Suck-happy Family

Perhaps the most confusing and difficult time in a young girl’s life is that moment when she reaches sexual maturity. At this point, she may feel a strong sense of sensuality and feel compelled to explore the unknown and forbidden world of sex.

At the outset, she may feel that sex is evil and wicked. She may harbor nagging feelings of guilt as she experiments with sex. Gradually, she may learn that sex is really not so ugly and crude as she had imagined.

The road to sexual maturity often takes rugged, twisting turns. SUCK-HAPPY FAMILY is the gripping tale of a pretty teenager named Janet Hall. In the process of confronting and overcoming her adolescent fear of expressing her sexuality, Janet becomes embroiled in an incestuous relationship with her uncle.

Society may condemn Janet’s behavior, yet she would declare that she had discovered true happiness. How many others in our society could say the same?


Janet Hall spread her thighs, held the mirror between than, took a deep breath and looked at the reflection of her young pussy. The wispy, brown hair parted down the center, revealing her pink cuntlips and even pinker pussyslit.

“I lost it,” Janet choked, forcing herself to speak the truth. “Lost my cherry. The most precious thing I owned. I’ll never be the saint girl that I used to be again.”

And now that she’d forced it on herself, the memory of her first fuck began to glow in her mind like a hot poker. She wouldn’t stop now until she’d recalled the whole degrading experience in detail, just the way she’d done so many times since it had happened.

Her uncle Ed had walked in without knocking as she dried the dinner dishes. Janet had almost dropped the plate she was wiping when he caught her by surprise.

“Your mother and brother home?” he asked.

“Eric’s got a ball game,” Janet answered, trying to conceal her nervousness by bending over the sink again. “And this is the night Mom does volunteer work at the church.”

“Oh, yeah, that’s right, your mother and her good deeds,” Ed drawled, moving in behind her. “Looks like I’ve got my favorite niece all to myself.”

“What’re you doing?” Janet abruptly protested, feeling his hands on her hips and his rubbing crotch against her ass. “You’ll make me break something.”

There was no way Janet could admit to her uncle that he made her feel funny when he touched her like this. The boys at school didn’t have this effect on her, but then she’d never been in this situation with any of them.

“At least let me finish the dishes!” Janet realized she’d left the door open for Ed to get even fresher.

“You’ve only got one plate left,” Ed said, relaxing his grip only a bit.

“I have to put them away, too,” Janet said.

She turned toward her uncle now, her twisting hips freeing themselves from his hands. But he immediately grabbed the edge of the sink, trapping her between his outstretched arms.

And staring straight at Ed, Janet was reminded of his youthful good looks. Although in his thirties, he seemed less like her mother’s brother than someone her own age.

His face was open and tanned, the shadow of a beard never showing. There were even clusters of freckles under his twinkling blue eyes. Slender yet muscular, his body rippled under the t-shirt and jeans he usually wore.

“Forget ’em,” he said.

He took the plate from her and casually let it drop. It broke into a dozen pieces just inches from Janet’s feet. However, she didn’t budge, paralyzed by her uncle’s behavior and waiting, with her heart in her throat, for what he’d say or do next.

After letting the suspense build with a long pause, Ed finally spoke again. “Have you ever been with a boy, Janet?”

“Y-you know Mama won’t let me date until I graduate from high school,” Janet stammered.

“Now that’s a shame,” Ed said, a smirk playing with the corners of his mouth. “If you wait that long then you’ll get stuck on your first date with no idea of what to do, probably with some boy who’s raring to go. Could be embarrassing for you without some experience in advance.”

He put his arms around Janet’s frozen body. Then his hands began moving up her back, rubbing through her blouse toward the strap of her bra.

“I-I don’t think you aught to be touching me this way.”

“Why not?” Ed chuckled, tracing the outline of her bra-strap. “You have to learn about the birds and the bees from somebody before you go out into the big, bad world. And since your father’s not around anymore, there’s nobody better than your favorite uncle to show you what it’s all about. Let’s just say I feel responsible for you, honey.”

He hooked his finger under the strap and tugged now. Janet felt the tips of her tits straining against the cups of her bra. Her tits began to swell so much that only the removal of her bra could stop the pinching sensation on her erect nipples.

“You’re making me very uncomfortable, Uncle Ed,” she panted.

“That’s just because you’re not sure of your own body. Like I said, no experience.”

Then Ed did remove his hand from Janet’s bra, but only to lower it, along with the other one, to the cheeks of her ass. He squeezed the plump asscheeks through her shorts and rubbed them together, affecting Janet directly between the legs.

Desperately trying to come up with some way to make her uncle stop before she was too far gone to resist, Janet gulped, “Maybe you mean well, Uncle Ed, but suppose somebody came in? They might not understand.”

“No, we can’t have that, can we?” Ed agreed.

He released Janet. She’d thought that was what she wanted. But the instant his hands were off her body, she wanted them on her again. And when it turned out that the only reason he’d let her go was to lock the door, Janet sighed with anticipation.

“Now it’s just you and me, sweetheart,” Ed whispered, breathing in Janet’s ear as he resumed their physical contact. This time he embraced her, pressing his crotch against hers.

His mouth sealed her own. His tongue darted down her throat. And down below, Janet felt the telltale bulge of his hard cock pressing against the mound of her virgin cunt. She couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to have that rod of cockmeat jammed up inside her, fucking her cherry away.

Then, through the erotic haze fogging her brain, Janet remembered her mother’s warning about sex and men. “AS long as you’re living under my roof, there’ll be no hanky panky, young lady. If I ever catch you, I’ll disown you. You’ll be a virgin for the man you marry if I have anything to say about it.”

Recoiling at the idea of betraying her mother’s high hopes for her, Janet got the strength to push Ed away. But he kept his balance and immediately closed the temporary distance between them again.

“Please, Uncle Ed, please, I can’t go any fufther,” Janet pleaded.

“Shut up, you little bitch!” Ed snarled, his patience gone. “I’ve been easy on you long enough. You’ve got a lesson to learn, and one way or another, I’m just the guy who’s gonna teach it to you.”

Before Janet could react, he lashed out and ripped her blouse open all the way across her chest.

Her tits were on the verge of spilling out of her bra.

“Nice titties,” Ed rasped. “Real nice titties.”

Now his hands were on her bra. He tore the cups apart. Janet’s bare tits spilled completely into the open, her nipples standing out like ripe strawberries. He grabbed her quivering mounds of tit-flesh, lowering his face to them. Then he licked them, bathing her sore tit-tips with warm spit until they were throbbing with pleasure. When he took a nipple all the way into his mouth and turned on the suction, Janet thought she might explode.

“Ooooooh,” she moaned, giving in to the ecstasy which arose in her. “Feels so good.”

“Mmmm, that’s better,” Ed said, looking up with a grin. “Now let’s take your education a little further. Say it, honey, say it. Tell me right out loud what I was just sucking.”

“My tits, my tits,” she blurted. “You were sucking my titties!”

“Well, that’s a start,” Ed chuckled. “Now let’s see what else I can suck that you can tell me about.”

His hands went to her waist. When they pushed down inside the front of her shorts, bursting them open, Janet realized what she was in for. Panicking again, she closed her eyes and held her breath.

“You know what this is called, don’t you?” Ed said, his fingers clutching at the curve of her thighs.

“Pussy,” she whispered in hot shame. “You’ve got your hand on my pussy.”

“What else do you call it?”

“Cunt. My cunt.”

“And tell me what you’d like me to do with it.”

“P-put your fingers under my panties,” Janet choked. “Ooooob, right, like that and then a finger inside my pussy.”

She spasmed within as it was done.

“Ahhh, yes, fingerfuck my cunt, Uncle Ed,” she moaned. “In and out. Back and forth.”

“You’re learning fast,” Ed replied, adding two more fingers to the one already in Janet’s pussy. Probing rhythmically with them, he tested her depths to the barrier of her cherry. And when his thumb pressed her clit to the bone, he had Janet helpless with erotic release.

“I’m coming! Coming so much!” she cried. “First time it ever happened for me! Oh, thank you, Uncle Ed, thank you for making me come!”

His fingers pulled out of Janet’s cunt. They curled into a fist, grabbing fabric. Then with a lurch, Ed forced his niece’s shorts and panties down her thighs, stripping her pussy bare.

Janet realized that her eyes had been closed during her orgasm. Now she opened them, automatically looking down at her exposed cunt. When she parted her legs, she could see pussy juice leaking down her inner thighs.

Then her uncle knelt before her, his face at her naked crotch. He hungrily licked his lips, leaving no doubt about where his mouth was headed.

“Tell me,” Ed urged. “Tell me what you want me to do to you.”

“Eat me,” Janet begged. “Eat my pussy!”

“Make me,” Ed dared her.

She reached out with trembling hands for his head, took the deepest breath of her life and drew his face between her legs.

Now Ed pushed his tongue into her cuntslit and up the slippery fuck channel within. Janet pushed against him, taking his oral lance as deeply as her virgin pussy would let it enter.

“You know what I wish?” she groaned. “Wish you could suck my cherry right out of my cunt.”

Ed swabbed the inner walls of Janet’s cunt with sandpaper insistence, licking them nearly raw, weakening his niece’s virgin fuckhole for the next phase of his assault.

Then he turned on the suction. Janet felt her cherry straining to be popped. And that wasn’t all. As he worked her over, her uncle had pried her asscheeks apart and was digging into her shithole with the tips of his thumbs.

“Gonna come again! Come soooo hard!” Janet screeched.

Her climaxing cunt spilled its orgasmic juice into Ed’s mouth. He swallowed with thirsty gulps, making Janet come even more. Perhaps he wouldn’t succeed in sucking her cherry out of her pussy, but by the time he was finished, there’d be no way his niece could think like a virgin anymore.

Sure enough, the instant her cunt had been thoroughly eaten, Janet panted, “I want more, more! Want you to go even further with me, Uncle Ed! As far as you can! All the way!”

But pushing her to the absolute limit, Ed pretended not to understand what she was getting at. It worked.

“Fuck me!” Janet begged, forced by her uncle to resort to the most forbidden word of all, one which she’d never previously spoken aloud. “Fuck my cunt!”

“Fuck your cunt with what?”

“Your cock!” Janet declared without hesitation. “Fuck my cunt with your big, hard cock!”

Then she pounced on her uncle, stripping his pants and shorts from his loins. He had almost twelve inches of hot, throbbing prick.

“Too much for you?” Ed taunted, as she stared with awe at his massive prickshaft.

Janet gulped as if she might have met her match. But then she shook her head in answer to her uncle’s question.

“Be easier on you, honey,” Ed shrewdly suggested, “if you did something to make my cock nice ‘n’ slippery for your tight, little pussy first.”

“How?” Janet croaked, anxious for anything that would make losing her cherry simpler.

“Suck it, baby,” Ed told her. “If you can swallow my whole cock, then you’ll know that, sure as hell, you can take it all the way up your cunt.”

Knowing it was something she had to try, Janet lowered her mouth to her uncle’s waiting hard-on. Her lips closed around his prickhead. Then, inch by inch, she began to gulp it down. When his prickmeat reached her throat she started gagging, but overcame it. And once she had, the rest was surprisingly easy.

“Damn, you took every bit of it,” Ed praised her, genuinely surprised that his niece had been able to take so much cock with her first blow job.

Janet sucked his prick from tip to root for awhile, obviously enjoying the salty taste. Then just as gradually as she’d deep-throated her uncle’s long fucktool, she released it from her mouth. When his cock was back out in the open, its many inches glistened with spit, thoroughly lubricated to finally fuck her cherry cunt.

“Little girl, you’ve earned this,” Ed told her. “Now get on your ass and let your old uncle turn you into a woman.”

“Oh, no, I’m doing it my way!” Janet snapped, no longer willing to let her uncle dictate her every move. “It’s my cherry and I’m losing it exactly the way I want to.”

Before Ed could respond, she shoved him backward. Then she swiftly straddled his hips, kneeling with her thighs apart so her pussy opened directly above his cock and balls.

“It’s your show from here on in, little lady,” Ed said. “Fuck yourself silly.”

Janet reached down for his prick, holding it straight up so his cock was snagged by her pussylips. Then she eased down slowly. Her cunt was so wet that it squished as it was filled with her first prick. It was so simple, she thought. Why had she been so frightened of losing her cherry when her cunt seemed made for the biggest of cocks?

But then, all of a sudden, the pleasure turned to pain. Janet couldn’t get her uncle’s prick in any farther. And she knew it was her stubborn cherry, as the obstacle in her cunt resisted any more penetration like a barbed-wire fence.

“Ooooh!” she moaned, her earlier fears realized. “It hurts so much!”

Janet reversed directions, starting to pull her aching pussy off her uncle’s punishing hard on. But recapturing his macho dominance, Ed wasn’t about to let her lose her nerve now.

“Oh, no!” he barked from below. “You’ve gone too far to turn back. You’re going through with this fuck, little girl, even if I have to rape you to bust your cherry.”

She and Ed were rolling and tumbling on the floor. His strength far superior, he wound up on top. When Janet begged for mercy again, he slapped her face.

“Hold on, girl,” Ed warned. “Ready or not, this is it for your damned cherry!”

His cock was about halfway in her cunt. When his crotch surged, his column of prickflesh temporarily buckled from the sturdy blockade in Janet’s virgin pussy. But soon his prick straightened out again and was drilling relentlessly forward.

“Oh, Uncle Ed, please stop hurting me,” Janet whimpered while she felt her uncle forcing his massive hard-on deeper into her virgin fuckhole.

“Bear down and take it like a woman, bitch!” Ed rasped. “You’re going to take it all, every bit of my big cock in your tight pussy until your cherry pops.”

“Noooo!” Janet cried, her ass wriggling in an attempt to break away from the battering ram that was tearing her pussy apart.

“Now!” Ed declared, lunging, with all his strength channeled to his cock until he had fucked it in to the hilt.

Something snapped within Janet, something terribly important, for all at once she experienced a deep sense of loss. At the same time, however, she sensed that she’d also gained something of even more significance. And, in the process, the pain she’d been suffering gave way to a giddy wave of pleasure.

Then with the sticky flow of liquid warmth from the depths of her fucked cunt, Janet knew just exactly what she’d lost and gained. The abrupt discharge was the blood from her destroyed cherry. And the heady pleasure was the rush that signaled the end of her virginity as she finally became a real woman.

“My cherry is gone, gone at last,” she moaned in wonder.

“Sorry I had to be so rough about popping it. But there was no other way. Your pussy was so damned stubborn,” Ed apologized, the toughness gone from his voice now that he’d accomplished his goal.

“Ooooooh, don’t be sorry. I’d have never forgiven you if you’d left me a virgin,” Janet sighed with gratitude.

At this point, Janet aggressively wrapped her legs around her uncle’s waist. She rocked him in the cradle of her thighs, making his cock thrust in her bloody pussy to her own rhythm. His prick sore from popping her cherry, Ed lay with his head on the pillows of her tits, breathing in gasps while sweat drenched him.

“You’ll have to take me the rest of the way, baby,” he panted.

She jerked her uncle above her, pulling his prick repeatedly into her and tugging at his trapped cockmeat with her pussy’s juicy muscles. Then she reached into the crush of loins and pumped Ed’s churning balls, priming their cum supply.

“Oh, fuck it, honey, fuck it,” Ed groaned. “Fuck my cock so it explodes in your pussy. Make me come for you.”

Janet rubbed his balls together. Buried in her cunt, Ed’s prick got all the rippling friction she could possibly give it.

“Come, come, come,” she chanted in her uncle’s ear.

His body stiffened. His prick flexed in her pussy, seeming to grow even longer and thicker. Janet squeezed his balls one last time and used her pussy like a vise to force out the hot jizz she craved within her.

“Hold on, I’m coming!” Ed grunted.

Janet abruptly felt scalding jets of sticky cream bursting from her uncle’s cock into the core of her pussy. She arched her naked body up under Ed’s thrusting weight and cut loose with her own climax, her orgasmic cunt producing almost as much juice as her uncle’s prick was shooting jism.

Trying to capture this moment forever in her mind, Janet thought of it in the most dramatic terms possible. It was as if her pussy and Ed’s cock were erupting volcanoes, one inside the other while they traded their molten lava.

“You’re the best, baby. The best piece of ass I’ve ever fucked,” Ed told his niece, as his balls drained within her. He pinned her beneath him, holding him there so the leaking juices from her fucked cunt glued their crotches together.

And saying the first thing that came into her head now that her first fuck was history, Janet eagerly replied, “Now let’s do it again.”


Janet was brought back to the lonely present by the opening and closing of the front door. And if she didn’t hurry up and get dressed, Janet risked getting caught with her pussy showing and soaking wet.

She reached for her panties and skirt as she heard footsteps crossing the house, moving toward her room. But her clothes weren’t there. Panicking, Janet dropped from the rumpled bed onto all fours, desperately looking for the clothing she needed to conceal the telltale condition of her damp cunt.

And that’s the way she was when, without a warning knock, the door to her room was pushed ajar from outside.

“Jesus!” the startled boy muttered under his breath, his crotch jolted by a hot rush of blood that instantly hardened his cock.

Hearing the male gasp, Janet jerked her head over her shoulder with such alarm that the sound of her snapping neck cracked in the air. And her mouth flew open the way it would have if she’d been punched in the stomach.

“Eric!” she breathlessly gulped, staring at her kid brother. “Wh-what are you doing here?”

“M-my basketball game was canceled,” he stammered.

Then brother and sister stared at one another unable to look anywhere else despite their embarrassment. Eric’s reason was that he’d never seen Janet, or any other girl, half naked before.

Finally Janet managed to speak again, asking, “Wh-why didn’t you knock?”

Eric’s face turned bright red. But if anything, the lump in his pants became even more obvious.

Janet felt a surge of boldness. Getting to her feet, she stood nude from the waist down and confronted him.

“What is it?” she demanded. “Tell me, Eric.”

“I-I can’t,” he choked. “It’s too-too…”


Her curiosity overwhelming her at this point, a hopelessly intrigued Janet now did something which had been the farthest thing from her mind just seconds before. Indeed, she didn’t know it was going to surface until she heard herself speak.

“I’ll let you touch me any place you want if you tell me what you’re trying to hide,” she purred to her astonished brother, coming just short of rubbing her half-naked body against him.

“Don’t tease me, Sis,” Eric said. “I can’t take it.”

“Who’s teasing?” Janet purred, and now one of her bare thighs stroked the outside of her brother’s trembling leg. “Just tell me what you’re hiding, and I’ll let you feel right down here.”

She placed her hand on her lower belly and pointed toward her cunt. The bulge in Eric’s jeans lurched as if his young cock were going to bust through his fly.

“I’ll even let you go first,” Janet offered.

She took her brother’s hand, slipping it between her legs. Still wet, her bare pussy immediately moistened the boy’s squirming fingertips.

“You really mean this, don’t you, Sis?” Eric gulped, touching her cunt.

“Feeling is believing,” Janet cooed. “And now that I’ve kept up my end of the bargain, it’s your turn to keep yours. What did you want in my room, Eric? The truth.”

The boy swallowed hard. He was very embarrassed. But the forbidden lure of his sister’s pussy was more than he could resist.

“Your panties,” Eric finally revealed. And from there, the words tumbled out. “I’ve swiped two or three pairs so far. Use them to get excited when I’m, well, doing things I shouldn’t to myself.”

“Jacking off?” Janet knowingly cut in.

Eric sheepishly nodded.

And suddenly Janet broke away from him. There was a strangled cry in his throat. He believed he’d told her too much, and she was recoiling in disgust. But then she was at her dresser, pulling out a drawer.

“Show me with these,” Janet said, handing her brother a freshly laundered pair of bikini panties. “They’re my favorite ones.”

She knelt before her brother. Her hand was on his swollen fly. She unzipped his jeans, then reached inside.

“Jesus!” Eric gasped.

Janet had just pulled his stiff cock all the way out of his pants. His prick stabbed the air at a jutting angle, at least eight inches long and throbbing thick with total arousal.

“Say, are you hung or what?” Janet blurted out. “I can’t wait to see that monster in action. Damn, I’ll even jack you off, myself.”

As her brother stared, dumbfounded, she wrapped the lacy panties around his hard-on. Then she started stroking, pulling the skin back and forth over his cockhead.

“Mmmmmm, am I gonna make you come!” Janet murmured while her hand moved around Eric’s cock. “A big prick like yours has just got to shoot plenty of hot, thick cum.”

“I-I’ve never let go before while anybody else was around,” Eric nervously admitted. “Might not be able to with somebody watching.”

“Then maybe just a hand job with my panties isn’t good enough,” Janet suggested.

Suddenly she brought her mouth to the knob of her brother’s prick. Eric gasped as she began sucking him. Then Janet unsnapped his jeans and she pulled them and his shorts all the way down.

“Ah, yes, I’ll have you coming for me before you know it,” Janet vowed, gurgling with Eric’s cockhead inched toward her throat. “You’ll, see.”

She swallowed some more prick, then lowered her panties between Eric’s thighs. First she rubbed his balls with them, then massaged the crack of his ass with the lacy fabric as if she were gently wiping him.

Until today, Eric had been about as close to Mars as he ever had been to getting his cock sucked. When, with a hungry gulp, his sister deep-throated his whole prick, he had trouble believing this was actually happening to him.

“Jeez, Sis, where’d you learn how to do this?” Eric asked in awe. “I thought you were a virgin, just like me.”

Janet couldn’t answer, not with a mouthful of so much prick. And anyway, although she may have been ready to suck her brother’s prick, she wasn’t ready to tell him about getting her experience from their uncle Ed.

She used her mouth like a cunt, orally fucking Eric’s prick. To add to her persuasive suction, Janet continued using the panties to her advantage, knowing how they turned Eric on. She rubbed them all over his crotch, his balls, and the bare cheeks of his ass. Then extending her middle finger through them, she penetrated her brother’s asshole and gouged within the tight space to the knotty gland at the base of his balls.

“Oh, God, Sis, you’ve done it!” Eric croaked. “I’m gonna come! Come so hard! Come in your mouth, Sis!”

His cockhead flexed halfway down Janet’s throat and erupted. There was more jizz than she’d bargained for. She couldn’t swallow his jism as fast as it spurted. The excess backed up in her mouth and made her face expand. But Janet was determined, not a precious drop would escape. By the time the blowjob was over, she’d drink all of Eric’s cum.

As she gorged herself on his jizz, Eric withdrew his red and dripping prick from Janet’s mouth. He still had a hard-on in spite of his climax.

“My cock never stayed like this after I jacked off,” he muttered to himself, fondling his spiked column of cockmeat as if he’d just discovered it between his legs.

Overhearing him, Janet chuckled, “That’s ’cause a blowjob’s better than a handjob any day. Just gets you hornier than you were already for what happens next.”

“Wh-what’s that, Sis? I mean, next?” Eric sputtered, obviously aware that he was on the brink of another erotic breakthrough.

“Do I really have to tell you?” Janet teased. “C’mon, let me hear you say it yourself. If I’m still hot and your cock’s still hard, what do we do now?”

“I’m gonna fuck you,” Eric said, after a deep, bracing breath. “Put my hard cock in your pussy, Sis, and fuck you. Fuck your pussy with my cock until we both come.”

His rigid prick had enlarged with every word while he spoke. And now his cock became even jumpier, when his sister climbed onto the bed and spread her legs wide open. With her hands between her thighs, Janet fingered her pussylips apart so the glistening juice from her yawning cunt dribbled into the crack of her ass.

“Now it’s my turn to talk dirty to you,” sister told brother. “I want you to fuck me, Eric, fuck me so hard that I think your big cock’s gonna break off in my tight cunt!”

“Oh, damn, Sis, you’ve got it!” Eric declared, holding his prick like a spear and aiming it at the target of Janet’s beckoning cunt.

Now he was on the bed, too, kneeling before his sister. He brought his cock to the fleshy lips of her pussy, rubbing the blunt tip from her ass to her clit along the pink groove of her moist cuntslit.

Janet squirmed impatiently for the fuck to start, but Eric said, “Just let me look at you for a little while longer, Sis. This is the first pussy I’ve ever seen. Just want to look at it up close so I’ll always remember it.”

“Sure,” Janet replied. “But I’m not going anywhere. And after you fuck me, there’ll be even more for you to see. You can get down there so near that you can watch your cum leaking out.”

“You make everything sound so, so natural, Sis,” Eric sighed. “Like there’s nothing that’s too dirty for me and you to do to each other.”

“Mmmmm, glad to hear that you’ve gotten the message,” Janet answered. “Now let’s stop just talking about it and get you into the saddle.”

She wound her legs around Eric’s waist and pulled him on top of her. His prick, previously poised at the entrance of her cunt, sank into her squishing pussy all the way to the hilt.

“Ooooh!” Janet cried. “I can feel every inch of your cock in my pussy now. You’re hung so much, I’ll bet you could split me in two if you really tried.”

She rocked Eric with her thighs to set a rhythm for their fucking. His cock began to slide back and forth in her pussy, as the friction took over. Soon he’d picked up the tempo on his own, so his balls were slapping against Janet’s bare ass.

“How’m I doing so far, Sis?” he anxiously asked.

“Just perfect, stud,” Janet moaned. “I love the way you fuck me. If I didn’t know you were cherry, I’d never guess this was your first piece of ass.”

“It’s ’cause it’s you I’m fucking, Sis, that I’m doing so good,” Eric maintained. “Like you said, before this I never thought I’d ever fuck my own sister. But now that I’m actually doing it, I can’t imagine my cock in any other girl’s pussy but yours.”

“You’ll get over that,” Janet laughed. “Getting rid of your cherry will turn you into a master cocksman for sure. You’ll be getting all the pussy you can handle. All I ask is that you remember that I was first.”

With the mention of sex with other people, Eric’s prick temporarily froze halfway in Janet’s cunt. “Wh-what about you, Sis?” he dared to ask. “Who was first for you?”

“You don’t want to know that,” Janet answered, suddenly edgy.

“Guess you’re right, Sis,” Eric mumbled. He started moving his prick in Janet’s pussy again, but now there wasn’t the driving force that had been there earlier. He remained troubled about where and from whom his sister had obtained her sexual experience.

“You’re jealous, aren’t you?” Janet finally asked.

“God, you’re my own sister!” he blurted out. “I love you! The idea of some other guy slobbering all over you, with his prick in your pussy, well…”

Realizing that she had a problem on her hands with her jealous brother, Janet promptly lied. “I see I’d better tell you the truth about myself.”

“Yeah?” Eric gulped, believing he was about to find out who his sister had fucked before him.

“I-I’ve been making all this up while I go along,” Janet told him. “Don’t really know what I’m doing any more than you do.”

“You mean?” Eric hopefully panted. “Yes,” Janet answered, sounding so sincere that she could almost believe herself. “I’m cherry, too.”

Buying it completely, Eric sighed with relief, “Jeez, you don’t know how much better that makes me feel, Sis. Now I can fuck you without worrying about some other guy with his cock in your pussy. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to hurt you, but I hope you bleed like a stuck pig when I pop your cherry.”

“Sorry, stud, but that’s one thing I can’t do for you. Wish you could fuck my cunt bloody, but I had an accident about a year ago. Horseback riding. Bouncing around, you know, and something tore loose in my pussy. Knew it was my cherry when the blood soaked right through my jeans. I was so embarrassed.”

“Did you come?” he excitedly asked.

“Couldn’t help it,” Janet quickly answered, so swept up by her brother’s enthusiasm for her lie that she couldn’t invent details fast enough. “At first I was scared. Didn’t know what it was. But then I rode off the trail, away from everybody, and pulled off my pants for a good look.”

“And?” Eric gulped with anticipation.

“That was it,” Janet continued. “I couldn’t stop touching my cunt, even as bloody as it was. It felt so good. I even wound up sitting on the saddle horn, taking it up inside my wet pussy like a leather cock.”

“Jesus, what a story!” Eric rasped. “Wish I’d been there to give you the real thing!”

“Well, you’re here now,” Janet purred, bringing him back to the present. “Better late than never.”

“Right on!” Eric whooped, his sister’s steamy tale having turned him on more than ever. When his cock resumed its movement in her cunt, it was twice as lively as before.

“Mmm, that’s more like it,” Janet crooned, mentally congratulating herself on her expert lying. After her success at convincing her brother she was a virgin, she guessed that she could just about get any guy she wanted eating out of her hand. It was a good thing to know about herself for future seductions.

In the meantime, though, Janet had all the action she needed with the seduction at hand. For Eric’s fucking prick was performing like a jackhammer in her pussy.

“I’m coming!” Janet cried. “Coming so hard!”

“Yeah. I can feel it, Sis,” Eric excitedly said. “Feel your cunt jerking around my cock. Feel a whole lot of your hot juice.”

“My tits, my tits!” Janet gasped. “Do something to my titties while you keep fucking me.”

Eric wasted no time in ripping open the blouse and bra which were the last of his sister’s clothing. She had tits like ripe melons and strawberry nipples. Eric lowered his face and started licking. Then Janet popped a tit into his mouth and he was sucking like a hungry baby.

“Oh, yes, that’s it! Suck me, fuck me!” Janet orgasmically cried. “It makes me come twice as much when you do a number on my titties along with the one in my cunt.”

Eric kept it up. Soon, Janet was greedy for even more.

“Put your hand down in the crack of my ass,” she hornily said. “Feel around for my asshole. Fingerfuck it for me, Eric. Nice and deep, just the way your cock’s already fucking my pussy.”

Eric eagerly gave her what she wanted, and more. Not one, but two of his fingers shot up her shitpit. Then they were moving to the same tempo as his prick pumped in her cunt just a notch away.

Janet climaxed so powerfully that it quickly became more than she thought she could stand. But when she pleaded for mercy from too much of a good thing, her brother just poured it on even more.

“Oooooh, I knew you wouldn’t stop. Wouldn’t stop no matter how much I said I wanted you to,” Janet gratefully crooned.

She writhed and bucked beneath her sucking, fingering, fucking brother, riding the crests of repeated orgasmic waves. Only one thing could make it better, as far as Janet was concerned. And that would be when Eric finally came, too. How she craved a pussyful of his hot teenaged jizz.

“Now it’s your turn,” she finally whispered in his ear, not wanting to hurry him but unable to wait for the creamy spurting of his cock in her cunt any longer. “Come in me, Eric, come in my cunt. I want your hot jizz inside me so bad.”

“Why didn’t you say so, Sis?” Eric slurped with a mouthful of tit. “I’ve been holding back so long that my balls are sore. I was afrid you’d think I was too quick on the trigger.”

“Pull the trigger now, pull it now!” Janet urged. “Shoot your creamy wad so deep in my pussy, I can taste it!”

“Here goes that Sis,” Eric grunted.

He stopped sucking her tits and pulled his fingers from her asshole, ready to concentrate entirely on ending the fuck. His cock grew even bigger in Janet’s cunt, straining toward release.

The eruption which followed swamped Janet’s cunt. Not merely spurting, her brother’s climaxing cock unloaded in a continuous stream as if he were pissing his jism into her cunt. There was no way she could hold it all within her, with the excess cum dribbling into the crack of her ass even as Eric continued draining his balls.

Then, finally, it was over. Eric withdrew his spent prick from his sister’s slobbering cunt, his gaze darting back and forth between both crotches.

“I’ve never come like that before,” he sighed. “Don’t know where I got it all?”

“That’s not the half of it,” Janet sexily teased, clearly ready to be fucked all over again. “I’ll bet there is even more where that came from.”

A sly grin crossing his face, Eric chuckled, “You just might be right at that, Sis. But first things first. Still gotta put the finishing touches on this load.”

And then, without further warning, he dove between his sister’s spread legs and began recklessly licking her fucked cunt. Janet was so pleased that she started coming harder than ever.

“Anything goes,” she repeated her earlier words. “Ooooooh, anything and everything!”


“How can Mom stand going without sex?” Janet wondered aloud. “She’s still an attractive woman, not even forty, and she behaves like an old lady when it comes to men. Never dates, even though Dad’s been gone for years. I’ll bet she hasn’t fucked since he left.”

Janet paused, suddenly jolted by a flight of fancy.

“Unless, of course,” she whispered to herself in a fascinated hush, “there’s something about Mom I don’t know.”

The instant she said it, Janet felt guilty. No, she tried to convince herself, her mother was as close to a virgin as a woman with two children could possibly be.

But, try as she might, once the possibility had surfaced in her mind that her mother might have a secret sex life, Janet couldn’t shake it. And the next thing she knew, she’d started searching for some evidence to support what had previously been unthinkable.

Alone in the house, Janet found herself in her mother’s bedroom, going through the dresser drawers. She didn’t know for sure what she was looking for that is, until she found it.

They were down at the bottom of a pile of otherwise drab panties. This pair, however was anything but that. Made of red satin to be worn on special occasions, they had a lacy split up the crotch so the cunt of whoever wore them would always be ready for action.

“My God, imagine Mom in these,” Janet gulped, and then she tried to do just that. But when she closed her eyes and attempted to picture her mother naked except for the sexy panties, the illusion was short circuited by the realization that she couldn’t remember ever having a good look at her mother’s pussy.

She couldn’t explain it, but all at once the notion of her mother and her finally looking at each other’s bare cunt made her hot. A surge of reckless abandon swept through her, just the same way it had before she’d fucked her uncle and brother.

Then there was the clincher. Beneath the panties, just sitting there unnoticed by Janet until now, was an oval plastic container. She picked it up and snapped it open. Inside was something which resembled a vinyl clam.

At first Janet was unsure of her discovery. But then she found a tube of something stuffed far back in the drawer. The instructions on its side were clear.

“Use vaginally before intercourse in combination with a diaphragm,” Janet read aloud, and realized that she’d stumbled onto the proof that her mother fucked.

Giddy, Janet had to sit down and consider the alternatives. Should she just walk away from this and let her mother live her secret life in peace? Or should she force a confrontation and bring the truth cut into the open?

As she mulled it over, Janet’s thoughts increasingly dwelled on her mother’s cunt, the cunt that had given her birth, but to which she was a stranger.

Here they were, Janet reasoned, going to so much trouble to fuck behind each other’s back. It seemed so pointless for both of them to be living a lie when they really had so much in common.

But how could she force the issue? Then Janet glanced at the crotchless panties she still held and made her decision, and just in the nick of time. She’d just slipped into the panties after stripping to the skin when her mother walked into the house.

“Anybody home?” Sandra Hall called.

“In here, Mom,” her daughter answered.

Puzzled, Sandra walked through the living room toward the hallway. She just hoped that whatever it was didn’t take too long, because she’d had a hard day at the office.

In the corridor, Sandra saw that the bedroom door was closed. If her daughter was playing sonic kind of trick on her, she thought, she certainly wasn’t in the mood.

“All right, young lady, what’s this all about?” Sandra snapped when she opened the door. Then her mouth flew open, her disbelieving eyes popped, and she froze.

“What do you think, Mom?” Janet cheerfully asked. “Ever seen anything sexier than me in these?”

She was sprawled on the bed, naked except for the red satin panties she wore. With her legs apart, the slit at their center opened to reveal the spread lips of her teenaged cunt.

There was a long pause that cut the air like a rusty knife, then somehow Sandra managed to speak. “Wh-where did you get those?”

“I think you know, Mom,” Janet answered with a smirk, running a fingertip under the waistband of the skimpy panties.

Sandra blushed. “Okay, so they’re mine,” she choked. “But that doesn’t give you the right to snoop in my things!”

“You still haven’t answered my question, Mom,” Janet cut in. “Don’t I look sexy?”

Sandra Hall took what was probably the deepest breath of her life. And during it, she never shifted her gaze from between her all but naked daughter’s parted legs.

“Yes,” Sandra admitted in a painful whisper. “You’re a beautiful girl, Janet. The most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”

“Like mother, like daughter,” Janet said. “I’ll bet you look even better in these panties than I do, Mom. The lucky guy you wear them for must really get horny, whoever he is.”

“That is and always will be none of your business, young lady,” Sandra said like a wounded animal, realizing that her daughter must have found the diaphragm along with the special panties.

“Sure, who you go to bed with is up to you, Mom,” Janet boldly stated. “Just like whoever I fuck is between me, myself and I.”

This outburst from her daughter shook Sandra to the core of her being. “You’re a virgin!” she blurted out, insisting on what she so desperately wanted to believe was true. “Still a virgin!”

And hearing this, Janet recognized that once again she’d been presented with a perfect opportunity to make a member of her family eat out of her hand by lying about her virginity.

“Suppose I haven’t gone all the way yet,” she asked her mother. “Would that make a difference between the two of us?”

“Of-of course,” Sandra sputtered. “As long as I know you’re still a virgin, that’s what really matters. Next to that, what’s happened today’s not that important. Just get dressed and we’ll forget all about this.”

“That isn’t what I had in mind, Mom,” Janet purred, openly rubbing her pussy. “If you want to keep me away from guys, then you’ll have to give me something just as good to take their place.”

“Wh-what are you saying, young lady?” Sandra gagged.

“You know,” Janet said. “And you want it as much as I do, Mom. I’d have to be blind not to notice the way you keep looking at my cunt. I’ll bet your own pussy’s soaking wet. I dare you to tell me it isn’t.”

With her daughter’s searing words, Sandra hung her head like a broken puppet. “Yes!” she sobbed in shameful admission. “You’re right. All you have to do is make the first move, darling, and I won’t be able to stop myself.”

Then Sandra closed her eyes, as if in self imposed darkness she might have a last chance at removing herself from lesbian temptation. But when she reopened them, her daughter knelt at her feet, already beginning to remove Sandra’s skirt.

“God, forgive me,” Sandra whimpered as her skirt fell away, revealing panties that were stained with juice from her helplessly aroused pussy. “Forgive me for being the kind of woman I’ve tried so hard not to be.”

Janet peeled away her mother’s sopping panties, so anxious to get a look at the cunt she couldn’t remember ever seeing. And once she did, then it was Janet’s turn to freeze.

“Yes, it’s shaved,” Sandra answered her daughter’s stunned silence. “Never mind why. You either want me or you don’t.”

Janet broke out of her shock with runaway lust. Suddenly the lips of her mouth were on her lips of her mother’s smooth pussy. With no hair in the way, she could taste everything, especially the sweet juice, and the stiff clit that was just made for sucking.

“Oh, eat me, baby, eat me,” Sandra begged, abandoning the last of her restraint. “Eat Mama’s cunt until I come in your mouth.”

Now Sandra slumped to the floor, too. Falling back, she drew her burrowing daughter even more securely between her thighs. The lapping sound of tongue on pussy filled the room, underscored by Sandra’s moans of pleasure.

Although this was her first taste of another woman’s cunt, Janet performed like an experienced lesbian. Her tongue went to all the right places, both inside and outside of her mother’s meaty fuckhole. Her hands reached up, stripping buttons away so she could get into her mother’s blouse and squeezed the big tits out of Sandra’s bra.

“Oh, yes, baby,” Sandra panted. “Feel my titties while you’re licking my pussy. It’ll make me come twice as hard for you.”

Janet plucked her mother’s ripe nipples, pinching them gently. They were so rigid with arousal, almost like a pair of miniature torpedoes.

“Do it more, more on my titties,” Sandra urged. “Make them hurt.”

Janet promptly twisted the woman’s erect nipples around double. Her mother responded with a shudder, groaning about how good the welcome pain felt.

Then down below, Janet’s mouth and tongue concentrated entirely on Sandra’s clit. With suction, nibbling and slurping, she made the magic fuck button throb as if it would burst.

What actually did burst, however, were Sandra’s senses. “At last, I’m coming! Coming sooooo much!”

As her mother climaxed, a fresh wave of creamy pussy juice poured down Janet’s throat. She was so thirsty for it that she couldn’t swallow fast enough.

“Right, drink it, drink, sweetheart!” Sandra cried. “Drink every bit of my hot cum.”

“Mmmmm,” Sandra sighed when she’d finally finished coming in Janet’s mouth. “You sucked all the juice I had to give right out of my cunt. It was wonderful. Only one thing could make it better.”

“Name it, Mom,” Janet said, anxious to make the action even hotter.

“If I could suck your cunt, too. Eat it at the same time you’re eating mine. Then we could both come for each other.”

Now Janet shifted her young body around on top of her mother. When she straddled her legs above Sandra’s head, Janet’s teenaged pussy bulged through the lacy split of the crotchiess panties, drooling in readiness to be devoured.

“Sit on my face with your beautiful cunt,” Sandra hungrily called up, reaching with her tongue toward her daughter’s hairy pussy.

Janet eased down and made contact. Her mother abruptly sealed her cunt with so much sucking mouth that Janet had the sensation her womb might be pulled out of her. But, instead, she climaxed on the spot.

“Oh, Mom, you’ve got me coming already!” Janet cried. “What a feeling!”

“Don’t just sit there and talk about it,” Sandra gurgled from below, playful yet impatient. “Get your tongue back on my pussy and make me come again as good as I’m doing to you.”

Janet promptly dove again between Sandra’s parted legs. She wallowed in the woman’s juicy cunt, fucking it with her tongue.

This time her own pussy was swabbed at the other end of the lesbian sixty-nine.

Quickly, mother and daughter were coming together. They rolled on the floor, taking turns on top. Several minutes passed before they’d temporarily had enough of one another.

“Only fantastic,” Janet sighed when the sixty-nine finally broke up. “Now the only question is, what’s next? Cause sucking each other’s pussy has just made me hotter for you than ever, Mom.”

“Those panties of mine that you’re wearing,” Sandra said. “How would you like me to model them for you, since they were mine in the first place.”

“Absolutely!” Janet declared, already slipping out of the lacy garment.

Then, taking the panties, Sandra told her daughter to close her eyes. Next, Sandra went to the bed, shedding the last of her rumpled clothing in the process. Naked, she rolled the panties up her slender legs and sleek thighs. When they were on, she lay back, crossing her arms over her tits and raising her knees together.

“You can look now,” Sandra called.

Janet hornily popped up from the floor as if her whole body were an erection. At first she was disappointed that her mother had concealed her tits and cunt, but this was short-lived once Sandra started unfolding her charms like the erotic petals of a blossoming passion flower.

First one arm, then the other, fell away from her chest. Her exposed tits lolled in perfection, twin mountains of ivory flesh which were capped pointed red peaks.

“More, more, Mom,” Janet breathlessly urged. “Tease me until I’m so horny I can’t stand it!”

“I intend to, darling,” Sandra crooned. “Before I’m through, you’ll be ready to rape me.”

Then her raised knees began to separate, followed by her thighs. The frilly panties pulled apart at their crotchless center. Sandra’s hairless pussy spread into a glistening yawn, her pink fuckhole framed by lace.

“What a cunt!” Janet gasped, starting toward the bed. “Every time I see it, I want it more!”

“Hold your horses, girl,” her mother called. “Mama’s still not finished teasing you yet.”

Sandra dangled just a single finger down to the flexing mound of her pussy. Tracing her cuntslit, she felt from her asshole up to her clit. Then she flicked her clit with her nail, and a liquid spasm of fresh honey drooled between her open pussylips.

“God, you’re driving me crazy!” Janet joyfully squealed.

Now Sandra probed her cunt to the last knuckle. She slowly fingerfucked herself, wiggling her ass as the self-stimulation took hold. By the time she added her pressing thumb against her clit, her torso and thighs had arched off the bed so her hips trembled in mid air. She was climaxing.

“Damn you, Mom, that’s not fair,” Janet complained. “You’re making yourself come without [missing text].”

“Anything to make you so horny that you’re ready to do anything, darling,” Sandra lovingly taunted, her ass sinking back down onto the mattress.

Puzzled, Janet muttered, “What do you mean?”

“Look in the dresser drawer,” Sandra said. “When you were snooping around in there before, there was something you missed.”

Tingling with anticipation, Janet did as she was told. Impatiently, she flung the contents of the drawer this way and that. The object which awaited her at the bottom took her breath away.

“Looks just like a cock,” she gulped, holding the ten-inch device in front of her.

“They call it a dildo,” Sandra explained. “Go ahead, darling, try it on for size.”

Janet nervously wriggled into the straps attached to the thing. When it was in place and she looked down, a perfect replica of a hard on jutted from her crotch.

“What do I do now?” she asked, haltingly stroking the massive fuck tool.

“The idea was for you to get so horny that you’d rape me,” Sandra seductively noted. “And now that you’re hung for the job, I don’t see what’s stopping you.”

“Y-you really want me to fuck you?” Janet stammered in awe.

“Deep and hard, baby,” Sandra confirmed. “Want you to fuck me better than I’ve ever been fucked.”

Then Janet watched her mother roll over, rising on her knees like a bitch in heat so her hairless cunt spread from the rear. It was the most beautiful sight Janet had ever seen, so arousing that she felt as if she could actually feel her hot blood rushing into the dildo.

Gripping the thick shaft of her temporary cock, she led herself to the bed and climbed aboard. Lining up behind her mother, she placed the cockhead at the entrance of Sandra’s fuckable cunt. Then gritting her teeth and closing her eyes, Janet shoved with a lurching buck of her loins.

“Oh, that’s it!” Sandra cried in response, her wanton voice rising from the gutter of raw passion. “Dog-fuck me! Dog-fuck my pussy with your huge prick!”

In to the hilt now, Janet ground her crotch against her mother’s squirming asscheeks. Then she pulled out and slammed in again. Her mother’s wailing reaction made the pictures on the wall shake…

“More, more, more fucking!” Sandra begged.

The power of owning a prick and her mother’s urgent pleas turned Janet into the closest thing the teenaged girl could be to a macho man. She dog-fucked Sandra’s cunt with pistoning surges, spurred on by the fact that the base of the dildo bumped her clit with every cock-thrust. Indeed, as Janet fucked her mother, she was just as near to an orgasm as Sandra was.

“I’m losing control!” Sandra screeched. “Gonna come! Come so fucking hard!”

“God, same here!” Janet cried.

And with another fuck thrust of the dildo, mother and daughter climaxed together. In the place of male jizz, their thick pussy juice poured down their thighs.

“I love fucking you so much, Mom,” Janet moaned when their orgasms had temporarily lessened. “I can feel the dildo in your cunt like it was my own real cock.”

“Wait’ll you feel it in an even tighter place,” Sandra panted. “You mean?”

“Right where I shit, darling. Fuck Mama in the ass now!”

Before she lost her nerve, Janet pulled the dildo out of her mother’s cunt. The ten inches gleamed with slippery pussy juice, in prime condition for a trip up the female’s asshole.

Janet centered the cockhead with the puckered asshole just a notch away from her mother’s cunt. Once again she shoved, sinking her viny cock into Sandra’s depths.

“Am I hurting you, Mom?” Janet asked when her mother screamed.

“Jesus, yes!” Sandra shrieked. “But, damn, it hurts SOOOO gooood! Just keep fucking my ass as hard and deep as you can with your big cock, and I’ll come even better than when you fucked my pussy.”

“No reason why you can’t come in both places at the same time, Mom,” Janet hotly suggested.

She put her hand on Sandra’s cunt, fingering her fuckhole and rubbing her clit. Fresh pussy juice oozed from her touch.

“Oh, baby,” Sandra groaned in ecstasy. “Now just watch me come twice as hard as I would’ve before.”

Just before her climax, Sandra rocked back on her knees, taking even more of the vinyl cock in her ass and half of her daughter’s hand up her pussy. Then the spasms in both holes took over.

At the rear of the action, Janet felt the vibrations from her mother’s climaxing pussy up her arm. But the real thrill was the orgasmic energy which coursed through the ass-fucking dildo and struck her right between the legs.

“I’m coming, too!” Janet crowed. “Coming right with you, Mom!”

Janet’s rape of her mother ended with both of them climaxing on exactly the same erotic wavelength. But when the dildo finally pulled out into the open, that didn’t mean its job was done.

“It’s your turn to get fucked now, darling,” Sandra told her daughter. “In your pussy and ass, just like you fucked me.”

And Janet couldn’t strip off the dildo fast enough to give it to her mother. Her only regret was that there weren’t a pair of them, so she could take female driven cocks in her cunt and asshole at the same, time.


After they’d sucked and fucked, Janet felt so close to her mother that she didn’t want there to be any more secrets between them. But when her mother didn’t volunteer any information about her mysterious sex life, Janet held back with the truth about her own erotic experiences.

Sandra’s last warning to her daughter before they dressed was, “I’m counting on you to stay a virgin, dear, when it comes to boys. If you get the itch, I’ll take care of it for you.”

“And what about you, Mom, when you’re on the loose?” Janet boldly asked, making one last attempt to draw her mother out.

“You just watch your step, young lady, and I’ll manage my own affairs,” Sandra snapped, her first harsh words since she and Janet had recognized their attraction for one another.

So, despite all they’d done to each other in bed, Janet was left feeling a distance between her mother and herself. It preyed on her mind. Why, Janet wondered, should her mother keep it such a deep, dark secret who she was fucking on the side?

Early the next evening, Janet decided to find out.

Her mind was made up after a peek in her mother’s special drawer. The sexy panties, the dildo and the diaphragm were gone.

“Mom’s off fucking!” Janet gasped with excitement. “I’ll bet my life she’d not at church tonight.”

Like a detective, Janet sifted through her mother’s belongings for a clue. It seemed hopeless, though. Then, just when she was ready to give up, Janet found something that made her pulse race.

It was just a matchbook. But Janet reasoned, why would her mother have it unless she’d been to the place it advertised, namely, the No-Tell Adult Motel. This, Janet knew in her bones, was it. The address was across town. First she called a cab, then waiting for its arrival, she went into her room and broke into her piggy bank for the fare.

A half an hour later, she was there. It didn’t take her long to spot the family station wagon in the parking lot. The space designated the corresponding room number as 16-B.

It was on the second story, up the stairs. Janet climbed them, then went around the corner on the balcony until she stood before the right door. Of course it would be locked. But Janet had watched enough cop shows to know that a simple piece of plastic could trip most locks. After digging into her wallet, she used her student body card for the job.

The room was dark, except for the glow of the television set. And not only was the sloshing waterbed all the way over in the far corner, far from the door, the moaning couple on it were far too wrapped up with other to pay any attention to anything but themselves. Janet slipped in unnoticed, having kicked off her shoes as silently as she breathed.

There was a closet halfway between the door and bed, which seemed to offer a good view of the latter. Janet melted into the concealing space and prepared to have her mind blown.

The TV set was hung on brackets above the waterbed. Now Janet could see the screen. It was filled with the vibrant closeup of a cock fucking into a pussy.

“Dirty movies,” she said, to herself, realizing that piping in porno on closed circuit was part of what made the No-Tell an adult motel.

However, it wasn’t the fucking on TV which interested Janet. She was here because of the real-life people on the bed. And they were going at it hot and heavy, if Janet’s ears didn’t deceive her.

Unfortunately, though, Janet couldn’t see what she heard, the bed cloaked in murky shadows. Then catching a glint from above, she looked up and saw plenty. There was a ceiling mirror, capturing more than enough light from the TV to reflect the action from below.

The man, whoever he was, fucked into Sandra from behind. As his prick flashed in and out of her mother’s cunt, Janet could see that he was definitely hung. This pleased her. With the piece of ass her mother was, it would’ve been a shame had she settled for anything but a guy with a big cock to fuck her the way she deserved to be fucked.

So at least this far, Janet approved. She was getting more than a little bit hot just from watching. When she felt the stickiness between her legs, she automatically slipped her hand into her jeans and moistened her fingertips with her leaking pussy.

“I guess I’m jealous,” she admitted to herself. “If only Mom would deal me in on this, I’d be up there on the bed with the two of them so fast, it’d make everybody’s heads swim.”

For the time being, though, all she could allow herself was her hand on her cunt. But, soon, even that was a risk. For, in combination with the fucking she watched in the overhead mirror, it had brought her to the brink of coming right put loud.

Janet knew that she ought to cool herself down by looking away from the mirror and getting her hand away from her cunt. Other wise, the moan of orgasmic pleasure threatening to surface seemed bound to tip off her presence. But she was too far gone, as the irresistible beginnings of a climax invaded her loins. She thought with her fingerfucked cunt now instead of her brain. It felt so good.

“Can’t help it,” Janet whispered almost too loudly, and knowing that next time her voice would carry like a shot in the dark. She was just not the kind of girl who could come in silence.

On their own, her fingers dug even deeper into her explosive pussy. And her eyes fed her runaway senses by feasting on the graphic dogfucking reflected in the overhead mirror.

“Shit, I’m coming!” Janet helplessly declared with a hiss. “Coming sooooo much!”

Dumb Luck, however, was with Janet. Just as she’d cried out with orgasm, her dog-fucked mother did exactly the same thing. And Sandra’s blurt of passion was the louder of the two. It drowned out Janet’s, giving her eavesdropping daughter a new lease on her hiding place.

“Ahhh, mmm, yesss, what coming! What a fuck!” Sandra bubbled on, continuing after her daughter had managed to quiet down. “Can’t get enough! All I want is more, more, more!”

Clearly, she was going to get it. The pumping sound of the cock in her cunt increased with rhythmic intensity. So did the sloshing of the waterbed, as it was overworked to an even greater degree by the man and woman fucking on it.

Aware she’d been saved from detection only by sheer chance, Janet vowed to control her urges from this point on. After all, she lectured herself, the point in being here wasn’t catching up on her orgasms. She was supposed to be finding out the truth about her mother.

“Like I told you, I need more,” Sandra now prodded the mystery man who fucked her from the rear. “More than just your cock in my cunt.”

The man reached for something. Then it was out in the open, bathed in the glow from the TV set as he held it up. Looking on, Janet would’ve recognized it anywhere.

“The dildo,” she whispered at the sight of the substitute hard-on with which she and her mother had previously fucked one another’s pussy and ass.

“Put it in me,” Sandra impatiently demanded of her lover. “Put that monster in me as deep as you’ve got your cock in my cunt.”

And now the dildo’s blunt knob was guided toward mashing contact with the puckered dent of the woman’s asshole, located just a notch away from Sandra’s already dog-fucked cunt.

“Hurry, hurry!” she pleaded. “Give it to me right where I shit!”

And from the closet, Janet stared up at the mirror and watched inch after inch of the vinyl prick disappear into the eager chute of her mother’s ass.

“Two cocks at once,” Janet sighed with envy. “Now that’s really getting fucked. Wish it were me.”

Then Sandra’s stud began alternating strokes with his real cock in her pussy and the store bought variety up her ass. In response, Sandra swung her hips in a wide circle and rocked on her knees, getting the most friction possible from the pair of thrusting fuck tools.

“Love it, love it?” Sandra cried. “A woman wouldn’t have two holes between her legs if she wasn’t supposed to get fucked in both of them!”

“But most chicks don’t try it at the same time,” her busy lover chuckled between ramming cock-surges.

Sandra moaned back, “That’s ’cause most of us don’t have a man in the family who understands how horny a woman can be.”

And overhearing this telling exchange, Janet was suddenly as tense as a coiled spring.

“In the family?” she breathlessly repeated. “Yeah, you’re lucky to have me around, now that’s a fact,” the man on the bed answered Sandra.

And for the first time, Janet recognized the familiar sound of his voice. It had been there all along, she supposed, but she hadn’t picked up on it for obvious reasons.

“No, it can’t be. Just can’t be,” Janet muttered, trying to talk herself out of it. “Not Mom and I…”

But it was.

“Ed!” Sandra abruptly blurted out her brother’s name, as if on cue.

“What’s the problem, Sis?” Janet’s uncle answered.

“I think there’s somebody in here with us. Watching us fuck,” Sandra whispered. “I swear I just saw something move over in that closet.”

“Aw, you’re crazy, Sis,” Ed scoffed. “The shadows are playing tricks on you.”

“I’m not kidding,” Sandra insisted. “I tell you, I saw it.”

“Then shut your eyes and it’ll go away, Sis. Just think about how good it’s gonna feel when I give you my cum. ‘Cause my damned prick’s ready to blow.”

“Well, mmmm, why didn’t you say so, stud,” Sandra sighed, relaxing immediately. “If anybody really is watching, we’ll give ’em a show.”

“Thatta girl,” Ed answered. “Where do you want my jizz this time, Sis?”

“All over me,” Sandra readily answered. “My face. My tits. My belly and my thighs. Give me a bath, Eddie, a bath. Come on me from head to toe.”

“Then you’ve gotta turn over.”

“Already doing it,” Sandra said, beginning to shift her body from a kneeling to a sprawling position.

Ed’s cock and the dildo popped out of Sandra’s cunt and asshole in the process, giving Janet a good look from the closet at the twin instruments of pleasure. It was a toss-up as to which fuck tool was biggest. And having been fucked by each of them, herself, in separate sessions with her uncle and mother, Janet couldn’t help feeling left out.

“Damn, before this is over,” Janet vowed under her breath, “I’m going to get my share. Mom’s got to find out sooner or later that I’m not cherry with guys. And there’s no better time than tonight!”

Meanwhile, Sandra had completed rolling over. Reclining with her ass dug into the waterbed, she’d spread her legs like an angel’s wings. Then she folded them around Ed as his prick re-entered her pussy. The dildo she took charge of herself, massaging her tits with the funky length of the ass-fucked device.

“In and out, back and forth as fast as you can fuck my cunt,” Sandra urged her brother, pushing back with every cock-thrust. “Fuck the hell out of my pussy to make yourself come as quick and hard as you can.”

“Don’t worry, Sis, I’ll give you all the jizz you can handle,” Ed promised. “Your tight cunt’s making sure of that.”

And looking on, Janet had to admit, despite her envy, that her mother and uncle were sexual perfection together. The eruption of Ed’s cock would be like a painter’s signature at the bottom of an artistic masterpiece, the final touch.

“Come, come, come for Mom now,” Janet said, offering her uncle unheard advice. “Give her all the jizz she needs from your big, spurting prick.”

As if on cue, Ed promptly yanked his prick from Sandra’s cunt. He aimed it at her face, ready to shoot its load.

“Letting go, Sis,” he grunted. His loins flexed with orgasmic effort, pulling him forward so his prick’s swollen knob was just shy of Sandra’s nose.

Sandra just had time to reach out with her tongue and flick at the notch of Ed’s cockhead. It was the same as lighting a match to a can of gasoline explosion!

“So hot! So sweet! Such hot, sweet cum!”

Sandra gurgled, as her brother’s climaxing prick sprayed her features point blank.

Some of the jism was lapping by her swishing tongue. More splattered from ear to ear, then dribbled down her cheek and chin.

“Now on my titties!” she excitedly told her brother, while his wick kept unloading for her.

Ed aimed lower on command. Quickly, Sandra’s tits were crisscrossed with liquid slashes of male juice that were even whiter than her tit-flesh. She smeared it around by using the dildo like a rolling pin on her tits.

Meanwhile, her brother dipped his squirting cockhead to her belly, training it on her navel. The small dent swiffly overflowed, the excess running sideways into the creases of the small roll of fat around Sandra’s middle.

Next, his cum-supply almost drained, Ed shifted his prick to the well of his sister’s crotch to finish coming. Wagging his squirting fuck tool from side to side, he splattered Sandra’s inner thighs with cream, with a connecting ribbon of it across her shaved cunt.

Then Ed was spent, his overworked cock dripping and losing size. Sandra, though, still had some tricks left in her. The dildo remained in her possession, and while her brother watched, she guided it down her sticky body, coating its surface with cum. By the time she pointed it head-first between her legs, she had a greasy fucktool to work with.

“Ahhhh,” Sandra moaned. “Don’t wanna stop! Never wanna stop!”

“What’re you gonna do, Sis?” Ed asked with amusement. “Keep fucking yourself with that thing until I get my hard-on back and give you the real goods again?”

“Doesn’t make any difference to Sandra teased, fucking when a woman’s as horny as I am. And at least a dildo never gets soft. It’s always stiff for my ass and pussy.”

“Know what I ought to do, Sis?” Ed said with a smirk. “Ought to teach you a lesson by splitting right now and leaving you alone with that damned thing. Gall your bluff.”

“I’ve got a better idea,” Sandra shot back. “Why don’t you teach me a lesson by showing me who’s boss? Go ahead, I dare you. Take this hunk of plastic away from me and replace it with something better, if you’ve got the balls.”

“Sounds a little like rape to me,” Ed snickered.

“I’m game, if you are.”

Ed’s cock abruptly twanged back at a jutting angle from his crotch. “That give you an answer, Sis?” he said.

“Not bad for starters. But you’ll still have to take this away from me,” Sandra taunted, jiggling the dildo in her ass.

“You asked for it, Sis.”

Ed slapped her hand away from the exposed part of the dildo. Then he yanked the rest of it from her ass so forcefully that the vinyl cockhead popped when it left Sandra’s tight shit chute.

Ed brought his free hand down like a shovel against the side of his sister’s face, smacking her hard. She squealed with joy, asking for a repeat performance. Ed eagerly cooperated, thoroughly enjoying himself.

When he’d slapped Sandra around enough to reduce her to happy tears, Ed grabbed her arms and pinned them over her head. In the process the dildo was finally thrown aside, no longer a factor for brother and sister as they played at rape. His flesh-and-blood cock plunged into her waiting cunt and they fucked, meat against meat.

However, although the discarded dildo had now been forgotten by Ed and Sandra, it didn’t go ignored by Janet flung from the bed, the vinyl prick had rolled to within inches of the closet. Janet could easily reach down and pick it up.

“Why not?” she asked herself, as the idea took hold. “If I’m going to come out of the closet, I might as well do it in style.”

With her uncle and mother fucking furiously in the midst of their make believe rape, Janet had no trouble going unnoticed when she scooped up the dildo. Then back in the closet, she prepared to use it to what she hoped was her advantage.

Off came her clothes, and it felt so good to be naked at last in this atmosphere of raw sex. Then she stepped into the straps of the dildo, drawing it up her legs to her crotch. The closet was dark, but when the device was securely in place with its base snug on her cunt, Janet didn’t need light to experience the jutting power between her thighs.

“Now that’s a hard-on,” she chuckled, stroking the massive fucktool. “Uncle Ed might think he’s gotten rid of the competition, but you can’t keep a good cock down.”

Then Janet left the closet and crossed the room. Fucking nonstop, her uncle and mother were unaware of the movement in the darkness. For the moment, all that mattered to them was his cock in her pussy, as if they were in a world of their own.

But with a flick of a switch from the intruder in their midst, their world was suddenly aglow. Startled by the light, Ed and Sandra froze in mid-fuck, resembling a sculpted display of erotica.

“What the…” Ed gulped, only his eyes moving while he scanned the room.

“Damn you, I told you there was somebody in the room,” Sandra angrily reminded her brother, her eyes also on the prowl while she remained pinned beneath Ed.

They couldn’t see anything, though, because Ed’s back was turned to the intruder, and he, in turn, blocked his sister’s view. Up toward the mirror they looked, where a view of the entire room was reflected from the ceiling.

And there she was, as though suspended above them Janet. Naked, her hands were on her hips, her tits thrusting from her chest, and hung at the crotch with almost a foot of rigid cock.

“Jesus Christ!” Ed blurted, blinking at the obscene image with disbelief. “This isn’t happening!”

Sandra, however, had abruptly become eerily calm. “Oh, it’s real all right,” she told her awe-struck brother. “Just keep your eyes on that mirror and you’ll see how real.”

Then, with a wriggle, Sandra was out from under her brother, leaving his deflated cock dangling. She went straight to Janet, who was hopeful but not quite sure what to expect.

“I can explain everything, Mom.” Janet spoke for the first time, thinking she owed her mother at least this much.

“Save it for later,” Sandra briskly answered. “It won’t change anything now.”

“Then?” Janet anxiously asked a one word question that said volumes about how horny she was.

Her mother replied with commanding silence, using her hypnotic eyes to lower her daughter to the floor. Janet didn’t stop until she was flat on her back, with the dildo standing straight up from her crotch the way a real hard-on never could.

Next her mother straddled her, dropping to her knees so her shaved cunt was just inches above the head of the dildo. When Sandra dipped, her pussylips clasped the waiting knob of the vinyl prick and seemed to suck it inside.

Now Sandra purred aloud to Janet, “You’re hung with the cock, honey, but Mama’s going to do the fucking.”

Sandra slid down the standing dildo, taking every inch straight up her cunt. Then her ass moved in a lazy circle. And Janet, feeling the friction as though the dildo were truly her God-given cock, felt for certain that she’d done the right thing.


As he watched his sister and niece fuck with the dildo, Ed went through a series of emotions. But it finally boiled down to humiliation, with his pride being rubbed like a raw nerve.

“Damned dykes,” he muttered, his gaze never having left the mirror.

He had to do something, he realized, to save face. Hadn’t he always been a man of action? Yeah, why should he stay miserable, feeling sorry for himself, he reasoned, when he could make those bitches over there the sorry ones for playing him for a fool?

“Eeeeyeeeeoowww!” he cried. But loud as it was, it was drowned out by something even louder, also of his making. Grabbing a heavy ashtray from the nightstand, Ed hurled it toward the ceiling, shattering the mirror into a million pieces.

The glass rained down in silver splinters. And in the glistening hail, Ed pounced from the bed, onto his stunned sister and niece. He literally tore them apart from each other. Then he tugged at the dildo until the straps gave way around Janet’s loins.

“Watch this!” he snarled, as Sandra and Janet looked on with alarm.

There was a jagged piece of broken mirror nearby. Ed picked it up, using it like a knife. He hacked the dildo to pieces, laughing maniacally. By the time he was through, the pink fragments of vinyl were scattered on the floor along with the sparkling debris of the demolished mirror.

There was no way, of course, that the destructive commotion in 16-B could fail to carry through the thin walls of the motel. The people in the next room were already on the phone to the office, complaining about the disturbance. Having already heard the crash from upstairs, himself, and now aware of its course, the concerned manager was immediately out the door and dashing up to the balcony.

Pounding on 16-B, he hollered, “What the hell’s going on in there? Open up!”

The door flew open at his command. But suddenly the manager wished it hadn’t. The growling man who stood there had trouble written all over him. The two naked women cowering in the background certainly seemed scared out of their wits by him.

Changing his tune entirely, the frightened manager timidly stammered, “Ub, what I mean is, s-sorry to bother you, but we’ve had a complaint about the noise. I-I’m sure it’s nothing serious, but…”

The manager was lying through his teeth, since he could see the remains of the expensive ceiling mirror all over the room, not to mention an expanding poole which leaked from the punctured waterbed. But after looking at the guy who’d answered the door, the manager wasn’t keen about his broken body joining the mess on the floor.

He muttered, “Listen, I think this was all a false alarm. I’ll just go back downstairs and…”

“Call the cops?” the guy at the door rumbled. It was exactly what the manager had been planning to do. Pale, he backed away on trembling legs.

“Well, if you’re going downstairs, why walk?” Ed darkly laughed. “Why not fly?”

Without further warning, he picked up the manager by the neck and seat of his pants and carried him to the stairwell. Then he hurled him. Actually, the manager only flew halfway. He bounced the rest of the distance, screaming on the way down.

By now almost every motel-room door was ajar, the people inside peering out with astonishment. And up on the balcony, like King Kong, stood the violent man who’d caused it all.

“Close your damned doors and go back to your fucking!” he called to the eavesdroppers.

Not very many of them did, though. And they saw him disappear in his room for a moment, then emerge with a pair of naked women in tow. Obviously afraid of taking the same route the manager had down the stairs, they let themselves be manhandled from the balcony to the lower level. Then the guy hustled them into a station wagon, got the engine roaring, there was a screech of rubber, and the three of them were gone.

The ride from the motel plunged the station wagon and its trio of passengers deep into the black night, as the main highway was left behind in favor of an unlighted road which led into the back country. The silence inside the car was deafening, the tension mounting for the two naked women with every mile away form the city.

“Wh-where are you taking us, Uncle Ed?” Janet chocked, finally getting the nerve to speak up.

“Your uncle’s thinking rape,” Sandra whispered with a curious lack of emotion to Janet. “Driving us somewhere dark and lonely where he can have his way. Nothing we can do to stop him.”

“Speak for yourself, Mom,” Janet hissed under her breath, standing up to her mother as if it were practice fir resisting her uncle. “I’m not getting fucked unless I want to.”

“Brave words, little girl,” Sandra answered, her voice loud enough now for Ed to overhear. “Just don’t take them too seriously — or you might get hurt.”

“Your Mom knows what she is talking about,” Ed added, just as he turned the car off to an even darker, more desolated road, this one unpaved.

And Janet sickeningly realized that the odds against her were two against one. It was plain, her mother had thrown in with Ed. But why? Janet was still suppose to be a virgin with man as far as her mother know. Why would a woman be willing to sacrifice her only daughter’s cherry in such a brutal fashion?

There was no more time for Janet to think about it now, though, as the car lurched to a stop. She held her breath when Ed go tout and came around to the side. Once he opened the door, she planned to leap with all her strength past him and toward safety, even if it meant running naked onto the night. But she hadn’t counted on her mother being so strong.

“Hole it right there, honey,” Sandra hissed in Janet’s ear, having just clasped her form behind in a squeezing bear hug. “You’re not going anyplace.”

Now Ed opened the rear door and Janet was thrust forward by her mother. Taking over, Ed wrestled her out of the car and he hauled her across a clearing to a tree. By the time he had Janet pinned against it, her mother was there with a ball of twine. “I use this to tie up old newspapers for the church recycling drive,” Sandra said. “But it ought to come in handy here.”

He took the twine, looping it around Janet’s wrist. Soon they were bound behind the tree. Then he was at work on her ankles, lashing them into place at least a foot apart so her thighs were forcibly spread. Janet supposed she could have struggled during the process of becoming a total captive, but by now, her mother’s betrayal had taken the fight out of her.

It was her mother who declared, “Perfect,” when Janet was securely tied to the tree. “Never saw a girl more ready to be raped.”

“Right on!” Ed horinly agreed, dropping the pants that were all he’d put on before fleeing the motel. He stroked his jutting cock with anticipation.

“No, no,” she murmured, so scared that she felt something give within her. When she felt the burning trickle leak from her cunt down her inner thighs, she realized she’d just pissed from fright.

“How naughty,” her mother taunted. Then Sandra turned to her brother. “Don’t worry, Eddie. I’ll clean up little Janet’s accident for you. Don’t want you getting your gorgeous cock all dirty in her filthy cunt when you rape her.”

Sandra now knelt before Janet, fingering apart the girl’s dripping pussylips and bringing her mouth to their open center. She licked all over, inside and outside. And her tongue, which had seemed so magical to her daughter before, scraped like sandpaper against Janet’s tender pussy.

“There,” Sandra slurped when she was finished. “That’s as clean a cunt as this little bitch’ll ever have.”

Janet’s cunt had never felt dirtier to her than it did now that her depraved mother had just lapped it. Worse, she could only expect that the degradation would increase sharply when her uncle shoved his cock in her pussy and rape was a reality.

First, though, Janet was forced to watch her mother prepare Ed for the planned assault with a blowjob. It was designed to make his prick extra-slippery to improve penetration once the fucking had begun. Well, Janet bitterly thought, he’d need all the help he could get, because her cunt was going to be juiceless, just a dry hole that felt nothing.

Meanwhile, Sandra had deep-throated Ed so completely that he had to push her away to get his prick back. Springing out into the moonlight, his cock glistened from tip to root with her spit. Janet closed her eyes so she wouldn’t have to look at it, preferring to meet her fate in self-imposed darkness.

She heard her mother urge, “Okay, Ed, fuck her, fuck her. Split her in two with your big, beautiful prick!”

Then Janet felt her uncle’s hot breath on her tits. And when he buried his face between them, his cockhead jabbed down below, striking her clit.

“I don’t feel it,” Janet maintained in a desperate whisper, which only she could hear. “Don’t feel a thing. Won’t feel a thing, no matter how he fucks me.”

Now Ed’s cockhead changed angles. When his prick jabbed again, the fleshy knob surged between his niece’s involuntarily spread pussylips and into her cunt. The spit from Sandra’s blowiob giving it momentum, several inches of his prick followed quickly into Janet’s pussy.

Her eyes still closed, Janet felt her uncle’s rough hands on her ass. He started tugging and hauling, racking her hips so her cunt jerked along the length of his cock.

The friction was undeniable, especially with Janet’s cunt so dry. But, she vowed, she didn’t have to admit to feeling it. The mind was more powerful than the body. Think of anything but sex, she lectured herself, anything but pleasure. Anything but his big, rubbing cock in her tight, rubbing pussy, anything, oh, anything.


Janet heard the moan. She refused to believe it had been one of her own. Just as she refused to accept the growing wetness that had invaded her fucked cunt.

However, she couldn’t withstand the truth for long. Especially when her uncle let go of her ass, and her hips kept rolling on their own, so that she was setting the tempo of the fucking.

Now, rather than lying to herself anymore that she felt nothing, Janet blamed her senses for betraying her. But all was not lost, she attempted to reason her way out of her dilemma. Just because she felt something didn’t mean she enjoyed torture. And what else was rape besides a form of torture?

But what could she do? The constant movement of his huge prick in her spasming cunt was taking its toll. She felt the unwanted juice of arousal leaking from her cock-filled cunt down her thighs, the result as damp as when she’d previously pissed from fright.

“Ahhh,” Janet heard himself moan out loud. Then, worse, she listened to herself admit, “I’m going to come. Come so hard from your big cock fucking my pussy, Uncle Ed.” Responding to her daughter’s condition, Sandra said, “Well, we can’t have Janet coming when she ought to be suffering. Think of her reputation. Ed, maybe you’d better pull your cock back out of her cunt until you get a little meaner. We want to hurt this little bitch, not show her a good time.”

Following his sister’s orders, Ed yanked his prick in reverse. Only his cockhead remained in his niece’s pussy.

“No, no!” Janet blurted out with frustration, abruptly past the point of no return. “Don’t listen to Mom, Uncle Ed! Keep fucking me, please, please! Give me all of your cock in my cunt and fuck me until we’re both coming!”

When Ed hesitated, Janet pushed at him with the only part of her captive body that could move, her crotch. She forced most of his prick back into her cunt and squeezed his cockmeat with her juicy muscles, her cunt begging on its own behalf for more fucking.

“Don’t let her take advantage of you!” Sandra shouted at her brother. “Fight back, damn you! Hurt her, hurt her!”

But Ed ignored his sister, telling Janet, “Oh, baby, you’re the best. I’ve fucked a lot of women, but your little pussy’s in a class by itself.”

“Then prove it, stud. If I’m the best, give me the kind of fucking I deserve,” Janet urged. Her eyes were open again so she could focus on her uncle while he eagerly fucked her toward what was sure to be a shattering climax.

And overhearing and watching this on the sidelines, a temporarily forgotten Sandra reacted with rage, bitter rage.

“You bastard!” she cursed her brother. “You’re ruining everything! You’re supposed to be raping the little bitch. Teaching her a lesson she’ll never forget, not getting wrapped around her little finger. Damn you, Ed, be a man, be a man! Make her suffer!”

And listening to this outburst, it finally occured to Janet what her mother had been up to all along. Ever since the confrontation in the motel room, everything her mother had done was designed to push Ed to the breaking point, a plan to turn him into a brutal rapist so that she, Janet, would never want to fuck another man again.

Her mother loved her so much, Janet wistfully realized, that she was willing to sacrifice her daughter’s precious cherry in order to protect her from men in the future. It was sweet. Janet’s problem, though, was that her mother’s good intentions had nothing to do with reality. She wanted all the cock she could get, and somehow her mother had to learn to accept it.

A plan to make her mother see the light took quick form in Janet’s mind. It was extreme, but that was probably why it seemed so promising. Janet committed herself to do it on the spot. Now, in the meantime, first things first.

“I can feel your big cock getting ready to explode in my cunt, Uncle Ed,” she panted to her mother’s brother. “Hurry, hurry and let go as soon as you can, ’cause I’m holding back so I can come at the same time you do. But you’re fucking me so good, I can’t wait much longer.”

“You got it, baby doll!” Ed grunted.

His cock fucked to the depths of Janet’s pussy, then jumped like a striking snake. Hot jism poured from his suddenly spurting cockhead. At the same time, Janet’s own female cum started to flow, as she climaxed spasm for spasm along with her uncle.

However, the cum wasn’t all that was hot. Witnessing the rape that had backfired on her, Sandra burned with outrage at the behavior of her brother and daughter. And it was about to get worse.

“Oh, Uncle Ed, you can rape me any time. This has been even better than the first time you fucked me on the night you busted my cherry,” Janet said.

If Sandra had been stunned before, now she was reeling. Her whole world had just collapsed. Not only had her daughter lied about being a virgin, but her own brother had gone behind her back to take Janet’s cherry when he was supposed to be only Sandra’s incestuous lover.

“Traitor!” Sandra screamed at her brother. “Whore!” she blasted her daughter. “I’m through with the both of you!”

“Easier said than done, Mom,” Janet answered. “You can’t get rid of your own family. One way or another, they’re always with you. Part of you.”

“I don’t have a family anymore,” Sandra bitterly insisted.

“Well, Uncle Ed,” Janet told her mother’s brother, “looks like it’s up to us to change Mom’s mind.”

“Nothing you can do will change my mind!” Sandra shot back.

She started to leave. Janet told Ed to stop her. Reacting without taking time to consider what he was getting himself into, he put himself in Sandra’s path and held her in check.

“Now what?” Ed asked, turning toward Janet, who remained tied to the tree.

“Give her a dose of her own medicine,” Janet called. “If Mom thought you could fuck me to my senses against my will, imagine what it’d do for her?”

“The girl’s totally insane, Ed,” Sandra told her brother. “Don’t listen to her.”

But Ed had bought Janet’s logic completely. “Shut up, Sis!” he snapped at Sandra. “This is for your own good.”

Sandra struggled. Ed brought a hand up and he slapped her face. Then he muscled her to the car, slapped her again, and let the impact of the blow send her sprawling back against the hood.

Sandra’s eyes darted as she frantically searched for one last avenue of escape. But her brother had her trapped.

“You’re as good as raped, Sis. Really raped,” Ed rasped. “No playing at it like we’ve done before. And of all the times I’ve had my cock in your cunt over the years, this’ll be the best fuck ever.”

He pinned her arms down on the car’s hood and bucked his crotch. Sandra attempted to close her thighs, but it was too late. Her brother’s huge prick surged with devastating accuracy between her legs, splitting her pussylips and knifing to the depths of her cunt.

“Bastard! Son of a bitch!” Sandra spat at her brother, though she failed to deny the effect his rubbing prick was having in her raped pussy.

Then Ed tested her even further, dropping his mouth to her tits and licking her nipples. When he added to this by dropping a hand into the crush of loins to find and finger his sister’s clit. Sandra had all but met her match.

“It’s not fair, not fair!” she sobbed. “I hate what’s happening to me, but-but…”

She interrupted herself with a long, orgasmic sigh.

“But, oooooh, it feels so good,” she confessed. “Can’t help coming, damn it, coming like being raped is what I wanted all along.”

“Every woman wants it, Mom,” Janet assured her mother from afar. “And when it’s somebody we love who’s raping us for our own good, there’s no better kind of fucking.”

“Mmmmm, you’re right. Soooo right,” Sandra admitted, now that she was thoroughly in the grip of a climax. “I needed this, needed it so bad. Thank you, Ed. Thank you, Janet. And thank God for giving me such a wonderful family.”

Then she replaced her previous resistance with total surrender. Lifting her legs as she was fucked on the car’s hood, Sandra wrapped them around her brother’s waist to rock him in the cradle of her thighs. This worked his prick even deeper into her cunt and made her come twice as hard as before.

“Now you come for me, Eddie!” she excitedly told her brother. “Want your prick to explode inside me with so much jizz that my pussy can’t hold it all! The perfect end to the perfect rape!”

Ed was only too happy to deliver. “What a night!” he cried. “Everytime I get off, damn if I don’t come more than I did the time before!”

His cock flexed in his sister’s pussy, while Sandra, in turn, squeezed back with all her strength. As Ed had predicted, the result was the most cum he’d shot yet. It flooded Sandra’s womb, then, with no place else to go it backed up and oozed from the cockstretched lips of her fucked cunt.

When Ed’s balls, were drained, he backed off and admired his handiwork. “Looks good enough to eat,” he sighed.

“Oh, no, Uncle Ed,” Janet called from the tree. “If anyone’s gonna eat Mom’s pussy after all that fucking, it’s yours truly.”

“Mmmmm, I spoke too soon before,” Sandra said, readily picking up on her daughter’s suggestion. “Now my own daughter going down on my cunt right after my brother’s shot his wad in me, that really is the perfect end to the perfect rape. Untie her, Ed and turn the girl loose on your cum in her mama’s pussy.”

Within a moment, Janet was free. But then once again she was a prisoner, only this time a completely willing one between her mother’s clutching thighs. Her hungry slurps filled the night matched only by Sandra’s appreciative moans.

Shaking his head in awe at a distance, Ed sighed, “What a family! We’re either all crazy, or the luckiest damned bunch on the face of the earth.”

He decided the latter made a lot more sense to him, especially when he glanced down and saw he had another hard-on, and his niece’s teenaged ass was so inviting as she knelt to go down on her mother’s pussy. All Ed needed to do was slip up behind her, like he was doing now, get his prick at the proper angle and shove.

“Ooooh, Uncle Ed, yes, fuck my ass,” Janet cried from her mother’s crotch.

Yes, Ed reminded himself as his cockmeat sank into her tight, young asshole, this was the luckiest damned family on the face of the earth.


After the wild night of incest with Ed, it was a new day for Janet and her mother.

“I’ve been fucking your uncle ever since I divorced your father,” Sandra said. “It happened so naturally. I was down, and Eddie was there to pick me up, just like family’s supposed to. I was so grateful and wanted to show him how much I loved him. One night we were alone together, and the next thing I knew…”

Sandra paused to chuckle. “Suppose you could say I seduced my own brother.”

“It was the other way around with Uncle Ed and me,” Janet said. “One of the nights you really were at church, he showed up and started getting fresh.”

“Oh, yes, he can be that way,” Sandra sighed. “He used to make all the little girls squeal when we were growing.”

“Guess he just caught me at the right time or something,” Janet continued. “I didn’t set out to lose my cherry, but one thing led to another and…”

“His cock is sooo big,” Sandra knowingly interrupted, saying it all for Janet. “Even a virgin would know she was never going to get fucked any better once she saw how your uncle’s hung.”

“Exactly,” Janet confirmed. “Once I saw that gorgeous hunk of cockmeat, I couldn’t resist trying it in my pussy.”

“Which is exactly why I tried so hard to keep you away from temptation,” Sandra explained. “Nothing turns a good girl into a bad girl faster than her first look at a big, stiff prick. That’s what ruined me with your father. At least you had the good luck to lose your virginity to someone who’s blood kin and cares about you.”

“You’re sure you feel that way, Mom?” Janet said.

“You don’t leave me much choice,” Sandra chuckled. “What’s done is done. You’re not just my little girl anymore, you’re a woman. I’m just glad you kept it in the family.”

“Except I’m not the only one you have to worry about. I’m not the only kid in this house,” Janet pointed out, edging closer to her next incestuous confession to her mother. “What about Eric. Mom?”

“What about him?” Sandra suspiciously asked.

Janet let a sly grin creep across her face, then drawled, “Uncle Ed’s not the only one in this family with a big cock.”

“You-you-with your brother?”

“The other night. Eric walked in on me while I was playing with my pussy,” Janet briskly revealed, anxious to get it all out in the open.


“I convinced him there was something a lot better for his cock than just his hand,” Janet said. “And it was the same for him as a cherry girl. Nothing turns a nice boy into a horny stud faster than his first look at a juicy pussy.”

“So you fucked your own brother?”

“Like mother, like daughter. Just keeping it all in the family, Mom. If you and Ed can get it on, why not me and Eric?”

Clearly shaken, Sandra was silent for so long that Janet began to wonder if she’d told her mother too much, too soon. But when the silence was broken, Janet’s doubts turned to bubbling anticipation.

“What’s he like?” Sandra whispered.

And taking a chance, Janet said, “You’ll just have to fuck him yourself to find out, Mom.”

“When?” Sandra was brimming with a new phase of incestuous lust, this time for her own son.

“Tonight’s as good a time as any, Mom. Just leave it to me. Now listen to this.” Janet’s plan involved using herself as a decoy. At first this made her mother nervous, but Sandra had become so sold on fucking Eric that she was ready to go along with anything to get the job done! And bizarre as it was, Janet’s scheme seemed foolproof.

That evening Eric came home from basketball practice, dog tired until he ran into his sister and she suggestively told him, “Mom’s off at church again tonight. We have the place to ourselves for at least a couple of hours. And you know what that means. Interested?”

Janet was rubbing against Eric. All she wore was a thin shift, with nothing underneath. Eric couldn’t avoid feeling her tits, belly and thighs against his body. Neither could he avoid the hot blood which rushed between his legs when her crotch pressed below his waist. Sudden and throbbing, his hard-on bulged in his jeans.

She reached down and unzipped her brother’s fly. A tug at his packed shorts, and his rigid prick surged into the open. Janet caught it between her thighs and squeezed, treating his column of cockmeat to the seductive warmth of her pussy.

“I can be out of this dress before you know it and naked in bed for you,” Janet crooned. “All you have to do is say the magic word.”

“F-fuck,” Eric stammered on cue, as though his vocabulary were temporarily limited to this single term.

“That’s the one, stud,” Janet giggled.

Then she pulled away from her brother, beckoning him to follow her down the hall. As she moved toward the bedroom, her clothing was removed, playfully flung in Eric’s face. By the time he’d peeled it away, Janet could be heard bouncing onto the mattress.

Stumbling through the doorway, Eric briefly halted his advance to drop his pants and lose his breath at the sight of his artfully posed sister. Nude, Janet had a leg up and bent at the knee, while the other one dangled over the edge of the bed. Her hand was at her crotch, where a single fingertip traced the pink slit of her otherwise hairy cunt.

“God, Sis, you’re so beautiful,” Eric gulped, his jutting cock twitching as he spoke.

“Flattery’ll get you everywhere,” Janet steamily replied. “But your big cock, where it counts, will get you even further.”

Lurching toward the bed as if his hard-on were pulling him forward, Eric stopped with one last display of restraint. “Y-you sure Mom won’t be back?” he nervously muttered.

“Of course, silly,” Janet lied convincingly. “After all, I have as much to lose as you do if she ever caught us getting it on.”

“Yeah, guess so,” Eric agreed. “But it’s not just us I’m worried about. You know how uptight about sex Mom is. It might kill her if she knew we were doing this.”

“That’s just the problem. Right now we’re not doing anything! So, c’mon, let’s give ourselves something to be guilty about. You can start by feeding me your fat cock to suck while you go down on my pussy.”

“Yeah!” Eric gasped, the prospect of a sixty-nine ridding him of his caution.

He was quickly on the bed, kneeling astride his naked sister with his face lined up with her waiting crotch and his cock and balls poised above her face. The lips of his mouth met the lips of her cunt first, then Janet orally grabbed his prick to swallow it as fast as she could.

Now the sounds of male and female suction filled the room, with brother and sister hungrily giving one another head. Indeed, neither of them could have heard the muffled sounds of the front door being carefully opened and closed unless they were listening for it in advance. Eric, of course, wasn’t. Janet, on the other hand, had been expecting it all along.

And in the living room, an intruder in her own home, Sandra Hall filled her lungs with as much air as they could hold to give herself a shot of courage. More crucial, though, was what happened between her legs. Spasming with desire, her excited pussy wouldn’t let her turn back for anything.

Now Sandra walked toward the bedroom and what she knew she’d find there, Eric and Janet, her own son and daughter, getting it on.

There they were, rocking in a human cradle on the squeaking bed, their faces between one another’s legs. Janet deep-throated Eric’s cock. He ate her pussy. And so taken was she by the sight of her children sixty-fining in the flesh, Sandra had to struggle to remember her part in the scene she’d so carefully rehearsed before hand.

She started off haltingly, weakly clearing her throat as she stood in the doorway. There was no response from the sucking kids. She’d have to come on stronger than this, Sandra told herself. How would a normal mother react?

“My God!” Sandra blurted, jumping from the piercing shriek of her own voice.

On top of the sixty-nine, Eric bolted upright from the waist as though there were invisible wires attached to him. He faced directly toward Sandra, his astonished features glistening with Janet’s pussy juice.

“M-Mom,” he choked. “We-we can explain everything. Can’t we, Sis?”

“Maybe you can,” Janet rasped from below, after spitting out his cock. “But I’m getting my ass out of here before all hell breaks loose!”

She popped out from beneath her startled brother, leapt from the bed, and dashed by her mother, out the door. Once she was gone, Sandra fixed Eric with a chilling stare, freezing him on the bed while she closed the distance between them.

“Well, Son, I’m waiting,” Sandra grimly said. “You said you could explain.”

Eric hung his head in shame and admitted, “Guess I can’t, Mom. It was just what it looked like between Sis and me.”

“Well,” Sandra said after a long pause, “at least you had enough sense to keep it in the family.”

It caught Eric by surprise. “What?”

“You heard me.”

Eric slowly looked up. His mother stood at the edge of the bed. And the expression of outrage and disgust which he expected to be twisting her face wasn’t there. Instead, her eyes shined. She couldn’t keep her tongue from licking her lips. Eric felt like he was dangling on a hook as he waited for her to speak again.

“Your sister took your cherry, didn’t she, Son?” Sandra finally said.

Eric slowly nodded, his stomach churning in reaction to his mother’s unexpected behavior. He’d been afraid she might even have a heart attack, but even that would have made him less uncomfortable than this. Where, he desperately wondered, was she coming from?

Sandra gave him more than a hint, when she purred, “Can’t say I blame Janet.” She was staring straight at her son’s cock, now limp from fright but still a hunk.

Eric blushed. His hand automatically went to his crotch, covering his prickmeat. But his mother gently brushed it away.

“Can’t say I’d blame myself,” Sandra purred some more. “How did your sister do it, Son?”

Eric practically strangled on his own tongue. “Do wh-what?”

“Get your cock hard, Son,” Sandra kept purring. “Get your cherry cock so hard that you couldn’t keep it in your pants.”

Eric had never heard this mother say anything like this before. It stunned him so much that he was surprised when he heard himself actually answer her.

“Sis was practically naked,” he blurted out. “I saw her-her…”


Eric gulped and wag back to nodding.

“Would your cock get hard for me, Son, if you saw my pussy?”

Sandra pulled up her skirt. She wore stockings and a garter belt, but it was clear, as her raised hem flirted with the triangle of her crotch, there were no panties.

Eric was panting with anticipation, his cock already stirring, when his mother lifted the skirt all the way past her hips. Completely hairless, her cunt greeted him with a vertical smile.

“It-it’s shaved!” he gasped.

“Smooth as a cockhead,” Sandra said, rubbing her pink cunt mound. “If you put our pussies side by side, your sister’s would seem like the older one with all that hair on it. How do you like the young look, Eric?”

He didn’t need to speak to answer. His cock told the story, having jerked to attention at the sight of his mother’s bald cunt.

“Know what it’s like to eat a shaved pussy?” Sandra crooned on, as if she were jacking Eric off with words. “You can taste it all with no hair in the way. Get it all in your mouth, the lips, clit, everything. Suck the hot juice right out of the gash, especially if you use your tongue.”

“God, Mom, you’ve gotta stop,” Eric croaked. “You’re driving me crazy, talking to me this way.”

“I love having my pussy eaten. That’s why I shaved it. I can feel everything, too. Your lips, your tongue, your teeth. Your warm spit. Your hot breath all over my smooooooth little cunt.”

Eric’s ears burned from his mother’s words. But his rigid cock burned even more from the lusty fire raging in his loins. Pulsating to the racing beat of his heart, his hard-on twitched and throbbed almost as if it were being stroked by a phantom hand.

“I always come when my pussy’s eaten,” Sandra murmured. “Come in your mouth. So much of my cunt’s sweet honey seeping down your throat.”

“I’m warning you, Mom, I can’t take it. Can’t listen to this without…”

“Yes, darling?”

“Having an accident,” Eric hissed between clenched teeth, trying to hold back from within. But it was no use. The rising tide couldn’t be controlled. Although untouched, his red cock lurched and erupted with a torrent of jism.

Swiftly, Sandra was on her knees, leaning over the side of the bed. Her slurping mouth was all over her son’s creaming prick. And once Eric’s balls were drained, not only did she refuse to stop sucking prick, she went down even further.

Now Sandra was all the way up on the bed, astride Eric while she kept going down on him. Her thighs were spread directly over his head. He looked up into the pink yawn of her shaved cunt and his tongue got as hard as his cock still was. It stuck straight out of his mouth, straining for his first taste of his mother’s cunt.

And down Sandra eased. Her pussylips slipped around his tongue, then slid in a dipping, slurping fashion. Eric’s mouth was soon sealed with her cunt, his tongue hilted up her pussy. He tested his mother’s pussy with an oral wriggle. The juice which immediately seeped down his throat made him drunk with passion.

At the same time, at the other end of the action, Sandra expertly deep-throated her son’s entire hard-on to the root. She added a finger up his tight, young asshole for good measure, pumping rhythmically at the gland near the base of his balls.

Already, the liquid pressure was mounting between his legs, as he thought of nothing else but proving his manhood by coming in his mother’s mouth.

In the meantime, Sandra climaxed first. Her pussy juice was twice as hot, twice as sweet, twice as much when there was an orgasm involved. Eric feasted on it, using his tongue like a spoon in his mother’s pot of cunt honey.

Then, when he had a warm bellyful of Sandra’s cum, it occurred to Eric that it was about time he returned the favor. The way his mother was sucking his cock, it was obvious that she was just as thirsty for his jizz as he’d been for her pussy cream.

Eric guessed that his mother must know he was getting ready to come, because she sucked his prick even better, using her mouth like a second cunt. And the way she fingerfucked his asshole sent shooting pangs of urgency through his churning balls.

Now, from the bottom of the sixty-nine, Eric lifted his ass off the bed, so his cock jammed in his mother’s throat even farther. He could feel his balls separating against her face as they clung to the root of his swallowed prick. It was time to shoot it.

“Ahhhh!” he moaned with release into the nest of his mother’s bald pussy. At the other end of the action, Sandra was already gulping down his first blast of cum.

The best part of his mother’s cocksucking technique, Eric now realized, was the way she drank cum. So greedy was she for his hot jism that she left the impression she was sucking it out of his balls entirely on her own, as if his prick didn’t even need to spurt for her to milk him dry.

By the time he was drained, Eric was sure his prick would be limp after such an incredible blowjob. But when the sixty-nine broke up and he’d pulled out of his mother’s mouth, his hard-on hadn’t lost an inch.

Sandra noticed it, too. “Hurry,” she urged her son. “Hurry and fuck me with that hot fucker before it cools off! I want your big cock in my cunt right now!”

She bobbed up on her hands and knees, her asscheeks parting so her hairless pussy spread from the rear. Her son was automatically reminded of a bitch in heat as he approached her from behind.

“Do it like a dog! Fuck me like a dog!” Sandra yelped. Then she moaned with lowdown pleasure when Eric fucked into her with a slippery surge and his teenaged cock was lodged in her squeezing cunt.

Now Sandra began to roll her hips. Her son didn’t have to move his cock on his own, because she supplied all the friction, herself. She rocked to and fro on her knees, with her wet pussy squishing as she got herself dogfucked.

Since his mother was in charge of his cock in her cunt, Eric got involved with making things happen by reaching forward for Sandra’s tits. The buttons popped when he ripped open her blouse. Since she wore no bra, her large tits fell right into his hands.

“Oh, wonderful,” Sandra sighed. “Squeeze your mama’s titties real hard, Son.”

Eric dug his fingers into her soft tit-flesh. He’d leave black-and-blue marks for sure, but that didn’t keep his mother from loving his rough treatment. Indeed, when she abruptly climaxed, Sandra let Eric know that he’d made her came as much from mauling her tits as from dog-fucking her cunt with his big cock.

And the same time as she’d done during the sixty-nine, once Sandra started coming, she didn’t stop. Her writhing body made it clear there would be no end to her multiple orgasms until her son climaxed, too.

And like the piss he’d compared it with, Eric’s jizz abruptly spilled from his cock, not in spurts, but in a continuous stream. It filled his mother’s dog-fucked cunts to the brim, then drooled from her pussy lips down her trembling thighs.

“Oh, so much cum. So much hot cum in my fucked pussy,” Sandra groaned with appreciation. “More cum than my poor pussy can hold. Thank you, Son. Oh, thank you for fucking Mama soooo gooooood with your hard, young cock!”

“Jeez, Mom, I’m the one ought to be thanking you,” Eric sighed, now that his climax had run its course. “When you caught me and Sis in bed, I thought it was the end of the world. But you made it the best thing that ever happened to me. I’d rather suck and fuck you than Sis any day.”

“Don’t let Janet hear you say that,” Sandra chuckled.

“I already did,” Janet called from across the room.

She stepped out into the open from the shadows, where she’d been watching the whole time. And those invisible wires jerked at Eric again, pulling him upright with their shock force.

“I-I was just telling Mom what I thought she wanted to hear, Sis,” the boy clumsily said, trying to explain his way out of the corner into which he’d painted himself. “Didn’t really mean it.”

“You didn’t, huh? Why, you little weasel,” his mother hissed. But a sly smile was playing with the corners of her mouth. Eric, though, was too much on the defensive to notice it.

“Well, how about this, Mom?” Janet said to Sandra, thoroughly aware that her mother was putting Eric on, just as she was. “Looks like baby brother can’t make up his mind which of us is the best piece of ass. Maybe we ought to put him to the test and force him to decide.”

“Why not?” Sandra readily agreed. “Just hope he’s got the balls to get practically raped by his mother and sister at the same time.”

“We’ll find out soon enough, won’t we, Mom?” Janet laughed.


And with Sandra and Janet closing in on him, Eric finally realized just how completely he’d been set up. Somehow, though, he didn’t seemed to mind being turned into a stud service for his mother and sister.


The contrast between their spread pussies was the stuff of which the horny teenaged boy’s dreams-come-true were made. As he glanced back and forth between them, Eric couldn’t decide which one to fuck first.

On his left, there was his sister’s cunt. It was so bushy that the hair grew all the way up into the crack of her ass. And when Janet fingered her pussylips apart, as she did now, the deep center of her open cuntslit was as pink as peppermint candy in comparison with the curly jungle around it.

But on Eric’s right, his mother’s shaved pussy was equally tempting. Without a hair on it, he could see every detail. From the pucker of her asshole to the bullet of her clit, Sandra’s cunt yawned. Her pussylips quivered in erotic readiness, the fuck juice glistened.

“What a choice to have to make,” Eric muttered under his breath.

But his mother and sister were getting impatient, being far less concerned with Eric’s ego than they were with his big cock. Naturally, each wanted her pussy fucked first, however, the main thing was to get the ball rolling.

Lying side by side on the bed in front of Eric, naked with their legs stretched so their adjacent knees touched, Sandra and Janet glanced at one another then spoke in unison, “Fuck us!”

Knowing that the time had arrived to make a decision, but still unable to consciously choose between his mother’s shaved cunt and his sister’s hairy one, Eric left it to chance. He closed his eyes and turned around three times. Then, in self-imposed darkness, he let his jutting prick lead him at random to the nearest pussy.

He fucked in as fast as he could so he couldn’t tell whether the cunt swallowing his cock was hairless or hairy. One thing the pussy definitely was, though, was tight. And those legs wrapping around his waist to pull his rigid prickmeat deeper wit bin sure helped make it a terrific way to begin.

Eric was so hot, now that his prick was balls-deep in pussy, he really didn’t know or care whether he was fucking his mother or his sister. All that mattered was that grabbing fuck-friction around his stiff prick.

Then it got even better.

“Ooooooh, that’s super,” Eric moaned with surprise when he felt a mouth touching his balls. While he was fucking one woman, the other had nosed in from behind to suck him.

He felt like he’d died and gone to heaven. And as the situation on his balls increased, he rubbed his prick inside the cunt it fucked. Much more of this, and he’d be coming more jizz than he’d ever shot.

“God, yes, fuck me, suck me!” he urged. “Make my damned cock and balls bust wide open!”

But the response of his mother and sister was the opposite of Eric’s panting request. Abruptly, the cunt slipped away from his prick. The mouth left his balls. He was ready to jump out of his skin with frustration. When he tried to open his eyes to see what was going on, a hand clapped over them.

He was told, “We like you blind. That way, you can’t see who you’re fucking.”

“And just so you can’t cheat by feeling around…”

All of a sudden, Eric felt his hands being tied behind him. Then a scarf over his eyes was used to blindfold him.

“Now, last but not least, no coming until we tell you it’s all right. And that’s not gonna happen until you’ve fucked us both plenty. Enough to honestly make up your mind which cunt is best. Then the winner gets a pussyful of your jizz.”

Eric nodded in agreement, ready to do almost anything to get his prick back into a juicy cunt. And just then he could smell one right under his nose.

“Don’t forget, if you come too soon, it’s all off.”

Now a naked body slid beneath him. A slender hand was around his prick, as shapely legs wound around him. Eric felt his hard cock guided into a cunt’s deep warmth and he was fucking again.

And as he rolled his hips to make his prick surge in the tight space between those clutching thighs, something else was added. As before, a female mouth joined the action at the tangle of loins.

This time, instead of having his balls sucked, Eric was treated to a tongue in the crack of his ass. It tickled his asshole, making it pucker. Then the tongue pushed inside, inch by inch, until Eric was being given a rimjob by either his mother or sister at the same time that he fucked the other.

As the action continued, Eric couldn’t tell for the life of him whether the pussy he fucked was hairless or not. The problem was his own wiry pubic growth, which was dense enough for a pair of crotches.

Besides, Eric was beyond giving a damn now anyway. His main concern at the moment was the rising tide at the pit of his crotch. If anyone was going to stop him from shooting his wad, it wouldn’t be him.

“Can’t hold it in!” he warned.

“Oh, yes you can!”

Eric’s hair was pulled from behind, yanking his head back. Below, the cunt slithered away, temporarily leaving his deserted cock with nothing to fuck. Some cum did dribble from the tip, but only enough to signal orgasmic frustration on Eric’s part.

“Oh, man, this is killing me,” he groaned. “I can feel my poor balls turning blue. If my hands weren’t tied, I’d just go ahead and jerk off to put myself out of misery. God, what’s next?”

Laughing to themselves, Janet and her mother let Eric waver with uncertainty until his cock seemed far enough away from erupting to start fucking again. This time they forced the blindfolded boy on to his back. Then one of them straddled him, poising her open pussy above his prick and balls.

“Lift it up,” one woman said. “Get that big prick standing at attention.”

Eric tried unsuccessfully. “I’m too sore. My cock’s plenty hard, but I can’t get it up that high.”

Quickly, he had some help. A finger jabbed in his asshole, poking the tender gland at the base of his balls. His prick jumped like there was a spring in it.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” he gasped with alarm, his breath taken away by the enforced rise of his prick. “You two mean business, don’t you?”

“Better believe it,” somebody taunted him from above, the husky laughter which distorted her voice, making it impossible for Eric to identify her as either his mother or sister.

Now her cunt made contact with his flexing cock. Pussylips folded around his prickhead, then seemed to nibble along his cockshaft. Before Eric had compared a mouth to a pussy during a blowjob. This time, though, it was a cunt swallowing like a deep throat during a fuck.

“Ooooooh, take my whole cock!” Eric gasped, his breath lost while his hips rolled. “All of my cock down to the balls.”

The cunt that fucked like a sucking mouth did just that. Eric pushed up against it, feeling the penetration to his toes. Then, as before, a bonus arrived to go along with his prick in the pussy.

Blindfolded, he smelled it first. Then some juice dripped onto the bridge of his nose the other cunt! The one he wasn’t fucking was directly above his head. And poised to eat pussy, it occurred to Eric that this time his mother and sister had outsmarted themselves.

For once the second cunt was spread across his face, surely he’d be able to detect it if it was hairless or hairy. At least he’d be able to tell them apart.

But as strong as its distinctive aroma became, it wasn’t the pussy after all that Eric was about to taste. He couldn’t see it, but on the way down the dipping female crotch subtly altered its tilt.

When his face was crushed, the aroma of nearby pussy still made Eric’s nostrils flare, but his tongue had made contact a notch away. The opening was round and tight rather than wide and juicy. He was suddenly rimming ass.

Once he’d started, though, Eric couldn’t stop, forgetting all about which pussy was whose, in favor of the shitpit that had seemed to suck his tongue up inside it. The flavor was a whole new experience for him, more tangy than it was sweet, but every bit as delicious as cunt in its own way.

He tasted higher and higher. The squeezing he received in response made his tongue feel like a second cock. Hooked op ass, Eric reacted with nothing but pleasure when the scented breeze of a female fart caressed his face. He sealed the windy opening and hungrily sucked the fumes into his lungs, giddy from the unique fragrance.

There was more ass-tonguing, more swallowed fans. It was the perfect compliment to the continuous sliding of the cunt up and down the meaty pole of Eric’s prick. This time, he guessed, they’d have to shoot him to stop him from coming.

But, no, he was still a puppet on their string. The jerk and run tactics of his mother and sister stopped Eric short again. Suddenly his tongue hung red and raw out of his mouth instead of reaming ass. And his prick jutted in cuntless exposure, dribbling just enough to taunt him about the climax that had been denied him again.

“Can’t stand it!” he moaned. “All I wanna do is come and get it over with.”

“Fair enough. All you have to do is decide which pussy fucks you best.”

“The last one!” Eric desperately blurted out.

“Gotta do better than that. ‘Cause that was the third time you’ve had your cock in one of us, meaning you’ve fucked one pussy at least twice. So, if you’ve honestly made up your mind, you should be able to tell us for sure whether you fucked the cunt you chose before now.”

Eric thought about how to phrase a convincing lie, but it defeated him. “I can’t,” he admitted, knowing full well that his mother and sister had kept track of their own cunts while he remained ignorant of which was whose.

“Then you’ll just have to keep on fucking us until you know one pussy from the other.”

“We’ll make it easier on you, though. You can fuck from pussy to pussy on your own from now on. And just so you don’t come before you’ve earned it.”

“Jesus!” Eric croaked. “You can’t be serious!”

One of them had just slipped a rubber band around his cock. She doubled, then tripled its cinching power, binding it around the root of his prick.

Eric muttered, “What did I do to deserve this?”

“You’re just too hung for your own good. Now fuck us if you ever want to come. Fuck us until your cock tells you which cunt is tightest, wettest and deepest.”

Sandra and Janet now knelt in front of Eric in the dog-fucking position. Blindfolded, he poked his swollen prick inside the closest rearspread cunt. It squeezed him from cockhead to balls, then relaxed so he could pull out and switch to the other pussy.

Like a machine, Eric moved sideways and plunged, fucking the second cunt in as many cock-thrusts. This one, too, squeezed then relaxed. Eric’s prick was out as soon as it’d been in, on its way back to the original fuckhole.

“Damn,” he said to himself as his cock fucked between cunts. “A guy could get used to this and go crazy at the same time.”

In any case, Eric was quickly in a groove, alternating between his mother and sister. The surges of his hard-on were as effortless as if he were fucking a single pussy instead of two. In fact, with his vision blocked, he soon lost track of any differences. In his mind, his sister and mother had merged to share the same cunt.

He would, Eric realized, never be able to make an honest choice between one pussy or the other. And his overworked balls ached like they were caught in a nutcracker. His mounting supply of jiss strained for release like a wild animal trying to break out of its cage.

“Got to come, gotta come,” Eric panted, so anxious for relief that he was scarcely conscious his cock was once again in the process of switching from one cunt to the other.

The strategically placed rubber band, though, was doing its job. Every time Eric’s prick tried to spit, spasming as though it were reaching down in itself with a hacking cough, it came up dry.

Although he tried unsuccessfully before to lie about which pussy he preferred, Eric now attempted it again as the only way out. But he was too far gone to be careful enough to have a chance of bringing it off.

“This one!” he blurted to his unseen mother and sister, sinking his prick to the rubber band in one of their cunts. “This pussy’s best! Where I want to come!”

“Which one?”

“This one!” Eric croaked, soused to fucking two pussies by now that he wasn’t aware that his prick was automatically on the move again.

“How can you tell when your prick won’t stay still?”

Before Eric could answer, his crotch bucked yet another time, and his cock was buried in more pussy. And he realized, for the life of him he couldn’t remember whether it was the one he’d been fucking when he’d begun his latest lie.

“If you really picked one of our cunts as the best, you’d hardly pull out of it after you told us and go back to fucking the other,” he was taunted.

“Damn, I blew it,” Eric muttered with frustration.

“Only the truth will work.”

Eric gritted his teeth and continued fucking. He tried, tried with every fiber of his being, to make an honest choice between cunts. But, maddeningly, they remained equally tight, wet and deep and that twisted rubber band at the root of his cock choked off his jizz more painfully than ever. If he didn’t come, the damage to his balls threatened to be permanent.

“The truth? You really want the truth?” Eric finally blurted out, at the end of his rope.

“It’s the only thing that’ll save you.”

“Whatever it is!” Eric cried.

“Honesty is the best policy.”

“Okay!” Eric gasped, his prick even now fucking from cunt to cunt.

He took the deepest breath possible, preparing himself to deliver the only genuine response available.

“Both!” Eric admitted. “I could fuck you both all night and never make up my mind which pussy is the best. So there it is, the real story. Just wish I could come in both of your cunts at once, the same way I’ve been fucking you.”

Having gotten the truth off his chest, the blindfolded Eric beard muffled laughter from the direction of his mother and sister. Naturally, he assumed they were making fun of him. His face burned.

“I fucked you as hard as I could!” he said. “Damn it, you bitches, give me a break!”

“What do you think, Mom?” Janet giggled. “The same thing you’re probably thinking,” Sandra chuckled.

Then they whispered to one another so Eric couldn’t hear them. He didn’t know what to expect. Certainly not the very pleasant surprise that was now in store for him.

One set of hands groped behind his back, untying his wrists. Another pair unraveled the blindfold.

Eric shook his cramped arms to get their circulation back and blinked from the sudden light. And as he adjust to the return of his freedom of movement and restored sight, his mother and sister spread their legs before him. Their cunts were wide open, fingered apart at the lips.

“The rest is up to you, Son,” Sandra called.

“You can come for both of us if you try,” Janet added.

“Yeah!” Eric realized aloud that it was possible.

He stripped the rubber band from his cock at last. His balls throbbed in anticipation of finally being able to release their creamy burden. His hard-on stabbed the air at the sharpest angle it could jut from his flexing crotch.

Grabbing his teenaged prick to straighten it out, Eric dove cock first between his mother’s legs. A deep thrust in her hairless pussy was all it took, as Sandra pushed back and squeezed Eric’s hilted prick with her juicy muscles.

“I’m shooting it!” Eric cried, coming at last.

“Oooooh, baby, are you,” Sandra moaned, her cunt immediately swamped with her son’s gushing jizz. “Now don’t forget about your sister before I get too greedy and try to take all your cum for myself.”

“Don’t worry, Sis will get her share,” Eric panted, pulling his spurting cock from his mother’s dripping cunt. “After what you bitches put me through, I’ve got enough jizz for an army of pussies.”

“Then give me mine! Give me mine now!” Janet urged.

Her brother’s prick whipped as it swung between her legs, leaving a trail of temporarily airborne cum behind. Then it plunged into Janet’s waiting cunt. The force of the flow drenched her thirsty cunt to the womb.

“Oh, he’s got it, really got it,” Janet crooned. “Got so much jizz to give! He couldn’t have shot any more of it into your pussy, Mom, than he is in mine.”

“Then it’s my turn again,” Sandra eagerly suggested.

“Oh, no!” Eric spoke up, in control of the action at this point. “Both your cunts are plenty full of jizz. Now I’m gonna finish up my way. You two bitches’ll take it the way I give it and like it.”

He yanked his prick from Janet’s sopping pussy, with cum still squirting from his cockhead. Then, jacking off the rest of the way, he waved his gushing prick from side to side and splattered the naked, bodies of his mother and sister with the rest of his creamy load.

They got it in their faces, on their tits, across their bellies, crotches and thighs. And as fast as it rained down, they smeared it all over themselves, bathing in Eric’s rich cum.

Then, finally, he was drained. More than just his cock was spent, too. Eric’s muscular, young body sagged like an old man’s stooped frame. His eyes rolled back in his nodding head, while his jaw went slack and he helplessly drooled with exhaustion. The only thing that kept him upright seemed to be the grip he had on his dribbling prick.

“You two bitches really put me though the wringer,” he groaned, hardly loud enough to hear. “Jerked me around every which way but loose. Practically fucked me to death. But — damn — damn!”

He let go of his prick. That was it for his balance. Pitching forward, he caused his mother and sister to scurry out of the way so he’d have a place to land.

And on the way down, Eric gasped, “It was worth it!” Then he was flat on his face, out cold and grinning from ear to ear.


Janet couldn’t help being amused as she slipped into the lowcut jersey pullover blouse, dressing far the evening. Her grin was evident when she checked herself out in the mirror.

Her reflection showed a girl who looked like any other typical teenager about to go out for a good time. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, with her smiling face freshly scrubbed and dabbed with just enough makeup. Dressed in the jersey pullover which clung to her perky tits, tight white shorts, and sneakers with little pom-poms on them, her appearance could be summed tip in a single word.

“Cute,” she said out loud. “I’m definitely cute.”

Now she left the bedroom. Her date was waiting for her in the living room. Janet thought he looked pretty cute, too, in his basic t-shirt and faded jeans. She liked a guy who was just himself.

“You look great,” he said. “You just about ready to go?”

“Absolutely raring,” Janet bubbled. “What’s playing at the drive-in, anyway?”

“Who cares?” the boy said. “I don’t think we’ll be watching much of the picture.”

“Mmmm, I hope not,” Janet purred, rubing briefly against him. Then, she backed away. “Well, I’d better go tell Mom we’re ready to leave.”

The boy nodded and Janet went into the kitchen. Her mother was just finishing up the dinner dishes. Ed was there, also, helping her dry.

“We’re going now,” Janet said.

“Fine,” Sandra answered, leaving the sink and starting to remove her apron. “Just give me a second and…”

Ed cut in, asking Janet, “How does it feel to have your mother and uncle along as, uh, chaperones on your first date?”

“Most girls my age wouldn’t stand for it,” Janet cheerfully answered. “I well, under the circumstances, I think it’ll work out all right.” She paused, her eyes twinkling at the private family joke. “After all, most girls my age don’t go out an their first date with their own brother, either. So me and Eric doubling with our mom and uncle sort of fits.”

They all laughed at that, then joined Eric to go pile into the family station wagon. Having just gotten his license, Eric drove, with Janet snuggling beside him like any date in the front seat. In the back, though, Sandra and Ed were already necking.

The drive-in was showing a triple horror feature, the audience mostly teenagers. Briefly bobbing up from a clinch with Ed, Sandra giggled that she hadn’t been at one of these passion pits since she was a girl.

“Don’t worry, Sis,” Ed told her, “I’ll remind you what it’s like to be a horny kid again.”

“You already have, tiger,” Sandra giggled some more, placing her brother’s hand under her short skirt so that he could feel her hot cunt. Then her giggles were smothered by moans as Ed soul-kissed her and fingerfucked her cunt through her panties.

“Well, looks like Mom and Uncle Ed already have a head start on us,” Janet said to Eric when he’d parked the car.

Serious about his driving until now, Eric turned and grinned down at his sister’s hand on his thigh. “Now don’t tell me that you’re the kind of girl who puts out on the first date.”

Janet leaned forward and sealed her brother’s mouth with her own. Their tongues darted past each other, while Eric felt her hand move closer to the bulge at the crotch of his jeans.

“Not bad for starters,” Eric sighed when they broke for air. “Now what else do you do on the first date?”

“Instead of playing Twenty Questions, why don’t I just show you how far I’ll go,” Janet suggested.

Before Eric could think of a clever answer, her hand was on his fly. She unzipped his pants and wriggled her hand inside his shorts. A tug and his stiff cock was out in the open just long enough for Janet to lower her head and make his prickshaft disappear again in her sucking mouth.

Janet took his hands and she put them on her head. He guided her suction, his crotch rhythmically rising and falling until he was fucking her in the mouth. Eric’s moans of pleasure and his sister’s hungry slurps filled the car.

And now it was the turn of the couple in the back seat to notice the behavior of the other half of the double date. “Ooooooh, Eddie,” Sandra told her brother, “Janet’s giving Eric a blowjob.”

“Well, what the hell, we’ll go them one better,” Ed laughed. “You give me a blowjob, Sis, and I’ll eat your pussy at the same time.”

“Only on one condition. You’ve got to promise not to stop until we’ve both come in each other’s mouth.”

“That shouldn’t be too tough a bargain to keep,” Ed chuckled. “In fact, I’d put it in the class of an offer no guy could refuse.”

“Then what’re you waiting for?”

“Absolutely nothing,” Ed rasped, promptly ripping away Sandra’s already unfastened skirt.

“Neither am I!” she replied, wriggling out of her wet panties so she was nude from the waist down.

Now she went for her brother’s pants, stripping them, with his shorts, down to a heap on the floor. Then Sandra’s bare pussy moved toward Ed’s mouth, as sister and brother curled into a sixty-nine on the back seat.

“Been years since I did anything like this in a car,” Sandra said just before she began deep-throating his cock in earnest. “But I guess some things you never forget.”

“Shut up and suck, Sis,” Ed joked.

“Show me how,” Sandra teased.

The lips of her brother’s mouth made contact with the lips of her hairless cunt and Sandra swooned. But the swoon was quickly replaced with her slurping suction, as she swallowed all of Ed’s prick with a single gulp.

Up in the front seat, in the midst of her own blowjob, Janet had overheard the exchange between her mother and uncle. Where Ed had just passed off Sandra’s remark about the last time she’d made it with a guy in a car, it hit home for Janet.

“Daddy,” Janet gurgled. If she hadn’t had her mouth stuffed with Eric’s prick, she’d have probably blurted it right out loud.

“You say something, Sis?” Eric asked.

Janet shook her head, and satisfied, her brother went back to fucking her mouth with deep cock-thrusts. But as she took his pumping fucktool down her throat, Janet’s mind continued to wander.

She couldn’t help but wonder if her parents had gone all the way on a night like this. Was that how her mom got knocked up with her, leading to the shotgun wedding?

It wouldn’t leave her alone. Janet started wondering about the father who’d disappeared so early in her life that she couldn’t even recall what he looked like. Was he handsome? Was he hung?

She tried to picture her father’s stiff cock, imagining it stimulated by her sexy mother to the bursting point. In her overheated mind, Janet saw the imaginary hard-on spurt with the cum that had given her life. God, she thought, she could almost taste it!

“Swallow, Sis, swallow!” Eric suddenly interrupted Janet’s flight of fancy. “My cock’s shooting like mad and you’re not swallowing any jizz at all.”

Janet abruptly realized that the cum she’d tasted wasn’t imaginary after all. Her brother was coming in her mouth. And if she didn’t start gulping it dawn, she’d lose the whole creamy load.

Her face swollen, Janet began sucking the jism toward her belly. But with her eyes closed, she was making believe again that it was her father’s tangy cum. With this bizarre fantasy spurring her on, she caught up with the male climax and easily drank every drop.

“Jeez, Sis, you started slow, but you sure made up for it once you got the thirst,” Eric said, his voice bringing him back into Janet’s mental focus. “Damn, if you don’t have my cock harder than ever. I’m ready to fuck you right away.”

“Why not?” Janet agreed. And already in her mind Eric was fading into the background, due to be replaced by their father once more. Only this time her daddy’s cock would be fucking her cunt instead of just her mouth.

“Mnimmmm, you’re sure horny tonight, Sis,” Eric noted as Janet hurriedly undressed. She didn’t hear him, though, listening to the special voice in her head as she closed her eyes again.

“I love you, baby,” she imagined her father saying, while she pretended that it was he for whom she spread her legs. “You have the prettiest little cunt your daddy’s ever seen.”

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” Janet passionately answered the voice in her head. “Put your beautiful cock in my cunt and fuck me the way only you can, Daddy.”

Eric blinked. “What’d you call me, Sis?”

“Ooooooh, never mind. Just fuck me. All that matters is your cock in my cunt,” Janet replied, smoothing it over with a long, throaty moan.

Satisfied, her brother slipped between her legs, as one of them hooked over the seat, the other rested on the dashboard, and her ass dug into the vinyl car seat. Piercing her parted pussylips, Eric’s long prick surged into the damp warmth to his balls. Janet pushed back, wiggled her hips, and they were fucking.

And, while they did, Janet continued to mentally commit more than just brother-sister incest. As the friction between prick and pussy mounted, she relied on the power of her emotions to completely replace Eric’s physical presence with the ghostly return of their father.

“More, more, more!” she urged. “Fuck me so I come. Then keep me coming until you come, too. I want my pussy so full of your hot jizz.”

Eric did his best, not realizing he was a stand in for his own father. In addition to his cock in Janet’s cunt, he added his sucking mouth to her tits and rubbing fingers to the tugging rim and erect clit of her fucked cunt.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she gasped. “Fuck me, feel me, suck me.”

Then Janet came, and not quietly, either. In the enclosed station wagon, her orgasmic wail filled the limited space like an erotic siren.

“Oh, listen to her,” her mother sighed in the back seat, where her sixty-nine with Ed had recently ended with a mutual climax. “She reminds me of myself when I was that age.”

“You’re thinking about you and Charley, aren’t you, Sis?” Ed said quietly, demonstrating a sympathetic side of his usually macho personality.

“Yeah,” she sighed again. “It was on a night like this, in a car like this, that Charley and I went all the way for the first time. You know the rest.”

“Janet,” Ed accurately referred to the pregnancy that had resulted.

Nodding, Sandra wistfully added, “And now that I hear Janet herself getting fucked in the same kind of situation, it’s almost like everything’s come fall circle. I know it’s silly, but…”

“I know how it was with you and Charley, Sis,” Ed soothed, stroking Sandra’s face. “Just wish it could’ve been me with you that night, the way it is with Janet and her brother. But I was too much of a kid then. So somebody had to take your cherry. And I’m the first to admit it, old Charley was quite a guy back then. I wanted to be just like him.”

“He was never the man you are, Eddie,” Sandra told her brother. “After he’d come and gone, you were the one who picked me up and made my life worth living. Even when you went behind my back and fucked Janet, it was a blessing in disguise, I can see that now. Kept her from going outside the family to lose her cherry, and God knows what else. But with Charley, the clouds never had a silver lining.”

“You still can’t forget him, though, can you, Sis?” Ed said, stating it as a face rather than making any sort of accusation.

“No,” Sandra admitted after a long pause. “The bastard. He’s under my skin to stay, I suppose.”

Softly, Ed asked, “What would you do if he came back?”

“Don’t even want to think about it,” Sandra murmured. Then she took a deep breath. “C’mon and fuck me, Eddie, before the damned past ruins the whole evening. Once your big cock’s in my cunt, I can bury that son of a bitch, Charley Hall, at least for the time being.”

“Whatever you say, Sis,” Ed agreed. “Guess I shouldn’t have brought it up in the first place. Don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you with a good, hard fuck.”

Sandra gratefully fell back, pulling her knees against her tits to open up her shaved cunt for Ed’s hard-on. He guided his prick into her, pinning her beneath his weight when he’d hilted his cockmeat. When Sandra folded her legs around him and rhythmically jerked his cock in her pussy, Charley Hall seemed to be temporarily forgotten.

But in spite of her goal to just fuck her brother in peace, Sandra couldn’t escape the lure of the past. When she closed her eyes, the reality of Ed on top of her faded and she felt like a girl again, going all the way for sweettalking Charley Hall.

Oh, she couldn’t help but recall how wonderful Charley’s big prick had felt in her virgin cunt that first time he’d fucked her in his car. Most girls felt some pain when their cherries were popped, but Sandra had climaxed on the spot. The little blood she spilled had been washed away by a flood of female cum.

“Ahhhhh!” she cried, reliving that unique moment now, all these years later, as she was consumed by a shuddering orgasm. “More fucking, more, more!”

Unwittingly standing in for his former brother-in-law, Ed fucked Sandra’s pussy with repeated cock-thrusts to keep her coming. She writhed, beneath him, causing the station wagon to rock on its rear axles. However, in her mind, the car was Charley Hall’s old Chevy and she was once again a schoolgirl who was leaving her virginal reputation behind her. “God, I want it all!” she squealed with a return to the teenaged lust of yesteryear.

She pulled Ed’s head down to her heaving tits, the way she’d done on that night of nights to Charley Hall. And Ed responded as if he were consciously playing the role his sister’s overactive imagination had assigned to him. Pushing her tits together, he took her nipples into his mouth together and sucked them both, one of Charley Hall’s trademarks.

Even as a naive virgin, Sandra had known that her tits were magically sensitive. When they were touched in the right way, the erotic electricity shot directly between her legs. And the cock in her cunt added to this created the spasms which seized her loins and had her bucking like a wild pony.

“Hold on for the ride!” she cried.

Her rippling pussy jerked back and forth along the big cock fucking it. Her man’s cum was what she craved at this point, a cuntful of his cum to go along with her own continuous climaxing.

The way she was writhing, her tits couldn’t be sucked any longer. Her lover’s hands slipped to her hips in an attempt to get a grip on her, then from there to her asscheeks, clutching them like handles. His fingers dug into the crack of her ass until the nails gouged at the puckered rim of her shithole.

That’s the way it had happened the night with Charley Hall. He’d quickly probed her asshole until Sandra felt her bowels gurgling with as much excitement as her clit. Now her brother repeated the process and Sandra soared to an orgasmic height that she’d only previously experienced as a teenaged girl.

“Rub your cock in my pussy with your fingers through my ass!” she deliriously urged. “Ahhh, that’s the way. Opens me up inside like I’m just one big hole for you to fuck and fuck and fuck!”

Driven by his desire to please his horny sister, Ed unknowingly performed as a flawless stand-in for Charley Hall. He was only aware that, although he’d fucked Sandra plenty since her divorce, she’d never been hotter than she was tonight. Giving her what she wanted was as automatic as breathing, no questions asked.

Ed angled his fingers in her asshole so the tips rubbed his cockhead every time he fucked in her cunt. It was like jacking off at the same time he fucked her. Ed had the sensation that when he came, he’d shoot his wad right through Sandra, like his cock was firing liquid bullets.

And it wouldn’t be long before the rifle between his legs went off. Maybe just another thrust of his straining prick in her deep, grabbing fuckhole.

“Come, come, come!” Sandra cried. “Come for me now, stud!”

Ed rammed his fingers in Sandra’s ass and his cock to the root in her cunt. Down in the crush of loins, her hand seized his balls and pumped them frantically.

“Take it, take it!” Ed shouted with shuddering release.

“Oh, you know I will, darling,” Sandra groaned with the long-awaited explosion of his cock in her pussy, “flood my cunt with more cum than it can hold! Until it’s running down my legs!”

Ed’s prick poured its jizz into her with spurt after cummy spurt. Even as he continued to unload, Sandra smeared the leaking excess all over her thighs and belly. When in the slippery excitement, Ed’s fingers slid from her asshole, she probed there with her own sticky replacements.

“Well, that was sure as hell a fuck to remember,” Ed sighed when he’d given his all.

“Yes, don’t think I’ll ever forget it,” Sandra moaned. But although they were seemingly in agreement, her brother had referred to the present, while she keyed on her past, which she’d just managed to recreate by substituting Ed for Charley Hall.

Ed was satisfied. What man wouldn’t have been after a piece of ass like this his sister had just given him? And from the front seat, having taken a break from sucking and fucking his own sister, Eric was openly impressed with his uncle’s cocksmanship.

“Gotta admit, I learned a few things watching you and Mom go at it,” the boy told Ed. “Can’t wait to fuck her and try them out on her myself.”

“Well then, kiddo, hop on back here, while I get up front with your sis,” Ed suggested. “No reason we shouldn’t give the girls all they bargained for when they dreamed up this double date business.”

So uncle and nephew traded places. Their cocks were tireless on this night at the drive-in. However there was something in the air which neither Ed nor Eric detected in their studservice routine.

Janet had sensed it in her mother, as well as herself, once she’d started eavesdropping on Sandra’s fuck with Ed after her own with Eric had been completed. Of course, she couldn’t say anything about it out loud. But the unspoken communication, especially between mother and daughter, had definitely been there.

It boiled down to this, the same man was on both their minds, and it wasn’t Eric or Ed.

Those two could take turns fucking them all night, in their cunts, asses and mouths, but no in their fantasizing minds.

Janet would name the phantom stud more than once in the next few hours so that only she could hear it, as she lost track of whether her brother or uncle was actually fucking her physically at any given time.

“Charley,” Sandra whispered, recalling the same man countless times, as she substituted hi image for whomever happened to be fucking her.

And somehow, without ever discussing it with one another, mother and daughter were on a collision course with the most important secret they would ever share.


If only she could be as sure of her mother’s feelings as she was of her own, Janet thought, then she’d definitely do something about it. That’s why she started eavesdropping when the door was ajar, and she saw that Sandra was alone in her bedroom, poring over an old family album.

“Oh, why do I still love you, Charley Hall?” Sandra gulped, obviously looking at an old photograph of her ex-husband. “You treated me like dirt, but if you came back tomorrow I’d let you turn me into your whore all over again.”

Now Sandra was openly sobbing. Janet wanted to go in and kiss away her mother’s tears, comfort her, tell her that somebody understood. But Janet held back, fearing that her sympathy would be rejected, as much as her mother might yearn for it down deep. Janet sensed that although her mother might be able to tearfully confess to herself that Charley Hall still owned her pussy after so long, she probably wasn’t ready to admit it to anyone else.

Still and all, though, Janet was convinced, something had to be done. If her mother were to be confronted with the reality rather than the memory of the past, perhaps she’d be finally cured of her hangups. It was a longshot, but Janet decided it was worth a try. If her father was more than a ghost, she’d find him.

The next day Janet cut school and began her search. The trail of Charley Hall was sketchy, but there were clues here and there in the various old records and newspapers available. The best one was that he’d been in business with a man named Cooper, who still lived in town. Janet lost no time in looking him up.

“Sure, I remember Charley Hall,” Cooper told her. “How could I forget him? A man who leaves town owing you money, then pays it back almost twenty years later is somebody who sticks in your mind.”

“You’ve heard from him lately?” Janet gasped.

“Sure enough,” Cooper confirmed. He rummaged through a stack of papers and handed her a letter post-marked six months before. The return address named a town less than a hundred miles away.

Janet caught the next bus there. A cab took her to a rooming house on the other side of the tracks.

“Yep,” the landlady told her, “Charley, that’s what he calls himself. At his job now, though. Works twelve hours a day trying to make something out of his life. Can’t say that for most the ex-cons.”

“When’s he due home?” Janet anxiously asked. “I’d like to see him.”

“Bet he’d like to see you, too, pretty little thing like yourself,” the landlady chuckled. “Won’t ask you more about you and him than I’ve got a right to know, but something tells me I wouldn’t mind being in your place when it comes to that handsome hunk of man. And since I ain’t no bluenose — well, hell…”

She handed Janet a key.

“It’s the second room on the right, top floor,” the landlady said. “Let yourself in so you can give Charley a real surprise.”

The landlady winked as Janet started up the stairs. Janet knew what she was thinking. That Charley Hall was coming home to a nice, young piece of ass. And, Janet recklessly thought, maybe he was.

The room was sparsely furnished. There were workingman’s clothes in the closet. On a desk was a neatly stacked pile of money-order stubs. However, what really caught Janet’s eye was the money order in the top drawer that had been made out but never sent.

It was for her mother. So he was trying to make contact, in some small way to make amends, yet hadn’t had the nerve thus far to go through with it.

“Oh, Daddy, you old sweetheart,” Janet sighed. “Don’t worry, I’m here now. Your little girl is here to bring you back into the family. Whatever it takes.”

Janet stripped and waited in the nude, turning herself on even more with the feel of her bare flesh on her father’s bed. Her mind was filled with throbbing visions of how big his cock would be.

Then, after what seemed like an eternity of waiting, the door to the room rattled. It was evening now, dark in the unlighted room. Concealed by the shadows, Janet spred her legs in readiness, feeling her excited cunt drool with anticipation as her pussylips parted.

The form of a man entered the room. He reached for the light switch.

“No!” Janet called, stopping him with her sexiest voice. “If you turn on the light, you’ll spoil the surprise. Just come to bed right away.”

“What the hell?” Charley Hall muttered in confusion. “I don’t know you. Don’t know hardly anybody around here. Just work and keep my nose clean. Must be some mistake.”

“No mistake. And I’m not from around here. Try Centerville,” Janet answered, naming her hometown.

“H-haven’t been there in about twenty years,” Charley stammered.

“You left behind a lot to remember, though,” Janet purred in the darkness. “And I’m here to refresh your memory.”

“You’re here to get even?” Charley croaked.

“No, to get fucked,” Janet told him. “If you don’t believe me, just come over here and feel how wet my pussy is. Shouldn’t be too tough for you. I don’t have a stitch on.”

“I’m a fool if I don’t get out of here as fast as I can,” Charley rasped. But there were no footsteps from his direction.

“Maybe so,” Janet chuckled. “Except that hard-on I’ve already given you won’t let you leave until you find out for sure if I’m telling you the truth. Let’s face it, Charley boy, I’ve already got you thinking with your hard cock instead of your head.”

“Who are you?” Charley blurted, making one last attempt to make some sense of what was happening before temptation led him into the darkness toward the bed, regardless of the consequences.

“You’ll find out after my belly, cunt and ass are full of your hot cum,” Janet replied. “Now how about it, stud?”

Charley’s answer was the metallic whine of his fly being unzipped. Then there was the rustle of his pants lowering and the thump of his shoes being kicked away.

He edged toward the bed. While he closed the distance, a shaft of moonlight through the window briefly caught him. The silhouette of his jutting prick told Janet that she’d guessed exactly right about the way he was hung. Oh, she excitedly thought, what she could do with all those thick inches of stiff cock.

Then her father was within her grasp. She reached for his hand, placing it between her thighs. Her cunt bubbled to his touch, moistening his fingertips.

“Wet, huh?” she murmured.


“Want to eat it first? Eat my wet pussy while I suck your big prick?”


Janet pulled her father down onto the bed with her. He squirmed like a fish out of water at first, but her guidance was expert. Soon she had him straddling her from above, his head pointed in the direction of her crotch and his cock and balls dangling over her face.

“God, I can smell your pussy,” Charley said.

She reached forward and pushed her father’s head down. At the same time, her crotch rose. The lips of his mouth met the lips of her cunt with a moist kiss, and Charley was her prisoner of sex.

He had a tongue that was as long as some cocks. Into his daughter’s pussy it went, wriggling like a snake. Climaxing on the spot, Janet celebrated her orgasm by swallowing as much prick as she could with a single gulp at her end of the sixty-nine.

A pattern was quickly established. Charley fucked his daughter’s cunt with his tongue and her mouth with his cock. And Janet’s senses lifted her from one climax to another. She may have been on bottom of the sixty-nine, but the orgasmic part of her was flying.

However, as mightily as she came, Janet would have given up her own erotic release if that were the only way she could get her father’s creamy load. Never had she awaited anything so eagerly, not even the popping of her cherry, as she did her first mouthful of jizz from his spurting prick.

To hasten the magic moment, she squeezed Charley’s balls and fingerfucked his asshole in addition to deep-throating his cock. When his crotch flexed against her face in a telltale fashion, she felt like a fisherman with a prizewinning catch on the hook.

“Gonna shoot it. Shoot my wad!” Charley bellowed, temporarily interrupting his pussyeating feast.

Then he was burrowing back into the hairy nest of his daughter’s cunt, thrusting his tongue as if it were a cock and would come, too. His prick fucked Janet’s mouth the way it would a pussy, just in time to erupt with a torrent of jism.

Janet had never tasted anything more delicious. She’d be damned if she’d surrender a precious drop, even though Charley’s climaxing prick was gushing even faster than she could gulp.

Her cheeks swelled from the liquid excess. And her dad still came. But, somehow, Janet held it all inside, although her face felt like a balloon that was ready to burst.

Then, mercifully, Charley’s balls had emptied. As he slipped his cock from Janet’s mouth, she opened up her mouth like a storm drain and backed-up cum poured into her hungry belly. She felt, like she’d guzzled a quart-sized milkshake when she was through, except that her father’s sweet jizz made ice cream seem bitter.

“You’re still hard, aren’t you?” Janet expectantly gurgled, now that the sixty-nine was breaking up in the darkness.

“Feel for yourself.”

Charley had taken her hand and let her grip his fucktool. It throbbed like living steel.

“Where do you want to fuck me first?” Janet eagerly asked. “Pussy or ass?”

“It’s up to you.”

“Okay, we’ll save the tightest fuckhole for last. Right now you can give my pussy what it needs.”

Janet reached for her father in the darkness with her long legs, and she found him. She pulled him between her thighs. Not only did his rigid prick immediately shaft her pussy with its first fuck-thrust, his mouth capped one of her tits at the nipple. Just like that, he was fucking and sucking her.

Janet’s only regret was that she wasn’t cherry for her hard-fucking dad. But on the other hand, she reasoned, just getting fucked by him was more special than simply shedding her virginity. Every girl lost her cherry sooner or later, but there weren’t many lucky enough to fuck their own fathers.

While his fucking prick was grabbed with every stroke by teenaged pussy, Charley puffed, “Oh, baby, I don’t know who you are, but where have you been all my life?”

“Just waiting around for you to discover me,” Janet slyly answered. “You’d have done it a lot sooner, though, if you’d stayed in Centerville.”

“Had more peace of mind in prison than I would’ve in Centerville,” Charley answered. And although Janet would have expected a response of this sort, to be tinged with bitterness, there was a definite strain of sadness in her father’s voice. Putting this together with the unsent money order, Janet realized how much her father apparently regretted whatever had gone wrong between him and her mother.

She took a deep breath and risked asking, “Tell me about it. Tell me about it while you’re fucking me.”

“But I don’t even know you.”

“You don’t be sure of that until the lights are on. And that won’t happen until you’ve fucked me as much as I need to be fucked. In the meantime, like they say, confession is good for the soul.”

By the time Janet had wrapped her legs around her father to rock him in the cradle of her thighs, Charley had started telling her his story.

He’d originally come to Centerville as a stranger, he said. After meeting a girl there he’d stayed, winding up with a wife and family. But he also had a secret, something he learned only after he was married. His brother-in-law sniffed it out and threatened blackmail. Charley had panicked, and hit the road.

“I know now that I must’ve wanted to get caught and put away when I pulled that stickup,” he concluded. “That’s how lousy I felt about myself. Jail was the easy way out.”

“But what was the secret?” Janet blurted, her curiosity affecting her as powerfully as any orgasm she’d ever had.

And here her father turned the tables on her. “Wait unitl the lights go on. If you hear the rest of it first, you might not want me to fuck you anymore. And I’ve waited too long for a piece of ass like you to blow it with my big mouth.”

Janet had no choice but to agree to his terms. But then he made it easy for her, getting her mind off the suspense with the raw power of his big cock in her pussy. Suddenly driven now, he threatened to fuck right through her. And Janet immediately gave in to the welling urgency of a climax that had to happen.

“Ooooooh, I don’t care what you’ve done!” she cried when it hit her full force. “As long as you fuck me so I come like this, you could be Hitler, and I wouldn’t mind! Now keep me going and we’ll worry about the rest of it later!”

Her father had the touch. Not only did he resume sucking her tits to go along with the fucking thrusts of his cock in her cunt, he fingered her clit as expertly as it could be done. Catching her magic fuck button between thumb and forefinger, he manipulated if as if he were jacking off a miniature hard-on. Janet thought she might die from orgasm.

“Love it, love it, love it!” she cried. “All I want is more, more, more!”

Her father still had a free hand to use erotically. He brought it up from underneath, into the crack of Janet’s squirming ass. The target for his middle finger was her asshole. Probing deeply, he brought the slit in Janet’s bowels to a boil to go along with her spasming womb and tingling nipples.

“Finger me, fuck me, suck me!” she cried. Charley put another finger into her asshole, clawing deep within. At the top of her fucked cunt he twisted her clit around double, hurting her just enough for it to be wonderful. And his teeth nibbled at a nipple, sending shooting pangs of painful pleasure through her gnawed tit.

“Now there’s only one thing more you can do for me!” Janet gasped. “You’ve got to come for me, stud. Fill my cunt with hot cum from your big cock!”


“Even sooner!”

And with that, Janet felt an eruption at the depths of her pussy that was unreal. With all the cum his cock could shoot, it was no mystery how her father had knocked up her mother the first time they’d fucked.

“God, where are you getting it all?” moaned Janet expressing her awe at Charley’s creamy potency.

“All I know is that when I come, damn, I come!” he puffed, his prick continuing its torrent in Janet’s cunt. “Too much for you?”

“Never!” Janet declared. “You can come like you’re pissing in my pussy, and I’ll still want more!”

“Oh, don’t worry, you’ll get it,” Charley promised. “And not just in your pussy. Remember, we’ve got a deal. You take my cock in your mouth, your cunt, and then…”

“My ass! Don’t wait! Start fucking me right now where I shit!”

“Damn, girl, you wrap me around your little finger like you were my own daughter,” Charley said.

Then his prick, still bubbling at the tip, abruptly left Janet’s swamped cunt and pushed a notch below. To help get it in, she raised her legs to widen her asshole. Slicked by the last of its jizz from its most recent climax, her father’s cock skidded forward until it was buried to the balls.

“You’ve got every inch, girl,” Charley panted. “Hurt you, taking so much cock down there?”

“Just enough to let me know I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have your whole prick in my ass,” Janet whimpered with joy. “Now move it, back and forth, in and out, really fuck my ass!”

“Then give me some help,” Charley suggested. “Rock me steady so I’ll know just how fast you want your ass fucked.”

Janet hooked her knees over his shoulders. This way she could draw him forward and back with a rhythmic tempo, guiding the movement of his hard-on in her shit chute.

“Oh, baby, you’re an ass-fucker’s dream,” her father praised her. “When I come this time, it’ll be even more than when I shot off in your mouth and pussy.”

“Mmmmm, I can hardly wait,” Janet answered. “And this time, let’s come together. I’ll hold back until you’re ready, if you don’t take too long.”

That kind of talk warmed Janet’s heart. It made her father as young in her mind as he’d been the night when he’d knocked up her mother. She knew how Sandra must have felt back then. What a stud Charley Hall was.

She fucked his cockmeat inside her tight asshole, gradually increasing the friction generated by his cock and her ass. The nerves down there led straight to her clit, cooking up an orgasm, which Janet was timing to occur exactly when her father’s prick erupted in her fucked ass.

“Getting there?” she anxiously asked Charley.

“Anytime you’re ready, little lady. Just say the word.”

“Come. Come! Come!”

Charley jammed his prick in his daughter’s ass. He put his rubbing hand on her cunt for good measure. Then he let his orgasmic reflexes take over.

A torrent of jizz abruptly swamped Janet’s bowels. In turn, her senses exploded. Father and daughter were both coming more powerfully than either of them ever had in their lives, and they were doing it together.

How long did it last? It seemed both an eternity and not nearly long enough for the two lovers. And when it was over, they were not through with one another. For now that Janet had been fucked in the mouth, cunt and ass, there was something even more important than sex between them — the truth!

“Ready for the light?” she murmured when they’d broken apart.

“As much as I’ll ever be,” he answered.

Janet reached over beside the bed and switched on the lamp there. The glow hit her above the neck. Even after all these years, Charley Hall couldn’t help but be startled with recognition by the face he’d last seen when it belonged to a small child.

“N-no,” he stammered, trying to deny it.

But Janet uttered the single word which left no doubt that Charley had just fucked the last person he’d ever believed he’d fuck.



“I was an orphan,” Charley began his story. “When I married your mother, I didn’t know anything about my people. But then her brother, that damned Ed, started poking around. He came up with something right out of left field.”

Holding her breath, Janet had waited for the bombshell.

“Before we got together, your mother was a Kaywood,” Charley resumed. “Seems that sometime in another part of the state, a Hall boy and a Kaywood girl had gotten married. Started a separate branch of both families. I was one of them. How your uncle Ed dug it up, I don’t know, but when I checked on it myself, he was right.”

“Right about what, Daddy?”

“Your mother and I are first cousins,” Charley finally revealed. “According to the law in this state, we never had the right to be man and wife, let alone to have kids. Maybe we could’ve found somewhere where it was all right, but I didn’t have the guts to tell your mom and uproot her life. Take her away from everything she knew. So I took the coward’s way out.”

“You left.”

Sadly nodding, Charley added, “And just so I wouldn’t have any second thoughts. I got myself busted on a first-degree felony. I was just hiding in jail. I see that now.”

So, at last, Janet knew what had happened and why. Indeed, she knew even more than her father did.

“Do you have any idea why Uncle Ed put the knife in you, Daddy?” she asked.

“I’ve been killing myself over that one for years,” Charley admitted.

It was Janet’s turn to drop a bombshell. “He wanted Mom for himself.”

“But I was just Sandra’s cousin,” Charley gulped with disbelief. “Ed’s her own brother, for Christ’s sake.”

“And the two of them have been fucking ever since you were out of the picture.”


“Yes, Daddy, yes. I found out after Uncle Ed took my cherry. Now the whole family’s in on it. What you left behind is nothing compared to what you’ll be going home to after all these years.”

Charley stalled. “But-but…”

“There’s a bus leaving in an hour.”

“We’ll be on it, little girl. You and me.”

And they were holding hands all the way to Centerville.

A taxi took them from the station to their destination. The house on Elm Street was apparently empty when the father and daughter entered it. But then they heard the female moans from one of the bedrooms.

“Mom,” Janet said, identifying the source. She pulled her father behind her down the hall. The door was ajar. On the bed, Sandra left no doubt why she was moaning. Kneeling on all fours, with Eric beneath her and Ed at the rear, she was taking her son’s cock in her pussy at the same time her brother fucked her ass.

As her father blinked at the incredible sight, Janet whispered to him, “Seeing is believing, Daddy. Welcome home.”

Then she left her anxiously waiting father and made her own sudden appearance. Taking it in stride, her mother said, “Janet, darling, I was wondering what’d happened to you. C’mon and join the fun.”

“That’s all right, Mom, you can keep Eric and Uncle Ed to yourself,” Janet answered. “I’ve been busy on my own. Cut school today and came up with some fresh talent. A guy with as big a cock as you’ve ever seen. I brought him home to fuck me.”

Now Sandra wasn’t so agreeable. “An outsider?”

“Depends on how you look at it,” Janet said with a smirk. “I’ll let you decide when you meet him.”

She motioned for her father to come forward. Charley’s knees were weak, but somehow he managed to put one step in front of another until he was in plain sight.

“Oh, my God! My God!” Sandra blurted from the bed when she saw his all-too-familiar face, instantly recognizable even after all these years.

“Who is it?” Eric gasped in ignorance from beneath his mother, his cock still in her cunt.

Charley fixed his trembling brother-in-law with a withering stare, as Ed’s abruptly deflated his prick shrank out of Sandra’s asshole. Charley’s voice, though, was eerily calm.

“Long time no see, Ed.”

“You got a gun? A knife?” Ed babbled with fright, as if he and Charley were the only ones there. “Maybe you’ve got a score to settle with me, but if you try and do it, you’ll wind up in jail.”

“I’ve already been there,” Charley answered, so cool that Janet couldn’t have been more proud of him. “And I’m not armed. Here, I’ll show you.”

He took off his coat, then didn’t stop there. Off came his shirt. Grinning, he unbuckled his belt.

“See, no weapons, Ed. Except for this here.” A chuckling Charley dropped his pants and shorts, standing nude with his massive hard-on. “And I’m not about to shoot you with this one.”

He stroked his rigid cock in Janet’s direction. She was drawn to it immediately, kneeling so its shadow fell across her upturned face.

“I’m not here to get even,” Charley said. “Life’s too short for that, and I’ve already wasted years of mine feeling sorry for myself. Now, thanks to my little girl, all I want is to be home again.”

“And, mmmmm, here you are,” Janet hungrily murmured, just before she took her father’s cock in her mouth for all to see.

As his slurping daughter deep-throated his prick, Charley told his brother-in-law, “So don’t stop fucking Sandra’s ass just because I’m here, Ed. It’s all in the family now. And, besides, she’s your sister and just my ex-wife and cousin. The thicker the blood, the stronger the ties. Just the way it is between me and my little girl here.”

He fucked Janet’s mouth for emphasis, holding her head to guide her suction. But in the meantime, confusion swirled around them.

“Your cousin? That guy said the two of you were cousins. How can he be your cousin if he’s my dad?” Ed asked.

“That’s what I’d like to know,” Sandra muttered.

Ed, of course, had the answers. And after what they’d heard so far, with the fucking on the bed having broken up by this point, his nephew and sister cornered him with their searching stares.

“Wh-what can I say?” Ed stuttered.

“Try the truth!” Sandra demanded. “It’s either that, or you’re out of this family for good.”

“And if I tell you the whole story. Then can I stay, no matter what I did?” Ed asked, searching for forgiveness in advance. “‘Cause I don’t know what I’d do if you cut me loose, Sis. Whatever I did, it was all for you.”

Sandra’s response was sharp as a knife. “Spill it!”

The words caine tumbling out of Ed. He’d always had a crush on Sandra, he said. So when somebody tipped him off that her husband wasn’t legally married to her because they were first cousins, he saw a way to drive Charley Hall away and get his big sister all to himself.

“I couldn’t stop myself,” he mumbled in summary, his head hanging.

“Just like you couldn’t stop yourself when you took Janet’s cherry, is that it?” Sandra said, doing some summing up of her awn.

“She reminded me so much of you at that age, Sis,” Ed tried to explain. “I never got to take your cherry like I dreamed about, because Charley beat me to it. But Janet was the next best thing.”

“You fucked her first? Sis told me that I did!” Eric blurted out.

“Looks like there’s been enough lying going on in this family to keep us all busy for years sorting it out,” Sandra sighed. “Either that, or…”

She paused, her son and brother hanging on her temporary silence.

Eric and Ed hesitated to ask what it might be, although they hoped against hope they knew what it was.

And Sandra exploded with laughter. “What’s the matter, you turkeys?” she mocked. “Do I have to draw you a diagram?”

Now she was back on all fours, posing like a bitch in heat. When she yanked her asscheeks apart, her pussy and asshole yawned invitingly for cock.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” she chanted in a lusty hiss.

“You really mean it, Sis, after all that’s happened? After what I did?” Ed gulped.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

Eric crawled under her, eagerly stuffing his cock up into her pussy at the same time Sandra slid down on it. But of course, what Ed did would provide the real test. Could he accept his sister’s forgiveness at face value? And could he be sure the rest of the family would go easy on him? Most importantly, though, could he forgive himself?

It was left to Janet to get Ed over the hump. Although deep-throating her father’s prick, she’d kept track of what had been taking place on the bed. Now she responded directly.

Temporarily releasing her father’s prick, she called, “Just think with your cock, Uncle Ed, the way you always have. It’s the best part of you.”

Ed looked down at his cock, which had been hanging at half-mast under the burden of stress. Now, though, it jumped up like an excited puppy in response to its owner’s attention. From there, Ed’s gaze followed its thrusting angle until he focused on its potential target.

There, centered between the cheeks of Sandra’s open ass, was the red, round shit pucker which her brother knew so well from incestuous experience. The tightest hole of her body was just waiting for Ed’s revived hard-on to fuck ass, if only he could forgive and forget his own past deeds.

As he hesitated, Ed’s gaze slipped back to his impatient prick. “Help me, help me,” he said directly to his throbbing column of swollen cockmeat.

And mercifully, his cock took over. It surged toward Sandra’s asshole and stabbed inside, jerking the the rest of Ed’s body behind. He wound up sprawled over his sister’s back, his crotch, flush with her raised ass because his prick had abruptly fucked to the hilt her shitpit.

“I’m home free,” Ed sighed with relief.

Immediately in the groove, he began fucking his cock in his sister’s tight ass, automatically alternating his ass-fucking thrusts with those of Eric’s prick a notch away in Sandra’s pussy. She celebrated the return to form by climaxing on the spot, not shy about screaming out her orgasmic joy at being fucked by her brother and son at the same time.

Looking toward the rocking bed while his daughter sucked his own cock, Charley Hall said to a deep-throating Janet, “Well, little girl, looks like we can finally call ourselves one, big, happy family. Thanks to you. You made it all happen, little girl.”

Her father’s praise had Janet glowing inside. However, even more than the pat on her back, she was grateful for the big cock which fucked her mouth. Now if only it would deliver the bellyful of hot cum she craved, then her inner glow would really ignite.

“And now my little girl’s getting thirsty,” Charley chuckled, concentrating entirely on the blowjob when he felt Janet’s urgent suction. “I’d better give her what she needs and keep her happy.”

His cock had spurted before he finished speaking. A river of fizz poured down Janet’s throat. What’s more, something in the area of her windpipe reacted exactly like a clit. As her father came in her mouth, Janet climaxed right along with him.

“Oooooh, that was really special,” she gurgled after swallowing her father’s cum. “You weren’t the only one who came, Daddy. I can get off just from sucking your cock.”

“Not as much as you will when I fuck your sweet, young pussy, princess,” Charley said. He displayed a prick that was still hard, even as it dripped with the dregs of the load it had just shot.

“No, no, Daddy,” she said. “Today’s too important for us to just stay off by ourselves.”

“What do you want me to do then?” Charley asked.

“Go to Mom,” Janet told her father. “She’s been waiting years for another chance at your big prick.”

“But she’s already getting it in the pussy and ass from Eric and Ed!”

“Then fuck her in the mouth the way you just did to me, Daddy. She’ll love it.”

“Really think so?”

“Bet my life on it. You know how Mom is. Family’s everything to her. Now that she knows you’re her cousin, taking your cock will mean even more to her than it did when you were just, her husband.”

“Well, then, here I go. Hope you’re right about your mother and me,” Charley said. “Twenty years between blowjobs is a long time.”

“Before this is over, Mom’ll do a lot more than just suck your prick, Daddy,” Janet guaranteed. “Trust me.”

She gave her father a push toward the bed. When Charley was there, his eyes met Sandra’s. And although she was busy getting fucked in the cunt and ass by Eric and Ed, she clearly focused on the father of her children.

“My, my, look who’s here,” she said playfully to Charley. “Now what can I do for you after all these years?”

“Janet says we ought to get together. That if I put my cock in your mouth, you’d probably suck it,” Charley answered. “Is she right?”

“Only one way to find out,” Sandra chuckled.

Standing at the edge of the bed, Charley cupped his cock and balls and presented them to her. Sandra faced directly toward his crotch, inspecting the offering. Her exhusband’s hard-on had currently lost its edge. Under the circumstances, only Sandra’s suction could stiffen it again.

Her head jerked forward, Charley felt her oral warmth for the first time since he’d left home. With a single slurp, Sandra had just swallowed his whole prick.

“Mmmmmm, I’d forgotten just how good my prick feels in your mouth,” Charley moaned to the cocksucking woman who was both his cousin and former wife. “Get down on it, Sandy. Eat my prick till it hardens all the way down your deep throat.”

Her eyes twinkling, Sandra lost no time in honoring Charley’s request. By the time she’d restored his hard-on, he had her face in his hands, jogging it back and forth so his rigid prick fucked her mouth the same way Eric and Ed were fucking her pussy and ass.

Janet was already impatient with being only a spectator while the rest of the family got it on. She edged toward the bed, sizing the possibilities for her participation.

All those naked bodies in an erotic tangle made her hungrily smack her chops. And as she licked her lips with it, that’s what she decided to use to make her presence felt — her tongue.

She climbed aboard, nudging up behind her Uncle Ed as he ass-fucked her mother. His own bobbing ass was hardily split. Janet ran her tongue in the open crack, lapping at the sweaty masculine flavor. Then she licked down to Ed’s balls, where she drew them into her mouth with her busy tongue and sucked them all the way to her throat.

“Jesus, that feels good,” Ed moaned in response. “Damn, Janet, what you’re doing to my tails is gonna make me come in your mama’s asshole right now.”

His crotch jerked and he moaned again, this time with orgasmic release, his prick abruptly shooting its creamy wad into Sandra’s shitpit. And Janet immediately moved to take advantage of it, abandoning her uncle’s churning balls to bring her tongue to her mother’s ass.

Even as Ed’s cock continued to unload, his excess cum was already leaking from Sandra’s fucked ass. Every creamy glob which surfaced was lapped away by Janet. And when Ed’s balls were drained so his spent prick shrank from Sandra’s shit chute, Janet replaced by his cockmeat with her tongue to give her mother’s oozing asshole a probing rimjob.

Then, as she deeply tongued Sandra’s creamy backdoor, Janet felt the bulging presence of her brother’s cock just a notch away in their mother’s fucked cunt. When this happened, Janet was instantly greedy for more fresh jizz to devour.

So she withdrew her tongue from his asshole and moved it down to the union of cock and cunt, licking all over. Then, as she’d previously done with Ed to make him come in Sandra’s ass, she sucked Eric’s balls to bring his prick to the bursting point in their mother’s pussy.

“Gonna blow!” Eric predictably announced. “My cock’s gonna blow in Mom’s cunt!”

Janet gave her brother’s balls one last oral tug. Then she movded her mouth to their mother’s cunt, just as Eric’s prick exploded within.

Now Janet’s tongue joined her brother’s spurting hard-on inside Sandra’s cunt. Her tastebuds tingled from the hot jism, which she then sucked into her mouth. By the time Eric had finished, Sandra’s pussy bore very little evidence of the liquid heat his young cock had delivered, because Janet had stolen most of it for herself.

Next Janet moved toward the front of the action, where her mother was still sucking her father’s prick. At first she licked Sandra’s tits, getting the nipples as hard as marbles. Then her mouth reached for her dad’s dangling balls and she sucked them the way she had her uncle’s and brother’s.

“Oh, little girl,” Charley called down to his slurping daughter, “you don’t miss a trick, do you? Nothing’s gonna stop you from making sure I come in your mama’s mouth, is it?”

Janet replied with incresed suction on his balls. Charley’s cock strained deeply in Sandra’s throat, her own suction mounted, he shot his wad for her to drink.

But Sandra didn’t swallow all of the cum. She was saving some of it for what she knew would happen once the blowjob was over.

Charley also knew, and was glad to cooperate. As soon as his prick had slowed to a dribble, he pulled it out of Sandra’s mouth. Then he moved all the way back and let Janet bob up in his place.

The mouths of mother and daughter immediately pressed together. They were soulkissing, with Sandra orally passing Charley’s jizz to Janet.

By the time the kiss was broken, the men had moved away from the bed to temporarily leave mother and daughter to their own devices. Quickly, Sandra and Janet had curled into a lesbian sixty-nine, burrowing between one another’s legs.

Sandra was on top of the female sixty-nine, her ass spread as she sat on Janet’s face. Charley moved in from behind and became the top layer in a three-person pile, making his exits wife the center of a human sandwich. His cock suddenly lurched into her shitpit and he was fucking ass.

“Way to go, Dad!” Eric declared with admiration, already pals with the father he’d never previously known.

“Give your old man a hand, boy. Need all the help I can get taming these two bitches,” Charley called to his long-lost son.

Eric eagerly jumped onto the bed, as anxious for his dad’s approval as he was for more fucking. He pulled his sister out from under their mother and fucked his stiff cock into her cunt.

This left Ed, temporarily at least, as odd man out. But he didn’t really mind having no one to fuck. He was just happy to be here instead of out on his ass without a family, which so easily could have happened without their forgiveness of his past deeds.

As long as they still accepted him, just watching was enough for Ed. Of course, that didn’t stop him from staying horny, so his hand automatically began stroking his hard prick while he followed the action on the bed.

While she and her brother fucked alongside their ass-fucking parents, Janet spotted her uncle giving himself a handjob. It didn’t seem right to her for Ed to be alone when she’d worked so hard to bring the family together, regardless of what he’d done in the past.

So she called, “Don’t waste it, Uncle Ed. Come to bed and jack off on Mom and me. We’ll take your cum.”

Ed was so grateful that he could hardly get there fast enough. His cock was shooting upon his arrival. And Janet’s and Sandra’s faces were there, ready to be splattered by his urgent discharge of hot jizz.

But Ed wasn’t the only one whose prick was shooting. Just then Charley’s cock went off deep in Sandra’s ass. And Eric’s fucker let go in Janet’s cunt.

Together, mother and daughter urged their three climaxing studs, “Come! Come! Come!”

And as the jizz flowed in her pussy, her mom’s ass, and and splashed both of their faces, Janet Hall tried to recall what it had been like before incest had entered her life, tried to remember herself as a dumb, little virgin.

But she couldn’t do it, just couldn’t do it. When it came to life without sucking and fucking with her precious family, Janet’s mind was a total blank.

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