Finally i fucked my coworker

There’s this guy that I’ve been working with for almost two years now. He’s tall, thin, thick brunette hair and scruff, sweet smile, kind eyes and personality. Incredibly smart and easy to talk to. He also happens to be one of my best friends. I’ve liked him for a while but never wanted to ruin our friendship. He’s also been dating someone on and off for two years. There’s always been a fair amount of sexual tension between us. We have had late nights together, sipping on wine, watching movies and often discussing our sexual interests. But neither of us have pushed things further, apart from the few times he has grabbed my ass while out drinking.

One night, we went out to happy hour then ended up at a mutual friend’s place where we took molly. Things were a blur that night but I remember us standing in the kitchen, talking with our faces close- he kissed me but I don’t remember why. I panicked and asked about his girlfriend but he said they weren’t serious. We cuddled a lot that night and kissed a few more times, but at the end of the night I decided to go home solo.

The next couple of days, I could not get the thought of fucking him out of my mind. We made plans to meet up Sunday night but keep it PG and just cuddle and watch a Disney movie, which is not uncommon for us. During the movie, he pulls me next to him and starts rubbing my ass and thighs. I tell him that we can’t fuck or I’d be too distracted at work. He does this stupid fucking sexy smirk and simply says okay. He moves his hand closer to my clit but not directly on it, teasing me and making me squirm. I’m soaking wet at this point with his hand down my sweatpants and my face buried in his neck, taking in the scent of his cologne mixed with his pheromones. Ladies, you know what good cologne can do to a girl. All logic goes out of the window and I swiftly remove his pants and straddle him on the couch. I start rubbing the head of his penis over my clit and opening. I slowly lower myself down on his cock and we moan together. I enjoy watching him suck on my nipples while I ride him. He picks me up and takes me to his bed and throws me down on my stomach. We fuck for a little longer but neither of us finish that time.