Fishing trip with two chubby whores

Sandra and Thelma undressed and hid their clothes behind a bush by the
lake. They kissed with open mouths and caressed each others breasts and
delicately matured buttocks with tender movements. They looked like two
black nymphs, one tall and slim, the other a bit shorter and fat, as
they embraced at the waterfront. The sun was setting behind the
treetops. In less than an hours time the place would be completely
“What we… should do… is to take a quick… swim… and then…
catch some fish,” Thelma sighed between their sopping kisses.
“Uhu… and don’t forget the camp fire,” Sandra agreed with a horny
“To hell with that,” Thelma whispered and wrestled her friend to the
ground. They wrapped their strong thighs around each others necks an
went at it without any further foreplay.

38-year old Sandra stabbed into her three years younger lover’s anus
with a saliva-drenched index-finger as she started sucking on the thick
dark rose. Thelma responded with a rapid, tickling motions up and down
the wet and tasty labia. Now and then, she would fill her mouth with the
creamy, transparent liquid and swallow it. The finger up her ass spread
a familiar, burning sensation through her entire body, even though it
hardly moved at all. They made feverish, hasty love on the deserted
beach. The slurping and sucking noises always had excited them both, so
they let go completely. Thelma held her own orgasms until Sandra’s body
started to quiver. When she relieved herself, Thelma felt as if the
earth quaked and everything around them ceised to exist.

Early next morning, Thelma found herself alone in the tent. The sharp
taste of cunt in her mouth brought back vague memories of a quickie just
before dawn. She stretched out her six foot tall and well-trained body,
yawned and hoped that her girlfriend was out fishing. Grilled fish for
breakfast beat just about anything, apart from sex. Sandra returned
empty-handed, but with some unexpected news.
“Guess what?”
“We’ve got company.”
“No, Sir! There are two gorgeous teenage-girls at the other side of
the lake. And I mean Gorgeous!”
“Wait a minute! Are we talking about a pair of white pussies, half our
age, camping out here?”
“And why the hell are you so excited? They’re probably saving their
cherries for a couple of dumb football-players.”
“I don’t think so.” Sandra smiled at her little secret.
“I watched them kiss. More than once.”
“You chicken hawk you! And the next time you take advantage of me when
I’m half asleep, I’m gonna skin you alive, you fat bitch!”
“You loved every second of it.”
“Thanks for telling me.” Thelma turned her face away.
“I love you, Thelma.” Sandra kissed her left shoulder and waited. A
few minutes passed.
“I love you too. Now, let’s catch something for breakfast.”

# # #

Two girls at about 18 years of age, wearing nothing but bright
pastelle-colored bikini-bottoms, returned to their tent after a walk in
the woods.
“A great hide-out,” said the taller and slimmer of the two. Her name
was Linda. She kept her long, blond hair tied up in a ponytail that
almost reached down to her well-shaped ass.
“A great make-out nest,” Maria, her pale and stout friend, responded
with a vulgar smile. She wet her lips with the tongue and started
stroking her huge breasts. Her white skin was covered with thousands of
cute freckles. The short and curly hair appeared almost unnaturally red,
or rather orange, in the bright sunlight.
“Stop it, you horny little tramp!”
“Stop what?” She started moving her hips to some pretended music and
closed her eyes. Linda bent down, kissed her on the forehead and sighed.

Linda was a head taller than Maria, but yet at least ten pounds lighter.
She was a bit shy, except in Maria’s company, and would rather spend a
saturday night at home with a good book, or even better, with her chubby
and sexy friend, than out on the streets drinking beer and smoking pot
with people who weren’t really her friends. And she had had a few
objections to this combined camping-, fishing- and hunting-trip. She
didn’t approve to cruelty to animals in any way. Linda couldn’t
understand the pleasure in killing a beautiful bunny, or even a little
bird. She had agreed to come along, but under protest. Maria on the
other hand, had an appetite for lots of dubious things, and very few,
if any, scruples. She had smiled at Linda and told her that she regarded
herself as a higher life-form than all animals on earth, and therefor
had the right to do whatever she pleased to them. Apart from being a
cruel animal-killer, she was the best friend anybody could dream of. And
a very skillful and inventive sex-partner. Somehow, they were a perfect
couple. And very much in love.

Linda kneeled in front of her dancing friend and reached out her tongue.
Breathless and dazed by the teasing show, she started to lick the
freckled skin around the nipples. What she felt as she admired the
wonderfully shaped and heavy, dangling breasts, wasn’t envy or some kind
of raw sexual lust. It reminded her of the pure, passionate moments of
worship, when she had still believed there was a god who was there to
look after her. But God didn’t moisten her cunt, or turned her nipples
so stiff they almost ached.
She squeezed Maria’s big ass-cheeks as she started sucking on the
raspberry-sized nipples with saliva running down her chin. A couple of
minutes later, Maria broke the spell:
“Sometimes you behave like a nun with a chastity-belt, and sometimes
you give head like a real professional. Let’s go inside, I’m hungry.”
Linda got up and followed Maria to the tent.

# # #

Maria stretched out her body in the grass and loaded the fine-calibre
rifle. She wore nothing but an X-Large, pink T-shirt that managed to
cover most of her fat ass. Her body still bore the marks of the sweaty
wrestling-match in the tent. A large black bruise on her right arm
reminded her of a sharp knee that crashed into her as she flattened
Linda to the ground and tried to force her to eat pussy. The power, the
wrath as her lover struck back had shocked her. And so had the pain.
Through the tears, for a split second, she had seen a couple of soft but
firm buttocks, before it went dark.
She had paid the loser’s price with an almost paralyzed arm and a
battered pride. When Linda were done, she had laughed at her:
“Serves you right, rapist!”

The two girls then kissed and assumed their favorite position. They
scissored their legs around each other, let their pussies meet in a
dripping wet kiss and started to make slow, rhythmic and rocking love,
the way they always did.
Maria still had the sweet taste of Linda’s juices on her tongue and on
her skin as she squeezed the trigger. The sharp Bang! echoed for a
second or two. A small cloud of feathers seemed to hang silently in the
air for a moment, as the wing-clipped bird hit the ground.
The usual sparkling sensation in her stomach and between her legs, the
raw tickling of triumph as she watched the twitching bird. She knew the
whole thing was sick and cruel, but she couldn’t resist it.
The young huntress helped herself to a brutal, pulsating orgasm by
pressing her thick, pale thighs together, as the little bird slowly died
before her eyes.

“Nice shooting girl, but what’s all the moaning about, you in pain
white girl?” Maria turned around. The deep and calm voice belonged to a
tall black amazon in a pair of red shorts and a yellow T-shirt with the
words “Black Power” over her small, pointy breasts.
“You a mute or what?” She looked down on her with a bemused smile on
her face.
“I bet you don’t have a license for that, and I bet it’s not even
yours. You steal it?”
“No… I… It’s my dad’s.” Maria, who never took orders, who always
took command in situations like these, was completely stunned. She felt
as if she was under a spell. All she could do was stare.
“Oh, I see… Daddy’s little girl, out hunting on her own… Well,
hand me that gun.” Maria did, without hesitation.
“Now, let’s have some live-target practice. By the way… Name’s
“Uh… Maria.”
“Uh-Maria. That’s weird!” They both started laughing.
“Shooting for fun, for dinner… or both?”
“I guess… both.”
“That’s right girl! Always be honest to yourself. No hypocritic
bullshit, just do it!”

And five birds later they did it, right there, using their
trigger-fingers as tender, exploring tentacles, using their lips and
tongues to relieve each other and to kiss away the fresh sweat of a
hunting-trip turned into a delicate 69.

# # #

Early in the afternoon, Linda was wandering through the woods by
herself. They had made love like a pair of shameless bitches. At noon,
when Linda had woken up after the battle, both Maria and her light rifle
had been gone.
She loved the peace, the tranquillity of the wilderness. The air was
fresh and the water was clean. But it was getting too hot. She took off
her T-shirt and headed down the slope, towards the lake.
Wait, stop! She heard something and dove behind a tree.
“Oh no, you’re not getting anywhere! Come to mummy!”

At first, Linda thought the words was meant for her, and froze. Seconds
later, she caught a glimpse of a huge naked black woman, unhooking a
squirming fish and then breaking it’s neck. Linda hissed as the woman,
old enough to be her mother, bent over to wash her hands. She had a good
view of her enormous and sexy ass, as well as her rim and the pretty,
clean-shaven cunt.
She must weigh at least 200 pounds, and she’s no taller than me, she
thought as she breathlessly admired the black fisherwoman, that then
turned to her right and exposed a perfect set of gigantic tits. Huge as
they were, they still appeared firm and shapely. Linda grew hard and
wet. There was no way she could turn around and walk away from this
black goddess. At least not yet. But would she dare to approach…
Suddenly, fate gave her a helping hand. An angry, demanding voice called
“HEY GIRL! GET YOUR WHITE ASS DOWN HERE! NOW!!” Linda silently obeyed.

“What do you mean by sneaking up on me like that?”
“Oh, nothing. I was just… just…”
“Didn’t your mother teach you anything, white girl?”
“But I was just…”
“Yeah, you were just drooling over my black ass, weren’t you?!”
“Please… I didn’t mean too…”
“WEREN’T YOU?!” The woman kept her pinned with her dark-brown eyes
like a snake hypnotizing it’s prey. Linda burst into tears. But the fear
soon turned to anger:
“That’s more like it, girl.” She was shaking with laughter by now.
Linda gaped in disbelief.
“You’re making fun of me!”
“No, no, just teasing. I’m sorry if I went a bit too far.”
“Eeeh…” Linda swallowed twice. “I’m sorry I yelled at you… and
called you a fat pig.”
“Well… I am fat!”
“You’re not a pig.”
“That could be discussed.” She smiled, leaving Linda puzzled about
what she really meant by that.

Two hours later, they were the best of friends, despite the
age-difference. Linda caught four fine fish and Sandra taught her how to
kill them with her bare hands. The horny girl could hardly keep her eyes
off the huge tits that dangled like swinging watermelons every time the
powerful woman moved her body.
The sexual tension between them increased. Linda knew what was about
to happen. And she knew that meant betraying Maria. But nothing could
stop her now. Their eyes met. The time is now, she thought and placed a
wet kiss on Sandra’s thick, inviting lips.

Sandra embraced the slim girl, as their tongues played hide-and-seek in
the hot afternoon air. The fat tease laid down on her back with widely
spread legs. Linda hesitated for a moment, then sank down on her face.
The cunt before her eyes was well beyond her dirtiest dreams, an erotic
masterpiece of dark red and purple flesh, with a big, hard blood-red
clit exposed to her mouth.
She kissed the beautiful labia and breathed in the salty, kinda fishy
odor of fully-grown woman, for the first time in her life. The sexual
lips were so thick, so soft, so delicious… A delightful pain rocked
her young body, as Sandra’s finger drilled it’s way into her tight
asshole, and her tongue simultaneously dug into her pink virgin-pussy,
carefully avoiding the clit. Linda moaned, but continued
tongue-massaging Sandra’s mussle-tasting labia in her curious manner.

They traded orgasms in each others faces and then rolled over. Something
cold and slippery moved under Linda’s right buttock, when Sandra almost
smothered her with black flesh and spicy love juices as she started
rubbing her cunt against Linda’s mouth and nose.
Then came that twitching again, and this time she knew exactly what it
was. One of the fish she’d caught had somehow survived a broken neck,
and got stuck in the middle of this steaming woman-to-girl-combat. The
spasms of it’s death-struggle under her sensitive ass-flesh matched
perfectly with the tongue running in little circles around her stiff

She drank Sandra’s fluids eagerly. It tasted a lot different than
Maria’s. The flavor was more… full, stronger and softer at the same
time. Sexier. And she was an amazing pussy-eater. Linda came again and
again… She wouldn’t let it stop. Not in this life…
Sandra was taking her places she’d never been to before, to heights
that brought a kind of feverish dizziness to her frenzied mind. When she
started falling, there was nothing, not a single ounce, left of her
girlish shyness or polite manners. She grunted into the hot mass of meat
that surrounded her face, and started to finger-fuck the negro-goddess
in the ass with the left hand’s thumb.
Linda wasn’t taking any prisoners. She went at it with a brutal
appetite and stabbed, stabbed, stabbed… A few minutes later everything
went red, pink and purple and then seemed to explode, as she fell into
the most mind-blowing series of orgasms she had ever had.

Sandra awaited the moment and joined her. They became one shivering
body, one flesh, one ecstasy, that eventually collapsed in a
sweat-soaked heap on the ground. Fortunately with Linda on top.
Sandra sighed as she stroke the girl’s firm pear-shaped breasts.
“Wow! And you’re only 18 years old. I can’t even imagine what it would
be like to make love to you in about ten years time.”
“You got me started, you fat pig,” Linda whispered with a crooked
smile on her face. They kissed again.
“Your place or my place? For the sequel, I mean.”

When they arrived to the girls tent they smelled grilled meat of some
kind, and saw Maria and Thelma involved in a serious and very deep kiss.

“Looks like your friend, the hunter, caught herself some nasty bitch
“I’m hungry. I could do with some food.” Linda couldn’t help but
feeling jealous when she watched Maria doing what she herself had been
doing recently, with a total stranger. But time would heal the wounds
she thought and grabbed Sandra’s hand…