Married woman’s pure pleasure

A married lover came over to my office Friday. I am self employed and have a small one man office. Her and her husband’s sex life is stale and she has some sexual desires he cannot fill. So I am helping her out…and myself.

When she comes in she is just wearing jeans, a tee shirt and flip flops. I give her a brief kiss but no small talk. I turn her around and put her body up against mine so she can feel my hard cock against her butt even though her jeans are still on. I slip my hand under her shirt and find her tits and hardening nipples. I give her nipples a good couple soft pinches and then down to unbutton her jeans. I slip my hands into her cotton bikini briefs. I can feel she is already totally wet. My middle finger finds her pussy and it slides easily in and out of her pussy to find her clit, then back in again.

This goes on for about a minute. But this is not what she has left her home to come see me for. I move her forward and pull down her jeans. Her upper body is now resting on a short 2 drawer file cabinet. Within 3 minutes of entering my office, this wife and mother is bent over my filing cabinet begging for my cock. A man she met just a couple weeks ago. Her pussy has taken control of her mind and body. This isn’t the first and wont be the last time. I don’t bother pulling down her panties, just move them aside. My cock finds its mark. She gasps. I let it fill her a few seconds before I go to work. In and out….a nice steady stroke for a few minutes until her body tenses and she cums. I push up against her close so she does not fall to the floor off the filing cabinet.

After about 30 seconds I help her up and we move to the floor. She is multi-orgasmic, so this is just the start. My office walls are thin and it is the middle of the day, so I have to think about where she is facing so it does not “bother” the people in adjoining office suites. I put her on her back for her next orgasm. She is totally relaxed now, after getting that first cum out of the way. She is content looking up at me while I watch my glistening cock slide in and out of that married pussy. I love knowing I am giving her pleasure her husband can’t. She likes me to start slow and build up. Her relaxation gives way to to facial contortions as my pumping rod starts to hammer faster and faster. She grabs my arms and starts to make those familiar whimpering noises. She is getting pounded hard now as her stomach clinches and head moves off the floor. She cums hard and her body shakes a little. She falls back to the floor, once again totally satisfied and content….for the moment.

After her second orgasm, she is pretty satisfied so I settle in, lying right on top of her with my 8 inches buried inside. She likes to feel most of my weight on her. We are face to face now and I start slowly pumping her again. Her mouth starts to gasp little breathes of air every time I push back in. We can’t kiss when we fuck because she keeps gasping air. She can build to cum fast, but I keep the long rhythmic stroking going for a few minutes so she maintains her pleasure plateau and I get to see the look on her face. I get off her now to my knees so she can see my fat cock plunging in and out of her slowly. I want her to see what it is doing to her. I take her hand and place it on my cock. I like how it feels stroking past her hand as it moves into her pussy. She knows I like it too and smiles up at me. I’m now ready to make her cum a 3rd time and start to drive down harder and harder. Her face tells the whole story of a new lover pounding her in ways she has probably never had. Her eyes close and she moans as she coats my cock in more of her juice.

I’m a little winded now taking care of this lovely lady, so I roll off her and lie down next to her. She sits up and smiles as she strokes my stomach and chest. She starts kissing her way down till she reaches my cock. No teasing here. She takes my whole cock in her mouth at once. A minute ago it was in her pussy now. It is now in her mouth. She gets to taste her own cum. It is very erotic. I love looking at her bobbing on my dick. After a while I reach down to hold my dick so I can personally feed it to her while she caresses my balls. I pull out her cell phone camera and take a couple pics of her with her mouth wrapped around my cock. I know she wants to look at it when she gets home and email them to me. I’m getting pretty flushed now and I’m starting to get close to cuming so I tell her to stop since I am nowhere near done with her today.

I tell her to lie face down and she complies. Her head is on a pillow I keep in my office file cabinet for such occasions. She spreads her legs a little and she waits. I lower myself down and hunch over her back. I don’t bother holding my cock, it’s stiff and I just lower my waist and move forward. Her pussy lips are moist and open. I slide right in. I just lay on top of her for a moment. She loves the combination of sexual arousal and intimacy. I get back up on my knees while she is still lying flat. Then I reach into our toy bag of items we keep on hand. I find a 2.5 in butt plug and apply a little KY. I ease it into her ass. I want her ass to get used to having something in it. I lay back down on top of her. This married woman and mother is on the floor of her lover’s office with a butt plug in her ass while my cock starts to pump her. Her head is to the side on the pillow and I bring my mouth down close to her ear. She can feel my warm breath on her neck and ear. She is grunting a little now and timing my thrusts. She has a little sub and cuck fetish. I whisper in her ear, “Where is your husband?” She says, “He’s at work”. I respond, “Does he know you’re being fucked by a stranger with a plug in your ass?” She’s silent except for panting. “Why are you here, is it because you love him, but he can’t please you?” She moans, “Um hum”. I’m firing hard into her pussy hard now, turned on knowing I am fucking another man’s wife. “You need my cock to make you cum don’t you”. She is breathing too hard now to respond, but I know the answer. I hold off till she cums and once she does, I squeeze her legs together and pump my hot seed into her. Sweat rolls off my face on to her cheek. We are both exhausted for the moment but not finished for the day.