Every Guest Was Good

It was Henry David Thoreau, in Walden, who remarked, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” This statement appears to be just as true today as it was then. Perhaps it is even more valid today considering the pressures and frequent monotony of today’s world.

The majority of today’s men and women live in boring circumstances, and when the opportunity for change arises, they are often quick to seize the chance. For the characters in this story, the opportunity is one which many would consider perverse and deranged for it is one of incest. But it provides a release and a need. All morals and scruples are cast aside in a moment of madness — a chance to grab pleasure before it is taken away.

EVERY GUEST WAS GOOD — a novel about the quiet desperation in so many of us — and the extremes to which it may drive us.


The storm struck with a sudden and savage fury.

It was a freak storm, unpredicted and unexpected, and it was going to have a profound effect on the lives of several people who had been strangers before the storm, but who would be thrown into intimate circumstances by it.

Anna and Richard Wellington were in their car, driving home from an evening at the Riverview Inn.

Claire and Jason Curtis were still at the Riverview Inn, slow-dancing to the jukebox.

Their sexy teenaged daughter, Barbara, was entertaining her boyfriend, Nick Hannible, at home, taking advantage of her parents’ absence.

The links between these various people were only circumstantial up until the moment when the storm began to rage with an abrupt fury.

But those links were going to become far more concrete in a very short time.

Anna and Richard were going home to fuck.

They had been watching Claire and Jason grinding together on the dance floor and it made them both horny. They didn’t know the other couple, but that made no difference to their arousal.

Richard was turned on by the voluptuous blonde woman in the tight sheath dress as she pressed her lithe loins to her partner’s groin. Anna was excited by the well-hung bulge in Jason’s pants and she, too, was fascinated by his curvaceous wife — because Anna, although she was a happily married woman, swung both ways — with her husband’s approval.

If they had been introduced to the other couple, they might have tossed out a few hints about doing some spouse-swapping, but it was hardly the sort of thing one could suggest to total strangers, so they decided to go home and fuck each other while each enjoyed some lurid fantasies about the couple who had inspired their passion by dancing so provocatively.

Richard was at the wheel and raven-haired Anna was snuggled up to him, her head on his shoulder and her hand rubbing his groin.

They had gone some distance and were driving through a quiet residential district when the rain began to fall, not in drops, but coming down in solid sheets, as if they had motored into a waterfall.

The windshield wipers couldn’t cope with the sudden deluge and visibility was nil. It was impossible to drive on.

Richard pulled over to the curb and stopped, grumbling in annoyance.

By sheer coincidence, he had pulled up outside the house where the couple who had made them horny lived — and where their daughter and her boyfriend were ardently making out on the couch.

Intimacies were impending.

“Shit — I wonder how long this fucking storm is gonna last?” Richard muttered.

His cock was as hard as a rock and his cumbags were full, and he was eager to get home and sink the one into his wife and empty the other up her cunt.

Anna was just as eager to get stuffed and pumped full of hot, thick spunk.

But it would have been fool-hearty to have attempted to drive on under the circumstances, no matter how horny they were. They were hoping that the rainstorm would abate as quickly as it had begun and allow them to proceed with their plans. But it showed no signs of letting up in the slightest, pelting the car like hail-stones and turning the windshield opaque.

Anna was still stroking his big cock through the material of his trousers, but that loving caress was only making Richard’s frustration greater.

“This reminds me of when we were dating, darling — how we used to park,” she sighed.

That, in turn, reminded her of the things that they had done in their courting days.

She gave him an impish look. “Want a blowjob while we wait?” she offered.

Richard most certainly did…

Claire and Jason were the last customers at the Riverview Inn and were just about to leave when the storm began to pummel the windows savagely.

“Jeez — we can’t go home in this,” Jason said.

He had a hard-on, and her pussy was steaming from the dance-floor action. They stood by the door, as frustrated as Richard and Anna, who just happened to be parked outside their suburban home.

John Knight, the tall, handsome guy who owned the Riverview Inn, wandered over.

He had a bulge in his pants, too.

Knight, like Richard and Anna, had been watching the slow dancing and getting turned on.

He smiled diffidently.

“I got a room upstairs. You’re welcome to spend the night here. Only, uh, only there’s just one bed.”

They looked at him and he shrugged.

“It’s a big bed, though,” he added. “Plenty of room for the three of us.”

“That will be okay, won’t it, darling?” Claire asked her husband.

“Sure — it’ll be a ball,” Jason replied. John Knight had struck it lucky.

Barbara Curtis had her tongue down Nick Hannible’s throat when the telephone rang.

She broke off the embrace with a sigh and went over to answer it. If she had looked out the window, she would have seen a strange car parked in front of the house, but it would have meant nothing to her — yet.

She picked up the phone and spoke briefly.

When she returned to the couch, she was smiling with delight.

“That was my mom,” Barbara said. Nick arched his eyebrows. “They aren’t coming home tonight, darling,” she added significantly.

“Oh, wow!” Nick cried. “Can I stay?”

“Oh, yeah!”

And so the cast was assembled and the stage was set.

The storm had created a drama of desire…


If they couldn’t see out of the car, conversely no one could see in and so, although they were parked in a residential neighborhood, the Wellingtons were safe from prying eyes, and Anna had no qualms at all about sucking her husband’s prick as they sat in the car.

It would be a great way to kill time and relieve his frustrations — and her own, as well, because the raven-haired woman adored taking it in her mouth, and she always got her rocks off when she was drinking her husband’s cum — or any other guy’s, for that matter.

“Yeah — go down on me, baby!” he gasped.

She unbuckled his belt and unfastened his waistband, then pulled the zipper down with teasing pauses. She reached into his fly and hauled out his huge cock and swollen balls in one meaty handful.

She gazed down hungrily at the tasty feast.

He had a hammer-headed cock, the knob of his prick seemed to glow a dull red, like a smoldering ember. His cockshaft was long and thick, as hard as iron and seamed up the underside by a pulsing ventral vein as thick as her little finger.

His balls were as big as melons, making her drool at the prospect of drinking what they held.

He heaved his cock up toward her face. Anna leaned over and started working on his balls. She purred as the nutty goodness of the gamey ball-bag hit her tastebuds.

She licked all over the bloated bag, then sucked on his balls greedily, as if she were trying to suck his cum right through the flesh — to drink his fizz straight from the swollen source.

“Ahhhhh!” she moaned.

“Yeah, kid — tongue my nuts!” he grunted as she worked on his meaty prick.

She groveled on his groin, her tongue sliding back to the crack of his ass. But it was too awkward to rim his asshole as they sat in the car, although she always loved a snack of shit-ring, and she worked her mouth back up to his balls and sucked them some more.

His prick was vibrating like a struck tuning fork and gooey pre-cum was oozing from his pisshole.

Anna began to lick up the underside of his cockshaft, running her tongue up along the ridge of the throbbing vein and lapping up to his cock-knob.

Goo gushed down his cock-shaft, and she gathered it up and savored it, then she swallowed it, whetting her appetite. “Yummy!” she moaned.

Her parted lips ringed the base of his cock, and she pulled her mouth up and down the long shaft as if she were playing a flute.

More preliminary spunk flowed and dribbled into her mouth.

Anna was enjoying this suck-job, but his piss-slit was weeping so heavily by this time that she was afraid that he might blow his wad too soon — before she had his bulging cockhead where it belonged.

She licked his cock-knob, laying the slimy slopes and licking his pisshole, slurping up the spunk as it came pouring from the cleft.

His pre-cum was creamy and as rich and thick as heated honey. She lapped it up and swallowed it with relish, becoming hungrier by the moment.

Richard was spilling out the goo so lavishly that he had already fed her as much as the average man would have when he got his rocks off.

And she still had more in store for him.

She licked, then let her lips part, slowly feeding his cockhead into her hot mouth.

He placed his hand on the back of her dark, glossy head and pushed firmly down as he humped up, fucking deeper into her face.

“Ummmmm — ummmmm!” she purred.

“Suck it, baby!”

Anna needed no coaxing.

She began to bob her head up and down, feeding all of his massive cock into her mouth and throat. Her chin brushed against his balls, and her nose nestled in his bush, and her lips were plastered to the hairy hilt of his cock-stalk.

Her magic mouth was making Richard surge steadily towards the crept.

“Gonna cum, baby!” he gasped.

“Yeah-yeah! Slime me, darling!” Her pleas were choked off as her throat was clogged with his cockhead, then she sucked back up and panted. “Jizz for me, honey! Feed me your hot, thick spunk!”

His cock seemed to hiss between her lips, and she was making lots of suction sounds in her feeding frenzy.

“Here it cums!” he howled.

His balls blew as she swallowed.

His first gooey geyser splashed the back of her throat and poured down her belly in a steamy tide, so that she didn’t even get a taste of it.

But she sucked back up to his cock-knob and the second squirt gushed over her tongue, thrilling her with the taste and texture of his jizz.

She sucked and swallowed, swallowed and sucked, and he kept on pumping the jizz out, spurting as her head bobbed down and spraying out more as she pulled up.

She milked his cock dry and drank all of his jizz.

Richard sighed and slumped back.

His balls were slack and drained now, but his enormous prick was still fat and firm.

Anna kept on sucking for awhile, then she drew her spunky lips off his cock and used her tongue to slurp up the stray cum that had escaped her lips and trickled down over his balls.

She raised her head and opened her mouth so that he could see the last traces of semen coating her pink tongue in a creamy film. She gulped the last of it down, swallowing with her mouth open for his benefit.

“Nice!” she purred.

“Oh, baby! You got a mouth like a vacuum cleaner!” he wheezed. “You damned near sucked my asshole inside out, you sweet cocksucker.”

She kissed him lovingly on the lips, grinding her gooey mouth to his passionately.

Richard knew that now that she had sucked him off, she would be keen to get fucked. But they were no longer a courting couple and the thought of fucking awkwardly in the car didn’t turn him on.

He wanted her spread out naked in bed. He lowered the window and looked out, squinting through the falling rain.

“There’s a light on in the nearest house,” he said. “I wonder if they can put us up for the night? We sure as hell can’t drive anywhere, and, what with the storm and all, they might have a spare bed for us.”

Anna agreed that it was a good idea. The sooner they were in bed, the better. Her cunt had creamed when his cock had exploded, but she was still hot to get a good, hard screwing.

They got out of the car.

Richard stuffed his still-stiff cock back into his pants and zipped it up, then they dashed up onto the front porch.

The porch was enclosed and sheltered from the storm. Richard approached the front door — but Anna had paused to glance in the window.

“Ooooh! Look, darling!” she whispered. Richard came back and looked in — and grinned.

A pair of teenagers were necking on the couch.

Richard and Anna had no idea that the girl happened to be the daughter of the sexy woman and man who had been dancing at the Riverview Inn and who had caused the watchers to get randy.

But the girl was turning the Wellingtons on even more.

Because Barbara Curtis was sure doing a lot more than dancing!


Barbara and Nick had been seeing each other steadily for several weeks, and they were both eager to fuck — but so far they had not had the opportunity.

Their love life had been limited to heavy petting, giving each other handjobs and dry-humping.

They generally made out on Barbara’s couch when he visited her at home, and, because there was always the danger that her mother or father might walk in on them, they hadn’t dared to start sucking or fucking and, in fact, they had never even seen each other naked.

The storm that prevented her parents from coming home was a Godsend to the teenagers.

Of course, it was also proving a blessing for Barbara’s mom and dad and a lucky guy who was sharing a bed with them, and it was also giving another couple a thrill as they played the peeper on the porch.

But the kids, didn’t know about those things.

Barbara was a bouncy and nubile nymph, with golden-blonde hair like her mother’s and showing every promise of developing as spectacularly as that voluptuous lady — and of using her charms just as effectively, too.

Nick was tall, athletic, and hung like a stallion.

Barbara loved to play with his huge prick — and if jacking him off was such a treat, she could hardly wait to get his prick stuffed up her pussy.

They French-kissed and felt each other up, unaware that there was a fascinated audience who, seeking shelter from the storm, had found a passion play in progress — just the sort of thing the Wellingtons loved.

“Wanna get naked?” Barbara asked, her lips teasing his.

“Yeah!” Nick exclaimed.

They began to strip.

Richard had his eyes glued on the gorgeous girl, and Anna was looking back and forth, turned on by both of the sexy teenagers. Anna loved young meat of either gender.

The kids got naked and cuddled up again. Nick felt her tits, and Barbara stroked his prick and cupped his balls, lifting the heavy sac in her palm.

Her pussy was open, and pussyjuice was flowing down her crotch like a swampy waterfall. Cuntjuice was seeping into the crack of her ass and a damp, sticky patch was spreading out on the cushion under her.

Nick fed her a tongue sandwich.

Barbara sucked on his tongue and, naturally, she thought about sucking his cock.

He kneaded her plump tits and pulled at the explosive pink nubs of her nipples, making her whimper.

“We gonna fuck, baby?” he croaked. “You bet your ass!” she panted. He started to lower her down along the couch, but she struggled back up.

They had the whole night together now, thanks to the storm, and Barbara didn’t want to rush things. She wanted to do everything, but by gradual degrees, lingering over each stage from foreplay to finale.

“Let’s fool around first,” she sighed. She leaned over his lap and gazed adoringly at his huge cock. She frigged down with her fist, skinning the head out in a naked slab of purple meat.

Pre-cum oozed out abundantly. “Don’t jack me off!” he squealed as her hand pumped up and down again.

“Why not?” she giggled.

“Ain’t we gonna screw?” he whined.

“Sure. We can fuck all night, Nicky. You can fuck my sweet ass off. But you’re gonna shoot off right away, the first time, right?”

He nodded.

“I don’t want you to cum as soon as you shove it up my twat, baby. If I pump you off for starters, you’ll be able to fuck me longer, right?”

He grinned, seeing the clever logic in her statement. Now he was grateful that the storm had allowed them to spend the whole night together.

And the idea excited the voyeurs, too.

Seeing a handjob was as good, in a way, as seeing some fucking and sucking — because Anna got to see all the jizz when it spurted out.

Barbara bent over Nick’s groin, her tits jiggling saucily, staring at his meatrack fondly. Whacking him off always gave her a thrill, and tonight it would be all the better. Knowing that his second hot load was destined to be spilled in her pussy.

She began to frig him rhythmically, and he humped up from the couch, fucking her fist.

Preliminary goo washed down his meaty cockshaft, greasing her strokes. The heel of her hand hit his balls, then she pulled up to the cock-knob. His cockhead was flaring out, lathered with a spunky seepage. It looked like a fat purple plum coated with whipped cream.

She leaned lower and twisted her torso from side to side, brushing her tit-tips against his cockhead. He nudged his prick into her cleavage and shoved up again, fucking her titty tunnel.

“Cum, Nicky!” she moaned.

Her blonde head was hovering over his cock, eyes glazed with lust, lips parted and panting. Her breath was wafting over his. “You’re gonna get a faceful!” he warned.

“Ummmmmm — good!” she sighed.

She jacked faster, squeezing his throbbing cock-stalk as she pumped merrily away.

“Milk my meat, Barb!” he croaked.

“Ummmmmm — shot off for me!”

His balls surged and exploded violently.

His prick jolted in her hand as the fuckjuice came spurting up through the core of his cock.

A creamy geyser of goo shot out and splashed on the blonde girl’s chin. She squealed with joy and pumped away, jerking him off steadily.

Jizz sprayed all over the place, drenching her tits, soaking into her cleavage, skidding along her chin and lacing her parted lips. She had cum in her blonde hair and a squirt went up her nose, making her sputter.

His cock was pouring the stuff out like a cornucopia full of cum. Her face and tits were lathered, glistening like a glazed donut.

His nuts drained off slowly and a final squirt skidded over her cheek.

Nick gasped and slumped back, grinning with pleasure. She kept on frigging away to make sure that she had coaxed out the last drops.

His balls were deflated — but his big cock was still standing rampant and tall. A single handjob had hardly diminished his virility at all.

Barbara was sure glad of that.

So were Richard and Anna.

Anna was pressing her nose to the window, fogging the glass with her heated breath.

Richard was standing behind her, his groin jammed tight to her solid ass. He held her by the hipbones and ground his hard-on against her ass.

Anna reached behind her and fumbled around, opening his fly and hauling his cock out. His prick was huge and hard as if he hadn’t gotten his rocks off in a week, despite the lavish load he had spurted into her mouth just moments ago.

Anna yanked her skirt up above the hips. Richard tugged her bikini panties down her legs, and she kicked them off.

Holding his cock by the root, she guided the bloated crown into her cuntslot. She worked it around, using the knob of his prick like a ladle to stir her honeypot of a cunt. He grasped her hips again, ready to hump.

She leaned back, resting her head on his shoulder and moaned. “Shove it up me, darling…”

Richard shoveled the cock to her, sinking in balls-deep on the first thrust. He held it all buried as she fondled his balls in her groin.

Her cunt was working on his prick, the inner rings rippling up the length of his cock as if she were jerking him off with her pussy. The wet walls of her cunt molded to the contours of his huge cock.

He started to slide his cock in and out, feeding it to her pussy.

She took a few fuck-strokes, then tightened her grip on his balls, restraining his movement.

“Wait, honey! Don’t fuck me yet! Just leave it all up me for awhile — while we see what those naughty kids are going to do next.”

Richard, who shared her enthusiasm for voyeurism, figured that was a good idea.

They stood there, coupled, his flat belly tight to the curves of her ass, waiting for the teenagers to put on another erotic performance.

They didn’t have long to wait.

But first there was an interruption.

The phone rang again.


“Jeez, I hope your mom and dad ain’t changed their minds.” Nick groaned.

“Me, too,” she whimpered.

What a fucking tragedy to have jerked him off if they were soon to be interrupted!

The naked blonde jumped up, tits bobbling, ass wriggling, her cuntjuice spilling down her inner thighs. She bounced over to the telephone and answered cautiously.

Then she smiled and spoke.

She returned to the couch, her attitude telling Nick that all was well.

“It was your mom,” she said. “She was worried about you trying to get home in the storm. I told her you were gonna stay the night in the spare bedroom and she said that it was okay.”

The storm had worked its wonders again. And it was also more than okay with Nick Hannible’s parents.

Gus and Gloria Hannible liked to fuck and suck a lot, and it was always embarrassing to have their son home and know that he could hear them — which he sure could, because his sexy, redheaded mother was a real loud fuck, especially when she was creaming off.

Gloria returned from the phone and told Gus that they had the house to themselves tonight.

“I wonder if Nick is fucking that sexy little Curtis girl?” Gus mused.

“Jealous, darling?”

Gus grinned sheepishly. “Wouldn’t you love to screw her yourself?” Gloria asked, as she began to undress.

“Well… she is a doll,” he admitted. Gloria shoved him down and squatted over his face, moving her pussy around enticingly. His tongue snaked up to meet her pussy-muff and he began to suck her cunt with relish.

Gloria knew that her husband was probably thinking about their son’s sexy girlfriend as he munched merrily away in her cunt.

But she didn’t give a damn what he was thinking about, as long as he pumped her pussy dry.

And she screamed so loud when she melted that even the neighbors could hear her noisy joy.

Barbara sat down beside Nick again and kissed him with her spunk-soaked lips. His cock was half hard. She avoided contact with it, not wanting to take a chance of bringing him off a second time by hand.

But she played with his balls, feeling them balloon, as another arm load seeped into his sac.

To titillate him and speed up his revival, she drew back and ran her tongue across her lips.

“Your cum tastes scrumptious!” she sighed.

Nick stared at her in awe. He knew that Barbara had fucked a few boys before they met, but he had never been sure if she was a cocksucker or not.

Barbara cupped her bouncy tits in both hands, lifting her tit-mounds and deepening the cleft between them. Her head bobbed down, and she licked her swollen, cumsoaked nipples, still watching Nick, thrilled by the look of lust that masked his face.

“Ummmmm! Yummy spunk!” she sighed.

She was putting on quite a show for her boyfriend — and for the people on the porch, too.

Richard Wellington would have dearly loved to sink his cock into the nubile teenager’s cunt.

And Anna was thinking what a treat it would be to stick Barbara’s tits and cunt, right after she had fucked her boyfriend.

The Wellingtons weren’t humping, but Richard’s prick was pulsating in Anna’s pussy, and her cunt muscles were sucking on it, giving bun a meat massage.

It took a lot of willpower not to start ramming away in a randy rutting.

But they waited — and watched. “Jeez! You like the taste of jizz, huh, Barb?” Nick asked.

“Ummmmmm! It’s delicious!” Barbara purred as she tongue-spooned some out of her cleavage.

“Do you give head, baby?”

“Sure!” she chirped impishly. “I blew Tommy Jones and Doug Mitchell a few times.”

They were her previous boyfriends, and the knowledge made her current boyfriend groan with jealousy. But jealousy, being also a powerful aphrodisiac, made Nick’s prick pulse, which was precisely why Barbara had mentioned her previous experiences.

“How about blowing me, then?” Nick croaked.

Barbara looked demure and coy. “Well, I might. I don’t know, though. If I suck you off, will you still be able to fuck me?”

“Oh, yeah! Wow, I can cum lots and lots!” Then he added an inducement. “I’ll eat your pussy, too!”

Lucky kid! Richard thought.

Anna thought precisely the same, being hungry for both Barbara’s cunt and Nick’s prick.

Anna squirmed on a cuntful of her husband’s cock.

Cheek to cheek, the Wellingtons peered through the window, engrossed in the drama unfolding within.

Barbara licked her lips. “I’m in the mood for a mouthful, Nicky.”

Nick felt like he’d won the lottery. Barbara leaned back, resting her blonde head on the back of the couch. She formed an oval with her sensual lips and her tongue curled out teaser fashion.

“Fuck me in the mouth, baby. Use my mouth for a cunt.”

Nick got up on his knees beside her, his cock looming out over her thrusting tits. The knob of his cock seemed to glow like a lightbulb.

Barbara went cock-eyed as she gazed at his prick, turning her attentions to the meaty cock-knob.

Nick rubbed his prick against her fat tits, then against her chin. The slimy cock-head was leaving a spunky trail.

He rammed it against her lips. Her mouth parted wider, stuffing it in.

Barbara tipped her neck and took over half of the elongated cock-stalk before it clogged her throat and made her gurgle.

Her cheeks were sucked in, and her pliable lips looked peeled open around his cockstalk as she mouthed his prick. She purred and moaned with pleasure, dancing her tongue against the veined underside.

Anna was emulating the action in the living room. Her mouth was working as if she, too, were sucking a prick — and she sure wished that she was.

Richard glanced at Anna’s face and saw how hungry his wife looked. It made his cock surge inside her pussy. He knew that Anna adored sucking off young boys and that was fine with him — as long as she told him all about it afterwards or, better still, if she let him watch her do it.

They were both wondering if the young couple would welcome some like-minded guests.

But later — at the moment, the Wellingtons were not about to interrupt the action they were watching.

Nick began to fuck Barbara’s mouth, fucking her mouth and back into her gullet. Her lips were stretched wide as his cock meat hissed in and out.

Barbara gagged as he rammed his cockknob back into her throat. But she took it gladly, then sucked every sweet inch of his cock as he pulled back.

His prick came out glistening with her slobber and streaked with pre-cum. She fingered his balls, then looped her hand back under his groin and nudged her middle finger into his asshole.

Nick jerked as if electrified.

She was fingering the root of his hard-on from inside his asshole. His cock jolted savagely. He wondered where she had learned that little trick — but he figured it was better not to ask. It was bad policy to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Barbara gulped some preliminary goo with a gargling sound, sucking like crazy.

He held her face between his hands and shagged the meat in, burying almost all of his cock into her mouth. His balls banged against her lips.

“Cum, baby! Feed me some fuckjuice! Umphhhmmmffff! Give it to… Ahhhhhh! Whitewash my throat — gluggggg!”

Barbara was begging for his jizz on the backstrokes and sputtering as he rammed his cock into her throat.

His balls went off like time bombs.

“Swallow it, Barb!” he wailed as his jizz started to spray from the end of his cock.

“Glubbbb! Glubbbbb! Glubbbbb!” she gurgled as she drank from his cock.

His cum was as thick and rich and sweet as condensed milk, and the blonde girl was gulping it down. She drank most of it, but his load was so huge that some of it overflowed her lips and spilled down her trembling chin. Slimy gobs of jizz fell on her tits.

“Don’t stop, baby! Keep cuming!” she moaned, when he missed a stroke.

The potent youth rammed in and poured more jizz onto her tongue. The slime was sizzling on her tongue and swirling in her mouth. Each time she swallowed a mouthful, he topped her up again.

He face-fucked her, draining off spurt by spurt, finally beginning to flag and falter as his balls deflated and the last of his juice ebbed out.

He stopped humping, but edged his cockhead back down her throat as the last slimy trickles came oozing out of his pisshole.

The blonde paused and sighed as she got the last of his jizz. His cock was sagging slightly now that he had cum twice, turning rubbery, but still fat. She nibbled on the roof of his cock.

Jizz ran out of her lips and down onto his balls.

By this time, Anna and Richard could wait no longer for their own relief — both were so totally turned on by seeing the girl swallowing slime.

On the enclosed porch, with the rain pelting down and the wind howling, they began to fuck up a storm.


Watching as Barbara continued to nurse on Nick’s spent prick, still sucking out the last traces of his cum, Anna couldn’t contain herself any longer.

Richard was already stuck up her pussy from the back, buried balls-deep and clinging to her hips. The raven-haired woman went up onto her toes, pulling her sodden cunt up until only the flaring head of his prick was in her pussy, then she dropped back onto her heels.

Her solid, round ass was pressed against his flat belly and her thighs rippled sinuously as she danced up and clown on his rampant prick.

Her head went back and forth on his shoulder, tresses tumbling about her cheeks. Her lovely face was twisted by hot passion, eyes narrowed, sensual lips parted and panting.

Anna was still licking her lips as she stared at the teenaged cocksucker. The blow job was finished, the meat course relished and the rich, creamy dessert swallowed, but the prick-hungry girl was still mouthing away greedily on Nick’s prick.

The vision caused Anna to steam as much as the vigorous action in her cunthole.

“Oooohhhhh! Ahhhhhh!” Anna wailed, knowing the sounds would be masked by the loud storm.

Her ass swayed from side to side, and her gently curved belly rolled up and down. Her tits heaved up as her hips worked like pistons.

Richard fell into the fuck-rhythm with her.

He fucked violently up her fuckhole, shaking her pelvis, rattling her hipbones. His cockhead was surging to the depths of her pussy as the steely stalk of his cock worked in her pussy like a lever.

Anna felt spiked through and through, thinking that her husband’s cock must be plunging damned near up to the back of her skull, fucking her brains out.

Richard dragged his glistening cock out, then slammed it back in. His balls pulsed against her crotch, splashing in the juice that oozed out of her pussy.

Anna reached down, feeling around the slippery coupling, fondling his balls and thumbing her taut clit.

“Fuck — fuck — fuck!” she panted.

Richard was shaking spasmodically.

His cock was rock hard, and the rest of his body was flopping as if he had become disjointed from his hard-on. He knew now why they called a stand-up screwing a knee-trembler.

His hands slid up her smooth flanks and slid around to cup her heavy tits and pluck at the swollen tips just like she was tugging at her clit.

He hunched back and his cockhead pulled from her cunt and ballooned between her pussylips, then he plunged up and stabbed into the core of her cunt again.

Anna played around under her bushy groin, fingering his sliding cockshaft, stroking her cuntlips, caressing her clit again. She squeezed his balls, finding them big and solid with jizz, feeling the thick stuff sloshing around inside the hairy bag.

She whirled like a dervish, spinning around on his prick, dancing a wanton waltz, almost doing a bunny hop on his cock.

Her pussy seemed to be melting, and his prick pulled out, drenched with her pussy goo. Preliminary seepage spilled from his pisshole and mingled with her juice. Creamy ribbons of pre-cum streaked her cunt nectar as the combined fluids poured down his pounding stalk.

He fucked in, and Anna shoved back to meet him. His nuts hit her groin like a blackjack.

“Cum in me!” she gasped.

“It’s cummin’, baby!”

“Yeah-yeah! Spunk my cunt!”

Richard snorted like a stallion and drove his cock in as his balls started to drain. The sex sap shot up his cock-stem and flooded her fuckhole.

Anna cried out in rapture when she felt his cum gushing into her cunt and her own cumming peaked. Her clit went off again and again as her pussy kept creaming.

He pumped the spunk into her, pulled out, then rammed back in, driving his cock through the slimy sea of his own juice and her cunt-cream. When he stuffed her pussy full, globs of goo came oozing from her pussy-slot and ran down her inner thighs. A tide of pussy-cum poured out, laced with his jizz.

Anna could feel every sweet squirt of his cum. He was shooting up her cunt as plentifully as he had shot down her throat, and Anna cherished every spurt.

Richard gave her the last of his cock spine and clung to her hips, trembling and gasping in the aftermath of his dynamic release.

Anna kept riding up and down on his cock, working her craning off through the last spasms.

Although Richard had finished cuming, his cock was still stiff and swollen as she rammed it up her cunt.

She knew that there was a lot more action left in his loins and that she was in for more hot fun before this stormy night had ended.

And there was more to see, as well.

Barbara finally pulled her soaking mouth off Nick’s cum-slippery cock and used her tongue to slurp up a few errant cum-blobs off his balls.

His prick was no longer standing ironhard. The fat tube of his cock was looped out in a parabola over his belly, the weighted cock-knob bobbing up and down.

Semi-hard, his cock was still an impressive-looking hunk of meat, and she knew that it would be no trouble to make it get fully erect for fucking.

But the boy had promised her some pussy sucking, and what a pleasant pastime that would be, while she waited for his cock to turn to steel again.

Barbara sprawled back and spread out. “Eat me, Nicky! Munch my muff now! Then you can screw me silly!” she moaned.

Nicky grinned. Gobbling her sweet cunt would be a pleasure and he knew he owed her some oral action, as well.

He leaned over her loins, his face close to her cunt-slot, his breath billowing over her steamy groin.

Barbara tilted her cunt up and wriggled her hips invitingly, eager for his tongue.

The boy gazed at her open cunt-gash like a hungry kid admiring a cream-flied donut. His nostrils flared open as he breathed in the fumes wafting from her fuckhole.

Barbara jerked her hips up higher, her trim little ass writhing.

Nick was hungry for her cunt, but he was in no hurry. He knew they had the whole night to be naughty, and he was in an adventurous and experimental mood.

He began to kiss her ass as she lifted up the solid, smooth cheeks of her ass. She squealed and jerked up higher. With her knees drawn up to her tits, her ass was turned up under his face, and Nick could see the puckered bud of her tight brown shithole.

He was fascinated. He had never had his tongue in an asshole, but Barbara’s little slitter looked scrumptious and he figured that it would be a good place to start in on the tongue-fucking that she craved.

He licked up through the musky cleft between her asscheeks.

Barbara gasped with glee. She could see that her lover was going to be attentive to all the details that made a head-job a treat.

“Ooooh! Lick my ass!” she panted. Nick slurped up her ass-cleft, then started to lick lightly at the ring of her shitter.

“Yeah! Yeah! Suck my asshole! Eat my shiner, baby!” the blonde nymphette wailed.

Even though he had only just begun, it was evident to Barbara — as well as the watchers on the porch — that the young man was a skilled quit-lapper and ass-rimmer, his tongue talented and nimble and enthusiastic.

Nick had no doubt come by the knack honestly, inherited from his father, who was even now sucking the shit out of Nick’s mother who was screaming so loudly that the neighbors could hear her despite the raging storm.

It amused most of the neighbors.

One disgruntled old maid phoned the Hannibles to complain that they were keeping her awake, but Gloria, in a neighborly way, told the old maid to go fuck herself, then she jumped back onto her husband’s head.

Like father, like son.

Nick’s nose nudged into Barbara’s asshole and nuzzled around, sniffing and snuffling in that fragrant slot like a pig at the trough.

Barbara kicked her feet in the air and shoved her ass into his face. He began to stab his tongue into her asshole, causing her to squeal and wail.

His tongue felt lovely in her ass-ring.

It made the girl wonder what it would feel like to have him ram his prick up there.

It would bear some consideration during the course of this stormy, all-night session.

Nick licked at the rim of her shitter and then tongue-fucked up into her shit-chute. He began to suck on her shit-socket as his lapper slurped in, French-kissing her asshole.

He drooled into her sitter, then sucked his own saliva back out and swallowed it, savoring the flavor from her delicate rear rut.

The boy was going suck-crazy on her sweetly scented shithole, eating her ass as an appetizer, with the main course of her cunt still ahead of him and getting steamier by the second.

“Eat ass! Ohhhh! Rim me, baby! Ream me out!” Barbara wailed.

Her asshole was sucking on his tongue as if she was trying to swallow it right up into her guts, and he was lapping in so deep that he wondered if his tongue was splashing in the cum that she had gulped down from the other end of her digestive tract.

Her feet kicked and pawed and pedaled as she rolled her haunches against his face and he groveled down in the pit of her ass in a feeding frenzy.

Barbara was in pure paradise as he snacked on her sensitive shitter, and Nick was having a ball as he ate away.

The scene was turning the voyeurs on boundlessly.

Richard, naturally, envied the young man, watching Nick taste sweet teenaged ass and the scrumptious pussy she would serve him next.

And Anna was doubly aroused. She would have dearly loved to have the boy’s face clamped to her own ass and cunt but, equally as well, she wished she could take his place at the girl’s groin.

Richard was still fucking Anna from behind, and they began to slow-fuck, making it last. Slow-screwing was always nice.

Nick crammed his tongue into Barbara’s tight asshole and nursed on the tart, tangy slot. His prick was as hard as a crowbar again, but he knew there would be plenty of time to get his rocks off in her cunt. For the moment, he was more interested in having her cream off in his mouth.

As he ate her asshole, her pussy was pouring out scented streams that wafted up to his face, the fragrance of her fuckhole blending with the fumes coming from her fudge slot. He was savoring her back passage, but he could tell that she was going to cream off at any moment.

Having her cum while he sucked her asshole would be nice, but it would be even nicer to have her sweet cunt melt in his mouth.

He took a last slurp of her tight shitter ring, then began to lick back down her asscrack, bound for her cunt.

He was heading for her pussy.

Barbara spread out wide, ready to feed him her cunt.

“Suck me off!” the girl cried.

Those words thrilled Anna.

She only wished that they had been directed to her.


Barbara jerked her cunt up, and Nick flicked his tongue lightly at the soaking lips of her pussy, then slurped into her cunt-slot, spooning out the cunt-goo.

He rested his forehead against her plump blonde cunt-bush and lapped at her taut clit, then he snaked his tongue as far up her cunt hole as it would go.

He flailed and churned and lashed, and her pussy sucked on his tongue like a mouth being French-kissed. The hungry youth alternated, first sucking on her swollen clit, then sucking on her unfurled cuntlips.

He held her by the hips, twisting her groin around as he wallowed in her pussy. He stabbed in and ladled out a mouthful of cuntjuice. He tongued the goo out with his curled lapper and sucked more out with his mouth, working like a blowfish in her pussy.

He pulled back for a moment, to gaze adoringly at what he was eating, letting some cream run around on his tongue. His tongue soaked it up like a sponge. Sucking her pussy was making Nick so hot that his drool seemed to be sizzling as much as her cuntjuice.

His parted lips were plastered to her pussy like a suction cup on a clogged drain, mouthing the hairy lips as his lapper shot up her cunthole.

He was glugging and gurgling in her groin, adding sound effects that enhanced the pleasure for the peepers on the porch.

The Wellingtons were licking their chops as they slid together in a slow, sustained back-skuddle.

Anna laid her head on his shoulder and whispered in his ear: “Do you wish you were doing that, darling?”

He grunted a passionate affirmative.

“So do I!” Anna moaned. “I wish you could watch me eat her cunt, baby.”

Richard groaned at the thought.

He loved to see his sexy wife eat pussy as much as he loved to eat cunt — and maybe more so!

They didn’t really expect to get the chance.

But still — on a stormy night like this one, who could say what might develop.

Barbara was trying to hold back from cuming, loving his mouth on her cunt so much that she wanted to make it last for hours. But the girl was so hot and horny from having sucked him off that her climax was ready to crest.

The spillage from her cunthole was getting hotter and thicker and richer as her cuntjuice flooded from her fuckhole.

Nick’s tongue seemed to axe into her pussy.

Her groin was so gooey by this time that it felt as if he were positioned face-down in a pool of quicksand.

He came up for air.

But her pussy kept on streaming and, not wanting to miss a single drop, he dove on her cunt again and began to wolf up the deluge.

His face was coated with cuntjuice from his chin to his cheekbones.

She mopped her pussy on his mouth, and he gulped like a glutton in her cunt-gash.

“Juice me, Barb! Cream me!” he panted. “Yeah — cumming!” she gasped. Her nubile body was shaking convulsively, vibrating with the joy of her orgasm. Her blood was boiling in her veins as every nerve-ending registered her climax. Her ass churned and her hips pumped in a fucking movement. She mashed her pussy wildly into his face.

Nick raised her up by her ass. His mouth was filled with her fuck fluids. He swallowed as she fed him another mouthful, drenching his tongue, smearing his lips, cuntjuice pouring down his gullet.

He was sucking her clit and cunt-slot together now, as she climaxed again and again.

Her clit seemed to go off like a blasting cap, setting off another explosion in the core of her seething pussy.

Barbara foamed off for a long time, and Nick relished every scrumptious drop.

He drained her pussy dry.

Barbara moaned and sprawled back, moving jerkily now, as she worked off the last sweet spasms of her joy.

His mouth stayed glued to her cunt for awhile, milking out the ebbing drops, sucking up the residue. Then he raised up, grinning like a glutton who had been well fed and was now sated.

She gazed down at him with a dreamy smile.

He raised up higher to show her how hard his prick was.

His cock was so taut again that he could have used it to break into a safe, and his balls felt as full as inflated water wings.

Barbara sighed. She had been well sucked, but she was as hot for a cuntful of hard cock as ever.

Nick started to mount her.

She slid away.

On a thrilling night like this one, fucking in the missionary position seemed sort of tame to the horny little vixen.

“Lie down, baby. I wanna sit on your prick and fuck myself silly!” she moaned.

Nick grinned and lay back along the couch, his cock standing up like a rocket.

Barbara bent down and lapped his balls, then his cock-knob.

She threw one knee across him and straddled his hips.

His cock towered up in front of her tummy. With his balls jammed in her crotch, the head of his long prick was brushing against the under slopes of her tits.

She looked down, seeing how high his cock reached up the outside of her torso and panting in anticipation of having his cock rammed up her cunt so deep.

She rolled her belly against his cock, then began to rise up. His cock slid against her tummy as she lifted up.

His cockhead was scraped by her cuntbush, spilling out some gooey pre-cum.

Then she rose up another inch, and his cock snapped back into her crotch.

Barbara had no idea that they were being observed as they prepared to fuck. But if she had, she could not have designed it better.

If Nick had mounted her, the Wellingtons would have only seen his pounding ass and swinging balls, but with Barbara on top, they could see all the juicy details.

The Wellingtons were very appreciative.


It was only fate or coincidence, of course, but as Barbara Curtis started to put on another show for Richard and Anna Wellington, her mother, Claire, was also about to get laid.

John Knight had escorted the storm stranded guests up to his bedroom over the bar. Knight was biding his time, cautiously optimistic, but behaving correctly until he was certain that they were game for action.

Claire soon put him at his ease, for she had no reservations whatsoever. She began to strip off as soon as they were in the bedroom.

So did Jason — and John Knight naturally followed suit, in his role as host.

Both men had stiff pricks, and as soon as Claire’s curvaceous body emerged, their pricks began to throb.

Knight was aroused by the definite promise of some strange blonde pussy, and Jason, being a kinky fellow, was excited by the prospect of sharing his sensual spouse with the other man.

The bed, as Knight had promised, was plenty large enough for the three of them.

Naked, Claire lay down in the center of the bed. She was smiling expectantly, obviously happy that the sudden storm had brought this situation about. Her nipples were standing out like high-caliber bullets, and her tantalizing pussy was flowing creamily.

Knight glanced at Claire’s husband questioningly.

Jason winked and nodded, and the guys, naked, as well, got on the bed, one on either side of Claire.

She didn’t waste any time.

She slid both hands down and held a hard prick in each, stroking them gently. Both men were hung heavily and she was in her erotic clement.

Her husband began to suck one tit and, after a pause of several seconds, Knight began to nurse on the other tit.

She played with their pricks, but very gently, being careful not to make either of them cum by hand. Claire loved to be the centerpiece in a hot threesome, and she wasn’t about to waste spunk on a hand-job.

Her blonde head turned on the pillow. Jason lifted up from her tit and she kissed him, then she turned and kissed Knight, in turn.

Her mouth was hot and wet, and Knight fed her some tongue, happily surmising that his voluptuous guest was a cocksucker as well as a fucker — and all with the hearty approval and encouragement of her husband.

Both men simultaneously reached for her groin. They began to frig her fuck-hole. Jason rubbed her clit and Knight stabbed into her cunt-hole.

Her cunt was so full of thick goo that it was like playing in a mud puddle.

“Somebody fuck me!” she moaned. The men looked at each other across her tits, and Jason gave their host a meaningful nod.

Knight grinned like a fiend and rolled on top of Claire.

Screwing in the missionary position seemed a likely way to begin, although he felt confident that they would be fucking in all the positions, before this stormy night was over.

She arched her supple back, hiking her hips up and lifting her cunt to the angle of union.

Knight guided the head of his throbbing prick into her cunt-slot and churned it around, then he braced his knees on the bed, tightened his asscheeks, then shoveled his cock into her cunt with a jolt that buried his prick to the hilt.

“Ahhhhh!” she moaned.

Knight was pleasantly surprised. Her cunt had felt so sodden that he had been afraid her pussy would be sloppy around his cockshaft, but her inner cunt muscles had contracted, molding to his prick firmly.

“Fuck my wife!” Jason panted.

“Yeah-yeah — screw my brains out!” the wanton woman wailed, wriggling the full penetration.

Knight began to slog it to her.

Claire turned to her husband and kissed him lovingly on the lips as she whipped her ass about, fucking the other man.

Knight wasn’t sure that he understood their kinky attitudes, but he was sure as hell happy about it. He put his weight on his hands and knees and reared up so that her husband, looking down as they kissed, could see his cock going in and out of his wife’s cunt.

Claire flopped around frantically as Knight drove his cock in and out steadily.

He whipped his cock in fast and hard, and his nuts seemed to explode as they thudded against Claire’s jerking ass.

His spunk poured into her pussy lavishly, and Claire creamed again as his cock spurted jizz.

Jason stared at her groin, watching the other guy hosing her hot fuck-hole. He was panting as he inhaled the aroma of heated cunt and cockmeat, the cunt-cum and spunk blending into one passionate perfume.

Knight stuffed her pussy to the brim. As his prick filled her cunt, cream came oozing out from the pink cunt-slot, trickling down her crotch, turning her groin to goo.

Knight grabbed her grinding asscheeks and hauled her higher as he pumped in, draining off. A last squirt of jizz went into her pussy, then he stopped pumping, holding his prick buried inside her pussy while the woman wriggled and writhed and squirmed, finishing her own cumming.

“Jeez, man! Your wife’s a great fuck!” Knight croaked.

He pulled his spent cock out of her sodden pussy, withdrawing slowly. The knob of his cock popped out like a cork from a bottle, and he squatted on his heels. His balls were empty now, hanging loose, but his formidable-looking cock was still at half mast, bobbing up and down with the promise of renewed vigor.

Claire’s cunt-slot stayed open in a wide oval, retaining the shape of his cock-size.

Cunt-cum and jizz flooded out of her pussy.

Her clit was still stiff, and the juice was making it glisten. Her husband had his face right up close, his eyes burning as he stared at her flowing fuck-slot.

Jason was obviously no deviate and usually had no interest in licking up another man’s cum from his wife’s cunt.

But suddenly his tongue came out and he began to lap into her well-juiced pussy.

Knight was watching with damned near as much fascination as her husband had watched, realizing that this was going to be an all-night session.

Claire was obviously a lady who could take prick by the yard, and her husband obviously approved of her promiscuity.

“Ummmm! Suck my cunt, darling! Eat my pussy!” she moaned as she whipped her fuck-hole frantically against his face.

He tongue-fucked her, then clamped his mouth to her pussy and sucked as he stirred her fuck-hole with his tongue.

She had cum while the other man was fucking her and now her hot pussy started to cream all over again, as her husband mouthed her muff.

He sucked and swallowed. Juice ran off his jaws and dripped from his chin as he wolfed away, dining at her lunchbox loins voraciously.

Jason glanced toward Knight, as if grateful to the man for having stirred and heated this savory stew.

Claire bowed and arched and bridged, whimpering and panting as her husband ate her pussy so diligently.

Jason sucked on her stiff clit for a moment, then placed his lips on her pussylips and sucked out the cream that came gushing from her cunt.

His head moved in her crotch like a terrier worrying a bone, then he went up and down as he tongued out the seepage from the crack of her ass. His lapper ran up from her asscleft, through her cunt-split, over her clit and into her cunt-bush.

Knight had another full erection by this time and his balls were recharging. Pre-cum was seeping out, drop by drop.

Claire reached down and held his slippery cock, drawing it up toward her face. Her lips were parted and her tongue was sliding back and forth hungrily.

Knight knelt beside her head.

The blonde bombshell snuggled up to his groin, holding his slimy cock against her cheek.

He expected her to start sucking it.

But she didn’t — yet.

With her husband’s head buried between her thighs, Jason would not be able to see the action in her mouth — and having Jason watch her was half the fun for Claire. Soon Jason rose up for a look…


Jason sucked Claire up to another peak and drank her off with glee. Then he lifted his glistening face from her crotch and moved up, mounting her the way that Knight had done.

He fucked his cock into her pussy.

His cock slid up and in, and his balls drew up to the root of his prick. He fucked into her pussy as she hooked her thighs around his haunches.

Jason sucked her nipples, switching back and forth, then he kissed her passionately on the lips, as she held Knight’s cock against her cheek.

They were screwing very slowly, showing a control that amazed their happy host.

Jason’s head drew back.

“Watch me, darling!” Claire purred. The lascivious lady began to lick at the cum-greasy head of Knight’s prick. She was gazing at her loving husband as she did so, and Jason was staring intently at her tongue as it swiped on the meaty slab.

“Ummmm — his cock is scrumptious!” she sighed.

It was, especially since it had been steeped in her pussy, but she would have said it, regardless, for her husband’s benefit.

“Lick it, baby!” Jason groaned. “Ummmm — ummmm!” she purred, winding her pliable pink lapper all over Knight’s cock, laying the sides and licking his pisshole.

She moved his cock away from her mouth, as if she were shifting a lever.

Jason ducked down and kissed her adoringly.

Then he rose up again as she drew Knight’s cock back to her lips and licked it some more.

Claire went up and down his stalk as if she were gnawing a meaty bone, then she kissed her husband again.

Her lips parted, and she sucked the head of Knight’s throbbing prick, nursing on it ravenously. She began to alternate, sucking cock, then kissing her husband.

Jason sucked her tongue, then she sucked Knight’s cockhead. It was love play dear to them.

“Shall I suck him off, baby?” she moaned.

“Yeah — drink his spunk!” Jason exclaimed.

Knight was all in favor of that. Claire swallowed down on Knight’s prick, but she kept on alternating, French-kissing her husband in between slurps on the other guy’s cock.

The kinky situation soon had Knight trembling, pre-cum spilling from his pisshole. It slimed her tongue and frosted her lips.

Jason continued to kiss her passionately, now that her mouth was flavored by the flow of fuckjuice. He licked her lips with relish and sucked her tongue with gusto, then stabbed his own tongue into her mouth.

Claire was in seventh heaven, her lovely face glowing with rapture. She had a cuntful of pounding prick and a tasty mouthful and, best of all, her spouse was looming right over the action, bobbing up and down, licking at her chin and cheeks, then running his tongue across her trembling lips again.

“Fuck her face!” Jason urged.

Knight began to feed his cock in, sinking a bit deeper on every stroke.

“Umpppphhhhh!” she sputtered, adding sweet sound effects to the visual.

Jason licked the corner other lips as the other man’s thick cock slid into the oval socket, avoiding any tongue-contact with Knight’s cock, concentrating on licking his wife’s cocksucking mouth.

“Ummmmm — ahhhhh!” she panted.

“Cram in her mouth! Whitewash her tonsils!” her husband groaned in ecstasy.

Lots of pre-cum was pumping from his pisshole now.

Knight’s fat cock pulled from her lips, glistening with slime and saliva, then he fucked back in. He was plunging in balls deep now, going down her gullet as Claire deep-throated him, pleasuring her own mouth and pleasing her husband even more.

“Milk him off, baby! C’mon! Jizz in her mouth! Use my wife’s mouth for a cumbucket!” the enthusiastic spouse panted.

Jason was going crazy. Although eager to get his rocks off in his wife’s clit, he was holding back, screwing her pussy slowly.

He knew from experience that his own cumming would be all the more thrilling if another man was shooting into her facial fuckhole at the same time.

Claire stopped alternating between sucking and kissing. She began to concentrate on making Knight cream off. She gulped his cock, her magical mouth working like a pump.

Knight thought that she was going to suck his asshole inside out through his prick.

His balls swelled. “Gonna blow!” he croaked. “Ahhhhh!” she howled. “Feed it to her!” Jason cried.

Knight’s cock began to hose off savagely. Jism spurted down her throat. Claire swallowed with joy, but then pulled her lips up to the head of his cock, holding them around the tip, so that her husband could see the fuckjuice squirt from Knight’s pisshole onto her tongue.

Watching his wife drink from another guy’s cock, Jason began to fuck frantically, fucking her cunt with thundering thrusts.

“Cum! Cum!” Claire gurgled.

Knight continued to cream off in her mouth as Jason hammered into her pussy, starting to surge towards his crest.

Claire’s pussy was melting on her husband’s prick as she salivated on a strange man’s spurting cock.

Knight fucked her mouth as if it was a cunt.

And her cunt was sucking like a mouth on her husband’s cock, soaking up his spunk.

Jizz swirled into her pussy and splashed into her own creamy cunt-cum. She kept on gulping away, swallowing the jizz that spurted out of her meaty mouthful.

Their host finished first.

He shifted away, and his cock came stinking from her mouth, turning rubbery now. He panted, as if he had been poleaxed by his cuming.

Claire kept her mouth open, and Jason began to French-kiss her again as his ass cork screwed and he shot his jizz into her pussy.

Knight watched the happily married couple as they fucked each other through their simultaneous orgasms.

They were obviously deeply in love. He could tell that by the tender way they finished fucking.

Jason was kissing her, with her mouth full of spunk.

It seemed a strange way to express their bliss, but Knight was not about to question it.

He stayed back at the edge of the bed, knowing they would want to be left alone for awhile now, sharing the tender moments that followed their frenzied fucking.

But not for very long, to be sure.

The rain was still pelting the window heavily, but the raging elements were not nearly as stormy as what had taken place in the bedroom above the inn.


A sudden gust of wind battered the windows of the enclosed porch, with drops of rain pouring through the chinks in the siding, but by this time Richard and Anna were paying no attention at all to the weather.

They concentrated on watching the teenaged lovers begin to fuck for the first time. Barbara was squatting on the head of Nick’s prick like a flagpole sitter, squirming around and getting the meaty cock-knob seated comfortably in her cunt before she began to ride up and down on the stiff stalk.

The watching Wellingtons had a perfect view of the action. The girl’s slim, supple back was toward the window, and they could see beneath the half moon curves of her wriggling ass, to where Nick’s bulging cockhead was firmly seated in her wet pussy.

Her coral-pink pussylips were pulling on the purple head of his prick as if her hungry cunt was going to swallow his meat in.

Cunt-nectar streamed down his heavily veined cockshaft, making the shaft gleam.

Richard was thinking about ramming his own cock into the nubile girl, and his wife was wishing that she could tongue the juice from the boy’s cock, getting a taste of cock and cunt at the same time.

The Wellingtons were screwing jerkily. Richard slammed into Anna’s cunt, then paused between strokes, not giving her any steady friction.

Anna twisted her ass and pound down on his prick, enjoying the sliding action but still more interested in watching the naughty kids at play.

Then, to the delight of their voyeuristic eyes, Barbara began to shove her cunt down on Nick’s prick.

She descended slowly, stuffing the hot meat into her pussy, bit by sweet bit. She had fucked half of the load, when she halted, with several inches of cock sticking out at the junction.

Then she sank down and took it all.

Nick’s balls were jammed against her crotch. Every inch of his prick had disappeared in her pussy. Her cunt-slot was glued to the hilt of his buried prick and she wriggled around on the full penetration.

Nick grasped her hips and began to haul her up and down, as if he were using her cunt to jerk himself off. He humped up as he pulled her down.

Her cuntlips were stretched taut around his shaft as her cunt clung to him, damned near dragging her pussy inside out when his cock emerged.

“Yeah — wild, baby! Ride my cock!” the teen wailed. “Fuck yourself to a frazzle!” She sank down and her cunt gripped the hilt of his cock, then she pulled up and her wet cunt hole squished as it sucked his sliding prick.

Her fat tits flopped up and down. Her trim ass jolted and pumped. She moved her cunt so that his cock was rubbing over her clit as she fucked up and down on his prick.

She leaned over to kiss him, as if to show him how grateful she was for the sweet screwing she was getting while sitting on his rampant prick. Then she arched back and her tits flopped near his face as her ass jerked back.

Nick’s thick shaft came out drenched, covered with pussy-nectar as he plunged back up into her pussy. The trim cheeks of her ass quivered when she shoved down. Her groin was flooded with juice.

Anna gazed at the teenagers, yearning for a taste of that, cock and cunt.

Richard watched Nick’s prick sliding in and out of the girl — he sure as hell wanted a crack at the cunt.

The wedded watchers were still slowly screwing.

The teenagers were jolting together in a frantic fuck-action now. They surged toward another peak.

Nick rammed his cock up like a rocket blasting off, driving into the core of her cunt hole.

Barbara’s cunt was juicing, and his cockshaft drove through her pussy paste, stirring her swamp.

His balls seemed to blow off on the upstroke.

Cum spewed into her like a deluge from a bursting dam, flooding her fuckhole and hitting the depths of her pussy so hard that he damned near blew her off the end of his prick.

The blonde slammed her cunt down furiously on his squirting cock. Her clit smoldered like a fuse as her loins turned to goo.

“Arghhh!” Nick grunted, pounding in. Each time his big plunger plugged her pussy, cunt-cum and jizz came out in a foaming white tide, running back over his balls.

The boy’s balls kept blowing off and his jizz kept spurting out in geysers as he steadily fed his meat hose up her fuckhole.

Barbara squealed with ecstasy as she creamed off and felt his fuckjuice pouring into her, loving to have him cum as much as she loved to cum, herself.

It felt as if she had a fire extinguisher spraying a blast of foam into the inferno of her fuckhole, where the oily fire raged out of control.

She rode his cock in a rapture, her clit and cunt climaxing constantly.

His cock felt like a stick of exploding dynamite.

Their simultaneous orgasms seemed endless.

Nick shot again and again, and Barbara bounced up and down on his prick as the waves ripped through her belly and shot like a high-voltage current through her rippling thighs.

She fucked down firmly, then flopped about, limp with sated lust.

Her head flew up and down, and her big tits surged like balloons. Her ass slid from side to sick as her fuckhole filled with jizz.

Nick moaned as the last of his jizz splashed into her cunt and his nuts stopped surging.

He was drained. He slumped back along the couch, his chest heaving, his eyes looking glazed.

The greedy girl continued to whip her cunt up and down on his cock for a few minutes, whimpering and trembling as she fucked herself through the final sweet spasms of her blissful climax.

Slowing the pace as her climax ebbed, then ended, she screwed down deliberately, holding her groin tucked back so that she was massaging her clit against his slimy shaft, working out the last tingling thrill.

The waves of her orgasm gently diminished.

Barbara slumped over him. His cock was still stuck up her pussy as she bent down and kissed him lovingly. They embraced, panting in the aftermath of their cumming.

Nick’s cock was at long last beginning to diminish in her cunthole. His meat was softening, turning rubbery inside her cunt. Then it began to shrink and slowly came out of her pussy. The slimy stalk came looping out and his cock-knob was lodged in her pussy-slot momentarily, then it came out with a juicy slurp, followed by a lavish flood of their combined cum-cream.

His prick fell limp along his hard, trembling thigh. Even limp, his big prick still damned near extended down to his knee.

Barbara’s cunt stayed open and the mingled slime kept oozing out.

Anna was gasping and drooling at the sight.

The young man’s cock was soft, but it was coated with cunt-cum and jizz, and it was still a mouth-watering prospect, nutty and gooey and gamey.

“Ohhhh — I’m hot for those kids!” Anna gasped in her husband’s ear.

“I know, honey,” Richard replied.

They watched as Barbara dismounted from Nick’s loins, smiling contentedly.

She twisted around and lowered her radiant face, sucking his slimy cock into her mouth. She nursed the nourishing nectar from his slack stalk, obviously hoping to suck him up to yet another erection.

But Nick, virile as he was, had spent his bolt for the moment, and his cock stayed limp. She wound her tongue around on his greasy cockhead and her lips pulled wistfully on the stalk, sliding it in and out.

Barbara had every confidence that she could soon get his prick stiff again. They had tile whole night still ahead of them.

But the sooner she got his cock hard and his balls bloated, the sooner they could have some naughty fun. The clever little girl knew full well how effective some saucy talk and fantasizing could be.

She gave him a bewitching smile, her sensual lips curling up around his cockhead.

“Your prick is really delicious, after it’s been up my cunt,” she purred. “Cunt-cum is yummy — I never ate a pussy out — but I wouldn’t mind…”

Nick stared at her in astonishment.

Was she serious? Was she saying it to excite him, or did she really mean it?

Nick knew damned well that Barbara was not a lesbian. The events of this evening proved that, even if he hadn’t known it before.

The naive young man didn’t realize that even the most normal girl could be a cunt-lapper.

Anna sure knew that!

Hearing the sexy teenager express a desire for pussy, Anna felt her pussy grip her husband’s cock, and her mouth filled up with so much hot drool that it felt as if a guy had just shot a wad onto her tongue.

Oh, how Anna was yearning to do some cunt-sucking with the ravishing young girl!

Her mouth was so hot that her breath was clouding the window, making it hard to see in.

But they could still hear Barbara.

“I bet it would really turn you on to see me lick a girl’s cunt, huh, Nicky?”

He couldn’t deny that.

It was really kinky, to be sure — but that only made the idea more exciting.

“Yet!” he gasped, starting to grin.

“I wish that we had a girl here right now — it would make you so hard to watch me tongue-fuck her and see her melt in my mouth.”

What had begun as talk designed to stiffen his prick was getting out of hand. Barbara had thought a lot about lesbian love. She wanted to try it, and, talking about it to her boyfriend was making her smolder.

She rose up from his prick, which had begun to jolt and quiver promisingly. Taking his face between her hands, she began to lick his lips, then stabbed her tongue into his mouth.

“I wish your mouth was a cunt, baby. This is what I’d do to a pussy!” she moaned as she flailed her tongue against his lips.

The idea made Nick so hot that he almost wished that his mouth was a cunt.

He sucked her tongue as she pound her lips on his, sucking his saliva up as if it were the seepage from a creaming fuck-hole, demonstrating the imaginative way that she would eat out a girl.

Barbara was getting really carded away.

“Do you know any bisexual girls, Nicky? Can you find me a cunt to suck?”

“I-I don’t know…” he murmured, confused.

He had never thought about it before. But if his ultra-feminine girlfriend wanted to be a cunt-lapper, it seemed likely that it was not a rare desire.

“If only it wasn’t such a stormy night. We could phone some girl and invite her over,” Barbara mused.

She glanced toward the window, to see if the storm was lessening in intensity.

And, as she did so, Anna had just begun to wipe thc glass that her panting breath had fogged.

Barbara gasped, seeing a hand rotating on the windowpane.

Someone was watching them!

Barbara jumped up and dashed across the room, intending to castigate the dirty Peeping Tom and draw the curtains.

Barbara supposed that the spy was some neighborhood boy getting a vicarious thrill.

Anna was busily wiping the window and failed to realize that she had been seen.

The teenager was crossing the room, scowling furiously, yet blushing in embarrassment at the same time.

Then the windowpane was clear and Anna lowered her hand — finding herself face to face with the blonde teenager as they gaped at each other through the window.

Now Anna blushed, too.

Barbara lowered her gaze and gulped when she saw that the watching woman had a huge set of balls bulging under her groin — and, evidently, an equally huge cockshaft was jammed up her cunthole from behind!

The girl looked startled.

Then she began to smile.

That change of expression was not lost on Anna, who smiled back and began to lick her lips suggestively. Her tongue flicked out. She licked the windowpane.

As if working in sympathy, Barbara’s tongue came out and touched the other side of the window. If the glass had not been between them, the two females would have been French-kissing each other!

Barbara realized that the woman must have heard her express her desire for cunt and the woman was responding in a very suitable fashion!

“Er, we were seeking shelter from the storm,” Anna stammered.

“Was that all you wanted?” the girl chirped. Anna licked her lips as Barbara invited them in…


Richard pulled his cock out of Anna’s pussy, but he saw no reason to tuck it away, so he left it jutting out of his fly.

Anna left her skirt hooked up above her waist, then tucked it into the waistband.

Barbara opened the front door and, still naked and totally enthusiastic about playing the hostess to these unexpected but more than welcome guests, she led the way down the corridor and into the front room, where Nick was waiting on the couch.

Nick was looking bashful and flustered.

He was not nearly as uninhibited as his sexy, saucy girlfriend, and he was not at all sure that it had been a good idea to ask a pair of perverted porch-peekers to join in the action.

But as soon as he got a look at Anna’s big tits and juicy pussy, the boy began to look more enthusiastic about the arrangements.

He definitely looked forward to watching Barbara and the raven-haired lady do some loin-licking together and he knew that, although it might distress him a little if the man fucked his girlfriend, it would be worth it — as long as he got to screw the guy’s wife.

Jealousy had no part to play in an orgy, other than as a stimulant, and this was certainly no time to act shy or coy or nervous.

Thinking it appropriate to exchange names, Anna introduced herself and Richard.

Barbara gave them an introduction, in turn, but her last name meant nothing to the Wellingtons, yet how surprised they would have been to realize that this was the daughter of the dancers who had started them seething with desire.

Not that it would have made any difference at all in what they were going to do.

Properly acquainted now, Barbara clapped her hands together gleefully and brazenly suggested that the new arrivals get naked.

“Ummmm — but are you sure that we won’t be disturbed?” Anna asked. “You’re only kids — lovely, sexy, yummy kids, but still just teenagers. Isn’t there a chance that your parents might come home and catch us having a clusterfuck? That might be, uh, awkward.”

“Don’t worry. My mom and dad got stuck in the storm and won’t be home all night,” Barbara assured them. “We can do it ’til dawn!”

So it was that, seeing only refuge from the storm, Anna and Richard had found a far snugger harbor than they had expected.

And the situation was remarkably similar with Barbara’s parents who, by their failure to return home, had made another orgy possible.

John Knight stayed out of the way while the loving couple embraced after screwing. But it was obvious that Claire and Jason were not the types who would let a spare guy remain unoccupied for long.

They rolled apart, with one last soul searching kiss, and Claire got onto her hands and knees, facing away from Knight and wriggling her ass provocatively.

“Fuck me like a dog!” she moaned.

Knight knelt behind her gorgeous assglobes and got a firm grip on her hips.

His prick was nice and stiff again although he had already juiced her twice. He began to slide the stalk up and down in the crack of her ass, as if he was getting it warmed up for the job below.

Her tight asshole looked interesting, and Knight knew by now that this was not a couple with which a guy needed to be subtle or discreet.

“You assfuck, baby?” he croaked.

“Yesssss!” she moaned. “But fuck my cunt again, first! We got all night!”

He shagged up through her ass cleft a few more times, then dragged his prick down and fitted the bulging knob into her pussy-slot.

Claire shoved back as he humped, and his cock sank to the hilt in her pussy.

She squirmed round on his prick as he held it jammed in to the hilt.

Jason hovered over them, staring with approval. He bent down and began to suck his wife’s asshole, while his gaze was centered on her cock-filled cunt-slit just below his face.

Claire started to pull her pussy up and down on Knight’s prick as he moved in counterpoint, stuffing it up her cunt as she shoved back.

Jason rimmed out her shit-ring and watched the glistening cock go in and out for a while.

The sight made his own prick hammer savagely.

He shifted around and knelt in front of her, and Claire took his cock into her mouth.

She sighed as Jason rammed his big prick into her mouth.

The two men grinned at each other across the arched span of the kneeling lady’s back. Working in unison, they fucked her at both ends.

Knight was throwing a doggy fuck into Claire, and, as his cock thundered into her fuck-hole, she fed Jason’s hot cock into her greedy mouth.

Claire was in rapture as she took it from both ends, feeling as if she was transfixed like a pig roasting on a spit — but it was sure not an apple that was stuck into her mouth in this randy roast.

Knight fucked in, his flat belly slapping I on the curve of her butt as Jason shagged her head, his balls bumping against her trembling chin and then rolling up and jamming against her lower lip.

She seemed to be trying to swallow his cock, nuts and all — and, at the other end, her talented pussy was sucking like a mouth on Knight’s prick.

Claire, insatiable and getting a double dose of delight, was creaming in her cunthole and drooling in her mouth. But the men were lasting longer this time, since they had already emptied their cumbags lavishly.

Claire panted like a bitch in heat that she was emulating — and, like a dog, too, she swallowed down and gnawed Jason’s meaty bone.

They dragged her back and forth on their cocks, stuffing in and drawing out as her voluptuous body undulated between them, rolling up like a fleshy, high-tension spring and then extending as they pulled out.

“Cum — cream — slime me!” she babbled. Claire was so greedy for cock that she was anxious for this two-way action to finish so that she could take a double dose some other way!

She would have liked it if both cocks had exploded at the same time.

But her husband had different ideas. He pounded into her head and wailed like a banshee and shot a heavy load of cum down her throat.

He pumped away as her magical mouth milked him off to the dregs. He left his cock laying on her tongue for a moment, then withdrew from her mouth and shifted back to the other end of the action, so that he could get a good look when Knight shot up her pussy.

From behind, Jason couldn’t see the details because the man’s ass kept getting in the way. Jason moved his head back to his wife’s butt and started eating out her asshole again.

As he rimmed and reamed her tight shitring, he glanced down and got a good view I of the fucking transpiring at her pussy.

Knight, being a gracious host, arched hi back so that his torso wasn’t blocking Jason’s line of sight. His thick prick went in and out steadily, lunging and plunging, all lathered with her juice.

Jason stabbed his tongue as deep into his wife’s shit-chute as it would reach. As he licked into her ass, he could feel the other prick throbbing as it slid in and out of her pussy, separated from Jason’s questing tongue only by the slender membrane of her cunt.

Claire was melting yet again and hot flashes shot through her bowels as Jason worked on the socket of her asshole, so that it felt as if her ass was creaming, too.

It felt wonderful to have a tongue up her asshole and, naturally, it gave Claire ideas for the way that the next coupling should be arranged.

Knight soared to the peak again. Hauling Claire back by her hips, he began to spray his jizz into her seething pussy in a torrent.

Jason panted as he watched the other man hose his wife’s cunt just below his face.

Knight drained off and pulled out, knowing that Jason would want to see the cum pour from her vacated cunt.

Jason’s drool was running down the crack of her ass and mixing with the flow that came from her fuckhole. Steam seemed to be wafting up from her groin.

Claire turned to glance at Knight. She grinned when she saw he still had a hard-on.

“Oh, goody!” she cried. “What’ll we do next?” Jason gasped. Claire smiled demurely. “Did someone say something about ass-fucking?”


When she had stripped naked, Anna moved to the couch and sat between Nick and Barbara.

Nick expected her to turn to him, pairing off for a simple swap or, better still, an orgy.

But teenaged boys don’t understand a whole lot about such situations, and Nick was surprised when Anna turned to his girlfriend instead of him.

Barbara slid into the curvaceous woman’s arms willingly, and they began to kiss deeply.

Nick remembered the things that Barbara had been saying about lusting for cunt, and now he began to realize that it had been more than just a ploy to get his cock stiff that his girlfriend had been perfectly serious in her deviate desires.

He watched the nubile blonde teenager and the voluptuous, raven-haired lady kiss passionately, seeming to be feeding on each other’s mouth.

Barbara wasn’t a dyke, and the woman was married, so Nick wondered what imp of perverse was making them behave like a pair of lesbians.

Yet their embrace didn’t seem sordid, the way it would have been between two males, and Nick began to fathom the ways of the female mind — and tongue, for that matter — and to realize that sex play between women was natural. It was plenty exciting to see.

Nick glanced at Richard.

Richard hovered over them, grinning, his cock erect like a derrick. If the man so evidently approved of his wife’s lesbian lovemaking, why should Nick object to having his girlfriend dabble in dykedom?

Man and boy watched as woman and girl began to get it on together.

Barbara had never made love with a woman, but she had often considered it, and she was more than willing — and Anna was the perfect partner to teach her the sweet secrets of Sappho.

Anna dove on Barbara’s tits, lapping up the girl’s cleavage and sucking the swollen nubs.

Then she thrust her own big tits out and Barbara nursed with equal relish.

Barbara gave Nick a smug look as she mouthed Anna’s tit, amused by his puzzled but intrigued expression — but Barbara was much too horny to feel such amusement, or any other emotion. Now that she finally had a chance to make it with a woman, the girl was eager to get on with it in detail.

She wanted to try it all.

Her tongue was as hot as her pussy, and Barbara was just as hot to suck Anna’s pussy as she was to have that glossy dark head buried in her own groin.

She would gladly have eaten first, but the older woman was setting the pace and since everything felt so lovely, Barbara was willing to be submissive, as long as she got to feed on Anna’s fuckhole eventually.

Anna rubbed her tits against Barbara’s, brushing the tips together. She sucked some more, then gave the girl another mouthful of tit-meat. But they were both too horny to linger long over the preliminaries, and soon Anna began to lick down Barbara’s slim belly.

Anna slid from the couch and knelt on the floor between the blonde teenager’s thighs.

Barbara tilted her pussy up invitingly.

But Anna liked to savor the appetizers before she munched the hairy main course.

She licked down the insides of one trembling leg, then tongued back up the other. She slurped into Barbara’s tawny cunt bush and into her belly button.

“Don’t tease me! Tongue my cunt!”

Barbara pleaded, hiking her groin up.

Anna’s ebony-tressed head hovered just over Barbara’s hair pie, a hungry look in her eyes as she savored the sight and the spicy scent.

Anna had gobbled plenty of cunt in her time, starting at boarding school where she was a very popular roommate and carrying on after she was married, giving her husband a visual treat as she savored pussy. But she doubted that she had ever been confronted with such a delicious-looking, sweetly redolent cunt.

Barbara was relatively inexperienced since she had only screwed three boys, counting Nick. So her pussy was tight and trim and fragrant. The prospect of tasting teenaged pussy was always a thrill for Anna, and, because that creamy cunt had recently been shot full of a teenaged boy’s spunk, it was even more tantalizing.

She breathed in the girl’s pussy-odor, whetting her appetite, making her tongue steam in her saliva.

“Eat me!” Barbara pleaded.

Anna dove in tongue-first, licking clit and slot, her tongue fluttering as fast as a hummingbird’s wings. She slurped up Barbara’s folded cuntlips, flicked at her clit, dipped into her fuck-hole.

Barbara was going crazy.

With the very first touch of that talented tongue, Barbara quickly realized that another female gave better head than any man could hope to.

She felt sure that, when her turn came to eating pussy, she would be every bit as skilful — and she knew damned well she would be as enthusiastic as Anna was.

Anna stabbed her tongue up the girl’s cunt and took a suck on the gooey slot.

Then she came up for air.

The girl’s pussy was so hot that Anna knew Barbara was going to cream off with very little effort, and she wanted to make the teenaged treat last for awhile.

The best part of sucking pussy was when it melted in her mouth, certainly, but the voracious, bi-sexual beauty liked to savor a long snack before she drank down the hot cuntjuices.

Anna smiled at her husband with gooey lips, then she winked at Nick.

She dove on Barbara’s tangy pussy again, but she only mouthed for a moment.

Anna pulled away again.

“Don’t stop! Make me cum!” Barbara squealed.

But Anna carried on, licking a little, sucking some, then pawing again.

“Ooooooh! Make me cream! I’m hot to juice off! Finish me so I can suck you!” Barbara panted. “My mouth is as horny as my cunt!”

Anna gave Richard a meaningful look. He stepped up and offered his big, throbbing prick to Barbara’s face.

She almost turned away, declining that meaty mouthful he was presenting. She had sucked cocks in the past, and she had milked Nick off in her mouth quite recently, but the adventurous, imaginative teenager was far more interested in her first suck of pussy.

But it was impossible for a hot-mouthed nymphette to resist sucking hot cockmeat — and, besides, she realized it was only going to be for starters, with the main course of cunt to follow.

She sucked the man’s prick in greedily, then began to work on it with joy.

Nick groaned as he saw his girlfriend giving head to another guy.

But Anna grinned at the youth and formed an oval of her own lips, to let him know that he would be fucking her face soon — so how could a fellow be angry or jealous when he had her mouth to look forward to?

Anna continued to lick and pause, taking a few slurps in the girl’s pussy, then lifting her head away from Barbara’s crotch and watching her husband fucking steadily into the girl’s mouth.

The sight enhanced the pleasure of the meal that she was devouring.

And Barbara was truly relishing sucking on that massive prick, too — all the more so because it had just been stuck up Anna’s cunt, so that the girl was getting a hint of what a succulent feast she would soon have in the woman’s pussy.

“Ummmmm! Umpppfff.” Barbara moaned.

Her cheeks sank in and puffed out as Richard poured the prick back over her flashing tongue and into her throat, his bloated balls swinging heavily under his sliding cock-stalk, getting set to explode.

“Cum in her mouth, darling!” Anna encouraged her spouse. “Feed her your hot, thick fuck juice! Then I’ll finish sucking her off!”

Richard ground in and grunted.

His cock went off so hard that his ass jolted back on the recoil.

Anna and Nick could almost hear his jism splashing into Barbara’s throat. Then they could see it, as well, for his load was too huge for her to gulp it all down. Cum spilled from Barbara’s lips and streamed down her chin and dropped in gooey, globs onto her tits.

Barbara sputtered and gurgled and gargled the goo as Richard fucked in and out, creaming her mouth. He emptied his balls, and they seemed to collapse — but then they began to balloon again, without delay. He pulled out of Barbara’s mouth and stepped back, ready to watch his wife root around in the girl’s gooey cunt now.

Barbara tipped her head back and swallowed the last of Richard’s slime, then she looked down as Richard’s wife dove on her cunt again.

This time Anna began to suck for the creamy conclusions.

Barbara was hornier now that she had swallowed the jizz from Richard’s cock. She began to melt the moment that Anna started to gulp in her cunt.

Her cunt turned to cream, and the goo came gushing out into Anna’s mouth in a steaming tide.

Anna shot her tongue in, lapping up the cunt-cum from the inner folds. She sucked on the cunt as she filled her mouth again and again. Cunt-cream poured down her chin and flowed along the line of her jaw.

Anna seemed to have her face buried to the ears in the girl’s cunt, oblivious to all else, not even aware of the fascinated onlookers as she sated her sordid longings. Anna drank to her heart’s content, getting more sweet nectar out of that teenaged pussy than any female fuck-hole had ever fed her before.

She sucked out every drop and lapped up the overflow with her frenzied tongue.

Barbara writhed and wriggled in ecstasy as her cunt peaked again and again.

Then she slumped back, smiling happily, glowing with a well-sucked aura.

But now that her pussy was satisfied, she was more aware of how her tongue and lips were yearning for the other half of the feast.

Anna raised her head, her jaws dripping.

“Was that good, baby?” she purred.

“Yeah-yeah! Let me eat you, now!” Barbara gasped.

With the flavor of the man’s jizz still tingling on her tongue, Barbara was crazed with desire to dine in his wife’s love hole.

Anna rose up, ready to feed the starving child.

But there was a slight delay.

Because Nick had started to jerk off.

He knew it was absurd to even think about giving himself a handjob, when so many other options were available to him, but he couldn’t help himself. He had gotten so excited, while he watched his girlfriend drink from a cock and feed her fuckhole flow to the gorgeous woman, that his hand had fallen automatically onto his prick and began to beat away.

Pre-cum had already begun to seep out heavily, greasing his cock-stalk for his fist.

Anna looked startled and alarmed when she saw that the boy was about to shoot off.

She wasn’t about to let his sweet spunk load go to waste!

“This…” she said to Barbara, “… will only take a moment, honey.”

She twisted away from the girl’s groin and lowered her dark head to Nick’s lap. Her mouth opened wide.

Nick was on the final cum-strokes, unable to control himself. He kept on pumping away as her face descended.

His spunk squirted out before Anna had taken his cock in her mouth. Her parted lips were only two inches above the head of his prick when he gasped and a gooey geyser spurted from his pisshole.

But it wasn’t wasted.

Anna had gotten into position in the nick of time and the thick, milky, jizz juice shot right into her mouth. She gulped and went down on Nick.

Nick kept on pounding his prick as her lips enveloped the knob.

He had jacked himself off, after all.

But it was in her mouth — and that was a far different thing!

With Richard and Barbara looking on, Nick finished beating his meat, and Anna drank it all up, loving it. She sucked out the dregs.

Then, the delay having been fleeting, Anna turned back to Barbara.

As Barbara prepared to eat her first pussy, she wondered what her mother and father would say, if they had known what was happening at home, while they were stranded by the storm.

They probably would have approved…


Since Claire was still on all fours, in the doggy-fucking position. Knight started to mount her again, thinking it the most appropriate position to give her the ass-fucking she wanted.

But the blonde lady crawled away from him as she gently lowered her husband down on the bed.

Claire straddled his hips and rubbed her cunt on his saliva-soaked cock-stalk, then she fitted it into her fuck-hole and slid down, taking his cock balls deep.

Knight hung back politely, supposing that they were simply going to screw again as man and wife.

But Claire groped behind her, fumbling for his cock.

Knight laid the meat in her palm. She tugged him toward her as if he were a dog on a meaty leash.

“Butt fuck me, baby!” she whined. He knelt behind her as she perched on her husband’s prick. She pulled his cock closer.

Knight spread the cheeks of her ass with his open hands, parting the crack and exposing the puckered brown object of his desire.

She guided his cock-knob into her shitter.

That fat purple slab looked much too bloated to fit in her tiny crevice of her asshole, and Knight hesitated, not wanting to hurt her, and sure as hell not wanting to skin his dick in the tight tunnel.

But Claire knew what she wanted and what her shit-chute could accommodate.

“C’mon! Ram it up me!” she urged. He gave a tentative lurch. His cock-knob was stuck at the rim for a moment. His cockshaft was too taut to bend. He nudged her, causing her wet to slide about one third of the way down on her husband’s cock.

Then her whole opened, loosening enough to contain his cockhead.

He thrust again, and the head of his prick disappeared in her asshole. The tight brown ring snapped closed around his thick cockhead.

He waited, crouched back on the angle of his hard-on, to make sure the fit was right and that his cockhead wasn’t hurting her ass-ring.

But he needn’t have worried.

Still squatting on her husband’s rampant cock, Claire shoved her ass back and took another inch of Knight’s prick into her ass-passage.

Her shithole began to suck him in just like her mouth had swallowed his cock!

He marveled at her magic body. It felt as if she was giving him another blowjob from the rear end. Her shitter pulled him in deeper.

He gaped down in awe, watching his long, iron-hard cock sink in inch by inch. How was it going in so easily into that snug slot? It was a mystery to Knight — but a sweet one, at that.

His cock-knob, being the widest part of his prick, had opened her ass-passage as his cockshaft plowed in, spreading her shit-tract for his stalk.

Her ass took him smooth as silk.

The amazed man wondered if the head of his prick was stirring the cum that she had swallowed from the other end of her digestive tract.

More than half of his cock was buried and Knight humped and hammered the rest home.

She squawked and squealed — but there was no hint of distress in her tone of voice, hers were the sounds of pure, sordid pleasure.

She hunkered down on Jason’s cock, stuffing both of her loin tunnels to the brim.

Knight’s balls were cushioned to Jason’s nuts at Claire’s crotch.

Knight tiled to pump in and out, eager to fuck her sweet ass, but the inner rings were clinging to his cock, holding him buried to the hilt, while she squirmed around, getting seated comfortably for the action.

She pulled her pussy up to the head of her husband’s towering cock, paused there, then dropped back down and took it all into her pussy again.

Then she dragged her shit-chute up the other man’s prick and shoved back in the same way. She fell into a steady rhythm, stuffing her cunt to the brim, then packing her shitter, in turn.

The men could feel their stiff pricks rubbing against each other as they passed in her twin tracts, adding sensation to the suction and friction of shitter and fuckhole.

Knight loved fucking her ass.

And her husband loved having a stranger up his wife’s shithole even more, kinky as he was.

Jason humped up from the bed, tossing Claire on his hard cock as Knight fucked steadily into her asshole.

But Claire was still setting the pace, and she began to take both cocks at the same time now, getting both of her holes filled.

Claire was in ecstasy.

Could a woman ask for more?

Well, not most women, maybe — but greedy Claire was thinking that it would be nice if she had a third cock for her empty mouth.

Jason’s prick fucked into the depths of her cunt, and Knight pumped his prick into her hot bowels, then pulled back, having to tug hard to withdraw against the suction.

Her ass-ring tightened, reined, tightened again. Her shit-shute was elastic and pliable.

Knight guessed that she could have taken an even larger cock than his own up her turd tunnel.

Yet the fit was still snug and slick, and he was soaring to another crest.

“Ahhhhh! Fuck my cunt, darling! Pack the fudge up my butt, baby!” she moaned.

Her fuckhole was creaming, and her bowels seemed to be melting in their own unique fashion.

Both men shot off together this time. They were buried to the brim, and their balls were jammed together as they went off, like a chain-reaction exploding in her groin.

Her husband’s spunk hosed straight up, splashing in the core of her cunt while the other man’s hot jizz-enema steamed into her bowels.

Between then, they filled her to overflowing.

Jason sprawled out, spread-caged on the bed.

Knight slumped over her haunches. Claire wiggled around a bit longer, finishing off her cuming.

“That,” she sighed, “was swell!” Claire was unable to dismount from the still-stiff cock in her cunthole because she was still impaled on the prick up her ass.

Knight dragged his soiled cock out as it had gone in, inch by inch. Her asshole clung and slurped, and his prick came out like taffy being pulled.

He flopped over onto his elbows, his cock swaying, shaking off cum and ass-juice from the knob.

Freed from the shit-chute spike, she pulled her pussy up and uncoupled from Jason’s rampant prick. She twisted onto all fours again, wagging her ass in her husband’s face.

He gazed at her groin and licked his chops.

Cum was spilling out of her asshole and streaming down into her crotch, where the gooey tide mixed with the stream gushing from her pussy.

Another hot meal had been prepared in her loins now, steaming in her cunt and bubbling in a savory stew out of her bowels.

Jason began to lick her slimy ass-crack and to suck her shit hole with relish. He slid down and gave her cunt some action, eating her out doggy-fashion now, alternating between the two well-jizzed slots and lapping up the streaming flow that connected them down the crack of her rear.

Knight was impressed by Jason’s appetite and unslakable lust.

While Jason was sucking her cunt and rimming her ass, Claire inched toward Knight. Her face loomed over Knight’s swaying cock. Her blonde head moved over his prick.

Then she ducked down and took the ass flavored cock into her mouth and began to nurse and milk on the soiled shithole stuffer with glee, relishing the tainted taste of his cock.

Claire was having so much fun tonight that she hoped the storm would last for days.

As she bobbed up and down on Knight’s cock, she glanced at the rain-rattling window. The storm was still raging as fiercely as ever.

How lovely to be stranded here for a week.

But, being a mother, she was a bit worried about her innocent little girl.

She hoped there was enough to eat in the house, if the storm lasted for a week.

There was plenty to eat, of course. Although the food wasn’t quite what Claire had in mind to try it all.

Anna spread her ass open with her hands. “Eat ass, darling!” she urged. Barbara ran her lapper up through the gamey ass-cleft, a few times, slurping and slobbering.

She licked lightly around the rim of Anna’s asshole, flicking at the puckered hole.

She nudged her cute little upturned nose into the woman’s tart asshole, sniffing and snuffling, inhaling the tantalizing fragrance of the fudgy slot.

The teenager was starving for hot pussy, I but she was in no rush to get down there.

It was a real kick to start with some asshole-tasting.

Nick was looking in from one side and Richard was watching from the other.

Anna pulled the cheeks of her ass wider I apart, so that both of the fascinated watchers could get a good look at the rimming.

Barbara began to dip her wet tongue gently into Anna’s tight taffy slot. Her tastebuds sparked crazily as the flavor of shit sludge turned her on.

If cunt was even more scrumptious than whole, she knew she was in for a treat!

She snaked her tongue up the woman’s turd tunnel as far as it would go. She seemed to be trying to taste the cum that Anna had swallowed from the opposite end of her alimentaty canal.

“Oooooh, baby! Bugger my bun with your wet tongue!” Anna moaned, wriggling in ecstasy.

Anna was delighted by the way that the teenaged novice was learning her lessons.

Barbara was taking to lesbian love like a duck takes to water!

Barbara drooled into Anna’s whole, then sucked the slobber back out and swallowed it.

Anna’s tight shitter was sucking on Barbara’s tongue, pulling it up her guts.

Nick, gaping in awe, was wondering what it would feel like to shove his prick up into that tight brown ring.

Richard didn’t wonder — he knew.

“Suck that whole, kid!” he gasped.

Barbara murmured as she munched. The girl felt deliciously depraved, wanton and sordid and sinful. Sucking mother female’s asshole with two miles watching her was a tremendous turn-on.

Pussy perfume was steaming up from Anna’s neglected groin, wafting into Barbara’s face, the aroma blending with that of her shit-chute.

Barbara adored eating out asshole, but she was getting desperate to suck pussy.

She rimmed and reamed a bit longer in the caramel-colored crack of Anna’s asshole. Then drew away and turned face up on the couch.

“Sit on my face, Anna,” she whined. “Feed me your fuckhole.”

Anna mounted the blonde girl. Her ass rested on Barbara’s tits.

Barbara craned her neck, lifting her head up and gazing into the vee of the crotch just above her face.

She breathed in the fumes, and her ass flavored tongue tingled ravenously.

Holding the voluptuous lady by the solid cheeks of her ass, Barbara tugged her up as her face clipped down to meet the snack steaming in Anna’s groin.

Her tongue slid in.

“Ahhhhh!” Anna moaned.

With the very first lick, Barbara knew that cunt-lapping was for her! It was even better than she had imagined it would be.

She loved the taste and the texture and the scented aroma of that succulent pussy, and the prospect of having it cream in her mouth was driving her wild.

Barbara knew that she would never lose her lust for cocks, certainly — but from now on, the girl intended to suck every cunt she could get her mouth on.

A whole lot of local ladies were going to get lucky in the future!

She slid her tongue in and flailed it around, lapping the nourishing nook, exploring every crevice and cranny of the intricate inner folds.

Then she clamped her open mouth to the gash and began to suck with such enthusiasm that Anna thought her eyeballs were going to cave in.

Barbara needed no training or practice or previous experience — no coaxing or instructions or hints on how to go about it.

She was a cunt sucker born and bred. Anna mopped her cunt-muff on the girl’s mouth, then up her face, sliming her from her trembling chin to her cheekbones.

Barbara dipped her nose in as Anna’s pussy was plastered to her face like a suction cup.

Barbara’s tongue aroused Anna’s cunt, and Anna’s cunt aroused Barbara’s tongue.

The teenager’s mouth kept filling up with cunt nectar. She gulped it down greedily only to have Anna’s pussy fill her mouth again.

The flow was getting hotter and thicker and creamier as Anna soared to a crest.

Barbara tipped her head back for a moment, to gaze at what she was eating.

The sight of Anna’s pussy thrilled the girl almost as much as the sweet taste of her cunt.

Anna’s fuck-hole was open wide, the coral-pink lips unfurled like a fleshy flower and the oval slot full of thick cream. Barbara dipped in like a hummingbird seeking nectar in that blossom.

She dove in to lick. Her head was going up and down in the classic blowjob-action, as if she were swallowing a cock, as she alternated gazing with grazing.

She sucked Anna’s clit into her mouth and worked on it awhile, making it explode. Then she opened her mouth wider and sucked all the cunt juice out from the woman’s steamy pussy.

“Cum! Cum! Cum!” Barbara moaned, the words muffled by the raven-haired woman’s cunt.

Anna jerked her hips and ground her ass down on Barbara’s upthrust tits. Waves of rapture were rushing across her loins and shooting up her thighs.

“Drink me off, baby! I’m creaming! Swallow my slime, you sweet sucker!”

Barbara squealed with joy as Anna’s clit cum gushed lavishly into her mouth.

She rooted in the rut, gobbled in the gash, munching the melting muff voraciously. Barbara drank and Anna drained.

The sexy woman was feeding the nubile girl as much cum as any guy ever had, and, if it wasn’t any more delicious than jizz, it was just as good.

Anna finished foaming. She slumped, smiling.

Barbara kept right on sucking.

When Anna started to dismount, Barbara grabbed her ass and pulled her back.

“I wanna do it again!” she moaned.

She had become a nympho for nooky!

Anna was pleased to feed her again.

But now two horny males were hot to get into the act.

But she didn’t give a shit.

Getting fucked and sucking cunt at the same time was a thrill beyond compare.

Richard began to fuck Barbara with slow, rippling fuck-strokes, rubbing the length of his long cock across her clit as he pushed in and pulled out.

He bent down and began to lick his wife’s asshole as her butt wiggled on Barbara’s tits.

Anna moaned with delight as a second tongue was added to her pleasure. Now she was getting her shithole sucked and her pussy plated at the same time.

Nick was desperate again, his prick pounding and beating and surging.

Richard was fucking his girlfriend and, logically, he should be sinking his cock into Richard’s wife. But Anna’s cunt was fully occupied on Barbara’s face, not available at the moment.

The boy looked for a hot hole.

Anna’s mouth was vacant, but he had already jacked off into that facial fuckhole, and they both sensed that in an orgy like this it wasn’t proper policy to repeat the same couplings twice in a row.

The incontinent boy grabbed his thundering prick and began to whack off again.

This time it was Richard who came to his rescue and prevented Nick’s conclusive self-abuse.

“Shove your prick up my wife’s ass!” he grunted as he sucked that tiny slot, getting it slimy with saliva and ready to be fucked.

Nick mounted Anna’s arched torso. He stroked his hot cock up and down in the crack of Anna’s ass, then hiked his haunches up and angled the cock-knob into her cornhole.

The fat prick got stuck for an instant. Then her well-sucked shit socket opened, and his prick went in like a hot knife through butter.

Anna cried out in bliss as her bowels were filled up with teenaged cockmeat. An ass full of prick felt even better than a tongue.

Nick and Richard were mounted on Barbara in tandem, the man on her loins and the boy straddling her slender torso as he wedged his fat reamer up into Anna’s ass.

The moment that Barbara felt cock spume flooding into her fuckhole, she melted in a wild and prolonged climax, her pussy dissolving on his spurting stalk, cunt goo mixing with jizz-slime.

Anna began to cum again, her clit exploding and her cunt creaming into Barbara’s face.

Then Nick was pouring his hot jizz-enema up into the dark-haired nympho’s bowels.

As he drove his cock in, cum and ass-juice bubbled around her tiny brown eye. The stuff ran down into her crotch, where Barbara lapped it up joyously, adoring the combination of cunt-cum and jizz that was tainted with asshole.

They ground together in perfect harmony, like some well-oiled fucking and sucking machine, working one another through the fiery spasms, slowly spending off the ebbing waves of the clusterfuck.

Finished, they clung together in a jumble of arms and legs, cocks and cunts, balls and boobs.

Richard was the caboose in this carnal train and he uncoupled first, dragging his greasy cock out of Barbara’s sodden pussy.

His cock was still fat and firm.

Nick tugged his cock out of Anna’s asshole. The cock-knob came free with a wet slurp and more jizz oozed out and trickled down into her groin, where Barbara greedily sucked it up like a sponge.

Anna stayed in the saddle of the girl’s ardent face for a few more moments, while Barbara used her tongue to gather up the last dregs.

Then she dismounted.

But they didn’t stay uncoupled for long.

They just linked up differently.

To complete the cycle, Nick fucked Anna’s cunt, and Richard fed Barbara her first-ever asshole full of prick — first but definitely not the last, as she discovered the beauty of butt-fucking.

They had to rest after that.

But the storm was still bellowing away and they had the rest of the night.

They went upstairs and all crawled into bed together, sleeping in a cluster — so that when they awoke at dawn, they were all ready to have a scrumptious breakfast in bed.

They munched on fat sausages and hot crumpets and, although they didn’t have coffee, there was plenty of cream.

When they had eaten their fill of hearty morning fare, they had another cluster fuck and, sure enough, the energetic screwing whetted their appetites for brunch.

They all dined in a daisy chain. And then, at last, the eventful night had ended and a brand-new day had dawned.

And the storm had ended.


Anna and Richard hated to leave, but knew they had better be gone by the time that Barbara’s parents got home.

Nick figured it would be better if the Curtises didn’t know that he had spent the night, and the Wellingtons offered him a ride home. They made arrangements to get together again soon.

The world was wet and sparkling on this bright, sunny morning following the black night.

He staggered as he got out of the car and wobbled as he went into the house, and he was so exhausted that he didn’t even stop to watch his mother and father, who were fucking like crazed stoats in the kitchen.

Anna and Richard stayed in the driveway long enough for a marital fuck.

Then they drove home.

On the way, Anna had a chance to look around and see how much damage the storm had done.

Wires were down, trees were uprooted and gardens were trashed by the lacing wind and pelting rain.

The sexy woman grinned with a sudden thought.

“It’s true what they say, darling,” she remarked.

“What’s that, honey?”

She giggled with sperm-gooey lips. “It’s an ill wind that blows no one…”

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