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Hill’s the Boss 4: With Grace

I was in bed with the Senator at the Hotel Z after our partner (and her chauffeur) Tyrone went home. As you may know, I am Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s lover. We were enjoying our post-coital glow when the Senator got that girlish, mischievous look she only allows special friends to see. “You know, Joe,” […]

Orgy on the workplace

Not even an appointment. Not a chance my boss would see him. And it was five minutes until lunch time! I couldn’t believe these salesmen, ever hopeful. But he was insistent, so I finally rang the boss. “A George Randolph here to see you.” “Does he have an appointment?” came my boss’s voice. She has […]

Fishing trip with two chubby whores

Sandra and Thelma undressed and hid their clothes behind a bush by the lake. They kissed with open mouths and caressed each others breasts and delicately matured buttocks with tender movements. They looked like two black nymphs, one tall and slim, the other a bit shorter and fat, as they embraced at the waterfront. The […]

Camping Trip Threesome

I’d been dating Therese’s sister Jean for about three months when a camping trip was planned. I hadn’t been camping for years and the idea appealed to me, besides Jean and I were at the stage in our relationship where we couldn’t keep our hands off each other and this would be a good opportunity […]

Caving Sex: My First Time

I’m married now , but there was a time when I thought I’d never be married. In fact, just having a girlfriend beyond the one-date-every-6-months variety was almost beyond my experience. I was lonely and horny as hell, but I kept myself busy, mainly with hobbies and so-called adventure sports. The one “sport” I engaged […]

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