Fit To Be Tied

Outwardly, most Americans maintain the strait-laced middle-class look that belies the social ferment behind closed doors.

There is the secret use of drugs, fed by the marijuana syndrome. There is the river of alcohol flooding from door to door under the euphemism of social drinking. Then, of course, them is the advent of sexual fantasies brought to life.

FIT TO BE TIED is the story of one young woman, Laurine, who gradually discovers that other people have some startling and perverse fantasies they are desperate to play out. And she finds that she also enjoys them. Her story is a mirror of a way of life behind many closed doors. No facade, no regrets. Indeed, to Laurine, her behavior and fantasies become a norm.

FIT TO BE TIED — a novel of fiction for entertainment. A page from our restless society as food for serious thought.


“You’re only fifteen, aren’t you?” the man asked.

The girl cringed a little at his touch. She wasn’t sure she wanted him moving his ringers in exactly the way he was doing. The fingertips were brushing over her tits. She couldn’t figure out if that was what was bothering her or if she was actually attracted to him.

“I’m not going to hurt you. I’m a priest.”

“Yes, I know. But why are you looking at me like that?” Her voice trembled just a little. She thought it was going to break until she swallowed and took a firmer grip on her runaway emotions. The man wasn’t going to hurt her. She knew it.

“You’re very pretty. Don’t you like a man to admire you?”

She understood what the phrase “undressing with his eyes” meant. His gaze was almost a physical thing on her lush body. She could sense him staring boldly at her impudent tits, out-thrust and young and proud.

Even worse, he was allowing his eyes to caress the rest of her. He missed nothing, from her brunette hair, glowing in the dim light of the room, to her well-sculptured facial features, to her delicate neck. The flare of her tits caused his breath to come a little faster but the trim waist and very womanly hips were making him hard. Too hard.

He couldn’t conceal his raging hard-on for much longer. The girl’s slender legs promised him paradise. For a fleeting instant he wondered what it would be like having those lithe legs wrapped around his waist while he was buried deep up her cunt, fucking the living hell out of her.

There was only one way to find out.

“Little girl, see what I’ve got for you?” He ran his zipper down with a dull metallic hiss. His cock sprang out, eager as a stallion.

“You’re not a priest! You shouldn’t do things like that!” she protested.

“But I am a priest and that makes it all right. I know what’s proper and what isn’t. Believe me, little girl, this is perfectly natural.” He advanced on her.

“Don’t come any closer! I warn you. I’ll tell my mommy! She’ll make you stop!” Somehow, the girl’s blouse came undone another button in her haste to elude the priest. He was treated to an unobstructed view of a provocatively naked boob.

“I’ll show you paradise! I’ll give you what no other man ever has. Come here this instant!”

She scrambled away from him. But try as she might, she wasn’t able to completely escape his clutches. Fingers ripped and tore at her blouse. In a few seconds, she was naked to the waist.

As her tits bounced up and down from her exertions, she turned and confronted the man.

“What are you going to do to me? You… you’re going to rape me! You can’t! I’m a virgin! I don’t know what to do!”

“Then, my child, I’ll instruct you in the ways of the flesh. I’ll grant you the carnal knowledge your lush, active young body cries for. All your deepest desires will be fulfilled — by me!”

He lunged and tackled her. His weight carried her to the ground. Pinning her under his body was simple. Looking down into her eyes gave him a feeling of power, a power he’d never known before. There was something about her naive faith, her innocence, that drove him to do this to her.

Ripping off his collar, he flung it aside. Breathing a little easier now, he told her, “This is a communion of the flesh just as church services are a communion of the soul. Close your eyes and allow me to begin.”

“You shouldn’t do this.” Her voice trailed off and he saw doubt in her eyes. She was yielding to him.

His position of power was growing better and better. He was totally in control of the situation now. She wouldn’t resist him. A young girl never resisted a priest. He knew that now.

Hands moved carefully up her naked leg until he found her well-fleshed thigh. The skin was warm, vibrant. It may have looked like marble but no hard stone was ever so inviting. His hand moved upward under her skirt until probing ringers found the warmth of her crotch. Even through her panties he felt the heat of her lust.

Like a madman, he ripped off her cotton panties and tore her skirt getting it off. But the effort was worth it. She lay before him, mother naked and totally subservient to his wishes. Whatever he demanded of her, she would do — willingly.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her auburn bush. The beads of cunt juice nestling in the fleecy pussy mound caught vagrant rays of light and reflected rainbows to him. The furry triangle of her sex was a signpost pointing between her legs at better things.

His ringers found her already oily sex gash. She was hot and ready — and all his! The years of frustration, of waiting, of abstention were forgotten history now.

“You don’t know what it is, little one, to live without the touch of a woman’s flesh. To feel her skin satiny and warm under your fingers. To be denied close human contact! You’re gorgeous!”

His hands parted her legs. For a moment, she resisted. What he said may have been true. She knew he’d probably taken vows of celibacy before, donning the collar. But he was being too insistent. He was going to stick his thing into her virgin twat!

She didn’t know if that was the proper thing for a priest to do or not. Worst of all, she didn’t know how to react. Should she fight him off or let him have his will?

“Wh-what do you want me to do?” she gasped out. Already his very nearness was having its toll on her. She was hardly in control of her emotions. The way he was caressing her sent tremors of carnal lust smashing into her carefully constructed mental barricades.

She could feel those barricades weakening. It wouldn’t be much longer before she wantonly spread her legs and demanded that he fuck her. The sight of his huge cock bouncing red and virile made her mouth and twat water in anticipation.

“Spread those lovely legs for me, little one. Your spiritual father wishes to show you the marvels of another world now!”

He shoved hard to cram his cock into her. She twisted at the last instant. His rubbery tipped prick went slithering off across her snatch and past her asscheeks.

She struggled to get away from him. She realized this wasn’t right. He shouldn’t be allowed such easy liberty with her. Her fingers clawed at his black shirt. Tatters began to appear as she ripped more and more of it away.

Even this conspired against her. She wanted to know the feel of his cock burrowing into her cunt but was hesitant. Seeing his manly, hairy chest under the now-ragged black shirt made her hesitate just long enough for him to grab one of her legs and dump her hard onto her back.

“Resist me, will you!” he snarled. “In spite of your reluctance, I’ll still give you the greatest gift a man can give a woman!”

Holding one of her legs close to his chest forced her cunt lips to spread wide open. She was exposed and totally vulnerable. He could do anything he liked to her.

And she found herself responding. Her cunt was drooling out its thick oils. She could feel them tickling as they ran down the inside of her leg. And in a kinky way, the feel of his hairy chest rubbing over the calf of her leg was a turn on.

She wanted him more than she’d ever wanted any other man.

“Oh, Father, Father!” she moaned out. “Do it fast! I want to feel your cock in me. IN ME!”

She shuddered as the purpled knob of his prick lightly brushed against her fluttery pussy lips. He didn’t ram right into her cunt. Instead, he seemed intent on torturing her. He was prolonging his entry and rubbing his cock all over her delicate flesh.

“I won’t fuck a virgin without making her beg for my cock,” he said, his voice cold as ice. “When I think you’re ready to properly receive me, then, I’ll give it to you. All eight inches of it!”

She looked down between her naked tits and saw his cock moving ever closer to the doors of her twat. The feelings mounting inside her threatened to drive her mad with lust. She wanted him, it was wrong, but she wanted him!

“Please, ohhhh, please! Fuck me! I want your cock deep in me where I can feel it!”

The broad tip pressed gently into her sex lips. She could feel the inner pussy lips cringe at the touch of maleness. It sent electric sparks volting all through her. She wanted his cock in her!

As he leaned forward, he hugged her leg closer to his chest and shoved his hips toward her crotch. His cock split the turgid pussy lips and began to move deeper up her cunt. The intrusion into her quim was enough to make her come.

“I… I… aaaaieeee!”

“So, my little girl likes the feel of my prick! You’ll get more, much more, before I finish!”

He twisted her leg around so that he could kiss it and still remain buried an inch up her twat. The wetness, the softness, the delicate fluttery feel of his lips on her skin was tantalizing. But she was ignoring that now that she had his cock inside her.

Tensing muscles in her belly, she tried to squeeze down on the prick and hold it firmly within her. It squirted out.

“Please, deeper! I want your cock in me all the way!”

“I wouldn’t want to hurt you, little girl. When I pop your cherry, it’ll hurt. Do you want the pain?”

“For your cock, yes, YES! Anything, as long as you fuck me!”

“Such language in one so young,” he said as if disapproving. But he wasn’t. The sight of her gaping cunt thrilled him. And hearing such wanton words coming from such innocent lips made him thrust into her.

His cock vanished all the way up her cunt. He was suddenly buried balls deep in the hottest, tightest pussy he had ever found. This was better than his wet dreams. He was fucking a little girl. He was driving himself into her over and over again.

And she loved it!

She wanted him. She wanted him worse than she’d wanted any man before in her life. With his cock all the way up her cunt, she was able to use her well-trained stomach muscles. She clamped down hard on him.

She gasped in unison with him, but for different reasons. She knew his cock must feel as if it were being crushed flat by her powerful cunt muscles. She loved the sensations ripping through her fragile body. The warm, throbbingly virile cock told her how much he needed her.

And she could feel his lust every time his heart beat. His prick danced around inside her hot tunnel of flesh until she felt as if she had a red hot poker thrust into her guts. It stirred around, moving back and forth just a little. Then he was pulling out and leaving behind a void.

The girl hated that hollow feeling. She wouldn’t allow him to pull that lovely spike of all-male flesh from her cunt. The man’s prick was necessary to keep her happy. Without it, she was nothing. With it, she was a woman. Total woman.

“Don’t!” she begged. “Leave it in! I can stand it if you can!”

“You’ll get even more pleasure from my cock in a moment, little one. Just relax and enjoy the fucking.”

She felt only his purpled arrowhead separating her pussy lips. Then he was surging all the way up her tight sheath of fuming hot flesh again. He was stretching her cunt in new and delightfully wonderful directions.

The girl almost passed out from the joy of being filled with his powerful cock again. Then she let her body respond to the huge plug of hot manhood in her twat. She began to twist and move. This turned the cock in her cunt and stirred forgotten emotions. She was panting with the strain, the pleasure, as she began to really enjoy his prick.

“Let me really fuck you,” he said. “Let me get into position so I can give you the most powerful strokes possible.”

“Ummm, yes,” she said dreamily. “Anything as long as you don’t deprive me of this!”

She tightened her already tight cunt around his buried length. The man groaned softly as he felt the constriction on his cock. Tingles of carnal delight surged into his balls, tightening them into a hard little sphere.

Already his jism was beginning to churn and boil. With his balls tumbling wildly, he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold back his cum much longer. Damn, but this girl was a hot one! She was about the foxiest bitch he’d ever seen!

And she was all his! His and begging for more of his cock!

“Brace yourself. Here it comes!”

He smashed into her like a runaway freight train. Their crotches ground together with a wet, squishy sound. The heat and pressure on his cock from her juicy twat was more than he could stand.

He pulled out right away.

“Don’t, please, don’t leave me. I want you sooooooo!”

And this time, her breath was taken when he drove his steely hard prick into her softly yielding cunt. The folds of her pussy expanded and took his full length. And the friction of his entry burned and excited the velvety walls more than the girl was able to stand.

She came.

Her entire body was filled with the most heavenly of feelings. It was a gentle wind at first. Then the pressures inside mounted. She felt the sexual tensions crackle and leap about inside her. Then the hard fist of orgasm smashed into her.

She writhed and twitched and wiggled with the man’s huge prick still inside her cunt. The hard rod of cock felt like a stirring rod churning in her guts.

She was covered with sweat but she still urged him on. The way her body sang a song of sheer delight, she knew she had to have more of his long cock. Without it, she might well go mad.

She didn’t have to say a word to the man. He was feeling the same tensions in his own body. His balls threatened to explode from the inner pressure at any moment. His scrotum felt like a runaway boiler without a safety valve — or rather, with only one safety valve.

The tiny pin-prick hole at the end of his cock was the only place where he could release the fiery surf of his cum.

As he fucked hard and deep into the willing girl’s twat, he felt the friction melting away his self-control. Her cunt walls conspired to rip his jism from his balls and the heat boiling from her guts was too much for him to tolerate for long.

He creamed wildly, spurt after spurt blasting into the girl’s eagerly awaiting cunt. He arched his back and screamed out his joy. The physical release of his lead-heavy cum was super. And the feeling of being totally surrounded by the sheath of hot, yielding female flesh was even better than the man expected.

The girl felt the torrents of hot jizz whitewashing her cunt walls. She shivered as the geyser of spunk continued. Finally, the sensation was too intense for her to bear any longer.

For a final time, she came.

As the iron fist of orgasm released her, she collapsed weakly back onto the floor. Her body was exhausted.

Laurine managed to sit up and wipe some of the sweat off her forehead. She looked around and finally found her clothes — her real clothes.

“Can I get dressed now?” she asked the director of Love, Inc.

The man who’d been wearing the priest’s collar nodded, smiling from ear to ear.

“You bet,” he said. “That was a very fulfilling session.” He watched in frank admiration as the nineteen-year-old girl slowly dressed. The man knew she was posing for him. Each move she made was calculated to give a little extra twinge to his depleted cock.

Seeing the smooth lines of her naked body was enough but she was adding a little icing to the cake. Wiggling her ass as she slipped into her too-tight jeans caused the man’s cock to jerk a little. As she worked her arms into her blouse, she thrust out her chest.

This time, his cock did jump around. It was coming back to life and after only a few minutes!

She smiled as she buttoned only the bottom three buttons on her blouse. Let him have a good look at her tits. She was proud of them. And she’d never consider housing them in the prison of a bra.

With her nipples boldly poking against the blouse and making tiny mushroom impressions, she smoothed the tails of her blouse and carefully shoved them into the waist of her jeans.

The man ran a nervous hand through his hair, then sat down behind a large oak desk. He said, “I think, Miss Parks — may I call you Laurine? Good. I think, Laurine, that you are perfect for Love, Inc.. You seemed to go along with the little fantasy well. You acted the part of a fifteen-year-old virgin getting her cherry popped very well.”

“You weren’t any slouch pretending to be a priest. That helped me a lot,” she admitted.

The director smiled. “Not all our customers are as skilled. But all require the utmost for their money. Do you think you’d be happy here as one of our staff?”

“This is illegal stuff, isn’t it?” she asked.

“Yes, of course. The narrow-minded law officials confuse us with a common brothel. We are more of a sex clinic where men and women can come and act out their deepest fantasies — sex fantasies. We certainly give them their money’s worth. But does the illegality of our service bother you?” He looked at her with a hawk-like eye.

She shrugged. “It’s good money and I need the bread. You’ve got yourself a new staff member. When do I start?”


“So, Bill, then this director guy actually put on a priest’s outfit and told me I was to pretend to be a fifteen-year-old girl,” Laurine said, breathless.

“Yeah?” her boyfriend said. “Then what did he do?”

“He went about seducing me!”


“Beast,” she said in mock anger. “You knew he’d have a real desire to sample the merchandise when you sent me in there.”

“Sure I did, Laurine. But this is our big chance to bust that clown and the entire Love, Inc. operation. It’s nothing but a high-class cathouse. I obviously can’t infiltrate the ranks but you, love, you can. You’re so damned beautiful, you make my cock turn cartwheels every time I see you.”

“You’re supposed to be the cop, not the lecher,” she reminded him. “Do one thing at a time.”

She felt his hand working its way up under her skirt. She started to push it away, then stopped. What harm would it do? Nobody was paying any attention to them. The small sidewalk cafe was crowded but all the people were busy minding their own business.

“So this outfit is supposed to cater to sexual whims that men and women — Christ! — have and can’t release any other way. Stuff like a man thinking it’d be kicky to be a priest and rape a fifteen-year-old virgin, I guess.”

“Is that all you’ll be doing? Playing a young girl? You hardly fit the part. Not with those massive boobs, at any rate.”

She wiggled a little as his fingers clutched at her snatch. His hand pressed warmly against the inside of her thigh. She decided it was time to help him out a little. Her thighs closed on his hand and she began rocking gently back and forth in the chair.

This pushed his fist against her pussy lips. It didn’t matter that a pair of silk tricot panties was between his hand and her cunt. The nearness of his hand was all that counted to her.

The tiny tingles began to grow in size. Each time she rocked forward and felt his hand and knuckles rub against her pussy lips was more exciting than the last. Soon, before she knew it, she was panting.


“Huh?” she gasped. Sweat was beading on her forehead. His handjob was beginning to stir the sleeping embers of her lust. Just the man’s nearness was enough. Bill was one hell of a sexy guy.

A cop, sure. She didn’t hold that against him. And the excitement he promised her if she’d do this little job for him made her come more alive than she’d been in years.

He was paying her out of police funds to go undercover — with Love, Inc. that was meant literally! It was just like in the movies. Young, gorgeous heroine and dashing young hero conquer the underworld and live happily ever after.

And she wouldn’t have minded living happily ever after with Bill, either.

As his hand worked between the elastic band of her panties and her now sweat-slickened skin, she felt new jolts of sexual electricity hurl into her body. He was good in the sack and everything about him turned her on. Sure, he was handsome in a rugged sort of way but it was the way he was muscled that appealed most to her.

He had arms that crushed her and hands that gripped all the right places and she loved it when he was on her, fucking wildly away. Her fingers could grip his ass and feel only rock-hard muscle. He wasn’t a softy, this guy.

“So what does this director fellow want from you?”

“Everything,” she said, smiling. “That’s the way he described it. I get to turn down any of the customers I want but the director made it clear that I’d better not turn down too many.”

“What’s his name?”

“The director? I don’t know. I don’t even know where Love, Inc. is. They took me there in a darkened limo. But I’ll find out and then you can arrest all of them!”

“You bet, love. You’ll get a medal for this.”

“That’s all?”

“What did you have in mind?”

“A little more than this, surely.” Her hand closed over his. She moved his fingers downward through the thick forest of her pussy mound until she came to her pussy lips. Already, they were covered with her inner oils. Ever since his fingers had begun their slow exploration of her crotch the juices had been leaking out of her cunt.

“Now what would you want that was a bit bigger, huh?”

“Something on the order of this!” Her hand didn’t have any problem finding his cock. It was erect and throbbing with need. Her fingers clamped down on the mound at the vee of his trousers and began twisting and turning the jerking prick discovered underneath.

“Ummm, hey, watch that. I might have a very childish accident. Hard explaining how a tell-tale wet spot got on my pants.”

“Real hard, huh?”

“Yeah, as hard as my cock. Hey, what are you…?”

She slipped under the small table. Through the tangle of table legs, she crawled and found his crotch. A quick movement freed his cock. Far away, she heard his complaint, “Stop that!”

But she didn’t believe he meant it. Not when his prick was standing so stiff and lovely in front of her face. She wanted to kiss that cock and take it into her mouth. She wanted to give him a blow job right there in public.

Then, she suddenly decided, why not? Who was to stop them? Bill was a cop. He could take care of any real trouble with the heat. And the girl didn’t believe in frustrating her sexual drives.

She took his cock into her mouth. Instantly, she heard him gasp in surprise and pleasure. Her tongue began working on his prick. A slow, languorous trip around his glans made him wiggle and lift his hips off the chair. He wanted to face fuck her but didn’t dare. He was already banging his legs against the table.

“Stop it,” he demanded. His voice was firmer than it had been before. This time he might actually mean it. She’d just have to convince him otherwise.

Her mouth closed firmly on the end of his cock. She began sucking until her cheeks went concave under the pressure she was exerting. Then she tended to his glans with her rough, wet tongue.

She didn’t miss a single inch of that throbbingly alive, all-male cock. The tiny folds of loose skin quickly vanished as more and more excited blood hammered hard into his prick. She soothed and caressed his entire length with her tongue.

By the time she reached his balls, he wasn’t complaining. He couldn’t. The man knew if he even opened his mouth, he’d groan out loud and attract attention. It was better to let the girl give him head. No one was watching. A couple maybe suspected what was happening under the table but they were being cool about it.

They probably enjoyed seeing him struggle against the sweet confinement of her mouth.

She abandoned his cock and took his balls fully into her mouth. With her tongue against the side of the hairy sac, she could feel the action inside. His jism was coming to a boil. The balls were lurching hard against the walls of his scrotum and she knew that he was going to erupt at any instant.

She didn’t want that while she was letting his cock dance around in the air next to her face. She was a greedy bitch. She wanted every single drop of his tasty cum. It was hers — all hers. She’d gotten him hard and it was her reward.

Kissing and licking, she worked back to the end of his prick. There, she explored a bit more with her tongue. The broad purpled head was circumcised. She let her tongue wash over the hood of his cock until he was thrashing around above her.

Once, his hand slammed down so hard on the table it set cups and saucers to dancing noisily.

She heard a voice say, “Anything the matter, mister?”

The man answered the waitress in a choked, hoarse voice. “N-no, n-nothing wrong. It’s just a little hot out here. Thanks.”

The girl smiled wickedly. The waitress was standing just inches away. If she could suck hard enough on the man’s prick, he might give them both away. The thought of being discovered giving head in public made the girl’s crotch grow wet and sticky. She used one of her free hands to stroke over her pussy lips.

The bolt of sexual lightning that blasted into her body caused her to suck in her breath hard. This was communicated instantly to the man.

“W-watch it!” he gasped. “You almost got us caught before. God, why are you doing this to me?”

She could have told him. His cock was long and she was hungry. If he couldn’t ball her in public, this was the next best way she had of getting a taste of it.

She tasted the tiny bead of bitter pre-cum. It oozed out the end of his fuck stick. Her avid tongue swirled around and caught the tiny bead of juice. Savoring it, she knew it wouldn’t be long before a flood of even tastier cream came out.

Thrusting her tongue downward, she tried to stuff herself into the pin-prick hole at the end of his cock. She couldn’t make it. It didn’t matter to her. Trying was all that counted. And it got them both even hotter.

She loved the taste of cock and couldn’t get enough of it. The heavy male musk odor was the most intense here, close to a man’s crotch. And the taste of his cock was even better. She licked his prick like it was a meaty popsicle. Every single inch received her tonguing until he was slowly sliding down in his chair, trying to cram his prick all the way down her throat.

“Oh, Christ, hurry, damn you, hurry!” he hissed. “I need to get my rocks off!”

She used her teeth on the sides of his cock then. The hard teeth left fiery red marks on his aroused flesh. Then soothing lips washed away any hint of pain. She worked all the way down to the base of his prick this way. The hardness contrasted beautifully with the softness of her lips.

That contrast was almost enough to cause him to shoot his wad. The girl heard him muttering, “Shit, just like some teenaged stud out getting his first piece of ass. She’s driving me wild!”

His hips began bucking up to her mouth.

She allowed him to drive the spike of his cock into her mouth. Once, he went all the way down her throat.

She felt the heat of his cock sliding across the “U” of her tongue. The rubbery tip of his cock collided with the roof of her mouth, then surged on past her tonsils.

Once all the way down her throat, she swallowed. This simple act caused her Adam’s apple to bob up and down. The underside of his cock was massaged and stimulated. She could feel the thick cylinder of prick growing larger while it was in her throat.

Moving her head up and keeping only his cockhead inside her mouth, she sucked for all she was worth.

The use of her tongue along with the suction produced a firehouse of fuming hot jism. The first gob of cum splattered the back of her throat. The next she managed to trap and smear all over her tongue. That was the way she liked it best — she could taste it.

She sucked and sucked and sucked until his cock was limp and empty. Only when she’d carefully pressed it back into his pants using only her tongue, did she surface at the table.

“You’ve got a drip of cum on your cheek,” he told her.

Laurine tried to reach it with her tongue. It was just a bit too far away for her. She didn’t have to bother any more. He leaned over and kissed her, his tongue scooping it up.

She reached and grabbed him behind the head. She drew his lips to hers. The instant their mouths met, her tongue was rocketing into his. She wasn’t going to allow him to escape with even one drop of his pearly cum.

As their tongues rolled around in erotic combat, she managed to snare that elusive last drop of his salty, tangy jism.

She straightened and broke off the kiss.

“God, you are a sexy bitch!” he exclaimed.

“Would you have me any other way?”



“Ready to start work, Miss Parks?” asked the director.

She marveled at the change in the man. The day before, as the priest, he had seemed entirely different. Now he was all business. Laurine could sooner picture this man as the head of a large corporation rather than running a sex-for-hire operation.

That just went to show you couldn’t tell a book by its cover.

“I guess so. If it’s like the session — interview, rather — I had with you, it should be a snap.”

“Maybe not quite as stimulating but there shouldn’t be any trouble if you’re really willing to get into your role and do what the customer wants.”

“The customer comes first,” she said.

The director raised his eyebrow slightly, then smiled. “That’s one way of stating it. Now,” he said, opening a file folder in front of him, “This is your first customer. He described his sister as looking something like you.”

Eyes went up and down the slender brunette’s body taking in every single curve. The impudent thrust of her boobs and the tiny waist, the jutting of her womanly hips to her slender legs, all fit the bill exactly.

“Before we get started, could I ask a question?”

“It’s not usual procedure but since this is your first day, go ahead.”

“Where is this place? Love, Inc.?”

The director looked displeased. His voice, however, was a flat monotone betraying not the slightest hint of emotion. “That is something you will probably never learn, Miss Parks. We have to keep its location secret for, call it security, reasons. Your first customer is named Jack. Down the hall and turn left. Room 12.”

He pulled out another file folder. Laurine realized the interview was over. She was on the staff, but only provisionally. They wouldn’t tell her where the place was. She’d have to continue commuting via the blacked-out-window limousine. Still, it was a small price to pay for all the information she was collecting about Love, Inc. for Bill.

She sighed and went down the hall to the room indicated by the director. She entered and stopped dead in her tracks. The room was nothing like she’d pictured it. Perhaps a bedroom or even a sumptuous sitting room, but this?

It was a second before she could convince herself she wasn’t sitting on a tree limb in a tree house.

“Is that you, Sis?” came a hesitant voice. She turned and saw a man dressed up in a style far too young for him.

This had to be Jack.

“Uh, yeah, it’s me. Who else were you expecting?”

“Just you. With the folks away, I thought we could have a little talk about us.” The voice was growing more and more confident as the man swung into the role.

“What do you want, Jack?” She crossed the set — she couldn’t think of this as anything but a stage setting — and perched her behind on the edge of a table.

She didn’t intend the act to be sexy, but it was. With that long, nylon clad leg swinging free, the man was treated to a momentary glimpse all the way up to her crotch.

He looked up at her with wide eyes. “Sis, I don’t want you to laugh at me. Promise me you won’t.” He licked his lips as he continued to study her legs.

“I won’t laugh, Jack. That’s the last thing in the world an older sister should do.” She guessed right. He was younger than his sister. The way the man’s face lit up told the girl everything she had to know to keep on with the play-acting.

“I-I don’t have much experience with girls, Sis. And you’re so beautiful. I… I’ve peeked at you some nights. While you were undressing. I saw you totally naked the other night.”

She could see the bulge in the man’s pants growing. He was getting a hard on talking about this. She decided to help him along. The girl dropped to the floor beside him and took his hand in hers.

“That’s okay, Jack. You’re male and I’m female. There’s nothing wrong with you looking. In fact, I’m flattered you think I’m so pretty.”

He blushed. Then, he said, “I… I want to do more than just look. W-would you show me what it’s like? Between a man and a woman when they’re making love?”

“You want to fuck me, Jack?” she said softly.

He nodded his head.

“All right. Do you want me to show you all the things a sister, an older sister, knows and her younger brother wants to know?” She didn’t wait for an answer. The way his cock jerked hard in the prison of his trousers told her the complete story. He wanted her to lead him through the lovemaking.

He wanted his older sister to fuck him.

“It’s not too difficult. Not too hard making love, that is. Now this should be hard.” She unzipped his pants and let his prick snap out like the opening of a switchblade knife. A quick grab and she had her warm hand circling around his prick. She stroked up and down a few times to get his blood racing.

It worked. He almost creamed in her hand.

“Just lie back and let me do whatever I can to show you how it can be. Is that what you want?”

“Oh, yes! Yes, Sis, you don’t know the years I’ve wanted you. Really wanted your body. To feel your cunt slipping down around my cock. To feel, ummm, oh!”

Her hand had begun to race up and down his pole until he had to gulp hard to prevent shooting off his wad. Satisfied he was well taken care of for a few minutes, the girl stood. He was able to look up under her skirt.

She wiggled a little and slipped her hands under the band of her pantyhose. She started pushing them down over her legs. Shaking hands reached up to help her. The fevered fingers she felt on her calf amused her. But she didn’t laugh. This was for real to the man.

He helped her out of the damnable pantyhose, then she shucked off her panties in one smooth motion. Lying on his back as he could see all the way up to her now naked snatch. She bent her legs and began to sink down beside him.

As she was slowly lowering her body to the rough hewn floor of the mock tree house, she took one of his hands and slipped it to the inside of her leg. There, she pushed it gently toward her snatch.

“Go on. Explore around and tell me everything you find there.”

“A-are you bleeding? It’s wet!” he exclaimed.

She laughed. “No, it’s all right. I’m just getting ready for you. I have to get all hot and excited and juiced up before you stick this in. And you’re making me get damp. You.”

She gasped when his fingers found her cunt and dived far up her. The way the man worked his fingers around in her pussy told her he was no virgin. No man could find all the right nerves to stimulate without having done this before.

The girl realized then that the playacting was only a role. The actual fucking would be for real. And she’d be getting her tight little quim filled to overflowing with long, hard cock. She squeezed down on his prick again and decided this wasn’t such a bad deal.

The man was hung like a bull. His cock was long and stiff and would be a real pussy pleaser.

“Go on,” she moaned softly. “Feel me all you want. There! That’s my clit you’re fingering now. I feel lightning blasting into my guts. You’re doing it to me. My own brother is giving me more pleasure than any other man ever has.”

“Are you ready for my cock yet?” he prompted.

“Yes, yes! I can’t stand it any longer. I need that prick of yours deep up my cunt fucking the hell out of me.”

“Show me how, Sis! Show me the way to do it!”

She gripped his prick and held it straight up from his groin. Then, straddling his waist, she spread her pussy lips wide and simply sat down. The cock touched lightly on her sex lips for a moment.

The carnal shock that rattled her teeth was immense. She simply hadn’t realized how much she was getting into this little fantasy. She wanted to be this man’s sister. She wanted to be showing him the delights of sex for the very first time.

She wanted it all to be true!

“I can’t see what’s happening,” he complained.

She ripped her skirt off to fully expose their genitals to his questing gaze. He could see her pink inner pussy lips spreading out to lewdly kiss his cock. And they both knew the instant she relaxed a little and let her body sink down around his prick.

The man’s cock buried itself hard into her soft cunt. The juices she’d been leaking out helped a little. But the man’s prick was dry. It hadn’t made the trip up her juicy twat yet.

Inside her love tunnel, the prick jerked and lurched hard against her velvety pussy walls. She clamped down a little with her stomach muscles and felt the outline of his prick.

The broad head flared out to press firmly into her cunt. And the loose skin of his cock was quickly erased as if by magic. The excited blood pounded hard into his cock and stiffened it even harder. The big blue vein on the top of his cock pulsed wildly.

She knew this was going to be a hell of a good fuck. He wasn’t a beginner at this, no matter how he protested.

“Sis, my darling sister! How long I’ve wanted to feel you all around me like this!”

“And, Brother dear, the feel of your cock in my cunt is more heavenly than I’d have imagined. But this is incest. We’re brother and sister. This is a sin!”

The man’s cock jerked inside her. She knew he was reacting to the fantasy now. And she was determined to give him the full measure of her acting abilities.

“But I don’t care! So what if we’re brother and sister? I love you! I want your cock fucking me more than anything else in the world! So, fuck me, damn you, really fuck me!”

She was taken by surprise. She didn’t count on his reaction being so powerful. She felt herself being lifted up by strong hips and tossed into the air. Riding with it was easy. She managed to hesitate at the top of her arc long enough to gather her wits.

Just the purpled acorn-like knob of his cock was left in between her pussy lips. She paused there for a moment to let the cunt juices fully wash over his prick. Then she simply relaxed. Gravity did all the work for her.

Body hurtling down on the well-greased spike of his cock, she felt his prick smashing into her cunt. It took her breath away. And once at the bottom of her fall, she began grinding her hips back and forth. She tried her damndest to get his cock an extra half inch up her twat.

The rotary motion of grinding her bush into his produced the most ecstatic feelings in her body she could imagine. The skin was stretched and pulled taut over her clit. That pea-sized little organ of pleasure was throbbing with sex now. And as she worked his cock even deeper up into her belly, the little go-button seemed to explode.

She felt the sexual tension suddenly snap in her body. Then the loose ends of her emotions smashed all around her. She came.

“Oh, dear Brother, you’ve made me cooommme! Cooommme!”

He was too busy hanging on to her thrashing body to answer. And all around his cock was a powerfully gripping cunt. The convulsive force which seized and held her body in a vise of enjoyment also hammered at him.

He thought he was going to be crushed flat by her pussy walls. They clung and mashed down hard on him. He was suddenly suffocated by them. But what a way to go!

“I love you, I love you!” she moaned over and over.

Then, as the powerful orgasm relaxed in her, she began really fucking herself on his upright cock.

She rose, then fell like a meteorite from outer space. Her hips went wild in their gyrations. Nothing mattered more to her than having that big cock stuffed hard and fast up her cunt. She felt empty without it. She needed every single millimeter of it to be a whole woman.

The lewd squishy noise that filled the room heightened her senses. She was driven on to even greater peaks of joy. The sound was from a long cock drilling into a wet-with-lust pussy.

“God, Sis, I… oh, shit! I can’t keep it in any longer!”

“Yes, you can! For me, Jack darling. Do it for me, your sister. Please don’t come yet!”

Her hips worked like the arm on an oil pump. Her ass was working up and down as hard as she could push it. She wanted the maximum feelings in her body before he came.

Her guts were burning with desire. Each time her hips shot down, she took his prick all the way up her twat until she thought it was a burning hot poker. The friction warmed her like napalm spreading in her guts. And the look on the man’s face convinced her of the rightness of her act.

“Incest,” she muttered. “It’s incest — and I love it!”

He came. His cock stiffened convulsively, then began spewing out its creamy load of jism. The first touch was enough to ignite her passions anew. She came with him. Locked together, they rolled through their mutual orgasm.

Somehow, both of them coming together heightened the experience for her.

When the cock slipped, limp and depleted from her cunt, she sat back on her heels and looked down into the man’s eyes. They were burning with an inner fire that had been lacking before. He’d really gotten a large charge out of this mock incestuous fucking.

And she had to admit she had, too. Laurine didn’t quite understand it. She didn’t have a brother or a sister. And she barely remembered her parents. The idea of incest had never been one to get her all hot and bothered. But she’d seen what it meant to this man, and how it had been communicated to her. It was a potent force. And a good one from what she could tell.

“Well, Jack, was it anything at all like you expected?”

“Sis, it… it was super!”

“God, I’m glad you liked it. I wanted it to be good for you this first time. And next time, it’ll be even better.”

“Next time? I don’t know.”

“You’re not giving up, are you, Jack?” She let a shocked look come into her eyes. “This is only the start. You have to keep going, keep practicing. After all, the next time you make it with me, you’re going to have to show me what a real stud you are.”

“The next time,” he said thoughtfully, “Yes! The next time I will!”

She only smiled. Laurine decided she was going to like this job a lot.


“You did very well, Miss Parks. The man, your customer, that is, was very pleased. And, I might add, the sales job you gave him about returning was admirable. He’s a good customer. One of the best, in fact.”

The director looked down into the folder he’d taken from a stack beside his hand and quickly scanned it. He said, “The next customer…”

“The next one!” said Laurine in surprise. “I just finished! Don’t I even get time off for a coffee break?”

“Do you want it?”

“Well, no. I feel good.” And she did. She felt better than she had in years. The fire of intrigue burned brightly in her. She was doing all this for Bill. She was a spy in the enemy camp and she was enjoying what the enemy was doing.

“I didn’t think so. There’s a look our staff get on their faces after a particularly stimulating session that tells me they’re ready to forge ahead into new and more rewarding fields.”

“I do feel sort of high. Not a drug high, but just damned good!”

“Excellent. The next customer is a bit more physical than most but I’m sure you’ll accommodate him. Room 41 at the far end of the hall.”

Laurine almost ran down the hall. She could hardly wait. The feel of Jack’s cock reaming her out had set her onto a new road. The addiction to sex had long been with her. She couldn’t five without it, lots of it. But this was different. She not only found herself wanting lots of sex but as wide a variety as possible.

And the next customer sounded like what she wanted. “Physical,” the director had said.

She shivered a little at the thought of what this session was going to be like.

The instant she pushed into the room, she was attacked. Strong arms curled around her legs and unceremoniously dumped her to the floor. Struggling, she rolled over. She vaguely noticed the floor and walls were padded. It’d be hard hurting herself in this insane asylum type room.

Standing over her, totally naked and with a raging hard-on, was the biggest man she’d ever seen. He was easily six foot six, but this wasn’t the way she meant big. Nor was his two-thirty weight all that unusual.

It was his cock — all twelve inches of it.

“So, you’re the one they selected for me,” he boomed in a deep voice.

Laurine looked up at him, wondering why his body gleamed so in the light of the room. Then she understood. His entire body had been oiled down until he was as slippery as a politician making campaign promises.

Stiff, she couldn’t fully understand what was going on. Her mind wasn’t able to take in the full length of his boner. It was just too big for her to comprehend.

She didn’t have a chance to do much more thinking. The man dived at her. His fingers clamped around one of her ankles and he pulled her powerfully to him. His slippery hands shucked off her shoes. He worked hard at her skirt before she decided she didn’t like this all that much.

Squirming, she eluded him. The oil on his hands betrayed him. But he didn’t seem displeased with her actions. If anything, he was spurred on to even more vigorous effort.

The girl was at a disadvantage. She was trying to keep out of his grasp and, at the same time, was fascinated by the way his cock bounced around. It was a miniature flagpole jutting from his groin. All it lacked was a big American flag fluttering in the breeze.

“What’s going on?” she demanded, barely escaping his questing hands.

“I’m going to have you! I’m going to fuck you a dozen different ways! Never had any woman failed to receive my cock in less than twelve different positions before they got me off.”

A challenge? She thought so. But what was this about a dozen different positions. She didn’t understand but knew that the best way of finding out was to keep fighting him off.

“Not with this chick, you’re not,” she told him. But she had to keep moving. Standing still wouldn’t do, as she found out.

He scooped her legs out from under her again. She went down but not too hard. Opening her mouth to complain, she found his prick shoved against her lips.

She couldn’t help herself. She sucked his prick in. Her jaw muscles protested mightily. His cock was as huge around as it was long. But it was worth the exertion.

The oil was ordinary cooking oil. The taste wasn’t that great but not too bad, not at all bad when she considered the luscious taste of the man’s prick. Her tongue completely eliminated all the oil at the very tip of his cock.

But he gave a couple quick thrusts into her mouth as if beginning to face fuck her, then pulled out.

He shouted in triumph, “ONE!”

And then she understood. He was challenging her to the most erotic wrestling match ever. He was going to try and fuck her repeatedly until he came. And it was his bet that he could it in a minimum of twelve positions before she beat him out — and off.

The girl wanted that cock as badly as she’d ever wanted anything in her whole life. The brief taste of his prick had heightened her senses, had made her even hornier than she’d been. This was going to be one hell of a match, she’d see to that!

He ripped her skirt off as she spun away from him. With only her pantyhose and blouse on, she circled him. A quick move, faster than she’d have believed possible from a man this large, and he was under her legs again. He picked her up and dumped her back to the mat.

Her pantyhose went this time. And she watched as his cock came surging up to meet her pussy lips. At the last possible instant, she twisted in his oily grip and escaped. But she didn’t go far.

Behind him, she circled his waist and found his prick. Her hands were well oiled from stroking over his body. And she began giving him a hand job. If she could get him hot enough, the next time he actually managed to fuck her would be disaster for him.

And sheer heaven for her.

“No you don’t, you little bitch!” he said, and moving faster than ever, managed to get behind her.

His hands ripped off her blouse. She was totally naked like he was. And his cock was probing upward from behind into her cunt. His strong hands lifted her up into the air and deposited her directly over his prick.

The sudden entry up her now juicy quim took her breath away. She thought she was going to be pulled apart by that massive cock, but she hadn’t expected anything this painful. He stretched her in all the usual directions but inches more than a normal man’s cock.

It was like when she was a virgin and the high school stud was fucking her for the very first time.

She cried out in pain, then felt those strong hands on her waist guiding her up and down. The pain was washed away with the sudden pleasure gushing into her. The cock was pulling her apart, true. But there was the bonus of having a huge cock twitching and bucking erotically inside her cunt.

The girl managed to relax a little and allow the pleasure to completely fill her body. She set her hips to working frantically at that cock. She didn’t want it to go away. The only purpose in her life then was fucking herself on that upright spike of manhood.

Those slippery hands cast her aside before she could fuck herself more than three or four times. The man was panting heavily. She turned around to face him. He was still on his back, looking up at her.

“You got a damn tight cunt, girl. Tightest I ever fucked. Most of them around here have floppy, loose cunts. Too many cocks drilled into them. But not you. I’m gonna enjoy fucking you twenty or thirty times!”

“So many?” she asked.

“Many more. I’m gonna enjoy you a hell of a lot!”

She rolled away from him and then found the bottle of oil he used. A tiny squirt into the palm of her hand was all she needed to liberally oil her own body. The man idly watched as she rubbed the oil into her tits, starting at the base and then slowly stroking toward the cherry red nipple. As she smoothed the oil over her belly, she got the first indication that the man even saw her.

His cock looked as if it wanted to turn cartwheels. She was arousing him with her little act.

She smiled, then licked her lips. The pink tip of her tongue made a slow trip around her ruby lips, then vanished back into her mouth. The message she gave him was unmistakable.

She wanted him. Worse than anything else in the whole Goddamned world, she wanted him. And would get him soon.

“Come here, girl. My cock’s waiting for you!”

“In a second. When I’m finished.” She allowed the oil to slowly flow over the curve of her ass. Not wanting to rub it in yet, she let it slowly coat her satiny flesh turning it into slippery mounds of assflesh.

“NOW!” he bellowed as he lunged for her. He managed to slide across the mats and actually grab her leg. But the oil was working for her now. She was able to slip away.

As fast as a flash, she was straddling his back. Her fingers slid around his body and to his cock. She stroked up and down his cock several times before he was able to toss her off.

Then it was her turn to be pinned down by his weight. He jammed himself between her legs and stuffed his cock back into her cunt. He began fucking her in the missionary position.

Her legs wrapped around his waist as she tried to pull him into her. She knew he’d rip her apart all the way to the chin if he ever drove that twelve inch spike of cock all the way up her cunt, but all she could think of was “What a way to go!”

“This is three,” he moaned as his hips shot forward.

She sobbed deep in her throat. The man’s cock was almost more than she could take. It was tearing her apart but in a good way. This was sweet torture, what every girl wants and so few ever got.

She had the biggest, most virile cock driving into her twat. The friction between the walls of her cunt and the tender flesh of his prick mounted as he fucked. Faster and faster, he drove into her.

The banked fires of her lust suddenly flared into raging fires. Her entire body was more alive than it ever had been before. She needed his length driving into her cunt. This was living. This was the way it should be.

Her hips twisted and drove down to enhance the effects of his fucking. She had to have more of that mighty cock fucking her!

“More, oh, Christ, mooore! Give it to me harrrrrd!”

His hips slammed the cock into her like a battering ram of flesh. He probed the deepest recesses of her softly hung cunt. The folds of her pussy were spread out smooth and straight as he fucked harder and harder into her.

Then he was gone. He simply slithered up her body and was gone.

“Damn you, damn you to hell!” she groaned. Then she remembered this was a game to the man. He wanted to fuck her in more ways than she was accustomed to. And he “scored” points if he did.

She wanted nothing more than his prick to explode in lust inside her twat. That was the point of the game for her.

He upended her again. This time he engulfed her legs and pulled them up and off the floor. With her calves pressing firmly into his chest, he entered her snatch.

She wiggled like a fish on a line, but knew it wouldn’t do any good. She would have to try and get him off using her own special set of muscles — muscles he didn’t even possess.

As his cock fucked hard into her, she squeezed down with her pussy walls. The squishy noise told her how juicy she was, how well-greased his cock had become.

But he yelped as if he’d been burned. She realized what he must be feeling. The way her cunt walls had collapsed, it would have been like getting trapped in a mine shaft. She used her stomach muscles to massage and stroke the man’s entire buried length.

When she started over on him, he knew he’d been in a real woman’s cunt. Not any young girl’s but a real woman’s twat.

“You’re pulling it outta me!” he complained. “Not yet! This is only number four!”

Her hips turned and corkscrewed around as he moved within her. She could feel his massive cock, trace the outlines of it with her delicate pussy walls. The broad head was growing larger. It didn’t seem possible. Yet it was happening. That could only mean she was getting to him. His cock was expanding with excited blood just before it ruptured and spewed out his cum.

But she didn’t stop. She had to get him so hot he couldn’t stop, not even if he wanted to for the sake of the game. Her well-oiled buttocks pressed hard into his belly. She locked her ankles behind his neck and reached out to grip his knees.

Pulling herself into him sank the cock a few inches deeper up her twat. She hadn’t thought it possible, yet he was penetrating her as deeply in this position as if he had doubled her up and exposed her cunt to a more normal fucking.

“N-no good!” he gulped. “Can’t come this soon!”

He pulled out of her, only to re-enter her ass. She screamed as his huge prick drove all the way up her rectum. She knew he was tearing her flesh with his wand of cock now. She could feel the blood pouring out of her asshole. There was no way this big a prick could be fucked up her anus and not have damage done.

“Five,” he gulped. “I done five and have seven to go!”

The words came to her through a roaring in her ears. The blood was pounding like the surf in her head.

He was buttfucking her now. She could tell from the way her body was tensing up. She didn’t much like this, but that cock, she wanted it — and not up her ass.

Placing her heels on his shoulders, she was able to somersault away from him. She rolled to hands and knees, facing him.

In a low voice, she told him, “Come and try for six.”

He leaped and was behind her to fuck her like a bitch in heat. This was exactly what she wanted. She knew she had him. He’d never be able to pull free once he tasted the heat and tightness of her cunt. The powerful contractions of her pussy walls would hold just like a bug trapped in amber.

He’d come. She’d make sure this time.

As his cock rammed into her from behind, she separated her legs and slipped to either side of his thighs. The cock rammed harder into her cunt than he expected. And he was firmly wedged in deep up her twat.

She gasped as the head of his prick bounced off her deeply buried cervix, then she set about giving him the fucking of his life. Her legs were locked inside his. He couldn’t easily escape now.

And she managed to trap one of his hands. She placed it directly over her oily tit. Pressing it down hard, she gasped in reaction. The surge of sensation into her chest collided with the warmth and pleasure washing up from her cunt. Her entire body was alive and vibrant now.

She came.

Her cunt clamped down like a vise on his prick. But this wasn’t enough to get him off. He began fucking her with long, deliberate strokes. The heat of friction from this fucking built up in her loins. Her entire belly became a swamp, a swamp of liquid love. The warmth was spreading throughout her body like melted butter. She couldn’t keep back another orgasm.

This time, her cunt clutched even harder at the man’s cock.

He seemed to realize the heat boiling out of her pussy and the convulsive squeezing he was getting would soon bring him off. He tried to back away, to pull out of her cunt.

After all, he still had six more positions to try.

He found he was trapped. He couldn’t get away from her greedy cunt. The girl’s legs were entwined with his. He couldn’t move free of them. And one of her hands firmly held his over a tit.

It was almost a sin to abandon that huge mound of titflesh. He gave it a little squeeze and was rewarded with the nipple stiffening even more than it had been.

He began playing with the nipple to distract her. He caught the nubbin of erectile tissue between thumb and forefinger. Rolling it around caused her to moan and cry out.

It also caused her to shove her ass back into his groin. He felt her soft asscheeks rubbing against his hairy thighs. A tremor passed through his cock. He was completely surrounded by her — and she wasn’t about to let him escape this time.

“Damn you, let me go! I’ve still got six more, ummm, ohhhhh!”

Her hips began rotating around his cock. He was too long to slip from her clutching pussy. She used him like a stirring stick or an axle. The center of her entire world was his long, hard cock. She used that prick to give herself all the pleasure in the universe.

His hand on her tit seemed to keep on working even while she was coming. She was reduced to a weak blob of flesh capable of nothing but feeling total pleasure.

She came again.

This time, her hips worked in just the right way, her cunt squeezed on his buried prick in all the right places, her inner heat boiled out and finally melted his control.

She felt his huge cock bucking as it erupted out its load of creamy jism. He blasted his hot cum into her until she was shivering. She came one final time and milked every last drop from his cock. Her cunt was almost worn out by the time his cock deflated and limply fell from her.

“Damn, you got one hot twat, girl,” he said. “I never been suckered in like that before. Want to make it the best two out of three?”

“Sure,” she said without hesitation. “If you think you can get that big fellow standing up and ready again.”

He surprised her. He not only got his erection back in record time, but he managed to win the second round.

But she had her revenge. She made him come only eight fucks into the third and deciding game.


“Very good, Miss Parks. I was watching on the closed circuit cameras and saw your performance. The customer even threw in a bonus for you, he was so pleased with your performance.” He silently pushed a plain white envelope across to the girl.

She took it and looked inside. There were three one-hundred dollar bills. “I… this is for me?” She couldn’t believe it. With what Love, Inc. was paying her, this was just too much.

“Yours. We believe in keeping staff members happy if they are doing their jobs well. You have worked out to be one of the more promising new additions to Love, Inc.. Your next assignment is a bit less active, though I trust you won’t sluff off on the job.”

“If it’s anything like the last customer, I won’t!”

“It’s nothing like the last customer, I assure you. We try to keep your customers as varied as possible. Prevents you from taking this job too lightly. After all, the customer pays for a unique service. We provide the finest in sexual excitement and fantasy for our customers. That will never change as long as I’m running the company.”

“Okay, sure,” Laurine said, not really caring about the sales pitch. To her, this was a sexy adventure like something out of a book. She was an undercover agent working against the forces of lawlessness. And she’d have to turn all of the staff of Love, Inc. in to Bill when the time came.

Until then, she’d enjoy this to the maximum.

She put the envelope containing the hundred dollar bills into her purse. Laurine didn’t know if this would be impounded as evidence or not. Maybe it wouldn’t. She wouldn’t mention it to Bill. Let him bust his balls for the pittance paid by the police department. She’d make a few bucks off this little venture.

She silently stood and left the director, wondering what the new customer was going to be like. The first had been on an incest trip. That hadn’t been so bad. Pretending to be the guy’s older sister had been fun. And he certainly knew how to use that old fucking tool of his.

But the highlight of her brief stay at Love, Inc. had to be the well-oiled man and his wrestling. The feel of his hands slipping across her body had been sexy.

She was sorry that she’d have to turn him in to Bill, too. The man’s cock was a real pussy pleaser. Sure, she’d thought he would rip her apart with that massive twelve incher, but he’d known how to use it. And he’d used it on her with all the expertise of a real stud.

The girl shivered a little just thinking about that huge cock fucking into her cunt. The way her twat was stretched in new and deliciously different directions had shown her she didn’t know all there was about making love. He’d certainly shown her more than his wrestling style during her brief stay in that padded room.

Hesitating before the door to Room 18, she wondered what was waiting for her inside. Something different the director had said. How different? She wasn’t sure she was up to anything really kinky. Yet the director had told her when she agreed to work here that he’d warn her in advance of anything really outrageous.

Whatever lurked inside couldn’t be too bad.

Boldly, she walked in. This setting was a kitchen. The large, smooth kitchen table wasn’t set but a woman sat there, drinking coffee.

She smiled as Laurine walked into the room and said, “My dear! Come in! It’s so good to see you again. It’s been months and months!”

“Well, I was just passing through the, uh, neighborhood and decided to see how you were getting along.”

The girl wasn’t able to work all this out in her head. What was expected of her?

“I’ve missed you so. Why did you leave me like you did? Was it, you know, him?”

Something told Laurine to say, “No, how could you think that. He wasn’t the reason at all.”

The woman relaxed visibly. She was happy, smiling from ear to ear now. “I’m so glad to hear that. I worried you’d left me for him.”

It clicked in Laurine’s mind. The woman was acting out a lesbian fantasy. Or was it purely a fantasy? Somehow, she didn’t think so. She’d never made love to another woman. The idea struck her as kinky. It wasn’t something she really wanted to do, either.

Still, the director had assigned her to this woman. She was obligated to carry through the best she could.

“No way. You’re far too pretty for me to leave for long. I… I just had personal business that needed attending to. It was worrying me. And I didn’t think I could give my best to you.”

“You’re so thoughtful. But then, you always were. That’s what attracted me to you in the first place.”

She reached out and stroked over Laurine’s cheek. The girl had to fight to keep from flinching. But the touch was light, cool. And she knew how it pleased the other woman.

She took the woman’s hand in hers and kissed the palm. This made the woman move even closer. The coffee cup shattered on the floor. She ignored it.

Her hands circled Laurine’s head and pulled the girl’s lips to hers. The girl wanted to fight, to back away. She didn’t. One little kiss couldn’t be that bad.

As her soft lips met equally soft ones, she found herself getting hot for the woman. She couldn’t explain it. Perhaps it was the softness of the lips or the gentle hands. Men weren’t this gentle. They were rough and demanding.

She liked that — but maybe not all the time.

Her lips parted a little and the woman’s tongue came charging in. Their tongues tangled in an erotic dogfight. She darted her tongue lightly against the woman’s, then tried to hide. The woman’s pink, rough tongue sought hers out. The hide-and-seek game continued until they were racing back and forth between each other’s mouths.

The sweetness of the woman’s saliva intoxicated her. It was like the finest wine she’d ever sampled. It made her head spin and before she knew it, she was leaning back on the kitchen table. The woman had followed her all the way down.

A new dimension was added to their lovemaking. The woman’s hands had left her hair where they had been stroking the oily strands. Laurine gasped a little as the woman worked across her belly and took one of her tits firmly in hand.

The fingernails cut into her soft titflesh and she flinched a little. But she found herself breathing faster, her tits heaving up and down. She was getting off on this! It didn’t seem possible to her that another woman could reduce her to a yielding blob of flesh. Yet, it was happening.

“You’re so pretty,” the woman told her. “I love to make love to you. Shall we do it like the last time?”

Laurine sensed this was what the woman wanted. She merely nodded in agreement. Anything would be good enough for her since she didn’t know exactly how one woman made love to another.

“Oh, good! I love to lick and stroke across your body.”

Hands fumbled at her buttons, then stripped off her blouse. She looked down and saw tiny half-moon cuts on her boobs. The woman’s fingernails had driven deep into her snowy white flesh to leave red marks. Somehow, as her heart beat faster and faster, those tiny cuts didn’t hurt. They pulsed with a life of their own.

She knew that the woman was experienced at lezzie lovemaking. This was going to be quite a lesson in life for her.

“Lift your hips so I can get that horrid skirt off you. Oh, OH!” the woman exclaimed. Her lips had flowed into an “O” shape as she looked down at the girl’s snatch. “It’s even more beautiful than I remembered!”

“And it’s all for you, my dear. Go on, do what you want!”

And Laurine meant it.

She gasped and fell weakly back to the table when the woman stroked the insides of her thighs and then buried both index fingers up her twat. The way she wiggled them around inside made the girl quiver with anticipation.

She had to keep reminding herself that this wasn’t a man, that there wasn’t going to be a big, ponderous cock fucking her. This was a lot more subtle, all mental.

The waves of delight ripping through her body told her it wouldn’t be any less real making love to another woman, though. Her nerves were ready for stimulation and the woman was delivering.

“Just let me suck a bit on that little clit of yours, darling,” she was saying.

When her ruby lips circled around the tiny spire of Laurine’s sex, the woman began to suck. She pulled the clitoris all the way into her mouth and closed lips around it. She began lightly rubbing her tongue over the pointy tip.

The girl couldn’t stay still on the table. She began thrashing around until she was begging out loud, “Fuck me, oh dear God, I want it so bad! Give it to me!”

The tongue sailed up her cunt, cock-hard. She came. It wasn’t the most intense come she’d ever experienced but she did get off. The orgasm surprised her immensely. The tensions had been building in her body but she didn’t feel the electric sexual need she normally did. The climax had sneaked up on her by surprise.

“More, give it to me some more!”

“Yes, darling, whatever you want!”

The woman’s hands wormed all over her body. The fingers of one hand found and held the nipple of her left tit. The other hand was sliding under her ass and lifting her snatch upwards so the woman would be better able to suck and lick across the turgid sex lips.

The softness, the gentleness, was what Laurine loved the most. Knowing it was a woman giving her this pleasure made her feel sinful. It wasn’t right having another woman doing these things to her. Yet, what was the big difference? So what if it was a woman tongue fucking her, running fingers between the meaty slabs of her asscheeks, tweaking her rock-hard nipples?

She loved every second of it!

“More, give me even more! I want it all!”

“Yes, darling. Whatever you say,” the woman agreed.

For a horrible moment, Laurine thought the woman had abandoned her. The tongue was no longer dragging roughly over her pussy lips, the hands had left the most sensitive erogenous zones of her body. She looked up and saw the woman with a bottle of red wine.

“Wh-what are you doing?”

“Making sure you enjoy this to the fullest, darling. Just relax and let me pour this over you.”

The wine was cool but not cold. And Laurine had to admit the fluid dribbling down the sides of her body was incredibly sexy. It made her hornier than she’d have thought possible.

The red wine gushed across her pussy lips and puddled on the table under her ass. Every time she moved slightly, a lewd sucking noise echoed through the room. It was almost as if a cock was powerfully fucking her. But she knew it was only noise, not actual prick.

The woman began licking up the wine she’d poured over the supine girl’s body. The rough pink tongue started across the belly licking up every single spilled drop.

When she got to the deep depression of Laurine’s belly button, her lips fastened like an eel’s mouth. She sucked and licked and drank every single drop puddling in her navel.

The girl felt the tongue dipping deep into her belly button. The sensation went farther than a fraction of an inch. It was as if a red hot spike was being jammed into her belly. The woman was expert at lighting the flames of desire.

Laurine struggled to keep from coming again. She wanted to store up the inner need until she could release it in one climactic discharge of pent-up emotions.

“You like this, don’t you, dearest one?” the woman asked.

“Oh, yes, yes! I’ve never felt anything like it before.” She collapsed back onto the table top to simply relax and enjoy. What else could she want out of life?

The woman’s tongue began swirling through the tangled mat of her pussy mound. Little spires of wine-and-saliva wet pussy fur were pulled up by the woman’s sucking mouth. Laurine felt it every time the woman sucked or dragged her tongue through the fleecy hair.

She found herself anticipating the sensations in her body when the woman left her pussy mound and began licking up the wine spilled on the sex lips. Already, the alcohol in the wine was evaporating and leaving a cool, tingly feeling behind.

To have that hot, questing tongue on those wine-coated sex lips would be heaven.

Laurine’s body rebelled and she felt the velvet glove of orgasm squeezing down on her body again. She lifted her hips off the wine-drenched table and shoved her twat at the woman’s mouth. The only way she could get the total release promised her was by a rapid tongue fucking.

She was a little disappointed when it didn’t come but also amazed at the way her body still felt. She wasn’t drained like she usually was after a climax. If anything, she was more ready to come now than before.

“Please, more! Faster! Tongue fuck me faster!”

An obscene slurping noise reached her ears. The woman was licking faster and harder across her cunt lips. The roughness was like sandpaper now. The wine was about sucked off — or washed off from the flood of her own pussy fluids.

The wine had been like anesthetic. She was numbed from some of what the woman was doing to her. But that had passed. The feeling was totally different now. The electric tingle was beginning to surge up her spine and explode in her brain.

It wasn’t an orgasm but something very much like it. The physical release wasn’t there, this was all emotional. And it was totally different from anything she’d ever experienced before. The woman knew all the right things to do, all the right places to lightly brush over with her tongue.

She was making love to Laurine as only another woman could.

More wine splashed on the girl’s sex lips. The biting of the alcohol was rapidly washed away by an eager tongue and her own love juices. But the effect was what mattered. That brief moment when she felt the sharp bite of the wine across her delicate pussy lips revitalized her. She was totally aware of what was going down.

She knew completely new delights of life after that. And all due to a woman’s tongue.

Shuddering with the intensity of her feeling, she reveled in the way the woman lapped up the alcohol. The wine vanished again after the woman’s tongue had done its rough, agile cleaning job.

Then she began working her tongue deeper into the girl’s cunt. The wine had stung all over the girl’s gash. Now the woman was slurping up the liquid which had gotten into her cunt. The way she did it was what mattered. Her eager tongue curled inside the girl’s twat and stimulated her more than any other person’s mouth ever had before.

That tongue so far up her quim spun and probed and swirled like a berserk tornado. The girl was so strung out sexually all she could think of was that tongue delving far into her juicy quim.

The woman slurped and licked her lips in anticipation. The wine was good, the girl’s cunt juice was better.

“Your mouth on my pussy lips! It’s goooood!”

The woman didn’t have to answer to know that. She continued licking along the rigid flaps of sex lip until all the liquid — both wine and cunt juice — was gone. Then her mouth clamped firmly on the girl’s manhole. She sucked as if she were a vacuum cleaner.

Every drop forming along the girl’s slash rapidly vanished under the intense suction. The way the woman was sucking, the girl thought her guts were going to be pulled out through her quim.

Then the tongue darted in and out of her cunt. Again and again. The woman was tongue fucking her with rapid, short thrusts. Harder, deeper, came the tongue. Soon, the girl was thrashing around on the table, a captive of that tongue.

When the woman finally licked across her aroused clit, that was all the stimulus she needed to get off in a big way. Her orgasm smashed her flat on the table. Her tits jumped around like blobs of jello on a plate. Her breath was sandpaper in her throat and her lungs burned with fire.

Never had she had a bigger come.

Her head was still buzzing when the woman stood up, a drop of cunt juice running down her chin. With a quick snaring move, her tongue captured that elusive drop.

The woman smiled as she tasted that tiny indication of the girl’s lust, then she said, “I’m glad you could come this afternoon. I’ve enjoyed seeing you again. And don’t, please don’t be a stranger.”

Laurine managed to climb back into her clothes, shaken. She wasn’t used to lovemaking being terminated so swiftly. She would have relished the feel of the other woman’s mouth moving on her cunt some more. But she knew this was a dismissal and the woman was the customer. The customer was always right.

“Any time, dearest,” Laurine said. “I’ll be around. Just give me a buzz if you want me to drop over again.”

“I will. Good day.”

Laurine left. But there was a strange feeling of abandonment in her. It didn’t seem right just walking out like that.

It made her feel like shit.


The hot desert sun beat down on her naked body. Laurine struggled a bit but the ropes holding her spread-eagle were too tight. The heat of the metal roof under her ass and shoulders burned. She was certain that, in spite of the thin pad between her flesh and the metal, she was going to get third degree burns.

And if that wasn’t enough, the sun beating down on her would roast her alive. She could almost feel the blisters popping up on her untanned sections of skin.

To have those lovely white tits burned red and raw would be a disaster but not as painful as having her cunt totally singed. The sweat beading on her body told her exactly how hot the sun was.

As a hot wind began blowing across the desert, she heard the crunch of tires in the distance. Underneath her, the driver of the car got out and peered at her.

The director said, “About ready, Miss Parks?”

“Hell, I didn’t know it’d be like this. Tied to the top of a car and staked out in the middle of a fucking desert!”

“Don’t worry about sunburn. You body won’t be exposed long enough. And remember, you did volunteer for this. I told you it would not only be different, but that it would be a little dangerous, also.”

“I didn’t know I was going to get my poor little bod roasted like a Thanksgiving turkey. You didn’t tell me that.”

“I never give too many details about a customer’s whims. It makes the staff less responsive to his needs. And here is the customer now. Just do whatever he wants.”

Laurine struggled against the ropes holding her spread out on the roof of the car. Do what he wanted? She couldn’t move a muscle, much less resist the man’s intentions, whatever they might be.

She’d heard of some strange sexual hang-ups since she began work for Love, Inc., but nothing compared to this. And she had the idea that there was more to it than just staking her out mother-naked in the middle of the desert and atop the roof of a car.

“Ready, sir?” the director asked.

“Start your engine,” was the reply.

The car shifted on its shock absorbers as the man clambered onto the roof of the car to join Laurine. The man looking down at her was well-muscled and obviously more used to the sun than she was.

His face was tanned like fine leather, expensive leather. And his hands were big and powerful. The man wasn’t too tall but was compactly built. He had the air of danger about him.

“I assume you’re wondering why I requested this particular arrangement, young lady.”

“I can ask?”

“Certainly, and I’ll tell you. I thrive on danger. I’ve hunted big game in Africa. That’s closed to me now. They fear all the big game animals will be killed off. So, I turned to racing. That is a never ending thrill for me, but I want something extra. This is it.”

He slipped on racing gloves and then unzipped his fly. A huge cock snapped into the girl’s line of sight. She licked her lips, and not just because the sun was drying them.

The sight of his cock renewed her faith in the director and Love, Inc.. No matter what a weirdo he might be, anyone with a cock like that could make her jump through hoops and sit up and beg.

“So you want to fuck me on top of a car? Why in the desert?”

“These are salt flats, my dear. Where this car can easily travel over a hundred-twenty miles an hour.” To the director, now seated at the wheel of the car, “Any time you are ready, sir.”

Laurine was surprised when the car began to roll. She cried out, “You want to fuck me while we’re driving over a hundred miles an hour? Christ in Heaven!”

The man smiled. “You’re quick on the uptake, my dear. And I do so hope you have a nice, tight cunt. That makes it all the more exciting.”

He dropped down between her legs, stroking gently over the dried skin. His gloves were almost as smooth as her flesh. She felt gooseflesh marring the satiny surface as he stroked over her inner thigh. The entire idea of fucking atop a speeding car was turning her on.

“Yes, dear lady, it is exciting, isn’t it?”

She didn’t answer. The wind was pulling her hair back from her head. Long streamers of her brunette hair fluttered behind her. Something about the sensual feel of the wind caressing her lips and face made her relax. She was almost able to forget the hot sun beating down on her unprotected body.

It didn’t stay unprotected long. The man positioned himself between her legs, then pushed out until his glans pressed firmly into her pussy lips. His body crushed hers to the top of the car.

The metal was still hot, very hot. She winced as the pain shot into her shoulders. Then it was all erased by the feel of his cock slipping smoothly up her well-lubricated twat.

“Ummm,” he sighed. “You are a tight one. Tight enough to keep me on top of the car?”

She didn’t know what he meant. With the wind hissing so loud in her ears now, she wasn’t certain she understood everything he was saying.

In spite of her earlier apprehensions, she found this setting to be a relaxing one. She could concentrate only on the feel of his cock wiggling around inside her twat.

Everything else soothed and calmed her nerves. The heat was working its way into her aching muscles. The pain from the hot metal was slowly fading and her wrists and ankles no longer hurt from the tight bonds holding her on top of the racing car. Even the gentle swaying of the car as it bounced over the desert soothed it.

Soothed and stimulated her. The man’s cock was shoved all the way up her cunt. Only the motion of the car supplied any real movement to it. She could feel his prick dancing around inside her, sure, but it was the rocking of the car that gave her the impression of a hard fucking.

As the car shifted from side to side, his cock slipped in and out of her cunt. The movement as his body glided across hers stimulated her clit. The taut skin was pulled over her go-button until she felt the beginnings of true arousal inside her.

Gasping, breathing hard against the rush of the wind, she realized then even the hot air whistling through her hair was turning her on. The liquid feel as the air caressed her body reached every single nerve in her body. She was ready for anything the man had to offer.

“It’s almost peaceful, isn’t it?” he asked.

“Peaceful? Yeah, it is. But I think it’s also sexy as hell!”

“Sexy? That, too. And just wait. We’re nearing the first turn.”

She craned her neck to try and see. She couldn’t. His body blocked her view.

Then the car skidded around in a 180 degree turn. The director had simply stomped on the brakes and slewed the car around. Before she could sort out everything happening to her body, she was shoved down powerfully by the acceleration of the car. It was travelling even faster on the return route.

Her cunt was throbbing with life. As the car made the swift turn, his cock had bounced off first one then the other side of her pussy walls. He was stretching her not only with the girth of his cock but the immense power of the car. He was using the rocking motion to fuck her, the turning power to stretch her cunt to the limits.

“Go on, damn you!” she begged. “Fuck me!”

“Ah, you begin to feel a little of the excitement I do!”

His hips levered back, then he smashed into her.

The jolt shot all the way up her spine and hammered her brain unmercifully. Over and over he used those powerful, deep, penetrating strokes to give her his cock. The fucking wasn’t gentle and lacked technique, but the girl couldn’t have cared less.

The location was the thing. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the desert rushing by her. She was never much good at estimating speeds but the car had to be going at least ninety.

She let the warmth of the sun and the hot breath of the wind soothe her nerves. She was getting uptight over the entire scene. She couldn’t fall off the car as long as she was tied securely down. The man, however, was hanging on. The only real anchor he had was… in her.

His cock had to be gripped tightly by her twat or he would slip off and be crushed by the car!

As her stomach muscles tightened at the thought, the man said, “So you are beginning to understand? Good because here comes another turn!”

He threw his arms up into the air so that he wasn’t hanging on to the roof at all. The man’s only firm contact was his cock buried balls deep up her cunt.

As the car spun around, the force tried to heave the man off. The girl clamped down with her cunt muscles as hard as she could. It was a losing battle. Her own body was betraying her. The cunt juices were making his prick too slippery to hang onto for long.

That and the force of the huge car spinning was far too great to be overcome by only a cock fitted into a twat.

Just as the girl felt the cock slowly being pulled from her belly, the car righted itself and slammed back down the stretch. The cock jarred her as the man fucked back into her.

“Excellent! I could actually feel you hanging in there! Super!”

He fucked her with short, fast strokes this time. The rapid fucking built up heat inside her equal to that of the sun shining so brightly overhead. Sweat poured off her body. She lived for the man’s weight crushing down onto her tits.

Every time the car swayed from side to side, his cock entered her quim at a new and different angle. Every single square inch of her pussy was receiving the benefit of his prick.

She had to scream as the car twisted around in another of the quick 180 degree turns.

This time, the man’s prick felt like a railroad spike digging into her guts. The sensation was coupled with vibration from the car. She thought he’d pulled out his prick and shoved in a vibrator.

“This is living!” he screamed as the car sped along the route at over a hundred ten miles an hour.

“Fuck me good! It feels like zillions of butterflies gone berserk in me. Drive them out with your cock! Burn me up with your lovely, fucking hard cock!”

Each trip down the salt flats took less time than the preceding circuit. The wind whipped their flesh, burning like flames licking across sensitive skin. The girl was acutely aware of the hot air smashing into her pussy lips. The love juices leaking from her cunt as he repeatedly plugged it with his cock helped.

The thick oils kept the wind from cracking her precious skin. But the hot breeze hammering into her crotch at over a hundred miles per hour made her acutely aware of every single touch of the man’s prick.

“I can feel my balls tightening up now,” he shouted in her ear. “The air is working on my balls!”

“I know! I know! Ummm, ohhhh!”

His hands gripped firmly down on her tits. He began working them in circles. The left tit went in a clockwise direction. The right tit was rotated in the opposite direction. She felt as if he meant to rip those luscious mounds of titflesh from her chest.

When the turn came again at the end of the run, he had three holds on her. His cock was thrust all the way up her twat. She helped keep him there by squeezing down with her powerful muscles. But the man also gripped down even harder on her tits.

She was positive they’d come off in his hands before the car was entirely turned around.

The pain of the grip assaulted her body. And she could see the vicious red finger marks he left on her tender flesh. It was bad enough having those mountains of boob burned by the sun. But now he was manhandling them just to keep from being flung off the roof of the car.

He made it worth her while on the return run. His prick delighted her. He fucked her with all the skill she’d come to expect from the customers of Love, Inc.. And he gave her the added bonus of the situation.

The car vibrated powerfully under them. It made his cock shudder so much inside her, she knew she was going to come at any second. But he wasn’t content with just giving her this release.

Everything else was working for them. The sun and wind, the very danger of their fucking, made her aware of life. Her body sang out a song of sheer joy as she could no longer hold her feelings pent-up inside.

She came.

Then she noticed the car was no longer racing in a straight line. It was zigzagging across the desert. The man was being thrown from one side of the roof to another. She felt the pain in her shoulders as she was tossed hard against the bonds tying her to the roof.

The man seemed to expect this sudden change of course, however. The look on his face was one of excitement such as she’d never seen before. It was sex, yes, but it was more.

She could imagine this man and what he would be like to ball after he won a race. He’d be a tiger. His cock would rip her flesh and she would love every second!

The car spun and rocked and braked and accelerated in an attempt to throw the man off. Instead, he came.

His cock expanded to the size of a firehose in her twat. She screamed as the first tide of his fiercely hot jism blasted into her. Then she followed him and let herself go. The climax was even bigger than she’d anticipated.

The mixture of a real stud and the danger gave this fuck an aura she’d never before experienced.

Soon, the car slowed down. When it stopped, the man stood, towering over her. He looked down and smiled before jumping off to the ground. In a few minutes, she heard a car start and crunch away in the dried salt.

The director looked at her and asked, “How was it, Miss Parks?”

She could only sigh, remembering exactly how great it had been.


Laurine relaxed on the old-style couch in the room. This was the first time she’d seen this particular arrangement in here. It was decorated in a style like a European villa circa 1940.

The dress she wore seemed to reinforce her idea that the next customer was on a fantasy trip involving this era. She was dressed up like a French noblewoman. The satin dress clung to her full figure and accentuated her every curve.

The way her tits pressed against the fabric told anyone looking that she wasn’t wearing a bra. The nipples poked eagerly against the cloth and created little mountains of material washing away to all sides.

The deep plunging neckline of the dress revealed acres of her smooth flesh. Every move threatened to reveal just a little more of a bare tit. Hanging around her neck was an elegant emerald necklace. Laurine didn’t know but suspected that the gems were real. The director of Love, Inc. did things first class.

Working for Love, Inc. certainly had its advantages. She was getting better money here than she ever could working as a secretary. Laughing to herself, she had to admit she was making better money than the heads of some companies, much less their secretaries.

She was in a quandary over what to tell Bill when she saw him next. The director still hadn’t told her where Love, Inc. was located but she had lots of information about the organization sure to please Bill. But she was beginning to feel like a traitor. If she squealed to Bill and the cops busted the place, she’d be out of a job. A very high paying job.

Even worse to her way of thinking, all the exciting sex she was getting would be cut off.

Still, this was illegal. She couldn’t allow an illegal operation to continue. Could she?

Her mental argument with herself was cut off by a timid knock on the door. Before she could reach the door and open it, a more forceful knock sounded, as if the man was gaining courage.

She opened it and gasped. Standing there was a man dressed like a Nazi colonel. He had the jet black uniform with silver chasing and high black leather knee boots. In one hand he carried a riding crop. And in the other was a pair of black leather gloves.

“Fraulein,” he said, clicking his heels together in the best Prussian manner.

“I… uh, won’t you come in?” She didn’t know what to say. Of all the things Laurine had expected, seeing a Nazi Gestapo officer standing on the threshold was about the last.

“You are surprised to see me, eh?” he said in a silky smooth voice that hinted at hidden evil. “I wanted to personally interview you after you made a fool out of the captain.”

She bit back the question, “What captain?” She had to play the man’s game. That was what he was paying for, that was what she was being paid to do.

“He was an easy one to fool. You don’t look like such a pushover, though,” she told him.

“I am not.” He prodded her with his riding crop. The way he ran it up and down the side of her dress was almost obscene in its familiarity. When he began pushing the tip into her left nipple, she took an involuntary step backward.

“You do not like me. That is fine. I do not like the French. Even more to the point, I do not like the French aristocracy, which you represent in all your decadent splendor. Look at that disgusting dress. I hate it!”

His boot heels clicked harshly on the wood floor as he took two swift steps toward her. His hand lashed out and he gripped the neckline in his hand. A quick jerk and he had ripped the fabric and left it dangling about her waist.

She was naked from the waist up now. Only the jewel necklace remained.

“What are you doing? My lovely dress is ruined!” The outburst on her part was entirely spontaneous. She was mad at him for ruining her clothing in such a brutal fashion.

A quick slash of the riding crop across her bare tits silenced her.

“You will speak only when I order you to do so. Now,” he said, prodding her a little more with his riding crop, “do you still think you can make the fool of me that you did of my captain?”

“You? Hardly,” she laughed. But it was a forced laugh. She was beginning to feel frightened of this man. His attitude told her he thought nothing of inflicting pain. The red welt across her tits pulsed with a dull ache. And she knew he would want to give her even more pain if the occasion arose.

“You haughty French bitches think you are too good for the likes of me. I was born a peasant. But I am no longer one. You are a sultry one. What do you think of making love to me?”

“No!” she blurted. The girl realized this was what the man wanted to hear. In spite of the pain he might give her, she had to give him what he was searching for. It was his fantasy trip, after all.

“No? I think I can persuade you.” His fingers stroked over the remnants of the evening gown. She quivered in anticipation of him ripping the rest of the dress off her. She was taken by surprise when he used the gloves to slap her across the face.

She staggered back and fell to her knees. The pain throbbed fiercely in her bruised cheek. Each finger of the glove had left its own mark. She glared at him, hatred flaring in her eyes. She didn’t have to act. The girl actually felt it.

“So the French bitch hates me, now. Good. I think I prefer it that way.”

He discarded his gloves and began undoing his belt. The elaborate harness crossed his chest and was fastened front and back. He managed to get out of it in record time.

He advanced on her, the leather straps dangling from his fingers in a most menacing fashion.

“You fear me. I can tell. And it is smart of you to because I will give you excruciating pain. Such pain as you’ve never felt. And when you beg me to fuck you, then it will stop. But I must hear your shining voice begging me to stop.”

She tried to get away from him but the tatters of her dress got in her way. Stumbling, she fell into a chair. He was on top of her in an instant.

Her heart raced as she looked up at the towering giant of a man. The black leather straps he swung back and forth in front of her eyes took on demonic proportions. What was he actually going to do to her?

Millions of horrible, degrading tortures flashed through her mind. Did he have a German shepherd dog outside, waiting for her? She shuddered at the thought of being forced to allow a dog to fuck her. Having that slimy dog’s cock running over her sex lips and then thrusting up into her cunt while the dog panted in lust made her light-headed.

Or would he do something even worse? Would he actually torture her? He must know all the Nazi tricks. Having electric wires touched to her nipples and clitoris would be terrible. Her body would jerk and twitch as if in sheer lust for the man.

“Wh-what are you going to do?”

“You’ll see, my sexy little French tart.”

He slapped her with the palm of his hand. As the pain jabbed down into her neck from the twice-bruised cheek, the man quickly used the leather straps to bind her hands behind her back. Pulling her out of the chair, he threw her to the wood floor. She was on her knees.

He looked down and smiled. Such a sight! She was naked to the waist. Her firm, high tits bounced with barely suppressed fear. But the emotion was having the desired effect. Blood was hammering into her tits, expanding them in size and causing her nipples to turn a fiery red. The little mounds of erectile tissue were already hard as rocks.

She was becoming aroused. And all because of him!

The man licked his lips as he studied her. Each minute he stood silent, towering ominously over her, created even more tension between them. And he could stand there all night just drinking in her beauty. The light from the fireplace highlighted her features to perfection.

Her snowy white tits were firm and lush as newly picked apples. And the smooth plain of her belly with its deeply shadowed depression of navel beckoned to him. Most of all, seeing her with her hands bound behind her back, totally at his mercy, made his cock stiffen.

He walked around her, studying her from every angle. He picked up his discarded riding crop and stroked it along the girl’s naked sides. Once, he jabbed it into the tip of her tit and watched her flinch. It might have been dipped in acid, so swift was her reaction.

“Would you care to suck on a man’s prick?” he asked her in a calm conversational tone.

She spit at him. The tiny gobbet of spit hit him just below the knee and clung to his highly polished boot.

In the same calm tone, he ordered, “Lick it off. And while you’re at it, lick the entire boot.”

“Go to hell!”

She was rewarded with a quick blow from the riding crop. The red mark appeared instantly across her smooth back, marring its perfection.

“Don’t make me do this again,” he said, laying another blow across her back. “I don’t want to hurt you!”

The girl glared at him, then awkwardly worked her way forward. When she was within proper distance, she bent forward at the waist and placed her cheek against the smooth black leather. Her tongue flicked out and snared the spit.

“That’s it. Lick it all, now!”

She was encouraged by a light blow across her ass. The thin gown she still wore below the waist did nothing to rob the riding crop of its sting. There was only one thing she could do. She licked.

“Good, very good.”

And then he took a step backwards. She almost fell on her face from the unexpected movement. With her hands tied behind her back, she was unable to reach out and catch herself.

“Are you ready to suck on my cock now?”


He said nothing. Pulling her to her feet, his fingers gripped the inside of her waist line. A sudden jerk stripped the remainder of her gown from her body. She stood in front of him, bare ass naked except for the glittering emerald necklace still dangling between her tits.

He kissed her hard. His lips crushed into hers. When he took her lower lip between his teeth, she braced herself for sudden pain. It never came.

He only chewed gently on her lip. His hands sought and found her tits. The riding crop was forgotten for the moment. When he began kneading those twin mounds of titflesh, she had to moan in pleasure.

In spite of all the things he’d done to her, it wasn’t too bad. And now he was giving her what she had come to Love, Inc. for — sex.

She found herself responding to this masterful man. He knew what he wanted. And he took it. The smell of her sweat and the aroma of the thick leather encasing the man made her weak in the knees. She felt herself beginning to moisten in the crotch.

She was getting turned on by all that had happened!

The joy she was getting from having him play with her tits was unmatched. She quickly forgot the pain he’d inflicted on her. All that mattered to her at that instant was the way he continually flicked his thumbs over her nipples to send sexual electricity volting into her jugs.

As suddenly as the kiss and fondling had begun, they ended. He shoved her to the floor again.

“Bitch! Cunt! You’re all alike! You think your bodies can gain you whatever you want! I’m superior! I’m above such things and I’ll show you!”

Before she could move, he was on top of her. His riding crop had returned. Up her cunt.

She gasped at the sudden intrusion of the crop up her pussy. She hadn’t even seen it coming. One instant, her cunt was juicy and yearning and the next, the leather crop was all the way up her.

When he began turning it around and around inside her cunt, she tried kicking him to get away.

It wasn’t painful but it was damned uncomfortable.

“Stop it, damn you! Stop it this instant!”

He laughed harshly. “You haven’t begged me for my cock yet, slut!”

“The hell you say!”

She felt the first real pain when he jerked the riding crop from her gaping cunt. He didn’t try to soften the action. He simply yanked. She felt her body tensing again. Whatever he was going to do, it wouldn’t be pleasant.

He crammed the riding crop all the way up her ass. The leather was already lubricated with her cunt juices so it slipped up her ass a little easier than it might have.

It still hurt like a million fire ants gnawing away at her guts.

She lay on her side, writhing as he drilled the riding crop even deeper up her asshole.

“Now will you beg me for my cock? Now you know what else I have to offer, will you beg for it?”

“Yes, yes!” She was seeing red from the pain. All she could think of was the white hot fire leaping through her rectum. If an acid dipped iron rod had been jammed into her body, it couldn’t have burned at her insides worse than the riding crop.

“Say it!”

“Your cock, I want your cock! Oh, shiit! Pull it out!”

“No,” he said simply. “I will put it in!”

He lifted her into the air. She wasn’t able to stand on her feet but that didn’t stop him. His cock leaped out into the flickering light cast by the fireplace, then he fucked powerfully into her cunt. He speared her directly on the pussy lips and shot up into her twat.

She screamed. The pain of the entry wasn’t that bad, it was the crop shafting her up the rear. Every movement she made was agony.

And then he pulled her strongly into his chest. She felt the medals and ornaments cutting into her naked flesh. The lovely necklace threatened to cut her soft tits. But most of all, the feel of his cock fucking her while that damned riding crop was stiff up her ass was torture.

She’d never thought that she’d ever see the day when she hated to have a man fucking her. This was the day. Every time his cock fucked hard into her twat, it worked the riding crop around in her ass.

She tried to pull the riding crop out but it eluded her. The butt end of it was just a bit beyond where she could reach with her hands tied as they were.

He laughed as he continued fucking her. She tried to relax but it wasn’t possible. Too many things worked on her young body. The man dressed as the Nazi officer was enjoying this little scene to the utmost.

And she hated him for it.

This seemed to fire him. His passions aroused by her suffering, her hate, spurred him on. His cock flew like a piston up and down her cunt.

She felt the huge cock thundering up her twat. She tried to make it a nice, gentle entry. Each time, though, she tensed at the wrong moment. He bludgeoned his way into her juicy quim and pushed aside the soft walls of her pussy. He didn’t come close to stretching her as wide apart as some other men had, but this didn’t matter.

He had other things working for him and against her. She was moaning as her tits rubbed against the cloth of his jacket. But most of all the way both his cock and the riding crop would be in her at the same time took its toll.

“Stop, please! It’s tearing my ass apart!”

He kept fucking. He was in control and knew it. She had to accept whatever he dished out to her. The riding crop seemed to work itself up her ass rather than out. She could feel it poking into her delicate inner membrane every time the man fucked her.

His cock rubbed against the riding crop through her thin inner tissues. He was actually getting off on the feel of the crop touching his prick as he buried it deep up her cunt.

“You like this, don’t you?” he demanded.

“Yes, yes!” she cried. The tears of frustration ran down her cheeks. She knew better than to deny him his pleasure. The way he was fucking her told that he was about ready to come.

He had gotten his pleasure from her by being the dominant one. She hadn’t been able to do a thing once he’d come into the room — not a thing he hadn’t wanted, that is. She felt so weak and insignificant next to him.

His body smoothly rippled against hers. The way he continued fucking her told that he was an expert cocksman. She vaguely wondered what it would have been like if he hadn’t tied her up and degraded her this way.

The pain in her ass caused all such thoughts to vanish. She had to struggle to hang onto her consciousness. The agony she felt was so incredible, she almost bit through her lower lip. But she hung on. She had to. It was the only way to gain some small victory over him.

The lewd noise of his cock fucking her filled her ears. Then came a tiny pop from behind her. It took an instant to realize it was the riding crop coming out of her asshole.

“Thank you, oh, thank you!” she cried. The relief was almost great enough to make her pass out.

But it was short-lived. He jammed the crop back up her ass. She felt it searching for her asshole, pushing her meaty asscheeks aside. Then it was hurtling up her back door again.

He alternated fucking her with his cock and buttfucking her with the riding crop. The push-pull action threatened to drive her out of her mind. The pain mixed in with the pleasure of his cock fucking her confused her.

She couldn’t keep the two straight any longer. Her hands were numb from lack of circulation. The straps holding her wrists together cut off all the blood. And the medals poking into her chest hurt like fire. Worst of all, the emeralds in the necklace were gouging hard into her tits. She hadn’t thought such a lovely necklace would become an item of stark hatred in her mind.

“I’m coming!” he gasped.

She felt his jism gush into her twat. She tensed as he pulled inwards with his hands. The riding crop shot even deeper into her guts. The pain and the pleasure washed through her body in a totally confusing mixture.

She couldn’t keep them straight any longer. She fainted.

When Laurine blinked awake again, she was still naked but lying on the low couch near the fire. The man was fastening the straps of his harness and buckling his belt around his middle.

He glanced at her and said, “Keep the necklace as a token of my esteem for haughty French bitches.”

The man left the room without another word.

Laurine simply slumped back onto the couch and tried to relax. The fire burning hot in her ass kept her from doing so.


“I never was so humiliated in all my life, Bill! Honest!” She told her boyfriend.

“You mean he actually beat you and tied you up and then fucked you with a riding crop up your ass? My God, I never thought it would get this rough!” He leaned back and ran a hand through his thick hair. “I’m going to pull you out. You can’t stay in that insane asylum any longer.”


Her sudden response to being deprived of Love, Inc. astounded her. She couldn’t work it all out in her head but she actually was becoming addicted to the place. She enjoyed most of her customers.

And the Nazi had let her keep the emerald necklace. She’d asked the director and he’d simply said, “It was his to give. Keep it.”

His cock hadn’t been that bad, she had to admit. And the riding crop? It hadn’t really injured her. She reluctantly agreed with the director that it had been a totally different experience for her. She wasn’t sure she wanted to repeat it, but it had been exciting.

“Why the eagerness to stay on at Love, Inc.?” he asked.

“I don’t know, Bill. Call it a personal vendetta or something. But I do want to keep on with the investigation.”

“I don’t know. I don’t want anything happening to that sweet little ass of yours.”

“And how do you know my ass is that sweet?”

“I can guess,” he said.

Something began working inside her, something she couldn’t quite figure out. Her rear end still ached horribly, but she found herself wondering what it would be like to take Bill’s cock up her ass. Would it feel anything at all like that riding crop?

Just sitting on the hard chair was making her horny. All these sexy thoughts were working their magic on her. She remembered something said once about getting right back up on a horse that’s thrown you. It keeps you from becoming frightened of all horses.

Could she really get Bill to fuck her up the ass and prevent her from ever fearing a man anally taking her?

She quickly moved over and sat on his lap.

“Now, Bill, just think of me as an underpaid public servant just like you.”

“Underpaid, maybe, but the job has its compensations.”

“Like me?”

“Like you,” he agreed. His cock was beginning to ache from her nearness. He itched to pull down his zipper and fuck her sweet little ass. After all, it was so close!

She seemed to read his mind. Her hand worked down the front of his shirt unbuttoning the top couple buttons, then worked lower until she was able to free his zipper. A quick movement and his cock came rushing out, like a horse to the starting line.

“What are you doing?”

“Does being out here in the restaurant bother you? Like last time, no one’s watching. And if they do, what can they really see?”

She was rearranging her skirt so that the fold fell down over his knees and hid what was going on underneath. The man’s hard prick was poking avidly into her leg.

That wasn’t where it belonged. She wanted it up her ass. Fucking her hard. She could erase all the evils done her in the room at Love, Inc. by this public buttfucking.

“In public? Right now?” He was incredulous.

“Sure. I think it’s absolutely tacky to rent a motel room to fuck. This is a nice, healthful spot. We’re out in the sun and the fresh air.”

“And dozens of people can be watching us!”

“Yes! Isn’t it deliciously obscene?”

She wiggled her ass down a little onto his prick. She felt it jerk in response. He wanted to fuck her. His cock told her the entire story. No matter what his lips said, his body was telling her, “Go ahead! Open wide for me!”

She twisted and lifted her leg to get his cock into her cunt. It was already nice and juicy. She gasped as he penetrated her. The cock was firm and beginning to beat out its lusty song inside her. She could feel the thick oils from her cunt beginning to lubricate his prick.

They leaked out of her quim and dribbled down the inside of her leg. Rocking back and twisting around the spike of cock impaling her, she was able to squirt her juices all over the man’s balls. He was well-oiled for the trip up her ass.

She lifted off his lap until his cock slipped free, then sank back down. His prick nudged hard against the tight anal sphincter muscle. She forced herself to relax. Otherwise, he wasn’t going to be able to get into her shit chute.

Just as the greedy little “O” of muscle loosened and his cock prodded on into her asshole, the waitress came up.

“Everything okay, folks?”

“Uh, yeah, just f-fine!” he blurted. His forehead was covered with sweat and he was stuttering. The thought of the waitress figuring out what they were doing and then calling the cops was too much.

She recognized them as the couple from the previous week. They were weirdos. Whatever they were doing, she’d be content to let them alone.

He whispered in the girl’s ear, “Christ! She almost caught us. Let’s go to my place where we can do this up right!”


She was firm. She had his cock resting in her rectum. She wasn’t about to let it go. Tightening her asshole was like pulling a noose taut around his cock. He yelped at the sudden sensations surging into his balls. The girl paid him no attention.

The warmth from having his cock all the way up her anus was beginning to have its effect on her. She liked it a lot.

Turning from side to side caused the prick to begin throbbing wildly. She suspected she was having a greater effect on him than he was on her.

The man’s cock was filling her with a liquid warmth. She could feel the contours of his prick through her raw bowels. The riding crop had scraped her inner tissue and sensitized it immensely. The slightest movement now was magnified a million times.

And having a cock up her ass was a million times better than letting a riding crop fuck her.

“I feel like I’m gonna blast off at any second! Let’s stop, darling, so I can get my control back.” She liked the little pleading note in the man’s tone. She simply said, “No. I am enjoying this.”

And she was. She began bouncing up and down gently on his lap. She let his slippery prick glide back and forth up her asshole. The slow movement was like a salve to her. Her injured tissues could stand this — they even wanted more!

She gave her ass all the stimulation it could stand. Bouncing up and down on his erect prick began lighting little fires of lust in her belly. The way it spread told her this was a good thing to do. The fear of discovery by any of the people in the restaurant added spice to the lovemaking. The danger element gave her an added surge of excitement.

She sucked in her breath and held it for a moment. Her lungs were demanding air. Her body was starting to race on high. Her heart hammered away in her chest and her tits were blowing up like balloons with excited blood. She could feel the nipples snapping to attention. When he took one of them and gently squeezed, she came.

Her hips crammed down hard onto his pole of cock. She slipped forward and banged against the table. Eyes turned and looked at them.

“Watch out!” came his words.

This only excited her more.

The first climax had been good, but she was getting to be a greedy bitch. She wanted the most out of sex every time. There had to be an even larger come waiting for her.

Her hips worked even harder. She felt his cock starting to strain all the way up her asshole. He was trying to butt fuck her with all the strength locked up in his hips. He couldn’t do it. Her weight held him pinned down onto the chair and being in the restaurant kept his wild passions in check.

She reveled in the fear of exposure almost as much as she did the way his cock stroked the sides of her rectum. His cock was the balm she needed to eliminate the last traces of the anal rape by the riding crop.

She’d been rubbed raw by the leather. Now the cunt-juice-greased prick was restoring her to full health. The broad purpled head of the man’s glans healed as it fucked her ass. She could sense the heat warming her, soothing her, exciting her.

“This is wonderful!” she squealed.

“Yeah,” he said, sweat running into his eyes. He wasn’t about to lose his grip on her waist. She might get away!

As she gently bounced on his cock, he felt his balls tightening more and more. They were churning with aching need. He was going to shoot his wad at any second due to her clutching ass.

Never had he felt so tight a woman around him. Her ass seemed to be sucking him far up into her guts. The heat boiling out threatened to burn his prick to a nubbin. Somehow, he didn’t care.

The power of her muscles clutching at him made him think he was fucking into a heated vise. She clung to him in spite of the coating of cunt juice on his prick. The girl’s asshole was like a guillotine squeezing and cutting at his prick.

But he fucked on. Never had he gotten so hot for a woman before. She was driving him wild. Spears of hot flame licked at his balls. It wouldn’t be much longer before he spent himself in her grasping asshole.

“Like it?” she whispered in his ear.

He nodded, not trusting himself to words. The way she was sensuously moving up and down on his prick, he wanted to savor every single instant. Words weren’t good enough to describe the feelings running rampant in his body.

This was the way a butt should be fucked. This was the way her insides could come alive. There was no trace of the horror, the pain, the sheer terror that the other man had inspired in her.

She was feeling sexy having his cock stretching her rectum in new and wonderfully different directions. And soon, he’d be giving her the greatest enema ever — his creamy white cum.

“Faster, I’ve got to mooooove!”

Her hips were beginning to work on their own. She was finding it hard to control her own actions. The demon of lust had been released the instant she took his cock full length up her ass. The very act of being cornholed was making her into a wanton, sex-hungry bitch.

She ground her hips down into his lap. She had to get more of his precious prick into her guts. The warm length was gently pulsing in her bowels. The cock was giving her a nice, twitchy feeling as the sexual tensions built in her.

Squirming around from side to side stirred the cock in her ass like a spoon in a mixing bowl. She closed her eyes and let the feelings wash over her like warm ocean water.

It started down in her well-rounded ass and expanded outward like water spilled on the ground. Soon, even her toes were tingly and throbbing with new life.

“Faster!” she begged. “Go faster!”

“I can’t!” he groaned. “I can’t raise my hips hard enough. You’re gonna have to fuck yourself!”

He was pinned to the chair. Her weight kept him firmly in position. If he shifted around much, they’d both go scooting off onto the ground. Normally he wouldn’t have minded.

But not here. They were in the middle of a busy restaurant. Already, his gasps and her deep moans were attracting unwanted attention.

Yet, he couldn’t say it was entirely unwanted attention since the mere possibility of discovery added such zest to the buttfucking. If anything, he was hoping someone would come over and ask what was happening.

At that moment the girl sucked in her breath, her body going rigid, and she came. The sharp spike of pleasure that drove itself through her entire being prevented either of them from saying a single word.

She was totally wrapped up in the wondrous feels assaulting her body. She was riding with the tide of her passion and letting it cleanse her of all the bad feelings where she’d been tortured using the riding crop. His cock made excellent medicine for her tormented asshole.

He was hardly in any condition to speak. Her muscles had clamped down so firmly on his prick, he felt like he was going to be chopped out. Her already tight asshole snapped shut like the shutter on a camera. His cock was trapped in her seething hot asshole.

This was all it took for his come to be triggered. He panted out, “Here it comes!” before his jism fountained into her ass. He felt as if he were plugged into a milking machine. Her anus pulled every single droplet of his cum from his prick.

They sat together for a while, gasping. When they’d gotten their breaths back and his cock had slipped out of her asshole on its own, she stood up. Chastely arranging her skirts, she slipped back over to her own chair.

“Really, Bill,” she chided. “Your fly is open. And in public!”

He came close to blushing. She felt the momentary surge of power seeing him so embarrassed, then realized that it wasn’t going to work out right between her cop lover and her innermost feelings.

If either Love, Inc. or Bill had to go, she’d have to decide in favor of dropping Bill.

She needed what Love, Inc. could give her — and what Bill couldn’t.


The room was dimly lighted. Laurine stood in the middle, feeling as if she were on stage. Looking around gave her little information to support that odd sensation.

The room had only a few overhead lights, colored all the hues of the rainbow, and a giant overstuffed chair. The director had told her it didn’t matter how she dressed as long as it was sexy.

She thought she’d succeeded well in that respect.

Her hands pressed out imaginary wrinkles in her dress. It clung tightly to her body. Under the thin fabric she felt the garter belt and the band of the silk panties. She shivered a little when she remembered she’d put on the crotchless panties. The customer wouldn’t even have to undress her to get to her tight little cunt.

The girl looked behind her to check if the seams of her net stockings were still straight. They were. She knew she was a knockout in them. There was something about stockings with seams that made her feel horny. She wanted to parade around for a man, his eyes drinking in her beauty.

The director had given her a few ideas, but mostly he just encouraged her to use her own imagination. That was lots better. She could do things and feel some pride in them — pride and not a little satisfaction when it really got a guy hot and he fucked her extremely well as a result.

She turned at the sound of the door opening. She couldn’t see the man who entered. He was cloaked in shadows.

“Please, Miss. To the center of the room,” came a low, calm voice.

She walked out to the very center of the cleared area. She noticed it was directly in front of the chair and all the lights were aimed down at one particular spot.

“Now what?” she asked.

The man came and sat in the chair. He was as nondescript as a human could be. There was nothing about him that was out of the ordinary.

“Start dancing. Would you care for some music?”

She didn’t see what he did but low strains of, music began. Holding her arms out to him, she said, “Come and join me.”

“NO! Dance!”

So she danced. She thought it was a little wasteful of him to make her dance alone. He may have been John Q. Nobody but having a man in her arms as she danced and being in his was a lot better. Still, she found the music to be stimulating.

The beat was heavy and she began responding to it. As the tempo picked up, she spun and whirled, her dress flaring out from her waist. She knew the man was getting a great view of her legs, all the way to the crotch. For once, she knew the stockings would have an even greater effect. Her legs had to look simply super in them.

The lights began swirling with her. The colors shifted according to some sort of pattern she couldn’t figure out. Not that it mattered. She was lost in the music. Dance, dance, dance. Her entire world became wrapped up in her performance.

She began sweating. The room was too hot for her. A quick touch at the top button of her blouse and it came free. Spinning, her tits pressed firmly against the blouse. A sudden spotlight hit her chest. She knew it revealed the twin points of her nipples poking firmly into the cloth.

Deciding to give the man a real treat, she began slowly stripping. She didn’t know all the techniques. Improvising as she went, she knew she would give him the sight of his life.

The buttons were all freed on her blouse and the tails in her hands. All the time she was slipping out of the blouse, she was turning and spinning, bobbing and letting her tits bounce freely in front of her chest. The red of her nipples traced out invisible little figure eights in the air.

“Do you like this?” she asked.

The man sat, impassive. She continued her striptease.

Holding the tails of the blouse in front of her body, she suddenly turned and looked back over her shoulder at the man. Her pink tongue slipped from between her lips and made a slow circuit around. There was no question what was on her mind. Sex. And lots of it. She was inviting the man to respond.

There was no word from the chair.

She pulled one perfect shoulder out of the blouse and let the fabric slip down her arm. Then the other arm sensuously followed. She was lithe, athletic. Her body flowed like quicksilver in the ever-changing rainbow of the overhead lights.

When she was totally naked to the waist, she suddenly turned and faced the man. Her back hadn’t fully promised what she delivered. Her tits were gorgeous. Firm and high on her chest, there wasn’t the slightest sag. They were young and beautiful and begging to be popped into a mouth and sucked.

The man still didn’t respond.

The music began to pick up in tempo again. The melody carried the girl away. She began dancing faster and more acrobatically. Once, while she was slowly pulling down the skirt around the curves of her ass, she’d almost stood on her head looking back through her legs at the man.

He’d been treated to the sight of her tits silhouetted by the light, a completely erotic view of an incredibly sexy young brunette. She held the pose for only an instant, then spun away.

In a circle, she danced. At first she rejoiced in the freedom from her clothing. She wore only the stockings, garter belt and panties. Then it was only the stocking and garter belt.

She threw her crotchless panties to the man in the chair.

As the lights flared and then dimmed again, she saw he was jerking off. The look on his face was indescribable. Never had she seen a more aroused man. He obviously was getting his rocks off in a big way.

That seemed to goad her into even more erotic dancing. She felt the sweat running down her body. The tiny tracks were turned into silver and gold by the lights over head. Her feet swished as she moved lithely in front of the man. Let him jack off. She’d show him that there was something more attractive waiting for him.

She slipped to the floor, her knees pointing toward the man. At first, she kept her legs together. Then, slowly, she separated them. The man was given a full view of her stockinged legs and all of her bush.

The lights blinking on and off caught and refracted the tiny dew drops of her cunt juice. Her pussy mound was already beginning to moisten from her own lust. This dance was strenuous. It made her use all her muscles. Limber as a willow, she wanted to fuck now.

“Come, come join me! I can show you great things! Let’s do all them together!”

The man was silent. The only noise the girl could hear was the gentle music and his harsh breathing. The movement from the shadows where his chair was placed indicated he was still avidly beating off.

So be it. She’d make him sorry he’d missed out on such an opportunity. She was going wild from the hollow ache in her cunt. She wanted cock and lots of it. Knowing that wasn’t too likely now, she’d have to make the best of the situation.

She leaned back, supporting herself on one hand. The angle gave the man a complete view of her charms. Her long, stocking clad legs were seductive in their perfection. The black net stockings hinted at a wantonness, a willingness to screw like a rabbit.

But this was only part of the package. As she leaned back, she arched her back. Her tits flattened a little but it made the nipples pop fully erect. They cast tiny shadows in the light. She began a dance as graceful as any belly dancer.

Her entire body vibrated, quivered, promised a man paradise if he would only come and kneel between her legs. She lifted up a little on her ankles and spread her legs even more in obvious invitation. Her pussy mound was exposed fully.

Even the sex lips were pulsing with desire. They rippled like lewd pink scallops. As her heart hammered faster and faster, she could feel her cunt lips begin to firm up, to become rigid with her lusty blood. She thrust her snatch directly at the man as she arched her back even more.

The sight should have made him so Goddamn horny, he’d have rushed over and fucked hell out of her.

But he didn’t.

She reached down and began playing with herself. Her fingers lightly brushed over her now juicy pussy lips. She let her hand become totally drenched with her inner oils. The movement over her genitals made her catch her breath and gasp in amazement.

She hadn’t realized the full extent which the dance had gotten her so excited. The tiny touches all over her gash, her cunt, her clit, made her fully aware of her body.

The lights continued to flicker in a seductive manner and the music accented the mood building in her body.

She probed up her pussy with one finger. It tingled and sent a tiny jolt of pleasure hurtling through her body. She couldn’t keep the second finger from joining the first. Wiggling them together, then separately made her groan in pleasure.

“Join me! I’m so hoooot! I want you! YOU, DAMN IT!”

The man’s breathing became harsher. And she remained alone, in the center of the room with a single light spotlighting her.

She twisted over onto her belly, then came to her hands and knees. Her pert ass was directly aimed at the man. The smooth skin gleamed bone white in the light. The black strap of the garter belt expanded and contracted as she moved. The black net stockings were such an obvious invitation that she didn’t understand how the man resisted.

She spread her legs wide to give a full view of her snatch. The bristly hair surrounding it was all wet with her lust. Why didn’t he come over and fuck the living hell out of her?

She wanted it! She wanted it worse than she’d ever wanted anything in her entire life!

A deep, wracking shudder passed through her body. Her twat remained empty. She reached back and stuffed a finger into her manhole. The finger was too small, too small by far. It wasn’t a cock. Why didn’t he respond?

She redoubled her efforts to get him out of that chair and kneeling down behind her to fuck her.

The lights suddenly dimmed leaving her in darkness. A tiny click to the left of her attracted her attention. There in a small pile was a pair of sequined garters.

“Put them on and dance,” came the calm words.

But she knew the man was anything but calm. He was beating his meat so hard when the light had been on that she wondered how he kept from pulling it out by the roots.

Still, she did as she was ordered. She didn’t understand what was going to happen, but she’d go along with it. She was frustrated and still hornier than hell.

She slipped into the two garters and then the lights came on, flickering. And then she understood. She began slow, sensual undulations. Her legs moved gently at first, then with bigger and bigger motion.

The light reflected off the sequins and danced crazily around the room. The erotic effect was ten times greater than it had been. She began to get even hotter thinking about the way her slender legs were moving, hiding her cunt, then revealing it. The dimness of the light would make it all the more mysterious and attractive.

Her tits bobbed up and down. She caressed her own body, tweaking her nipples and running her fingers over her snatch. Once, she tweaked the little spire of her clit and came.

She didn’t remember those few seconds as she soared on the kaleidoscopic winds of ecstasy. But she knew the wildness must have been really spectacular.

“Come,” she moaned, “Come and join me!”

She began to really let her body take over. She went through a mock fucking, her fingers having to substitute for a man’s prick. When she pulled her fingers out of her juicy twat, they gleamed in the flickering light.

But most of all, it was the sequined garters that proved the center of attention. They drew the eye to her legs, to her bush, to the slim waist and flaring ass. Promising the world of carnal pleasure, those garters were worth their weight in gold.

She danced until she collapsed. Then, opening her legs and motioning to the hidden man, she said, “Please, now! Please take me! I’m so hot for you I can’t stand it!”

She heard a tiny gasp, then a series of moans followed by silence. When the door closed, she knew the man had left.

Left her hot and horny and tired.


Laurine simply lay on the floor for several minutes. She was hot and sticky and tired. And she felt as if she’d been robbed. The dancing had been hard work for her. She’d poured every ounce of her sexuality into it — and what had it gotten her?

She finally stood and sought out her panties. She slipped into them and found where she’d tossed her skirt and blouse. Robbed was the only real emotion she felt.

She went to the door and opened it and was amazed to find it didn’t lead into the hallway as she’d expected. Inside was a dimly lit room and a man sitting in an easy chair which could have been the mate of the one behind her in the room.

“Come in, please.”

“Sure,” she said. The man was drinking something, a martini perhaps. And the way he looked at her let her know he appreciated beauty. His eyes duplicated the motions she’d just gone through in the room.

He thoroughly undressed her with his gaze before pointing to a chair and saying, “Join me in a drink?”

“No thanks,” she said. “But I do want to join you.”

He smiled broadly. It was obvious she appealed to him. And, Laurine knew, he appealed to her. He wasn’t tall but he was well-muscled. Nothing flabby about him. She could imagine what it would be like having his strong arms circling around her, crushing her close. And then his long cock would probe deep up her pussy.

She guessed he was a real stud from the way his pants were beginning to tent up.

His eyes were at the point of watering. He couldn’t believe his good luck this time around. He’d told the director more or less what he’d wanted but had never expected a chick this foxy. He was going to cream just looking at her!

He didn’t know exactly what it was but he suspected it was the black stockings that did it to him. He wondered exactly how she had them fastened.

As if reading his mind, Laurine unhooked her skirt again and exposed her crotchless panties to the man. “Do you like?” she asked needlessly.

“I like a whole lot!”

She leaned back in the chair, one leg hooked over an arm. This spread her pussy as wide as she could comfortably get it. If the gaping sex lips all dewy with her inner fuck juices didn’t tell him what she wanted, nothing would. The girl was determined not to be frustrated like she had been just a little while ago.

She was going to get her kicks from this stud or know the reason.

What he did next surprised her. Not the way he licked his lips or the way his hands trembled — she expected those. But he got up and rustled through a low cabinet until he came out with a jar.

“Honey,” he told her.

“What ever for?”

And then she found out. His fingers quickly stripped her panties off her. She sighed. One of these days she’d get to use them — they weren’t crotchless for nothing. But when he poured the honey all over her fleecy bush, she started to complain.

This was damned messy!

“Quiet. Just let me take care of this in my own way,” he said.

Then she was glad he was taking care of the thick honey sluggishly flowing all over her pussy lips. He was licking it off.

“Ummm, good!” he exclaimed. “Open up a little more, ummm, yeah! That’s the way!”

She was almost reduced to a quivering blob of human flesh by his tongue. The thick honey had oozed between her cunt lips and totally covered her snatch. But not for long. His tongue rushed out and began working in the thick hair of her bush.

He sucked little spirals of her pussy fur into his mouth and carefully licked it clean. She shuddered when his tongue lightly touched the edges of her labia. They were drenched with a weird mixture of honey and cunt juice now, but this didn’t stop the man.

He sucked harder until her inner pussy lips were rigid with lust. The man worked harder until his head was firmly pressed between her thighs. The black net stockings on either side of his head, the garter belt just inches from his nose, the tasty mess all over her crotch, all conspired to rob him of his wad.

The man had to fight down the urge to simply cream all over the place. This was heaven! If he’d died and gone to a better world, it couldn’t have been improved all that much.

Inches away was her wet-with-saliva pussy mound. He’d licked it clean. The bristly pubic hair had tickled his tongue and nose but this was only a trial run. What he wanted most of all was still covered with the honey.

He was about ready to dip down into her honey pot.

“Lick harder, oh, shiiit! Tongue fuck me and to hell with the honey!” she cried to him.

He received a face full of cunt. She thrust her snatch downwards forcefully to make certain he didn’t miss a tender nerve ending. He was going to be thorough about it. The man was licking with the precision of a machine all over her delicate pussy lips.

He worked one of the labia into his mouth. His lips gently pulled it in until his teeth could gnaw on the flap of sensitive flesh. His tongue ran rough and wet all along the trapped ridge until it was cleaned of the honey.

The honey and cunt juice mixture was more intoxicating than any liquor could have been. He found his heart beating faster and his hot breath gusted out and into the dense forest of her pussy mound. He discarded this sex lip for the other.

He gave it the same treatment. The soft skin was like the finest leather. And the female musky odor drove him on to ever greater oral acrobatics. His tongue flashed out and into her cunt.

She tensed as his tongue raced up her love tunnel. Then he got into the spirit of the tongue fucking. He didn’t miss a single velvety fold of her cunt. He slurped up all her outpouring of juices and made sure that not a trace remained of the honey.

The girl was writhing in ecstasy in the chair. All the pent-up emotions were coming out. Sure, she’d been eaten out before. Her cunt and a man’s tongue were no strangers. But this was different. The way the honey had oozed all over her pussy was oddly stimulating. And the striptease had gotten her hot and frustrated.

She was a horny bitch waiting for the trigger to set her off. When he finished licking the last of the thick honey from her clit, she came. Her hips began bouncing up and down in a vain attempt to get even more attention paid to her go-button.

He loudly kissed her twat, then quickly made one last circuit around to get the last traces of the honey cleaned up. Then he rocked back on his heels and unzipped his fly. Making sure she was watching him, he stripped off his pants, tossed his shorts aside and lay back on the rug.

“The jam is on the table,” was all he said but the message was clear to the girl. She’d been wondering what it would be like to lick something sticky sweet off a guy’s prick.

She grinned and picked up the jar of strawberry jam. She didn’t bother dabbing it onto his prick. She upended the bottle and let it all flow over his erection.

“So much?” he asked. “You must be damned hungry.”

“Hungrier than hell — for prick!”

And she dived down to her tasty snack. The gooey mess was even more succulent than she’d anticipated. Her mouth was already watering from the sight of his prick poking through the blob of jam. But when she began sucking and licking, she found it incredibly stimulating.

The man’s prick had its own flavor. It was enhanced by the sweet jam. She hardly knew where to start first. Finally deciding to work on his balls, then up to the very tip of his jutting prick, she gobbled away.

She was making a pig of herself. She knew it by the constant flow of the sugary jam. But she couldn’t stop. No matter how much the man moaned and cried out for her to slow down, she had to devour as much of his meat as she could.

Her saliva mixed with the jam and was made even tastier by the maleness of his cock. She took his hairy little sac containing his balls into her mouth. Rolling the nuts around helped clean off all the sticky jam.

What it was doing to the man, she didn’t even want to think about. He’d gotten her off pretty quickly. She didn’t care if she returned the honor or not.

All she wanted was cock and lots of it. That it was coated with the jam was only a bonus. It was his prick she was after.

“Slow it down! I… I can’t control myself if you keep at me like you’re doing!” he complained. She ignored him.

Her tongue pressed firmly into the wrinkled skin of his scrotum. She washed off all the jam. The very sweetness spurred her on to lick even faster. Sucking a little, she was able to completely clean off the strawberry goo.

The way his balls were bouncing around in the tiny pouch told her the tongue lashing she was giving him was going to make him cream all over the place very soon. She had to get rid of all the strawberry jam by then. Otherwise it would look like a strawberry sundae.

She began to lick.

“Ummmm,” he groaned.

Her tongue laced through the tangled mat of his bush. The thick black hair was beginning to stiffen from the drying jam. She had to lick it enough times to get it softened up, then she could alternately lick and use her teeth to scrape it off.

When she reached his prick, she decided the same principle would work just fine.

Her licking made the caked-on jam begin to crack a little. When she used her teeth on the sides of his cock, she felt a powerful jerk. He yelped out something she didn’t understand and his hips bucked off the floor toward her mouth. The man was losing his iron control. He wanted to fuck into her face and give her the entire seven inches of cock all at once.

Her tongue worked off the chunks of jam but she continued using her teeth to gnaw on his prick. The man was almost out of his mind with passion by the time she reached the very top of his boner. His cockhead was hard with the jam but a tiny drop of pre-cum was beading there.

The bitter little droplet was quickly carried away by her eager tongue. She licked the man’s cock like it was a lollipop. The sweetness lingering there took away the bitterness in her mouth and left her feeling as if this was the only way to eat a man.

“Hurry, hurry!” he urged.

She knew he was straining to keep from coming. His balls had tightened into an impossibly small little globe. She could see the balls inside beginning to lurch and boil. The thick stew of his jism was demanding immediate release.

She took his prick into her mouth. The very head of his cock was still covered with the jam. She washed it all off using only her tongue. The man was thrashing around on the floor as if someone had set fire to him. He was rocking to and fro, his hips jerking spasmodically. Every time she sucked a little harder than usual, he drove his spike of cock upward into her mouth. He was instinctively trying to face fuck her.

She gobbled up his prick greedily. As if she’d been deprived of a man’s cock for years, she worked at giving him the best head possible. Her tongue had completely licked off the strawberry jam but the flavor lingered.

Strawberry cock! She wondered if he came in thirty-one more flavors.

“Oh, sweet Jesus, I can’t stand it!”

She would have answered but she had a more important use for her mouth than talking. She sucked.

She sucked so hard her cheeks went hollow under the force. Inch by slow inch, she pulled him into her mouth. When the rubbery tip of his cock was a couple inches into her mouth, she made a complete circle around the man’s glans with her tongue.

The rough attention she paid his cock caused another drop of pre-cum to ooze out. She could feel the agitation in his prick. He was jerking wildly now, totally out of control. It wouldn’t take much at all to get his rocks off.

Cradling his cock with her tongue, she sucked even harder. The big purple knob on the tip of his cock bounced off the roof of her mouth. She swallowed hard and got her head into position to take his entire length down her throat.

She corkscrewed her face down into his crotch. The smell of her saliva and the traces of the strawberry jam came to her nostrils. She burrowed into the wet, tangled mat of his bush. And his cock was all the way down her throat.

Every time she would swallow gave him an added thrill. The Adam’s apple bobbing up and down massaged the underside of his cock right where it was the most sensitive.

His hands formed fists and pounded hard on the floor. She could hear him crying out, “Can’t h-hold b-back! Can’t!”

And he wasn’t able to any longer. While she had his prick all the way down her throat, he began jetting out his pearly cum.

She backed off enough to be able to smear the thick stew of his sperm and semen all over her tongue. Together with the jam, it gave her taste buds the treat of a century. Never again would she be able to create such a dynamic flavor.

Her lips pursed into an “O” shape, she sucked out every last drop of the man’s cum. She didn’t want to miss out on this tasty cock still lingeringly flavored with strawberry jam.

When she felt the prick going limp under her tongue, she gave one final swipe with her tongue and stood up.

“How was it?” he asked. “Did you like the little snack?”

“Loved it,” she assured him. “I wouldn’t have missed that for the world. I was horny to start with but the way you ate me out really reached me. The feel of the honey seeping down into me was dynamite!”

“And your mouth is dynamite!”

“Thanks.” She looked longingly at the man’s limp prick.

“How long?” he said. “Just a little bit.”

And it was. This time she found out how his cock tasted covered with a thin icing of chocolate. It was even better than the strawberry jam, but she had to tell herself this was going to be only an occasional treat.

Too much would be fattening.


“How do you like your first month with Love, Inc.?” asked the director. He was rocked back in his big chair looking as if he’d like nothing better than to put his feet up on the desk. He didn’t though. That wouldn’t be proper.

“It’s been super. There hasn’t been a single duplication of customer desires in the entire time. It’s been just super!” she repeated.

“Glad you like it. Since you’ve come through the probationary period well, I guess it’s okay to let you know a little more of the operation.”

For the next twenty minutes, he told her all about the inner workings of Love, Inc.. He even told her where it was located, how customers got in touch with him.

This was everything Bill needed to make the bust.

Somehow, Laurine felt cheated. It was, all too easy. She should have been sneaking around like a spy and digging into locked file drawers for the information. The director just told her. It was a big let-down.

Even worse, she knew her time at Love, Inc. was coming to an end. As soon as Bill was told all this, he’d call in the vice cops and they’d shut the entire place down. She’d be out of an attractive job, one that stimulated her and gave her the physical gratification she needed.

“So, by way of reward for faithful service and all that, here are the keys to a new Mercedes.”

“What?” She couldn’t believe her ears. He was giving her one of the most expensive cars on the road. Just giving it to her.

“Don’t wreck it or anything. Just consider this a bonus and a welcome to the staff of Love, Inc.. Now,” he said, looking over another folder, “you have another customer waiting for you. I’m sure you’ll continue to give the good service you’ve given our customers in the past.”

“Un-huh, sure thing,” she said, distracted. The man had just given her a car worth more than she could have hoped to make in three years of work as a secretary or some other drudge job, then calmly told her to go on and take care of a customer.

Laurine didn’t know how to react.

She was still in something of a daze as she walked into the room. She was completely taken by surprise when hands grabbed her from behind. Thrown forward, she stumbled and fell headlong onto a bed.

The lights came up a little to reveal a huge bed and nothing else in the room. It was a king sized bed and was covered with a fur spread. The softness of the bedspread tickled her cheek as she turned to see who her attacker was.

The man wasn’t very tall. And if she had to classify him, she’d have to say honestly he was sort of skinny. But that didn’t keep him from possessing an air of confidence about him that made her take a second notice. What was it that made him so cocksure?

“Stay on the bed,” his voice boomed. The confidence was communicated to her. She knew he was completely in command of the situation and that it would do her no good to struggle against him.

He was probably stronger than she, but not by much. She could even manage to fight him off if she had to.

His take-command attitude made her want to simply let him have his will. It was almost hypnotic, that manner of his. She was intrigued to see what he would do with her.

Coming to the edge of the bed, he reached down and ran the back of his hand over her cheek.

“So soft. And unbruised. You wouldn’t want me to bruise your pretty face, would you?”

“No, what are you going to do to me?”

He straightened a little as if lecturing a class as he said, “I generally torture women like you. The way you squirm is pleasing. I think I’ll do that again.”

She didn’t quite believe that she was simply accepting his word. He was going to torture her. And she wasn’t fighting him. The words had such an oddly soothing effect on her.

She winced with pain as he grabbed one wrist and pulled her across the bed. A quick loop and she was tied to one of the bedposts. Her other wrist quickly followed on the opposite bedpost. When he finished with her, she was bound spread-eagle on the bed.

And she hadn’t once fought him off. He didn’t seem to expect it. She hadn’t given him any struggle.

“Now, pain isn’t the only way a woman can be tortured, although it is the most common,” he continued. Reaching out, he grabbed a handful of the material in her blouse. He ripped the blouse off with three harsh yanks. A pair of scissors took care of the jeans she was wearing.

Bare ass naked, she was tied down to the fur bedspread. Every time she twitched her ass, it tickled. In spite of the man’s words, she had to laugh.

“So, you’re beginning to understand the method of torture, eh?” He ran his hand over her naked tits. The skin rippled, then became covered with gooseflesh. His stroking over her tits was stimulating and, at the same time, frustrating.

He was promising something he might not deliver.

“Yes, this is part of it. Enjoy the feel of my hands on your skin. I’m enjoying it and you will be begging me soon to stop. I promise you that.”

She moaned in pleasure. Let him “torture” her this way all he wanted. She could take it. He was fondling her boobs now. She sighed as he gripped the huge base and slowly worked his way to the nipple cresting the top. Once there, he lightly brushed across the nipple with his fingernail. The hardness contrasted beautifully with the softness of his touch.

Then she shrieked in sudden surprise. His hand had been replaced with a piece of velvet. The fabric pressing into her tits had… what?

Tickled? That wasn’t the way it felt. Perhaps she was searching for another word. It wasn’t soothing, not like his hands had been. It was more as if the velvet had hurt!

She couldn’t believe it but the sensation was the same as if he’d lightly pricked her with a needle. All the fondling and playing with her tits had been for the sole purpose of getting her tits as sensitive as possible. Then he’d brushed the velvet across her nipple.

It was remarkable. And she didn’t quite believe it.

“Yes,” he said. “It must have given you some small amount of pain. After all, what is pain but the sudden firing of hidden nerves? I fooled your lovely tits into thinking I would do one thing, then did another.”

She screamed this time. He’d shoved an ice cube against her crotch. She had been getting progressively wetter as her cunt leaked out its juices, and this sudden cold was totally unexpected.

“See? It is the surprise which gives real flavor to torture. I shall show you all the myriad ways of stimulating a body before I am through.”

“Why are you doing this to me?”

He laughed heartily. “It’s fun,” was his answer.

She shuddered again thinking about the ways he could really torture her. The girl decided she didn’t like the prospects one bit. But there was nothing she could do. He had her tied too securely to the bed posts to really put up much of a fight.

She moaned deep in her throat when he began tormenting her with a feather. The soft, downy tendrils worked across her agitated sex lips until she was almost mad with helplessness.

“Stop it! I can’t take that much longer!”

And she couldn’t. Never had she thought of a feather as a weapon of torture. In this man’s hands, it was. He carefully traced around her pussy. Starting at her bush, he went down between her belly and leg until he reached her sex lips. The feather gently moved across her aroused skin until he could tickle and tease her clit.

The tiny little spire was asking for all the attention it could get. And, getting it, the girl couldn’t handle it.

“STOP! My body feels like it’s coming apart. The feather is hurting me!”

“No,” he said, “it’s not hurting you. Not exactly. It’s giving you totally contradictory inputs.”

She shrieked again as he applied the ice cube. The feathery touch followed by the cold wetness was too much for her. She tugged hard at her bonds in a vain attempt to escape.

“I think you’re about ready.”

He jumped up on the bed and pulled out his cock. It was already erect. Kneeling down between her wide-spread legs, he gave a spasmodic jerk and rammed his prick all the way up her cunt.

She screamed again. Not knowing whether to expect anything new and horrible from the way he fucked into her, she was tensed up. That made his entry up her cunt all the more difficult. Pushing through the impossibly tight cunt stretched and pulled her in different directions.

“Excellent,” he gasped. “So tight! I knew I was right!”

He began using the feather on her tits while he was still buried balls deep up her twat.

She loved the man’s cock inside her. That was something she was used to. But the feel of his cock pushing hard and firm against her pussy walls was made all the more apparent by the way he used the feather.

A gentle motion dragged it over her aroused nipples. If he’d bit her, the effect couldn’t have been greater. A stab of pain went into her chest. He continued plying the feather all over her succulent mounds of titflesh. He missed not one single inch of those snowy white mountains of boob.

When he began slowly fucking her, she tossed her head around on the bed. Everything was all wrong and it should have been perfect. The fur bedspread under her naked body soothed and caressed and tickled.

It added to the torment being given her by the feather. Her body was being smothered in tenderness.

And the friction of his cock against her cunt walls was beginning to warm her flesh. She should have loved every second of the deliberate fucking. He was concentrating on giving her one hell of a good screw.

The girl’s body was responding all over. The fur under her body turned into tiny needles of fleece jabbing into her ass and back and shoulders. The twin globes of her tits were filled with excited blood pounding hard in and out. The feather made them feel like bombs waiting to explode.

The feeling he generated was one of expectancy. She was uptight and worrying about when the bomb buried in her guts would go off. She couldn’t help it. Relaxing seemed impossible. Everything he did insured that she would get even more aroused.

The cock stroked back and forth with more power now. He was using deeper thrusts to spear her cunt. Once inside her twat, he twitched his hips around in a circle. This made her feel as if her cunt was a bowl and his cock was a stirring rod.

Still, this was better than letting him use the feather on her.

“Fuck me good!” she demanded. The girl’s mind was working too slowly now. But from deep inside, she knew if she could get him off fast, he’d stop all this torture.

“Soon, my dear, soon. Just relax and enjoy the feel of my cock,” he told her.

She tried. The in and out motion warmed her, fanned the fires of her lust until she was burning brightly inside. She felt the normal sexual tension that preceded orgasm building up in her belly. Ignoring the feather wasn’t easy, but she did it.

The tickly feeling was treacherous. It crept into her brain past the pleasure she was receiving from his fucking. Her tits throbbed. They were like bombs with lighted fuses. They would explode at any instant — and she couldn’t control that instant.

He abandoned the feather when his breathing became harsher. She knew he was feeling the effects of her tight, juicy quim. She began massaging the length of his prick as it surged into her.

As their crotches ground together, she clamped down with her stomach muscles. This made her feel filled to overflowing with cock. And it made him feel good, too. This was the way fucking was supposed to be. Her twat was made for a cock. And none of this feather stuff to distract her.

She felt as if the situation was well in hand.

True, she was still bound spread-eagle on the bed and at the man’s mercy. But she’d made him forget all about the feather and the other tortures he was so eager to inflict on her. The fur under her body cradled her now that her sweat and body weight had crushed it down.

But then he jammed a handful of ice cubes against her sex lips and asshole.

The coldness drove into her like an icicle being driven in. And she came. Her entire body convulsed in a rigid spasm of total emotional release. She hadn’t really felt it coming but the suddenness of the ice cubes on her aroused labia did the trick.

He gasped, “Damn, but your cunt almost squashed me flat. The ice does things to you, doesn’t it?”

“You bastard,” she panted. “You slimy bastard! Why didn’t you warn me it was coming?”

“No fun that way,” he said, smiling.

His cock continued to drill into her yielding body. She was tensed and unsure what he would do to her next. The feather had been abandoned but the ice cubes had been more than effective in surprising her.

It wasn’t pain he dished out to her, it was surprise and sensory feelings she didn’t usually connect with sex. Still, even knowing how the ice cubes felt against her crotch, she couldn’t adjust to it.

“How do you feel inside? Is my cock warming your guts up enough?”

“Ummm, yes! It feels delicious! I’m so warm and good feeling inside!”

“Here comes the ice again.” He hesitated to let her know full well what he said, then applied the cold to both their genitals.

Her world exploded around her again. The friction from the fucking had given her a toasty feeling inside. The liquid warmth puddling in her had spread like a pool of melted butter. It was insinuating itself throughout her body.

Then came the ice. She couldn’t hold down the odd push-pull, yes-no, pleasure-pain feelings caused. She came — hard!

As she drifted down from her sexual high, she realized he was coming. He’d pressed the ice against his balls. She thought she could actually feel the harsh bullets of his jism splattering into her. From the way he clenched his teeth, she knew he was having one hell of a come.

His cock hammered in and out of her cunt until she thought he’d bruise her pussy.

The man’s prick became a battering ram of hard flesh all the time he was jetting out his cum. Then, he deflated and limply trickled from her cunt. A tiny flow of cunt juice and his white jizz dribbled down the inside of her leg to spot the fur bedspread.

“That was something else!”

“Yeah, it was,” she said. “Could you untie me now?”

“Untie you? No, I don’t think I will. But I will give you something to remember me by.”

He filled her cunt with ice cubes, then left the room.

By the time she was cut free, she thought she’d lose her mind from the numbing coldness inside her.


“It was excruciating, Bill,” Laurine told her boyfriend. “I couldn’t even move and then he stuffed those ice cubes up my cunt.”

The man looked at her, surprise on his face. “And this director just let him? I thought he looked after his people better than that.”

“He said he was busy with some others on the staff. He apologized, Bill, and I think he meant it. But Christ, the way my twat feels now! It’s still a little numb.”

“The hell with Love, Inc.. The hell with them all. Just give me what new info you’ve got and we’ll bust the lot of them to hell and gone. I want nothing more than to see them sent to the joint for twenty to life.”

Laurine was silent. Her hand moved over her cunt, stroking lightly, remembering how it felt to be filled with the wet ice cubes, the cold cubes that sent tremors of pain all the way up her spine. She hated that, sure, but could she really turn in the director?

The shiny red Mercedes standing by the curb had been given her. Was the pain offset by the snappy sports car?

“I want to think about it, Bill.”

“Think about what? Just give me the address you said you got and all the other information on how they solicit their customers and we’ll bust their asses good.”

“No. I want to consider this for a bit longer. Look, Bill,” she said earnestly. “It’s not as easy for me as I thought it would be when I started. It was a lark. It’s something different for me now.”

“How different?”

“I like the place. Don’t look at me that way, Bill. Please, don’t. Let me try and explain.”

“You’d better do a damn good job. My lieutenant is on my back wanting a bust soon.”

“Okay, look, Bill. It’s like this. I’m a horny bitch. You know that as well as anybody can. This job lets me get rid of those sexual tensions. When I took the job, I was just changing the excitement of the undercover work for sexual kicks. Now that I’m getting all the sex I can handle — and believe me, that’s a lot — I don’t need the thrill of the undercover work. What I’m saying is that I don’t think I want to rat on the director and the others at Love, Inc.”

“Laurine, I don’t believe I’m hearing this. Love, Inc. is an illegal business preying on the community. We’ve got to crush it out!”

“It’s not preying on anything that I see, Bill.”

“What have they done, brainwashed you?”

“Maybe you’d consider it that. Or maybe you’d consider it that I’ve gone over to their way of thinking. They provide a needed service. And face it, I’m getting more bread working there than I ever could at another job. The best part is, I don’t consider the time spent at Love, Inc. to be work. I enjoy it! I even look forward to it.”

“Christ, I never thought you’d sell out like this.”

He roughly grabbed her by the arm and pulled her away from the table. “We’re going to take a little trip out to the country. You’re going to tell me what I have to know if I have to beat it out of you.”

“Oh, Bill, stop bluffing. You couldn’t do that.”

“I’m a cop. I have to get confessions the hard way sometimes. And this looks like one of those times.”

His handcuffs clicked ominously around her wrists. She looked at the silver bracelets, uncomprehending.

“Bill, you wouldn’t…”

“Hell, if I wouldn’t!”

He drove them out to a deserted part of the foothills, heavily wooded, where he told her she could scream all she wanted. No one was within miles and miles.

Roughly, he shoved her into the trees beside the road. Spinning her around, he said in a cold voice, “We don’t have to get tough if you’ll tell me everything about Love, Inc.. Especially where it is located.”

She laughed. And he hit her — hard — across the mouth. She tasted blood oozing into her mouth, across her tongue, down her chin. Touching the injured lip, she looked up at her boyfriend. She saw a wildness in his eyes that had never been there before. He looked like he was capable of killing her if she didn’t tell him what he wanted.

“Talk, damn you!”

He hit her again, this time in the belly. She doubled up. He held her up by her blouse. The fabric tore. He tossed the handful of ripped cloth aside and grabbed another handful, then another and another. In record time, she was completely naked.

She huddled against the rough bark of a tree as he stood looming over her. He said, “I like the way you look mother naked. All that white skin. But you really should get some sun.”

He dragged her out into the bright light and threw her down on the ground. Pulling a magnifying glass from his pocket, he began focussing it over her body.

“Tell me when you want to talk.”

She screamed as the magnified sun’s rays cut across her skin. He carefully kept the focus from becoming exact and burning a hole right through her but the intense heat was still enough to make waves of pain wash through her body.

He circled around her tits making the skin begin to blister and turn a raw red. Seeing she wasn’t about to talk, he worked lower on her body. He laid a crisscross pattern on her belly with the magnifying glass. When he started to singe the pussy fur, she began crying noisily.

He slapped her. “Talk and I’ll stop this.”

“You son of a bitch! I hate your guts!”

“You’re only making it worse. You can’t escape. And even if you do, who is going to believe a cop did this to you? No one, that’s who. Now give me the information!”


The ragged burns on her body hurt like hell. But the more they hurt, the more she vowed not to tell him a Goddamned thing. He couldn’t torture the information from her.

She almost blacked out when he focused the magnifying glass between her legs. He was searching out her most delicate parts. Her pussy lips began to wrinkle up under the heat. The pubic hair was burning with a horrible odor. Her entire cunt was painfully alive.


She shook her head. She didn’t trust herself to speak. She might give him the information he wanted.

He dropped down to his knees, kneeling between her slender legs. He took one leg in each hand and lifted. She was rocked back onto her shoulders, her cunt widely exposed to the man’s crotch. He took her legs under his armpits and ran down his zipper. A long, ugly red prick leaped out, eager to bury itself in some pussy.

“You stupid bitch. This could have been more pleasant for you. But you had to rock the boat. I’m gonna have my pleasure with you and to hell with the way you feel!”

“Don’t, Bill! Please don’t do it to me!”

“Talk, then. Tell me what I want to know!”

She simply shook her head, her brown hair forming a little halo around her skull. The girl wasn’t about to give in this easily. She didn’t know why it mattered so much. Her burns hurt terribly. And the way he’d used that burning glass all over her snatch had been the sheerest agony.

Perhaps that was why she had decided never to tell him a thing about Love, Inc.. He might have been able to get her to talk eventually if he’d been nice about it. But not now, she’d never tell this rapist bastard a thing.

She gasped as his cock fucked hard into her cunt. She had a dry hole, he had done nothing to get her excited about this. Her skin was burned and charred in places from his abuse. But she knew it would do no good to beg further. He was going to rape her.

She might not enjoy it but she would try. That was the only way she had of getting back at this son of a bitch she’d once called her friend.


He punctuated his demands with an especially hard thrust up her twat. He ground his crotch into hers. Their pubic hair mingled, his all sweaty and hers partially burned away. She tried to let the waves of joy pass through her and soothe some of the pain. It didn’t work.

Her cunt lips were burned and raw. Her pussy mound was tortured and beginning to blister. Her tits were one solid red mass of abused flesh. Her entire body was in pain. She couldn’t think about the joys that having a cock buried balls deep up her had once given her.

“Come on, baby, talk!”

He was fucking her with slow strokes. He lifted her ass completely off the ground and drove her shoulders into the ground. The dirt wasn’t comfortable but at least it wasn’t rocky. She could tolerate this.

Then she noticed the ants beginning to crawl over her belly. She could stand the way he was raping her, she was resilient enough to do that. The blisters and burns were terrible but that she could tolerate, too. But the ants?

When they began biting her, she found herself in a state of total pain. Nothing felt good. She was reminded of how the ice cubes had given her a numbness. This was worse.

She felt each and every bite from each and every ant. And all the while she was being devoured alive by the insects, he was fucking her. If he noticed what was happening, he didn’t give any sign.

He was moaning now and she knew it wasn’t from the pain she felt. He enjoyed fucking her. A tight pussy around his prick and he could get his rocks off. She wanted more than that from her lovemaking. Sure, a big cock was nice, but she wanted the man to care a little about her.

All he cared about was the precious information she had locked up inside her head. He wouldn’t get it, no matter how many times he banged her.

“The ants, Bill! They’re all over me! Brush them off! I can feel them getting up my ass! Stop them! Ungh!”

She sucked in her breath hard when the first wave of nausea hit her. The pain and the bugs and the burns and the hot sun hammering down on her naked body were taking their toll. She was beginning to weaken. And he kept on fucking her is if he were some sort of love machine.

“The hell with all that. Give me the info I want!”

“Never! Not as long as you’re torturing me like this. Have some mercy, damn you!”

He laughed. She felt a cold chill pass through her body. This was a man capable of doing anything to gain his goals. She’d admired that spirit in him earlier. Now, she was beginning to hate his guts.

The cock fucking her was the same one she’d enjoyed all summer long. But now it felt different. It was no longer loving and capable of giving her the ultimate in human pleasure. It was punishing her. It was tormenting her for lack of cooperation.

She could feel it fucking hard against her soft pussy walls. The velvety folds expanded to take the prick as they usually did. But the juices she relied on to keep her cunt from becoming chafed were lacking. He was fucking a dry hole.

And loving it, if the expression on his face was my indication of his true feelings.

She began crying. The warm tears ran down her cheeks. The hot sunlight immediately evaporated the liquid and left salty tracks on her skin. She had never felt more confused in all her life.

The pain was mounting. And her entire body hurt abominably. The burns were becoming worse from her exposure to the sunlight. She couldn’t even look straight up into the sky without the sun searing at her eyes. Blue and yellow spots danced in front of her from the too-bright sun.

And the ant bites were beginning to burn. The acid from the ants had been chewing away at her tender flesh. She knew there was no help for them now that she was completely a prisoner of this madman.

He was a man who enjoyed rape. The suffering on her face would be a goad to him. She felt his cock chafing against her inner tissues again. The tiny flow of liquid she felt beginning deep inside her had to be blood. It wasn’t her love juices. There wasn’t the slightest bit of arousal on her part for this man or his hard driving cock.

“You’re a stupid bitch if you don’t talk — quick! You think I’m enjoying this? Hell, you’re dumber than I thought!”

She said nothing. She groaned every time he fucked into her body. She felt little spears of pain jabbing into her guts. The man’s cock was warm and strong inside her, but it didn’t bring her alive like it once did. Only pain registered on her brain.

She remembered the good old days when they’d make love, sometimes even out in a field like this. The way his cock had felt then was totally different. Her cunt would be frothing with excitement at the mere thought he wanted to ball her.

She would even seduce him with little wiggles of her ass, a straightening of her shoulders to shove her tits out a bit more. To fuck with him had been wonderful. Not a bit like it was now.

The dirt was beginning to irritate her skin. The ants were pestering her so badly, she realized at long last she must have been dumped on top of an entire hill of them. Wiggling in the man’s clutches, she tried to get away. It wasn’t possible but if she could move away just enough to get off the ant hill, it would be worth the effort.

“Stop that! Or I’ll use the magnifying glass on you again.”

She looked up at him and tried to decide which was worse, the burning hot light searing her flesh or the ants slowly chewing away at her. She finally decided it was probably better letting the ants sting and plant their nasty poisons in her flesh. The pain was more immediate but would heal sooner.

“I hate you worse than I’ve ever hated in my whole life!” she yelled.

“Just tell me what I want to know and I’ll leave you alone.”

“Kill me, go on and kill me! That’s what you want. This sex is just an excuse. You stuffing your precious cock up my twat is just an excuse!”

He laughed at her. “No, I like the feel of your small little cunt all around me. Even if you’re not getting much out of it. Tell me, does it hurt when I fuck you slow? Fast?”

He made a few deliberate strokes into her. She bit her lower lip but said nothing. She could handle the dry humping. But when he started fucking her fast, she had to cry out.

It felt as if someone was sandpapering her cunt walls.

“Just what I thought. Hurts bad when I fuck you fast, doesn’t it?”

He was driving as hard into her pussy as he could. The pain came over her in red waves. The burns were bad, the ant bites worse, but the man’s cock gave her the worst punishment. He was burning her up alive with the friction on her ungreased genitals.

She might have passed out. She didn’t really remember after the first wave of pain blotted out the world. All she knew was that the man was standing over her, his cock bloody from her cunt. He was still stroking up and down his length. A white gob of jism arced through the air and splattered on her belly. It was followed by another and another.

“I wouldn’t want to defile you too much,” he said, after he was completely drained of his cum.

He dragged Laurine to a nearby tree, took the handcuffs off her and then hoisted her aloft with his belt around her wrists. He gauged the distance just right, then lowered her.

Her screams were hideous. He had lowered her so that her twat was speared dead center by a rough branch.

“There. I hope you like the wooden cock better than mine. And don’t you worry, I’ll find out where Love, Inc. is and bust the whole fuckin’ lot of you filthy degenerates.”

She hung there with the limb up her cunt for over three hours until some teenagers picnicking heard her low moans of pain.


“Only if you feel you’re up to going back to work,” the director told Laurine.

“It’s been almost a month and you’ve been most kind paying the hospital bills and, well, arranging everything. I really appreciate it.”

“You’re one of the staff at Love, Inc.. We have to take care of our own in whatever way necessary. Don’t feel obligated to go back to work just because of that.” He looked at her skeptically.

How could she tell him the month without any sex at all had been a worse torture than what Bill had done to her?

“I want to get back in the swing of things. Honest.”

“Room 32,” was all he said.

She smiled and hurried to the room, not knowing what she’d find there. This was part of the excitement she felt working for Love, Inc.. The sex was good and she never knew exactly what it would be like. She could anticipate all she wanted and it was usually something completely off the wall.

She had just closed the door when the man inside bellowed, “Where the hell have you been? I told you to be in by midnight and it’s after three in the morning? Explain all this new morality to your father!”

She looked at the man and almost laughed. He was hardly old enough to be her father. More likely an older brother, but she fell into the role he’d assigned her. That was part of the thrill she got out of working here.

“I’m sorry. It was, well, you wouldn’t believe we ran out of gas?”

“Hell, no. You went to one of those sex orgies. Tell me what happened there. Tell me all the sordid details before I punish you.”

Sordid details? She’d give him an earful.

“It was awful, Daddy. Just awful what I did tonight. I got stoned, see, and things began getting weird after that. They brought out a dog. A German shepherd, I guess. And, and…” she paused for effect.

He urged her on. “Yes, and then what did those depraved people force you to do?”

“I wasn’t forced! I wanted to make love to that dog. There wasn’t anything more important to me in the whole world than having that dog’s prick slithering up into me. It was like a pink worm. And it felt good inside me! I actually enjoyed being fucked by a dog!”

“I don’t believe you. There has to be more to it than that.”

“Well, I was sucking this guy’s cock at the same time.”


“We were really into the orgy scene, see? This big dog was fucking me and I was getting off on it. I can’t begin to describe the way I felt as that pink doggy cock entered me. I was all hot and juicy for the dog, honest! And then one of the guys came over and shoved his cock into my face.”

“I was so Goddamn horny by then, I’d have sucked on anything. I sucked off seven of the guys there. And I demanded another dog to fuck me. Th-they had it, too! I was fucked by another dog!”

“Incredible! I’ve never heard anything so terrible!”

“And I wanted more! I was insatiable. The two dogs just got me hot. The guys I sucked off were the ones who got the short end of it all. I pulled a train eight guys long!”

“What? What do you mean by that!”

“I took on eight guys. I let them all fuck me and I wore them all out just as I’d done the two dogs. Fifteen men! And…”

“And two dogs,” he finished. “That’s disgusting. You’ll definitely have to be punished.”

“Y-you’re not going to spank me, are you, Daddy?”

She had gotten hot and itchy in the cunt telling him about the imagined orgy she’d attended. And her ass was beginning to tingle and twitch in response. All the ant bites had done something to her. She had to have a little pain to enjoy the prospect of sex now.

And from the way his cock was thrusting up against his pants, he was about ready to give her a long hard cock for a long, hard fucking.

“Yes, I am. Drop those drawers, young lady.”

She sinuously wiggled out of her jeans. She made a big production of it to make certain she had the man’s attention. When he grabbed her and pulled her across his lap, she knew he was enjoying the hell out of this little play-acting. His cock was a hard knob in the middle of her stomach.

Cold hands stroked over the curves of her ass. She shivered and it wasn’t from the coolness of his flesh. Knowing what was going to come made her anticipate greater things. Like the big prick poking into her body.

She wanted that long cock drilling into her asshole and buttfucking her. And she thought she knew how to get it.

“Daddy, don’t! I don’t want you to do this to me!”

“Silence! After such an obscene party, you have nothing to say in your own defense. You must be punished.”

He spanked her until her ass was a rosy red. At first, his open palm whamming down hard against her naked flesh had stung. Then a warmth began spreading throughout her loins. Soon, she was writhing on his lap and it was not from any pain.

His fingers left a red criss-cross pattern on her butt. Then the lines went away and her entire ass glowed with an inner warmth. She was purring like a kitten drinking milk.

As he slapped her across the ass for the last time, the man gulped, “I want to punish you some more. What would be a good way? You’re decadent. You know what would be real punishment.”

“Incest,” she said in a small voice.


“Incest, Daddy. If you fucked me up the ass, that would be both buggery and incest.”

“By God, I’ll do it!”

He dumped her to the floor. She quickly got up on her hands and knees and looked back over her shoulder.

She’d been right about the size of the man’s prick. When it came bounding out of his pants, she had to gasp. It was huge. And it’d soon be fucking her ass.

She wiggled her well spanked butt in his direction to make sure he had the invitation right in his mind, then spread her legs a bit more to give him a clear shot at her dangling cunt. Already, a tiny river of cunt juice was running down her leg.

He wasted no time in snuggling in close behind her. The curves of her ass fit perfectly into his groin. And when his prick nudged against the tightly held asshole, she forced herself to relax.

At first, he applied steady pressure to get into her shit chute. Then he was hurtling up her back. The tiny muscle had relaxed — his pressure hadn’t. She found herself completely filled with his prick.

It was the greatest feeling in the world.

“Go on, greek me good!” she yelled. Wiggling her ass from side to side stirred the cock around in her bowels. She could feel his hairy thighs rubbing against her smooth ass. When his hands came around her body and began probing for her tits, she knew he was hooked. He wouldn’t stop now until he’d completely exhausted himself.

And that pleased her just fine. There was nothing like a little sex therapy to get her back in the swing of things.

Rocking forward made his cock slip out of her asshole. The vacuum formed behind his prick made her feel as if he was dragging all her guts out along with his cock. She shuddered and then began sobbing gently.

“Punishment enough?” he demanded.

“NO! Give me more! This is incest, dammit!”

And to the man, it was. He was punishing a wayward daughter in the only way that meant anything to her generation. He was going to cornhole her good.

He rammed back into her tight, hot passage. She felt as if a red hot poker had been slammed up into her. Ass rotating, she tried to pull him even deeper into her.

“Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me good!”

“Yes, my little one. I am. I am!”

His cock began sliding back and forth in her ass. She could feel the way his thick cock spread her asscheeks before vanishing all the way up into her guts. When his balls slapped wetly against her cunt, this gave even more stimulation.

This was the way to live! This was what Love, Inc. was all about. She was glad she hadn’t given Bill any of the information he’d wanted. There was no way she’d ever want to trade all the sex for the momentary thrill of playing undercover cop.

“Harder! Faster! Deeper!” she urged the man. And he responded to her wishes. He was reaming her ass out the best he could.


“She seems to be enjoying herself again,” said the director.

“I’m glad,” Bill told him. “Are you sure she can’t see us?”

“Positive. It’s two-way mirror. Silvered on the other side so we can look through. As long as this room is darker than out there, all she sees is mirror.”

“I doubt if either of them are noticing anything.”

“True,” chuckled the director. “Well, what’s your report on our sexy Miss Parks?”

Bill sighed, lounging against the wall of the tiny, dim-lit room. He couldn’t take his eyes off the couple fucking their brains out in the other room. He envied the guy buttfucking Laurine. He knew first-hand how good it was to have her flesh gripping down on his prick, threatening to either burn him to a nubbin or crush him flat.

She was the hottest, tightest cunt he’d ever discovered. And she was lost to him for all time now.

“Well, sir, everything went okay. I made the play up to her like I was a cop trying to bust the place. She’s still pretty naive about things like that. The romance of it all appealed to her. And when I got tough about her actually telling me what she’d found out, she didn’t crack. I did some pretty nasty things to her, too.”

“I know. I heard her report.” The director looked at the man in the other room still avidly working away at the girl’s ass. “She didn’t want to give you any information. That makes her one of the best kind of employees. I’m glad. She’s a good addition to our staff.”

“Nothing she won’t do,” mused Bill.

“Right. I’m sorry I can’t offer you a session with her but that’s out of the question.”

“I know,” Bill said. “A penalty I paid when I came to work for Love, Inc.”

He looked with longing into the room. The man had just shot his load and Laurine’s face was lit up with the look of a well-fucked woman.

He wished he could have been the one giving her that inner glow.

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