Cum For Bigfoot

Winter had been a difficult time for the tribe, as several of our beloved apes had perished battling Bigfoot hunters. The persistence of the intruders was breathtaking, their boldness astounding, and the damage they inflicted permanent. Archie and Tate were dead, and Leonard had been injured. His wounds were slow to heal, leaving him cranky and in pain for months.
As the snow thawed and spring became summer, we had settled south, following a traditional Sasquatch pattern. Mike had been with us for weeks, but he had returned home to start work and take care of the house. I would see him again in a month. Daisy had stayed with me. The toddler walked and babbled, while her brothers Lendal and Bubba Jr. entertained and watched over her. They also corralled Wolfie, who was a fuzzy mess of a baby ape, and so curious, he got himself into trouble nearly every day. He had recently climbed a western hemlock, following a squirrel, and gotten stuck at the top. Lendal had to retrieve him, and we had been terrified that they would both fall to their deaths.
My sister, Lena, had returned home to sign up for her second semester of college. The time she had spent in the mountains seemed to have matured her dramatically. She had been through quite an ordeal, from the initial shock of the kidnapping, the Sasquatch seduction, and the fight for survival.
Her appreciation for indoor plumbing, restaurants, and shopping malls had led to an attitude of gratitude, and the realization that although school was annoying, nothing could be as bad as roughing it in the woods with a bunch of prehistoric creatures.
I had forgiven the fact that she had slept with Leonard. It was to be expected after all. Being blonde and gorgeous, my lover had taken to her like a bee to honey, indulging in an all time favorite activity: sex. The tribe shared its women at orgies, and jealousy was useless, seeing that we were all treated equally and lusted after regularly.
Once Leonard’s wounds had healed, we had fallen into a familiar pattern, living as we had before.
However, the fear was that the media would overrun us, but the government had quieted the entire affair, effectively silencing those who knew of the Sasquatches’ existence. How they had done this was a mystery, but it had kept the incident out of the headlines, and, for that, I was grateful.
We had settled in a lowland valley, peppered with maples, red alders, and pretty rhododendrons.
Zelda and Leslie had taken the boys to a lake, with Daisy, while I picked blackberries, enjoying the lazy afternoon in peace and quiet. Being the mountain woman I had become, I wore sturdy hiking shoes that gripped the terrain and sandy-colored shorts, which held various pockets for things like a small knife, a flashlight, and mini binoculars. The elder apes were hunting deer, as we planned a feast tonight to celebrate Bubba’s birthday. The leader of the Sasquatches had been feeling slightly under the weather, and he had slowed down considerably, but he appeared to be on the mend.
The snapping of a branch caught my attention, and I crouched, hiding behind a bush. This was an involuntary reflex, safety having been programed into my consciousness over the years. I was careful not to make too much noise on my walks, for fear of other tribes or predatory creatures. Movement turned my attention in another direction, seeing an ape striding towards me. It was Pooky.
I straightened, smiling. “Hey.”
“Porsche,” he rasped. His grin was lopsided and nearly comical. He grasped me, slinging me over his shoulders.
“Stop that, you moron!” I held the basket of fruit; worried it would turn upside down.
I smacked his back, while his chest rumbled with laughter. “Put me down right now!” He fulfilled the request several strides later, setting me on my feet.
He eyed the basket. “You find food?”
“Some berries. Where is everybody?”
“Hunting.” His pink tongue flicked out, as his eyes roamed over my face. “You pretty, Porsche.”
I knew that look all too well. “Thanks.” These apes were crafty, and any opportunity to catch a girl alone usually ended with a sweaty romp in the woods. I had to diffuse the situation. “I’m heading back.” He was hot on my heels, and I could practically feel the steam of his breath on the back of my neck.
Someone had prepared the fire, placing wood in an enormous pile, while a metal tripod held a large pot. It would be filled with venison as soon as the Sasquatches returned with their kill. I was slightly dismayed by the fact that the camp was empty, save for several shelters, which had been erected around the perimeter.
“Where is everyone?”
Pooky’s eyes glinted in a secretive light, and a second later, I found myself in his arms, pressed to the slightly pungent length of his furry body. “No, you stupid ape!” I pushed against him, but it was like trying to dislodge a tree. He grunted happily, clearly thrilled that he had caught me alone. “Oh, crap.”
There I was again, slung over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. He stalked into the forest, his feet thumping against the ground, while my long, blonde hair fell in my face. It was useless to protest, and I would enjoy it all the same, knowing how well versed these creatures were in the pleasurable business of sex.
“Oh, Pooky, for God’s sakes. I’m supposed to be getting berries.”
He snorted repeatedly, clearly amused by these events. From this angle, I could see his phallus jutting from his fur. Snatching me had excited him. He’d found a small clearing, filled with a thick patch of Sweetgrass. I was lowered to the ground a second later and taken into his arms, while his wet nose grazed my neck, sniffing and nibbling. I kicked my shoes off, sending them tumbling away. His thick, impatient fingers fumbled with the buttons on my shorts.
“I’ll do that.” Although I hadn’t anticipated an afternoon romp, now that it was upon me, my panties had dampened, and a telltale tingling buzzed distractingly in my nether regions.
“Pretty Porsche,” he rasped.
I gave him a look. “You’re a horndog. If Leonard finds out you’ve been messing around with me, he’ll be pissed.”
This warning had little effect on him. “You look like Lena. I miss Lena. When she coming back?”
That was a surprise. “She’s busy right now.” My sister had finished her second semester of school, and she had gotten a job for the summer at an organic grocery store. She was supposed to visit for a few weeks before classes started again, but her new boyfriend had taken up all of her free time. “She misses you too, Pooky.” I wasn’t exactly sure if this was true or not.
I unclasped the bra, letting it fall to the grass. I was tanned all over from wandering around naked near rivers and swimming in lakes. We had camped by several natural wonders, which had renewed my appreciation for the beauty of the Cascades. Fully undressed, I sat next to Pooky, noting the eagerness in his eyes, as his tongue flicked out of the corner of his mouth.
I touched his furry face. “Well, you got me alone now. What do you want to do?” He lifted his eyebrows repeatedly, which made him look ridiculous. I giggled helplessly.
“I suck some boobies.” The raspy quality of his voice sent a thrilling shiver down my spine.
I was no longer producing milk, as Daisy now drunk from a sippy cup. My breasts weren’t as large anymore, but the Sasquatches hardly noticed. “Be my guest.”
Strong arms went around me, while he pressed his face to my chest. “Ummm…you smell nice.”
I hadn’t had a proper bath in weeks. “You’re gross.”
“Yummy boobies. Yummy smell.”
A nipple was suddenly trapped between his lips and compressed. “Oh, Pooky.” I didn’t want to enjoy these creatures so much, but I had been thoroughly Sasquatched, and there would be no going back now. He held my breasts, pressing them together and laving one nipple and then the other. Little shots of pleasure darted down my spine, as a result of this treatment. I found myself on my back a moment later with an eager Bigfoot leaning over me.
“Pretty Porsche.”
“What will you do now?” I sounded breathless.
“I eat pussy.”
“Is that so?” He nodded vigorously. “Well, then. I won’t stop you.”
He dove between my thighs, grasping my hips, while his tongue slid across my labia. He left a wet path from my clit all the way to my opening, and he had only just begun to pleasure me. I gazed up at the sky, which filled my vision along with fluffy clouds that remained nearly stationary. The sensation of heated wetness had me sighing with delight, while he explored further, driving in deep and retreating. While he performed this task, his thumb moved over the bulging nub of my clit, inflaming the little organ. I surrendered to him completely, my chest rising and falling with every breath.
Saliva dribbled down my buttcrack to the grass. Pooky wasn’t in any rush, settling in on his stomach to further his sensual assault. His tongue was long, more than six inches, and wide enough to open me completely. As if this weren’t enough to send me over the edge, it was also strong, twisting and turning inside of me. I squirmed beneath him, my fingers drifting to the top of his head, grasping at thick, silky strands of fur. I lifted my hips, driving his tongue even deeper.
“Ooohhh…you…dirty…ape!” A ragged moan tore from my throat, as the edges of orgasm
threatened. I drowned in the pleasure of having something so incredibly talented inside of me. He sensed that my release was near, thereby doubling his efforts. “Oh, shit! Oh, God!” I flung my head against the grass, as the first wave hit, leaving me in the grip of violent shudders and incoherent thoughts. “Ooohhh…”
“Nice pussy, Porsche.”
“Oh, you know it, you naughty Sasquatch.” I was utterly exhausted; my body was like an overcooked noodle. “Wow.”
“You suck Pooky now.”
I could barely sit up, let alone perform oral sex, but I had to make some sort of an effort. “Fine.
Gimme that big cock.” I reached for it, feeling wetness.
He grunted enthusiastically, his eyes glinting with desire. “Good, Porsche. You suck Pooky good.”
My lips closed around the spongy tip, tasting his salty tang. “Yes! Good!”
The crown was so large; I nibbled around the edges gently, eliciting a series of primal groans from him that echoed into the forest. Any nearby Sasquatch would know exactly what we were doing.
Pooky collapsed to the grass; his cock was firmly in my hands, while I massaged its pinkness. Hairless and riddled with hidden veins, the organ was an instrument of pleasure. Although extraordinarily long, their phalluses were surprisingly soft and malleable. It felt marvelous seated deeply in naughty places, but today, I would perform oral sex, and perhaps tonight, it would thrill me intimately.
“Is this nice?” I glanced at him, smiling, but he was too far gone to care. His eyes were closed, while his mouth fell slack. “I guess that’s a yes.”
I worked aggressively, sucking and massaging, while gagging on the length, as it slid to the back of my throat. For long minutes I pleasured the beast, until my jaw ached. When I thought I wouldn’t be able to go on another second, he held himself, groaning.
The tip erupted in a spray of white, which shot nearly four feet out. His ragged breathing filled the air around us, while he continued to expel semen in measured spurts. As the geyser died down, I sucked him, eliciting even more groans from deep within his burly chest.
“You so nice, Porsche.”
“I try my best.” A roar from the distance spun my head in that direction. Standing beneath the trees was a Sasquatch, who stood with his hands on his hips. “Oh, crap.” It was Leonard, and he was pissed off. “Gggrrooaarrr…”
Pooky jumped to his feet, sprinting into the trees, as Leonard stomped towards us with a ferocious expression. His teeth were bared, and spittle dripped from the corners of his mouth. I remained seated with my arms across my knees, struggling not to smile. Leonard was not pleased that Pooky had taken advantage of me.
The angry ape glared at me. “Porsche.”

“Yes, Leonard?”
“Put your clothes on.”
“Yes, Leonard.” I reached for my shorts. “I don’t know why you’re so steamed. It’s not like he’s never had sex with me before.” I clasped the bra, bringing the straps over my shoulders. The t-shirt went over my head. “Where is everybody?”
“At the lake.”
The sound of a branch snapping echoed. Pooky was in the woods, and, from the noise, he was being incredibly loud. “Help me up.” I thrust my hand in the air, and he grabbed it, lifting me to my feet. Then he drew me to him, sniffing me.
“You mine, Porsche. Mine.”
“I know that. I’m sorry. He was pretty insistent about it.”
“Oh, stop it. Let’s go find the boys and Daisy. Did you get a deer?” He grunted in reply, showing his continued irritation, but he would get over it soon enough.
We walked together through the trees, in the direction of the camp. The smell of onions drifted on the breeze. Dinner preparations had begun. I glimpsed Zelda with Daisy in her arms, while Leslie tended to the cooking pot over the fire.
“So how was the berry picking?” Leslie eyed me. “Looks like Leonard found you.”
“Yeah. He found Pooky too.” I gave her a look.
“Oh, I just bet he did,” she laughed. “You don’t have to say anything else. So that was what that racket was all about.”
Bubba sat on a rock, his huge stomach rising and falling with his breathing. Dale and Kat were in conversation by a tree. She was heavily pregnant and due to give birth any day now. Lendal and Bubba Jr. were in the woods. The sounds of their grunts and laughter gave them away.
“I can take her, if you want.” I held out my arms. Daisy had what looked like chocolate on her face. “What did she eat?”
“M amp;M’S,” said Zelda. “That was the last of the chocolate. It was the only stuff that hadn’t melted.” She gave me the baby. “Here ya go.”
“Thanks.” I smiled at the cute blonde in my arms. “You’re so dirty.”
“That’s exactly how I feel.” Leonard caught sight of Pooky in the distance, and he grunted. He burst into a run, his body moving at surprising speed. He flung himself into the trees, breaking branches as he went. “Oh, no. Come on. Leave him alone.” Pooky had disappeared again, and moments later, the sound of angry Sasquatches arguing resounded in the forest. “Those idiots.” I sat on a blanket, crossing my legs before me. “Do you guys need any help?” Daisy crawled from my lap, snatching the basket of berries. “Don’t touch those, honey.” I retrieved the basket. “Can you put that away?”
“Sure.” Leslie took the item. “We have it under control. You should go wash up. You’ve got dirt on your face.”
“I do? Great.” I got to my feet, picking Daisy up. I balanced her on my hip.
The smell of the stew had made my mouth water. It was surprising how delicious venison tasted, once it had been fried with onions and boiled.
“I’ll be back in a bit.” As Daisy and I headed for the river, branches snapped noisily behind us.
Someone was following. I stopped to see who was coming, and Wolfie stumbled out of the trees, looking bedraggled and slightly dazed. His nostrils flared.

“Hey, you. Does your mamma know where you are?” I stepped from my shoes, leaving them on the sandy shore.
“Gggrrrrr…” His voice was high-pitched and gravelly. He hadn’t said one coherent word yet, but it was bound to happen soon.
“Let’s wash up.” I entered the water, wading in up to my knees. “You too, Wolfie. You got somethin’ stuck to your face. What is that?”
He splashed into the river, his little legs lifting and disappearing beneath the surface. “Grrr…
I snatched his arm, bringing him to me. “Let me see. It looks sticky. You get into some honey today?”
“It’s been great having this conversation with you.” He was so cute; I had to smile at him.
I held them both in my arms, but Wolfie hardly needed assistance. Sasquatches were natural swimmers, climbers, hunters, and gatherers. They seemed to have a sixth sense about the forest and an uncanny ability to survive in nearly all types of conditions. Wolfie squirmed out of my grasp, dunking under. Daisy wasn’t thrilled to be wet, as the water was cold. She began to fuss.
“Hold still so I can get your face.” I wiped away the chocolate, but she struggled, moving her head from side to side. “I know. I’m almost done.” Wolfie emerged in a shallow part of the river, holding something slick and black. The fish flapped wildly, but his grip was firm. “Well, look at that.”
I pointed in the other direction. “Go to your mommy. Give the fish to Leslie.”
His black eyes glinted, as water poured from his fur. “Grrr…ggrrrooaarrr…”
I stepped over rocks that dug into my feet. “Let’s head back.” Wolfie shook himself out, as water flew around him. This was a common Sasquatch maneuver, but he nearly fell over, because his tiny body wasn’t strong enough yet to support him. “Come on, squirt.” He ran on ahead.
As with most nights at the shelter, each tribe member was responsible for their own children, firstly, and then lending a hand with the dinner preparations. The stew had simmered for hours; the smell was delicious. Campfire biscuits had been made, and the berries were rinsed and ready to be eaten. We settled in around a blazing fire, while the air chilled slightly, even in the middle of summer.
Daisy ate solid foods now, but I had to cut everything into small pieces. Wolfie’s fish had been grilled, and he shared it with us. Lendal and Bubba Jr. were as rambunctious as always, kicking a soccer ball and squealing and laughing.
Leonard sat nearby, while Pooky was across camp, looking sheepishly contrite. He’d received a pounding in the woods earlier from my angry lover. I doubted the chastisement would stop him from seducing me in the future. Daisy began to fuss after dinner, and I picked her up, heading for the tent.
Wolfie followed me, grunting with each step.
“You’re so tired.” I placed her on a blanket, and Wolfie scooted in, his nose in her neck.
“Goodnight you two.”
“You take care of Daisy.” My daughter giggled and cooed, her fist closing around a handful of fur.
They would play for a while before sleeping. I zipped the tent closed behind me.
The noxious smell of cannabis lingered in the air; the festivities had already begun. Lendal and Bubba Jr. had gone to their shelter. Dale and Kat had left to enjoy one another in the woods, which they did most nights. Their bond had strengthened after Archie’s death. Losing her son had devastated Kat, and Dale had been with her every second to offer comfort and support. They were so in love, that, at times, I was nearly jealous of the affection they shared. There wasn’t a waking moment when they weren’t together, engaged in mundane activities, yet always within inches of the other. The imminent birth of her baby would bond them forever. I moved by Leonard, and he grabbed me, dragging me onto his lap. “Porsche,” he rasped.
“Yes?” I wrapped an arm around his neck. He flicked his tongue out, licking the side of my face.
“Stop that.”
“Puurrrr…purrrr…” His chest vibrated softly. I kissed him, while his cock twitched beneath me.
The vibe had begun to morph into something carnal, as was typical after a meal. The adults sat by the fire, watching the flames, but the undercurrent of arousal hummed in the air, gaining strength.
From the sultry gleam in Leonard’s eye, it would be just a matter of seconds before I found myself without my clothes on.
Leslie glanced at me. “I wonder what’s on the agenda?”
“That’s a tough one.” She grinned teasingly.
Bubba puffed from a lengthy pipe, as smoke drifted above his head. He wasn’t the most talkative Sasquatch, but when he spoke the tribe scrambled to do his bidding. Being the leader and the oldest ape gave him seniority, and his word was law.
He patted the pelt before him. “Leslie,” he said gruffly. “Come here.”
She slung long, brown hair over her shoulder. “Yes, sir.”
I’d heard them talking often, and I knew that they communicated in private. Bubba’s vocabulary was extensive, but, for some reason, he chose to keep this knowledge to himself. With the group, he preferred to grunt and gesture.
His cock had stiffened, pushing through matted hair. “Suck Bubba.” His voice was deep and raspy.
“It wouldn’t be a campfire without fellatio.”
“Not with these guys,” I giggled.
Leonard’s hand was on my back, rubbing gently. “Show me your boobies, Porsche.”
I asked teasingly, “Haven’t you seen them before?” He nodded, grinning slightly. Pooky dared to scoot closer, his eagerness evident. “Are you going to play nice with Pooky?”
He grimaced. “I play nice. We both play with Porsche.”
That thought sent a rush through me. Tonight was going to be fun.