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Step-daughter Dry Humping

By the time I reached 34 years old, I pretty much thought my chances of meeting a woman, falling in love, getting married, and starting a family of my own were pretty much over. What I had done with my life up to that point had kept me out of the country, fairly well isolated […]

The carpenter’s cock

Jake’s balls had collapsed, but unlike her dog, his cock had not begun to droop. The sight of this voluptuous girl with his jism all over her face and tits was inspirational, keeping his prick stiff. He shook his prick in her face, spraying a few more drops from his fuck-knob. Barbara licked his cockhead, […]

Cuckolded by a soaking wet chubby girl

Emily thought that her late-night trip to the library on Valentines Day would be a short jaunt. Drive in, get the textbook she needed for class, check out and get home to her loving husband, who hopefully had a Valentines’ surprise waiting for her. She hadn’t exactly dressed for the occasion; her curvy 5’4″ frame […]

The Taste of HONEY

Long distance relationships suck! He couldn’t get her out of his mind. She lives in Florida where he had grown up. He now lives in Oregon but had met her while visiting friends and family. He was drawn to her the minute their eyes met and was hypnotized by her sweet southern voice. His cousin […]