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Along came a swapper

Max Benson nearly ran from the front door of the main laboratory complex, to the parking lot. He would have run, and shouted too, except that successful research scientists at Walton Instruments did not behave in such an indecorous fashion. The news he had received, just before leaving for the day certainly confirmed that he […]

Girl on girl story

Shirll spread her legs and reclined on her bed. The music pulsed deeply, going into her very essence, causing her erotic mood to become highly sensorial. Her fingers traced the smooth lines of her body. Using a knife to cut away her panties seemed more erotically stimulating that simply removing them or masturbating through the […]

It was my sister-in-law

“Well you know why Lisa dropped Paul?” It was my sister-in-law, Susan offering me a tidbit from my wife, Lisa’s past. The three of us were eating dinner one evening and we had had a few beers. “Susan!” Lisa said it almost as a whine. She looked alarmed. Naturally I was intrigued. “Paul wanted to […]

Finally i fucked my coworker

There’s this guy that I’ve been working with for almost two years now. He’s tall, thin, thick brunette hair and scruff, sweet smile, kind eyes and personality. Incredibly smart and easy to talk to. He also happens to be one of my best friends. I’ve liked him for a while but never wanted to ruin […]

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