Wife On The Loose

Heather reached out and grabbed his cock.

She had decided that drastic action was needed.

Like a good wife, she had waited patiently for her husband to indicate an interest in fucking before going to sleep. But when Tom had turned his back to her and indicated an immediate interest in going to sleep, it had been more than Heather could take.

She was horny. She wanted to get fucked.

Why should I have to play with myself when I’ve got this perfectly good cock right in bed with me? she asked herself, not unreasonably. It’s time I started making it clear when I want sex.

“Heather, honey, I’ve got a hard day’s work ahead of me tomorrow. I’ve got to get some sleep. Uuuuuhhhh…”

His wife’s skilled finger manipulations drew a groan from his throat, despite his reluctance. He could feel his prick starting to grow under her touch. He sighed. It looked like he was going to have to go through with it.

“But Tom, darling,” she purred, her hand never slowing in its teasing cock caresses. “I need you so bad. All evening, I’ve been thinking about how nice it would be to make love to you when we got to bed. I just couldn’t stand to lie awake all night, needing you…”

Her fingers played over the bulging tip of his cock. They tantalized the thick ridge that separated cock-head and shaft. She could feel her cunt tinging as his prick grew steadily to iron-hard rigidity.

Her pussy wanted that stiff cock up inside it!


Tom was falling prey to the insistent stroking of his pretty wife’s fingers. He fell sleep slipping away as his swollen cock-shaft became first priority. He was going to have to get his rocks off before he got any sleep tonight!

“Oh, Tom. I love your cock, honey!”

With a low moan, Heather slipped her head down under the sheet. She found her husband’s throbbing cock and closed her lips over the bulbous-tip.

“Aiiiee! Jee-zuz Christ, woman!”

Tom gritted his teeth and ground his ass down into the mattress. He never could resist the honey-soft feel of his wife’s mouth on his prick. Not even when he was as tired as he was tonight!

Her lips worked like tiny feathers over his whole stiff cock-shaft. They teased his pulsing tool until it had grown as hard as an iron pipe. The pressure was enormous. The pleasure was even greater! He reached down and tangled his fingers in her long, thick red hair. He guided her head up and down over his cock, relishing every tongue-caress.

“Shit, woman! Yeah, that’s the way! Suck my cock, baby!”

Every time his wife gave him a head-job, Tom realized what a lucky man he was. Heather was an incredibly sensual woman. And she knew how to enjoy her sensuality.

The only problem was that sometimes Tom felt his wife’s sexiness was too much. It tired him out just the thought of trying to keep up with her. She was always ready for it. Tom suspected that, if he could give it to her, Heather would be fucking twenty-four hours out of the day.

It made him proud, though, to see the way other men looked at him when he was with her. Pure envy! And it was easy to see why. In the dim glow of the night light, her red hair shone around her lovely face. Her full lips ovaled provocatively around his thick prick. She was kneeling over his cock, and her round ass-cheeks thrust enticingly into the air. Her lust tits swayed beneath her. He reached down and cupped one ripe tit in his hand. She groaned.

“Mmmm, Tommy…” Her words were scarcely audible as she continued to work her mouth up and down over her husband’s palpitating dick.

Heather was enjoying immensely the perverse thrill of seducing her own husband. Despite his earlier indifference, Tom was as eager now for satisfaction as she herself was. She could feel her cunt-juice flowing from her throbbing pussy. Her twat was hot and eager, ready for action. But she was willing to wait the extra few minutes, to bring her husband up to an urgent peak of need. Then she would get him to fuck her.

With tireless enthusiasm, she bobbed her head up and down over Tom’s cock. Her tongue probed and tantalized the little slit in his cock-tip and the rubbery ridge that framed his knob. She loved the resilient feel of his prick in her mouth. For a moment, she allowed herself to think about how good that hard rod would feel in her pussy. The thought alone made the juices overflow her cunt and trickle along her thighs. Her twat throbbed with the need to be filled… with something long and hard and thick.

Tom was feeling completely abandoned. He was lying back against his pillow, his hands clutching at the sheet beneath him for moral support. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the liquid softness of her mouth making love to his cock. He could feel the blood thumping in his prick. The urge to blow was strong.

“Oooohh, Heather baby! You sure do that nice! Aahhhh! Shit!” As his excitement became more intense, he thrust his hips up against her face, sending his cock surging deep into her throat.

She gagged slightly once, but she managed to open her throat and take his deep cock-thrusts into her mouth. There was no point in trying to stab his cock with her tongue now. He was past that point. He wanted to use her mouth like a cunt, to fuck deep and rhythmically into her obscenely defiled throat.

“Mmmmm. Oooohhhh!”

Heather was enjoying sucking Tom’s cock, but she was becoming anxious. She was afraid he would go ahead and cum before she had a chance to get her own satisfaction.

There was only one thing to do.

Tom obviously was content with things the way they were. He would likely just keep on fucking her mouth like this until he came.

Heather’s mouth abandoned his cock. She crawled closer and straddled his crotch, poising her cunt over his upthrust prick. Hovering over him, she allowed his cock-head to graze her cunt-lips for a moment. Then it all became too much. She had to fuck!

She sat down hard-on his prick. It soared deep up into her clutching cunt.

“Ooooohhh, Tommmm! Your cock feels so good in meeee!”

She closed her eyes and threw her head back in ecstasy. Her whole body throbbed with the delicious thrill of being filled to brimful with hard cock. Every little nerve-ending along her cunt-walls was overloading on the tantalizing sensations of thick rubbery prick grazing pussy.

“Aaaaiiieeee! I love it! I love it!”

Without wasting any more time, she began to raise and lower herself in the dim night-light glow; Tom could see his prick glistening with her juices. He gritted his teeth with pleasure. Her pussy massaging his cock felt even better than her mouth. He could feel his cock responding with hungry fervor to her cunt’s clasping caresses. It was like the most wonderful of hot wet massages.

“Jeez, Heather! Shit, you’ve got a sweet cunt, baby! Wowwww!”

Like her mouth, Heather’s pussy was sensational. Tom had heard some of the guys at work complaining about their wives slack cunts. But Tom just smiled smugly.

Heather’s twat was tight as a virgin’s.

It was clinging to his cock now like a mitt round a baseball. He could feel the excitement teeming through his prick. It was becoming more than he could stand.

“Aijeece! Jeez! Oh, baby, here I cummm!”

Heather’s gyrating motions over her husband’s cock stopped dead. She was on the verge of tears. His prick had only been in her cunt for a minute or two… not nearly long enough. And she had wanted to cum so bad!

Conflicting emotions struggled inside her. Should she let Tom know how disappointed she was? Or should she be a good little wife and act like it had been as good for her as it was for him?

If this had been the first time such a thing had happened, she would gladly had pretended to be pleased with their fuck-session.

But it was not the first time. Far from it.

And Tom wondered why she was horny all the time!

Already, sated with his orgasm, Tom was turning his back to her, ready to fall asleep.

Something inside Heather snapped.

“Well, I’m gad somebody around here is going to get some sleep tonight!”

Tom tried to ignore her harsh tone. “Just relax, honey. Think about something nice. You’ll fall asleep in no time. Honest!”

Something inside Tom recognized what he had done to his wife brought her up to a peak of arousal and left her hanging. But he tried to ignore it. He had to ignore it, for his own self-respect, his own peace of mind.

“Good night, honey,” he murmured as he snuggled comfortably against his pillow.

“Tom!” She couldn’t let him just ignore her like this. She was mad!

Suddenly she had more response from her husband than she had reckoned on. He sat up abruptly and turned to face her.

“Listen, Heather! Get off my Goddamned back, will you? Can I help it if I’m mated to a nympho? Jesus Christ! What’s a guy supposed to do?”

After he had spoken his piece, he resumed his sleeping position. But he was wide awake now. And miserable.

“Nympho!?” she screamed. “Who’s a nympho? I’m just a normal woman with a normal sex drive. And you’re not satisfying it!”

There was silence in the room.

Heather was shocked by the brutal reality of her own words. It seemed an awful thing to do to take a swipe at her husband’s manhood like that.

But what about her? She had needs, too!

But still, she was a little ashamed of herself. And like many people who are ashamed of themselves, she tried to cover up by defending her position more energetically than ever.

“You’re turning me into a shrew, Tom!”


“Well… maybe there’ll be somebody interesting at the Whitcombs’ party tomorrow night. Somebody to take my mind off my troubles.”

There was nothing more said in the bedroom that night, though both husband and wife lay awake for hours.


The Whitcombs’ party was already in full swing when Tom and Heather arrived.

Linda and Jake Whitcomb were Heather and Tom’s next-door neighbors and best friends. They would have been very hurt if Heather and Tom had not shown up at the party.

Otherwise, the younger couple would never have come. They were not in a party mood. They hadn’t even spoken to each other all day.

Heather hadn’t meant what she said the night before about looking for someone at the party to take her mind off her troubles. She had always been a faithful wife, had never even dreamed about looking for sex with other men.

But despite herself, this evening Heather was enjoying the usual fawning attention she got from men at parties. The pretty redhead was a good dresser. She looked stunning in a low-cut black sheath dress and black heels. She wore bright-red lipstick and nail polish that finished off her appearance, made her look like a high-fashion model or a movie star. While one man lit her cigarette, another fetched her a drink. Another lavished her with compliments.

For a long time, she paid no attention to her husband who was sitting in a corner quietly getting drunk. This was one time Tom was not enjoying the attentions other men paid to his wife. As he downed one Scotch after another, though, the world looked gradually rosier, until he was feeling on top of the world. Until he decided to share his good feelings with the gathering.

“Hey, everybody…” he called out in a drunken slur. “What’s say we put some life in this here party?”

He climbed up on the coffee table and took off his suit jacket, while he struggled to perform some kind of hip-grinding dance. He wasn’t far into the routine when the force of his weight collapsed the coffee table. Tom was catapulted forward. He slammed into the bar, upsetting several gasses and a couple of liquor bottles.

Heather was horror-struck by her husband’s performance. She had had no idea he was that drunk. She had never seen him act like this before, in all the five years of their marriage.

She rushed to his side and helped him to his feet. She guided him to a chair and pushed him down into it. He sat sullenly, not looking at her.

“They don’t make anything like they used to,” he muttered.

Blushing with embarrassment, Heather bent down to help her hostess pick up the shattered glass and mop up the spilled liquor. “Linda, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what got into Tom. He’s not himself tonight.”

Linda, a pretty blonde in her early thirties, smiled reassuringly at her friend. “Don’t worry, honey. We all have our off days.” She grimaced. “It’s just my bad luck that Tom had to have his at my party.”

Heather looked on the verge of tears. The older woman reached over and tilted her chin up. Her blue eyes looked frankly into Heather’s green ones.

“Look, honey. I’m not going to pretend I’m not pissed off, because I am. But it’s not your fault, so don’t worry. I’m sure I’d feel better as soon as we get this mess cleaned up.”

When the damage was swept away, Heather gathered up her coat and Tom’s jacket and prepared to leave. Linda tried to talk her into staying.

“Don’t go yet, honey. You were having a good time. Tom’s just going to fall asleep. Why don’t you let him do it here, while you enjoy yourself?” They looked over at Heather’s husband who was dozing in his chair.

“No… no, I couldn’t stay now, Linda.” Her voice dropped to a whisper. “Things aren’t very good between Tom and me right now. We shouldn’t have come and spoiled your good time. Come on, Tom. We’re going now.”

She tried to pull him to his feet. He was a dead weight. He was awake now, but he wasn’t looking at Heather.

“Tom… come on, honey. We’re going home now.” She tugged his arm harder. He pulled abruptly away.

“What’cha think you’re doing to me, bitch? I know what’cha want. Ya wanna get me home so you can try’ta fuck me again, don’tcha? Well, I won’t do it! Why don’t cha get one of your pretty boys to do yer stud service for a while?”

The redhead was mortified. She stood helplessly in front of her husband, her head hanging, her eyes filling with tears. Linda put an arm around her shoulder.

“Don’t pay any attention, honey. It’s just drunk talk.”

Heather snuck a glance at the other guests. They had stopped staring now. Obviously they were trying to give her a little privacy. She was grateful.

“I wish that’s all it was!” she said, looking hopelessly at her friend.

Jake came over and joined them. He was a big man, and it took little effort for him to haul Tom to his feet. “I’ll take him home for you, Heather. I don’t think he could make it on his own two feet.”

Heather smiled gratefully. “Thanks, Jake.” She waved at the guests from the doorway. “I’ll be seeing you, Linda.”

The blonde took both her friend’s hands. “I want you to come over for breakfast Monday morning. We can have a good long talk when we’ve got the men out of our hair.”

The younger woman squeezed Linda’s hands. “Okay. See you Monday.” She hurried after Jake and her stumbling husband. The big man took Tom all the way up to the bedroom and stretched him out on the bed.

“Anything else I can do for you, Heather?”

“No thanks, Jake. You’ve been a big help. Thanks a million. I’m sorry we spoiled your party.”

Jake grinned at her. He was a handsome man, with steely gray just starting around his temples.

“What do you mean, we? Let Tom take responsibility for his own fuck-ups. You were the hit of the party. There wasn’t a man there who wasn’t sorry to see you go.”

She smiled ruefully. “Thanks, Jake. I needed the ego boost.”

He reached out and gave her shoulder a brotherly squeeze. “See you later, beautiful.”

“See you, Jake.”

When her neighbor was gone, Heather stared ruefully at her husband who was snoring peacefully on the bed. He had passed out the minute Jake laid him down.

She felt a sudden fierce surge of anger. Her whole evening was spoiled! And now, while everyone else was having fun, she was going to have to sit around listening to a drunk snore! She kicked her shoes across the room. They scattered and fell in opposite corners. She stripped off her dress and flung it into the clothes hamper in the closet. When she had removed her underwear and stockings, she admired her nakedness for a moment in the dresser mirror.

Ripe out thrust tits; tight waist; shapely hips; long, lean legs. Jake was right she was beautiful. And where was it getting her?

Nowhere! Sitting home with a dead drunk for company while the music from the party next door filtered in through the bedroom window.

She felt horrible. Lonely and neglected and frustrated.

The redhead slipped a bright-green kimono over her naked body and went downstairs to the kitchen. She had drunk only a small glass of wine at the party. But now she felt like a good stiff drink. She made herself a double gin and tonic and went out to the back patio.

It was a beautiful starlit night. She sat alone in a chaise longue on the patio, in the dark, listening to the hum of voices and music next door. She took long gulps of the drink to ease the pain of dissatisfaction gnawing at her belly.

She was disappointed. She had hoped that the party would cheer up both Tom and herself. She had hoped they might have another go at fucking tonight. She needed it. It had been all she could do today to resist getting herself off with her own hand.

Lost in her own miserable thoughts, Heather was scarcely aware of the minutes and hours drifting by. Eventually she awoke from her daydreams and went in for another drink. As she downed it back on the patio, she realized the hum next door was fading. The party must be breaking up. That was good. Now she wouldn’t have to think about what she was missing.

The pretty redhead was startled by a loud giggle that seemed very close. The giggle was followed by a low whisper, that was just barely audible, then another giggle.

Stealthily, Heather rose to her feet and went over to the tall cedar fence that separated her yard from the Whitcombs’. She found a knothole and peeked through it. Her eyes located the couple in the moonlight just as a woman’s voice murmured: “Oh, Jake, stop it, you nasty man!” Another giggle.

Heather was shocked. There was no doubt that the man was her next-door neighbor. But the woman was not his blonde-headed wife. She was a shapely brunette that Heather remembered meeting at the party. Her name escaped her now. Rhonda? Rena?

“Rita, honey, you don’t really expect me to quit now, do you? Not after you’ve been shaking these sensational tits of yours in my face all night?”

Jake was burrowing a hand in under her skimpy blouse. Impatient with his efforts, he pulled the blouse right over her head and threw it on the grass. The brunette’s big lush tits bobbed enticingly on her chest. He bent down and began to suck one of her nipples, then the other. He looked like a greedy kid who couldn’t decide which goodie he wanted to eat first.

Rita began to moan and squirm in his arms. They were standing under a big oak tree, near the shrubbery row at the back of the Whitcombs’ garden. But Heather couldn’t understand why they weren’t being more careful. If Linda should come to the back door, she’d be bound to see them.

Poor Linda! the young redhead thought, wondering how long Jake has been pulling this kind of thing. She realized she should go back to the patio and ignore the sordid scene next door, but she was fascinated. She couldn’t help herself. She wanted to see what would happen next.

The watching housewife stood transfixed by the fence as her next-door neighbor covered the young woman’s tits with kisses.

“Ooooohh, Jake honey, you have the sweetest lips. You’re making my titties feel so good!” Rita was running her fingers through the older man’s hair, encouraging him in his lewd ministrations. “Aaaaahhh… it’s heavenly, Jake darling.”

“Mmmm-hmmm! You betcha, Rita baby! You have got the most sensational tits I’ve even seen in my life. Except maybe for Heather Perkins next door. But she’s definitely out of range… at the moment!”

Rita giggled. “Oh, you naughty man! You’ve no sooner caught one woman, than you’re daydreaming about the next one.”

“That’s what keeps the old dick hard, baby!”

“Well, in that case, I won’t complain. Suck my tits some more, Jake honey!”

Heather was dumfounded. To hear her own name brought up in the conversation left her flabbergasted. She had always thought of Jake Whitcomb as an attractive man, but that was where her speculations ended. After all, she was married… and Jake was married.

What more was there to think?

But now it turned out that Jake was a philanderer. And that he had been having lustful thoughts about her! Poor Linda!

Before she could suppress them, Heather felt little titillating tingles running up and down her spine. She was horny, easy prey for thoughts of an attractive man. And Jake was definitely attractive…

She chastised herself mentally, telling herself she shouldn’t think things like that. It was… it was bad!

Before her very eyes, Jake was working the young brunette’s slacks down over her shapely hips. It seemed Rita wasn’t wearing any underwear. When her slacks fell to the ground around her ankles, Heather could see the thick furry dark patch of her beaver.

“Oooohhh, Jake!” Again Rita giggled, like a willing but embarrassed schoolgirl. “What are you going to do?”

“It’s a surprise, baby. But it’s guaranteed to make you feel good!”

While Heather’s mouth fell open with shock, the big man fell to his knees in front of the young woman. He reached up to her cunt and parted the hair-fringed lips. Then he extended his tongue and stabbed her cunt-slit.

“Aaaaiiiieeee! Jake honey! Ohhhh, Goddd, it’s gooddd!” Rita cried, placing her hands on his shoulders for support and throwing her head back in erotic abandon.

The couple were no mote than four yards away from Heather. So close she could almost have reached out and touched them. She couldn’t take her eyes off the way her neighbor’s tongue prodded and poked and teased Rita’s pussy. It had been months since Tom had done anything like that for Heather.

She knew it was silly, but she felt jealous of the adulterous female in the next yard. Her own cunt was throbbing in memory of what a talented tongue well applied could feel like. For a moment the memory was almost real and Heather had to suppress a deep-throated groan. Her pussy wanted attention so badly.

And, wrong as it was, she was getting excited watching the couple next door.

Jake’s head was pressed close in against Rita’s pussy now, and Heather couldn’t see exactly what he was doing. But the brunette’s mewls and groans, plus the ecstatic expression on her face, told her all she needed to know. Jake’s mouth was bringing the woman to wanton peaks of erotic abandon.

“Ohhhh! Eat my pussy like that, Jake darling! Aaaahh, shit, Goddd, I’m… I’m cummminggg!”

Once her climax seemed to have passed, Jake looked up at her and grinned. “Like that, baby?” he asked.

“Ooohhh, yesss! Yessss, I like it!” Even now, Rita had obviously not caught her breath. She seemed to tremble. Her hands still clung to the big man’s shoulders for support.

“Do you want to cum some more, Rita baby?” It was obvious he was teasing her. He seemed to enjoy her weak, fluttering excitement.

From her hiding place behind the fence, Heather watched and trembled herself. She ran her tongue nervously over her lips as she surveyed the brunette’s lush naked figure and her look of ecstatic satisfaction.

For just a moment, she wished passionately that she was Rita. She wanted to feel that thrilling electric excitement in her own pussy!

Heather felt a little rush of disappointment as she watched Jake rise to his feet. They would be going inside now. She would see no more.

But no! Instead of covering the woman’s nakedness, Jake was pulling down his fly. It looked like he was going to fuck her!

The watching redhead held her breath as the big man’s thick ready cock leaped from his trousers. He closed in on Rita and wound his arms around her. They exchanged a long ardent embrace.

Heather felt faint as she imagined what that hard rod must feel like, pressed against Rita’s naked belly. Her own cunt walls were throbbing with excitement, pulsing in vicarious anticipation.

He was going to fuck her!

Heather felt as aroused as though it were she herself who was about to be fucked. Her cunt palpitated urgently underneath her robe. As though to quell the fire raging there, she reached down and slipped her hand inside her kimono. Her fingertips grazed her swollen clitoris.

“Aaaahhh!” she sighed, before she could stop herself.

“What was that?” Rita asked. She seemed only vaguely interested. What was absorbing her more were the quick darting kisses Jake was planting over her face and neck and shoulders.

“Just the wind,” he told her. “It’s starting to pick up a little. Mmmm, baby, your pussy’s so nice and wet. Is it hungry for something special, Rita doll?” His hand was stroking lewdly between her thighs. Her hips gyrated in fervent response. There was no doubt she was liking what his fingers were doing.

Heather’s heart had been beating like a sledgehammer, in fear of discovery. But even with that crisis passed, another loomed. Her clitoris was throbbing heatedly, responding to the soft caresses of her trembling hand. Her heart still beat fast, but not with fear. With hunger.

“Uuuuh… God, Jake, I need you so bad. Yesss, baby… I’m hungry for you. For your nice big fat cock. I want you to stick it in me, Jake!” Her voice had risen to a wail.

Heather expected Linda to come rushing out into the garden any minute, but the back door remained closed. The couple themselves seemed not the least bit worried about discovery.

Jake was panting like a rutting animal. “Shit baby, I can hardly wait to get inside this soft cunt of yours! I’m going to stick it in you, baby, you bet your sweet ass!”

He half carried, half dragged the petite brunette back until she was leaning against the oak tree. Then he took hold of his cock and slipped it in between her thighs. He shoved forward, apparently unsuccessfully.

“Ohhhh, Goddd! Get it in me, Jake!” The woman was out of control with lust now.

“Don’t worry, beautiful! I want it as much as you do!”

Heather was hurt to hear him call her “beautiful”. She had been flattered when he used that term with her earlier in the evening. Now she realized that was the way he talked to every woman that he was attracted to.

She didn’t have long to dwell on it, though. Things were getting heavy next door. Jake reached down and grasped Rita under the thighs and buttocks. He lifted her up so her legs were wrapped around his hips, her back resting against the tree. Holding the woman firmly with one arm, he reached under and slipped his cock home.

“Aaaaaaaagghhh! That’s it! Jee-zuz, Jake! Fuck me! Fuck meeee!”

Obeying the woman’s urgent cry, the big man began to rock his hips back and forth, sending his cock deep into her cunt on every in stroke. Heather couldn’t catch more than a glimpse of his cock on the out stroke, but she knew from the look on Rita’s face that the hard, tool was hitting its mark.

“Hhhhnnhhh! Oooohhh, Jake!”

The redhead had never seen or heard another woman make love before. She was glad to discover she wasn’t the only woman who made noises during lovemaking. The way Tom had teased her about it in the past made the young housewife think she might be some kind of a freak. But Rita was at least as loud, if not louder than Heather herself.

And still there was no sign of Linda!

Rita’s cries of passion made Heather’s cunt pulse more urgently under her robe. Her finger teasing her clitoris was no longer enough satisfaction. She needed something more. Spreading her thighs obscenely wide, she slipped a finger deep into her pussy. Her rubbery cunt-wall juicing greedily to the slender digit. She began to work the finger in and out, timing it to Jake’s fuck-strokes.

The redhead couldn’t get over the lewd picture Rita and Jake made. Jake, still dressed, working the woman back and forth along his cock as though she were no heavier than a puppet. The illusion was broken by Rita’s unending cries and moans. There was no doubt that she was very much alive… and lovin every minute of it.

“Christ, Jake, your cock feels so damned good in my pussy! I wanted you so bad, Jake! All evening… I couldn’t get you off my mind. Aaaahhhh!”

“All evening, I couldn’t get my eyes off your tits, baby!” He looked greedily down to where her breasts bobbed and quivered on her chest. “Sensational! Just sensational, baby!”

His fuck-strokes had acquired a long, deep hard rhythm that made the girl’s whole body tremble on each in stroke. There was a certain wild depravity about fucking up against a tree the way they were. Both of them seemed to have caught the fever, the passion, of pure unadulterated lust.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck meee!” Rita’s unending chants filled the silent evening. Made it heavy with sensuality.

Heedless of everything now but the abandoned scene before her, Heather stroked two fingers rhythmically in and out of her greedy pussy, in time to Jake’s ceaseless drubbing beat. She could feel the insidious tingles of wanton lust teasing at her insides. She was becoming more and more excited, more and more eager for release.

The redhead reached down and undid the tie of her robe, letting it fall open. She looked down to where her carefully painted fingers were working over her pussy, stroking inside, tickling her clitoris… and she groaned softly. It was perverted, but she was so damned excited!

Her fingers flew in and out of her pussy as the passion-tingles became more and more overpowering. Her orgasm hung just a few seconds away, waiting for just the right touch.

“Aaagghhh! Jee-zuz, Jake honey! I’m cumming again! I’m cummminggg!”

The brunette ground her ass energetically down against his hips with as much abandon as his firm grip would allow her. The clinging spasms of her cunt seemed to be more than Jake could take. He couldn’t hold on any longer.

“Ahh, shittt! Me, too! Baby, I’m cumming!” He thrust his powerful loins up against her until the last drops of his sperm were deposited far inside her cunt.

Watching the others cum so rousingly was the final straw for Heather. She was cumming, too. Her robe flapping carelessly about her, she writhed out her orgasm on her fingers. She hung her head in unseeing ecstasy for a moment, then she took another peek through the fence. Jake set Rita back down on the ground and held her in his arms for a long quiet rest from their mutual ecstasy. He hadn’t even had time to put his cock back in his pants when the back door opened and Linda came out into the yard.

Heather’s heart leaped to her throat as she watched the blonde approach the adulterous couple. She felt she shared their guilt. After all, she had cum, too, watching them enjoy their illicit fuck. She felt she had betrayed her best friend.

Much to her surprise, Linda did not seem the least bit perturbed. Instead of shouting threats and accusations, instead of bursting into tears, she threw an arm around her husband and his lover and kissed each of them on the cheek.

“We thought you guys would never finish out here.” Her voice was cheerful. She was definitely not upset.

“Well, you know Rita and I always get a little carried away.”

Linda reached up and ruffled her husband’s hair playfully. “Well, why don’t you come inside and get carried away? We need your inspiration.”

Heather’s mouth was still hanging open as she watched the three of them walk back to the house. Rita was in the middle, still naked.

As she lay sleepless that night, next to her snoring husband, Heather searched her mind for some explanation of the strange events she had just witnessed in her neighbors’ garden.

But any explanation seemed even stranger than what she had seen.

Her curiosity would have to go unsatisfied, for now. But, maybe someday she would learn the truth.


When Monday morning came, Heather was still confused.

She had said nothing to Tom about the strange events she had witnessed the night of the party. And she had certainly said nothing about what she herself had done. He would not have approved of her playing with herself while she watched a couple fuck.

By Monday morning, Heather was ravenously horny once again. In the two days since she had seen Jake screw the young brunette, the scene had been much on her mind.

She remembered his cock so long and thick and eager, and long-lasting.

She also remembered his saying her tits were the most beautiful he had ever seen. It might not be right to be flattered by the appreciation of an adulterer, but she was. It boosted her ego immensely.

For the first time, she was toying with thoughts of fucking a man other than her husband. She was imagining what it would be like to feel his hard prick inside her hot needing cunt. The thought turned her on.

She no longer felt guilty about betraying her friend. It seemed Linda didn’t mind if Jake fucked other women. But she did feel a little guilty about her own husband.

If he had screwed her over the weekend, she might have buried the salacious thoughts deep inside. But he didn’t.

The pretty redhead felt nervous about facing Linda for their planned breakfast. She knew she would be thinking about what she had seen the other night. But dare she say anything to Linda?

It was ten a.m. when she knocked on her girl friend’s kitchen door.

“Hi, honey. Come on in! Jake just left.” The blonde took the younger woman by the hand and led her into the kitchen. She poured them both a cup of coffee and sat opposite Heather at the kitchen table.

“I thought we’d talk for a while and then have a nice brunch. Heather, that is a lovely dress. Blue is your color, darling!” She reached out and stroked the soft puffed sleeve. She grabbed the redhead’s hand. “And your nails! Heather! Blue fingernails?” She laughed. “On you, darling, it looks good!”

Heather grinned at her exuberant friend. “Why not? Anything for a kick!”

Linda looked at her with mock suspicion. “Anything? Oh, my dear, that opens so many possibilities!” she winked.

“Well, I don’t have to ask if you had a good weekend. The answer is obvious. You’re as cheerful as a spring chicken.”

“Let’s leave my private sex life out of it!” She laughed at her own weak joke. “Seriously, darling, I did have a wonderful weekend. You remember Rita from the party? Well, she and her husband stayed over on Friday night. We all had a wonderful time.”

Heather looked thoughtful for a moment. Things were beginning to fall into place. She thought she was beginning to understand why Linda hadn’t come out and interrupted Jake and Rita the other night. Linda had had her own playmate inside.

The idea was shocking. But titillating.

“Hey, you’ve become awfully quiet all of a sudden. What’s on that pretty mind of yours?”

Embarrassment turned Heather’s cheeks a bright red. “Oh, I was just thinking…”

“About what?”

“Oh… about what you were saying, that’s all.”

Linda grinned. “What I was saying wasn’t all that thought-provoking… unless you’re thinking dirty thoughts, that is.” She giggled. “Well, I may as well tell you. You’re my best friend and I don’t like keeping secrets from you. I just wasn’t sure how you’d take it since you seemed so devoted to Tom and all… Jake and I are into swapping.”

Heather’s eyes grew wide and incredulous. Once the words were out in the open, it seemed more shocking than ever. And more interesting…

Linda apparently wasn’t sure how to take Heather’s silence. “Uh… you know what it is.” To the redhead’s amazement, Linda reached down and pulled her T-shirt up over her tits. Her full rounded jugs were bare to Heather’s awed gaze.

“Linda… your breasts are so beautiful.” She stared as though mesmerized at the taut pink buds that topped each creamy smooth globe.

“Suck a nipple for me, Heather honey. Please… for me…”

Though little warning bells in her head rang in alarm, Heather bent forward and began to suck. This sensation was even more incredible than just laying her head on Linda’s bosom and cupping a tit. This sensation was intensely erotic, intensely satisfying.

“Mmmmm…” the aroused redhead crooned as her lips worked hungrily over the little nubbin.

“Ooooohhh, Heather, your lips feel so good on me, baby. So gentle…” The blonde reached down and began to tweak one of Heather’s nipples through her dress and light bra. “Ohhhh, Heather… let’s get naked, darling. I want to see your titties, too.”

It seemed wrong, shocking… what Linda was suggesting. But Heather was far too starved for attention, for erotic stimulation, to stop things now. Reluctantly she abandoned Linda’s tit and rose to her feet. While she removed her dress and underwear, she watched Linda slip out of her shorts.

The blonde’s naked body was incredibly lovely, smooth and shapely. It gave Heather a little perverse thrill to have the other woman naked before her like this. It was even more thrilling to watch the look in Linda’s eyes when she took off the last of her own clothes.

“Heather, what a lovely woman you are! No wonder men are always falling all over themselves around you. They see what you are underneath. Men have more experience with this sort of thing.” She reached out and took Heather’s hand. “Come on… sit beside me, darling.”

A little shy, and very excited, Heather sat next to Linda on the couch.

“Look at us. Aren’t we pretty?”

Heather followed the direction of Linda’s gaze. A minor at the end of the room reflected their contrasting loveliness. There was Heather with her long lustrous red hair flowing around her pale shoulders. And there was Linda, her blonde hair a halo around her head a smaller woman but equally lovely, equally tantalizing. Both women were turned on by what they saw.

“We’re beautiful, aren’t we?” Linda teased.

Heather’s reply caught in her throat. “Yes, yes, we are.”

Without another word said, she pushed Linda gently back against the couch and again closed her lips around a nipple. She sucked hungrily, with new passion.

There was no question now about what they were doing. They were naked for a reason. Because they were excited by each other. Because they wanted to make each other feel good.

Heather was a little apprehensive. She was totally inexperienced with women. Would she be able to make Linda happy?

“Ooooohhh, you do such lovely things to my tits, Heather honey.”

Linda’s sighs of contentment reassured Heather. She felt a little thrill of wanton joy as Linda’s hand cupped her jug and began to roll the nipple between her fingers.

“What lovely soft breasts you have, Heather!”

Linda’s hand moved expertly back and forth between Heather’s naked tits. Already she had excited the nipples to rock-hard erection.

Heather looked up from her position against Linda’s tits. Her lips were parted with passion. She felt so intensely fond of her blonde girl friend at this moment.

As if Linda knew exactly what the other woman wanted, she wrapped her arms around Heather’s shoulders. Their mouth locked in a long, hungry kiss.

The shock of this new, woman passion was so intense that Heather lost her breath for a minute. Her heart was beating fast. She was totally enthralled by this new forbidden lust. The touch of Linda’s tits pressed against her own was intensely stimulating like nothing she had ever known before. Linda was soft and fleshy, not hard and taut like a man. Heather enjoyed feeling Linda’s tits yielding under her embrace.

“It feels good, Linda.” Her voice trembled. She felt like a babe in the woods, an ingenue in this lesbian game.

Linda’s voice quavered as she replied. “Ohhhh, darling, yesss. It’s so good to hold you. I’ve dreamed about it so long. Let me make you feel good, Heather.”

Before Heather could say a word, Linda had dropped to her knees between her legs. She reached out and gently stroked the pink flanges of her cunt.


Heather’s sigh came just in time to save her from the embarrassment of letting a woman make love to her like this. It was one thing to be involved, to be giving pleasure herself. But it was more difficult to just sit back on the couch and let Linda kneel on the floor and stroke her pussy.

As Linda’s head moved closer to her cunt, the brute reality of what she was about to do made Heather quaver. She had never had her pussy eaten by a woman. It seemed so… perverted.

The first touch of Linda’s tongue on her cunt erased all Heather’s qualms.

“Aaaaiiiieeee!” she moaned.

It was incredible! She had forgotten anything could be so exquisitely good. It had been months since Tom had kissed her cunt. And even then Heather didn’t remember his mouth having the same electric impact as Linda’s.

“Uuuhhhh, God… Linda, it’s so goooddd!”

Her blue fingernail polish shone through Linda’s blonde hair as Heather clutched at her for support. She felt as though she were falling… into a deep dark, tantalizing well of pleasure. She needed something to hold onto.

Linda looked up at the younger gri for a moment. Her lips gleamed with Heather’s cunt juice.

“Heather darling, you taste so good. I love making love to your pussy, honey.”

The other woman’s lewd words and appearance made Heather’s cunt throb with desire. Gently, she pushed Linda’s head back down between her thighs. She was beginning to get the hang of this love between women. She was beginning to understand that she could ask, and she would receive.

Linda’s tongue stabbed her sensitized pussy-lips again and again. From time to time the little slippery tip would slide up inside her greedy cunt.

“Oooohhh, Goddd! Oooohhh, Linda, it’s what I need! It’s soooo wonderful!”

The redhead rocked her head from side to side against the couch, drinking in the sensations assaulting her vulnerable pussy. She was in the throes of an exquisite torture. The kind of abandoned pleasure that had been only a dream for such a long time.

If only Tom had taken the trouble to make her feel this good…

But she wouldn’t let herself think about her husband now. The thing foremost in her mind was the relentless tinging spreading from her open cunt through every nerve-ending in her hungry, receptive body.

“Aaaggghhhh! Ooooohhhh! I feel soooo… Ooooohhh, Linda!”

The pretty young housewife had become a mindless inferno of seething lust. She could feel the jolts of passion-fire building a core of pressure deep in the pit of her belly.

It was the feeling that had eluded her so often lately. The feeling that she was on the verge of a tumultuous orgasm. “Yesssss… ooohhh, yessss, do it like that!” Her hand guided Linda’s head more forcefully down in between her thighs.

The blonde worked tirelessly, selflessly between her friend’s legs. Her tongue stabbed her tender cunt-lips with enthusiastic abandon. Her lips sucked the fragile flesh hungrily. She was performing a labor of love, of erotic dedication. She had never felt closer to her young neighbor than she did at this moment.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned as her mouth investigated every little fold and furrow of Heather’s pussy.

“Uuuuuh… uuuhhhh… more! More!”

Heather writhed out of control on the couch. She was on the last leg of her journey to orgasm. Linda had to hold her thighs down firmly in order to keep kissing her cunt.

“Linda! Linda!” Heather shrieked at last. “Oh, God! I’m cumminggggg!”

The redhead’s face wore an ecstatic smile as she lay back in the sweet euphoria of release. At last she felt sated. She felt thoroughly explored. Thoroughly relaxed. “Oooohhh!” she whined softly as she lay back on the couch, enjoying her fleeting nothingness while she could.

Linda sat up on the couch beside her and stroked her forehead.

“Do you feel good, darling? I’m so glad. I enjoyed doing that for you so much.”

As she emerged from her climax, Heather realized that there was something she had to do. Something she very much wanted to do. She slipped down onto the rug and took the position Linda had occupied only moments before. Her fingers parted the other woman’s cunt-lips. She looked up at Linda with wide eyes.

“Linda, I want to make you feel good now. I want to eat your pussy. Have patience with me, darling. I’ve never done this before.”

Her hands trembling with fear and excitement, she held Linda’s pussy-lips while she extended her tongue. She stabbed the hard nub of the blonde’s clitoris.

“Aahhhh… yessss. Oh, Heather, that’s niiiice!”

Linda was shocked and pleased by Heather’s eagerness to return the pleasure she had just received. The older woman enjoyed love between women. It was something special. Certainly it would never replace the man-woman encounter. But it gave her a depraved thrill to experience the kind of lovemaking reserved for men. She liked eating a pussy. She liked having her own pussy eaten by another woman. From the way Heather’s tongue was moving over her cunt-lips, it was apparent she had discovered a natural. Heather was a very sensual woman indeed.

“Uuuuuhh, yesss… you’re good, Heather. Very good!”

Heather was pleased by the compliment. She began to work in earnest between her friend’s thighs, experimenting, relishing the new taste of hot pussy. She had no idea how long she had been absorbed in her obscene undertaking when a new element was added to the morning’s surprises.

“Good morning, girls! Mind if I join you?”


Jake Whitcomb hadn’t been expecting any special surprises when he decided to leave won early.

He thought he would just kick back and read a good book, maybe fuck his wife, drink a few beers. He had forgotten completely that Heather Perkins was spending the day with his wife.

And he had certainly not expected to find the redhead kneeling between his wife’s legs, eating her twat. He had to smile as the two women stared up at him his wife looking faintly bemused, Heather looking nothing short of horrified.

“Jake… Jake, I…”

Heather started to rise to her feet. She was confused, embarrassed. Jake reached over and gently pushed her back down onto her knees.

“Don’t worry about me being here, Heather. I know my wife likes to carry on with girls occasionally. I won’t tell a soul, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“Well, I don’t know… I’m not sure…” Heather said, vaguely aware of Linda’s hands stroking her head and tits, soothing her.

“Don’t worry, Heather darling. Why don’t we let Jake play with us? It’d be fun.”

Heather looked shocked. A threesome!? But what about her husband Tom? That would be being unfaithful.

Even as her conscience struggled with the consequences, her libido paraded forth a tantalizing image Jake’s cock as it had looked the other night, hard and swollen, ready to fuck Rita. Her cunt, so secretly sated, began to pulse with renewed hunger.

Cock! It wanted cock!

“Well, Linda… I don’t know…”

Linda was eager to reassure her friend. It would be fun to have a threesome with a woman both she and her husband had daydreamed so much about. She caressed Heather’s tits softly, bringing the nipples back to rock hardness.

“It wouldn’t be wrong, Heather darling. You deserve pleasure, honey. You’ve suffered alone too long.”

Her arguments were convincing the redhead. It wasn’t her fault if she was going to betray Tom. She had given him every chance to be understanding, to see her side of the dilemma.

He had not wanted to talk about it.

So it was up to her to take care of herself.

Jake and Linda would be perfect to try out her newfound freedom on. They were her best friends. And they were very sexy people.

From now on she would consider herself first. If she couldn’t get what she needed from her husband, she would go to her friends.

She made no protest when Linda eased her head back down between her thighs. Wordlessly, she extended her tongue and prodded the blonde’s hardening clitoris. She began to suck on the delectable bud, teasing it into full erection.

“Mmmmm, yess, that’s it, Heather darling. Make love to my pussy. You do such a good job!”

Drunk on the praise, Heather labored on. She did not even notice Jake standing in the center of the rug, stripping. But she did notice when he kneeled behind her and rubbed his half-swollen cock along the crack of her ass.


The shock jolted her a little. For a moment, she hesitated. Then she groaned long and low as Jake’s steadily growing cock pressed along the outer flanges of her cunt from behind.


That was it! That was what she needed! Hard eager cock, swollen and pulsing, ready for action!

“Do you like that, Heather baby?” Jake was tense with excitement. He couldn’t believe it. Heather Perkins, the most beautiful woman in the neighborhood, was kneeling naked in front of him. Her ass was swaying practically in his face, begging for stuffing. And those super tits were dangling provocatively, swaying under her torso. He reached under her and squeezed the firm round globes. Then he turned all his attention to the first priority sinking his cock deep into her quivering cunt!

“Ooohhh, yesss, I like it!” she moaned as he again rubbed his cock-shaft along her pussy-slit.

He tilted her ass up a little, to give himself a better angle for getting it into her cunt. Then he prodded his bulbous cock-head against her pussy and shoved.

“Aaaaiiieeee! Oooohhh, Goddddd!”

Heather couldn’t believe it! The excitement of the initial penetration was so intense, she was cumming already. Without any preliminaries! Just without pleasure again. It was a part of her. It was the incredible erotic input of making love to a man and yet again…

“Christ Jee-zuz! Look out, girls, here I-I cummmm!”

He could feel the thick load of his cum shooting deep into his neighbor’s belly. His cock felt like it would never be able to cum again, so intense was the release, so tantalizing, the build-up. When he had pumped his balls dry, he rolled down onto the rug, stretched out, and relaxed. His body was sated… for the moment.

The three orgiasts were very quiet for several minutes. They were enjoying the residue of their climaxes, reliving the intensity of the experience. Heather still clutched Linda’s thighs. Her head rested on her girl friend’s pussy mound.

She felt safe and warm and loved.

Linda reached down and stroked the redhead’s face. “Heather darling, I invited you over for brunch and gave you my pussy instead.” She giggled. “You must be starving. I know I am.” Gently she rose to her feet, taking Heather’s hand and helping her up.

“As a matter of fact I am. Let’s get at it,” Heather replied.

The two women went into the kitchen and prepared the meal. They had to wake Jake up when it was time to eat. He was still dozing comfortably on the living-room rug.

The three of them sat at the kitchen table in the nude and ate. Heather didn’t feel the least bit self-conscious. She liked to go naked at home. It was fun to be able to do it with friends. And she enjoyed the way Jake’s eyes ogled her tits from time to time.

“You sure are a good-looking woman, Heather,” he told her, and she blushed with pleasure.

The redhead was feeling free of the frustrating isolation of her marriage. She hated the thought of going back to her ivory tower, shut off from people and events. She told her friends this.

“Maybe you should get a job,” Linda suggested. “Working has its advantages. It’s a way to meet people.”

“Maybe you’re right. But what could I do? I married Tom right out of school. The only job I’ve ever had was one summer when I worked as a waitress down at the lake.”

“Maybe I can help you with that, Heather.” Jake had been thoughtful for some time; now he seemed enthusiastic. “A buddy of mine runs a real nice restaurant downtown. Steak and lobster and all that. He’s been looking for a new hostess. A good-looking girl with some real class, you know? Well, I think you’d fit the bill perfectly.”

Heather felt elated. It seemed that in one short day, whole new vistas had opened in her life. She toyed with the idea of getting out of the house and going to work… and the more she thought, the more she liked it.

She wanted more out of life than four wails and a horny cunt.

Heather didn’t think about working any more than afternoon. She was too busy playing with her friends.


“No! Absolutely not! No wife of mine is going to go out to work!”

Tom was circling the breakfast table like a caged lion. His meal sat cold and untouched in his place. He was pounding his palm with his fist, his face beet-red.

Heather remained unshaken.

“Tom, darling, you don’t understand. I wasn’t asking your permission. I was simply stating a fact. I’m going to work, and I start today.”

He leaned his arms on the table and stared at her, flabbergasted. She was sipping at her coffee, looking unperturbed. Linda had approached her concerning how to handle Tom if he objected to her working. Just be calm and determined, she had said. It’s your life, not his. Don’t let him push you around.

Heather’s Irish heritage, which included red hair and a temper, helped her keep her resolve. The more Tom threatened her, the more determined she became.

Tom was looking at her suspiciously. “You mean you went right ahead and applied for the job and went for the interview and accepted it, without telling me a Goddamned thing about it?!” His voice rose to a sharp crescendo. “Who the fuck’s the head of his house anyway?”

“Marriage is a partnership, Tom… made up of two individuals. I’m sure if you thought about it, you wouldn’t want me to be staying at home if I was unhappy with that. Which I am.”

“What are you up to, Heather?” His voice was calmer now, but it seethed with repressed emotion. The thought of his wife going to work chipped at the very core of his security.

“I’m not up to anything, Tom. I want to make my life more interesting, that’s all.”

“And what kind of job have you got that’s so much more Goddamned interesting than being a good wife?”

“I’m going to be a hostess at Vesuvio’s Lobster Grotto.”

“A waitress?” he laughed, but there was no humor in the sound. “A waitress! What’s so fucking interesting about being a waitress?”

“I’m not going to be a waitress. I’ll show people to their seats, make sure everything is running smoothly. I’ll be like the head girl.”

Again he looked suspicious. “How come you got to be head girl? All the experience you’ve ever had is two months in a hamburger joint! Oh, I’ve got it. The boss likes redheads with big tits, right?”

Heather was finding it more and more difficult to control her anger. Tears of rage were brimming her eyes. “You think you’re so Goddamned smart! You think you’re the only person in this house who can make money!? Well, I happen to have a couple of brains in my head, if you haven’t noticed. Maybe Mr. Martin chose me because he saw I had potential.”

“Yes, I bet he saw potential. The potential for sticking you with his fat prick in the back room one night!”

Heather rose to her feet. She was glaring at her husband, her face hovering only a couple of inches from his. “How dare you? How dare you! So that’s all you’ve been thinking of me all these years! That all I’m good for is an easy lay. Well, I’ll show you, mister! I’ll show you!”

“Well, you’ll have to show somebody else! Because I won’t be here when you get home tonight!” He grabbed his hat and jacket and stormed out of the house.

For a moment, Heather was tempted to go after him. Was he really going tp leave her? But her Irish pride held her back. “I’m not apologizing to that bugger,” she murmured vindictively. “He’ll be back. He needs me too much. He’ll be back with his tail between his legs.”

Her first day at work took Heather’s mind off her troubles at home. The day seemed to fly by. When she got back from work that night, Tom was sitting in the living room, waiting for her. They made an uneasy truce. He was willing to let her have a try at working. He was sure she wouldn’t like it, but if that was what she wanted, well, she could have it. He didn’t want her to be unhappy.

They kissed and made up. But they didn’t fuck. Not for ten whole days.

Heather was getting unbearably horny. She was tempted to go over and visit the Whitcombs’. But work restricted her time schedule. When she wasn’t at work, Tom was usually at home, too. She could hardly go over to Linda and Jake’s for a quick fuck with her husband sitting right at home. Too dangerous.

But the frustrated redhead was getting close to the point of desperation.

On the tenth day of her enforced celibacy, Heather was busily at work serving the dinner-hour rush. As things began to slacken off, she could pay more attention to the people that came in. She noticed one table of young businessmen seemed to be paying a good deal of attention to her. One man among them, a handsome blond about thirty, was a regular customer. She returned his smiles as she passed back and forth in front of their booth.

It was almost Heather’s quitting time, and she was tired. She was ready to get off her feet. She didn’t notice when the table of young businessmen rose to leave. But she was surprised to find that her regular customer had remained behind.

“Hey, Heather,” he called out to her as she walked past. She wasn’t surprised that he knew her name. She wore it plainly displayed on the bosom of her flattering black sheath dress.

“Yes, may I help you, sir?” Her question was formal, but there was a twinkle in her eye. He was very handsome, and she felt unusually responsive to his self-confident masculinity.

He grinned. “I sure hope so. I was wondering if you might like to have a drink with me after work. I’d be glad to pick you up after you finish.”

“I finish in ten minutes,” she answered without thinking.

“Good.” He seemed to assume a date had been made. Heather hadn’t really intended to give that impression… but then again, she was intrigued. She was full of energy, full of need. She needed something to happen to her.

When she had finished work, she gathered up her coat and her handbag from the back room and went out to meet the man. Only now did she realize she didn’t even know his name.

“Brad Clayborne,” he told her when she was standing in front of him. “I’m very pleased to meet you, Heather.”

Despite her heart-fluttering excitement, Heather had to be practical. “I can’t stay long. I have someone waiting for me at home.”

“Like your husband?” he asked, his eyebrows arching as he looked meaningfully at the ring on her left hand.

“Yes… like my husband.”

She suffered a moment’s guilt. But when she realized that her mated state didn’t bother Brad, she brushed the feeling off. It wasn’t as if she was really running around on Tom. She was just going to have one drink with a very nice young man.

“Why don’t we have a drink here? Then we don’t have to worry about time. My car’s right outside. I can drive straight home afterwards.”

They sat in a dark booth in the bar and talked. The conversation was thick with courting ritual, pregnant with suppressed passion. The more they talked to each other, the more wine they drank, the more electric became the attraction between them.

“You’re a beautiful woman, Heather.” His hand snaked under the table and stroked her thigh through her dress. “The most beautiful I’ve ever seep. I’ve always had a weakness for redheads.”

“Have you?”

She felt stupid, but she couldn’t think of anything else to say. She was lost in his deep blue eyes, in the softness of his touch as his hand caressed her thighs. She was vaguely aware that he was working her dress gradually up over her leg. When his fingers finally brushed her bare flesh, she moaned.


She closed her eyes for a moment. The intensity of her own desire overwhelmed her. That gentle touch on her leg made her whole being pulse with need. Already she could feel her pussy-lips flaring open, becoming wet with passion, with hunger for cock.

“You’re a very nice person, Brad,” she said, her full red lips tilted up towards him, begging to be kissed whether Heather knew it or not.

Brad obliged her hunger by closing his mouth eagerly over hers, by shooting his tongue deep inside. At the same time, his finger grazed over her pussy-mound through the thin film of her panties. He could feel his cock growing large, engorged with blood, as her tongue dueled with his own, urging him on.

She was begging for it.

And Brad wasn’t one to disappoint a lady.

“Let’s go outside, Heather. We can talk better there. It’s getting stuffy in here anyway.”

Wordlessly, she took his hand and followed him out of the bar. Somewhere in the back of her mind, Heather knew she was playing with fire. Knew she was well on the way to becoming what she had called Jake a couple of weeks ago “an adulterer”.

But the word didn’t mean anything to her any more.

Her sole priority at the moment was the aching need down in her hungry little cunt. She didn’t know how it could happen. She had to be getting home.

But she wanted it to happen. She wanted to feel this blond man’s cock in her pussy!

They headed for the back part of the parking lot, where Heather had parked her car when she arrived at work, before the lunch-hour. Now the lot was full of cars. It was dark where Heather’s car was. It took her a while to find it.

“Mmmmm, nice and dark back here.”

Brad cupped her face in his hands and lowered his mouth onto hers. His tongue searched her mouth hungrily, demanding she respond to him.

“Uuhhh, mmmm!” Far from fighting him, Heather was easy prey for his tantalizing passion. She lay her purse and coat on the hood of the car and abandoned herself to his kiss.

Just a few minutes more, she thought. Just one more kiss.

She might have kept her resolve if Brad hadn’t pulled up her skirt and slipped a hand in between her thighs.

“Ooooohhh… oooohh, Brad!” Her voice was a low, urgent croon. It fired the seeds of the man’s lust. He had to fuck this beautiful redhead!

“Uuuuhhh!” she cried when his hand found her panties and worked its way inside. “Aaaaiieeee!” His fingertips on her clitoris had the effect of an electrical charge. Her whole body trembled with seething, naked desire.

“Do you want it, baby? Do you want me to fuck you?” he whispered.

Without thinking of the consequences, or of where they were, her answer came out an urgent “Yesss!” Her lips worked hungrily against his as she felt him tear away the flimsy threads of her panties. She was vaguely aware of him throwing them onto the pavement, torn and useless.

The more immediate impression was the cool, titillating rush of air on her wet pussy. It was delicious! She was going to get it! She was going to be stuffed with hard cock! Her cunt flared open in anticipation.

While one hand held the woman close to him, the other pulled down the fly of Brad’s trousers and released the hard shaft of his cock. It pulsed with its own hungry anticipation. It was eager for the wet, rubbery clasp of hot pussy!

In the distance the couple could hear the voices of people walking to or from parked cars. But they ignored them. Fear of discovery was the least of their concerns at the moment. His cock and her cunt were drawn inexorably toward one another, like the opposite poles of a magnet.

He shoved his cock in between her thighs and pushed her back slightly against her car door. Then, when his cock-tip had found the yielding hole of her pussy, he shoved roughly forward.

“Ooooohhh! Oohhh, God!” She bit her shoulder to keep from crying too loud. The last thing she wanted was some misguided fool rushing to her rescue, thinking she was being murdered. But the feelings were so intense, the throbbing girth of his cock so titillating, that it was impossible for her to remain completely silent. She moaned softly as her hands clutched compulsively at his shoulders, his back, his butt muscles through his light clothes.

The angle of penetration was a little difficult, so Heather spread her legs wide to give him easier access to her greedy pussy. She felt totally wanton, totally whorish, to be fucking a near-stranger in a restaurant parking lot like this. But the mere awareness of her own debauchery made her feel even more salaciously aroused. She liked indulging her needs like this. She loved pleasure. She hated being frustrated and horny!

The excitement of being totally perverted. Of fucking a stranger in a dark parking lot, leaning back against her own car.

Her bare butt ground against the cool metal of the car door. The sensation helped increase her arousal. She rubbed her ass purposely harder backward, before grinding her pelvis up each time, to swallow the hard rubbery shaft of his cock.

“Shit, that’s the way, baby! Squirm that little ass of yours!” Brad had never met a woman like the pretty restaurant hostess. She was acting like she had never been fucked before in her life. But he suspected the truth was that she was this way every time she got screwed.

She just plain loved to fuck!

That was the kind of woman he liked. One who was willing to get it on with him, with few preliminaries, in unusual places with no questions asked and no plans made. It excited him fucking this beauty senseless standing up in a parking lot, while her husband was waiting at home for her. Maybe thinking she had had a flat tire somewhere along the way.

When all she really had was a hot twat!

He reached down and clutched Heather’s ass-cheeks. His fingers massaged the firm, wriggling mounds while his cock fucked rhythmically up into her pussy. He loved the way she was working at it, like he was. No passive fuck, this lady. She put her heart and soul into what she was doing.

Her saucy ass muscles were fucking him as much as he was fucking her.

“Oh, Christ, that feels good,” she grunted, teeth clenched. “Shit, I wanted you so bad, Brad! Your cock feels so good in me!”

Her obscene words goaded the man on. He would have liked to keep on fucking her for hours and hours, to try it every which way, until she was too tired to move. But he realized the sooner or later, if they kept on like this, they would be discovered. After all, they were outside, only a few yards away from a busy thoroughfare. He began to ream her hard and deep, with the intention of bringing them both to climax.

“Oh… oh… oooohhh! Mmmmm, Brad, you’re… OOOOhhhhh!”

Heather was out of her mind with passion. Her cunt was throbbing, sending agonizing pleasure signals throughout her gyrating body. She knew she was on the way to a big orgasm, and she began to work mightily to meet it. Planting her splayed feet firmly on the ground, she slammed her pussy again and again up to meet his cock.

The feelings became more and more intense, more and more unavoidable, until at last she was carried beyond herself… beyond consciousness.

“Uuuuhhh! Ooooohhh! Mmmm, darling!”

By the faint trancelike contentment in her voice, by the sudden relaxation of her tense muscles, Brad knew she was cumming. The thought titillated him. This horny broad was getting it off, screwing standing up in a city parking lot. It was the most daring encounter he had ever been involved in. His balls were swelling with the excitement of the occasion.

“Jee-zuz! Christ, woman, I’m doing it! I’m filling your sweet twat with my load!” Brad couldn’t remember ever cumming so long or so copiously. This sexy redhead seemed to have sucked the residue of his sperm right out of him. He was empty, pumped dry.

But content.

Brad had just enjoyed the fuck of a lifetime.

When Heather finally opened her eyes to look at her stranger-lover, her face was wreathed in a lazy, sensual grin. She looked smug, pleased with herself.

“Feel good?” he asked her.


They kissed a long, languorous good-bye. Then they parted, with a vague promise to get together again sometime. As she drove home, Heather realized with some surprise that she did not feel at all used or abused. It did not matter to her that she might never see Brad again.

They had shared a happening. And it had been worth it. Oh, yes!

Her cunt was tinging happily. She hummed along with the music on the car radio. Heather felt like a grown-up woman for the first time in her life. She was living for herself, enjoying herself, just plain good experiencing life.

There was a rude awakening waiting for her in her living room. Tom was sitting in his favorite armchair, his face drawn and tense. Obviously he had been expecting her, and she had not fulfilled his expectations.

“Where the fuck have you been?”

“Oh, I stopped for a drink with a couple of the girls on the way home. I lost track of the time.”

“You know I’ve been waiting for you for an hour and a half?”

“I left your dinner in the icebox, Tom. Didn’t you find my note?”

“Yes, I found it. But I was going to surprise you. I was going to take you out for dinner. I wanted to [missing text].” [Missing text] serious trouble. Yet neither one wanted to be the first to suggest drastic measures, such as separation. Though their sex life had come to a standstill, they continued to tolerate one another.

Both remembered the good times. And both secretly hoped that some miracle would bring them back.

Heather was making friends through her work. She often went to parties after work, with fellow workers or restaurant patrons. The redhead knew she had acquired a reputation as an “easy lay”. But it didn’t bother her. She was getting what she wanted, and so were the men who talked about her.

Monday evenings were often slow. Heather usually spent them at home, alone, while Tom worked till eleven or twelve.

It was almost quitting time, and she was not looking forward to another lonely Monday evening. If only something would happen. The last customers to come in before she left the restaurant were a couple of handsome, well-dressed men in their thirties. She took them to the best table and smiled encouragingly at them. They returned her smiles, but seemed more interested in getting into serious conversation between themselves.

Heather left them alone, but when she was off-duty, she decided to make one last bid. She poured herself a cup of coffee, and sat in a corner table, where she was clearly visible to the two men.

She watched them carefully. It did not take long for them to notice her scrutiny. At first she was afraid they were going to ignore her. But at last the taller of the two came over to her table.

“Good evening.”


“My friend and I have been sitting over there admiring you. We were wondering if you would like to join us at a little private party.”

She tried to look indecisive. Inside, she was thrilled. She had never been picked up by two men at once. The idea appealed to her prurient nature.

“Why… that’s very nice of you. I don’t know if I should. I had some things to do tonight.”

His smile told her he knew her game and was willing to play it. “Won’t they wait? Come on. We’re fun guys, honest. My name’s Steve. My friend’s Dave. We’re from Detroit, and we just have this one night left here in town. We want to make it something to remember.”

She gave him a slow, languorous once-over. Since she had begun to indulge her sexuality, Heather’s manner had changed. She had become much more relaxed, more sensual with men. Men had always turned on to her, now she was returning the compliment.

Her manner said she knew what she wanted and how to get it.

“Well… okay. You do look like fun guys.” Her big eyes flashed at him as she rose from her table.

“Swell. Come on over and meet Dave.”

Heather sat with the two men until they had finished their meals. Then they went outside. Dave hailed a cab. He had it stop at a liquor store while he went inside and picked up a bottle of Scotch. Then he directed it to a posh uptown hotel.

Heather was impressed with their room. It was large and sumptuous. She imagined it must be costing them a pretty penny. Though she hadn’t really expected anyone else to be there, for appearance sake she expressed surprise that they were alone.

“I thought you said there was going to be a party?”

Steve came up to her and put his arm around her. He was a handsome, strongly built man. His grip was firm. It excited anticipatory tingles of lust in the redhead’s cunt.

“I said a private party. And what’s more private than a party of three?”

“A party of two?”

She giggled and the men joined her. Dave poured them drinks in plastic hotel tumblers. The two men stroked her and kissed her as they all sat on the end of the bed and talked.

Heather was feeling extremely turned on by her perverse daring. She realized it had been a little foolhardy to go off with two men. It could have resulted in something she couldn’t handle. But she trusted her feeling for people. She had these two guys sized up as nice rugged family men who needed a little fresh pussy every now and then.

The thought of giving them some red-hot memories to take back to Detroit tickled her fancy. She would enjoy telling telling Linda what an adventuress she had been. It would turn Linda on, and turn her on to tell her. She didn’t see Linda very often, but her blonde neighbor was the only one she could confide in nowadays. The only one she could trust with her secret life.

When they had finished half the fifth of Scotch, they were all feeling pleasantly giddy. Uninhibited and sexy. Heather enjoyed pawing at the two men’s crotches while they felt up her tits and planted kisses on either side of her neck.

“Mmmmm, that’s nice.”

She could feel the goosebumps standing out all over her skin. The idea of being played with by two strong sexy men made her cunt quiver inside her panties. This was going to be an interesting evening.

“Why don’t you boys undress me?”

Her suggestion was disgustingly wanton, she knew. And for that reason, it made the pussy-juice start flowing from her cunt. She wanted to be a sex object tonight. She wanted to fulfill the men’s fantasies, and her own.

She stood up and let the two men remove her clothes. She smiled encouragingly down at them as they pulled off her pretty low-cut dress, her bra and her panties. She liked to wear a garter and stockings to work. She found it cooler, and sexier, than pantyhose. They left those on. Along with her shoes.

The two men stood back and surveyed their handiwork. They wolf-whistled in lustful unison.

“She looks damned sexy that way, doesn’t she? I’ve always had a thing for women in garters and high heels.”

“Yeah, man. We really fucked out tonight, Dave. And look at those fingernails. Bright-red, like her mouth. She’s a sexy baby.”

“No shit! Let me at her!”

While they looked at her, Heather had been running her hands over her smooth belly and round, upthrust tits. Her bright-red fingertips warned tantalizingly over her creamy-white flesh. She could see it excited them to watch her playing with herself. It didn’t last long, though. They pushed her back down onto the bed.

Dave began to suck on her tits, first one, then the other. They were swollen and rock-hard within seconds. Steve buried his head between her thighs and opened the tender flanges of her cunt-lips. He was surprised and delighted when she spread her legs wide, giving him ready access to her craving pussy. He extended his tongue and swirled it around her clitoris. Her response was exactly what he had hoped for.

“Oooooh, God, you’re doing such good things to me, lovers! Mmmm, yessss!”

She had a hand on each of their heads, stroking them, encouraging them. She was enjoying the luxury of having two men cater to her every need. Two cocks to keep her satisfied.

“Oh, darlings, get naked! I want to see you naked too!”

Obligingly, the men rose to their feet and quickly stripped off their clothing. Heather watched them, awestruck, eager for her first glimpse of their cocks. She wanted to see the instruments of tonight’s pleasure!

Her eyes grew wide as they stood facing her. Both their cocks were half-hard. Dave’s was incredibly thick. Her pussy throbbed at the prospect of feeling something so filling up inside. Steve’s prick was long and slender. She knew it would have no trouble scraping the tip of her cervix. He would fuck her deep.

“Uuuuuhh,” she grunted abandonly as she stretched out on the bed. “You’re such good looking men. I can hardly wait to feel you fuck me! Play with me, lovers!”

The two men responded at once to her lewd suggestion. This time, Dave positioned himself between her thighs while Steve sucked on her swollen jugs. She ran her red-nailed hands over her belly lustfully while her body responded to the electric charges of their skilled caresses.

The person she had beep a few weeks ago would never have recognized Heather today. She had become totally abandoned, totally self-seeking in her sexuality. She loved the depraved thrill of being a whore in front of strangers like this, of showing these older men just how wanton a woman could be. She intended to make them pay for their lesson, too. They would have to satisfy her, serve her every want and need.

She scarcely thought of her husband in a sexual way any more. They never fucked. And she knew she could get what she needed elsewhere. She was enjoying herself, as she had never done before. She was enjoying the life of an amateur whore.

“Jee-zuz, you’ve got beautiful tits!”

Steve’s lips labored tirelessly over her firm, taut tits.

“Oooohhh, yesss! Suck my titties like that! Eat my pussy! Jee-zuz, you boys are making me so hot!”

She was writhing wantonly on the bed, her eyes closed, her face wreathed in a sensual grin. Heather was in her element. She was expressing herself sexually. She was going to get fucked… by two big cocks!

“Mmmmm, sweet-tasting pussy!” Dave grunted as he worked eagerly between her wide-splayed thighs. “Shit, it makes my cock rock-hard just to smell your cunt, baby! You’re ready for it, aren’t you?” His tongue swirled around and around the fleshy bud of her clitoris, bringing it to stiff arousal. He loved the sound of her wanton groans that grew higher and more catlike the longer he licked.

“Oh, God, yessss! I’m ready for it! I need cock! I need it!”

Heather began to hump her hips upward, into Dave’s face. Her movements were unmistakable. She was begging to be fucked.

The men looked at each other across the smooth hills and valleys of her naked body. They smiled. It was time. And they each knew exactly what they wanted to do.

Working in lustful unison, the two men turned the mewling redhead over onto hands and knees. Dave moved in behind her. Steve’s target was her face. He pressed his spongy cock-head roughly against her lips.

“That’s for you, baby! Come on! Suck it!”

Obediently, with slavish enthusiasm, she opened her mouth and took his long prick deep into the back of her throat. She began to suck hungrily, at the same time wriggling her ass backward. She had not forgotten Dave and his thick prick.

“Mmmmm! Aaaggghhhh!”

While she sucked on Steve’s cock, Dave’s cock soared deep up into her hot, greedy twat. She could feel it spreading the rubbery folds of her cunt wide. The sensation was intoxicating. She felt faint with arousal. It was so obscene, so titillating, to be servicing two strangers like this! Once Dave’s cock had penetrated her pussy as deep as it would go, she began to chum her buttocks, urging him to start fucking.

Dave picked up on Heather’s eagerness at once. Gripping her ass-cheeks firmly, she began to fuck into her with hard relentless strokes. He loved the way her pussy muscles nibbled on his swollen rod. Her cunt-caresses were driving him wild. His cock was pulsing like a giant heart-beat. And what it was radiating was pure pleasure.

“Oooohh! It’s sooo exciting!”

Her wails escaped from around Steve’s cock, which was stroking smoothly in and out of her mouth. The erotic feel of Dave’s cock reaming her cunt was driving her to suck more salaciously on Steve’s burgeoning tool.

She felt like a wanton whore. And she loved it! Her body was beautifully filled, in two places. The pleasure-darts crossing and ricocheting through her body robbed her mind of all thought. And filled her being with the boundless energy of sexual hunger.

Slam! Her buttocks thrust back against Dave’s loins. Over and over again. While her lips worked greedily on the slick shaft of Steve’s cock. She felt she had never really got into sucking a cock before. But now, with one prick working in and out of her pussy, she felt more wantonly aroused than ever before in her life. Sucking a cock while she was getting fucked was so damned satisfying! It was like a pacifier a pacifier that throbbed and thrilled.

“Uuuuhhh! Jee-zuz!” Steve could not believe the way the woman’s lips were nibbling and lapping at his cock. The sensations were like nothing he had ever known before. His whole body was focused on his cock with her mouth and the pleasure-charges passing between them. He coiled his fingers in her shiny red hair and guided her head-bobbing. “Oh, yeah! Do it, baby! Do it!”

Dave smiled across the kneeling woman’s back at his friend. It was a fulfilling experience to share an erotic fantasy with a good friend. To use the woman’s body for their mutual satisfaction… both at the same time. Dave could see Steve was getting really hot. He knew his own face must betray the same overwhelming lust. He had never been this excited in his life. And that was saying something! Dave had fucked women from Portsmouth to Carmel, and the redheaded Heather had just taken number-one spot in his tally of incredible fucks.

“She’s a winner, Steve! Uh, man! It’s good!”

“Ooooohhhh! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!”

Suddenly from amid the endless chanting of sexual enjoyment there arose from Heather’s throat the shrieking confession of orgasm.

“Aaaaaiiieeee! I’M CUMMMMINGGGG!”

Even as her ass slapped back at Dave’s loins, her mouth came back to suck hungrily on Steve’s cock. Her whole body was doing weird climactic flip-flops, but she wasn’t going to give up. She was going to keep dealing pleasure to these two wonderful cocks!

“What a woman!” Steve enthused, fighting against the urge to cum with her. He wanted more of her before he’d be ready to give up his load.

Dave didn’t have the same willpower. Either that, or the clenching spasms of Heather’s gripping cunt were just more than any man could resist. He began to shoot long hot jets of sperm deep into her pussy. “Hey, baby! I’m giving it to you!”

Her cunt-muscles continued to caress his cock as it began to grow soft inside her. It was a wonderfully soothing sensation, a balm after the intense spurt of release.

When he had filled her up, Dave stretched out beside her on the bed, recovering from the pleasure-agony of letting go. No sooner had his cock left her cunt than Steve’s cock left Heather’s mouth. The big man was excited. He wanted some pussy, too. Mouth was good, but, for him, pussy was better!

While Dave watched awestruck, Steve buried his long cock to the hilt in her cum-lubricated cunt.

“Uuuuhhh! Gooddd!” Despite the intensity of her climax, Heather was ready and eager for more. She had been a little disappointed when Dave came in her. She wanted to be fucked senseless tonight. Now she enjoyed the perversity of having that sweet cum up in her cunt, and having a hard cock there, too.

“Fuck me, fuck me, Steve!”

Now her mouth was missing something. She missed the erotic feel of a nice smooth cock moving in between her lips. She wanted to taste Dave’s cock, with the combined taste of his cum and her juice still fresh on its soft surface.

She looked wide-eyed over at the reclining Dave. “Come on, Dave. Let me suck your cock now.”

Dave was amazed. He had not expected this wild redhead to go so far as to suck his cock when it was covered with cum and twat-juice. She was really something. She liked it all!

He turned himself around on the bed, so his cock lay in front of her face. This way, he also had a great view of Steve’s long cock sawing in and out of her clutching cunt. He groaned low when her mouth closed around his flaccid staff. He could tell by the titillating way her mouth was playing with it, his cock wouldn’t be soft for long!

“Mmmmmm!” She sucked like a starving child while her ass thrust back to meet Steve’s long impaling strokes. She had been right about his cock. It rammed her deep. She could feel the tip slamming against her cervix on every in stroke. A delicious sensation!

Steve did not mind being the second man inside her twat tonight! It was slick inside with Dave’s aim. It was like fucking into a glove filled with butter. The tingles invading his every nerve-ending were becoming more and more compelling. He thought he could feel his cock growing, getting ready to fill her greedy hole for the second time.

“Oooohh, lovers! You’re so good to me! I love your cocks! Mmmm! Ooooohhh!” Heather was delirious with passion. She had never had two men make love to her at once before. The advantages were obvious. She would get fucked at least twice as often. And she felt twice as aroused. She enjoyed bringing pleasure to these two handsome men at once.

Just as Dave had predicted, his cock was rapidly swelling once again to rock-hardness. Her mouth was nibbling tantalizingly on his smooth cockhead. Her tongue tabbed provocatively at the ridge separating knob and shaft. Her whole mouth felt so hot and stimulating. What man could resist all this?

The large sumptuous hotel room seemed to have shrunk to the size of the bed. All three orgiasts were feeling at the moment as if the world began and ended on the outer reaches of the mattress. They were totally involved in one another and in the sexual atmosphere that hung heavy in the room.

Grunts and groans and the slap of flesh on flesh accompanied their tireless erotic symphony. The men’s cocks swelled with hunger. The woman’s mouth and pussy grew to accommodate them.

“Oh, lovers! Darling men! Screw me! Ahh, Jee-zuz! I’m cumming again!”

This time she was carried right off in a heady wave of overflowing release. Her whole body relaxed completely. She became a puppet to the two stroking cocks. The men had to hold her up to keep pumping into her.

Steve had reached his own pinnacle and he let himself climb with her. “I’m cumming with you, baby! Yeahhh!” He slammed his jetting cock far inside and held it there a moment. Then he worked slowly back and forth once again, getting out the last drops of jizz.

Even Dave could not resist the lure of the others euphoria. For the second time that evening, he filled the woman’s belly with his potent cum. Only this time through her mouth, instead of her pussy.

All too soon, the time came for Heather to leave.

“Can’t you stay just a little longer?” Steve pleaded.

“I’d like to… but I can’t.” She looked sad as she slowly put on her clothes. “You guys were wonderful. I’ll never forget you. But I’ve got to get home.”

Tom was home when Heather arrived. He was drunk. She was disgusted. She couldn’t stand Tom when he was that way. To her surprise, he reached out and tried to grab her as she headed for the bedroom.

“Hey, hold on, sweetheart! Haven’t you got a little kiss for your loving husband? It’s been a long time, baby. A hot twat like you… you must be hungry for it. Why don’t you and me get it on tonight, huh?”

Heather was horror-struck. Tonight of all nights, Tom was going to try to get sexy with her! She mustn’t let him feel her cunt. He’d know for sure what she had been up to. She pulled away from him and hurried into the bedroom. He followed.

“Hey, what’s the matter? I’m not good enough for ya?” His eyes narrowed. “Or maybe you’ve already had your cock for tonight? These girls you’re always going out with… maybe they’ve got long stiff cocks, huh?”

She tried to look weary, bored. “Don’t be silly, Tom. You’re drunk. Why don’t we just go to sleep, okay? We’ve both had a long day.”

Before she could finish taking off her dress, he tackled her and knocked her onto the bed. He tried to push her skirt up over her hips and grab for her panties. With a mighty effort, the redhead broke free and hurried into the adjoining bathroom. She secured the door behind her.

His knocks were loud and insistent. “Let me in! Come on, you little whore! How’s about some pussy for your husband for a change?”

When she didn’t answer, he gave up. The bedroom was silent. Just to be safe, Heather waited a half-hour before venturing out of the bathroom.

Tom was sprawled on the bed, sound asleep. She pushed him gently aside and crawled under the covers. She fell asleep almost immediately.

Her dreams were sweet.


Heather didn’t know how the grapevine worked until about a week later when there came a most unusual recommendation.

She showed to a booth in the restaurant an attractive couple in their early thirties. The woman was a stunning blonde who wore a chic zebra-striped dress and a matching scarf tied carelessly around her hair. The effect was provocative. She looked like a high-fashion model. The man was tall, prosperous-looking, confident.

“You’re Heather, aren’t you?” the woman asked as she took her seat.

Heather pointed to her name-card. “Yes, I am.”

The woman made her nervous. Though she knew she looked stunning herself in a low-cut green cocktail dress, Heather felt an instinctive distrust of another good-looking woman. She was automatic competition, no matter how fleetingly the other was passing through her life. She made Heather reassess herself. A quick glance into one of the many mirrors in the restaurant reassured her. She felt better about the blonde.

“Why do you ask?” she inquired more politely.

“We know some friends of yours,” the man replied. He paused a moment, and smiled at her. “Steve and Dave. Remember them?”

Heather’s heart leaped to her throat. What did this mean? Was she about to be unmasked, her shameless exploits exposed for all to know?

“Yes,” she replied cautiously. “I remember them.”

“They spoke very well of you.” The woman’s voice was soothing, reassuring. She reached out and just barely touched Heather’s arm. “Very well.”

The woman’s light touch provoked a familiar tingle in the redhead’s belly. Did that touch mea what she thought it meant?

“We would be flattered if you’d come out for a drink with us later.” The man’s voice was more intimate then before. It, too, aroused tingles inside Heather.

She felt not the slightest hesitation about what her reply should be. She was intrigued. “I’m through at eight. I’d love to join you for a drink. Any friends of Dave’s and Steve’s… as the saying goes.” She laughed.

The last hour before quitting time flew by. Heather’s thoughts were only half on her job. The rest of her mind toyed with speculations as to what delights might be in store for her this evening. Both the man and the woman were so attractive, so worldly. She was intrigued by both of them. And excited.

They took her to a fashionable bar overlooking the lights of the city. They all drank Italian liqueur and coffee and chatted. Heather was fascinated by the stories the others had to tell of travels in far-off places. They knew so much, so many interesting people. She was flattered they seemed interested in her, an ordinary suburban housewife.

But then she realized, as she caught a glimpse of herself in a minor, she wasn’t all that ordinary. She was beautiful. With her red hair flaming. And her full sensual figure hugged tight by her flattering dress. Her red nails danced over the contours of her glass as she fingered it nervously. The other woman reached over and took her hand.

“Are you nervous, darling?” she asked. “Don’t be. We’re all getting along together very well, aren’t we?”

Heather was startled by the intimacy of the other woman’s fingers stroking her own. “Why, yes… certainly.” At that moment, she felt a hand stroking her knee under the table. She realized it was the man’s hand. There could be no doubt now of what the older couple wanted with her.

Heather’s pussy throbbed with arousal. She wanted it, too.

“Why don’t you come back to our apartment for a while, Heather darling?” the woman suggested.

“I think the three of us should get to know each other better, don’t you?” the man added as his hand reached out and closed over Heather’s and his wife’s. It was a suggestive clasp, of hand on hand on hand.

“Yes… only, you know, I don’t even know your names yet?” Only now did the redhead realize the couple had not introduced themselves. It seemed strange, she thought. Even stranger that she had felt no need for names till now.

“What’s in a name, my darling? A rose still smells like a rose without the label.” The woman helped Heather arrange her coat over her shoulders as they rode the elevator down to the lobby.

“Yes… but you know my name.”

“That’s true. Well, call us Zeke and Zola.” The man’s voice was light.

Heather suspected those were not their real names. But she was intrigued, turned on by this additional mystery. These people would always be strangers to her. But tonight they would share an experience.

When they reached the couple’s apartment, Heather noted that it was very elegant, but barren. There were no little touches to betray the personalities of the people who lived here. Just the impeccable furniture and drapes and rugs. And a well-stocked bar.

Zeke, as he called himself, poured drinks for the three of them.

“Oh this is good!” Heather had never tasted an alcoholic beverage so sweet, so smooth and satisfying going down. She finished her first drink quickly and accepted a second. She was feeling a pleasant glow. An anticipatory tinge in her cunt.

She waited for the others to make the first move.

“Like it? The French claim it’s an aphrodisiac. I’ve never been able to tell for sure. Personally, I’m always interested in sex.” The big man grinned suggestively at her. “How about you, Heather? Zola and I have heard that you… well, that you’re a very turned-on lady.”

Heather was flattered, and faintly amused by the compliment. “Yes… I guess that’s one way to describe me. Dave and Steve brought out the best in me, I must admit that,” she added as she finished her second drink.

“We like to try all kinds of different things, darling.” The blonde’s words were slightly slurred, and Heather realized she wasn’t the only one the alcohol was getting to.

Heather’s interest was up. Her clitoris was hard and pulsating inside her panties. There was an aura of sexuality, of intimacy, in the room, even though no one had done or said anything overtly sexual.

“What kinds of things?” Heather asked. Her curiosity was piqued. She wanted some fuel to fire the building heat in her belly.

“We like to watch… other people. We like them to watch us. We like to have threesomes or foursomes. All kinds of things.” Zola moved closer to Heather and stroked her thigh. “Would you like to play with us, Heather darling? You’re so beautiful. It would be so much fun.”

Heather wasn’t expecting the kiss, and it shocked her at first. But soon she melted into it. Her tongue darted into the woman’s mouth and dueled and parried with hers. They clutched each other’s bodies hungrily, eager for more stimulation. Heather found herself caressing Zola’s tits through her dress. She loved the firm smooth feel of the resilient mounds through the slippery material. But she wanted more. She wanted to feel flesh.

Eager now to continue the sexual stimulation once begun, Heather reached under the hem of Zola’s dress and moved her hand up over the other woman’s thigh. Unexpectedly, her fingers contacted the spongy, hair-fringed feel of pussy.

Zola wasn’t wearing any panties.

Grateful for the experience she had gained with her friend Linda, Heather sank a finger into the clenching hole of Zola’s ready cunt and began to wriggle it around. She fucked Zola’s twat with her slender finger for several long moments. The blonde writhed and moaned in ecstatic abandon.

The sexual energy that had been sublimated earlier now burst forth. Zeke stood up and began to remove his clothes. Then he went over to the women and stroked them their hair, their faces, their bodies.

Heather was unwilling to break free of the smothering kiss she was staring with the sensual older woman. But when Zeke started to remove their clothes, she had to let go of Zola and raise her arms to let him pull her dress over her head. Once they were all naked, Heather stared at her companions, awestruck. They were both so beautiful.

Zola’s body was lush, yet trim… full-bodied, yet taut and firm. She was as gorgeous naked as she was in her stunning clothes. Zeke had a firm, strong body. His flesh rippled appealingly over his muscled chest and arms. But the highlight of his physique for Heather was his long, erect cock thick and meaty, ready for action.

“My… it’s hard already!” she exclaimed hungrily before she knew she was going to speak.

“You like my prick, Heather baby? Well, I like that pretty little red pussy of yours, too. You’re a knockout, kid. No question on that one. Of course, Steve and Dave always did have good taste in business deals. Now we know it extends to hot chicks.”

“Darling, you’re lovely.” Zola’s words were a throaty sigh.

Before Heather knew what was happening, Zola had stretched her out on the carpet and was parting the delicate lips of her pussy. The blonde’s tongue aimed for the sensitive nub of her clitoris and hit it head-on.

“Ooooohhh, Goddd! That’s wonderful, Zola darling! Wonderful!”

Heather realized at once that, along with their sophistication in the ways of the world, Zola and Zeke had attained a titillating sexual sophistication. Zola was eating her pussy like it had never been eaten before. It seemed her tongue and lips were doing a thousand things at once teasing her sensitive clit into a hot frenzy of burgeoning erotic stimulation. The bud was hard and swollen, Heather knew. And her cunt-lips were flaring open, soft and receptive, hungry for filling.

As though she had read the signal, Zola darted her tongue deep up into the young redhead’s cunt.

“Aaaaaiiieeeee! Oh! Ooohhh! Ooooohhhh!” Already, Heather felt she had been reduced to a babbling idiot. She was writhing and moaning under Zola’s talented tonguing like a deranged creature, helpless prey to the blonde’s every nuance of touch and stimulation.

“Mmmm, you have such a nice pussy! It tastes like some wonderful candy! It makes me feel so good to eat you like this, darling!”

As Zola kneeled on the rug between the young stranger’s thighs, her ass waved salaciously in the air, in time to her mounting sexual frenzy. Her husband was kneeling behind her, stroking her buttocks, caressing the moist slit in between. Zola encouraged him. Her pussy was getting wetter by the minute. Eating a woman out always made her hot for cock.

“Ohhhh, Zeke honey! Do it to meee! Fuck me, baby! I want it!”

“Mmm-hmm! I’m going to fuck you, you sexy little beauty you! You must hold on a little longer.”

Zeke’s face contorted with the wanton frenzy of lust. For the initial penetration, Zola’s mouth had deserted Heather’s pussy. But the younger woman scarcely noticed at first. She was totally captivated by the spectacle of watching a woman take a fully erect cock in her asshole.

Gradually, though, the redhead began to writhe in lustful agony. What she was witnessing turned her on. She wanted Zola to make her cunt feel good again. Her pussy was pulsing with vicarious pleasure at the sight of the unnaturally pinioned woman squealing and churning before the man’s sodomizing cock.

“Do it, Zeke! Do it!”

With those words, Zola once again buried her face in Heather’s pussy. The new abandon with which she licked the redhead’s clitoris and tongue-stabbed her cunt bespoke her wild uncontrolled sexual frenzy. She sucked hungrily on Heather’s clitoral nub while her ass thrust back against Zeke’s hard-driving cock.

“Slit, baby, it’s so tight!” Zeke cried out through clenched teeth.

The way her ass muscles were squeezing his prick made him groan with pleasure. He had to fight off the urge to cum suddenly, immediately. But he wanted to ream the kneeling woman thoroughly. He wanted to fuck her ass till she begged for mercy. He worked his swollen prick rhythmically back and forth in her clinging ass-passage. His tempo became gradually more and more hurried as he felt her abandoning herself more completely to his ass-fucking. She was open to him, eager and hot. She wanted everything he could give her.

The big man was happy to oblige. He sent his prick surging again and again up into her throbbing asshole. The thought that his wife was eating a woman’s cunt while he fucked her ass made his prick grow harder with prurient lust. She was such a Goddamned sexy woman, his wife! He loved her for it! He loved to fuck her in the ass.

And this pretty redhead they had picked up tonight was a match for Zola. Heather was as sex-hungry as they were! They made a great threesome, he thought smugly the blonde, the redhead, and the cock. As his balls continued to swell with the sight of his wife’s head buried between Heather’s thighs, he fucked urgently onward.

Heather was convinced she had never felt this hot in her whole life. Zola’s mouth on her pussy was liquid erotica. It was all she could do to keep from screaming with frenzied abandon. Her cunt was swollen with tumultuous sex energy. An explosion was lurking close to the surface. She could hardly wait to cum. It would be such a prurient thrill to cum from the sucking of a woman being fucked ruthlessly in the ass.

“Ooooohhh, Zola! That feels so nijice!”

“Uuhh, yeah, I love it, darling! I love tasting your pussy! I love Zeke’s prick in my ass! Aahh, Jee-zuz! Keep it up, Zeke darling!”

It was all the shapely blonde could do to keep her attention on her muff-diving task. She extended her tongue and wound it tantalizingly around and around the peak of Heather’s slick, distended clitoris. She sucked hungrily on the tip. She could feel it filling with blood. She could feel the intensity of the other woman’s excitement in the way she was churning her hips, grinding her cunt against her face, pulling her face down against her pussy.

Zola loved what was happening. She loved picking up a young woman and making love to her, along with her husband. It was debauched, depraved… so incredibly enticing!

And Heather was far and away the sexiest woman they had ever seduced together. Her pussy tasted so wonderful! Her shrieks of pleasure were contagious. Zola could hardly wait to watch her husband fuck the redhead!

While the women responded to one another with increasing abandon, Zeke continued to fuck Zola’s asshole. The clinging clasp of her ass muscles was having its desired effect. He could feel his balls swelling with their hot load.

The hot pants and groans and emotion-filled writhes continued for what seemed to all three participants an eternity. The excitement was building to a delicate peak of intensity, one that it would take only a slight nudge to scatter and shatter.

Heather found herself becoming thoroughly involved in the perverted titillation of watching a woman get fucked in the asshole, a woman who was sucking her own tingling pussy. At last the beckoning licks of Zola’s tongue became too much.

“Aaaiiieeeee! I’m cummmingggg!”

She grasped the blonde’s curls more firmly and pressed her face into her spasming twat. The firecracker explosions were still happening when Heather was joined in her blissful oblivion by Zola.

“Ahh! Me, too, Heather darling! Oh, Goddd, you’re making me cummm, Zeke! My ass feels so wonderful, baby!” She slammed her ass back at her husband’s loins, urging him to join them in their headlong rush to pleasure release.

“Uuuhhh! Christ!” Even before he knew it was coining, it was there. Zeke gritted his teeth as he felt his hot thick cum shooting deep into Zola’s shitter. It gave him a perverse satisfaction to fill her ass. His cock continued to throb pleasurably long after it had shot itself dry.

The evening had only begun for the three hedonists. Once Zeke had recovered his wind, he buried his cock deep in Heather’s ready clutching pussy. It was tighter and softer than he would ever have imagined! He loved fucking the strange, sexy redhead, and he spent long hours doing just that in between fucking his wife, and eating the two of them.

It was an orgy to remember… even for the worldly Zeke and Zola.

Heather stayed later than she ever had before, so engrossed was she in the blind erotica of making love to this turned-on couple. It was nearly four in the morning when she finally headed home.

She was nervous about facing Tom. Even he probably wouldn’t believe she had been out with the girls until this hour.

With any luck he’d be sound asleep, passed out after a heavy dose of forgetfulness tonic booze.


Tom had long ago recognized the destructive pattern in his own behavior. His marriage was in a shambles. His sex life was a big fat nothing. His only true friend and ally seemed to be a trusty bottle of rye.

For several weeks he worked harder at his job than he ever had before. And when he wasn’t working, he was boozing.

Until the night he decided that enough was enough.

It was time some things got taken care of.

For one thing, he was horny. Incredibly horny. He hadn’t fucked his wife since he couldn’t remember when. For a while, with all the working and drinking, he had tried to convince himself that it didn’t matter. That he had neither the time nor the inclination for a soft wet pussy.

But then he let himself think about what it was really like. He let himself remember the way a wet cunt clings to an aching cock, rubs it, massages it… until there’s just no way a guy can hold on any longer. He let himself think about the way a couple of soft firm tits yield under a strong embrace. And he wanted to feel a hot cunt around his cock. He wanted to fondle a pair of round swelling tits.

His first try at satisfying his aching horniness had been the night he tried to grab his wife when she got home from work and a drink “with the girls”. That had been a dismal failure.

Then he started to notice some of the women at the bar he had got into the habit of visiting with the guys. One of them was a tall sexy blonde with a pair of knockers out front that made him drool just to think about them.

He watched her for a couple of days, without making any attempt to meet her. Then he had a few words with a guy named Joe, who seemed to know her.

“Do you think you could introduce me, Joe?”

Joe was surprised. Somehow he had gotten the idea that Tom was the faithful homebody type. But every guy had to get a roving eye sometime. “Sure, old buddy. Fay is always glad to meet a new fella.”

Tom felt a little awestruck when he was brought face-to-face with the full-blown blonde. She smiled invitingly at him. It was an unmistakable smile, one that told him he was in like Flint.

But for just an instant something inside him recoiled. This wasn’t Heather. This wasn’t his beautiful, red-headed wife. He hadn’t fucked anyone but her for so long it seemed almost evil to even think of such a thing.

Then his suspicions about Heather rose to the fore. She couldn’t be with the girls as often as she claimed. And any woman as sexy as Heather just had to be getting it somewhere else when she wasn’t even bothering him. He had never really let himself deal with that near-reality.

But now he was ready to use it to rationalize himself into a pair of strange panties.

“Hi, Fay. Glad to meet you. I’ve been watching you for a long time, and, let me tell you, you are one beautiful woman.”

“Why, thank you, Tom.”

Now that he was this close to her, Tom realized Fay was probably several years older than he was. But still she was a good-looking woman. And a sexy one. It made his blood boil just to watch the way she shifted her body on the barstool.

He ogled her full, out thrusting tits as he spoke to her. “I was wondering if you might like to go get a bite to eat with me.”

“Gee, Tom, that sounds real nice.”

Honesty demanded he make one confession. “I guess I should tell you, though… I’m married.”

She continued to smile brightly. “Oh, that’s okay. I guess we’ve all been that way at one time or another.”

“Yeah, I guess. That’s real understanding of you, Fay.”

They went to a local family restaurant and had hamburgers. Tom didn’t even have to throw any hints. Fay invited him over to her apartment for coffee as soon as the waitress had brought their check.

Her apartment was modest, but comfortable.

“Yeah, I’ve lived here five years now. Feels like home, even though I keep promising myself I’ll be moving into something better. I guess I might be here for another five years. Oh, well, that’s the breaks, I guess.”

Tom realized how easygoing this woman was in comparison to the lively Heather. While he felt some contempt for the woman for her lack of ambition, at the same time he felt rested in her company. She didn’t threaten him with her energy, the way Heather often did.

Maybe, too, she’d be happy with his fucking, the way he liked to do it… without making him feel like he was doling out rations.

He was surprised when the big blonde started to take off her clothes.

“Aren’t… aren’t we going to have a cup of coffee?” he stammered.

It wasn’t that he was really thirsty. He just wasn’t used to dealing with unknown women. Fay’s forthrightness staggered him. It was as if she had nothing to protect, nothing to hold back from him.

Anything he wanted was his for the taking.

That prospect became definitely cheerful when Fay stood naked in front of him. She was a pretty, well-proportioned woman. Her lush tits stood out full and inviting, even without the support of her brassiere. Her waist was narrow. Her belly was smooth and tight. Her ass flared out just the right amount as she turned her back to him and reached into the closet.

“Time for coffee,” she said, and smiled as she noticed the evident admiration in his eyes. She slipped a filmy negligee over her nakedness and started to head for the kitchen.

“Hey, where do you think you’re going?”

He reached out and grabbed her. He pulled her close and buried her mouth in a long searching kiss.

No longer was he overawed by the fact that he was alone with a woman other than his wife. He knew just what lire wanted to do, and he was ready to do it. His cock was throbbing heatedly inside his pants.

“Oooohhh, that’s a nice-feeling bulge you’ve got down there,” she cooed into his ear as she wriggled her pussy-mound against the swelling in his trousers. “I’d like to see that. May I?”

Without further ado, she reached down and opened his fly. Groping inside, she grasped the hard girth of his prick and pulled it, hard and throbbing, into the open air.

Before Tom knew what had happened, she was down on her knees in front of him.

“Oh, Tom, you have such a beautiful cock!” It was her turn this time to stare wide-eyed with admiration. “God, I want to feel it inside my mouth! I want to taste it! Can I?”

Without waiting for him to give his permission, she opened her mouth wide and enclosed his palpitating cock-head between her red lips. She began to suck enticingly on it, as though it were the tip of a popsicle.

“Mmmm… tastes good!”

While he watched, her head bobbed back and forth along his swollen cock-shaft, coating it with a shining layer of saliva.

Tom threw back his head and groaned appreciatively. He grasped her hair and helped move her head back and forth along his tingling prick. Nothing this titillating had happened to Tom in a long time. He felt aroused. He felt alive. He felt as though this woman had just handed him back his manhood.

“Uuuuhhh! Jee-zuz, woman, suck it! Suck it!”

His cock felt like it had just slipped into a tube lined with honey. The erotic stimulus was sensational. All he could do was close his eyes and hold onto her hair for dear life. She was taking him on the ride of a lifetime.

Tom was learning how really appealing sex could be, in the right circumstances, at the right time, with the right woman.

He didn’t feel he had to fuck this woman. Therefore he wanted to do every sexy thing with her he could think of. He felt free and sexy. Alive and aroused.

Tom was rediscovering sex.

She looked up at him, her blue eyes wide and drowsy with lust. “Oooohhhh, Tom, I love the feel of your cock in my mouth. It makes my pussy so hot to do this!”

“Does it? Does it, baby?”

The thought that the juices of excitement were probably seeping from this voluptuous woman’s cunt as she sucked him made Tom’s cock throb with eagerness. He imagined how good it would be to sink his swollen prick deep into her clasping pussy.

That thought was too good to let pass. He wanted to fuck her. To fuck her right now!

“Jeez, baby… I gotta do it to you! I gotta fuck you!”

A little roughly, he raised her to her feet and led her over to the big dresser. He bent her over it and raised the skirt of her negligee high up over her shoulders. The round full moons of her buttocks stared appealingly up at him. He ran his fingers sensually over their curved surface. Then he guided his cock-tip in between the swells of her ass-cheeks.

“Oooohh!” she squealed in lusty anticipation. “Oh, Tom, I want to feel your cock in me so bad!” Her cunt was soaked with her juices. Her pussy-lips flared open with unabashed need.

She was a woman who wanted to get fucked, and she made no bones about it. She wriggled her ass up at the man she had just picked up in the bar. She tilted farther forward, trying to give him better access to her pussy.

As he shoved forward, she shoved back. And his cock slipped right up on into her grasping cunt.

“Uuuhhh… yessss… that’s what I wanted! It feels so wonderful, Tom!”

Tom was on top of the world. To this woman, he could do no wrong. She was skewering her cunt back onto his cock like a wild thing, looking for more. Wanting his prick deeper, harder, faster. He was happy to give her everything she wanted.

Planting his feet firmly on the floor, grabbing her ass, he began to stroke into her pussy-hole with long, deep, rhythmic strokes.

“Jee-zuz! That’s good! Soooo good!”

The woman’s mouth hung slackly open. Her eyes were glazed with passion. Tom could see her reflection in the dresser mirror. It stimulated him. It excited him to see a woman a near stranger so crazy with lust for him.

It was the best thing that had happened to Tom’s ego in a long time.

“Hey, baby, you got a sweet pussy! It’s gabbing hold of my cock real nice! Feels good, baby!”

Tom could see that in her face, too, was contorted with lustful agony. His cock was sending back a thousand little warning signals that told his brain of a massive assault on his senses. His whole being was helpless prey to pure animal passion. After a long layoff like he had just gone through, Tom was experiencing everything with redoubled intensity. His whole body seemed to throb in heated tempo with his cock.

He looked down fascinated at the site where his juices-slickened cock slipped in and out of Fay’s dilated cunt. His cock-head was swollen up like a balloon, purple with blood. Every time the ridge rubbed against her cunt-mouth, it was like someone had just shot him with a pleasure-laser. The sensation was incredible!

“Oooohh, baby! You are something else!”

Tom had forgotten he could get this totally involved in sex. He was enjoying fucking the woman called Fay more than he could ever remember enjoying anything in his life.

This was sex for fun. Sex without responsibility. Sex for the taking.

The blonde pick-up with the big tits was doing something for Tom that a battery of psychologists could never have done.

She was turning Tom into a sexual lion!

“Oh, Tom! Your cock’s so hard! It keeps fucking me so long! You’re incredible, baby! You’re a wonderful lover!”

Fay was gripping the sides of the dresser desperately, using it to keep herself from sliding right down onto the floor. The stimulation running through every susceptible nerve-ending had Fay feeling weak as a kitten and excited as a she-cat in a mating season. Her buttocks ground back at Tom’s loins with the fury of a riveting machine. She was thoroughly absorbed in the lewd experience of being fucked senseless by a stranger she had picked up in a bar. Her pussy flared with heat, pulsed with hunger.

“Mmmm! Hhnnhhh!” Tom grunted mightily as he tried to keep up the woman’s frenetic pace. She was incredible! It seemed as though she might keep on going forever. And the amazing thing was that Tom, too, felt like he could keep on going forever. His cock could concentrate on only one thing being that tight little pussy to a resounding climax.

He bent all his efforts to that singe task!

The small bedroom seemed to throb with the heated exertion of the couple’s sexual efforts. Again and again his belly slammed forward against her ass. Again and again his cock-tip penetrated deep into the clinging depths of her cunt. She could feel her inner tissues spasming with ceaseless sensation. It would not belong now!

“Ooooh, Tom, I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

Tom had never experienced such a thing before.

Tears were running down the woman’s face. Tears of joy and release!

Watching her cum with such amazing intensity set Tom free.

“Look out, baby! I’m cumming, too! Ahh, Jee-zuz!”

The relief of feeling his cum spilling into her clenching cunt made the young husband smile. How much rosier the world looked after a good fuck!

“Thanks, Fay baby, that was sensational,” he told her as he helped her up from her doubled-over position against the dresser. “Now how’s about that cup of coffee?”

That was what Tom was doing the night Heather met Zeke and Zola.


Tom was feeling good when he turned his big station wagon into his driveway.

It was after two an. For once, he would be home later than Heather. Now she could wonder where he had been all evening.

His victory was short-lived, however. Heather’s car was not in the garage. She was not home.

The anger Tom felt as he let himself into the dark house grew with the minutes and hours until at last he heard the sound of Heather’s car in the drive.

He had downed a couple of ryes on the rocks while waiting. He was not drunk. But his nerves were on edge; his emotions were razor-sharp. Tonight he was determined to get to the bottom of his wife’s mysterious outings with “the girls”.

Being with Fay tonight had done more than allay his horniness. It had left him with a strong sense of his own masculinity. His little red-headed wife was not going to treat him like dirt any longer.

He smiled wryly as he noted the look of apprehension on Heather’s face as she entered the living room.

“Well… if it isn’t my little loving wife!” he drawled sarcastically. “How was your night out with the girls?”

“Tom…” She seemed at a loss for words. “I thought you’d be asleep by now.” She was scrutinizing him closely as she moved closer to where he sat on the couch.

“That’s reasonable enough. Most people are asleep at five in the morning. And you can quit trying to ogle my eyeballs. I’m not drunk, either. In fact, I just go home a little bit before you.”

She seemed shocked. “Oh?”

Somehow the idea that Tom, too, could have his little midnight outings had never occurred to the pretty redhead. She was not sure she liked the idea. She had been so busy catering to her own wants and needs, she had forgotten about Tom’s. Absorbed in the drama of her own frustration, she had overlooked the horniness that Tom, too, must have suffered during the past weeks and months.

“Where were you, Tom?” The question was delivered quietly, timidly.

He smiled at her. The look made Heather more nervous than ever. She had never seen Tom look so cool and calculating. So sure of himself. Had he been changing over the past weeks? She couldn’t be sure. They had seen so little of each other.

Or had something happened all at once tonight perhaps to wreak the change in her husband?

“I think there’s something we ought to discuss before we get down to my activities tonight. Like you and the girls, for instance.”

His eyes never left his wife’s. The force of his look cowed Heather. She sank down into a chair facing him.

“What do you mean, Tom?” It was now that she realized how deeply angry the man was.

“I mean what have you really been doing every night after work?”

“But, Tom… I told you… I’ve been going out for a drink with some of the women at work. You know how girls are when they start talking. The hours just fly by!”

He rose from the couch so quickly that he was standing over her before she even realized he was up. He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her to her feet. His eyes glared into hers. Only a couple of inches separated them.

“Don’t bull shit me, Heather. I’ve had enough of the bullshit. More than enough!”

She was terrified. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She couldn’t decide whether it would be better to confess or to continue antagonizing him with lies.

Suddenly Tom reached down and began tearing her clothes from her body.

“Tom! What are you doing?! Stop! You’re mining my dress!”

“You cap buy another one. I just want to see my wife naked for a change. Why should I be the only one left out? Don’t tell me you haven’t been up to some hanky-panky, Heather, because I don’t believe you. I know how much you love to fuck. And I know you haven’t tried to fuck me for weeks. You can’t tell me you’ve suddenly decided to become a nun. Because I just won’t go for it. There now! That’s better!”

She stood trembling before him, naked except for her garter and stockings and high heels. He had torn off both her dress and her flimsy lace bra.

“What’s the matter, Heather? Too hot outside for panties? Or do you just get a kick out of going around with your twat hanging out?”

“I… I just don’t like wearing them, that’s all!”

The terror was building. He was fingering her pussy! Would he guess…?

“Jee-zuz, that’s a hot twat you’ve got there, baby! What were you doing? Playing with yourself on the way home? Fuck, your cunt’s wetter than a swamp after a rainstorm!”

He raised to his nose the hand that had been fingering her cunt. He looked deep into her eyes, his own eyes blazing with conviction.

“Shit, baby, I’d known that sweet aroma anywhere! Who have you been fucking? Tell me!”

He grabbed her shoulders and shook her. In her fear and confusion, Heather could think of only one course of action. She would have to come clean, tell him the truth. He wouldn’t like it, but maybe he would at least let up on her once he knew everything.

“I’ve been meeting… some people… after work, Tom. They’re nothing special to me. I just needed to make love to somebody… and you don’t seem interested.”

He flung her hard down onto the couch, as though he could not stand to touch her any longer. “Jee-zuz Christ, woman! How was I supposed to get interested in someone who acted as though I was the shittiest lover in the world? You treated me like dirt, Heather, every time we made love. You made it very clear I wasn’t enough for you.”

“But, Tom!” she cried in exasperation. “It wasn’t enough! I needed more!”

“And are you getting it now? Are you getting what you need, baby?” he hollered at her.

“YES!” she screamed back. “Yes, I’m getting fucked like I always needed to get fucked! My cunt feels really good for the first time in my life! Do you hear me, Tom? For the first time!”

She knew she was courting disaster, but in her hysteria she didn’t care any more. All she knew was that she was not going to let him put all the blame on her. He had blown it as much as she had. Not once had he tried to talk it over, to devise some plan for making things better between them.

He had left it up to her to save herself.

And she had.

She was lying face down on the couch, her eyes turned up towards him. She tried to struggle to her feet, but he raised a foot and used it to push her back down onto her belly.

“Stay right where you are, cunt! I’m not finished with you yet!”

His contemptuous words aroused Heather’s Irish temper. She struggled mightily to get up off the couch, but he pinned her to the cushions with his knee.

“Let me up off here, you bastard! Let me up!”

Tears of frustration rolled down her cheeks. She realized what a defenseless position she was in. He was so much stronger than she was. And she suffered from the added indignity of being nearly naked.

Her lewd outfit stockings, garter and shoes made her feel vulnerable. She did not want to feel vulnerable right now. She had a right to fight. And she wanted to put up the best defense possible.

“Let me go!”

Watching his wife struggling under him in her obscene costume was doing strange things to Tom. His experiences with Fay earlier in the evening had released his libido. And watching Heather’s garter-streaked ass struggling for freedom was reviving his lust. Her ass-cheeks were so firm and round, wriggling provocatively beneath his knee. They seemed to beg for attention. For something long and thick and hard to satisfy their writhing quest.

“Shut up, bitch!”

All of a sudden, Tom found himself mining a hail of open-handed blows down on her buttocks. He watched fascinated as her quivering globes turned a bright-red. He knew his cock was getting harder by the minute. His overpowering rage was turning into relentless passion.

He wanted to fuck her!

“Oh, please, Tom! Don’t hurt me! Stop it! Please!”

Heather squirmed desperately against her degrading punishment. But it was no use. She was held firmly. As her pussy wriggled against the couch beneath, the lusty redhead noticed a strange turnabout in her excitement. Her fear and frustration were changing into masochistic titillation.

She was in a strange way enjoying the spanking her irate husband was giving her!

The redhead actually experienced disappointment when Tom’s knee left her back and the blows stopped. She looked slowly around at him and was delighted to see him taking off his clothes. She knew now that she wanted. Despite the bizarreness of his emotion-wrought encounter with her husband, Heather wanted more than anything to be fucked by him.

Right now!

“Ohhh, Tom!” She began to mew as her buttocks wriggled, encouragingly now, back towards her stripping husband. “I want you, baby… so much! You’re the only one I ever really wanted, Tom!”

“Heather, baby!” he spat down at her. “You really expect me to believe that? You just like to fuck, that’s all. You’re just a horny little whore! Isn’t that right?” He was naked now, and he kneeled on the couch over her, straddling her thighs.

Even the lewd insult in his words excited the quivering housewife. It was like a perverted fantasy… to have her husband punish her like this for all her unfaithfulness. And then to have him mount her and fuck her senseless. She began to imagine what it would be like to feel his hard cock splitting her cunt-lips wife.

“Oh, God, yesss, Tom,” she groaned. “Anything you say, darling! I just want you inside me! I want you so bad!”

Contempt and excitement struggled for supremacy in the young man’s brain. Watching his wife’s naked ass begging him for cock made his prick swell thick and heavy with blood. Hearing her mew and grovel before him made him despise her weakness, yet at the same time it made him want her all the more. He wanted to punish her and fuck her and make love to her all at the same time. He wanted to give her an experience a lesson she would never forget.

Roughly, he grabbed her ass-cheeks and pulled her up onto hands and knees. He kneaded the full swelling globes of her butt and spread the crack between them wide. He gazed covetously at the hairy, wet slit of her sperm-soiled pussy… and the tight-puckered hole of her shitter.

Her asshole that was what he wanted. He’d fuck her in the ass for being a whore! That, she would never forget.

He slid his stiff cock in along her ass-crack and watched it start to gleam with the juices of her arousal. He pushed on her cunt-opening and shoved his cock right on up inside. Her pussy-muscles clasped his dick convulsively. They seemed to be in spasm.

“Uuuuhhh… Tom honey… you’re making me cum, darling!”

Heather could not believe it. For the first time she was cumming effortlessly with her husband. Cumming the instant his hard cock soared up into her greedy cunt. She had never been this excited with Tom. Never!

The young husband could scarcely believe his ears. Heather was cumming already. Just the filling presence of his prick was enough for her. He was beginning to understand more about what it took to satisfy his sensual wife. She liked to be treated a little rough. Experiencing his dominance, his maleness, drove her wild with arousal. Obviously, all along, she had been waiting for her pussycat to turn into a tiger.

Tom was feeling a new excitement, a new affection for the beautiful redhead. Watching her ass cheeks chum in the abandoned throes of orgasm made his prick grow to steel-hardness. He had never wanted her this much.

And he wanted to fuck her in the asshole. This was the ideal moment for such a wanton experience.

Without warning, he pulled his cock from her cunt and prodded it against the tight-clenched opening to her rectum. Heather didn’t get the chance to tense up against the sudden invasion. His cock-head surged right on up inside. His swollen cock-tip was enclosed in her anus. Now it remained to work the rest of his prick up inside. He shoved steadily forward.

“OOOOOHHH, GOD! What are you doing to me? Tom, it hurts! It hurts! You’ve got to stop!”

Heather was trying to crawl forward, out of reach of his sodomizing cock. But his hands held her hips firmly. She had been excited by the first pressure of his cock-tip on her asshole. She had not expected the searing pain. Not after the way she had seen Zola take Zeke’s cock in her asshole. Zola had been so turned on by the filling presence of a prick up there.

How could it have hurt so much and still felt good? She thought desperately. “Oh, please, Tom! Stop! Stop doing it to meeee!”

Her husband was far too excited by the tight clasp of her ass muscles on his prick to stop now. He had never felt anything this tight! And just the thought that he was screwing his unfaithful wife in the asshole made his nerve-endings tingle with titillation.

“Just relax, Heather. It’s going to feel good. I guarantee you! Just relax and enjoy it!”

“Oh, Tom! I can’t! I can’t!”

“Hold on, baby!”

He began to work his cock steadily in and out of her cruelly stretched shitter. He threw back his head and reveled in the sexual thrill of getting a cock-massage from his wife’s ass-walls. He moved slowly but steadily in and out of her butt. Gradually, he could feel her hold relaxing a little.

She was letting go.

Aware now that her husband had no intention of ceasing his remorseless ass-fuck, Heather struggled to do as he had told her. She strove to relax her bung-hole. Instead of the pain, she thought about the thick hard cock moving back and forth inside her. Stretching her virginal asshole.

And as suddenly and searingly as the pain had come, it faded away. Replaced by a new and intense pleasure. The pleasure of yielding oneself completely to another’s mastery. Of being totally conquered, used by another human being.

Tom’s blood-engorged prick was working in and out of her asshole with rhythmic lust. Heather could tell by the way he was panting up behind her that her husband was enjoying every minute of his anal assault. That knowledge alone stimulated her own pleasure.

“Uuuuhh, Tom, it feels good now! Ooohh, Jee-zuz! Do it to me! Fuck my ass, Tom!”

Before the man’s amazed gaze, her be gartered ass began to chum encouragingly, taking his long hard dick eagerly up inside. For the first time, Tom was learning to really appreciate his wife’s boundless sensuality. She could learn to enjoy anything, even being fucked in the ass. She was beautiful and sexy! He really was a lucky guy!

“Uh, Jeez, baby! My cock feels good up in there! I’ve never felt anything like it, Heather honey!”

He felt free to move more uninhibitedly now. He picked up the pace of his hardy ass-skewering. His cock flew in and out of her dilated asshole while she moaned and grunted in submissive ecstasy before him.

“Mmmmm… ooohhh… screw me in the ass, Tom darling!”

Heather’s memory flashed back to earlier in the evening, when she had watched Zola getting ass-fucked by her husband. Little had she thought that she would have that exact same experience this very night. And enjoy it just as wholeheartedly as Zola had. She felt so liberated… so ecstatic. It was so wonderful to be experiencing this kind of sexual pleasure with her own husband.

And despite the fact that she knew her playing around had been wrong, Heather also knew none of this would ever have happened if she hadn’t taken that initiative. She and Tom might never have learned to enjoy each other sexually. Her unfaithfulness had in fact reunited them!

“Oh, Tom… I love you! I love you!”

“I love you, too, baby! You’re beautiful! Uh, yeah!”

Tom had actually despaired of ever enjoying sex with his lovely wife again. Now here they were like newlyweds writhing excitedly against one another. Though their position was obscene and unnatural, the feelings were not. They were loving one another, and that was all that counted.

When they came, it was together, and it was strong.

“Oooohh, Tom, darling… I’m cummmingggg!”

Heather could scarcely believe the intensity of cumming from getting reamed in the ass. It was sensational. Her whole body seemed to have come unhinged. She was floating in blind euphoria, her body relaxed, discharging a long-pent-up store of emotional frustration.

Now she and Tom were free to love each other again.

“Shit, baby, I’m cumming, too! Oh, yeahhh!”

He lay collapsed upon her for a long time, holding her, loving her. His shrinking prick was stilt lodged in her asshole.

“Baby, you know something?” he said as he planted little kisses along her earlobe. He felt the need to be honest, too.

“What?” Her voice was lazy, sated.

“You’re not the first woman I made love to tonight.”

There it was. The new reality for Heather. She wasn’t sure for a moment how she would take it.

Then she realized her pussy was throbbing.

The thought of her husband with another woman excited her.

“Tell me about it,” she said.


Both Tom and Heather realized their new sexual compatibility was due to one thing.

They had both fucked other people. And their new self-confidence had brought them closer to each other.

“Maybe we shouldn’t take a chance on getting into a rut again, Tom. What do you think?”

“You mean you wart to keep on fucking around?” Tom entertained no illusions now about his wife’s sensuality. There was no way he was ever going to rein her in.

“No… not that… well, not exactly. I mean… didn’t you enjoy fucking Fay and having her suck your cock? Wasn’t it exciting?”

“Well, sure it was exciting.”

“Well, maybe we could keep on doing that sort of thing. Not every night, of course,” she added quickly. “We won’t need to do that. After all, we have each other now.”

“You mean swapping?” The word felt a little strange on Tom’s tongue. The idea of going out and trading partners with another couple seemed downright perverted.

“Sure… something like that. I thought I might invite Jake and Linda over Friday night.”

“You mean they’re into that kind of thing?” His eyes narrowed with suspicion. “How do you know?”

“I just know, Tom. Linda and I are best friends, remember?”

“Sure… I remember.” He laughed. “I’m just beginning to suspect what that might be all about.”

Heather surprised herself. She blushed. “I have tried making love to women a couple of times, Tom. It was kind of exciting.”

At first Tom’s pride was hurt. His wife had even preferred making out with other women to him!

But he checked himself. That was in the past. He and Heather liked fucking each other now. He didn’t have to be jealous of another woman.

The more he thought about his wife lying between another woman’s legs, eating her cunt, the hornier Tom got. The idea intrigued him.

“Sure, why don’t you go ahead and invite Jake and Linda over? Whatever happens, we’re bound to have a good time. After all, we’re all best friends, aren’t we?”

“Sure… Ooohh, it’s going to be fun, Tom!”

For the rest of the week, Heather looked forward to Friday night and the Whitcombs’ visit. It had been a long time since she had seen Jake and Linda. She missed them. They had had such a wonderful day together once. The day she discovered what she had to have in her life.

Sex. And lots of it.

Cocktails were ready when Jake and Linda arrived at seven. Linda was wearing a daring, low-cut blue evening gown that left more than half of her tits bare. Heather smiled to herself as she watched her husband ogling the lovely blonde. She had every confidence that her husband would grow to like swapping wives. She could see he already had a hard-on.

Heather herself was preening in front of Jake’s admiring glances. She was wearing a simple, figure-hugging black cocktail dress… and nothing else. She felt very sexy and uninhibited. She flirted unashamedly with Jake.

“You’re the first lady I’ve ever seen with, her fingernails painted black. And you know, beautiful, on you it looks good.”

Heather laughed and bent forward to retrieve her drink from the coffee-table. She knew Jake had a clear view of her naked tits inside her dress. When she straightened up, his eyes were blazing with desire. She snuck a furtive glance at the crotch of his trousers. There was a distinct bulge there. Her cunt throbbed hotly under her filmy dress.

“I’ll go and bring out the food. I thought we could all help ourselves. It’ll be easier that way.” Her voice was hoarse, and Jake’s look told her he knew why. Tom and Linda didn’t even hear her. They were sitting very close, looking through a photo album.

“I’ll help you, beautiful.”

Inside the kitchen, Heather began to arrange the food and dishes on a tray. She heard the swinging doors open and close behind her, and she knew Jake was in the room with her. She didn’t look around. She waited for him to speak.

He didn’t speak. Instead, he came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her chest. A hand clutched each ripe tit. He began to plant hot maddening kisses along the nape of her neck. Heather was wearing her thick red hair piled high on top of her head. Just a few curly tendrils blocked the way to her smooth, inviting flesh.

“Mmmm, you taste good,” he murmured at last, long after the ridges of goosebumps had popped up all over the redhead’s neck and arms. “I can’t tell you how happy I was to hear you two had invited us over. Especially to hear you and Tom might be ready for a swap tonight. I’ve missed you, beautiful. One time with you is definitely not enough.”

She groaned low. “Oh, Jake… I’ve missed you, too. You’re so big and strong. God, I love the way you hold me.”

His arms were wrapped tightly around her. His fingers were playing with her nipples through the thin material of her dress. The pleasure-darts were shooting straight down to her hungry pussy. She was so ready for him.

Heather had been faithful to Tom for the past three weeks, and her body was ripe for sexual adventure. The redhead had accepted one thing about herself. For her, one lover would never be enough. She had to have many. She hoped Tom would learn to be that way, too.

She enjoyed being Tom’s wife. But there were some things she would not give up… even for Tom.

Jake was surprised and excited by the way his lovely neighbor was quivering in his arms. “Jee-zuz, baby… you’re ready, aren’t you?”

“Oh, God, yes, Jake. I want you!”

She turned around and pulled his mouth down to hers. Her tongue searched his mouth lewdly, telling him of the intensity of her desire.

Jake slipped a hand under the hem of her dress and searched out the slit of her cunt. He was delighted to find it naked and wet, hot and ready for a fuck.

“Jee-suz, you’ve got such a sweet twat, beautiful! Christ, can I stick it in you now? Do you think Tom would mind?”

The urgency of the big man’s words further stimulated Heather’s sexual appetite. He wanted her as much as she wanted him! They would have such a good fuck together! She found it difficult to consider whether Tom or Linda might be upset if she and Jake jumped the gun, so to speak.

“I think they looked pretty involved in that picture album. Oh, come on, Jake! Do it to me!”

She began to hump her cunt shamelessly up against his hand. He sank a finger deep into her twat and squirmed it around in the heated wetness.

“Ooooohhh… more! I want your cock, Jake!”

She reached down and fumbled with his zipper. When she finally held his cock thick and pulsing in her hand, she guided it towards the hot spot between her legs.

“You want it that bad, eh, beautiful?”

Jake was ready to take over. He grabbed Heather by her ass-cheeks and lifted her up onto the kitchen counter. He tilted her back slightly, so her hairy cunt was aimed right at the tip of his cock.

He led his cock in against her hole and shoved. It slipped tight on up inside. Her cunt-muscles clutched his rod hungrily. He closed his eyes and started to pump his hips back and forth.

“Ah, shit yeah! That’s the sweet pussy I’ve been dreaming about!”

“Ooooohh, Jake, your cock feels so good in me! Uuuuhhh, yeah… do it hard like that!”

Overcome by the urgency of the moment, the big man was sending his cock soaring into her pussy in rapid staccato motions. Again and again his cock-tip made contact with the rubbery tip of her cervix. It felt good to be in her so deep. The way her cunt-muscles massaged his cock-shaft was dynamite! He could feel the little potent messengers dashing around madly inside his balls. He wanted to fill her up so bad!

“Mmmm, baby…”

The couple were so thoroughly engrossed in the heated passion of their own coupling that for a while they did not notice the moans and groans filtering in from the living room.

“Jee-zuz!” Jake exclaimed. “Tom and Linda must be going at it, too!”

Heather was surprised and a little shocked. Again she had underestimated her husband. Somehow she had not expected him to be as hot for this night as she was. But the noises coming from the other room were unmistakable. Tom and Linda were enjoying themselves… a lot.

“Jeez, Heather, I’d like to get in there and watch. Wouldn’t you?”

At first the redhead wasn’t too sure. Despite all the sexual experiences she had had lately, she had yet to watch her husband involved with another woman. She felt an automatic recoil, but then lustful intrigue crept in. She wanted to see it! She wanted to watch Tom fuck Linda!

“Yes, I would, Jake! Let’s go!”

She groaned as he pulled his swollen cock from her cunt. She didn’t want to part with that for long, that was for sure.

“Come on, Jake.” She pulled him by he hand towards the kitchen door. “I want you to start fucking me again as soon as we get in there.”

They found Tom and Linda down on the floor. She was lying on her back, her legs high in the air, her cunt upturned. His juice-slickened cock was ramming tirelessly in and out of her welcoming pussy. They both looked up at the newcomers.

“We heard you two out there and it gave us ideas!” Linda giggled, but her smile turned to lustful entreaty as Tom smacked his cock deep into her greedy pussy. “Oooohh, Heather, darling! He’s wonderful! I’m glad you decided to share him with me!” Her words faded into a babble of groans and moans as Tom turned his back to his wife and her lover and stroked his cock rhythmically into Linda’s welcoming pussy.

Despite her earlier misgivings, Heather found her own cunt throbbing lustfully as she watched her husband’s cock fucking her girl friend’s pussy. She dropped to her knees on the rug next to them for a closer look at his swollen prick and her blood-engorged cunt-lips.

“Oh, Linda,” she groaned, “it’s so sexy watching you with my husband like this. Is he making you feel good, darling?”

“Wonderful! It’s sooo wonderful!”

Jake could not resist the inviting target of Heather’s upthrust ass. He pushed her skirt up over her full round buttocks and spread her ass-cheeks to make way for the pounding shaft of his cock. For the second time that night, his cock tip found the yielding hole of her pussy. He shoved forward. Once again, he was lost in the palpitating warmth of her clutching cunt. He stroked in and out of her, automatically picking up Tom’s rhythm.

While the two women moaned and writhed in pleasure, the two men plowed their hard cocks again and again into their warm wet holes. They picked up their pace together as the air of urgency became progressively more intense.

“Ooooh, Jake, it’s sooo good! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

“Tom darling, your cock is sooo filling in me! Aaahhh!”

The young husband was encouraged by the pretty blonde’s praise, enough that it didn’t bother him to see his wife being fucked by another man.

They were getting their forbidden pleasure together. Obviously this was what wife-swapping was all about. Both partners got to play around without creating jealousy. They were being lewd and wanton together. While he continued to fuck Linda, Tom leaned over and kissed his wife on the mouth.

“You’re beautiful, honey,” he told her. “I’m glad we’re here… together.”

Heather felt a surge of affection for him. “So am I, Tom. I like to see you feeling good, darling.”

Even at the height of her pleasure, Heather could not help marveling at the changes that had come about in her marriage in just a couple of weeks. From a completely estranged couple, Tom and she had turned into love-birds. She thought she had never loved him as much as she did right now… with another man’s cock stroking in and out of her flaring cunt. They were sharing something special. They were learning how to share each other with other sexual beings.

Life seemed very new and exciting at this moment.

“Ooohh… Ooohhh, Jake! Uuuhh, God, I’m cumming!”

It was a good feeling to be able to smile at her husband while she was cumming from the fucking of another man. She watched fascinated as Linda’s cunt closed tight around Tom’s prick.

“Uuuuuhhh… oooohhhh! Tommmm! I’m cummingggg!”

The blonde thrust her pelvis hard up against Tom’s loins, urging him to fill her, to join her on the other side of ecstasy.

Tom accepted the invitation.

“Uh, Jeez! I’m shooting into you, Linda! Feels good! Feels good!”

While Tom and Linda subsided into the satisfying aftermath of lust, Jake stroked harder and harder into Heather’s pussy until at last he, too, was done.

“Oooohhh! Look out, beautiful! I’m doing it!”

Release for all four of them had been hard and fast and urgent. There had been little experimentation with more subtle sensuality. But now that the first brash excitement of their new relationship had passed, they started to play with each other.

Dinner wasn’t until one a.m. that night.

But the hors d’oeuvres were something to remember… for Jake and Linda and Tom and Heather. A new phase of their friendship was sealed.


Heather and Tom were taking a well-deserved vacation in Florida.

They had changed a good deal from the rather naive couple they had been many months before. They had a sophistication, a self-confidence, that their more recent sexual experiences had given them.

They knew who they were now. They knew what they wanted from life. They lay by their hotel pool, soaking in the sun, admiring the nearly naked bodies of the other sun-worshipers.

Tom in particular could not keep his eyes off a shapely young Cuban girl in a brief red bikini. Heather watched his eyes assess her full out thrusting tits and round ass every time she stirred on her beach towel. From time to time she would rise and take a quick plunge into the pool. It was then that Tom’s eyes shone brightest, and the bulge in his trunks grew largest.

“Tom, you’ve turned into a real lech, you know that?” Heather teased him as she reached out lazily for the Tom Collins that sat on the table next to her.

“Blame yourself, baby. You’re the one who helped wake me up to myself. If it hadn’t been for you, I probably would never have fucked anybody but you. Right up until the end of our marriage… which would have been soon, if it hadn’t been for [missing text].”

He reached over and clasped her hand. “You’re right, baby — I’m sure as hell glad I didn’t lose you. You’re the best wife a guy ever had.”

“Thanks, darling. Now tell me… what do you think of that little beauty in red over there?”

He smiled slyly. “She’s not bad.”

“Not bad, eh? Then what’s this?” Heather reached over and squeezed his crotch.

“Hey! What the hell do you think you’re doing? Someone’s liable to notice!”

“What do we care? We’re a long way from home. And we’re on vacation.”

“Yes… I guess you’re right. But try to be a little cooler, eh, baby?”

Heather pouted. She was in the mood for some adventure. She hoped Tom wasn’t going to be an old stick-in-the-mud.

“What should we do tonight, Tom? Let’s make it something exciting, okay? I think I’m ready for a little titillation.”

“Okay, baby. Tell you what… you pick it. Your wish is my command.”

“Then I’d like to go to that little club Jake and Linda were telling us about. I think it’s just what I’m looking for.”

“You do, eh? Okay, baby, we’ll do it!”

They had dinner in an expensive Spanish restaurant with an authentic old-country atmosphere. They ate paella and drank lots of good Spanish red. Both were tipsy and excited by the time they left the restaurant.

Their cab driver raised his eyebrows knowingly when they gave him the address of the club they wanted to go to.

“You know it?” Tom asked.

“Yes, sir. I know it. I think you will find it very interesting.”

Tom had to give the doorman a twenty-dollar tip before they could get in the front door. Then they were led to a screen enclosed booth at the edge of a dance floor. The central area was surrounded by such booths, just dark enough that it was impossible to make out the features of any of the other clients.

Tom ordered a bottle of champagne. “When does the floor show start?” he asked the pretty waitress.

“In a few minutes, sir.”

“You like the looks of our waitress, eh, Casanova?” Heather asked when the girl had left.

“She’s a dish! Jeez, Heather, I’m sure glad I talked you out of that job of yours. I don’t mind your fucking around, but I like to be there when you’re doing it. You’re too damned good-looking to be serving a bunch of horny bastards like me.”

Heather giggled. “Darling, you’re funny. Let’s have a toast. To a long and captivating sex life!”

They clinked gasses and entwined arms to drink. “Gee, I feel like a new bride, darling. I’m so glad to be with you.”

“Me, too, honey!”

Suddenly the lights died, and a spotlight appeared in the center of the dance floor. A young woman in a simple red dress ran into the center of the stage. She was barefoot. She moved with the grace of a fleeing antelope. She began to dance a wild, suggestive dance that told of anguish and fear and flight.

“Why, Tom, do you recognize her?” Heather whispered. “It’s the Cuban girl from the hotel. My God, she really is beautiful. She’s a good dancer, too.”


Heather looked at her husband. She could catch only a faint glimpse of his silhouette in the light of the small candle on their table. He was watching the girl attentively, leaning forward for a closer look.

Heather’s attention was arrested by a loud cracking sound. She looked at the stage. A tall handsome man carrying a whip strode into the spotlight, followed by twp strong men, obviously his servants. They wore the costumes of buccaneers. The servants grabbed hold of the girl, who was cowering on the floor. They pulled her, protesting, to her feet.

The man cracked his whip against the floor, and the servants began to undress the girl. She struggled against them, but her efforts were in vain. They stripped her easily. Within moments, she stood naked between them, looking frightened and ashamed. Her eyes avoided the gaze of the tall man who stood directly in front of her.

As she watched the show, Heather found herself becoming more and more excited. The fantasy of a woman bound and helpless before her handsome assailants appealed to the redhead. Her cunt throbbed with desire. She slipped a hand down to her lap and rubbed it gently over her pussy-mound.

There was something delightfully wicked about watching a sex show and playing with herself in the dark. The idea made her pussy throb all the harder. She pulled up the skirt of her dress ever so gently, so as not to distract Tom’s attention. She began to stroke her naked clitoris with her fingertip.

While the two servants held the naked girl between them, the big man took off his own clothes. His movements were slow and taunting. He looked particularly proud when he pulled down his trousers and exposed his long thick cock to the girl’s view. Her mouth fell open in awe, soon followed by tenor.

Heather couldn’t believe the size of the man’s cock. It looked huge! She had never seen one to match it. The thought of watching that beautiful young girl take such a formidable prick into her pussy drove the redhead to a higher peak of excitement. Her finger worried her clitoris more urgently. She began to run another finger up and down the length of her wet, fur-trimmed cunt. Her thighs fell farther apart. Secure in the knowledge that no one could see her, Heather threw caution to the winds.

The handsome big man in center stage stood naked in front of the struggling young woman, hands on hips. Then he moved closer to her, holding his erect cock in his hand, pointing it at her pussy-mound. He reached out and grabbed her by the hips. He sank his cock in between her thighs and searched for her pussy-hole. He found it and shoved.

“AAAAGGGHHH!” the girl’s pained cry rang through the small club. While the two smaller men held her arms behind her their master fucked hard and deep in and out of her cruelly penetrated pussy.

But for the sound of her moans of protest, the room was permeated by an awesome hush. The hush of suppressed excitement.

Heather had slipped a couple of fingers into the greedy hole of her cunt and was working them urgently back and forth. She had slid forward on her seat so her buttocks rested on the very edge, giving her fingers maximum access to her quaking cunt-passage.

The young woman’s face worked through various expressions of fear and anguish while the big man continued to pound his cock into her unwilling cunt.

“Oooohh! Ooooohhh! AAAAgggghhhh!”

While the unseen audience watched with rapt attention, a strange change came about in the woman’s behavior. Instead of agony, her tones began to imply an abandoned ecstasy. Her hips began to hump up to meet the man’s long hard strokes. His cock, so long and thick, shone with the coating of her lubricating juices.

She was turned on. She was submitting eagerly now to the savage assault.

Heather felt more titillated than ever by the woman’s response. Her fingers were massaging her cunt with unabashed eagerness, searching for the tumultuous release that lurked just under the surface. She was surprised when a hand suddenly pulled hers away from her cunt and placed it on a hard, swollen cock.

Tom had pulled his prick from his fly and had been playing with himself while she stroked her pussy. Now he reached a couple of fingers into her pussy and took up where her own fingers had left off. She wrapped her hand around his cock-shaft and began to pump up and down. She opened her legs wider to let him finger-fuck her deeper.

This was even more titillating than what she had been doing alone. Mutual masturbation while they watched the erotic show before them! Wait till they told Jake and Linda about this! Their friends would be so proud of them!

Heather’s fingertips caressed her husband’s cock expertly while his fingers drove deep into her trembling cunt-hole. The girl on the stage was grinding her hips wildly up at the big man’s cock now. She was urging him on begging him to fuck her longer, harder, deeper. Her wails of passion indicated it would not be long before she came. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that her release would be a spectacular one.

The watching redhead was going out of her mind with excitement. It was all she could do to keep her hand working over Tom’s swollen cock. Her pussy was so hot and aroused! She needed to cum so bad!

“Oh, Tom!” she exclaimed at last in a wrenching whisper. “I’m cumming, baby! I’m cumming!”

“Oh, God!” It didn’t take her long to figure out what his answer meant. The hot thick fluids of his orgasm flowed over her hand while he ground his pelvis upward.

Heather searched for her husband’s mouth and they shared a long soulful kiss. She enjoyed being able to take part in this kind of sexual adventure with her own husband. It made life so exciting.

She wiped her hand and Tom’s cock carefully with a napjdn while she watched the show on center stage. The big man came long before the aroused girl. She attacked each of his servants in turn and pulled out their pricks, begging them to fuck her. Each drubbed her cunt thoroughly, until he spilled his load deep into her craving pussy.

When all three men had fucked her, the girl kneeled on the floor and, licking her lips lewdly, proceeded to finger-fuck herself until she came.

“Ooooohhh! God, it’s sooo good!” she cried aloud before collapsing face, down onto the floor. At this moment, the spotlight expired. When the houselights came pn, the four actors were gone.

The show was over. But the heavy erotic atmosphere it had created lingered on. Heather and Tom went back to their house even hornier than they had left it. They fucked until dawn, then fell asleep in each other’s arms.


It was past noon when Heather and Tom made it down to the pool the next day. Both were hoping they might run into the young beauty in the red bikini again. After last night, they felt they had much more in common.

They were disappointed when they found the pool deserted but for a rather overweight middle-aged woman with a yappy poodle tied to the leg of her chaise longue. They found their own corner of the patio and stretched out in the sun. After about an hour the pretty star of last night’s show came down the stairs to the pool, alone.

She smiled nervously at the little woman and her dog, then more openly at Tom and Heather.

“Hi,” Heather greeted her. “Not much happening down here today, is there? Want some company? Why don’t you come over and join us?”

“Why thank you! You’re very kind.” The young woman’s slightly formal speech and her shy manner seemed oddly out of tune with what they had seen of her last night.

“We caught your show at the club last night,” Tom told her abruptly. When she seemed embarrassed, he hastened to reassure her. “We thought you were terrific! You’re very beautiful. And very sexy! Neither one of us could resist getting it off watching you!”

She smiled. She looked bolder now. Heather and Tom both began to suspect this girl was an even better actress then they had thought. “Thank you. I enjoy my work.”

“That was pretty obvious. Rut how did you ever get into it? It’s a pretty unusual way for a girl to earn her living.”

“I tried other things. Waitress work. Clerking. I couldn’t stand it, and the money was lousy. I decided if I was going to have to earn my keep, it would at least be in a way worth my while.”

“Didn’t you feel nervous at first?” Heather asked. “It must take a lot of courage to get out there and be that uninhibited in front of a room full of people.”

“I can’t see any of their faces. And besides, I get turned on by the thought that other people are watching me, are getting excited by what I’m doing.”

“Aren’t there times when you don’t feel horny… when it’s hard to get into it?”

“No… never happens. I’m always horny. It’s what you might call my main characteristic.”

Tom was intrigued by the sultry brunette. Thoughts of last night’s perfonnance were driving him wild. He wanted to fuck her more than he had ever wanted anything. It seemed particularly titalating… the thought of fucking a woman who fucked on stage for her living. Not every guy got a chance like that!

“My wife and I both think you are the most beautiful woman we’ve ever seen. We’d like to make love to you.”

He didn’t say any more. The thought that she might say no agonized him.

“I’m very flattered by your attention. Of course, I get many such proposals. I don’t like to get involved in that sort of thing unless I like the people involved. I’m not a whore, you know. I’m a performer.”

Heather reached out and clasped the woman’s hand. “Of course, darling. We know that. Tom and I enjoy sex as much as you do. But we like to be with people who are special to us. I have an idea. Why don’t we all have lunch together? We could get to know one another better.”

“Great idea, Heather. What do you say… You know, we don’t even know your name.”

“Maria. And yours?”

“I’m Tom. This is my wife, Heather. We’re vacationing out here for a couple of weeks. Some friends back home told us about your club. Lunch, Maria?” He reached for the girl’s hand. She took it.

With a woman on each arm, Tom went in to lunch. He felt like a million dollars. He had never known vacations could be so much fun.

After a long lunch accompanied by two liters of wine, the threesome decided to retire to Tom and Heather’s suite. Heather sat on the bed and pulled Maria down beside her.

“I think we girls should stick together, Maria. For protection.” Both giggled.

“All right, you women… watch yourselves. I’m going into the bathroom for a piss. When I come out, I expect to find you both naked and panting. Got that?”

Tom felt good. He was having the time of his life. Lunch had put him in a terrific mood.

When Tom came out of the bathroom, he found more than he had bargained for. The young brunette lay naked on her back on the bed. His wife was kneeling between her thighs, eating her pussy. Maria’s low cries and moans gave her plenty of encouragement, and the naked redhead worked tirelessly, licking her widespread pink pussy.

“Mmmm, Maria, honey… you taste so good!”

“Heather, it’s wonderful! You’re making me feel so good! Oooohhh, God, I’m on fire! I love to feel a woman making love to me! A woman is so tender, so knowledgeable in the art of eating a pussy! Aaahhhh!”

“Beautiful! You girls are something else!”

Tom’s cock was already hard from the titillation of flirting with two beautiful women through lunch. Now it jerked to even greater hardness, at the sight of his own wife making love to a strange woman. A woman who, by her own admission, had an endless sexual appetite!

He stripped quickly, then he climbed onto the bed. He parted his wife’s ass-cheeks and shoved his cock in between. He was looking for a hot wet hole! It didn’t much matter which one!

His cock-tip caught at the puckered entrance to her shitter. It lodged the first little way up inside. He shoved!

“Uuuuhhh… God, yes, Tom! Fuck me in the ass, darling!”

Heather was suddenly, reliving in her mind the erotic encounter she had had with the sophisticated Zeke and Zola. Now she and Tom were Zeke and Zola to Maria. She was eating the lovely brunette’s cunt while her husband flicked her in the ass. Heather had never been so excited in her life. The worldly abandon of her position made her blood pound through her veins. She loved the feel of her husband’s prick stretching her asshole wide! She loved the sweet taste of the other woman’s pussy!

“Ooooohh, Heather!” Maria was looking wide-eyed up at the other woman. “Does it feel good like that, darling? Do you like it in the asshole?”

“God, yesss! It’s wonderful!”

Tom was in seventh heaven. His wife’s asshole was clutching his prick tight. The thought of the beautiful woman lying under his wife a woman he would soon be fucking increased his ardor. Tom thanked his lucky stars for the day Heather had decided to stray! His life was an adventure now, instead of a drudge.

“Baby! I love fucking your sweet ass!”

“Do it to me, Tom! Do it, darling! I love it!”

Tom came to orgasm quickly, but so did Heather. They were both wildly excited by their situation. Their nerves were on a hair-trigger sensitivity. It took more to make Maria cum. Tom fucked her tight clinging cunt for a long time. Then he ate her pussy while Heather sucked her tits. But it was only when she played with her own clitoris that Maria was able to cum.

“Now you know my awful secret,” she said, a little shy once again. “I’m still not free when I take my pleasure.”

“Don’t worry, baby. Just relax and groove on what’s happening! One of these times, it’ll happen.” Tom wanted to make this young beauty cum more than anything else in the world.

And three days later, he did. After a long morning’s fucking, Maria suddenly fell into a wild winding spiral of release.

“I’ll never forget you, Tom, for what you did for me,” she told him later.

Heather thought back to the days when her husband would not take the time or trouble to give her an orgasm. But she was not jealous of Maria. She was just glad that the changes in herself had helped change her husband.

She loved him more now than when she had had him all to herself.

She knew they were together for love, not out of habit.

“Life’s so good!” she sighed as she put her arms around her two lovers and hugged them both tight. “I wonder what will happen tomorrow.”