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Middle aged teacher having extreme fun

“Thanks for the ride, and the weekend. It was fucking awesome!” said Cory as he jumped out of Kenny’s Civic Honda. “Any time. Thanks again for convincing Mister Gilles to let him go away for the weekend.” “Oh yeah!” agreed Dominic. “And I’m so totally glad you and Ben could join Kenny and me.” Seeing […]

Cum For Bigfoot

Winter had been a difficult time for the tribe, as several of our beloved apes had perished battling Bigfoot hunters. The persistence of the intruders was breathtaking, their boldness astounding, and the damage they inflicted permanent. Archie and Tate were dead, and Leonard had been injured. His wounds were slow to heal, leaving him cranky […]

A peek at her dog act

Judy Sutton liked to jerk off dogs. Judy was 18-years-old, pert, nubile and popular. In most ways she was perfectly normal, and her sex life was energetic. She had three fairly steady boyfriends, all of whom she fucked regularly, and once in awhile she would go to a single’s bar and get picked up by […]

Amy and her dog

Hi, guys, here are the detailsyou’ve been clamoring for of my experience this morning with getting fucked by Samson, a big, beautiful 2 yr. old German shepherd who belongs to some neighbors of mine. For those of you who don’t know me or haven’t looked at my profile, I’m 22, 120 lbs., 5′ 7″, heterosexual […]