Coming On Mom

A healthy family unit is the basis of the American way of life. Years ago, a person’s extended family played a big part in his life. Uncles, aunts, and grandparents often lived in the home and took on an advisory or supportive role. We seem to be moving away from this type of situation today.

It is rare to see family members help each other anymore. Jealousy and competition among brothers and sisters are common today. Rather than having loving relationships, family members often develop animosity toward other family members.

The Newman family is one of those rare families who are willing to help each other out.

COMING ON MOM reveals how one family remains close-knit and the experiences they have.


Susan Newman could hardly believe it, but she was sure Steve was jacking off.

They were sitting in the dark theater, watching a musical, with some very lovely girls prancing and dancing about in very skimpy costumes. Apparently, the costumes exposed enough of the girls’ bodies to excite her son. She had to admit there was a lot of flesh to see, but certainly not enough to excite a teen into jacking off inside a movie theater.

He had his jacket over his lap, but she could see in the dim light the way it moved, and she could feel his elbow next to hers each time his fist pumped. She wasn’t surprised that he jacked off, just that he was doing it in the theater.

Seeing that creamy juice spurting from their cocks had excited her very much, made her wish her cunt would do that.

It was in the bath when she discovered something else that excited her… something she had never told anyone to this day.

It had been accidental, because she had been so and because she still wasn’t sure of her feelings, only that she liked them. At times, when she had to piss, it felt as if she was about to come, and vice versa. She had been feeling her cunt. She had shoved her feet up the slippery wall, then pulled her knees down toward her face. In that position, she had played with her cunt, working her fingers into it, rubbing her clit. The sensation spew from her body, and she whipped herself almost into a frenzy of ecstasy.

She thought she was about to come, but, instead, she pissed on herself.

At first she was surprised to see the golden piss spew out of her cunt, then ram back down, running over her stomach and to her tits. It was warm and felt good, and the idea of pissing this way did make her come, and she found that she could piss even as the contractions of orgasm tightened her pussy, making the hot piss squirt and stop, squirt and stop.

She pissed on herself often after that, always with her cunt high in the air, legs wide apart, sometimes with her feet straight in the air, and sometimes with her knees drawn toward her face. She experimented and learned that she had depths of passion that surprised, yet delighted, her.

Now, Susan felt her son should be able to jack off if he felt like it. She knew that no matter what she had said about it, he would jack off, and keep jacking off… until he found a place to put his cock instead of his fist.

But she was surprised that he would jack off in the theater, under his jacket, with her sitting at his side. She could understand the effect of the skimpily clad girls in the movie on his impressionable mind, although she knew there were better movies to give a guy a hard-on.

As she tried to turn her attention back to the film, Susan found her cunt becoming hot and wet. If she had worn a dress, she would have placed her jacket over her lap, pull the skirt up and played with her cunt. But she was wearing pants, skin-tight designer jeans. There was no way she could get to her cunt. She could unzip the fly, but the jeans would still be too tight to get her hand on her pussy. Still, she draped her light sweater across her lap and pushed her palm into her crotch, pressing against her cunt. She could feel the heat of her pussy through the jeans, and soon she even felt a moisture coming through them.

This is silly, she told herself. Sitting in this theater, watching this stupid film, and Steve jacking off right there while I try to rub my cunt through my fucking jeans!

She wondered what her son would do if she just sort of slipped her hand under his jacket and felt his cock. She glanced at his face, and in the dim light, she could see his desire, the hunger in his eyes as he watched the jiggling, prancing girls in the movie. She gazed at his jacket, watching it lift and fall as his fist moved on his cock. She listened to hit breathing, her left hand rubbing and pressing at the tight crotch of her jeans. The seam cut against her cunt slit and clit and she writhed her ass in the seat, her asscheeks clenching.

She leaned forward and looked at her niece Judy, who sat on the other side of Steve. Judy was absorbed in the film, her eyes wide as she stuffed popcorn into her mouth. She apparently didn’t know that Steve was jacking off under his jacket. Susan wondered if her niece ever played with her cunt. She glanced at her niece’s knees. Judy wore a skin, and it came halfway up her slim thighs.

Turning her attention back to her son, Susan watched his jacket move. She moaned softly as she pressed her palm harder into the crotch of her jeans, her tongue licking over her lips as arousal burned between her thighs. She wanted to sneak her hand under her son’s jacket, feel what he was doing, maybe close her hand over his and help him jack his hard cock off. But if she had done that, Steve might yelp, then piss in his pants with fear and surprise. But then, she thought with a smile, he couldn’t piss in his pants if his cock was out of them.

She was sure he had his cock out of his pants.

She felt her tits swell inside her blouse, felt the lips of her fiery cunt turn puffy as her clit throbbed.

I want to, she thought hotly. I want to see if his cock is out! I want to know!

Being as careful as she could, Susan slipped her hand underneath her son’s jacket.

Steve, feeling it, stopped moving his fist, darting a fearful glance at his mother in the dark theater. He started to shove his cock into his pants quickly, but Susan stopped him.

“No,” she hissed softly with her lips against his ear.

Steve froze, gripping his cock, afraid to look toward his mother now. Susan placed her hot palm on her son’s thigh, near his crotch, and left it there for a long moment. She felt him trembling, and she squeezed his thigh.

Susan didn’t move her hand toward his cock, but left it where it was, squeezing his thigh often. At the same time, she kept rubbing her other palm up and down the steamy crotch of her designer jeans.

After a moment longer, Steve began to work his fist on his cock again. He was jerking on it now very carefully.

She heard his breathing speed up, and he was beginning to gasp. She almost giggled at his attempt to keep quiet.

She knew she was going to grab his cock. She couldn’t stop herself.

If Steve was shocked, or became afraid, there was nothing she could do about it — she had to feel his cock.

Sliding her hand into her son’s lap, she heard him gasp. He trembled, but that was the only movement he made, his eyes frozen on the screen. She was sure he wasn’t seeing those jiggling girls now, though. The tips of her fingers touched naked cock flesh, and Susan’s breath taught. She was feeling her son’s cock with her fingertips! There was a lurching sensation between her legs as she had an orgasm. She pressed her palm hard against the crotch of her jeans as she came. The orgasm made the crotch of her tight jeans wetter and hotter.

Very slowly, she exerted pressure against the base of her son’s cock with her fingertips. She heard her son gasp, but he sat as still as he could, not looking at her. Encouraged by his lack of movement, Susan ran her fingertips on the shift of his cock, finding his fist there. With only a little effort, she pushed his hand away, then closed her fist around his cock.

She heard him groan, but at least he didn’t try to shove her hand away. Gazing at the screen, Susan squeezed her son’s cock, feeling it throb so hotly in her hand. She ran her thumb over the smooth, swollen head, finding his piss hole wet. She smeared the juices about the head of his cock, then began to move her fist up and down. She heard her son pant, felt his body shaking, but he sat there and let her jerk at his prick.

Susan found her cunt on fire again as she pressed her palm to the seam of her jeans. She glanced at her son’s lap, watching his jacket move up and down, this time by her hand on his cock. Steve’s cock was so hard, so hot, that she wanted to pound fast and hard, make him spew his come juice, squirt it out of his balls. Now she refrained from beating him fast, moving her fist up and down slowly, but with a tight grip.

She listened to his breathing increase again, and she slowed her movement, relaxing her grip, but holding his cock loosely. When his breathing calmed down, she began to stroke his cock again.

Steve scooted his ass forward, lifting his knees and bracing them on the back of the seat in front of him. Susan could jack his cock better now, and she felt, her, son had shifted his position to help her out. Delighted with his response, she squeezed his cock, making him moan softly. She turned loose of his cock and felt about his fly, then slipped her fingers into it, feeling his hot balls. She worked her hand into his pants through the fly, and with his cock throbbing along her arm, she fondled his balls. When she squeezed and twisted them gently, Steve groaned loudly.

“Shhhhh,” she whispered with her lips near his ear.

Steve glanced at his mother. Susan flashed a grin at him in the darkness, her white teeth showing. She pulled her hand out of his pants and closed her fingers about his cock again, stroking up and down. Steve trembled.

“Nice, Steve,” she whispered softly, pounding his cock faster. “Very nice, honey.”

Steve began to breathe faster, unable to slow wiggling his hips as his mother jerked his cock.

Susan found his cock dripping copiously, the juices making his cockshaft very slippery in her hand. Now that she knew her son would accept what she was doing to him, she felt better. She allowed her passion to grow more than before. She pressed her hand hard at her crotch, rubbing up and down. Then she pulled her hand away and searched for her son’s. Finding it, she pulled his hand to her lap and under her sweater. She heard her son gulp as she placed his palm between her legs, his hand tight against her crotch.

“Rub me,” she whispered, and this time she ran the tip of her wet tongue against his earlobe. “Rub me, baby.”

Overwhelmed because his mother had hold of his cock and had put his hand on her cunt, Steve began to rub, feeling the wet heat of his mother’s cunt through her jeans. Susan pumped his cock, then pulled the zipper of her jeans down. Lifting her son’s hand, she pushed his fingers as deep into her tight pants as she could. His fingers could not reach deep enough to feel her cunt. She pulled his hand out of her jeans and cupped it back at her crotch, her legs open for him. She began to pump his cock faster, pressing at the back of his hand between her thighs.

She writhed gently, feeling her cunt ripple.

Her fist flew up and down her son’s cock, his jacket jerking. Steve was moaning. Susan knew he was close to coming, and she pounded at his throbbing cock eagerly.

With a grunt, almost doubling up, Steve came.

The juices flew out of his piss hole against the concealing jacket, and Susan jerked eagerly, feeling his hot come juice coat her fist. She pumped and pulled, feeling his cock spurt time and again. She was amazed at how much he came, and she wished she could watch it.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned softly, her pussy coming suddenly.

She pushed her son’s hand as hard as she could against her cunt, coming hard this time, not in that mild way earlier.

Steve, his cock spraying, pushed his palm hard at his mother’s pussy.

As soon as it was over, Susan lifted his hand from her thighs and then placed his cock back into his pants. When she pulled her hand from under his jacket, it was smeared with his come juice. She tugged her zipper up. She brought her hand close to her face, breathing deeply, the arousing scent of her son’s come juice exciting again. With a quick glance at her son, she moved her hand to her lips and began to lick his come juice from it.

She knew her son was probably blushing in the darkness now that she had taken the edge off his passion, but she wasn’t bashful. Susan had never been bashful when it came to sex. She didn’t mind if her son watched her lick his come juice from her hand, thinking it might give him some very nice ideas.

She sat quietly through the rest of the film, wondering what her son was thinking about. She glanced at him often, but he kept his eyes on the screen. She hoped he was ashamed, or felt guilty about it. She didn’t want him to react that way. She lowered her eyes to his lap again. His jacket was still draped over it, and she found herself wishing he had another hard-on right now.

Judy had finished her popcorn, but she was still absorbed in the film. Her short skirt was higher on her slender thighs, lifted by her shifting positions.

And then Susan saw that he and niece were holding hands. She smiled, thinking of possibilities… things she had not thought about before. She saw her son, his cock hard, moving into her niece’s cunt, then into her own cunt… and into her mouth and up her ass and…

The film ended.

The lights came on.

Susan had to remain sitting as the other filmgoers left. Steve and Judy waited, too, but her son seemed to have difficulty looking at her now. Steve had removed his jacket from his lap, and Susan could see the wetness on the fly of his pants. She thought how pleasant it would but if she could lick at his wet fly, taste his come juice on it, right there in the theater.

With a shrug, she stood up and moved into the aisle behind her son and niece. They were still holding hands, and she followed them from the theater, her gaze moving from her son’s ass to the compact sway of Judy’s hips.


Susan didn’t understand why she had jerked her son off in the darkened movie theater. But she knew she wanted to hold his cock again.

She wanted to play with it, stroke it, run her palm up and clown it, squeeze it… kiss it.

Oh, yes, kiss it!

To feel his cock against her lips, brushing back and forth, to feel that smooth cock head on her mouth. She shivered as she toweled her naked body, thinking about it. To simply put the tip of her tongue against the smooth head of his cock, to perhaps run her tongue over his piss hole, that slit which had become so juicy… Susan’s nipples became stiff. She stood and looked at them in the mirror.

Thumbing her nipples, she made a soft purring sound as they became harder under her stimulation. She then became aware of the throbbing wetness between her thighs. Sliding her fingers through the thick patch of her silky cunt hair, she probed tenderly at her clit. Her eyes closed dreamily as she rubbed along the slit of her cunt.

“That’s enough, Susan,” she whispered to reflection. “You’re only making yourself frustrated.”

Walking from her bathroom, she stood at the foot of her bed, pulling her short gown over her head. She never wore anything other than a short gauzy gown to bed, and often not even that.

Swan was a tall woman, slender in shape, but with lovely, rounded tits that jutted in tantalizing boldness from her chest. She had shoulderlength brown hair, brown eyes, and a full, moist mouth. She was pleased with her body, her figure. She was perfectly taped for the designer jeans and sensual dresses she wore. Her hips were rounded and she had long legs. Her ass was shapely and tight, teasing the eye with a slight, natural sway of her hips.

She was a single parent and she loved it.

Living with Steve, the two of them alone, seemed to give her more satisfaction than being married. She didn’t really miss having a man around. She felt self-reliant, capable enough. Steve was no trouble. He had always been an outgoing teen, exuberant and close to her. Kissing and hugging had come naturally to them, and still was. Unlike most teens Steve’s age, he enjoyed it when his mother grabbed him and hugged him tightly.

With only her short gown on, she left her room and walked in the darkness through the house, making sure it was closed and locked up for the night. She paused in the kitchen long enough to get herself a drink of ice water. She was sipping the water when she caught a flash of white. Thinking it was her son, but curious as to why he had run away when he found her in the kitchen, she moved quickly to the door and looked down the hallway.

It was Judy.

Susan watched her niece race into the room, but she had seen enough to know that her niece was in her panties only — the white she had seen.

Susan smiled as she returned to her room. The thought of her son catching a glimpse of that pretty ass wearing nothing but panties amused her.

She had no sooner climbed into her bed when the sound of feet in the hall came to her. Since her bedroom door was left open as usual, she watched her son go past. She smiled. He was wearing jockey shorts, the only thing he slept in at night.

Before she could consider what she was doing, Susan kicked the sheets off and was out of bed, going down the hallway after her son.

Steve was getting water from the refrigerator, and she stood staring at his back. It was as if she had never seen him wearing just those shorts before. Susan’s pulses suddenly began to pound, and tremors of desire began to burn up and down her flesh. Her tits swelled as her nipples became stiff again. There was a throbbing in her cunt, an enlargement of her clitoris.

She moved up behind her son.

When her arms went around him, Steve jumped, almost dropping the glass of water.

Susan squeezed her son against her body. He lifted his head and looked up at her.

“Mom! You scared me!”

“I didn’t mean to, honey,” she said softly, kissing the top of his head as she hugged his chest. Her warm tits against his neck. She was trembling as she pressed her body against his, holding him tight.

Steve let his mother hug him as tight as she wanted. The glass in his hand shook, and Susan took it, placing it on the sink.

“You don’t want to drop that, baby,” she said in a low voice, hugging him again. “Steve, about the movie…”

She felt him tremble.

“I mean, doing what I did in the movie,” she corrected. “I don’t know why, but I knew what you were doing, and just… you know.”

“It’s okay, Mom,” he said, his voice as low as hers.

“It is?”

“Sure, I enjoyed it.”

“You did?”

“Better than doing it myself,” Steve replied.

“Oh, baby!” Susan murmured, sliding her right hand down slowly to his quivering stomach.

She heard his intake of breath, but he didn’t move away from her. She slipped her left hand down until her fingers touched, holding his stomach. She wanted to pull his ass back against her, press it against her pussy hard.

“You feel so good close to me, Steve,” Susan whispered. “I love how you feel close to me, darling.”

“Yeah, Mom,” he replied, a soft moan in his words.

Susan held her breath, then dipped her hand downward.

“Oh, my!” she gasped, feeling his hard-on through his shorts. “What’s this, baby?”

Steve giggled and writhed as his mother pressed her palm against his cock. Susan rubbed the length of it, feeling the wonderful heat of it burn against her hand. When her son failed to protest, she curled her fingers about his cock as best she could through his shorts, squeezing his cock.

“Ohhhh!” Steve moaned, pressing the back of his head against his mother’s tits.

“Does it feel good?” she whispered.

“Oh, it feels real good, Mom!”

Squeezing his cock with her right hand, Susan lowered her left to his crotch, cupping his balls. She squeezed his cock and very tenderly his balls. She felt her son shaking, and when she moved a thumb over the head of his cock, she felt wetness oozing through the cloth of his shorts.

“Do it again, Mom!” he gasped, pushing his cock and balls against her hands. “Please, Mom, do it again for me?”

“Oh, yes!” Susan squealed softly, sliding her hand beneath the waistband of his jockey shorts.

She closed her fist around his cock. She moved her fist, pumping his cock inside his shorts, still clutching his hot balls with her left hand. Her cunt steamed wetly, her clit becoming painfully inflamed.

Listening to her son’s gurgles of pleasure, she turned his balls loose and pulled her hand around to his ass. Cupping an asscheek, she squeezed, her tight hand moving back and forth in short, slow jerking movements, his cock throbbing sweetly. She was going to jack him off again, and she was delighted that Steve wanted it more than he had in the movie theater. He was moving his hips now, working them to the rhythm of her fist, his ass clenching in her other palm.

“Do you like to do it for me, Mom?” Steve moaned.

“Oh, baby? I love doing it for you,” she breathed hotly. “You feel so hard, so hot. Oh, yes, baby… mother loves doing it for you!”

“I… I saw, Mom. In the movie… what you done,” Steve said. “I mean, with your… your tongue.”

Susan paused in her stroking. “Saw what?”

“Licking your hand,” Steve answered, his voice low.

“You weren’t supposed to notice that,” she replied, stroking his cock again. “I thought it was too dark.”

“It’s too dark in here, too,” he replied.

“Are you saying you want a light on?”

“Would it be okay, Mom?” he asked. “I mean, so I can watch you do it for me.”

“I don’t see why not,” Susan said breathlessly. “Watching is a lot of fun.”

She pulled away from her son and stepped the short distance to the wall switch. The kitchen was lit suddenly, but not with a harsh glow. She looked at her son as he turned to face her, her eyes on his crotch. His cock was elongated toward the left, hard in his shorts, with a little wet spot where his piss hole pushed.

But it was Steve who gasped. He had never seen his mother so exposed before. He had seen her in a robe, or wrapped in a towel, but never in such a flimsy, transparent gown that failed to cover the silky bush of her pussy hair, or her titties with those stiff nipples showing.

He gaped, eyes big, his cock visibly jerking in his shorts.

Susan stood a few feet from him, hands hanging at her sides, watching his expression. She knew this was the first time her son had seen a woman so exposed, at least a real one. He may have seen pictures, but she didn’t know that.

Almost unconsciously, she lifted her shoulders and drew them back, inking her shapely titties thrust more. Steve ran his tongue over his lips as his eyes moved about his mother’s body, up and down, from her tits to her knees. His fascination was obvious in the heat of his eyes, the way his cock throbbed. Susan was pleased her son found her exciting.

Susan’s eyes burned on the bulge of her son’s cock. She swallowed, knowing what she was going to do, knowing there was no way she could resist it now. Feeling him in the darkness, jacking it without seeing it… that was one thing, but now she could see his hardness, and his cock was having an effect on her that was overpowering. Her cunt was steaming, and she felt the slippery juices sliding very slowly along her inner thighs. She had always been juicy. Her cunt, when she was aroused, was so juicy, it was almost embarrassing.

Steve pushed his shorts down, just beneath his balls. Susan could hardly breathe as she stared at him. His cock was standing upward, very hard, the head smooth and swollen. She saw his tiny slit of a piss hole, and watched as a bead of his juice formed on it. His balls were not overly large, but they were full of juice. And… he was almost totally devoid of hair on his cock and balls.

On Steve’s part, he could see the soft hair of his mother’s cunt below the short bottom of her gown, and the rest of it showed in a shadow like softness through her transparent gown. It was wide at the top, narrowing to her crotch and between her thighs. He stared at it, making soft gulping sounds.

“Baby,” Susan whispered, moving toward her son. “God, baby, that’s so hard! You’re beautiful, Steve. So beautiful and hard and…”

“Ooooh, you look ready, honey!”

“Do it again, Mom!” he gasped. “Please, do it to me again.”

Susan grasped her son’s cock hard, making her son moan in delight. She looked down at it, watching the head bulge, his piss hole widen as juice seeped from it. She lifted her eyes, barely seeing his face through the film of her passion.

“I can do something that will feel better,” she whispered, running her tongue over her lips.

“I know, Mom,” he groaned.

“Oh, you do?”

He nodded his hand, his body trembling, his eyes riveted upon her jutting tits.

“Well, if you know…” Susan bent her knees, lowering herself before her son, still clinging to his cock with a tight hand.

Kneeling before him, she found her head was still above his cock. Steve, his legs shaking, placed his hands on his mother’s shoulders, watching her face.

Susan glanced up at her son. “I can do a lot of things that feel better than… jacking you off.”

“I know,” he said again in that strained voice. “I mean, I’ve never done… you know, anything, Mom. But I know…”

“I know,” she purred, squeezing his cock hard to make the head bulge as big as possible. She watched juices drip from his piss hole, and then darted her tongue quickly against it. She licked away the juices, tasting her son. “You know what I’d like to do to you, don’t you, Steve?”

He nodded. “You wanna put it in your mouth.”

“I do,” she said, a soft sob on her voice. “I do want to put it in my mouth, darling!”

“You wanna give me a blowjob, Mom?”

Susan looked up at him again, and a wanton giggle came from her. “Yes, Steve. I want to give you a blowjob!”

“Oh, yeah, Mom!”

“Horny little shit,” she said with affection, then circled the head of his cock with her hot, wet tongue.

She felt her son tremble, her eyes tilted up to watch his face. His fingers dug into her shoulders, his eyes blazing with eagerness.

“Where you heard all that, I don’t care,” she said softly, bushing the wet head of her son’s cock across her lips. “I don’t care about anything but you, honey. And… this hard-on.”

“Suck me, Mom!” Steve grunted, trying to push his cock into his mother’s mouth. “Come on, suck me!”

“Nmmmm, with pleasure,” Susan gurgled, sliding her tongue about his cock, still gripping it with her fist.

She circled her tongue around and around the smooth head, then lapped up the juices coming of his piss hole. Her eyes glazed as she tasted him. She placed her lips over the tip of her son’s cock, sucking it as her tongue flicked up and down, as if she were trying to get it into his piss hole. Steve was holding his breath, clutching his mother’s shoulders tightly, watching her with big, hot eyes.

Sliding her hand to the base of his cock, her other hand cupping the cheek of his ass, Susan followed her hand with her lips. The hardness sliding into her mouth sent her cunt into spasms of ecstasy, and she almost came. The prick in her mouth excited her more than any other time she had sucked cock. Her lips stretched, but she had room inside her mouth to use her tongue, and she did.

When her lips touched her fingers, she pulled her hand away, and smashed her lips against the base of her son’s cock. The smooth head of his cock almost reached her throat. She made a muffled whimper of pleasure, pushing her tongue at his cock so she could feel it on the roof of her mouth. Holding her son’s cock deeply, she dug her fingers into the tight cheek of his ass, her other hand cupping his full, hot balls.

She tried to keep her eyes open, wanting to watch her son’s face, but her ecstasy was too intense. She closed them. She drew back on her son’s cock, her lips tight, creating as much suction as she could, her tongue pressing. She pulled her lips to the head, then swirled her tongue about it. Gulping his cock deeply into her mouth again, she turned loose of his balls and shoved her hand to his ass. Cupping both cheeks of his ass while on her knees in front of him, Susan began to suck her son’s cock hungrily, her head moving back and forth, her lips never leaving it, her tongue never still.

She wished her son would say something, talk to her, but all he was doing was moaning and groaning. His hips moved in time with her mouth, pushing forward as she darted her face to him, then pulling back as she sucked along the length of his very hard, very hot cock.

Steve’s throat was dry and tight, his eyes huge as he stared at his mother’s mouth wrapped about his cock, sucking on it. What he was feeling, what he was seeing, filed his body and mind with sensations he had so far only dreamed of.

Susan purred, sliding her lips off his cock. She ran them up and down the shaft, from the base to the head, then used the flat surface of her tongue on it, licking his cock. Her eyes fluttered open, and she looked up at his face. Her dark eyes twinkled with smoldering passion. She caressed his cock along her cheek, purring with desire.

“So sweet,” Susan purred. “So hard and hot and sweet! Is it good, baby? Do you like it? Do you want mother to make you come… this way?”

Steve nodded, unable to speak.

“With my mouth?”

Again he nodded.

“Ohhhh, yes?” Susan cried out, then swallowed her son’s cock again, taking it as deep as she could, then trying for more.

Her lips nibbled at the base, her tongue twisting. She could almost get the swollen head into her throat.

Clutching the cheeks of his naked ass, Susan began to devour her son’s cock. She sucked back and forth wantonly, making soft sounds of rapture. Darting her mouth back and forth, she was fucking his cock more than sucking it, although she created as much suction as she could, which was plenty.

She moved his hands, placing one palm on her cheek, the other at the back of her head. When she had his hands in place, she again clutched his naked ass tightly. Susan began to suck and gobble her son’s cock in a frenzy now. The feel of his hands on her head and cheek made her feel as if he were helping. Her ass twitched as she sucked at his prick, and her cunt was like a river, the insides of her thighs slipped, and she rubbed them together.

Steve’s breathing was coming in hot pants now, and he was darting his hips back and forth. He held her head, pulling his mother’s face forward.

Susan squeezed his ass and jerked him to her mouth. She was making wet sounds as she sucked, but she didn’t care. She was sucking her son’s hot, hard cock and that was all that mattered right now. The powerful jerking of his cock inside her mouth was creating a painful hardness in her clit and she wanted to get something in her cunt, but she sensed her son was nearing discharge, and there was no way she wanted to lose that thick, sweet juice. She wanted it in her mouth, spraying over her tongue, burning down her throat. She wanted to gobble up his come juice desperately.

“Mom! Ohhh, Mom!”

The sound of his voice sent a wild tremor through her body. She dug her fist into the cheeks of his ass hard, and, as his cock throbbed with increasing power, she rammed her lips to the base, working her tongue.

“I’m gonna do it, Mom!” Steve grunted in a thick voice. “I gotta do it now, Mom!”

The only reply Susan made was to suck harder and faster.

With a moaning cry, Steve jerked her head forward, crushing his mother’s face into his cock, and the first squirt drenched her throat.

Susan’s eyes rolled with ecstasy behind her closed lids, and she dug passionately into his tight shaking ass, her fingers clawing into his ass crack as she pulled him tightly to her face. The rapid gushes of his come juice flooded into her mouth, and she swallowed as fast as she could. But like in the theater, he came copiously. Hot, sugary come juice seeped from her mouth as she tried to swallow it all. Her body burned with passion, and her cunt clenched, the hairy lips drawing in tightly as the ecstatic ripples of orgasm throbbed about her knotted clit. She was coming hard, very, very hard. She gulped at the spraying juices from her son’s balls and cock, clinging to his ass.

When her son finished, she refused to let him go, holding his cock inside her mouth, feeling it deflate slowly. She worked her tongue about his prick as she felt him shaking.

“Can I take it out now, Mom?” he asked, his voice weak.

Susan slowly pulled her mouth off his cock, settling her ass on her heels. Her beautiful face was radiant with pleasure as she smiled at her son. Steve leaned against the refrigerator, weak. He saw his mother’s face, the glistening fuck juice on her chin.

“Did you… did you like it, Mom?” he asked.

Susan nodded her head, unable to trust her voice at the moment.

“Did you… you know, do it, too?”

“Did I come, you mean?” she asked softly, her voice breaking. “Yes, baby, I came too.”

“Oh wow!”

Susan pulled his shorts up, adjusting them over his cock and balls. She gave his balls a gentle pat. “You’re not sorry?”

“No way, Mom!”

Susan pushed her face at his crotch, kissing his prick through his shorts.

“Go to bed,” she whispered.


It wasn’t until the next day that Susan realized she could have been caught by Judy caught with her son’s cock in her mouth.

Judy must have still been awake, she knew. She had just seen her run through the house in her panties, and her son had come down the hallway only a few minutes later. Then, when she thought about it, Susan realized she didn’t care if Judy had caught them.

Judy would only be with her and Steve for another week, then she would return to her own home. She was staying while her mother and father took a short vacation. Susan had not minded. She loved her niece.

She looked out into the back yard, watching Steve and Judy. Judy was sitting in the swing that hung from the tree, and Steve was pushing her. Since Judy was facing the house, Steve, whenever he pushed his cousin, placed his hands on her tight ass. Her eyes moved to the front of his shorts, an old, faded pair of jeans that had been hacked off at the crotch. She wondered if her son had a hard-on, but she couldn’t see his crotch from this distance. She also wondered if Steve was touching his cousin’s ass deliberately, or it that was the way he pushed her all the time.

Susan felt heat staffing between her legs again. Being aroused most of the time lately bothered her. She had enjoyed being aroused before, although it was usually her fingers that satisfied her. Still, the feeling of arousal was a good one. But now her cunt bubbled and boiled ever since the night before, almost in a constant state of agitation. Sucking her son off didn’t help, either, she knew.

Susan turned her attention back to her niece, watching her kick those slender thighs as she laughed happily. Susan realized she was trying to see Judy’s crotch, and she turned her head away guiltily. She walked to her bedroom, sitting on the bed, wondering about all these new thoughts in her mind. She had fantasized often, like most women, but kept it under control until now.

She heard the door slam, then footsteps in the hallway. The next sound she heard was piss splashing into the toilet in the hall.


Susan jumped to her feet and almost ran from her room to the toilet.

The door was open.

But it was Judy sitting there. Judy looked up, a sweet, shy smile on her lovely face. She had her knees together, her shorts at her thighs. The piss kept tinkling into the toilet, and Judy seemed unconcerned that her aunt was there, watching, neither speaking.

Susan was disappointed that it wasn’t her son. Still, she stood and watched. When Judy finished, she did not use tissues as Susan did. Judy stood and struggled to pull her tight shorts up. Susan found herself gazing at the sugary slit of Judy’s pink cunt. Susan felt a reaction between her thighs, then balled her fists tightly. The quick, unexpected urge to shove her face between those long thighs of her niece and suck that cunt almost overpowered Susan.

Getting her shorts up, Judy squeezed past her aunt, looking up with those sweet eyes.

“Excuse me, Aunt Susan,” she said softly, moving down the hall.

Susan turned and watched, her eyes seeing the cute shape of her niece’s ass and long, long legs.

Returning to her room, Susan wrung her hands. She wasn’t sure why she was feeling so fucking hot lately, but she couldn’t deny the good feeling it gave her. The thought of wanting to suck her niece’s cunt bothered her. Girls had never interested her before, but she had often wondered what it would feel like to push her mouth against a soft, wet pussy.

Standing before her long mirror, Susan gazed at her reflection. She could have almost any man she desired, she knew. But it wasn’t a man she wanted. It was her son, now. It was his strong cock that excited her. There was something that appealed to her about Steve’s body that a man’s never had.

She was wearing shorts and a light, tight sweater. Her nipples showed, stiff against the material. Her shorts were tight, and the puffy outline of her cunt showed, and the lower part of her ass cheeks was exposed.

Looking at herself, Susan thought hard about what had happened so far.

“Okay, girl,” she said to her reflection. “You started it, now what are you going to do about it?”

Her eyes gleamed as she ran her hands over her firm tits and down her stomach, back behind her body to cup her ass, then one hand in front to cup her tightly clad cunt.

“You’re going for it, that’s what you’re going to do, you bitch,” she said to her reflection. “You’re going all the way for it. Steve will… I know he will. But…”

She trembled. The idea of his cock inside her cunt, fucking her, seemed somehow a bit farfetched. Still…

“You crazy cunt,” she told her reflection. “You can suck him off. You don’t have to fuck him, you know.”

Turning from the mirror, her mind made up, Susan started from the room. But the slam of the back door stopped her. Steve came down the hall, looking up at her.

“Hi, Mom,” he said, then went for the bathroom. “I gotta go bad.”

Quickly Susan stepped into the hall and toward the bathroom. Unlike Judy, Steve had closed the door, but when she pushed, it swung open.

Steve was standing over the toilet, his cock pulled from the leg of his frayed shorts. The stream of his piss stopped when he looked up at her.

“Oh, don’t stop,” Susan said, hearing the weakness in her voice. “It’s okay, baby.”

She stood behind her son as she had the night before. Her hand slipped around him, and she pulled his hand off his cock. She held his cock with her finger and thumb, leaning over his shoulder to watch his cock.

“Now do it,” she said in a hoarse sound.

“I don’t know if I can,” Steve said, giggling. “No one ever held my… held it for me.”

“Mother will hold your cock,” Susan replied. Steve giggled, and the golden stream began to flow again, slowly at first, then strongly.

“Ooooh, look at that!” Susan gasped. She moved her son’s cock up and down, playing. “You’re pissing, baby!”

Her son’s reaction delighted her. Steve was letting her hold his cock as he pissed, and she was starting to tremble with excitement. She swung his cock about, making him piss in a circle, then up and down. Her cunt began to pulsate with wet heat and she pushed her pussy against his back.

The stream stopped, and Susan shook his prick, sending a golden drop from the head.

“You know about shaking a guy’s cock, Mom?” Steve asked.

“Of course,” she murmured. “Mother knows many things… about cocks.”

“You do?”

“I do,” she said, then turned her son to face her, still holding his cock. She went down into a squatting position, and used her tongue to flick the last drop of his piss away.

“You gonna suck me off again, Mom?”

“Would you like that?” she asked, nuzzling his cock against her face.


She stood up, still holding his cock. “Let’s go to my room.”

She entered her room and turned to face him. She was pleased that his cock was half hard.

Susan slipped her hands behind her, tugging at the zipper of her shorts, her eyes never mow big from her son’s cock. She unzipped her tight shorts and began to push them down. Steve’s eyes became huge as he watched.

“Would you like to see mother’s pussy?”

Susan asked. “Want to see my cunt, Steve?” Steve’s head bobbed up and down.

Susan wriggled her hips as she shoved her shorts down, kicking them from her feet. She straightened up, naked from the waist down. She placed her fingers along the edge of her cunt hair, framing it, watching her son’s cock jerk up into a full hardness, restrained by his shorts.

“Take them off,” Susan hissed body.

Steve scrambled out of his shorts, staring hotly at his mother’s pussy. He couldn’t see her cunt, but the silky hair was almost enough to make him ready to come. When he stood naked before her, his cock arching up toward the ceiling, Susan sat on the edge of her bed, and slowly spread her knees apart.

Steve’s eyes became very big.

“That’s mother’s cunt, baby,” Susan whispered, spreading the wet, pink lips of her cunt open for her son. “That’s my pussy.”

“Ohhhh, Mom!”

“Touch mother’s cunt,” she offered. “Play with mother’s tit… feel me up!”

Panting hotly, Steve almost jumped eagerly at her. He leaned down and placed his hand on her pussy, feeling the hot wetness of it. Susan held his wrist, rubbing his hand up and down, cooing softly. Her other hand went to his cock, gripping it hard.

“Stick your fingers in me!!” she instructed. “Stick your fingers inside my cunt, baby!”

Steve thrust his fingers into his mother’s cunt, and Susan let out an ecstatic cry. Holding his wrist, she stabbed his fingers in and out of her pussy, twisting her naked ass on the edge of the bed. Her other hand pumped at his throbbing hard-on.

But it was too much for Susan. She was about to come already.

“Here,” she hissed, drawing her son between her thighs.

She removed his fingers from her cunt and lifted them to her face. Her tongue swirled about the wetness, her eyes gazing at his excited face. After she licked his fingers, she leaned back, her legs spread wide. Her soft brown hair fanned about her glowing face on the bed. As her son stood and looked at her cunt, Susan lifted her hips and twisted them lewdly, adding to her son’s excitement.

She lifted her cunt high, shoving her hands beneath her ass to hold herself up. Then she drew her knees back, wrapping her arms behind them when they touched her titties. She offered her cunt to her son’s eyes, pleased with his interest. Steve saw his mother’s cunt, framed by the soft brown hair, the pink lips and her straining clit, then lower, to the ring of her crinkled asshole.

No one had ever looked at her crotch so intently, so hotly. Susan knew it was going to be just fine now, that her son wanted this as much as she did.

“Come close,” she hissed. Steve stepped closer.

“Kiss it.”

Steve hesitated.

“Kiss mother’s cunt!”

“But it’s hairy and wet, Mom.”

“Kiss my cunt!”

Steve leaned down, getting the scent of the most exciting thing in his life. He pressed his lips to his mother’s cunt, kissing it, feeling her juices smear his mouth. The soft hair tickled his cheeks and nose. He stuck his tongue out, licking up and down the slit of his mater’s juicy cunt, once, and fast.

“Ooooh, baby, that’s nice!” Susan purred.

Steve lifted his head, looking up at his mother. His cock was about to go off, and he gripped it very hard in his hand.

“Shove it in me!” Susan hissed. “Shove that hard cock in mother!”

“Can I?” Steve asked, hardly believing he could. “I-I can really stick it in, Mom?”

“You better hurry and do it!” she sobbed. “You’re about to come as it is!”

With a moan, Steve thrust his hips forward.

Susan’s eyes bulged as she screamed.

“That’s not my cunt!” she gasped.

Steve’s cock, in that single lunge, had stabbed into his mother’s asshole. Susan had been startled, but not hurt. He started to pull his cock out.

“Wait!” Susan cried quickly. “Don’t take your cock out yet!”

Steve paused, half of his cock up his mother’s ass, looking down at it, seeing her cunt, the way her asshole stretched around his prick.

“Fuck me there!” Susan sobbed. “Fuck me in my ass!”

Steve made a choking sound, but his hands came to rest on the back of her drawn-up thighs. He gazed at his cock, which was halfway up his mother’s asshole, with creamy juices dripping from her cunt onto the shaft.

Susan wafted, breathlessly, feeling that hard prick stretching her asshole. It felt different, strange. But… God did it, feel good! Her asshole squeezed at his cock, and Susan lifted her hips gently. She felt more of his cock up into her ass.

“Ooooh, yes, Steve!” she gasped. “Fuck mother in the ass! It feels wonderful… it feels fantastic! Fuck me up the ass, baby! Oh, God, ram that cock in and out of my asshole!”

Susan lifted and squirmed, sliding her asshole onto her son’s cock, the cheeks of her ass smashing at the base of his prick. With a squeal, she pumped her ass, fucking his cock, taking it deeply into her asshole, then lowering it until only the head was clutched inside. Up and down her naked ass moved, the friction thrilling her.

Steve stared down at her hair-lined cunt, watching the wet lips pulsate, seeing his mother’s clit throb like a miniature prick and the way her asshole pulled on his cock. Her asshole blistered the flesh of his prick as his mother fucked him.

“Do it!” Susan hissed hotly. “Oh, baby, don’t make mother do all the work! Ram it to me… right up the ass! Fuck my ass! Hurry, Steve, fuck mother up the asshole!”

With his face contorting with ecstasy, Steve humped his hips, driving his cock inward as his mother pumped her ass. He fucked her hard and deep, his balls smacking against the base of her spine. The juices dripping out of her cunt and over the base of his cock increased the slipperiness, making his cock slide easier.

“Oh, yes!” Susan sobbed, her ass flying up and down. “That’s it, baby! Fuck hard! Fuck me deep! Ohhhh, I’ve got your sweet cock up my ass and I love it! My asshole is burning, darling! Can you feel how hot mother’s assholes on your hard cock! Oooh, fuck… fuck me!”

Holding her arms around her knees, puffing them against her titties, Susan lifted her head, eyes rolling, as she attempted to see his cock up her ass. All she saw was her hairy cunt smearing the base of his stomach, leaving wetness on his flesh. But she could feel every inch of her son’s cock inside her asshole. It seemed to go deep there, deeper than possible. The deeper he lunged, the better she loved it.

She tossed her ass about, wiggling and churning with him, fucking him as much as he was fucking her. Her flesh tingled as her cunt responded to this rapture. Sliding her hand down past her son’s, she began to agitate her inflamed clit, smashing at it, pinching at it, rubbing it and darting fingers into her cunt. Her lovely head twisted about on the bed, hair flying as she sobbed out her ecstasy.

Steve, his cock pounding frantically into his mother’s asshole, stared hotly at her fingers drumming and entering her cunt. His body was shaking with excitement, the cheeks of his ass bunching, clenching, as he stabbed his cock time and time again up his mother’s fiery asshole. Each inward lunge caused her tits to jiggle.

“Do you like it, too?” she moaned.

“Yeah, Mom!” Steve grunted, driving up her ass with all his power.

“I love it, baby!”

“I think… I feel like I’m gonna come!”

“Oh, yes!” Susan squealed, increasing the speed of her bouncing ass. “Come up mother’s ass! Shoot that hot, sweet juice up my asshole!”

Frantically, she twisted and pulled at her distended clit, her wild passion exposed completely to her son’s excited eyes. She didn’t care that he knew, didn’t care that he could see. She wanted him to see, wanted her son to know how hot and delicious and exciting and eager she was with him.

“Ohhhh, you’re about to make me come, too!” she cried. “Ahhhh, baby, baby! Harder… faster! Oh, God, fuck my ass! My cunt is… I’m going to come, darling!”

With a squeal, she jerked her ass upward, riding her asshole the full length of her son’s hard cock. At the moment of her orgasm, Susan plunged her fingers into her cunt, feeling the gripping spasms clutch them. She screamed, her ass grinding in revolving motions. Her body seemed to vibrate beneath Steve.

“Ohhh, Mom!” Steve moaned. “I’m gonna come! My cock is… oh, you’re squeezing my cock, Mom! Your asshole is holding my cock so tight!”

“Yes; yes!” she hissed, her orgasm rumbling through her naked body stronger than ever. “Mother’s asshole is fucking your cock sucking your cock! Come, Steve! Come up mother’s asshole! I want to feel your cock squirt in my asshole! Give mother’s asshole that hot, sweet juice!”

With a grunt, Steve pushed his cock in as hard as he could, and his body became stiff. Then he began to shake.

Susan felt the scalding juices of his balls spewing into her asshole. She screamed again, loudly, her orgasm increasing with power as her son sprayed into her satin-like asshole. She shuddered, trying to push her ass tighter around his cock. The ring of her asshole grasped his cock tightly, squeezing and relaxing, pulling the come juice out of his cock.


Susan sprawled in wanton exposure on bier bed.

Her arms were spread wide, her knees bent and splayed open. Her cunt glistened, and her tits remained firm and round.

Steve sat her side, legs crossed, running his hands over her body. He had shoved her sweater to her chin, wanting to see and feel her shapely tit. Susan wanted her son to explore her body, become acquainted with it, let him know bow much pleasure he could have with her body, every inch of her body.

There was a nice tingle in and around her asshole, and it still felt stretched.

Steve was delighted to look at and feel his mother’s body. He touched and stroked and probed, mostly around her tits and cunt, and a few times at her ass. He thought it was amazing that he could get his whole hand inside his mother’s pussy. He enjoyed playing with the silky hair of her cunt, running his fingers through it and pulling at it gently.

He had not removed his shorts; they still dangled from one ankle. That was erotic to Susan. It showed how eager he had been to fuck her. And he had fucked her, all right, but in her ass. Susan wondered why she had not been hurt when his cock stabbed into her asshole.

“Was it good, Steve?” she asked as he leaned over and examined her clitoris. He had pulled the hairy lips of her cunt apart to see it better. “Did you like sticking it to me up the ass?”

Steve turned his face to hers, grinning widely. “It was real good, Mom. I didn’t mean for it to happen that way.”

“I know you didn’t,” she replied, smiling. “But I don’t mind at all. It felt very good, and it made me come very hard!”

“Do you like my cock, Mom?” he asked. “I mean, is my cock big enough and long enough for you?”

“Your cock is perfect, baby,” she whispered softly, her hand sliding along his thigh. She fingered his cock and balls tenderly. “Are your balls always so full of juice?”

“I guess so,” he replied. “Is that okay?”

“Okay?” Susan arched her hips up to his fingers. “Baby, you don’t know how glad I am that you come so much. I love it! Come juice is wonderful! The feel of it, the taste of it… oh, yes, I love come juice!”

Steve, listening to her, was leaning close to her cunt, opening it with his fingers, then smashing it closed.

“Want to kiss mother’s cunt again?”

“Yes,” he whispered.

“You don’t have to wait for me to tell you,” Susan said. “If you want to touch me, kiss me, fuck me… you don’t have to ask.”

Steve leaned lower, breathing in the delicate, arousing scent of his mother’s cunt. He parted the hair along the sides of her cunt slit, then darted his tongue out. He tongued the slit of his mother’s cunt almost gingerly, then licked up and down.

“It’s hot and wet, Mom,” he said, his breath searing the tender tissues of her cunt.

“Do you like tasting it?”

Steve nodded.

“Kiss it some more,” she urged, a hand lightly on the back of his head. “I like it when you kiss my cunt!”

Steve pressed his mouth to his mother’s cunt. He opened his mouth, taking his mother’s pussy lips into his mouth. Susan whimpered softly as she pressed her pussy at his face. When her son’s tongue slipped along the slit, she shuddered, her hips jerking.

“Can I stick my tongue in your cunt, Mom?”

“Don’t ask!” she cried. “Just do it! Do anything you want down there! I’ll love anything you do between my legs, baby!”

Steve used his fingers to open his mother’s cunt, and his tongue lapped along the juicy lips. He found the taste exciting at he swirled his tongue about her clit. Susan’s hips jerked with that contact, and Steve sucked her clit.

He sucked at it very hard, his tongue flicking the sensitive bud. Susan wiggled, crying out as an especially sensitive spot was probed wetly.

“Oh, my God — there!” she hissed. “Suck it right there, darling!”

Steve sucked with all his strength. Susan bucked up and down, but her son kept his lips around her clit, sucking very hard, his tongue licking wildly. With excitement, Susan grabbed one of her son’s hands and shoved it beneath her as, curling his fingers onto one naked cheek.

“Hold my ass!” she groaned. “Ohhh, hold mother’s hot ass and suck my cunt! Eat my pussy, darling! Suck my cunt and fuck it! Put your wet tongue up mother’s cunt and tongue fuck it good! Ooooh, baby, make me come with your mouth! Lick my twat… eat my… my snatch! Suck me, Steve! Ohhh, God, suck my wet cunt!”

Her hips bucked and churned, her cunt smearing all about her son’s face, from his nose to his chin. His tongue was up inside her boiling cunt as much as his lips sucked at her once-again distended clitoris. Susan was whipping her naked ass about, her ass-cheeks clenching against his palms. She looked down her body, watching her son bury his face into her cunt. He wasn’t old enough to shave, and she was pleased not to have whisker burns on her pussy and thighs.

Still, despite the ecstasy that her son’s lips and mouth were giving her one part of Susan’s mind remembered another act of ecstasy. She pressed at the back of his head, lifting one leg and trying to hold his face against her cunt. She humped her crotch up and down, smashing her cunt at his sucking mouth vigorously, then she moved her hand to his lap, finding his cock swelling hard. She grasped his cock, pumping his prick as his face seemed to press very hard at her steaming cunt.

“Ohhhh, baby, suck the piss out of my cunt!” she urged. “Eat mother’s cunt! Suck my piss out… make me come! Tonguefuck my pussy, Steve! Ohhhh, God, make me piss!”

Pulling at his cock, she wanted to bring his cock to her face, so she could get her lips around his hardness.

“Let me have it, baby!” she groaned. “Oh, let mother have your cock! Let me suck your hard cock, Steve! Let mother suck it while you lick my hot cunt! Hurry, darling… fuck my mouth with this beautiful prick!”

Steve shifted his position, swinging a knee across his mother’s face. Susan stared up at his hard cock, his balls, his ass. She lapped at his inner thigh, her hands racing feverishly about his cock and balls, up over his tight ass. She ran the edge of her hand along the crack of his ass, feeling the tight pucker and heat of his asshole. She lifted her head and sucked his cock deeply into her mouth, cupping the cheeks of his ass and pulling him down, his cock reaching for her throat. At the same time she spread her legs, straining her cunt against his devouring mouth.

Steve, stabbing his cock up and down, fucking his mother in her sucking mouth, wrapped his arms about her hips and clutched at her tight, heaving, naked ass. He shoved his mouth as hard as he could into her wet cunt, his tongue delving, fucking, tasting. He swallowed the sweet juices of his mother’s cunt eagerly.

Susan pulled at his ass, his balls rubbing against her eyes and nose, his cock very deep inside her hungry mouth. She spread the cheeks of her son’s ass, gazing into his asshole while her lips worked on his cock. Her cunt was rippling and squeezing, her clit feeling almost painful in tightness. She lifted her long legs, then closed them around her son’s head, squeezing his face as she bucked up and down. She jerked her mouth off his cock and feverishly licked at his balls, swirling her tongue around them, then taking his balls into her mouth.

She heard her son grunt as she sucked them, between her lips. But as much as sucking his balls excited her, Susan let them go. She shoved her tongue out as far as she could, lifting her head. She probed at his puckered asshole with the tip of her tongue, swishing it up and down. Licking her son’s asshole from his balls to the base of his spine sent a wildness through her that threatened to consume her very being.

She pushed her tongue against his hot asshole. She was so hot, so aroused, she wanted him to fart in her face, fart against her tongue.

She now worked her tongue into his asshole. She plunged it in and out, fucking him with it, his balls on her chin and his cock throbbing along her neck.

Steve was making gulping sounds as he licked and sucked his mother’s cunt. Like her, he was so excited she could do anything to him right now. The feel of her long tongue sliding in and out of his asshole increased his cunt-sucking eagerness. He licked in a swirling motion at her pussy, tasting the juices, then sucking them from her.

Swan, crying softly with ecstasy, tongued her son’s asshole frantically, her fingers clawing his asscheeks wide open. She felt his cock dripping on her neck and his balls were starting to writhe on her chin. Steve would be coming any time now, and, for a moment, she considered letting him spray that hot come juice about her neck, keeping her tongue stabbing into his asshole to feel it clench as he came.

She pulled her tongue from his asshole, circled the crinkle with her lips, sucking it wetly for a long moment. Then she shifted her face to get his cock back into her mouth. Steve immediately began to fuck up and down as she sucked. Holding his ass tightly, Susan devoured his throbbing hardness, humping her hips again as an orgasm began to rumble about her crotch.

Her naked body trembled, and she rammed her cunt hard at her son’s mouth. The orgasm exploded, making Susan cry out around his prick. Feverishly, she sucked with intense greed, wanting his come juice to spurt down her throat as came against his sucking mouth.

Steve gave a muffled grunt, pushing his cock down.

The scalding juices of his balls erupted across her tongue and down her throat. Susan sucked his cock hungrily, making wet sounds as she swallowed the sweetness of his balls.

As he came, Steve rammed his cock up and down, trying hard to get his face into his mother’s convulsing cunt. He squeezed her ass with powerful fingers, his tongue being sipped by the contractions of her hairy pussy. As her orgasm went on and on, Susan almost choked on the spraying come juice. But she lost none of it this time.

With soft sobs, they relaxed, Steve sprawled on top of her, his legs along each side of her face. He rested his cheek on the silky mat of his mother’s pussy halt. Susan caressed her son’s back, sliding her hands about his quivering ass. She kissed at his inner thighs, his ass, his balls.

“I love you, Steve,” she mewled. “God, I love you! I love your cock and hot balls and asshole and…”

She squeezed him hard.

After a while he rolled away from her. Susan sat up, her face glowing with pleasure. She leaned over her son and gently sucked on the head of his deflated cock, then ran her tongue about his balls.

“I’ll never get enough of this,” she whispered. “Darling, I could kiss and suck on your cock and balls twenty-four hours a day.”

When she lifted up, Steve sat up facing her. She saw the happiness in his bright eyes, the way he smiled. She caressed his cheek, then leaned forward and ran the tip of her tongue from one corner of his mouth to the other, tasting her cunt there. Steve grabbed his mother’s shoulders, and she shoved her tongue into his mouth. Susan purred as he sucked at it, and they clutched each other for a long moment.

When they pulled apart, he said, “You’ve got a messy neck, Mom.”

“I know,” she purred. “Your cock was dripping all over it when I had my tongue up your asshole!”

He giggled. “That felt good, too.”

“Now you know how I felt when you fucked me in the ass.”

He played with her tits awhile, then said, “I gotta piss.”

“You can use my bathroom,” she said. “Baby… would you wash my neck off?”

“Sure,” he said, jumping from her bed and starting for the bathroom.

Susan followed, and when he took a cloth, she pulled it away from him. “Not yet. Take your piss.”

Steve shoved his hips forward, holding his cock. His shorts had come off his ankle and he was completely naked. Susan dropped to her knees, sitting on her heels. “Let me hold it.”

Steve moved his hand, and she held his cock at the base, with a finger and thumb. Her eyes gleamed, watching the head of her son’s cock. When the golden piss gushed out, she moaned softly, her eyes turning a bit glassy. Seeing him piss and holding his cock reinforced her wild desire. She squeezed the base of his cock, making him squirt, then stop. Steve laughed.

The splashing of his piss into the toilet was one of the most exciting sounds in the world to her.

When he was nearly finished, Susan smiled. “Baby, wash my neck now.”

“I still gotta piss,” he said.

“On me!”


“Please!” she begged, her eyes shining with eagerness. “Wash my neck with piss! Do it, Steve! Ohhh, please, piss on me!”

For a moment she didn’t think he would do it. It was what she had been afraid of. As eager as her son was to do other things with her, she had been afraid this might turn him completely off.

But Steve turned, facing her, his cock toward her face.

“Okay, but remember, Mom, you asked for it.”

“I know,” she breathed, her eyes burning on the slit of his piss hole. “Piss on my neck! Oh, please, piss on my neck, darling!”

Her sweater was still high, her shapely tits jutting out, her hippies lifting into tingling hardness as she anticipated the hot sensation of her son’s piss on her neck.

The stream spurted out.

“Oooooh!” she gasped as it splashed at her neck.

She tilted her face up, moving his cock, feeling the hot piss splash beneath her chin. She lowered his cock, and the piss stung her nipples. Steve giggled in a shy way, but kept pissing. He watched as his piss splashed about his mother’s tits, soaking her bunched-up sweater.

Steve giggled softly, arching his hips forward. “Nice,” Susan purred. “So hot and nice!” The stream slowed, losing power. She squeezed the base of his cock, stopping the piss. She glanced up at his face, her breathing coming in short, panting sounds. She lifted his cock and released the pressure on it.

A golden spurt of piss gushed out of his cock and splashed across her lips. Susan’s eyes closed with pleasure. Steve gasped when he saw what his mother had done, but he didn’t stop pissing. She moved his prick as the stream became a dribble, shoving her face closer to it. When it was almost over, she parted her lips.

“Mom!” Steve gasped.

“Mmmmm,” Susan moaned, feeling the hot piss move past her lips and onto her tongue.

She tasted it, and her mouth widened. The final stream of his piss entered her mouth, and Susan couldn’t help herself. She closed her lips about the head of his cock, her brown eyes open and pleading with him. The last gush of hot piss splashed into her mouth, and Susan swallowed, her eyes dreamy. The taste of his piss and swallowing it almost caused Susan to come again. When he finished pissing, she ran her tongue about his piss hole, her lips sucking very gently.

Finally, she pulled her mouth off his cock.

“Thank you, darling,” she whispered. “I’ve for a long time, I’ve wanted to see if I would enjoy that.”

“Do you?” he asked.

Susan gazed up at his face, then nodded. “Yes, I do.”

“Even in your mouth?”

“That best of all,” she confessed.


Again she nodded. “I guess you think I’m horrible.”

“Oh, no, Mom!” Steve giggled lewdly. “I’ll piss for you all the time if you want. Even piss in your mouth.”

“Oh, baby!” Susan sobbed, wrapping her arms about his naked ass and hugging him tightly, nuzzling her face at his cock and balls. “Would you? I’d love it! Maybe next time it will make me come, too!”


It was later that night when it came to Susan that she had not taken her, son’s cock into her cunt.

She had sucked him off and had his cock in her asshole, but she had not fucked him with her cunt. It wasn’t that the opportunity wasn’t there; she could have fucked him that afternoon on her bed instead of sucking him off again.

It was something she was going to do, though. She wanted to fuck her son, feel his cock inside her steamy cunt, and she wanted it badly.

As she began to drift into sleep, she thought she heard soft voices and giggles down the hall.

She slept late the next morning, and by the time she got up, Steve and his cousin were up and outside already. She took a long, luxurious bath, then shampooed her hair. After blow-drying it, she slipped into a fresh pair of very tight shorts, and a T-shirt, but that was the way she wanted it. The crotch of her hip-hugger shorts cut into her pussy, outlining the lips. More flesh of her ass showed in these shorts than the ones she had worn the day before.

She made herself some coffee and sat at the kitchen table so she could watch her son and niece in the back yard. Judy had put on a dress for some reason. Usually the sweet girl wore shorts or jeans. The dress, Susan noticed, was a bit small for her.

Steve and Judy began to wrestle on the soft lawn. Their squeals of delight came to Susan through the open door and window. She watched them. Judy’s slim legs flashed as Steve wrestled her about, and Susan saw a flash of white panties often. Judy didn’t seem to know — or care — that she was exposing her panties. Susan watched and enjoyed it. There was something pleasant about watching a teen girl exposing herself.

The wrestling stopped, and Judy sat up, crossing her legs as she faced Steve, who was lying on his back. Susan noticed the head of his cock was showing, and she wondered if Judy could see it, too. Susan saw, too, beneath her niece’s short skirt, and she gazed at the tight crotch of her white panties. The image of her son fucking his cousin came to her mind. She could see his hard cock sliding into Judy’s creamy cunt, and Susan’s own pussy became wet.

Her hand slipped down between her thighs, and Susan rubbed at the tight seam of her shorts as she gazed at her son and niece. She could feel pussy hair sticking from the crotch of her shorts, and she played with the silky strands. If only her son would come in now, she would suck his cock, maybe get him to come off in her coffee.

Susan giggled at the perverse thought, thinking it would be fun to do that. She didn’t care for cream or sugar in her coffee, but her son’s come juice would improve the taste.

“Susan, you’re getting absolutely crazy,” she told herself out loud.

Her attention was drawn to her son and niece by a movement.

“Oh, my!” she gasped.

Judy had seen the head of Steve’s cock.

A giggle came to Susan’s ears, and then Judy’s hand slipped up Steve’s thigh, and her finger tickled his cock. Susan watched her son’s reaction, and when he didn’t move, but let Judy run her fingertip about the head of his cock, Susan suddenly understood that Judy was not as innocent as she looked.

Steve made a grab under Judy’s short dress, but with a giggle, Judy jerked away, getting to her feet. She stuck her tongue out at her cousin, but her eyes twinkled and she was smiling at him. Susan watched as Judy stepped over Steve, giving him a long, exciting peek up under her dress and between her legs. Then Judy was coming toward the house, her saucy ass twisting with exaggeration.

“Finally get up. Aunt Susan?” Judy said as she came in. “You must have been very tired, sleeping this late.”

Susan nodded, trying to see if Judy’s titties showed. As she lifted her gaze, Susan found her niece staring at her tits. Susan lifted her shoulders, causing her shapely tits to jut outward, her nipples poking at the thin material.

“Tired of wrestling?” Susan asked, her voice throaty.

“You were watching?” Judy asked.

Susan nodded, and each saw knowledge in the other’s eyes. Susan was seeing her niece in a different light now.

Judy walked from the kitchen, her ass swaying seductively. She looked at her Aunt Susan just as she turned the doorknob. Susan trembled, then stood up. She followed her niece.

Judy entered the hall bathroom. Susan didn’t hesitate. Judy had left the door open.

Judy turned as her aunt stepped into the bathroom with her. Again their eyes locked, and Susan lifted her arms. Judy squirmed against her aunt, hugging her waist.

Susan held the girl, and she wasn’t at all surprised when her niece twisted around and closed her mouth over one of her tits, sucking at it through the T-shirt. Susan stood, trembling, letting her niece suck her tit, and, when Judy slipped a hot hand under her T-shirt and cupped her other naked tit, Susan let out a soft cry of delight.

Judy shoved Susan’s T-shirt up to her neck, revealing her aunt’s creamy tits. With a gasp of pleasure, Judy ran her tongue in a wet circle over each stiff nipple. As Susan pushed a tit into her niece’s mouth, Judy made a low gurgling sound, her hands slipping down Susan’s back until they cupped her aunt’s tight, shapely ass.

Susan pressed against her niece, feeling her own cunt bubble inside her tight shorts.

Susan lowered one of her hands to Judy’s cute ass, one palm almost cupping both asscheeks. She listened to the wet sucking sounds Judy made on her tits, feeling that hot mouth go from one nipple to the other. Susan pulled back when she felt Judy’s hand sliding between them, then between her thighs. She gasped as Judy’s hand cupped her crotch, pressing, as Judy rubbed back and forth.

Judy pulled her mouth from a nipple, tilting her beautiful face up, her eyes on fire. “You’re awfully hot here, Aunt Susan.”

“Oh, Judy!” Susan sobbed, hugging her niece tightly, one hand gripping that pretty ass. “Oh, God, Judy!”

Judy giggled. She pulled away from her aunt, looking down at the tight shorts.

“I can see your cunt, Aunt Susan,” she said, her voice soft. “I can see your pussy real good.”

Susan, her mind spinning at this sudden difference in her niece, stood trembling while Judy felt between her thighs. Before she could react, Judy had dropped down to her knees, then pushed her sweet face into her crotch.

“Oh, Judy!” Susan moaned, watching the girl nuzzling at her shorts.

Susan spread her legs, bending her knees slightly. She cried out as Judy’s wet tongue scooted over the naked flesh of her inner thighs, tracing the crotch of her shorts. Judy held her aunt’s ass with both hands, trying to bite at Susan’s cunt through the shorts. “Where did how did you know… Judy, where did you learn this?”

Judy’s eyes sparkled hotly upward as she tried to lick at her aunt’s cunt, but the shorts were in the way, much too tight to get her tongue inside them.

“Stand up, Judy,” Susan whispered hoarsely. Judy stood, looking shy and the tip of her thumb in her mouth. Her other hand slowly lifted her dress to her waist, then she stood up, showing her panties to Susan.

Susan’s eyes became glassy, and she knelt, caressing the tanned, slender flesh of Judy’s thighs. She pushed her hand to the tight crotch of her niece’s panties, and she felt the hottest cunt ever in her life.

“Oh, God!” Susan cried, shoving her face into that lovely crotch.

Judy squealed, spreading her legs and bracing herself with a hand on the sink, the other on tap of her aunt’s head. Susan breathed in the fresh scent of her niece’s cunt, and with a moan, she began sucking at the patties.

“Mmmmmm,” Susan moaned, dragging the tight crotch of her niece’s panties to one side.

She didn’t take time to look at the silky slit, but opened her mouth and pressed it over her niece’s cunt. She sucked hungrily, wiggling her tongue into the hot, wet tightness, darting it in and out, fucking Judy’s sugary clit with hungry ecstasy. Judy twisted and arched, sobbing with ecstasy, banging her cunt against Susan’s face with a complete lack of inhibitions.

“Oooooh, Aunt Susan!” she cried. “Do it real hard! Ohhhh, golly, it feels so good!”

Susan sucked at the sweetness of her niece’s cunt. Her tongue darted and probed, swirling about Judy’s surprisingly hard clitoris. The taut sent Susan into a wild shuddering rapture. The scaring heat spread over her face, and she shot her hands up and around Judy’s shaking body. Cupping the tight, cute cheeks of Judy’s ass, Susan rubbed her lips and tongue hard into the girl’s creamy cunt. Squeezing those lovely asscheeks, Susan sobbed in delight as she pushed her tongue deeply into her niece’s cunt. Judy’s pussy was very tight, very hot, and wetter than would have expected. Stabbing her tongue in and out, fucking Judy’s pussy with it as though her tongue were a cock, Susan trembled.

Her cunt was boiling inside the tight shorts, and the cheeks of her own ass clenched and flexed.

“Aunt Susan! Oh, golly, Aunt Susan!” Judy sobbed hotly, whipping her ass back and forth, beating her cunt against her aunt’s mouth vigorously. “Suck me, Aunt Susan! Suck my cunt with your tongue… make it go deep! I love it when it’s real deep inside my pussy!”

The urgent cries of her niece’s passion drove Susan on. She rammed her mouth as tight as she could upon the creamy cunt, her tongue dipping and licking. Her eyes opened and closed in a dreamy expression.

“Oooooh, tongue me, tongue me!” Judy wailed. “Tongue my cunt! Fuck my cunt! Oooohhh, I’m getting so wet, Aunt Susan! Lick my pussy juice… suck my cunt juice! Tonguefuck my twat and eat me — hard!”

Susan slurped and sucked with delight, the softness of Judy’s scorching mouth and tongue. Susan found the taste, the heat, the softness of Judy’s cunt to her liking, and as her tongue pumped in and out of the exquisite tightness, Susan knew that she would want to suck this sugary cunt slit again and again. It was as good as sucking her son’s cock.

Hot cunt juices seemed to seep, into her mouth, and Susan swallowed them with pleasure. Working her fingers downward, she managed to get them between Judy’s splayed thighs, and her fingertip pulled that juicy cunt wider. Still, the slit was tight around her tongue.

Judy, clinging to the sink precariously, her knees bent as she banged her cunt against her aunt’s mouth, managed to keep her dress to her chin. She panted and gasped with each thrust of her ant’s tongue. Humping her hips, grinding and smacking her pussy at Susan’s face, Judy began to tremble almost violently.

“Ooooh, can you feel it, Aunt Susan? I think you’re gonna make me come! Yes, you’re gonna make me come! Ooohhh, suck me harder! I’m about to come, Aunt Susan! I want… oh I want your tongue real deep in my clit when I come.”

Susan felt the soft lips of Judy’s cunt throbbing, and Susan’s every intention of pushing her tongue as deep as she could when her niece came. When she felt the sweet lips twitching against he mouth Susan began to stab her tongue deeply, in and out, like a cock. Her mouth opened wide now covering the cunt slit from Judy’s knotted clit almost to her asshole.

“Ooooh, now!” Judy sobbed, grinding her cunt hard. “I’m doing it, Aunt Susan! Feel it… feel my pussy come! Ohhh, I love to come, Aunt Susan! My pussy, my cunt… ohhh, I’m coming hard!”

Susan, feeling the contractions of Judy’s cunt, rammed her tongue straight up, very deep. Judy’s cunt clutched her tongue, squeezing hard, then loosening, squeezing again. Susan could feel Judy’s clit pulsating against her lip. She dug her hands into the tightness of her niece’s ass, wishing she had taken those white panties off, wanting to touch every inch of this silly girls body, fondle it, kiss it, from head to toe, give Judy’s delicious skin a tongue bath all over.

Judy sobbed with rapture as her cunt grabbed at her aunt’s tongue, sucking on it. “Fuck it, fuck it… eat my cunt! I wanna fuck… suck cock… eat hairy cunt!”

Judy’s orgasm receded, and Susan helped her niece to the toilet. Judy slumped, leaning against the water tank, eyes half closed, her body shaking, legs opening and closing.

On her knees, Susan watched her niece. She caressed the girl’s creamy, slender thighs, from knees to hips as Judy shook.

“I wanna get fucked,” Judy whispered, as if in an erotic trance. “I want a big, hard cock in my cunt, fucking it… cock in my mouth… cunt in my face… cock squirting on my asshole…”

Susan had not expected this. She found out Judy was a hot ass, that was certain, but these words…

Slowly, Judy seemed to come out of her trance. She looked at Susan, a shy smile spreading over her face. She sat upright on the toilet, her hands on her knees. Without another word, Judy began to piss. Susan’s eyes widened when she heard the tinkling sound.

“Judy, your panties…”

Judy giggled. “I know, Aunt Susan. I do this all the time.”

Susan was almost afraid to ask, but she did. “In your panties?”

Judy nodded, her eyes bright as she smiled, not quite bashful. “It feels good when I do it in my panties.”

Susan couldn’t resist. She parted Judy’s knees, leaning down. She saw golden piss spewing through the thin crotch of the white panties. Her eyes took on a smoldering expression, and her hand moved slowly underneath. She felt the hot piss splash in her palm, then she cupped Judy’s pissing cunt.

“Oooooh, you like it, too, Aunt Susan?”

“Oh, baby!” Susan purred, rubbing lightly at Judy’s piss-soaked panties. “God, that was… was beautiful!”

“You like it, too?”

Susan nodded. She stood, lifting her piss-wet hand. Judy giggled in delight when she watched Susan lick hot piss off her palm. Susan shaved her other hand to her crotch, rubbing at her covered cunt, her hips swaying. Then, with her cunt boiling, she unzipped her shorts and started pushing them down. Judy’s eyes took on a greedy sort of gleam as she saw the soft hairs of her aunt’s cunt.

Her hand reached for Susan’s pussy when the banging of the back door stopped her, then they heard Steve calling.

“Hey, Judy… come on! What’s taking you so long?”


Judy jumped up and adjusted her dress. There was piss running along her inner thighs, and with a wary eye on the open bathroom door, she grabbed a towel and wiped her pussy hurriedly.

“You better zip up, Aunt Susan,” she whispered urgently. “Steve might catch us.”

“Would that be so terrible?” Susan said, but Judy was scooting from the bathroom as fast as she could go.

Susan stood, her shorts open, most of her pussy hair exposed, her T-shirt still about her neck, her straining tits on display with stiff nipples. Her cunt was on fire after sucking, her nieces succulent cunt, and the fire had roared when she felt the hot piss in her palm.

Steve stood at the open doorway, looking in at his mother. His eyes glowed as he saw her exposed tits and pussy hair. The head of his cock lifted, glistening from beneath the leg of his shorts. Susan’s eyes focused upon his cock, and she became breathless.

“Oh, give it to me, Steve!” she moaned, shoving her shorts to her ankles. “I need that cock so much, baby! Come and fuck mother, fuck mother now!”

Susan turned her ass to her son, leaning over with her hands braced on the seat of the toilet, twisting her naked ass. She looked over her shoulder, seeing her son pulling his cock from the leg of his shorts. His prick was hard, very hard.

“Take them down!” she hissed with an urgent voice, tantalizing him by moving her ass in an inviting circle. “All the way down, darling! I want to feel your skin on mine!”

With a few quick movements. Steve shoved his shorts down to his feet. His eyes glowed as he stared at his mother’s creamy, naked ass. He could see her cunt hair between her thighs as she spread them. The split of her ass opened, and the fiery crinkle of her asshole winked. His eyes moved to her dangling tits, then back to her ass.

“Fuck me now, baby!” Susan whimpered. “Mother is so fucking hot for it! Ohhh, please, darling, mother needs your hard cock now!”

Steve whispered something that she missed, but he was coming up her, his cock jerking and dripping. He ran his hands aver his mother’s trembling ass, feeling the silky flesh, sliding his fingers into the crack. He rubbed at her asshole, then slipped his hand down to cup her cunt. Squeezing it, he felt the wetness. With a soft giggle, he leaned over and kissed one cheek of his mother’s naked ass, then the other. His tongue darted, then swirled about her ass. Swan’s eyes closed with the wet contact of his tongue, and she moaned softly as her pussy bubbled hotter and wetter.

“Oh!” she gasped.

Steve had darted his tongue against her asshole. She wiggled as he lapped up and down her ass, from the base of her spine to the very edge of her juicy cunt. When he swirled it about the crinkle of her asshole, Susan almost came.

She shoved her ass against her son’s face, her arms shaking as she held her upper body up.

“Fuck me, Steve!” she begged. “Please, I need it so much! Give mother your cock, baby! God, give it to me now, anywhere… just give it to me!”

Steve lifted his face, his eyes glazed in passion. He rubbed the dripping head of his cock up and down the backs of his mother’s thighs, over her smooth ass, then dragged it along her ass crack. Susan sobbed, as she felt his cock move, leaving wetness everywhere. She felt the head of his cock touch the edge of her cunt, and she held her breath for that first delicious lunge.

“Right up your hot fucking asshole, Mom!” Steve grunted.

Then he drove his cock quickly into her ass.

“Ohhhh, you…” Susan had wanted his cock in her cunt, wanted it fucking her pussy. He had not fucked her cunt yet, and she wanted to feel it throbbing there desperately now. Yet as her asshole stretched and burned, ecstasy took over. The friction of his cock sliding in and out of her tightly clutching asshole brought a gasp of delight from her.

She rammed her naked ass at him, grinding, as he dug his hands into her hips, jerking her ass back as his cock stabbed forward. His hot balls banged against her juicy cunt, sending wild shivers through her body. He fucked her hard and fast, rocking her body, banging the top of her head against the water tank of the toilet.

Susan felt his cock stretching and filling her asshole, his precious balls beating upon her swollen cunt lips. Her tits jerked with every lunge of his cock, her nipples painfully stiff.

“Ohhhh, yes, yes!” she wailed, licking her lips. The taste of her niece’s sweet cunt was still there. The taste of sugary cunt on her mouth enhanced the pleasure of her son’s cock stabbing into her asshole. “Fuck mother hard, Steve! Ooooh, give it to me! Ram it up my fucking ass, baby! Oh… ram that hard cock up mother’s fucking hot asshole! Ahhh, you make me feel so good! Ram my ass… ream mother’s hot asshole good! Ahhhh, what a hard cock you have, Steve!”

Steve grunted with each inward thrust. “Oh, Mom, you’re so hot and tight! Your whole is gonna squeeze my cock off! Your cunt is wet, Mom! I can feel my balls on your pussy! I can hear my balls make a juicy sound on your hairy cunt, Mom!”

“Yes, baby, yes! Smash my cunt with your hot balls! Fuck mother up the hot asshole and bang those sweet, full balls against my wet cunt!”

She wished Judy would come back and push that sugary cunt into her face again while her son fucked her in the ass. She made sucking noises in pretense, trying to imagine what it would feel like to suck her niece’s hot cunt while her son banged her up the ass. The image of it grew until Susan could almost taste and feel Judy’s sweet, fiery cunt pressing against her mouth. She waggled her lifted ass for her son, then gurgled as he leaned over her back, his hands sliding beneath her body to clutch her naked tits.

“Ohhhhh, squeeze mother’s tits!” she gasped, the air being pushed from her lungs by his quick, short lunges into her asshole. “Hold mother’s tits and ram that cock hard up my hot ass!”

“Mom, you’re so fucking hot!” Steve cried. “Your asshole is so fucking hot and tight! I love to fuck you in the ass, Mom!”

“Do it, do it, do it!” she hissed. “Ram my ass! Oh, baby, hurt my fucking asshole! Stretch mother’s asshole with that sweet, hard cock! Oh, God, ram it hard and deep! It makes my cunt so hot and wet!”

Balancing on one arm, Susan darted her right hand to her cunt. She rubbed furiously, smashing her knotted clit and the puffy lips of her pussy. She felt her son’s wet balls bang against her fingers. She darted her fingers into her cunt, fingerfucking herself as her son stabbed his cock into her asshole time and again.

“Ohhhh, baby, I’m fucking myself!” she sobbed out hotly. “I’m fucking my cunt with my fingers… and taking your hard cock up the asshole! It’s good… it’s beautiful! Ooooh, I wish you could watch what I’m doing with my hairy, wet, hot cunt, Steve!”

“Fuck it, Mom!” Steve gasped, driving his cock as hard and deep as he could. “Fuck… fingerfuck your hot cunt, Mom!”

“I am!” Susan cried out. “Ohhh, baby, I’m fingerfucking the piss out of my cunt! Ram it up my ass, Steve! I’m about to come, baby! Ohhhh, shove that cock deep!”

With a wail of ecstasy, Susan came.

She had four fingers stuffed into her pussy, and as her cunt contracted in orgasm, her asshole gripped and squeezed her son’s cock.

Steve clutched his mother’s swollen tits hard, gritting hid teeth as his mother came. His cock was being squeezed at the base, and his balls hurt with the need to unload.

“I think I gotta come, too, Mom!”

“Wait!” she gasped, getting her fingers out of her pussy. “Wait, Steve! Don’t come… wait!”

The orgasm rumbled on and on through her crotch, and Susan’s eyes were squeezed shut as the ecstasy coursed through her body. Steve was grimacing as he fought off his threatening discharge.

“Now!” Susan gasped, then jerked her ass forward.

Steve’s cock came out of her asshole with a suddenness that made him moan. As her asshole closed, Susan twisted about swiftly, sitting down on the toilet. Her son’s cock jerked about in front of her face.

“I want to suck you off!” she moaned. “I want you to come in my mouth, baby! Oooh, look at that sweet hard-on!”

Wrapping her hands around her son’s naked hips, Susan opened her mouth and gulped his throbbing prick deeply. As her lips squirmed against the base of his cock, she tasted slit on his cock, but instead of feeling repulsion, she began to suck his cock with hot hunger, sliding her lips back and forth, her tongue licking. His cunt-wet balls swung against her chin, and she dug her fingers into his tightening, naked ass.

Steve held his mother’s face in his hands, watching her mouth gobbling on his cock, her face darting back and forth.

“Ooooh, suck it, Mom! Suck my cock!” he groaned. “Ahhhh, Mom, eat my prick up! My balls are so full… I’ll fill your cocksucking mouth with come juice!”

“Mmmm!” Susan moaned, her hot eyes flashing up at him as she tried to get the swollen head of his cock into her throat.

The dripping juices from his piss hole coated her tongue, making her shiver with rapture. The hot throbbing of his hard-on along her gliding lips sent her impulses racing.

When Steve started fucking back and forth into her mouth, Susan held her head still, looking up with smoldering eyes, watching his face and letting him slide his cock back and forth, even bringing the smooth head of his cock from her mouth, but always pushing it back in.

“Mmmmm,” she purred in pleasure while her son glided his hot cock in and out of her mouth. “Mmmmmm!”

“I’m gonna give you a mouthful of come juice, Mom!” Steve grunted, moving his cock a little faster. “My balls are full… and I’m gonna come in your cocksucking mouth, down your throat!”

Loosening her grip on his ass, Susan caressed his flexing asscheeks, her fingers digging into the ass crack. She rubbed at the pucker of his hot asshole, urging him to spurt that thick, creamy, sweet juice into her mouth. She rubbed harder on his asshole, and then slowly worked a fingertip into it. Steve grunted when he felt his mother’s finger slide up his asshole, and his cock jerked, his balls drawing up into a hardness.

“Ohhhh, Mom! Here it comes!”

The hot splash of his come juice burned against her throat.

Her lips pulled at the hard shaft of his cock, her tongue pressing it to the roof of her mouth. She held his come juice without swallowing, letting her mouth fill with it. Her eyes became glazed with smoldering ecstasy as she tasted the thick juices of his balls.

Steve was grunting with each spurt of come juice, his legs shaking. Susan felt his asshole clamp around her buried finger, and she began to move it back and forth, fingering his ass while he came in her mouth. She pressed her knees against his legs, her cunt throbbing with another orgasm, although not as powerful as the one when he had fucked her in the asshole. Her mouth filled and the jizz began to seep from the corners. She felt jism drip to her chin, and she still refused to swallow. The more her mouth filled with his hot come juice, the more her cunt twitched.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned, feeling the spasms of his cock stop.

She pulled her lips along the softening cock shaft until she held only the head between them. She ran her tongue over his piss hole, then pulled away. She looked up at her son with glassy eyes, and only then did she swallow his juices. The tip of her tongue snaked across her lips, licking up what juice she could reach with it.

Steve leaned against the bathroom wall, panting as he watched her. “You really love to suck my cock off, don’t you, Mom?”

“God, I love it, baby!” she purred, running a fingertip about her chin and licking it. “I could suck your cock all the time.”

After he rested a moment longer, he stood up. “You better move; I gotta piss.”

A grin came over Susan’s face, and she spread her knees wide. “Want to piss through my legs?”

Steve stepped forward. But Susan closed her legs. She looked up at him, and very slowly opened her mouth, placing her hands on his naked hips. She opened her mouth wide, her tongue wiggling.

“Aw, really, Mom?” Steve asked.

Susan nodded.

With a lewd giggle, Steve grasped his cock at the base, holding the head of his prick a few inches above his mother’s open mouth. “You really want me to piss in your mouth?”

Susan’s eyes glittered as she nodded again.

“I’ll get your T-shirt wet,” he warned.

“Fuck my T-shirt!” Susan cried. “Piss in my fucking mouth!”

Steve, his eyes showing a perverse excitement, hung his cock above his mother’s wide open mouth and began to piss.

At first the stream came dribbling out, as if he were afraid she would stop him. He watched his golden-colored piss dribble over his mother’s tongue and down her throat. Susan’s eyes smoldered as she tasted the hot piss. Her mouth was filled, and hot piss ran over her lips, running across her chin and cheeks to drip along her neck and over her naked tits. She purred and clung to his hips. Her mouth was being filled with her son’s hot piss, the taste causing her mind to spin with a weird ecstasy. Feeling the piss run across her tits and down her stomach, she closed her eyes. The hair of her cunt was soaked in his piss, and she began to swallow. She made wet gulping sounds as she swallowed his piss, her mouth held wide open. It was difficult to swallow with her mouth open, but Susan managed. The hot sting of her son’s sweet piss into her mouth and splashing at her throat created such an erotic, perverse sensation in her body, she shivered feverishly.

As the stream stopped, Steve shook the final drops of piss from his cock into his mother’s mouth. Swallowing it, Susan flipped her tongue over the piss hole of her son’s cock, then sucked on the head tenderly, her eyes open again, looking up at his delighted face.


Showered and squeaky clean, Susan straightened things up in her room. She wrapped a big towel about her nakedness, not feeling like wearing clothing at the moment.

She kept hearing her niece, hearing those lewd words she moaned over and over while Susan had had her tongue stuffed into that sugary cunt.

There was no doubt at all in Susan’s mind that her niece was an exquisite, hot-blooded little girl with a hot cunt to match.

Susan was leaning over her bed, her back to the door. Her towel was lifted high enough to expose the creamy cheeks of her ass, all of her legs. She sorted through her panties in a drawer.

Behind her, Steve and Judy had passed, and when they saw Susan’s ass revealed so invitingly, they both stopped and looked. They stared at Susan’s revealed ass for a moment, then glanced at each other, grinning.

Judy took her cousin’s hand and squeezed it. Seeing Susan’s ass, Judy trembled and pulled Steve’s hand toward her pussy.

Steve started to say something, but Judy put her fingertip to her lips to shush him, then pointed at his mother’s ass.

Steve grinned, and his cock swelled inside his shorts.

Holding his hand tight against her cunt, Judy shoved her other hand to his bulging prick. She closed her fingers around his cock, holding it through his shorts. Judy lifted the front of her dress, then pushed Steve’s hand into her panties, curling his fingers into her cunt, her eyes gleaming at him. Once his hand cupped her cunt inside her panties, she lifted the leg of his shorts and released his cock. She looked down at it, then closed her fist about his cock and very slowly pumped it.

Still bending over her bed, Susan began to hum happily, swaying her ass. She had no idea her son and niece were watching her. She lifted a pair of panties, holding them up. They were very brief. In fact, they were two triangles, of skimpy material, with an elastic band for a waist.

With her back still toward the door, only the lower part of her ass cheeks showing now, she brought the panties to her face and caressed the silky garment about her cheeks, then sucked the crotch into her mouth. Her ass swayed and moved.

Judy and Steve watched. Judy jerked back and forth on his cock, and Steve had his hand inside his cousin’s piss-damp panties, tickling her slit and clit with a finger. They watched Susan sucking on the panties, and then they grinned at each other and nodded.

Judy pulled her dress up and over her head, dropping it on the floor. In her damp panties, her pussy slit showed. Steve questioned his cousin with his eyes, pointing at his shorts.

Judy nodded, her eyes gleaming wickedly.

Steve stepped out of his shorts.

Judy quickly clasped a hand to her mouth as she gazed at her cousin’s cock and balls, her eyes becoming feverish-looking with desire. Steve pulled her hand to his cock, wrapping her fingers around it.

In her room, still unaware they were watching her, Susan hummed a tune, sucking at the crotch of her panties, her cunt tingling and becoming wet. She had her eyes closed, imagining the panties were Judy’s, wet with her sweet piss.

Judy squeezed Steve’s cock.

He groaned… loudly.

Susan wheeled around. She gasped when she saw her son standing there naked, with Judy clinging to his cock, wearing just those white, piss-damp panties.

The panties in her mouth fell out, fluttering to the floor.

“Steve! Judy!”

Judy released Steve’s cock, and with a cry of pleasure, ran to her aunt. She hugged Susan tightly, burying her face against her aunt’s still covered tits. Steve grinned, entering his mother’s bedroom, his cock jerking up and down. Susan felt her niece pulling the towel away from her, and didn’t try to catch it as it fell.

“Now we’re all together.” Judy giggled, stepping back and staring at her aunt’s nakedness. She grabbed Steve’s throbbing cock again, and she jerked it meaningfully.

Susan stood totally naked in front of her son and niece, watching Judy jacking Steve’s cock. She felt breathless, excitement rising within her. Judy’s tight panties drew her eyes, and she could still see the dampness. Her tits lifted as her nipples became stiff.

While Judy worked on his cock, Steve gazed at his mother’s body, mostly at her furry cunt. Judy, her excited eyes sliding from her aunt’s nakedness to the cock in her hand, was grinning lewdly, her body twisting with eagerness.

Susan hugged herself, a smile spreading over her face, her eyes taking on a hot gleam. She watched the head of her son’s cock bulge from Judy’s tight fist. Her tongue moved over her lips, and the tingle in her cunt and asshole increased.

“Oooh, you two are so sweet!” Susan whispered throatily.

Judy giggled. Holding Steve’s cock very tightly, making the smooth head bulge, she slipped her other hand toward her aunt’s bushy cunt. Susan patted her thighs, and Judy rubbed along the wet, swollen lips of her aunt’s pussy. Judy began to pant as she looked from Steve’s cock to her aunt’s cunt, slipping her fingers up into the fiery wetness.

Steve watched his cousin fingerfucking his mother a moment, then he lifted his eyes to Susan’s. Mother and son gazed at one another, and after a moment, Susan placed her hand around her son’s neck and drew him forward. While Judy began to jack on his cock and work her fingers into her cunt, Susan kissed her son. His mouth was hot and ready as her tongue slithered past his lips.

Judy watched them kissing, her hands busy. As Susan pulled her tongue from her son’s mouth, Judy removed her finger from her aunt’s cunt. She pulled at her cousin’s cock, then placed her other hand on her aunt’s ass.

When Susan felt the pressure on her ass, she arched her hips forward. Steve leaned back, his hips pushing outward. Judy brought the head of his cock to his mother’s cunt.

With a gasp, Susan darted her hands down her stomach and her fingers parted the thick, silky hair of her cunt. She felt the head of her son’s cock brush at her inflamed clit, and a gurgle came from her. Judy rubbed Steve’s cock against Susan’s cunt, smashing it at her distended clit, squeezing her aunt’s ass.

“Oh, God!” Susan whimpered as her clit was crushed against the head of her son’s cock.

“Oh, my God!”

“Nice, huh, Aunt Susan?” Judy purred.

“Ohhh, yes!” Susan jerked her hips away, her eyes on fire as she looked down at her son’s cock.

Judy had Steve’s cock in a tight grip. Juices dripped from the flare of his piss-hole. With a cry, Susan fell to her knees, and her tongue darted about the smooth head of her son’s cock. Judy giggled lewdly as she watched. She began to pump her fist, jacking her cousin’s cock while his mother licked hot circles around the swollen head of his prick.

“Suck on it, Aunt Susan!” Judy panted. “Suck his cock.”

Susan needed no urging. She closed her lips wound Steve’s hot prick and moved her mouth onto it. When her lips touched her niece’s fingers, she began to suck while Judy jacked him. The juices coated her tongue. She moved one hand between her son’s thighs and cupped his ass, the other hand sliding over Judy’s body, feeling the dampness on the seat of those white panties.

Susan licked so eagerly, so desperately, that she almost got her niece’s fingers into her mouth along with her son’s cock. She swirled her tongue hotly feeling her son’s throbbing cock slide in and out of her mouth. Being watched sent a wild thrill about her flesh. To be seen with her son’s cock in her mouth caused her cunt to become drenched with slippery juices.

“I wanna fuck him!” Judy squealed. “Aunt Susan, I wanna fuck Steve!”

Susan pulled her mouth off her son’s cock, looking up at them.

“I can fuck him!” Judy insisted. “I can fuck him real good, Aunt Susan! I wanna fuck him! I wanna feel his cock in my cunt! Let me fuck Steve, Aunt Susan! Please, my cunt is so hot!”

Susan smiled. “Take your panties off, darling.”

With squeals of delight, Judy shoved her white panties down and stood, her cunt gleaming sweetly, the slit like a beacon to Susan. When Judy turned loose of Steve’s cock to remove her panties, Susan grabbed it. Now, squeezing her son’s cock, she couldn’t keep her mouth away from Judy’s sugary cunt. She pushed her face into it, inhaling deeply, the scent of piss and hot, steamy cunt sending fiery tremors through her. She licked her niece’s slit with the tip of her tongue, then she jerked her son’s cock with her hand. Steve watched his mother bury her face into his cousin’s cunt, and made groaning sounds of pleasure.

The taste of piss on this juicy cunt sent Susan’s pussy into a quivering orgasm. It was not a strong orgasm, but enough to make her mewl into Judy’s pussy. She took one more long swipe at the hot slit of Judy’s cunt, then pulled her face back. Her eyes shined and her face showed the erotic fire within her naked body.

“Fuck him, baby,” she whispered. “Fuck my son! Fuck the piss out of his hard cock! Ohhh, Judy, give him some of that sweet pussy, baby!”

With a squeal of pleasure, Judy jumped onto Susan’s bed, reaching for Steve. “Come on! I wanna get your cock up my cunt!”

As Steve climbed onto his mother’s bed, Susan realized that her niece had more experience than she had suspected. Judy made Steve lie on his back, and she straddled his thighs, her hands fondling his cock and balls, her ass squirming.

Susan stood at the edge of her bed, bringing her son’s hand between her thighs and placing his palm over her cunt. Steve grinned up at his mother, rubbing her pussy, his cock jerking inside Judy’s pounding fist.

“Ohhh, I sure want this cock?” Judy giggled, slipping her crotch upward. “I wanna fuck it good, I wanna fuck it real hard! Steve, you gotta come in my cunt! I love to feel a cock squirting in my cunt!”

Susan couldn’t just stand and watch. She had to help, although she knew her niece didn’t need any. She leaned over and parted the lips of Judy’s cunt with her fingers. Judy’s cunt hovered inches above the swollen head of Steve’s cock. When she settled downward, Susan stared, as the smooth head of her son’s cock slipped so easily into that tight cunt. Judy let out a whining sound as her cunt stretched around Steve’s prick, but it was the sound of a girl experiencing intense desire, not of pain.

Susan watched that pink cunt stretch as Judy slowly lowered it onto Steve’s cock. Her tiny clit strained outward, then rubbed along the shaft of Steve’s prick. A glance at her niece’s face showed Susan the ecstasy Judy felt.

“Oh, my God!” Susan moaned. “You’re getting it all, baby!”

“Oooooh, I know, Aunt Susan!” Judy hissed, her cunt settling completely onto Steve’s cock. “I can take it real deep!”

She wiggled her hot ass, grinding her cunt on Steve’s cock as she sat upright, gasping her ecstasy. Steve’s eyes were half closed, and he was pressing his palm hard against his mother’s drenched, hairy cunt.

Susan saw her son’s body trembling. She leaned over, moving a hand to her niece’s creamy ass, cupping and feeling those silky ass cheeks. She touched her son’s balls, making him groan softly.

“Fuck him, Judy?” she demanded in a thick voice. “Fuck his cock, baby! Ooooh, yes! Fuck him good! Ride his cock, Judy!”

“Okay!” Judy giggled, then began to bounce up and down, stabbing herself in the tight cunt with his cock.

Susan breathed swiftly as she watched. She moved behind her niece, leaning down and seeing her pink cunt stretched like, a rubber band around Steve’s prick. Juices glistened on his cock shaft, and Judy was fucking faster and fast, smacking her fiery cunt onto the base, then jerking upright until his cock almost came free. Then she slammed down again, her ass grinding in a frenzy.

Judy leaned over, smashing her mouth onto Steve’s, her naked ass pounding up and down. Now Susan could see Judy’s cunt fucking that cock better.

With a moan, Susan shoved her face forward, her tongue lapping at her son’s boiling balls. She swirled her tongue around them, then dragged it up to taste Judy’s puckered asshole, then back down to her son’s balls again.

“Oooooh, Aunt Susan!” Judy sobbed. “Fuck my ass! Golly, your tongue is hot and wet! Lick my ass… I’m gonna fuck Steve off! I’m gonna make him come in my cunt!”

Judy arched her naked ass up, the head of Steve’s cock gripped just inside those creamy lips, and she held it there. Susan smashed her mouth against her niece’s ass, her tongue swirling against Judy’s hot asshole, sucking at it. She slipped downward, her tongue licking the shaft of her son’s cock, tasting the pussy juices on it. She sucked at her son’s balls, then back up the shaft of his cock to Judy’s tight asshole once more. She listened to their excited squeals as she licked from asshole to cock to balls, then again and again. Her own cunt was on fire, juices running along her inner thighs.

“My balls, Mom!” Steve gasped, his hands clutching Judy’s ass, pulling her sweet ass cheeks wide open for his mother’s face. “Suck my balls, Mom!”

Susan watched his cock throb, the heat deep inside Judy’s succulent cunt. She pulled her son’s hot balls into her mouth and sucked then, pushing her nose against Judy’s asshole. She heard her son cry out with rapture, and she sucked his balls as hard as she could. As she sucked on his balls, Judy began to fuck him hard, and her asshole slid up and down on Susan’s nose.

Susan lifted her face and rushed toward her son’s head. She straddled his face, a knee on each side.

“Suck my pussy, baby!” she cried. “Suck mother’s cunt! I’ve got to get something on my twat, too! Oooooh, Steve, eat me… eat mother’s cunt? Fuck him, Judy! Fuck his cock with your tight cunt!”

Judy sat upright again, her cunt grinding as she bounced up and down, fucking Steve. Her hands darted outward and curled about Susan’s firm tits, squeezing them. Susan smashed her wet cunt against her son’s face, whipping it back and forth, smearing juices over his flesh. She gasped with delight when her son’s tongue began to lick and penetrate her cunt, fucking in and out. She pulled Judy’s head toward her tits.

“Suck them, baby?” she whispered huskily. “Suck my titties! Ohhhh, yes, Judy! Suck my tits and fuck my son’s cock? Ahhhh, Steve is sucking my pussy so good! Suck mother’s wet cunt, baby! Oh, suck me off… Judy, fuck him hard!”

Judy began to suck from one nipple to the other, feverishly darting her mouth from side to side, and her ass kept up a steady bounce on Steve’s prick. Their harsh breathing filled the room.

Susan hugged her niece’s face against her tits, watching her ass dance up and down, then smash hard, grinding. She felt her son’s hands on her thighs, on her ass, feverishly fondling her flesh as his tongue darted in and out of her hairy cunt, then his lips sucking at her clitoris. She squirmed and wiggled, and his tongue was on her whole almost as much as it was on her cunt. Susan cupped the cheeks of her niece’s ass. She squeezed Judy’s ass, spreading the curvy cheeks, then pressing them together. Judy moaned with her mouth filled with tit, and she twisted her ass in a frenzy on Steve’s throbbing cock.

From beneath his mother’s smothering cunt, Steve was gasping for air, sucking for all he was worth at her dripping, hairy cunt. His hands darted from Judy’s ass, above his head, and clutched the weeks of his mother’s ass. He pulled them wide open, and his tongue snaked up the tight pucker of her asshole.

“Ohhh, baby, baby!” Susan wailed. “Tongue my ass, darling! Ohhh, God, tonguefuck mother up the hot asshole!” She smashed her ass down, grinding at her son’s mouth. “Now my cunt! Now my ass… cunt and asshole!”

Judy was gobbling at Susan’s firm tits, her ass moving up and down in a frenzy now, soft sounds of ecstasy bubbling from her filled mouth.

“Ram his cock, Judy!” Susan cried. “Fuck his cock off! Ohhhh, baby, your ass is so cute, bouncing on my son’s prick! Fuck him… fuck him with that tight, hot pussy!”

Judy pulled her mouth off Susan’s tits, her pretty face screwing up with agonizing rapture. Her ass bounced and pounded, her pussy riding up and down her cousin’s cock frantically!

“I’m gonna come!” Judy cried. “Oh, Aunt Susan… I’m gonna come!”

“Come!” Susan urged, gripping her niece’s grinding ass tightly. “Oh, come, baby! Make my son’s cock squirt… take it in your hot cunt! Make him come in your cunt!”

As Judy smashed her pussy hard onto Steve’s cock, a scream bubbling from her mouth, Susan felt her son’s lips puffing at her clit his tongue flicking rapidly. Susan watched his hips jerk up, as if he was trying to get his cock deeper into Judy’s convulsing cunt.

“Ohhh, make me come, Steve!” she yelped, then her scream joined that of her niece’s. “Ohhhh, God, I’m coming… in your cunt sucking face! So hard… so strong! Eat my cunt, baby! Suck mother’s cunt! I’m coming in your fucking mouth!”

Judy was jerking about as her pussy contracted around Steve’s cock, sucking and squeezing in her face, glowing with ecstasy, twisted back and forth, her hips whipping in all directions.

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” Judy screamed. With a grunt, Steve came. The discharge almost doubled him up, his cock gushing powerfully, filling his cousin’s hungry cunt until the creamy juice seeped from the squeezing lips to coat his emptying balls.

Judy fell off her cousin, her naked body shaking.

Susan, still coming against her son’s mouth, immediately leaned over and sucked his cock into her mouth, sucking at the juices, then swirling her tongue around his wet balls. As her orgasm began to fade, she slipped off his face and sprawled next to her niece, her long, shapely thighs scissoring open and closed, her breathing coming in pants.


After a rest, Susan rolled onto her stomach, cupping her chin in her hands. She looked at her niece, remembering the ease with which Steve’s cock had slipped into Judy’s cunt, the total eagerness that Judy had shown to fuck him. She recalled the girl’s bouncing ass, her soft cries of ecstasy, and the words of encouragement that dripped from her sweet mouth.

Judy lay with her legs parted, and Susan gazed up between them. She watched the pink, silky slit of her niece’s cunt throb gently, the come juice glistening on it and her inner thighs. Judy was not innocent by a long ways, she decided.

Steve had recovered, and he now sat up at his mother’s side, looking at his cousin’s cunt, too. But he was fondling his mother’s shapely ass with one hand, sliding the other up and under to play with her tilt Susan wiggled her ass for him, making purring sounds in her throat. It seemed the more she got, the more she wanted.

Judy pulled a pillow beneath her head and looked at her aunt. Her hand slowly caressed her flat stomach, the slim fingers reaching down. Susan watched as her niece gently felt of her cunt. Steve, too, watched. Spreading her tanned, slender thighs wider, Judy agitated her clit tenderly, smearing the leaking come juice with her fingertip.

Steve leaned over and kissed the flesh of his mother’s ass, dragging his tongue along the silky skin. Susan purred and arched, parting her legs. Steve peered at his mother’s hairy cunt from behind her baked body, and began to feel it, stroking his fingers along her wet slit.

Susan lifted her ass to his hand, still gazing at Judy’s wetly gleaming cunt. Judy inserted a finger, fucking her pussy slowly. Susan moaned, and her hand scooted to her son’s lap, where she found his cock. Squeezing her son’s cock, she began to work it into hardness. Steve dragged his tongue along the crack of his mother’s ass, pausing at her asshole, then dipped lower to lap at her pussy. Susan trembled and writhed her ass, feeling his tongue slip into her cunt for a few stabs as he began to lick at her hairy, swollen cunt lips again.

“Lick me,” Judy said softly.

“Mmmmm, baby,” Susan whispered.

“Lick my cunt, Aunt Susan,” Judy pleaded, twisting her naked ass but keeping her slim legs wide. “Suck on my cunt, Aunt Susan. I’m so hot again. I’m always hot, there in my pussy.”

Steve lifted his face from his mother’s crotch and glanced at his cousin. “Suck her off, Mom.”

Susan made a hissing sound of pleasure. She turned her head to lick Judy’s knee. Her son wanted to see her face in Judy’s cunt, and Judy wanted to be sucked. She scooted forward on her stomach, her tongue licking the satiny flesh of her niece’s thighs as she moved. She tasted her son’s come juice on Judy’s flesh as she drew close to that fiery cunt. The delicate scent was arousing, and Susan drew it in. There was still a slight pissy odor, but even that excited her very much. She used the tip of her tongue to tickle the slit of her niece’s pussy, dragging it from the bottom of the slit to the top, then swirled over the knotted clit.

Judy purred and lifted her crotch to her aunt’s face.

The taste of her son’s come juice on this sugary cunt sent a fiery tremor through Susan’s naked body. She lapped up and down the girl’s cunt, along each side of the slit and those exciting, slim thighs. Opening her lips, she closed them about Judy’s succulent cunt and sucked. Come juice oozed into Susan’s mouth. The taste of her son’s come juice and her niece’s cunt sent a throbbing sensation coursing through her hairy crotch.

She dipped her tongue into Judy’s tight cunt, plunging back and forth. Her hands slipped up and under Judy’s ass. Susan pushed her mouth hard and tight upon the bubbling, juicy cunt, and began to suck it, her tongue in constant motion, licking or stabbing. Judy cried out with pleasure, bucking her cunt at Susan’s mouth.

Steve shoved his face close to his mother’s, his eyes big and excited. Susan drew her lips off her niece’s cunt, but not so far away that she couldn’t touch it with her tongue. She glanced at her son as she worked her tongue up and down Judy’s sweet cunt. She turned her face to her son, and Steve kissed her.

“Want a lick, baby?” Susan asked, smiling, as she lifted Judy’s cunt higher into the air. “Go on and tasted Judy’s cunt, darling. It’s delicious.”

Steve grinned at his mother, then pressed his mouth against Judy’s cunt, sucking and licking it a few times. Judy squealed and danced her naked ass in Susan’s palms, her fingers clawing her smooth, hot pussy open.

“Tonguefuck it!” Judy cried softly. “Give my cunt a tonguefuck, Steve!”

Susan breathed hotly as she watched her son’s tongue slip into the tightness, then drag up to her hard clit. Steve closed his lips around his cousins clit and sucked it hard. Judy rammed her hips into his face, grinding her cunt as hard as she could, squealing with ecstasy.

Susan still had a tight grip on her son’s cock, and she jacked him as she watched him suck Judy’s cunt. The hotness of his prick created a sweet tingle in her own pussy. She pushed her face alongside her son’s, and both managed to lick at Judy’s cunt. Judy was squirming as she looked down her naked body, watching them, her eyes blazing with inner heat.

Susan shifted and pushed Judy’s thighs up and back, causing her niece’s cute ass to lift high from the bed. Judy grabbed her knees and twisted her ass into the air. Susan now began to lick at the tasty slit, and Steve was running his tongue into the crack of his cousin’s hot ass, licking at her asshole. Mother and son stared at each other, watching what their tongues were doing. When Susan slipped her tongue into her niece’s cunt, Steve darts his into her tight, hot asshole. Judy screamed as their tongues penetrated her, stabbing in and out.

“Ahhh, fuck my cunt… fuck my ass!” she wailed. “Ohhh, tonguefuck my cunt and tonguefuck my asshole! Oooooh, this is very good! Golly, you can make me come this way!”

Susan ran her long tongue deeply into her niece’s cunt, swirling it over the satiny wails, then plunging in and out. Her eyes were in position so she could see Steve’s tongue darting into the tight ring of that pink, saucy asshole. Judy’s body jerked and churned as she held her knees against her shoulders, sobbing with ecstasy.

Susan and her son switched around. Susan moved so she could lick at Judy’s asshole, stick her tongue into it, and Steve moved to lick his cousin’s cunt. His cock was very hard, dripping and ready again. The head of his cock brushed across Judy’s forehead as he leaned over to suck her pussy.

“Suck his cock, Judy,” Susan whimpered throaty as she saw what happened. “Suck on his hard cock, baby.”

“Oooooh, golly, yes!” Judy cried, tilting her head back and opening her mouth.

Susan watched her son’s cock slide between those soft lips, then darted her tongue deeply into Judy’s asshole.

When Steve began to suck at Judy’s cunt, Susan couldn’t watch Judy sucking his prick. But she could hear the eager slurping sounds Judy made. She could watch her son tonguing the sugary slit of Judy’s cunt, too. She rammed her tongue deep into Judy’s asshole, feeling it squeeze as she tongued as deep as she could. Moaning softly, Susan tongue fucked Judy’s hot asshole, watching her soft tongue fucking Judy’s sweet cunt. Her own pussy, so hairy and wet, burning with desire.

Judy released her knees, and they stayed against her shoulders pinned by Steve’s body.

She cupped the naked cheeks of Steve’s ass, pulling him down, making his cock slide into her throat. She moaned around his hard cock, sucking it greedily as she twisted her uplifted crotch. Steve began to fuck his cock up and down. Fucking at his cousin’s hungrily sucking mouth. He moaned and gasped into Judy’s seeping cunt, staring at his mother’s tongue running it in and out of that pink asshole.

The sounds of excited breathing filled the bedroom, wet sounds of tongues licking and sucking, Susan loved it when Judy’s asshole grasped her tongue as if trying to pull it deep. She slipped her hands up and down the creamy flesh of her niece’s body, fingering the hard nipples. She even got her hands up far enough to feel Judy’s stretching lips sucking on Steve’s cock. She felt her son’s cock sliding along her fingers as he fucked that willing mouth. Drawing her tongue out of Judy’s asshole, she swished it to her juicy cunt, and got it into Judy’s pussy along with Steve’s.

Judy gasped with the sensation, the sound choking off as Steve’s cock went deep into her mouth. She worked the fingers of one hand to her cousin’s hot, balls. She fondled them, cupping them. The fingers of her other hand rubbed into the crack of his ass, feeling his puckering asshole.

Both Susan and her son thrust their tongues into Judy’s cunt at the same time, then they began taking turns fucking it. Their tongues licked each other. Susan closed her lips against those of her son’s for a hot, wet kiss, and, as Steve darted his tongue into his mother’s mouth, Susan sucked it eagerly, tasting Judy’s cunt on it. Again they licked and fucked at Judy’s creamy, soft cunt, and then Steve sucked his mother’s tongue.

As the heat grew, Susan ran her tongue back into her niece’s tight asshole, rammed it in and out a few times, and then offered it to her son to suck. Steve closed his lips on his mother’s tongue eagerly, his own tongue swirling. All the time his naked hips kept fucking up and down, his cock being sucked by his cousin.

“Ohhhh, Judy, make him come!” Susan sobbed. “Make Steve come in your hot mouth, baby! Suck his cock off… take his come juice in your mouth!”

Judy gave a muffled, squealing reply, then sucked harder on her cousin’s, cock.

Steve pulled his tongue from Judy’s cunt, lifting his head, and Susan watched his cock moving in and out of her niece’s stretching, gobbling lips.

“Oooooh, fuck,” she moaned. “Fuck Judy in her hot, cocksucking mouth! Squirt your come juice down her fucking throat! Come in her mouth, Steve!” She felt his cock sliding between her fingers. “You want his come juice in your mouth, Judy?”

“Mmmmmm!” Judy moaned.

“Shoot it for her, Steve!” Susan whimpered, licking at the pucker of Judy’s asshole again, with more vigorous movement now. “Squirt your come juice in her hot mouth! She wants it, baby! Give it to her… come down her cock-sucking throat!”

Steve began to fuck Judy’s mouth faster, licking greedily once more at her soft, hot slit. Susan smashed her mouth into the crack of Judy’s ass, her tongue diving into the girl’s tight asshole. Steve tonguefucked his cousin in a frenzy, his eyes gazing at his mother’s tongue. He plunged in and out of that pink, tight, asshole ring.

Steve’s hands clutched his cousin’s asscheeks, holding them spread open for his mother’s tongue and lips. Susan pulled her hands up her niece’s body, and her fingers pulled Judy’s cunt open for her son.

Judy was twisting and arching her ass, trying to push her cunt and asshole against those sucking and licking mouths. Her tongue swirled and licked as Steve fucked her mouth. His balls began to bounce on her forehead as his discharge boiled about them. Judy stiffened a finger and ran it up Steve’s asshole. When she began to plunge it in and out, Steve grunted and sucked at her cunt harder than before.

Susan felt the ring of her niece’s asshole clawing and puckering around her tongue. She knew Judy was about to come, and she rammed her tongue in and out of the clutching ring faster and deeper. Steve, too, tasted his cousin’s cunt sucking at his tongue with flexing waves, and his cock moved in and out of her mouth vigorously now. He was fucking Judy in her mouth so fast that she could hardly suck it. She gripped his ass with one hand, still stabbing him in the asshole with a finger of her other hand.

Judy’s naked body trembled, then she began to jerk.

Her orgasm exploded, and her cunt pulled and squeezed at Steve’s tongue, her asshole clamping in rippling waves about her aunt’s tongue. Steve’s cock jerked about, and with a grunt into Judy’s juicy cunt, he squirted, sending hot, rapid gushes of come juice into his cousin’s hot, hungry mouth.

Judy gulped wetly, swallowing frantically as the thick, creamy juice of Steve’s balls splashed into her mouth. Her orgasm burned holly through her body. Come juice seeped from her tight lips, running along her smooth cheeks, despite her efforts to swallow it all.

“Oh, I came hard!” Steve gasped, lifting his smeared mouth from Judy’s cunt, sitting back on his heels near the top of his cousin’s head. “I thought I was gonna lose my fucking balls, I came so hard!”

Susan pulled her tongue from Judy’s asshole, sitting back on her heels, too. Judy lowered her ass and legs, still shaking with the power of her orgasm. She opened and closed her legs, her face looking radiant with the afterglow of ecstasy. To Susan, Judy looked innocent and erotic at the same time with her lips dripping her son’s come juice.

Swinging her legs over the edge of the bed, Susan saw their clothing in the hallway just outside her door, and the white panties on the floor. With an impish grin, she leaned down and picked up Judy’s panties that were still damp with piss. Before either Judy or her son knew what she was up to, Susan wiped her son’s face with the piss-damp crotch, then Judy’s face.

Now she wiped her own face, but instead of dropping the panties, she stuffed the crotch into her mouth, sucking at it as her eyes glowed.

Judy and Steve giggled as they watched, and then Susan moaned, her hand darting between her legs to push hard into her hairy cunt. She sucked almost every inch of Judy’s panties into her mouth, the taste of cunt and cock, and her son’s come juice on them, sending her into orgasm.

“Oh, my God!” Susan moaned, the panties falling from her mouth. “I came!”

“We know, Mom,” Steve giggled. “When you come, you wiggle and moan and screw.”

“I can’t help it,” Susan laughed. “It feels so good.”


Judy skipped around after a shower, her body sprinkled with drops of water. Her hair was still damp, and she wore a fresh pair of panties.

Susan loved to watch her niece in nothing but panties. She loved to watch her son in jockey shorts. The way her son’s cock and balls filled his shorts delighted her, the way they bulged out, available for her hand or mouth anytime she chose. And Judy’s panties were very tight, molding her sweet ass with the bottoms of her asscheeks exposed, the slit of her cunt outlined. Seeing them this way kept Susan on a high edge of bubbling readiness.

Susan wore a pair of skimpy, transparent panties and a very tight T-shirt. She knew her son loved to look at women and girls in tight T-shirts, gazing at the shape of their tits and erect nipples. She also knew he liked to look at her cunt, and he had shown a preference for her pussy over Judy’s saying all her soft hair excited him.

It was dark outside, and she had turned on all the lights in the house. Susan wanted to be able to see her son and niece no matter where they were. Although they were very good and eager to fuck, or do anything Susan wanted, they still enjoyed playing. They didn’t think about fucking constantly the way Susan did. They could be playing some game, but then end up feeling each other, and finally fucking on the floor or the couch or a chair, wherever the mood struck.

When that happened, watching them fucking or just playing with each other, Susan would almost immediately part her knees and begin rubbing her cunt.

It occurred to her that her son had not once fucked her in the cunt. She had sucked his cock off many, many times, and had taken his prick up her ass. He was fucking Judy in her cunt… but not hers.

Steve and Judy were sitting on the floor, some kind of board game between them. Judy had one knee up and against her tit, and the crotch of her tight panties showed the sweetness of her slit.

Susan’s pussy throbbed as she sat on the couch watching them. Her son sat cross-legged, and the bulge of his cock and balls was visible. Although neither Steve nor Judy were showing any interest other than in the game, Susan became hot. She gazed at them, her eyes shifting from crotch to crotch, and she opened her knees. She rubbed a fingertip along the puffy slit of her hairy cunt, feeling it through the transparent panties. Her clit swelled, becoming tight.

It was time, she thought, for her son to fuck her in her cunt.

“Steve,” Susan murmured.

Her son looked up at her. His eyes turned bright as they always did when he saw her feeling of her own pussy.

“I need to be fucked, baby,” Susan whispered, pulling her panties to one side and exposing her juicy cunt. “I need a cock.”

Judy was looking up, too, and her pretty face opened up with a huge grin of pleasure. Before Steve got to his feet, Judy had lifted her ass and stripped her panties off. When Steve shoved his shorts down, his cock swung up, swelling into hardness quickly.

Susan removed her panties, opening her legs wide and drawing her knees up to her tits. Her hair-rimmed cunt glistened wetly, her clit on display. The crinkle of her asshole sucked, inward as Susan rubbed her knotted clit. Steve moved to his mother as Susan shaved her naked ass over the edge of the couch. His cock started dripping as he stood close to his mother, watching her finger move about her clitoris. He leaned down and kissed the juicy slit of her cunt, then he dragged his tongue upward to her clit. Susan gasped with pleasure and jerked her cunt against her son’s face.

“Oooooh, nice, baby!” she purred.

Judy was at her side, one knee braced on the couch as she watched Steve lap at his mother’s bubbling cunt. Susan moved her hand about her niece’s succulent body and fondled the cheeks of that sweet, fiery ass.

“Oooooh, Steve, Steve!” Susan cried softly as her son drove his tongue into her cunt. “I know you suck my cunt very good, but I want to get fucked, baby! I need a hard cock, Steve! Ahhhhh, fuck mother!”

Steve lifted up and watched as his mother pulled her T-shirt to her neck, exposing her shapely tits. Susan clasped her tit in one hand, still feeling Judy’s creamy ass with her other hand. Her cunt was up and opened, being offered to her son.

Steve ran the smooth head of his cock up and down his mother’s blistering hot crotch. He dragged the head of his prick along the swollen lips of her cunt, smashed it at her clit, then pushed it down to her asshole, ready to fuck her there as always.

“My cunt!” Susan sobbed softly. “Not in my ass this time! Steve, fuck mother in the cunt! You’ve never put your cock up my pussy yet, and that’s where I want it! Fuck my cunt, baby! Fuck mother in the wet, hairy cunt!”

Judy giggled. “Stick it up her cunt, Steve!” Susan pulled her hands down into her pussy, and with her fingers, stretched the pink hairy lips open. She lifted her ass, her eyes slitted and steamy with desire.

“There, baby,” she whispered. “Mother’s cunt is ready for your beautiful, hard cock! Stick that cock to me, Steve! Ram it right up mother’s fucking cunt! Ram it to me hard! Ram your cock up my cunt as hard as you can!”

Steve was looking down at his mother’s cunt, the head of his cock about an inch from it. He could feel the heat of her pussy already. His cock jerked, and his breathing came out in gasps of pleasure. He looked in awe at his mother’s pussy. He kept staring down at it as if seeing it for the first time.

“Do it, Steve!” Judy urged, her hand grabbing the shaft of his cock and puffing on it.

The head of his prick touched the wetness of his mother’s pussy, and Susan pulled her cunt open as wide as she could. This time, when she lifted her hips, the head of her son’s cock penetrated her cunt. She held her breath, feeling the roundness of his prick just inside her cunt.

“Ahhhh!” Susan finally let her breath, out. “God, does that feel good, Steve! It’s like heaven, feeling your cock in mother’s cunt. Put it all in me… hard, like I said!”

Steve, with his cousin holding the shaft of his cock in her hot hand, placed his palms on the back of his mother’s thighs, and with a quick thrust, drove his throbbing cock as deep into the fiery wetness of, her cunt as possible, his balls smashing upon her puckered asshole.

“Oh, God, that’s sweet!” Susan gurgled, wiggling her uplifted ass, turning loose of her cunt lips to let them close and tighten at the base of her son’s cock. “I can feel your cock, so hard, throbbing in my pussy, darling! Oooooh, nice, very nice!”

As Steve held his cock deep inside his mother’s wet cunt, he felt the satiny walls rippling and drawing on it. Each time his mother’s cunt pulled on his cock, his balls would writhe against her asshole. Judy leaned her face over, seeing the hairy cunt closing about his cock.

“That’s what my mother’s cunt looks like when Daddy is fucking her,” Judy said, her voice showing excitement.

Susan’s head jerked around to her niece. “You watch them fuck?”

“All the time,” Judy giggled.

“So that’s how you knew…” Susan gasped. “Judy, does my brother — your father — fuck you?”

Judy’s face reddened, then she gave a short nod with her head.

“My God!” Susan gurgled.

“I wasn’t supposed to say anything,” Judy said. “You won’t tell on me, will you, Aunt Susan? You won’t let them know I told you? Or that we’re doing all this, too?”

“I’ll keep your secret, honey,” Susan said. Steve was staring at his cousin, and Susan saw the gleam of speculation in his eyes. She humped her ass up and down, her cunt sliding along his cock.

“Don’t get any ideas,” she said to him. “You’ve got enough pussy right here.”

Steve giggled, pulling his cock back, then running it back into his mother’s cunt. He held his hands on the backs of her thighs, then began to fuck her, his face expressing ecstasy.

Judy, excitement overcoming her shyness about letting her secret out, began to play with Susan’s silky tits, but her eyes remained on Steve’s cock, watching it move in and out of her aunt’s cunt.

Susan wiggled her ass, sighing and making soft gurgling sounds of pleasure. The feel of her son’s cock inside her own thrilled her. She loved to feel a hard cock in her cunt, but she also knew fifty percent of her excitement was due to the fact that it was her son fucking her. The idea of her son’s cock inside her cunt and not her mouth or whole seemed so wicked, so perverse, that she was about to come already.

She flung her ass upward as her son drove into her pussy, his balls slapping at the crack of her ass. The wet sounds of her cunt taking his cock enhanced her sensations. Her eyes opened and closed as she cried out with ecstasy each time her son stabbed deeply.

In her mind, though, she was trying to imagine what her brother’s cock was like, the size and thickness of it. She found it exciting that her brother was fucking Judy, spreading her cunt with his big, hairy prick, and squishing his boiling come juice into it. The idea that her brother and sister-in-law were fucking with Judy sent her emotions spinning.

“Ohhhh, Steve!” she moaned. “You feel so hard in my cunt! God, what a cock you have, baby! I love it in my cunt… in my pussy! Oooooh, fuck it for me! Fuck mother’s hot cunt, sweetheart! Ahhhh, yes, yes! You’re so fucking hard, and mother’s cunt is so fucking wet! Give it to me as hard as you can! Fuck me, Steve… ram the piss out of my hairy cunt!”

Judy was sucking hard on one of her tits now, squeezing the other in her hot hand. One hand was running through her aunt’s silky pussy hair, and now and then she probed at Susan’s straining clit. Susan danced and churned her naked ass with the movements of her son’s cock, swinging her hips wantonly. She had her hand cupping Judy’s fiery cunt, a finger jammed into it. She could feel Judy’s cunt sucking on her finger, and the idea of her brother putting his big cock up there sent tremors of ecstasy flowing along her smooth skin.

With that image in her mind, and her son fucking into her cunt swiftly, Susan yelped, an orgasm bursting inside her cunt.

“Oooooh, you’re making mother come already!” Susan sobbed, shaking her ass wildly, plunging her finger in and out of Judy’s tight pussy. “My cunt… you’re making me come so fast, baby! I love it! God, I love to come!”

Her hairy cunt squeezed and sucked on Steve’s hard cock, making him gasp with rapture. His balls writhed and throbbed into the crack of her hot, eager ass. Susan began to thrash her ass about, her orgasm coming stronger with each contraction. She smashed her tit hard into her niece’s devouring mouth, screaming now with the fiery ecstasy of orgasm.

As she came, Steve managed to keep fucking at her cunt, driving his cock in and out, keeping his mother’s orgasm going.

As her orgasm faded, Susan didn’t relax. Instead she humped her cunt up and down with renewed vigor.

“Ohhh, baby, keep it up! Fuck the piss out of me!” she cried. “I want you to fuck mother’s cunt raw! Fuck me sore! Fuck me and fuck me and make my cunt so fucking sore…”

Steve grunted as her on his cock as hard and fast as he could up his mother’s clutching cunt. Her position on the couch, with her ass raised, enabled him to stand upright and ram his hips back and forth with a lot of power. He watched his cock stab in and out and saw the pink wetness of her pussy grab his cock. He felt the soft hairs tickle the base of his cock and his balls. Judy had pulled her mouth from her aunt’s tit and was kissing her mouth. Susan was returning the feverish kisses, their tongues licking.

Steve drew his hands along his mother’s smooth thighs, down beneath her, and he managed to curl his fingers around each cheek of her spreading ass. He thrust as fast and deep as he could, watching them sucking tongues, then he looked down at his mother’s cunt. The fan shape of her pussy hair delighted him, but not as much as her fiery cunt wrapped about his cock did. Each time he banged his cock into her cunt, it made her tits jiggle and ripple.

Their positions changed. Turned until she was lying back on the couch, her knees still drawn to her shoulders, and Steve was still fucking her hard and fast.

With squeals of pleasure, Judy stood above Susan’s head, a foot on each side of her face.

Susan gazed hotly up those slim thighs, at the slit of her niece’s cunt and ass. Judy opened her cunt and worked a finger into it, then her other hand was on her ass.

“Ohhhh, fuck yourself, Judy!” Susan urged hotly. “Let me see you finger-fuck your hot cunt, baby!”

Judy thrust a finger into her tight cunt and began to fuck herself with it, squealing and mewling.

“In your asshole, too!” Susan gasped, staring up between those thighs. “Ohhhh, Judy, finger-fuck your cunt and in that asshole, too.”

“Oooooh, I’ll do it!” Judy squealed, working a finger into the tightness of her pink asshole.

Watching her niece stand above her, those fingers moving in and out of Judy’s pussy and asshole, Susan thrashed her own uplifted ass for her son’s raging cock in her pussy. She fondled Judy’s thighs, and when her niece started to squat, she urged Judy down.

“Ooooh, baby, let me suck it for you! Let me suck your sweet cunt while my son fucks my pussy! Ahhh, shove that pretty cunt in my fucking face, Judy!”

Judy squatted above Susan’s face, and Susan had to lift up to lick at that creamy slit. She darted her tongue, lapping the lips of Judy’s cunt, and she tickled the pink, tight asshole now and then.

On his knees, jamming his cock into his mother’s cunt faster and faster, Steve could see every place his mother’s tongue went. Watching her lick Judy’s cunt and asshole increased his passion, and he fucked as hard as he could, banging his cock back and forth, crushing the puffy lips of his mother’s cunt against the base of his cock.

“Eat her cunt, Mom!” he gasped. “Suck Judy’s cunt and lick her hot asshole. Ooooh, my cock is gonna come! I’m gonna come in your hot cunt, Mom!”

Susan cried out with her tongue racing from Judy’s asshole to her straining clit, dipping into the juicy pussy. She placed her palms on her nieces naked ass, forming a sort of seat for her. But her tongue lapped and twisted, tasted and dipped.

“Eat me, eat me!” Judy cried. “Ohhhh, Aunt Susan, suck my cunt! I’m gonna come, too! Oooooh, I love to be licked! I love it when I feel a tongue in my cunt… sucking me!” Susan licked greedily at Judy’s steamy cunt, feeling another orgasm bubbling deep inside. Her pussy began to grip and squeeze her son’s prick, and she moaned into Judy’s crotch.

“Now, Mom!” Steve yelled. “I’m gonna come now!”

Susan thrust her cunt at him as she screamed into Judy’s pussy.

Her cunt grabbed her son’s cock as her orgasm burst, the hairy lips pulling and squeezing him. The fiery spurt of his come juice sent her into a shuddering orgasm. The feel of her son’s cock gushing into her pussy for the first time, splashing along the velvety walls, excited her more than ever.

Taking his come juice in her cunt instead of her mouth and asshole was ecstasy. She was coming so hard, and her son was filling her cunt with his hot juices, she hardly felt her niece’s cunt when it gripped spastically at her tongue.

Judy was screaming out her orgasm, too, grinding and rubbing her crotch against her aunt’s face and open mouth.

Steve could see his mother lapping hungrily at Judy’s cunt as his cock squirted. He came so hard and so much that it almost doubled him over, but his eyes stared at her tongue and his cousin’s cunt, his visions staying clear.

Susan gulped wetly at the juices of her niece’s cunt, sobbing her delight at feeling her son’s cock flooding her cunt for the first time. She would be taking that sweet, hard cock more often into her cunt now, and less in her mouth and asshole, unless of course, Steve wanted to put it in those places. She would not refuse him if he wanted a blow job or to fuck her up the ass. While he was spraying her cunt with his hot juices, her pussy was gripping and squeezing him as her orgasm intensified.

“Ooooh, lick my cunt, Aunt Susan!” Judy squealed as she twisted and writhed her ass about. “Ohhhh, I’m coming so hard! Suck my hot cunt… lick my hot pussy! Oooooooh… ohhhhh, I love it!”

Susan pulled down on her niece’s hips, crushing that pink, fiery cunt into her mouth, her tongue dipping deeply, fucking in and out, keeping Judy’s orgasm going. Steve watched, seeing his mother’s chin pressing at the crinkle of his cousin’s asshole, and his prick began to soften inside his mother’s still-convulsing cunt. He strained to keep his cock inside that soft, tight, hot place. But the contractions of his mother’s cunt shoved his cock free. He sat back, looking at her hairy cunt as it kept contracting. Judy was sitting right in Susan’s face now, and her weight was on Susan’s shoulders. Her naked ass was still in the air, exposed and wide open.

Steve grinned wickedly as he lifted to his knees, taking hold of his glistening wet cock at the base. He aimed his cock and shot a stream of hot piss over his mother’s hairy cunt. Susan yelped into her niece’s cunt, feeling her son pissing against her pussy and feeling it run hotly along her asshole.

She pushed up on Judy’s face.

“Judy, piss in my face!” she gasped.

Judy, her orgasm finally stilled, looking over her shoulder to see Steve sending a hot, golden-colored stream of piss over Susan’s cunt. Her pussy hair was drenched in piss, and her cunt looked as if it was being filled, too. Susan twisted her uplifted ass, crying out with joy as her son pissed on her cunt.

“Ooooh, piss on my cunt, Steve!” Susan sobbed passionately. “Piss on mother’s hot cunt! Judy, please, baby, piss in my cocksucking face! Oh, God, hurry and piss in my fucking face!”

Holding her ass up, leaning forward so she could watch, Judy sent a hot gush of piss over Susan’s face. Susan yelped in delight, and she began to lap at the stream of hot piss with her tongue. She opened her mouth very wide, and Judy needed no directions. She pissed directly into her aunt’s face, watching it run out of her mouth and over her cheeks and chin. Susan pulled at her niece’s hot ass, bringing that pissing cunt closer to her mouth. Steve, watching his mother, lowered his cock until the head was pushing on her cunt. He pissed into his mother’s pussy as his cousin pissed into her mouth.

Then, while the stream was still strong, Steve lifted his cock and sent it spurting up his mother’s quivering stomach and over her tits. Susan, feeling his piss sting her nipples, groaned as she swallowed the hot piss of her niece, and her cunt suddenly contracted with another orgasm. Steve, knowing his mother was coming, lowered his cock back to her cunt and tried to keep the stream strong, pissing onto her throbbing clitoris now.

Judy, no longer pissing, stood upright, straddling Susan’s drenched face. While her orgasm slowed, Susan gazed up between Judy’s slender thighs, staring at the beautiful slit that was now sparkling with pussy juice and piss. A drop fell from Judy’s cunt and splashed onto Susan’s bottom lip, and her tongue licked it away.

“You crazy fucking kids!” Susan laughed as she struggled to her feet. “You knew what would make me come one last time, didn’t you?”

Both Steve and Judy nodded, grinning proudly.


Judy would be returning home the next day, and Susan was going to miss her niece. Not that Judy wouldn’t be visiting; she lived only a short distance away. But she had become used to having the erotic creature around all the time. Fucking with her son and Judy had become something she looked forward to every day, all day. Her life seemed filled now, and she didn’t want anything to take away her happiness.

But Judy had to return home.

Judy, she knew, was quite anxious to be with her parents again. The girl loved to fuck her father and suck on his cock. She had told Susan and Steve this over and over. Susan, at first, had been surprised that her brother and sister-in-law were fucking with the exquisite little beauty, but no more. She questioned Judy about her father, his cock and balls. She wanted to know if he came a lot, if his balls were nice and big and full, the way Steve’s seemed to be all the time.

“Oh, yes, Aunt Susan!” Judy had replied with enthusiasm. “Sometimes, when I’m sucking his cock, and he comes, it just drips right out of my mouth. I can’t swallow it fast enough. But that’s okay, because mother enjoys licking it off my face and mouth.”

“Does your mother lick your cunt, honey?”

Judy nodded, her eyes sparkling. “And I lick her cunt all the time, too. We have lots of fun.”

“I’d like to fuck her,” Steve said.

“You mean my mother?” Judy asked.

“Yeah,” Steve grinned. “She’s got a sweet ass on her.”

“I’ll tell her,” Judy said.

“Hey, hold on a minute!” Susan laughed. “You can’t do that, Judy. Then they’d know about us.”

“That’s okay, Aunt Susan,” Judy said. “I told them I sure wished Steve would fuck me one time, and they told me to try it. Now I can say I did. That’s not all, either. My mother said she would like to fuck Steve herself, and that she would suck his cock off, if he ever showed up there with a hard-on.”

“Oh, really?” Susan asked. “And what does your father say about that?”

Judy giggled. “He said you always had a pretty shape and when you were kids, he wanted to fuck you, but was afraid to try it.”

Susan laughed softly. “He should have. I might have let him.”

Judy giggled. “Would you let him fuck you now, Aunt Susan?”

Susan stared at her niece, then nodded. “I think it would be very nice to feel his cock in her cunt. Yes, I’d fuck my brother now, if he wanted to.”

“I’ll tell him,” Judy said.

“Now, wait, baby,” Susan replied. “Don’t be in a rush. I’m sure, if he wants to fuck me, it will happen eventually.”

“I’m gonna visit with a hard-on,” Steve said, grinning. “I sure would like to have my cock up your mother’s hairy cunt, Judy.”

“You come over there with a hard-on,” Judy giggled lewdly, “and me and my mother might see who can get it first.”

“I’m getting a hard-on thinking about it,” Steve said, showing his cock to his mother and cousin.

“Oooooh!” Judy gurgled. “Gimme!” Susan sat back and watched them play. Judy had Steve’s cock close to her cunt, pressing the swollen, dripping head against her bulging clitoris, and jacking him. She squealed in pleasure as she rubbed his cock up and down the slit other cunt, then to the crack of her ass and pushing it hard at her crinkled, pink asshole.

Susan watched them, her own pussy steaming as usual.

“Judy, why don’t you take his cock up the ass?” Susan suggested with a hoarse voice. “Don’t you take it up the ass, baby?”

“I’m too small, Aunt Susan,” Judy replied.

“But Steve could,” Susan said.

Judy gazed at Steve’s cock, as if she were measuring it. “It might go in. I wanna try it!”

“Maybe I can help,” Susan said, slipping her panties down, but letting them dangle on her ankle. She scooted to the floor and spread out on her back, opening her legs. “Lie on top of me, baby, with your cunt in my face. I’ll suck your sweet pussy while Steve fucks your hot asshole.”

With gurgling cries of eagerness, Judy scrambled onto her aunt’s naked body, her knees on each side of Susan’s face. Her cunt radiated wet heat that seared Susan’s face as she ran her hands over the creamy asscheeks, pulling at them, opening them to expose the pink pucker of that asshole. She lifted her face and swiped her tongue along the slit of her niece’s cunt and to her asshole. Her eyes flashed up to her son. Steve was on his knees, his cock hard, gripped in his fist, as he watched his mother’s tongue disappear into Judy’s asshole.

“Mmm, nice,” Susan mewled as she withdrew her tongue. “Steve, put your cock inside this hot ass. I’ll lick her pussy, make her real hot, and you fuck her in the ass. Be careful, don’t hurt her.”

“Oooooh, I’m ready,” Judy whimpered, burying her face into her aunt’s hairy cunt, licking and sucking as she arched her ass to Steve’s cock.

Susan spread her legs and lifted her cunt to her niece’s face, holding the cheeks of Judy’s sweet ass open for her son. She began to lick at Judy’s cunt, her eyes on fire as she saw Steve pushing the swollen head of his cock against Judy’s asshole.

Judy moaned into her aunt’s cunt as she felt the pressure there, but she arched her ass higher for Steve.

Beneath her niece’s cunt, Susan watched her son as he slowly pushed forward. She saw the crinkle open, and the head of his cock slip past the fiery ring. Judy made a moaning sound into Susan’s cunt, but she lifted her ass even more, showing them she wasn’t being hurt and that it felt good to her.

Steve moved his cock deeper, very slowly, and then his balls were dangling just above his mother’s eyes. Susan saw his cock was completely buried in that tight asshole, and she could see it pucker and squeeze the base of Steve’s cock. She began to lick and suck at the juicy pussy, holding those cheeks wide open. Judy began to sob with pleasure as she sucked her aunt’s hairy cunt. Steve started fucking his cousin in the asshole.

Susan lifted her legs, bending them as Judy’s hands slipped under to hold her shapely ass. Squeezing her hot thighs about her niece’s sucking face, Susan watched her son fucking that asshole, feeling his hot balls brushing back and forth on her forehead. She could watch his cock, see every detail, and the sight sent wild shivers of perverse ecstasy through her.

Steve held his cousin’s hips, fucking faster as Judy twisted her ass and urged him on with lewd motions.

“Oooooh, it’s so good!” Judy cried out. “Fuck my ass, Steve! Ooooh, golly, it really stretches my asshole! I like it! I love it! Ahhhhh, fuck me up the ass, Steve! Aunt Susan, lick my cunt… Steve, fuck my ass!”

“I’m gonna fuck your hot asshole, Judy!” Steve groaned, ramming faster. “I’m gonna fuck your tight asshole and come in it, just the way I do my mother’s asshole!”

Susan pulled her tongue out of the dripping heat of Judy’s cunt. “Ram her in the ass, baby! Fuck her cherry asshole! Ohhhh, it’s so beautiful to see! I can see it all… everything! Oh, Steve, your cock is way up her asshole! Judy, squeeze his cock with your ass! Mmmmm, I’m going to lick your pussy and make you come, too!”

The pounding of her son’s cock up Judy’s little asshole caused Susan to move her head up and down to keep her tongue licking at the steamy slit. She didn’t mind; her hands held the creamy asscheeks tightly, pulling them wide apart. She was bucking her hairy cunt up and down, smashing it into Judy’s gobbling mouth.

Judy squeezed her aunt’s ass, then rubbed a finger at the fiery asshole just below her tongue. She darted the finger up Susan’s asshole, and Susan gave a muffled cry of ecstasy. While Steve fucked Judy in her tight asshole, his hot balls swinging across her face, Susan tonguefucked the girl’s sweet cunt, bouncing her naked ass about while her niece thrust that finger deeply up her asshole, her eager tongue darted into her juicy cunt.

Steve was groaning as he pounded up his cousin’s gripping asshole, his balls turning tight.

Judy mouthed her aunt’s hairy, juicy cunt almost desperately, feeling Steve’s cock swell and throb deliciously up her asshole. She sucked at her aunt’s clit her tongue flicking at it. Now and then her tongue swirled away from Susan’s cunt and around her finger that was darting into the puckered asshole.

“I gotta come!” Steve yelped. “I can’t wait! I gotta come!”

His jerking hips became wild, and his cock gushed. The hot squirt of his come juice splashed up Judy’s asshole. Judy screamed into her aunt’s wet cunt, and her own pussy convulsed with a tight fiery orgasm. Susan banged her cunt hard against her niece’s mouth, and she started coming, too.

But Steve, coming hard and fast, was still fucking into Judy’s gasping asshole, and he was frantic. His cock came out of his cousin’s asshole, and before he could ram it back in, his mother grabbed it with her lips, taking the rest of his come juice into her mouth. The taste of his hot sweet juices, along with the idea that it had just been inside Judy’s sweet asshole, sent Susan into a strong, ripping orgasm, over and over. She gulped wetly at her son’s gushing cock, swallowing in a frenzy, her lips wrapped about the throbbing hardness. Steve, coming very hard, began to fuck his mother in the mouth.

Then just before the last spurt of juice came out of his cock, Steve yanked it from his mother’s mouth, and he got the head of it back inside his cousin’s asshole for that last spurt.

When he pulled away again, Susan cried out and smashed her open mouth against the tight ring of her niece’s asshole. She sucked hard, her tongue clipping past the tightness. She tasted her son’s come juice, and her niece’s boiling asshole.

“Ohhhh, Aunt Susan!” Judy cried out, pulling her wet face out of Susan’s hairy pussy. “I can’t come any more! It… it… I love it, but my cunt is aching!”

Reluctantly, Susan pulled her tongue from Judy’s asshole and rested her head on the floor. She stared up at the girl’s sweet pussy, and then her son’s cock.

“Piss in my face, both of you,” she said softly, yet with excitement in her face. “I want both of you to piss in my face together.”

Giggling, Steve sent a hot stream of piss into his mother’s face. Susan opened her mouth wide. Judy arched her ass, and, with her face resting on Susan’s hairy cunt, she began to piss, too. The two streams met just as they entered Susan’s mouth, and Susan began to writhe and twist as she swallowed. Her eyes were closed, and she couldn’t watch her son’s cock and her niece’s cunt pissing, but she envisioned something else… her brother’s cock, big and hard, ready to fuck her. She could almost feel it now, sliding up her cunt, or maybe up her fiery asshole, or in her mouth.

She could also see her son fucking her sister-in-law, or taste her sister-in-law’s hairy cunt. She could see Judy taking her father’s cock inside her cunt.

It would happen, she knew.

It would happen soon, very soon… she would see to it.

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