Their Naughty Mother

It has been said that every person has some dark passion in his soul — some hidden secret, desire or whim that may never surface to be seen even by the closest confidante. Such a secret can be evil or sinister, or it may be trivial and trite.

In America, such passions are easily submerged and hidden by the complexities of modem everyday life. Yet sometimes these dark passions surface, and the headlines scream of someone’s antisocial behavior or, in some cases, illegal acts. In fact, hardly a day goes by without these hidden passions coming to the fore and resulting in big news.

THEIR NAUGHTY MOTHER is a dramatic representation of a family — a mother and her two daughters — who dare to let their most base desires come to the surface, who dare to indulge their taboo cravings. They are the exceptions in our society-people who are willing to accept the consequences, be it reward or punishment, for allowing themselves to become completely liberated. Their story is a startling insight into the lives of people who dare to let it all hang out.


Claudine Hampton lay on her bed, shivering with anticipation as she always did when Joe was about to fuck her with his magnificent cock. Claudine’s daughters strongly disapproved of Joe, but in spite of this, the man had been living in the house with her for the past six months. Being a highly sexual woman, several men had lived with Claudine since her divorce several years ago, and her daughters had become accustomed to having her lovers living with them, but neither of the girls could stand Joe. He was a big beer-drinking bum that Claudine was actually supporting on her waitress wages, but his huge cock and his skill at using it had made Claudine his virtual slave.

Since that early age, her entire life had been dedicated to fucking and more fucking, but she’d never met such a stud as Joe Walker, and in spite of her daughters’ objections, she had no intention of losing him. In her mid-thirties, Claudine was an extremely beautiful and shapely redhead that men swarmed after, but none could satisfy her like Joe Walker.

Unknown to Claudine, the man was constantly making passes at Mary, her daughter, when he was half drunk and alone in the house with the girl. Mary was a beautiful blonde with big lush tits and a well-rounded ass that Joe couldn’t keep his hands off when he was drinking. The girl often threatened to tell her mother about it, but Joe only laughed, telling Mary that the woman wouldn’t believe her word against his.

Tonight, as Claudine waited in bed for him, she could hear Joe pissing in the bathroom and the sound of his heavy stream of urine splashing into the toilet seemed to excite her even more. Only a big cook like his could piss like a fucking horse.

When he finally crawled into the bed, his breath reeked of stale beer as usual, and his face had a two-day stubble of whiskers, but Claudine was conscious of nothing but the sight of his big gnarly cock with its bulbous head. His massive prick was hard and thick and the knob was a shiny purple that looked ready to explode. Knowing this magnificent tool would soon be drilling into her belly, the woman’s cunt was dripping with lust.

“Oh, darling,” she whispered when his strong arms pulled her soft naked body against his. “I sure need a good fucking tonight.”

“And that’s just what you’re gonna get,” he panted, reaching between her legs and cupping her moist cunt-mound in his palm. With his hand rubbing deliciously against her wet pussy, his middle finger goosed down between the cheeks of her butt, probing for her puckered asshole. The feel of his finger teasing her sensitive shitter as his palm rhythmically rubbed the wet flesh of her dripping cunt soon had the woman squirming with excitement.

“Oh, baby,” he panted. “I’m gonna eat your sweet pussy until you scream.”

Claudine knew he would do this. Joe always sucked her to a thundering climax before he fucked her and the woman loved it. Joe never rushed with Claudine, always teasing her into a wild frenzy before thrusting his glorious rod into her hungry pussy.

Lowering his face, Joe sucked on one of her deliciously turgid nipples for a moment before slowly moving his mouth down over the soft flesh of her belly on its teasing journey to her quivering twat. When his lips were only inches away, he turned around and positioned himself between her parted legs, lightly kissing the sensitive flesh of her soft inner thighs. Moving his mouth up closer to her juicy red-fringed slit, he grasped her soft asscheeks in his hands to hold her squirming body still. His nostrils were soon filled with the heady aroma of her succulent pussy.

Holding her breath with the unbearable suspense, Claudine sank her nails into the sheet as she closed her eyes. In a torment of ecstasy as he licked and teased around the edge of her slit without making contact, she had a screaming urge to grab his head and slam his face down into the steamy hotness of her loins, but from past experience, she knew he would take his own sweet time.

Joe’s thick lips and tongue continued teasing mercilessly between her quivering thighs, inching closer and closet to her passion-hungry cuntlips, lightly blowing his hot breath through her moist triangle of fiery red pussy hairs. Still teasing the beautiful woman to a higher state of arousal, he could feel her soft hot asscheeks quivering in his hands as her entire naked body hummed with desire.

“Please, Joe,” she whispered, her lovely face distorted with lust. “Eat me, honey. I can’t stand it any longer.”

Her moans were becoming louder and more passionate and her wiggly asscheeks were writhing frantically in his hands.

“Suck me, Joe,” she sobbed. “Eat it, honey.”

Now ready for his feast, Joe drilled his thick tongue deep into her frothy cunt as she let out a squeal of pure joy. As he began sucking her dripping pussy in a slow, sensual rhythm, Claudine shuddered with ecstasy and clamped her soft naked thighs tightly against his cheeks.

“Oh, sweet sucking Jesus!” she cried out in an hysterical voice as his hot wet tongue lashed around so deliciously in the warm depths of her quivering cunt.

Arching her hips up, Claudine rotated her hot open pussy against his face, which further excited the slurping man. Joe had never tasted a cunt as sweet and tender as Claudine’s, and he pawed every few minutes to relish the trickle of hot cunt juices dripping over his tongue and to the back of his mouth.

“Don’t stop!” she cried out every time he paused. “Keep suckin’!”

As he momentarily teased her swollen clitty with his tongue and then plunged it back into the hot depths of her cunt, Claudine sank her nails into his shoulders, writhing her ass around in frantic circles.

“Suck, baby, suck!” she cried with joy.

Clutching to her soft buttocks with his hands, Joe’s middle finger was probing around in search of her tight asshole. When he found it, he rammed the length of his finger up her shitter, making the beautiful woman rise in an arc of passion as a wild scream burst from her mouth.

Skewering his finger around deep in the buttery hotness of her rectum while his mouth sucked wetly on the woman’s twat, he could feel her starting to climax. Joe began sucking harder and faster, wanting to please this beautiful woman who furnished him with board and room, all the beer he could drink and the hottest cunt in this part of the country. She was lunging her scalding wet slit against his mouth as he sucked greedily on her swollen clit.

“Oh, shit!” she shrieked. “Aaaaaghhh! Ooooooh! I’m coming… COMMMIIINNNGGG!”

The overwhelming orgasm raced through her writhing loins like a forest fire, sweeping from her cunt to every tingling nerve in her lurching body. Frantically tossing her head from side to side on the pillow, she was hysterically pounding his shoulders with her clenched fists. Locking her juice-smeared thighs against his face, she ground her spasming cunt against his mouth. Claudine was screaming hysterically as the ecstatic joy burned through her quivering cunt flesh. The man continued sucking hungrily on her exploding slit as he savagely pumped his finger in and out of her tingling bung.

Claudine suddenly wished it were his cock in her asshole, but she knew she’d be sodomized by his big ass-splitting dick before the night was over.

His tongue was starting to feel harsh against her twat, but she couldn’t distinguish pain from pleasure in the intensity of her wild orgasm. Joe continued sucking savagely on her spasming cunt flesh as wave after wave of unbelievable bliss boiled through her writhing loins.

“Oh, God,” she whispered when he removed his mouth from her pussy and pulled his finger out of her asshole with a wet plopping sound. “That was so fuckin’ wonderful.”

Claudine could feel her heart pounding in her breast when he climbed up over her, his elbows and knees suspending his big heaving body. With his face grinning down at her, she could feel his hard hot cock burning against the flesh of her inner thigh, and her inflamed cunt was quivering and aching for his long thick boner.

“Hurry,” she whispered. “I can’t stand it any longer. Please shove that big beautiful cock in my cunt.”

“Get on your knees,” he panted, anxious as she was to feel his dick buried in her juicy hot fuck-hole.

When she’d done as he asked, her entire juice-drenched slit was fully exposed for his use.

Panting with excitement, Joe rasped the thick base of his bloated cock in one hand and lewdly rubbed the big purple head against the hot wet flesh of her cuntlips. Easing the sensitive knob between the slippery lips, he suddenly lunged forward, feeling a wild ripple of pleasure rush up the length of his rapidly sinking shaft.

As always, Claudine let out a muffled scream of pain when he first rammed his massive tool into her. For a brief moment her body reacted to the sharp pain, feeling as if she’d been skewered by a huge hot poker, and she let out a deep breath when she felt him slowly withdrawing it.

After a brief pause, he again drove his thick cock back in, and this time Claudine gently squeezed it with her cuntlips as waves of intense pleasure throbbed through her deliciously stretched fuck channel. Her wet slippery cuntlips bloomed apart like the petals of a flower, taking his burning flesh deeper into her tingling hole. The brute size of Joe’s huge tool always hurt the woman when he first drilled it in, but this pain was soon replaced by an unbelievable ecstasy.

“Oh, sweet Joe,” she whispered, clinging tightly to him as his prick sank deeper and deeper into her burning belly. “That’s gotta be the biggest fuckin’ cock in the world.”

“Oh, baby,” he panted. “I love your sweet hot pussy.”

Slowly plunging his big boner in and out between the lush wet folds of her grasping cuntlips, Joe’s hands were gently squeezing and kneading her lust-swollen tits. Fucking his cock into her with a slow, steady rhythm he lowered his face and sucked a big stiff nipple into his mouth.

“Oh, God,” she whispered. “It feels so good.”

Joe was aware that Claudine had been fucking since she was twelve years old, and he could never understand why her cunt was still so deliciously tight and hot. He’d fucked a lot of women in his life, but he’d never found another pussy to equal this one.

A sudden sob of passion came up from deep in Claudine’s throat when she felt his massive cockhead drilling even deeper into her pulsing, prick-filled cunt. Grasping at his sinewy butt with her hands, she dug her fingers into the crack of his ass, puffing him further into her.

“Oh, shit, how I love it,” she mewled, clawing at the cheeks of his ass. “I love it when you fuck me, darling.”

Suddenly scissoring her soft bare legs around his waist, her clinging cunt began climbing up and down over his plunging boner, the bigness of his juice-slickened cock filling her with a violent joy. Ripples of excitement tingled through the raw nerve ends of her cunt as Joe began thrusting his throbbing hardness deeper and harder into the steaming depths of her belly. She could hear him panting with unrestrained lust as his big sweaty balls pounded softly against the soft cheeks of her quivering ass. Her cunt muscles began involuntarily sucking and squeezing against the thickness of his cock as it filled her fuck-hole to perfection. Her pussy was hungrily trying to swallow every inch of his throbbing hot cock as deep as possible. She only wished it could be drilled right up through her guts to her throat. She wanted to have her entire body filled with the man’s magnificent dick.

The tight hotness of her twat around his plunging shaft was further inflaming the man’s intense lust. Her pussy was a tight mass of hot juicy softness that was deliciously stoking his hard sensitive cock flesh, sending wild ripples of joy streaking up and down the length of his hard erection.

“God, what a cunt!” he panted, increasing the tempo of his deep thrusts. “No other pussy can fuck like yours.”

Thrilled at his words, Claudine was conscious of nothing but an intense pleasure that was filling her body, and the delicious joy that streaked through her loins. Arching her hips up, she lifted them both from the bed as she began slamming her cunt up to receive every powerful thrust of his thick cock.

“Oh, baby!” he gasped. “I can’t hold back any longer! I’m gonna shoot… gonna shoot!”

“Oh, yes, darling!” she squealed, feeling her own orgasm mounting in her loins. “Fill me with it, baby! FUCK ME! I’M COMING, TOO! FUCK ME, YOU SWEET BASTARD! FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUCK!”

Claudine had never experienced such intense ecstasy, and clinging tightly to the lurching man above her, the woman’s head was flopping back and forth on the pillow, her long red hair flying wildly around her lust-distorted face. Her bare heels were digging into the crack of his ass as his huge cock pounded into her.


On and on he fucked his massive rod into her fiery slit, his ejaculation only a few strokes away. When the supreme moment arrived, she felt his prick quivering and jerking in her cunt, and a shrill scream escaped from her throat, her face suddenly contorting with lust as she felt his hot cum spewing out of his deeply imbedded cockhead. It gushed against her womb, saturating her cunt walls as spurt after spurt of his thick, slippery sperm continued squirting out of his belching knob.

“YES, DARLING, YES!” she wailed, clinging tightly to him as she writhed her sucking cunt up around the thick base of his spurting cock. “FILL ME WITH IT, BABY! SHIT, HOW I LOVE THAT JIZZ!”

Sinking her teeth into his shoulder, Claudine arched her body up, lifting him easily in her wild state of passion. Waves of unbelievable ecstasy streaked out from between her legs, reaching the tips of her toes, her fingers and her big bursting nipples. The man’s profuse amount of cum still poured into her climaxing cunt as her hot swollen pussylips clung hungrily to his slowly shrinking prick, sucking put the last drops of his dribbling cum.

“God, baby,” he gasped as her sucking twat continued squeezing the last drops from his quivering prick. “You sure know how to fuck.”

“Wasn’t that neat,” she whispered, her tight ass twitching as she lay beneath him, his soft thick dick still warmly encased in her cum soaked cunt. “You have the most wonderful cock in the whole fucking world.”

When Joe’s breathing returned to normal, he slowly withdrew his limp prick and rolled off her warm damp body. Lifting himself onto one elbow, he stared down at her lovely naked body with his thick white jizz oozing out from between her open cuntlips. He’d been fucking the shit out of Claudine for the last six months, but he’d never seen her as hot as she was tonight.

“Oh, Joe,” she whispered to him. “I don’t know what I’d ever do without that big beautiful cock of yours.”

“You’d find another one,” he grinned. “No,” sighed Claudine. “I’d die if you ever left me.”

“Then go get me a beer,” he teased.

When Claudine returned with the cold can of suds, she found the man propped up on his pillow, gently fondling his limp wet dick.

“What the hell are you doing?” she giggled, handing him his beer. “Aren’t you a bit old to be playing with yourself?”

“I’m trying to get it up again,” smiled Joe. “I still feel like fucking.”

“So do I,” whispered Claudine. “You just drink your beer and I’ll take care of your prick.”

As the man began sipping from the can, Claudine moved her head down and slipped his thick limp prick into her mouth.

“That’s my baby,” she giggled when she felt his cock beginning to stir and swell between her lips.

Within a few minutes she was stroking and sucking on a big throbbing boner.

“There,” she smiled, removing his big lust swollen cock from her mouth. “Now what are you going to do with your brand-new hard-on?”

“Shove it up your ass,” was his quick reply. “All the way up into your hot shitter.”

“Oh, good,” she giggled, scrambling onto her hands and knees. “I was hoping you’d ream my ass out.”

Joe moved behind her and rubbed his cockhead I against her tight asshole.


The next day was Claudine’s day off at the cafe and she spent the entire morning thinking about Joe’s big dong while doing her housework. Claudine was always super horny after she’d been well fucked and today was no exception. Not only was she thinking about Joe’s big prick, but her thoughts drifted to other affairs she’d had in the past, and the more she thought about them, the more aroused she was getting.

Alone in the house that afternoon, she wished that Joe wasn’t down at the tavern as usual because she was more than ready for another hot fuck session. Sitting in the kitchen, she was watching through the window where Nancy, her daughter was playing with a boy in the back yard. Nancy was on the swing and her friend was pushing her so she could fly as high as possible. The girl’s skirt was riding up on her legs and Claudine could see Nancy’s white panties between her thighs as she flew up and down on the swing. Being in a horny mood, Claudine suddenly wondered if her daughter had ever been fucked. Watching the teens, Claudine’s thoughts drifted back to that first time she’d been fucked. The woman had done a lot of screwing since then, but that first one had been the most memorable. She could still clearly remember every detail of how the boy had buried his stiff prick into her pussy.

Staring up between her daughter’s bare thighs as she flew back and forth on the swing, Claudine could almost visualize a boy’s cock drilling into Nancy’s pussy. The more she thought about it, the more aroused she became.

Thinking about it, Claudine reached up under her skirt and began fingering her clitty.

Claudine was on the verge of bringing herself off when she heard the teens coming through the back door. She barely had her finger out of her twat when the kiss entered the kitchen.

“Hi, Mom,” sang Nancy. “Mark and I want a glass of water.”

Mark was too embarrassed to speak, but he was sure enjoying what the beautiful woman was doing to him.

“Does that feel good?” smiled Claudine as she began teasing his foreskin up and down over his pink cockhead.

“You better be careful,” he said. “Or you’re gonna make me shoot goo all over you.”

“Nancy,” she said, ignoring his remark and reaching for her daughter’s hand. “Touch his cock and see how good it feels.”

The girl’s heart was pounding wildly in her breast when Claudine wrapped the teen’s fingers around Mark’s hot stiff prick. Nancy had been secretly dying to see a boy’s cock for the last couple of years, and now she was actually touching one.

“Slide the skin up and down,” her mother suggested. “Boys love that.”

Nancy’s virginal twat was getting all hot and itchy between her legs as she excitedly stoked the hot hardness of Mark’s rigid dick.

“Does it feel good, Mark?” Nancy asked as the boy leaned back against the sink to steady his trembling legs.

“Jeez, yes,” he panted. “It’s neat.”

“That’s enough,” said Claudine a few moments later, not wanting the boy to shoot his wad.

“Now I think you should let Mark play with your titties.”

“But, Mother,” gasped the girl. “I can’t let him do that.”

“Why not?” laughed Claudine. “He let you play with his prick.”

“But that’s different,” Nancy argued.

“No it isn’t,” her mother persisted. “Take your dress off.”

“Oh, Mom,” the girl blushed. “I just can’t do that.”

“Mark,” said Claudine, turning to the boy. “Wouldn’t you like to play with Nancy’s boobs?”

“Sure,” he grinned.

“Now stop being silly, Nancy,” the woman said sharply. “Take off your dress.”

Seeing that her mother meant business, the girl grasped the hem and quickly pulled the short summer dress off over her head. When she’d removed it, Mark just stared excitedly at Nancy as she stood there with nothing on but a pair of cotton panties. The girl wasn’t overweight, but she still had a bit of baby fat on her that made her bare thighs appear plump and soft. Mark’s eyes drifted up over her softly rounded tummy to her tits.

“May I touch them?” Mark nervously asked.

“Certainly,” said Claudine when Nancy didn’t answer.

The girl didn’t know what to expect, but a delicious tingle raced from her tits to her pussy when Mark’s fingers lightly grazed across her quivering nipples.

“Oh, Mark,” she giggled excitedly. “That feels funny.”

“Does it feel good?” he asked.

“Gee, yes,” answered Nancy as the delicious tingles raced through her body.

He was soon squeezing and rubbing her firm tits as Nancy squealed with joy. The gin had never felt anything so fucking good in her life.

“Why don’t you suck on them?” Claudine suggested to the boy. “I’m sure she’d like that.”

“May I?” Mark excitedly asked the girl.

“I guess so,” stammered Nancy, her entire body aflame with this new-found lust.

The girl nearly fainted when Mark wolfed one of her big hard nipples into his hot moist mouth. Nancy almost blew her mind as Mark hungrily sucked and pulled on her quivering titty-bud with his hot wet lips. The girl was near hysteria when Mark finally released her big turgid nipple from his mouth.

“Let’s go in on the couch,” suggested Claudine as the teens stared at each other in awe, unable to believe their bodies could give so much pleasure. “I’ll teach you lots of neat games to play.”

When they were in the living room, the teens stared excitedly at Nancy’s mother, wondering what was going to happen next.

“Now drop your cut-offs,” smiled Claudine, patting Mark’s head.

“Right here?” he gasped.

“Yes, right here, honey,” she answered, and then turned to Nancy. “And you take your panties off.”

When they’d done as Claudine ordered, the two teens stared down at each other’s pubic areas. Mark had never seen anything like Nancy’s wet pink slit. The soft wisps of downy hair were glistening with the warm juices that were oozing out from between her deliciously moist cuntlips.

Nancy was just as excited over the boy’s cock and balls. His nut-sac was a soft pink with a growth of blond cock-hairs swirling around it. His stiff pecker was standing up firm and erect against his belly, throbbing wildly with the intense excitement he was feeling.

Staring at the two healthy naked teens, Claudine could hardly wait to see them screw. She thoroughly envied them, wishing it were she who was about to experience her first glorious fuck again.

“Have you ever played with a girl’s pussy?” Claudine asked, watching the way Mark was staring at her daughter’s juicy slit.

“Gee, no,” he answered excitedly.

“Lay back on the couch,” Claudine said to her daughter. “Mark’s going to play with your twat.”

“Will it hurt?” the girl asked.

“God, no,” laughed her mother. “You’re gonna love it.”

When the girl had spread out on her back with her thighs open and knees drawn up, Claudine turned to Mark. “Okay, honey, it’s all yours, so have a good time.”

Sitting down on the edge of the sofa, the boy reached out and lightly touched Nancy’s hat, wet twat with the tip of his finger.

“Stick it in,” giggled Claudine. “Don’t be afraid. She’ll love it.”

“Jeez,” he gasped, easing his finger up into the juicy hotness of her tiny cunt. “It feels all hot and squishy.”

“It’s supposed to,” giggled Claudine. “Now pump your finger in and out.”

Nancy let out a wild squeal of joy when Mark started briskly finger-fucking her.

“Does it feel good?” the depraved mother asked her daughter.

“Yes! Yes!” cried Nancy. “Faster, Mark, faster.” The cute red-headed girl was soon writhing all over the sofa as Mark’s finger flew in and out of her hot slit.

“Oh, Mark!” Nancy cried out. “It feels so good, honey! Oh, God, that feels good!”

“Rub her clitty,” Claudine suggested, pointing to the red shaft that was just inside the top of her slit.

“What’s that?” asked the boy.

“Her girl-prick,” answered Nancy’s mother. “Just rub it and she’ll love it.”

That was the understatement of the year. The moment he touched it, Nancy went into a wild frenzy and began screaming hysterically.

“YES! YES!” she shrieked. “That’s it, Mark! Oh, shit, it’s so good… so good… SO GOOD! Faster, honey, faster! OOOOOOH! AAAAWWWW!”

Within a matter of seconds, Nancy’s shuddering body exploded into a wild lurching orgasm. She’d never experienced such ecstasy before in her life.

“Was that nice?” her mother asked when the girl recovered from her violent, climax.

“Gee, Mom,” she giggled. “I’ve never felt anything so wild in my life.”

“Have you ever heard of screwing?” Claudine suddenly asked.

“Sure,” answered Nancy. “The kids talk about it all the time.”

“Well,” smiled her mother. “That feels even better than what Mark did to you.”

“That’s right, honey,” smiled Claudine, becoming more excited by the second. “Why don’t you let Mark fuck you?”

“Are you serious?”

“Sure,” her mother answered. “I’m sure Mark would like to screw you.”

“Would you, Mark?” the girl asked.

“Heck, yes,” he grinned, rubbing his stiff cock.

“But I don’t know hot to fuck,” stammered Nancy, not sure that she’d like the boy to stick his hard pecker in her.

“I’ll show you how,” Claudine smiled. “Just lay back on the couch and open your legs.”

Still a bit apprehensive, but highly aroused from her finger-fuck, the girl obeyed her mother’s suggestion.

“Do you know how to do it?” she asked Mark.

“I think so,” he replied. “But I’m not sure.”

“Just crawl up between her legs,” said Claudine. When the boy was positioned above Nancy’s quivering body, Claudine tenderly took his erect prick between her thumb and forefinger and guided his bright-pink cockhead into the deliciously hot wet mouth of her daughter’s twat. A wild shiver raced up his spine when Mark felt Nancy’s pussy lips squeezing against his hard knob as he pushed it into her. Her juicy hole felt so fucking hot and tight and velvety that he almost shot his wad before his cock was all the way in.

“Oh, Jesus,” whispered Nancy, feeling a boy’s hard hot prick entering her pussy for the first time.

A wild expression came over her pretty freckle-dusted face and her big green eyes opened wider and wider as her mother guided his slim hard rod into her slippery twat. It felt rather funny and strange, yet it was wildly exciting. The boy’s cock wasn’t all that big, but it felt enormous to Nancy in her tiny unwed aunt.

Mark had to push very slowly because the girl’s hot pussy was so tight. He kept pushing harder, and Nancy let out a scream when his stiff prick broke through her hymen. It hurt a bit, but once he’d passed through it, everything began to feel deliciously good to her again. At last his slim hard dick was all the way in, completely and deliciously filling her tiny hot cunt.

“Does it feel good?” her mother whispered, seeing the total bliss on Nancy’s face.

“Oh, yes, Mom,” gasped the pretty girl. “It feels neat.”

“Fuck her good,” Claudine said to the boy. “This first piece of ass is something you’ll never forget.”

With his hard prick fully buried in Nancy’s deliciously tight pussy, he let it rest for a few moments, savoring the warmness of her squeezing cunt.

“Start pumping it in and out,” panted Claudine. “That’s what fuckin’s all about.”

When Mark began to move his cock in Nancy’s pussy, he let out a soft moan as her tiny cunt gripped it and bathed it in her slippery juices.

“Oh, God,” sobbed Nancy, grasping his body in her arms.

Mark’s slim hard prick began fucking into her in slow delicious strokes that rubbed over her sensitive pussy lips as it moved through the hot tightness of her squeezing fuck-hole. Each slow deep thrust was sending waves of intense pleasure throughout her aroused body.

“Oh, Mark,” she whispered, creaming all over his cock. “It’s so good, honey, but fuck me a faster.”

“Yes, Mark!” cried Claudine, giving him a resounding slap on his vary ass. “Fuck the shit out of her! Make her scream!”

“Okay,” he grinned, wanting to ball her like crazy, but afraid he might hurt the girl.

His tight ass began moving more, rapidly, and he was soon pumping his pointed pecker into her with short fast strokes, the friction making his cock sing with joy.

“Oh, yes!” squealed Nancy. “That’s the way to do it!”

The girl was enjoying everything about her first fuck. She loved the way his hot thrusting cock was igniting every nerve in her tight cunt, and she loved the slurping sound of her juices squishing against his cock as it pounded in and out of her tingling hole. She’d never experienced anything like the delicious jolts of pleasure that ripped through her loins each time his rod slammed into her.

“Faster, Mark, faster!” she shrieked, “God, it feels so fuckin’ good!”

“Yes, Mark!” shouted the girls mother as she excitedly fingered her own clitty beneath her housecoat. “Fuck the shit out of her!”

When the boy suddenly increased the speed of his thrusts, Nancy almost passed out from the flaming pleasure of it. Her tiny hole was being thoroughly drilled by the boy’s plunging prick, and her tight cunt was creaming all over the length of his streaking cock. She was screaming and clawing at the cushions as the boy continued his violent assault on her virginal pussy. God, she was so happy that her mother was teaching her how to fuck. From now on she was going to screw at every opportunity. She’d never dreamed that anything could feel so fucking good.

Mark had jacked off enough to know when he was about to shoot his load, and he could feel it rapidly approaching as his tingling cock glided in and out of the hot tightness of her snug twat. The boy began humping Nancy like crazy, bouncing her naked body all over the couch.

“Fuck her! FUCK HER!” screamed Claudine, frantically rubbing her own cunt.

Nancy could feel his slashing cock pumping her tiny cunt to the brink of orgasm, and she began screaming hysterically as the intense ecstasy swept through her writhing body. The girl was at the very height of her wild climax when Mark’s dick exploded. Writhing beneath him, the girl felt his white-hot jizz gushing into her cunt.

It was several minutes before the two exhausted teens recovered from the traumatic experience.

“Well,” panted Claudine who’d brought herself off at the same time the kids had. “What do you think of fucking?”

“Crazy,” grinned Nancy. “It’s super.”

“Then don’t forget it,” said Claudine as she turned to leave the room. “Fuck as often as you can. There’s nothing in the world that’s as much fun as balling. I’ll get you some pills so you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant.”

“Mom,” Nancy called to her mother. “Mark’s prick is soft and.”

“They always do that after they shoot their load,” replied Claudine, returning to where the naked teens were spread out on the couch.

“What do we do about it?” asked the girl in a waffled voice.

“Suck it hard again,” her mother answered.


“Stick it in your mouth and suck,” laughed Claudine.

“How do I do that?” asked Nancy, having never heard of such a thing.

“Try it,” her mother smiled, slowly walking away. “There’s lots of things you still have to learn.”

Lowering her face and slipping Mark’s limp wet prick into her mouth, Nancy was startled by the exciting taste of the cum that clung to his flaccid cock.

“Does it taste gooey?” asked Mark.

“Slit, no,” she giggled, starting to suck deeply on it. “It’s delicious.”

Five minutes later she had a hard stiff cock in her mouth.

“Look,” she squealed with delight. “It’s all nice and hard again.”

“What shall we do with it?” he teased. “Stick it in my cunt.” Nancy giggled. “I’m ready for another hot fuck.”


A few days later, Claudine was over at Jan Archer’s house, sipping gin and tonics. It was an extremely hot afternoon, and it being Claudine’s day off again, the two women were getting mildly plastered on the cool drinks. Claudine had been friends with Jan Archer and her husband Duane for years, and the couple always readily accepted Claudine’s lovers whenever a new one moved in with her.

Being close friends for so long, the two women openly discussed their sex lives, and at the moment, Claudine was telling Jan how she’d mated Nancy and the kid from around the corner.

“It was so much fun,” giggled Claudine, “I guided Mark’s hard prick into Nancy’s cute cunt and he just fucked the hell out of her.”

“How did Nancy like it?” asked Jan.

“Loved it,” laughed Claudine, getting up to fix herself another chink. “She fucked right back like a veteran.”

“HOW was the kid hung?” was Jan’s next question.

“His cute fucking pecker was only about four inches long, but it was hard as steel,” explained Claudine. “I loved how hot it felt in my hands. It really turned me an.”

“You should have let him fuck you,” smiled Jan.

“I’m going to the next time I get him alone,” Claudine giggled. “I can’t wait to be fucked by that stiff cock of his.”

“Speaking of cocks,” said Jan. “I’ll bet Joe is hung like a fuckin’ bull.”

“He is,” Claudine giggled. “And he fucks like one, too.”

“I thought so,” Jan sighed. “I shouldn’t say this, dear, but there’s something about him that really turns me on.”

“Don’t feel bad about that,” laughed Claudine. “Your husband has turned me on for years.”

“Shit,” Jan giggled, “Why don’t we arrange a party for the four of us. D’ya think Joe would go along with swinging?”

“I’m sure he would,” grinned Claudine. “How about Duane?”

“Hell,” Jan laughed. “Did you ever see a man that wasn’t ready for a strange piece of ass?”

“Thinking about swapping is making me horny,” smiled Claudine. “How is Duane hung?”

“Like a fuckin’ stud,” the woman laughed. “But wait’ll he goes down on you. He loves to eat pussy.”

“So does Joe,” exclaimed Claudine. “And he really knows how to eat it.”

“Most men enjoy licking cunts,” sighed Jan, rising to fix them another drink. “Just like I love to suck guys off.”

“I wonder what a pussy tastes like,” murmured Claudine when her friend returned with their drinks. “Men sure love eating them.”

“Haven’t you ever licked a cunt?” asked Jan as she sat down next to Claudine.

“Of course not,” giggled the half-drunk redhead. “Have you?”

“Yeah,” admitted Jan with a dreamy look in her eyes. “When I was a teenager at a girls’ summer camp, my supervisor taught me to eat her.”

“Was it messy?” Claudine asked.

“No,” whispered Jan in a far away voice. “It was delicious and I’ll never forget it.”

“Did she eat you, too?”

“Shit, yes,” Jan giggles. “We spent most of the vacation going down an each other in her tent.”

“What happened to her?” asked Claudine.

“I don’t know,” her friend replied. “I didn’t see her again after that, but I’ll never forget how wonderful it was.”

“Was that the only pussy you’ve ever eaten?” Claudine asked.

“Yes,” admitted Jan. “But I’ve always had a secret desire to try it again.”

“Why don’t you?”

“I’ve been afraid to suggest it to another woman,” she smiled. “I’m sure it would probably scare her away.”

“I don’t think I could ever lick a cunt,” giggled Claudine, the gin making her mind a bit hazy. “But you’re welcome to eat mine if you want to.”

“Oh, Claudine,” whispered Jan, putting her arms around her friend. “Would you really let me?”

Before Claudine had a chance to answer, she felt Jan’s soft moist lips against her own. Claudine was too shocked to resist, and when Jan’s hot wet tongue slipped into her mouth, her cunt began tingling with a strange excitement. There was something so soft and tender about the way Jan was kissing her that Claudine was soon returning the kiss with a warm passion.

Her loins were soon quivering with a strange lust as she felt Jan’s soft feminine hand moving up between her bare thighs. Mouths welded hotly together and tongues deliciously entwined, Claudine could feel her friend’s finger probing for her pussy though the crotch of her brief panties.

“Oh, Jan,” she panted excitedly when the tip of the woman’s finger slipped into the juicy hotness of her aroused slit.

With their mouths still locked in a passionate kiss, Claudine began frantically grinding her frothy cunt up around Jan’s rapidly plunging finger.

“Oh, God, baby!” she squealed, throwing her head back when the beautiful brunette found her erect clit. “That’s it, darling! Finger me good.”

“Let’s go in on my bed,” whispered Jan, pulling her juice-drenched finger out of her friend’s hot dripping snatch. “I want to suck you dry.”

Both women began undressing as they hurried into the bedroom.

“God,” Jan whispered when Claudine was standing completely naked by the bed. “You have a beautiful body.”

The woman’s creamy skin looked so soft and supple with her long red hair falling down softly over her bare shoulders. Claudine’s firm breasts stood out proudly, her large nipples swollen with lust. Jan’s eyes moved down over her smooth flat belly to the fluffy triangle of red pussy hair between her shapely legs. Jan was literally drooling as she stared at the slippery pink cuntlips that were slightly open, hot twat juices dripping from between them.

Although Claudine had never had an affair with a woman before, she was strangely excited by the beauty of Jan’s naked body. There was a smoldering fire in Jan’s grey eyes as they stared out from beneath her long black bangs at Claudine’s dripping slit.

“Lie down,” whispered Jan, easing her friend’s naked body back on the mattress.

She positioned Claudine on her back with her ass on the edge of the bed and her feet planted on the carpet. Dropping to her knees on the floor, Jan spread Claudine’s legs apart and crawled up between her deliciously open thighs.

“Oh, baby,” she whispered excitedly. “Am I gonna eat your sweet cunt out.”

As Jan stared hungrily at her friend’s creamy slit, she tenderly slid her hands up along the soft quivering flesh of Claudine’s inner thigh.

“Oh, Jan,” whispered Claudine. “Your hand feels so smooth on my skin.”

“I know,” answered the beautiful brunette as her fingers caressed the warm soft flesh between her friend’s legs. “And I love the feel of your bore skin.”

“Oh, so nice,” moaned Claudine, opening her legs wider as Jan’s hand moved all the way up to the moist hotness of her furry twat. “So very, very nice.”

“Mmmmmmm,” Jan whispered, staring up at Claudine’s beautiful face as she tenderly pried her friend’s juicy cuntlips open with her fingers. “Do you feel as horny as I do?”

“Oh, God!” Claudine stared back, her beautiful face flushed with the intense excitement of the moment. “I’ve never felt so fucking hot in my life!”

“I know,” said Jan, wiggling her finger up into the slippery twat-hole. “And your snatch feels so warm and juicy.”

“Mmmmmmmm,” mewled Claudine, spreading her legs even more, her bare feet planted firmly on the floor and her thighs as wide apart as possible. “It feels so good.”

With the finger of one hand gliding deliciously in and out of Claudine’s hot sopping cunt, Jan’s other hand was tenderly caressing the smooth flesh of her friend’s hips and thighs.

Kneeling between Claudine’s open legs, Jan pulled her finger out of the girl’s frothy slit and began washing her inner thigh with tongue and lips, her mouth moving ever closer to her friend’s dripping honey pot.

“Oh, God damn,” sobbed Claudine, writhing her hips in anticipation. “Eat me, honey, I can’t wait any longer.”

With her hands gently gripping Claudine’s smooth bare hips, Jan moved her face forward and lightly swished her tongue over the woman’s open cuntlips.

“Oh, yes,” moaned the aroused redhead. “That’s it, honey. Eat me good.”

Pressing forward, Jan buried her nose in the fluffy mound of Claudine’s fresh-scented pussy hair and her tongue deep in her steaming slit.

“Oh, sweet suckin’ Jesus!” cried Claudine, throwing the back of her knees over Jan’s shoulders. “That feels so shittin’ good.”

Quivering with the excitement of Jan’s soft feminine lips and tongue working so deliciously on her pussy, Claudine pressed her soft thighs against the girl’s juice drenched face.

“Oh, shit!” shrieked Claudine when the girl’s tongue began expertly working on her clitty. “No man’s ever eaten me like this! Shit, that’s good!”

As fast as Jan was licking the juices from her friend’s tasty twat, fresh ooze seemed to pour into it. Jan’s tongue was slashing and lapping and licking around in the sweet wet hole, giving her the intense joy she’d been remembering since her teen-aged days in summer camp. Wanting her friend’s first affair with a woman to be a memorable one, Jan’s tongue was working feverishly on Claudine’s clit, enthusiastically trying to give the girl the thrill she needed.

“Oh, shit!” shrieked the beautiful redhead, clamping her thighs tighter against Jan’s face. “I love it! I love it!”

“Isn’t it neat,” panted Jan, momentarily lifting her face to wipe some of the juice from her dripping chin. “We could have been doing this for years.”

Diving back into the wet hairy bush, Jan was soon frantically devouring her friend’s hot wet twat like a wild animal would attack a juicy raw steak. Sucking noisily, her hands were roving all over Claudine’s naked body, her fingers finally finding the woman’s tits as she began gently squeezing and pinching her big quivering nipples.

“Oh, God!” screamed Claudine, looking down as Jan hungrily sucked between her legs. “Bite my clit! Pinch my tits! Oh, shit, I love it! I LOVE IT!”

“Me, too!” panted Jan. “Jesus your cunt tastes good.”

“Oh, Jan!” Claudine screamed hysterically. “Let me eat your cunt, too!”

“D’ya really want to?” Jan excitedly asked.

“Oh, yes!” cried her friend. “Please let me suck your pussy.”

Removing her mouth from the woman’s seething cunt, Jan quickly crawled up on Claudine’s chest where they passionately threw their arms around each other. Pressing her hot open lips against Claudine’s waiting mouth, their tongues entangled in a deep kiss as the two aroused women began rubbing their hairy curia and soft boobs against each other. Writhing their naked bodies deliciously together, both women were rushing toward new heights of depraved ecstasy.

Finally breaking the long passionate kiss, Jan quickly changed positions so that Claudine would have easy access to her cunt. Leaning back down between the girl’s open legs, Jan once more began sucking on Claudine’s delicious slit.

“Oh, sweet shit,” sobbed Claudine, staring into a woman’s cunt for the first time.

Jan’s cuntlips were pink and swollen with desire and Claudine could see the slippery juices oozing out from between them. High up and just inside her slit, Jan’s clit was dangling hard and erect. The folds of her cunt flesh were shimmering with the creamy juices that were covering them. Letting out a soft cry of excitement, Claudine suddenly drilled her tongue deep into Jan’s quivering fuck-hole.

“Oh, God!” cried Jan. “That’s the way, honey!”

Spreading her legs wider apart to give Claudine more room, Jan’s sopping pussy opened even wider as she felt the girl’s lips and tongue working frantically on her twat.

“Suck!” screamed Jan, temporarily removing her mouth from Claudine’s silt when she felt the inexperienced woman’s tongue caressing her clitty. “Suck, honey! That feels so fuckin’ good!”

“I know!” sobbed Claudine. “I can’t believe how good your cunt tastes!”

The two beautiful women were rocking and writhing in their depraved ecstasy. The sixty-nine position was offering them both easy access to each other’s pussies as they hungrily chewed and sucked.

Spread out on her back with Jan’s hot sopping slit pressed down on her mouth, Claudine’s tongue was drilling deeply into her friend’s dripping hole. As she eagerly tongue-fucked the beautiful woman’s pussy, she could feel Jan hungrily sucking on her cunt.

“Oh, shit!” she could hear her friend squealing between slurps. “I love it, darling! East me good, you sweet angel!”

Claudine was wild about having Jan’s cunt on her face. As the beautiful brunette ground her slippery pussy against Claudine’s mouth, the woman was thrusting her tongue in and out of the hot slippery hole, loving the exciting taste of the twat juices that were flowing over her tongue and dripping to the back of her throat. The delicious texture of Jan’s soft wiggly cuntlips was almost blowing her mind. She’d never dreamed that licking another woman’s slit could be so fucking exciting, especially when the woman was returning the favor.

“Jesus Christ,” Claudine sobbed into the frothy hole. “You’re sure a juicy bitch.”

“So are you,” Jan called back. “Slit, this is neat!”

Completely carried away by the intense lust she was feeling, Claudine was hungrily slashing her tongue around through the soft folds of Jan’s slippery pussy flesh, licking up puddles of delicious juices that were dripping from every part of her inflamed fuck-hole. Finally withdrawing her tongue from the hot depths of Jan’s cunt, Claudine began tonguing the shaft of hard clitoris that was dangling from the top of her swollen slit.

“Oh, shit!” shrieked Jan, writhing her hole against her friend’s busy mouth. “That’s the way, baby! Oh, Christ, can you eat pussy!”

“So can you!” Claudine cried back. “I’m ready to come!”

“Me, too!” squealed Jan. “Suck, honey, suck!”

Suddenly both women exploded into simultaneous orgasms. Clinging to each other’s shuddering bodies, they both sucked frantically until their powerful climaxes slowly passed.

“Jesus,” whispered Jan a few minutes later as she held Claudine’s soft naked body in her arms. “That was terrific.”

“God,” panted Claudine. “No man has ever eaten me out like you did.”

“That’s because no man knows the sensitive areas like a woman does,” said Jan.

“Honey,” whispered Claudine after a short period of silence. “Let’s do it again.”

“Okay,” giggled Jan. “But roll over on your tummy first.”

“What are you gonna do?” asked Claudine, turning onto her belly.

“You’ll find out,” giggled Jan, kneeling between the woman’s legs.

Reaching down, Jan began moving her hands softly over her friend’s bare butt, rolling her asscheeks gently in her palms. Continuing to caress the soft wiggly flesh in a circular motion with her palms, her thumbs were goosing deliciously into the soft meat between her cheeks. Gently spreading the crack open, Jan stared down at the brown hole where she intended to soon insert her tongue.

“Oooooooh, Jan!” gasped Claudine when she felt her friend’s hot breath as the woman lowered her face down toward her quivering bung. “What are you gonna do?”

“I’m going to tongue-fuck your cute asshole,” she whispered.

“Oh, good!” squealed Claudine, who loved to be butt-fucked by a cock. “That sounds neat.”

When Jan’s mouth was pressed between the cheeks of Claudine’s sweet soft ass, she began washing the quivering flesh with her hot wet tongue, but purposely avoiding the sensitive ring of her shitter.

“Please hurry,” panted Claudine. “I can’t wait any longer.”

“Take it easy,” giggled Jan as she began saturating the entire length of her ass-crease. “This will be sweet and slow.”

When the crack was thoroughly soaked, Jan suddenly drilled her tongue deep into her friend’s quivering shitter.

“Oh, Christ!” Claudine squealed. “That’s it, honey! I love it! I LOVE IT!”

With her hot wet tongue deliciously reaming out Claudine’s tingling asshole, Jan reached down between the woman’s legs and began vigorously rubbing her clitty.

“Hot fuckin’ shit!” shrieked Claudine, wiggling her ass back around Jan’s thrusting tongue. “This is the greatest!”

Continuing to tongue-fuck the woman’s ass, Jan expertly toyed with Claudine’s clit until the squealing redhead exploded into another wild climax.

The two naked women spent the entire day in the bed, and finally quit playing their depraved games only because it was time for Jan’s husband to get home from work.

“Don’t forget that party,” Jan reminded Claudine when they parted.

“I start the night shift tomorrow,” said Claudine. “So we’ll have to make it next week.”

“Okay,” whispered Jan, giving her friend’s ass a pat. “I’ll see you later.”


The next evening, Claudine’s daughter, Mary, was sitting in front of her house with Dale Carpenter. Both of them were so sexually aroused that neither of them noticed Joe sitting on the front porch. Although the pretty blonde was still technically a virgin, Dale had recently introduced her to the art of cocksucking and Mary was enjoying every mouth-filled moment of it. The girl had been a bit reluctant to try it when her eighteen-year-old boy friend first suggested it, but after several nights of urging, Mary finally relented and sucked him off. The girl had loved it, and now going down on Dale’s big juicy dick was her favorite pastime.

Sitting in Dale’s car, Mary was gently rubbing the boy’s stiff boner through his jeans, both of them unaware that Joe was watching from the shadows of the front porch.

“Wanta lick it?” grinned Dale as the girl vigorously rubbed his throbbing cock.

“God, yes,” Mary whispered excitedly. “I just love drinking your hot cum.”

When Dale lowered his ripper, the girl quickly reached in and pulled out his thick meaty dick. Trembling with excitement, Mary lowered her head into the boy’s lap and pressed her soft moist lips against his big fat cockhead. Slowly sucking it into her mouth, Mary could feel his prick throbbing and swelling even bigger. Taking it as deep as she could into her throat, she momentarily savored the scent and taste of his hard meaty tool.

Finally dropping to the floor between his lop, she grasped the base of his shaft and began bobbing her mouth up and down over his cock.

“Oh, baby!” sobbed Dale. “It sure didn’t take you long to learn cock sucking. God, honey, you’re fantastic.”

Pleased that the boy enjoyed it so much, her tongue began teasing up and down his sensitive shaft.

“That’s it, baby,” he panted, curling his fingers into her long blonde hair. “Jan, that feels great. Oh, shit, honey, keep suckin’ like that.”

With each excited moan, Mary tried even harder to please him, her juicy hot mouth moving up and down over his cock, her tongue licking it from every angle as his prick floated in and out between her sucking lips. While her mouth filled his loins with pleasure, Dale reached down and began fondling her tits through the girl’s thin blouse. Mary’s nipples were already throbbing with excitement and she let out a cry of joy when his hands dug inside her blouse and began caressing her naked tits. Her entire body tingled with passion and her lips sucked and pulled deliciously on the head of his cock as his fingers pinched her nipples the way she liked him to do it.

“Suck it, baby, suck it,” moaned Dale. “That’s the way, honey.”

Lurching excitedly in the seat, Dale was unconsciously pumping his cock in and out of her mouth. Swallowing greedily, Mary was suddenly surprised to find she was taking more of his hard prick than she’d ever been able to take before.

“Christ!” gasped Dale. “Suck it, baby! Suck it!”

Pumping his jerking rod in and out of her greedily sucking mouth, Dale’s breath was coming in short, hot gasps, his legs trembling with excitement.

“Suck, baby, suck!” he cried out, pushing her mouth down tighter over his cock. “Suck me off! I’m almost there… ALMOST THERE!”

Mary began sucking harder and deeper, wanting him to fill her throat with his hot wet cum.

“Ohhhhhhh!” Dale gasped, digging his fingers into Mary’s hair and pushing her mouth down further over his cock. “Here it comes, baby! AAAGGGGHHHH!”

As his big juicy cockhead exploded, Mary could feel his white-hot jizz splattering against the back of her throat, followed by spurt after spurt of his thick creamy cum. Mary sucked and swallowed until the boy’s entire load had been emptied into her mouth.

Watching from the front porch as Mary finally kissed Dale goodnight with her sperm-drenched lips, Joe had a horrendous hard-on. He’d always thought Claudine’s daughter was a hot bitch, but after what he’d seen tonight, Joe decided to try her hot cunt for himself.

Entering the house a few minutes later, Mary didn’t see Joe sitting in the dark shadows on the porch. Going directly to her room, she began undressing, her thoughts on the beautiful big prick she’d just sucked off.

Mary was completely naked when she heard the door to her room slowly open. Turning around, she saw Joe standing there without a stitch of clothes on, lewdly stroking the biggest, hardest cock she’d ever seen.

“GET OUT!” she screamed, trying to cover her pussy and tits with her hands.

“Look what you’re gonna get,” he grinned, lewdly stroking his huge prick.

“Get the hell out of here or I’ll call Mom,” she hissed at him.

“She just started the night shift this week,” he grinned. “And Nancy’s stayin’ with a friend tonight. You and I are all alone.”

“You rotten bastard!” Mary shouted. “Get out of my room!”

“Stop screaming,” he growled, stepping closer to the girl. “I’ve seen the way you’ve wiggled your ass in front of me for the last six months, and now you’re gonna get what you’ve wanted.”

“Get out of her, you dirty sonovabitch,” yelled Mary, “or I’m gonna tell Mom!”

“Go ahead and tell her,” he grinned. “She won’t believe you when I tell her how you sucked that guy off tonight. She’ll think your dirty mind is making it all up.”

Mary suddenly realized that what he was saying was probably right. Ever since the bastard had moved in, her mother had always taken his side in their arguments.

“What is it you want?” she sighed, deciding to try reasoning with the man.

“This,” he laughed, roughly shoving her onto the bed and ramming his finger up her slit. “I’m gonna fuck this blonde pussy of yours.”

“Please, not that!” she cried out. “I’m still a virgin!”

“Bullshit!” shouted the man. “No virgin sucks a cock like you did in that boy’s car. You’ve probably been fucked by more pricks than you can count.”

“Joe,” she suddenly blurted. “Would you like me to suck you off like I did to Dale?”

“Do you mean it?” he asked, staring down at the beautiful blonde who was spread out so deliciously on the bed.

“Yes,” she whispered, realizing that if he shot his wad into her mouth, he couldn’t fuck her with a limp prick.

Grinning lewdly at her, Joe straddled her tits and pushed the head of his bulbous cock against her lips. The odor of stale beer on his breath and the raunchy scent of his bloated knob almost made her puke, but Mary decided this was better than taking his brutal cock into her virginal cunt. Closing her eyes, the girl’s soft wet lips encircled his big purple prick with a warm slippery caress.

“Oh, God,” he panted excitedly as the lovely blonde began pumping her mouth up and down over his big meaty boner.

Slowly getting used to its strong smell and taste, she was soon lashing her tantalizing tongue all around his sensitive cockhead as she sucked, realizing that the sooner she sucked him off, the sooner he’d leave her alone. She was slowly filled with a sense of power as she felt the man trembling with excitement. Opening her soft lips wider, she took the man’s spit-slickened cockhead deeper into her mouth.

Momentarily opening her eyes and glancing up at the man, she was pleased to see the helpless expression on his quivering face. Her hot sucking mouth was reducing him to a mass of tingling nerves.

“Aaaaaaaaggggghhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh!” he panted. “Don’t stop, Mary, don’t stop!”

Mary had no intention of stopping until she’d completely disarmed him. Since the first time Dale had taught the girl how, to blow him, Mary had loved the taste of cock-meat, so sucking Joe off wasn’t all that unpleasant. His deliciously thick shaft was stroking her lips delightfully and his fat, juicy cockhead felt good against her lapping tongue. Her deeply sucking lips were drawing quantities of seminal fluid from the tip of his prick, and the taste of it dribbling down her throat was really turning her on.

An intense excitement was growing within her, hardening her turgid nipples and making her pussy hot and moist. Her clitty was getting hard and swollen as she sucked deeper and harder on his massive prick. Each plunge of her head was taking more of his big delicious cock into her mouth.

“Aaaaaaaagggghh! Aaaaaaaggghh!” he was gasping. “Ooooooooooh, Goddamn!”

Mary could tell he was about to come and her lips were flying up and down over his dick, her tongue lapping wetly over his gliding shaft. She knew her mouth would soon be filled with the man’s cum and his menacing cock momentarily useless.

“NO!” he suddenly shouted, pulling his spit-soaked tool out of her mouth. “You’re gonna take this load in your pussy.”

Mary couldn’t believe the sudden change of events.

“Please!” she cried out. “Come in my mouth, Joe!”

The girl was terrified when Joe crawled back down between her legs. His huge, gnarly cock was the most menacing sight she’d ever seen. Hysterically pleading for him to stop, she felt his big hand pawing between her legs, ruthlessly spreading them apart. She could feel his big hot cockhead brushing against her inner thighs as he guided it into position. Feeling his big purple knob suddenly pressing between her cuntlips, she closed her eyes and bit down on her lip to keep from screaming.

“That’s it, you prick-teaser,” he panted. “Just lay still and you won’t get hurt.”

Mary had never experienced such a searing pain as she felt when the man rammed his massive boner into her unused cunt. Clawing at the sheets with her fingers, the blonde’s face was contorted with anguish as his huge rod sank deeper into her tight pussy.

“Oh, God!” she screamed. “Take it out! IT HURTS! IT HURTS!”

“Oh, shut up!” he roared, slapping Mary across the side of her face. “You’re gonna get fucked whether you like it or not.”

He shoved harder, driving his brutal tool even deeper into her. Afraid he’d slap her again, Mary tried not to scream, but the intense pain was almost more than she could stand.

“Please, Joe,” she whispered through trembling lips. “Please take it out. God, it hurts.”

“It wouldn’t hurt so much if you’d stop fighting me,” he panted.

Even in her state of torture, Mary realized the man was right. If she’d wanted him to fuck her in the first place, her cunt would have been juicy for him and the pain wouldn’t have been so intense.

“You’re making it hard on yourself,” Joe whispered in a hot, hoarse voice. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Then take it out!”

“No!” he panted, ramming his cock balls-deep into her cunt. “I’m gonna keep it in there until you decide to give me a good fuck like you give your studs.”

“But I’ve never been fucked before,” she sobbed.

Mary had hated the man since the first day her mother had brought him home, but her hatred had never been as intense as it was now. She had never despised anyone as she did this horrible monster.

“NO!” she shrieked, turning her face away as the man tried to kiss her.

With his huge body pressing down tight against her, Joe began slowly moving his cock in and out of her tight hole. He drew back until only his cockhead remained buried in her twat, then slid it back in.

“God, that’s a juicy box,” he panted, beginning to rhythmically pump his prick in and out of her tight cunt.

In spite of herself, Mary began to feel a strange, but pleasant tingling in her pussy as Joe’s dick continued moving in and out of her furry slit. The earlier pain was slowly being replaced by an intense pleasure as his thick gnarly cock rubbed deliciously against the tight sensitive walls of her cunt.

She still hated the man, but Mary’s widely stretched pussy began responding to his long deep fuck-thrusts. Her slippery cunt-walls started involuntarily sucking and squeezing his rod as it floated in and out on the slippery juices that were suddenly oozing around his shaft.

Dale and a few other boys had played with her pussy in the past, but Mary suddenly realized that no finger was a substitute for a nice hard prick. Fucking was better than she’d ever imagined it could be, and her writhing body was soon rhythmically answering his deep hard thrusts.

“See,” Joe grunted. “Now you like it, don’t you?”

Mary didn’t bother to reply. She was sure he knew that answer from the way her hot cunt was creaming all over his prick. With her arms wrapped tightly around him, Mary was now taking him easily as she thrust her belly up to receive every plunge of his wonderful tool.

“Do you like it?” he repeated, increasing the tempo of his long, gliding thrusts.

“Yes, Joe, yes,” she sobbed excitedly as she bounced and wiggled under him, her cunt squeezing deliciously against his shaft each time he plunged it in. “I love it, I LOVE IT!”

No longer able to pretend, Mary was screaming with the intense joy his huge cock was giving her. The girl had never dreamed that a man’s prick could possibly fill her cunt with such intense pleasure. Suddenly the girl realized why her mother was such a slave to the man. Mary wished that Joe’s big thick tool could fuck in and out of her cunt for the rest of her life.

“That’s it, Joe, honey!” she squealed, grinding her smoldering slit up around the base of his plunging rod. “Fuck the shit out of me!”

The ecstasy was rapidly mounting in the pretty blonde’s body as her tight cunt muscles pulled and sucked on the hard thickness of his big slippery cock.

“Faster, Joe!” she cried, wrapping her soft naked legs around his lurching body. “Fuck me hard, honey! It feels so fuckin’ good!”

Until this massive cock had drilled into the very depths of Mary’s quivering belly, she’d never dreamed that her cunt was capable of such intensely beautiful feelings. Screaming with joy, her hot, juicy cunt-walls were sucking wildly on his lurching shaft.

“Fuck, baby, fuck!” she screamed.

Mary could feel his prick growing bigger and harder with each delicious thrust. Joe was drilling his throbbing boner into her tight fuck-hole with all his power, and the squealing teen-ager was loving every cunt-splitting moment of it.

“Oh, Joe,” she sobbed, grasping his face in her hands and pulling his mouth down against her wet open lips, no longer giving a slit about the stench of stale beer on his breath. “God, honey, how I love your big hot cock.”

“Jesus, you’re a doll,” he panted, looking down at her pretty face.

“Oh, sweet Joe!” she shrieked. “Keep fuckin’, baby! I love it! I love it!”

Maw’s warm cunt flesh was gasping hungrily at his slippery cock as it plunged in and out of her dripping hole. The man’s eyes were glazed with pleasure as his big heaving body rocked her up and down on the bed.

“Take it, baby!” he panted. “Take it deep!”

On and on he fucked into her, his cockhead swelling with each thrust, his legs trembling as his ejaculation drew closer.

“Are you ready, baby?” he shouted, frantically pounding his cock into her. “Are you ready for my jizz?”

“Yes! Yes!” she squealed with delight.

“Good!” he panted. “I’m gonna shoot you full. I’m gonna fill your belly with it!”

Almost out of his mind from the intense pleasure he was receiving from Mary’s teen-aged cunt, Joe smashed his lips down on the girl’s hot, open mouth, thrusting his tongue in against hers. With their lips welded passionately together, Joe was violently pistoning his massive tool in and out of her sopping wet slit.

“OH, GOD!” he suddenly shouted, tearing his mouth from hers and throwing his head back as he gave two or three violent thrusts. “Here it comes, baby! Take it! TAKE IT!”

Feeling his thick hot sperm gushing into her belly was all Mary needed to trigger her own wild climax. Frantically clutching to the man, her exploding cunt began creaming all over Joe’s spurting dick.

“Take it! Take it!” shouted the man, still thrusting his squirting prick deeper into her cum-drenched hole.

Mary’s fingernails clawed at his back and her legs waved crazily in the air as her soft belly shuddered and quivered beneath him. Her first cock-induced orgasm was the most intense thing she’d ever experienced. The hotness of his thick jizz as it filled her spasming hole felt unbelievably good.

“Oh, Joe,” she finally whispered as he lay on top of her, panting for breath, their bodies still deliciously joined by his slowly shrinking prick. “That was so fucking wonderful.”

When he finally pulled his limp dick from her tight twat, Mary felt a strange emptiness throughout her exhausted body.

“Do you hate me?” whispered Joe, suddenly realizing that he’d actually raped the pretty girl.

“No, Joe,” she answered, leaning forward and licking a drop of cum from the end of his limp prick. “I think I love you.”

“You just love my cock,” he smiled.

“Maybe,” grinned Mary. “Me you ever going to screw me again?”

“As often as you wish,” was his answer.

“What about my mom?”

“Why can’t I fuck you both?” he whispered.

“Are you going to tell her about us?” asked Mary.

“I don’t think that’s necessary,” answered the man. “She might not understand.”

“Good,” beamed Mary. “Now, when can we fuck again?”

“As soon as I get another hard-on,” he laughed.

“That won’t take long,” giggled Mary, stuffing his limp wet prick into her mouth.

Within a matter of a very few moments, the girl had licked his cock back to a rigid state of hardness again.

“God it’s a beauty,” she whispered, rubbing his thick hot shaft against her soft cheek. “Now let’s fuck.”

Releasing his massive tool from her hands, the pretty blonde lay back on the bed to receive his delicious cock.

“What’s that?” Joe suddenly asked, pointing to some light-pink stains on the bed.

“My cherry,” giggled Mary. “I told you I was a virgin.”

“My God!” he gasped. “I thought you were lying!”

“Well,” she whispered. “I’m not a virgin now, so let’s start fuckin’.”


Because Claudine was working the night shift, her friend, Jan, dropped over the next morning for a cup of coffee. Joe was at the local tavern as usual, and Mary and Nancy had gone on a picnic with some friends, so the two women were alone in the house. This was the first time they’d been together since they had licked each other’s pussies and they both seemed a bit embarrassed.

“When do you go back on the day shift?” asked Jan, trying to make light conversation.

“Next week,” was Claudine’s answer.

“Good,” Jan giggled. “Then we can get our men together for a swinging party.”

“Do you still think Duane will go for it?” Claudine asked.

“I think so,” smiled Jan. “I won’t tell him our plans. He’ll just think it’s a spontaneous thing.”

“Jan,” Claudine suddenly asked. “Are you ashamed of what we did the other day?”

“Shit, no,” giggled the beautiful brunette. “Are you?”

“Not at all,” Claudine smiled, moving over next to her friend on the sofa. “I thought it was fantastic.”

“Good,” giggled Jan, dropping her hand between her friend’s bare thighs that were so deliciously exposed under her short dressing gown. “Do you want to play some more?”

“What do you think?” she giggled, guiding her friend’s finger up into her pussy.

Within a matter of seconds, both women had their clothes off and were writhing around nakedly on the couch.

“Oh, shit!” exclaimed Claudine when the doorbell rang.

Quickly slipping into her brief dressing gown, Claudine reluctantly answered the door.

“Hi, Mark,” she smiled when she saw her daughter’s friend standing there, “Hello, Mrs. Hampton,” he said, and blushed. “Is Nancy home?”

“No she isn’t,” smiled Claudine, amused at the way the teen was staring at her big boobs which were partially exposed in her loose dressing gown.

“Okay,” he answered in a disappointed voice.

“What did you want her for?” teased Claudine with a twinkle in her eyes.

“I thought maybe we could play,” was his honest answer.

“Oh, Mark,” the woman giggled. “I’ll bet you wanta fuck her.”

Mark just grinned without answering.

“Have you got a nice hard-on?” whispered Claudine, reaching down and touching the stiff pecker in the front of his cut-offs.

“Sure,” he grinned, pleased at the way Nancy’s mother was rubbing his boner.

“Why don’t you come in?” she suggested, still fondling his hard rod. “I’d love to take care of that hard-on for you.”

“Really?” he beamed, entering the room.

“You bet,” whispered Claudine, closing the door behind him. “We can have quite a party.”

Mark was halfway across the room before he saw Jan Archer sitting on the sofa. His mouth dropped open in shock when his eyes spotted the beautiful naked woman.

“This is my friend, Jan,” Claudine smiled, seeing the expression on Mark’s face. “She likes to play with pricks, too.”

Mark’s eyes were as big as saucers as he stared at the thick dark bush between Jan’s soft naked thighs.

“What’s your name, honey?” she asked the boy.

“Mark,” he stammered.

“Come over here,” Jan whispered. “I want to feel your cock.”

“Go ahead,” Claudine urged him when he hesitated. “Jan loves to play with pricks.”

When he was standing in front of her, Jan quickly unfastened his belt and dropped the boy’s, cut-offs down around his ankles. Mark wasn’t wearing any shorts, and his stiff cock flew right up in front of Jan’s face.

“Jesus, Mark,” giggled the beautiful brunette as she grasped his prick in her soft hands. “That’s some cock. Claudine tells me that you fuck Nancy with it. Is it fun to fuck her?”

“Shit, yes,” he grinned. “It’s really neat.”

Watching them, Claudine took off her gown and joined Jan on the couch.

“Mark,” she suggested to the boy who was standing in front of them. “Why don’t you play with my tits while Jan messes around with your prick?”

“D’ya mean it?” he asked excitedly.

The boy just stared open-mouthed at the luscious big tits that were so beautifully exposed only inches from his eyes. He’d seen and played with Nancy’s titties, but they couldn’t compare to her mother’s big creamy boobs with luscious hard nipples thrusting out from them.

Trembling with excitement the boy reached out and gently dug his fingers into the soft spongy meat of her deliciously firm breasts.

“Ooooooh, that’s it, honey,” she panted. “God how I love it when someone plays with my tits.”

“Does it really feel good?” he asked.

“God, yes,” Claudine whispered. “Doesn’t it feel good when a woman plays with your cock?”

“Shit, yes,” he answered excitedly, feeling Jan’s fingers tenderly stroking his prick.

The guy couldn’t believe his good fortune. Goddamn, if this wasn’t the craziest thing that had ever happened to him! Here he was, alone in a house with two beautiful bare-assed women who had the biggest fuckin’ tits he’d ever seen. One was begging him to play with her big boobs while the other one was messing around with his stiff pecker.

“Watch out!” he suddenly cried as Jan gave his prick a few rapid strokes. “You’re gonna make me come.”

His warning was too late and his jerking cock suddenly shot a wild spurt of jizz all over Jan’s big boobs and belly.

“I’m sorry,” he panted as his spurting prick continued spewing cum onto her.

“Don’t be sorry, honey,” giggled Jan, scooping up the slippery fluid and licking it from her fingers. “I love the taste of this stuff.”

Taking the boy’s hand she pulled him down on the sofa with her.

“There’s probably a few more drops in your pecker,” she smiled, rolling Mark onto his back and inserting his limp wet dick in her mouth.

“Jeez!” he gasped when the woman’s big soft lips began sucking and pulling on his cock.

Within a very short time Jan had sucked his virile rod back to another throbbing erection.

“That’s a beautiful prick, honey,” whispered Jan, removing his cock from her mouth. “It really turns me on, and it’s shaped so perfectly.”

Tenderly stroking the guy’s brand-new boner with her fingers, Jan began kissing his entire body. Her slavering mouth and tongue worked wetly on his mouth, then down over his thin chest, nibbling lightly on his tits. She next moved her mouth down over his quivering belly and between his thighs, finally moving up to lick his smooth pink balls.

When she finally stopped kissing and licking the teen, she threw her soft naked body over his, pressing one of her big turgid nipples against his mouth. Lacking his lips tightly over the delicious hardness of her juicy nipple, Mark’s hands began exploring the warm surface of Jan’s smooth bare skin.

“Oh, yes, honey,” she whispered. “Suck it. Oh, yes, that feels so good.”

Sucking hungrily on her swollen tit, Mark’s hands were roaming over her soft, wiggly ass, his fingers goosing into the hot meat of her crack. He couldn’t believe that this beautiful woman was letting him do anything he wanted to her.

“Mark,” Jan whispered to the boy. “Would you like to put your cock in my pussy?”

“Shit, yes!” he gasped.

Moving her body back down over his, Jan straddled his loins with her wet pussy just out of reach of his stiff prick. Grasping the base of his cock, the woman pointed it straight up and slowly lowered her dripping twat down toward his bright-pink cockhead. He began arching his hips up, trying to ram his prick into her wet, hairy slit, but Jan kept it just out of reach.

“I’ll do it,” giggled Jan, teasing the tip of his cock lightly against the hot juiciness of her dripping cuntlips. “I’ll let you in when I’m ready.”

Claudine was excitedly watching her friend seducing the boy. She could see the rapture on Mark’s face as he stared at the smoldering cunt that was hovering just above his throbbing dick. A delicious tingle rippled through Claudine’s body when she saw Jan slip the tip of Mark’s hard dick between her cuntlips. Watching, she could see Jan slowly easing herself down, her hot slippery cunt gently swallowing the teen’s smooth hard cock.

“D’ya like my hot cunt?” whispered Jan, rotating her pussy in tight, squishy circles as his throbbing rod began slipping slowly into her gulping fuck hole.

“Shit, yes,” he panted as his stiff prick slithered up into the sucking cunt that was deliciously swallowing it. Suddenly the entire length of his quivering boner disappeared into her hot hole, completely engulfed by her warm juicy pussy-flesh.

When the boy’s throbbing cock was fully buried in her frothy twat, Jan fell forward, grinding her big luscious tits against his chest. Pressing her soft wet lips to his, the woman thrust her tongue deep into the teens mouth, French kissing him as he’d never been kissed before.

Watching them in their torrid embrace, Claudine could see Jan’s ass pumping up and down as her sucking cunt deliciously fucked the boy’s deeply embedded cock. Each time Jan raised her ass, Claudine could see the teen’s juice-slickened prick moving in and out.

Mark was no longer lying still, his body was lunging upward, meeting every downward plunge of the woman’s cunt.

“Oh, yes, darling!” squealed Jan. “That’s the way, baby! Ram it into me! Oh, God… oooooooh… ahhhhhhhh… so good… SO GOOD!”

Claudine suddenly realized that she was squeezing her own tits to the rhythm of the wildly fucking couple. She was even breathing to the tempo of her friend’s ass as it bounced up and down over Mark’s hard prick. Claudine was getting more excited by the minute as she vicariously watched the boy and woman on the couch.

Mark had never felt anything as good as this woman’s hot slippery cunt, and he was fucking his cock into her for all he was worth. His grasping fingers were clawing into the crack of her ass, trying to pull even more of her cunt up around his plunging prick. The boy’s heels were dug into the cushions as he slammed his seething cock up into the beautiful woman’s lurching belly. Their tempo began picking up, the rhythm wildly increasing as they pounded together again and again. Writhing wildly against each other on the couch, woman and daughter were fucking up a real storm.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Jan was chanting in rhythm to their thrusts. “Deeper, honey, harder! Yeaaahhhhh, baby, fuck it into me! Ooooooooh, so good… so good! Oooooooooh, fuck! FUCK! FUCK!”

With the fingers of both hands goosing into the crack of the woman’s soft full ass, the teen was shuddering and gasping for breath. Feeling her hot, gulping cunt grasping and sucking on the length of his quivering prick, the teen was fucking into her steamy hole with all his strength.

“Oh, shit!” he suddenly squealed. “I’m gonna squirt… GONNA SQUIRT!”

“Let it come!” Jan cried out. “Shoot it, honey! Give me a big cuntful!”

“Oh, God!” he panted, his entire body trembling and jerking with lust. “I’m almost there!”

“YES! YES!” she urged. “Let it come, darling! I want it! I WANT IT!”

“Aaaaaaaagggghh!” he sobbed.

“I’m coming, too, darling!” cried Jan. “Faster, honey, faster!”

“AAAAGGGGHH!” he screamed, his entire body as taut as a bowstring. “HERE I COME!”

His body suddenly began twitching and jerking in all directions at once as his plunging boner began spraying her cunt with white-hot jizz. Jan was bouncing and shuddering on top of him, feeling the wet hotness of his cum spewing into the depths of her sperm-drenched belly.

“Coming, too!” she shrieked. “I’m coming… COMINGOO. COMMMIIINNNGGGG!”

Clinging tightly to him, she slammed her cunt down tighter around his spurting cock. The teen responded by thrusting his stiff dick even higher into her spasming fuck-hole, firing spurt after spurt of sperm up into her jizz-soaked depths.

Clinging tightly to each other, they were both puffing and panting as their wild orgasms completely engulfed them.

“Oh, God,” she finally whispered. “You’re some fucker.”

Whimpering as she felt his stiff cock beginning to soften in her, Jan began rubbing her big full tits against his chest.

“Oh, Mark,” she sighed. “That was such a wonderful fuck.”

“God,” panted Claudine when Jan lifted herself from the teen’s limp prick. “I’ve never seen such wild screwing.”

“It was fun,” grinned Mark.

“I could see that,” laughed Claudine. “Now will you fuck me?”

“Sure,” he answered. “Soon as my prick gets hard again.”

“Shit, I’m horny,” smiled Claudine to her girl friend. “I don’t know if I can wait long enough for him to get another hard-on.”

“Want me to lick your pussy?” asked Jan. “We should let the guy rest for a few minutes.”

“I’d love it,” whispered Claudine, spreading herself out on the floor.

Watching them, Mark couldn’t believe what he was seeing when Jan crawled up between Claudine’s legs and buried her face in the woman’s furry slit.

“Goddamn!” sobbed Claudine when her friend pressed her lips against her sweet dripping box. “That’s what I need.”

Jan expertly used her tongue to spread open the quivering cuntlips, and then went probing for her clitty. She found it easily, and as her lips nibbled deliciously on the joy-button, her tongue gently licked it.

“Oh, God,” sobbed Claudine as Jan teased and sucked her erect clit with her tongue and nibbling lips. “It’s so good, honey… so good.”

Tenderly sucking and swallowing the sweet juices from her friend’s dripping cunt, Jan slipped the tip of her finger into Claudine’s tight asshole.

“Oooooooh!” squealed the attractive redhead as Jan’s finger and tongue began gliding in and out of the two holes at the same time. “Goddamn, that’s good!”

Claudine’s ass was writhing and bouncing so wildly on the floor that Jan had to remove her finger from her friend’s asshole and grasp her hips with both hands to keep her tongue buried in the woman’s squirming pussy.

“Goddamn,” giggled Jan into her friend’s wet hairy slit. “You’re really hot this morning.”

“You bet,” Claudine called back. “I love the way you eat me out. Oh, God, please make me come.”

“Don’t worry, honey,” gulped Jan, forcing her tongue up deeper into the excited woman’s twat. “I’ll make you come.”

Watching from the couch, Mark could see that Claudine was getting hotter and hotter as Jan sucked harder on her pussy. Mark’s prick was rapidly swelling again as he watched them. Jan’s tongue was deep inside Claudine’s open cunt, licking up the sweet juices that were flowing around it.

“Suck! Suck!” sobbed Claudine, grinding her hot wet pussy up tighter against Jan’s sucking mouth.

Mark was lustily stroking his hard boner as he watched. He’d never seen anything like this in his life and it was driving him wild.

“Oh, Mark!” Jan cried out excitedly when she saw the teen excitedly stroking his stiff prick. “Don’t waste that juice!”

“What?” he asked, still lustily beating his meat. “Ram your cock up my asshole,” she panted excitedly.

“In your shitter?” he asked, unable to believe what she’d said.

“Yes, dummy,” she gasped. “Stick it up my shitter!”

The thought of his slim hard dick reaming out her asshole was really turning Jan on.

“Hurry, honey,” she begged, between slurps on Claudine’s wet cunt. “Stick your cock in my bung!”

“Do you really mean it?” he asked again, slowly getting up from the couch.

“Goddamn it, yes!” she shouted at him. “Stick it up my ass!”

Moving over behind Jan who was kneeling between Claudine’s legs, noisily sucking her cunt, Mark stared at the soft cheeks of her bare ass. A shit-eating grin spread across the teen’s face when he spotted Jan’s tight asshole.

Stooping down behind her, Mark guided the tip of his hard pecker up against Jan’s puckered hole.

“It won’t go in,” he panted, pushing as hard as he could. “Your asshole’s too.”

“Put some spit on it,” she suggested, meaning for him to apply the spit to his prick.

Jan let out a startled squeal of delight when she suddenly felt his hot wet tongue lapping at her bung.

“Oh, Mark,” she giggled into Claudine’s sopping wet cunt. “That’s the way to do it, honey.”

The teen kept licking her bottom, surprised at how sweet the creamy skin around her shitter tasted. When her soft white butt was thoroughly soaked with his spit, Mark once more placed his hot cockhead against Jan’s puckered hole. Taking a deep breath, he grasped her hips and thrust forward, suddenly startled at how easy his prick slipped into her spit-drenched asshole.

“Jeez!” he panted with joy as his slim hard cock slithered up through the buttery hotness of her squeezing rectum. “Wow! This feels neat!”

Within a matter of seconds, his stiff prick was rapidly drilling in and out of her tingling asshole.

“YES! YES!” screamed Jan. “That’s the way, you sweet fucker! Oh, Christ, that’s good!”

Although. Jan enjoyed being fucked in her ass occasionally, it was usually a bit painful, but Mark’s hard slim dick was pure heaven to the woman.

“Oh, Mark,” she sobbed, sucking more eagerly on her friend’s twat. “That’s the neatest prick in the world.”

Thrilled at the tightness of the woman’s bung as he fucked his cock in and out, Mark reached around her waist, grasping her big dangling tits. Gently pinching her nipples, the boy continued slamming his pecker into the extreme tightness and heat of Jan’s buttery-soft asshole. Crazed by the intense pleasure, the excited teen was plunging harder and deeper as his fingers strummed a delicious tune on Jan’s big swollen nipples.

As he pumped into the woman’s hot, wiggly ass, he could hear Claudine squealing with pleasure from the wild tongue-fuck that Jan was giving her. “That’s it, sweet baby!” cried Claudine. “Keep suckin’, Jan! I’m almost there… almost there!”

Mark continued slashing his stiff prick harder and deeper into Jan’s tight hot rectum. Each thrust felt better than the last as the intense pleasure mounted and mounted in his quivering loins.

“Oh, Mark, honey!” shrieked Jan, momentarily removing her mouth from Claudine’s slit. “It’s so fuckin’ good, baby! It’s so fuckin’ good… good… GOOD… GOOD!”

On and on the teen fucked his stiff rod into the beautiful woman’s sweet ass while she continued sucking savagely on Claudine’s dripping cunt. The taste of her friend’s sweet pussy juices in her mouth, and the feel of Mark’s stiff pecker in her ass was almost blowing Jan’s mind.

“OH, SHIT!” Claudine suddenly shrieked. “Keep suckin’, Jan! I’M COMING, COMMMIHNNNGGG!”

While Claudine was writhing through her orgasm, Mark was pounding his cock into Jan’s ass at an ever increasing speed. Squeezing and pulling on her tits, the boy was fucking faster and faster, feeling his ejaculation building up deep in his balls.

“That’s it, honey!” screamed the woman. “That’s it! Fuck me harder!”

Giving a last wild thrust, Mark exploded a torrent of jizz up into Jan’s rectum. His prick continued spurting until they both collapsed over Claudine on the floor.

Claudine and Jan spent the entire day teaching Mark new games, and when he left late that afternoon, he was completely exhausted, but much wiser.

“Mark,” whispered Claudine just before he left. “When you’re playing with Nancy tomorrow, why don’t you fuck her in the asshole? I’ll bet she’ll love it.”

“Okay,” he grinned.

The depraved woman’s cunt began tingling at the thought of Mark’s cock being buried in her daughter’s bung.


When her mother left for work that evening, Mary was hoping that Joe would, get home from the tavern early enough for her to ball him before Claudine returned at midnight. Mary had thought of nothing but Joe’s big cock since last night when he’d raped her. The pretty blonde fully realized that Joe was her mother’s man, but God, how she wanted that beautiful big cock buried in her own cunt again.

Her sister, Nancy, was out in the back yard playing with Mark, and Mary was sitting alone in the living room when Joe walked in around eight o’clock that evening. She was wearing her shortest summer dress with neither panties nor bra, wanting her body to be as available as possible if he wanted to use it.

“Hi, Joe,” she beamed up at him when he entered.

“Hello, Mary,” he mumbled, walking into the kitchen to get a cold beer.

The girl was pleased that he wasn’t as drunk as usual and her heart was pounding in her breast when he returned and sat down next to her on the couch.

“Mary,” he stammered after several moments of awkward silence. “I’ve been thinking about last night and I’m awfully sorry for what I did.”

“I’m not,” she whispered. “I thought it was neat.”

“My God,” he sighed, taking a long sip of his beer.

“I know,” she giggled. “And I’m no virgin any more.”

“Please forgive me,” the man stammered. “I’ll never bother you again.”

“Don’t be silly,” Mary whispered, jumping up and plopping herself down in his lap. “I want you to mess around with me.”

Pressing her soft open lips to his, the girl began rotating her ass around on his lap. With their lips pressed wetly together, she took his hand and gently guided it up between her slightly parted thighs. His entire body seemed to stiffen when the tip of his finger grazed against the hot slipperiness of her dripping slit.

She held her breath in anticipation when she felt the man’s thick middle finger sinking up into the smoldering depths of her squishy twat.

“Oh, Joe,” she whispered, writhing her bottom around on the hard shaft that was starting to throb beneath her. “That feels so good, honey.”

She’d hated this man for six months, and now she couldn’t wait to feel his big hard cock buried deep in her quivering belly.

“Let’s go up to my room,” she cooed. “Nancy and Mark might walk in here.”

Joe knew he was doing wrong, but he let the girl take his hand and lead him upstairs. As soon as she’d closed the door behind them, they began quickly disrobing.

“Well,” she giggled when they were standing completely naked in front of each other. “Let’s fuck.”

Waiting until he was spread put on his back on the bed, Mary crawled up between his legs, nuzzling her face against the big hairy balls that were hanging just below his massive cock.

“Jesus, you’re hung,” she whispered, swiping her wet tongue over the crinkly skin of his bloated nut-sac.

Watching the lovely teen-ager caressing and licking his balls, Joe couldn’t get over how beautiful she was. She had such a youthful peaches and cream complexion to go with her fresh beauty. The loveliness of her pretty face was doubly enhanced by the long blonde hair cascading down over her soft bare shoulders. She was a trim teen, yet her soft full curves filled her out to perfection, and her lusciously firm tits were capped by the biggest, juiciest damn nipples he’d ever seen.

“Jesus, you’re pretty,” he whispered.

“Thank you,” she giggled. “For saying nice things like that, you’re gonna get a blow-job.”

Mary had only sucked on Dale’s knob and shaft, but looking up between Joe’s hairy legs, she suddenly had a wild desire to lick his balls and even eat out his asshole. Greedily lashing out with her tongue, she began licking under his nut-sac. She was pleasantly surprised with the exciting texture of the crinkly skin around his balls as she bathed them with her sweet warm spit. Joe’s big frame started trembling and jerking with excitement when Mary began slowly working her lips and tongue up the entire underside of his throbbing shaft. Seeing how much Joe was enjoying it, she continued lightly nibbling up and down the full length of his shaft as the man writhed wildly around on the bed.

Moving her head back down, she lifted the back of his knees over her bare shoulders, raising his asshole up in front of her face. Mary couldn’t understand it, but she suddenly had this wild compulsion to eat his bung. Gently caressing his cock and balls with her fingers, the horny teen-ager began blowing her soft hot breath against his puckered shitter.

“Oh, God,” he moaned as Mary gently parted the cheeks of his ass with her fingers so her warm breath could more easily caress his twitching bung.

Mary seemed to instinctively know how to please this man, and it filled her with joy to see how excited he was getting.

“Aaaaaggghhh!” he roared when the tip of her hot wet tongue eased out and began washing his quivering asshole.

When the tight ring was thoroughly soaked with spit, Mary raised her head a bit, running her hot dripping tongue up from his shitter, over his swollen balls and on up his shaft to his massive cockhead. The hot wet caresses of her busy tongue on his sensitive knob was sending wild tingles screaming through his entire body.

“Do you like that?” she whispered.

“Jesus, yes,” he panted, staring down at the smiling eyes in her pretty dimpled face.

“Is Mom a better cocksucker than me?” she suddenly asked.

“You’re both good,” grinned the man.

“Then fuck you,” Mary pouted, removing her lips from his delicious big boner.

“No! No! Don’t stop!” he shouted.

“Whose the best cocksucker?” she teased.

“You are!” Joe panted. “Now keep suckin’!”

“And you’d better not forget it,” she laughed, once more inserting his big cockhead into her mouth.

After sucking on his bloated knob for a while, Mary once more moved down and buried her face in the soft warm flesh between his asscheeks. His body jerked wildly when the girl’s naughty tongue probed hotly at his shitter.

“YEEEEEOW!” he shrieked when the moist muscular tip of her tongue slipped obscenely through the tight ring of his asshole. “Christ, that’s good!”

Shaking with uncontrolled excitement, the lurching man could feel her slippery tongue darting in and out of his quivering bung, sending electric-like shocks all through his body.

“Oh, sweet fuckin’ Jesus!” he gasped as the pretty blonde wildly tongue-fucked his ravaged asshole while she rapidly stroked his cock with her fingers. “Oh, you darling!”

When she finally pulled her tongue out of his shitter, she moved her head up and wrapped her sucking lips around his bloated cockhead. This was only the second prick she’d ever sucked, but to Mary, nothing else in the world tasted as good as a big juicy cock.

Trembling with excitement, Joe stared down at her soft ovalled lips as they sucked and pulled so deliciously on the head of his prick. Smiling up at him with her big blue eyes, Mary began moving her mouth up and down over his cock at a faster tempo. She was taking more and more of his big delicious dick into her throat with every plunge.

“Jesus, you’re sweet,” he panted, looking down at the mischievous expression on her cute flushed face.

She looked so and innocent, and as she increased the intense suction on his sensitive knob, Joe could feel the familiar sensations that signaled his rapidly approaching ejaculation. His entire body seemed to tense up, and the length of his cock reached that feeling of unbelievable ecstasy just before it exploded a torrent of fuck-cream into the teen’s waiting mouth.

Mary continued sucking and swallowing frantically, not wanting to waste a single drop of his hot thick cum. Joe lay trembling on his back until the pretty blonde had sucked out the last delicious drop from his rapidly shrinking prick. Finally releasing the limp tool from her mouth, she began licking the slippery film from her sperm soaked lips.

“Well,” she giggled, wiping her mouth with the back of her arm. “Does my mom suck better than me?”

“Darling,” he smiled, “no one sucks better than you.”

“Good,” whispered Mary, reaching for his limp dick. “Now I wanta fuck. Let’s get this beauty hard again.”

Relaxing with the girl’s beautifully naked body in his arms while she tenderly toyed with his prick, Joe’s thoughts drifted to her mother. Claudine and her daughter had the two hottest cunts he’d ever fucked, and they both belonged to him. His future had never been brighter, with free board and room, all the beer he could drink and two beautiful cunts to squirt his jizz into.

“Oh, look, Joe!” Mary’s voice brought him back to reality. “Your cock’s all nice and hard again.”

His body once more trembling with excitement, he grasped the pretty blonde and covered her soft moist lips with his hungry mouth.

“Oh, baby,” he panted, rolling onto her as he crawled up between her open legs.

“God, Joe,” the girl whispered, feeling his hot rod burning deliciously against her inner thighs. “I need that big hard prick in me.”

Joe could feel her soft cool fingers searching for his huge boner as her tender body writhed excitedly beneath him. His cock began throbbing violently when she grasped his thick hot meat and guided the head of it toward her dripping hat slit. He could feel her soft body gyrating with expectation as she pulled his shiny knob closer and closer to her juice-drenched cunt.

Reaching down and cupping the girl’s sweet ass in his hands, Joe lifted her hot slippery cunt up toward his slowly advancing prick. A delicious tingle streaked through his sensitive cockhead when it probed between the slippery open lips of her eager pussy.

Mewling softly beneath him, Mary spread her thighs as wide as possible, locking her ankles around his waist, and arching her gold-fringed slit up for their mutual enjoyment.

“Now!” she panted, grinding her frothy cunt up around the thick head of his massive cock. “Give it to me, honey. I want the whole fuckin’ thing.”

Grasping his sinewy ass, she pulled him toward her, feeling his throbbing boner gliding up through the hot clinging tissues of her squeezing cunt.

With his entire body screaming with lust, Joe gave a mighty thrust and drilled his bloated cock all the way into her fuck-hole with one wild plunge.

“Aaaaggghhh!” she squealed with joy, feeling the hard thickness of his magnificent, boner plowing up through her tingling pussy-flesh.

Grasping his butt even tighter, she arched her hips up and pulled his thick meaty shaft even deeper into her hot slick fuck-hole. It was only when she felt his huge balls pressing into the wide crack of her ass that she knew he’d fully penetrated her.

After remaining completely motionless for a few moments, relishing the feel of her hot cunt squeezing on his deeply buried rod, Joe began slamming his gnarly boner in and out of her sucking hole.

“Oh, baby,” she whispered, her entire body screaming in ecstasy as his rock-hard dong pounded deep into her writhing slit. “Your cock feels so nice and big.”

Lusting over the lovely teen beneath him, Joe’s bloated dick was pumping in and out of her fantastically tight pussy, the soft ridges of her hot clinging cunt rubbing deliciously against his sensitive rod. Plunging his excited boner in and out of the squishy hotness of her sucking hole, he could feel her slippery cunt juices oozing out around his cock and dripping down over her cute wiggly ass.

With her mouth hanging open and her long blonde hair flying wildly around her damp flushed face, Mary was lustily throwing her pussy up to meet every powerful thrust of his big cunt-splitting cock.

“Oh, sweet Joe,” she whispered, covering his lips with her hot open mouth. “I never dreamed that fucking could feel so good.”

Drilling his boner into the hot wetness of her juicy pussy, Joe could feel the teen writhing wildly beneath him. In all his years of balling, the man had never found a girl who fucked as passionately, and only yesterday she’d been a virgin. It was like tiding a bucking bronco as she rapidly approached her climax. The feel of her soft naked legs wrapped around his humping body only added flames to the burning fire in his loins, making him fuck into her with even more power. With theft naked bodies pounding wildly against each other, her luscious big nipples were burning hotly into his heaving chest.

Rushing blindly toward their rapidly approaching climaxes, neither of them noticed Nancy and Mark when they opened the door and peeked in. The two teens had been on their way to Nancy’s room for a nice hot fuck when they heard Mary’s squeals of joy coming from her bedroom. Not realizing what was going on, the two teens had opened the door and peeked in. They were completely stunned when they saw Joe fucking his huge cock into Mary’s cunt.

“Fuck, honey, fuck!” they heard Mary scream as the ecstasy mounted in her writhing loins.

From the way she was screaming and grasping him with her arms and legs, it was obvious to both Nancy and Mark that Mary was on the verge of climaxing. And from the way Joe was shaking and panting as he drove his huge rod into the girl, they knew he was almost ready to fill her teen-aged cunt with cum.

“Oh, Christ, baby!” squealed Mary as the older man drove harder and deeper into her belly. “Fuck me good, honey! Fuck me good!”

Staring at them, Nancy couldn’t believe the size of Joe’s cock. The only prick she’d ever seen had been Mark’s, and up until now she’d thought all cocks were about the same size as his. The sight of Joe’s big juice-slickened boner squishing in and out of her sister’s creaming cunt was driving Nancy wild.

She was completely fascinated by the way her sister’s soft naked thighs were scissored around. Joe’s big humping body as she slammed her cock-filled cunt up to receive every thrust of the man’s deliciously thick boner. Nancy could see that her near-hysterical sister was tensing for the inevitable orgasm that was rapidly building up in her body.

“Oh, sweet fucker!” screamed Mary, her teeth and nails digging into the man’s naked flesh. “I’m coming, honey! COMING! COMING! COMMMIIINNNGGG!”

“Hang on, baby,” panted Joe. “Here comes the juice!”

From the way he threw his head back and lunged his cock forward, Nancy could tell he was squirting a thick load of cum into her sister’s exploding cunt.

“That’s it, baby!” screamed Mary as her belly filled with his gushing sperm. “Keep shootin’, baby! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!”

Afraid of being caught watching them, the two teens hurried down to Nancy’s room.

“Jeez,” gasped Mark when they were alone. “He was really fucking the shit out of her.”

“I know,” said Nancy excitedly. “And did you see the size of his cock?”

“Shit, yes,” laughed the teen. “He was hung like a fuckin’ bull.”

“Gee,” whispered Nancy with a dreamy look in her eyes. “I’d sure like to be fucked by a big cock like his.”

“Watching them sure gave me a hard-on,” panted Mark as he dropped his shorts, revealing his stiff prick.

“Oh, Mark,” Nancy giggled when she saw his pecker. “Your thing looks so tiny after looking at Joe’s.”

“Your mom thinks I’ve got a neat prick,” he blurted out, wanting to defend his manhood.

“When did she tell you that?” asked the cute redhead, surprised at the boy’s remark.

“This afternoon when I was fuckin’ her and Mrs. Archer,” he bragged.

“Are you shittin’ me?” gasped Nancy.

“I’m tellin’ the truth,” he answered. “We screwed all day and I even fucked them both in the asshole.”


“Sure,” he grinned. “It feels neat. Your mom said I should fuck you in the butt, too.”

“Would I like it?”

“Your mother sure did,” laughed Mark.

“Will it hurt me?”

“Let’s find out,” he grinned, stroking his excited boner. “Your mom said we should try it.”

Looking at his slim prick, Nancy suddenly thought how much fun it might be to let him drill it up her asshole. After seeing Joe’s thick dong, Nancy knew she wanted to try a big man-sized cock in her cunt, but Mark’s stiff pecker was probably just the right size for her shitter.

“Okay,” she finally agreed. “But how do we do it?”

“Just bend over the arm of that chair with your ass turned up,” he explained to the teen as she removed her dress and panties.

When the girl was positioned as he’d suggested, Mark moved up behind her. Parting her plump asscheeks with his thumbs, he nosed the tip of his prick up against the pink ring of her shitter. Grasping the girl’s hips, he thrust his cock forward.

“Eeeeegggghhh!” shrieked Nancy when all four inches of his thin hard prick glided up into the hot tightness of her rectum.

“D’ya like it?” he asked, pleased that he’d driven it all the way home on his first plunge.

“No!” she cried. “Take it out! It hurts!”

Ignoring her cries, he began fucking his hard prick in and out of her soft, squeezing asshole at a rapid speed, Nancy’s initial pain quickly disappeared, replaced by a pleasant glow from the friction of his thrusting cock.

“Oh, Mark!” she began squealing. “This feels neat! Fuck me faster!”

She’d never heard of being screwed in her shitter, but the intense pleasure seemed to increase with every rapid stroke. She knew that she’d never be satisfied until she had a big thick cock like Joe’s in her cunt, but Mark’s hard four inches was sure neat for ass-fucking.


When Claudine went back on the day shift the following week, she and Jan quickly arranged their swinging party. Not telling the men that they intended to swap partners, they decided to just get together over at Jan’s house for a few drinks.

“Do you think Joe will be willing to swing?” asked Jan when the two women were alone in the kitchen.

“I think so,” Claudine giggled. “There’s nothing in the world that he loves more than beer and cunt. How about Duane?”

“He’s sort of shy,” grinned Jan. “But I think we can bring him around.”

Wanting their bodies to be very available to the men, neither of them were wearing panties or bras under their short summer dresses. As the evening progressed and the drinks flowed in abundance, the four of them began swapping jokes.

“Hey,” giggled Jan, recrossing her bare legs to give Joe a good look at her thick dark bush. “Did you guys hear about the deformed man that went to the whorehouse?”

“I don’t think so,” they answered.

“Well,” Jan continued. “When the doorbell rang, the madam answered and saw a man without arms or legs plopped down on the doorstep. When she asked him what he wanted, the deformed man said he was looking for apiece of ass. Telling him that none of her girls would make it with him, she was about to close the door when he offered her a hundred bucks for a quick blow-job. Thinking this could be some easy money, the madam asked him if he were ready.”

“Shit, yes!” he panted. “How the fuck did you think I rang the doorbell?”

“Oh, God,” laughed Claudine. “He musta been hung like my Joe.”

“Is Joe hung well?” Jan giggled, going along with what Claudine was doing.

“Slit, yes,” laughed the redhead. “He’s got the biggest fuckin’ cock I’ve ever seen.”

“I’ve probably seen bigger ones,” smiled Jan, pretending not to be interested.

“I don’t think so,” giggled Claudine, and then turned to Joe. “Hey, honey, why don’t you show Jan your cock?”

“Don’t be stupid,” he growled.

“Please,” teased Claudine, gently rubbing the front of his pants. “You should be proud of that fuckin’ whang.”

“Come on, Joe,” giggled Jan, walking aver to where he and Claudine were seated. “Let me see your prick.”

“You’re both crazy,” he laughed as Claudine continued rubbing his cock.

“You should be proud of that beauty,” argued his horny roommate. “I’m sure Jan’s never seen anything like it.”

“God, Joe!” exclaimed Jan. “If it’s that big, I’ve just gotta see it!”

“Will you show me your pussy if I let you see my cock?” he suddenly asked Jan.

“Sure,” she giggled, starting to raise her short skirt.

“The hell she will!” snapped Duane to his wife. “Keep your Goddamn cunt covered.”

“Oh, Duane,” giggled Claudine. “Let her show it. I’ll let you see mine.”

Before he could answer, Claudine quickly whipped her short skirt up, giving him a good look at her red-fringed slit. Duane was momentarily stunned at the sight of the woman’s slippery cunt juices oozing out from between her pink cuntlips. Taking his hand, Claudine inserted his finger into the hot moistness of her wiggly slit.

“D’ya like my twat?” she whispered, forcing his finger deeper into her chipping cunt.

Seeing that her husband was too excited over her friend’s twat to make any further objections, Jan dropped to her knees in front of Joe and quickly yanked down his zipper.

“My God!” gasped the beautiful brunette when she pulled out his huge boner. “That’s the biggest fuckin’ cock I’ve ever seen.”

Hearing her excited voice, Duane glanced over and saw his wife clutching Joe’s massive dork in both of her hands.

“Jan!” snapped Duane. “Stop that!”

“Oh, Duane,” Claudine whispered, pushing his finger deeper into the hot wetness of her dripping hole. “Let her play with it for a minute. You’ve got my hot pussy.”

When he made no further protest, Claudine deftly unbuttoned his shirt and threw it onto a chair. She followed this by dropping his pants and shorts, revealing his deliciously hard prick. It wasn’t as long and thick as Joe’s, but it was bigger than most cocks, and the texture was slick and smooth. There was a strange curve to his sleek shaft that Claudine found highly erotic. Pulling his finger out of her twat, the woman dropped to her knees in front of the naked man and inserted the tip of his cock into her mouth.

Jan was too busy playing with Joe’s big beautiful dong to pay any attention to her husband and Claudine. The sight and feel of Joe’s fantastic cock soon had the woman’s hot pussy creaming all down her legs.

Releasing Joe’s throbbing tool, Jan stood up in front of him and slowly raised her skirt until her thick dark bush was exposed only inches from his eyes.

“Do you like my pussy?” she whispered, continuing to pull the dress off over her head.

“Shit, yes,” he panted, ramming his finger into her hot squishy slit.

“D’ya think your big cock could fit in there?” she giggled, writhing her inflamed pussy around his deeply buried finger.

“I’d like to try it,” he answered, “but how would Duane take it?”

“He seems quite content,” Jan smiled, looking over to where Claudine was busily sucking on her husband’s prick. “Right now I don’t think he’d give a shit what we did.”

“Then let’s fuck,” laughed Joe.

“Okay,” she giggled. “Take your stupid clothes off.”

Without saying another word, the man quickly stood up and disrobed.

“God,” she whispered, staring excitedly at his huge cock and balls. “I sure hope I can handle that big cunt-splitter.”

“We’ll soon find out,” grinned Joe, lewdly stroking his bloated shaft. “Lay down on the couch.”

“Not on your life,” Jan giggled. “You’re not going to pin me down with that monster in me.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” he asked.

“Just sit down,” she whispered.

When the man was seated, Jan stared down hungrily at the huge prick thrusting up from between his legs.

“Okay, honey,” she said in a low throaty voice. “I don’t know whether I can take that monster, but I’m sure gonna give it a try.”

Facing the seated man, she straddled his loins and slowly lowered her hot dripping cunt down toward his massive shaft. Reaching down, she tenderly grasped his big meaty pole and lightly rubbed his sensitive knob against the hot squishy flesh of her moist furrow.

At the feel of her hot slippery cuntlips sliding over the tip of his cock, a wild tingle raced up though the length of Joe’s cock. Trembling from the touch of her warm wet slit on his throbbing dick, he stared excitedly at her big cherry-tipped jugs that were only inches from his eyes.

Lowering herself a further, Jan could feel his massive cockhead stretching out her rubbery cuntlips. Still letting herself down, she rubbed her hard swollen nipples against his face.

“Oh, God,” she whispered as his rod stretched her cunt channel wider and wider. “That’s gotta be the biggest fuckin’ prick in the world.”

Grasping the soft meat of her luscious ass, Joe slowly guided her hot slippery slit down over his straining cock. He could feel his thick sensitive pole slithering up through the soft hot tissues of her widely stretched fuck-hole. Glancing down between her legs, he could see Jan’s thick creamy pussy juices oozing out around his slowly disappearing shaft.

“Oh, God, Joe,” she panted when his monstrous cock was at last fully buried in the hot tightness of her cunt. “I never thought I’d be able to take that big tool, but it feels so fucking good in me.”

“Then just enjoy it,” he teased. “Because that’s what I intend to do.”

Kneeling in front of Duane, sucking hungrily on his sleek hard boner while he leaned against the wall to support his trembling body, Claudine was watching Joe fuck his huge cock up into Jan’s deliciously stretched cunt. Duane was vaguely watching them too, but with Claudine’s luscious lips sucking and pulling on his prick, he no longer gave a shit if his wife was being fucked by another man or not. The only thing that mattered was the incredible joy he was getting from Claudine’s hot wet lips.

Over on the sofa, Jan was bouncing faster and faster on Joe’s jolting cock, her bouncing boobs rubbing deliciously against his face. The squealing woman had never felt anything so good as Joe’s huge tool.

“Oh, baby!” she giggled when Joe grasped her soft asscheeks and poked his finger against her cute puckered shitter. “That feels neat.”

Pushing a harder, Joe’s thick middle finger ripped up through her tight asshole and slithered into the buttery hotness of her squeezing rectum.

“Jesus Christ!” she shrieked with joy. “That’s it, baby! That’s so good… so good… SO GOOD!”

With his finger deeply imbedded in Jan’s asshole, Joe was violently propelling her up and down over his massive boner at an ever-increasing speed. The beautiful woman’s head was thrown back and her long black hair was swirling wildly around her damp, flushed face. Sobbing hysterically, she was grinding her dripping cunt around the base of the man’s big plunging shaft.

“Fuck, honey, fuck!” she cried out as Joe thrust his hips up, driving his cock deeper and deeper into the sucking depths of her slippery fuck-hole. “That’s it, baby! Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!”

Clinging frantically to each other, their naked flesh was slapping wetly together as they fucked closer and closer to their inevitable climaxes.

“OH, SHIT!” she screamed when he clamped his mouth around one of her big juicy nipples. “I’M COMING, BABY, COMING!”

Thrusting his big spurting dick up deep into her creaming cunt, Joe shot a torrent of cum into her thirsty fuck-hole.

“Oh, sweet baby!” she sobbed, writhing her sperm-drenched cunt around his belching prick. “Squirt me good, honey! Oh, Christ, how I love that cock-cream!”

Collapsing over his body, a sticky stream of jizz was dripping out of her cock-filled twat and running down her legs.

“That’s some cock,” she panted, gently kissing him. “And you’re a real stud.”

Still sucking on Duane’s stiff prick, Claudine was trembling with excitement as she watched Joe filling her friend’s cunt full of cum. Releasing his cock from her mouth, Claudine stood up and led Duane over to the other couch.

“Oh, Duane,” she whispered, taking off her dress. “I need your prick in my pussy.”

Spreading out on the couch, she opened her thighs, holding her arms out to receive him. Duane glanced over at his wife, and then crawled up between Claudine’s bare legs.

Reaching down, the woman gently grasped the base of his throbbing shaft and placed his hot knob against the hot juicy opening of her creaming twat. When their open lips met in a passionate tongue-sucking kiss, Claudine grasped the cheeks of his ass and gave a lusty pull. To both of their delights, she pulled the full length of his cock into the smoldering depths of her slippery cunt.

“Oh, baby,” she whispered. “That’s exactly what I needed.”

With his quivering shaft deeply embedded in her hot juicy hole, Duane could feel her slippery cunt walls sucking and squeezing against his meaty shaft.

“Now fuck,” she whispered. “Just fuck the livin’ shit out a me.”

Grinding her hot pussy up around the base of his buried rod, Claudine could feel that it wasn’t as big as Joe’s, but it was plenty large enough to do the job she wanted. There was something wildly erotic about the way his slightly curved shaft rubbed against the sensitive walls of her cunt.

“Oh, sweet Duane,” she panted when the man began slowly drilling his stiff boner in and out of her hole. “I love your cock.”

The feel of his sleek smooth shaft rubbing against the clinging walls of her cunt was driving Claudine wild. The sucking lips of her frothy twat were squeezing and milking his prick for all it was worth.

“That’s it, honey!” she sobbed, digging her nails into his shoulders. “Oh, Christ, that feels good!”

Sitting on the other sofa, trying to bring Joe’s soft thick dick back to a state of hardness again, Jan was excitedly watching her husband fucking his prick into Claudine. The sight of the beautiful redhead being screwed by her own husband was really turning Jan on. Rubbing Joe’s slowly swelling prick with one hand, Jan was excitedly fingering her sperm-soaked slit with the other as she watched Claudine’s big lush boobs squishing back and forth beneath Duane’s lurching chest. Jan couldn’t keep her eyes away from Claudine’s smooth naked legs that were wrapped around his body. The beautiful redhead was grasping at the cheeks of his ass, pulling him deeper and deeper into her clinging cunt.

“That’s it, Duane!” Jan squealed excitedly as she watched her husband’s slippery cock gliding in and out of the sweet slit she’d been eating for the last week. “Fuck her good, honey! Fuck the piss out of her.”

Duane was slamming his long curved meat into the redhead’s wiggly twat with a brutal force, enjoying each thrust more than the last. He hadn’t fucked anyone except his own wife for the past several years and this new piece of ass was driving him wild.

Jan was almost out of her mind as she watched the writhing couple on the sofa. Frantically stroking Joe’s swelling tool with one hand as she fingered herself with the other, Jan was staring at Claudine’s clinging cuntlips as Duane’s juice slickened prick glided in and out. The entire surface of her husband’s cock was glistening wetly with the thick cream that was oozing out from between Claudine’s cock-squeezing cuntlips.

“Fuck her, Duane!” Jan squealed. “Finish the bitch off! I want her next!”

“Yes, honey!” sobbed Claudine, screwing her sucking cunt up tighter around the base of Duane’s thrusting boner. “Finish me off, baby! Finish me off!”

The man was slamming his hard dork up into Claudine’s frothy fuck-hole at an ever-increasing speed. Almost beside himself with ecstasy, Duane could feel his onrushing climax building up deep in his loins. God, how he wanted to fill her hat cunt with his scalding own!

“That’s it, baby,” Claudine shrieked with joy. “Faster, honey! Harder! HARDER! I’M ALMOST THERE!”

The ecstasy on Claudine’s lace was the most exciting thing Jan had ever seen, and she could hardly wait to eat out her friend’s sperm-filled curt. Watching her husband’s familiar cock slithering in and out, Jan could vicariously feel every thrust of it in Claudine’s frothy fuck-hole. The loud slurping sound of his hard meat plowing into the redhead’s juicy slit was almost blowing Jan’s mind.

“Oh, honey!” squealed Claudine, her naked legs waving obscenely in the air. “I’m almost there, baby… almost there!”

With her head rolling crazily from side to side, Claudine’s long red hair was flying wildly around her lust-contorted face. Her mouth was hanging slackly open and her eyes were glazed with a wild passion as she clawed at his bare humping ass with her nails.

“Oh, shit!” she suddenly cried out, sinking her teeth into his shoulder. “I’m coming, baby! SQUIRT! SQUIRT! SQUIRT! I’M COMING… COMMMIIINNNGGG!”

Just as Claudine exploded into her mind boggling orgasm, she could feel Duane’s thick hot jizz spewing into her fuck-hole. When he’d emptied his last drop of cum into her ravaged cunt, Duane slowly rolled over, his wet cock slurping out of the woman’s cunt, trading a thick string of sperm across the cushion.

Seeing Claudine’s empty twat, Jan let out a squeal and rushed over, burying her face in the woman’s sopping wet cunt. Gazed with lust, she attacked her friend’s dripping pussy like a wild animal. With her orgasm only starting to subside, Claudine’s entire body was reignited by the feel of Jan’s tongue on her quivering clitty.

“Oh, Jan!” sobbed Claudine, writhing her drenched pussy up against her friend’s face. “That feels so fuckin’ good!”

The room was soon filled with the woman’s soft moans and sighs as well as the delicious slurping sounds of Jan’s tongue and lips sucking on Claudine’s sperm-soaked cunt. Excited by the taste of the woman’s pussy juices mixed with her own husband’s cum, Jan began sucking wildly on her shiny clit.

“That’s it, honey!” squealed Claudine.

Watching Jan as she knelt, eating out the woman’s pussy, Joe could see her cute twat peeking out just below her puckered asshole. Grasping his cock, he moved over and dropped to his knees behind Jan. Guiding the tip of his throbbing boner between her slippery cuntlips, Joe gave a wild thrust and drilled his huge cock deep into her hot fuck-hole.

“AAAAGGGGHHHH!” she screamed out when she felt his massive dong plowing up into her slit.

“Don’t stop suckin’!” cried Claudine when she saw what was happening.

“I won’t,” sobbed Jan, once more burying her face in the woman’s twat as Joe’s glorious cock fucked deliciously into her cunt.

It was almost dawn when the orgy finally ended and Claudine and Joe walked wearily home.


It was a few mornings later when Nancy brought up the subject of big cocks to her mother. Claudine was serving the teen her breakfast before leaving for the cafe.

“Mom,” she suddenly asked, not wanting her mother to know she’d seen Joe fucking her sister. “Do all men have the same sized pricks?”

“Goodness, no,” smiled Claudine.

Because her mother had taught her and Mark how to fuck, the girl felt that she could fully discuss cocks with her.

“Are men’s pricks bigger than Mark’s?” asked Nancy.

“God, yes,” giggled the woman. “Men have great big things.”

“Do they feel better?”

“Shit, yes,” giggled Claudine. “The bigger, the better.”

“I wanta be fucked by a man-sized cock,” giggled the teen.

“You will,” smiled her mother. “When you’re a bigger girl.”

“I don’t want to wait,” pouted Nancy. “I want to be fucked by a big cock now.”

She knew that Joe was the horniest man she’d ever met, but even he would be appalled at the thought of molesting the teen.

“There must be some man that would like to fuck me,” sighed the girl.

Staring at her daughter’s sweet face, the depraved woman was suddenly excited at the thought of a big hard cock stuffed up between her daughter’s cute legs. The more she thought about it, the more exciting the idea seemed to her. She could vividly see a big thick boner fucking into the girl’s tiny cunt. She realized it would probably be painful for the teen, but she also knew how much Nancy would probably enjoy it.

Driving to work that morning, Claudine kept thinking about a big hard boner drilling into her daughter’s horny pussy. She was almost to work when she thought of Sam Williams. Sam had fucked Claudine enough times in the back room for her to know he was a bit kinky. Thinking about it, Claudine suddenly realized the man was perverted enough to enjoy her daughter’s twat. The woman decided that if Sam screwed the girl on the bed in the back room, she could watch them through a crack in the wall.

“Hi, Sam,” she smiled as she entered the cafe.

“Hello,” he beamed, giving her ass a pat as she walked by him.

“Looks like you’re feeling horny today,” giggled Claudine.

“I always get horny when I see you,” he answered, excitedly licking his lips.

Claudine just stood there studying the man. He was a pleasant-looking person, and Claudine always enjoyed a roll in the sack with him, but she couldn’t understand his perversion for girls. Watching him as he walked into the kitchen, Claudine decided that he was exactly what Nancy needed. She knew that Sam was a gentle person and wouldn’t harm the girl, and at the same time, the teen would get the fucking she wanted so badly. Also, Claudine could peek through the crack once in a while and watch what was going on. The more she thought about it, the more excited the depraved mother was getting.

“Sam,” she said, following him into the kitchen. “You’ve met my daughter, Nancy, haven’t you?”

“You mean that cute redhead?” he grinned.

“Yes, that’s the one,” Claudine continued. “How would you like to fuck her?”

“Jesus, Claudine,” he answered in a shocked voice. “Have you lost your marbles?”

“No,” she giggled. “I just asked if you’d like to screw Nancy.”

“I guess so,” he stammered. “But why are you talking that way about your own kid?”

“Because she wants to be fucked by a man,” explained the woman. “And I think you’d enjoy her.”

“Are you shittin’ me?” he gulped.

“No Sam,” giggled Claudine. “If I call her on the phone, will you screw her in the back room this afternoon?”

“Sure,” he stammered. “If you really want me to do it.”

“Fine,” smiled Claudine, walking over to the telephone. “I’ll call her.”

When Nancy arrived at the cafe shortly after the noon rush hour was over, she was wearing a pretty short blue dress.

“Hi, Sam,” the teen beamed up at the man. “Mom says you’re gonna fuck me.”

“If you want me to,” he smiled, nervously licking his lips.

“Gee, yes,” she giggled.

“Have you ever been screwed before?” asked Sam.

“Sure,” she proudly answered. “Lots of times, but it was a kid’s prick.”

“Sam,” Claudine turned to the man. “Why don’t you take her into the back room. Business is quiet now, and I can handle the counter alone.”

“Okay,” he grinned taking the girl’s hand and leading her to the room behind the cafe.

Being a bachelor, Sam sometimes spent the night at the cafe and had a large double bed in the back room where he often slept.

“Do you have a big cock?” asked Nancy when the man had closed the door behind them.

“It’s sorta big,” he answered excitedly. “Do you want to see it?”

“Sure,” beamed Nancy.

Standing in front of the teen, Sam quickly removed his shirt and pants, and then dropped his shorts.

“God!” gasped the girl when his big thick boner sprang into view. “That’s sure a big prick.”

It wasn’t nearly as huge as Joe’s cock, but it looked enormous to the girl. His prick wasn’t smooth and pink like Mark’s pecker, but was thick and gnarly with a big purple cockhead on the end of it.

“Come here,” he said, sitting down on the edge of the bed with his throbbing cock thrusting up from between his legs. “Let me undress you.”

As the girl stepped in front of him, he took the hem of her short dress in his hands and quickly pulled it off over her head. Standing naked, except for her cotton panties, her cute pointy tits were jutting out proudly from her chest. They were firm and conical shaped with the biggest fucking nipples Sam had ever seen on a girl.

“You sure have pretty tits,” he whispered, gently squeezing them with his fingers.

Leaning forward, Sam ran his thick wet tongue over the soft quivering flesh of her tender boobs.

“Ooooooh, Sam,” she giggled. “That feels neat.”

After sucking and licking the girl’s tits until they were drenched with spit, he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of her panties and peeled them over her soft ass, letting them slither down her shapely legs to the floor. His eyes were immediately drawn to the soft triangle of red pussy hairs that surrounded her juicy slit. Staring at the tiny hole that was glistening with her shimmering juices, Sam hoped he’d be able to penetrate it with his big cock.

Trembling with excitement, Sam picked the girl up and placed her on his lap. With her soft naked ass pressed against his bare flesh, his cock was thrusting up between her slightly parted thighs.

“Sam,” she whispered, taking his hand and guiding it up between her legs. “Play with my pussy.”

A tingling thrill screamed through the older man’s body when he slipped the tip of his finger into the moist warmth of the girl’s juicy slit. The teen’s hole was so deliciously hot and squishy. Nancy’s naked body smelled so fresh and clean to him as he cradled her in his arms while his free hand explored her sweet cunt.

“D’ya like my pussy?” she whispered, grasping his thick cock and sliding his rubbery foreskin up and down over his shiny knob.

“Yes, darling,” he panted, swirling his finger around in the juicy slickness of her puffy pussy.

Sam couldn’t believe that he was fondling this cute naked girl with her mother’s consent. The softness of her warm flesh was driving him wild.

“Gee, I sure like your nice big prick,” she whispered as she tenderly stroked it.

Lifting the teen from his lap, Sam spread her sweet naked body out on the bed. Lying side by side on the sheet, Nancy moved her head down and slipped his stiff cock into her hot juicy mouth as her mother had taught her to do with Mark’s prick. Sam’s cockhead was so much bigger than her friend’s that she could hardly get her lips around it. Trembling with excitement, Nancy swirled her tongue around the head of his cock, up and down the sensitive underside of his shaft and finally around his big hairy balls. Wrapping her hands around his asscheeks, she pulled his beautiful big cockhead deeper into her mouth. As her head moved up and down, the man’s thick meaty shaft was soon floating in and out between her hot, moist lips with a steady rhythm that had Sam writhing in ecstasy.

“God, Nancy,” he whispered excitedly. “That feels so fuckin’ good.”

“I’m glad,” she mewled, still sucking on his wonderful prick.

His thick rod was strong and meaty, but it bent this way and that as she licked and sucked it from every angle. It pleased her immensely to feel his body quivering with excitement.

“You like to have your cock sucked, don’t you?” she whispered, temporarily removing his prick from her mouth.

“Shit, yes,” he grinned. “Don’t you like to have your pussy licked?”

“I don’t know,” she giggled. “Nobody’s ever licked it.”

“Nancy,” he asked excitedly as she once more lowered her mouth down over his cockhead. “Have you ever played sixty-nine?”

“No,” she answered. “What’s sixty-nine?”

“Let me show you,” he answered excitedly as he grasped her hips and turned the girl around until she was straddling his face on her knees.

“Now suck my cock some more,” he panted.

As she lowered her mouth down toward his throbbing boner again, Sam stared up at her sweet cunt that was hovering just above his face. It was the cutest fucking twat he’d ever seen. He studied the pink moist flesh of her pussylips. Droplets of creamy juice were glistening on her wispy red cunt-hairs as a small rivulet of sticky fluid oozed out of her slippery hole.

Trembling with anticipation, he grasped her soft warm butt and gently lowered her delicious looking twat down toward his waiting lips. Reaching up with his tongue, he traced it lightly around the hot moist furrow of her open slit.

“Ooooooh, Sam!” the teen squealed with joy, feeling a man’s mouth on her snatch for the first time.

The taste of the girl’s fresh cunt juice was almost blowing the perverted man’s mind. Frantically grasping her hips, Sam pulled her dripping cunt down tight against his face and drilled his tongue deeply into her hot hole.

“Ooooh!” she again squealed with joy, feeling his thick warm tongue slashing up into her quivering slit.

Shivering with ecstasy from the delicious tongue-fuck she was getting, the teen wolfed his cock into her mouth, taking almost half of it in her first gulp. Greedily swirling her own tongue around his big meaty shaft. Nancy took it deeper and deeper into her mouth until she could feel his knob throbbing against the back of her throat. Sucking hard and deep on his thick cock, the girl could feel Sam’s slippery hot tongue lapping sensuously into her dripping pussy.

Watching through the crack in the wall, Claudine had her hand up under her skirt, and was frantically rubbing her itching pussy as she watched the way Sam’s face was pressed into her daughter’s hairy wet slit. From the way Sam was sucking and lapping into the girl’s juicy twat, Claudine felt certain that the kid must certainly have a tasty honey-pot. Watching them, Claudine made a mental note to try her daughter’s hot cunt as soon as she got her home. She could see that both Sam and Nancy were sucking more lustily on each other’s genitals with every passing second. Crazed with the feel of the teen’s baby-soft lips sucking and pulling on his cock, Sam was pressing his juice-drenched mouth tighter against her hot cunt.

“Oh, God, Sam!” Nancy sobbed between slurps an his big tasty dick. “This is wild!”

“Now you know how to play sixty-nine,” he panted, momentarily coming up for air.

“Shit, yes!” she cried. “I love it… I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!”

Excited by the teen’s squeals of joy, Sam began nibbling the soft sensitive flesh just inside her juicy opening. He slithered his thick rough tongue up between the soft folds of her slippery pussylips, and then thrust it back deeply into her hot moist cunt. He could feel her sweet juices dripping all over his tongue, and the incredible taste of the creamy fluids in her fresh cunt was the most delicious thing he’d ever experienced. He continued swirling his tongue around in the hot depths of her dripping pussy, and then partially withdrew it until he found her erect clitty.

“Oh, shit!” she squealed. “That’s so good, Sam! Christ, that’s good!”

The feel of his tongue flicking against her defenseless joy-button was almost more than her raw nerves could endure. She’d never felt anything as glorious as his tongue expertly swirling around her quivering clit.

“Suck, honey, suck!” she shrieked in ecstasy. “It’s so fuckin’ good, honey! Suck! SUCK! SUCK!”

When the man decided that Nancy couldn’t stand much more of this intense pleasure, he removed his tongue from her clit and drilled it back up into the girl’s juicy fuck-hole.

“Oh, God,” she sobbed. “It’s all so fuckin’ good.”

With her entire body shivering with ecstasy, Nancy was hoping that she was giving him as much pleasure as he was giving her. Clasping her hot wet lips more tightly around his big cock, she began sucking with a deep hard suction.

“Jesus, honey,” he panted. “That’s fantastic.” Without answering, the girl continued her delicious assault on his big juicy dick. There was something about the strong male taste of his cock as it slid over the top of her tongue that was really turning her on. She loved the feeling of his big bloated knob as it nudged against the back of her throat.

Feeling an ejaculation building up deep in his loins, Sam quickly rolled the teen onto her back, wanting to empty his load into her hot cunt. Quickly crawling up between her legs, he gently parted her plump thighs and stared hungrily at her slippery slit. Easing himself forward, he nudged the tip of his throbbing cock between the girl’s dripping cuntlips.

“Oh, yes, Sam,” whispered Nancy. “Stick it in me.”

Because of her flowing juices and his abundant spit, the man’s big cockhead slipped painlessly through her widely stretched cunt-mouth when he pushed it forward. Staring down between their legs, Sam could see the teen’s tiny cuntlips stretching wider and wider as his thick shaft began disappearing into her deliciously tight pussy.

“Oh, Sam,” she whispered. “That’s sure a big fuckin’ thing.”

As his prick slowly sank deeper and deeper into her quivering body, Nancy could feel it filling her painfully stretched twat. It felt as if his thick, hard cock were splitting her open, yet the bigness of it rubbing against the excited nerves of her tight fuck-hole felt strangely good.

“Oh, Sam,” the teen whispered when the entire length of his hard boner was completely buried in her soft belly. “It’s so fuckin’ big, but it sure feels better than Mark’s silly prick.”

When Nancy’s tight cunt had finally adjusted to the size of Sam’s big thick dong, he began slowly pumping it in and out of her cock-squeezing twat.

“Jesus Christ,” he panted, feeling the tightness of her sweet pussy sucking and milking on his prick. “You’re sure a cute fucker.”

Staring down between her soft naked legs, the depraved man could see his big slippery boner sliding in and out of the teen’s widely stretched slit. He could see her grasping cuntlips sucking his sensitive wet cock as her hot pussy juices coated the length of it. The wet slurping sound of her hot swollen twat climbing up and down his steel-hard dong was the most erotic thing he’d ever heard. Completely crazed with his perverted lust, the man began slamming his big rod into the girl’s cunt with all his strength. On and on he fucked, his massive boner driving deep into the hot depths of her deliciously tight pussy.

“That’s it, honey!” Nancy was squealing with jay as he continued savagely drilling into her cunt with his bloated tool. “Harder, honey! I love it! I LOVE IT!”

The small back room was echoing with the moans and screams of the delirious couple as his plunging cock brought both of them closer and closer to their climaxes.

“Oh, sweet fucker!” squealed Nancy, suddenly feeling the man’s white-hot jizz exploding into her fuck-hole. “I’m coming, honey! I’M COMING… COMING… COMING!”

When the man collapsed over her trembling body, Nancy clung tightly to him as his belching cock continued spurting his thick cum into her quivering belly.

Excitedly watching through the crack, Claudine was violently rubbing her own clitty. She was so pleased that she’d been able to arrange this beautiful moment for her girl. She was so happy that Nancy had enjoyed the man-sized cock she’d wanted so badly.


Later that evening, Claudine was sitting in the living room with her two daughters. Mary was waiting for Dale to drop by, and she could hardly wait to let him fuck her. He’d been out of town with his parents since the night Joe had raped her, and now that Mary had learned how neat it was to fuck, she was anxious to make it with Dale. She decided not to tell him about Joe, and would let Dale think he was the first person to screw her.

Sitting next to Nancy, Claudine was anxious for Dale to come by for Mary because she couldn’t wait to taste her daughter’s cunt. Claudine had been dying to lick the teen’s sweet pussy ever since she’d watched Sam going down on her this afternoon. With Joe out bowling and drinking beer with his cronies, and Mary gone with Dale, this would be an ideal time to suck on Nancy’s cute hot snatch.

“What time is Dale coming by?” Claudine asked Mary, anxious for the girl to leave her alone with Nancy.

“Around nine,” answered Mary.

That was almost two hours from now, and Claudine didn’t know how she could wait that long for Nancy’s tasty pussy.

“Could you run an errand for me while your waiting for him?” Claudine asked Mary, anxious to get rid of the girl for a while.

“Sure,” the pretty blonde replied. “What do you want me to do?”

“Would you take my car and drive over to Lockwells Market?” she asked. “They’re having a special on canned salmon and I’d sure like a case of them.”

“Gee, Mom,” Mary hesitated. “That’s clear across town.”

“I know,” her mother smiled sweetly. “If you hurry, you can be back in an hour and Dale won’t be here until later than that.”

“Okay,” Mary reluctantly agreed. “But that’s sure a long trip for some damn salmon.”

When the girl was gone, Claudine turned to her daughter.

“Well, honey,” she asked. “How did you like Sam’s big cock?”

“It was neat,” she beamed. “I wish he were still fuckin’.”

“Is your pussy a sore?” her mother asked.

“Sorta,” Nancy admitted.

“Let Mother look at it,” Claudine suggested, pretending to be sympathetic.

When the teen had removed her cotton panties, Claudine reached down and touched the girl’s juicy twat. There was a thin film of Sam’s milky cum still clinging to her wet, swollen cuntlips.

“Where is it sore?” Claudine asked. “Right here,” smiled Nancy, pointing to a red spot just inside of the opening to her slit.

“Let Mother kiss it well,” said the woman, gently parting the teen’s thighs and lowering her face down between her legs.

“Oooooh!” squealed Nancy when her mother’s tongue lightly touched her snatch. “That feels funny.”

“Does it hurt?” asked Claudine.

“Heck, no,” giggled the horny teen. “It feels neat.”

“Did you like the way Sam licked your pussy this afternoon?” Claudine continued, running her hot wet tongue up and down in the juicy furrow of the girl’s cunt.

“Shit, yes,” Nancy shuddered. “And your tongue feels good, too.”

Thrilled at the sweet taste of her daughter’s pussy, Claudine began hungrily sucking and licking it. Her own twat began creaming with excitement when she found Nancy’s erect clitty.

“Oh, Mom!” squealed the teen when Claudine began sucking on her sensitive joy-button. “Keep suckin’! That feels so shittin’ good!”

The depraved woman was practically out of her mind with lust as she continued eating out her daughter’s twat.

“It’s so good… so good… so good!” the girl was squealing with delight as the delicious assault brought her closer and closer to an orgasm.

Nancy was almost on the verge of a climax when she opened her eyes and saw Dale standing at the open front door.

“Oh, hi, Dale,” she stammered, trying to push her mother’s face from between her legs. “Mom’s just lickin’ my sore twat.”

The man was just staring at them with a dazed look on his face.

“It’s all right,” giggled the girl.

“Hello, Dale,” blushed Claudine, wiping her mouth and face with the back of her hand. “I was just trying to soothe Nancy’s twat.”

“Is Mary here?” he nervously asked as he entered the room, unable to take his eyes away from the teen’s juicy slit.

“She’s gone to the store,” Claudine answered, her face a bright red from embarrassment. “She didn’t expect you yet.”

“I got away early,” he explained.

“D’ya like my pussy?” giggled Nancy, making no attempt to close her legs when she saw the boy staring between them.

“What?” he gulped.

“D’ya like my pussy?” she repeated, parting her wet cuntlips. “It got fucked by a man’s big cock today.”

Unable to move, Dale couldn’t believe what he was seeing or hearing. The sight of the girl’s delicious slit had given him a horrendous erection, yet he couldn’t seem to grasp the situation.

“She’s telling the truth,” said Claudine when nobody spoke. “She’s been screwing like crazy lately. You should try her. She’s sure a hot piece of ass.”

“D’ya wanta fuck me?” whispered the teen. “I’ve sure got a juicy cunt.”

“Go ahead,” smiled Claudine, lightly touching the big hard bulge in the front of his pants. “You look like you’re ready.”

“What are you doing?” gasped Dale when the woman quickly pulled his zipper down and yanked his stiff cock out.

“Just checking your plumbing,” she giggled as she began sliding his foreskin back and forth over his trembling shaft. “That’s quite a nice cock.”

“Please fuck me, Dale,” Nancy begged. “Please fuck me.”

“Are you crazy?” he stammered as Claudine began sucking hungrily on the head of his cock. “I’m not fucking any kid.”

“Then stick it in me,” whispered Claudine, rubbing the tip of his stiff prick against her soft face. “You’ve gotta unload this hard-on in someone.”

The boy had never remotely thought of laying his girl friend’s mother, but as the beautiful redhead continued sucking and pulling on his cockhead with her soft hot lips, he found it hard to resist.

“Come on up to my room,” she whispered, unbuckling his belt and dropping his pants to the floor.

Completely confused at what was happening, Dale just stood there and let the woman completely undress him. Next, she quickly disrobed herself, and taking the boy’s hand, she led him up the stairs.

“May I watch?” called Nancy.

“Sure,” giggled her mother. “Come along. You might learn something new.”

When they got upstairs, they stretched out together on the bed, Nancy sitting on the edge of it.

“Dale,” whispered Claudine as she gently fondled his throbbing boner. “With my hot pussy and your hard cock, we should make some great music together.”

Before he could answer, the woman covered his mouth with her moist open lips, and entwining her slippery tongue around his, she could feel his hot boner jerking in her hand.

“Baby,” she whispered, nibbling on his ear. “You may be an eighteen-year-old stud with a virile cock, but I’ve got the hottest, juiciest cunt in the whole fuckin’ world and it’s gonna suck your big dong dry.”

The boy could hardly believe what was happening to him. Mary’s beautiful mother was pressing her luscious naked body against him as her lascivious fingers squeezed and gently stroked his hard boner.

“Oh, Dale,” she teased, cupping his balls in her hand, letting her middle finger tease around his asshole. “My hot cunt can’t wait too much longer. Christ, how I want my pussy tilled with your hard meat.”

Trembling with excitement, the boy reached down and slowly moved his fingers up along the soft flesh between Claudine’s deliciously smooth thighs. His cock jerked violently in her hand when his fingers reached the hot musky moistness of her dripping slit. Her soft bush of red pussy hairs was saturated with the hot cunt-cream that was oozing out from between her slippery cuntlips.

“Come on, darling,” she whispered, rolling over on her back. “Fuck my cunt, honey. I want a big cuntful of hot fuck-cream.”

Crawling between her widely spread legs, the man stared down at Claudine’s wet glistening slit that was so deliciously exposed between her naked thighs. With her legs wide open, the woman had drawn her knees back against her chest, making the full length of her juice-sickened slit available to his cock. Clutching the base of his hard shaft, Dale slowly guided it toward the woman’s hungry slit.

Glancing down between her legs, Claudine could see the boy’s big luscious cockhead nudging against the sensitive flesh of her hot, wet snatch. Reaching down with her fingers, she excitedly parted her pussylips to assist his entry.

“Ooooooh, sweet baby,” she whispered as his hard knob began sliding through the wiggly lips of her juicy cunt. “Give it to me good, baby. Just fuck the hell out of me.”

Trembling with excitement as she sat on the edge of the bed, Nancy was watching the boy’s cockhead as it slowly parted her mother’s juicy pink cuntlips. It was mind-boggling to see her mom’s twat slowly swallowing Dale’s stiff dick.

Claudine could feel the boy’s prick sinking deeper and deeper into the sucking warmth of her fuck-hole. This wasn’t the largest dick the woman had ever taken, but there was a virile hardness to it that rubbed deliciously against her clinging cunt walls.

“Oh, baby,” Nancy heard her mother whisper when the boy’s rod was completely buried in her hot dripping cunt. “God that’s a hard cock, you sweet fucker.”

The sight of Dale’s stiff pecker stuffed into her mother’s slit, and the way her full round tits squished against his chest as her soft naked legs snaked around his body was the most exciting thing Nancy had ever seen. Nancy leaned over until her eyes were only inches from her mom’s cock-filled pussy. The teen could clearly see the drops of creamy pussy juice glistening on the soft pink flesh of her mother’s slippery cuntlips. A trickle of thick twat-cream was oozing out from between the woman’s sucking cuntlips as they clung deliciously to his big sensitive shaft. It was exciting to watch the rivulet of slippery juice dribbling down over her mother’s soft white butt. The sound of Dale’s cock squishing in and out of the woman’s hot sucking hole was driving Nancy wild.

Beginning to finger her own twat, Nancy stared at the pleasure-ridden expression on her mother’s beautiful face. Her head was thrown back, her long red hair spilling wildly over the pillow. The woman’s soft moist mouth was gaping open, her tongue flicking in and out over her wet trembling lips while exciting animal sounds escaped from deep in her throat.

“Oh, baby,” Claudine sobbed to the youth who was lustily fucking his cock into her hot dripping cunt. “You’re sure making my twat hum. Jesus, honey, you sure know how to please.”

“Christ, Mrs. Hampton,” he panted. “You’ve got the hottest fuckin’ cunt in the world.”

“Good!” she cried. “Just fuck the shit out of it! That’s what it’s there for!”

By now, Nancy was completely turned on by the excitement. The teen’s finger was swirling around wildly in her own dripping twat as she stared at the wildly fucking couple. Nancy couldn’t wait for him to screw her when the boy was finished with her mother. The thought of the handsome man filling her cunt with cum was almost blowing the horny girl’s mind.

“Fuck, honey, fuck!” Claudine was screaming to her lover. “Oh, you sweet bastard! Give it to me good, honey! Fuck me harder!”

“GO on, Dale, fuck her harder!” shouted Nancy, no longer able to control herself. “Fuck the shit out of her!”

“Don’t worry, Nancy,” Claudine called out to her daughter. “This guy can really fuck.”

“I can see that,” giggled Nancy. “I want him next.”

Nancy couldn’t take her eyes away from the boy’s big stiff rod as it slithered in and out of her mother’s sucking fuck-hole. The entire surface of his wet gleaming shaft was covered with a thick milky film of pussy juice that was flowing from her mother’s scalding cunt.

“Fuck her good, Dale!” Nancy was squealing. “Fuck the shit out of her!”

The teen had been well screwed the past several days, but this was the first time her eyes had ever been this close to a fucking couple. The sight of his big juicy cock slashing into her mother’s gulping pussy was driving her wild.

“That’s it, Dale!” shouted Nancy. “Give it to her good!”

“He is!” Claudine screamed as the boy’s cock pounded deeper and deeper into her lust-crazed slit. “Christ, can this guy fuck! Holy shit, what a fucker!”

Fascinated by the sight of Dale’s tight, sinewy ass humping up and down between her mother’s legs, Nancy had a wild urge to touch it. Unable to control the desire, she reached out and began gently caressing the cheeks of his butt with her soft hands. Moving her palms around on his humping bottom, Nancy was moving her finger closer and closer to his asshole. Nancy was finding it deliciously exciting as she probed her finger around the sensitive ring of his puckered shitter.

“AAAAAGH!” roared the boy when he suddenly felt the tip of her finger slip through the tight opening of his bung, cawing him to instinctively drill his passion-bloated cock deeper and harder into Claudine’s writhing belly.

“That’s it!” squealed the impaled woman, feeling his sudden hard thrusts. “Oh, yes, honey, pour it to me!”

Dale couldn’t believe the wild ecstasy that filled his entire body. The intense joy of his cock slithering in and out of Claudine’s hot sucking cunt, and the feel of her daughter’s naughty finger reaming out his asshole was driving him wild.

“Oh, God, that prick feels so nice and hard,” Claudine panted, mashing her open mouth against his lips as she writhed her frothy cunt up around his plunging dong.

The boy’s brain was spinning with excitement as her long nails trailed deliciously across his naked back.

“Oooooh, baby!” she cried out. “Fuck me harder! Fuck me harder!”

“Yes!” squealed Nancy, ramming her middle finger farther into the slippery hotness of the boy’s asshole. “Fuck her harder!”

Once more he gave a violent lunge, driving his cock deep into the woman’s belly.

“That’s it, honey!” she screamed. “Fuck me hard! I’m almost here… almost there!”

“Yes!” shouted Nancy. “Fuck her good, Dale! FUCK HER GOOD!”

“He is, honey!” squealed her mother. “Christ, what a fucker! Shit, can he fuck!”

Between the screams of Nancy and her mother, the squeaking of the bouncing springs and the sound of hot wet flesh slapping noisily together, the bedroom was such a bedlam of noise that none of them noticed Joe when he entered. Unaware of the man watching them, Dale was rushing toward a wild climax as he violently fucked his prick into her scalding cunt.

“NO! NO!” shrieked Claudine when she suddenly felt his hot cum gushing into her belly. “Keep fuckin’! I haven’t come yet… haven’t come yet!”

The near-hysterical woman was frantically grinding her clit up against his spurting cock when Dale gave a last shudder and collapsed over her body.

“Oh, God,” she began sobbing as the boy rolled off, his cock leaving a gooey string of cum across her belly. “Bring me off, honey! Oh, you rotten bastard.”

It was then that Claudine looked up and saw Joe grinning at her from the open door.

“Can you use this?” he laughed, opening his fly and whipping out his big monstrous cock.

“Oh, God, Joe!” wailed Claudine, clawing at her cunt with her fingers. “Hurry, honey! Pour it to me!”

Still grinning, he began slowly taking his clothes off, wanting the woman to beg some more.

“Please, Joe,” she sobbed. “I can’t wait any longer. I need your cock.”

“You’ll get it,” he sneered, finally dropping his shorts and walking over by the bed.

“Yes! Yes!” squealed Claudine, writhing around with her naked thighs lewdly open to receive his magnificent boner.

Crawling up between her legs, the man eased the tip of his huge cockhead between her slippery open cuntlips. Then rearing back, he thrust forward with all his strength, drilling his cock all the way up her sperm-drenched channel with one brutal plunge.

“Aaaaghh!” she screamed when his massive toner slammed deep into her guts.

“That’s it, baby!” she could hear her mother squealing. “Christ, what a cock!”


When Mary returned from the market a later, she was both surprised and happy to see Dale’s car parked in front of the house. Walking into the living room, she was puzzled not to find anyone there. The girl was heading for the kitchen when she suddenly heard a shrill squeal coming from upstairs. Unable to understand what was going on, she hurried up to investigate the squeals and giggles that were getting louder.

Stepping into her mother’s room, she was startled to see Joe fucking his big familiar cock into her mother’s writhing-cunt. Her ankles were locked around his back and the man’s ass was humping up and down between her legs, his big hot cock driving deeply into her scalding fuck-hole.

Mary had been standing in the room for two or three minutes before she saw Dale. His naked body was spread out in a chair, his head thrown back and eyes tightly shut. Her sister was kneeling on the floor between his outstretched legs, sucking noisily on his stiff boner. The idea of catching Nancy sucking off her boy friend should have made Mary angry, but the wild scene in the room only served to further arouse the pretty blonde.

“Does it taste good?” Mary asked, stepping up behind her sister.

“MARY!” gasped Dale, his eyes flying open when he recognized her voice.

“Welcome home,” she smiled sarcastically. “I’m glad my family is treating you so nice in my absence.”

“I was just gettin’ his cock hard for you, stammered Nancy, not wanting her big sister to be angry with her.”

“That’s very thoughtful,” smiled Mary. “How long have you been sucking cocks?”

“For a few weeks,” she admitted.

“Good for you,” laughed Mary, thinking the girl was just bragging. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll take care of Dale’s prick myself.”

Reluctantly giving up the boy’s dick, Nancy walked over to the bed where she could watch Joe fucking her mother.

“Hi, Dale,” grinned Mary, dropping to her knees in front of the boy, and taking over where Nancy had left off.

“Hi, honey,” he smiled when Mary began licking the end of his cock.

“Wanta fuck?” she suddenly asked.


“I asked if you want to fuck,” Mary repeated.

“Are you serious?” the boy asked in a bewildered voice, unable to believe that she would actually let him screw her.

“Why don’t you take me into my room and try me,” she whispered, standing up and heading for the door.

Not certain if she were serious or not, Dale followed Mary down the hall to her room. His stiff rod was thrusting up in front of him, his balls swinging heavily between his legs as he walked.

Still unsure if the girl had meant it, he stood leaning against a dresser, waiting for Mary to make the first move.

“It’s so nice to have you back,” she whispered, dropping to her knees in front of him.

Her juicy twat was burning with lust as she wrapped her fingers around his big stiff dick. Completely aroused, Mary could feel her heart pounding in her chest as she began sensuously sliding his tightly stretched foreskin back and forth over his bloated cockhead. Momentarily releasing his throbbing boner, she reached down for the big lust-bloated nut-sac that was dangling between his trembling legs, and lovingly cupped her palms beneath his balls. Her twat creamed with anticipation when she felt their delicious weight in her hands. Filled with a burning lust, Mary slipped her middle finger up under his balls and lightly traced the tip of it around the sensitive ring of his bung-hole. Dale almost cried out with joy as her finger teased around his puckered shitter. Mary was in no great hurry because she wanted their first fuck to be something that Dale would always remember.

Once more taking his quivering dick in her hands, she tenderly rubbed the tip of his big purple knob against her warm, wet tongue. Still not inserting his delicious meat in her mouth, Mary just lovingly flicked and teased her tongue around his big sensitive cockhead. Lowering her head, the pretty teen-ager moved her wet lips and tongue down along the underside of his hot boner until she found his crinkly, hairy nut-sac.

With warm slippery spit drooling from her softly parted lips, she sucked and licked his balls until they glistened with her sweet saliva. She could feel the man’s legs trembling with excitement as he braced himself back against the dresser for support. Finally releasing his cock, the girl stood up and put her arms around his shoulders.

“Darling,” she whispered, pressing her cunt against his hot naked cock. “Let’s get into bed and do naughty things to each other.”

“Sure,” he grinned. “How can a guy turn that deal down?”

Quickly removing her clothes, Mary sat on the edge of the bed, admiring the boy’s beautiful prick as he stood in front of her.

“That’s such a nice hard cock,” she whispered, reaching out and caressing it again.

Releasing his dick, she slowly lay back across the bed, playfully opening her smooth thighs to give him a good look at her delicious golden beaver that gleamed wetly around her moist, puffy slit. Seductively folding her arms behind her head, Mary began slowly writhing her juicy pussy around in front of his ogling eyes.

“D’ya like the looks of my hot cunt?” she whispered, suggestively caressing her wiggly wet cuntlips with her fingers.

“Shit, yes,” he panted.

“Then get in bed with me and prove it,” she giggled.

When he dropped down beside her, she pressed her warm flat belly up against his quivering cock, and thrust her hard ripe tits up toward his mouth.

“Ooooooooh, honey,” she mewled as he started sucking and licking her erect nipples.

Gently stroking her inner thighs as he sucked and licked her big hard tit-buds, his fingers gently parted the soft silky twat hairs and his middle finger slid into her slippery slit.

Grinding her hot cunt around his deeply embedded finger, Mary reached down and grasped his lurching cock.

“Shit, honey,” he gasped when she began teasing the length of his prick-shaft with her delicately soft fingers. “That sure feels good.”

“Okay, Dale,” she whispered, rolling over on her back. “Let’s see how good it feels in my cunt.”

“D’ya mean it?” he asked, still not able to believe that Mary was actually going to let him screw her.

“Of course I do,” she giggled. “You can’t fuck me without putting it in.”

As the excited man knelt between her open thighs, she gently took his quivering rod and placed the tip of it between her hot open cuntlips. Pulling his head down, she pressed her soft parted lips against his, and plunging her tongue into his mouth, she pound her cunt up around the big cockhead that was slowly sinking into her juice-slickened fuck-hole.

“Oh, baby,” she whispered as it moved slowly into her hot slippery cunt. “That’s what I need.”

With her soft open mouth still welded to his, and their tongues so deliciously entwined, she grasped his lean hard asscheeks and pulled him deeper into her smoldering body. Waves of intense ecstasy flooded through her trembling body as she felt his virile boner sinking deeper and deeper into her cock-hungry pussy.

With theft mouths and bodies welded passionately together, Mary could feel his steelhard prick slithering deeper and deeper into her quivering belly. It was only when she felt his big hairy balls snuggled in the crack of her ass that she realized his wonderful cock was buried to the hilt in her cunt.

Every nerve in her quivering body sprang alive in a delectable frenzy when she felt him partially withdraw his rod for the next thrust.

“Oh, God, baby!” she squealed with joy when he drilled back up into her tingling cunt-channel.

As Dale began speeding the tempo of his deep thrusts, the pretty blonde almost blew her mind. She’d certainly enjoyed Joe’s big oversized cock, but Dale’s sleek slashing prick was igniting her clitty far more than her mother’s lover ever had. As the man continued fucking into her slit with deeper and harder strokes, Mary could feel an orgasm slowly building up in her loins. On and on he fucked, carrying her to newer heights of ecstasy with every jolting thrust.

“Shit, baby!” she was squealing, her shapely legs waving crazily in the air. “I love it! I LOVE IT!”

Fucking frantically into the girl, it was hard for Dale to realize it was Mary’s cunt he was screwing. He’d dreamed of this far months, and now at last he was actually doing it.

“Oh, sweet pissin’ Jesus!” she suddenly shrieked. “I’m gonna come, baby… gonna come! Oh, shit, I’m coming… COMMMIIINNNGGG!”

Her entire body began convulsing as the overwhelming orgasm shook her like a rag doll. The girl’s head was flopping wildly back and forth, her glazed eyes staring blindly at the spinning ceiling.

Slowly recovering from her traumatic climax, she was suddenly aware that Dale was still lustily fucking his cock into her hot, slippery fuck-hole. Staring down between her legs, Mary could see his juice-slickened shaft slithering in and out of her clinging pussy.

“That’s it, honey!” she squealed, wanting him to enjoy it. “Keep fuckin’, baby! Fill me with cum!”

From the wild way he was thrusting his jerking rod into her slit, Mary could tell that he was almost ready to shoot his load.

“I’m gonna shoot!” he shouted, still stabbing his cock into her.

“I know,” she panted. “I know!”

“D’ya want me to pull out?” the boy gasped, not wanting to knock the girl up.

“Yes, pull it out!” she cried excitedly, suddenly wanting to see the cum gushing out of his big swollen cockhead.

She could tell from his jerking motions that his prick was about to explode.

“Here it comes, baby!” he shouted, trying to withdraw his prick in time.

His cockhead had barely cleared her cuntlips when she saw the thick stream of jizz spurting out of the exploding hole in the tip of his knob. The first gush splattered all over her face, neck and tits. His throbbing cock continued spewing jizz until her entire upper body was saturated with the hot, slippery fluid.

Temporarily fucked out, the boy rolled over onto his back. Mary was obscenely thrilled by the feel of his sticky jizz all over her naked body. Big gobs of thick white sperm glistened in her tousled blonde hair, while a rivulet of jizz dribbled down the girl’s cheek to the corner of her mouth, and was quickly licked in with the tip of her tongue. Scooping up the thick slippery sperm that had formed a sticky pool between her full tits, Mary excitedly licked it from her hands and fingers. When there was no more cock-juice on her body, the girl leaned down and began sucking the last delicious drops from Dale’s limp prick.

As she continued tonguing his soft pecker, Mary could hear her sister giggling in the other room.

Joe and her mother had finished their fuck, and as they lay exhausted on their backs, Nancy was sucking his cock back to hardness.

“What the hell are you doing?” gasped Joe as the teen’s hot lips sucked and pulled on his rapidly swelling cock.

“Suckin’ your prick,” she giggled. “What the shit do you think I’m doing?”

“Wanta taste me?” whispered Nancy, releasing his hard prick from her mouth.

Before he could answer, the teen crawled up on his chest and quickly straddled his face with her thighs. Lying on his back, Joe’s mouth was suddenly pressed against the hot wetness of her slippery cunt. With his nose buried in the softness of her fresh-scented pussy hairs, he tentatively probed the tip of his tongue between her sweet cuntlips. The delicious taste of her juicy cunt almost blew his mind.

“That’s it, Joe!” Nancy squealed with joy. “Eat me good, baby! I love it! LOVE IT!”

Seeing how much Joe was enjoying her pussy, Nancy decided she wouldn’t have any trouble seducing him.

“Does it taste good?” she whispered down to him, her face flushed with passion.

“Shit, yes!” he panted into her juicy hole.

“D’ya wanta fuck it?” she giggled.

Before the man could answer, she scooted back and straddled his loins. The taste of the girl’s sweet pussy had excited him so much that he wasn’t completely aware of what was going on.

Claudine could hardly believe her eyes when she saw Nancy firmly grasp his cock and guide it in between her descending cuntlips as the girl slowly lowered her hot, dripping hole down over his massive cockhead. Her thirteen-year-old body shuddered with delight as she felt his huge boner plowing up through the slippery wetness of her cunt.

“Oh, Joe,” she whispered, still lowering her seething hot silt down over his huge dick. “That’s gotta be the biggest fuckin’ cock in the world, but, shit, it feels good.”

Joe arched his hips up as her tight cunt slid down over his thick tool until her belly was completely stuffed full of his hard male meat.

“Jesus, Joe, that feels good,” she mewled, rotating her hot slippery pussy down around the base of his deeply embedded fuck-shaft. She could feel the thick meatiness of his fat dong pulsating deliciously against every raw nerve end in her tightly stretched cunt walls.

“Oh, baby,” she sobbed as she began sliding the sucking warmth of her grasping pussy up and down over his wet, glistening rod.

Excitedly watching them, Claudine could see her daughter’s hot swollen cuntlips as they sucked against his juice-drenched shaft. She couldn’t see how Nancy’s tiny pussy had been able to accommodate such a huge cock, yet it was obvious that the teen was thoroughly enjoying it. Crazed with excitement, Nancy suddenly threw her naked body down over his, rubbing her pointed tits against his hairy chest. With his cock still buried up between her legs, she continued fucking his tool in and out of her cunt while the man fondled her tits.

Nancy could feel it clear down to her twat when he began lightly pinching her erect nipples.

Frantically plunging her dripping hot cunt up and down over his glorious fuck-tool, the lips of her greedy twat were sucking and grasping at the length of it, trying to suck more of his thick dong up into her hungry pussy. With each plunge, the teen could feel his swollen cockhead slamming deliciously against the very end of her fuck-hole.

Joe could feel his cock growing bigger and bigger as it slid smoothly in and out between the fleshy ridges of the girl’s tiny cunt. Only moments ago, the thought of molesting the teen had been repugnant to him, but now he was enjoying her body beyond anything he’d ever experienced. He’d never know anything as delicious as the heat and tightness of her pussy.

“Oh, Joe!” she squealed. “Oh, Christ, how I love your fuckin’ big cock!”

“God, baby,” he gasped, arching his hips up to drill his boner even deeper into her quivering belly. “You’ve got the hottest, tightest cunt in the world.”

“I’m glad,” she whispered. “Because I sure love your big prick!”

Hearing the excitement, Mary and Dale had walked into the room to watch them. The sight of Joe’s big whang fucking into Nancy’s sweet slit had given Dale a brand-new hard-on. Watching them, he hoped he could fuck the cute redhead when Joe was finished with her.

“Christ, baby!” roared Joe. “I’ve never felt anything so good in my life!”

“I know!” she squealed. “I know! I KNOW!”

The man was now thrusting his loins up to meet every plunge of the girl’s hot cunt.

“That’s it, Joe!” she shrieked. “Fuck faster! Fuck faster!”

As the horny girl increased the speed of her plunges, Joe could feel a climax building up deep in his balls, and realized that he would soon be filling the girl’s cunt with his hot own.

“Oh, Joe!” she sobbed, throwing her head and shoulders back as his big juice-slickened dick rubbed harder against her clitty with every rapid stroke. “I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!”

The wild ecstasy was almost more than the horny girl could stand, and when Joe’s huge cock began spewing hot jizz into her quivering belly, Nancy exploded into an unbelievably wild orgasm.

“I’M COMING! I’M COMING!” she screamed, writhing her hot, clasping cunt down around the base of his hot, spurting cock.

Throwing herself forward, she covered his mouth with hers and clung desperately to him until the very last drop of his creamy cum had dribbled into her sperm drenched pussy.

“God, that was neat,” she whispered when he rolled from under her wet body.

Looking up, she saw her mother, sister and Dale all staring at her. Still slightly dazed, her eyes drifted to Dale’s hard boner.

“Wanta fuck me?” she whispered.

His cock wasn’t nearly as big as Joe’s, but any prick was better than an empty cunt.

“Wanta fuck me, Dale?” she repeated in a passionate voice. “I’ve got enough pussy to last all night.”

Her words were true. The five of them fucked all night long, and many more nights from then on.

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