My gf was sitting on my face while I was tied

Before a few months we got really drunk in night when she came to my place and one point I was like: I want to lick your body, we were messing around and I did it with her navel for a couple of minutes before we fell asleep.

I woke up in morning naked tied to bed in X position… I saw her come In room a couple of minutes later and start undress: you wanted to lick me, now you will.

What are, before I could finish, she sat on my face competly naked: lick me she whispered, I slowly started circling round her clitoris, still not fully awake, it was tasty as ever, then she slowly lifted her pussy in the air as I was reaching for it with my tongue and mouth, then she said: EAT IT NOW! She pressed my face with her pussy as I inserted my tongue deep into her and started making out with her pussy, eating, licking, biting while she started moaning as she grabbed my head with her fingers through my hair and continued pushing me deeper telling me not to stop… She squeezed me as she came on my face and mouth while I cleaned her, she was still sitting on me.

She started hip thrusting harder and harder, she was literally fucking my face with her pussy, this went for 30 minutes as I as out of air and told her so, before you know I was begging her to sit on my face again in reverse cow girl position and started jerking me off in same time, I couldn’t help but cum, she was still rubbing her self on my face before she came again. She told me she could tell I wanted to bang her but refuse to untie me, she was licking my chest and body, slowly pushing her boob at my face just barely, so I can suck her nipple and touch it with tongue and started jerking me off again before unting my legs, I grabbed her with legs and slammed her on bed.

Hey there, be steady she said as she wore her panties again before she started kissing my neck and started making out with me while dry humping while telling me that I will fuck her after and curse her. This continued for a minute until I came again.

She finally untie me thinking I was exhausted. I pin her on bed and take her into the air with her legs wrapped around me..

Before you knew I was fucking her on table shouting: you bitch this is for teasing me all that time while she is screaming to fuck her harder…