Caving Sex: My First Time

I’m married now , but there was
a time when I thought I’d never be
married. In fact, just having a girlfriend
beyond the one-date-every-6-months variety was
almost beyond my experience. I was lonely and
horny as hell, but I kept myself busy,
mainly with hobbies and so-called adventure
The one “sport” I engaged in was caving, or
spelunking, as non-cavers call it. I liked
caving very much. Being lonely and somewhat
unsure of myself socially, caving was
almost a godsend. Cavers pretty much accepted
all comers, being made up of a
colorful, earthy and somewhat profane bunch of
social rejects anyway.
I belonged to several caving clubs so that I
could maximize my participation in all the
various caving trips that were going out every
weekend. My main club was the
Baltimore Grotto (Grottos are local chapters of
the National Speleological Society), but I
also belonged to the D.C. Grotto (as in
Washington, D.C.), and the Potomac
Speleological Club (Northern Virginia).
It was at my first PSC meeting that I met Jason
(not his real name).

Jason approached me when the meeting ended,
saying that he had some projects he
and his friends were working on. Would I like to
come along and help out? Well, I was
flattered to be let in on someone’s caving
project, knowing that such projects were
difficult to get in on usually. You had to be at
the right place at the right time and know
the right people. I said sure, and we exchanged
phone numbers.
Jason was a tall, dark-complected guy, and quite
athletic. He had a disc jockey’s voice
and the “Hi, how ya doin'” manner of a salesman.
I personally liked him because of his
friendly, outgoing nature.
Still, there was something.odd about him.
Something I couldn’t quite put my finger on.
He gave off an almost feral aura, like there was
something wild just beneath the surface.
He seemed, well, dangerous a little bit. But
again, on the outside he was good-looking
and gregarious.
Heh. Little did I know that I was having
those “feelings” that parents tell kids to look
for when encountering strange adults. “Funny
tummy feelings,” they call them. But I’m
getting ahead of myself.

Buddy Penley’s Cave
One of Jason’s projects was the exploration of a
high lead in a cave in Southwest
Virginia called Buddy Penley’s. A beautiful,
clean vertical cave, Buddy’s is situated in a
lovely meadow valley (called a “holler”). The
truly outstanding feature of this cave is its
90′ free-hanging drop a couple thousand feet
Jason and I met at his house in Fairfax, VA. He
rented a house with a bunch of other
guys, reminiscent of a frat house. We drove down
I-81 to Virginia Tech and met the
other guys we were going caving with.
We met the one guy for dinner at his house.
Turns out it was his parents’ house and his
dad worked at the university. It was the oddest
dinner. Everyone was kinda quiet and
the guy’s mom and dad kept looking at me like I
was going to explode.
I found out later that this was actually one of
Jason’s ex-boyfriends. I guess the parents
somehow knew about Jason and thought I was his
new squeeze!
We went over to Jason’s girlfriend’s apartment
(yes, he has a girlfriend. He referred to
himself as “one fuckin’ horny motherfucker”),
partied there, got wasted, passed out. Got
up next morning, hurting and sick to continue to
the cave itself.
Ah yes. The cave. The reason we went on the
trip. So, we go caving, explore the lead
and head on out. In the cramped passage at the
top of the 90′ drop I described earlier
Jason and I were waiting for the others to finish
ascending the rope, prior to exiting.
Granted, it was cramped there. He casually asks
if he can lean against me. Yeah, sure
whatever. So he leans back against me. And
starts to kinda cuddle. I was starting to
get the message. There was more to his
intentions than good cave trips.
Next day, he was following me all over, wanting
to show me various other cave
entrances. And it seemed damn strange now. I
was really starting to dawn on me now
that he was trying to get me alone. Poor guy.
He must’ve had one raging hard-on for
Well, it wasn’t to be. The trip wrapped up and
we parted ways. For a few weeks,

Old Timers’ Reunion
Every year on Labor Day weekend down in West
Virginia, there’s a gathering of mostly
East Coast cavers called, you guessed it, Old
Timers’ Reunion. It’s basically a multi-day
campout filled with cave-oriented sports, naked
hot tubs and saunas and other
Well, it’s the caving social event of the year!
So I go, of course. And surprise! Jason’s
there! Heh.
So my poor little love-sick puppy starts
following me around again. Now, stop and
picture this. Skinny little Italian guy (me) be
followed around by a 6’1″ jock guy. OK.
Did I mention his girlfriend Anna was there?
Mmmmm, Anna. One cute little half-Asian
Fast-forward to after dark. Everyone’s finished
dinner, but the party hasn’t really started
up yet. I’m out wandering around when who should
I bump into but ole Jason.
Well I think Jason had had enough of waiting. He
had to have me and he was going to
get his way. He must’ve known somehow that
I’d “cave in” (Heh, heh) that night. So we
start walking around together along the various
wooded trails near the camp ground.
He finally said to me what I knew already. That
he was attracted to me and really
wanted to be my first time. He further told me
that he and Anna were soon to be
engaged, but that he wanted a boyfriend to soothe
the “yearning” he got frequently.
I remember saying “no, no, no, I don’t think so”
over and over again. And he’d say,
“C’mon, man, it’d be great. It’d feel soooooooo
good.” Finally I said yes.
It was a cool, dewy September night and black as
only a night can be in the mountains.
Jason and I clambered over a barbed wire fence
into an overgrown pasture and made
our way a safe distance from the road.
Jason and I sat down on the ground and he asked
me what I wanted to do. It was one
awkward question. I didn’t want to be making
decisions like this! Finally he said, “Well, I
can suck it.” And I said that that sounded fine
with me.
I slid my jeans and undies off. The cold, damp
air felt so incredible on my bare skin.
And man, was I hard. Rock hard. I was so
aroused I almost couldn’t catch my breath
and my knees were shaking. The end of my cock
was purple and shiny and we hadn’t
even done anything yet.
I lay back on the ground, uncaring of the cold
dew on the grass. Positioning himself in a
69 with me, he took my cock in his warm hands and
slowly took it into his wet mouth.
Ever so slowly his head lifted and descended
along my shaft. As he’d slide up, little
slurping sounds would come from his mouth.
Now, let me tell you that this felt damn fine.
Obviously, Jason knew what he was doing
in the oral stimulation department. This wasn’t
some quick, furtive blow job in the back
of a car by some inexperienced teen girl. This
was simply exquisite.
After enjoying this for a while, Jason said he
was very hard too. Would I like to feel it? I
said sure and put a hand on his bulging
sweatpants crotch as he went down on me
again. I rubbed up and down on it for a bit, and
I guess it was just too much for him. He
reached down and slid his sweats down, revealing
his hard-on.
I had never seen another guy’s hard-on before,
besides my own. Being a big guy, I had
figured Jason would be really large down there.
But he really wasn’t any bigger than
me. I reached out and touched his erect member,
running a finger along its length.
Then I took matters “in hand” as if it were my
own and started stroking it.
This was turning out to be very nice. Jason
paused in his sucking action briefly choked
out, “Can you suck it?” His voice was
unexpectedly raspy and dry sounding. I realized
was from his level of arousal. He was so hot he
could hardly speak. So, I drew his loins
closer to my face and took his penis into my
I didn’t know what to expect. But the feeling of
his hard-on filling my mouth was very
good and his smell and taste were very clean and
pleasant. I drew my teeth back and
started sucking like a pro, sliding my tongue
around the top of it. I realized that I wanted
to feel him cum in my mouth and worked that thang
while Jason worked on me.
All this outrageous stimulation was getting to be
too much for me. I started getting that
tingly feeling all over my body, from my toes to
my finger tips. I was going to blow it any
time now. I started moaning and squirming around
and Jason must’ve sensed that the
end was near. He let go of my penis with his
hands and, keeping my throbbing member
in his mouth, he slid those hands around my
pelvis under my butt. With a warm hand
gently caressing each butt cheek he started
sucking much harder and faster. Every
moan that escaped my lips drew a moan from Jason
as well. The sounds he was
making were almost like a pathetic mewling, as if
he were crying or in pain. But I knew
what it was. He was in a nearly ecstatic state,
a frenzy of horniness overwhelming him.
It was time. My cock was tingling so intensely
from the stimulation that I tried
instinctively to pull away. One might have the
same kind of reaction to being held down
and tickled mercilessly. Well, Jason wasn’t
having any of that! He held tightly to my butt
with those strong, warm hands and kept up the
wild sucking, accompanied by lurid
slurping sounds. He was mewling continuously now
and I was beyond moaning, with my
head tipped back, gasping at the cold air.
When I finally came, it felt like a volcano had
erupted. Jason kept sucking like a champ
as I came and came and came into his now hot and
slick mouth. I didn’t remember
making any sounds during this explosive orgasm,
but Jason said that I was just about
screaming for a couple of minutes straight as he
sucked every drop from me.
We lay there under the moonlight in the dewy
night for a while, listening to the night
sounds. I wanted to do Jason now (I had released
Jason’s penis from my attentions
when things got tingly for me), but he said that
while he’d love to let me, he wanted to
“save it” for his girlfriend! Well! Actually,
it was OK. I’d had enough first experiences for
one night anyway!
We pulled our rumpled, dewy clothes back on and
headed back to the party. My crotch
continued to throb for hours afterward.
I have scattered memories of the big party
night. Like being absolutely bombed and
nekkid in the hot tub. And looking over at the
bonfire and seeing Jason nekkid over
there and yelling over to him, “Yo! Jason!”
I remember wandering around the dance floor in
the pavilion and bumping into Anna.
Oh, she recognized me. But instead of saying hi
or smiling or anything, she looked
coldly into my eyes, and then did the flick up
and down like I was something dead the cat
had brought in. Hmmm. That got me thinking. I
distinctly remember saying to myself in
my head, “She knows.” Knows what, you might
ask. God knows what Jason (or
someone else) said to her. But she knew.

A year later, at the next OTR, I ran into Jason
again. He’d been pining for me this whole
time, but I’d stopped returning his phone calls
and he’d pretty much gotten the message,
I suppose. Turns out his lovely little Anna had
dumped him.
He started pressuring me big-time to be his
boyfriend. He explained how scared he was
about AIDS (this was soon after the first public
announcement by the CDC) and that he
wanted a full-time one-and-only friend. Well,
things had changed for me too. I’d brought
a girl along to this OTR and I’d had plenty of
time to figure out after my initial panic that I
was basically straight. I explained all this to
him and I could tell he was crushed. I felt
terribly about it, but relieved as well now that
it was out in the open.
I never saw Jason again after that, and I never
did it with another guy. Down the years,
though, I still get a yearning for that wild time
we’d had; and even to this day, my
masturbatory fantasies will occasionally feature
that young, virile guy with the dark hair
and that tan, rampant cock of his.