Granny gets drunk 2.

Jan leant down and kissed Dan hard; she pulled back and looked at him, ‘Dan, its ok. Don’t worry, you can fuck me bareback, I’m ok with it, I give you permission to spunk in me. In fact I want it bareback. It’s more exciting, not knowing what will happen, perhaps you will make me pregnant!’ Jan teased.

With that Jan pushed back against Dan’s cock and felt it slide into her wet gaping pussy. ‘Uhhhhh…..fuuuuck that feels good.’ Jan sighed. ‘I can feel you getting harder in me already. You’re recovering fast – good boy.’

Jan started a hard rhythmic fucking, pushing back hard against Dan’s cock. She could feel her clit burning with pleasure as her rhythm got faster and faster. Jan could feel her orgasm building.

‘Fuck, fuck Dan, fuck me harder, yes…that’s it Dan…keep your cock in me…..uhhhh…fuck it’s so fucking big… cum in me. I’m cumming…..make me cum with your cock’ Jan was shouting and screaming.

In her ecstasy, Jan had closed her eyes. As she opened them to look down at Dan, she gasped in shock. Dan’s four friends were now stood to the side of the bed staring at Jan fucking their friend.

Jan stopped mid fuck. ‘What the fuck…’ she said staring at the four young men.

The tallest one was first to speak. ‘What do you expect Jan’ he said smiling. ‘You were making so much noise, acting like a total slut. Why should Dan have all the fun?’

As he said this Jan noticed the hard on in his trousers. In fact all four were hard.

Jan thought for about one second, knew that the drink and alcohol were still affecting her judgement. She also knew she would regret things in the morning but made an instant decision.

‘Come on then’ she said. ‘Take your clothes off. You want a total slag – you’ve got one. Fuck me like a slut, treat me like a slut. I want you all now. I’ve got Dan’s cock in my pussy already. I want one in my ass, one in each hand and one in my mouth. How’s that boys. Are you up for it? You can tell your mates that the five of you fucked a 58 year old granny all at once. That’s a story for you.’

Jan smiled as clothes were thrown to the floor. She felt hands all over her body. Dan’s cock seemed to grow about another 2 inches inside her cunt making her moan in pleasure. Hands were pawing her tits as they hung down towards Dan’s face, pulling her nipples hard and kneading her tits roughly. She gasped as she felt another hand reach down and rub her clit sending waves of pleasure through her body.

‘Uhhh fuck boys’ Jan moaned, ‘that feels good. Mmmm, you boys seem to want to take advantage of me’ she teased. ‘Did you get me drunk just so you could have your wicked way with me?’ Jan knew they just wanted to fuck her. But she also knew that if she acted like a complete slut then it would drive them wild.

‘You boys really shouldn’t be doing this’ Jan continued. ‘I’m old enough to be your mother you know. What would you say if this was your mum acting like a complete slut? How would you react if your mum was getting pawed and molested by 5 horny boys? Do you think your mums would be enjoying it as much as I am? Do you think your mums would let 5 young boys they had only just met fuck them bareback, no protection at all? Would they take a chance on getting pregnant at their age? God imagine that – what if I do get pregnant? How would I know which one of you was the father? Now that would be sluttish – getting pregnant at 58 and not knowing which one of 5 boys who gangbanged me was the father!’ Jan knew the boys were enjoying her dirty talk. There were lots of grunts and groans of appreciation. The pawing was getting harder and rougher.

Jan could feel Dan pushing his cock deep into her pussy. She was sat firmly on top of him and could feel him pushing up hard against her.

‘Mmmm Dan, I can feel you inside me. God you feel so fucking hard’ Jan moaned. ‘Uhhh…..ahhh…fuck it’s so fucking big. God it feels like it’s up in my stomach it’s so fucking long. Keep fucking me Dan. Split me in two. Fuck my pussy hard. Cum in me, teach my pussy a lesson Dan. Fuck it deep now.

Jan felt hands on her ass, then a cock pushing into her tight hole. She knew that one of the other boys was about fuck her ass. She squealed and gasped at the unsophisticated approach – no warning or foreplay just a heave and his cock was in. It was rough, initially a bit sore, and brutal – just the way Jan wanted it. She didn’t want romance and foreplay here. This was about animalistic sex. She wanted to be treated like a slag. She wanted to feel like a slag. She wanted these boys to use her and fuck her hard.

‘Uhhh…god two cocks at once. That feels good. Fuck me hard now. Fill both my holes with your cum.’ Jan encouraged. ‘Treat me like a whore, fuck me harder. Fuck me..fuck me. You want a slag…..fuck me like one….make me cum on your cocks.’ Jan shouted.

Jan then reached out and grasped a cock in each hand and started wanking them hard with strong, hard, jerking strokes. She was pulling both cocks as hard as she could. She then opened her mouth as the final cock was thrust towards her face. The cock was pushed in hard and rough. Hands were on the back of her head as the cock thrust into her mouth with long hard jabs.

Jan felt hands pawing her tits, and pulling her nipples. She was being fucked in every hole she had. She was being abused by five young men and loving every minute of it. The sex was hard, rough, frantic and painful. It was just how she wanted it. She was enjoying being treated like a complete slut.

Jan could here the boys talking between them, which just turned her on even more.

‘What a fucking dirty slag’ one voice said.

‘I told you she looked like a dirty bitch’ another one said.

‘Jan you fucking slut. What would your husband say if he could see you now?’

‘I’ve never had a fuck like this’ another voice gasped. ‘She’s a total slut. I can’t believe someone as old as her can be this dirty. Fuck, it feels like she’s trying to pull my cock off, fuck…I’ve never been wanked like this in my life.’

‘Look at her. She’s fucking loving this. Look at the way she’s thrusting and fucking all of us. Fucking dirty slag. You should know better Jan. A woman of your age acting like this. We should film this and show your husband what a dirty slag his wife is.’ The boys all started laughing.

Jan could hear every word they were saying, and was enjoying the role she had. At her age she had never had so much attention. Wanton slut was not a role she had much chance to play usually.

The boys were still laughing as she increased the intensity of her thrusting against the two cocks in her. She wanked the two cocks in her hands harder and sucked on the one in her mouth even more.

She heard one of the boys shout ‘fuck, she loves it when we talk dirty to her. She just gets even more horny.’ The boys laughed again.

She heard another say ‘you like the idea of us filming this and showing it to your husband do you Jan? How about we show it to your kids as well? Let them see their mother being fucked by a group of boys younger than them. Let them see what kind of slut their mother is.’

The boys laughed again in between lots of moaning and groaning.

‘Fuck Jan’ another said, ‘you’re no spring chicken but you can fuck with the best of them. You fuck better than most younger women I’ve had.’

‘Yeah’ another said, ‘you might have saggy tits and a flabby stomach, but you can still fuck.’

Jan let the cock in her mouth lose and pushed herself up so she was facing the boys. She looked around panting and sweating. She could see Dan below her looking smug. She could feel the breath on her neck of the boy in her ass. She still held a cock in each hand and there was a boy stood in front of here with his hard cock standing proud inches from her face, glistening with her saliva. ‘Boys, my body may be slightly older, but I know damn well that I can out fuck any younger woman any of you have ever had.’ Jan taunted them.

The boys laughed, ‘Come on Jan, you should be grateful to us. A woman of your age isn’t going to get a chance with boys our age very often. You’re past your prime, but I’ll tell you what, you’re the best shag I’ve ever had’ one of the boys said.

Dan spoke from beneath her, ‘Jan, we all wanted to fuck you from the moment we saw you in the bar. You do look your age, but we don’t mind. I love the fact your tits are sagging, I love the fact that you can tell you’ve had four kids’ Dan said rubbing her stomach. ‘We all like the wrinkles and age lines. Your pussy is the best I’ve ever had. And I love that you can act like a complete slag at your age. If you play your cards right we’ll fuck you on a regular basis. Maybe even get more of our mates to join in if you want? You can become our regular granny fuck if you want.’

Jan was about to respond but as she opened her mouth, the cock in front of her was pushed in to the back of her throat.

Jan felt all five boys start thrusting again and decided she needed to show them who was really in control here.

Jan started pushing back and thrusting hard against Dan’s cock and the one in her ass. Her grip tightened on the cocks in her hand as her wanking got harder and harder. Her mouth tightened her grip on the cock between her lips as her tongue swirled around the cock head with each thrust.

Jan gasped as she felt her orgasm build. She could not control her body as the sensations got bigger and bigger. Her pussy started to burn with pleasure. Then the wave hit her as she began to orgasm. ‘Uhhhh….mmmm….Ahhhh… fuck…god, I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Oh fuck…fuck…fuck. Fuck me deep…keep fucking me’ Jan shouted as she gasped and thrust against the cocks all around her. Jan’s body was convulsing as she bucked harder and harder as her orgasm sent waves of pleasure through her body. With every wave of pleasure leaping through her body, Jan’s body convulsed and bucked and she screamed with passion – she could not control it.

The boys were laughing and grunting all at the same time. ‘Fuck I’ve never seen a woman cum that hard before’ one said.

Jan laughed with them, ‘Fuck boys, you just gave me one hell of an orgasm’ she could still feel her body convulsing with pleasure. ‘Now I need to return the favour. I want you all to cum over me, or in me.’ She point to the boy in her mouth, ‘you cum in my mouth and over my face. Cover a 58 year old woman’s face with your cum.’ She looked at the two either side of her in her hands, ‘You two cum all over my older body. Shoot you’re cum all over my granny’s body.’ She looked behind her to the boy in her ass, ‘Cum in my ass ok? I want to feel you’re cum deep inside my ass hole.’

Jan then looked down at Dan. She smiled and said ‘Dan you get the pleasure of cumming deep into my pussy. Fill my cunt with your cum. I want you to spunk in my 58 year old pussy bareback, no condom, no protection. Let’s take a chance that you won’t make me pregnant. Cum inside me, I want to feel you shoot your cum deep into my womb. Just imagine telling your mates that a woman old enough to be your mother let you fuck her without any protection at all. You can tell them all that you filled my pussy with your spunk. Tell them you tried to make me pregnant and I didn’t care about the consequences. Tell them you left a 58 year old woman lying on your bed with spunk all over her body. Tell them I lay there with spunk dribbling out of my pussy, begging for more.’

Jan pushed down against Dan hard and leaned forward to take the cock in front of her deep into her mouth. The boys all started thrusting at once.

Jan gasped in pleasure as the thrusting got more and more frantic and harder. She felt the cock in her ass slamming in and out of her making her squeal in pleasure with every forward thrust. She felt Dan’s cock deep in her pussy, stretching her cunt with every thrust. The cock in her mouth was fucking her mouth like it was her fanny and she gagged with every thrust as the cock head reached the back of her throat. The two cocks in her hands felt like red hot pokers about to explode.

The sex was animalistic, rough and frantic. Jan was being fucked like she had never experienced before. One young boy and his youthful enthusiasm would have been enough, but here she had five boys all wanting to fuck the life out of her. Jan loved every minute and could feel the boys all starting to reach the point of no return.

She tightened her grip on the cocks in either hand, wanking them as hard as she could. She felt them both moan at once as they came. Jan felt hot sticky sperm explode against her face from both sides as she continued to wank hard. The spunk was splattering against her face in hot sticky streams. She heard both boys groaning in appreciation.

Jan then felt two hands roughly grab the back of her head as the cock in her mouth was thrust to the back of her throat and her head was held firmly in place. Jan gagged and choked then felt a wave of spunk shoot into her mouth. Jan gagged again as she tried to swallow waves of hot cum in her mouth. It tasted hot and salty as she managed to swallow the first mouthful. As she did, a second mouthful spilled out of her mouth as she pulled back to get some air and take a breath. She felt spunk hitting her face, in her eyes and hair, dribbling off her chin.

Jan gasped for air as she felt the cocks in either hand soften, and the one in front of her stopped shooting spunk. As Jan got her breath back, she felt the cock in her ass, pull out then the heard a groan and it slammed back into her hard. Jan squealed in surprise, not expecting the cock to be thrust into her so hard. The boy behind gasped in her ear as her filled her ass with cum. He continued to thrust into her until she felt his cock start to go soft. He pulled out and lay on the bed next to her.

Jan looked down at Dan who was still thrusting in and out of her pussy. Dan smiled and gasped, ‘Fuck Jan, you’re covered in cum. It’s all over your face, and your tits. You look like a total slut!’ Dan laughed. ‘Now make me cum in your pussy, tell me how much you want me to cum in your cunt.’

Jan started thrusting her hips back and forth against Dan’s cock. She arched her back to accentuate the movement. ‘Does that feel good Dan?’ Jan gasped. ‘Does it feel good to have your cock buried deep into a 58 year old woman’s cunt? Does it feel good to be in me with no condom? Knowing that if you cum you might make me pregnant? Do you want to cum inside the pussy of a woman old enough to be your mother? Do you want to cum inside a complete slut? A slag of a woman who is happy to fuck 5 young boys she has only just met a few hours ago?’ Jan could feel Dan starting to tense up. She knew he was reaching the point of no return.

‘I want you to cum in my pussy Dan. Fill me with your spunk. Make me pregnant Dan. Give me your baby’ Jan teased. ‘Teach me a lesson and show me why I shouldn’t fuck people bareback. Cum in me now…..I want you cum dripping out of my cunt.’ Jan was now thrusting hard against Dan’s cock.

She felt Dan push up as hard as he could as he let out a low moan. His big hands gripped her thighs hard as he thrust up and pulled Jan down onto him. Jan felt Dan’s cock explode inside her pussy. The force of his cum inside her made Jan squeal with shock and pleasure. She had never felt someone cum inside her with so much force before – she felt every spurt hit her womb and each time gasped at the ferocity. She felt spurt after spurt hit the inside of her pussy. She felt him flood her womb with hot cum.

‘That’s it Dan, I can feel it in me. Your cumming in my pussy’ Jan moaned. ‘Oh god I can feel you spunking in me. Fuck, cum in me bareback’ Jan shouted.

Dan continued to thrust until his cock went soft. Jan collapsed and rolled off to the side. She lay on the bed, exhausted. Her face and body were covered in cum. She felt cum dribbling out of her ass hole. Her pussy felt like it had been fucked for hours and she felt Dan’s cum leaking out. ‘Fuck Dan, I thought you’d never stop spunking’ Jan laughed. ‘If I’m not pregnant after the amount of cum you just put in me then it’s a bloody miracle!’

The five boys were all laughing. ‘Fuck Jan,’ one said. ‘You dirty slag. I can’t believe you just let us do that. You fucking slut.’

Jan laughed, she knew she had given them an experience they would never forget. ‘Hope you enjoyed it boys’ she said. ‘Just remember, older women can be a lot of fun when they want to be. Next time bring some more of your mates and see what else we can do!’ Jan winked at them.

She lay on the bed for a few more minutes while all the boys took photos of her with their phones. She knew they would boast to their friends of their conquest but quite liked the thought of them wanking over pictures of her.

\as the boys eventually left she lay there contemplating what she had just done. Fucked 5 young boys at once; let them cum in her unprotected; let them take photos of her. She felt ashamed of acting like such a slag. But she had also enjoyed it – a lot.

As she left, she wrote her phone number on a piece of paper and left it on Dan’s pillow. It read ‘call me if you want another session. I have more to show you!! Love Jan XXX.’