Rose of Sharon

That’s the bottom line.
Whatever it takes.
The advice had been from Sharon’s psychologist. After the ‘trial’
separation, she went to Dr. Foster looking for answers. Tyke had
refused to go to the psychologist. He was really bitter.
” I don’t know how I can, ” Sharon protested to the doctor. ” We
just can’t talk to each other. We’re always holding back. ”
” Then don’t talk. Write.”
” Write ?”
” Hear me out… you and Tyke have had problems communicating your
needs. From what you tell me, you’ve felt this way for years. Let’s
face it, Sharon, if you were both getting what you wanted out of your
relationship, neither one of you would have had affairs. ”
” But, … how?”
” Just don’t hold anything back. Commit to that. Write notes,
letters, e-mail… whatever works. You have nothing to lose. If you
can’t tell each other what you want, this relationship is already over.”
I’ll try it, Sharon told herself. After all, what do I have to lose ?
The next day at work, Sharon closed her office door for an hour, and
wrote everything she could think of to Tyke’s e-mail address. She
wanted him to know all of her feelings. The following day, his response
was waiting.
‘Fuck off,’ he wrote. Short and sweet. Tyke had never been much for
Sharon wasn’t ready to give up. Not yet. She wrote again.
‘ This is an invitation, ‘ she wrote. ‘ I want you to come over
tonight. I want us to have rough, indecent sex. You can leave
afterwards if you want. No strings. Write me tomorrow.’
A different approach than her first, but she was willing to give it
a try. Anything to bring a spark back to the relationship.

Tyke heard the click of her keys in the lock. He was already there
in the apartment. He had been sitting in the dark for over an hour. He
could see surprise in her face when she noticed him moving through the
dark of the room.
He stood into half light of the window and brought his hand up to
place a finger to his lips. Silence.
Sharon closed the door behind her and set down her briefcase. He was
He pulled her into his arms and kissed her forcefully on the lips.
She tried to put her arms around him, but his hands found her wrists
and held them in place.
Rough sex is what she wanted, Tyke reminded himself. He had pondered
the e-mail all day. It was so unlike Sharon to make any sexual request
at all. Sex was something they never talked about, even in the bedroom.
He had waited here, naked in the dark of his old apartment, playing the
part of the predator. Rough and indecent was what she had asked for,
and that’s exactly what he had in mind.
He applied force to her wrists, twisting them downwards. Sharon was
forced to her knees. He released his grip on her wrists, stepped to the
side, and took firm hold of the back of her neck. A whimper. He had
hurt her a little. He loosened his grip just slightly. With his free
hand, he began to pull of her clothes.
Sharon didn’t struggle while he took off her blouse. Tyke snapped
off her bra, and roughly grabbed hold of one of her breasts. The flesh
felt hot in his had. He pinched her nipple between his thumb and
finger. Another whimper. She raised her hands to protect herself.
In response, Tyke used his leverage to push her down by the back of
her neck. She barely got her hands out in time to brace herself. He was
holding her neck harder now, almost daring her to resist. He continued
to push downward until he heard the bump of her forehead touching the
floor. She was motionless now, with her head on the floor, but her ass
still elevated.
His right hand forced its way up her skirt. He wondered if he was
going too far with this game, but no, he could feel her wetness on his
fingers. And she hadn’t spoken out when he forced her down. No, she was
definitely still into this, he told himself. He moved his hand upwards,
and wrapped his hands around the waistband of her panties. He tugged
them downwards on her thighs.
There wouldn’t be much foreplay tonight. He let go of her neck. She
remained in the position. With her skirt now bunched up at her waist,
and her ass just barely visible in the darkness of the room, Tyke found
her irresistible. He wrenched one of her arms from her side and twisted
it behind her back to keep her in the position while he squatted behind
Slow now, he rubbed his cock against the moistened lips of her
pussy. She spread her legs ever so slightly. He knew she wanted him
inside. Nonetheless, he teased her for a few minutes. He held the base
his cock in hand, and aimed the swollen head at her clitoris. She
jerked back against him as he used his cock to stroke back and forth on
her sensitive clit. Now he was ready. He planted his feet firmly beside
her knees, keeping his legs spread apart at the knees. With one slow
thrust, he buried himself completely into her.
Sharon moaned. With his one hand still twisting her arm, and the
other hooked around her hip, Tyke began to ram himself into her. He
felt powerful. Even though he had fucked this woman many times before,
he felt like he was deflowering her. His hips bucked back and forth,
and she grunted with each forceful thrust. He heard her gasp when he
released her arm, and moved his hand underneath her to find her clit.
He felt her body shake and her pussy contracting around his cock. A
few high-pitch noises from the back of her throat were the only sounds
she made during the intense orgasm. She did, however, whine when he
pulled his cock out of her afterwards. He wrapped his hand around the
slick shaft, and jerked himself off against her ass. His knuckles
brushed back and forth against the crack of her ass as he brought
himself off. He groaned loudly when he spilled his cum onto her ass. He
aimed at her ass hole while he jerked, enjoying the idea that the fluid
would pool there, and run downwards along the lips of her pussy.
Sharon remained in position. Tyke was taking his time, and enjoying
the view. He rubbed his spent cock against her creamy ass hole, and up
and down against the sensitive lips of her pussy. One last order of
business, he told himself. He kept his cock in one hand, and moved
around to position himself over Sharon’s face. He pulled her up by her
hair with his other hand, and slapped his sopping penis against her
lips. This was nice. He liked having her clean him after sex. She
licked at his cock and balls until he was satisfied.
Then he dressed and left.

Sharon was in a better mood than she had been in weeks.
” Come on, spill it… what’s going on ?” demanded Margaret over
lunch as she crumbled crackers into her soup. Not only was Margaret a
co-worker, but as of recently, she was also Sharon’s best friend. They
had lunch together nearly every day.
” It’s Tyke.”
A pause.
” I thought this time you guys were through.”
Sharon beamed. ” Something happened yesterday. I think we’ve found a
way through our troubles.”
Margaret shook her head. She’d heard this before.
” What happened ?”
Sharon explained about Dr. Foster’s advice, and about the e-mail
messages. Margaret listened intently.
” To make a long story short, the sex was unbelievable. ”
” And that fixes everything ?”
” Well, no. It’s not like we’re back together… yet, but if we can
fix our sex life, I think we have a good shot. ”
” Mmm, hmm, ” was Margaret’s only reaction. She sounded sceptical.

The next two weeks were almost unbelievable to Tyke. He couldn’t
believe how aggressive Sharon was being in her e-mails. Not only had
she ‘invited’ him over several times, but each time marked a
progression in her sexual appetites. Her messages were long and
detailed, and included a full script of the sexual encounters. He
played along as best he could.
He was a bit puzzled by the insistence, in her e-mails, that they
continue with the separation. He would have guessed that Sharon would
want him to move back into the apartment. Apparently not. In fact, she
insisted that they continue to communicate exclusively through the
The second time he came over, she gave him the same scenario as
before, but more detailed. She insisted that he be ready to fuck her in
the ass. That was mind blowing experience. He was rough with her, like
before, but this time he tied her hands with pantyhose behind her back.
The script also told him to tape her mouth with duct tape. Tyke would
never have suspected that Sharon would go this far with her fantasies.
When he finally had her in position, hands tied tightly, and mouth
taped shut, he levelled his lubricated cock up against her ass hole.
Then she began to struggle. It was great. While she struggled beneath
him, Tyke forced his cock into her tight rear end. If this was the way
Sharon wanted it, Tyke wasn’t going to argue. She sure knew how to make
it exciting.
At first, it was difficult going, while Sharon kicked and struggled
against him. He held her in place by brute force, and gave her a few
hard slaps against the side of her ass to encourage obedience. When she
finally settled down a bit, he really began to saw his cock in and out
of her. When she whimpered and whined through the tape on her mouth,
Tyke took it as a cue to be more forceful yet. He remembered how her e-
mails had insisted that he fuck her ass roughly. When he finally came,
it was with a final stroke that buried him deep inside of her. His
whole body shook as he unloaded himself deep into her bowels.
God, he had enjoyed that.
Sharon wrote back the next day to tell him how much she had enjoyed
it too, but that she wanted it a little rougher the next time. He sent
her a dozen roses. Despite her new appetites in sex, or perhaps because
of them, Tyke wanted back into her life.

” I don’t where it will stop,” Sharon told Margaret on the way to
work. They were carpooling together this week, because Sharon’s car was
in the shop. ” Tyke keeps on demanding more. When I sent him that first
message, I’ll admit the sex was a little, um … rough, but that
doesn’t compare to what we’ve done in the last two weeks.”
” It’s become rougher ?”
” Well… ” Sharon was ashamed to talk about it, but she needed some
advice. ” The next time he was over, he wanted to tie me up a bit. A
bit kinky, but I was game. It would have been okay, too, except that
once he had me tied down, he decided to … it’s too embarrassing.”
” Go on, ” Margaret urged.
” He did me in the rear. I was so sore by the time he was done, that
I couldn’t even move. I just lay there while he untied me, got dressed
and left. ”
There was silence in the car while Margaret waited for a light to
” What a pig. Why do you continue to see him ?”
” I don’t know. At work the next day, he sent me a dozen red roses.
It was like our relationship had a fresh start. I sent him an e-mail,
asking him about moving back in. He told me to wait two weeks. He said
that if we were still doing okay by then, that he would come back. ”
Margaret nodded.
” So, now the two weeks are almost up, and I don’t know what to do.
He’s come over four more times since then, and each time it gets worse.
He spanks me with his belt after he ties me up. He calls me dirty names
while we’re having sex, and it gets rougher every time. After sex, he
just unties me, and leaves. It’s degrading.”
Margaret sighed sympathetically.
” I’ve told you before, you really ought to call it quits. Cut off
all contact. This guy is bad news ” she told Sharon. ” He’s obviously
just using this as an excuse to play out his weird sexual fantasies. ”
” I know you’re probably right, but he sends me roses every day now,
with cute little notes. He seems really sincere. If he’s willing to
move back in, I’m sure we could get it sorted out. We just need a

A chance. Margaret knew exactly what Sharon meant. Just one little
chance, and things could work out fine. Sometimes you’d do just about
anything for one little chance.
Margaret had worked herself up to this moment. Her heart was
pounding a hole into her chest when she knocked gently at the door of
Sharon’s apartment. Tyke opened the door a crack, and then allowed her
in. He was dressed only in his underwear.
” You’re Sharon’s friend, right ?”
” Yeah. ”
” This is a bit strange for me, ” he confessed. ” I had no idea that
Sharon would be into this. ”
Neither does she, Margaret mused silently.
This was the first time they had met. Margaret had seen pictures of
Tyke, of course, and Sharon talked about him incessantly. Then there
were all the e-mail messages she had intercepted. He looked nervous.
That made two of them.
” Where is she ?”
Tyke motioned towards the bedroom.
Sharon was tied face down by her ankles and wrists. Her mouth was
taped shut, and her eyes were covered with a thick blindfold. She was
breathing heavily in anticipation.
This isn’t what I had planned, Margaret reminded herself. She was
arguing against her anxiety. This is just the way it had to be.
Tyke was beginning the script. He spoke it exactly as it was
written, playing out what he thought was Sharon’s fantasy.
” Are you comfortable, bitch ? I like having you tied down, whore.
That way I can do whatever I want. Tonight, I’ve brought a new
girlfriend over. We’re going to be fucking, right here on the same bed
as you, and there’s nothing you can do about it. ”
There was a muffled cry from Sharon, as she struggled to speak
through the tape.
This was risky, Margaret knew. Tyke had to believe that this was
Sharon’s fantasy, that she wanted him to fuck another woman while she
was tied up. He had to believe that Sharon had arranged the scene with
a friend of hers, and that Sharon wanted him to play the part.
The blindfold was something new to their games. Margaret had written
it in for this encounter. If Sharon knew who was here with Tyke, it
would ruin everything. Margaret couldn’t let that happen. This would be
perfect. Sharon would lay there while Tyke fucked a woman right beside
her. Sharon would hear it. She would feel their bodies brush up against
her. She would know it was happening, and would fill in the blanks with
her imagination.
Margaret dropped to her knees. She had to play the role, after all.
” You know what, bitch? My new girlfriend is sucking my cock now.
Can you hear her slurping on it ? Oh god, she’s a much better cock
sucker than you ever were. ”
Margaret worked on his cock. In truth, she had never been much good
at it, but Tyke seemed to be enjoying it. Maybe it was just the
situation. Sharon cried out through the tape once again.
” I think I’m just about ready to fuck her now. How do you like
that, Sharon ? Do you like being tied down while I fuck anyone I want.
That’s the way it’ll be from now on. I’m going to fuck her good, and
then maybe I’ll let you lick my cock afterwards. ”
He was co-operating admirably. Margaret knew how much this must be
hurting her friend. She didn’t enjoy doing it this way, but is seemed
that anything less wouldn’t do the job. Sometimes, you have to be cruel
to be kind.
Margaret began to undress. Tyke was stroking his cock while she
revealed her body to him. She dropped her blouse, then her bra. His
eyes followed every move. Now she unbuttoned her jeans, and squirmed
out of them. Tyke was definitely ready to go. His cock was smaller than
Margaret had imagined. The way Sharon had described it, it was a
She sat on the bottom edge of the bed, with her dear friend Sharon
tied up naked behind her. She pulled of her panties and her socks.
Sharon’s legs were spread out on each side of her. This would do fine.
Margaret inched back on the bed, and reclined until the back of her
head rested on her friend’s bare ass. She put her arms out and used her
friend’s bare legs for support as Tyke moved to the edge of the bed,
and prepared to fuck his new lover.
Sharon’s body shook as she sobbed. Margaret hoped that Tyke wouldn’t
notice. His mind was on other things, after all.
” Can you feel us, bitch ? I’m sinking into her wet pussy right now.
Do you feel me pushing her body up against you ? Ungh, she is so wet
for me. It’s unbelievable.”
Try to relax, Margaret coached herself. She hadn’t had sex with a
man for a long, long time. Perhaps she had been hasty in declaring his
penis small. It seemed much larger now, pushing its way inside of her.
She dug her fingernails into Sharon’s legs as he worked himself all the
way in.
The bed squeaked with every thrust as he began to pump himself in
and out. Margaret could feel herself slapping up against the
immobilized body of her friend. After a few minutes, she began to lose
herself in the sensations. Tyke wasn’t a bad lover, really, for a man.
And, of course, the feel of Sharon’s bare flesh was heavenly.
” I like this, bitch. I like to see you all tied up while I have my
Margaret was really enjoying this now. The rhythm of his body, the
feel of Sharon’s legs, the smell of her perfume, they were all
conspiring to send waves of pleasure through her body.
” Oh, god, I’m cumming, ” Tyke grunted through his teeth. The bed
squeaked back and forth rapidly as he pounded his body to orgasm, and
collapsed on top of his two lovers.
Margaret whispered in his ear. ” I’ll take it from here. ”
That was in the script too. He had played his role. He dressed
quickly, and went out quietly through the front door. He left only his
The plan was so close to completion, Margaret was shaking with
anticipation. All she had to do was make certain that it was enough.
Enough to end it.
Sharon was already crying. She must be feeling so betrayed right
now, Margaret thought. She desperately wanted to comfort her friend.
Not yet. It had to be finished. She raised the belt.
Again and again the belt came down on Sharon’s ass, thighs and back.
It was Tyke’s belt. Sharon would know the feel of it. Margaret put all
of her strength into the blows. She tried not to feel any remorse. This
was for Sharon’s own good.
She would leave Sharon here, tied up. She might cry all night. She
would feel alone. Abused by her man. Betrayed. Beaten. Lost. And then
found. Who would find her ? Her best friend, of course, there to give
her a ride to work. Then she would release Sharon, and comfort her, and
stay with her all day.
Before she left the scene, Margaret reached into her purse, and took
out a single red rose. She placed it beside Sharon’s pillow. Not from
him, she wished she could tell Sharon. From me.