a blur in her pussy. Ben and Walter exchanged appreciative glances and watched as they leaned on the tire well of the van.

“I’m cumming!” Chuck gasped. “Your asshole’s so God damn tight… can’t hold it… ahhhhh, shit!”

He fucked her asshole brutally for a minute, grimacing and panting as he felt the tingling stiffness flowing through his racing cock. Then he buried his prick to the balls in the furnace-like heat of her asshole, and a second later Tammy felt her shitter overflowing with the boiling tide of his cum.

“Cumming!” she shrieked. Jism overflowed her asshole and her pussy creamed as Chuck’s hot cum spurted into her guts. Tammy felt her rubbery asshole muscles sucking spasmodically around his hammering cock, milking more jism up from his balls. “Fuck me, Chuck! Fuck my fucking asshole! Harder, bastard, I’m cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

Then he pulled his wilting prick from her sucking asshole ring, and Tammy knew that, at least for the time being, her gang rape was over. The big-titted teenager stretched out on the van floor and moaned deliriously with pleasure as she felt the tingling satisfaction in her pussy and asshole.

She didn’t mind being fucked by three young studs at once, especially when one was hung like Ben. She loved it; she couldn’t wait to do it again. And a mischievous smile spread across Tammy’s pretty face as she suddenly thought of a new way to tease her daddy.


Her bedroom door was wide open, and just to make sure a gust of air wouldn’t shut it, Tammy had put her schoolbooks in front of the door.

It was now just before five o’clock; her father would be home any minute. Tammy lay spread-eagled on her bed, naked, with her pussy creaming and her huge tits jiggling as Walter fucked his stiff prick into her cunt.

Ben and Chuck stood in front of the bed, watching their rape victim now willingly getting fucked. Tammy had invited them all over for a good gang-bang. They didn’t know it, but the main reason was that Tammy wanted her father to see her fucking and sucking Ben’s enormous cock.

“Harder, Walter!” Tammy wrapped her long legs tightly around his waist and heaved her sweating ass off the springy bed, fucking her pussy onto his cock. “Oh fuck, your prick feels so good inside me! Stretch it, Walter! Kill my pussy with your big, beautiful cock!”

Walter panted as he worked out between her thighs, fucking his throbbing, aching hard-on to the balls in her sweet pussy with every thrust. Tammy felt the hairy sac of his balls slapping her ass crack with every fuck-stroke.

His chest heaved on top of her, flattening her creamy white tits.

“I’m gonna cum, Walter!” Tammy whipped up her blushing ass cheeks in a fever, wiggling her hips in a desperate attempt to get more of his thick cock inside her. “Oh fuck, my pussy’s burning up! It’s burning on your prick! Keep fucking meeeee! I’m cumming!”

The cum drenched her curly-haired pussy slit, filling her cunt with so much fuck cream that the slippery tunnel made obscene slushing sounds as it clung to Walter’s fucking cock.

Walter moaned and fucked her cunt harder, wincing as her cumming pussy sucked around his cock. Then he came too, shooting bug spurts of thick, white cum into her buttery, overflowing pussy.

“Okay, get off me!” Tammy squealed excitedly. “Now it’s Ben’s turn!”

The exhausted Walter climbed from between her thighs, rolling off the bed. Tammy glanced at the clock beside her bed. Any second, she thought and at that moment she heard her father’s car rolling up the driveway.

“Take down your pants, Ben,” she said, sitting up on the bed. “I want to suck your big cock first.”

Ben silently stripped off all his clothes, revealing his lean, naked musculature. His gigantic, ten-inch cock rose from his belly like a battering ram, as big around as Tammy’s wrist, with a purplish, swollen prick knob that was already leaking pre-cum.

Tammy heard the front door open and close quietly. Her daddy was home.

Wiggling her ass on the edge of the bed, Tammy wrapped both hands tightly around Ben’s huge fuck tool. She rolled her tongue all over the spongy cock knob, darting her tongue into his piss hole, making him hot.

She heard the footsteps coming down the hallway, about to pass her door. Tammy stretched her lips as widely as she could and took Ben’s cock into her mouth. Her cheeks caved in.

As her father passed her open door, and stopped dead in his tracks, the first thing he saw was his teenaged daughter, sitting naked on the bed and sucking wildly on the biggest cock he had ever seen.

“Jesus,” William gasped.

“Oh fuck,” Chuck groaned. “It’s her old man.”

For a long time, they just stood there staring at each other. William dropped his briefcase, and entered his daughter’s bedroom as if in a trance. Walter and Chuck exchanged guilty looks. Ben just stood there impassively, with his huge cock bobbing next to Tammy’s cheek and her saliva dripping luridly from the tip.

“Hi, Daddy,” Tammy said brightly. “You’re home a little early today, aren’t you?”

“Tammy!” William exclaimed hoarsely. He crossed the bedroom and stood beside the bed, gaping at the spectacle of his gorgeous daughter holding the enormous prick. “What in the world… in the name of God!”

“I’m sucking Ben’s cock, Daddy,” Tammy said, milking his massive cock up and down. “Isn’t it a super big one? This here’s Walter and Chuck. Walter just gave me a really good fucking, and Chuck’s going to be next. Why don’t you stick around and watch, Daddy?”

With that, she opened her mouth wide and stuffed Ben’s drooling cock back down her buttery throat. Panting for air through her nose, Tammy caved in her cheeks and sucked Ben’s prick right in front of her father. Her hands moved on his cock shaft, beating his meat between her lips.

“Jesus,” William whispered dazedly.

“Hot damn!” Walter exclaimed. “Right in front of her fucking father!”

“How’s it look, old man?” Chuck asked, looking at him cruelly. “She gives a good blow-job, don’t she? Especially with a big prick like that in her mouth!”

The color rose in William’s cheeks. He clenched his fists and looked helplessly around the room, fighting the urge to hit Chuck or Ben or Walter or all three of them.

But they were all bigger than he was. Miserably, William stood watching his daughter suck Ben’s cock. A bulge swelled in his crotch as he heard her full lips smacking on the guy’s hard-on, watching her lips compress and her cheeks puff and pucker around his prick. Then, almost on the verge of screaming, Tammy’s father stomped out of the room and slammed the door shut behind him.

“Guess we pissed him off,” Walter said, laughing.

Tammy gurgled and nodded her head, never taking her lips or hands from Ben’s delicious cock. She knew the effect his anger would have on him.

That was the only reason she was doing this, she thought: for her father’s benefit. When Ben and Chuck and Walter left, her wonderful, big-cocked daddy would be horny enough to fuck her to death.

“I’m gonna cum,” Ben grunted. “Oh, shit!”

He grabbed her ears and pumped his ass, fucking his ten-inch cock in and out of her mouth. Tammy almost choked round the thickness of his prick, but she made herself keep sucking.

His prick swelled to steely stiffness, pulsing and throbbing hotly. Tammy jacked his big cock as fast as she could. Then a torrent of hot cum flooded out of his cock head, gushing down her throat.

Tammy gurgled. Desperately she worked her throat muscles, trying to gulp down the avalanche of cum. But there was more of his thick jism than she could ever take. Tammy slurped as his cum-load filled her cheeks and ran out of her lips around his squirting prick, running in a lewd stream down her chin.

Ben pulled his cock from her lips and wiped the knob off on her cheek. Tammy swallowed hard and looked anxiously at the other two boys. Chuck already had his clothes off. His big fucker weaved before him as he climbed onto the bed with her.

“Lie on your back,” he commanded. “And spread those pretty legs!”

His weight crushed her big tits as he mounted her. Tammy moaned with pleasure as his spongy cock knob parted her pussy slit and bored into the molten depths of her dripping cunt.

“Fuck me!” She threw her long legs around his back and feverishly started humping, fucking her pussy onto his thrusting cock. “Yes, Chuckie… that’s the way… fuck me, fuck me good and hard!”

Chuck panted and worked out between her thighs. Tammy pistoned her ass to meet his fuck strokes. Her pussy was burning, but only partially because of Chuck’s torrid fucking. All she could think of was her daddy, alone in his bedroom now, cursing the ceiling as his hard-on throbbed in his pants.

Two hours later, Ben was still fucking Tammy.

“Fuck me faster, Ben! Oh God, I love your huge fucking prick. Kill my pussy lover, kill it with your big cock!”

Walter and Chuck had left after their third round of fucking Tammy. Heaving between Tammy’s nakedly splayed thighs, Ben panted as he pounded his rock-hard cock in and out of her sucking pussy, filling her cunt completely with every fuck thrust.

Tammy scissored her creamy thighs around his back and grunted as she humped her nimble ass to meet his fuck-strokes. She hadn’t heard a sound from her father’s bedroom in the past two hours, and knew that was because he was in there listening to her, listening to every squishing thrust of Ben’s big cock up her fuck tunnel.

Tammy moaned extra loud for his benefit.

“Fuck me harder, Ben!” she gasped. “Your cock is so enormous! Oh slit, it’s killing me! Fill up my pussy! You’re making me cum!”

“I’m cumming!” Ben gasped. “Tight, sucking pussy! I can’t hold my rocks back…”

He slammed his cock all the way into her hairy fuck slit and started to fuck her with a special passion, feeling the jism mount again in his hairy balls. Then it gushed out of the tip of his cock, streaming into her red, ravaged pussy.

“I’m cumming, Ben!” Tammy screamed. “I’m cumming on your huge cock!”

The spasms gushed through her pussy like a ruptured damn, making her clit tingle deliciously and her cunt muscles shudder around Ben’s ten-inch cock.

Ben kept fucking her through the duration of her cum, sighing as her throbbing pussy sucked the last drops of jism from his cock. Then he pulled out, got off the bed, dressed without saying a word and left the condominium quietly.

For a long time Tammy just lay there, panting as she felt the hot tingling sensations in her cunt. Then, with jism running out of her pussy and down her legs, she got up and went into the hall to confront her father.


Her father was sitting on the edge of his bed when Tammy entered his room. He was staring blankly at the floor. Tammy knew how furious he was with her, and it both scared and excited her tremendously.

That was why she’d done it, she thought: so her daddy would punish her for being such a horny slut.

“Hi, Daddy,” she said easily. “Sorry I took so long and missed dinner and everything. God, those guys really gave my pussy a workout!”

“You utile whore,” William said harshly. “You miserable, fucking little slut!”

Tammy stood in front of her father and looked at him intently, already feeling the burning expectation mounting in her cunt. His face was angrier than she’d ever seen it; showing how much rage he’d fought back for the past two hours.

“But Daddy, what’s…”

“Don’t give me that horseshit!” her father bellowed. “I come home and find you gangbanging three hoods from school and then Jesus, you don’t even stop! You just go right on sucking his cock right in front of me! They practically laughed me out of my own daughter’s bedroom! And then you spent the next two hours moaning and groaning so loud I thought the ceiling was going to cave in!”

A vein stood out on her father’s neck; he was actually quivering with rage. Tammy knew she should apologize now, but she didn’t want to. She wanted to bait him, to see how angry he would get. Then she’d really get punished.

“Fuck you, Daddy,” she said brazenly. “You don’t have any right to tell me what to do!”

“What did you say to me?” William whispered, and he grabbed her wrist.

“Let go of my arm!” Tammy pulled her wrist away. “I can fuck anybody I want to, and I can do it anywhere I want to, too. Shit, Daddy, I think you’re just jealous ’cause Ben has a bigger cock than you! God, I loved sucking on it so much! I wish I had his cock in my mouth right now!”

Her father’s hands trembled on his knees, and his face shook convulsively with anger. “So you liked giving him a blow-job, did you?”

“I sure did, Daddy!”

“Well, why don’t you try sucking my prick, instead?”

He grabbed her hair and threw her to her knees before him, quickly tearing at the zipper and buckle of his pants. Tammy screamed and tried to rise, but her father hit her on the back of her neck very hard.

Then his pants were down around his ankles, and as soon as Tammy saw his naked cock she knew her suspicions had been correct: her daddy’s big prick was extremely stiff, throbbing and pulsing wickedly.

“Suck on it!” William roared. He pulled her head up by the hair and jammed his spongy cockhead against his daughter’s lips. “You’re going to give me the best cocksucking I ever had! Do you hear me? You little slut! Start sucking my prick!”

“No, Daddy, I don’t want to do it with you!” Tammy squealed, grimacing and turning her head away. “You can’t make me!”

William lifted his open hand and struck her cheek twice, quite hard. Spots of color danced before Tammy’s eyes. She looked up at her father in amazement. He’d never hit her before. She wondered if that was what she had wanted.

“Now start sucking!”

There was a long pause. Then Tammy wrapped her little fist tightly around the base of his cock and submissively dropped her head to his prick-knob.

“Yes, Daddy,” she said softly.

As her father stared down at her, Tammy opened her mouth widely and engulfed the rosy crown of his prick. She clasped her lips in a tight circle around the veined cockshaft, and immediately felt her pussy creaming as she tasted the salty deliciousness of his cock.

Ben’s cock was bigger, but her father still had the best prick she’d ever sucked.

Making lewd, slurping sounds, Tammy started to bob her head up and down on her father’s fuck rod. Her hand clenched the base of his cock and slowly started to milk and tug it, beating his cockmeat into her mouth. Tammy rolled her tongue all over his shiny cockhead, wanting to give her daddy the best cock sucking of his life.

“Unh!” The rage faded from William’s face as he watched his beautiful teenaged daughter giving him head. “Oh, shit, Tammy!” His ass cheeks started to rock off the edge of the bed as he fucked his cock in and out of her lips. “That’s good, honey! My cock’s burning! Suck it good and hard!”

Tammy dropped her free hand between his thighs, cupping the bloated orbs of his balls. Tenderly, she massaged the hairy sac, then extended a finger and massaged his hard, wrinkled asshole, knowing that was a good way to make her father cum.

“Oh, fuck it!” William winced and bucked his ass harder, ramming nearly two-thirds of his blood-filled cock down his daughter’s silky throat. “I’m gonna cum, Tammy! Keep sucking me. Oh shit, suck the cum right out of my balls!”

Tammy stuck her finger up her daddy’s asshole, probing the narrow tunnel. Her right wrist ached as she jacked his prick fast and hard, making more cum ooze from the cock tip onto her swirling tongue.

“Ahhh, Tammy, oh my God!”

He came, shooting gushers of hot cum down her throat. After three years of constant sucking and fucking, Tammy knew about how much jism her father would shoot off with every cum.

This was a very big cum-load for him, and it showed how much the spectacle of his daughter sucking his cock had tuned him on. Again and again, the white torrents of spunk burst from his cockhead, until Tammy was simply unable to swallow it all down.

William sighed as his cock shot off between his daughter’s lips. The rest of his cum dribbled out of her mouth around his prick, dripping down her chin onto her big, jiggling tits.

Tammy took her father’s hard-on out of her mouth and licked her lips, staring at his big fuck-tool. His cock was still as hard as stone, and her pussy burned as she realized she would soon be taking that cock deep inside her cunt.

“That was good, Daddy,” she whimpered, slowly beating off his prick. “You were right, making me suck your cock like that. I never should have talked to you so sassily.”

“I’m… I’m sorry too,” William murmured. “I shouldn’t have hit you.”

“I wanted you to, Daddy! Or at least I wanted to make you mad! I mean, I set it up so you’d see me sucking Ben’s cock when you came home from work. I knew it would make you mad — and turn you on. The whole thing was just for you, Daddy.”

William looked at his daughter dazedly. “Why you miserable little…”

“You’re right, Daddy! I deserve a good spanking! Why don’t you give me one right now?”

Tammy rose to her feet and threw herself on her father’s knees, wiggling her pussy on his lap. He could see her pussy slit between her ass cheeks, and the hairy little fuck-hole literally bubbled with all the white, foaming jism she’d taken up her cunt.

“Spank me, Daddy!” Tammy cried, wiggling her hot pussy triangle on his leg. “Spank me as hard as you can!”

Tentatively, William lifted his hand and swatted her bare ass. He paused to watch the ass cheeks jiggle, and a hot flush appeared in the ivory flesh.

Then he spanked her again, and again, and then, as Tammy felt his cock growing with fresh fuck-lust, he started to spank her much harder. Tammy moaned and bounced her burning pussy, dry-humping her cunt on his leg.

“Awww Daddy, it’s hurting me!” she squealed. “You spank my ass so hard!”

“Slut,” William whispered. His broad hand pounded on her jiggling ass cheeks, until they flushed crimson from the spanking.

Suddenly he threw her off his lap onto the floor. Knowing what he wanted, Tammy got on her hands and knees and looked at him anxiously over her shoulder, wiggling the reddened cheeks of her ass.

His prick was still incredibly stiff after blowing such a huge load, ready to fuck more hot cum into her buttery cunt. William crouched over his daughter and rubbed the swollen knob of his prick into the foaming gash of her pussy, dripping white with all the jism Walter and Ben and Chuck had fucked into her cunt.

“God, you’re wet down there!” William moaned. “Jesus, like a swamp!”

“Fuck meeeeee, Daddy!” Impatiently, Tammy started bumping and humping her ass cheeks, eager for the invasion of her father’s big prick. “I’m still horny! I need to get fucked!”

William worked his ass and fucked his throbbing cock up his daughter’s pussy. Because of all the jism in her cunt it glided in easily, like a knife through butter. He quickly started fucking her, pounding his cock in and out of her pussy.

“Harder, Daddy!” Tammy could hear her hairy pussy lips making wet sounds as they clung hungrily to her father’s fucking cock. “Oooh yes, you’re fucking me good now! Punish me, Daddy, fuck my cunt as hard as you can!”

William felt the delicious pressure of her slick cunt tunnel around his prick and knew he wouldn’t be able to hold his wad much longer. He moaned and fucked his daughter faster and harder, pounding his knees onto the bedroom rug.

“Gonna cum!” Tammy groaned. She clawed the rug and whipped up her ass in a delirious frenzy, grimacing as the spasms started to flow inside her pussy. “Getting off, Daddy! Feels so fucking good! Harder, fuck my cunt, Daddy! Awwww I’m cuummmiiinnng!”

William sighed as the jism streamed up out of his balls, spurting from the rosy tip of his prick, completely relieving him of all the anger he had felt towards his daughter.

“Never again,” he panted, withdrawing his wilted cock from her dripping cunt. “I don’t want you to fuck anyone but me in this house from now on. Understand?”

Tammy whimpered and nodded her head.


Tammy had, only the haziest memories of playing with her younger cousin Randy when she was a little girl, before her mother died. Thus she was taken completely by surprise when her father announced that he would be staying with them for an extended visit.

Tammy protested the invasion of their privacy, but all William could do was shrug and explain that he had owed his sister a favor for a long time. A few days later, they picked Randy up at the airport.

He was a short, muscular teenager with a cherubic face and a boyish mop of light-brown hair. Tammy thought he was handsome for a kid, and she automatically tried to gauge the size of his cock through his jeans. But Randy seemed totally innocent, about sex, and Tammy soon began to think of him as a mere child.

As the first week of Randy’s stay passed, Tammy got hornier and hornier. Mr. Brady, Mr. Nelson, Ben, Chuck, Walter… all the men in her life were fucking her at least once a day. But none of them were any substitute for her father’s fat prick, and her opportunities for fucking with her daddy were limited, with Randy around.

Then one afternoon their whole family situation changed, when Tammy happened to come home early from school.

She entered the condominium quietly, dropping her school books on the couch and walking to her bedroom. Silently she passed the door of the small storage room Randy had been sleeping in since his arrival. Then Tammy stopped and stared, and a wet heat began to pulse through her pussy.

Randy had neglected to shut the door all the way. There was a narrow slit between it and the frame, and from where she stood Tammy could clearly see her cousin lying on his cot. His pants were bunched down around his ankles. He was wildly beating his cock meat.

The nipples of her huge, braless tits stiffened as she saw what an enormous hunk of prick meat her cousin clutched in his pumping fist. It was nearly as large as her father’s fuck tool, hopelessly oversized for such a young boy.

Randy was a horny boy, a very horny one! As Tammy watched, the athletic youth winced as he feverishly pounded his cock. Then he cried out, tightened his fist under the prick knob, and he moaned as an ivory cascade of cum shot from the piss slit, raining all over his chest.

Tammy left the hallway and went to her bed. She pulled down her jeans and panties and immediately started to finger-fuck her cunt, fantasizing about what she’d just seen. She had to seduce Randy, had to take his cherry. The only question was how.

“Randy, could you come in here for a minute?” Tammy called. “There’s something I need you to do for me.”

It was the middle of the next week, around ten in the morning. She and her younger cousin were alone in the condominium. William had gone to work hours ago, content to let his daughter skip a day of school when she told him how sick she felt.

Looking a little nervous, Randy entered Tammy’s bedroom. He always seemed especially shy around her, Tammy noticed. He was either scared of her in particular — or girls in general.

“Do you want something else to eat?” Randy asked. “I can get you some juice, if you want.”

“Nah!” she said. Lying on her stomach, Tammy smiled and wiggled naked under the sheets. “I need you to give me a massage, Randy. Whenever I get sick like this, my back really kills me.”

Randy glanced nervously over his shoulder, as if sure that some spirit would strike him down at the mere thought of touching his cousin’s naked flesh. Blushing fiercely, he walked across the bedroom and sat gingerly on the edge of the bed.

“What… what do you want me to do?”

“Oh, you know, just rub me,” Tammy murmured. “Anything you do will feel good.”

Shyly, Randy lifted his hands to her shoulders and awkwardly rubbed her shoulder muscles, before Tammy impatiently shrugged his hands away.

“No, silly! I want you to give me a back rub! Here…”

Tammy pulled down the sheets to the rise of her ass cheeks, leaving herself naked from the waist up. The virgin teenager gasped as he found himself staring at her naked back, and the sides of her huge, milk-white tits.

“What’s the matter, Randy?” Tammy asked, suppressing a mischievous giggle. “You look funny.”

“N-nothing,” Randy stammered. “It’s okay.”

He dug his fingers into her back and kneaded the muscles running along either side of her spine. Tammy moaned pleasurably and wiggled on the bed, making her big tits stick out farther from under her ribs. She could practically feel Randy’s eyes burning into her tits, desperately trying to catch a glimpse of her taut, rosy pink nipples.

“Your fingers are trembling, Randy,” Tammy observed mildly. “Why are your hands shaking so hard?”

“S-sorry,” Randy stammered.

“Randy, are you trying to look at my body?”

Randy took his hands away and looked at her helplessly, crimson with embarrassment. As the wet heat mounted in her hairy pussy, Tammy rolled suddenly onto her back, bringing her mammoth tits suddenly into the open.

“Why don’t you just ask, Randy? I’ll let you look at my body if you want to.”

The boy’s eyes bulged as he gaped at her huge, spongy tits, tipped by the fattest, stiffest nipples he had ever imagined seeing. A long, stiff tube of cock meat quickly started pulsing in his jeans.

Giggling, Tammy fingered the edge of the sheet and then pushed it slowly to the foot of the bed. She wiggled her ass on the mattress, folded her hands behind her head to lift her tits, and then she spread her legs, revealing the pink, moist slit of her cunt.

“There you go, Randy. Now you can look at all of me,” she said huskily. “Do you like what you see?”

Randy stammered something unintelligible in response. Lazily, Tammy raised her arm and ran her fingers up and down his stiff cockbulge.

“You’ve got quite a hard-on, Randy. I’m turning you on, aren’t I?”

Randy gulped and nodded his head.

“I’ll bet I am.” Tammy chuckled and pinched his cock head through his jeans. “You’ve got a really big dick for a kid your age, don’t you, Randy? Tell me, do you ever think about fucking girls?”

Randy was so embarrassed and horny that he couldn’t do anything. He gave no resistance as Tammy gently pushed him onto his back on the bed beside her. Then her fingers deftly unzipped his pants and tugged them down to his ankles with his cum-smeared shorts, releasing his cock from confinement.

Up close, his stiff prick looked even more magnificent than before. It was long and fat and a mouth-watering shade of pink, with blue veins gleaming on the rock-hard shaft, and a swollen red cock knob that was bobbing and twitching salaciously up and down.

“God, you’ve got one hell of a boner!” Tammy wrapped her hand around his cock shaft and lightly began beating her cousin’s meat, staring intently at his agonized expression. “Tell me, little lover, what do you think about when you whack off this fat cock of yours?”

“G-girls,” Randy stammered. “Pr-pretty girls. I think about doing it with them.”

“Fucking them, you mean. Fucking their hot, wet pussies.” Tammy smiled and jacked his prick harder, sliding her little finger around his cock head to catch a thick gob of oozing pre-cum. “Do you ever think about me, Randy? When you jack off? You look at my tits all the time, you know.”

“Ye-ye-yes,” Randy confessed miserably.

“How about getting a blow-job? Do you ever think about me, Randy?” By now Tammy’s practiced hand was racing feverishly up and down his swollen cock, making more and more translucent pre-cum spit from the piss hole. “You like the way I beat your meat, don’t you, Randy? Do you ever think about some horny girl giving this big cock a good, juicy sucking?”

“Oh, shit!” Randy started to pump his ass off the bed, grimacing as he fucked his cock through her fingers. “Oh shit, Tammy, oh fuck, oh shit.”

Tammy was too horny to control herself. Groaning, she sat up on her side and lowered her head into her cousin’s lap. Then, with a deep, earthy moan, she let his big prick bore into her buttery throat.

She knew it was the first cock sucking the virgin youth had ever had, and she wanted it to be a blowjob he would remember for the rest of his life. Tammy caved in her cheeks and feverishly went to work sucking his cock, pumping and bellowing her pursed lips to intensify the suction around his prick.

“Unhh!” Automatically, Randy grabbed her head, writhing on the bed as he fucked his cock into her mouth. “Oh shit, suck it, Tammy! That feels so good!”

Slurping, gurgling, smacking sounds filled the bedroom as Tammy shamelessly sucked her cousin’s delicious cock. Again her fingers wrapped around the base of his cock. She whimpered around his drooling prick head as she felt the hot hardness throb on her palm.

Tammy started to jack his fucker again, milking the loose flesh up and down the steely column of cock. More frothing pre-cum oozed from the crown of his hard-on. Tammy swiped her tongue eagerly around it, lapping it all up, thrusting her tongue hard into his piss hole.

Helplessly, Randy lifted his head, gaping at the spectacle of his big-titted older cousin with her mouth full of his fat cock. He moved his hips harder, trying to ram more of his cock down her throat.

His prick had never felt so painfully stiff before, even in innumerable jack-off sessions, and his balls were so full of cream that he thought they were going to explode. Randy knew he was going to cum any second.

“Do you like it, Randy?” Tammy pulled his throbbing cock from her wet lips and looked at him with hornily glistening eyes. “That’s better than beating off, isn’t it? You want to cum in my mouth now, don’t you? You want me to drink your jism.”

Randy moaned, nodded his head, grabbed her hair and tried to fuck his prick back into her lips. Giggling, Tammy again enveloped his burning cock in the buttery heat of her mouth.

This time she sucked his cock harder than ever, luridly flushing with the wanton energy of the blowjob. Her head bobbed faster, until she was taking nearly all of his cock down her throat with each thrust. Tammy’s tongue tirelessly swirled and slurped and licked his stone-hard prick, coaxing the jism to come spurting out. Finally she dropped her free hand between his thighs and fondled his hairy, swollen balls.

“Ahhh, fuck!” Randy gasped. “Fuck, fuck, oh shit, Tammy, I’m doing it, I’m… ahhhhhhh!”

He came then, and Tammy instantly learned a lesson other horny girls had known for ages: no one could hold a wad of jism like a virgin teenaged boy.

It was the biggest load of cum she’d ever swallowed in her life. Repeatedly, the white, salty jism streamed and spurted from his cock head, draining his balls in one torrent of cum after another.

Madly, Tammy sucked his cum-gushing prick, swallowing and gulping as she did, determined to drink down all of his jism. Her mouth filled with his cum, but she didn’t stop slurping it down. When she finally released Randy’s cock, her belly felt full with all of his hot cum.

“Oh God, Randy!” Tammy licked her lips and looked delightedly at his still-throbbing cock. “You really came buckets! How long have you been holding all that juice in those big balls of yours?”

Randy said nothing, only panted as he stared at the ceiling. His prick was still as hard as a board, and Tammy knew she could get several fucks out of him before she was through. Her eyes glinted mischievously as she decided that this was an excellent time to teach the young virgin boy how to suck some cunt.

“Get up, Randy,” she said, rolling onto her back. “There’s something special I want to show you.”

Obediently, Randy got onto his hands and knees and looked at her expectantly. Tammy hunched her ass into the springy mattress and then spread her long legs as wide apart as she could, baring the hair-fringed fissure of her burning, dripping cunt.

“Oh, fuck,” Randy whispered.

“Do you like looking at my pussy, lover?” Tammy spread her flowering pussy folds with her fingers, exposing the bright pinkness of her inner cunt tunnel. “See how wet and red it looks? That’s because I’m really horny now. My pussy wants you to make it cum!”

Uncontrollably horny, Tammy put her forefinger on the protruding clit at the top of her pussy gash. She ground her ass off the bed as she rubbed her clit before her cousin’s eyes, pausing to dip two fingers into the syrupy wetness of her fuck hole.

“Have you ever tasted a girl’s cunt before, Randy?”

Randy shook his head.

“Well, you want lots of girl to want to fuck you, don’t you?”

Randy nodded.

“The best way to do that is to suck their pussies, Randy. That’s what girls love. And I’m going to show you how. Now put your mouth on it, lover. Lick my hot cunt!”

Tentatively, looking a little frightened, Randy stretched out between his cousins nakedly splayed thighs. He extended his tongue and dipped it into her pussy, tasting the fuck cream that oozed from her fur-fringed cunt slit.

And it was soon obvious that he loved the taste of cunt. Randy moaned as his big cock throbbed with new lust. Quickly he started to suck off Tammy’s pussy as if he’d been doing it all his life, swiping his tongue rhythmically up and down her gushing fuck hole.

“Yes, Randy, yes, you’re doing good!” Tammy fought to control the bucking motions of her ass, knowing that the inexperienced boy wouldn’t be able to keep his mouth on her pussy. “Suck harder now! That’s right! Get your tongue in there, Randy! Stick it as far in as you can, just like a little cock!”

Randy tongue-fucked his cousin’s pussy, separating the swollen cunt lips around his spearing tongue. His hands moved all over her body as he ate her aching pussy. Tammy moaned as he squeezed her huge tits, caressed the cheeks of her grinding ass.

“Oh Randy, you’ve got to make me cum!” Tammy moaned. “Finger-fuck me, lover! Put your fingers in my pussy, pump them in and out!”

Obediently, Randy slid his hand up her shaking thigh and dipped a finger into the molten wetness of her cunt. Tammy whined and started humping uncontrollably as he buried it to the knuckles in her gooey cunt.

Randy started to finger-fuck her hard and fast, simultaneously licking higher up her pussy slit.

“Gonna cum, Randy!” With trembling fingers, Tammy parted the pouting lips of her cunt, exposing her hard clit. “See… unh, fuck… see the little button? That’s my… ahhh, God… that’s my clit, Randy. That’s the most sensitive… oh shit, just suck on it! Suck it hard!”

Randy wrapped his lips around her clit, realizing at once how sensitive it was when Tammy bucked her pussy feverishly all over his face. He sucked her clit gently but forcefully, wriggling his tongue on the tip. At the same time, he jammed two fingers up her throbbing fuck hole and jacked her off furiously, whipping his hand between her legs.

“Cu-cu-cumming!” Tammy cried. She clawed his neck and pounded her ass off the mattress, grinding and humping her pussy onto his mouth. “Suck it, Randy! Oh suck, suck it harder! I’m cumming now! Can’t hold it… oh fuck, fuck I’m cuuummmiiinng!”

She grabbed his head and shrieked obscenely as she fucked her cunt onto his lips and fingers, refusing to release him until the spasms had drained her body again and again. Then Tammy collapsed in an exhausted heap on her bed, panting and moaning as the tingling aftermath of sensations filled her pussy with ecstasy.

“Oh, Randy, that was so good,” she sighed. “You suck pussy like you’ve been doing it your whole life. Don’t tell me you’ve never gone down on a girl before, darling? Really?”

Randy shook his head, looking a little smug. “That was my first time. For everything.”

Tammy looked at his cock and smiled. His cock was stiff to the point of exploding, rising straight out of his loins and pulsing wildly straight before him. Fresh heat churned in her tight pussy as she realized that it was time to show him the main event.

“Lie on top of me, Randy,” she said softly. “Between my legs.”

A hot flush spread through the boy’s cheeks as he saw what was going to happen, and his big prick jerked eagerly up and down. Awkwardly, he crouched between Tammy’s thighs, supporting the weight of his torso on his outstretched arms, staring hungrily down at her gorgeous, horny face and her big, stiff nippled tits.

Reaching between her legs, Tammy grasped his big cock and pulled the bloated prick knob to her slick pussy. “Feel my cunt now, Randy?” she asked huskily. “Feel the pussy lips nipping around your cock?”

Randy moaned and nodded. Eagerly, Tammy started humping her ass again, pumping her pussy up to his cock.

“Then push it in me, Randy! That’s what a girl loves even more than pussy sucking. Getting her cunt fucked by a nice, big oooh, Randy! Oh, God!”

She screamed as she felt his big prick fucking into her, stretching her velvety pussy tunnel around the meaty thickness of his cock. Wincing, Tammy shook her head repeatedly back and forth on the bed, shuddering as he packed her cunt slowly with all of his cock.

Fucking into me, she thought wantonly. Long, thick cock… into my cunt!

“Fuck me, Randy!” Forgetting her role as her cousin’s sex teacher, the big titted blonde threw her legs around his waist and started to hump her ass like a bitch in heat. “Feels so good, it fills my pussy! Fuck me with your fat cock! Spray my pussy with cum!”

Awkwardly at first, Randy worked his ass between her quivering legs. Tammy kept fucking like a machine, too horny to slow down and teach the boy to fuck right.

But fortunately, Randy was a very quick learner. Soon, he was fucking her as if he’d been fucking for years, grunting as he slammed his blood-logged cock into her hairy cunt slit, pounding his cock down every time she whipped up her pussy for more prick meat.

“That’s right, Randy! Harder, fuck me faster!” Tammy lifted her legs higher up his back, opening up her pussy passage for more cock. Her hands raked his heaving back, clawing his ass cheeks. “Fuck meeee! My pussy’s burning up, Randy! Oh fuck, you’ve got to make me cum!”

“Gonna cum too,” Randy panted. Harder and harder he fucked his bloated hard-on into the sucking, jelly-like grip of her pussy, feeling her cunt muscles continually massaging his pistoning cock. “So tight and good… oh, Tammy, I can’t hold it! I’m… I’m cumming!”

He fell on her belly, crushing her big tits beneath his hairless chest as he fucked his cock to the balls in her burning cunt. Tammy screamed as his cum gushed into her, instantly deluging her pussy with hot, salty fuck juice.

“Keep fucking me, Randy! I’m cumming too!” She felt the beat exploding in her pussy as his jism lubricated her cunt tunnel with long, hot spurts. “Oh, Randy! Harder, lover, fuck me as hard as you can! Oh fuck, I’m cuuummmiiinnng!”

For a full minute she humped and fucked deliriously beneath him, pleasuring her hot pussy again and again. Then she opened her eyes, and she gasped as she saw who stood at the open bedroom door.



William stood open-mouthed in the doorway, gaping at the obscene sight of his daughter fucking her pussy onto his nephew’s cock. Tammy opened her mouth to say something, but quickly shut it again. There was no explanation. She’d been caught in a simple act of pure lust.

“Little whore,” William whispered. He slammed the door shut and stood glowering down at her over the bed. “Horny little slut!”

Randy polled his wilted prick from her cunt and rolled off the bed, crouching fearfully on the floor. Tammy sat up and looked at her father blankly. A slight smile curled her lips as she saw an enormous hard-on throbbing for release in his pants.

“Just couldn’t keep from it, could you?” he whispered tersely. “Your own cousin and he’s only a kid. Jesus, sometimes I think you’d fuck anything in pants!”

“You should talk, Daddy!” Tammy blurted suddenly. “You fuck me all the time.”

William looked like he’d swallowed a frog. He glanced between his daughter and nephew, unable to believe that she could ever reveal their most precious secret to anyone. But Tammy only giggled and put her hand on his crotch, rubbing his cock through his slacks.

“Aw Daddy, don’t worry about it,” she purred. “Randy won’t tell anybody.”

William gulped hard; all the tension was drained from him by his daughter’s revelation of their incestuous relationship. But his cock was as hard as a rock, and Tammy felt her pussy warming again as she quickly undid his pants and pulled her father’s naked prick into the open.

“Jee-sus!” Randy gasped.

“I showed you what turns girls on, Randy,” Tammy said, beating off her father’s huge prick and looking at Randy over her shoulder. “Now I’m going to show you what guys love!”

Opening her mouth, she popped the rosy knob of her father’s stiff cock between her lips. Tammy caved in her cheeks and immediately started sucking her daddy’s cock very hard, swirling her tongue around the prick knob, lapping up the clear juices that dribbled from the tip.

“Ungghh!” William glanced rapidly between his cock-sucking daughter and his nephew, still frightened that Randy would tell someone what he’d seen.

But his fear quickly gave way to the intense pleasure of his horny daughter’s cock sucking.

“Oh, fuck,” William groaned. His fingers curled in Tammy’s long, blonde hair, pulling her head close. “Suck it,” he whispered urgently. He started to rock his ass, fucking her face with his cock.

Mischievously, Tammy withdrew her daddy’s prick from her lips and looked meaningfully again at her cousin. “See, Randy? If you’re a really good fuck, like my daddy is, someday you’ll get a girl to suck your cock every day too!”

Randy didn’t seem to hear her; he had already begun pounding his prick as he watched, her giving head. Smiling, Tammy returned her complete attention to her father’s cock.

His prick was painfully swollen and stiff, and Tammy realized as she lightly stroked her father’s cock that he was very turned on to be doing this in front of someone else. She squeezed and massaged his cock, thrusting her tongue onto the prick knob to catch the white cum that dripped from the piss slit.

Then she parted her lips and again took her father’s aching hard-on down her buttery throat. Tammy wrapped her lips in a tight circle around the center of his hot, pink cock. She flushed as she sucked her daddy’s prick as hard as she could, rhythmically bellowing and puckering her cheeks around his cock meat.

“Oh, Jesus!” William pulled her hair and frantically bucked his ass, fucking her face with his enormous cock. “You’re, oh Tammy, you’ll make me shoot!”

Tammy gurgled and slurped noisily on her father’s big fuck tool, anxious to gulp down the salty spurts of his cum. Her hand tightened around the base of his cock. Wantonly, she jacked him off as she sucked the prick head, toying with his balls with her free hand.

“Harder, Tammy!” It was Randy now, behind her, savagely pumping his prick. “God, that looks good! Suck his cock!”

Tammy hugged her father’s thighs, desperately wanting to feel a prick churning in her pussy as she sucked him. Maybe Randy could fuck her as soon as she was through she gurgled and widened her throat muscles, suddenly taking all of her father’s cock between her clinging lips.

“Can’t hold it, Tammy!” William cried. “Oh shit, take it! Take my cum, ahhh.”

His meaty prick trembled between her lips, then violently exploded, shooting a long ribbon of cum down his daughter’s throat. Whimpering around his cum-gushing cock, Tammy worked her throat muscles to swallow all of her father’s cum.

Jism kept spurting out of his cock, completely draining his balls of fuck juice. Behind her, Tammy could hear Randy moaning as he shot his own cum-load onto his fist. Tammy clung to her father’s massive prick and sucked it harder than ever, unable to ever get enough of her daddy’s hot cum.

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