Affair with sister 3.

To all appearances, Sandy Harrison was the perfect, wholesome, cheerful and sympathetic nurse. At twenty-six, her figure was stunning, even in her white, clinical uniform. She just missed being beautiful, but with her wide lustrous brown eyes, sultry lips, long chestnut hair and ravishing curves, she was the target of every horny doctor and intern in the hospital.
Unlike a lot of women, Sandy didn’t act insulted when a guy came on to her. She would smile with amusement, hold up her wedding ring and cheerfully walk away, her gorgeous ass swaying and bouncing in her white skirt.
Sandy was on the swing shift in the local hospital, which meant that she could rarely spend time with Al except on weekends. Which didn’t interfere in the slightest with their fucking since Al would either fuck her when she came home at one in the morning or at seven, when he woke up the next morning. Sandy preferred being fucked in the morning, being awakened from a deep sleep by the hot, throbbing pressure of his prick against her thigh or lewdly brushing the crack of her satiny, naked ass.
When Al finished, she would fall back into a delicious deep sleep, utterly contented.
Sandy also preferred sex early in the morning for another reason, a reason Al didn’t know about.
If he did, he would have shaken his head in shock and disbelief.
In spite of her wholesome smile and shining eyes, Sandy had her share of secrets. She’d come to this small town two and a half years ago and married Al after knowing him for only five months. She’d been a school nurse in a small valley town near Los Angeles before that. There were dark rumors about Sandy in that town, but nothing was ever proved.
When the brunette arrived in Shoreline, she came with a single blazing determination. She would find a nice guy, marry him and settle down. She did just that with Al.
But it didn’t change a thing.
At fifteen minutes to midnight, when she got off shift, one of the student nurses under her supervision came to the front desk.
“Everything quiet?” asked Sandy.
“Like a graveyard.” The girl smiled. Her name was Ellen, and she was nineteen, with dark eyes, black shimmering hair and a slender but very sexy figure. She had small, high standing tits which everyone managed to glimpse because she didn’t wear a bra and kept the top two buttons of her uniform opened. So far none of the doctors or interns had managed to even date her, much less fuck her.
Ellen glanced at a couple of nurses drinking coffee and chatting nearby. “Want to drop over to my place for a cup of coffee after work, Sandy?”
Sandy gnawed at her sultry lips, appearing to think it over. But her pulse was pounding and a soft hot trickle began in her cunt, soaking her panties.
“Okay.” Sandy smiled. “But I can only stay a few minutes.”
The girl nodded eagerly and walked away. Sandy’s eyes followed her, raking over her cute ass and slender curves. She glanced quickly at the other nurses. They weren’t even aware of her. Sandy let out her breath.
As long as she was cool about it, as long as she didn’t pick on high school kids and go crazy with her wild, bizarre urges, everything would be all right. At least that’s what the ripely curved brunette told herself.
Sandy loved her husband just like any other devoted wife. She loved the powerful feel of his massive cock fucking deep in her hot cunt while she cried and raked his back with her nails. When she got her rocks off, it was with blistering ecstasy, spraying cunt-honey in thick gushes over his prick. She never had a problem having an orgasm, at least not with Al.
Sandy loved her husband, but she also loved girls. She was a switch-hitter and had been since one wanton night in nursing school when she was nineteen. The sexy brunette did not give the slightest hint in any way, with men or women, but she would rather go down on a hot young pussy, suck on a pair of sweet naked tits, kiss and bite a girl’s plump silky ass than almost anything else in the world.
When Sandy came to town, she was fiercely determined to give up that crazy urge. She was convinced a healthy marriage would cure her once and for all. And it did.
For about a year.
Then she met Ellen. Although the dark haired girl was perfectly straight when Sandy met her, the brunette knew she could make her with ease. Ellen had a boyfriend then, but it took only a couple of weeks for Sandy to turn the young student nurse into an adoring sex slave.
The old urges came back with a vengeance. At her desk, Sandy got ready to go off duty, filing the charts in order. Her fingers trembled and her heart hammered against her ribs. She wasn’t really cheating on Al, she told herself. She had a little affair on the side, true, but it wasn’t as if she was fucking some guy.
She noticed her shaking fingers and frowned. She really had to get a grip on her nerves. It was just that she got so madly excited whenever she was about to suck and fuck Ellen. That’s what hot young pussy did to her, silky thighs and soft naked asses.
But there was the danger, too, the risk, especially in a hick town like this.
Sandy realized that was one of the very reasons she did it. Being respectably married to a hung stud like Al was nice, satisfying a profound urge in her life. But she needed the excitement of forbidden fucks to counteract that monotony. She needed the obscene games like a drug. She made her report to the nurse who relieved her and left the hospital, aware of the interns lewd stares behind her as she walked. They could go jerk off all night for all Sandy cared. She was happily married.
With a hot young girlfriend on the side.
Sandy got in her car in the parking lot and lit a cigarette before she drove off toward Ellen’s apartment. The streets were quiet, small-town America peacefully sleeping. Christ, if they knew! thought Sandy with a shiver of panic.
If Al knew!
What did Sharon, that teenager she used to spank and finger-fuck and suck right in her school office, call her? Cunt crazy. All right, so she was cunt-crazy, but she needed that kind of excitement in order to successfully play the role of a respectable young wife.
What Sandy wanted and what she had was the best of both worlds. She was happily married with a secret life on the side for kicks. But it was like walking a tightrope.
How long could she get away with it? She felt certain Ellen would never betray her. The girl was crazy about her. She had a picture of Sandy in her bathing suit on her bedside table, and Ellen had confessed she would sensuously fingerfuck herself to sleep over the picture when Sandy wasn’t with her.
But then, the brunette reminded herself grimly, she’d felt sure about that little hot bitch Sharon, too, back in the valley town. Sharon had spilled the whole shocking truth to another girl one night when she was high on grass. That girl told her parents, who told Sharon’s parents. To keep it quiet, it was suggested that Sandy leave town fast, which she did. No one wanted the scandal.
But having a sexy girlfriend on the side, a hot little pussy to play depraved games with was exactly what made life bearable in a boring town like this, Sandy knew. It wasn’t that Al bored her. But life was a hell of a lot more exciting when she had your choice of sexes.
Although she was bright, Sandy didn’t know, why a girl’s soft body turned her on so fiercely. Everything about it, luscious sweet tits and plump naked ass, fragrant flesh and wild, girlish cries of delight, and pain, kindled a savage excitement in the hot brunette.
Sex with girls excited Sandy so much that she often wondered how she could share her pleasure with Al. It would be the perfect solution. She wouldn’t have to hide her wanton hunger from her husband any more, and the possibilities for games were nearly endless. With Al’s good looks and huge cock, the two of them would be a deadly hot combination with another girl!
But Al was small town all the way. He’d been raised here, and Sandy felt certain he’d be shocked out of his wits if she ever broached the subject to him. She knew he thought she was the classic all-American wholesome type, the passionate, faithful, devoted wife. That was the role Sandy played to perfection.
And it fooled everyone.
Outside Ellen’s apartment building, Sandy parked her car but didn’t leave just yet. She smoked another cigarette, thinking and savoring the suspense. Ellen would be putting something sexy on now, perfuming her dark, curly cunt-hairs and playing with her tits to get her nipples fat with desire.
The whip and the monstrous dildo would be on the bed, ready for violent action. Sandy decided she wouldn’t go that route tonight.
Well, maybe not all the way, anyway. Experience had taught her that when she got too kinky too often, it took the suspense out of it. Keep them guessing, keep their hot young pussies soaked with eagerness.
She’d been spanking, whipping and playing all sorts of wild games for almost a year now with her girlfriend, and there were times when Sandy fantasized about Al’s gorgeous young sister, Linda, instead. There was a hot, sexy little animal! A nympho, too, if Sandy ever saw one. The way she moved her tawny ass. The gleaming light in her eyes. Even the way she looked at Al, at almost any man, Sandy noticed, all made it obvious as hell. For a brief moment, the brunette wondered if Al had ever actually fucked his own kid sister.
Of course not!
This wasn’t L.A. or San Francisco. This was Shoreline, California, sunny, clean-cut, staunchly moral. A nice guy like Al wouldn’t even dream of fucking his own sister.
It’s my own dirty mind, Sandy thought dryly as she got out of her car. Two minutes later, she was in Ellen’s living room, a drink in her hand, sitting on the sofa beside her adoring girlfriend.
Ellen wore a baby-doll nightie, sheer black with see-through panties. She was a very pretty girl, and, at this moment, extremely hot. Sandy hadn’t fucked or sucked her since Monday night, and Ellen wanted to sixty-nine with the passionate brunette so badly that she trembled. But Sandy never leaped into action quickly. It spoiled the suspense, the delicious, erotic anticipation.
Sandy was also feverishly hot, but she kept herself firmly in check. It was this kind of icy control that enabled her to walk her risky tightrope, not give in to every crazy, lustful urge.
Slowly, the brunette stripped naked as they chatted about hospital gossip. When she sat back down on the sofa, Ellen’s eyes burning on the nurse’s creamy ripe tits and curly, moist cunt-bush, the student nurse knelt on the carpet between Sandy’s legs. Her small tits were heaving wildly. She caressed Sandy’s thighs with her soft fingers, gazing into her pink, gently sucking cunt.
“Did you fuck any guys this week?” Sandy asked her suddenly.
Ellen shook her head and licked her lips.
“Why not?” Sandy asked sharply. “I told you, dammit, that I want you to make it with guys too.”
“I didn’t feel like it, that’s all, Sandy,” Ellen said quickly. Her face flushed. “I was saving it for you.” She brushed her hot lips across Sandy’s creamy inner thigh, inching closer to her juicy cunt.
Panting with intense excitement, Sandy spread her legs wider and slumped back on the sofa, watching the girl through lidded eyes as Ellen humbly kissed each hot inner thigh. She wouldn’t dare kiss Sandy’s cunt without permission Ellen had been thoroughly trained and even more thoroughly turned on and hooked into Sandy’s lewd brand of sex.
“Give me a circle and then a slow rim-job,” Sandy commanded in a husky voice. To make it easier for Ellen, she drew up her knees and dug her bare heels into the edge of the sofa, exposing both her luscious pink cunt, now dripping with eagerness, and her puckered asshole.
Ellen eagerly showered kisses in a circle around Sandy’s steaming cunt, being very careful not to actually contact her cunt-lips. When the brunette gave an order, she meant business. Ellen moaned as she planted her lips on Sandy’s curly moist pussy-hairs, filling her nostrils with the delicious fragrance of pussy-in-heat.
The girl worked her hot, wet mouth down to Sandy’s delicate asshole. She tickled Sandy’s asshole with her tongue to make the nurse gasp, then snaked her tongue deep into the other woman’s churning asshole. Ellen wriggled it around in a frenzy of obscene excitement, licking Sandy’s boiling asshole with deep whimpers of joy.
“Oh, baby, ahhhh, Ellen, suck it, yes, suck my asshole! Mmmmmmm! Love your sweet mouth, darling!”
The panting nurse clutched Ellen’s head tightly in her hands as she rubbed her naked hot ass to the girl’s eager face. Delicious, tingling thrills tore through her tender asshole as Ellen sucked and lapped in a fever of wanton excitement.
This was one of the compelling reasons Sandy loved to have sex with girls. A man wouldn’t do what Ellen was doing, at least not with the passion and erotic delight a turned-on girl would. Having a sexy young girl suck on her thrilled asshole was only one reason, though.
“Eat me now,” moaned Sandy, twining her fingers in Ellen’s hair. “Eat it! Oh, yesss, oooo!”
This was another reason. With a deep moan of lust, the girl showered fiery kisses on Sandy’s dripping cuntlips before slithering her hot tongue deep in her eager pussy. Panting wildly, the nurse wrapped her naked legs around Ellen’s head. While the student nurse knelt between her thighs and sucked her pussy with unashamed joy, Sandy wriggled her ass blissfully around the sofa, starting to come in thick gushes over Ellen’s face.
Men had gone down on Sandy before, plenty of times. But when a girl like Ellen ate pussy, she put her burning soul into it as well as her frantic lips and tongue. Ellen knew a startling array of tricks when it came to cunt sucking, too, she learned from Sandy.
For a couple of minutes Ellen sucked on her clit, driving Sandy into a frenzy of obscene excitement. Quickly, the girl went back to whipping her tongue in Sandy’s luscious cunt, snaking a finger up her asshole at the same time to double her pleasure. By now, Ellen wasn’t going down on the feverish brunette so much as Sandy was actually fucking her face. She did this with wild moans and hot, sensuous lunges of her hips, grinding her soaked pussy with lewd rapture to Ellen’s mouth.
“Oooooooh, Ellen!” she gasped, feeling another shattering climax well up in her loins.
“Beautiful! Suck it, darling, use that tongue! Unnnng, oh, my hot pussy, aaaagh!”
Between Sandy’s creamy dripping thighs, the girl was more excited than her partner. She went into a delirious daze of hunger, using her tongue to scoop up cunt-honey greedily, loving the sweet pussy-juice now smearing her face like a sticky, depraved mask of lust.
Sandy was the first and only woman Ellen had ever had sex with. She hadn’t gone looking for sex when she’d first met the stunning nurse, but she felt irresistibly drawn to her magnetized by her sensuous curves and lustrous brown eyes. Ellen had been getting fucked regularly at the time by a steady boyfriend, and she had no complaints at all in that department.
Sandy had a great deal of warmth and charm with other women, and one night over coffee in Ellen’s apartment after they’d both gotten off shift, the brunette seduced the girl. Ellen had been fucked plenty of times by various men, but not one had ever taken the trouble to seduce her.