Teacher’s Oral Lesson

The facade of respectability often crumbles to dust with remarkable swiftness once its protective armor has been pierced.

The relatively minor investigation into the conduct of one police officer results in the discovery of massive corruption within the force. A routine check by the government of a corporation’s finances turns up damning evidence of widespread tax evasion, graft, kickbacks, bribes and payoffs. Insignificant-looking cysts reveal malignant tumors.

And what of the facade of righteousness and puritan morality in the hallowed precincts of that renowned English import, the prep school?

What really goes on behind those ivy-covered walls? Does depravity belong exclusively to the ghetto-dweller, as many of the more fortunate among us would like to think?

TEACHER’S ORAL LESSON — a serious and shocking story about a teacher and her students at one school where the most popular subject was sex… and the lessons they all learned from their experiences.


Virginia heard the low moaning coming from the boys’ lavatory of the Westbourne Academy for Boys. She thought someone was hurt and she had better run in. But prudence made her hesitate.

Around the corner of the red brick building was a bench under a non-gazed window. Virginia mounted the long wooden bench on her tiptoes and peered in. There was William Crawley, the brightest and handsomest boy in her senior English class, with Miss Tobbie, the principal’s secretary.

Virginia Tidwell had never seen anything like it in her twenty-six years of chaste existence. She looked dumfounded as William placed young, voluptuous and very naked Miss Tobbie on the edge of the corner sink. The redhead was spreading her legs apart before the well-built boy and moaning obscenities, her head tossed back and rolling about.

Virginia’s first impulse was to scream. But even tough it was after school hours and there might someone around, she didn’t want to expose any decent people to this sinful sight. She stifled a grimace of distaste and watched.

William had his dark blue blazer under Miss Tobbie’s plump ass. They were positioned so that Virginia had a clear view of their private parts. William’s veined cock was pointing straight at the glistening, moist entrance to Miss Tobbie’s cunt. It quivered with delight as the spongy sans of William’s cock was pressed against it.

Never in her life had Virginia imagined a cunt could look that dark and alive. Her mind wandered to her own experiences. Even masturbating never made her twat look like that. She concentrated again. Now she was telling herself she was doing this as a lesson in anatomy, but she knew it wasn’t true. Something in her repressed body made her watch, and her body tinted with excitement. She hated herself for doing both.

The two heated organs met and Virginia heard groans issue from the two fucking in the room. She was shocked and had to listen again. She nearly laughed when she realized how naive she was being.

Her revulsion toward the situation still clung to her. Virginia didn’t know how to handle the disgust and erotic thrill she was getting from watching them screw.

The bodies had shifted slightly. Miss Tobbie had her shapely legs wrapped around William’s naked waist. His powerful hips thrust against hers, and his stiff shaft was pushing deep into her snatch. Virginia gasped as the young secretary’s red pubic hair was forced into her cunt along with the shaft. The puss lips just seemed to follow the cock into the tunnel.

There was a warm gathering around Virginia’s clitoris that she did not recognize. It was intense mid seemed to grow as the pounding of her excited heart increased. She was bewildered at the reaction of her own body, and couldn’t take her eyes off the two.

William’s hips kept noisily slurping in and out of Miss Tobbie’s juicy cunt. The spunky smell of their sex began to reach Virginia and it made her head reel. She was ashamed of herself. She should have run directly to Mr. Moore, the principle and reported the outrage. But now it was too late, and she couldn’t stop watching now if she had wanted to. Her body scorned to have control over her. She just gaped and sighed.

She heard them talking in hoarse whispers through the closed window. She stood very still so that she could hear.

“God,” moaned Miss Tobbie. “Stick that big cock in me.”

Virginia had never heard a woman talk like that in her life, and Miss Tobbie seemed so innocent and coy when she was around the principal. What seemed worse, though, was for her best pupil to answer with similar street vocabulary.

“Just open up that juicy cunt a little and you’ll really get yourself fucked!”

Where had they learned that, and why did they use it at what Virginia thought should be an intimate moment? It didn’t make sense to her that they would talk dirty, but it did seem to spur them on. William’s slick stalk drove again and again into Miss Tobbie’s exposed twat.

Virginia felt her thighs become hot and moist. She hated herself for her body’s reactions. As she shifted her weight on the bench, the juices rubbed her labia together and excitement soared in her loins. Why? she thought. I’ve been brought up to hate that, and my body doesn’t. She was more confused than ever as the pitch of the fucking grew and her eyes watered with anticipation to see what would happen next.

William slowed his withdrawals from the sticky tunnel of Miss Tobbie’s cunt, but still rammed hard into her. Virginia could see the reddened puss lips spread out as the turgid member began to expand rapidly. The sac hanging between his legs shriveled up into a wrinkled knob at the base of his crotch. The tight knot of skin began to jump as Miss Tobbie moaned deeply.

“I’m going to come! Fm… coming!” yelled William through his tightly compressed lips. Virginia was amazed that they weren’t ashamed of how much noise they were making.

“I can feel it!” screamed Miss Tobbie. “I can feel your cum boiling through my insides!”

“Your cuntlips are clamping around my cock,” said William. “Jesus, it’s great.”

Heat was washing over Virginia, but she knew she would be unsatisfied. She was too repressed with her hands into her skirt and help herself, she just watched them come with a mixed feeling of disgust and passion.

As soon as the two collapsed, now spent from their exertions, Virginia tried to gather her senses and get away. She was dizzy and slipped twice off of the bench. She hoped they hadn’t heard her, for embarrassment flushed her already impassioned face.

Virginia stood in front of Mr. Moore’s office, frying to calm down. She knew she had to turn them in far their own good. Or did she? There was no movement in the room, and Virginia took it as a sign that the principal was not in. She would not have to be confronted with a choke.

The bus ride home to her apartment was awful. She thought everyone could smell the juices of excitement exuding from her body. She wanted to hide, or cry, but held her composure until she was inside her apartment door.

“What have I done?” she asked herself, crying as soon as she had the door closed. She threw herself upon the worn couch, crying. She wanted to know what made her so perverse. Her father had isolated her from contact with people so that she wouldn’t have to be involved with this dirtiness.

James Tidwell had been an opportunist during the Depression. He had made a great deal of money by cheating other people out of what little they had left. He had had a daughter by a pretty society girl who died in childbirth.

Virginia only knew that much about her father. His cheating she had deduced from conversations she’d overheard as a child. And her mother’s death while giving birth to her was something her father would never let her forget. He made her hate herself, and her sex.

From the time Virginia was in her teens she knew the little bit of fluffy hair growing at her private area was a signal she was becoming dirty. She did everything she could to prove to her father she wasn’t.

It wasn’t hard to remain a virgin in the mountain retreat above Denver where she and her father lived. He had had all of the stones from a chalet in the Alps numbered and shipped to Colorado, where they were reassembled high on a mountain. Virginia always thought of it as a fortress to protect her from the outer world. She had even taken all of her college courses through correspondence so she wouldn’t have to deal with people who might take advantage of her.

The only experience she’d ever had with sex was when she was fifteen years old. The only manservant her father kept in the large house was both butler and chauffeur. He was not young, about forty or so. Virginia could never tell the age of men because she never had contact with them.

His name was Tony Burk and he was solidly built. He was bouncy, but could carry himself with dignity.

One day the intercom had gone out throughout the house, and none of the female servants could be found. Her father sent Virginia out on the nice spring day to find Tony and tell him that his services were needed. She looked in the tool shed, then in the kitchen, but he wasn’t to be found in either place. She had been told to find Tony, so she headed for his sleeping quarters above the garage.

“Is anyone here?” she asked while walking up the stairs. There was no answer so she knocked. There was still no answer so she turned the doorknob.

The well-kept room looked empty so she asked again, “Is anyone here?”

Tony Burk’s large body sprung out of the nook in back of the door and shut it before Virginia could move. She stared with open eyes at his half-clad form. His chest was matted with a tangle of black hair. His meaty hands rested lightly on his hips as he stood with his back to the door.

Virginia wanted to cry out but there was something about the situation that choked off a scream. She sputtered and looked very hard. Tony moved toward her as she backed her young, budding body toward the window. The garage was too far from the house to effectively call for help, but she was going to try.

“Now, now, Miss Virginia,” said Tony in a less than cautious manner, “no one is going to hurt you.”

She didn’t believe him, but his words made her stop moving.

“That’s a nice little girl,” she said. Thou before Virginia knew what had happened to her the large man lunged and grabbed her by one of her supple wrists. She struggled to free herself, but his grip was strong and sure.

All of the dirty things she thought about her body surfaced as Tony pulled her toward him. He must know it too, she thought. He must know that I’m dirty.

Tony crushed Virginia’s breasts against his stomach. She felt a thickness against her own soft belly and tried to push herself away. He was too strong and began grinding his hips against her struggling form.

“Let me go!” she pleaded. “Father will not like this!”

“But I will,” he said with a sneer. “I’ve wanted you for two years, ever since I saw your tits starting to come out of your nice chest.” He reached a hand down and grabbed a fistful of her luscious boobs. For a fifteen-year-old girl, she was quite well endowed, her breasts full and ripe. Tony Burk wanted to taste the fruit [missing text].

Virginia watched in amazement while he tore her light, spring blouse from her chest. Her voluptuousness showed, the mounds of flesh pushing the material of her bra taut, forcing some out over the top of the garment.

“Jesus Christ!” exclaimed the dark-skinned man.

Virginia started co cry as this impassioned man stared at her sinful womanhood. She wanted to crawl into a hole. No one should like the shameful body she possessed. But Tony did. He was a worse sinner than she was.

“Take it off!” he commanded.

Virginia noticed the bulge in his tight pants for the first time. It was growing and she couldn’t take her eyes off that spot.

“Take it off!” he again commanded, this time more insistently.

He wants me to take off my bra, she thought to herself, suddenly realizing that it was her shameful globes of flesh that he wanted to see. She couldn’t understand why, and just stood there staring at his drooling mouth.

“Goddamn it, if you won’t take it off, then I will.” He spun Virginia around and brutally grabbed her bra-strap. His meaty hands fumbled with the tight hooks covered by Virginia’s ass-length hair.

“Please let me go!” she pleaded in such a voice tat Tony hesitated at his task. She was sobbing and her back moved so that it became impassible for him to unhook the confining garment.

Tony became infuriated and impatient and grabbed the two sides of the strap and tore them apart. The hooks straightened under the force of his pull and her tits were freed.

Virginia found herself being spun around again. She was now watching the leering man as she held the bra up by holding her anus to her sides.

“Now you can take it off!” said Tony with a finality that frightened Virginia. She hated herself. If she weren’t so evil at heart like her father had always told her, ten she wouldn’t be in the degrading position of having to acknowledge her body.

Virginia realized that there was no way out and started to release the pressure her arms had on the straps. The mounds expanded as she did, pushing the garment before her, and the nipples were now showing.

Tony gasped, reached forward and yanked the hanging cups from her chest. Her tits jiggled upon being released. She started to sob, and her breasts wiggled all the worse for it. She grabbed them to stop the movement, but Tony pulled her hands away.

“Let me see them,” he said with impassioned hoarseness. The fascination he had for his employer’s daughter was written all over his face.

Her fingers opened and the hardening nipples peeked through the cracks between them. She was embarrassed to find that they were hardening.

“Nice!” growled Tony as his head lowered to the level of her exposed breasts.

Virginia was really frightened now. Tony’s fat tongue darted out and stabbed at the sensitive bunch of flesh. Her belly recoiled at it but her chest didn’t. She felt herself holding her breath as a fire was ignited in her loins. I hate myself she thought as the fire spread to her blushing face.

His hungry mouth now encircled the tight knob, and Virginia felt herself collapse with shame. Tony held her up and pressed her chest flat with his hot, moving lips.

Virginia thought it was shame that was making her weak, but it was really the passion of her first sexual experienced. Tony saw this and pressed on harder. He lifted her off her feet while her nipple remained encased in his eager mouth. He then placed her supine on the bed by the window.

The feeling was driving Virginia crazy, and she thrashed about. He didn’t seem to notice as he continued to suck the hot point of her chest. Virginia felt violated and dirty and lay sobbing violently as Tony moved to the other nipple. With one motion the raspberry knob was lost in his lips.

Virginia still couldn’t reconcile herself to the fact that Tony, her father’s servant, was going to fuck her. Her mind tried to handle the task of shutting out the thoughts, but the excitement in her young body was too much. She began to writhe about with pleasure.

Tony spit out the nipple slowly and then said, “You like it, don’t you, you little fucker?”

She was aghast. No one had ever said that word to her, though she knew what it meant because the help used it. She didn’t want to be one. She would have given anything to have been in the protection of her father’s shadow at that very moment. But Tony had other ideas as he stood up over her and began to undo his pants.

The long ridge ran up the front of his trousers. It looked to Virginia as if it were a concealed weapon. She was afraid of it, for she’d never seen a man’s cock before.

Tony was pinching the silky glands so that the lubricant was forced out. Virginia thought he had come. But his orgasm didn’t seem to be as violent or as messy as her anatomy text had led her to believe. She looked at it more in wonder than in disgust. That soon followed, though, as soon as she realized she had actually shown some interest.

“Want a taste?” Tony asked. But he was really demanding that she suck it. She didn’t understand. Taste what? she wondered until another drop of lubricant formed at the tip of his pulsing head. Then she realized that he intended her to take that dirty, awful thing into her mouth. She was afraid she would never get the taste out if she did.

“Now if you bite it,” warned Tony with an awful sneer as he placed the spongy tip of his cock near her lips, “I’ll bash in your head.” The words were strong, and Virginia could do nothing but believe him.

She hated herself again. She would rather be dead than here. She just wanted to be away. The crying started again as her lips met the tense, red skin of the cock-head. It felt like nothing she’d ever touched before. She found herself sucking the quivering tip into her soft, warm lips without further persuasion. The taste was salty and rich, but she hated herself for being fascinated by it. She was preparing to spit it out with renewed tears as Tony took her by the sides of her head and forced his cock violently into her mouth.

“Arrrggghhh!” groaned Tony as his lips became compressed like two tight lines on his face. Virginia saw what was happening to him and sucked extra hard. Now she was torn between the fact of tier degradation and the control over Tony she exerted.

The spongy head was now pressed against the opening to her throat. She stifled a gag and began breathing violently through her nose. She wasn’t sure if it was passion or fright that made her breathe like that. She found herself forgetting the difference as she was forced to open her throat to the intruding stalk. It felt hot and pounding as it snaked its way down her young, tight throat.

Virginia felt the wiry tangle of Tony’s matted pubic hair touch her lips. She wanted to cough or spit, but she could do neither. The feeling of disgust burning in her belly rapidly increased. She could do nothing but grab Tony by the naked buttocks and dig her fingers in to protect herself from his sliding assault.

“Eat it! Eat it good, baby!” Tony yelled down at her as he started to pump his muscular hips.

Virginia’s long hair was tossing around her shoulders and covering her jiggling tits, tickling her tight nipples. She was really ashamed of herself and felt more evil than ever. She was sure she deserved this debasing treatment at the hands of her father’s help.

Virginia’s throat was lubricated now, and Tony’s strokes were full and easy. Tears were still running down her face, but they were large and thick, unlike tears of shame. She was bewildered by her body’s reaction.

Virginia now stated to really suck and blow as if it were natural to her. With abandon she took the large cock again and again into her sweet lips, sucking hard on the ramming rod.

Now shame mingled with the passion, and cold tears ran down with the hot ones. But Tony had slowed down now and Virginia was caught off guard. She started working her head to pick up the frenetic motion again. Something strange was happening to Tony. His large frame was stationary as his sac jumped against her chin and the side of her smooth face.

His pecker began to balloon and Virginia didn’t know what to do. In fear of the large man, and in desperation, she sucked down the cock as deep as it would go. The tangle of wiry hair was caught in her mouth as hot spunk shot into her throat.

Virginia panicked and began to choke again, spitting the creamy fluid out all over Tony’s groin.

The large man collapsed in a heap on the bed beside her. Suddenly all was clear to her, her chance to escape presenting itself. She jumped and was out of the door in a bound. By the time she reached the door at the bottom of the stairs Virginia realized that she was without a top. She covered her bouncing boobs with her hands and cried as she ran to the main house.

Virginia looked back as she reached the large oak doors and saw Tony run out of the door with a frightened look on his face. He had only his pants on, and was running toward the parked limousine. She pushed the large doors open and ran into the study where her father was reading the latest issue of the New York Times.

James Tidwell had never had a look like that in his eyes the entire time they’d lived in seclusion. Virginia was almost as frightened by his judging stare as she had been in Tony’s evil company. She stood there before her father, crying copious tears that ran down her chest to where her hands covered her breasts.

“What?” was all her father said before he had his belt off and was standing over her. She realized he didn’t even care what had happened to her. She was just going to get one of those familiar beatings her father administered to her when he only thought she was doing something wrong.

Why doesn’t he ask me why I’m in front of him in such a sinful state? she thought, crying more inside herself than openly. But to Mr. Tidwell, who was used to having everything clean and orderly, any discrepancy in the order he imposed was immediately and without question punished.

The hard leather fell sharply against her bareback. Virginia let out a little whine and stopped crying. She had used the ploy of not responding to his punishments to shame him at this time she knew he was right and she began to let her emotions show.

Again the belt fell across her back. This time something approximating the feeling she’d felt with Tony came to her as the welts rose on her back. The passion of the previous experience had not died in her. She knew she was evil as the next blow followed, and she responded by backing into it. Her tits were free now and the nipples were tight red knots. She was anticipating with pleasure the falling leather belt.

Something seemed to break inside her belly. It was hot and wet. The fluids flowed down her thighs. Embarrassment and shame forced her to scream, “Daddy, I didn’t mean to! Please forgive me!”

James Tidwell stopped whipping his daughter and looked on with compassion as she explained between violent sobs what had happened to her. He never said he forgave her, but he never whipped her again.

Virginia lived with her father for the next ten years without having to be confronted with sex again.

James Tidwell died very suddenly under cloudy circumstances. Virginia had been so well off all of her life that she thought her father had left her with plenty of money. But she discovered he was broke. It was then she realized how lucky she’d been to complete her teaching credential.

She’d been at Westbourne Academy for only a month when the awful incident in the boys’ restroom occurred.


Virginia had fallen asleep on the sofa the night before. She awoke early, but with a start. She thought it was much later than six o’clock. She didn’t have to be to school until eight-thirty.

I need to take a bath, she thought, imagining that the water would wash away her sins along with the dirt and sweat. She had perspired a lot last night while reminiscing, and her clothes stuck to her. She pulled them off, but as was her habit, she did not take off her underwear until she was right on the edge of the tub. She thought it was sinful to even see herself.

The hot water ran into the tub and around her white thighs. As she looked down, the thought that her own legs were much prettier than Miss Tobbie’s came to her mind. She balked and began soaping herself down so that she wouldn’t have to look at her shapely body in the raw.

Virginia did not linger in the tub because of the constant temptation. She had decided for sure to tell Mr. Moore about what had happened yesterday between her best student and Miss Tobbie. The disgusting sight still lingered before her eyes.

As Virginia toweled herself down she rubbed the terry cloth across her soft nipples. They perked up and sent a chill through her chest. Something was happening to her. She decided to wear the plainest dress she had. But she found herself picking out the sunniest one. What’s happening to me? she wondered as she buttoned up the garment.

“Miss Tidwell!” exclaimed Mr. Moore as he opened his office door to her.

“Mr. Moore…” she started. But she choked on a tear of shame and couldn’t complete her sentence. She watched helplessly as Mr. Moore led her to the stuffed chair beside his large maple desk. He was a tall, slender man, very distinguished looking in a dark tweed suit. Virginia watched as his handsome, thin face began to show concern as her crying increased and large tears rolled down her soft face.

“What is it, Miss Tidwell?”

“William… William Crawley…” said Virginia, wiping away the wetness from her eyes with a handkerchief that Mr. Moore had handed her. She hesitated there.

“Yes?” said the principal patiently.

“He… William and Miss Tobbie… in the… restroom!”

“What about it?” asked Mr. Moore, not showing any disquiet or excitement.

“They were fornicating!” said Virginia, almost screaming out the last word.

“Oh,” Mr. Moore replied, still without surprise in his voice. “Well, boys will be boys you know. And besides, sex is a blessing.”

Virginia was shocked. He actually intended to do nothing about the outrage. Team started to form in her eyes again and deep sobs rose from her chest. Mr. Moore had not changed his concerned expression or his protective stance over her. She was confused and began crying in earnest.

She ran out of his office, feeling lost. The only person who could confirm her views just passed off the most disgraceful thing she’d ever seen as, “Bays will be boys.” She cried all the way to the ladies’ room.

There was Miss Tobbie, fixing her hair. The pretty secretary was not shocked to see Virginia crying. In fact, she seemed not to notice at all as she continued to adjust her lovely auburn locks about her face.

Virginia ran back to her classroom. It was too early for any students to be there, so she put her face upon her desk and sobbed.

The boys started to filter in about twenty minutes past eight and Virginia had to make herself look busy with the papers on her desk. By eight-thirty all of the boys were seated and ready except William. She was glad he hadn’t shown up, actually, and she was preparing to start class with a somewhat easy mind. She knew it would be difficult with him there. But just then he ran in smiling and apologized for being late.

“What right do you have to keep class waiting?” asked Virginia with a bitter cut to her voice.

“I’m sorry, Miss Tidwell,” apologized William again, obviously surprised by her tone. She knew she had been an exemplary, kind teacher, and she almost hated herself for losing her temper. She went back to her papers on the desk while William smiled around at the boys sitting near him as if to tell them that he had composure. He tossed his dark hair about his forehead, and his eyes flashed as William saw he had not lost the position of leadership that he enjoyed with them.

Virginia found herself falling over herself during the lesson. At one point she went up to the blackboard and was giving an example. After she turned back all of the boys were staring at her.

“Miss Tidwell,” said William with assurance and control, “there’s something on the front of your suit.”

Virginia looked down and saw that chalk from the blackboard had rubbed onto her dress where her breasts were. She was so flustered she even forgot to turn around to brush it off.

William led the laughter as she grabbed her mounds after hitting her nipples while brushing off the chalk. She turned a deep, blushing crimson and abruptly sat down more flustered than before.

“Class dismissed,” she called out with her head bowed, “except for Mr. Crawley. You’re to come in after school tonight for detention.” She had applied the proper edge to her words to make the rapid evacuation of the room a quiet one.

The rest of the day Virginia felt incompetent. She kept worrying about William. What punishment would be appropriate? She really wanted to punish him for what she saw the day before, but she knew she would have to contain herself in order not to seem too harsh.

William Crawley was in the room at the appointed time. He was smiling as if nothing had happened, either in her class or the evening before. Virginia pointed to the chair she had set up in the corner of the room and directed him to it.

“If you let me help with the lessons I can correct some of the papers for you,” he offered calmly.


William walked slowly and gracefully to the chair and sat in it, looking at Virginia. She had meant it to be a demeaning punishment, as if he were a naughty child. But he sat there, composed and smiling at her as she corrected the papers.

His deep-blue eyes set in his tanned, smiling face kept haunting Virginia. She kept trying to steal little glances at him but his eyes were always on her. She began to get angry and frustrated. He wasn’t acting at all like a punished person.

“Erase the blackboards,” she commanded. Her voice faltered just a little. She knew her nervousness showed.

He was up and doing it before she recovered her composure. He moved up and down the wall, cleaning it completely. She could not steal full looks at him. His muscular body moved so that the motions were always full of youthful grace. His buttocks tightened as he moved high, and Virginia found herself stifling a sigh.

She really hated herself now. She knew she was an animal to covet a boy so young, or to covet anyone at all. Her body was doing strange things to her. Her mind was trying to rebel, but it was very difficult with someone so handsome. Her mind flashed over the scene in the lavatory. She hated it, and yet was strangely compelled by it.

“May I help with the lesson now?” asked William, innocently moving closer to Virginia. She thought it best to let him and not to allow the anger that was rising in her dominate.

“Sure, do these,” she said pointing to the pile in front of her.

William pulled up a chair and sat smiling down beside her. She smiled back and told him what to do. Something had changed, for as soon as he sat down she no longer felt threatened. She smiled inwardly and kept on correcting.

Her hands moved competently through the papers while she sat beside the youth. He reached over and touched her arm to ask her for advice and she jumped. William smiled that sexy, warm smile of his as Virginia slowly pulled her arm away. She sat there, still feeling the place where his gentle hand had rested on her forearm. It felt as if he were still touching her.

The next time he touched her to get her attention Virginia did not balk. His hand rested an extra second after he had her attention, then moved away.

The third time he touched her hand went to rest on his. She was disgraced and backed away quickly. His youthful hand reached out and pulled her back. Her face was covered with disbelief. The pretty turn to her mouth was straightened as she stared directly into William’s eyes.

He pulled her toward him and was about to embrace her. She pushed back against his chest, but the effort was only half-hearted. She felt something strange going on inside her. Her body was winning and she stopped resisting William’s advances, though her mind hadn’t.

“What are you doing?” she asked, trying to incorporate all the authority she could in her voice, but the words came out sounding like a tease.

“You know,” William whispered hoarsely, moving his face to within inches of her wide-eyed stare.

“I know what?”

“For one, you know I fucked Miss Tobbie yesterday. We could hear you breathing like you were right there with us.”

No one with any pride at all would acknowledge they had been caught in the act. But a spark was kindled in her loins. She had been affected by his words in the most perverse way. And they had excited her.

“Now, Mr. Crawley…” she started, trying to gain control.

“Mr. Crawley, my ass. Call me Bill.” His smile was catching her in its trap. Her father had been right, she was evil. But she didn’t want to be.

“And you know,” he continued, “that you want to get some too.”

“I what?” she asked with an open mouth.

“You want to get fucked,” he repeated. “Christ, anyone with any sense can see it.”

“William,” she said, “I always thought you were my best student.”

“Give me a chance,” he said with youthful cockiness, “and I’ll show you that I’m more than just that.”

Virginia started to speak again but he had been moving closer to her, and she stopped short and watched his hand move up her arm.

“What am I doing?” she cried. Her soft tears tumbled down her face and onto her flowered dress.

“You’re trying to be a woman,” stated William with warmth.

“But I am a woman!” she said, sitting abruptly back and forcing a smile.

“After tonight you will be,” he said. Again his voice had that edge of cockiness.

“Tonight?” she asked, looking around her, seeing William’s smiling face. He looked years older up close. She was surprised at the maturity his face showed. His dark-blue eyes were sparkling. The turmoil in her was quieted a bit, but that dull feeling in her stomach was still there and growing.

Yes, she knew what “tonight” meant. But, as William’s roving hand reached the top of her mound of opulent flesh, she screamed, “Go home!” She tried unsuccessfully to re-establish her authority in the situation.

“When we’re finished here,” he said, moving his thigh up against the exposed part of her knee.

“This will be good,” William said with assurance. He sounded experienced and sure to Virginia, and she began to let herself believe him. She knew it was more than a sin.

One of my own students! she thought as William’s hand moved down her chest and cupped one large, succulent breast. She knew she didn’t have the moral strength to fight this now, and she just let his caress send warmth throughout her chest.

“Be gentle!” was all she could say. It almost sounded phony, but she really meant it. She could tell by the change in William’s eyes that he had been affected by her plea.

She was lifted into the air before she knew he had his arms around her. He carried her carefully cradled in his athletic arms. He was captain of about all of the teams the school had, as well as being its best student.

William walked into the back room. It was the storage room for her classes, sort of small, but with a cot at one end. He laid her down gently on her back and stood over her, caressing her body with his eyes.

“You’ve sure got a nice shape, Miss Tidwell.” He hadn’t dropped that student-teacher vocabulary. It made him seem far away, or it made Virginia feel removed from the situation she was in. She felt as if she really weren’t participating in this debauchery, only witnessing it or reading about it. Something was still wrong and she started to cry. She knew it wasn’t proper for a teacher to cry in front of her pupil, but it did have its effect.

Kneeling down beside Virginia, William spread his hands out over the length of her luscious form. She felt possessed by a strange warmth. It began to get more difficult to bring her mind into play to judge the situation. She was letting herself go.

There was no window in the tiny room except the one in the door. After William reached around and closed it the light was partial and romantic. Virginia was glad she was about to lose her chastity in such a setting. Even the stacks of dusty books added to the feeling.

His hands were again running over her body. It was almost as if he were afraid to open up such a beautiful package by undressing her. It only lasted a while until he started at the top button of her tight, short dress.

Virginia looked over and saw a ridge running down his leg. It seemed out of place and throbbed as if it had a life of its own. Her attention moved from the large bulge as his light fingers moved into her cleavage and he unfastened another button. She didn’t realize how much her breasts pushed out the material until it was loosened and her breasts peeked out.

William stopped and stared at the emerging mounds. His mouth fell open and he moaned, taking in a deep breath. Virginia was almost pleased with herself for affecting him so, but that dull feeling was still growing.

The dullness turned into warmth, and Virginia suddenly knew what it was. She was being turned on.

“Mmmm!” she sighed softly, and William smiled down at her, just barely able to pull his eyes away from her tits.

“You sure have nice ones.”

She’d never thought of them like that. She’d always been embarrassed at the size of them. They always seemed in the way. But as she looked down at herself being revealed to the eyes of another, she realized he was right. They were large but they did not sag. They pointed straight up, even without a bra.

His fingers continued to move until half the bra-covered breasts was exposed. Virginia became fidgety and this gave William a chance to reach his hands around her shapely ribcage and unfasten her bra. He did it so easily and quickly that, when she stopped moving and felt the pressure on her tits gone, she thought the bra had broken. Then she knew what he had done. She smiled up at him as he slowly pulled the white cups of the bra down.

Virginia automatically closed her eyes. She was afraid a look of disgust would come to William’s handsome face when he saw her exposed globes of flesh. With her eyes still shut she heard a gasp escape from his lips. She opened her eyes and the youth was smiling wolfishly at her boobs.

“Wow!” said William when he saw that Virginia was looking. “Those are really some tits.”

A twinge of conscience ran through Virginia’s body. Her mind was put into gear by the language he used. The old feeling was back. She felt dirty and evil. Her mind was telling her to get up and run, but suddenly she couldn’t. William had dropped his head and sucked a large, brown, soft nipple between his hot lips.

“Arrrggghhh!” moaned Virginia. Her chest was on fire, and in different circumstances she would have thought she was hurt. The feeling spread and her mind went blank except for the ecstasy that was careening through her.

William brushed off the dress from her other breast and began massaging it as he sucked deeper on the tightening nipple. She could feel the soft flesh gather into a knot on her chest as it went deep into William’s hungry mouth.

Her legs tightened involuntarily and she could feel her clit being pressed between the hot folds of her labia. She was embarrassed by her reaction and didn’t want to show it, but it was no use. Virginia ground her chest up toward William’s sucking mouth and his face was buried in her spongy flesh.

With his free hand William reached down and cupped Virginia’s cunt. His fingers moved like little feet over the covered snatch, pulling up her dress as they walked. Virginia could feel cool air rushing up her legs, which were bare. The chill made her clamp her legs together again, and again the clit was pressed in the vulva. The warmth of sex poured over her.

She almost wished she could feel ashamed now, but it was too late. She was committed to the act too completely to back down, though her mind kept gnawing at her a little. To be pure and feel innocent was the highest goal a person could achieve. But her sexual excitement was so high now that all she really cared about was being satisfied. Her animal nature had taken over, and she liked it, or at least her body did.

William’s hand was now resting directly on her panties. They came to her waist and bagged a lot all over. In the situation she was in she wished she had a pair like she saw on the floor beside Miss Tobbie yesterday, colorful bikini briefs.

William had wet down Virginia’s right boob with his tongue and was backing away. Virginia gasped and looked up at him. He smiled and blew a short puff across the wet globe. Virginia nearly fainted as the wind crossed her tit. The feeling was totally sensual, one of having all her senses manipulated at the same time. And yet it was only her tit.

“Like that?” asked William with a facetious smile as she came out of her swoon.

“Mmmm!” she said, slow and easy. She was amazed how fast she was taking to all this. Pangs of self-contempt momentarily shot through her. She cringed and lay back, now very still. She wished he would leave now so she could forget this had ever happened. She was beginning to hate herself again.

The loathing disappeared as soon as William’s mouth sucked her other nipple deep into his hot cavity. Passion grew and she threw her arms in abandon around his neck. She didn’t want to have to think, she just wanted to be fucked and have it over with. She knew in the back of her mind that once she started she would sin forever.

Virginia found her left, hand crawling up the leg of William’s pants. Her fingers moved slowly and with caution. She was almost afraid of what she knew she was going to touch. The thigh muscles were tight and rigid. The tension sent thrilling shots through Virginia’s stomach. And then she touched it.

The cock was hard and pulsing as it pulled the cloth of his pants leg taut. It was pointing down one kg as Virginia ran her forefinger up the length of the covered shaft. William reached down and pulled the rod so that it pointed straight up. He was panting wildly on Virginia’s now puckered nipple.

She placed her palm against the bulge, then felt for the hard metal of the fly and began to pull the tab down.

Virginia felt the warmth of the cock as it helped her push the zipper down. She couldn’t see it because William was lying across her, sucking greedily on her lengthening nipple. But she remembered what it had, looked like with Miss Tobbie, and she imagined a purple-veined, thick shaft emerging from his pants.

When the zipper hit bottom she hesitated, then ventured a touch with the tip of her finger. William’s body bucked as she pushed softly on the spongy cockhead.

“Jesus Christ!” he said, rapidly spitting out the hot, hard nipple. He backed away a little and blew again on her soaking breast. Again she felt washed in sensation as the hot wind crossed her chest. William smiled down at her and stood up.

His cock was sticking straight out of his pants. It looked completely out of place on the clothed youth to have his tender flesh exposed while the rest of him wasn’t. It was fascinating, though, to watch the member bob up and down while the rest of him was standing still. Virginia stifled a laugh.

“You like it?” he asked, looking down at his naked cock. “I call him Richard, long for dick.” He laughed heartily at his own joke as he stripped off his shirt.

Virginia was beginning to feel impatient. She wanted to touch his body with hers. She needed it or her mind would start working again while her body screamed for sex.

“Hurry up!” she said.

“Sure, Miss Tidwell,” answered William obviously understanding her emotions.

Virginia’s dress was open all the way down the front, and she was pulling off her ugly bra. She felt possessed as the luscious form of her nakedness transfixed William’s stare. He stopped with his pants halfway down his legs and watched hr breathe as her chest rose and fell voluptuously.

“You like it?” she said in a tone that was unusual for her. She was trying to mock him. But her appeal sounded too earnest.

“You bet your sweet cunt I do,” he said.

Virginia was not so shocked this time at his language. It sent a short pang through her, then the passion rose again. She slipped her lithe fingers into the elastic waistband of her panties and rolled them down her hips so that it appeared as though she were wearing bikini briefs.

William laughed and leaned forward, dropping his pants around his ankles. He now stood over her undulating body, captured by the wanton display of her sex.

“You sure don’t look like the same uptight woman who taught class this morning,” William said truthfully.

She wanted to say that she wasn’t, she wanted to admit that she had changed, but she was stopped by quick thoughts of evil and sin. William’s hand reached down inside of her panties, and her mind was clouded over with sexual excitement.

He was naked except for his pulled-down shorts. She saw that his cock had escaped from the fly of the boxer shorts and was being forced to point down by the thick elastic waist. He saw her point of fascination and deftly yanked the shorts the rest of the way off, letting them drop in a pile on top of his slacks.

William stepped out of the pile of clothes and extricated his hand from her moist, warm crotch. He backed away a step and let Virginia’s eyes wander over his youthfully muscular frame. Her eyes kept stopping at his pulsing tool no matter how hard she tried to examine the rest of his proud body.

The light was changing outside. It was getting more toward evening, and the light was diminishing in the tiny back room. It produced a sexier atmosphere. William seemed to notice too as he fingered his tool and moved closer to her again.

Virginia lifted her hips as William touched them with his hands. He tugged lightly and had her panties down to the ankles before she realized it. Automatically her hand covered her cunt; little hairs were sticking out between her fingers. William was amused and gently pulled her hands away so that he could look at the soft mound. Virginia was slightly embarrassed and blushed through her smile.

William’s finger moved into her slit with his careful hand as he approached her again. She felt intense heat wash over her loins and thighs. Her mouth gaped open and her entire body tensed like a steel spring. The haze she was looking through was more pleasant than anything she could ever remember.

“Loosen up, sweetheart,” William said with a tone of familiarity.

The feeling was still there, but Virginia made an effort and relaxed her body’s muscles. Again his finger slid down into her slit, pushing the inflamed hood over her tender clitoris.

William swung his left leg up and placed it between her knees, forcing her to spread her shapely legs. She realized her privates were now exposed as William put his other leg between hers. It was the first time in her life a man had ever looked at her naked cunt. As William was poised like a tiger over her she realized, really realized for the first time, that she was about to get laid.


Virginia looked up from her naked virginity and saw William Crawley, her best pupil, poised and ready to fuck her. Fright seized her, and she struggled to free herself, but his hands pressed down upon her arms as he placed his silky, turgid cockhead at her moist slit.

“Oh, Jesus,” she moaned, caught by the heat of the turgid glands. The sponginess rested hard against her clitoris, sending waves of ecstatic heat throughout her vibrating body. William rested calmly above her, quieting her thrashing. He lowered his hairless chest onto her puckered nipples and spread them as he lay down on top of her. She could feel the violent beating of his heart on her right tit. Her own heart was beating as hard and fast as his.

William began slowly rubbing the throbbing bottom of his turgid shaft up and down her moist slit. She clamped hex vulva around the rod involuntarily and pound her hips up at him. The cock still pulsed and continued to slide easily into the crack.

Virginia could feel her clitoris being rubbed to raw passion each time his cock pushed the hood back and rubbed against the turgid nubbin.

“Are you really a virgin?” asked William seriously while he panted hoarsely in her ear.

Virginia gulped and gasped. She could barely get out, “Ya… Ya… Yes!” because of the pressure in her throat from excitement.

“I’ll… have to… spread you a bit… at first,” he said, gulping between heartbeats.

Virginia felt William smoothly slide down her as his tongue ran a hot line down the middle of her stomach. He paused at her bellybutton and ran the turgid muscle of his tongue around inside the beautifully shaped hole. He then sucked hard and Virginia thought that passion was going to turn her inside out.

His head then moved down so that his beardless chin touched her pubic hair. Her old self rose again when she realized that he was going to eat her out. It was disgusting, to say the least. She was about to cry out when his tongue touched the hot nubbin of pleasure, then her scream turned into a moan of impassioned delight. His agile tongue snaked around in her quivering vulva, finding the cunt mouth. Virginia felt the muscles of her pussy pressing tight against the intruding probe of his tongue.

“Mmmm!” said William pulling back for a second. “You sure are one tight bitch.”

Virginia was getting used to his language, and she found it even excited her a little. She felt familiar and wanton because of his words.

The tongue dug deeper, finding the way difficult. William seemed to take it as a challenge and pushed harder. He was gentle, though, even with his strength. He pushed and twisted his taut muscle into her wet, fresh pussy. It now seemed as though he was stuck at one place, and Virginia imagined that he had run into her hymen. The couple of times she had masturbated she had been sure not to stretch it or break it, thinking she would have it the rest of her life.

Virginia took pride in her virginity, or she used to, but now the beardless youth was about to violate her carefully kept maidenhead and she didn’t mind a bit.

William’s tongue was not hard enough to break through it, so he backed his head away. Virginia felt a cool wind pass over her cunt, and she wanted his young, warm mouth back covering her needy pussy. He placed one finger into her open snatch and pressed it against the elastic hymen.

Virginia was surprised at how much the hymen stretched, and how tough it was. She would have been proud of the fact yesterday, but today she wanted it out of the way.

Something seemed to break inside of her as William put another long finger in her juicy snatch. It sent little tremors of pain into her stomach. The tremors turned into pleasure as William’s probing fingers persisted and fell deep into her. She felt his knuckles pressed against her vulva.

“Ohhh, Jesus!” she yelled, sniffing back a tear that ran across her nose. She had heard horror stories about the pain of losing one’s virginity, but for her it wasn’t true. The pleasure washed over her so much that she couldn’t even remember the feeling the snap of the hymen had given her. But the most drastic intrusion of her pussy was yet to come.

His fingers strayed in her cunt as he pivoted on her so that he was sitting on her stomach, facing her feet. The cot creaked loudly as he moved and Virginia hoped no one could hear the noise they were making.

His buttocks began to move slowly toward her face. It loomed over hex. She thought she was going to be crushed by the tight muscles, but he lifted his ass as it came to her chin. His sac dragged across her chin and mouth as he continued to move his body back.

Virginia looked at the hanging basket as it bounced above her nose. She was amazed at the size of the testicles. As William’s body moved farther back, she saw the pulsing bottom ridge of the turgid meat. Seeing it that close to her face reminded her of Tony Burk. It had been so long ago she could make no comparison as far as size was concerned, but William’s sure looked big this close.

She had thought she had sufficiently suppressed that incident with her father’s help. But with last night and her involvement today she realized that sex was something she couldn’t easily stifle. Now it didn’t seem so bad. The desire of the moment made her think lovingly about it. Poor Tony…

William flicked her clit and she doubled up, almost throwing him off her. He looked between his arms at her and smiled. His eyes sparkled in the dim light of the tiny room.

“You’re sure giving me a ride,” he said, “and you sure were a virgin.”

Virginia marveled at his use of the past tense. She thought it really wasn’t true, she still was a virgin. The mixed feelings of pride and loss shot through her.

She looked up again at his enormous pud. It appeared to be luminous and delicious bouncing above her. She reached up and touched it exploringly. It bobbed out of her fingers.

Unhesitatingly she moved forward with her fingers, grabbed her student’s swollen cock from its bobbing position, and plunged it into her mouth. She surprised herself as she let her mouth sink down over it until she felt it blocking the entrance to her throat. And then she began to blow him. She plunged repeatedly on the long, thick cock, squeezing it between her full lips, contracting the muscles of her throat around its crown as she swallowed, careful not to chafe the taut, veined skin of his cockhead with her teeth.

Virginia had taken to this instinctively. She surprised both herself and William. He stopped eating her and stood on his hands and knees above her, winking his anus as his cock worked in and out her hot mouth.

There was no sound in the small storage room other than her own slurping. The only sound she could be sure of was William’s grateful gasps of heated pleasure.

In her haste to plunge his stalk into her tight throat, she gagged on it several times, but she was learning and did not pause in her frenzied sucking. If anything, she grew wilder whenever she miscalculated her strokes. She believed this was a kind of perverse sacrifice of the last shreds of her inviolate self-image.

Moving his hips to meet her driving, churning mouth, William grabbed his teacher’s hips and held her stationary for a moment. She stopped moving her head and he fucked down into her tightly clenched lips. After only a few seconds of tilting her head back in this position, with her hair spread out behind her like it was trailing in the wind of passion and her nose forced up against the slime of his pubic hair on his balls, William began making deep, guttural sounds. When he finally released her head Virginia gasped for breath, then redoubled her efforts.

When she found that her jaw had begun to ache as her mouth tired, Virginia’s pace grew more frantic. She had not expected it to take so long. She’d remembered Tony as having come right away, though her memory was surely off.

Then her pupil grabbed her by the thighs and jammed his hips down onto her open, hot lips. His member went down hard so that it filled her tender throat completely. At the same moment she felt the contractions beginning along the shaft. The jumping of his balls on her nose surprised her, as she was unaware they were so full of action.

Above her William cried out, and in her mouth his turgid member quivered and pulsed, filling her mouth with the hot thickness of his fountaining cum.

Virginia sucked faster and faster as the flood of sperm jetted into her tight throat, choking her, sometimes gagging her, squirting back through her nose as he pushed his cock still farther into her mouth.

William slumped on top of her beautiful body, exhausted. Virginia wanted to cry, her own need greatly heightened but unmet.

She pushed his body onto his side and pulled herself quickly around so that she was facing his smiling, blank face. She could see he was in no condition to help her. Her need wouldn’t go away. She lay there for a while, but the passion was still with her.

“Help me!” she whispered frantically in his ear.

William hesitated a moment, looking at her through his obviously clouded eyes. “Ye…” he said in a low drawl. “But you got to wait until I can get it hard again.”

He smiled in that devilishly handsome way of his, letting her know he was still with her in spirit if not in the physical sense.

It was actually a short time for Virginia. She thought, after the amount of fluid, which had flowed from his body, it would take hours for him to build up his strength again. But it was only short minutes until he reached over and kissed her. Her passion was still alive.

William swung himself up over her, poising the blunt head of his huge cock against her labia. She involuntarily closed her leg and blocked his entrance to her vagina.

“Relax,” he said simply, and she did.

As he brought his weight down upon her, his cockhead nosed into the greasy channel of her cunt. The lightness was still there. She would have to accustom herself to the fit. William moved slowly on, carefully stopping now and then to allow her cunt to stretch to accommodate his tool. It was so thick it stuffed her completely, riding continually across her inflamed clitoris.

Virginia suddenly realized she had been penetrated and gasped. She knew at once she was stimulated beyond control. Her muscles seemed to turn to jelly and she could feel her newly violated cunt churning out its thick honey to lubricate the passage of the cock so firmly lodged between her shapely legs.

William slid his hand along the back of a soft thigh to clutch at her firm, white buttocks. Very slowly he began sliding his fat log of a prick in and out of her clasping labia. His hot tongue swirled and churned in the schoolteacher’s unresisting lips.

Virginia’s mouth was, filled with his youthful, eager tongue, just as her cunt was stuffed with his cock, and she moaned wantonly as the saliva from their mouths spread over her lips. Even the mucus secreted by her cunt was being massaged into her pussy by his steadily thrusting cock. She was totally immersed in sex, and even if she wanted to, she couldn’t have forced any guilt into the situation.

At that moment she was beginning to pump her well-formed hips up at him, driving his cock ever deeper into her churning caldron of clasping flesh. She could feel the thick, golden juices of her cunt being forced back by the pressure of William’s stiff rod. The pressure increased and the thick fluid seeped warmly out through the folds of her sensitive labia. She felt so slick and open down there that she wondered if she had really ever been a virgin.

When she adjusted the position at her legs she could feel her tight labia sliding over the hot length of his veined cock. The friction was just enough to make her hump her impaled cunt up at him. She would have gasped or whimpered at the pleasure of haying her clitoris constantly massaged by the thick member, but his mouth was still firmly welded to her lips.

She felt the hot embrace of his palms on her pert breasts. Without ending his tongue-twisting kiss, he cupped the firm mounds and squeezed them gently, feeling both of the puckered nipples with his thumb and index finger as they hardened even more. It hurt when he did that, but it felt good too. She had ne’er been felt up before, and the newness of the feeling shocked her a little. In the afterglow of the sensation she could feel her coral-colored points of sensitive flesh hardening to tiny mountains between the youthful vise of his practiced fingers.

Then William began to move into her with long, slow, deliberate strokes. The skin of his prick rubbed across her clitoris to create a delicious ache throughout her entire vibrating flesh.

When he made a particularly long thrust into her, the ache within her exploded instantly as the bloated head of his cock stretched the inner nub of her twat and plowed onward toward her womb. The incredible depth of his stroke so shocked her that she had to fight for breath against the slavering demands of his mouth. And in the wake of that pain, her first orgasm flowed.

She suddenly remembered her father and the beating he had given her just now as the juices ran down her leg. She felt a lot better about this experience than about that one.

Her cunt clamped down on his cock with an intensity that was almost virginal, relaxing only long enough for him to begin his withdrawal. Her hips rose from the shaky cot to accommodate his thrusts, and she pumped her cunt up at him with a savage intensity, desperate to bring on a second burst of divesting pleasure.

“You like to fuck now, huh?” he asked her in that obsequious voice he reserved for his teachers.

“Don’t talk like that!” she demanded, though she had to admit it did excite her a little. “Just fuck me.”

William laughed, the wriggled his muscular arms under her shoulders, pulling her to him and rolling with her. For an instant Virginia was frightened they would roll right off the cot. Then, when that didn’t happen, she was afraid his cock would slip out of her slick cunt. For an instant they lay on their sides with the exceptional length and thickness of his cock firmly lodged in her twat. Then he rolled with her again and she lay on top of him, her knees scraping against the canvas cot on both sides of his muscular hips, his powerful hands gripping the cheeks of her ass to give her balance and insure she wouldn’t slip off his cock.

For a moment Virginia was so thoroughly surprised by her new position she didn’t know what to do. Then William pulled her ass down hard, his cock shooting up the channel of her hot pussy to its very hilt. This spread apart the pink lips of her cunt with a breathtaking suddenness.

Virginia whimpered, barely able to keep from actually crying out.

Her own weight had brought her down so hard, and the sensation had been so intense that his mighty cock might have burst through her cervix. He filled her completely, instantly, radiantly. Another orgasmic tremor coursed through her beautiful form. Her entire body shook, her breasts bobbing, her eyes rolling wildly, her gripping fingers working at his hips while her gripping vulva worked at his cock.

Then, without giving her time to recover, William lifted her buttocks until his blood-engorged cock had nearly slipped out of her wet, slurping cunt. When he released her, her own weight impaled her once more.

Virginia cried out again a low, animal sound of crazed, abandoned lust. The friction of his swollen rod was pleasant and calmly exciting as it withdrew from her gripping flesh, but when his cock shot into her so unexpectedly the sensation seemed to send all sense of propriety and calm flying. The teacher groaned and writhed and twisted on her student’s erect pole as though she were going out of her heightened mind.

Then each time he pushed her away she would calm herself a little and promise herself she would not moan again when next she fell around his up thrust cock. But she always did the moment she felt his thick shaft rushing up her vagina.

Up and down, again and again her student swung her. Virginia slipped on his slickly lubricated stalk with increasing rapidity, her movements becoming smoother, until after a few moments it was all one motion and her groans had become one long, continuous drone of undisguised lust. William had let go of her ass, and now Virginia maintained the fucking motion alone, her cunt sucking voraciously on his cock as she rode upward, grinding voluptuously on her downward stroke.

Now that his hands were free of her bounding buttocks, William caught her inflamed clitoris between his fingers and began to stroke it lovingly. His fingers whirled around and around the little knot of tense nerves, drawing her excitement ever closer to the breaking point.

No matter where she was in her cycle of impalement he followed her with his maddening fingers. He stroked the sensitive bud, working at it until Virginia felt sparks flying inside her womb. She would not have been surprised if her pubic hair had ignited and was burning, the feeling was so intense. But she bounced against him with mounting vigor, thrusting herself upon his engorged cock, with mad abandon. She would draw herself up slowly on his cock, only to sink down again, each time harder and more deeply.

William’s other hand was equally well placed. When Virginia first realized what he was doing she had been horribly shocked. But she had also been so caught up in the dizzy pleasure of her act she had done nothing to stop him.

“Ah, watch out there!” she groaned as his fingers, lubricated by the abundant juices from her flowing cunt, slowly penetrated the narrow passage of her ass.

When he had achieved maximum penetration with his fingers and knuckles pressed firmly into the surrounding flesh of her buttocks, Virginia was grateful to discover the perverse sensation blended amazingly well with the exciting ones. She tried at first to savor the new feelings separately, but she found that it was impossible, they mixed together too well and too easily.

Her clitoris burned under the ever-diminishing circles drawn by his fingers, her asshole sawing itself over the probing fingers of the other hand, and her snatch welling out slippery fluids over his deep-plunging cock. Virginia steadily climbed toward another explosive orgasm.

She did not know for sure how long he plunged up into her cunt. She didn’t know how loud her moaning had become. She didn’t want Mr. Moore, making his late rounds of the rooms, to hear them. She tried to stifle her moans, but it was impossible. When she looked down at William she had to close her eyes to escape the knowledge of how little control she now had over her sex-ridden body.

Then, almost without realizing it, she began to feel the increased swelling of his cock within her tight cunt. At the same moment he began to hump up underneath her with an intensity that threatened to throw her body completely off his.

Then, at the first splash of his scalding cum against the sensitive walls of her womb, Virginia’s climax washed over her excited body.

Her body stiffened so suddenly that the movement necessitated by his incredibly powerful trusts threatened to tear her suddenly taut muscles and tendons. The heat of his cum drove her mad as she felt it splash and roll down over his thrusting, pulsing cock. She threw her head back and tried to scream, but the muscles of her throat had grown so taut that only a horrible rattle issued out of her pretty, parted lips.

Colors seemed to leap in circles around her head, and buzzing, humming sounds seemed to be bouncing off the classroom walls. She had never been subjected to such pleasure in her entire life. She didn’t want it to ever end, but wanted to feel this forever.

When Virginia went limp above him, the boy caught her in his strong, capable arms and rolled her onto her back, his pulsing cock still buried deep in her juicy, seeping twat. She could feel the hot fluids spilling out all over her hot thighs. It burned her tender white skin, but wonderfully so.

When William had rolled her onto her back, he quickly shifted the position of her thighs and continued to drive his thick meat into her quivering cunt, his own breath a ragged gasp in his throat. His hands sought wildly for a hold on her voluptuous breasts and his slick mouth slid desperately over her lips, her chin, her nose and eyes.

Virginia last count of the orgasms she experienced beneath him. She only held tightly to his muscular body. She slid her hands down to his contracting, hairless ass and felt flood after flood of his sperm as it splashed into her slathering cunt. She held onto his ass, feeling the concave cheeks convulse in her hands.

The tiny room began to carry the heavy, delicious odor of sex and sweat. Virginia became acutely aware of it as William slumped onto her chest, completely spent.


“There’s someone at the door,” said Virginia to William, who still lay on top of her.

“It’s probably Mr. Moore checking on all the doors,” he calmly replied. “He does it every night about this time.”

Virginia noticed the light had completely gone. She could only hear William, and could not see him even as close as they were. They listened as Mr. Moore locked the door and walked on. Virginia breathed a sigh of relief and tried to push William off her.

“How about another roll in the hay?” William asked gleefully.

“No!” Virginia’s mind had started to work again, and hate was welling up where passion had been. “I’ve got to get home.”

Virginia had another sleepless night. Thoughts of her sinning weighed heavily on her. Slowly through the night she convinced herself she was really evil, the pleasure of the previous evening having been forgotten or pushed away and altered so that it only seemed like a dream. She almost wished she could bring back the good feeling so that she wouldn’t have to feel so bad about herself.

In the morning she glanced at her tired eyes in the mirror. She looked devastated and spent. She wanted to appear fresh to herself. She blamed her appearance on the indulgence in sex and not on the sleepless night she had spent, which was the real cause.

She stood nude in front of the mirror, and it was the first time she could ever remember doing that. It almost seemed like a sin to look at herself like this. Her eyes rested on her pink cunt. As she moved closer to the glass her labia rubbed together and she felt a warmth run up her belly. Now she remembered the pleasure; it had been a good experience. She reached dawn and fingered the dry vulva and it moistened immediately.

Embarrassment careened through her body, and she felt slightly sick and made a sudden decision to tell Mr. Moore about last night. He would have to be more sympathetic since she was involved.

She got dressed quickly, this time in an old drab gay suit, and, though it was early, she skipped breakfast to be at the principal’s office when he got there.

Virginia had told herself she would be calm in front of the principal this time. She told herself she would not cry or make a scene. But Mr. Moore didn’t come right away, and the longer she waited the more convinced she was that she had sinned and been sinned against.

Virginia nervously paced up and down in front of his office door. She hadn’t even knocked, she was so sure he wouldn’t be there. It was getting late and she believed she heard a noise inside, though it could hardly be tine, she had arrived so early.

She knocked and Mr. Moore immediately pulled open the large, carved door.

“Hello, Miss Tobbie. You’re awfully early aren’t you?” asked the principal in his baritone.

Virginia started to cry again as soon as she was in the door. She hadn’t been able to hold back the shame that caused her tears to flow. Mr. Moore didn’t reproach her for her team, but just handed her his handkerchief again and directed her toward an overstuffed chair.

“Can I help?” he asked.

“It’s William Crawley again,” she cried. “He raped me last night.”

Mild surprise crossed Phillip Moore’s thin and handsome face. He didn’t move from the protective stance he had assumed at her side.

“How did it happen?” he asked kindly.

“I… had him… in for detention,” Virginia said, fighting to utter the words between her sobs. “He did it then.”

“Did he take you by force?” the principal asked, showing a bit more concern.

“Well… well…” said Virginia, hoping the right words would come to her so that it wouldn’t seem like her fault, like she was a pervert or something.


“He didn’t exactly take me by force, but it was his idea, he started it.” She had spit out the last words hastily to make them sound more real than the rest, but they sounded childish.

“Did you like it?” asked the principal in that same even, kind voice of his.

“Does it matter?” Virginia asked, starting to get really angry.

“I think it does,” he said, “because William is a minor and you’re the one who would get in trouble over this. So it would be best if you liked it. You could at least have fond memories of the incident.” A smile broke over his face. Virginia was almost in despair, except that what he said made sense.

Calming down, she asked him, “Well, what do you think?”

“Nothing legally,” he said, “I just hope you enjoyed it because there are some people who can’t.”

Virginia’s mind flashed to stories she’d overheard about Mr. Moore’s four short images. She’d thought the boys were only deriding him because he was the principal, but now she realized that all of the boy sat Westbourne liked the thin, distinguished gentleman. So that’s it, she thought. He’s impotent that’s why he’s so understanding of all the sex that goes on in this school.

Virginia stood up, more composed than she’d imagined she would be after seeing the principal about this delicate matter. Her sight accidentally fell to the crotch of the tall man’s pants. Virginia watched Phillip’s cock rise inside his tweed trousers, pushing a throbbing bulge out at his pocket. He reached down deftly as if Miss Tidwell weren’t watching and rearranged himself so that his member was disguised behind his thick zipper.

“Good day, Mr. Moore,” said Virginia, thinking with a sort of quiet joy that she had made his cock rise.

“Call me Phillip,” he suggested. “And may I call you Virginia?”

“Call me Ginny,” said Virginia playfully, realizing that she had never used the nickname before. It just sounded right to be familiar with the principal after what she had just been through.

“Good-bye, Ginny!”

She walked out of the door proudly, realizing it was almost time for her first class. The pride slowly sank as she knew she would have to see William this morning, a difficult task for her. She thought of just going home and calling it a day, but she knew that that would never do.

It was exactly eight-thirty and the classroom was half-empty. Virginia stood at the doorway, thinking she had come to the wrong room. She backed up and looked at the number: 101A. It was the right room. She walked in and sat down primly at her large desk. Her eyes scanned the room, but it was still half-empty. She couldn’t understand the reason for all these absences now that class was ready to begin.

“Mr. Gray?” she asked the small boy in the front row. “Where is everyone today?”

“I think everyone is sick or something,” the youth said, sounding as if he were trying to skirt the issue.

Virginia thought for a moment, then said, “Everyone is dismissed. We can’t hold half a class.” She felt sort of good, light and happy. She hadn’t had to confront William, and she was tired.

The rest of the day was almost pleasant. Her classes went smoothly after her morning rest with the senior English class. She knew she was beaming and comfortable with the students even in her drab dress. She was kinder and in contact with her students more than she previously had been. She worried a little about it. It was almost unnatural, but the feeling of communication was too good to worry about for long.

There was a slight nagging at the back of her mind, but she sufficiently suppressed it so that she had the best teaching day of her short term at Westbourne.

She again stayed after school to correct papers, as was her habit, and found humor and warmth in almost all of the papers she went through. The students had really responded to her change with a communication of warmth in their essays. She was just discovering what it was to be a teacher, a real teacher.

As she was cleaning off her desk for the night, Mr. Moore was making his rounds.

“You’re sort of early, Phillip,” Virginia said with a smile.

“Yes,” he said absently, “but I see that you’ve had a good day.”

“I guess you would say that,” she replied.

“Well, would you lock up? I have to be home early tonight.”

Virginia was almost ready to suggest that she walk with him to the bus stop, but she thought that would be too forward. “Sure, I’ll lock up,” she finally said.

“See you tomorrow,” he said, waving at her as he walked out.

“Sure!” she said as he turned down the doorway and walked down the hall.

She stopped collecting the stray papers on her desk and thought of him. He was handsome and intelligent and gentlemanly. She had really never thought of marrying before — it had been outside her normal sphere of interest — but Phillip Moore was different from anyone she had ever met. Fantasies of raising a family with him flashed through her mind until she was reminded of his impotence. She wondered how severe it was.

A knock at her door cut into her thoughts. She put down the papers she had been holding and walked over to the door and opened it. There was William, smiling like a Cheshire cat, dressed in casual slacks and shirt, not the semi-formal jacket and matching pants that was the uniform of the academy.

“What do you want?” asked Virginia, knowing that his smile meant only one thing.

“Just to talk,” said William.

A likely story, she thought. “Well, William, it’s late and I’m on my way home. Can’t it wait until tomorrow morning?”

“No, please,” he begged.

“All right, come in.” Virginia was pleased with herself for keeping her cool. She didn’t even let the sight of the young boy who had fucked her last night start her mind working guiltily. She was treating him exactly as she treated all of her students.

As she sat down at her desk she asked, “Where were you today, William?”

“A bunch of us were fucking Tobbie. Miss Tobbie, I mean,” he said with an absolutely straight face. Virginia was really shocked at his frankness. Appalled would be better word to describe her reaction, to the boy’s confession.

“You were what?” she asked. “That’s a terrible, horrible thing to do!”

“What do you mean?” he said. “She enjoyed it. And besides, that isn’t really what I came here to talk about. I came here…”

“What do you mean, you… you… young degenerate!”

William put his hand on her arm to calm her down, but dreadful thoughts of the previous night flashed through her agitated mind. She believed in her own hysteria that William had actually raped her.

“Calm down!” William commanded with authority in his voice.

Virginia began to thrash in his grip as her crying increased. She tried to stand up but William’s strong arms wrestled her to the carpeted floor behind her desk.

It’s happening again she realized. But as his body pressed against her, the pleasure of muscular contact made her weak.

William stared straight at Virginia as he lay on top of her. She still saw that maturity in his face. It bewildered her that he should appear so mature and yet want to rape her. She stopped fighting for a second, and he had her pinned securely to the carpet. Her mind was spinning as her cunt began to secrete its fluid.

Virginia hated herself for allowing her body to dominate her. She felt a grown person should have more control, though she had to admit it was difficult to have even a semblance of authority over oneself in this position.

“Take it easy, Miss Tidwell,” William growled between clenched teeth.

She had assumed she had gained at least a little dignity from the experience of last night, but apparently it wasn’t true. She moaned and her eyes watered under William’s pressing ministrations.

“Let me go!” she moaned insistently.

“Not until I’m through,” he said. Then William reached up the blouse of her suit, under her heavy bra and grabbed a soft nipple between his forefinger and thumb.

“Ohhh, Jesus!” exclaimed Virginia, arching her covered chest up toward the ceiling in the first throes of animalistic passion. The feelings of lust sufficiently washed away the pangs of guilt.

“Be gentle,” she pleaded.

The pleasurable memories she had tried so hard to suppress through her sleepless night came flying back to her like a whirlwind. Thoughts of how that large cock would feel in her twat made her belly swell with anticipation. But memories were lost to her as the physical sensation of William grinding a passionate kiss upon her lips forced her attention to the here and now. She could feel the thick rod of turgid flesh rubbing up and down the softness of her upper leg through their clothing. A little fire was burning in her stomach, spreading its heat throughout her tossing form.

William moved his hot hand down from her bra-covered breast, pinching her flesh teasingly as it went. His hand reached the side of her thick, gray skirt and unbuttoned the waistband. He was deft at undoing clothing, she discovered. His fingers pulled at the large zipper’s metal tab and slowly drew it down her hip. She felt as if his fingers had left a trail of fire behind them as they followed the zipper down her flesh.

He then reached his hand inside the flimsy, over-large panties and moved his sweating palm down to her ass. He squeezed it gently, letting it respond to the manipulations by bouncing back into his hand. He grabbed again, each time more forcefully than the last, pushing Virginia up to the peak of excitement.

She was frightened of herself. A person was not supposed to have such incredible sensations, to be so taken away with sex. It was perverted to enjoy it so much. She arched up against him as an orgasm racked her body, pouring fluid inside her panties and down the drab, gray suit. She continued to pump against his thigh, and his hand still clutching her ass, as the waves of pleasure ran through her.

“You sure have taken to this,” said William, smiling down at her.

She returned his smile through the haze of her climax and slumped against him.

“I’m going to do something different now,” he said, “so relax while I take off your clothes.”

Virginia lay back, letting the warmth recede from her body as William pulled down her skirt. She looked down and saw the dark patch of pubic hair through her flimsy, old panties. She could see the moisture, which had collected there, even through the cloth.

William moved up to her chest and unbuttoned the suit jacket down the front. Her breasts were large and well formed, she realized, as the buttons strained under the pressure of her heaving tits. William worked competently, though, having barely any trouble with the large, bulky buttons.

He peeled it off her chest and she slipped her arms out so that the jacket was off, but she was still lying on it. William now moved down to her panties, a sexual gleam in his eyes. She wanted her blouse off first — it was only proper. She knew she would look strange with her blouse and bra still on and her panties off. But she didn’t say a word as he pulled slowly, stopping just above the first wisps of her pussy hair.

“What white skin,” he said. “Your body doesn’t seem like it’s ever seen the sun.”

She thought about it and realized that it was true. She had always been so embarrassed about her body that she had never uncovered it enough to allow the sun to affect her. The result was the whiteness of her beautiful belly.

His hands moved gently over her, caressing and fondling the hairless area above her cunt. She began to itch in her twat, wanting his hand to slip into the mass of soft hair. He was teasing her, though, and would only skirt near it and then move up toward her navel. The next time his fingers neared her sensitive pubic area she arched up and pulled her body back so that his hand inadvertently slipped across her clitoris through the thick pubic hair.

“Ahhhhh!” she moaned, happy with her little trick.

“You’re really quick when you want to be,” he said with that mature smile of his.

“When I need to be,” she said with a glassy smile.

William understood as he lasciviously kept his hand rubbing over her inflamed clit.

She reached down and began pulling off the panties herself, impatient with his deliberate slowness.

“No, I’ll do it,” said William, grabbing the rolled elastic between his fingers and easing it slowly down her hips.

She watched as his eyes changed. Exposing her cunt really affected him, as he began to fumble and look awkward. Virginia smiled, pleased with how she could make his competence slip for a second with the sight of her body.

William regained his control and had her panties down to her ankles in a second. He pulled them from her dainty feet and stood up holding them loosely in his hand while he looked down at her half-naked body. She looked down, too. She had been right — she did look strange with the top on and no bottom. She looked naked and naughty that way. She was not displeased the way she thought she would be, but rather proud of how sexual she appeared.

“Jesus H. Christ!” exclaimed William through clenched teeth. “You look great!”

She smiled up at his dark eyes and ruffled hair. He was truly handsome and virile-looking. The bulge at his groin was obviously throbbing away to the beat of his pounding heart. He reached down and rubbed the front of his pants as he sighed over Virginia’s voluptuousness. She moved her hips like a hooker and he went wild.

“Wait for me!” William exclaimed, yanking off his shirt so fast that two buttons were ripped right out of their holes and popped onto the carpet. “You can’t win them all,” he said laughingly as his bronzed, hairless chest emerged from his sports shirt.

She stared at her blouse buttons, but hesitated when William signaled her to stop.

“Let me do it,” he said.

“Why wait?” she asked impatiently.

“Just wait a second!” he exclaimed as his pants fell down his legs to the floor.

Virginia saw the blood-engorged head of his cock stick out of the fly in his boxer shorts. She was amazed at the deep-purple color to the silky head. It looked almost like a lollipop. She wiped her tongue across her lips as she stared at it.

“You like the way it looks, huh?” asked William with a smirk. He pulled his shorts past the throbbing member, allowing it to bob back into place.

He knelt over her stomach so that he was sitting on his knees above her. His cock was pointing directly to her smiling face as he began to undo her blouse buttons from the bottom up.

Virginia watched, amazed with his deliberation in the face of his obvious excitement. He really had poise and confidence for someone so young. His fingers continued to move nimbly up her front, brushing lightly over her soft, sensitive skin. She felt chills of pleasure run up her chest whenever he touched her.

Virginia decided to let it happen, not to watch and let the anticipation drive her wild. She tossed back her head in the most carefree manner she could muster, moaning lowly. Even not watching didn’t help, as his light touches made her dizzy with anticipation of really being felt up. She could feel the blouse being laid open on her chest as William released a low, animalistic groan.

She husked as she reached up and grabbed William by his throbbing shaft to steady herself from the dizzying effect of suddenly having her nipple pinched.

“Ohhh!” yelled the boy, the skin of his engorged member being pulled over the sensitive head by Virginia’s tight grip. She smiled at her ability to heighten his pleasure, even if by accident. She tugged hard again on the member just to watch him go stiff and moan.

William leaned back again in the throes of ecstasy. But this time he came back with a pocket knife in hand. Fear passed over Virginia’s face for a second, for she had no idea what he had in mind as he flipped open the blade and placed it near her chest.

“You won’t be needing an old thing like this any more,” he said as he cut her bra open where the cups met in a thick band. “I’ll buy you a pretty new one.”

Her boobs popped the heavy, cotton cups right off her tits. She looked down and saw the nipples harden without even being touched. Her sensations were really at a new height as she realized all it took was her own imagination to turn her on.

William glared down at the white, ripe fruit as he tossed the knife casually away. The coral-colored nipples puckered up invitingly at him.

Virginia felt his hands start climbing up the corrugations of her ribs toward the tits jiggling lightly on her chest. She was about to reach up and stop their motion — which was beginning to seem lewd and absurd — when William’s youthful hands got there first. He felt the full globes of flesh between his strong hands, gripping tight so that the nipples were pushed up to the very top and made smooth. Virginia was soaring. She hadn’t realized how effective William could be, but he was showing her.

He let the boobs fall in their jiggling fullness down onto her chest again, the nipples puckering into tight, ridged knobs. Virginia felt as if her chest were being tied in knots of fire. She arched up again and moaned, wishing in the back of her mind that she had more control. But as soon as William pulled the tits up so that the nipples were a crimson smoothness she stopped wishing anything so foolish. Her own lascivious body captured her and there was no fighting it.

William dropped her large, full tits again, watching them jiggle into stillness as the nipples bunched up like tiny mountains. Again the taut points of pleasure made her feel as if she were being tied up inside. She fought the dizziness as it rushed over her, but it was too much. It captured her body and flew away with it.

“You’re really one helluva bitch,” he said with marked admiration.

For the first time out of the academic situation Virginia thought she liked William Crawley, and she knew why. He sensed these thoughts as he laid his hot body across hers, still holding onto her tits. He closed his dark eyes and parted his lips just a bit before he planted a kiss on her burning mouth.

What a good dream to be in. Though pleasure filled Virginia she never imagined herself being so high, for it was too good to be true. This has to be a dream!

William’s right hand slipped off her tit and down to the moist patch of cunt hair, touching her delicate clit and bringing her back to reality. Yes, the pleasure was real and she loved it. She didn’t give her mind a chance to counter her judgment as she fell into the rhythm of his stroking fingers.

The hood of her inflamed nubbin was pulled back deftly as his assault concentrated on her clit. She felt lost in the waves of her climax, her identity becoming her pleasure. That was all she knew and all she cared about.

William was equally affected as hot spouts of steaming spunk flowed out over her stomach. His face contorted as he pumped the last droplets of cum over her navel.

“I… I’ve… I’ve never come… I’ve never come outside of a warm hole before,” he said, punctuating his words with a deep groan of pleasure.

Virginia smiled as he pressed his hot body against hers, smearing the copious fluids between them and onto the floor. She went into a faint, thinking about how she had acquired the ability to satisfy a man.


Virginia awoke to find herself on her back. William knelt above her, turning her gently and smoothly.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to do what I promised to,” he said adroitly, continuing to turn her naked, voluptuous form onto her stomach.

“What’s that?” she asked over her shapely shoulder at his kneeling form.

“Wait and see. It won’t be long.” His voice had a diabolical ring to it that didn’t set right with Virginia.

“I want to know now!” she demanded in an authoritative voice that was sounding more and more phony around young William. She began to turn onto her back, but William roughly grabbed at her hip and shoulder and tossed her onto her stomach. She lay there knowing it was no use to argue with him.

She forgot her rough treatment as soon as he began caressing her firm buttocks. She felt her cheeks being massaged in wide circles by the palms of his hands. He swung one leg up over her thighs and now straddled her. His hands moved up her back as he stretched himself out over her reclining form.

William was massaging her with practiced hands, and Virginia was relaxing rapidly under his ministrations, almost fling back into a sleep of tensionless pleasure.

Virginia began to wonder again what he was going to do. She could feel his thick, hot cock sliding up and down her crack, almost touching the whorl of her anus. She hoped that he didn’t have that in mind. Anal intercourse is truly degenerate, she thought. She stopped worrying as his nimble fingers moved up to her neck, making her relax even more.

After William was finished with her neck and she had sunk into a state of semi-consciousness, he pulled himself back onto his knees. He shifted his weight, placing one knee at a time between hers. He now knelt between her thighs as his thumbs ran down the crack in her ass to her cunt. A slight pang of fear shot through her as the tips of his thumbs passed by the outer rim of the lips.

He placed both thumbs at the hairy puss lips and spread them dexterously apart, his breathing becoming more, forced the wider her cunt gaped. She could feel cool air rushing into her warm hole, causing the mucous membrane to secrete its sticky juices. The feeling of the thick fluid passing out of her cunt and over her clitoris made her gasp for air. She writhed and tossed as William pushed two fingers side by side into the steaming hole.

Virginia felt William’s body move slowly forward, retaining contact with his fingers in her twat. She couldn’t help but anticipate what would happen next. She closed her eyes and held her breath. The tepid, spongy head of the throbbing shaft was pressed up against her inflamed cuntlips. Virginia writhed and pushed her body backward in an attempt to impale herself on the mighty shaft. But William saw this and moved backward also, keeping his cockhead insinuated at the moist puss lips.

“Slow down!” he commanded with a laugh. “You’ll have had enough of cocks by the time we’re through.”

His words puzzled her. She couldn’t understand why he would use the plural for penis since he had the only one here. What did he mean by “we”? She reconciled herself to his having made a grammatical error. She fell back into the passion of the moment, forgetting about his mistake. The fact was that right now she didn’t have enough of his stalk and she wanted more. She tried to back up again. This time she was more successful than the last.

William began his slow, confident thrusting. His hips moved with the skill of a well-honed machine, slowly and with magnificent ease.

Virginia moaned to feel the head slip with force between the muscles of her puss lips. She pushed her butt up in the air, allowing the entry to be as smooth as possible. William began to slide in faster. He checked himself and held his hips stationary for a minute. Virginia moaned to feel the thick rod deep in her twat. William didn’t seem to notice her need as his manipulations remained at a slow pace.

The neck of his stiff shaft was trapped in the muscles of her cunt. She concentrated as hard as she could to try to suck the tool in with her twat, but it didn’t work. She just smiled at her vanity and let William go on. He kept pushing the dry rod into Virginia’s soaking cunt, saturating more and more of his throbbing shaft with her juice.

Virginia could feel the hair of her cunt being pulled in after the turgid member, which also pulled the lips of her vulva in after it. She felt like she was being turned inside out by the pistoning rod.

When William had the hilt of his member in he stayed there, churning it around with steady twists of his hips and enlarging the tight hole he was stuck in. He then began a slow extraction, drawing steadily out of her wet cunt. Virginia shivered, frightened of losing the magnificent member. She had wanted him to go on churning in ever-widening circles forever. She tried to scoot herself along the floor on her belly so that she could recapture the receding cock, but William held her to the floor too strongly.

“Fuck me!” she demanded, not realizing her intense passion had became so verbal. William pulled his cock completely out of her cunt with a noisy pop, like putting one’s thumb over a bottle top and flipping it away. The sound was music to Virginia’s sensitive ears. Before it would have been nasty, but now it turned her on.

As William placed his glands at her asshole Virginia buckled, arching up like a boat’s prow. Now she knew what he meant to do. She fought it, thrashing against his tight grip on her voluptuous ass. She had just been reassuring herself about William’s intentions — and now this.

“Stop, you pervert!”

“I just had to slick up my cock in your cunt so it would be ready for that tight asshole,” he said commandingly. “I’ve never had an asshole before, never fucked one, I mean. And since I’m sure that yours is as virginal as the rest of you, I want a piece of everything.”

Virginia squinted under him, but he was too strong. She could feel the awful weapon pressing up against the tenderness of her rosebud.

“If you don’t calm down this may hurt,” warned William.

“If I do calm down,” she said with a sneer, “then you’ll perform the most perverse, the most shocking, the…” Her voice trailed off in a painful moan as William pressed his advantage. His blood-engorged cockhead rammed against the tight sphincter.

Virginia lay absolutely still now, afraid that what William had said was true. She didn’t want to be treated to anal intercourse, she wanted to be home. Even her past apathy was better than this degradation.

Virginia was amazed at how quickly the soreness left and how open her ass seemed. She relaxed as his member slid in.

The hot cock felt like a flew poker in her small ass. She could feel the sensational effects of it as juices poured out of her pussy and down her clit. She ground the crown of cunt onto the rug, massaging the inflamed nubbin with the fibrous mat. The feeling was rough and wonderfully exciting.

William was still sinking his heavy rod into the tight bunch of muscle, allowing himself time, obviously, to get adjusted to the decidedly different sensations of anal penetration.

His wiry pubic hair began to tickle her sphincter and she began laughing, ashamed that she had no more self-control in a situation like this. William stopped his penetration there, surprised at her reaction to it.

“What’s the matter?” he asked, genuinely concerned.

“Nothing,” she said at she continued to laugh. William obviously didn’t know what she was thinking. He remained stationary until her laughter subsided. As Virginia began to gain control of herself again her senses became highly attuned. She could feel the roughness of the carpet on her tender nipples, and she could feel the cum drying on her stomach and sticking her to the carpet. Just as she was about to concentrate on her cunt. William drove the last inch into her asshole, sending all thoughts and sensations flying in waves of intense heat. She felt like she was swimming in boiling water, and she liked it.

William didn’t hesitate as he drew his cock back out of the tight asshole. The sphincter was so strong it grabbed the foreskin and pulled it down over his cockhead as he retreated. Virginia could feel his heartbeat through the rod stuck up her ass. It was a lifeline that connected them. She began to feel warm and secure, even though she was participating in anal sex. She’d forgotten how impulsive the act was and now enjoyed it to the fullest.

The cock began to slide into the hole again, this time slicker and faster. Virginia lost her breath for a second as the shaft sank into the tender sacrifice of her voluptuous body. She ground her breasts flat against the floor in ecstasy. She could feel the heat of passion rowing inside her belly like a raging fire. It spread with dizzying speed throughout her bouncing form.

She had forgotten about his warning and thrashed about wildly. No pain came as she almost tossed his sweating, youthful form off her. She stretched out her arms and clawed with her long fingers into the carpet, straining every muscle of her body, including her anal sphincter. William fell down across her and dug his fingers into her soft shoulders, leaving little welts of pleasure as he let go.

Virginia was lost in a whirl of sensation. She didn’t know where she was and she didn’t care. William seemed equally lost as his thrusts became more and more rapid. He was driving into her asshole with the speed and power of a jackhammer and he groaned and sweated above her arching back.

Virginia’s asshole began winking wildly around William’s steadily pumping shaft. He began to moan in a deep rattle, sounding like nothing Virginia had ever heard come out of the mouth of a human being. She became just a little frightened at his animalistic sounds as he lay down flat across her back and pumped even more wildly. She wanted to hold him, but it was impossible, as necessary as it seemed to her. She had to feel closer to him, as close as any two people had ever felt.

As she reached her hands back to try to touch him William went stiff. She thought she had dune something wrong by trying to touch him and hold him close. But as soon as the hot spouts of cum began to shoot into her like liquid fire she knew that what she had done was all right. She backed up, still winking her sphincter as she took the full length of his throbbing member into her ass.

She could feel that tire that was surging throughout her body become concentrated in her belly. She writhed as the concentrated knot of pleasure broke, spreading the flames out of her cunt in the form of her precious juice. Her as continued to wink, pulling globs of cum out of his pulsing, thick shaft.

“Ohhh, God!” he yelled at the top of his lungs, not caring if anyone could possibly hear him or not.

Virginia found her mouth open and her throat vibrating, but it didn’t feel like a scream. She knew she had reached the heights of passion to not even yell and release some of the mounting tension. All that was pent up inside of her seemed to be flowing out of her steaming cunt.

William rolled slowly off of her, his cum leaking out of her asshole. It ran down the crack in her ass to her cunt, and from there to her clit. The hot, thick fluid mingled with her own juices about the throbbing nubbin. She felt another orgasm rush over her like a runaway train. More spunk washed out of her tender, pulsing body.

As William lay beside her he put his arm across her shoulder, pressing his spent, youthful body against hers. She looked over at him, a hazy smile playing over her face, and fell into a post-orgasmic sleep.

She awoke in a daze, disoriented and unable to see clearly where she was. She suddenly remembered by the warm, full feeling in her ass that she and William had just had Greek sex.

The room came into focus as William passed his light hand across her breasts, hesitating momentarily over each nipple, causing them to perk up. Virginia smiled at him, and reached over and cupped his youthful, pale sac in her hands. She was not afraid of the genitalia of men any more. William had shown her that they were not as dangerous and filthy as her childhood experience had led her to believe.

She released the testicles and moved her hand slowly up to the limp tube of flesh. She had never seen one soft before. Last night it had been too dark, and before that she had just never had any experience with one at all. She wondered at the softness and its shrunken size. Isn’t it amazing, she thought with a pleased smile, that it can get so big and hard.

Just then his cock seemed to come to life, almost triggered by her thoughts. It looked so soft and delicious that she wanted it in her mouth before it became hard again, as it was obviously starting to do. She forgot where the cock had been last and swallowed the entire shaft in one slurp. She had moved her head and body so quickly down to the tool that William was caught by surprise. He smiled and moaned pleasantly as the member began to uncoil itself in the warm cavity of her mouth.

A slight, fecund taste lingered in her mouth, but she refused to recognize what it came from as the joy of encasing the unfurling member surged through her lithe body. She could feel her nipples harden at the same rate at which the rod stiffened in her mouth. She felt as if their bodies were in tune, like two well-made instruments, and in this case instruments of pleasure.

She tongued the extended cock, feeling with glee the spongy, silky cockhead begin to press against the opening to her throat. She had to start releasing some of the length of the mighty cock as the distension increased. She was not prepared to take the entire length into her as yet.

William moved so that his stomach was over Virginia’s head, giving her a better angle to blow him from. She smelled the musky odor exuding from his pubic hair nit brushed across her nose. It was intoxicating, like the aroma of heavy red wine.

She blew with some force, holding the cock in her mouth by tightening her full lips about the ridge of the cockhead. The sensitive tube of flesh expanded as the air filled it. She saw the bottom ridge pulse and red veins stood out along the rigid shaft. As she blew again she watched William’s stomach muscles tense, then relax as he gasped for breath.

His balls jumped up to his body, the sac becoming wrinkled and tight as they receded. She reached out and massaged the tight knot of egg-shaped organs they responded by dropping down again. She let go and the balls again receded. She had a rhythm going and would cause the hanging genitals to drop and then pull up. William, moaning above her, couldn’t stand it any longer and began pumping his throbbing member into her tender mouth, his smooth strokes long and gentle.

Virginia’s attentions went back to the cock lodged in her mouth. Her mind flashed from William to Tony Burk — she wished now that she could have satisfied him then. Her mind began to work and confusion filled her. She didn’t know what she was doing or why she was doing it. The conflict between her pleasure and her training surged through her like a cold wind. After all she’d been through in the last two nights she was amazed that her mind had any fight left, but it did.

The repugnance of the act she was performing was swept away as the cock’s spongy head pressed tightly against the opening to her throat. Her, past and her strict upbringing were swept away with it.

“You sure give good head,” William spurt out between deep gasps for air.

Virginia smiled as the head slipped into her throat. She stifled a choking reaction and let the shaft follow the head in. She pulled her lips in over her teeth so that they would not chafe the shaft gliding into her throat.

Virginia rolled William over slowly after the shaft had penetrated so deep that her nose was buried in his bristling pubic hair. He now lay on his back, his arms stretched out with the palms flat on the carpet. He was crawling along the floor, powered by passion. Virginia had to walk on her knees and then pull him back by his cock to keep him from getting away.

She reached around under him and grabbed him by his cheeks. She began pinching him so that he bounced up into her eager mouth. She had him jumping at his hips so that she didn’t have to do anything but pinch and hold her head still with her mouth and throat open wide.

William’s shaft kept going deeper and deeper, until Virginia thought he must be in her stomach with his spongy head. She suddenly pulled her mouth off, having a desire to be fucked in her cunt. It felt like it itched and like the only way to ease the sensation was to have his cock scratch it. He moaned like a wounded animal at the loss of Virginia’s mouth, tongue and throat ministering to his throbbing and almost orgasmic cock.

“Why… why did you do that?” he gasped. “I was ready to come.”

“I wanted to be fucked… I have to be fucked… I need your cock stuffed in me as far as it will go!”

“It was,” was all that he could say.

“Not in my cunt,” she said rapidly.

Virginia could see that the immediacy of his passion was receding, along with his orgasm.

“You’re a real teaser,” he almost spit out before he could calm himself. “Do you know how difficult it is to get back into a state of passion like that? Almost coming and then stopping is infuriating.”

Virginia smiled at him. She was not as disturbed at not satisfying him as she thought she should have been. But then she had shown a bit of dominance, a little control of the situation, and she liked that feeling too much to worry. Besides, William was smiling broadly at her, as if he were pleased with her for the same reason.

William sat up with an effort as Virginia came to her knees. He reached out as if to touch her shoulders and playfully pushed her back. She fell backward, catching herself with her arms as William sprung forward with a devilish smile. He wrestled her to the floor.

Virginia caught the tone of the play and they rolled around on the carpet like two kittens, tumbling in great, playful circles. She got loose because they were so sweaty and his grip on her slipped as he grabbed her by the waist. She skittered away on her hands and knees. He reached out with one hand and secured her by the ankle, dragging her back toward him laughingly. She turned around and was pulled along on her ass. They reached each other and fell into a passionate embrace.

His rod was hard again and pounded against her thigh. She dropped her hand to the tool and caressed it gently as she was laid back by William. He kept one hand on the floor and one arm around her as he placed her carefully on her back. They were smiling with open-mouthed grins as their lips met in a heated kiss. Virginia could almost see the steam rising from between them as he pressed his muscular farm up against her full, worn and voluptuous body.

He slipped easily between her thighs, his cock homing in on her cunthole. She felt the hot, slick rod slip easily into her. She pulled her knees up automatically and he went even deeper, separating the inner folds of her snatch with ease. He put his arms on the inside of her knees and held them pressed against her tits. She would have thought that this position would be uncomfortable if she had thought about it before it happened, but it wasn’t. It was almost like it was natural for her to be bundled up in a ball, exposing her cunt to maximum penetration.

William seemed to think so too, as he rocked her forward, bunching her up even more. Her knees were now beside her ears and her ass was raised a couple of inches off the carpet. William withdrew and began a quick thrust.

Virginia found it amazingly easy to breathe in this position. She was not as cramped as she obviously appeared to be. And her cunt was especially unclamped as William drove again and again into the depth of her twat.

She found herself yelling, “Fuck me, fuck me!” and almost thought it had to be someone else calling out with such abandon.

William heard the call and answered by picking up his speed. His athletic prowess showed as he maintained an incredibly rapid, smooth motion with his hips.

Virginia felt that old itch coming back, centering on her inflamed clitoris. But it seemed no sooner there than William’s turgid cock was meeting it and pumping it away. She began to swing her hips back and forth, measuring her motions to meet his. It seemed to make him go absolutely wild as his pistoning increased to keep up with the only part of Virginia’s body that she could move, and she moved it well.

Virginia could feel her inflamed nipples burning against the front of her thighs. Her breath came in short gasps as she felt her face flush, and knew come. She stepped up her own pace, hoping to have William come before she fainted from the pleasure. But she needn’t have worried, for William’s hot spunk was already washing into her in great spurts from the pleasure. But she needn’t have worried, for William’s hot spunk was already washing into her in great spurts.

On his last thrust his churning cock broke through the opening of her womb, triggering her equally copious orgasm. They hugged each other tightly as their fluids mingled in the depths of her vagina.


“You’re the best I’ve ever had,” said William with a yawn as he reached over lovingly and cupped one of Virginia’s opulent breasts in his muscular hand and jiggled it slightly.

“AID I?” she asked with a smile.


“Is she now?” asked Glen Martin from the doorway.

Virginia and William sobered up immediately as they saw the group of six boys walking toward them from the door. Glen, Virginia’s most troublesome student, lead the pack. Behind him came Bob Baxter, the jokester in her senior English class, a redhead headed Greg Smith and tall Todd Daley. John Gray and Henry Stills brought up the rear. She recognized all the boys as being the ones that were missing that day from class, except for John Gray. She wondered why he was here.

Her mind flashed to William telling her that the group of them had fucked Miss Tobbie that morning, and she realized that all of the boys here had been involved but John. She kept pondering the meaning of his presence. It was obvious what the others had in mind, for the bulges in their pants grew as they ambled toward her.

“We were supposed to do this together,” said Glen with a sneer to William. Virginia still had her hand over her pussy and was bunched up in a ball so that her breasts were not exposed.

“I came here to warn her about it,” said William calmly, “but she started to make a big fuss. The next thing I knew we were fucking.”

“We watched that,” said Bob Baxter around Glen’s shoulder. “You ought to close the blinds. We were ready to sell tickets.”

The other boys laughed, but no one said anything as Virginia tried to scoot toward her clothes, which were scattered all over the floor.

“You won’t need those,” said Glen as he moved his dark form quickly, gathering them up and handing them to Todd. “Put them outside, or on the roof. She won’t need them for a while.”

Virginia’s eyes followed Todd’s long, graceful motions as he took the clothes outside. She half-respected William for the reasons he had come to her, even if it hadn’t turned out the way he had intended.

Fear was her real motivation as she looked at each of the six boys separately, seeing the blatant lust displayed in their eyes. Her mind was working again, even after all William had done to dispel the illusion of dirtiness in sex. She couldn’t imagine being gang-fucked would be the cleanest feeling she would ever have. She wanted to be home, away somewhere, anywhere. She was afraid and she showed it.

“Why don’t you leave her alone,” said William protectively. “She’s so frightened it won’t be any fun for you.”

“How scared is that?” asked Glen facetiously while the others guffawed and made mocking gestures of fright, all except John.

Virginia knew that William, strong as he was, was no match for all six boys. But she respected him the more for trying to talk them rationally out of their degenerate idea. The problem was that they didn’t care.

“We’ll fuck her anyway,” said Glen, his dark eyes flashing below his dark, straight hair. “You can leave if you don’t want to watch or join in. All the more worn for the rest of us.”

Virginia fell into silent panic as she saw William pull on his clothes and prepare to leave. She knew she would rather be fucked in his presence than all by herself. But William looked glad to be leaving. He seemed to be smiling in the same way as the rest of these characters. She suspected he had not came to warn her, but rather to set her up for the rest of them. She wanted to believe he was really kind and nice, but as her mind sank more and more into panic she began to doubt his sincerity.

She felt abandoned as William trotted out of the door, zipping up his pants as he went. She knew that she would never be able to live down the experience of being fucked by so many people at once.

“Well, Mr. Gray,” said Glen with a smile, “you were the only one not a party to this morning’s festivities. We’ll give you firsties.”

John Gray looked shocked and in as much of a panic as Virginia. She had to smile inside to see his reactions to an obviously novel situation.

“You a virgin or what?” asked Bob Baxter.

John Gray looked up at him with wide, hazy eyes and did not answer. The look was enough to tell everyone there, including Virginia, that Bob was right.

“Well,” said Henry in his thick drawl, “this should be fun to watch.”

“I don’t want to!” John sputtered out.

“But it isn’t everyday a clean-cut school kid gets to fuck the teacher, John,” said Glen with an arch to his brows, “so take advantage of it while you can.”

“I won’t!” said John with a finality that was based on panic. He put his fingers in his mouth and began chewing his nails.

“All, but you will!” said Glen with a grin based on his desire to get on with it. Obviously he wanted to see the perverse. “Let’s take off his clothes.”

Bob Baxter and Henry Stills grabbed John by the arms as Todd and Greg Smith began to undo his pants. They worked quickly, laughing among themselves. Virginia was trying to see if there was some way for her to get away, but Glen kept an eye on her. She just cowered into a corner, trying unsuccessfully to cover her nakedness.

“Okay!” said Glen as soon as John was nude. “Bring him here.”

The four boys carried John over to the corner that Virginia was huddled in and circled around them so that neither could get away.

“Now fuck her!” exclaimed Bob and Glen in unison.

John looked over at Miss Tidwell with tears in his eyes and his hands over his hard-on. He seemed embarrassed to be there at all. Virginia felt sorry for him in his predicament and reached over with a gentle arm and touched the cowering youth.

“Christ, she’s going to fuck him!” Bob exclaimed. “Look at that!”

“I’m just trying to calm him!” yelled Virginia. “Obviously you perverts don’t have any sense of shame or you might understand.”

Greg and Henry blushed at her words, but the others just laughed as if it were the funniest thing they had ever heard.

“We don’t give a skit about shame,” said Glen, leaning forward and curling his lips. “All we care about is fucking. And we’re going to watch this virgin kid get his first nut off!”

John looked forlorn. Even when commanded to do it propriety seemed to be holding him back. Virginia wanted something to happen — almost anything would be better than this tense stalemate.

“Well, Miss Tidwell,” said Glen, “you’ll just have to fuck him then.”

“Forgive me, Miss Tidwell,” cried John, “they made me come here. I didn’t want to come and do this, honest.”

Virginia just sat there not heeding the words Glen was addressing to John. She was as embarrassed as poor John was at having to do this while being watched by a group of people.

Bob Baxter was standing closest to John, and when he saw that nothing was happening he placed his foot on John’s shoulder and pushed him toward Miss Tidwell. John lost his balance and grabbed Virginia by the right tit to stop himself. He was more embarrassed than ever, but did not let go.

Virginia pulled his young body toward hem in a protective motion, knowing that it would lead to the inevitable. John lay down across her as five pairs of eyes looked on in amazement. As John began clumsily massaging her tit she could hear the gasps and groans from the onlookers. The perversity of this strange situation actually excited her. He could feel her breasts responding with pleasure, even to John’s tight, rough grip.

She reached down for his cock. She could feel it hotly pounding against her thigh. When she touched the virginal tip John jumped back in surprise, still holding onto her boob. The nipple of that tit was now hard and rigid with bright red points as the heat of the situation spread over her chest.

John’s pecker was smaller than she had expected. But then, the only experience she had had was with William. She only had him to compare John with. The penis felt thinner at the base than at the purple head. John’s cock tapered up to a bunchy thickness as Virginia ran her long fingers all along the length of it. John moaned with surprise at her nimbleness.

Virginia was afraid that all there John, would think that she was as perverted as they were. All she wanted was get it over with. She knew that there was no escaping the desires of the mob until it was over.

“Come on, John. Stick it to her,” Bob said, egging her young, shy student on.

John’s hand fell across her belly and shivered there for a second. He didn’t seem to know quite what was happening as he felt the soft resilience of his teacher’s stomach. He was excited, but, by the look in his eyes, but didn’t know why.

Virginia continued to finger his turgid cock, pulling down on the skin so that the head was taut and shiny. She ran her forefinger up over the head, feeling the silkiness and resilience of the spongy glands.

“Look at her go!” exclaimed Bob Baxter. Virginia blushed, realizing that she had forgotten for a moment that she was being watched, that she was being forced to do this so that they could watch her.

She blocked them out of her mind. She knew she couldn’t do what she had to do if she thought she was being watched. It was necessary for her to have public sex, spectator sex. She reached over with her other hand to John’s sac and fondled the tender orbs. She concentrated on them and forgot the rest.

John Gray pulled himself up so that he was lying across her, blocking out the view of the other students watching them. Virginia thought only about the shy, gentle boy and his needs as she continued to manipulate his balls.

She watched as his eyes watered and his mouth gaped open. Though he still didn’t seem to quite know what was happening he let it flow over him. The passion made him massage her breasts as he was being fondled by her gentle caress. She could feel his hot, panting breath in her ear.

Virginia rolled John onto his side. She wanted to see his cock. She had this desire, this need, to see what his member looked like. She had been right, it did taper up so that it was thicker at the tip than at the base. It was not unappealing, though. It looked sort of like a lollipop, especially the shiny, inflamed head. She scooted down along his body and quickly slipped the delicious-looking member into her mouth. The tiredness from her experiences that afternoon with William passed as soon as she, became curious and involved with John’s sex.

The member was softer than William’s had been in her mouth. She could feel it bend a little under her ministrations, like a soaked piece of wood. It didn’t have the salty, spunky taste of William’s either. It tasted fresh, almost clean as she sucked it the full length into her warm mouth. It did riot reach of the way to the back of her mouth, and the pubic hair which was pushed right up against her lips was soft. It felt like she had her mouth over a mass of smooth fur.

John had not taken the loss of her hot cavity without great moans and a lot of squirming. Virginia had to slide her hands down to his tight buttocks to hold her lip-lock on the tender cock.

As soon as he calmed down a little. Virginia stuck out her tongue and scrubbed the bottom ridge of his member. It felt soft and collapsed a little as she pushed up on the tube running along the bottom of his penis.

Virginia remembered that the ridge was the most sensitive spot on a man’s body. She continued to scrub it a John thrashed like a fish on a line. His hands were buried in her hair.

Virginia had kept her hair ass-length but always wore it in a tight, efficient-looking bun for school, or anytime she was in public. But John’s pulling yanked loose the bobby pins and her hair had fallen over her bobbing boobs.

“Look at that hair, will you!” exclaimed Greg.

“Yes,” said Henry, dragging out the word with a long, easy drawl.

Virginia was made aware of the presence of the observers. She felt worse than embarrassed, she felt degraded and dirtied. She spit out John’s pounding member, suddenly frightened by letting herself go in this public display of degeneracy. Hate for herself welled up in her mind as she looked up at the eyes staring down at her. She shivered and backed into the corner of the room.

Some problem might have arisen because she knew she would refuse to go through with it now. But John crawled up to her and planted an abandoned kiss upon her bobbing tit. The heat of having her nipple stretched taut in his hot mouth made her almost lose consciousness. The passion of the perverse situation overpowered her mind and she fell back into the embrace of her young student with more vigor than ever.

Virginia felt the soft nipple go hard in his reckless mouth. He was not really gentle, but he was passionate. He didn’t seem to have any training at this, and it seemed as if he were just going at it at the pace, which matched the intensity of his own excitement. Virginia bowed up, raising John with her as the suction of his mouth held him to her. It was as if a fire were consuming her chest, and no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t throw it off, it just grew stronger.

John was now on top of her again as she tossed around in the heat of passion. His slight body was between her thrashing legs, and she felt his cock move to her pussy lips. He didn’t seem to try to put it there, it was just natural and involuntary, a movement of his bewildered form that placed him in the proper position for penetration.

Virginia felt the hot pulse of the member at her clit. Fire was surging through her lithe form. She grabbed John under the arms and, with one impassioned pull, she forced his body up over her and his turgid member pushed into her aching twat. The heat seemed to singe her pubic hair as she heard John sigh in a dry, rattling groan like burning underbrush.

She heard moans coming from outside of their embrace but she did not acknowledge them. She couldn’t and still maintain the incredible heights of passion she was attaining with this virgin boy.

His virginity was something that Virginia could have in common with him, something that she could relate to. She wanted him to be enjoying it. Deep down inside her she knew that sex wasn’t bad. She didn’t want him to be left with a bad impression of it.

As soon as John because aware of what had happened to him, he stiffened up as if the magic of sex were supposed to start working all by itself. His body was rigid above hers. She felt his pud pulsing in her steaming twat as he dug his fingers into the carpet beside her head.

“Wow!” said one of the other boys, panting. Virginia did not know who said it and she didn’t care. John began to withdraw his member from her juicy cunt. She could feel the fluids exuding from the membrane of her vaginal walls, seeping down her tightly filled channel and out beside the retreating cock.

“Oh Jesus!” exclaimed John, his teeth showing and his forehead pulled back in surprise.

Virginia thought if she were watching she would have found John’s words naive and amusing, but no one laughed. The others were obviously too involved to separate themselves from the situation. She looked around John’s body and saw Todd unabashedly beating off his uncircumcised cock, pulling back the great folds of foreskin with each stroke of his meaty hand.

John was so inexperienced that once he had withdrawn so that only the pulsing glands of his tapered cock was still inside her vagina. He just stayed there balanced on his arms and panting stiffly. Virginia concentrated on her needy cunt and contracted the muscles at the opening of her vagina. They clamped sporadically around the turgid tool, making little slurping sounds as they did.

His body drooped suddenly onto hers, the clamping around his tender pud making him lose control of his faculties. Virginia felt the cock drive suddenly into her, taking her breath away. John pulled back again suddenly, almost completely losing contact with his teacher’s cunt. Again he drooped, his entire body falling onto hers. Virginia realized that he didn’t know how to do it. She reached one arm around him to encircle his shoulders while the other went down to hold his ass still.

Virginia then pinched his ass. It jumped up while she held his shoulders down. She then pushed down on his ass, his cock digging into the tender tissues of her vagina. She did this twice more, watching the surprised look on John Gray’s face as she taught him how to fuck. She was again in the role of teacher, commanding the situation and instructing with a kindness that she felt growing inside of her toward this slight, young student.

John caught the rhythm and, began pumping, obviously amazed that he could do it so easily without his teacher’s hands directing him. Virginia felt strangely proud of him as his strokes became less panicked and more sure. She was glad that she could teach something that she had only learned recently herself. She knew that she was a born teacher, possessing the tone of sureness and moral authority even in an amoral situation.

More of the others had joined Todd in stroking their meat. She could hear the slap of hand-to-cock contact coming from all around her. She looked up and saw that only Glen wasn’t beating off.

“You guys are going to waste all of that nice cum on your palms,” he said when he saw Virginia look up. “Why don’t you save it for the lady’s cunt?”

Henry and Greg seemed to hear as they released their puds to dangle in the air, but Todd kept pounding away. Virginia had to smile at his enthusiasm.

John’s beardless face was now pressed up against hers, the sweat lubricating the surfaces of their cheeks. Their faces were sliding by each other’s as John pumped his cock into her cunt.

She felt the fire in her cunt spreading to her belly and tying itself into knots. She spread her legs to allow John more entry, exposing her maw to the onlookers.

“Jesus! Will you look at that!” exclaimed Henry, his drawl becoming hoarse as he dragged out the last word. “What a sweet-looking cunt. I can almost taste it from here.”

Laughter floated around her as her eyes clouded over with passion. She felt John’s slick body gliding up and down hers his panting growing more fierce and his pumping more erratic. She knew he was about to orgasm and she wanted to make it one he would remember, though she was sure that he would remember it anyway because it was the time he lost his virginity. And the old myth was true, she knew. A person never forgets the first time he is fucked. She knew she would never forget William.

Where is William? she wondered, forgetting that he had disappeared when the others came. She began to hate him a little for deserting her, but her mind ceased to bother her when she felt John’s youthful cock bloat inside of her. He seemed to have lost control of his hips as he approached his climax, jerking above her. She grabbed him by his hairless, smooth, and tight buttocks and began pumping his hips against hers. She needed the power and thrust of his cock as it slid into her snatch and she pinched and pushed his cheeks until she got it.

He then became erratic again as Virginia felt his cock pulsing wildly. She knew that sperm was careening up the length of his tube. He slipped off of her without knowing how he did it. He grabbed himself and fought to get back in before he came, but it was too late. Cum spattered over her thighs and belly as he rolled onto his back, moaning with an injured sound. He lay on his back, cum still shooting out of him as if he were a fountain. Virginia watched as the thick, white fluid spurted out of his cockhead in small gobs. It landed on his fingers as he still held his member tightly, melting down the back of his hands.

Virginia still had not come herself, and she was aching to have her orgasm. The potential washed through her body like a hot wave of fire. She reached down openly and rubbed her clitoris with abandon. She grabbed the little inflamed nubbin, pulling back the fleshy hood to have access to it. She placed it between her fingers and began stroking back and forth as if it were a tiny penis. As the passion rose again in her body her mind flashed to the incident with Tony. John had come all over her the way Tony Burk had, leaving her own sexual desires unsatisfied. She didn’t want anyone to beat her into an orgasm, the way her father had.

She continued to moan and work her clitoris as she heard voices rambling around, above her through the haze.

“Climb on her, Todd, fast. She hasn’t come yet!” yelled Glen to the tall student. Todd was still stroking his meat, not having come yet.

The tall student kept his pants on and slid on top of Virginia with his cock protruding through the open fly of his trousers. He quickly placed the head of his pulsing member at her cuntlips while she still worked passionately at the nubbin. He grabbed a boob in each hand and thrust himself into her juicy opening. His face strained its roundness into lines of uninhibited passion as his cock sank deeply into her. She felt tissues being parted that John had never reached as the uncircumcised cock slid in, pushing the foreskin to a wrinkled mass at the bottom of his pud.

Their pubic arches met, as Virginia didn’t wait for Todd to stiffen, and began humping up at him herself. She ground her pussy around the large member, twisting her hips so that the cock turned in circles inside her vagina. She would have thought this the depths of depravity — being fucked in rapid succession by two different people — but her need was too great to worry about it now. She continued to fuck Todd while he remained a tense, motionless mass of nerves above her.

His cock began to expand inside of her, a feeling that was becoming very familiar to her. Spasms ran through his balls and they jumped against her thighs. She could feel the heavy pubic hair scratching at her smooth, white skin. It only worked to heighten her sensations and her excitement. She was climbing rapidly to the peak of pleasure.

Hot spouts of cum flowed into her. She felt the jerking of Todd’s pulsing penis, but the cum flowed smoothly. The heat generated by the wash of hot liquid triggered her climax as her cunt involuntarily tightened around the motionless, spewing cock.

She felt all of the sexual tension of her body relax immediately as the last spasm of her orgasm squeezed out the last drops of spunk from Todd’s pud. He relaxed above her and slumped onto her body. She could feel the once turgid cock soften and shrink inside her twat. She closed her legs to keep from losing it, even in its flaccid state.

Virginia felt very content, though perverse, as she hugged Todd’s tall, clothed form to hers. She hadn’t realized that only being able to touch his cock with her cunt, and having no other part of their skins meet, could be so wonderful. She fell off into a swoon as both her mind and her body relaxed from the spent passion.


Virginia felt Todd’s body being dragged off her by Greg and Henry. Glen moved in toward her from the only other side of her body that wasn’t covered by walls of people. Her mouth dropped open a little in fear. She didn’t know what other perversity he had in mind, but now that she was sobering up she started to worry about it.

As Glen watched her mouth open he rubbed his crotch. “Yes, that’s what I want,” he said with an awful sneer. He began to unbutton his pants and pull off the belt as Virginia felt herself cowering into the corner. She imagined that he was going to beat her, but, as it turned out, he was only taking off his pants.

“Let me go,” she pleaded with her large, lovely eyes fluttering. “You’ve had your perverted fun with me. Please let me so!”

“That was fun, all right,” he said, dropping his slacks down around his legs so that the bulge stood out pulsing from his shorts. “But this is going to be more fun.”

She watched him take off his shirt, huddling herself into a corner and trying to cover her nakedness with her arms. He then stuck his hand into his shorts and pulled out his purplish cock. She watched as the skin of the head pulsed until it changed over from a velvety texture to shiny silk. Her mind was racing at full speed, wondering what awful, perverse task he had in mind for her.

“You’re going to blow me and then eat my cum!” exclaimed Glen as he stood beside her cowering body. He threw one leg out over her so that he stood directly over, peering down at her wide-eyed stare. He proceeded to kneel down across her chest as he continued to finger his pulsing member.

“Don’t!” she exclaimed, trying to roll onto her side so that he could not get at her. He just reached down with his free hand and rolled her roughly back.

Virginia lay on her back, staring up at Glen’s lowering cock and balls.

As Glen put his weight on her chest she turned her head to the side so that she wouldn’t have to look directly at his prick. His hand flashed out and pulled her face straight again. “Suck it!” he commanded.

Virginia reached forward, her lips hesitating. She couldn’t reach, as Glen was sitting too far back on her breasts. The frustration of not being able to do what he demanded came to her face in a blush. She began crying. Large tears rolled down her soft, flushed cheeks. Glen didn’t seem to notice her distress as he scooted himself up over her full breasts, squashing them under the weight of his buttocks.

His cock was now turgid, and he placed it directly against her soft, unsmiling lips. “Eat it now!” he commanded again, adding a little twisted sneer to the last word.

Virginia opened her lips just a crack and the head pushed in against her teeth. She could taste the saltiness of his lubricant as it seeped out of the mouth of his cockhead. Her teeth opened up and the head slipped into her mouth, her lips catching around the rim of the silky head. She felt a mild disgust mixed with passion rise in her, and she could feel her nipples become hard under his ass.

Glen rocked slowly forward on his knees, forcing the head further into the hot cavity of her mouth. She was amazed that he was not as brutal as he tried to portray himself to be. He was being smooth and sensual with her now that they were actually involved in sex. Then she realized that it might be because he was afraid of having his member hurt. But no matter what the reason, she accepted the gentleness pate fully.

Greg stared down at them, then moved in with his pants half-down as if he were about to mount her.

“Wait, until. I’m through!” commanded Glen, looking over his shoulder at Greg.

“Why do we have to wait for you?” asked Henry.

“Because I say so, that’s why!” exclaimed Glen with a finality that stopped further discussion.

He tried to rock again into Virginia’s mouth even deeper, but, their position did not facilitate easy entry. “Move back that way!” he demanded, pointing in the direction of Virginia’s feet. She got up slightly on her palms and heels and scooted her body down. She heard great sighs coming from the boys and knew that moving like that made her cunt gape open in a tremendous maw. She tried to imagine what she looked like when viewed from that angle, but it was too disgusting to conjure up.

Glen could now lean all the way forward without hitting his head on the wall. By leaning forward like that he could position his member straight up and down Virginia’s mouth, allowing her to swallow the entire length. Virginia stifled a deep sigh of resignation as he rocked his body once more, forcing the turgid prick to the opening of her throat. She felt beads of sweat form on her forehead as she realized that the next time he leaned forward the cock was going to sink into the tight tunnel of her tender throat. She tried to rehearse in her mind how she was supposed to breathe, but when it happened she was in a mild panic because she couldn’t remember.

There was no problem with breathing, though, for as soon as the cock was into her throat and she had gagged slightly once; instinct took over and she inhaled easily through her nose. The heavy salt taste of the member now filled her entire mouth as the cock inched its way into her throat. In a moment of lucid pleasure she rubbed her hot tongue roughly across the bottom of Glen’s cock. He arched his back as he stood on his hands and knees over her, a low, guttural sound rasping from his lungs.

He had pulled out rapidly when she tongued his cock. She could feel the tissues of her throat close slowly after the cock was gone. It was like falling in her dreams — she felt dizzy and light. Her body was becoming more turned on all the time, almost against her will. She found that once her body was being manipulated sexually the rest of her followed. She had no control over it. It scared her a little. She could imagine walking down the street and some stranger walking up to her and fondling her breast. She laughed to herself as she thought she would go down for him right there.

Glen brought her back to reality by forcing his member again to the tight opening of the tunnel of her throat. She was amazed to discover that she had some control over the muscles in her neck now. Glen’s glands now loosened up. He almost fell in, catching himself with some difficulty. Virginia laughed a little around the turgid member buried in her face and Glen went stiff. She realized what she had done and began humming to try to imitate the vibrations she sent up through the length of Glen’s hardened rod.

Virginia then swallowed, or made swallowing motions with her throat while his cock was deep in her throat. The action of her throat muscles pulled sporadically at the member, convulsing around the stiffness of it. She rolled her eyes back and saw Glen’s mouth open wide, his dark eyes staring in blank passion into space. As he started to withdraw she felt as if she were losing control. She stepped up the clamping of her throat muscles. It didn’t work to hold him in. In fact, he began retreating faster, almost as if he were afraid that he was losing possession of his body by having Miss Tidwell swallow him.

She stopped her passionate ministration and let the member slide out of her throat into her mouth. Glen kept backing up like he didn’t know when to stop. Virginia tightened her lips around the receding cock, stopping its retreat when the rim was caught by her mouth and held still. She sucked, trying to draw it back in. At first Glen resisted, and then he let his tool be drawn into her now eager mouth. She had completely forgotten her earlier repugnance and was going at him full steam.

She felt herself wishing that Henry had climbed on, her poor cunt itched so bad. It felt like her clitoris was on fire and she either wanted the fire to be put out or to spread. She crossed her legs as Glen sank into her again and squeezed them together as his cock hit the opening to her throat. She tightened her legs again and again, causing the clitoris to be rubbed by the pressure of the clamping vulva.

Glen was no longer trying to penetrate her throat but just tried to move as fast as possible. Virginia tightened her lips a little, holding her teeth out of the way so as not to chafe his member. His cock was now well lubricated with the juices from her mouth, and it slid in and out rapidly.

Virginia moaned as she realized by the jumping of his sac against her chin that he was about to have his climax. She picked up her own speed, not wanting to be left without an orgasm again.

The cum started to flow into her hot mouth, washing around inside, then swallowed a her cheeks billowed out from the pressure. Her thighs were bouncing up and down on the carpeted classroom floor, but her orgasm still felt distant. She wanted to cry as she felt the burning need, but no ready release for it.

Glen slumped off her body, dropping the few remnants of cum onto her pretty face as he moved. Virginia’s head followed, imagining that the secret to her orgasm was with sucking more vigorously at him. But it wasn’t. She watched him curl up in a satisfied ball, no longer concerned with her now that his own needs had been met.

She looked up at Greg — he had wanted to fuck her. She held out her arms and began to beckon him with her fingers, but he seemed strangely reluctant. She then realized that she must really be a sight. She thought that she must look like some depraved beast, consuming one right after another of her young students. She dropped her arms and began to cry. Greg moved hesitantly forward, watching her closely.

Virginia could feel the passion subsiding. She didn’t want it to. She reached up quickly and grabbed Greg by one of his dangling hands and pulled him onto her aching body. His half-clad form fell over her. She could feel his youthful cock pulsing against her thigh.

“Fuck me!” she commanded. “Fuck me now!” She knew she sounded like an animal, but she didn’t care. She wiped the sweat from her eyes as Greg mounted her. Her passions soared immediately to the heights that she had just had with Glen.

Virginia watched Greg’s troubled face as he insinuated his cock into her glistening vulva. His square face was pulled down at the sides, as if he didn’t know what he was doing, or as if he wanted to do it very much. Virginia wrapped her arms around him so that he wouldn’t, or couldn’t, change his mind. She felt him put his arms down on the floor, then reached up behind her so that he was holding her shoulders from under.

A contorted smile ran across Greg’s youthful face as he began to push his hips toward her. Virginia threw back her head in ecstatic anticipation of what was to come. He suddenly thrust at her, driving his pecker to the hilt into her cunt.

Virginia yelled in released passion. Her orgasm almost pushed Greg’s cock back out of her cunt. She just lay there as Greg stared down at her, bewildered.

“I guess she needed that,” said Bob Baxter adroitly.

“Yes!” Henry with a sigh. “Now I’m going to give her something I need!” He moved around to her face, taking off his clothes quickly, dropping them where they came off his body. He mounted her chest as Glen had done, his pulsing member in his pale hand.

“What about me?” asked Bob, sounding half-comic and half in despair.

“And me?” asked Todd like an echo.

Greg was now pumping into Virginia’s spent body and didn’t seem to hear what was going on around him. Henry looked back over his shoulder and said, “Wait your turn!” Todd and Bob gathered closer while Glen still lay in the background on his elbows, smiling. Virginia tried to look around Henry and Greg to see if she could see John, but he was nowhere around, unless he was behind the desk or in the back room. She deduced that he had left like William. Now the two that she could mast easily relate to had left her alone with these perverted kids.

Whenever she was spent, or just satisfied, she discovered that her mind started working at full speed. But even though she had just come in torrents of hot, passionate fluid her insides were churning again to the ministrations of Henry and Greg.

Greg was pumping with youthful vigor and abandon, almost unaware of who he was with. Virginia couldn’t see him because Henry had sat down on her chest, but she could hear his panting and his teeth grinding as the tension of sex tightened him up. She could feel that his position had shifted. He was now sitting on his haunches with his hands under her ass. She was raised at an angle to the floor as Greg pumped as deeply as he could into her steaming cunt.

The juices flowed out around the moving erection as she again felt the fire ignited inside her belly. Her soft farm was smothered in flesh as she was fucked at both ends.

Henry’s cock slipped deep into her hungry mouth, and she sucked the member of all its lubricant.

Virginia tried to recall the other tastes she had had in the last two days, but only Glen’s pungent cum came to mind. Henry tasted sweet, but strong. She dug her tongue into the tip of his turgid cockhead to extract more. But she had sucked him dry and had to use her memory to savor the nice taste of it.

Henry buckled as her tongue dug again into the tiny mouth of the silky head. The tender membrane in there was being assaulted by the roughness of her tongue. Virginia took her hands up from clawing the carpet and gabbed Henry by the hips and pulled his boyish frame toward her mouth. Even then his cock only barely reached the opening to her throat.

She wanted it deep, and felt slightly cheated. She thought briefly that she would rather have had Glen’s pungent, long stalk in her throat than his sweet-tasting shorter one. But as Henry started to move his hips on her chest, grinding the pud over the entire surface of the inside of her tepid mouth, she realized his movements were practiced and exciting. She took it as that, and began sucking and blowing in rhythm with his hips.

Greg ground his shaft in again and again over her inflamed clitoris. She felt the passion rise from her tender belly and spread throughout her body, meeting the equally active passion that was surging down from her head. When the two intense waves of excitement met in her chest she thought that she would go crazy. She began humping, almost throwing Greg off, and bouncing her head, almost swallowing all of Henry’s crotch.

Her clitoris was being jammed again and again by the pumping rod, the nubbin becoming a raw bunch of nerves. The feeling became so intense that she passed from that highly excited state to one of incredible calm. She looked around her and saw what was happening to her, but it was like it was happening to someone else, it was so bizarre. She quickly remembered back to when she had been a virgin. Now there was not an orifice of her body that hadn’t been violated, and in the short span of two days. And two of the three had been assaulted much more than once.

The calm began to fade back into the frenzy of the activity about her luscious body. Again she felt the nubbin rubbed raw, and her mouth being assaulted with the abandon of youth. These two students were really going at her voluptuous body.

She felt Greg stiffen a couple of times, hesitate, then keep going. She knew he was working an his climax, and was very nearly there. Her own body seemed to be moving rapidly between the two sensation centers until she was confused as to what was happening to her. Then it seemed to break. It was not like passing into the calm, but more like passing from one storm into a greater one. Her body seemed carried away as her orgasm rocked her.

The balls softly jumping on her chin told her that Henry was coming too. She tightened her mouth around the stroking member to facilitate his orgasm, and it worked. He first slowed down to a dragging, slow but intense pace. Then he shot his cock into her eager mouth for the last time. Small, hot wads of sperm flew into her. She could taste the cum as sweet as his lubricant, and she gobbled up the flow happily.

Just then Greg stiffened and groaned like a wounded animal, pushing as hard with his hips as if he could. Their pubic arches seemed welded together to Virginia as she felt his sac jumping against her exposed, tender asshole. This made her sphincter wink wildly and another orgasm shook her body. She tossed again, feeling the smoothness and warmth flow over her.

Then Greg’s spunk shot into her cunt, heating the walls of her snatch with thick cream. He kept pumping and more cum kept flowing out of him. Virginia was amazed that someone so young could carry so much sperm.

She was now holding Henry’s limp cock between her lips. She loved the soft, sponginess of it, and when he tried to roll free she kept her mouth around it.

Greg’s cock went soft too. She could feel the walls of her vagina shrinking at the same pace that his young cock receded from them. He collapsed on top of her, not even trying to move away.

Then she heard voices as she dropped off into a spent sleep. They sounded like they were coming through water, so she couldn’t hear what was said. But she sensed something new in them as she passed into an exhausted sleep.


Virginia came out of her sleep quickly as soon as she realized that the new voice in the room was that of Miss Tobbie. She got up on her elbows to see. Greg rolled off her chest. She was too tired to try to cover herself as she lay there, nude.

“This looks like fun and games,” said the well-rounded redhead with a laugh. “Is she as good a piece of ass as she looks like she is?”

Virginia stared, bewildered at the language Miss Tobbie was using. At first she thought that she might have someone who would understand her plight in Miss Tobbie, but the secretary talked like the rest of them. The haze over Virginia’s eyes began to clear.

“How did you know we were here?” asked Glen, standing up beside her, completely naked, his long, soft hose hanging down his thigh. He appeared to be composed in the face of this intruder to his diabolical gang-bang scene with poor Miss Tidwell.

“I met William running, like crazy into town,” she said. “He only stopped long enough to tell me what was happening over here. I didn’t want to be left out of the fun so I came.”

“You had it this morning,” said Bob Baxter, grabbing his cock and wagging it at her to emphasize his point.

“I want it now too,” she said, throwing her purse down and pulling at her blouse. “There’s plenty of you to go around. And besides, your lovely teacher looks tired. Why don’t you give her a little rest while you fuck me?” Her skirt was already down around her ankles as she stood there in her fashionable underwear.

Virginia had been right, for Miss Tobbie did wear real sexy bras. The secretary’s tits filled out the laced cups nicely, overflowing quite a bit at the top. The soft, large globes looked like they wanted to escape. Virginia looked down at the black lace panties. They were laced on all edges by sheer material, and a wisp of auburn pubic hair stuck out at the inside of each thigh. Virginia realized how sexy this was as Miss Tobbie began to move closer to the cluster of naked boys.

“Anybody want firsties?” asked Miss Tobbie with an exaggerated hands-on-the-hips stance.

Bob moved forward quickly, pushing the mounds of luscious flesh up against her chest and flattening them with passionate, circular movements.

“Hey, Tobbie, come and do it over here by Miss Tidwell. Maybe she could use a few pointers.”

“Happy to oblige,” she said, taking Bob by the hand and leading him with her sexy walk over to the vicinity of the corner that Virginia was in. Virginia stared up at Miss Tobbie as the woman stood over her. The rather short woman was well rounded, her curves full and voluptuous without being fat. She leaned down over Virginia so that the teacher could see her cleavage. And then she shook her shoulders so that the fleshy globes swung back and forth. Virginia was taken aback by this display of sexuality and moved farther into her covers. Her eyes were open with amazement.

Bob had moved behind her and yanked down her panties with one pull. Miss Tobbie didn’t even flinch as her rosy-colored pussy was exposed to Virginia’s glaring eyes.

Tobbie then reached up to her bra and unfastened it in front, letting her tits push the cups apart. The globes of sensuous flesh were still covered, even after she let go of the clasp. Bob reached around from behind her and pulled the cups off of her tits. It was almost as if the two had rehearsed this act just for Virginia.

Virginia watched the once smooth, large disks of her nipples turn into hard, tight little mountains of pleasure. Virginia was surprised at how large the nipples were. Soft, they seemed to cover about a fourth of the surface area of Miss Tobbie’s tits.

And when they were tight they seemed to pull the tits from their conical slopes to full, round breasts.

Tobbie then lay down on the floor, being sure to position herself so that her ass faced Virginia. She then spread her legs so that the teacher could see the redness of the gaping maw. Virginia’s mouth fell open to see the size of the hardened clitoris. The nubbin was a darker red than the rest of Tobbie’s cunt, almost purple in its torridness.

Bob moved round to mount Tobbie, and Virginia noted that he was the only one so far who had hair on his chest. He was darker than the rest and had black hair.

“First I’ll suck you,” said Tobbie gamely.

“But I want to fuck you,” he protested.

“You’ll have your chance to do that,” she smiled. “Let me suck you so she can see it.”

“All right!” exclaimed Bob, moving his thick body up to Tobbie’s sensuous lips. He knelt down beside her and Tobbie took the extended member in her small hands and caressed the head gently.

Virginia watched, amazed at how excitingly Tobbie approached the erection. She wiped her tongue across the head with one sweep, letting the tip of it linger in the tiny mouth to his cockhead. She lapped one more time, running the tongue along the bottom as she ended the sweep, then suddenly drawing the member fully into her sensuous mouth. Virginia gasped to see the turgid cock billow out her cheeks as it sank in.

Virginia realized that there was something to watching sex that made it more sensual then participation. It was the unsociability of it, or the closeness without actually being manipulated.

She thought this was the appeal that stag movies must have — that nearness and distance at the same time.

Tobbie now had the cock in to the hairy hilt. Her mouth was pulsing around the thick pubic hair that grew at the base of Bob’s rod. She could almost taste it herself as her interest and excitement grew with the intensity of the performance.

Virginia’s hand went down to her clit. She looked around to see if anyone was watching her manipulate herself, but they were all too involved with Tobbie and Bob. She then pulled back the clitoral hood and stroked the small bunch of nerves gently. But she discovered it was impossible to be gentle at times like these, and she began pushing back and forth on the reddened knot of nerves with abandon.

She looked down at Tobbie’s cunt and saw that the passion was making her wet. Thick, large droplets of lubricant were forming on the labia. They looked like diamonds of excitement to Virginia. She could imagine them hardening into precious little gems that would drop onto the floor in differing shape as Tobbie became more excited. But the hotter Tobbie got the more formed on her cunt until there was a flow of juices instead of little droplets.

She looked back up at the blowjob Tobbie was giving Bob. His buttocks were going concave every time that the secretary’s luscious lips slipped smoothly down to the base of his member. His hands were holding tightly to loose locks of her curly red hair. It looked like her head was on fire from the heat of passion and Bob was sucking his hands into the fire to mingle with her flames.

It didn’t seem like she was giving a show for Virginia any more. She was lost in the passion of the moment. Her eyes were glazed over and her mouth worked with its noisy efficiency at Bob’s red-veined cock. Every time her mouth pulled back off the member the veins seemed to stand out farther on the sliding shaft.

Bob was now holding her head still and doing the fucking himself, driving his hips at the full, sensuous lips. Virginia’s jaw ached in sympathy to see the plunging cock dig deeper into the tender tissues of her mouth. Tobbie didn’t seem to mind, though, as her cheeks caved in each time he withdrew, as if she were sucking with all of her might at the tool.

The raw-looking shaft began to pulse sporadically as Bob’s balls jumped against Tobbie’s chin. Virginia reconstructed the feeling in herself and could feel the wiry pubic hair scratch across her soft chin. Bob was coming, but it didn’t look like Tobbie was. The young secretary’s cunt quivered, but it didn’t seem to Virginia to be at the breaking point.

Virginia was right, for as Bob’s cum billowed out Tobbie’s cheeks and then seeped out around the shaft, Tobbie seemed to sigh in an unsatisfied tone. Virginia watched the thick cm pour out of her mouth along with her saliva, dropping out of the corners of her mouth and down her chin. One long stream of the spunky fluid flowed right down between the two quivering mounds of flesh on Tobbie’s heaving chest. Virginia felt sorry for her, having just been in a similar situation of unsatisfied passion when John had fucked her.

She wanted to reach over and flick the secretary’s erect clitoris to help her, but that thought, and Glen’s voice, stopped her.

“Get on her, Todd, she needs it,” laughed Glen.

Todd didn’t have to be asked twice as he took off his clothes, he being the only one who hadn’t yet undressed. He swung his tall frame around to Tobbie’s naked cunt, insinuating his throbbing tool into the moist, glistening lips. Virginia could see the member and the cunt, as well as Todd’s tightened sac.

Virginia was now pinching her clitoris violently, warming up her insides with a terrible, self-motivated heat. She saw Todd’s long rod dig into the depths of Tobbie’s cunt, and she pinched her clit extra hard.

“Oh, Jesus!” Virginia moaned, tossing back her head and closing her eyes.

“We’d better help her, too,” said Glen as he moved toward Virginia’s passionate voluptuousness. He reached his thin hand out and ran it up her thigh to her pussy hair. He grabbed a couple of strands of the soft, curly hair and tugged at it sensuously. Virginia moaned loudly again, pushing down hard on her needy clitoris.

“You two,” Glen said, looking back at Henry and Greg, “come over here and suck at her tits.” The two boys stepped over Miss Tobbie to get on each side of Virginia.

“They sure are nice!” exclaimed Henry in his honest drawl as he put out his youthful hand and took hold of Virginia’s full breast firmly. She watched her nipple turn into a little fist as Henry continued to massage the globe with one squeezing hand.

Greg reached out for the other tit, but backed off suddenly as Virginia let out a scream of pleasure when Glen’s cock dug into her. She hadn’t been prepared for it, as her concentration had been on the fondling Henry was performing on her and not on the insinuation of Glen’s spongy cockhead between her moist cuntlips.

She felt the pud burning deep inside her, exploring areas the last two boys couldn’t. Then his pubic arch rammed up against her clit, sending her into ecstatic convulsions of joy. She looked down between the two boys on the sides of her and saw Glen wickedly smiling and looking up at her. She dropped her head back down as soon as Greg’s hot mouth met the tender skin of her nipple, sucking it hard between his lips.

Henry was still fondling her, but when he saw what Greg was doing he followed suit. She now had a student on each tit sucking hard, and one with his trembling cock stuffed deep into the tissues of her sensitive vagina.

She looked momentarily over at Tobbie, who was being fucked silly by Todd’s rapid, athletic strokes into her cunt. Virginia could see the rod and the juicy hole it was sliding back and forth into because Tobbie had her legs up by her chest. Virginia could also see the little rose of Tobbie’s sphincter winking wildly. It wasn’t as repugnant as Virginia would have imagined it to be. In fact, the pulsing of the wrinkled muscles made Virginia’s own anus pound in excitement. She would have hated herself for that reaction, but her mind had shut itself off a long time ago concerning sex. Or it seemed like a long time to Virginia — she couldn’t even remember being a virgin, and it was only yesterday.

Her attention came back to herself as Glen’s long, slow strokes were making the passion rise quickly in her. She started to hump up against him to speed things, but he had a hold on her ass with bath of hi hands and she couldn’t move. He smiled up between the two sucking heads on her breasts to tell her with that sneering look that he had control and he definitely planned to keep it.

Glen’s long, slow drives into her juicy curd were effective. She could feel the pulse of his heartbeat telegraphed through his cock send a wave of pleasure throughout her voluptuous form. Her shapely hips still tried to move against his hands. She felt as if she had to speed it up or die, in the throes of pleasure. But Glen still hung onto her tightly, obviously aware of what he was doing to her by going so slow.

Virginia looked at the two on her breasts, sucking away. Henry was noisy and dramatic as he sucked, pulling the breast up with him as he raised his head after becoming attached to her by suction. Greg was different, for he ran the hard nipple around over his teeth and then applied gentle pressure to the nubbin to soften it, flicking the softened knob into immediate hardness. She couldn’t tell which she liked more, they were both such passionate ways to deal with her body. She tried to concentrate on each one separately and savor it, but that was impossible. She had to let the two sensations blend into various harmonies of pleasure.

The turgid cock in her cunt was churning up a storm in her now. She looked over and saw Tobbie’s bright red cuntlips and wondered if hers looked like that to the secretary.

Tobbie didn’t seem to care one way or the other as her cunt and her anus clamped tight. Todd was still pounding away at the young secretary’s body, but Tobbie had reached her climax. The convulsions of her cunt looked to Virginia like they were going to spit Todd’s cock right out of the juicy hole. Todd held onto her shoulders and kept pumping, careful not to lose contact with her plump cuntlips. Virginia sighed to watch all of the activity around the noisy orgasm.

Then Todd came, spewing copious amounts of cum into Miss Tobbie. Virginia could see the bottom of his cock ripple as the cum flowed through it. She then watched as the tense muscles in each of their buttocks relaxed and her mind was brought back to her own situation.

The room was heavy with the smell of sex, to which both women and all of the boys were contributing as their juice mingled on thighs and dripped to the carpeting.

Glen was pumping more rapidly now, picking up speed and depth as he dug his extended tool deeper into the moist tissues of Virginia’s cunt. She could feel her labia being drawn in upon themselves each time Glen’s erection was thrust into her. The friction of the contact their bodies made with one another made their skins fiery hot and sensitive. It made Virginia’s head reel.

The three points of her body being manipulated turned into two as Henry let go of her nipple with a slurping pop. He scooted up to her, pulled her hand away from the carpet and laid his pud in her palm. She was surprised to find the cock in her hand and closed the fingers quickly. Henry stiffened as she pulled upon the length of erected flesh. At first she didn’t know what he wanted her to do, but as he began to pump her palm she realized he wanted to be jacked off.

Virginia began running her tight fist up and down the rigid shaft with care. She had never done this before and didn’t want to hurt him. He seemed to take to what she was doing, even though it was a bit clumsy. His body was tense as he held his closed fists on his hips and groaned openly.

Greg obviously didn’t want to be outdone and he released Virginia’s other taut nipple with a similar pop. He quickly moved up to her hand, which was laid open and waiting for him. She smiled up at Greg as she took his pudgy cock into her smooth hand.

Virginia found it easier to jack off the two at once than to just do Henry. She was able to develop a fast, steady rhythm working with both hands. She would bring her right hand up along Henry’s turgid shaft while the left one was going down along the stiffness of Greg’s member.

Glen was watching the two getting beat off, and it seemed to excite him so much that he abandoned all pretense of skill and just started pounding away at his teacher’s sweet cunt as hard as he could. He was ramming his pubic arch against Virginia’s with such sensual force that it was moving her across the carpet. She continued to stroke at Greg and Henry as she realized that Glen was about to come.

Glen’s sweating body stretched out across her, panting wildly. His voice met her ears like a dry rattle. The sex had complete control over him as his sperm began filling her heated twat. She felt her own orgasm rock her body, but she didn’t miss a stroke on Greg and Henry’s peckers.

As Glen slumped off her with a satisfied smile Virginia thought that it was over, that she would be able to leave now, though she knew she would have to rest for a minute or two and get back her breath. But Greg and Henry had other ideas as they started talking.

“Let’s fuck her now!” suggested Henry with his thick drawl.

“Which one of us?” asked Greg, straining to take the continuous strokes from Virginia’s still moving hands.

“We can both do it,” said Henry with a forced smile, “you at the back door and me at the front.”

“Why do I have to get the asshole?” asked Greg. “Because you already had her cunt,” answered Henry.

Suddenly it struck Virginia that they were talking about her. She was so dizzy from her orgasm that she thought the voices coming through the haze above her were meant for someone else, they had been so impersonal, so distant.

She had quit beating them off and was clumsily trying to get on her elbows. The two boys stopped her by holding onto her shoulders and hips. She thrashed ineffectively for a moment, then realized it was futile to try to resist them any more.

Greg moved around behind her, still holding tightly to her so that she would not get away. Henry moved to the other side and they placed her on her side so they could bath approach her while lying down. Greg’s cock felt hot and dry against the small of her back, while Henry’s felt pulsingly alive and wet. She remembered how sweet Henry’s cock had tasted and licked her lips involuntarily. She hated herself for that action — it was like she was leading them on all this time and she knew it wasn’t true.

“I’d better lubricate my cock in her cunt first,” said Greg, looking over her body.

“Just don’t stay in there too long. If it gets any wetter it won’t be like fucking anything at all.” Both Henry and Greg laughed at Henry’s little joke as they went into action.

Virginia felt Greg’s tool slither into her cunt, first sliding down the crack of her ass from behind. As the cockhead had passed her anus she tightened up her round buttocks and he was barely able to get into her cunt at all.

She felt his hands tighten on her shoulders as his cock went as deep as it could into her juicy cunt. She knew that their little joke wasn’t true, for she had just been a virgin and actually must be very tight for all of them, even though they were boys.

Greg began to pump her cunt from behind and Henry objected vigorously.

“Hey!” he exclaimed, pushing Greg by the shoulder.

“All right!” said Greg. “But you can sure get deep into that cunt from back here.”

“But I can’t get into her asshole from over here, so you’re just shit out of luck.”

Greg withdrew completely, as Virginia felt her cuntlips close upon themselves. She was feeling hot again. The cock slipping out of her cunt made her want more. Her body was dictating her needs and her mind couldn’t do anything about it. She didn’t fight it any more, as it was useless to try. Besides, sex was becoming too much fun.

Henry moved closer to her, insinuating his heated head into her inflamed cunt.

“Wait for me!” exclaimed Greg. “I have to go in first so that we don’t burst the poor woman.” Virginia would have thought that Greg was as kind as William, but there was something too facetious in his laughter.

“Okay!” said Henry. “But hurry up, I’m about to come already.” Virginia looked down at his face and saw the tension written all over it. She knew he was telling the truth.

Greg put both hands on the cheeks of her ass and spread them so that Virginia felt air rush into the spread bunch of muscles. The cool air seemed to run right up her spine as she shivered and shook. Greg’s cockhead was then placed on the open anus and the air stopped rushing in. She tried not to tighten up, but the anticipation of the impending penetration was too much. It was like letting someone look into your eyes by holding the eyelid — you tend to blink in panic even before the lid is touched.

The cock at her rectum was smaller than William’s and she didn’t retain that feeling of disaster she had had with her best student, even after Greg was halfway in. Having her asshole penetrated made her cunt itch to be filled also. She had really fallen into his pattern of degradation, anticipating their perversities before they happened. She even smiled at the thought that she was going to be the filling for this very unusual sandwich.

Greg placed his wet, drooling mouth on the back of her neck and began to suck at her. Virginia felt the blood being pulled to the surface and a passion formed at the spat.

Henry’s hand went to the inside of her left thigh and lifted her shapely leg. Then he pushed his hips forward, placing the hot cockhead at the lips of her cunt. The tool slid down along her slit, hitting the sensitive, inflamed nubbin of her clit. Virginia’s muscles tightened as Henry pulled back, drawing the hood of the clit with him, rubbing the nubbin directly with the head of his pulsing tool.

Virginia wanted him to stick it in, but he just kept rubbing his shaft up and down the quivering slit. She couldn’t move to make him do it because Greg was holding his cock to the hilt in her asshole, making it impossible to even move slightly forward.

Henry ran his cock down the slit once more and ten, just when Virginia thought he was going to tease her by just sliding up and down the vulva some more, he stuffed his turgid pecker deep into her cunt.

She had never felt so full before. Even with these youthful cocks in her she was bloated. She could feel the two peckers rubbing at each other through the thin wall that separated her anal tract from her cuntal cavity. The two boys remained motionless for a minute, adjusting themselves to the tightness of the dual penetration.

“She sure is tight this way,” said Henry with a groan.

“She was even tighter the other way, all alone. I mean just her cunt. But this is too much!” Greg had spit the words out between moans.

Virginia felt them both then draw their cocks out at the same time. The bloated feeling in her belly subsided, but it was like she was losing something. She clenched the muscles in her crotch to try to hold them in, but she was too slippery and slick.

The two students were developing a rhythm in their teacher’s cunt and asshole. She felt the two different sensations shoot her to the heights of pleasure. The two feelings began to mingle and circulate in her passionate belly, and she felt the heat of passion turn into a hurricane as the two boys stepped up their speed and force of penetration.

“Ohhhh, yeees!” moaned Virginia as the driving cocks kept going deeper and deeper. She felt like she was taking off, flying. She wanted this to last forever. She savored the deep feeling of the turmoil in her stomach and groaned happily as she held still and let it spread like a raging fire throughout her lovely form.

She was getting hasty in her sexual need and tried to move, even though she knew she shouldn’t. She almost threw the two off her excited body as she began tossing and thrashing about. Both Henry and Greg wrapped their arms around her and stuffed their cocks deep into her to hold her still. As the hot bodies, pressed against hers Virginia calmed down a bit and stopped moving. The two students remained pressed motionless against her form, as if waiting for her to start thrashing.

She had forgotten about the others, but as they started to gather around her to watch she became aware of them. No shame flushed her face as she smiled at them. She was too deeply involved to care about them.

Greg was now starting to pump faster than Henry, his panting becoming more rasped and hoarse than the others. Henry was still maintaining his even pace and he sweated profusely over Virginia’s tits and stomach.

Her asshole was beginning to twitch and convulse around the sliding cock as she realized that Greg was coming. His hot sperm washed into her rectal tract, causing the hurricane in her belly to explode. Her cunt now clamped tightly around Henry’s hard-on.

The cock in her twat convulsed along with the rest of them, and hot cm flowed in short, little spurts into her waiting cunt. Her insides were molten and she felt as if she were actually on fire.

She looked up in her haze and saw that the other four had become excited again and that the three boys were lying, getting ready to fuck Miss Tobbie.


It felt like long, slow minutes had passed before Henry and Greg rolled away from her spent form.

She was gaining back some of her and saw that the other three were not fucking Miss Tobbie but arguing with her. Virginia wondered what could be going on for them to have to talk in such harsh whispers.

Virginia then suddenly realized that everyone was occupied — the two boys with savoring their recent orgasms, and the other four with some sort of argument. She decided that this was the time to leave. She rolled onto her hands and knees, realizing she would have to escape naked because her clothes were taken and put on the roof. She crawled around the desk so that none of them could see her, and so that she was closer to the door. There was a partition that she could go around and then straight out the door. She ran on her hands and knees toward it, looking back to see if anyone had seen her go. She was lucky, she thought, for no one had seemed to move as she slipped behind the cardboard partition.

Now she knew that she just had to walk the length of the false wall and then turn the corner of it and she was out of the door. But as she walked on her tiptoes to the corner of the partition she ran head-on into Tobbie, standing with her hands on her round hips.

“Where’re you going?” asked the secretary as she walked toward a surprised Virginia.

“I’m leaving! I’m going home!” exclaimed Virginia, trying to sound formidable.

“Not yet!” said Tobbie, moving up to Virginia and putting her arms around the teacher in a hug. “I haven’t had my chance yet.”

“What do you mean?” asked Virginia in fright, struggling to get away from the secretary.

“I’m going to fuck you. Everyone else has had a chance, now it’s my turn.”

Virginia had never heard anything so depraved in her life, this other woman, this lesbian, wanted to have sex with her. She fought to get away, but it was no use. The short, plump secretary picked Virginia up in her arms and carried her over to the carpet where the rest of the boys were sitting.

“Some of you might have to hold her down,” said Tobbie. “She’s a real fighter.”

Virginia saw Glen signal to Todd and Bob who grabbed her by the ankles and wrists. She was spread eagled as Tobbie went around to her feet and looked up at Virginia’s cunt. Tobbie’s eyes widened and she reached out one of her shapely hands.

“That really is a beautiful cunt,” the secretary said, tossing back her red hair.

Again Virginia was put in a strange position — she didn’t know whether to scream or not, but she didn’t want to be defiled by this degenerate woman. She decided not to scream because it would obviously do her no good. Since no one had showed up yet it didn’t seem likely that anyone was coming to her rescue.

Tobbie dipped her head down with her hands on Virginia’s knees, sticking out her tongue as she headed for the teacher’s glistening twat. Virginia held her breath and tightened all of her muscles, preparing herself for the most distasteful expense she could imagine. She was sure that it was going to make her sick. Another woman, she thought, clamping her eyes shut and trying to close her legs against the hold Todd and Bob had on her supple ankles.

With her eyes closed, Virginia thought that it took hours for the repugnant act to take place. She could feel the sweat forming at her brow in anticipation.

Then the hot, female tongue hit her directly on the clitoris, sending flames of pleasure licking through her cunt. Virginia was totally ashamed of herself as she buckled in ecstasy at the touch.

Tobbie then her eager tongue slide down Virginia’s hot slit toward the teacher’s cunt mouth.

“Mmmm!” went Tobbie, backing off for a second. “You guys sure made her taste nice.”

Virginia was more shocked than ever. Tobbie even loved eating the residue of cum that the boys had left at her vulva. She squirmed, trying to get free. But again it was no use, as Todd and Bob were holding her even tighter, excited by the scene before them. She hated herself for the passion that welled up in her belly from the ministrations of that lesbian.

Tobbie didn’t notice the protests coming from Virginia’s clenched lips as she struggled to throw off the passion that had taken hold of her, as well as to throw off the hands that held her down. Neither effort was effective as the passion washed her body and Todd and Bob spread her lovely legs a little more to allow Tobbie better entry.

Virginia felt the burning tongue dig deeper into the sensitive folds of her labia. The passion was so intense that she gave up fighting and let her first lesbian orgasm shoot through her body. In the afterglow she didn’t have the strength to hate herself and just lay there, letting the post-orgasmic calm descend and control her voluptuous body.

Tobbie slurped up the cum as it poured out of Virginia’s body. Her tongue twisted in and out of the tender folds of skin. She seemed to be possessed as her ardor for the fluid drove her tongue deeper and deeper into Virginia’s cunt.

Virginia felt the slathering mouth suck down around her inflamed vulva, the hot, panting nose puffing steam like air directly onto the clitoris. The teacher was aroused again by the incessant ministrations of the eager little secretary.

The flared nostrils of the secretary’s nose cupped over Virginia’s inflamed nubbin as Tobbie breathed in through her nose. The suction formed around the bunch of nerves and sent Virginia for a loop. She hadn’t been ready to be excited by the well-formed redhead. She had expected to be repulsed by the entire act, and now she was being sent on a roller-coaster ride of passion. As the nubbin was sucked into the nostril Virginia felt herself falling, her insides rising up to her throat as she gagged with excitement.

Virginia felt Tobbie’s thumbs crawl up her thighs and hook into her labia. Tobbie then spread the wet lips and let her tongue go deeper still. Virginia realized that a woman really knew what turned another woman on. She didn’t like the thought. She held too much respect now for hetero sex, but it was undeniable that Tobbie really knew what excited the schoolteacher.

Tobbie’s hot muscle moved out of Virginia’s cunt and ran up the slit again to the tender nubbin that had just been, pulled to an incredibly erect state by the secretary’s nose. Virginia held her breath as the burning point of pleasure was sucked into the secretary’s mouth.

“OOohhhh!” screamed Virginia, letting her passions become vocal for the first time in this tryst. She had contained her overt signs of excitement as long as possible, but as her clitoris was pulled vigorously into Tobbie’s hot mouth it proved too much.

“She likes it,” Glen said, moving around to Virginia’s head to stare down at her face.

“She sure does!” exclaimed Bob, almost letting go of Virginia’s leg and wrist in his excitement.

Tobbie let go of the clitoris, and Virginia felt a void form in her belly where the passion had been. She hated herself for it, but she wanted the passionate woman back at her inflamed clit, sucking vigorously. Tobbie didn’t acknowledge the dry, rasping tones of Virginia’s pleas and just continued crawling up the teacher’s beautiful body.

Virginia felt the secretary’s tits drag across her belly, making her skin twitch where the tightened nipples of the plump woman touched it. When Tobbie was lying right over her, their cunt hairs pulling at each other. Virginia looked down and saw the wanton secretary hold her tits up, then place the hardened, puckered nipples upon Virginia’s equally hard points. Virginia thought that this was the peak of depravity and was surprised to see how good it felt. It sent little chills of pleasure through her heaving chest.

Tobbie then let her weight settle on Virginia’s breasts, squashing the two tits into flattened, fleshy passion. The teacher moaned, arching her back and pulling in her arms so that Todd and Bob were almost pulled on top of them.

As Virginia opened her eyes she saw Tobbie’s head lowering toward hem. She shut her eyes lightly again, afraid of what was to come. Tobbie’s mouth was hot and wet with Virginia’s own juices as it met the teacher’s equally warm lips in an open-mouthed, passionate kiss. Virginia’s head reeled at the contact of the secretary’s lips. She hadn’t ever thought that she would be put in such a position of degradation, especially while being watched by her own students. She heard them sigh deeply in unison. The sound was almost like that of hissing steam, and she thought for a moment that the passionate kiss was so hot that it gave off steam.

Virginia could taste the salty cum on Tobbie’s lips. Instead of repulsing her, the heady flavor caused her head to swim. Tobbie’s tongue dug deep into her mouth, as it had in her cunt. Virginia was amazed at the expertise of the plump sex-bomb twisting lasciviously on top of her hot, sweating body.

She was surprised at herself, but Virginia began to return the passion of the kiss with one of her own. Her tongue slid past Tobbie’s. The roughness of each of them scraping across the other made Virginia feel a little tingling of pleasure all over her tongue as she twisted and turned it in the hot cavity of Tobbie’s mouth.

Tobbie backed her tongue out, surprised at Virginia’s sudden turnabout. The teacher pulled her arms free with one sudden yank. Todd and Bob reached for them again, but they were already on Tobbie’s shapely back, caressing up and down in sensual massaging motions. Tobbie lifted one breast off of Virginia’s and slipped her hand down to the puckered nipple.

Virginia moaned loudly with her lips still grinding passionately against Tobbie’s. Miss Tobbie twirled the nipple between the gentle vise of her forefinger and thumb. Virginia tossed and dug her tongue deeper into the secretary’s mouth as sweat began to lubricate the surfaces of their skin, making them slide around on each other with abandon.

Tobbie pulled her mouth off Virginia with an audible pop. “Eat me! Please eat me!” the secretary begged, humping her pussy against the muscle of Virginia’s thigh.

“Okay!” exclaimed Virginia, not knowing where her words were coming from.

The secretary spun around on Virginia’s chest so that her red-haired cunt was staring the teacher right in the face. Virginia looked at the moist cunt, noting how much thicker and hairier the cuntlips were than her on. She was fascinated and reached out the tip of her tongue to run it up the slit of the cunt mouth.

The taste was more spunky than Tobbie’s mouth had been. Suddenly Virginia realized that she was eating Glen’s cum, just as Tobbie had eaten the cum left in Virginia’s cunt. She didn’t balk, though, but just kept digging her tongue into the tender tissues of the reddened cunt mouth. She fell the furry red haired of the pussy lips tickle her cheeks and nose.

She ran her tongue in farther and found her nose approaching the anus. She pulled her tongue out and moved her mouth down to the long clit and sucked it in. Tobbie jumped on top of her, then backed up in a reflex motion. Virginia found her nose buried in the juicy cunt mouth of the shapely secretary. She ran it in farther, covering all of her pretty little nose with slathering juices, as well as part of her upper lips and cheeks.

It felt warm and secure to Virginia to have her face buried in this other woman’s cunt. She knew it was unnatural, but she couldn’t help enjoying it.

Virginia then felt her own tiny tube of nerves being pulled in by Tobbie’s sucking mouth. She almost released her passionate hold on the clit with her mouth, but as he bucked under the ministrations from Tobbie she kept her face buried in the young secretary’s cunt. Now both of them were going, eating at each other’s snatches as they tossed and twisted in a sixty-nine position.

“Look at them go!” exclaimed Greg and Henry in unison as the two women worked each other toward a tremendous orgasm.

Virginia felt her cunt being dug into again and again as Miss Tobbie let her tongue hook in lascivious circles inside of the teacher’s twat. Virginia was equally busy at the burning clitoris as she sucked at it, then flicked her tongue out to touch it.

Tobbie let her mouth slip off Virginia’s hot cunt the third time that Virginia flicked her clit. Her head hung down between Virginia’s legs, unable to move from the ecstasy of her situation. Virginia felt Tobbie try to crawl away, as if she had had enough and couldn’t take any more of the intense sex the schoolteacher was dishing out. But to Virginia’s surprise, the secretary was only moving to readjust her position. She crawled up around in a circle, pulling her cunt away from Virginia’s eager lips so that they were again facing each other, this time the secretary did not kiss Virginia, but only wrapped her legs around the other woman’s thigh and started to hump.

Virginia felt her muscles contracting and expanding to meet the pumping legs. She caught on quickly and wrapped her free legs around one of Tobbie’s legs, and the two of them started humping each other with a frenzy Virginia had never felt.

She didn’t have an emotional closeness to the other woman. But the pitch of her physical activity and physical need seemed heightened nevertheless. She didn’t understand it and didn’t want to take the time to try. She just wanted to be fucked. She didn’t even have that itch in her twat she’d had before the other boys had fucked her. She just had a bloated, full feeling in her clitoris that defied description. She wanted to scream out her pleasure, but no words came. She just laid her head back on the carpet as she humped furiously and moaned with abandon.

Tobbie seemed to be similarly affected, as his head fell in a slump onto Virginia’s soft, well-rounded shoulder. She opened her mouth to scream out a passionate howl, but only a dry, scraping sound was heard. Virginia turned her head and smiled at the secretary who was rubbing her inflamed clitoris up and down Virginia’s thigh. There was a spark of understanding there. They both seemed to know each other’s need and wanted to satisfy it with an abundance of ardor.

Virginia felt the orgasm welling up inside her belly and hugged the other woman close, almost as if for protection. Tobbie reached around behind Virginia and hugged her close also. Virginia could feel their tits squashing each other again, the fleshy excitement of the nipples rubbing wantonly together shot Virginia to her peak. She felt the passionate dam break and her juices spilled all over Tobbie’s plump, white thigh.

The secretary came also, pouring hot fluid down Virginia’s convulsing leg, making it convulse some more. Virginia could feel Tobbie’s plump cuntlips quivering on her thigh as the snatch emptied itself of fluid.

Just as Virginia was passing into a calm, post-orgasmic coma, Tobbie rolled off, accidentally flicking the teacher’s nipple with her hand and causing Virginia to come again. She felt the fire rage down her stomach to her belly and out her hot cuntlips.

Virginia heard the boys arguing again.

“Let’s fuck her now,” said Bob, moving forward.

“No!” stated Glen. “We’ll give her a rest first. It looks like the poor lady is really spent this time.”

A warm feeling went out to Glen. He had never really acted like she was a human being before, with any feelings of her own. He’d always treated her like an object, just something to fuck. But now he said something that dispelled all of that.

“But what if we want to?” asked Bob.

“You can’t,” said Glen, “and that’s that!”

Virginia liked the finality he put in his words, but the four others didn’t seem to be as impressed as she was at them.

“Come on!” said Bob to Greg and Henry. “Let’s fuck her anyway.”

Virginia saw that Glen’s leadership was being undermined because he had shown a spark of kindness. Even though none of them had actually been evil, she imagined that in the complex structure of school buddies that one could never show a false face to the values that they allegedly held. The respect that Glen demanded of them went down the drain as soon as he made them hesitate in their fight against authority, no matter how puerile it had been in its inception.

“Now we’re going to do it!” exclaimed Todd.

“I don’t think so,” said a baritone voice from the doorway.


Everyone turned around from looking at the corner where Miss Tobbie and Virginia had been fucking. They saw Mr. Phillip Moore, the principal, standing tall in the doorway.

“I think that that will be all,” he said. There was no argument now from the students as they scurried around to get into their scattered clothing. Even Tobbie was up and searching for her clothes. They started to file out of the door as soon as each of them had on enough clothing to be presentable to the outside world. No one made any excuses to Mr. Moore, or said a word to him at all.

They just walked rapidly past him as he stood beside the door with his arms folded in a very stiff fashion.

To Virginia he was a savior. Now she would have a chance to rest. She loved him for it and began to cry. As Glen, the last person to leave, filed out the door Mr. Moore walked over to Virginia, who was still lying supine and exhausted on the carpet, and put his coat over her bare shoulders.

“Are you all right?” he asked, stroking back her hair and looking down at her with his kind eyes.

“Yes!” she said through her team, sobbing a little. “I just thought it would go on forever.”

“William came all the way into town to get me,” he said. “I had to walk back because the buses don’t run this late out here.”

Virginia smiled up at him, then hid her face in her hands, crying great tears of gratitude. She didn’t know what to say in the way of thanks and just lay there.

“Let’s go to my office. You can rest there.” He reached down and gently took her by the arm to help her up. As she was, getting to her feet the coat that was wrapped around her shoulders fell open, revealing her voluptuousness. For the first time all day she was embarrassed and closed it quickly. She was not embarrassed because she thought that she was evil, or anything as foolish as that. She was embarrassed because someone who was worthwhile was seeing her in an immodest circumstance. She wanted to be a lady now, it being far too late and distant to wish that she were a virgin again. She was going to make the best of the situation she had been pushed into, almost willingly, and carry herself with dignity.

“Where are your clothes?” he asked, looking around the floor and not seeing anything left.

“I think that Todd threw them up onto the roof,” she answered, smiling she walked beside him.

“Well, come to my office and you can clean up and get some rest.”

She really felt protected, secure and warm. She kept looking over at the tall principal, noting how straight he held his head and how proud he looked. And how obviously competent he was.

He showed Virginia into his office. He then walked to a door behind his desk that Virginia had never noticed the half-dozen times she had been here. He signaled to her and she followed him up a set of stairs to a furnished room. She was amazed at the little room atop his office. It had a small piano, a couch, and a large stuffed chair. On two walls were bookcases packed to overflowing with old books. There was a door behind the piano, which Mr. Moore pointed to.

“You can clean up in there,” he said, “it’s a bathroom and there’s a bathrobe in there for you to wear afterward.”

Virginia felt an uncommon warmth for Mr. Moore, but she knew that she could do nothing about it. She entered the small, tiled bathroom and started the water. It felt so good to sink into a hot bath that all worries and disagreeable thoughts passed out of her mind.

After bathing a long time she began to towel herself down and to think about Mr. Moore. She remembered all of the things that she’d heard from her students, especially from William. She couldn’t understand why he had not stayed married. Then she remembered his impotence. He looked like the most virile man she’d ever seen, and yet she supposed that the reason he had not been able to maintain a marriage was lack of virility.

As she walked out of the bathroom she saw Phillip Moore quietly reading in the stuffed chair. She had resolved in the bath to try to seduce him. She remembered that he had gotten a hard-on the last time she was in his office. Maybe she was the one woman who could do it. She had been taught to like sex. Maybe she could impart that desire to someone else, teach him to relax and enjoy his sensations. She couldn’t think of anyone she’d rather give her gift of knowledge to than the principal.

Phillip stood up as she entered the room, tossing his book down beside the chair.

“How did it go,” he asked with a broad smile, obviously aware that the silk robe she was wearing clung to her body like a second skin.

“I’m really rested,” she said. “Thank you again for your help.”

“Oh, it was nothing,” he answered in honest modesty. “But those boys must have really worn you out. Why don’t you lie down on the sofa?”

“I really am rested. I don’t really need to.” She saw a bulge forming at his crotch and she knew that she hadn’t been wrong to think that she could satisfy him, or at least arouse him sexually. She knew that if she were going to make a move that it would have to be right now. “Maybe I will, at that,” she said, realizing that to get to the couch she would have to pass right by him.

Virginia walked carefully around the coffee table to get to the sofa. As she was just going by him she faked a trip and stumbled into him, reaching deftly down with her left hand and brushed it across his crotch. She felt the hardening flesh jump at her touch. She continued to stumble, even after he had grabbed her. She managed to push him back onto the soft sofa. She wasn’t concerned that it might be obvious what she was doing. She just wanted to, had to do it.

Phillip caught her in his arms as he fell back. She now lay on top of him, the robe was open and her cunt was pressing hard against his thigh muscles.

“I’m so sorry,” she tried to apologize, realizing that her words didn’t exactly ring true.

Phillip didn’t answer but just kept his arms around her and a strange smile was on his face. It was like he believed her, but didn’t want to. He was aroused and it pleased him to be. It was like he just found something that he’d, lost a long time ago.

Virginia tried to pull herself up in a fake attempt to get off, but with his hands on her back all she managed to do was to rub her cunt even harder on his rigid thigh muscles.

She lay down against his cheek and he turned his head and kissed her above her eyebrow. She was now assuming the position that William had taken with her — she was seducing this person as if he were a virgin, though she was sure he wasn’t.

Phillip reached down and pulled open her robe carefully, as if he were afraid that he would damage something if he did it any more roughly.

Virginia appreciated the gentleness with which he approached her, and returned it. Her hands went up to his collar as she lay on top of him, and she undid his tie and started to unbutton his shirt. She felt his hand cup her breast and begin to gently fondle it.

She still felt some restraint in him as she unbuttoned his shirt. It was as if he didn’t believe he could do it, but she was sure now that he could. His chest quivered at her touch. She felt the skin jump as she dragged her finger across it.

She was going very slowly and Phillip seemed to became impatient as he rolled her onto her side and began ripping down the shirt, buttons popping everywhere. His face was flushed and the bulge in his crotch was taut. He seemed ready to go at it. That surprised look still covered his handsome face.

Virginia lay back and watched his frantic movements, as if he would lose the excitement if he took too long in becoming naked. She just pulled open the robe the rest of the way and waited for him to pull his pants down over the erection that seemed to hold up his pants.

As he yanked the pants down to his hips the turgid meat popped up out of his shorts. Virginia ogled the deep-purple color of the cockhead as it bobbed in front of her eyes. The veins stood out on the side of the very large cock and pulsed vigorously. It looked alive as the velvety head expanded to get a silky texture. The mighty cock began to look more and more delicious to Virginia, and she had to hold herself back not to just take it right at that moment into her mouth.

As Phillip stood up after pulling down his pants over the member, he pulled the skin over the silky head as he backed off.

Virginia pulled a bit more very gently and Phillip started to move toward her, his naked, thin, but brawny chest heaving. He stopped hesitating and lunged for Virginia with passion in his eyes. She lay back, accepting his weight on her with pleasure.

Phillip lay across her, grinding his turgid pud against her soft thigh muscles. She felt a great desire for him surge up in her like she’d never felt for anyone, and never thought she could feel. She caressed his back as he panted in her ear and tucked his arms down around her shapely back. He began to lift her and she hugged her naked form to his.

Virginia found her body being lowered to the floor. She now stood pressing her voluptuous form up against Phillip’s naked, strong body. Virginia frankly spread her knees and pushed her pussy hard on the swell of Phillip’s thigh, her lower belly still grinding on his cock but her upper torso leaning out to allow her full breasts to swing from side to side. Her rigid, tender nipples brushed his flesh.

He started to fondle her ass cheeks with one hand while his other hand slipped to the shapely small of her back for support. Bending forward, he forced her to arch her back, her breasts thrusting upward, her sodden crotch riding high on his thigh and her heels coming clear off the carpeted floor.

“Mmmm!” she moaned. “Phillip, oh Phillip.”

He ducked his head, his pursed mouth seeking one of her taut nipples, and she shuddered with a deep-seated pleasure that ran through her body like a storm. He sucked the quivering flesh into the hat, wet cavern of his mouth and began to roll the stiff knob around with his turgid tongue. Her hips undulated, grinding her pussy on his juice-smeared leg and pumping her soft belly against the rigidity of his throbbing tool. He repeatedly thrust his hips to reinforce his contact, and his fingertips strayed along the crack between her ass cheeks. He didn’t want to lose her now and hugged her tighter as he sucked her nipple to the back of his exploring tongue.

“Oh, Phillip!” Virginia cried out in a low, hoarse tone of urgency. “Oh! Don’t make me wait. Now! Please, now!” she begged as her voice faded into a low groan.

Phillip raised his head, leaving her nipples wet, puckered and tense with a great passion. “Okay, Ginny. Now it is.” He drew her voluptuous body erect and seized her ass with his gentle hands. She felt herself rising from the floor as Phillip began to lift her again. Her long, slender body was sliding along his, upward, until his cockhead rested flex to the tender cervix in her moistening snatch.

Virginia felt panic strike at the angle of this strange penetration. “No… no! Please!” she whispered. But she thrust her knees apart and levered her sopping pussy inward over the hot, throbbing bulb of his purple cockhead. She felt her wet tissues part to close around the enormous stalk and the slopes of her pussy lips guide it toward her tender cunt. There was an instant of ecstasy when the head and the greedy mouth found each other, and then Phillip began to lower her onto the heated shaft. Virginia found she had to fling her knees widely apart out of self-preservation, then instinctively closed her legs around Phillip’s hips, her heels resting tightly on the backs of his thighs. She held herself to him while she impaled herself on the shaft.

Her moans grew louder as his cock slid up her drooling channel, filling her and brushing aside her internal organs. “Oh, God! Phillip, that’s really great! Your cock is so big!” Virginia was surprised at her own words, but Phillip wasn’t.

Virginia became vaguely aware that he was walking with her. The motions made her slide up and down on his rigid, gigantic shaft. She levered her hips to accentuate the pumping, not caring where they went as long as they kept going.

In a moment she felt something hard under her full behind and Phillip let her weight settle. She panted and glanced down. She was sitting on the edge of the piano’s top, the height almost perfect for Phillip. She raised her feet, crossing her ankles at the small of his back and pulling him harder into her gulping maw. He steadied her ass and began a rhythmic, hard thrusting, driving his ck again and again into the taut, moist twat, his bony pubis striking her pussy with audible smacks.

“Oh, God! Phillip! Darling Phillip!” She felt a gathering violence in her belly and a rising pleasure in her clutching pussy and knew she was about to come.

Phillip groaned and stopped jabbing with his mighty shaft. His face contorted as he squeezed her buttocks fiercely. Sweat poured from his forehead.

Slowly, he appeared to regain a measure of control over himself. “Christ!” he exclaimed. “Oh, Christ, that was pretty close!”

“What’s wrong?” moaned.Virginia. “Don’t stop. Phillip, please don’t stop now!” She had visions of him giving up, thinking himself impotent or something foolish like that. She couldn’t imagine anyone more virile than he.

“Too fast,” he grunted. “I’m not going to blow the whole thing this soon! I’m not quitting. Hell no! I’m just going to prolong this wonderful pleasure. It’s never been like this before. Never!”

Virginia knew what he was talking about and clung to him. Her body was clamoring for satisfaction while her mind conceded to his logic. She sighed. “You’re right, Phillip. Okay, we’ll go slower.”

He pried her arms back and pressed her down onto the piano. She fought him for a moment, then yielded, making herself lie quietly before him, impaled to the hilt on his giant, throbbing pecker, her legs still clamped tightly around his lean ass. She clutched at the edges of the top of the piano, momentarily overcome by her impulses to preserve her already lost virginity. But the pressure of Phillip’s thick cock in her hungry cunt and the sight of his thin figure leaning over her brought her back to reality and she shivered with lust as she watched the hungry way he stared at her willing body.

She treasured the gentleness of his long hands as they caressed her warm belly. They closed over her quivering, weaving tits. She thrilled to the slow rocking of his hips that kept his cock rubbing slowly against the reddened walls of her slick vagina.

He smiled. His expression was strained, and he placed his hands at her narrow waist. She gasped when he began to sweep her against him, using the motion of her body instead of that of his hips to stroke her on his rigid shaft. The experience delighted her with new sensations, and she was soon helping by jerking at him with her legs, timing her tugs to match the rhythm of his pulls.

The hot frenzy of her earlier excitement gave ay to a cooler, more intense awareness. She was on a high plateau of pleasure that could continue unchanged for a long time.

She smiled at Phillip and whispered, “I like this. I like this way a lot.”

“Yeah. There’s plenty of time to feel it all.”

She giggled like a schoolgirl. “And, ouch! There’s such an awful lot to feel.”

Phillip bumped her harder. “You sure say the nicest things,” he told her, grinning. “Damn, I like those fantastic boobs of yours.”

She grinned wickedly. “Do you really?”

“Sure do. And I like the rest of you, too.”

She let go of the edge of the piano top and clasped her hands under the back of her head. The tension pulled her breasts into higher, harder mounds that made her nipples thrust out baldly. Phillip drew in a deep, long breath with a hiss.

Virginia realized the new position made her belly cave in, exaggerating the increase in her breast size. She shivered with delight at the new expression of savage, lustful hunger that shone in the principal’s eyes.

He yanked her onto his cock with harder strokes. She felt her excitement start to bloom again inside her belly. She caught her lips between her teeth and bit, trying to contain her rising agitation and sexual excitement, but her legs betrayed her, tightening convulsively about his slender, muscular waist.

He was sweating profusely and she realized her own body was bathed with perspiration. But there was an explosive expression of vigorous enjoyment in his features. His grip on her small waist was sure and firm without being brutal.

“DO you know what?” he panted. “We may be getting so hot that we’re not going to be able to stop ourselves from fucking.”

“I am, Phillip! I know that’s what’s going to happen in my case.”

“Want to make it now?” he smiled devilishly. “Have you had enough fucking for this time?”

“I don’t know,” she wailed. “I don’t want it to end, but I can’t help it! I’m almost there right now.”

“This is the first time I’ve ever felt like this and I don’t want to stop either. But if we don’t stop we’ll run ourselves into the ground on the first [missing text].”

He slid his hands tinder the small of her back and lifted. The only result was a steep arch in her back. He laughed and worked his hands toward her shoulders, then lifted again. She caught at his arms, helping him. He stopped lifting when she was at a forty-five degree angle. She clung to his upper arms, helping in the support, but wondering what was to happen to her now.

He backed away from the piano holding her on his cock and moving his hands once more to the small of her lovely back. Her weight drove her fully onto his cock and she squirmed happily.

Gripping her waist, Phillip began to stroke her the full length of his engorged shaft. Virginia wondered at his strength, he was so much stronger than his slenderness indicated. Her tits bounced around and her long hair flew out in back of her erratically as she pulled up and down on his throbbing member. She gritted her teeth and clamped her thighs on the shelves of his hipbones, her excitement mounting in sudden leaps.

“Good, that’s so good!” she yelled with abandon.

Each blow jarred her. The moist channel of her pussy was hot, irritated and sensitive because of the friction between their organs. She twisted so that her clitoris came down on the base of the mighty cock, flaming spears of delight stabbing her in rapid succession. The knot, which had been forming in the pit of her belly, hardened and her shapely body tensed like a steel spring.

“Now, Phillip! I’m making it now… now!” As if a knot had burst, her cunt walls contracted violently on the buried cock. Spasm after spasm wrenched her inner walls and she shook with the intensity of her sensations. She scissored her thighs on his thin waist and felt him suddenly stiffen like a rail. His hips thrust forward and up and his shoulders jerked back as he started to erupt inside of her. A hot pool grew around his cockhead and triggered a new series of contractions in her ecstatic twat. She gasped and dug her fingers into the taut muscles of Phillip’s supporting arms.

“Phillip… Oh, Phillip darling!” she flung her head back and moaned.

Phillip’s pulsing jabs slowed gradually and his body relaxed. He blew out his pent-up breath. “Whew!” He pulled her toward him, clasping her sweaty belly to his and pushing her tits flat against his hairy chest.

Virginia felt him walking again, but this time it was calming because his cock had gone soft inside of her spent cunt. She watched as he lowered her to the sofa. He was careful not to withdraw his flaccid penis from her twat as he laid her on her back and gently lay across her.

“Darling,” whispered Phillip as he pressed his chest against her, “I love you. No one has ever excited me in my life like you just did. I need you. Please marry me!”

Virginia thought that this was a strange place for a proposal, and she was so shocked by the sudden realization of something that she had hoped for and fantasized so ardently that she hesitated, thinking of all the ramifications of her joy.

Phillip saw her hesitate and thought she was balking at his offer. He turned his head and looked down at her shoulder blushing. “I know I shouldn’t take the liberty to suggest this so quickly, but you’ve excited me ever since I first made your acquaintance.”

She was more bewildered than ever at his frankness, and she found herself hesitating again.

“I’ve been married four times before,” he said, “but none of them lasted. I… I was… impotent with those women.” He had spit out the last word as if it were stuck somewhere in his throat. “I married girl that were virgins and it never worked, I never even fucked one of them, even though I really wanted to. I just couldn’t get it hard.”

“You sure got it hard this time,” she said with a laugh, trying to cut though the heaviness that seemed to be hanging in the air.

“Yes, I guess so,” he said with a smile. “I’ve only been fucked one time before this. It was my English teacher in high school.” He laughed a little. “Maybe that’s why I was so attracted to you.”

“I will!” she stated.


“Marry you!” she said, hoping he hadn’t changed his mind in the short interval between his question and her answer.

“Really?” he said loudly, his voice rising up in an excited pitch.

Phillip Moore put his arms around Virginia and they rocked back and forth joyfully. They fell asleep calmly in each other’s arms.

When Virginia awoke she looked up at Phillip, watching his easy, measured breathing. His chest rose and fell on top of her. She was watching his face when he began to wake up himself. First his eyes twittered slightly and then his jaw moved down in a long yawn.

“Good morning!” she said playfully, though it was nearer to midnight.

“Oh, hi!” he said, trying to fight back his yawn.

She could feel his limp cock perk up a bit inside.

It was a just another beginning for Virginia.

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