Naughty, Naughty Family

It was Henry David Thoreau, in Walden, who remarked, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” This statement appears to be just as true today as it was then. Perhaps it is even more valid today considering the pressures and frequent monotony of today’s world.

The majority of today’s men and women live in boring circumstances, and when the opportunity for change arises, they are often quick to seize the chance. For the characters in this story, the opportunity is one which many would consider perverse and deranged for it is one of incest. But it provides a release and a need. All morals and scruples are cast aside in a moment of madness — a chance to grab pleasure before it is taken away.

NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY FAMILY is a novel about the quiet desperation in so many of us — and the extremes to which it may drive us.


Horny. Horny and drunk. Horny to fuck her own son.

Cynthia Perrine, freshly divorced at age thirty-six, brushed the blonde hair out of her eyes and admired her voluptuous, big-titted body in the bedroom mirror. She wore clothing she would never have dared to venture out of the house in before, a pair of hot pants that clung to her rounded ass cheeks and a halter top that was stretched to bursting across her D-cup tits.

What if Randy came in and saw her like this? He’d probably never seen his mother in such clothes. Would he get a big hard-on in those tight jeans he always wore? Teenagers were like that; they were horny all the time. Then Cynthia could pull down his pants and fish out his prick, and then her son could fuck her.

A hot blush of deep shame spread across Cynthia’s cheeks. Turning from the mirror, she picked up the highball glass on the bureau and took a deep swallow. She never would have fantasized such horrible, incestuous things before the divorce. She’d never been so fucking horny in her life.

The divorce had finally been consummated a few weeks ago, as the result of a long brewing personality conflict between herself and her ex. Cynthia had gotten their spacious suburban home, one of their cars, and custody of Randy, their son. Ted moved into an apartment, taking their daughter Felicia along with him.

It had been a fairly amicable divorce, and Cynthia had looked forward to living alone with her son. But she’d never anticipated how horny she would get, how desperately her pussy would throb for some stiff, fucking cock.

One problem she’d never had with Ted was their sex life, he’d always been a horny man, and, with such a gorgeous big-titted wife, his prick was ready twenty-four hours a day. Cynthia still remembered how good it had felt to awaken with her husband’s cock already fucking into her pussy, or to relax herself before sleeping by sucking on his big delicious prick.

Now she was alone and horny, so horny that she’d begun to drink to blur her lust, and fingerfuck six or more times every day. It wouldn’t have been that bad if she were horny for no one in particular, Cynthia thought ruefully. She was still a first-class piece of ass at age thirty-nine; men still got huge hard-ons from just watching her walk down the street.

There were lots of males available to date and fuck her.

What bothered her was being so horny for her teenage son.

Deep down inside she’d always been sexually curious about her darling Randy, but the wanton craving to fuck him had only blossomed, when her husband and Felicia had moved out. It was the most shameful desire she’d ever felt, but Cynthia felt powerless to control it.

She fantasized about Randy constantly, imagining him climbing naked out of bed or out of the shower, with a huge, stiff, throbbing prick. Cynthia jacked off to thoughts of sucking and fucking his cock, gurgling as she smacked on the bloated prick shaft, or whimpering as its steely stiffness fucked deeply into her cunt.

Taking the highball along with her, Cynthia sat on the edge of the bed and started to rub her hairy pussy through her shorts. Her son’s body was so lean and hard. The way he’d looked this morning on his way to school, with his muscles bulging through his t-shirt, and the outline of his cock visible through his pants. Oooh, God, Cynthia thought, rubbing her cunt faster. Ooohhh.

The doorbell rang, startling her from her horny reverie. Forgetting her provocative outfit, Cynthia walked down the hall and opened the front door.

Standing on the stoop was a tall slender teenager who looked remarkably like her son. He was dressed like Randy, too, in a denim jacket and a pair of faded jeans that clung to the bulge of his prick. In his hand he held a sample case of some kind, and Cynthia quickly guessed that he was selling as an after school job.

“Uh, hi,” the boy said a little awkwardly. “My name’s Dave Crawford, and I’m the local representative for Elysium Cosmetics. We have a full line of, uh, toilet items and sundries to meet your needs. Would you like me to show you our line?”

Cynthia felt her nipples stiffening as she opened the door and motioned Dave inside.

He walked into the living room and sat gingerly on the edge of the couch, and Cynthia found herself staring with increasing desire at the protrusion of his prick.

Cynthia sat next to him, never taking her eyes off the bulge in his crotch. Dave launched into a well-rehearsed explanation of Elysium’s cosmetics and their features. Cynthia listened and wiggled her ass hornily on the couch beside him. What harm could come in fucking this handsome teenage stud, she thought wantonly. At least it would provide her with a sexual release other than her own boy.

“Now, uh, the best thing about our facial wash is that it cleanses without damaging the skin,” Dave continued, withdrawing a sample jar from the case. “Skin is very sensitive, and if you, uh, damage the outer layers it can cause spotting and blemishes.”

He prattled on with his sales spiel, but he seemed to be having trouble concentrating, and he looked unduly nervous. After awhile Cynthia realized that he was staring at her body, particularly her big tits.

Again she glanced at the crotch of his pants, and this time her pussy throbbed with lust as she saw that his prick had grown enormously. The meaty cockshaft was now as hard as stone, sticking obscenely through the denim, obviously ready for a good fuck.

“Now, uh, the special feature of our mascara…”

“Dave, why are you stating at me like that?” Cynthia asked suddenly, surprising herself in her boldness. “What are you looking for?”

Dave blushed fiercely and averted his eyes. Cynthia knew that seducing a teenager was wrong, but she couldn’t help herself. Her pussy was burning and juicing, and her nipples were so stiff that they hurt. She needed a good fucking immediately.

“Uh, nothing,” Dave said nervously. “I had something in my eye.”

“I don’t think so, Dave.” Cynthia wiggled her ass closer to him on the couch until her soft, shapely, creamy thigh touched his hip. She dropped her fingers lightly to his leg. “I think you were looking at my tits.”

Dave gulped hard and looked away. Cynthia told herself to stop again, but the farther she went the farther she wanted to go. Reaching behind her back, she undid the bow, of her halter top. Then she stripped it off her voluptuous body, baring her huge, milk-white tits.

Dave looked at her speechlessly. Her nipples were very large and rosy, and the tips were crinkled into stiff rubbery buds. His cock began to pound in his jeans.

“Dave, I don’t know if I have enough money for all those cosmetics you’re showing me. But I’ll make a deal with you.” Moving her hand all the way up his leg, Cynthia cupped his cock bulge and massed his prick lewdly. “If I give your dick a nice sucking, will you give me the mascara for free?”

“Oh God,” Dave whispered hoarsely. “I can’t believe this! Oh my God…”

Sliding off the couch, the horny divorcee knelt on the floor between his legs. Hurriedly she unzipped the boy’s pants and tugged them down to his ankles with his shorts, revealing his stone-hard cock.

His prick was a big one all right, long and fat and very stiff. Cynthia’s pussy tingled and burned as she wrapped her hand tightly around the root of his cock, squeezing his prick, holding up his hard-on for inspection. The shaft of his cock was pink and laced with blue veins, and the prick-knob was a bit larger than a plum. Sticky pre-cum leaked from his piss hole, moistening her hand as she started to jack him off.

“Oh, fuck!” Dave gasped, his ass quivered on the couch as his prick pulsed wildly in her pumping fist. “Oh, Jesus fucking Christ!”

“Would you like me to give you a blow job, Dave?” Cynthia jacked his big prick faster and harder, moving her fist in a blur on the column of cock. “That would feel really good, wouldn’t it? I’m a good dick sucker, Dave. And I’m so horny. I’ll even let you shoot your cum down my throat.”

“Suck it,” Dave gasped. “Oh please… I can’t stand it anymore!”

Bending forward, extending her tongue, Cynthia licked a wet circle around the knob of his cock, lapping up the fuck juices that drooled from the cum slit. She pursed her lips on the tip of his prick and kissed his cock tenderly, inhaling the cunt-drenching aroma of a man’s cock.

So long she’d waited for this, for this prime teenage stud.

Opening her mouth wide, the wanton mother engulfed Dave’s steel-stiff prick. She wrapped her lips tightly around the cockshaft and immediately began to suck very hard, whimpering around his cock as she was finally given the taste of cock she’d craved for weeks.

Cynthia had always loved to suck prick. It had been a special desire for her from the first time she’d had sex, and her husband had often embarrassed her by bragging about how enthusiastically his wife gave him blow jobs. She’d been awkward in her first cocksucking experiences as a teenager, but married life with Ted had soon taught her how to give head.

And now Cynthia wanted to give Dave the best cocksucking of his life.

Her cheeks caved in sharply, increasing the suction around his aching prick. Dave grunted and started to buck his ass off the couch. Cynthia bobbed her head to meet his movements, lewdly fucking her face with his giant, swollen cock.

“Oh, fuck it!” Dave grimaced as he watched the beautiful woman work on his cock, with her pretty, ripe lips stretched tightly around his rock-hard prick. “That feels so good! Unh, suck harder! Gotta make me cum!”

Cynthia puffed out her cheeks, then puckered them sharply again, then alternated between the two like a sexual bellows. Her fist kneaded and massaged the root of his prick, then started to pump up and down, skillfully beating his meat.

His cock grew longer and harder as she sucked, and the hairy sac of his balls tightened with its congested load of cum. Cynthia badly wanted to use her left hand to fingerfuck her pussy, but she was even more anxious to get the boy off and drink his cum.

Dropping her left hand between his thighs, she cupped his big balls and kneaded them gently, encouraging him to shoot his wad deep down her throat. Then she flared her nostrils for air and sucked his prick as hard as she could.

“Ah, ah God!” Dave lifted his ass off the couch and quivered from head to toe as burning, tingling sensations shot through his prick. “Gonna cum, lady! Can’t fucking stand it!”

Feverishly she bobbed her head, letting his greasy, throbbing cock fuck rhythmically in and out between her lips. Her fist jacked with the rhythm of her head, tugging and stroking the base of his cock. Her cocksucking became extremely noisy as he reached a climax; the wet slurping, smacking sounds of a good blow job filled the living room.

“Ah, shit!” Dave gasped. “I’m cummiiinnngggg!”

A geyser of cum shot from the tip of his prick, shooting down Cynthia’s throat. Cynthia clung to his gushing cock and sucked harder than ever, feeling her cheeks flush brightly with the intense energy of the blow job. The initial blast was followed by rhythmic spurts of thick, gooey cum.

It was delicious, the nectar she’d needed so badly for the past several weeks, ever since her husband had taken his cock away from, her. Cynthia nearly came in her hot pants as the boy’s hard prick tossed off wildly in her mouth, spraying her tongue and the inside of her mouth with his milky, shooting cum.

Jacking and sucking his prick, Cynthia instinctively worked her throat muscles. He came a very big load, but she didn’t miss any of it. Noisily she gulped down every drop, refusing to release his wet throbbing cock until she’d swallowed all of his cum.

Dave sat dazedly on the couch, panting hard. “Oh Jesus, lady! Nobody ever did that to me before!”

“Oh no?” Beside herself with lust, thinking of nothing but the pulsing heat of her pussy, Cynthia rose to her feet and fingered the buttons of her shorts. “How’d you like to feel something even better, Dave? Can you keep that big hard-on of yours stiff enough far a nice fuck?”

Cynthia pulled down her hot pants, leaving herself completely naked. Dave’s stiff prick quivered like an arrow as he stared at her hairy brown pussy triangle, outlining a cunt slit which was now swollen and dripping with her lust.

“Fuck my curd, Dave!” Lying on the floor, Cynthia wiggled her ass hornily on the rug and splayed her long legs wide, completely revealing her curly haired pussy. “Come on, I know you want it. Haven’t you ever fucked a girl before?”

“Na,” Dave whispered. He slid off the couch and knelt between her spread-eagled legs. His massive cock stood stiffly, dripping cum onto her bush. “I’m a virgin.”

“Then it’s about time you learned how to fuck, lover!”

Raising her arm, Cynthia held the throbbing length of his cock. She pulled him down until the prick-knob pressed onto her steaming, slippery pussy slit. Then she mewled like an animal as the bulbous cock crown parted her cunt.

“Umm Dave, that feels so good! Can’t you feel your prick inside me? Push it in now, lover! Please, fuck that whopper up my cunt!” Dave steadied himself between her thighs, planting his hands on the rug to either side of her shoulders. Her pussy slit nipped and sucked at the tip of his cock, and he winced as he felt the pressure.

Nervously, awkwardly, the virgin teenager started to work his ass. Cynthia gasped with intense pleasure as she watched and felt the meaty inches of his hard-on disappearing into her furry cunt bush.

“Yes, Dave, yes!” Automatically she lifted her legs high and flung them around his heaving mid-section, pulling his hips against her body. “You’re fucking me, Dave, you’re doing wonderfully! Push it all the way in now! Fill my pussy with your big, beautiful cock!”

Dave fucked with growing assurance between the horny woman’s legs, accustoming himself to the lewd rhythms of fucking. In and out his ass cheeks contracted, fucking his cock deeper into her velvety fuck tunnel with every stroke.

Then his prick was embedded all the way inside her, buried to the balls in her clinging, juicing pussy. Dave gasped and rested with his cock all the way inside her pussy, savoring the sweet, squeezing pressure of a tight, wet cunt around a hard, pulsing prick.

“Fuck meeeee!” Urgently Cynthia whipped her ass cheeks off the floor, pumping her horny cunt onto his cock. “Move your ass, lover, fuck my pussy! Fuck my cunt and make me cum!”

Dave lifted his ass, withdrawing his aching cock until her pussy slit clasped only the crown of his prick. Slowly he fucked his prick back in again, watching excitedly as her huge tits jiggled with the force of his thrust.

Then he repeated the in-out movement, then again, then a fourth time. Then he started fucking Cynthia’s cunt with, a steadily increasing rhythm, sighing and panting as his ass heaved, as her pussy squished wetly around his cock.

“Ungghhh!” Cynthia’s face clouded with lust, and she grimaced and rolled her head deliriously back and forth as she experienced her first fuck in nearly a month. Something in the back of her mind told her that she was now committing an unpardonable sin in fucking the teen, but the voice of her conscience was overwhelmed by her pleasure and lust.

Hard prick, she thought wantonly. Oh yes, that’s what I need. A cock as hard as bone, with an eager teenage stud behind it… fucking me… fucking my pussy. I can feel it… oh God, he’s fucking my cunt so good.

“Haaaarder!” Cynthia slid her hands down his waist, shuddering as she clawed his ass and pulled the ass cheeks in time with his fuck thrusts. “Oh, Dave, that feels so Goddamn goooood! Awww shit, your cock is huge! Fuck me harder now, as hard as you can!”

The harder he fucked her, the more her tits quivered, and tighter her wet, hairy pussy sucked his prick. Dave panted like a horny dog and started to fuck Cynthia’s pussy as hard as he could.

Almost as hard as Cynthia had ever been fucked in her life. His youthful energy drove him to fuck his burning, oozing hard-on furiously into her pussy, until Cynthia thought his cockhead was piercing her belly. Her ass cheeks bounced painfully on the floor as he fucked her; their bellies slapped sweatily together as they fucked wildly.

“Cumming!” Cynthia gasped suddenly. She grimaced luridly and arched nearly a foot off the floor as spasms overwhelmed her, forcing her lover to bury his cock in her throbbing cunt. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck my cunt! Yes oh Jesus I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

Dave felt contractions flood through her pussy, forcing her cunt muscles to clasp tightly around his rock-hard cock. The inexperienced boy couldn’t take the pressure. He came at the same time she did, nearly shrieking as his stiff, twitching cock gushed long spurts of cum into the big-titted woman’s gurgling, sucking pussy.

Cynthia groaned in ecstasy as she felt his big cock shooting its load of cum inside her, spraying the inner walls of her pussy with hot, salty jism. She’d finally done it, she thought guiltily. She’d finally fucked a teenager, and she knew that she’d have to do it again now that she’d started.

At least boys like Dave might keep her mind off of her own son.


In his new apartment on the other side of town, Cynthia’s ex-husband Ted was having a problem similar to his former wife’s. He was dying to fuck Felicia, their daughter.

She was a slim, exceptionally pretty girl, with mouthwatering legs and ass, and a full pair of tits that promised to grow nearly as large as her mother’s when she was older. The opposite sex already appreciated Felicia, which made Ted feel proud as a father. She had naturally wavy brown hair that she wore in a long ponytail, and her face was truly beautiful, with her ripe pouting lips and wide blue eyes.

Ted had wanted to fuck his daughter, but now that they lived alone in the apartment his desires were growing out of control. It seemed that she was always running around half-naked, dressed in a sheer, ass length negligee at breakfast, or running around the apartment with just a towel draped around her tits after taking a shower.

It was now nearly three o’clock in the afternoon, and Ted, had taken a break from work to pick up some clothes. He thought of his daughter as his sedan rolled down the treelined suburban boulevard, rubbing his painfully swollen cock through his dress slacks.

She was such a gorgeous piece of ass. Just this morning he’d passed Felicia’s room on his way to the bathroom, and her door had been wide open. There his daughter had been, fast asleep on her back, with her legs bunched up and her nightie crumpled around her waist. For a fleeting second he’d seen her gorgeous ass cheeks, and the pouting lips of her brown haired pussy between her legs.

“I can’t take it,” Ted muttered as he drove. “I just don’t know how much more of this I can stand.”

He pulled into the gravel drive of a tiny cottage sandwiched between a restaurant and an auto parts store in a commercial district. Inside lived Mrs. Benson, a fat, frumpy woman in her middle forties who worked as a seamstress to supplement her Social Security income.

Imagine having to pay for this sort of shit, Ted thought, as he kicked the car door shut and walked up the path to the front door. But that was the price one paid for being divorced; he had to pay someone for a simple task like mending his clothes.

But when the door opened, Ted immediately wished he’d started coming here years ago. Standing before him was a simply gorgeous girl in her late teens, dressed in a red jersey and — Ted’s cock stiffened — a flower-print bikini bottom, revealing a pair of long tanned legs and stretching across her luscious ass.

“Can I help you?” the girl asked.

Ted was too busy staring to answer right away. She had long straight black hair that hung well past her shoulders and a pair of blue eyes that were nearly as big and pretty as his daughter’s. A homecoming princess, Ted thought, and he suppressed the violent urge to rip off her bikini bottom, throw her onto the floor and ram his cock up her pretty teenage cunt.


“Uh… yeah, yes you can,” Ted stammered. “My name’s Ted Perrine. I’m here to pick up some sewing from Mrs. Benson. Is she here?”

The girl smiled and gestured him inside.

“No, but I’m her daughter. Wait a second and I’ll get you the clothes.”

She left Ted in the front room and sashayed down the hall, making his hard-on throb and ache as he watched her heart-shaped ass wiggle under the bikini. A second later she was back with a loose bundle of freshly mended suit coats and slacks.

“That’s four dollars and fifty cents. I hope you’ve got some change. I don’t have any.”

“That’s okay.” Ted handed her a five-dollar bill and grinned broadly. “You can keep it. What’s your name?”

“Toni,” the girl replied, and smiled back at him. There was something more than mere politeness in her expression now, and Ted hoped it meant that she was attracted to him.

“Well, you’re a very pretty girl, Toni,” he said. “It’s hard to believe… well, that your Mrs. Benson’s daughter, you’re so attractive.”

“Why, thank you!”

Toni was apparently flustered enough by the complement to drop one of his coats. Handing him the bundle, she automatically stopped to retrieve it. As she did, her skimpy bikini bottom stretched across her ass cheeks, until Ted could see her jet-black pussy curls peeking out from under the panty crotch.

Toni realized she’d exposed herself and flushed as she rose upright, covering her pussy daintily with her hand. Ted was now so horny that he could hardly see straight.

“Sorry about that,” she said.

“Sorry? Sorry about what?”

Toni’s blush deepened. “Well, you know. I really should have put on more clothes to meet a customer.”

“But why do you say that, Toni? What makes you think I don’t like looking at your pussy?”

The obscene word was out before he could stop himself, and Ted realized he’d reached the point of no return. Toni gasped and flushed scarlet. She lowered her eyes and for the first time noticed the big, stiff cock jutting out of his pants.

“Mr. Perrine!”

“What’s wrong with saying that, Toni?” Ted asked, moving closer. “You have a very nice pussy. It’s very hairy, and I’ll bet it’s very tight, too. Do you see my hard-on? That’s what I get from looking at your cunt!”

Toni backed away from him with a fearful expression, but he could see her fat nipples stiffening under the jersey. Ted strode towards her and embraced her hornily, thrusting his hands under her bikini bottoms to cup and mold the naked cheeks of her gorgeous ass.

“No, Mr. Perrine!” Toni yelped. “You don’t know what you’re doing to me!”

“Yes, I do, Toni,” Ted hissed. “I want to lick your pussy, my little darling. I want to lick your hot, hairy cunt and make it cum!”

He embraced her lewdly, pawing her rounded tits through the jersey and planting wet kisses on her neck and ears which made her shiver. Then he half-guided, half-wrestled her to the floor. Toni moaned and did nothing to stop him as he grabbed her bikini bottom and pulled it from her body, exposing her bare, succulent ass cheeks and the hairy triangle of her cunt.

Her pussy was fleecy and the slit was pink and very small; Ted’s cock pulsed violently at the thought of fucking such a tight teenage cunt. He was happy to see how wet her pussy appeared, how the pouting cuntlips were swollen with lust. This gorgeous teenage vixen was ripe for a good sucking.

“No, Mr. Perrine!” Toni yelped. “Stop, please stop!”

“I don’t want to stop, Toni. Haven’t you ever had your pussy sucked before?”

He spread her lean legs wide, gazing hungrily at the flowering folds of her hot pussy. Then he buried his head in the fragrant wetness of her cunt.

Her cunt smelled delicious, creaming with the musky-smelling fuck juices that could make his cock start spurting on the spot. Ted spread the petals of her pussy with his fingers, gazing at the bright pinkness of her fuck hole.

Extending his tongue, be licked a wet swath up her pussy slit, making the seamstress’ daughter whimper and buck. Then he stuck his tongue deep into her cunt and started to eat her out, lapping up the fuck juices that oozed from the depths of her pussy.

“Unngghh!” Toni grimaced obscenely, and her pretty face clouded with lust as her pussy responded to the pleasure of the cunt sucking. “Oh, Mr. Perrine, don’t do that to me! Nobody’s ever… unghh! Oh, Mr. Perrine, you’re making me so hot!”

“I know I am, Toni.” Ted whispered the words on her pungently scented bush, licking a stray cunt curl from his lips. “Now just relax and enjoy. I know what I’m doing!”

He thrust his hands under her hips, moaning as he dug his fingers into the rounded, spongy ass cheeks which had already made his prick so stiff. Then he returned his lips to her throbbing pussy and started to suck more avidly than ever.

His tongue moved in a blur up and down her wet, hairy gash, wriggling close to her clit. Ted took the swollen bud between his lips for a moment and sucked tenderly, making Toni shriek and hump her ass convulsively off the floor.

“Do you like that, Toni? Doesn’t it feel good to get your little clitty sucked?”

“Yes, yes, oh, suck me!” Toni spread her long legs as wide apart as she could, giving her body up completely to the forbidden pleasure of his pussy lapping; “Lick my pussy, Mr. Perrine!” She thrust her fingers into his hair and pulled his face against her dripping cunt. “Aww, you’re making me so horny! I want your tongue in my cunt!”

Ted sucked her pussy like a lust-crazed animal, fucking his tongue more and more deeply into the clasping tunnel of her fuck hole. Toni squealed and started to hump her little ass, fucking her cunt all over his face.

It was impossible to hold her bounding hips in position. Withdrawing one hand, Ted slid it up her tanned, silky legs and parted her pouting pussy folds with his finger. Very gently he insinuated it all the way into her sucking cunt, marveling at the tightness of her pussy, wondering if she was a virgin.

Toni humped so frantically that her ass jerked off the floor, flushing and wincing as the lust overwhelmed her slender body. “Gonna cum!” she gasped. He felt her pussy tunnel clasp around his finger, seeming to draw it needfully into her cunt. “Oh fuck, my cunt’s burning! Suck it, make me cream!”

Ted pushed a second finger into her throbbing pussy, feeling the walls of her cunt stretch to admit two fingers at the same time. He moved his lips up her cunt slit and wrapped them around the swollen pink nub of her clit.

Then he sucked firmly and gently, just as his ex-wife had adored having her pussy sucked. Toni let out a long gasp. All the air seemed to flood out of her body as she arched high off the floor, digging her fingernails into the nape of Ted’s neck as she ground her hairy fuck hole onto his mouth.

“Cumming!” she shrieked. “Unhhh, please suck me! Suck my pussy, fingerfuck me, oh God, oh yes! Unh unh unh, I’m cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

The spasms ripped through her lithe body, making her nipples throb through the shirt and making her puckered little asshole throb and pulse with delicious contractions. As he sucked her, Ted felt her hairy cunt slit start throbbing wildly, then tasted the flow of her fuck cream as it ran heavily out of her cumming cunt.

He kept on sucking her through the duration of her cum, delighting in the taste of her sweet pussy. Toni gasped and slowly let her ass cheeks fall back to the floor. Ted didn’t stop sucking her until he’d cleaned all the fuck cream off of her drooling pussy.

Then he rose to his knees between her spread-eagled thighs and swiftly unbuttoned his pants. Toni stared with horny, frightened eyes as he took off his slacks and underwear. Then she gasped at the sight of his huge, naked prick.

His cock was as hard as bone, rising like a length of iron pipe. Ted had always been proud of his big prick, and he liked the way the seamstress daughter looked at his cock now. Lewdly the veined cockshaft throbbed and weaved, before him, capped by a fat, crimson knob that was already seeping cum.

“Look at this, Toni,” Ted said, moving close to mount her. “Look at my big, stiff dick. Have you ever seen one of these before?”

“Y-yes. But I’m a virgin! Oh please, Mr. Perrine!” Toni daintily covered her dripping pussy slit with her hand. “You’re not going to stick that inside me, are you?”

“Yes, I am. You’re a big girl now, Toni. It’s time to get fucked!”

Pushing her hand out of the way, Ted held his big cock in his fist and nestled the shiny skinned prick-knob between the slick, pouting folds of her pussy. Toni shuddered as she felt his prick head push painlessly into her cunt.

“Does that feel good, Toni? Don’t you like having my cock inside you?”

Toni whimpered submissively and shut her eyes, feeling her dripping pussy hole nip and suck the crown of his cock. Ted steadied himself between her spread thighs, positioning his hips so that his hard-on could fuck deeply into her tight virgin cunt.

Slowly he started to work his ass, thrusting inch after inch of his prick into her buttery pussy. Toni grimaced as she felt her cunt stretching wide, pulled apart almost to the bursting point by the thickness of his cock.

“It’s hurting me, Mr. Perrine! Oooh, your dick is too big!”

“No, it’s not, Toni! It’s normal for fucking to hurt a little the first time. I won’t hurt you much. Your cherry’s gone. In a minute my cock is going to feel very, very good!”

He felt almost as if he were fucking his daughter as he continued humping, wiggling his hips to help stuff the swollen length of his prick into her curly haired pussy. Toni gasped and lay motionless beneath him. He thought he could see a red stain on the cunt folds gripping his prick, but there wasn’t much blood, and he was obviously about to continue their first fuck without much trouble.

Easing his hips down, Ted fucked the last inches of his pulsing hard-on into the velvety sheath of her fuck hole. Then he lay on top of her lithe nakedness without moving, groaning as he felt the spasmodic pressure of her cunt muscles squeezing his prick.

“Do you like it now, Toni?” he panted. “Doesn’t fucking feel good?”

Toni moaned and wiggled beneath him. “My pussy’s so full,” she sighed. “Oh, Mr. Perrine… your dick feels so big inside me! It’s like it’s all the way up in my throat.”

“Well, it’s going to get even better, Toni. You just wait and see.”

He lifted his ass, withdrawing his hard-on from her greasy, sucking pussy. Then he fucked his cock back in again, making the virgin girl gasp as her cunt was again packed with big, steely cock.

Then he started fucking her gently, fucking his prick steadily in and out. “Do you like it better now, Toni?” he asked. “Do you like the way my cock feels shoving in and out of your cunt?”

Toni twisted harder beneath him, rolling her head and blinking her eyes dazedly. Then her ass started to move off the floor, and soon she was thrusting against him, humping up her pussy to meet the rhythmic fuck strokes of his cum-swollen cock.

“You’re fucking me back, Toni!” Ted sighed. “You like getting fucked by my dick now, don’t you?”

“Yesssss,” Toni hissed. Impulsively she threw up her legs and scissored them around his heaving back, trying to draw another satisfying inch of his prick inside her pussy. “Oh fuck, I love it! Fuck my cunt harder, Mr. Perrine! Ungghh! I never knew fucking felt this good!”

Working his ass hornily between her legs, Ted pushed up her jersey to her neck, exposing her firm, rounded tits. The nipples were like two cherries rising from the ivory surface of her tits, and he was seized with the urge to suck them while he fucked his cock into her wounded cunt.

Dropping his head to her tits, Ted wrapped his lips tightly around one taut, rubbery nipple. He sucked avidly, chewing her nipple between his lips, rubbing his tongue on the tip.

Then he started fucking her much faster, making their bellies slap together as he fucked his rigid, aching prick furiously into her cunt.

“Aw shit, Mr. Perrine!” Toni yelped. “That feels so good! Fuck me, lover! Fuck meeeee!”

All the pain had vanished from her pussy; all she felt was intense pleasure as Ted’s big cock fucked in and out of her slippery, sucking cunt. Toni threw her legs up until her legs were wrapped almost around his shoulders, trying to open her cunt passage for more of his fucking prick.

“I’m gonna cum, Toni,” Ted gasped, mouthing the words on her stiff-nippled tit. “Your pussy’s so tight. I can’t stand the way it sucks on my cock! I’m gonna cum, right in your sweet little pie!”

“Fuck meeee, lover!” Toni shrieked. “Unh unh unh, I’m cumming too! Your dick is so big! Oh shit, it’s going up my pussy! Harder, faster, fuck me as hard as you can! I’m cuuuummmiinnnnggg!”

It was a much harder cum than even the first had been, racking her lithe teenage nakedness with pleasure from head to toe. Toni bucked in the throes of animal heat for nearly a minute, grunting and panting as her pussy came, and the hot, wet cunt tunnel sucked around Ted’s prick.

“Oh fuck, Toni!” Ted gasped. “Here it cums! Ahhhh…”

He fucked his cock feverishly into her pussy, sighing as his balls slapped her ass crack. Then the white torrent of pent-up jism rushed up from his balls, spurting out of his piss hole and spraying deep into Toni’s thoroughly fucked cunt.

The girl moaned and quivered as she felt his big prick tossing off inside her, lubricating the ravished walls of her fuck tunnel with hot, salty cum. Ted kept working his ass until the last drops had oozed from the tip of his cock.

Maybe Toni would let him keep on fucking her, he thought, in which case he’d have a steady piece of ass to take his ex-wife’s place. But more and more he wondered if any woman could ever take the place of his daughter.


“And I see here that your last job was, ahh…” Bob Hughes, a gray-haired, studious-looking man in his mid-forties, paused to squint at Cynthia’s application. “In 1964. You worked as a clerk in a bookstore. I see. May I ask, Ms. Perrine, what you’ve been doing for the past twenty years?”

“Well, I was married.” Cynthia squirmed in the hard wooden chair facing the personnel officer’s desk and glanced nervously around his austere private office. “I just got a divorce.”

“I see, I see…” Hughes chewed the end of his pencil and looked at her thoughtfully. “And your husband supported you during that time. And you’re now in need of an additional source of income?”

“Well, no.” Cynthia squirmed again, uncomfortable in her short print dress. She wondered if it was, a little too tight for applying for work. “Ted pays me alimony. I mean, not a lot, I didn’t screw him or… I mean, I’m not a gold digger. It’s just that my son still lives with me, and the house, and… well, the money’s not important to me as just getting out of the house.”

Hughes raised his eyebrows, and returned his attention to her employment application. A quick blush spread through Cynthia’s cheeks. She knew there was no way she could tell him that she needed a part-time job to take her mind off her constant craving to fuck her teenage son, which had become worse and worse by the day.

“You just want to work twenty hours a week or so, is that right?” Hughes asked.

Cynthia nodded.

“Have you done… well, any other kind of work in the past twenty years? Volunteer work, anything?”

“Well…” Cynthia searched her memory. “For a couple of months I did some fund raising for the PTA. When Randy and Felicia were still little. That’s about all, I suppose.”

Hughes sighed and leaned away from his desk. “In that case, Cynthia, I don’t think there’s much we can do for you. You seem like a very nice woman, and your typing skills are acceptable, but Trans Amalgamated has made a general policy of hiring only those with extensive experience in an office environment. I was hoping to make an exception in your case, but I just don’t see how I can. I’m sorry.”

There was a long silence. Cynthia blushed and averted her eyes to the floor, feeling embarrassed and slightly humiliated. She really wanted a part-time job badly, she realized, and she doubted she could find one anywhere else.

She knew that if she didn’t get one she’d just stay home and feel horny all the time, jacking off to thoughts of her teenage son. Then she’d wind up seducing and fucking him, and Cynthia didn’t see how she could live with herself if she did that.

“Isn’t there something I could do?” she asked meekly. “I mean, you said you were hoping to make an exception in my case. Isn’t there something I could do to get the job?”

“Well…” Hughes looked indecisive for a moment, then shook his head. “I’m sorry, Cynthia. Maybe you can get a job with a small retailer downtown. There’s not much else I can say.”

“But please!”

Feeling suddenly desperate, Cynthia rose from her chair and walked around to Hughes’ side of the desk, looking down at him imploringly.

“Your company policies can’t be that rigid! I mean, I really want to work, and… well, I guess I’m just an okay typist, but I’ll get a lot better if I practice! Doesn’t enthusiasm mean something? Honestly, Mr. Hughes, I’ll just do anything for the job!”

There was another silence. Hughes opened his mouth to speak, but thought better of it. It took Cynthia a moment to realize that there was a slight downward tilt to his gaze, that he was covertly ogling her stacked, big-titted body through her dress.

Cynthia automatically looked at his crotch. Hughes’ slacks were baggy, but it was obvious that there was a very big and stiff hard-on straining for release from his pants.

Hughes noticed where she was looking, and it was his turn to blush. Cynthia felt shocked for a moment, then very excited. He seemed like such a severe, formal, untouchable man, but she’d turned him on without even trying.

The excitement was joined by a feeling of power. That was one thing she could always do, she thought grimly. She hadn’t worked in a long time, and her typing skills were nothing special, but she could still make men helpless with her mouthwatering body and big firm tits.

Feeling horny and confident, Cynthia stood so close to him that her straining tits nearly touched his face. “Mr. Hughes,” she asked breathlessly, “are you sure there isn’t something I could do to get that job?”

Hughes fidgeted uncomfortably, trying to adjust his pants so that his stiff prick wouldn’t show. “I just told you that there wasn’t, Cynthia.”

“But are you sure?”

Smiling wantonly, she lowered her hand and lightly touched his neck, trailing her fingers up his cheek. Hughes blushed fiercely and squirmed in the chair. Cynthia pressed still closer, until her big tits pressed against his cheek.

“I really want that job, Mr. Hughes,” she whispered huskily. “I want it so bad I can taste it. I’ll do anything if you give it to me. Anything you want.”

“P-please, Cynthia!”

Slowly, feeling no need to hurry, Cynthia fell to her knees on the office floor. Hughes did nothing to stop her as she parted his legs, running her hands up his thighs. He gasped as she wrapped her fingers tightly around the swollen outline of his big prick.

“Mr. Hughes, what’s this big thing sticking out of your pants for?”

Hughes’ blush brightened. Cynthia lazily fiddled with his zipper, kneading and massaging his aching cock through his slacks.

“You’ve got a hard-on, don’t you, Mr. Hughes? My body turns you on. Will you give me the job if I give your prick a good sucking?”

She pulled down his zipper and tugged down his slacks with his shorts, releasing his blood engorged cock from confinement. Cynthia gasped as she saw how big his prick was. His cock stood out from his belly like a battering ram, thick and tong and very hard, crowned by a rosy, drooling knob that was just made for her lips and tongue.

“Umm, Mr. Hughes, you’ve got a beautiful hard-on!” Cynthia wrapped both hands around his aching prick and milked his cock tenderly, smiling as fresh pre-cum oozed from the open piss slit. “I really want to suck your dick, lover! Will you give me the job if I put your cock in my mouth?”

Hughes groaned and thrust his hand behind her head, silently indicating that she should begin the blow job. Whimpering, Cynthia pressed her lips to the tip of his cock.

His prick tasted salty, and she sucked hard, tickling her tongue on the piss hole to lap up the translucent fluid oozing up from his balls. Then she gradually opened her mouth and slid her mouth downwards over the throbbing column, enveloping his cock, caving in her cheeks to increase the suction in her throat.

“Unh! Oh, Cynthia!” Hughes’ severe, studious face contorted obscenely with arousal as he felt the sucking pressure of the suck job tantalizing his cock. “Oh Jesus, that feels so good! My wife never does this to me! Unh! Suck harder, Cynthia! Make my cock cum!”

Lewd gurgling, slurping sounds came out of Cynthia’s mouth as she increased the intensity of the blow job. Her hands slid up his hairy thighs to his cock. One clutched his bloated balls, while the other started to jack his prick hard and fast, beating the personnel officers’ meat into her throat.

Soon she fell into a steady, lurid rhythm, bobbing her head and jacking hard as she sucked him off, fucking her face with his cock. Her eyes closed; a dreamy, pretty expression flowed over her face as she stuffed her lips with his cock.

She’d always loved sucking prick, ever since the first time she’d taken Ted’s cock between her lips. It felt so good to shave a big cock throbbing in her mouth, like a nursing child sucking on a tit. Cynthia almost hated to admit it to herself, but she was horny enough for Hughes’ big cock that she would have happily sucked it in any case, whether he hired her or not.

His prick swelled steadily as she sucked, until the big cockshaft was as hard as bone. Cynthia’s lips felt the aching size of his cock, and her fingers tightened gently on his ball bag as his nuts tightened with their heavy load.

“Gonna cum!” Hughes gasped. He pulled her hair with both hands and rocked his hips violently on the chair, cruelly fucking his prick in and out of her gurgling, sucking mouth.

“Oh shit, honey, oh fucking shit! Swallow my fucking load! Ahh Jesus!”

His big prick jerked hard in her mouth, and a long ribbon of hot cum shot from the tip of his cock. Cynthia tasted the salty thickness of his jism and whimpered contentedly. She clung to his cock with her pumping fist and jacked him off faster than ever as she feverishly started swallowing, taking all of his cum.

Even as she gulped down the load, she had to wonder how long it had been since Hughes’ wife had spread her legs for a good fuck. The personnel officer’s wad was enormous, as if he’d been storing a year’s worth of cum in his balls.

Cynthia desperately tried to swallow all of his cum, but it wasn’t possible. The white jism overflowed her lips around his spurting cock and oozed out onto her chin, dripping obscenely onto her tits.

And still she continued sucking, taking his cock out of her mouth and lapping his prick shamelessly until she’d licked the last drop from the still-throbbing length of his cock.

“Oh, Jesus!” Hughes sprawled quivering on the chair, overwhelmed by the pleasure of the blow job. “I can’t believe you did that for me! I haven’t cum so fucking hard since I was a kid! Jesus Christ!”

Cynthia wiped her mouth and rose to her feet, staring down at his upthrust, throbbing prick. His cock was still very stiff, and her pussy tingled and juiced with her need to feel his prick fucking deep inside her buttery cunt. But first she wanted to find out if her lewd act was being rewarded.

“Am I going to get the job?” she asked softly.

“‘Course you’re going to get the fucking job!” Hughes shot back. “Jesus, it’s just a part-time typing position. As long as you don’t want to be the chief executive officer I can get you almost anything you Goddamn well want!”

Cynthia giggled and pushed her hand under her short dress, rubbing her wet, hairy pussy mound through her panties. “Well, can you fuck me now, Mr. Hughes?” she whispered vixenishly. “That’s all I want right now!”

Hughes watched hungrily as she lifted the hem of her dress, knotting it around her waist. She kicked off her high heels and pulled her panties slowly down her long, tapering legs, leaving herself naked from the waist down, exposing her wet cunt.

Hughes groaned as his big prick twitched to new stiffness at the sight of her naked pussy. “Check the door,” he said hoarsely. “Make sure that it’s locked.”

Cynthia walked across the office to the door, feeling the personnel officer’s eyes follow her peach-shaped ass cheeks as she moved. She checked the lock and returned to him. Her pussy lips squished together as she moved.

The chair was low and wide so she could straddle him without taking her feet off the floor. Cynthia mounted him hurriedly, immediately reaching between her thighs to grasp the long shaft of his hard-on. Her ass wiggled as she lowered herself. She whimpered as she rubbed the drooling, shiny-skinned cock-knob up and down her hot cunt slit.

“Put it in!” Hughes begged excitedly. “Put it in your pussy!”

Cynthia centered the heart-shaped cock crown between the flowering folds of her pussy. Then she started to hump and grind her ass, skillfully helping him slide the meaty inches of his cock into the tight, clasping sheath of her pussy.

“Aww, God!” Hughes yelped. “Oh fucking God!”

He lowered his eyes and watched excitedly as his veined prickshaft disappeared into her pussy bush, sinking into the oiled clinging wetness of her cunt. His hips bucked off the chair. Soon he was fucking into her fast and hard, fucking his cock into the velvety sheath of her fuck hole.

“Yesss, so good!” Cynthia hissed. She held his shoulders for support and ground her ass on his thighs, taking all of his cock into her pussy. “It’s all the way in now, lover!” she gasped. “Oh fuck, your cock feels so good in my pussy!”

Flexing and tightening her cunt muscles, Cynthia wrapped her arms around his back and kissed him hornily, feeling his cock throb violently in her cunt as their tongues entertwined. Then she hurriedly unbuttoned her blouse, exploring, her huge tits encased in the lacy white, D-cup bra.

“Take it off!” she pleaded. “Suck my tits while you fuck me!”

Her ass moved up and down, pumping his cock, making her creamy-white tits bounce lewdly in their cups. Hughes pinched the front clasp of her bra and undid it, gasping as the cups fell away and her ripe-nippled tits were exposed to his lustful gaze.

His hands slid up her lean waist to her ribcage, cupping the rounded globes of her jiggling tits. He made Cynthia gasp as he massaged them, stiffening the nipples under his palms.

Then he bent forward and buried his head in her cleavage. As his blood-engorged cock fucked in and out of her cunt, Hughes enveloped one nipple between his lips. He sucked eagerly, like a baby trying to draw out milk. At the same time he began to fuck his rigid prick furiously into her cunt.

“Haaarder, fuck me hard!” Cynthia told herself that they were in an office building, that she had to keep her voice down, but it was hard to suppress the shrieks and gasps of her lust. She grabbed the back of his head, pulling his face onto her tits as she bounced rhythmically on his cock. “Gonna cum! Oh please fuck me, Mr. Hughes! Fuck my pussy as hard as you can!”

The chair skittered on the floor as Hughes fucked her wet, fur-fringed fuck hole with his cock. Cynthia could feel his cock stiffen and swell with each thrust into her belly, until the veined upper side rubbed her clit with every pump.

“Gonna cum!” she cried. Cynthia started fucking in long, drawn-out, thrusting movements, sliding her wet, clasping pussy all the way up to the tip of his prick before again taking his cock deep into her cunt. “Oh, shit! My cunt’s so hot! Unh! It’s burning! Unh! Fuck me, bastard! Fuck me harder! Ahhhhh! Oh fuck, oh shit, I’m cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

The spasms swept through her pussy like waves of pleasure, making her nipples ache in his sucking mouth and her cunt pulse violently around his fucking cock. The horny mother whipped her ass up and down on his prick in a lustful fury, feeling her clit tingle and pulse as the cum drained her gorgeous body.

“Unh! Oh, Cynthia, keep fucking me!” Hughes’ face contorted as the second cum load built in his bloated balls. “Aww fuck, I can’t stand it anymore! My dick’s so fucking stiff! Move your ass! Aww I’m cumming, I’m gonna spurt!”

His big cock trembled and pulsed wildly in her deluged pussy, nearly pushing Cynthia into another cum. Then she squealed with pleasure as she felt the white stream of spunk gush out of his cockhead, pouring deep inside her cunt.

Hotly she fucked him, contracting her pussy sheath to milk out every drop of fuck cream. Again, as she fucked him, she wondered how often his wife let him fuck her. Hughes wasn’t a young man, and he’d just cum buckets in her mouth, but there was still much of his jism. It filled Cynthia’s pussy completely, spraying deep into her cunt until the velvety cunt tunnel was filled, running out of her fuck hole and dripping back down his gushing cock.

Cynthia slowly lifted her sweating naked ass, letting his prick slide out of her. His big prick had finally gone soft, lying in a greasy tube on his thigh. But the horny expression in Hughes’ eyes showed that he wasn’t done yet.

“Let me suck your pussy,” he said softly.

Cynthia looked at him quizzically, then glanced down at her cunt. Her pussy was incredibly wet, drenched with her own fuck juices. The short curly hairs were matted to her cunt slit; and the pouting pussy hole was bubbling with ooze.

“Please, Cynthia! It’s so fucking wet!” Grinning lewdly, he dipped his finger briefly into her hot, throbbing cunt. “Let me suck and make you cum again!”

Remaining silent, Cynthia pushed the paper off the personnel officer’s desk and climbed onto it, wiggling her ass on the hard, wooden surface. Her pussy was so wet that her thighs were slick with her juices, and the fuck cream ran out of her cunt slit onto the desk.

Leaning forward in his chair, Hughes parted her shapely thighs and lowered his face onto her hairy fuck hole. Then he started to eat out her pussy like a starving man, licking up all the fuck juices from her swollen, horny cunt.

“Unnnn! Fuck!” Cynthia’s face contorted lasciviously with desire as she felt him pushing his tongue into her pussy, sliding it up and down the bright pinkness of her cunt. “Yes, bastard! Suck me, lover! Eat out my cunt!”

Hughes pushed his hands under her hips, clutching the quivering cheeks of her ass. He continued to slide his tongue rhythmically up and down her pussy, pausing occasionally to fuck it deep inside her cunt.

“More! I’m gonna cum!” After sucking his prick and fucking him, Cynthia was already on the verge of another orgasm. She grabbed the back of his head and humped her ass off the desk, fucking her cunt onto his hips. “Suck my pussy! Clean it up, bastard! My pussy’s so fucking wet! I’m gonna cum!”

Squeezing her ass cheeks, Hughes wrapped his lips around her clit. He sucked it tenderly but forcefully, seeming to draw it out of its fleshy hood. Cynthia instantly felt the tingling spasms throbbing through her fuck tunnel.

“Cumming!” She pounded her ass off the desk, thrusting her throbbing pussy onto his lips as the waves of ecstasy coursed through her body. “Unh yes, suck my cunt! Get my clit, oh Christ, I’m cumming now! I’m cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

She came so hard she nearly blacked out, dazedly watching his tongue pump eagerly into her cunt. When she recovered, a slow smile of pleasure spread shamelessly across her face.

It wasn’t so bad to fuck like this to get a job, she thought resignedly. It might not even be so bad to keep fucking Mr. Hughes on the side. Anything to keep from staying home and jacking off all day, thinking about her son.


Cynthia lost her job three days later, as a result of being caught by a company supervisor with Mr. Hughes’ cock in her mouth. The very next morning she was locked in the arms of a teenage delivery boy, fucking her brains out on her living room rug.

His name was Johnny Peterson, and he was a tall handsome eighteen-year-old. Cynthia didn’t know much more than that about him, except that he had a big stiff cock.

At nine that morning, as soon as Randy had left for school, she’d called the market for a load of groceries. She hardly needed her groceries delivered but after spending the night fingerfucking, Cynthia was determined to fuck whichever stud came to her door.

John Peterson almost dropped the bags when he greeted her and found the stacked woman standing before him buck naked. Cynthia was too horny to waste time on preliminaries. Telling him to come in and get rid of the groceries, she quickly unzipped his pants and stuffed his throbbing cock into her mouth.

Johnny came quickly, but his prick stayed hard. They were now fucking feverishly on the living room floor in the doggie position, with Johnny’s hands wrapped around her huge tits, and his rock-hard cock fucking rhythmically into her cunt.

“Fuck me faster, Johnny!” Cynthia rested her cheeks on her folded arms, dropping her shoulders and lifting her ass, grunting as she pumped her wet fuck hole onto his cock. “Your dick is so big and good! Faster, Johnny, fuck me as fast as you can!”

Johnny mauled her giant tits almost cruelly, tugging on them as if to pull them from her body, pinching the stiff, dusky-pink nipples between his forefingers and thumbs. Obediently he intensified the strokes of his fucking, slamming his purple-knobbed prick all the way into her pussy with each fuck thrust.

“Gonna cum, Johnny!” Cynthia clawed the shag carpet with her long fingernails, wincing as his swollen cock stretched the velvet walls of her pussy. “Awww yes, keep fucking me! Need your dick in my fucking cunt, Johnny! Need it all the way in!”

“Oh shit, Mrs. Perrine!” Johnny gasped as he felt and heard her pussy lips squishing and sucking around his racing cock. “Your cunt’s so tight! I don’t know how long I can hold my wad!”

“Fuck meeeee, John!” Cynthia’s wanton screams were loud enough to be heard down the staid suburban block, but she was too beside herself with fuck lust to notice. “Aw shit, my cunt’s burning up! It’s coming, Johnny, I can feel it coming up! Oh shit, fuck me as hard as you can! Fuck my pussy! I’m cuuummmmiiiinnnggg!”

The spasms gushed explosively through her prick-filled fuck hole, satisfying her more completely than any amount of fingerfucking. Shamelessly Cynthia groaned and pumped her hot pussy onto his prick, feeling every inch of her cunt tunnel throb and compress needfully around the teenage stud’s fucking prick.

But Johnny didn’t cum with her, and when the spasms subsided Cynthia realized that his prick was still rock-hard. The knowledge that he was ready to keep on fucking her turned her on incredibly. All at once Cynthia knew that she had to feel his massive hard-on fucking between the cheeks of her ass.

“Take it out of my pussy, Johnny!” she cried. “I can’t take anymore!”

Reluctantly, Johnny withdrew his aching cock from her steaming, burning cunt. “But I get blue balls,” he said worriedly. “I got to cum!”

“Cum in my asshole, Johnny!” Cynthia squealed. Stretching out flat on the floor, she reached behind her and spread her rounded ass cheeks with her hands, exposing the pink, puckered ring of her asshole. “I want you to fuck me up the ass!”

Lewdly Cynthia contracted her asshole muscles, making the small circle pucker and contract before the delivery boy’s eyes. Johnny gasped with lust, then quickly mounted her again.

Cynthia gasped with pleasure as she felt his drooling cockhead pushing against her asshole ring, separating the sphincter, burrowing slowly into the forbidden heat of her ass. She shuddered and grimaced as his prick began to fuck deeply into her ass, separating her ass walls to the bursting point around the invading thickness of his cock.

The first time her ex-husband Ted proposed ass fucking, Cynthia had protested for nearly a half hour before finally letting him fuck her between her soft, rounded cheeks. Since then, being fucked up the ass had always been a special pleasure for her.

She felt ashamed of herself, in a way, for her desire to feel a man’s stiff cock fucking into her asshole, spouting a hot wad of cum deep up her ass. Afterwards she was sometimes very sore; she couldn’t ass fuck every day. But she loved it so much that she sometimes jacked off to thoughts of ass fucking.

And Johnny had the perfect big stiff cock to give her the satisfaction she required.

“Harder, Johnny! Don’t worry about hurting me! Ram that whopper up my asshole!”

Cynthia thrust her fingers under her belly, through her matted pussy curls, burying two fingers on the gurgling sheath of her cunt. Wildly she humped her ass, pounding her stretched, sucking asshole up to meet Johnny’s prick.

The delivery boy had apparently never fucked a girl’s asshole before, and he was having trouble getting used to the extreme burning tightness of the lithe fuck hole. Feverishly he worked his ass, moaning as he fucked his steely dick up her asshole.

“Harder, Johnny, shove it in!” Cynthia rubbed her clit madly with her thumb and made her pussy froth as she fucked her fingers in and out of the pouting pussy slit. “Fuck my asshole, Johnny! Kill my asshole with your big dick!”

With a heavy groan, Johnny slammed his hips down, fucking every inch of his cum oozing cock into the rubbery grip of her asshole. He lay on top of her for several seconds without moving, feeling his balls tingle as the strong muscles of her ass tunnel milked the pink shaft of his prick.

Then he steadied himself over her prone body, and he eagerly started fucking her again, making her ass cheeks jiggle as he fucked his big prick between them. Cynthia fingerfucked her cunt and whimpered continually as her asshole muscles sucked his cock. Johnny started fucking her faster and as her ass tunnel gradually wettened and lubricated around his fucking prick.

“Gonna cum,” Cynthia panted. She stopped humping for a moment and lay motionless on the floor, doing nothing to help or stop him, letting him fuck her asshole as hard as he liked. “It feels so good, Johnny! Oh Jesus, gonna cum any second!”

Soon Johnny was fucking his cock in and out of her asshole as hard as he could, burying his prick to the balls between her ass cheeks with every thrust. Eagerly Cynthia started humping again, alternately whipping her fingers into her juicy pussy and pumping her asshole onto his hard prick.

“Cumming, Johnny!” she shrieked, her voice sounding horny and agonized at the same time. “Your dick is so fucking big! Aww fuck, I’m cumming on it! Fuck meeee, Johnny, fuck my asshole, I’m cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

Her cum deluged her pussy with hot cunt cream, and made her ravished asshole clasp convulsively around Johnny’s cock. Johnny’s balls were full of jism, and he couldn’t take the pressure around his prick. He gasped and fucked his throbbing cock into her asshole.

Cynthia shrieked as he came, spurting white ounces of jism into the rubbery sheath of her asshole.

“Cum in my asshole, Johnny!” Cynthia writhed feverishly beneath him, feeling her bunting ass tunnel being soothed by his gushing cock. “Cum up my shitter, oh fuck, fuck… oh my God!”

Standing before her, in front of the door that had somehow been opened without her hearing it, was a tall handsome teenager. The boy’s mouth was wide open, and a stack of school books had fallen to the floor beside him.

Cynthia felt her cheeks flooding with the worst shame she’d ever felt. She just been caught getting fucked up the ass by Randy, her teenage son.


The remainder of the day was one of the most miserably embarrassing of Cynthia’s life. Randy was obviously shocked to have seen his mother ass fucking, and Cynthia couldn’t live down the humiliation of being caught with the delivery boy.

They would probably have both preferred to have Cynthia slip Randy’s dinner under his door. Instead, they ate together in pained silence, exchanging a few lame pleasantries about the weather or Randy’s school work, completely avoiding the subject of what had transpired earlier that day.

As she listened to Randy watching TV in the next room later that night, Cynthia realized that being caught had made her hornier for him than ever. He’d seen his mother naked, seen her bare ass and pussy and big tits, listened and watched her pleading for Johnny to cram his cock up her ass. At least he knew she had a sexual identity… which would make it easier to seduce him. The admission horrified her, but it was something more difficult to deny that, deep down inside, she fully intended to fuck her gorgeous, teenage son. Cynthia spent the rest of that night fingerfucking to incestuous thoughts about him, imagining what his cock looked like when naked, when hard, how she would feel with his cock deep inside her mouth or asshole or cunt.

Breakfast the next morning was as strained and awkward as dinner had been the night before. Cynthia managed to wait a full tom minutes after Randy had gone to school before picking up the phone.

Then she called the market for another grocery delivery, and more of Johnny’s stiff cock.

Little did Cynthia know that Randy spent the rest of the day unable to concentrate on his schoolwork, with an enormous hard-on threatening to bore a hole through his pants.

His mother. His beautiful, big-titted mother, writhing on the floor, begging a delivery boy to fuck her up the ass… Randy couldn’t get the picture out of his mind. It was as if it had burned a picture in his brain, fluttering into his consciousness without any prompting, making it impossible to concentrate in any of his classes.

He’d always wanted to fuck his mother; he could remember lusting after her when he was only five or six, watching her walk around the house in loose robes that showed her huge jiggling tits and molded the rounded cheeks of her ass.

Many times during his boyhood he’d tried to steal glimpses of her when she was undressing for bed or getting out of the shower. Sometimes he’d caught a quick view of a naked tit or pussy, but nothing like what he’d seen the day before.

His mother, humping on the floor. For a full minute Randy had stared at her big beautiful tits, watching her ass heave as she grimaced and fucked, moaning, for that strange boy to shoot his wad of cum up her asshole.

“Jesus,” Randy whispered.

Having somehow made it, through the school day, Randy walked home down a shady suburban street. He kept his head down, oblivious to the sunny day or the warm southerly wind. All he could think of was the hard-on throbbing painfully in his jeans, the remembered spectacle of his gasping, naked, fucking mother.

“God, do I want to fuck her,” he muttered. “I want to fuck her so fucking bad. Jesus!”

“Excuse me! You there! Young man!”

Randy glanced up at the sound of the unexpected voice. Waving at him from a small well-kept front yard was a slim redhead in a plain blue jersey and blue jogging shorts. She was in her late twenties, Randy guessed, though her cute childish face belied her years.

Randy walked towards her expectantly. He saw that she had wide hazel eyes as he drew closer and that she was exceptionally pretty, though everything about her said that she was married. The woman smiled at him winningly.

“I hate to bother you,” she said, in a husky voice, “but… well, my husband was supposed to come home and help me with this, but he had to go to a stupid dinner, and he won’t be back for hours.”

“What can I help you with?”

“Well…” The woman cocked her thumb towards her house. “I’ve got this big bureau inside that I simply have to get out of the hallway, and there’s just no way I can move it myself. So I figured a big strong young man like yourself could help me. Would you mind?”

Randy shrugged. “Not at all.”

“Oh, fantastic!” the woman gushed. “My name’s Margie, by the way. I’ll pay you if you want.”

“My name’s Randy. You don’t have to pay me. I don’t mind helping.”

She led the way, and Randy thought of his mother’s full ass as he watched Margie’s ass cheeks wiggle under her jogging shorts. Then they entered the house, and he was puzzled to see neither a bureau nor hall way.

“Well, where is it?” Randy looked about the living room in confusion. “Is it in the back or something, Margie? I… Jesus!”

She had locked the door and was leaning against it, and in the few seconds he’d turned away from her, she’d somehow managed to strip completely naked. Randy’s cock swelled with fresh blood at the sight of her small, stiff nippled tits. Dazedly he ran his eyes up her long, sleek, ivory legs to the hairy red mound of her pussy.

“You couldn’t even keep that big fucker in your pants, could you?” Margie asked.

“Wha… what? What are you talking about?”

Margie pushed herself away from the door and moved confidently towards him. Her pretty wholesome face was twisted by a knowing leer of simple lust. Her expression told Randy what she wanted before she stood before him and put her hand on the crotch of his jeans, squeezing his big prick.

“I’m talking about this big fat boner, lover,” she said softly. “God, I nearly creamed my pussy when I saw you walking down the street with this whopper sticking out. You must be awful horny about something to have a hard-on like this!”

Randy gasped at her boldness, unable to believe that such filthy language could come from such a sweet-looking girl. But before he could say anything Margie had dropped to her knees before him. Her nimble fingers swiftly unbuttoned and pulled down his jeans, drawing his hard cock from confinement.

“Oh, Jesus!” she gasped. “I want this big fat fucker in my throat!”

Then she opened her mouth wide and lowered her head, quickly stuffing her face full of his big cock. Randy’s eyes widened enormously. Helplessly he stared down at her as the housewife feverishly started sucking his prick, gluing her lips to the bloated hardness of the cockshaft.

Lewd, gurgling sounds came out of her mouth as she wetly, noisily sucked. Margie sucked feverishly for a minute, bobbing her head and jacking on the prickshaft, until Randy’s cock was burning so hard that he thought he’d cum at any moment.

Then Margie took his stone-hard prick out of her mouth and let the saliva drool shamelessly out of her mouth. She licked her lips. Her eyes glistened as she looked up at him hungrily.

“Fuck, your dick tastes good,” she said.

“Do you like the way I suck cock?”

Randy was too speechless to reply. How could he tell her that he was shy with women, as handsome as he was, that he was still a virgin? Or that the enormous hard-on Margie had observed had been caused by his mother?

“What’s the matter, big boy? Cat got your tongue?” Margie giggled as she wantonly milked his fat cock in her little hand, making fresh pre-cum ooze from the tip of his cock. “Goddamn, you got a big dick! Do your little teenage girlfriends know what a huge prick you have? Well? Do you want me to keep sucking it or don’t you?”

Randy gulped and nodded his head. The horny housewife made a soft mewling sound and again filled her mouth with his cock.

She was such a small slim woman, but her lips were wide, and her enthusiasm enabled her to push over two-thirds of his prick down her buttery throat. Randy was violently aroused by the sight of her sucking his prick, her freckled cheeks were flushed, her eyes were closed, and her lips were stretched wide to nurse his swollen prick.

Slowly he let his face show the intense pleasure he got from her prick sucking. Randy’s cheeks flushed; his lips curled in a grimace of ecstasy and horny frustration.

“Suck it!” Thrusting his hand behind her head, he started to rock the lean cheeks of his ass, fucking his cock into her mouth. “Oh Jesus, that feels nice! Suck it, Margie! Suck off my prick!”

Margie shamelessly gurgled and slurped and sucked as if she were a starving woman feeding on the steely hardness of his cock. She tightened her fist around the root of his prick and jacked furiously, milking and tugging the length of his cock down her throat.

Her tongue swirled sloppily around the knob, teasing the piss hole, lapping up the cum juices that oozed up from his balls. Randy felt his prick grow even stiffer and start to throb and burn painfully as she sucked. Any second he knew he was going to cum.

Suddenly Margie withdrew his cock from her mouth, staring delightedly at the pink, hard prickshaft her lips had just made so wet. She jacked his prick rhythmically and met his eyes.

“Are you gonna feed me some cum, lover? Are you gonna give little Margie the hot load of spunk she needs for dinner?”

“Suck it,” Randy pleaded. “Please keep sucking!”

Margie smiled at his eagerness and returned her mouth to his prick. She caved in her cheeks and sucked so hard this time that he thought she was trying to pull his cock out by the roots.

His vision blurred as his prick prepared to spurt. The last thing he saw clearly was the unforgettable picture of the naked housewife jacking and sucking his prick in a fever, starving for the salty taste of his cum.

“Ahh, fuck!”

He came. Randy could almost feel the flood of jism leave his balls and rush up his cockshaft, blowing out of his prick-knob in a torrent of cream. It was nothing like the cums he’d experienced while beating off, much more intense.

Margie gurgled lewdly as she tasted the stream of jism shooting across her tongue, down her throat. She gripped his spurting prick harder then ever and started swallowing, slurping loudly as she sucked all the cum out of his stone-hard prick.

When she finally stopped sucking his cock, Randy wasn’t at all surprised to see that he still had a boner. It was as if she’d, sucked his cock into a permanent state of stiffness, as if his prick could never again go soft.

Margie sighed as she stared at the thick, long hard-on standing upright before her. “God, you’ve got a great cock.” Teasingly she flicked his prick with her fingernail, watching his cock bob and weave. “I’ll bet you’d like to fuck me with that big thing now, wouldn’t you?”

“Y-yes,” Randy stammered. “Oh Christ, yes!”

“But lover, I think your dick is too big for me! What do you think of that, hmmmmm?” Margie pursed her lips in a vixenish pout. “You’ll hurt my sweet tight little pussy with that gigantic wang of yours. I don’t know if I ought to let you even try to put it between my legs.”

Randy looked down at her in horny frustration, too shy to object to whatever she said. Then Margie stretched out on her back on the floor, showing him that she’d only been teasing. She spread her long white thighs wide apart, revealing the red-haired lips of her pink wet cunt.

“But I’ll tell you what I’ll let you do, lover,” she hissed. “If you suck my pussy and make it cum, my cuntlips will get real soft and wet. Then maybe you’ll be able to get that huge cock inside of me. Now what do you think of that?”

Randy quickly fell to his knees, crawling across the rug until he was crouched between her naked splayed legs. Feeling awkward but horny, he lowered his head and planted wet kisses on her inner thighs, pushing closer and closer to her burning pussy.

“Unh! Oh fuck, don’t torture me like this!” Margie grabbed his hair and pulled his face onto her red-haired cunt bush. Immediately she started humping her ass wildly off the floor before he even had a chance to get his tongue inside her pussy. “Suck me! Clean up my pussy, lover! Lick my cunt, make it cum!”

Randy thrust his tongue between the pouting petal-like lips of her wet pussy slit, for the first time tasting the musky wetness of a woman’s horny cunt. The taste wasn’t so much good as it was wildly arousing; he immediately felt fresh blood pouring into his prick as he experienced the slightly salty flavor of hot, eager pussy.

Randy thrust his hands under her dancing hips, clawing her small, rounded ass cheeks to hold her slender body in position. Then he began to lick eagerly up and down her throbbing fuck slit, drawing closer to her clit with every lapping stroke of his tongue.

“Awww yes, aww fucking yessss, my husband never eats me like that!” Margie pulled his hair so hard that it hurt, whipping her ass off the floor in a frenzy, pumping her pussy all over his face. “Suck it, stud! Unhh! Suck off my cunt! Do you want to fuck me, Randy? Make my pussy cum and I’ll let you fuck me as hard as you want!”

Randy stretched out on the floor, with his cock stone hard and throbbing between his belly and the carpet. He tongued and sucked and licked and kissed her wet, hairy pussy with growing assurance, feeling the swollen cunt folds throb with lust on his mouth.

Her clit was stiff and protruding, and he knew that that was the most important spot on a woman’s body, the part that was sure to make her cum. Randy wiggled his tongue between her pussy lips and moved his mouth higher up her cunt slit, finally enveloping her clit between his lips.

“Aww God, suck me there, that’s so good!” Margie clawed the back of his neck and arched high off the floor, grinding her steaming cunt hole onto his mouth. “Suck it, lover! Suck my clit! Awnnghh! Wanna cum, gotta make me cummmm!”

Randy sucked her clit hard, tugging it out with his lips. He pulled one hand from her bouncing ass and slid two fingers into her fuck hole, marveling at the pressure of her cunt muscles around them.

“Cumming!” Margie’s pretty face contorted obscenely with lust as the pleasure gushed through her slim naked body. “Suck me, lover! Suck off my pussy! My clit’s so fucking stiff! Unh, unh oh shiv unh unh fuuuuck I can’t stand it. Unh cuuummmmiiinnnngggg!”

Randy felt her pussy lips contacting rhythmically, then gulped as a hot flew of fuck cream oozed from the depths of her cunt. Margie bucked her ass in a frenzy for nearly a minute as the cum pumped through her.

Finally her ecstatic shrieks and moans tapered off into a soft whimpering. Releasing his head, she let her ass fall back to the carpet and panted in the aftermath of a good hard cum.

“Oh, Randy,” she sighed breathlessly. “That was so good. You suck pussy like you’ve been doing it all your life. I feel so satisfied… oh, God, oh fuck…”

Randy knew he was being given an incredible compliment for a virgin, but he was oblivious to her words. Slowly he rose between her thighs into a kneeling position, wincing as he stared down at his steel-hard throbbing cock.

Never in his memory had his prick been so swollen and stiff, particularly right after a cum. The prospect of losing his cherry made him horny enough to fuck a dog. He had to feel his cock going into Margie’s sweet little cunt.

Margie looked up and realized how he felt as soon as she saw his prick. “You need to get laid now, don’t you?”

Randy nervously nodded his head. Margie patted her drenched pussy and smiled at him lewdly. Randy crawled between her spread legs, holding his throbbing hard-on in his fist. Slowly he dropped down on her, pushing the cock-knob between the folds of her dripping, burning cunt.

“Ahhhh, God!” Margie spread her legs farther apart, lifting her thighs until her knees nearly touched her shoulders, completely opening her pussy passage for the invasion of his cock. “God, you’ve got a big one! Oh yesss, what a thick, long fucker! Fuck me, honey! Ram that big dick all the way up to my throat!”

Randy bucked and squirmed between her slender thighs, trying to teach himself the rhythms of fucking. He often worried about making a fool of himself in front of a girl on his first try, but learning how to fuck turned out to be surprisingly easy.

His prick went all the way up her dripping pussy in one thrust; he gasped as he felt the pressure of her slippery cunt walls clasping the veined hardness of his cockmeat. Randy fucked her gingerly at first. Within a few strokes he was fucking his prick up her fuck tunnel as if he’d been fucking for years. He was fucking her pussy deeper with every stroke.

“Ummmm yes, do it so gooood!” Margie allowed her tongue to loll shamelessly out of her mouth; her face became an obscene spectacle of lust and horniness as he fucked her cunt full of his big prick. “Fuck me haaarder!” She grabbed his ass cheeks, squeezing them with every thrust. “Fuck my ass right through the fucking floor! Ram my pussy with that whopper prick!”

Grunting and gasping, the horny wife began to respond to the intensity of his fucking, humping her ass off the floor. Randy groaned as her pussy thrust up to meet the fuck strokes of his cock; their bellies, slick with sweat, slapped together as they fucked.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” Margie burbled the two words incessantly as she writhed and bucked beneath him, beside herself with pleasure. “Kill my pussy! Fuck it with your dick! You’re such a good fuck! Do it harder!”

Randy felt his ball bag slapping her ass crack with every thrust, heavy with its congested load of cum. He started to fuck her faster as he drew closer to the climax, fucking his burning, oozing hard-on into her red haired pussy as hard as he could.

“I’m getting off!” Margie moaned. She clawed his back with her fingernails, suddenly scissoring her legs around his waist to draw his cock deeper into her pussy. “Fuck me hard, Randy! Aw aw fuck I’m cuummmiiinnnggg!”

The spasms rippled through her lithe body, making her cunt contract and squeeze tightly around Randy’s prick. Randy collapsed between her quivering thighs, fucking his cock all the way into her pussy tunnel. He came as hard the second time as he had the first, spurting thick wads of jism into her cunt.


Meanwhile, on the other side of town.

“Dad, I’m so glad you decided to leave work early today,” Felicia sighed. “I don’t know why I stayed out in the sun so long. I really needed someone to put the burn lotion on me.”

Ted and Cynthia’s teenage daughter lay on her belly on her father’s bed, with her ponytail thrown over her shoulder and her tawny naked flesh gleaming in the sunlight. All she had on was a skimpy bikini, and the top was undone, exposing a sheer white belt across her delicately muscled back.

Ted sat on the edge of the bed, rubbing the sunburn lotion into her back as he fought to keep his stiff prick down in his pants. For weeks he’d been fighting the temptation to fuck his daughter’s ass off, and now he knew he was losing control.

She was practically naked. Her body was so tan and supple and young. Ted dipped his fingers into the jar and massaged the lotion onto the backs of Felicia’s thighs. His daughter squirmed. He could see pussy curls peeking out of the crotch of her bikini bottom. Ted sighed.

“Urn, Dad, that feels so good,” Felicia purred innocently. “I wish you’d rub me like this even when I’m not sunburned.”

“Well, to tell you the truth, honey,” Ted said hesitantly. “It feels a little bit funny to be touching you like this. You are my daughter.”

He massaged the lotion into her thighs, drawing as close to her sumptuous, protruding little ass as he dared. Felicia sighed sensuously as he pushed her thighs apart and smeared the cream right next to her panty crotch.

“T-turn over, honey,” Ted said, even as he told himself to stop. “It’s time to get the front.”

“But Dad, you’ll see my bosom,” Felicia protested.

“Now you’re the one being silly, honey. I am your father.”

Felicia giggled and rolled quickly onto her back. Ted almost dropped the lotion jar at the sight of her nakedness. Her tits weren’t as large as Cynthia’s, but they were much bigger than average for her age, and the milk-white globes were a tantalizing contrast to her tanned, reddened arms and stomach.

Ted’s prick was now so stiff he thought his cock might throb out of his pants. His hand trembled as he dipped his hand in for more lotion and smeared it onto her shoulders. Those nipples, he thought lustfully. They were fat and luscious, a dusky pink with rubbery tips that were obviously very large when stiff. “Dad, do you think I have a nice body?”

Felicia asked suddenly.

“Why… of course you do, honey.” Ted moved his hand down to her ribs, brushing the side of her tits, making the spongy globes jiggle. “Why do you ask?”

“Boys are always trying to feel me up,” Felicia pouted. “It’s getting so I can’t go out with anyone anymore. They only have one thing on their minds.”

“Well, you be careful, honey,” Ted said, and he barely resisted the urge to rip off the bikini bottom and ram his cock into her pussy.

He rubbed the lotion onto her stomach, making Felicia purr contentedly. Then he smeared it onto her calves and legs and tenderly massaged the fronts of her thighs. Closer and closer his fingers drew to her panty crotch, trembling with the forbidden desire to touch her cunt. Ted gently parted his teenage daughter’s thighs and rubbed the lotion right next to her snatch.

“Oooh, Dad!” Felicia’s eyes half closed pleasurably. “That’s making me feel so funny!”

“Why’s that, honey?”

“It’s making me tingle. In my vagina. My vagina’s getting wet, Dad!”

“Why, Felicia! You don’t mean to tell me you’re getting sexually excited with your father?”

“I can’t help it, Dad. It’s making me all hot and wet down there!”

The sensuous innocence of her words made Ted’s cock as stiff as a board, unable to stop leaking cum, so that he could feel the wetness of his oozing jism in his underwear. Unable to restrain himself, he pushed his finger under her panty crotch, touching the soft, fleecy curls of her naked cunt.

“Oh, Dad!” Felicia whimpered. “You better not do that!”

“I… I can’t really help myself, honey. You’re such a pretty girl!”

Ted pushed her panty crotch to one side, gasping at the sight of her bare, hairy pussy slit. He pushed his finger gently into her cunt, marveling at the tightness of the wet sheath sucking around his finger. Lightly he began to fuck and wriggle it in and out.

“Mmmmmm, Dad!” Felicia’s pretty face contorted immediately with intense arousal. Her pussy nipped his finger; she shook her head deliriously back and forth on the bed. “Better stop. Dad! It’s making me hot! Unhh! Oh, Dad, it’s wrong, it’s wrong! Unhhh!”

“It’s not wrong, Felicia,” Ted muttered. “Nothing I do with my daughter could ever be wrong.”

Past the point of no return, Ted quickly took off his daughter’s bikini bottom, leaving her completely naked. Felicia lay there, shuddering submissively, overwhelmed by the horny sensations flooding her pussy. Ted returned his finger to her pouting cunt and started to fingerfuck her in earnest.

“Unhhh, Dad!” Hotly Felicia wiggled and ground her ass on the bed, humping her pussy onto his hand. “I can’t help it, Dad! My vagina’s getting so hot! Unhhh! Oh more, Dad, play with me some more!”

“Don’t worry, darling. Now I’ll show you something even better. And don’t call it your vagina, honey. Call it your pussy. Or better yet, your cunt. Your hot, sweet little cunt…”

Ted stretched out between her spread thighs and lowered his head, burying his face on the curly hairs of her pussy triangle. Her cunt slit was sticky and swollen, indicating the degree of her excitement.

Lustfully Ted squeezed and milked the delectable cheeks of her perfect ass. He fucked his tongue into her fuck hole, groaning at the taste of her pungent teenage fuck juices. Then he began to lightly slide his tongue up and down her pussy furrow, pausing to tease and fuck her stiff clit.

“Unh, Daaaaaady!” Felicia’s pussy contracted on his mouth, and her hairy fuck hole was quickly deluged with cunt cream. “That fills so good, Dad! I can’t help it!” She grabbed the back of his head and spread her cunt wider. “Suck me, Dad! Suck my… pussy! Unhh! Dad, Dad, it feels so good!”

Lewdly Ted squeezed and massaged her ass cheeks, resisting the temptation to part the cleft and insinuate a finger into her rubbery little asshole. Felicia shrieked as his tongue drew closer and closer to her twitching clit. Lightly at first, then with growing speed, she bumped her ass in his hands, fucking her pussy onto his face.

“Does that feel good, darling?” Ted pulled one hand away from her ass cheeks and lightly fingered the curly haired petals of her pussy, staring at her lust-agonized face. “Do you like the way your dad sucks your cunt?”

“Yes, Dad, yes, please keep sucking me!”

“You don’t mind that it’s your father who’s making you feel so good?”

“I don’t care anymore! Dad, I’m so horny! I want you to lick me some more!”

Ted spread and lifted her legs, opening up her fur-fringed cunt completely for his lips and tongue. Returning his mouth to her pussy, he applied all of his sucking talents to his daughter’s delicious cunt.

Eagerly he licked and kissed and sucked her throbbing cunt, lapping up the fuck juices that oozed from the depths of her fuck hole. Felicia clawed the back of his neck and made the bed shake as she wildly humped her ass. Ted wiggled his tongue on the underside of her clit, making Felicia gasp and stiffen as hot waves of pleasure burst uncontrollably through her naked body.

“There, Dad! Suck me there!” She grabbed the back of his head and whimpered as she tried to get his mouth on her turgid clit. “My clitoris! Please suck it for me!”

Ted wrapped his lips around his daughter’s steaming clit. He sucked tenderly, forcing his head to stay in position as she bucked and writhed in a frenzy beneath him.

His fingers separated the folds of her pulsing pussy, pushing gently into the slippery sheath of her fuck hole. Felicia grimaced as she felt her father’s fingers going inside her, stretching the walls of her virgin cunt. Then she was cumming, unable to withstand the ecstasy racking her body.

“Unh! Aw fuck, Dad, suck my cunt!” The obscenities burned shamelessly from her lips as the spasms burned through every inch of her cumming pussy. “Lick my pussy, Dad! It’s so hot, it’s cumming! Aww fuck, Dad, oh fucking shit, suck meee. I’m cuuummmiiiinnnnngggg!”

Ted kept his lips glued to his daughter’s twitching clit, simultaneously fucking his fingers rhythmically in and out of her sucking, spasming pussy. He continued to suck ha cunt after her cum subsided, cleaning the fuck cream off of the swollen pink slit. There was a lot of it; her inner thighs were slick with the oil that had run out of her hairy pussy.

“Oh, Dad!” Felicia shut her eyes and continued to roll her head back and forth, delirious in the tingling aftermath of her orgasm. “Oh that was so wonderful, Dad, thank you so much! You made my pussy feel so good! Love you, Dad, love you…”

“But we’re not finished, darling. There’s more to sex than just having your cunt licked. Your father’s going to show you everything.”

Ted climbed off the bed and hurriedly removed his clothes, tossing his shirt, shoes, socks, pants and underwear carelessly onto the floor. When he pulled his shorts off, his hard-on popped out, and the expression on Felicia’s face told him that this was the first cock his teenage daughter had ever seen in the raw.

“Oh, Dad!” she gushed. “Your penis is so big and stiff!”

“It’s not my penis, darling.” Ted climbed onto the bed and knelt between her thighs, with his massive prick throbbing and twitching and dripping cum onto her belly. “Call it my dick!”

He took Felicia’s hand and lifted it to his cock, watching as his innocent daughter gently stroked and petted his iron-hard prick. Her touch was eager and inexperienced; she ran her fingers lightly up and down his cock, pinching the bloated, purplish prick-knob.

“I can’t believe how big your dick is, Dad,” she said anxiously. “Oh God, it’s so hard, I can feel the blood throbbing in it! Are you really going to put it all the way up my cunt?”

“Yes, darling.” Ted mounted her, crawling into position between her spread-eagled thighs. “You just watch and see how easily it goes in!”

Holding his cock in his fist, Ted centered the juicing prick-knob on the swollen, dripping slit of his daughter’s pussy. He pushed in gently until his spongy cockhead was securely embedded inside her. Felicia moaned at the pressure of her first prick, feeling her pussy slit nip and cling to the tip of his cock.

Then Ted started humping his ass, gently fucking the meaty inches of his hard-on into the velvety sheath of his daughter’s hot cunt. Immediately he realized how tight her pussy was, how exquisitely the strong pussy muscles milked and clasped the veined harness of his meat.

“Unh, Dad, you’re hurting me!” Felicia’s pretty face contorted in pain and pleasure as she felt her cunt walls stretched wider than they had been by his fingers, tearing slightly to admit the massive thickness of her father’s cock. “Your dick is too big for me! But it’s making me so horny too!”

“You just… and fuck! Just hold on there, honey!” Ted panted. “Fucking always stings a girl a little bit the first time. In a minute you’re really going to start loving it.”

He continued to work his ass steadily between her spread, slender thighs, watching her big tits jiggle spongily with the thrusts of his cock into her pussy. Lowering his head, Ted watched his hard-on disappear into his daughter’s bush.

Her cunt was hot and tight. The little fuck hole seemed to suck and contract of its own volition, continually squeezing his aching prick. Ted kept fucking into her and fought to hold back his load of cum.

With a last, jerking movement of his hips, Ted pushed every inch of his big prick into his teenage daughter’s fuck hole. Felicia quivered and shuddered beneath him, moaning and rolling her head as she was overwhelmed by the horny sensations flooding her naked body.

“Does it feel good now, honey? Do you like the way my cock feels in your little cunt?”

“Yes, Dad!” Felicia gasped. “Oh fuck, it doesn’t hurt anymore! Ungghh! Dad, I can feel your dick throbbing now! It’s so big and hard! Fuck me with it, Dad! Teach me how to fuck!”

Ted lifted his ass, withdrawing his aching, drooling cock until only the prick crown parted his daughter’s ravished pussy folds. There was no blood on his prick, he saw, only the wet stain of her fuck juices. She was ready and open to get fucked.

Sighing, Ted pushed his big prick all the way back into her pussy. He pulled out again, then fucked back in, a little farther. Then he slowly started fucking his horny daughter, fucking out her hairy slit with quickening strokes of his cum-swollen prick.

“Harder, Dad! Unhh! Fuck me harder!” Lifting her head, Felicia watched in wide-eyed awe as her father’s fat prick fucked rhythmically into her curly haired pussy. “Can’t believe how good it feels, Dad! Unh, my cunt’s throbbing, it’s sucking on your cock! Fuck me with it, Dad! Fuck my cunt!”

Her pussy was still extremely tight, but the constant flow of her cunt cream had loosened her pussy passage for the fuck thrusts of his prick. Ted stopped worrying so much about his daughter and concentrated more on his own pleasure.

Groaning, he fell flat on her sleek body, flattening her big tits beneath his chest and cradling his head in the crook of her shoulder. Felicia instinctively lifted her thighs, pressing them tightly around his waist. Ted started humping his ass much faster, fucking his cock relentlessly through the gurgling wetness of her cunt.

“Gonna cum again, Dad!” Felicia ran her hands wildly all over his body, raking his back with her long nails. “Nhuunh, I want more, Dad, more of your dick!” She grunted and scissored her thighs tightly around the center of his back, simultaneously grabbing his ass cheeks and trying to pull them down with every stroke. “Fuck my cunt, Dad! Fuck it, make it cum!”

“Move your ass, darling!” Ted gasped. “Push up your sweet little pussy when I push down my cock!”

Felicia shamelessly started humping beneath him. Her fuck movements were awkward at first, and Ted nearly pulled his prick out of her inadvertently.

But instinct makes fucking the easiest thing in the world to learn, and besides, his horny daughter was a natural fucker. Within a few strokes, Felicia was whipping her ass off the bed as if she’d been fucking all her life, groaning and crying girlishly as she pummeled her pussy onto Ted’s cock.

“I’m cumming now, Dad!” she cried. “Awww fuck me, I can feel it! My pussy’s burning so good! Unh! Oh, Dad, Dad; my cunt feels funny, it’s never felt like this before! Fuck my cunt, Dad! I’m cuummmmiiinnngggg!”

The spasms shot through her sweating tanned body, making her thighs quiver as they clutched his back and her dripping pussy sucked spasmodically around his prick.

Ted knew that he’d finally satisfied his daughter and stopped trying to hold back his load. He fucked her brutally as he came, making the bed creak and shake, pounding his prick furiously into her pussy and thinking of nothing but his impending cum explosion.

“Ahh fuck it, Felicia!” he gasped.

His big prick, sprayed heavily into her hairy, clinging pussy, racking his balls with one of the most powerful cum of his life. Ted pistoned his ass and cried out loudly as white ribbons of jism jetted out of his piss hole, splashing onto the slippery, inner walls of his daughter’s cunt.

“Aw, Dad, you’re cumming, you’re cumming!” Hornily Felicia bucked her ass off the bed, flexing her cunt muscles to milk all the salty cream out of his cock. “Keep cumming, Dad! I can feel it in my pussy! Shoot your stuff in my hot cunt!”

Then it was over. Panting in happy exhaustion, Ted pulled his cock out of her fuck hole and rolled onto his back beside her on the bed. His prick was limp and rubbery, completely drained by the intensity of their incestuous fuck.

“How do you feel, honey?”

Felicia threw herself on top of him and kissed him lovingly, in shamelessly gratitude for the pleasure his cock had given her. “I feel fantastic, Dad! I loved fucking you! I never knew fucking could feel so good! I just want to keep fucking you all day and all night!”

She kissed him wantonly, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. Her hand pushed down his hairy chest and stomach; Ted was a little surprised at her eagerness when she wrapped her hand around his prick and started to jack his cock.

“Make it stiff again, Dad! Make your cock super hard so we can fuck!”

“But, honey, I really came hard!” Ted said apologetically. “You might have to wait a couple of minutes for me to get another hard-on!”

“Would it help if I put it in my mouth? I really want to suck your dick, Dad! I want that almost as much as another fuck!”

Ted gulped and nodded his head. Holding up his rubbery prick with her hand on the base, Felicia lowered her head and stuffed his cock down her throat.

“Now, don’t use your teeth,” Ted instructed. “Fold your lips over them. Jack me off and suck me at the same time.”

Felicia caved in her cheeks, wrapping her lips in a tight circle around the center of his prick. Then she feverishly started sucking, obviously starved for the taste of her father’s cock.

Almost immediately Ted felt his prick getting stiff again, responding to the wet pressure of his daughter’s mouth. Felicia gurgled contentedly as she felt the big cockshaft swelling between her sucking lips.

“Unh! That’s a good girl, Felicia! Oh fuck, you’re a fantastic little cocksucker! You’re making my cock grow again! Keep sucking now! Suck your father’s dick!”

Felicia jacked his cock and bobbed her head, fucking her face with her dad’s prick. Ted dropped his head to the bed and simply enjoyed the pleasure of the blow job. He’d finally committed incest, but he knew that, with the joys of his daughter’s tight pussy behind him, he’d never be able to turn away from it again.


Randy awakened earlier than usual for school, and the first thing he was aware of was that he had an enormous hard-on. It wasn’t a piss boner; a quick trip to the bathroom proved that. He’d simply awakened horny, with a cock which was rock-hard and pulsing for some cunt.

Perhaps he’d been dreaming about Margie, or more likely, his big-titted, fucking mother. Lazily pushing the sheets to the foot of the bed, Randy exposed his nakedness in the early morning sunlight.

Wrapping his hand around the center of his cock, the teenage boy felt hot pulsations shooting through his prick. He stroked his cock once, then a second time. Then he started to jack off, rocking his hips lightly off the bed, fucking his prick through his fist.

“Fuck me…” he whispered. He realized he was fantasizing about his mother, remembering how she’d looked on the living room rug, with the delivery boy’s hard-on shooting jism up her asshole. “Oh yes, so good… fuck me… fuck…”

The door burst open, giving him no chance to cover himself. Randy stared in shock and embarrassment at his equally shocked, embarrassed mother.

“Jesus, Mom!” Randy gasped. “Holy Christ!”

Blushing fiercely, the teenager grabbed the sheets and pulled them up to his chin. He moved fast, but not before Cynthia had savored a very good look at his naked stiff prick.

The second she saw his cock her pussy began to juice uncontrollably, and she knew that she was going to have to feel his prick in her cunt.

Her son’s cock was huge. Only a teenager, but his prick was already every bit as large as his father’s. Dizzily Cynthia walked across the room to his bed, thinking of nothing but the rock-hard, quivering prick shaft, the bloated purplish cock-knob that had looked ready to burst as her son stroked madly.

“Son?” Cynthia sat on the edge of the bed and stared down at him with glazed eyes. Only part of her mind seemed to be working; it was if she’d fallen into a trance. “What were you just doing? What were you doing when I came into your room?”

Randy’s embarrassment suddenly turned to anger. “Jesus! You saw me! What the fuck do you think I was doing?”

“Don’t swear, darling. Don’t be angry. Nothing’s wrong with masturbation.” The words came quickly, bubbling out of Cynthia’s slack lips. Without intending to she put her hand on his thigh and rubbed it through the sheets. “Nothing’s wrong with jacking off your cock. That big, beautiful cock.”

Randy gasped as her bathrobe fell open, revealing her enormous, milk-white tits. Impulsively, helplessly, Cynthia grabbed the sheet and threw it to the foot of the bed.

Randy’s cock stood up, stiff and long and thick. Cynthia wrapped her hand tightly around the base and moaned as she felt his prick throbbing in her fingers. Then she dropped her head and frantically began to lick and kiss his spongy cockhead, thrusting her tongue into the piss hole.

“Unh! Oh fuck, Mom! What are you doing?” Randy grimaced and looked at her disbelievingly, letting her do as she pleased. “Oh Christ, that feels good! Suck it, Mom! Suck my cock!”

Beside herself with lust, Cynthia opened her mouth wide and stuffed her son’s big prick down her throat. It tasted salty and musky and utterly delicious, and the cockshaft was so thick that she had to stretch her lips to bursting just to hold his prick in her mouth.

Cynthia forgot that incest was wrong, that she was committing a sin she’d been fighting for weeks. Feverishly she started sucking her son’s massive cock as hard as she could, noisily slurping and gurgling as she savored the mouth-filling stiffness of his prick.

“That’s good, Mom!” Randy grabbed the back of her head and excitedly pumped his ass off the mattress, fucking his prick down her throat. “Suck harder! You, suck my cock so good!”

Tightening her fist around the base of his cock, Cynthia madly jacked her son off. Her tongue swirled all over his bloated prickshaft, teasing the slit, trying to turn him on as much as she could. Rhythmically her cheeks caved in and puffed out, increasing the suction around his big prick.

“Gonna cum, Mom! I can’t hold it back!”

Then, as desperate as she was to drink his jism, Cynthia knew she had to feel his hard-on fucking into her cunt.

She popped his cock out of her mouth and licked the cum from her lips, staring hornily at his prick as the stone-hard column of cock pulsed and weaved lewdly over his, stomach. Cynthia climbed off the bed and shrugged off her bathrobe. Randy gasped at the sight of his mother’s voluptuous naked body, gazing at her huge, stiff-nippled tits, her sleek legs and ass, the hairy triangle of her cunt.

“I’m going to fuck you now, darling,” Cynthia hissed. Her voice had a faraway sound to it, as if she’d been drugged. “You’ve got a big, fat, beautiful cock, son. I’m going to put it in my cunt!”

She climbed back onto the bed and mounted him, straddling his hips, planting her knees on the bed to either side of his upper thighs. Excitedly Cynthia reached between her legs and grasped the throbbing length of his prick.

Then she fit the cock-knob into her pussy and bucked her ass down hard, groaning as she felt his fat prick boring into her sopping cunt.

“Unh! Oh fuck, Mom! Fuck my dick!” Randy pushed his hands up her torso and wrapped his fingers tightly around her huge, cherry-capped tits. He squeezed and massaged her enormous tits as he started to hump his ass off the bed, thrusting his cock into her cunt tunnel. “Your pussy’s so wet! Fuck me, Mom! Move your ass and fuck me hard!”

Cynthia worked her ass like a machine, grunting and sighing and humping until she had every inch of her son’s bone-stiff cock into the gurgling sheath of her cunt. She felt her pussy throbbing ecstatically around his cock, filled to bursting by the meaty size of Randy’s big prick.

Cynthia leaned forward, letting her huge tits dangle pendulously over his chest. Randy immediately raised his head and caught one nipple between his lips. He sucked hard on the rosy circle, chewing the taut teat like a nursing child. Cynthia gasped and humped her ass as hard as she could.

“Fuck me, darling!” she squealed. “Unh Randy, your cock is so thick. Fuck me! Fuck your mother! Your dicks big and stiff in your mother’s cunt!”

Sucking eagerly on her creamy tits, Randy tried to work his ass in time to her strokes. But Cynthia’s humping movements were impossible to follow. She whipped her hips in a blur, slamming her cunt up and down on his burning cockmeat, thinking of nothing but her impending cum.

“Fuck me harder! Fuck your mother!” Her pussy was wetter than it had ever been in her life, making obscene squishing sounds as the fur-fringed lips sucked on Randy’s fucking cock. “Aww, my cunt’s so wet! Fuck it faster, as fast as you can! Gonna cum, lover! Fuck meeee!”

Randy panted around her stiff nipple and fucked his cock into her pussy deep and fast. Together, the incestuous lovers nearly broke the bed with the fury of their fucking. Within minutes Cynthia felt the pre-cum heat boiling deep inside her pussy; her asshole and cunt throbbed in unison, making the velvety cunt sheath suck around her son’s fucking prick.

“Cumming, Randy!” she gasped. “Fuck me now, harder, faster! Ram your dick up my belly! Ungghh! Oh fuck, my pussy’s burning! I’m cuming, I’m cummmmiiiiinnnnggg!”

Her cum ripped through her loins with tremendous force, draining her body completely. Randy gasped, released her tit and fucked his cock all the way up his mother’s fuck tunnel.

The white cum gushed out of his cockhead, filling her pussy full of his cream. Cynthia shrieked and humped her ass faster than ever, using her tight pussy to drain the spurting cum load out of her son’s big prick.

Then she was off his cock, off the bed, and out of the room before the last drops had finished oozing from the tip of Randy’s prick. Her son called after her, but Cynthia paid no attention.

The heat of lust was behind her; she felt horribly ashamed of what she’d done. How could she have been so sinful? Cynthia was crying miserably. How could she have allowed herself to fuck her teenage son?


The day after her father had fucked her, Felicia had a hard time in school. She’d always been an honor student, interested in her lessons and her teachers, but it seemed she just couldn’t concentrate.

All she could think of was how horny she felt, how her pussy was hot for another good fuck. As her teachers droned on about everything from the Constitution to Greek history, the teenage nymph wriggled her ass in frustration in her chairs, fantasizing about her dad’s huge spurting cock.

She usually chatted with Mr. Bartholomew after her last period class, but today she left without saying a word to anyone, hurrying home to jack off. It was three o’clock, and she wondered how long it would be before her father returned from work. How many times would she fingerfuck herself before he walked in the door and she took his prick out of his pants?

But Felicia was to get fucked hours before she expected. A car slowed to an idle as she rushed up Penny Avenue on her way home.

“Hi, there, Felicia! Want a lift?”

Feeling slightly dazed by her lust, the shapely teenager looked through the passenger window. Smiling at her was Chet Gardner, a bachelor in his mid-thirties who lived close to Felicia’s old house across town. Felicia knew him just well enough to recognize his face, having exchanged pleasantries with him off and on over the years.

“Hi, Mr. Gardner. What’re you doing over here?”

“I had to pick up some papers.” Gardner threw open the passenger door and patted the seat beside him. “Hop in, Felicia. I’ll give you a lift. You and your dad live in an apartment complex now, right?”

Felicia nodded as she got into the car, and the two chatted aimlessly as they drove to her apartment building. As he pulled next to the curb in front of it, Gardner mentioned that it was a hot day and he was thirsty. Felicia didn’t think twice about inviting him inside, though she wanted privacy so she could fingerfuck.

In her apartment, she returned to find that Gardner was already sitting on the living room couch.

“Here you go,” she said, handing him the glass and sitting next to him. “I hope it’s not too warm. I don’t think the pipes in this building are insulated that well.”

Gardner took a long swallow and smiled at her. “It’s fine. You’ve got a very nice place here with your father.”

Felicia shrugged. “Oh, I guess it’s okay. Thank you for saying that, though.”

“You deserve the best, Felicia. You’re a very pretty girl.”

“Why thank you, Mr. Gardner!”

“A very sexy girl too. You’re getting pretty big, Felicia. How old are you now? You must get asked out on lots of dates.”

Felicia shrugged and smiled at him a little shyly. She was still too innocent to understand what he was driving at.

“I hope you’re careful when you go out, Felicia. Boys your age usually have only one thing on their dirty little minds.”

Felicia was momentarily tempted to tell him how she’d been initiated into the joys of fucking by her father, but quickly decided against it. “Oh, I know how to watch out for myself, Mr. Gardner.”

“But they might try to touch you, Felicia. Like this.”

Felicia wore a pair of tight faded jeans and a cotton t-shirt that stretched to cover her tits. Lightly Gardner placed his hand on her thigh and squeezed gently.

“Mr. Gardner!” Felicia giggled and batted his hand away. “Don’t touch me like that!”

“But boys will touch you like that, Felicia. You have to know how to protect yourself from boys.”

He put his hand back onto her thigh and moved it upwards. Felicia watched in shock as his fingers moved towards her crotch. For the first time she glanced at the front of his pants and was surprised to see an enormous hard-on stretching his slacks.

Then Gardner realized what he was doing, and he seemed suddenly embarrassed by his actions. “I’m sorry I… please don’t tell your father I touched you like that, Felicia. I know it was wrong of me. I guess I’ve always found you an exceptionally attractive girl.”

“I’ll say you find me attractive!” Felicia blurted. “God, look at that big hard-on in your pants!”

Gardner gasped at her boldness and stared down at his throbbing cock bulge. All at once Felicia knew she was dying to fuck him. She’d intended to jack off until her father’s return, but nothing could take the place of a big fucking cock in her pussy.

“I’m… oh God, this is embarrassing!” Gardner squirmed away from her. “I’m sorry, Felicia, I lost control of myself! Please don’t tell your father!”

“Mr. Gardner, would you do something for me?”

“What’s that?”

“Let me suck your dick!”

Gardner gaped at her in stupefaction. Licking her lips, Felicia slid off the couch and knelt on the floor in front of the couch. Then she slid her hands up his thighs, caressed his stiff cock through his slacks and deftly pulled down his zipper.

“Now… now wait a second here, Felicia,” Gardner said, glancing nervously around the apartment. “I don’t know if you realize… oh, God!”

She pulled his pants and underwear down to his ankles, freeing his naked, throbbing prick. His cock was a big one, fat and swollen, seamed by a thick vein that flared out at the crown into an enormous, rosy prick-knob. Whimpering with lust, Felicia wrapped her little hand around the shaft of his prick and started to jack his cock hard.

“Felicia! Oh, Christ!”

“Don’t be worried, Mr. Gardner! I won’t tell anyone!” Felicia’s hand raced in a blur up and down the stalk of his cock meat, well practiced after giving so many hand jobs for her father. “I want to give you a blow job! Your cock is so big and hard. I really want to suck on it a lot!”

Gardner moaned and said nothing. Pushing her fist to the base of his cock, Felicia extended her tongue and flattened it on the pulsing, spongy prickhead. His cock tasted delicious, salty and musky as only cock meat could be.

Felicia teased his hard-on by licking the tip for several seconds, simultaneously squeezing and milking the base. A thick blab of jism oozed from the piss hole. She caught it on her tongue and giggled as she sucked it into her mouth.

“Doesn’t that feel good, Mr. Gardner? Don’t you want me to give this big fat cock a good sucking?”

Gardner nodded silently and pushed his hand behind her head, cupping the back of her neck needfully. Felicia took a deep breath and dropped her head onto his lap. She made a lewd gurgling sound as she stuffed the meaty inches of his prick down her throat.

Her father had licked her cunt and fucked her pussy, but Felicia could never get enough of sucking his cock. She felt as if she had a special craving for his prick all the time, as if the vague uneasiness she often felt could only be satisfied with a long stiff cock spurting cum down her throat. Most of all she wanted to suck her dad’s cock now, but Gardner’s would do as a substitute.

Felicia hollowed her cheeks, sharply increasing the suctioning pressure around Gardner’s cock. Gardner’s prick quickly grew stiffer under her mouth fucking, twitching and jerking obscenely between her lips. More hot pre cum oozed out of the piss hole. Felicia lapped it up with her tongue, rolling her tongue repeatedly all over the shiny-skinned knob of his prick.

Cocks taste so good, Felicia thought hornily. It’s almost like being a daughter again and sucking my thumb. Only dicks taste a lot better. I wish Dad was here so I could suck his cock too.

Wet, slurping sounds came out of her mouth as her blow job intensified, filling the living room with the lascivious sound effects of sex. Felicia’s cheeks blushed as she pushed her head closer to the furry root of Gardner’s prick, taking more of his hard-on between her lips.

She sucked his prick feverishly, clamping her lips in a tight circle around the thick-veined cock. Gardner shuddered and started to grind his ass off the couch. Felicia met his rhythms, bobbing her head, fucking her face with his prick.

Obediently the wanton teenager dropped her hand between his hairy thighs. Gently she dug her fingers into his ball bag, feeling the fat globes inside the hairy sac.

They were painful bloated, loaded with cum. Felicia made Gardner gasp as she rolled them between her fingers, as if to loosen and coax out the wad of cream. Her other hand tightened on his prickshaft and jacked much faster, until her wrist ached with the speed with which she worked his cock.

“Cuming, honey!” Gardner grabbed her head with both hands and desperately tried to fuck his cock down her throat. “Can’t take it, I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

His cock spurted. The first torrent of cum gushed over Felicia’s tongue, rolling down her throat before she’d gotten a real taste of his spunk. Then the white ribbons of jism pumped rhythmically out of his prickhead, and Felicia determinedly gulped it all down, whimpering around his squirting cock meat as she savored the taste of his cock juices.

“Felicia, Felicia…” Gardner trembled on the couch as she thrust her tongue onto his cum slit, lapping the last drops of cream from his aching cock. With his balls emptied of their load, she took his prick out of her mouth and licked off her own saliva and the traces of his jism.

“I can’t believe this,” Gardner moaned. “I never thought this would happen in a million years!”

“I don’t know about that, Mr. Gardner. Why did you tell me how pretty I am?” Felicia giggled and ran her tongue around her lips. “God, I’m super horny. How’d you like to see me naked, Mr. Gardner? Then I’ll let you lick my cunt!”

Gardner gulped and nodded his head. Felicia rose to her feet, moving slowly and tantalizingly, enjoying the process of exciting him with her voluptuous figure.

She pulled the t-shirt over her head, revealing the straining cups of her bra. Gardner’s rubbery cock immediately started to swell with fresh blood, lifting from where his prick rested across his thigh and twitching luridly.

Felicia reached behind her back and unfastened the bra, exposing her large well rounded tits. Gardner’s prick grew still harder as he ogled her big red nipples, stiff now with her need to cum.

“Like me so far, Mr. Gardner?”

“Go on, go on!” he pleaded. “Let me see your cunt!”

Felicia giggled and kicked off her sandals. Then she slowly peeled her tight jeans over her ass, down her long tapering legs to the floor. Now she only had on her panties, and Gardner could clearly see her hairy pussy triangle through the sheer fabric. Her oozing cunt cream had wetted the panty crotch.

“Oh, fuck!” Shamelessly Gardner wrapped his hand around his stone-hard cock; he jacked off hard as he watched her strip. “You’re torturing me! Take off those Goddamn panties, please!”

Smiling, Felicia tugged off the panties too. Then she slowly stretched out on her back on the floor. Gardner’s cock throbbed violently as he watched her spread wide, her long legs completely opening up the pouting lips of her wet, curly haired pussy.

“Suck it, Mr. Gardner!” Felicia trailed her fingers through her matted cunt bush and slipped two fingers between the swollen lips of her pussy slit. Gently she fucked them in and out, fingerfucking herself before his eyes. “You know you want to. Lick my pussy, make it cum!”

With his hard-on standing stiffly before him, Gardner climbed off the couch and knelt between her naked splayed thighs. He bent his head to her pussy and watched her fingerfuck herself, inhaling the irresistibly tantalizing aroma of a wet teenaged cunt.

Felicia sighed as he took her wrist and pulled her hand from her burning pussy. Then he pressed his head between her creamy white legs and glued his mouth to her oozing cunt slit.

His tongue pierced the folds of her hairy cunt, rubbing on the bright pinkness of her fuck hole. A drop of cum oozed from the tip of his prick; he liked the taste of Felicia’s pussy.

Thrusting his hands under her hips, he dug his hands into the rounded, spongy globes of her ass. Then he started to move his tongue rhythmically up and down the pouting lips of her wet pussy, pausing to tease her clit with every tongue thrust.

“Unh! Mr. Gardner!” Felicia’s pretty face took on a dazed, slack-jawed look of lustful passion. Her only fucking experience was with her father, but Mr. Gardner was obviously as skilled at sucking pussy as her dad. It wouldn’t be long before she came.

“Suck it, lover!” She grabbed the back of his head and started to grind and buck her, ass off the floor, humping her fleecy pussy mound onto his tongue. “My pussy’s all creamy! Aw God, your tongue feels good! Keep licking it, lover! Lick my clit!”

He sucked her cunt harder, flicking his tongue on her hard, protruding clit and lapping up the fuck juices that flowed from the depths of her pussy tunnel. Felicia responded by clawing the back of his neck and whipping her pussy up so eagerly that it was impossible to hold her bouncing ass in position.

Withdrawing his hands, Gardner fucked two fingers into her flowering, swollen cunt. They went easily into the gurgling sheath of her pussy. He started to jack her off as he sucked. More and more he licked and sucked her clit, holding it between his lips, nibbling on the tip.

“Cumming!” Felicia’s gorgeous face reddened sharply as the spasms made her loins churn with passion. “Aw fuck, my cunt’s so wet! I’m cuming, lover! Keep eating me, suck my fucking pussy! I’m cuuummmiiiinnnnggg!”

The spasms pumped explosively through her wide-open cunt, deluging Gardner’s sucking lips with a heavy flow of cunt oil from her foaming pussy. Felicia jerked and humped as if in the throes of a fit, pounding her cunt repeatedly onto his lips. After the main strength of her cum had subsided, Gardner continued to nurse and suck gently on her ravished pussy.

“Oh, Lord!” Felicia panted as she stared at the ceiling, still feeling the tingling pleasure throbbing inside her cunt. “Take off the rest of your clothes, lover! Do it now! I’ve got to feel your dick inside me!”

Gardner rose to his knees between her sweat-beaded thighs and hurriedly stripped off the rest of his clothes, revealing a powerful physique. Felicia stared lustfully at the big thick cock weaving stiffly before him, still dripping with its need to penetrate the folds of her cunt.

Gardner mounted her, supporting the weight of his upper body on his outstretched arms. He fit the knob of his prick into her pussy, and Felicia whimpered loudly as she felt his cock fucking into her, spreading the walls of her fuck tunnel around the invading thickness of his big cock.

“Unnnghh! Yes, lover, oh yes!” With half of his prick fucking inside her, the naked teenager threw up her legs and wrapped them tightly around his heaving back. “Your prick is going into me now! Unhh, it’s stretching me, it’s filling my cunt! Fuck me with it! Fuck the shit out of my hot cunt!”

Felicia’s shameless obscenities excited Gardner to go faster, ramming his cock to the balls in the hairy, gurgling slit of her cunt hole. He lay on top of her without moving, savoring the pressure of her pussy muscles around his rock-hard prick.

Slowly he began to fuck his meat into her, excitedly watching her big, stiff-nippled tits jiggle and quiver as he fucked her cunt full of his cock.

Felicia gasped and wrapped her arms about his shoulders, groaning as her cunt was pleasured by his fucking prick. Gardner fucked her pussy faster and harder. Felicia energetically worked her hips to meet his fuck strokes, bouncing her ass off the floor.

“Faster, Mr. Gardner! Fuck my pussy as hard as you can!” Her moans were more like shrieks, driving him on to consummate her lust. “Aw, my pussy’s so hot! It’s sucking on your cock, it needs your prick to cum! Fuck meeeee, fuck me haaard!”

Gardner fucked her as hard as he could, pounding her ass onto the living worn carpet with every thrust. Felicia knew that the sounds of their humping might have been audible through the whole apartment building. She didn’t care. Her cunt was hot. She had to cream.

“I’m cumming!” she gasped suddenly. Her tight pussy spasmed around his cock, clutching it needfully as the heat gushed through her belly. “Fuck me, unh unh, fuck my cunt! I’m cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

Simultaneously Gardner fucked his aching, burning prick into her cunt bush, shooting his second load into her wet teenaged pussy. Felicia’s ecstatic cum was intensified by the white torrent of jism shooting into her pussy, filling her cunt as his cum splattered on the slippery inner walls of her pussy tunnel.

She moaned deliriously, thanking him for the pleasure his cock had given her pussy.

Her moan also let her father — who had just come home from work, and was now standing with his car to the apartment door, an astonished look on his face — know that his daughter was fucking another man.


After impulsively sucking and fucking her son, Cynthia felt more ashamed of herself than ever before in her life. She was sure that she would never be able to face Randy again, never be able to meet his eyes without blushing horribly in humiliation. It wouldn’t have surprised her if he never came home from school.

She spent the day in an orgy of guilt and lust, blaming herself for giving in to her incestuous passions, while fingerfucking herself endlessly as she remembered her son’s huge fucking cock. When she heard the front door open in mid-afternoon, and heard Randy’s footsteps bouncing up the stairs to his room, she jacked off harder than ever.

For the rest of the afternoon she avoided him, retreating to her room whenever she heard her son stir upstairs. But there was no avoiding a confrontation at dinner. At six Cynthia took a quick shower to wash her dripping pussy, then dressed in a dress that showed no cleavage and fell to her knees. Then she called Randy down for supper.

Randy trotted downstairs and looked at her in a friendly manner, but Cynthia blushed in shame and averted her, eyes. Randy shrugged and took his place at the dinner table. Cynthia served him and sat down hr silence.

But Randy showed no desire to initiate conversation, and after awhile the quiet was more than Cynthia could bear. She desperately wanted to talk about their fuck session that morning, to explain to him that she’d lost control of herself and that it could never happen again. But she just couldn’t say that. At least small talk was better than nothing.

“Well!” Cynthia exclaimed brightly. “How was your day at school today?”

Randy shrugged and chewed a sprig of broccoli. “Okay. How ’bout yours.”

“Just fine!” Cynthia lied. “Have you ever heard of Terrini’s? It’s a new market downtown.”


“Well, they’re famous for their vegetables, and after tasting this broccoli I have to agree. Don’t you think, Randy? Isn’t this the best you’ve ever had? Here, let me get you some more.”

Too nervous to sit still, Cynthia picked up the serving tray, walked around the dining room table and stood next to Randy to spoon some more broccoli on his plate. Her face was still flushed with tension, but she did her best to smile lovingly.

Then Randy shocked her by running his hand up her shapely thigh and squeezing her ass through the dress.

Cynthia just stood there with the serving tray in her hands, too shocked to move. Randy put his hand under her dress. Lewdly and shamelessly he massaged her soft thighs, then pushed his fingers under her panties and squeezed and kneaded her naked ass cheeks.

“R-Randy, you stop that,” Cynthia said nervously, as her cunt began to throb. “What’s gotten into you?”

“Come on, Mom. Knock off the shit.”

It was a wraparound dress which had never been meant to show a glimpse of thigh. But Randy pulled the halves completely apart, baring his mother’s long, naked legs and her hairy pussy triangle through her sheer panties.

Cynthia shuddered as her son pulled the panty crotch away from her cunt. Then he slipped his fingers into her pussy, separating the pouting folds of her hairy wet pussy.

“God, Mom! Your cunt really feels good!”

“R-Randy, I have something I have to say to you.” Cynthia managed to put down the serving tray before it fell to the floor. “What we did this morning… well, I’m the one who initiated it, but what we did was very wrong. I enjoyed… having intercourse with you very much, darling, but we must never do it again.”

“Bullshit, Mom.”

Randy tugged her panties over the rounded cheeks of her plump ass, skinning them down her long legs. Cynthia stiffened and did nothing to stop him as he wrapped his hands tightly around the spongy globes of her ass.

Turning on his chair, Randy pushed his face onto the dark triangle of her pussy. Instinctively, helplessly, Cynthia spread her feet on the floor. Randy pushed out his tongue and stuck it deep inside her cunt.

“Oh, Mom, your pussy tastes so good,” he sighed. “I’ve wanted to suck your cunt for so Goddamn long!”

He squeezed her ass cheeks harder, rolling them between his fingers. Then he started to eat out her creaming pussy in earnest, darting his tongue rhythmically in and out of the wet, aching slit. Cynthia’s pussy lips pulsed as he slid his lips up and down her pussy furrow; her clit swelled painfully, rising from its fleshy hood.

“No-no-nnnooo, Randy,” she gasped, her voice breaking. “I’m your mother. Can’t have sex with your mother… unh God, nooo, don’t suck Mom’s cunt…”

Randy ignored her, gulping audibly as he tongued up the cunt oil from the foaming lips of his mother’s pussy. Shamefully Cynthia glanced at his crotch, and her eyes widened as she saw the gigantic stiff cock stretching the inseam of his jeans.

Impulsively she lowered her hand and squeezed his big prick. Then she started rocking her ass, whimpering and sighing as her horny teenage son ate out the pussy he’d come from years before.

“Wrong, son,” she shuddered. “So wrong to suck your mother. Unhhhh! Oh, Randy! Lick my pussy, darling. I can’t help myself. Suck my cunt good.”

Randy ground his lips on her steaming fuck hole, fucking his tongue deep into the bright pinkness of her pussy tunnel; Cynthia could barely stand as she felt the cum spasms beginning in her belly.

“Make me cum!” Needfully she held the back of his head and started humping her ass, fucking her wet cunt all over her son’s face. “Gonna cum, gonna cream! Suck me, Randy, suck off my clit!”

Randy wrapped his lips tightly around his mother’s red, ravished clit. He sucked it hard, as if trying to pull it from her body. Cynthia’s screams nearly shook the house.

“Cumming now! Aww God, I can’t help it, you suck my pussy so good. Suck harder! Suck my cunt, I’m cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

The heat from her cum ripped through her hairy pussy slit with cunt-drenching force, instantly satisfying her pussy more than any of the fingerfucking sessions she’d had all day.

Again and again delicious spasms gushed through her pussy, making her pussy tingle and pulse wildly, and her cunt oozed hot fuck cream into her son’s mouth.

Randy pawed her ass cheeks and continued to tongue and suck and lick and kiss his mother’s pussy until her cunt folds had stopped pulsing on his mouth. Then, his cheeks glistening with her pussy cream, he lifted his head and stared shamelessly at her face.

“Mom, you’ve got to let me fuck you. I’ve been thinking about your cunt all day.”

Cynthia stared down at him, visibly shivering as she struggled between her nagging conscience and the volcanic force of her lust. Soon her lust won out completely.

Pushing herself away from him, she tore madly at the buttons of her dress. Randy watched as she ripped off the dress, leaving herself naked except for her bra and panties. Then he was upon her, with his big stiff cock sticking out of his jeans as he tore at his mother’s undergarments.

“Yes, Randy, do it!” Cynthia screamed. “Suck my tits, fuck me! Fuck the shit out of my cunt!”

Randy ripped off her D-cup bra, exposing the soft, milk-white expanse of her tits and the huge, stiffly crinkled nipples. He lowered his head to her huge tit and pulled the nipple deep into his mouth. His cheeks puckered as he sucked violently, sending fresh waves of passion through Cynthia’s stacked body.

Her son tore off her panties as he sucked her tit; he stuck his finger into her hairy cunt. Lewdly Cynthia bucked her ass, fucking his hand. Then Randy stopped sucking and pushed her to the floor, struggling with his clothes as he mounted her.

“Yes! Fuck me, fuck my cunt!”

Randy was soon naked, baring the lean, muscular physique and the huge hard-on that Cynthia had craved so much. He held his wildly jerking cock in his fist and grimaced as he fit the prick-knob against her foaming cunt.

Then he was pushing his dick into her, brutally stretching the walls of his mother’s pussy around his fucking cock. His frantic fuck thrusts would have hurt her if Cynthia’s pussy hadn’t been so buttery, so slick with the juices of incestuous lust.

“Aw yesss, son, fuck me, yessss!”

She spread her legs as wide as she could, opening her cunt tunnel completely for the violent invasion of her teenage son’s giant prick. Feverishly Randy pistoned his lean ass cheeks, fucking his big cock all the way into his mother’s wet pussy. He winced as he felt the pressure of her cunt muscles enveloping his prick.

He was fucking her so hard, it was as if he were raping her, Cynthia thought giddily. Her boy grown into a man, heaving between her thighs. She wanted him, all of him, even more than his cock. She desperately needed to be possessed by her son.

“Fuck me, Randy!” Throwing up her long legs, she wrapped them needfully around his back. “Fuck my pussy as hard as you can!”

Randy started doing just that. His hips moved like a machine between her spread thighs, reaming out her pussy with a force Cynthia hadn’t experienced since her wedding night with her ex-husband. Savagely his big prick fucked into her slick, clinging pussy, stretching the hairy cunt lips, fucking her cunt deeper with every stroke.

“Unggghhh!” Moans filled the living room as Cynthia’s aching pussy was thoroughly, furiously fucked. Panting, she worked her ass off the floor, pumping her pussy desperately onto her boy’s fucking cock.

“I’m gonna cum, Mom,” Randy moaned. “Your beaver’s so fucking tight. It’s sucking on me. Unh, Mom! I gotta squirt!”

“Yes, darling! Cum, cum!” Cynthia clawed his back and fucked her ass faster off the creaking floor. “Fuck me hard, fuck me harder! I’m cumming too! Oh, Randy, kill my pussy! Fuck me raw!”

Randy lowered his head to her deep cleavage, rolling his cheek on her huge spongy tits. He opened his mouth and sucked her other nipple between his lips, making Cynthia gasp and whine as she felt her son nurse wetly on her tit.

Then the fevered strokes of his fuck rhythm put her over the edge. Suddenly she felt her pussy tunnel tightening, and clasping around his fucking cock, her clit itching painfully as the little bud was titillated with every stroke.

“Cummmmmming now!” she moaned. “Fuck my pussy! Fuck me, fuck your mother! Unggghhhh! Oh God, oh fucking God! I’m cuuuummmiiinnnggg!”

It was an even more satisfying explosion than the first. Cynthia’s cock-stuffed pussy sucked tightly around her boy’s big prick as the cum spasms overwhelmed her naked body. Her nipples tingled; even her asshole lewdly throbbed and puckered, and at that moment Cynthia knew where she had to feel her son’s fucking cock next.

“Oh fuck, Mom!” Randy winced as his massive hard-on grew to total twitching stiffness in the sopping sheath of her pussy. “I’m cumming, Mom!” He started to fuck her much slower and faster, filling and emptying her pussy completely with every stroke. “My dick… it’s burning! Oh, Mom, Mom… ahhhhhh!”

A torrent of cum rushed up from his balls, gushing violently out of the open piss slit. Cynthia felt the hot spurts of her teens jism spurting all the way into her cunt.

Whimpering with pleasure, she tightened her legs around his waist and hammered her ass frantically off the foot, wanting her pussy to drain off all of his load. Randy came and came and came, until the horny mother thought he would shoot his balls out of the tip of his prick.

Finally the gusher of cum turned into pearly drops oozing from the tip of his swollen cock. There was more cream than her little pussy could hold. Cynthia groaned as she felt the load running out of her cunt around his cock, dripping onto the rug.

“Oh God, Randy! That was the best fuck of my life! Thank God you started to finger my pussy like that! I’ve been thinking about your huge dick all day! How will I ever survive without your dick again?”

“I don’t want to stop fucking you, Mom!” Randy moaned. “I love your pussy. I want to fuck you till you pass out!”

They kissed hornily, thrusting their tongues into each other’s mouth. Cynthia felt her pussy throbbing some more, sucking and clinging to the huge stiff cock that was still as hard as a poker.

It was time to teach her horny son how to love her asshole too.

“Put lots of it on, Randy!” Cynthia yelped. “Your dick is so fucking huge! God, it’s going to feel fantastic fucking up my ass!”

The naked mother and son were on Cynthia’s spacious double bed. Cynthia, was on her hands and knees, looking expectantly over her shoulder. Randy’s oversized cock pulsed straight before him as he held the open Vaseline jar in his hands.

Liberally he coated his rock-hard prick, smearing the jelly all over the knob and veined cock column. Then he withdrew another hunk of the goo and patted it onto his mother’s asshole.

Her ass ring was pink and the puckered circle was quite small. Randy’s huge cock grew stiffer as he looked at her asshole and imagined how good the strong, rubbery ass muscles would feel as they convulsively gripped his prick.

“Oh, Randy, I can hardly wait!” Cynthia’s asshole throbbed obscenely in and out as her son worked the Vaseline into her ass tunnel with his finger. “That’s enough, Randy! Put your dick in now, lover! Fuck your mother up the ass!”

Randy carelessly dropped the jar off the bed and mounted his mother’s succulently rounded cheeks. Groaning, Cynthia reached behind her back and spread her ass cheeks wide with her hands.

Then she felt her son’s bloated cockhead pushing onto her ass ring, spreading her asshole as he pushed in the meaty thickness of his cock.

“Yes, Randy!” Cynthia released her ass cheeks and quickly started humping, fucking up her asshole for more of her teen’s cock. “Fuck my asshole! Unh, fuck, I can feel it stretching me! Fuck your huge stiff dick up my little ass!”

Randy’s face was already a mask of lust as he fucked his prick up his mother’s shitter, feeling the rubbery ass tunnel he’d fantasized about suck tightly around his cock. Skillfully he wiggled his ass, corkscrewing his prick deeper and deeper between her blushing ass cheeks.

“Aw, Randy, I love it, I love your cock!” Cynthia dropped her head to her folded arms, letting her huge tits dangle over the sheets. Her pussy drooled heavily as Randy fucked a third, then a half, then two thirds of his stone-hard cock into her asshole. “I think I’m gonna cum already! Oh fuck me, Randy, fuck my asshole as hard as you want!”

With an obscenely pleasurable sigh, Randy fucked every inch of his prick into the rubbery grip of his mother’s asshole. Instantly he felt her ass tunnel flexing convulsively around his cock, as if to milk it all the way into her belly.

The pressure was delicious. Gasping, the naked boy lay crouched on top of his mother, feeling his cum-swollen hard-on ooze jism deep inside her bowels. Then he started to fuck his cock steadily in and out of her ravished asshole, fucking her deeper and faster with every stroke.

“Aw!” Cynthia gasped. “Oh, Randy! I love it! Fuck me harder!”

Fucking my asshole, she thought shamelessly. My teenage son’s enormous cock, rooting up my ass. His dick, feels so good in my asshole. There’s nothing more I can do with my son.

Randy slid his hands up his mother’s waist, wrapping his fingers around her huge rounded tits. He squeezed and milked them lustfully, rubbing his palms on the crimson nipples to make them stiffen like little pebbles.

At the same time his hips pumped faster and faster, fucking his blood-engorged cock to the depths of her sucking ass tunnel. Soon he was reaming out his mother’s asshole as hard as he could, making the bed creak and shake as they incestuously fucked.

“I’m cumming, Randy!” Cynthia impulsively thrust her fingers through her pussy curls, burying two in her dripping, churning cunt. She fingerfucked her pussy hard and fast, rolling her clit as the spasms began to gush through her loins. “Fuck my asshole! Harder, Randy! Fuck me harder, up my ass, my asshole’s cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

Randy fucked his prick into his mother’s cumming asshole, moaning as the cum bloated his prick to an even greater stiffness. Then he came too, shooting pints of thick, salty cum into her puckered asshole. Cynthia squealed like a bitch in heat as the walls of her ravaged asshole were soothed by her son’s hot squirting jism.

“I love you, Randy!” she cried. “Keep fucking me! Don’t ever stop fucking me!”

There was no turning back now. She would never try to resist her lewd cravings for her son’s hard-on again.


“Dad, what’s wrong?” Felicia blurted suddenly. “Why are you being so mean to me?”

They sat on the living room couch side-by-side, sipping drinks as they watched a comedy rerun on the TV. Felicia was dressed in a nightie which clung to the curves of the naked teenage body beneath it. She wiggled close to her father on the couch and looked at him thoughtfully.

He’d fucked her good and hard when he’d finally come home from work, after Mr. Gardner left, and she’d given his prick a good sucking after dinner. But there was something wrong in his manner, something reserved. Felicia wanted to fuck some more, but, it bothered her that she almost felt reluctant to ask her dad for more of his prick.

Something was bothering him.

“Nothing,” Ted said tersely and kept his eyes on the set.

“Dad, please, something’s bothering you!” Felicia whined. “Don’t lie to me! Did I do something wrong? Tell me what it is!”

There was a long silence. Ted frowned and looked pensively at the floor. His voice was a flat monotone when he spoke again.

“Felicia, have you ever fucked anyone besides me?”

Felicia thought of confessing her fuck session with Mr. Gardner, but quickly decided against it. “No, Dad. You’ve got the only cock I want. Why do you ask?”

“Now don’t lie to your father.” Ted turned and looked at her challengingly. “Are you sure you’ve never fucked anyone else?”

“N-no, Dad,” Felicia replied, blushing fiercely as she realized how brazenly she had lied. “Please don’t say things like that to me!”

“What about this afternoon? With Chet Gardner?”

There was a long silence. Felicia’s eyes opened wide, and she parted her lips as if to speak.

But there was nothing to say. Her father had caught her lying and caught her fucking. Slowly Felicia bowed her head as her cheeks flushed red with shame.

“How did you know?” she asked softly.

“I didn’t come home at five today,” Ted said quickly. “I came home at three-thirty. And the first thing I heard when I put the key in the door was the two of you fucking like a couple of rabbits. So I took off and came back later. Felicia, do you realize what you just did?”

Her father’s accusing question hung in the air. Felicia’s blush deepened.

“I… I lied to you, Dad. I’m sorry.”

“Okay,” Ted said grimly. “Who else have you fucked beside Chet Gardner?”

Felicia quickly looked up with tearful glistening eyes. “No one, Dad! I swear to God, he was the only one. He… he seduced me! Well, no, not quite, but it was his idea in the first place. I was so horny, Dad! I couldn’t stand to wait for you to come back from work and fuck me!”

Ted frowned and turned his attention back to the television set. “I don’t see how I can believe anything you ever tell me again.”

“No, Dad!” Felicia squealed. “Please don’t say that! I couldn’t stand for you not to believe me! Oh please forgive me, Dad, please, please!”

She flung herself on top of him, planting quick kisses on his neck and all over his face. Ted smiled slightly, then frowned even more darkly. On sudden impulse Felicia threw herself across his lap on her stomach.

“Spank me, Dad!” she cried. “Go ahead and spank me!”

Ted looked at her curiously. “What?”

“Go ahead, Dad! I deserve it! Spank my ass until it’s raw!”

There was a long pause. Felicia wiggled expectantly on her father’s lap, making her small plump ass jiggle under the nightie.

Then she felt her father’s hand lifting the nightie higher, higher, until the hem was around her waist. Felicia felt the cool air on her bare ass cheeks, felt her father’s eyes staring at her.

“Go ahead, Dad!”

Then his hand came down, slapping directly on the cleavage of her ass. Felicia yelped and almost tried to wiggle away. But her father caught her arm and started to beat her ass hard and fast, walloping his broad hand on her ass cheeks.

“Aw, Dad, not so hard!” she cried. “You’re hurting meeeeee!”

“You wanted it,” Ted whispered tersely. “Now don’t complain about how hard you get it!”

He spanked her ass very hard, whipping her ass cheeks as hard as if he’d been using the back of a brush. Tears soon streamed from his naked daughter’s eyes, and she cried out in genuine agony. Her ass cheeks stung and burned as they jiggled under the raining blows of her dad’s hand.

“Not so hard, Dad! Aww, you’re hurting me! I’m sorry, stop spanking me! I’ll never fuck him again!”

“Bad girl,” Ted whispered. “Bad, bad…”

Then Felicia started to get very hot.

One of the reasons she’d suggested the spanking was because she remembered getting them as a little girl. Bare ass and squalling over her father’s lap… they’d always hurt, but in a way they’d also turned her on.

It was finally starting to turn her on now. As the burning in her ass cheeks worsened, Felicia felt a horny heat coursing into her cunt. Her clit stiffened; her hairy pussy lips leaked hornily with thick fuck juice.

“Unhhh!” Felicia started to hump her pussy on her father’s knee as her father whipped her ass. “Oh, Dad… Dad, unhhhh…”

Ted stopped spanking her. He watched as his horny teenage daughter shamelessly continued to dry-hump his leg. Spreading her thighs slightly, he extended his finger and pushed it into her curly haired pussy.

“Unhhh! Do it, Dad!” Felicia whimpered and dry-humped, his leg faster and faster. “Jack me off! My cunt’s so hot!”

Ted’s finger made squishing sounds as it fucked in and out of her clasping, dripping pussy hole. “Do you like getting your ass spanked when you’re bad?”

“Yes, Dad! Oh, God!” Felicia dry humped furiously, thrusting her pussy alternately between his thigh and his finger. “I love it, I’m so hot!”

Suddenly she slid off his thighs, kneeling on the floor. Ted watched silently as she parted his legs and fumbled frantically with the zipper of his pants. Felicia’s breathing was heavy, and her face was a mask of lust. He’d never seen her quite so hot for cock.

“Gimme your dick, Dad!” Felicia tore his pants and shorts down his hairy legs, throwing them over her shoulder onto the floor. “I want to suck your big dick now, Dad. I’ve been such a bad girl.”

His cock looked enormous, a giant column of flesh jutting straight out of his prick hairs to beat and pulse luridly over his stomach. The underside was turned to her, and Felicia stared with shameless hunger at the thick vein jutting up the underside of his prick.

She wrapped both hands around her father’s hard-on and squeezed, causing the massive hunk of cock meat to beat and throb. Then she withdrew one hand, pushed her right hand to the root of his cock and opened her mouth wide, stuffing her throat with her father’s prick.

It satisfied her instantly, stretching her lips wide. Felicia gurgled as she wrapped her mouth tightly around her father’s cock. She caved in her cheeks and greedily started sucking, hearing the smacking, slurping sounds of her blow job fill the whole room.

“Unh!” The last traces of Ted’s anger left him as he watched his horny teenage daughter bob her head and fuck her face with his giant prick. “Oh, honey…” His fingers curled in her wavy brown hair, pulling her close. He pumped his ass off the couch, fucking his cock between her lips. “Suck it, honey. That’s a good girl. Suck your dad’s cock!”

Felicia grunted rhythmically as she slammed her head up and down on her father’s upthrust prick, stuffing more and more of its delicious length down her buttery throat. Her tongue curled around his throbbing, hardness, darting into his cum hole, lapping up his oozing fuck juices. Her right fist jacked and stroked his cock.

“Gonna cum!” Ted moaned, stiffening all over. “Oh fuck, honey… oh, oh!”

Felicia started sucking her dad’s prick harder than ever, already looking forward to the gushing torrent of his cum. Then her father shocked her by pushing her head away, leaving his rock-hard, throbbing prick twitching wetly in mid-air.

“Dad! What are you doing? You were about to cum! I wanted to drink your cum!”

“Get on your stomach on the floor,” Ted said suddenly. “There was a strange look in his eyes. Get on the floor!”

“But, Dad…”

“I’ll be back in a second,” Ted said, rising and walking out of the living room. “Now you do what I told you or I’m really going to whip your ass raw!”

He disappeared into the bedroom. The horny daughter watched him go, then obediently stretched out on her belly on the living room carpet. Guessing that her father was going to doggie fuck her when he returned, she got on her hands and knees and waited expectantly.

Ted returned a second later, carrying a small jar. He dropped it on the floor behind him before Felicia could see what the label said. That made her curious, but she soon forgot everything as her father mounted her, crouching over her quivering ass cheeks and holding his throbbing cock in his fist centered the prick-knob on her drooling cunt.

“Oh, Dad, you’re going to fuck me now!” Felicia clawed the carpet strands and quickly started humping her ass as her father pushed his cock head onto her pussy slit. “Do it, Dad! I’m so horny! Fuck my cunt, do it hard!”

Ted humped his ass, fucking his bloated cock deep into his daughter’s pussy. Felicia moaned and lowered her head as she felt her father’s prick separating the slippery walls of her fuck tunnel.

His hands slid down her torso, gripping her pendulous tits. He quickly started cunt fucking her very hard and fast, fucking his bone-hard prick rhythmically in and out of her hairy teenage cunt.

“Yes, Dad, fuck me good!” Felicia whipped up her ass to meet his strokes, grimacing as her cunt muscles squeezed continually around his cock. “Make my pussy cum, Dad! Make me cream!”

Then she felt his hands part her ass cheeks, and then she felt something warm and wet and greasy on her pink little asshole. Felicia broke her concentration, wondering what was going on. Her father’s finger rubbed the wet, greasy stuff all over her puckered asshole. It was only when he pushed his finger into her rubbery assring that Felicia knew he was going to ass fuck her; that her father was going to fuck her little ass.

“No, Dad!” Felicia’s eyes widened in fear, and she immediately tried to get away from him. She was horny enough to suck her father’s cock all night and to let him fuck her pussy as often as he liked. But she couldn’t believe his prick could ever be stuffed up her asshole.

“Oh yes, honey!” Ted pulled his prick out of her cunt and mounted her again, centering the cock-knob on her Vaseline-slicked asshole. “This is what you need! A big cock right up the ass!”

“No Dad, it’ll hurt!” Felicia tried to wiggle away, but her father held her in position. “Your dick’s too big for me, Dad! Aww, let me go!”

Ted pushed down until the heart-shaped knob of his cock was securely embedded in his daughter’s puckered, lubed asshole. He held her hips, stretching her ass cheeks wide. Then he started to fuck slowly but inexorably into her virgin shitter, pushing more of his cock into her asshole with every stroke.

Felicia’s face contorted with pain as she felt her ass tunnel stretching wide, gorged to the bursting point by the meaty thickness of her father’s cock. “No, Dad, it’s too big for me! Aw, not up my ass! Take it out, Dad, your cock’s too big!”

“You’ll like it!” Ted winced as he felt his daughter’s tight asshole gripping convulsively around his fucking prick. “Oh shit, so tight! Don’t worry… you’ll like it a lot!”

Relentlessly he fucked his prick into her asshole, until every inch of his huge hard-on was embedded in her burning ass guts. Felicia gasped and fell flat on her belly on the floor. The intense pain was already behind her, but she felt completely submissive and overwhelmed by the huge size of her dad’s prick. It felt as if she were being fucked by a donkey.

“Ungghh, Dad, stop it…” Her voice was softer now, less resistant. “It hurts, take it out!”

Ted lay panting on her lithe body for a long time, giving her throbbing asshole a chance to loosen around his massive prick. Then he slowly lifted his hips, pulling out his cock until only the prick-knob stretched her asshole’s puckered lips.

Slowly he fucked his cock back into her shitter, making his daughter whine as her asshole was again stuffed. Strangely different sensations flooded through her loins. Then her father started to fuck his huge prick rhythmically in and out of her asshole, making the stretched, ravished asshole suck his cockshaft with every fucking stroke.

“Ungghh!” Felicia bit her lip and writhed on the floor as she submitted helplessly to the ass fucking. “Oh, Dad, Dad!”

“You like it now, don’t you, honey?” Ted panted as he fucked his prick into her asshole with a quickening rhythm. “You’ve been a bad girl. Don’t you like the way my cock feels, fucking up your ass?”

Then Felicia realized how much she enjoyed it.

The feelings of pain were completely gone now, and they’d been replaced entirely by pleasure. Intense, deep, throbbing pleasure, as her asshole throbbed and the tightly muscled sphincter sucked her father’s fucking cock.

“Unhhh!” Slowly at first, then with growing hunger, Felicia humped beneath him, pumping up her ass to meet his fucking strokes. “Oh, Dad! You’re right, it feels fantastic! Unh! Fuck my asshole, Dad! Fuck it as hard as you can!”

Shamelessly she thrust her hand under her belly, pushing her fingers through her matted cunt curls. Her pussy was hot and gooey with fuck juice, and she found that the little cunt slit was pulsing lewdly in time with her father’s thrusts up her asshole.

“Fuck my asshole harder, Dad!” Wantonly Felicia buried two fingers into her clasping, hairy pussy and started to jack off, fingerfucking her cunt as her father fucked his prick into her ass tunnel. “It feels good now! Oh, Dad, it feels fantastic! Unh, unh, I’m gonna cum! Fuck my asshole!”

Ted moaned as he hammered his cum swollen prick into her shitter as hard as he could, making her ass cheeks, still blushing from the spanking, jiggle lasciviously with every thrust. Felicia fucked her fingers in and out of her pussy, groaning and crying as the heat built deep inside her body. Her pleasure intensified as she caught her clit under her thumb and rubbed it hard.

“Gonna cum? Dad!” she gasped. Her asshole was throbbing violently now, more than her pussy had ever throbbed, gripping and squeezing violently around her father’s prick. “Oh shit, Dad! Oh yes, keep fucking me! I’m cumming, Dad, my asshole’s cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

The spasms gushed through her cunt and asshole all at once, making the slippery walls of both holes suck and pulse spasmodically. Ted gasped and started fucking his daughter’s asshole faster than ever. His cock swelled stiffer, and the meaty prickshaft started jerking deep inside her ass.

Then he was cumming, deluging her asshole with long spurts of thick, rushing cum. Felicia cried out in ecstasy as she felt her dad’s jism gushing and spurting deep into her ravaged asshole.

“I love you, Dad!” she moaned. “You can fuck me any way you like!”


Cynthia stood in front of the bathroom mirror, nervously fussing with her hair. Her appearance was flawless — she’d dressed and made up better than she had in months — but she couldn’t help feeling anxious about how she looked.

Why had Randy and Felicia been so adamant about suggesting this family reunion? Why did Cynthia have to put herself through a dinner with her ex-husband?

It was now five o’clock on a bright, sunny Sunday afternoon. The teens had wandered off somewhere down the street, probably to visit old childhood friends from the neighborhood. Ted was in the garage, fixing some things that Cynthia, who had no knowledge of mechanics, would have had to hire a handyman to do for her.

Ted and Felicia had come over forty-five minutes ago. Cynthia felt fairly comfortable around her ex, and Ted was being very nice to her, but there was still an uneasiness that she couldn’t shake out of her mind. Ted was still very attractive to her. She tried to suppress thoughts of marriage. It was like being pulled in two directions at the same time.

And what if Ted and her daughter learned of her incestuous fuck sessions with Randy? Cynthia had sworn Randy to secrecy before agreeing to the reunion at all, but it still made her nervous. Her wanton desire for her son’s huge prick was one secret she would always want to protect.

Cynthia sighed and fussed with a lock of her hair. Her pussy tingled. She was horny all the time. She rubbed her thighs together, taking care of the wet heat in her hungry cunt.

“God, remember when we used to go here, Randy?” Felicia sighed. “This makes me feel like a little kid again.”

Behind Waller Avenue, a few blocks from their house, was a steep wooded grade that the suburban developers had found too imposing to build upon. It was the only comparatively wild area in the neighborhood, and kids had always played there. Felicia and Randy could remember being young enough to think there were tigers and demons lurking in the woods.

Most of the spots in the woods were well known to the neighborhood kids, but Randy had once discovered a very small grassy enclosure between the trees that no one else knew about. He’d told his sister about it but no one else. The two had often gone to their secret spot while growing up, to smoke cigarettes or trade secrets or just to enjoy the feeling of knowing about something special that was a secret to everyone else.

Safely hidden amongst the trees, Randy sat on the grass and smiled at his sister as she sat in front of him. “No beer cans, no cigarette butts,” he observed with satisfaction. “It looks like we’re still the only ones who know about this place.”

“I’m so glad you decided to get us together like this, Randy. I’ve really missed you a lot. Just ’cause Mom and Dad have troubles doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be able to see each other anymore.”

“Yeah. They seem to be hitting it off pretty good today, though.”

“Maybe they’ll get back together again,” Felicia sighed wistfully. “God, that would really be nice.”

There was a long, comfortable silence. Randy studied his sister, seeing the swell of her big, growing tits under her peasant blouse, the sleek expanse of her long, tanned legs, completely bared by her skimpy cut-offs. Before the divorce he’d never thought about fucking his sister, but that had all changed now that he was fucking his mother. And Felicia had grown a lot too.

And from the look in his sister’s eyes, she felt the same way about him.

“God, Felicia.” Randy smiled and adjusted his crotch as his big prick began to grow thick and heavy with blood. “You’ve really developed a lot since the last time I saw you.”

“Yeah.” Felicia’s voice was husky and sensual. “I was just thinking the same thing. Your muscles and everything.”

“Your tits have really gotten a lot bigger. Maybe someday you’ll even be as big as Mom.”

Felicia giggled and looked shamelessly at his cock bulge. “Is that why you’re getting such a big hard-on?”

There was another silence, different from the first. Randy lowered his eyes and joined his sister in watching his stiff, meaty prick throbbing in his jeans.

Then Felicia shocked him by leaning forward and caressing his aching prick.

“God, Randy, it feels just as big as it looks. You’ve really got a big cock.”

Randy watched silently as his baby sister slowly unzipped his pants. Reaching into the opening, she fished out his stiff prick, gasping as she saw how long and thick his cock was.

“Fuck, you’ve really got a whopper!” Felicia wrapped her hand around the veined hardness of his prick meat and jacked his cock hungrily, squeezing up on the prickshaft to make pre-cum glisten on the tip. “This is really turning me on a lot, Randy. Can I suck your dick?”

Randy groaned and nodded his head. He knew that he was committing incest with his sister, but that didn’t seem to matter much. Nothing was wrong if it didn’t hun anyone else.

Eagerly Felicia tugged off his pants and shorts completely, leaving him naked from the waist down except for his tennis shoes. She could see all of the huge column of cock rising from his belly now and the hairy sac containing his cum-bloated balls.

“Oh, Randy, your prick is gorgeous! My pussy’s getting all creamy. I’ve wanted to do this with you for so long!”

Stretching out on her belly between his legs, Felicia lowered her head and licked all around his twitching cockhead, thrusting her tongue into the piss hole. Randy shuddered as his prick grew, bobbing and pulsing painfully. His baby sister licked his hard-on like a kitten, finally stopping when his throbbing hard-on glistened with her saliva and his drooling cum.

“Suck it!” Randy slid his hand behind his sister’s neck and pulled her face onto his burning prick. “Suck my fucking cock!”

Felicia pursed her lips on the crown of his cock and kissed the tip tenderly. Then she opened her mouth and slid her lips downwards, gradually enveloping the length of his cock until she had nearly half of his prick stuffed down her buttery throat.

Randy moaned as he stared down at the obscene spectacle of his sister with his stiff prick between her lips. Tightly Felicia clasped her lips around the swollen hardness of his cock. Then she made obscene gurgling, smacking, slurping sounds as she shamelessly started sucking, giving her big brother head.

“Unh!” Randy’s handsome face contorted into a grimace as he felt the forbidden ecstasy of her cocksucking. “Oh fuck, sis! You’re sucking my dick so good! Fuck, suck it harder!”

It took him only a minute to realize that his sister had grown very experienced in the art of giving a blow job. She sucked his prick like a wild woman, tugging and dragging her lips up the steely cockshaft, swirling her tongue all over the rosy knob of his prickmeat.

The harder she sucked, the more Randy’s prick grew, until his cock felt longer and stiffer than ever before in his life. Then his sister wrapped her fingers around the root of his swollen cock. As soon as she started jacking off his prick, Randy knew he was going to spurt.

“Harder!” He bucked his naked ass off the cool grass, fucking his giant cock in and out between her lips. “Gonna cum! Oh Christ, play with my balls, they’re killing me!”

Slurping and gurgling noisily, Felicia dropped her free hand between his thighs and cupped her brother’s heavy ball bag. Randy started shooting off immediately, gushing long streams of jism down his sister’s sucking throat.

“Ahhhhh!” He pulled her hair and fucked his cock deeply between her lips, wincing and groaning as the long ribbons of cum burned out of his piss hole. “Suck harder! I’m cumming! Oh God, Felicia! Oh fucking God, I’m cumming!”

It was a big load, but his hornily sister was determined to get every drop. As her brother came, Felicia sucked and stroked harder than ever. Lewdly she worked her throat muscles, gulping down every drop of his hot, salty cum.

But, even after her brother’s cock stopped shooting, the giant prickshaft was still as hard as a rock. Felicia released her brother’s prick completely and rose to her knees, staring down at the big throbbing cock. When his prick didn’t start to shrink after nearly a half a minute, she realized it was time to take his cock into her burning cunt.

Rising to her feet, Felicia kicked off her sandals. Randy watched her strip the peasant blouse over her head, then gasped as she undid her bra and he could see her big rounded tits.

“Like me?” Felicia giggled and cupped her oversized tits, holding the stiff, rosy nipples up for inspection.

“Take it off, take the rest off!” Randy pleaded impatiently. His cock trembled and throbbed stiffly with a fresh load of cum.

Felicia tugged her cut-offs over the protruding shelf of her plump, rounded ass cheeks, then skinned them down her lean, tanned thighs. It turned her on to see Randy staring directly at her naked, hairy cunt triangle. Her pussy slit was wet and swollen, fully lubricated to be fucked by his cock.

Feeling strong and sexy, Felicia walked up to where her brother sat and pushed her pussy into his face. Randy dug his fingers into her ass cheeks. He thrust his tongue into his sister’s pussy and hungrily started to eat her out, sliding his tongue rapidly up and down her cunt.

“Unhh!” Felicia pushed him back and prepared to mount him. “Okay, that’s enough! Your tongue’s never going to feel as good as your cock!”

She straddled him as he lay on the grass on his back, planting her knees on the earth to either side of his hips. Felicia reached between her spread thighs and whimpered as her fingers clasped the turgid shaft of his prick.

She fit the bloated, oozing cock-knob onto her cunt hole, feeling the tip of his prick push easily past the slick, hot pussy lips. Then her brother’s cock was fucking into her pussy, and all Felicia could do was whimper and mewl as her cunt was filled with inch after inch of her brother’s big cock.

“You’re fucking me, Randy!” Felicia wiggled her ass, helping him fuck all of his big prick into the churning depths of her cunt. “Oh fuck, your dick is so big! I’m fucking you, Randy, I’m fucking you back?”

His cock was all the way inside her, throbbing to the balls in her curly haired pussy slit. Felicia leaned forward, gripping her brother’s shoulders for support, letting her big tits brush his chest.

Slowly she lifted her ass, gasping like a wounded animal as she felt his prick pull greasily out of her clinging pussy. She pumped her pussy back. Then she started humping in a sure, driven rhythm, fucking her cunt on her brother’s cock.

“Fuck me, Randy!” she pleaded. “Awww, my pussy’s throbbing, it’s burning up! Fuck my cunt, make me cum!”

Randy slid his hands down her waist, cupping the cheeks of her ass. His ass bucked off the grass; he fucked his prick into her pussy to meet her frantic strokes.

“Harder!” Felicia clawed his chest, pumping her hairy pussy faster and faster on his prick. “I’m so horny! Unh! Oh, Randy, love your cock! Fuck me with it! Fuck my cunt!”

Randy raised his head, watching dazedly as his big swollen cockshaft fucked in and out of his sister’s pussy. His prick already felt like lead, so soon after cumming. It wouldn’t be long before his second cum load sprayed the velvety sheath of his sister’s cunt.

“Cumming, Randy!” Felicia moaned, beating him in cumming. She clawed his chest and whipped her ass up and down like a bitch in heat. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck my cunt! Unhh! Love your cock, I’m cumming on it! Fuck my pussy, I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

His baby sister’s pussy tightly clasped his fucking prick. Randy’s ass lurched off the grass, he fucked his cum-laden cock as far into her spasming, gripping pussy as he could.

The white torrent of fuck cream gushed out of his prickhead, spurting deep inside his sister’s cunt. Felicia squealed and fucked him faster. A lewd smile curled her lips as she felt her brother’s gushing load fill her pussy completely, running out of her hairy cunt slit around his fat cock.

Leaning forward, she kissed him hornily. “That was good, Randy. That was so fucking good!”

Randy sighed and looked past her head at the sky. “I wonder if Mom and Dad are doing this right now,” he said.


“No, Ted,” Cynthia said helplessly. “Please don’t. I don’t want to feel that way about you anymore, please.”

He had come up to her as she toyed with her hair in the bathroom. He was wearing his slacks and the t-shirt he’d stripped down to work in her garage. There was grime on his hands and cheeks, and his whole body smelled of sweat.

But even that turned her on, because the huge cock in his pants was obviously stiff.

“I don’t give a shit about that, honey.” Standing behind her, Ted mauled his ex-wife’s huge tits, staining the pristine white blouse she’d taken so long to select. “God, my cock gets stiff just thinking about you. These big fucking jugs.”

Cynthia moaned as her nipples stiffened through hh bra, pressing against her husband’s palms. She told herself that this was her last moment to resist, to avoid going down a road that both attracted and frightened her.

Her children, she thought. Their children she couldn’t imagine Randy and Felicia coming home to find their father’s cock deep inside their mother.

Mauling her huge tits with one hand, Ted slipped his hand down her belly and unbuttoned her black slacks. His finger found the hem of her panties, lifting it; Cynthia moaned as he pushed his hand through her pussy curls and slipped a finger deep into her rapidly moistening cunt.

“Oh, Ted, Ted…”

Then she lost control of herself. Turning towards her ex-husband, Cynthia wrapped her arms tightly around his shoulders. As he fingerfucked her pussy, she kissed him wantonly, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. Her ass cheeks contracted; she thrust her cunt mound against his hand.

“Sweet little cunt,” Ted moaned. “Sweet little pussy!”

In a second they were all over each other, embracing passionately, tearing at each other’s clothes. Cynthia pressed her tits to his chest, and Ted fell back, leading her out of the bathroom into the upstairs hallway. Then they were writhing on the hallway floor, anxious for the sight and feel of each other’s naked body.

“The children,” Cynthia whimpered repeatedly. “Ted, stop it… we’ll go into the room… Randy and Felicia… oh I’m so horny, oh God, oh please…”

Ted stripped off her bra, exposing her huge, jiggling, stiff-nippled tits. Cynthia whimpered anxiously as he stuffed one silver-dollar-sized nipple between his lips and sucked hard like a nursing child intent on its fill of milk.

He pushed the panty crotch out of the way completely, fucking his fingers violently in and out of her hot cunt. Then he tore the panties off completely, and Cynthia was buck naked.

Ted’s shirt was torn from her long fingernails, and his big prick throbbed stiffly out of the opening of his pants. He pushed Cynthia onto her back and spread her long legs wide, completely opening up her hairy cunt.

Then, before Cynthia could protest, he dropped his head between her legs and glued his lips to her pussy slit. Eagerly he began to eat out her cunt, thrusting his tongue deeply in and out of her creamy, foaming fuck slit.

“Ungghhh!” Cynthia looked fearfully down the hallway, at the point where her children might mount the stairs at any moment and catch their mother getting her cunt sucked. But thoughts of fear were quickly forgotten as Ted wriggled his tongue close to her clit.

“Yes, Ted, suck it!” Compulsively Cynthia thrust her hand behind his head, pulling his hair and drawing his face onto her dripping pussy. Urgently she started to buck her ass off the hallway floor, fucking her pussy all over his face.

“Mmmmmm!” Ted fucked his fingers deeply in and out of her pussy and moved his lips higher up her throbbing cunt. “Pussy tastes so good!”

“I said suck it, Ted!” Beside herself with lust, Cynthia pounded her aching fuck hole onto his lips. “My pussy’s creaming! Make it cum!”

Ted wrapped his lips around her clit. As Cynthia writhed beneath him, he sucked tenderly on the little bud, wiggling his tongue on the tip.

Cynthia’s pussy juiced profusely and throbbed. Ted fucked three fingers into her gushing pussy tunnel and fingerfucked her cunt hard and fast, tugging on her clit with his lips.

“Cumming!” Cynthia’s pretty face contorted with obscene lust as pleasure spasms gushed through every inch of her body. “Oh, Ted, oh fuck, Ted, it’s so fucking good! Eat meeee, I’m cuuummiiiinnnnnnggggg!”

She came as hard as she ever had during their marriage, shrieking and whimpering like a little girl as the searing ecstasy repeatedly racked her body. Her nipples crinkled as hard as two little pebbles; her pussy juiced and her asshole throbbed as her ex-husband sucked the cum out of her cunt.

When it was over, she watched dazedly as Ted rose to his knees between her spread legs. Silently she watched him tear off the rest of his clothes, completely exposing his huge stone hard cock.

“Gonna fuck you,” Ted moaned, intent on his goal. “Gonna fuck your ass right through the floor.”

He grabbed her lithe hips and flipped her onto her hands and knees, in the dog fucking position. Cynthia looked over her shoulder and waited impatiently for the steely invasion of his cock.

Ted mounted her voluptuous body, holding his cock in his fist and centering the knob onto the puffy, fur-fringed slit of her pussy. Cynthia gasped with desire as she felt his prick cleaving into her fuck tunnel, fucking greasily into the clasping, clinging depths of her hot little cunt.

“Yes, Ted, that’s right!” she moaned. “Aw, fuck me, Ted! Fuck my Goddamn ass off! Fuck the shit out of my cunt!”

Spurred on by his ex-wife’s obscenities, Ted thrust his hands up her sides and firmly grasped the huge, pendulous globes of her spongy tits. Then he started to fuck his big blood-filled cock furiously in and out of her cunt, fucking her pussy as hard as he could.

“Unh!” Cynthia dropped her head and lifted her ass, opening her pussy passage so that he could get even more of his prick inside her. “That’s right, Ted! Fuck the shit out of me! Oh God, you’re fucking me so hard! Unhhh! Fuck my pussy, make it cum!”

Ted’s big hands mauled her huge tits almost brutally, squeezing and pinching the nipples, sending waves of pleasure shooting from Cynthia’s tits into her cunt. His fuck strokes quickened with every thrust. His prick felt like he was going to fuck her all the way up her throat.

“Harder, Ted! Kill me with it!” Cynthia’s screams were frantic; her face was a mask of lust. “My cunt’s burning! Oh fuck, it’s burning up! Fuck meeeee, I’m cumming, I’m cuuummmiiinnngggg!”

The second series of cum spasms gushed deliciously through her ravaged cunt, making her clit tingle and her pussy muscles work madly around her ex-husband’s fucking prick.

Even as she came, Cynthia realized that her pussy was pulsing very hard, and she expectantly awaited the showering spray of Ted’s jism. But he didn’t cum. Instead he kept fucking her until her cum had completely subsided, then pulled his rock-hard, oozing cock completely out of her pussy.

Cynthia frowned and looked at him over her shoulder, wondering if something was wrong. Then he pushed her flat on her belly on the floor, and pulled apart her round jiggling ass cheeks, exposing the pink circle of her asshole.

“No, Ted!” Cynthia squealed and tried to pull away from him. “Not up my ass! I’m not ready for it! Oh God, you’ll hurt me!”

Ted ignored her, gripping his prick in his fist and pushing his bloated, purplish cock-knob against the rubbery ring of her asshole. Then his prick was going inside her, and Cynthia lay helpless as she felt her ass tunnel stretched by the fucking thickness of his cock.

“Ungghh!” Almost immediately the ass fucking started to feel good to her, giving her that special satisfaction which she could only enjoy by having a meaty prick up her ass. “Oh no, Ted…” But her words were meaningless, horny mewls and whimpers that told both of them that she really wanted her asshole fucked hard.

Panting, Ted worked every inch of his cock into the clasping tightness of Cynthia’s shitter. Cynthia felt more pain as her asshole stretched, but her husband’s prick was very wet from fucking her pussy, and there was plenty of lubrication to coat her ass passage.

“Oh, God!” Again Ted wrapped his big hands around her huge tits, squeezing and milking the ivory-white tits. “Your asshole’s so tight, baby! This time I gotta cum!”

Pulling out his cock, he stopped when only the prick-knob parted her rubbery ass tunnel. Cynthia groaned and humped up her ass for more cock. Ted fucked his prick back between her ass cheeks.

Then he started to fuck her asshole with a brutal intensity, fucking his big dripping cock meat in and out of her puckered asshole as hard as he could. Cynthia felt her pussy and asshole burning in rhythmic unison, and she realized that she was already on the verge of a third cum.

“Keep fucking me, Ted!” Shamelessly she thrust her fingers through her cunt curls and buried two fingers in her sopping, burning pussy. Cynthia started to fingerfuck herself as her ex-husband fucked her asshole full of his prick.

“Unh, Ted, I love it, fuck me harder!” she gasped. “My asshole’s burning! Oh fuck, Ted, fuck it with your cock!”

“I’m gonna cum,” Ted gasped. His fuck strokes became harder and deeper as the jism swelled in his balls. “I can’t hold it. I gotta cum!”

Cynthia felt his meaty prick rowing longer and fatter deep inside her rubbery asshole, stretching her asshole wide. Then his cum literally exploded into her bowels, gushing and spurting furiously from his cum slit.

Cynthia lifted her head and shrieked with pleasure as she felt the white torrent gushing into her asshole, splattering on the innermost walls of her shitter. “Keep fucking me, Ted!” Consciously she worked her ass muscles, milking the squirting load out of his emptying cock. “I’m cumming again, I’m cumming too! Fuck me, lover, fuck my asshole! Nnnn yes oh shit, oh fuck I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

She buried her fingers in her pussy, holding them there as her cunt muscles clasped needfully around them. Her asshole came deliciously on her husband’s dick, throbbing rhythmically, sucking the last oozing drops of cum cream out of the tip of his cock.

“Dad!” a feminine voice said.

“Mom! Jesus Christ!”

Cynthia knew before she turned her head that her worst fears had just been realized. Her eyes were already wide with shame as she looked over her shoulder and saw her son and daughter standing in the hall.

“I’m… I’m sorry about this,” she stammered feebly. “Your father and I… we got carried away. Please forgive us. I’m… I’m sorry.”

“Cut the shit, Mom!” Felicia said merrily. “Randy and I were just fucking too!”

Cynthia’s mouth dropped open in shock; she turned to her ex-husband and looked at him disbelievingly. But Ted had already pulled his big prick out of her asshole, and there was a look of shameless lust on his face as he turned towards their daughter.

Unable to believe her eyes, Cynthia watched as he stretched but on his back and Felicia approached him. Their daughter knelt on the floor between his legs, wrapped her hand around her father’s cock and eagerly started to jack him off. Within seconds Ted’s prick was swelling with fresh blood.

“Ted!” Cynthia gasped. “Felicia!”

“God, Dad, your cock smells funny!” Felicia lowered her head to her father’s crotch and sniffed her mother’s asshole juices, coating his prick. “It’s getting stiff again, Dad! Do you want to put it in my mouth and let them watch?”

Ted grinned and nodded his head. Cynthia almost fainted as she watched her daughter stuff her father’s cock between her lips. Eagerly Felicia sucked Ted’s big prick, puckering her cheeks to increase the suction around his cock meat.

Cynthia shared a long look with her son. Then, all at once, it dawned on her — Ted and Felicia had been fucking too!

All the time she’d been fucking her son, feeling guilty that she had seduced him into incest. All that time… Ted and Felicia… if only she’d known, Cynthia thought. It would have saved her so much shame.

“Suck it, Mom!”

Cynthia looked up. Randy had stripped down his pants; his big stiff cock throbbed in front of her face. There was a horny smile on his lips. He obviously wasn’t disturbed to find that his father had regularly been fucking his little sister’s cunt.

Cynthia hesitated only a moment. Then she opened her mouth wide and moaned with contentment as her son fucked his huge cock down her throat. She clasped her lips around his prick, tasting the salty stiffness of the cockshaft. Then she lewdly started sucking, at the same time keeping her eyes open so she could watch her daughter greedily sucking her dad’s big prick.

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