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Tied Up Virgins

Jody stopped at the steps and put her bag down. It was hot and the air felt thick and hard to breathe. She wiped her forehead and waited for her lungs to catch up, thinking, thinking… At least she wouldn’t have to watch her mother anymore. Doing those things with strangers she picked up in […]

Caving Sex: My First Time

I’m married now , but there was a time when I thought I’d never be married. In fact, just having a girlfriend beyond the one-date-every-6-months variety was almost beyond my experience. I was lonely and horny as hell, but I kept myself busy, mainly with hobbies and so-called adventure sports. The one “sport” I engaged […]

This was a fantasy coming true, my wife was being a sexual whore

Friday afternoons and evenings always started and ended the same, week after week but this weekend was to change all that. My wife and I and my best friend always headed for our local watering hole for a few pitchers of beer after a long day of hitting the books. The three of us attended […]

Untouched teens

“C’mon, Dee,” I tossed my friend a warm grin as I rolled over on her rumpled bed. “Don’t be so secretive.” My hands slid behind my head, making a makeshift pillow, as I swung my gaze back to her’s. Dee’s soft complexion quickly gave way to a deep crimson blush. “Why do you want to […]