Hot Mom And Sis

It was Henry David Thoreau, in Walden, who remarked, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” This statement appears to be just as true today as it was then.

The majority of today’s men and women live in boring circumstances, and when the opportunity for change arises, they are often quick to seize the chance. For the characters in this story, the opportunity is one which many would consider perverse and deranged, for it is one of incest. But it proves a release and a need. All morals and scruples are cast aside in a moment of madness — a chance to grab pleasure before it is taken away.


Kathy leaned under the open hood of the car. She had no idea what she was looking for, she knew nothing about motors. All she knew was that a car, especially a new car, was supposed to run.

She glared at the maze of wire and doe-dads, cursing under her breath. She was sweating in the heat, and that pissed her off even more.

“Sonuva fucking bitch!” she hissed at the engine. “Stan, you cocksucking asshole!”

“You say something, Mother?” Sharon asked, leaning out the window.

“No. I didn’t say a damn think,” Kathy answered, bringing her head from beneath the hood, banging her fist against the metal. She stepped back and gave the tire a vicious kick.

“Owwww, you bastard!”

Sharon giggled.

“And you can shut up, too!” she glared at her daughter.

She shoved her head back under the hood, trying to make sense of the troublesome engine. She had to do something. Her white skirt lifted on her thighs, revealing golden tan flesh almost to her ass. A small puff of wind lifted it higher, and her pale-green panties were exposed briefly. Kathy ignored it.

Sharon sat back in the car. The heat didn’t bother her. It never did. What bothered her was her brother, Jimmy, sound asleep in the back seat. Not his sleeping, but the bulging of his cock inside his shorts. She turned and watched it with excitement, giggling softly. Her beautiful blue eyes seemed to glaze as she stared at the tent-like projection. Getting onto her knees, she leaned over the seat, her small hand stretching toward him. With a feather-light touch, she poked at the tip, where his cock strained. Again she giggled, glanced to see if her mother was still under the hood. She lifted the leg of her brother’s shorts slightly, and saw his balls. Jimmy never wore shorts under those things, she had discovered a few days ago.

Sharon held his shorts open, gazing at his balls, her eyes becoming brighter, her breathing becoming faster. Lifting the leg of his shorts a bit more, she saw the base of his cock. There was that strange sensation between her legs again. Her compact, tight, young ass clenched and a soft whimper came from her. There was an itch in her hand, an itch that wanted to touch his cock, to grasp it, feel it, play with it. Giving in to the urge, she sneaked her other hand toward him and touched the base of his cock lightly, then his balls. The burning, sweet feeling increased inside the tight crotch of her white shorts, and Sharon closed her eyes for a moment.

“Stan, you bastard!” she heard her mother say angrily.

Sharon jerked her hand back quickly and turned round. She watched her mother at the side of the car.

“Slit!” Kathy snapped, stamping a sandaled foot against the ground. “Shit! Shit! Shit!”

She looked up and down the highway, seeing nothing but the shimmering waves of heat. Sweat tickled down her neck, into her sleeveless blouse. She felt it between her tits. She couldn’t understand how Jimmy could sleep in this fucking heat. He didn’t seem to be sweating, either, and that pissed her off, too. She felt like crying — just sitting right down on the scalding dirt and bawling her eyes out.

“Of all the places to get stuck!”

There was nothing as far as the eye could see in either direction. She had passed through a small town ten miles back, and she had no idea how far it was to the next. It was too far to walk in this stifling heat, anyway.

She heard the distant sound, and looked down the highway. A shimmering form materialized, then took on the shape of an approaching car. Kathy stood in the middle of the lane, waving her arms frantically.

“Stop!” she yelled. “Oh, please stop!”

The car tore past in the other lane, the lash of wind whipping her dress about her thighs, lifting it high. Kathy turned, thrusting her finger at the retreating car.

“You fucking asshole!” she yelled.

Again she kicked the tire, but feebly this time. She leaned back under the hood, one foot lifting high, and stared at the lifeless engine.

She didn’t hear the truck as it began to slow. The young man driving the tow truck saw her shapely leg lifted and began to brake. A gust of hot air caught the hem of Kathy’s pleated skirt and it blew up over her ass this time. The man saw her tantalizing, slender thighs, the tight fit of her green panties, the white cheeks of her ass.

He grinned in appreciation.

The truck had pulled up behind her stalled car before Kathy was aware of it. She pulled her head from the hood, banging it sharply.

“Dam it!” she yelled in pain.

The young man stepped out of the truck.

“Got a problem?” he asked.

Kathy saw a man perhaps twenty, twenty two. He was tall but thin, not bad-booking. His jeans and blue work-shirt were greasy and torn. His hands were covered with oil and grease.

“Oh, I’m so glad you stopped,” she cried with relief. “I don’t know what’s wrong. My car just up and stopped on me for no reason.”

The man saw a beautiful woman with rich auburn hair; he saw the green eyes, the small nose, the full, moist lips, the unblemished skin. He saw, too, the way her firm, full tits pressed at the thin material of her blouse, her nipples protruding. She had a small waist, with rounded hips and legs that seemed to go on forever. The sight of her dress up and her green panties caused his balls to twitch. He felt his cock standing to lift.

“Let’s take a look,” he said, having trouble keeping his eyes off her.

Sharon leaned out the window to watch the man. But she was more interested in watching the front of his pants than what he was doing. “Here’s your trouble,” the young man said, pointing at a mysterious hose attached to more mysterious objects. “It’s a vapor lock. Quite a few cars get vapor locks in this heat.”

“Can you fix it?” Kathy asked anxiously.

“Well,” the young man said, looking speculatively at Kathy. “I could, but it wouldn’t last a mile, I don’t think.”

“Shit!” Kathy stamped her foot like a spoiled child.

“Listen, I’ll hook you up and tow you to the garage,” the man said. “I can fix it just fine there. You won’t have any more trouble once I fix it, guaranteed.”

“How far is it?”

“Oh ’bout twenty miles.”

“I don’t have much money,” Kathy told him. “I think the warranty is still good, though.”

“Aw, hell,” the man said. “Let’s call it my good deed for the day.”

Kathy watched him hook the car up. There was something appealing about him. She grinned behind his back. She appreciated what he was doing, but she liked to pay her bills. She had very little money on her if the warranty had expired, she thought of a way to pay him, and she would call it her good deed for the day, too.

“You can ride in the truck with me if you want,” the man said, his eyes saying he hoped she would.

“Okay,” Kathy grinned.

The man opened the door, and helped Kathy in. He stared hungrily at her ass when it arched toward him. He saw half of her thighs, and his cock tingled wildly.

In the car, Sharon was again leaning over the seat and gazing at her brother. It was exciting to be towed, but it was more exciting to stare at her sleeping brother’s cock. Now that she didn’t have to worry about her mother catching her, she became balder.

Lifting his shorts to one side carefully, she exposed Jimmy’s cock and balls. She held her breath with excitement as she stared at them. His cock looked very long and thick to her, and his balls hung loose in the heat. The fuzz at the base of his cock was almost as thin and sparse as her own.

Gazing hotly at him, Sharon unzipped her tight shorts, shoving them down to her thighs. She wore no panties, and her succulent pussy slit was moist. She pressed her hips against the back of the seat, rubbing her cunt there. Stretching her hand out to her brother’s cock and balls, she ran the tips of her fingers very lightly over them. His cock was very hard, and she felt the throb of it. With a soft sigh, she closed her fingers around the hardness, barely touching it.

His cock felt hot, too, very hot. She gazed at his cockhead, swollen smooth. Staring at the tiny slit in the tip, she watched moisture seeping from it. She moved her other hand between her body and the seat. She stroked her swollen clit with a light finger, and began moving her fist up and down her sleeping brother’s cock. She panted softly, her eyes swimming with excitement.

She tried a tentative squeeze.

Jimmy moaned, but didn’t wake up.

Sharon paused, watching him anxiously, ready to jerk her hand away if he stirred and started to open his eyes. She didn’t want him to catch her with his cock in her hand. She didn’t want Jimmy mad at her.

There was one year to the day between their ages, with Sharon being the older. They never knew their father. All they knew was he had left them a month or so after Jimmy was born. Raised without a father, they didn’t miss one. They knew, too, that their mother had been very young at the time, but Kathy had managed quite well with them. There had been a few men who wandered in and out of their lives, but no one important, no man that stayed long. Kathy had told them she simply did not want to get married again, not yet.

In the truck, Kathy was letting the young man know how friendly she was. Concerned about the warranty on the car, Kathy was letting the man know, in subtle ways, that she could pay him. Her skin was left halfway up her creamy thighs, and she sat with her shoulders back, tits thrust forward, smiling and chatting with him. She was aware of his interest in her. She saw his cock half-hard inside his grimy jeans.

“How about a cup of coffee when we get there?” said the man, who had introduced himself as Jack. “I got to find the part I need. If I don’t have it, I have to send down to the city for it. Might take some time.”

“Wonderful!” Kathy purred, stretching. Her tits rose outward, and she pressed her feet at the floorboard, letting her white skirt lift an inch or so higher. “I suppose there’s a place we can stay for the night. Not too expensive.”

“Sure thing,” Jack said. “There’s a nice motel, and it’s clean, too.”

Kathy scooted closer to the man, spreading her knees around the long metal shifting lever. Jack gulped when he felt her thigh against his. Kathy rested her hand on his grimy jeans. She felt his leg shaking, and grinned to herself.

Back in the car, Sharon was becoming bolder. Jimmy continued to sleep. She had her fist wrapped about his cock with a little more pressure, unable to resist holding it tightly. More juices beaded on his swollen cockhead. She ran her fingers about his piss hole, coating her hand with the slippery liquid. She had pressed her small finger between the hot lips of her almost hairless cunt, moving it in and out slowly. She was gasping with pleasure, her naked little ass twisting. The way his hard cock throbbed in her hand sent shivers up her and, down her body.

Jimmy groaned once, and Sharon froze, afraid to move her hand. But he still slept. She gave his cock a gentle squeeze, a tight squeal bubbling from her mouth. She pumped up and down, on his cock with slightly faster strokes. She saw his balls writhe and was fascinated. She kept her finger moving slowly in and out of her wet little cunt. The hot sun burning through the windshield felt very good on her naked, pretty ass. It made her feel much hotter between her slim thighs.

She licked at her lips, staring at her brother’s cock as she pumped up and down. It seemed to be getting harder in her hand, swelling more. His cockhead, she decided, had definitely become larger. His piss hole was starting to flare open, and juice dripped more than before. In fact, the juices bubbled from his piss hole and ran down to her fingers, making her fist slippery. She noticed that his balls were no longer loose, but were getting tight. She watched them with youthful fascination as they drew up against the base of his cock.

She became more excited by his balls than by fingerfucking her pussy. Pulling her finger out, she stretched her hand into the back seat. Sharon cupped his balls, feeling how hot they were, too. She kept jacking up and down, unaware that her fist was getting tighter and tighter on his cock. She began to gasp and pant, her lovely body trembling. She knew something was about to happen, something she had only heard about at school during those secret, hurtfull talks among girls.

Sharon wanted to see it happen.

Throwing caution away, she gripped her brother’s cock as hard as she could, puffing and pushing on it. She held his balls tightly, soft mews coming from her as she gazed at the swollen prickhead. She felt his cock throbbing with more power, and he was writhing his hips.

Suddenly, a thick gush of come juice spurted from his piss hole, flying a good foot and a half into the air. Jimmy groaned in his sleep. If he had woken up then, Sharon could not have stopped herself, she was so absorbed in this strange thing she was seeing. The stories she had heard about boys were true after all.

More squirting comejuice boiled high from his cock, splashing back down on his shorts and her fist. Sharon couldn’t swallow the squeal of excitement she felt. She gripped his cock, her fist pumping in a frenzy, seeing if she could keep him spurting that way. His balls in her hand seemed to writhe as he shot his thick come juice high into the air.

“What’s going on?” Jimmy woke up, his cock gushing, his sister’s hand jacking him frantically. “Sharon! What are you doing?”

He sat upright quickly, his cock puffing from her hand.

Sharon giggled, lifting her hand and staring at the glistening juices that coated it. Jimmy stuffed his cock and balls angrily back into his shorts, looking around.

“You gonna tell, Jimmy?” Sharon asked, giggling softly.

“Why we being towed?” he asked.

“The fucking car broke down,” Sharon said, a slight flush on her beautiful young face. “Mother, is in the truck with the man.”

She looked him in his eyes.

“Are you gonna tell?” she asked again.

Jimmy looked down, seeing the mess on his shorts. “She’s gonna see anyway. But I won’t tell, Sharon.”

His sister giggled again, drawing her feet onto the seat and showing her brother she had shoved her shorts down. Jimmy stared at her, seeing the sugary slit of his sister’s cunt, the puff of golden hair.

“You can look at mine, too,” Sharon giggled again. “It’s only fair you can see mine, since I’ve seen yours.”

“Someone’s gonna see it besides me,” Jimmy pointed out as a car zipped past them.

“I don’t care,” Sharon giggled. “I think it’s fun, don’t you?”

A quick grin came over Jimmy’s face as he gazed at his sister’s succulent pussy-slit. The tip of her clit could barely be seen.

“Yeah, it’s fun,” he said.

He climbed over the seat next to his sister. Sharon, with her shorts at her knees, sat back against the door. She lifted her feet to the seat, and Jimmy, under the wheel, gazed at her pretty cunt. His cock started lifting again. His cockhead poked from his shorts, and Sharon prodded it with a toe.

“It’s getting hard again, Jimmy.”

Jimmy gulped with excitement, shoving his hand out to feel his sister’s cunt. Sharon arched her hips up from the seat, and wiggled.

“Oooooh, that feels good, Jimmy!”

Her brother leaned over, peering at her cunt. Her cuntlips were very pink, most. The golden hair didn’t extend down along the sugary lips.

“Stick your finger in it,” Sharon suggested.

Jimmy poked his middle finger at his sister’s cunt. It brushed her clit.

“Ooooo, that felt good!” Sharon gurgled, her eyes almost closing as a sharp feeling of rapture flowed quickly through her. “That feels real good, Jimmy!”

His finger slipped easily between the lips of Sharon’s cunt. Sharon whimpered softly, feeling her pussy parting, stretching around her brother’s finger. She wiggled her little ass, sliding her cunt forward as he pressed.

“Golly, Sharon!” Jimmy gasped. “It’s all wet and hot in there.”

“Ooooh, I know!” his sister purred. “Poke it in and out of me, Jimmy!”

He moved his finger back and forth, watching it appear and disappear. The more he thrust, the more his sister wiggled and gurgled.

“Faster, Jimmy!” Sharon urged, her voice oddly deep and husky. “Do it faster! I like it fast!”

The head of his cock strained past his shorts. Her toes rested on it, but they weren’t moving. Sharon was about to come, and she twisted her fine ass about frantically, leaning against the door of the car, her eyes squeezed shut tightly. She was panting heavily, twisting her ass about.

“Oooooh! Ahhhhh! Faster, Jimmy!”

But Jimmy had jerked his finger from her pussy and was sitting up quickly.

“Jimmy, don’t stop now!”

“We’re in town, Sharon,” he said, covering the head of his cock.

They were puffing up alongside a grimy garage, [missing text].


The motel was cheap and clean. There were two double beds, a small desk, and two chairs. A color television was attached to the wall facing the beds. The bathroom was clean, with plenty of towels and soap. There was a small alcove, a dressing table with a sink and huge mirror, and a place to hang clothing with a shelf above for suitcases and other luggage.

A surprisingly deep carpet covered the floor. A fenced area contained a sparkling pool. The water looked cool and inviting.

Kathy didn’t know the young mechanic had lied to her. He could have repaired the car in fifteen or twenty minutes. But he had been excited by her body, seeing her dress blow up, those amazingly long thighs and green panties. Besides, he knew she was coming on to him.

He didn’t fool Kathy. About the car, yes, but not about his hunger for her, and she was willing to pay him with a fuck. Not that she was loose — some tramp slut from the gutter — it was just that Kathy was practical. She didn’t have much money and she still had over three hundred miles to go. The only way she could pay was with her pussy, and she was willing to do so.

She put her things away in the room, and told her son and daughter they could use the pool. After getting permission from the sweet little old lady that ran the motel, they dived right in. Kathy watched them from the big window for a moment. Then she removed her blouse and skirt aid filled the tub with cold water. She wore no bra. Her tits stuck up saucily, round and firm, with light-brown nipples. She peeled her green panties off, running her hand through her luscious fan-shaped cunt hair.

Leaning back in the tub, the water cooling her, she thought of Jack. He was at least eight to ten years younger than she, but quite good looking. Her nipples stiffened and her clit started tingling. It had been quite a few months since she had a good, hard fucking, and Kathy was ready for one. Jack looked as if he could provide her with just what she needed. She could pay him and enjoy herself at the same time. The only problem was, where?

She couldn’t bring him to the motel, not with Sharon and Jimmy with her. Maybe he had a place, lived alone. If necessary, she would fuck him at the garage, even if it was coated with grease and oil. She could always scrub it off later.

In the pool, Sharon and Jimmy splashed back and forth across the water, shouting in glee. Sharon was irritated that she had to wear her t-shirt. It wasn’t fair that she had to wear a top and Jimmy didn’t.

However, the t-shirt, once wet, clung to her burgeoning tits, exposing them through the shirt. Her sweet, pink nipples could be seen, stiff and pretty. The t-shirt molded her small tits like a glove. Her shorts, too, became transparent, but it was hard for Jimmy to see much. Her cunt hair was so golden and light, it didn’t show. All he saw was a faint shadow between her thighs when she was out of the water.

They played in the pool until their mother called them in.

Kathy had dressed in a becoming, cool, summer frock, a pale yellow that set her auburn hair and green eyes off beautifully.

“I’m going out for a while,” Kathy said. “And I want you two kids to be good, you hear?” She handed them some money. “You can have something to eat at the cafe. I should be back before you go to bed.”

“Who you gonna see, Mother?” Sharon asked. “That man with the tow truck?”

“It’s none of your business,” Kathy replied. “But, yes. We’re going to have coffee and talk about, that damned car.”

“How long are we gonna be here, Mom?” Jimmy asked.

“I don’t know,” Kathy said. “I hope we can leave tomorrow.”

She kissed them on the cheek, warned them about being good again, then left.

It was after she had gone that she remembered Sharon’s pretty little tits were showing through her t-shirt. She hoped they wouldn’t get any naughty ideas. They were too young, she thought, to think about such things.

Sharon and Jimmy stood facing one another, giggling together. Jimmy stared at his sister’s tits, his cock swelling inside his shorts.

“You wanna play, Jimmy?” Sharon asked.

“If you wanna,” he answered.

Sharon lifted the leg of his wet shorts. Seeing his cock jut out, she giggled wickedly, then yanked his shorts down before Jimmy knew what she was doing. They hung at his knees, his cock and balls showing.

“Hey!” he grunted, and tried to yank his sister’s shorts down. They were too tight.

Sharon laughed.

Jimmy grabbed her t-shirt at the neck, stretching it out from her body.

“I see your tits!” he laughed.

“I don’t care,” Sharon said, grabbing for his cock. “I can see your thing.”

“That’s my cock, not a thing,” Jimmy retorted.

He turned loose of her t-shirt, and it outlined her pretty tits again. He cupped them, giving her a squeeze. Sharon began to melt, her legs shaking as her brother clung to her tits with both hands. She held his cock in hers, feeling it swell into hardness. They stood close together, Jimmy caressing his sister’s tits while she clung to his growing cock. They looked into each other’s eyes, both of them starting to shake with young hungers.

The head of Jimmy’s cock touched Sharon’s thigh, and when she felt the wetness on her skin, she mewled in a low voice, squeezing his cock hard. Jimmy shoved his shorts down with one hand and stepped out of them. Sharon began to purr like a kitten.

“I’m gonna take mine off, too,” she said. Jimmy gazed with hot eyes as his sister removed her wet t-shirt and shorts. He had not realized his sister was so pretty. Her golden hair fell just past her shoulders, her wonderfully blue eyes wide and innocent. Her small tits were flawless, rounded and hard with perky pink nipples. She hardly seemed to have a waist at all. Her legs were very long, like their mother’s.

“Do you know how to do it, Jimmy?” Sharon asked softly.

“I think so,” he replied.

“I think you’re supposed to stick it in me,” Sharon said, showing no fear or nervousness, only a wild, shivering hunger. “I think that’s how you do it.”

His cock jerked up and down, wet at his piss hole.

Sharon stepped back against one of the double beds. She sat down, then lay back, opening her legs wide, watching Jimmy’s cock. Her succulent cunt felt hot, very hot; Jimmy gazed between her thighs, staring at the sugary pussy-slit.

“It looks kinda small, Sharon,” he said.

“It’s supposed to fit,” his sister replied. “It’s supposed to go in me.”

“Let’s try,” Jimmy grunted, his cock throbbing, his balls aching. “Let’s try it, Sharon.”

“Okay,” she agreed, scooting higher on the bed, her legs spread as wide as she could get them.

Jimmy lay across his sister’s naked body. He felt her tight tits burning at his chest. His cock slid between her thighs and across her cunt, throbbing at her golden pussy hair. Sharon wiggled, panting because it felt so goad.

“It’s supposed to go in me, Jimmy,” she whispered. “Not on top of me.”

He lifted his hips, and she shoved an eager hand to his cock, pressing it downward. She gasped and her eyes flew open wide when his smooth cockhead slipped across her knotted clit.

“Ohhhh, that really felt good, Jimmy!”

She placed the head of his cock against the lips of her cunt.

“Push,” she whimpered. “Push it in me!” Jimmy pushed.

“Oooooh!” Sharon wailed.

She wailed not because it hurt, but because there was a sudden twitching of her cunt and she started coming. Jimmy barely had the head of his cock inside her steamy cunt, and she was coming. Sharon had never come so fast when she fingered her pussy.

“Ohhhh, feel that, Jimmy?” she groaned. “Feel what’s happening to me?”

“Yeah,” her brother panted.

Sharon’s sweet cunt lips were clutching the head of his cock wetly, squeezing as the orgasm ran its course. Her small body shook and Sharon choked with ecstasy.

The spasms began to fade, but her cunt was demanding, still.

Her pussy felt stretched more than her finger had ever stretched it, the sensations were fantastic. She wiggled her ass on the bed, arching her crotch up.

“Shove, Jimmy!” she yelped, “Shove it in me!”

“It is in, Sharon,” he croaked.

“Not all of it!” she squealed. “You’re supposed to get all of it in me! Shove hard, Jimmy!”

Jimmy shoved.

A sharp pain shot through Sharon as his cock stabbed into her cunt. But it was so quick, it made no impression on her. The pain felt searing, but then there was an amazing feeling. She couldn’t believe how good it felt to have his cock in her cunt. She felt full, stuffed to her stomach, her cunt stretched so deliciously.

“Oooooh, Jimmy!” she howled. “Ohhhh, that feels so good in me!”

She wiggled her ass, her fingers clutching and clawing at the bedspread, her eyes half-closed, feverish, panting and sobbing with the greatest pleasure she had ever felt in her young life. She writhed and twisted her ass, feeling her brother’s cock throb between the tight lips of her cunt.

Jimmy seemed frozen en top of his sister. Her cunt gripped his cock as hard as his fist ever had, only it felt a thousand times better.

“Pump, Jimmy!” Sharon gurgled. “Pump up and down! You know, like you did your finger!”

Jimmy started pumping slowly, thrusting his cock in and out of his sister’s clinging cunt.

“Ooooh, yes!” Sharon gurgled, twisting her naked ass. “That’s how it’s done! Ohhhh, go a little faster, Jimmy!”

Jimmy speeded up.

He lifted himself up, bracing his hands on each side of his sister’s shoulders, trying to look down, watch his cock move in and out of her cunt. He saw his cockshaft lift upward, glistening with wetness. Sharon tucked her chin down, trying to see, too. She couldn’t see anything at first. Then she saw the base of his cock.

“Ohhhh, look at that, Jimmy!” she whimpered.

“Yeah!” he groaned. The sensations of having his cock inside a cunt for the first time in his young life were overwhelming. He began to stab fast and hard into his sister’s cunt.

“Oooooh, I like that!” Sharon squealed, arching her hips up for him. She placed her feet on the mattress, feeling his hips sliding along her inner thighs. She squealed each time he lunged down, his cock going very deep, driving the air out of her lungs. “Fast, Jimmy! Do it to me real fast!”

Jimmy humped his hips, banging into his sister’s pussy. The wet slaps added to their young passions. His cock lifted and plunged, his balls smacking his sister’s wiggling ass. He grunted with his efforts, but mostly because it felt so good. Sharon’s cunt gripped and flexed automatically about her brother’s cock. She pressed her head back, eyes tight, mouth open, stretching her neck. Her small sweet tits swelled up, her nipples so stiff, they hurt.

“Hurry, hurry, hurry!” she yelled. “I feel like it’s gonna happen! Oooooh, Jimmy, hurry!”

Almost instantly, Sharon’s cunt grabbed at her brother’s hard cock, trying to suck it deep. The spasms rippled through her cunt like burning oils. The lips of her almost-hairless pussy gripped and reined, tightened and loosened, squeezing time and again at his throbbing prick. The orgasm rumbled through her exquisite body, making her mind spin with ecstasy. She yelped and wailed, almost screaming with the rapture.

“Sharon!” Jimmy groaned, flitting his teeth. “Ohhhhh, Sharon! What are you doing?”

“I’m coming!” his sister sobbed, her eyes filled with tears of joy. “I’m coming!”

But Jimmy hardly heard her.

His balls drew tight, his cock feeling as if it were going to burst open. His sister’s cunt sucked at his prick, squeezing it with hot waves of flexing muscles.

“I gotta-I gotta-gotta — Ohhhh!”

Jimmy’s cock exploded, sending powerful squirts of young come juice flooding into his sister’s cunt. The rapid spurts caused his body to jerk and shake. He rammed as hard as he could, his cock deep, his balls smashing at her shaking ass.

“Uh-uhhhh!” he groaned.

“Oh, Jimmy!” Sharon sobbed, her fingers digging into the bedspread. “You’re doing it, too! I can feel it — you’re coming — like me! Golly, golly — I can feel you coming in me, Jimmy! Oooooh, I love it!”

Jimmy slumped, his weight pressing down on her, his breath burning her neck, her tits smashing against him. Sharon lowered her legs slowly, feeling weak. She breathed heavily. Jimmy rested between his sister’s thighs. Sharon wrapped her arms around him tightly, then her legs.

“That was good, huh, Jimmy?”

“I sure didn’t know it would feel that good,” he said, lifting his face and looking down at her. His eyes were filled with awe. “You know what we done, Sharon?”

“Of course I do, silly,” she giggled. “We fucked, that’s what we done. You just fucked me — right in the cunt!”

“Right in your cunt!” he laughed, lifting free of her. His cock drooped, wet with the juices. “We fucked good, too.”

“I bet it was the best fuck in the world, Jimmy.”

Sharon sat up, drawing her feet beneath her ass.

“I bet nobody ever fucked like we did.”

“Aw, come on,” Jimmy said. “Everybody fucks, Sharon.”

“Sure, I know that,” she replied. “But this was me. This was us, Jimmy. And I don’t care what you say about anybody else, it was the best fuck in the whole wide world! And I wanna fuck again and again! I wanna fuck all the time. Don’t you?”

“You just give me a minute, Sharon,” he bragged with youthful pride. “I’ll fuck you again.”


Kathy met Jack in the nearby cafe.

She noticed he had cleaned up and wore a pair of khaki pants with a checkered Western-type shirt, the sleeves rolled up.

She drew the eyes of the few men sitting around, some with coffee, some with frosted bottles of beer. Jack was sitting at the lunch counter, watching her with unconcealed admiration.

“Bad news,” Jack said as she sat beside him.

Kathy flashed her creamy thighs as she sat, giving the lookers a thrill. She smiled at Jack. “That bad, huh?”

“No, not really that bad, but I have to send to the city for the parts I need. Might be a day or two.”

Kathy’s face fell. She didn’t have money enough to stay here that long.

“You can’t get the parts any faster?”

“Well,” Jack said, eyeing her. “I might be able to phone a rush order. Even then, I can’t do anything until tomorrow.”

Kathy brightened. The pretty waitress placed a cup of coffee in front of her.

“I ordered,” Jack explained. “I know it’s too hot for coffee, but you don’t look the type for beer.”

“But I love beer,” Kathy said, leaning close to him.

Jack grinned, letting his thighs press against hers in a tentative approach. Kathy returned the pressure, her eyes revealing her desire. She was more than happy to pay him with her ass. His appeal was strong, and she hoped they wouldn’t waste any time hanging about the cafe.

She looked around, feeling the men’s eyes on her. She shivered, but, not with distaste. She didn’t mind being looked over by men. In fact, she enjoyed it and felt something was wrong with her if she wasn’t noticed.

“Can’t we go someplace else,” she whispered. “It’s crowded in here.”

Jack looked around. “Crowded? Hell, in this town, if five people get together, we’ve got a town meeting.”

But he caught the real meaning in her green eyes.

“How about looking over my place?” he said. “It’s a nice spat, too. Not as hot as town.”

“How far is it?” Kathy asked. “My son and daughter are alone in the motel room.”

“You mean those cute kids belong to you? I thought they might be your younger sister and brother.”

“Keep talking,” she purred. “I like the things you say.”

“Well, how about driving out to my place?” “You didn’t tell me how far it is,” she murmured.

“Right behind that teensy mountain,” he said, pointing out of the cafe window.

“Let’s go,” Kathy said at once, eyeing him in a way he couldn’t miss.

Jack led her to his battered old pick-up truck. He opened the door, helping her in. Kathy quite deliberately let her skirt lift up as she planted her ass on the seat and drew first one leg in, then the other. Jack caught a peek between her exciting thighs, and the pink lace on her panties. She scooted close to him after he got in, leaving her skirt high on her legs. She crooked, her arm beneath his, resting a firm tit there. She could feel him trembling, feel his excitement. She glanced at the front of his pants, seeing the swelling outline of his cock. From what she could see, it was very nice nice-sized cock, too. Not that Kathy placed importance on size.

This time, it was Jack who rested a hand on her knee. Kathy gave him a soft gurgle, letting him know she was willing.

They drove off the highway onto a dusty dirt road. They went only a few miles, and when the road wound about the side of the low mountain, she was surprised to see how green things were. Pine trees grew in profusion. Even the grass was green. They drove through a whitewashed gate, and she saw a Spanish-type ranch house, red tile roof and all. There were a few cows and horses grazing in a pasture.

“Why, it’s beautiful!” she said, meaning it. “Who would ever guess such a place could exist here?”

“My folks left it to me,” Jack said. “I live out here alone. I kinda enjoy it. All free and clear, too. Don’t owe anything on it, and it makes a few bucks for me now and then.”

“But you’re so young,” Kathy said.

“Maybe,” he grinned. “But I’m pretty good at certain things, just the same.”

Kathy’s eyes sparkled up at him. “I just bet you are,” she said, and drew her hand to his crotch. She felt his cock throbbing away. She squeezed it, shoving her mouth to his, kissing with firm wetness.

“Kathy,” he said in a thick voice as she held his cock. “You’re a dream, you know. A real walking dream.”

“Am I?” she said softly, pleased. She opened his pants, fishing into the fly. He didn’t wear shorts, and she pulled his cock free. Closing her fist about it, she stroked it, finding his cock long, thick, and deliciously hard. “I think this is a dream, too.”

Jack clutched her to him, smashing her lips with his, running a hand feverishly down to her side, her hip, feeling the naked flesh of her thigh. Kathy whimpered with growing hunger, clasping his cock as hard as she could. Jack slipped his hand underneath her yellow skirt, reaching for her crotch. Kathy opened her knees, and gasped in delight when he cupped her cunt. She wiggled her ass on the seat of the pick-up, her cunt boiling quickly.

“Mnmmm,” she purred against his mouth, drawing his tongue past her teeth and sucking hard.

“Let’s get out of this fucking heat,” Jack moaned as the kiss broke. “I think we’re hot enough without sitting in this truck.”

He pulled his hand from her crotch, lifted it to his nose, sniffing. “Smells wonderful,” he said.

Janet pulled her hand off his cock, repeating his gesture.

“So does your cock,” she said.

Jack ginned widely. “I think we’re gonna get along just fine, Kathy.”

“You know we are, Jack,” she said.

He opened the door and stepped out, his cock standing from his pants. Kathy gazed at it as she twisted on the seat, shoving her legs out. Her skirt was high, and Jack placed his hands on her knees, parting them.

“Yes,” Kathy hissed.

Jack shoved his hands along her thighs, parting them, seeing the crotch of her lacy, pink panties. Kathy leaned back on the seat, mewling softly. She jerked when he scraped his hand along her panties.

“Wet already,” she heard him say in a low voice.

“Oh, yes! I am!”

She watched his lips kiss her knees, his tongue swirling upward. She felt his hot lips kissing the smooth flesh of her thighs, kissing and licking, working along one side, then the other thigh. She stretched her legs wide, and Jack twisted his face from one to the other, licking the sensitive inner flesh.

“Ohhhhh, Jack!” Kathy whimpered, writhing her ass on the seat, squirming her clit toward his face. She now had her ass over the edge, braced with her feet on the running board. “Ooooh, that feels good, Jack.”

He ran his tongue over her thighs, tracing the lacy edges of her pink panties. When he lapped up and down the crotch of her panties, Kathy’s hips jerked with a spasm of pleasure.

Jack shoved his hands underneath her ass, cupping the cheeks, pressing his lips into her panty crotch. She felt him sucking at it, his eyes gazing with heat up her body and into her own smoldering green eyes. His tongue lapped up and down, tasting the cunt juices seeping through the thin panties. Kathy wiggled, grinding her cunt into his sucking, licking mouth. Her clit strained at the panties, throbbing and pulsing with desperate need.

“Oooooh, Jack!” she wailed, arching her cunt into his face. “Kiss it! Lick it! Ohhhhh, that’s nice, Jack!”

Kathy thrust a hand down, jerking the wet crotch of her panties to one side, exposing her cunt Jack drew back a few inches, looking at the puffy, obviously twitching lips of her pussy, seeing her elk poking up. The rich dark hair fanned out, curling along the lips of her cunt and sinking between the crack of her ass. Her cunt juice sparkled and glittered in the late sun.

He moaned softly as he pressed his open mouth against her pussy, sucking both puffy lips, getting her taut clit into his mouth at the same time. Kathy felt his tongue thrust into her cunt and whimpered with pleasure. She began to twist and grind her cunt into his face, her ass tightening in his hands.

“Lick me!” she yelled, her face contorting with ecstasy. “Lick my cunt, Jack! Suck my pussy! Oooooh, God, it’s been so long! Tonguefuck me, Jack! Fuck my cunt with your tongue!”

Jack thrust his tongue in and out swiftly, then licked at her sensitive cunt lips, curling it about her stiff clit. He sucked at her clit, biting gently, fucking his tongue across the tip.

Kathy grabbed the back of his head, pulling his mouth as tight into her cunt as she could. Her hips twisted almost violently, her cunt smashing into his mouth. The breath from his nose seared through her thick cunt hair, burning her flesh. He rammed his tongue time and again into the juicy tightness, drawing the tasty liquids into his mouth.

Kathy howled, grabbing the back of his head with her other hand. She began churning her cunt up and down, fucking at his face.

“Eat me, eat me!” she screamed. “Suck my cunt! Suck my fucking pussy! Suck me — oooh, suck the piss out of my hot, fucking cunt!”

Jack’s eyes glowed up her body, watching her tits inside the pretty dress lift and fall as she gasped. Her head swung from side to side, her lovely auburn hair flying about her contorted face. He found Kathy’s cunt juicier than any he had sucked before, and his cock jerked up and down, his balls very tight and throbbing inside his pants. He cupped her gyrating ass, feeling the heat of her asscheeks burning through the panties. Squeezing at her ass, he let her pound her cunt into his face as hard and fast as she wanted. He could feel her pussy clutching his tongue, sucking at it, her clit unusually long and hard.

“Ohhhhh!” Kathy screeched, the sound echoing off the pine trees. “I’m coming! Oh, God — suck hard! You’ve got me cowing! Ooooh, my pussy, my cunt-suck me! Suck me! Suck me!”

Her hips jerked frantically, sideways, then up and down. Her pussy was drawing on his tongue, convulsing with ecstasy.

It was quick, very quick, and so delicious! His face was smeared with the slippery cunt juices when he lifted his head, grinning at her. Kathy sat upright, almost falling from the seat until he braced her. She took his face between her hands, gazed a moment into his eyes, then kissed him passionately, her tongue licking at his lips.

“You’re wonderful,” she whispered. “I’ve never had my cunt sucked so good before. You really can do things, can’t you?”

“I don’t tell lies,” he said, regretting that he had told her a lie about her car. He helped her down, and Kathy stumbled, leaning against him.

“I’m so weak now,” she laughed. “My legs are still trembling. Feel.” She placed his hand against her thigh.

His cock continued to thrust out in the sun. She grabbed it. “Now it’s time for me to take care of this,” she said throatily. “But I’d like to be in a cooler place. How can you stand this heat?”

“You get used to it,” he said. “Come on. The house will be cool.”

When they entered the house, Kathy got another shock. It was big, with an enormous living room, filled with comfortable chairs and couches. At one end of the room was a fireplace. Paintings hung tastefully everywhere, mostly of Western design, desert and cowboys and Indians.

“It’s beautiful!” she said.

“Look at the rest of it,” Jack said, proud, pleased Kathy liked his home.

They walked down a hallway, peering into rooms. One room looked like a den. There was a big desk, with walls filled with books. But it was the master bedroom she enjoyed most. There was a huge bed against one wall, big enough to hold half a dozen people. The furnishing were wood, all gleaming richly. Soft drapes framed large windows. She saw the sparkling pool through one of them and squealed in delight.

There was a nice-sized dressing area, with a huge walk-in closet. She peeked in it and saw many suits, all of a Western cut, and expensive boots lined one side. The bathroom was open, with a comfortable-looking toilet and a double sink with wall-to-sink mirror. The tub was sunken, big enough for two or three people at the same time. Drapes hung around it. The place was spotless, and she wondered if there couldn’t be a woman around someplace.

Jack saw the question in her eyes.

“I have a woman come in two or three times a week to straighten up a little,” he said. “Well, do you like it, Kathy?”

“I love it, Jack!” she squealed. “Who could ever believe such luxury existed around here? It’s the most beautiful home I’ve ever seen.”

He had been following her around with his cock sticking out, still as hard as ever. She whirled in the middle of the bedroom, her yellow skirt lifting and flying, showing her tanned thighs and the edges of her pink panties. Then she flung herself into his arms, kissing him hard. She tasted her cunt on his mouth, and giggled. Pulling her skirt to her waist, she tucked his cock against her stomach, wiggling and leaning back in his arms.

“But you’re so young to have all this, Jack.” “I guess so,” he said. “My folks built it up about forty years ago. I’m an only child, and it was left to me. That happened about three years ago. Some people around here thought it should have been left in trust or something. They don’t think so now. I’ve made it pay better already.”

“But that dirty garage…”

“That’s mine, too,” he said. “I like to fiddle with cars. I have a couple of men working the ranch for me.”

“You don’t look rich,” she said.

“Who said I was?” he laughed. “I get by okay.”

She pressed her stomach against his cock, shoving a hand between them, feeling it under her dress. “I’ve still got something to do.”

“I believe you did mention that earlier.”

Kathy went to her knees in front of him. His cock strained out, his cockhead smoothly swollen. He was dripping from his piss hole. She placed a hand on his hip, grasping his cock with the other, pumping back and forth.

“I don’t know if I can,” she said huskily. “Your cock is very big.”

“You don’t have to, Kathy,” he said, looking down at her, caressing her rich, thick hair. “Oh, but I do! Not only because I owe you, but I want to suck it.”

She pressed her lips on his cockhead, kissing it, feeling the juices. She flicked the tip of her tongue at his piss hole, tasting.

“Mmmmm, not only are you a good cunt sucker, but your cock tastes sweet, too.”

She parted her lips, stretching them around the head of his cock. She groaned with pleasure as her lips slipped past it. The head of his cock was delicious. She mouthed it, turning her face from side to side. Jack held her head, watching her as he arched his hips forward. Kathy shoved her hands past his hips and cupped his ass. She glided more of his cock into her mouth, thrilled by the hard, hot taste.

“Ohhhhh, shit, Kathy!” Jack groaned. “Your mouth is so fucking tight and hot! Suck me, Kathy! Suck my cock!”

“Mmmmmmm!” Kathy whimpered, pulling at his ass, taking more of his thick cock into her mouth. She felt his prickhead brush her throat. She made a wet, gurgling sound, her lips tight at the gaping fly of his khaki pants. She held his cock deep, her lips twisting. There was no room for her to lick, so she pressed his cock to the roof of her mouth.

Very gently, Jack began to fuck back and forth.

“Mmmmmm!” Kathy whimpered as he ran his cock back and forth. The hardness burned at her lips, making them tingle sweetly. She closed her eyes to the pleasure of sucking him.

“Kathy! Ohhh, Kathy!” he groaned.

She felt his cock throbbing hard, and she sucked vigorously, sobbing with rapture. She dug her hands into his ass, wishing he had taken those pants down. She wanted to hold his young, hard ass without anything between them, to feel his flesh, feel his balls against her chin. But it was too late now; she didn’t want to stop for a second.

“Oh, shit!” Jack grunted.

Thick come juice gushed from his piss hole. Kathy choked with suprise. She swallowed quickly, then began to suck as hard as she could, feeling the come juice splash at her throat, burning down into it. The taste of his creamy, thick come juice sent wild sensations down her body. The cheeks of her ass clenched, and her cunt went into ecstatic spasms. She came hard as Jack poured his thick, copious come juice into her mouth. He came with such force, and so much, it escaped her lips, dripping down her chin. She tried to contain it all, but he just came too much for her to keep up with.

She gurgled wetly, hardly breathing. When she began to think he would never stop coming, he did. Yet there was no sign of his cock going soft. It stayed hard.

Puffing back, she stared at it.

“My God, Jack!” she whispered in awe. “Isn’t it going to get soft?”

“Not yet,” he said. “Kathy, I didn’t mean to come off in your mouth.”

“Hey,” she said, grinning wickedly up at him. “I don’t mind at all. In fact, I’d probably get very pissed off if you didn’t.”

“You like it?” he asked.

“Like it?” She pressed her face to his hardon. “Jack, I love it! But I’ve never seen a cock come so fucking much in my life. You must have the balls of a bull!”

“Take a look,” he said.

Giggling lewdly, Kathy opened his pants, pulling them down to his feet. He did have quite large balls, but nothing like a bull. They were quite hairy, banging low.

“Beautiful!” she hissed. “Beautiful balls, and one helluva beautiful cock.”

He lifted her to her feet. The yellow dress unbuttoned in the back, and when he started on them, Kathy kissed him, hard.

“Hurry,” she urged. “I’m on fire for that cock! My cunt has never been so fucking hot or so fucking juicy! Hurry, tear the fucking dress if you have to, but hurry!”

He managed to get it open without tearing it, and Kathy took over. She slipped out of it swiftly, standing before him in her pink, lacy panties. Her tits jutted up with hard, light brown nipples.

“Tear my panties off!”

He sank his fingers into the elastic, and jerked. The panties tore apart and fell to her feet. Kathy jumped onto the enormous bed, spreading her legs, arching her cunt up.

“Fuck me!” she shrieked. “Jack, fuck me with that big dock! And you better hurry, too, I’m going to start coming without you!”

Jack moved quickly between her long legs. Kathy lifted them, drawing them back, her ass lifting to meet his cock.

“Oooooh, yes!” she sobbed.

His cock rammed into her cunt with perfect aim. Kathy shot her hands above her head, clawing at a pillow, her neck tight as she strained her head back. Her cunt seemed to be ripped apart by the thickness of his cock.

“Oohhhh, that’s — that’s fantastic!” she screeched. “Ram it into me, Jack! Ohhh, God, it’s so fucking big! Fuck my cunt-fuck my pussy with that big cock! Choke me with it, Jack! Drive that big cock right up my cunt and into my cocksucking throat!”

Jack grasped Kathy’s firm tits, smashing them, squeezing them, his ass pounding brutally, his cock stabbing into her tight, juicy cunt like a telephone pole. Kathy screeched, twisting her body, grinding her cunt into him. His heavy, low-slung balls thumped against the cheeks of her ass. Each of his lunges seemed to scoot her along the mattress.

“You’re tearing me apart!” Kathy screamed. “Your cock is ripping my cunt apart!”

Jack slowed, looking with concern at her tormented face.

“Don’t stop, damn it!” Kathy howled. “Oh, my God, don’t you dare stop now! Fuck me, Jack! Fuck the piss out of me! Rip my cunt — tear my hot fucking cunt. Fuck, you bastard! Fuck me!”

He growled, banging hard into her again. He shot his hands down her hips, digging his fingers into the tossing cheeks of her ass. Kathy squirmed and churned, heaving up at him with her cunt.

“You’re making me come!” she yelled mindlessly.

Her cunt convulsed swiftly, her stretched cunt lips clasping his cock even tighter, the spasms causing her body to shake violently. Jack pumped faster, feeling his balls swell, beating at her hot ass cheeks. He clutched the cheeks tight, lifting her crotch to his cock, banging deep and hard.

“Shoot it!” Kathy screamed. “Shoot it to me! Come, Jack! Oh, God! I’ve never wanted it so much in my fucking life! Come in my cunt! Squirt it — spurt it up my fucking hot cunt!”

Jack howled. His balls blew their load.

Kathy thought he was pouring boiling liquid into her hungry cunt. Each splash caused her hips to jerk. Her mind was whirling with ecstasy, more ecstasy than she had ever experienced. She screamed time and again, her cunt burning with a heat that seemed to devour her very being.

She clutched at his shoulders now, her nails digging in, and Jack slumped.

“Ohhhh, darling, baby, honey!” Kathy crooned as his chest smashed her tits. She stroked his back, felt his ass cheeks, shoved her hand between his thighs and fondled his balls. “You’re amazing, Jack! Simply amazing!”

He kissed her.

“You’re pretty amazing yourself,” he grinned. “Ready for another fucking?”

“Silly asshole,” she laughed. “You’ve fucked my poor cunt raw, already.”

“Not hardly,” he laughed, slipping free of her pussy.

Kathy giggled. “You’re right, but I’m still a little sore just the same. My God, I’ve never been fucked so intensely, so thoroughly in my life!”

“There’s more where that came from,” he promised.

“You let me use that wonderful tub in there, and you can have all the pussy you can take,” she giggled.


When Sharon and Jimmy woke up the following morning, the first thing they saw was their mother.

Kathy lay across the other bed in the motel room, the blanket and sheet kicked from the bed. She lay on her back, arms and legs wide, breathing evenly. She was also naked.

Sharon giggled, her fingers on her lips. “Look at that!” Jimmy said, his voice hushed, his eyes huge.

“Mother sure has a hairy cunt, don’t she, Jimmy?” Sharon said quietly.

“Golly, does she!”

“Shhhhh,” Sharon cautioned. “You wanna wake her up?”

“I wanna see her pussy,” Jimmy said, his cock starting to lift. He had put on jockey shorts before they went to bed, but Sharon saw his cock starting to swell.

Jimmy crept close to his mother’s bed, his eyes fixed on her cunt. He didn’t pay much attention to her tits. He peered, leaning down. He could see his mother’s cunt lips, pink and slightly moist, the crease of her ass meeting her long thighs.

Sharon came to his side, looking, too.

“Let’s touch it,” she whispered.

“She’ll wake up,” Jimmy warned.

“Jimmy, I touched your cock and balls when you were asleep in the car, and you didn’t wake, not until you came.”

“Mom might come if we touch her cunt!”

“No, she won’t.” Sharon moved her hand forward.

“Don’t, Sharon!”

Kathy stirred.

“See, I told you!” Jimmy said in a thick voice.

But Kathy became still again. She was starting to wake up, and she wasn’t sure she had heard her son and daughter or not. She turned onto her side, bringing her knee up with her other leg straight out. Jimmy and Sharon looked at her rounded ass with big eyes, seeing the hairy cunt pooching out from her thighs.

“That’s sure pretty,” Jimmy said.

Kathy was sure she heard her son now. She became aware that she was uncovered, naked.

For a moment, she almost bolted upright, then something made her be still.

“I’m gonna have a hairy cunt like that when I grow up, I bet,” Kathy heard her daughter day.

“Yeah, me too,” she heard Jimmy reply.

“Silly,” Sharon giggled. “You don’t have a cunt.”

“Well, I’m gonna have a hairy cock and balls, then.”

Kathy held her breath. She didn’t understand why she was feeling so excited. She should be mad, or at least embarrassed, because they were seeing her naked. But she felt none of that; she felt — she felt excited!

Her cunt began to throb gently, and she was aware of a dull aching. Jack had pounded her cunt pretty good the night before and she smiled, remembering it. She kit her cunt becoming wet as her son and daughter looked. She felt breath on her flesh, on her ass and inner thigh as Jimmy leaned down to get a close look at her pussy.

Then she felt a hand touching her.

“Her leg is smooth,” Jimmy whispered. “I’m gonna touch her cunt.”

“Do it, Jimmy,” Kathy heard her daughter’s exciting urging. “Touch it quick, though. If she wakes up, she’s gonna beat our ass good.”

A hand touched her fingers on the lips of her cunt. Kathy couldn’t stop the sudden tremor.

“She’s waking up!” Sharon squealed.

She heard them run away. Trying to pretend she had just woken up, Kathy stretched, rolling onto her back. Her arms were above her head, her legs wide, full tits swelling as she arched her back sensuously.

“Oh!” she gasped, pretending to see them for the first time. She paused, just long enough, then grabbed for the sheet. Peeking from the sheet at them, she whispered: “I must have kicked the sheet off during the night. You’re not supposed to look at your mother that way.”

Jimmy blushed, but Sharon giggled. Her blue eyes were bold as she watched her mother’s tits swell beneath the shirt. Kathy could read the expression on her daughter’s face, in those eyes. For a moment, a very brief one, Kathy felt the strongest emotions. She felt wonderful, but confused.

“Oh, hell,” she said, flinging the sheet from her body. She sat up, her feet on the floor, tits lifting sweetly. Sharon and Jimmy, sitting close together on the opposite bed, perhaps three feet away, stared at their mother’s tits, the thick hair between her legs. Kathy grinned impishly. “Why try to hide what you’ve already seen,” she murmured, getting to her feet.

She took her time walking the short distance to the bathroom, swinging her naked ass. Sharon’s and Jimmy’s eyes followed her, watching her asscheeks roll tightly.

As she ran water into the tub, Kathy found it exciting to have her son and daughter see her naked. There was something appealing, erotic, about being naked in front of them. The burning excitement in those young eyes flooded Kathy with a perverse desire. She slipped into the water, soaping herself with a scented bar of soap. None of the motel’s cheap soap for Kathy. She liked to smell nice, and always carried her own favorite soap when they were a trip, no matter how short.

Sitting next to her brother, Sharon ran her hand to his cock and grasped it inside his shorts.

“You wanna fuck her?” she whispered. “You wanna fuck Mother’s cunt, Jimmy?”

“Aw, come on, Sharon!” Jimmy replied, flushed.

“I know you’d like to,” Sharon giggled wickedly, squeezing his cock through his shorts. “If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have this hard-on.”

Her small fingers shoved the crotch of his shorts to one side, freeing his prick. It jerked upright as Sharon held his shorts to one side. Her other hand darted to his balls, cupping them, rolling them in her palm. Before Jimmy could react, his sister shoved her head down and kissed the smooth head of his cock.

“Sharon!” he gasped.

His sister giggled. She had started to pull her head up, but when Jimmy began trying to make her move it, she fought against his hands, shoving her head down, giggling.

“Stop it, Sharon!” Jimmy hissed, glancing toward the bathroom door. “Come on, Sharon, don’t!”

Purely by accident, and during the time Sharon was pressing her head down against her brother’s hands, Jimmy’s cock slipped into her mouth.

Suddenly, there was no more struggling.

“Oooooh, Sharon!” Jimmy choked.

Sharon’s eyes were huge, her lips wrapped about the head of her brother’s cock. She felt the heat, the smoothness, the hard throbbing stretching her small mouth. Experimentally, she ran her tongue around the head of his cock. A soft moan came from her, and she darted an inch or so more onto his prick.

“Sharon!” Jimmy gasped again, twisting his head toward the bathroom again, then toward his sister’s head in his lap. “Sharon, what are you doing? You gotta stop! Mom’s gonna see you!”

Sharon refused to stop.

She had been as surprised as her brother to find his cock in her mouth. But unlike Jimmy, she wasn’t concerned about their mother catching her. She didn’t care about anything right then. The taste of his cock inside her mouth set her exquisite young cunt into a throbbing, clenching orgasm. She wasn’t going to take her mouth off his cock for anything. Nothing had felt so good in her mouth before, so hot and hard and smooth. Nothing had tasted so good, either.

The hurried, hoarse whispers carried to Kathy. She couldn’t hear every word, but enough to understand they were up to something, trying to bide it from her. She sat still in the tub, straining to hear.

Soft slurping sounds, mingling with heavy breathing reached her, and then she realized what they were doing. A haze came into her green eyes as she listened, her clit starting to throb. It was obvious by the sounds that her daughter was giving her son a blow-job.

And Kathy didn’t want to stop them.

She wanted to listen, to hear the pleasure they were enjoying. She wanted to watch. She wanted to see her daughter sucking on Jimmy’s cock! She wanted to see her son’s cock, with her daughter’s sweet lips riding up and don on it! She now understood why they had touched her; Jimmy and Sharon had been fucking, and her naked body was an extension of their erotic emotions.

Leaning back in the tub, Kathy parted her legs, bending her knees. She moved a hand between them, and began to rub at her distended clit as she listened. The sound came clearly now, as if Jimmy and Sharon were much too excited to care, carried away by what they were doing.

Jimmy had given up trying to stop his sister. The feeling was much too good to fight. He lay on his back, his head lifted, watching his sister. Sharon had stretched out on the bed, her shiny gown hiking past her compact, pretty ass. She ran her tongue about her brother’s cock, tasting the hot smoothness of it, soft sobs of delight gurgling from her. Tickling the head of his cock tightly in her mouth, she flashed her blue eyes up at him. They sparkled brightly with excitement. She slipped her tight mouth up and down his cock, sucking him, if not expertly, then with eager ecstasy.

Jimmy’s eyes darted to his sister’s curvy, sweet ass. Sharon was twisting it, grinding at the mattress. She placed two fingers around his cock, and when her face went down, her lips brushed them. Jimmy saw the way her cheeks sank inward as she sucked up, listened to her excited whimpers. He lifted his ass slightly.

Sharon made a sobbing sound, sucking up and down his cock. Her eyes took on a dreamy glaze, opening and closing. She made wet sounds that seemed very loud, in the room, but Jimmy didn’t care if she screamed. Her mouth was so wet and hot, so tight on his cock. He had never felt anything like this. It was almost like fucking her pussy, but different. For one thing, her tongue seemed to be in constant motion, licking as her lips sucked.

“Golly, Sharon!” Jimmy grunted, his ass twisting as the pleasure increased. “Golly!”

Kathy twisted at her inflamed clit listening, becoming more and more excited herself.

Sharon struggled to suck her brother’s cock. She pulled it far into her mouth, and made dainty choking sounds when his cockhead brushed at her throat. His cock made even her throat tingle, but in a sweetly burning way. She tasted his cock dripping when she sucked up, and ran her tongue across his piss hole. The slippery juices oozing there, coating her tongue, caused her to squeal softly. With her lips clinging tightly just past his swollen cockhead, she flipped her tongue wildly back and forth on his piss hole. She clasped her fingers about the shaft of his cock, and began to jack up and down in short strokes, smacking the base of his cock, then her stretching lips. As she jacked in Jimmy’s cock, her lips sucked harder and her tongue licked hotter.

“You better be careful, Sharon!” Jimmy whispered hoarsely, not knowing the sounds carried to his mother. “You better be real careful!”

Sharon lifted her mouth off his cock, and with her lips touching the smooth prickhead, asked, “Why, Jimmy?”

“Because you know what happens,” he replied. “You’ll make me come, like last night, that’s what’s gonna happen!”

Kathy couldn’t suppress a moan when she heard it. That was evidence enough for her to know they were indeed fucking.

“I don’t care,” she heard her daughter giggle. “Come if you wanna, Jimmy.”

“In your mouth, Sharon?” Jimmy asked, his voice telling their mother this was the first time for what was about to happen.

Kathy’s fingers moved faster on her clit beneath the water, no longer trying to keep from splashing. She lifted her ass, her hot eyes gazing past her upright tits, watching her hand between her thighs.

“If you wanna come in my mouth, I can’t stop you, Jimmy,” she heard her daughter say, “I can jerk away when you start to come, okay?”

For a moment there was only heavy breathing, then Kathy heard her son agree.

“I kinda like this, Jimmy,” Sharon said. “Your cock tastes nice in my mouth.”

Sharon pulled her brother’s cock back into her mouth, bobbing her pretty face up and down, sucking wetly. She released his cock and held his balls. With her mouth almost at the base of his cock, she lifted his balls and rubbed them along her cheek. She made sounds of pleasure, low growls and soft whimpers.

Jimmy couldn’t keep from moving. He humped his ass up and down. Sharon moved with him. She wouldn’t let him shove his cock very deep, not wanting to choke again. Her saucy ass writhed and twisted as she pressed her clit at the mattress. She was quite wet, and the insides of her thighs were smeared with the hot juices of her young cunt.

Kathy’s pussy pulsated wildly as she listened to the wet sounds, the harsh gasps, coming from the room.

“Sharon! Ohhhh, golly, Sharon!” Jimmy gurgled. “You’re gonna make me come! Do it harder, Sharon! Suck real hard!”

There was a sudden, choking yelp from Jimmy.

His cock burst, sending a geyser of thick come juice into his sister’s mouth. Feeling it before she tasted, Sharon opened her eyes wide. She made a squealing sound as her mouth filled with her brother’s come juice. Came juice dripped from her lips, running down his cock before she recovered from her surprise. Then she tasted it. A sob came from her as her small cunt suddenly went into convulsions of orgasm. She closed her lips as tight as she could about her brother’s cock, swallowing as her mouth filled. The come juice burned into her throat, causing her body to tremble with ecstasy.

She didn’t suck at his squirting cock. She simply held the swollen head between her ups and let him gush, her slender throat working. Her eyes were closed. If she had not been feeling such intense rapture, she would have sucked as he came.

When Jimmy’s cock dribbled to a stop, she rested her face on his thighs, still clutching his cock with her lips, both of them breathing with loud, harsh gasps.

Kathy pulled her fingers away from her throbbing, burning cunt. She climbed quietly from the tub, and dripping water all over the floor, peeked around the bathroom door. She saw them as they lay, her son’s cock still inside her daughter’s mouth. She saw the come juice glisten on his cockshaft, white in the fluff of his cock hair.

Taking a towel, but hanging it over her shoulder instead of wrapping it around her wet nakedness, Kathy stepped into the room. She stood at the foot of the bed, looking down at them.

“Ohhhh!” Jimmy shouted, jerking from his sister as fast as he could, staring fearfully at his felt her brother yank his cock from her mouth and opened her eyes to protest, then she too, saw her mother standing there. With a gasp, she sat upright, wiping her fingers across her lips, scooting to the head of the bed and hugging her knees to her chest, watching warily. Kathy looked at her son’s cock, the way his shorts were to one side, then she looked at Sharon. She saw the long thighs, then the naked cunt. It was a beautiful pussy-slit, young and almost hairless.

She began drying her wet body with the towel, her eyes moving from her son’s cock to her daughter’s cunt. Jimmy and Sharon were afraid to move, afraid to cover themselves up. They stared at their mother, both of them shaking, expecting anger, maybe a spanking.

Kathy kept a neutral expression on her face as she toweled herself. She writhed her ass, drawing the towel about it, then parted her thighs and dried her cunt. She lifted a foot to the bed, drying her leg, then the other. Both Sharon and Jimmy saw their mother’s full tits, her nipples stiff, swaying tightly. They saw her hairy cunt, even her pink cunt lips through the dark curls. Pulling the towel to her tits, Kathy turned her back on them, drying her chest, shoulders and tits. She moved the cheeks of her ass gently, then tossed the towel to the floor.

When she leaned over to get into a suitcase, she kept her legs straight. Her cunt poached out as her ass cheeks parted. Sharon and Jimmy were too frightened to move, and lay where they were, staring at their mother’s cunt and ass.

Kathy pulled a pair of jeans from the suitcase, turning back to look at them as she stepped into the pants. They were tight, hugging her long thighs and ass to perfection, drawing into her cunt, the lips outlined. She didn’t take her eyes from them as she pulled on a man’s shirt, tying it beneath her tits, rolling up the sleeves on her tanned arms.

Still keeping her face neutral, but with her green eyes shimmering, she stepped between the beds, and got into her shoes. She placed a hand on Sharon’s shoulder, leaned down and kissed her forehead, sliding a hand across her tight, small tits. Sharon held her breath as her mother gave one of them a little squeeze. Then Kathy turned to her son, seeing his cock still glistening with come juice. She leaned over him, and Jimmy gasped as she kissed his cockhead, then ran her tongue into the come juice that sparkled in his sparse cock hair. Kathy pulled money from her purse, dropping it on the small table between the beds.

“Eat a good breakfast,” she said, “and not junk. And be good. I’ll be back this afternoon.”

Kathy had not come in the tub, and her cunt was in a raging torment for Jack and his big cock. She hurried out of the door, heading toward his garage, where she was to meet him.

Inside the motel room, Sharon and Jimmy stared at each in disbelief.

“Mother don’t care, Jimmy,” she said, her voice low and filled with awe. “She squeezed my tit.”

“Yeah, and she kissed my cock,” Jimmy whispered.

“Golly!” Sharon gasped. “Yeah, golly,” Jimmy replied.

“Do you think that means we can fuck when we wanna fuck, Jimmy?” Sharon asked. “We don’t have to hide and sneak and be afraid no more?”

“I don’t know, Sharon,” Jimmy said. “Mom never done anything like that to me before.”

“Me neither,” Sharon said.

They were talking in whispers, as if afraid someone could hear them.

Sharon made the first move.

She stretched her foot out and rubbed her toes on her brother’s cock and balls. Then she began giggling. “Mother don’t care, Jimmy. We can fuck if we wanna — and she’s not gonna be mad or spank us or anything.”

“You think so?” Jimmy asked. Sharon nodded her head, her golden hair glinting. She jumped for him, and they began wrestling on the bed, laughing and tickling each other. They felt each other, playing gleefully. Sharon twisted and pulled at her brother’s cock, and Jimmy poked at her sweet little cunt, pulling her perky nipples.

Then, breathing hard, Sharon jerked her gown over her head as Jimmy almost tore his shorts off.


Kathy met Jack at the garage. He had a “closed” sign hanging in a grimy window, but the door was open and she walked into the dim interior.

“Jack?” she called.

“Here, Kathy,” he replied, standing up on the other side of her car.

Kathy ran to him and wrapped her arms about his lean, strong body hungrily. She kissed him with a thrusting tongue, rubbing her crotch against him.

“That’s the way I like to be greeted,” Jack grinned, grabbing the ass of her tight jeans.

Kathy squirmed. “You’re getting grease on my pants,” she said, laughing happily. “But who gives a damn?”

“Kathy, I lied to you,” he said.

“Lied? About what?”

“Your car.”

“You mean there’s more to it than you thought?” she asked, not really caring at all.

“It’s just a simple vapor lock,” he said. “Once the engine cools off, the car will start right up. You don’t need any parts at all.”

“But, Jack, why did you say it would take awhile?”

“Well,” he said, flushing slightly and running his hand through his hair, “I guess I just wanted you to hang around.”

“Why?” she asked.

He told her about her dress blowing up, seeing her thighs and the color of her panties. He told her he had wanted to fuck her, but wasn’t sure if it was possible until she staffed coming en to him. When he had finished, he turned from her. “I guess you’ll be going on now. I’m sure sorry I lied, Kathy.”

For a moment, Kathy stood still, looking at his back. She couldn’t find any anger. The only thing that bothered her was the lack of money.

After paying the motel bill, she would barely have enough to finish the trip. On the other hand, this lay-over had been one hell of a revelation.

She slipped up behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist and pressing her face to his broad back. She moved her hands down the front of his pants, clasping his cock and, balls.

“I’m not going anywhere,” she whispered. “At least, today.”

Jack turned in her arms.

“Really, Kathy?” he asked, his eyes lighting up with pleasure. “You’re really going to stay?”

She looked up at him, her green eyes taking on a fiery glow. She gripped the cheeks of his ass, pulling his stiffening cock against her stomach. She nodded, grinning, digging her hands into his ass.

“Not today,” she said softly.

Jack gave a whoop, picked her by the waist and swung her around.

“Stop it, Jack!” she laughed. “You’ll drop me!”

“Bull shit!” he shouted, whirling round and round. Kathy clung to his neck tightly, laughing with delight.

“Here,” he said, sitting her down on an old oil drum. “Let me finish this little old job first.”

He ducked under the hood of her car, then showed her a small gizmo. “This thing gets hot air in it and blocks the flow of gas. That’s why your car stopped. All I had to do was clean it out and put it back on. Ten, fifteen minutes, and you’d have been on your way. I didn’t have to tow you in; I could have fixed it right there in the highway, Kathy.”

“But a pair of green panties got to you, huh?” she laughed.

“Well, your ass did look awfully good out there,” he grinned.

“Guess what color my panties are today?” she teased, banking her heels on the oil drum.

He slid his eyes along her tight jeans. “I’d say white.”



“Still wrong,” she giggled childishly.

“How about purple with green and red polka dots?”

Kathy made a face. “I’d never wear anything like that.”

“Well, maybe you have those pretty green ones on.”

“Maybe I don’t have any panties on,” she said, fluttering her eyes at him, trying to pretend shyness.

“Aw, come on, Kathy,” Jack grinned. “A lady always wears panties.”

“Who said I was a lady?” she teased.

“You’re my lady,” Jack said, suddenly serious. He went to the sink to wash his hands. “Don’t, Jack,” Kathy said, her voice hoarse.

“Don’t wash up yet, please!”

“But if I touch you again, you’re going to be grimy as hell,” he said. “I’ve already got grease on your ass.”

“Just my jeans,” she corrected him. “Not my ass.”

Her eyes smoldered, and she untied her shirt, swinging it aside to reveal, her tight, full tits.

“I don’t mind a little grime, sometimes,” she said in a low whisper. “I don’t mind getting dirty.”

He faced her, his cock lifting inside his pants. His eyes burned on her perfect, unblemished tits, her stiff nipples. She croaked a finger at him, and Jack closed the short distance between them. She parted her knees, pulling him between them. She opened his fly and pulled his cock out. It was swelling and her fingers stroked it into full, beautiful hardness.

“Touch me,” she hissed huskily, gripping his cock hard. “Touch my tits, Jack.”

“My hands…”

“Fuck the grease!” she yelped. “I want it on me! Feel my tits with your greasy hands!”

Jack cupped her tits, massaging them, watching her nipples slide between his fingers. Kathy whimpered and she pulled at his cock desperately. The feel of his hands, the grease making her tits slippery, sent shivers of odd pleasure through her body. She cupped the swollen head of his cock with one hand, feeling it dripping at her palm. She kept jacking the thick cock, and purred into his mouth as he kissed her.

“Don’t you want to see if I have panties on or not, Jack?” she cooed.

“I sure do!”

Kathy stood, looking up into his eyes as he fumbled with her pants. They were so tight, he had to peel them down, leaving dark smears of grease on her creamy flesh. He squatted in front of her as Kathy braced herself with a hand on his shoulder. She stepped from the jeans. The fanning shape of her cunt hair was enticing, and Jack buried his face into it for a moment, bringing his hands up the backs of her thighs, leaving grease everywhere he touched. He cupped the sweetness of her rounded ass, pulling her cunt tight into his face. He kissed through the hair, stretching his tongue out to taste the swelling tip of her clit.

“Oooooh, Jack, Jack!” Kathy moaned, parting her thighs and pushing into his face. Jack settled on the concrete floor of his garage, leaning back as Kathy straddled his head. She grabbed handfuls of his hair, humping her cunt into his face, riding his tongue. She slipped her wet, dripping cunt along the flat surface of his tongue, starting to squeal.

Jack turned his face up into her pussy, the back of his head leaning on the fender of her car. Kathy placed her hands on the car, grinding her cunt into his face. Jack thrust his tongue, penetrating the wild wet head of her cunt.

“No,” she groaned. “Don’t lick me, Jack! Don’t fuck me with your tongue! Just let me rub my cunt in your face this way.”

He clung to her writhing, tight ass cheeks with his greasy hands, his tongue as far out of his open mouth as it would go. Kathy rubbed her juicy cunt across it, smashing into his mouth and nose and chin. She gurgled and hissed, her tits very tight.

“Ooooooh, that’s nice, Jack!” she moaned. “Is my cunt hot, Jack? Is my cunt hot and wet and slippery and sweet? Do you like it when I rub my cunt in your face?”

Jack grunted a reply, clinging tighter to her squirming ass.

“I’m gonna come in your face, Jack! I’m gonna come all aver your fucking face!”

Again, he grunted a reply. His tongue was coated with the slippery juices of her cunt now, on his nose and chin. Kathy’s pussy was very, very wet, and steamed hotly.

“Now, Jack!” Kathy groaned. “Now!”

Her cunt lashed across his face in a frenzy. “I’m coming!” Kathy shrieked. “Oooooh, feel my cunt coming? I’m coming so fucking hard! Now, Jack, now! Lick hard — fuck your tongue up my wet cunt! Suck my pussy, Jack! Oooooh — ahhhhhh!”

Jack plunged his tongue into her grasping, convulsing cunt, fucking in and out hard, as deep as he could. Juices filled his mouth, and he sucked and swallowed them thirstily. He clung to juice.

Kathy slumped over the hood of her car, the metal cool to her tits. She breathed swiftly, her cunt twisting into Jack’s mouth, her ass slowing. If Jack’s face hadn’t been between her shaking thighs, she would have sat down right there with him on the grimy cement floor, she was so weak.

“Oh, God!” she whimpered.

Jack kissed her wet cunt, holding her as she recovered.

“Ohhhh, Jack!” Kathy moaned and stopped from him. “That was wonderful! I bet my ass is covered in grease, but I loved it so much, I don’t care.”

Jack laughed and gave her a playful pinch on the ass. Kathy squealed, gabbing the cheeks of her ass, jerking her cunt forward, banging into his forehead.

“Not up my asshole, you don’t,” she giggled and danced away from him. She turned her smeared ass toward him, wagging it sexily.

“Who would want a piece of this dirty ass now?” she laughed.

“Come here and I’ll show you who wants a piece of that ass,” he growled.

Flinging her shirt from her body, Kathy gurgled as she tossed her ass from side to side. She leaned over, almost touching the floor with her hands, waving her ass in tight, erotic circles. The lips of her hairy cunt glistened invitingly, her ass puckering as if taunting him. She edged backwards, her ass dancing about until it was almost in Jack’s face.

“Teasing cunt!” he growled, grabbing her hips.

“Who’s teasing?” Kathy laughed.

Jack shot his face forward, burying his mouth into the crack of her ass, kissing the tight heat of her asshole. Kathy squealed in delight, pressing into his face.

Jack sucked at her asshole, gripping her hips. Kathy danced about with pleasure, grinding her ass at him. She yelped with delight when he began licking her asshole. She clutched her legs near her ankles, jerking her ass up and down in a fucking motion, making Jack’s tongue slide about her asshole.

“Ooooooh, Jack, Jack!” she wailed. “Suck my ass! Ahhhh, that feels wonderful, Jack! Suck my asshole — lick my asshole! Oooooh, I bet you could make me come, licking my hot asshole!”

Jack ran the flat surface of his tongue across the tight pucker of her whole, then slapped her hip. “I’ve never found a woman as hot as you are Kathy. You’ve got the hottest fucking ass I’ve ever seen.”

“Your ass, Jack,” she said softly, waving her grease-smeared ass sexily.

“Take this, Kathy!”

He grabbed her hips and jerked her downward. His hard cock plunged into her cunt.

“Oooooh, yes!” she screeched as his thick cock stretched her boiling cunt. “Oh, yes, yes!”

Kathy braced herself with her hands near his feet on the concrete floor. She squatted on his cock and began to bounce gleefully, fucking him.

“Ram it, baby!” Jack urged, watching her ass pounding up and down, riding his cock with swift, jerking lunges. “Ram your hot cunt on my cock! Fuck me, Kathy! Fuck my cock!”

“I am!” Kathy squealed. “You bet I’m fucking your cock!”

Jack rested his palms on her grinding ass, watching it bang up and down. It was a beautiful ass, he thought. It was the most perfect ass he had ever seen. Smooth, creamy, not a mark to take away the beauty of it. While she kept hunching up and down, her cunt gripping his cock like a searing fire, he managed to get his pants open.

Kathy, her arms trembling, lay on his legs, her ass churning wildly, moaning and whimpering with rapture. She shoved a hand beneath her body and grasped his balls as soon as he opened his pants. She clung to them, squeezing and twisting mindlessly. Her cunt was deliciously stretched, and the hard length of his cock seemed to go far into her stomach. With a gurgle, she smashed her cunt down hard, grinding onto his cock. The throbbing hardness filled her pussy with such sensations, her pulse raced. She felt lewd, wicked and intensely erotic.

Her mind was reeling and spinning with sensation after sensation. She clutched Jack’s balls hard, bringing a groan from him. He had his hands on her ass again, puffing the cheeks wide, fingering her asshole.

“Shove your finger up my asshole, Jack!” Kathy squealed. “Do it! I want your finger up my asshole, too!”

Without hesitation, Jack thrust a greasy finger into her asshole. Kathy screamed, closing her asshole tightly around his finger, grasping it so he couldn’t pull it out.

“Ooooh, fantastic!” Kathy yelled. “Now, fuck it! Fuck it in my asshole!”

Jack felt her loosen just a bit and began plunging his finger in and out of her asshole while Kathy began churning her cunt onto his cock again.

“Like this, Kathy?” he grunted.

“Love it, Jack!” she whimpered. “Oh, God! That feels out of this world! Fuck me — fuck me in the ass! Oooooh, I’m going to come again! Oooooh, hurry — come with me, Jack!”

“I think I can!” he shouted, watching his finger slipping in and out of her squeezing asshole. “I think — here I come, Kathy!”


Kathy’s pussy went wild. Her hairy cunt lips clamped around the base of his cock as she slammed into it hard. The eruption of her orgasm sent tight, scalding waves of rippling suction on his buried cock. Her stomach shook and her tits almost burst with the intensity of her orgasm. As her cunt squeezed time and again on his thick cock, Jack grunted loudly. He unleashed a wild storm of gushing come juice, his cock jerking inside her greedy cunt. Kathy’s asshole clenched around his finger so he couldn’t move it any longer.

Finally, after what seemed like wild, ecstatic hours, they became quiet. Kathy’s cunt was filled with Jack’s come juice, the lips of it still pulsating, her cunt tingling. She stretched her arms along his legs, holding his booted feet, resting her face on them. She shoved her legs straight out along his hips, underneath her car. As she relaxed, her cunt retained its grip on his deflating cock. The cheeks of her ass, smeared with grease, trembled gently.

Slowly, Kathy slipped her cunt off his cock. She turned, squatting before him. His cock glistened with the juices of her pussy and his come juice. Jack gazed between her knees, seeing the pink lips of her cunt.

Kathy lowered her face, licking at his cock with her tongue, wiping it clean.

“Kathy,” he said in a low, soft voice. “You’re some kind of woman.”

She lifted her head, smiling at him, her eyes still wet with tears. “And you’re some kind of man, Jack,” she replied. “I’m glad my car broke down now.”

“Do you think you could…”

Kathy put her fingers to his lips.

“Don’t say it, Jack,” she cautioned. “It’s too soon to say anything. Besides, you don’t know anything about me.”

“I know all I need to know,” he said.

“No, you don’t,” Kathy replied, thinking of Sharon and Jimmy in the motel room. “You don’t know anything. You’re a very lovely man, and under different circumstances, it might be possible. But look at me — I’m ten years older than you.”

“Just the right age for me,” he grinned, trying to make light of the conversation. “I go for older women.”

Kathy laughed. “You just go for good pussy, that’s all.”

“Well, sure,” he answered. “Why not?” “Why not, indeed,” she said, stoking his cock. “I think we can have you up and ready in no time. I can’t seem to get enough of this prick, you know. I’ve never been so fucking hungry for a cock in my life!”

“Guess what?” he said. “There’s this beatup old couch back there, somewhere. We might have to shove a few old oil cans and other trash off, but it would do nicely.”

“What are you waiting for?”

When he stood up, his pants dropped. He removed them, tossing them on top of her jeans and shirt.

As Jack led her into the darkened room, Kathy wondered what Sharon and Jimmy were doing.

It didn’t shock her to realize she hoped they were fucking.


In the motel room, late that evening, Sharon and Jimmy were still at it.

“When do you think mom will be home?” Jimmy asked.

“She didn’t say,” Sharon replied. “Why? You wanna try and see her cunt again?”

“It sure is a pretty one,” Jimmy said. “I like all that hair on her pussy. Did you see how she dried herself in front of us, letting us look?”

“I can still feel mother’s hand on my tit.”

“I bet she’ll suck my cock,” Jimmy said. “That was a pretty good kiss she gave it.”

They had spent the day swimming and watching television, fucking and wrestling. They had discovered a new position, and Sharon loved it.

They had hamburgers at the cafe, and drank Cokes. When they left the cafe, the short walk had them both sweating.

“I wouldn’t wanna live in this town,” Sharon said, holding her brother’s hand as they walked slowly. “It’s too hot for me.”

A couple of lounging men watched the boy and girl. Sharon didn’t realize she was the focus of their attention. She wore her white shorts and a pale-blue blouse. Her small tits jutted out, nipples pressing. Her compact ass was cupped tightly in her shafts, with a luscious portion of her saucy ass exposed. She had no idea she was a delicious, mouth-watering little girl to the men.

Now Sharon and Jimmy lay on the double bed, sipping at Cokes they had purchased from the machine outside. They had removed their clothing, and had the air conditioner turned as high as it would go.

They had been in the room only a short time before Sharon was playing with her brother’s cock. It stood up in hardness now, and she slipped her head down on his chest, licking at it slowly. Although they had fucked each other at least four times, both were ready for more. “Let me on top again,” Sharon said.

“I wanna fuck you from behind,” Jimmy replied.

“No, I wanna get on top,” Sharon demanded. “If you don’t let me do it my way, I’m not gonna fuck you ever again.”

“Hey, it’s okay, Sharon,” Jimmy said quickly. “I like it too, when you’re on top.”

Giggling, Sharon scrambled on top of her brother’s body. She rubbed her hot little pussy against his throbbing prick for a while, letting Jimmy fondle the cheeks of her flawless, saucy ass.

Drawing her knees up, she shoved a hand between them, pressing the head of her brother’s cock to her cunt. With a hot gulp, she settled her tight pussy onto his prick.

“Wanna see me bounce up and down?” Sharon asked, a soft whimper coming from her. She pressed the hairless lips of her cunt onto the base of her brother’s cock, grinding in a slow, revolving motion.

“Yeah!” Jimmy grunted.


Sharon pumped her small ass up and down, stabbing her cunt with his throbbing prick. She gurgled in pleasure, then sat upright on his cock. She twisted her tiny, sweet nipples, her blue eyes smoldering with desire.

“I thought you were gonna bounce on me, Sharon.”

Jimmy ran his hands up his sister’s smooth thighs, trying to peel her cunt apart to see his cock in it.

“I’ll bounce for you,” she said, leaning over and placing her hands on each side of his shoulders, her knees drawn under her stomach. “See? I’m bouncing.”

And she was. She bounced her ass up and down. Jimmy lay rigid, staring down his body. His sister pounded up and down on his cock, making wet sounds.

That was when Kathy stepped into the room. She stopped short, seeing her daughter’s naked ass lifting and lowering on her son’s cock. She was grimy and greasy, even a few streaks on her face.

She saw her daughter’s hairless cunt gripping her son’s cock. There was an immediate response in her pussy. Her clit suddenly twitched, and despite the bruising it had taken with Jack, Kathy’s cunt started becoming wet again. She stared at her son’s young, hairless balls, at the juices his sister’s flying cunt was making on the base of his cock.

She licked her lips.

“Wow, you can fuck fast, Sharon!” she heard Jimmy groan.

“I can fuck faster, too!” Sharon gurgled, and began to twist her lovely ass almost violently, ramming her cunt up and down on her brother’s cock. “I can really fuck fast!”

Kathy silently closed the door, and slipped toward the bathroom. She undressed, still watching them. Her eyes focused on her son’s cock being sucked into that sweet little cunt. Naked, her body streaked with grease, Kathy stepped to the foot of the bed.

“Sweet,” she laughed. “Very sweet.”

“Ohhh!” Sharon yelped, jerking off her brother’s cock swiftly and turning her head around.

“Mom!” Jimmy yelled. He grabbed for a pillow to cover his hard cock and balls.

Kathy pulled it from his hand.

“Too late for that, honey,” she said. “I’ve seen it now.”

“Mother,” Sharon asked fearfully. “What are you gonna do?”

“What am I going to do? I’m going to fuck Jimmy, what do you think I’m going to do?”

For a moment there was silence in the motel room.

Then Sharon giggled. “Really, Mother?”

“You just watch me,” Kathy grinned. She walked between the two beds, sitting on hers.

“Why are you so greasy, Mother?” Sharon asked.

Jimmy’s cock had started to wilt, but as he saw his mother’s naked body, it stiffened again.

“Later,” Kathy said, cycling her son’s cock. It wasn’t anywhere near the size of Jack’s cock. But that wasn’t what excited her so much. It was the idea of fucking her son that sent a burning pleasure through her. It was the idea of her son’s cock penetrating her cunt, with Sharon watching, that caused her pussy to boil with intense hunger. “I’ll tell you about it later, darling.”

She lay back, parting her thighs wide, her ass hanging over the edge of the bed. She opened and closed her thighs, flashing her hairy cunt at them.

“Come here, Jimmy.”

He stood up, and Kathy motioned her son between her thighs.

His cock stood rigid, jerking up and down, his prickhead sweetly smooth. Kathy closed her thighs against his legs, squeezing his body for a moment, her eyes fixed with smoldering wetness on his cock.

She ran her hands down her naked body, pulling the lips of her cunt wide, exposing the wet pinkness. Her clit bulged and throbbed. Sharon, gasping with excitement, jumped from the bed and sat cross-legged at her mother’s shoulder, watching as Kathy pushed Jimmy’s cock downward. When the head of his cock touched the lips of his mother’s cunt, Jimmy almost came.

“Not yet!” Kathy moaned, understanding. “Don’t come so fast, Jimmy.”

She lifted her hips. The head of her sons cock entered her juicy cunt.

“Ahhhhh,” Kathy sighed. “Wonderful, Jimmy.”

Sharon was shaking with excitement as she saw her brother’s cock move into their mother’s cunt. She wasn’t thinking when she cupped one of her mother’s tits, and when she realized she had, she jerked her hand away as if burned.

“Hold it, Sharon,” Kathy moaned. “It’s okay, baby. You can play with mother’s tits.”

Sharon’s hand shook as she again cupped the firm, spongy tit. She felt her mother’s nipple burn in her palm and she gasped with desire.

“Fuck me, Jimmy!” Kathy groaned. “Fuck me! I want you to fuck me, darling! Fuck me like you’ve been fucking your sister!”

Jimmy’s cock throbbed inside the scalding wetness, of his mother’s cunt. His legs were shaking, and he had to grip his mother’s hips to try and stop. But he shoved his cock into her pussy because there wasn’t anything else he could do. The hairy cunt drew his cock in, his balls touching the cheeks of his mother’s ass.

“Fuck me!” Kathy squealed, grinding on her son’s cock.

Jimmy began fucking. He rammed his cock into his mother’s cunt fast, groaning with excitement. Sharon giggled wickedly and squeezed her mother’s tit, leaning over and grabbing the other one.

“Ooooh, yes, Sharon!” Kathy sobbed. “Squeeze my tits, baby! Squeeze mother’s tits hard! You can’t hurt them! Ooooh, Jimmy, Jimmy — fuck my cunt, baby!”

Kathy darted a hand to her daughter’s tight, little tits, cupping and feeling. Her hips jerked and twisted in rhythm with her son’s ramming cock. It didn’t stretch her cunt the way Jack’s cock did, but it was fantastic.

Sharon couldn’t stop lowering her face. She dragged her tongue across her mother’s tit, then gulped the stiff nipple into her mouth. She sucked hard, the way she sucked her brother’s cock.

“Oh, yes, Sharon!” Kathy groaned, grinding powerfully onto her son’s cock. “Suck my tits — eat my fucking tits, darling! Jimmy, fuck me! Oh, baby, fuck mother’s cunt with your sweet young cock!”

Seeing his sister stuffing her mouth with their mother’s tit sent roaring ecstasy through Jimmy’s young body. His cock seemed to be harder, longer, thicker than ever. He watched it plunging into his mother’s juicy cunt, his balls hard as they slapped at her shaking, twisting ass.

Kathy pulled at her daughter, trying to get one of Sharon’s succulent tits to her mouth. Sharon twisted on the bed until she was leaning over her mother’s head. Kathy closed her lips about a sugary pink tit, sucking at it wildly. Sharon had her mouth filled with her mother’s tit, and Jimmy rammed his cock fast and hard into his mother’s squeezing cunt.

Kathy stretched her arms past her daughter’s hips, clutching the cheeks of her saucy ass in her hands. She pulled her mouth from her daughter’s tit, shouting at her son: “Jimmy, just fuck me! You can feel and look and play later! Right now I want you to fuck the piss out of mother’s hot cunt!”

Jimmy gripped her churning hips again, and fucked as hard and fast as he could, grunting with each lunge.

Kathy pulled at her daughter’s ass, licking her tongue along the sweet, creamy flesh. Sharon’s mouth left her mother’s tit as her body was pulled forward. She didn’t know what her mother wanted, but she didn’t care. Her pretty little cunt was quivering in wet heat.

When Kathy had pulled her daughter across her face, she had to tell Sharon what she wanted.

“Sit in my face, Sharon!” she whimpered. “Sit in my face, darling!”

Sharon sat back on her heels, her knees around her mother’s bead. She looked down at her mother’s face, seeing the glazed green eyes.

“You want me to sit in your face, Mother?” she asked.

“Yes, Sharon!” Kathy gurgled. “Sit in my fucking face!”

“But, Mother…”

“Sharon, I want to suck your little cunt!” Kathy yelled. “I want to lick your little pussy baby! Hurry, sit in my face and let me suck your pretty little cunt!”

Sharon giggled wickedly, lifting to her knees. She scrambled across her mother’s face. Kathy clutched the tight cheeks of her daughter’s ass, digging her fingers into her ass crack. She looked up at Sharon’s hairless cunt, the pink lips were glistening with wetness. She ran her tongue across her lips, and pulled her daughter’s crotch down.

“Ooooh, Mother!” Sharon gurgled when she felt her mother’s mouth on her cunt. “That’s good, Mother! Golly!”

Kathy licked frantically at her daughter’s cunt, finding the taste sweet, like honey. She lapped along the wet pussy-slit, twirling her tongue about the small, very hard, clit. Her hips jerked up and down as her son kept fucking her fast and hard.

Her tongue moved into the steamy wetness of Sharon’s cunt.

“Ooooh, golly!” Sharon sobbed, rubbing her cunt into her mother’s face. She was again clutching her mother’s swollen tits. “Lick me, Mother! Golly, that’s good! Lick my pussy, Mother! Ooooh, suck me — tongue me — eat my pussy, Mother!”

Kathy’s mind reeled with erotic intensity. She ran her tongue in and out of her daughter’s succulent, juicy cunt, drawing juices onto it. The lips of her daughter’s cunt seared her mouth, and her nose brushed the sweet pucker of Sharon’s asshole.

Jimmy watched his sister grinding her cunt into their mother’s face, his cock about to burst.

“Mom, this is good!” he shouted. “My cock goes way in your pussy! Golly, I’m fucking my mother! I’m really fucking my mother in the fucking cunt!”

Kathy writhed and tossed her ass up and down, sucking and licking at Sharon’s cunt with mindless passion. She held the tight cheeks of Sharon’s ass, not minding when her daughter slammed her crotch almost brutally into her face. Sensations of exquisite heat flooded her body.

She sobbed into Sharon’s cunt, and shot her hips high, tight on her son’s cock. She growled into her daughter’s pussy as her own cunt convulsed with a tight, overpowering orgasm. Her cunt lips gripped and sucked at her son’s cock, and Jimmy found his cock buried into his mother’s cunt, pressed hard. He didn’t pull back, but stared with awe at her cunt, feeling it suck and grab his prick. His balls crushed at her flexing ass cheeks. He dug his hands into her hips, gritting his teeth, not knowing if he should come in her or not.

Kathy swung her hips tightly, her cunt sucking wildly.

Jimmy had no choice. He came.

Kathy squealed into her daughter’s cunt as she felt her son spewing his young come juice into her starved cunt. Even though she was coming with powerful contractions, she still felt the pulsations of her son’s cock as he gushed time and again into her pussy.

“Mother, Mother!” Sharon shrieked. “Your tongue — I might come, Mother! Ooooh, your tongue!”

Kathy opened her mouth wide, her lips fitting perfectly around her daughter’s sugary cunt. She thrust her tongue in and out of the wet tightness furiously. She dug hard into Sharon’s perky ass cheeks, sucking and tonguefucking frantically as her son unloaded his balls into her cunt.

Sharon screamed. She clawed at her mother’s tits, her ass grinding harshly into Kathy’s mouth. Kathy felt the convulsions in her daughter’s cunt, felt the satiny young pussy lips gripping at her tongue. She sobbed into her daughter’s cunt, her awn orgasm turning into another, and then another again. Her naked body went loose.

Jimmy trembled between his mother’s thighs, amazed that he had fucked her, that he had come inside his mother’s hairy cunt. Sharon remained sitting in her mother’s face, her blue eyes showing awe. Kathy breathed deeply, inhaling the fresh scents of her daughter’s young cunt and asshole. A tremor rippled her flesh.

Slowly, she pulled her face from between Sharon’s thighs. Her mouth was smeared with the juices of Sharon’s cunt. Her green eyes flashed wickedly, and she was grinning from ear to ear.

“You can take your cock out of my cunt, now, Jimmy,” she said breathlessly.

Jimmy did, then slumped onto the edge of the bed next to his mother’s hips. When Sharon sat down, crossing her legs, Kathy scooted up onto the bed, lying there with her arms and legs wide.

“Well?” Kathy asked, her voice low, looking from her son to her daughter. “Did you like me?”

“Ooo, Mother!” Sharon giggled. “Jimmy’s never done that to me!”

“He will,” Kathy promised. “Jimmy will suck your cunt, believe me. Jimmy, did you like fucking me?”

At first, Jimmy seemed embarrassed.

“Come on, darling,” Kathy encouraged him.

He nodded, grinning, his eyes sparkling. “Why are you so greasy, Mother?” Sharon asked.

“Because I’ve been fucking my ass off in Jack’s garage.”


“The man that towed us into town,” Kathy explained.

“Why didn’t you make him wash first?” Jimmy asked.

“I didn’t want him to,” Kathy gurgled, hugging herself with pleasure. “It was fun.”

“Does that mean we’re gonna stay in this fucking hot town, Mother?” Sharon asked, delighted she could say those words openly now.

“Only a few more days,” Kathy promised. “Aren’t you two enjoying it?”

“Only when we’re fucking, Mom,” Jimmy laughed, showing no embarrassment now.

Kathy wiggled her naked body, not caring that she was smearing the sheets.

“Now you can play with me, Jimmy,” she said softly. “Now both of you can play with me, feel me.”


They cleaned up, and scrubbed the grease from Kathy’s body.

Kathy pulled on a pair of hip-hugging shorts, then a bikini top. She brushed her hair and applied makeup. Sharon wore her white shorts and blouse again, Jimmy, pulled on a faded pair of cut-offs.

“I don’t care if you did have hamburgers earlier,” Kathy said. “You can’t live on hamburgers. You’re going to eat a decent meal.”

“Aw, Mom,” Jimmy grumbled. Finished with her makeup, she faced them. “Listen, young man, just because you’re fucking me, don’t forget I’m your mother. You’ll eat a good meal when I say so.”

“You better listen, Jimmy,” Sharon said. “Mother won’t give you any more pussy.” Kathy laughed. “You’re wrong about that, Sharon. I’d never punish either of you that way.”

They left the motel room, and walked through the small desert town. It had cooled off a little, but not much.

The first person they saw as they entered the cafe was Jack. A grin spread across his young face as he stood up, waving for them to join him at his booth.

“Aw, shit,” Jimmy muttered as he saw the man.

“Why shit?” Kathy whispered to him. “You’re gonna go off with him again,” he said.

“No, not tonight, honey,” she said. “Tonight I stay with you two.” She squeezed his hand and led them to where Jack stood.

“You know my son and daughter, Sharon and Jimmy, don’t you, Jack?”

“Howdy, pardner,” lack said to Jimmy, shaking his hand. “How you doing, buddy?”

Jimmy perked up. He was being treated like a real man. He grinned at Jack, then slid into the booth next to his sister.

“Well, I guess we can get acquainted now,” Jack grinned, happy as he could be. “I got your car fixed, too.”

Sharon’s face brightened. “Then we go?” Jack looked at Kathy. “Sure can. Anytime you’re ready.”

Kathy looked at her daughter, then said: “Sharon, let’s see about our makeup.”

“Mother, I don’t wear makeup,” Sharon giggled.

“I want to talk to you just the same,” Kathy said, getting up.

Sharon followed her mother to he restroom, pouting, thinking she was in trouble.

In the privacy of the restroom, Kathy said: “Listen, honey, I’d like to stay a few more days. I like Jack.”

“But, Mother, this place is dead,” Sharon protested.

“But you and Jimmy are fucking your young heads off,” Kathy reminded her. “Isn’t that enough for you?”

Sharon grinned at her mother, nodding her head.

Kathy pulled her daughter to her, pressing her full tits into Sharon’s face. She fondled her tight ass, working a finger between her thighs. She rubbed at the tight crotch of her shorts. “Just a day or two, okay, honey? I’ll make it up to you later.”

“How, Mother?”

“With Jimmy,” Kathy said. “Tonight, we’ll make him eat your cunt, suck your asshole if you want.”

“Golly, Mother! Really?” Kathy nodded. “Okay,” Sharon agreed.

When they returned to the booth, Sharon quickly slipped in beside Jack. Kathy frowned, but said nothing. She sat beside her son, and Jack ordered thick steaks for everyone.

“A man has to have a man’s meal, Jimmy,” he said, winking at the boy.

“Sure thing, Jack,” Jimmy grinned. “What’s going on between you two?” Kathy asked.

“Well, me and my partner here, we been talking about the ranch,” Jack said. “I gave him a job taking care of the horses.”

“That’s right, Mom,” Jimmy said eagerly. “Can we stay and live here? Jack said we can stay at his ranch. We wouldn’t have to pay rent or anything. You wouldn’t have to work anymore, Mom.”

Kathy glanced at Jack.

Jack hung his head, a flush on his young face. “Jimmy, you talk too much,” she said, then tackled her steak.

Jack remained quiet as they ate. He had learned from Jimmy that everything they owned had burned in a fire, that his mother’s boss had died, leaving her without a job, and that they were now on their way to this funky place where she had been promised a new job.

But that was not the only reason he was so quiet.

Sharon had her hand on his lap as she ate, resting right on top of his cock. He was afraid to say anything, either to Sharon or Kathy. He didn’t want to get the pretty girl in trouble, and he didn’t want Kathy to know what her daughter was doing under the table. Jack felt if he pushed her hand away, it would create a disturbance and Kathy would know.

Sharon didn’t look up at Jack, but picked at her food while at the same time rubbing at his cock. Talk had been almost nonexistent. Kathy wondered what was wrong with Jack, and the meal was finished in an uncomfortable silence. Finally, Kathy stood up.

“We’ve got to go, Jack,” she said, searching his face. “It’s late and these two have to get to bed.”

“Will I see you in the morning?” he asked, relieved when Sharon stood beside her mother. There was a shy, yet bold look on Sharon’s exquisite face, a tiny smile on her mouth: “I have to pick up my car,” Kathy replied.

Jack watched them leaving the cafe, his eyes darting to Sharon’s saucy ass, then to Kathy’s compact sweetness. He shook his head, not knowing what to think, except he didn’t want Kathy to leave.

Once inside the motel room, Sharon began giggling.

“What’s wrong with you?” Kathy asked, smiling at her daughter. “What are you giggling about?”

Jimmy was undressing, and paid no attention to his sister. His mind was on his mother, on her cunt. His cock was lifting by the time he stood naked. He stood at the foot of one bed, unabashedly stroking his cock, gazing at his mother’s long thighs and tight ass in those shorts.

“You won’t get mad, Mother?” Sharon asked, her eyes bright and hot.

“I can’t say until you tell me,” Kathy replied. Sharon hugged her mother, still giggling. Her small hands cupped the tight cheeks of her mother’s ass and she buried her face between her full tits. Kathy wrapped her arms about her daughter’s shoulders, hugging her tight.

“How can I get mad when you do this to me?” Kathy whispered, wiggling her ass in Sharon’s palms.

“It’s Jack,” Sharon said, lifting her face to look up at her mother. “He had a hard-on.”

“Hard-on? Are you sure? Did you see it?” Kathy asked, amused.

“I felt it,” Sharon answered.

“You what?”

“I felt his cock, and it was awfully hard,” Sharon giggled.

“Sharon, you didn’t!”

“Yes I did, Mother,” Sharon insisted. “And it was real hard and long and so big! I couldn’t get my fingers around it.”

Now Kathy understood why Jack had been so silent. She considered what her daughter had told her, her emotions in a turmoil. She had started liking the young man, probably more than he should. Perhaps it was best they were leaving in the morning, now. Sharon could have spoiled anything that had been developing between her and Jack.

“Why all this talk?” Jimmy asked. “Here I am with this hard-on, and all you two do is talk, talk, talk.”

Kathy looked at her son over the top of her daughter’s head. Her eyes gleamed as she gazed at his young cock, his preciously sweet balls. Her cunt began twitching instantly. She held her hand out to him, and Jimmy approached. Kathy pulled his throbbing cock into her hand, and rubbed the wet head of it along his sister’s thighs and at the white cheeks of her ass that was showing under her tight shorts.

“I guess you’d rather fuck, fuck, fuck?” she teased her son, pumping her fist on his cock. “You’re right, right, right, Mom!”

Sharon’s small hands untied her mother’s bikini top, tossing it to the floor. She lifted her hands, clutching a spongy, full tit in each. Then she squeezed, causing her mother’s light-brown nipples to bulge.

“Mmm,” she murmured, and began sucking at a hard, hot nipple.

Jimmy went to his sister’s side and began sucking the other one. Kathy lifted her head, eyes closed, as pleasure started bubbling inside her body. She clutched her son’s cock very hard, pumping back and forth, pressing his wet cockhead to his sister’s thigh, then her own. “Wait,” she mewled. “Let me out of these fucking shorts.”

They released her, and as their mother wiggled from the tight shorts, Sharon peeled her clothing off, too. Kathy stood in naked beauty, her hands behind her head, her tits lifted her hips arched outward, twisting slightly.

“Holly!” Jimmy grunted, and surprised both his mother and sister by dropping to his knees, clutching his mother’s hips and burning his young face into her hairy crotch.

“Oooooh,” Kathy moaned, holding the back of her son’s head, pressing her cunt hard into his face. “Oh, Jimmy! Ohhhh, baby!”

Jimmy’s tongue licked back and forth, tasting his mother’s hot, juicy cunt. He ran the tip of his tongue to her clit, then back, almost into the crack of her ass, only to drag it again along her steaming cunt lips.

“Inside, Jimmy!” Kathy cried. “Stick your tongue up my cunt! Fuck mother’s cunt with your tongue, darling!”

Jimmy’s eyes flashed, his nose buried in the thick tangle of her pussy hair. His tongue stabbed swiftly, penetrating his mother’s boiling cunt. He darted it in and out, finding the taste of pussy, his mother’s pussy, delicious.

Kathy made a sobbing sound as she began to grind into her son’s mouth, her ass clenching. Sharon stared for a moment, her small tits tight, her clit already knotted. She stroked her mother’s ass, breathing hard, watching Jimmy sucking their mother’s cunt.

“Ooooooh, Mother, Jimmy’s eating your cunt!”

“And beautifully, too!” Kathy moaned.

“But you promised me, Mother!” Sharon said. “You promised me!”

Kathy made no reply. She was humping her hairy, wet cunt into her son’s face. She clutched the back of his head and straddled his shoulders, her knees bent slightly. She sobbed with ecstasy, feeling his tongue thrusting like a wonderful miniature cock. Her clit increased in size, and she twisted her naked ass in a shivering frenzy. “Ooooh, suck it, Jimmy!” Kathy cried.

“Tonguefuck it! Ohhh, baby, that’s wonderful! Eat me, darling! Ahhhh, eat Mother’s juicy cunt, Jimmy!”

Jimmy wrapped his arms about his mother’s thighs, feeling the heat on his face. His tongue snapped in and out, up and down, his face slippery with the hot juices. He sucked at her hairy cuntlips, licking furiously at them, his eyes rolling with delight.

Sharon watched, her blue eyes hungry. She clutched one of her tight little tits, clinging to her mother’s twisting ass with the other hand. Her young pussy was so hot she was dripping sugary juices along the insides of her slender thighs.

“Faster, Jimmy!” Kathy squealed in a husky sound. “Ooooh, baby! Suck my cunt faster, harder! Ahhh, that tongue! That tongue! You’re about to make me come, Jimmy! You’re going to make Mother’s cunt come!”

Jimmy made slurping sounds, his tongue racing from his mother’s clit, darting into her tightening cunt. His tongue rushed from one place to the other, as if he couldn’t make up his mind where to lick; it all tasted so good to him.

“Now! Oh, God — now!” Kathy screamed. Her cunt convulsed against her son’s open mouth, her clit throbbing in tight, fiery spasms. The lips of her cunt clutched at his tongue. Kathy pulled at his head, smashing her cunt brutally into her son’s convulsing mouth. Her tits swelled as they lifted high, her nipples swollen stiff.

Sharon watched her mother’s naked body shaking, her blue eyes filmy with hot desire.

“Now me!” she pleaded. “Now me!”

Kathy’s orgasm burned to a finish, and she slowly pulled her cunt out of her son’s face. She looked down at him with soft, happy eyes. “Lick your sister’s cunt now, darling.”

Sharon sprawled back over the bed, her legs wide, her pink cunt glistening wetly, the tip of her small clit stiff with boiling eagerness.

Jimmy turned his slippery face toward his sister’s pussy, and with a wicked grin on his mouth, shot his mouth between her thighs. Sharon gave a yelp of delight and rammed her hairless cunt had into her brother’s mouth, grinding before Jimmy could start licking. He ran his hands under her uplifted ass, clawing at her tight asscheeks. His tongue began moving, racing in and out of his sister’s drenched cunt, over her stiff clit.

“Oooooh, golly!” Sharon wailed. “Oh, golly, golly, golly!”

Kathy smiled, excited to watch her son sucking so eagerly, so hungrily, at her daughter’s twinkling cunt. Despite the many times she had come that day in the garage with Jack, and then with her son, Kathy’s cunt was like a bonfire again. She stood rubbing it as she watched her daughter squirming her sweet pussy into Jimmy’s face.

“Eat her, Jimmy!” she hissed throatily. “Eat your sister’s hot cunt! Don’t it taste like candy, Jimmy? Suck her pussy! Suck her pretty cunt!”

She stroked the back of her son’s head, then climbed onto the bed next to Sharon’s churning, shaking body. She fondled her daughter’s perky tits, twisting the small nipples, watching her son press his face tight into Sharon’s cunt. Sharon shot one of her hands between her mother’s thighs, rubbing frantically at Kathy’s hairy cunt, sobbing as she pounded her own cunt into her brother’s face.

Sharon was crying hot tears, her cunt going through a thousand and one contractions. She was coming more than she ever had, the power of her orgasms almost ripping her young, naked body to pieces. She flung her blonde head about on the bed, yelping and wailing and shrieking in mindless ecstasy.

“Make her come, Jimmy!” Kathy hissed hotly. “Suck her cunt off! Make your sister come and come, darling! That’s it, Jimmy! Tongue fuck her little pussy! Suck her hot cunt! Keep her coming, Jimmy! Drain that sugary pussy-suck the cunt juice out of that pretty cunt!”

Jimmy clung to his sister’s twisting, thrashing ass, trying to keep his slippery mouth on her pussy.

Sharon was screaming. Her small body was arched, her weight on her shoulders and thighs, her ass completely off the bed. Tears of joy streamed from her glazed eyes, and she panted for air, sucking it in as if it was a tremendous effort.

Sharon slumped.

“No more, Jimmy, no more!” she sobbed. “I can’t take any more, Jimmy! Please, don’t lick me any more.”

Jimmy pulled his head from his sister’s lax thighs, his face coated with cunt juices, both his sister’s and mother’s. His eyes were bright, a grin spreading almost from ear to ear. His cock thrust up and down, jerking, flinging oozing fluids about the carpet.

“Look at that cock!” Kathy whispered, her eyes hot. “So fucking hard, Jimmy! So beautiful!”

Jimmy’s balls were tight, drawn up hard. There was a dull, aching pain in them, a pain that told him he had to do something with his cock, and fast.

“Fuck me, Jimmy!” Kathy urged with a hot, thick voice. “Fuck me now! Your cock is so fucking hard — it’s going to go off and I want it going off up my hot cunt!”

With his sister still sucking in air greedily, Jimmy stood, his cock straining. As he stepped to his mother’s upright ass, Kathy shoved a hand between her thighs and captured it. She didn’t play around, but placed the swollen, dripping cockhead at the lips of her cunt, and lunged her ass back.

“Ahhhh!” Kathy hissed, grabbing her son’s tight balls as his cock sank all the way into her fiery cunt. “Fuck that cunt now, Jimmy! Fuck mother’s burning pussy-fuck it hard and fast and come in it! Do it fast, baby! Come fast!”

With grunting sounds, Jimmy pounded his cock harshly into his mother’s clinging, hairy cunt. Kathy wiggled her ass erotically, her shoulders and head on the bed, her ass high. Jimmy gripped his mother’s hips and pounded his cock as hard and deep as he could.

Sharon continued to gasp for air, her body weak, shivering with the afterglow of her orgasms. She felt as if she would never be able to move again in her life, but it was so good. She heard the wet slapping sounds her brother made as he pounded into their mother’s cunt, and turned her head to one side, watching.

Kathy tossed her ass into her son’s plunging cock, dancing it deliciously, wantonly. Her hands were above her head, clawing at the bedspread, her beautiful face contorted with agonized ecstasy, each thrust of her son’s cock causing her breath to hiss from her lips.

Kathy could feel his hard, hairless balls smashing and crushing her inflamed clit. She could feel the hard throbs of his cock with the sensitive grip of her cunt.

“Oooooh, give it to me like that, darling!” she screeched. “Give that cock to my cunt real hard and fast! Come, Jimmy! Oh, God, baby, come in me! Squirt it, Jimmy, squirt it!”

Jimmy rammed as deep as he could, his balls smashing against his mother’s cunt. His body shuddered, and he came.

The come juice boiled out of his cock, scalding the walls of his mother’s thirsty cunt. Kathy wailed as her pussy exploded about her sons’s spewing prick. The muscles of her cunt began working, sucking, puffing on his spraying cock. Jimmy’s balls hurt, but the pain was fantastic as they emptied. Kathy’s tits were pressing against the mattress, her nipples rubbed almost raw as her son beat against her ass, but she loved it.

Her ass stopped writhing as her orgasm faded. Jimmy’s legs were shaking, but he remained upright, his cock deflating inside his mother’s cunt. Finally, it slipped free, squeezed out by the still-waving motion of her pussy.

Kathy scooted forward on the bed, her legs still wide, her ass trembling.

Jimmy stepped back, sitting on the other bed, his cock drained. He sat for a long time, until his breathing returned to normal, watching his sister’s cunt and his mother’s ass. He had never seen such a lovely sight in his life.

Sharon had recovered, and sat on the bed with her legs crossed, lightly caressing her mother’s shivering, naked ass.

“Are we still gonna leave in the morning, Mother?” she asked.

Kathy rolled onto her side, resting her head in her hand.

“I guess so,” she said, her voice showing reluctance. “We still have a long way to go.”

“But you said you wanted to stay a while longer, Mother,” Sharon said. “Remember? Why are you changing your mind now?”

“l think you changed it, honey.”

“Me? How did I change it, Mother?”

“By playing with Jack’s cock under the table,” Kathy said. “You embarrassed him, and I don’t think he has much interest in me now.”

“That shouldn’t have anything to do with it,” Sharon said.

“I think Jack,” Kathy felt a tear form in her eye. “He probably thinks you’re a horrible girl, Sharon. Look at you, you’re so young. You frightened him.”

“But it’s you he wants,” Sharon said. “I thought so,” Kathy replied. “And he probably does. But if we stay, Jack probably thinks, you’ll keep after him and cause trouble. He’s still a boy, you know.”

“He sure has a big cock, though!” Sharon giggled.

Kathy nodded her head, saying to herself; yes, he certainly has that.

But it was more than his big cock. It was something else.

Kathy was feeling a strong love for the man.


It was impossible, she thought, to feel that way about Jack. She didn’t know him, yet she did. She found it hard to believe she could feel this strongly about a man she had known only a day or so, but there it was.

As she thought about Jack, she drew circles on the bedspread with her finger.

“Since we’re gonna go in the morning,” Sharon said, looking disappointed, “I guess your promise won’t have to be kept, Mother.”

“What promise was that, darling?” Kathy asked.

“You know.”

“Remind me, Sharon,” Kathy prompted. “So much has happened, I can’t remember.”

“Mother, you know what you promised in the restroom,” Sharon replied. “What you said you’d have Jimmy do with me.”

Jimmy perked up.

“What am I supposed to do with you?” Kathy sat up, tucking her long legs beneath her ass. “I promised your sister, Jimmy, that I’d have you suck her ass if she agreed to stay tomorrow just the same.”

“Suck her ass, Mom?”

It was Sharon that replied. “Yes, suck my ass. I wanted to leave this fucking town, but Mom wanted to stay. She promised me she would get you to suck my asshole.”

Jimmy laughed. “Nobody has to make, me do that. I’d do it anyway.”

Kathy smiled at her son. “I know that, now. It was just a way of convincing your sister to agree to hang around so I could be with Jack longer.”

“Wanna see me suck your asshole, Sharon?” Jimmy grinned. “Turn it up and I’ll suck your fucking asshole!”

Sharon giggled and twisted about on the bed, drawing her knees beneath her body, assuming the same position her mother had when Jimmy fucked her. She pressed her shoulders and head down, her arms stretched above.

Kathy shifted about, looking at her daughter’s spreading ass, seeing the pink tightness of her crinkled asshole, the hairless lips of her cunt, exposed, vulnerable. She couldn’t resist it. She leaned down and kissed a lovely little asscheek.

Sharon giggled wickedly, shaking her tight ass in a lewd circle. Jimmy, his cock swelling again, watched his mother run her tongue over Sharon’s creamy smooth ass, watched her tongue slip about her hot pucker, then dip downward to lick at her sugary cunt.

“Mmmmm,” Kathy murmured as she lifted her head. “I don’t know, your little asshole and cunt taste so good, I might suck both of them, your cunt and asshole — fuck Jimmy!”

“I’d love to fuck Jimmy, Mother,” Sharon giggled.

“But a promise is a promise, I guess,” Kathy murmured. “Come over here, Jimmy, and suck your sister’s asshole!”

Jimmy came between the beds, his cock raging hard again. Kathy thought it was the most beautiful cock she had ever seen, just because it belonged to her young son. Thoughts of Jack faded as passion swelled inside her.

Jimmy dropped to his knees, licking his lips, his eyes glassy as he gazed at his sister’s perky ass. The insides of her ps cheeks looked hot and smooth. There was moisture clinging to the lips of her hairless cunt, and Sharon wiggled her ass with anticipation, gurgling already.

“Suck it, Jimmy!” Kathy urged, using her hands to part Sharon’s little ass checks even more. “Lick your sister’s tight little asshole! Suck it!”

Jimmy didn’t wait any longer. His cock was so hard, his balls once again so tight, he would have done anything.

He shoved his face forward, placing his open lips about his sister’s asshole. He sucked, sucked hard.

“Ooooh!” Sharon wailed.

Kathy’s eyes gleamed with erotic pleasure, staring hotly at her son’s face in Sharon’s ass. She felt her own asshole clench as though it was the one being sucked on.

Jimmy shoved his tongue out, pressing it against his sister’s asshole, his hands clutching her thighs. He flipped his tongue up and down, twirling it against the heat. Sharon waggled her ass, pressing it harder into her brother’s face, squealing and whimpering with the unusual — but so good — sensations that flooded her small body. Her cunt seemed to soften and melt, becoming creamy with juices.

“Aahhh, Jimmy!” Sharon mewled. “Suck it! That feels so good! Lick at my asshole, Jimmy! Golly, I like it!”

Jimmy’s lips pressed around his sister’s asshole, sucking as the tip of his tongue lapped. His chin smashed at her wet cunt, smearing fuckjuice everywhere.

Kathy let go of her daughter’s ass cheeks, and they closed slightly about Jimmy’s face. She ran her hand beneath her daughter’s trembling stomach, and began to rub Sharon’s distended clit. Sharon whipped her hips about in a tight circle, grinding her asshole into her brother’s face, yelping.

“Your little cunt is very hot and wet, Sharon,” Kathy paused, sliding a finger under her son’s chin and dipping it into the wet tightness. “Very hot and wet.”

“Yes, Mother!” Sharon wailed. Her asshole felt on fire as her brother’s tongue whipped about it. She thought he was going to suck her asshole inside out, he sucked so hard and strong.

“Eat her asshole, Jimmy!” Kathy urged. “Eat that sweet little asshole! Suck it — shove your tongue up your sister’s hot little asshole!”

“Yes, Jimmy!” Sharon sobbed. “Do it!” “Fuck her asshole with your tongue, Jimmy!”

Jimmy stiffened his tongue, pressing it as hard as he could against the resistance of Sharon’s asshole. Sharon grunted trying to relax her assring. Everytime she tried, it seemed to pucker harder as flashes of rapture gripped her body.

Jimmy pressed as hard as he could.

“Ohhhh, yes!” Sharon screamed.

His tongue made it.

It entered the tight heat of his sister’s asshole with a sudden lunge, and seemed to go deep. Jimmy felt the asshole gripping his tongue as if trying to squeeze it off. His lips pressed around it, still sucking eagerly.

“Oh, I’m gonna come!” Sharon screamed. “Too fast! Oh, it’s too fucking fast! I’m gonna come!”

“Come, Sharon!” Kathy urged, squeezing and pulling at her daughter’s knotted clit. “Come, baby! It’s okay if it’s fast! Jimmy will suck your asshole again!”

Sharon’s asshole seemed to suck on his tongue the way her cunt did on his cock. Jimmy plunged his tongue in and out, making whining sounds because his cock was so stiff. Sharon churned her sweet ass eagerly into his face, squealing and sobbing with orgasm.

Then it was over.

Jimmy slipped his tongue out of his sister’s asshole, licking at his lips.

“Do you like that, darling?” Kathy asked him, her eyes shining with wanton heat. “Do you like the taste of your sister’s asshole?”

“Not bad,” Jimmy grinned. “I like cunt better, but her asshole is nice, too.”

“You better like my asshole, Jimmy, because I wanna get it sucked again.”

Kathy, her cunt steaming, asked: “Want to try mine, Jimmy? Would you like to suck my asshole, too?”

“You just stick your ass up here, Mom!” he said with enthusiasm. “I’ll suck it! Shit, I’ll suck anything right now!”

Kathy twisted about, shoving her ass up to her son’s face, her hip brushing her daughter’s.

Immediately, without hesitation, Jimmy shoved his mouth to his mother’s asshole and began to suck. When he pressed his tongue against his tongue against his mother’s asshole, though, it entered without any resistance.

“Ohhh, fuck my ass, baby!” Kathy cried out. “Fuck me up the ass, Jimmy! That’s it, darling — right up my asshole!”

Jimmy clutched at his mother’s hips, and found his sister pulling his other hand to her slippery, hairless cunt. He rammed his finger into his sister’s pussy, fucking it in and out, and proceeded to tonguefuck his mother’s asshole with vigorous thrusts. His chin pressed into Kathy’s hairy, scalding pussy, bringing wails of rapture from her.

With her son’s tongue darting in and out of her asshole, Kathy had a quick flash of being with Jack, in the garage, her back to him and her cunt bouncing on his big cock, his finger rammed into her asshole. Jimmy’s tongue and Jack’s finger felt about the same size to her.

“Oh, I’m going to come fast, too!” she cried out, shoving her ass into her son’s face hard, almost smothering him. “Fuck hard and quick, Jimmy! Tonguefuck mother’s asshole! Ooooh, my cunt — my cunt is about to really come off!”

Jimmy made loud sucking sounds as his tongue raced in and out of his mother’s asshole. He felt it clenching his tongue as her cunt contracted with a wild, fiery orgasm. He felt thrilled as his mother’s ass shook, the soft inner surfaces burning his cheeks. He felt cunt juice dripping from his chin, and his cock ached. He had to jerk his finger from his sister’s cunt and grip it hard. He was very close to squirting come juice all over the place.

He sat back on his heels, staring at his mother’s twisting ass, her asshole wet and twinkling, her cunt pulsing visibly.

“Somebody better take my fucking cock!” he yelped. “If I don’t stick it someplace, I’m gonna jack off all over a cunt and asshole!” “Wait!” Kathy squealed, scrambling around. She lay flat on the bed, her head hanging over the edge.

Jimmy lifted himself, unable to stop jerking his fist hard on his cock.

Kathy opened her mouth, stretching her face to his prick.

And Jimmy came.

“Ooooh!” Kathy grunted.

Thick, creamy come juice gushed from her son’s cock, spattering on her nose. His fist pumped fast as he grunted, spraying his mother’s face with come juice, unable to do anything except beat hard at his cock, unable to stop coming in his mother’s face.

Kathy gave a cry, her mouth spreading open, her tongue shoved far out. She caught some of his boiling come juice on it, tasting the sweetness of it. She shoved her hand over the edge of the bed, grasping his writhing balls, puffing and twisting them.

Just before he finished coming, Jimmy thrust his cock into his mother’s mouth. Hot come juice splashed at her throat, and Kathy swallowed it. She closed her lips around her son’s cock, sucking hungrily as he finished coming off inside her mouth.

“Ooooh, that was sweet,” Kathy purred when Jimmy slumped back onto his heels. Her face was drenched in his come juice, and she licked her lips, trying to reach the wetness on her chin.

“I couldn’t help it, Mom,” Jimmy gasped. “I didn’t mean to come in your face.”

“Don’t you worry one little bit about that,” his mother said. “You couldn’t help it, I know. Besides, you can jack that lovely cock off in my face anytime you want to.”

Sharon sat up, looking at her mother’s face. She leaned forward and licked at her mother’s cheek. “Mmmm, nice. Tastes wonderful.”

Kathy turned to her daughter, lifting her face so Sharon could lick it all off. Then she pulled Sharon against her naked tits and kissed her lips, running her tongue into her daughter’s sweet, wet mouth.

Jimmy watched them for a while, then went to the bathroom. When he returned, his sister was on top of his mother, her legs wrapped about Kathy’s face. Her own young face was pressed between their mother’s thighs. Her small hands held the cheeks of their mother’s ass, and Jimmy watched excitedly as his sister squirmed her sweet cunt into their mother’s mouth. He could watch his mother’s tongue licking about Sharon’s creamy cunt lips, even see the way his mother sucked at her knotted clit.

Kathy’s eyes sparkled up at her son as she sucked and licked her daughter’s pussy, her tongue swirling up to taste the tight little asshole. Kathy’s hands clawed Sharon’s perky ass cheeks open, then squeezed them shut. The wet slurping sounds filled the small motel room, the scent of wild, uninhibited sex invading every corner.

Jimmy sat on the other bed, watching them.

Kathy could see the interest in his eyes. She sucked and licked at her daughter’s cunt, making sure he could watch every place her tongue touched. She lifted her legs into the air, then closed them about Sharon’s head, locking her daughter’s face and mouth into her crotch. Kathy humped her ass up and down, making fucking motions as her daughter licked and sucked at her juicy pussy.

Jimmy listened to their gurgles and cries of cunt-sucking pleasure, grinning because of his excitement. He fondled his cock and balls as he watched his mother’s tongue lapping from his sister’s cunt to her asshole, wiggling it.

“Mmmm, sweet,” Kathy murmured into her daughter’s cunt. “So sweet and wet and hot! Ooooh, Sharon, I love to suck your little cunt!”

Sharon rammed her pussy into her mother’s face as an answer, squirming wickedly.

Jimmy again knelt on the floor and shoved his face into his sister’s ass. When he began licking her asshole, he felt his mother’s nose against his chin.

Sharon, feeling her brother licking her asshole and her mother licking her cunt, screamed into her mother’s pussy and came with a tremendous violence, her tongue snapping in and out of her mother’s explosive cunt.


Everything had been packed the suitcases were sitting near the door.

They had showered and had had breakfast at the cafe. Now they sat on one of the beds. Kathy didn’t want to go, but she had no choice. The money was running out.

She was aware her daughter didn’t want to leave either. Sharon dragged about as she helped get things together, and when they had breakfast, she kept looking around, out of the window, toward the garage.

Kathy wore a fresh, bright yellow dress with thin straps over her shoulders and open in the back. The front was cut low enough to expose the creamy, tantalizing valley of her flawless tits.

She wore nothing else but a pair of thongs on her feet.

Jimmy, sitting at her side, was stroking her thigh, shoving her dress up. He didn’t seem to know he was doing it; it was almost as if it were a habit now. He rested his chin in his other hand, his eyes far away.

Sharon sat quietly, not saying anything, deep in her own thoughts.

“Well,” Kathy sighed. “I guess I better pick up the car. We’re all set, and it’s going to be a hot day.”

“I was gonna ride horses,” Jimmy said sadly.

“I know, darling,” Kathy said, running her hand through his hair.

“I was gonna fuck Jack,” Sharon said.

“You were going to do what?” Kathy asked. “Fuck Jack.”

“But…” Kathy hugged her daughter suddenly.

“I know. He’s a wonderful guy, and I hate to leave. But you know how he acted when you had to go and feel him up at the cafe last night. It just wouldn’t work out, baby.”

“I guess you’re right, Mother,” Sharon said in a low voice. “Who wants to stay in this fucking old hot town, anyway? I wish I would hurry up and grow up, damit to hell!”

“You will, Sharon,” Kathy said. “Don’t be in such a rush?”

“Maybe when I get older, guys like Jack won’t be afraid of me.”

Jimmy, with his hand far under his mother’s dress, toying with the thick hair of her cunt, said: “I’ll always fuck you, Sharon. You can count on me.”

“But you’re my brother,” Sharon said. “I want you want to fuck me. You want to fuck me all the time, and mother, too. But I sure would like to fuck Jack, anyway.”

Kathy smiled, patting her daughter’s head as Sharon rested her cheek on her full tit. “Maybe us cock is too big for your little cunt, anyway. Maybe someday — later — we’ll meet someone.”

“Do we have to go right now, Mom?” Jimmy asked.

“I’m afraid so, darling.”

“But I’ve got a hard-on,” he protested. Kathy looked down, and his cock was swelling inside his cut-off shorts. She lifted the frayed leg, letting the head of his cock out.

“You can fuck Sharon in the back scat,” she suggested. “Or in front, I don’t care. Maybe in front would be better; I can watch you then.”

“Sure, Mother,” Sharon said, “and wreck the fucking car when you get excited.”

Kathy said.

Getting to her feet, she smoothed her skirt down. “I’m going to get the car. Enjoy a fuck while I’m gone.”

Sharon giggled, reaching for her brother’s cock.

Kathy looked at them as Sharon peeled her shorts off her saucy ass, then left them.

She walked slowly toward the garage, head down, almost afraid to face Jack after what Sharon had done the night before.

Jack was sitting at a cluttered, dirty desk when she entered. When he looked at her, she saw longing in his eyes.

“I’m here to get the car,” she said, frying to avoid his eyes. “We want to get started before the heat gets any worse.”

“Why are you leaving, Kathy?” he asked. “We must,” she said. “I’m running out of money. You beard my son last night.”

“You can stay longer, Kathy.” She stood stiffly. “I know about last night, Jack. I know what my daughter did feeling you up. I don’t apologize for it. Sometimes Sharon gets carried away like that.”

Jack stood up and came toward her. When he tried to take her into his arms, Kathy stepped back.

“Don’t,” she said, fighting tears in her eyes. “Kathy…”

“Jack, I told you yesterday you know nothing about me, and that’s the truth. You see an attractive woman and that’s all. You see an attractive woman with a hot ass, nothing else.”

“I see more than that, Kathy,” he said.

“No, you don’t,” she insisted. “All you see is pussy, nothing else.”

“Mighty fine pussy, too,” he grinned.

She had to smile.

“Thank you for that,” she whispered.

Her eyes fixed on the front of his pants. His cock was half-hard, hanging along his left thigh. She trembled, wanting to take it out, hold it, stroke it, suck on it.

“The keys are in the car,” he said softly.

Quickly, Kathy hugged him. With tears in her eyes, she jerked the door open and climbed in, swinging her legs into the car. But her skirt lifted, and Jack saw a flash of her hairy cunt.

“No panties, Kathy?”

She jerked her legs in quickly and slammed the door. She started the engine, and the rear tires smoked as she screeched toward the motel.

When she entered their room, she saw her son and daughter lying side by side, both naked. Jimmy’s cock glistened wetly, and Sharon’s cunt looked as if they had just finished a wild fucking.

She planned to finish the trip that day, driving straight through. But suddenly, she didn’t want to go right then she wanted to enjoy her son and daughter a final time in this motel room.

She began undressing, kicking her thongs from her feet.

“One last fuck,” she whispered. “Then we go. No arguments, no nothing. We get in that fucking car and go, you bear me?”

“We hear, Mother,” Sharon said.

After watching Kathy drive off, Jack had started down the dusty road for the cafe, then turned suddenly toward the motel. He wasn’t going to let Kathy drive away, not if he could help it.

Inside the motel room, Kathy stood naked, her hips swaying as she fondled her tits. Sharon and Jimmy watched, their eyes glowing with renewed pleasure. Jimmy’s cock was standing up again and his sister leaned over it, kissing and licking.

Kathy knelt at the side of the bed, and Jimmy dropped his hand over the edge, fondling his mother’s hairy cunt.

“Let me suck, too,” Kathy said in a low voice.

Sharon giggled as she drew her face back, offering her mother Jimmy’s cock.

Kathy pulled his prick into her mouth, sucking it deeply, her lips going to his cock-base. She moved her hand to his balls, cupping them tenderly. She ran her lips up and down his hard cock, making purring sounds. Then she released it, watching her daughter go down on him. She felt erotic pleasure to see Sharon’s small mouth taking that hard cock, her lips stretching. Sharon could swallow her brother’s cock, too, Kathy saw. Then she imagined Jack’s thick cock in Sharon’s mouth. But she knew her daughter couldn’t take it all Jack’s cock was much too long and thick. The idea excited her, and her cunt twitched about her son’s fingers that he was now shoving in and out.

She groaned as she suddenly came.

“Already, Mother?” Sharon giggled, drawing her mouth up Jimmy’s cock, licking her tongue in circles about his swollen cockhead.

“Oooh, yes!”

“Suck this sweet, hard cock,” Sharon offered. “It makes you come better that way.”

With her cunt contracting about her son’s fingers, Kathy closed her lips about his prick, and moved her hand as Sharon’s face went to his balls.

Jimmy grunted as his sister’s hot tongue licked at his balls and his mother licked hard on his cock.

Jack had reached the motel and was now standing outside the door hesitantly. He could hear them inside, but not clearly. He didn’t want to make Kathy mad — not any more than she seemed already. He didn’t understand why she was leaving. He didn’t feel she should leave just because Sharon had felt him up in the cafe. He could handle that somehow, he thought. He could explain things to Kathy, that he would be very careful around her daughter.

Kathy drew hard on her son’s cock, her tongue tight and licking. He had removed his fingers from her cunt, and was sliding them about the cheeks of her ass now, moving them into her ass crack and rubbing her asshole. Sharon’s check rubbed against hers as she licked Jimmy’s balls.

Pulling away from her son’s hard-on, Kathy knew what she wanted.

She climbed onto the bed and pushed her daughter back on it, face up. She climbed along Sharon’s body, her mouth going toward her succulent young cunt. Sharon licked her tongue across her mother’s tits, then her stomach, her hot little hands sliding along her mother’s creamy flesh.

Jimmy watched. “Hey, what about me?”

His voice carried to Jack, who stood hesitantly at the door, trying to make up his mind to knock.

“You’re going to get cunt, darling,” Jack heard Kathy’s voice say. “Don’t worry — you won’t be left out.”

Jack pressed his ear to the door, puzzled.

Kathy kissed her daughter’s juicy, hairless cunt. She drew her knees underneath her body, settling her hairy pussy into her daughter’s mouth. Sharon immediately began licking, moving her tongue about her hairy cuntlips, dipping it into her mother’s cunt to lick at the juices. She held her mother’s spreading ass in both hands, pulling Kathy’s crotch into her face.

Kathy shoved her hands under her daughter’s ass, clasping it, lifting Sharon’s sugary cunt to her mouth.

Jimmy began to pump on his cock, wondering when he was going to stick it in one of those cunts. There wasn’t any room for his cock, the way they were licking each other right now. He couldn’t figure out how to get his cock into his mother’s cunt with his sister’s tongue going into it, too.

But Kathy knew what she was doing.

She lifted her mouth from her daughter’s pussy.

“Fuck me up the ass, Jimmy!” she yelled. Jack’s body jerked, and he wasn’t sure he heard it right. But it was Kathy’s voice, and she said her son’s name.

“In my asshole, Jimmy!” Kathy squealed, every word carrying to Jack who stood with his ear against the door.

“Really, Mom?” Jimmy cried.

“Yes, darling!” Kathy yelled, grinding her cunt into her daughter’s mouth. “Stick your hard cock up my fucking asshole and fuck me good! Sharon, don’t stop licking my pussy! Suck and lick my cunt while Jimmy fucks me in the asshole!”

Jack knew it without a doubt. Instead of feeling disgust and walking away, he remained there, his ear against the door, listening. His cock swelled in his pants, straining out hard. He didn’t try to conceal it. He felt excitement rumbling through his tall body, his cock throbbing as he tried to picture what was going on inside.

“Hurry up, Jimmy!” Kathy shouted. “Shove that beautiful hard cock up mother’s hot asshole! I want it, darling! Oh, God! I want you to fuck my asshole so much! Hurry, please hurry!”

Kathy shoved her face back to Sharon’s squirming crotch, her tongue licking in a frenzy as she shook her ass, waiting for her son to drive his hard-on into it.

Sharon tugged the cheeks of her mother’s ass wide, her mouth sucking, her eyes bright as she watched her brother. She stared at his hard cock, at his balls. She was sucking at her mother’s clit, watching at close range as Kathy’s asshole flexed.

Jimmy touched his mother’s asshole with the head of his cock, hesitating a moment. Then he lunged.

His cock drove home, bringing a screech of ecstasy from his mother. Kathy lifted her face out of Sharon’s cunt long enough to scream.

“Yes, yes! Up, my fucking asshole, Jimmy! Ahhh, that feels so good! Stuff mother’s asshole with that hard cock! Fuck my ass, Jimmy! Fuck my ass hard and deep! Eat my cunt, Sharon! Ooooh, eat my cunt and fuck my asshole!”

“I am, Mom!” Jimmy yelled, pounding his cock in and out, feeling his mother’s asshole gripping. “I am fucking you in your hot asshole!”

Jack’s tall body began to shake. Everything came to him clearly as if he was standing in the room with them, watching. His cock throbbed with painful desire, his big, hairy balls tight. He could hear every squeal, every whimper, every sob of ecstasy.

“Tight ass, Mom!” Jimmy was shouting as he banged his cock back and forth. “Tight, hot asshole!”

Sharon, still sucking at her mother’s swollen clit, trembled with pleasure as her brother’s balls swung across her eyes and nose. She sucked harder than ever at her mother’s cunt, swallowing the hot, slippery juices. She arched her ass up, grinding frantically at her mother’s mouth, fucking her mother’s thrusting tongue.

Kathy’s mind reeled with the sensation she was getting. She loved being sucked with a cock up her asshole. It didn’t happen often enough to suit her. But it would from now on, she knew that.

If only Jack… “Mom!” Jimmy howled. “I’m gonna come!”

She wiggled her ass, trying to make her son shove deep when he came. She mouthed and sucked faster at her daughter’s cunt, and moaned as her daughter seemed to increase the licking of her little tongue.

“I gotta come, Mom!” Jimmy yelped. “I just gotta come up your fucking hot asshole!”

Kathy felt her daughter’s cunt convulse against her mouth just as her son unleashed a boiling squirt of come juice. She whined into Sharon’s pussy, her own exploding with a violence. Her asshole closed around her son’s cock, making sucking movements as it flexed.

“Ohhh shit, shit!” Jimmy howled. “I’m gonna drown your fucking hot asshole in come juice. Mom! I’m really gonna drown your hot fucking ass!”

Outside the door, Jack was struggling with himself. On one hand he wanted to burst in, face Kathy. On the other, he wanted to leave, walk away. Not because what he heard disgusted him, but because it excited him so much — he was about to come off in his pants.

Jack could almost see them in the room. He could see Kathy’s face buried into her daughter’s cunt, see the succulent Sharon lapping her mother’s pussy, with Jimmy fucking the hell out of his mother’s asshole.

He could hear it.

He could almost smell it.

He could…

“I’m coming, Mom!” Jimmy yelled.

Kathy lifted her face slightly from Sharon’s pink, scalding cunt. “Come! Come! Oooohhh, Jimmy, come up mother’s hot fucking asshole! Give that sweet, hot come juice to my fucking asshole!”

Sharon arched her hips, wriggling her crotch, desperate to smack her cunt back into her mother’s face. Her small tongue was swirling wildly about Kathy’s intensely inflamed clit, her lips sucking hard. She clawed her fingers into the spreading ass, feeling her brother’s balls brushing across her eyes and nose as he pounded madly into their mother’s asshole.

Kathy screamed as her son gushed his come juice into her ass. She felt it splash deeply, searing the sensitive walls. Her cunt, sucked so hard by her daughter, erupted. She screamed again and rammed her mouth hard into Sharon’s soft, ever so excited, drenching wet, cunt. Her tongue shot into the gripping pussy, sucking insanely.

They came so hard together, the bed shook.

Their hisses, their groans, their ecstatic sobs, penetrated the door where Jack stood, about to come off in his pants like a teenager. The sounds went on and on.

Jack’s legs trembled as he leaned against the door, his cock straining against his pants harder than he could ever remember. He closed his eyes, his mind swimming with visions of Kathy, deliciously naked, fucking her son. He saw the exquisite Sharon, her nubile, edible body exposed, her pretty cunt so pink and wet, her hard young tits with their suckable nipples. He groaned, giving in to the impulse to clutch and squeeze his cock.

Suddenly, he was off balance and falling into the room as the door opened.

For a moment there was only silence, then there was a mad scramble as Jimmy jerked a pillow across his cock and balls. Kathy gave a frightened scream and tore the bedspread from the bed to cover herself.

The only one that didn’t try to conceal her body was Sharon.

Sharon, after a momentary squeak, leaned against the headboard, hugging her knees to her small tits, blue eyes huge as she looked at Jack peering over the foot of the bed.

“Jack!” Kathy yelled, clutching the bedspread to her naked body.

But Jack didn’t hear Kathy.

He was staring hungrily at the succulent, pink, hairless cunt that exposed itself from Sharon’s slightly parted thighs.

His cock was gushing into his pants.


Kathy stood against the rails of the white fence next to Jack.

“This is great, Mom!” Jimmy called as he galloped about on a beautiful chestnut mare. Sharon was riding too, but not galloping like her brother. Both of them were happier than they’d ever been in their young lives.

Jack slipped his hand from Kathy’s waist, stroking it over the tightness of her jeans, feeling her ass. She glanced at Jack. He was grinning proudly, watching Sharon and Jimmy. Kathy saw Jack’s youth in his face.

He was older than she had thought. He was only five years younger than she, and Kathy knew he could have any woman he wanted. He certainly had plenty to offer. But Kathy thought the best offer he had was his beautiful, big cock. That alone was enough as far as she was concerned.

She smiled as she thought of him falling through the door at the motel. He had looked like a schoolboy that had been caught jacking off. She recalled his sheepish expression when he had finally stood up, trying to hide the wetness of his pants.

Then she had laughed.

The bedspread had slid down to her waist, her flawless tits falling into view. Then her laughter had started Jimmy and Sharon laughing, and then Jack joined in. They laughed and laughed, with tears in their eyes. Jack had sat on the foot of the bed, shaking uncontrollably.

Once they calmed down, their conversation lasted about half an hour and then Jack had them all in her car with him behind the wheel, driving swiftly to his ranch. Kathy had sat close to him, rubbing his thigh, while Jimmy and Sharon sat in back, talking excitedly about what fun they could have if their mother decided to live with Jack.

Kathy and Jack had not talked about what she was doing with Jimmy and Sharon, but at the moment, she was happy enough to be standing next to him, watching her son and daughter on the horses, his hand comfortably and possessively caressing the checks of her ass through her tight jeans. His cock, she knew, had been hard for the past half-hour. Yet he had made no pass at her while Jimmy and Sharon were nearby. She knew it was going to be up to her if anything happened.

She lifted her face to his, kissing him. She felt the urgency on his lips, and playfully thrust her tongue into his mouth. She also darted her hand down to his cock. Jack gasped, glancing toward Sharon and Jimmy.

Kathy laughed.

“My, your cock is so hard, Jack!” she gurgled, squeezing it. “Your pants are too tight. It must bother you to have a hard-on in them.”

“Well, now…”

He eyed Sharon as she rode by, her cute little ass bouncing slightly in the saddle.

Kathy quickly opened his pants as they stood there at the fence, releasing his cock.

“Kathy!” he gasped.

“Mmmm, yes, Jack?” she purred, curling her fingers around it.

He swallowed.

Kathy opened her blouse. She rubbed her swollen nipples against his thighs, his cock arching close to her face. Jack noticed Sharon and Jimmy were watching, riding toward them.

“Kathy, they’re going to see us,” he warned.

“Mmmm, I know,” she gurgled, stroking his cock back and forth, feeling the throbbing power of it.

She knelt in front of him, her knees comfortable on the soft grass. She eyed his cock as she pulled up on it, watching his prickhead bulge and his piss hole widen, dripping from being so hard in his pants.

“You gonna suck that big cock, Mother?” Sharon asked as she climbed off her horse, her blue eyes on fire already.

“Mmmm,” Kathy purred, swiping her tongue about the wet head of Jack’s cock. “I am! I sure am going to suck this big cock!”

She closed her lips about his cockhead, groaning with pleasure, her tits rubbing his thighs. Jack glanced down at her, then at Sharon. The pretty little girl was watching her mother’s lips stretch around his cock. Jack didn’t feel embarrassment any longer, because Sharon was peeling her lovely little ass naked. Jimmy galloped over, climbing from his mount, and came to the fence, watching his mother, too.

Jack stared at Sharon as she stepped out of her shorts and threw her sleeveless blouse over the top rail of the fence. He stared at her saucy, sugary tits, her pink nipples jutting out stiff. He swallowed as Jimmy stood behind his sister, his arms around her, his fingers playing with her tits.

As Sharon leaned against the fence, Jack couldn’t resist touching her young, smooth, creamy flesh, her sugary little cunt. He moved his hand through the fence, and Sharon giggled, opening her legs for him.

Kathy bobbed her head back and forth on Jack’s cock, swiftly pounding his smooth cockhead at her throat, one hand grasping his big, hairy balls, the other on his ass. From the corner of her eyes she saw Jack’s big hand rubbing and feeling of her daughter’s cunt, and her hunger increased.

Then Sharon climbed the fence and sat on the top rail, looking down at her mother sucking greedily on Jack’s cock. She spread her thighs, hooking her heels on the rail below.

“Wanna lick my pussy, Jack?” Sharon asked, a wicked giggle coming from her. “You can lick my cunt while mother sucks that great big cock.”

“But what about me?” Jimmy asked, taking his cock from his shorts, showing how hard it was. “Where am I gonna stick my cock?”

Kathy sucked off Jack’s cock, licking her tongue along his dripping piss hole. She jacked back and forth on it with her hand, clinging to his low-slung balls as she looked at her son.

“Stick your cock over here, darling,” she whispered in a thick voice. I can suck both of you.

Jimmy eagerly thrust his cock through the white-painted fence, and Kathy licked his cockhead. Jack groaned and turned his face into Sharon’s open legs. He kissed and licked at the inner sweetness of her young, smooth thighs, working his way to her pink, hairless cunt.

Sharon squealed with delight when Jack’s lips pressed at her pussy. “Ooooh, suck it, Jack!”

Kathy closed her lips about her son’s cock, sucking it deeply as she watched Jack’s tongue fluttering about Sharon’s sugary cunt. She gave a soft sob of hunger and twisted her face back to Jack’s cock. She sucked from one to the other, loving the difference in their sizes. Although her cunt was very wet, and soaking the tight crotch of her jeans, Kathy didn’t mind. She would get fucked later, she knew, fucked by both her son and Jack probably together. Right now, she wanted to suck them, to bring up that creamy, sweet thick come juice from their balls. She wanted Jack to tongue-fuck her daughter. It was her way of letting Jack see what he was going to be getting if they stayed.

With his cock through the fence, Jimmy lifted his hands and caressed his sister’s legs and ass cheeks as she sat there precariously, giggling with lewd pleasure. His mother went from his cock to Jack’s.

Jack was making groaning sounds as he lapped into Sharon’s juicy cunt, licking up the juices and swallowing the taste of her young cunt was exciting, and knowing he could lick it and the wet hairy pussy of Kathy too, sent his cock into an unbelievable hardness. He groaned into Sharon’s cunt, his tongue stabbing deep, lapping up at her small, knotted clit. He placed a hand on top of Kathy’s head, following it as she moved from his cock to her son’s. His other hand was touching and feeling Sharon’s trembling body, completely covering her small tits, then moving down to her ass, along her thighs.

“Ooooh, suck me, Jack!” Sharon squealed, draping a leg over his shoulder. “Suck my cunt, Jack! Golly, you sure know how to eat my pussy!”

Jimmy simply grunted, ramming his cock into his mother’s mouth when she turned to him. His fingers gripped the fence rail tightly.

Kathy swallowed her son’s cock deeply, sucking back, dragging her tongue along it, her hand holding his balls. She pulled on Jack’s big fuckrod as she sucked her son, and when she turned back to Jack’s cock, she twisted and pulled Jimmy’s balls, gurgling and whimpering with cock-sucking ecstasy.

Jack plunged his tongue into Sharon’s tight, wet cunt. It was very juicy, very wet, very hot. The lack of hair on the sweet cunt lips was exciting. He enjoyed the soft heat that boiled against his sucking mouth, but he enjoyed the thickly haired cunt of Kathy just as much.

“Ooooh, Jack, Jack!” Sharon wailed, wiggling her ass on the rail. She had to hold his head to keep from falling off. “Stick your tongue real deep in my cunt! Golly, that’s it, Jack! Fuck my pussy with your tongue!”

Jack lunged his tongue back and forth, his mouth sucking hungrily at her young cunt lips. Kathy was mouthing his cock again, pulling and twisting his balls. His tall body was beginning to shake, and his knees were beginning to weaken.

Kathy felt him shaking, and she renewed her already vigorous sucking on his thick, throbbing cock. He was dripping more and more from his pisshole, and she swallowed often. She cried softly with rapture, doing her very best to bring his come juice out of his hairy balls, to draw it through his cock and into her hungry mouth. She didn’t want to turn to her son’s cock yet she knew Jack was about to come. She didn’t want to lose any of his delicious come juice when it happened. She kept a tight grip on her son’s cock, pumping back and forth as she sucked on Jack’s cock.

“Ohhh, Jack!” Sharon screamed, grabbing the back of his head, tightening her leg around his neck. “Oooh, you’re gonna make me come, Jack! Ahhh, tonguefuck me harder — suck my cunt real hard! I’m gonna come!”

Jack rammed his tongue deeply into her sugary cunt just as her convulsions struck. He felt Sharon’s juicy pussy clutching his lips, the spasms rippling and waving with ecstasy. He thrust his tongue swiftly, trying to keep her coming for a long time. He couldn’t stop the pumping movements of his ass, not the way Kathy was sucking so hard on his cock.

Kathy rammed her face forward, her lips as tight as she could get them, letting Jack fuck her mouth brutally. She clung to his hot, hairy balls, groaning deep in her throat with anticipation. Her eyes closed with dreamy ecstasy, yet she continued to grip her son’s cock very hard.

Jack grunted into Sharon’s bubbling little cunt, and his cock burst. Thick come juice sprayed the back of Kathy’s throat, scalding it. Kathy’s cunt clenched as Jack came forcefully into her mouth. Her throat worked as she swallowed wetly. She sobbed as the consuming ecstasy swept through her. Come juice seeped from her tight lips, dripping to her chin. Jack came so much there was no way she could keep up with it, no way she could swallow quickly enough.

“Mom!” Jimmy yelled. “I can’t wait! I can’t wait any longer, Mom! I gotta come!”

Kathy squealed wetly, her fist jacking hard. Jimmy arched his hips toward her face.

“I gotta…” Jimmy yelled again.

Hot come juice spattered her cheek.

But Jack was still coming in her mouth, too.

She pulled on her son’s cock, pressing his spurting piss hole to her cheek, jacking swiftly so that he came off against her face. Come juice spurted onto her lips and cheek, dripping down to the stiff tips of her nipples.

Sharon loosened her grip on Jack’s head, lifting her slim leg from his shoulder, giggling in her peculiar way at his mouth which was smeared with the honeyed sweetness of her exquisitely young, delicious cunt. His cock was slowly going down inside Kathy’s mouth. He slipped it gently free, and with a hungry sob, Kathy quickly closed her lips about the head of her son’s cock, catching the final spurts in her mouth.

She settled back on her heels, her face glowing radiantly. Come juice glistened on her face and tits. She ran her tongue over her lips. “Mmmm, that was the best I’ve had,” she said. “Two beautiful hard cocks, coming, coming — so fantastic! Oh, I loved it!”

Jack stepped back, his cock dangling low, still long. He was watching Sharon as she climbed down off the rail fence, her perky, compact ass white in the sun, the rest of her a golden tan.

Kathy laughed softly, huskily.

“It’s obvious you want some of Sharon’s pretty ass,” she said, getting to her feet. She used the tail of her shirt to wipe at her face.

Jack grinned sheepishly.

“Come on, Jack,” Kathy laughed. “It’s a bit late to pretend shyness, don’t you think?”

Kathy wrapped her arm about her daughter’s shoulder, hugging her tightly. She ran her hand down Sharon’s naked stomach, curling her fingers into her daughter’s just-sucked cunt. Jack’s eyes followed Kathy’s hand as Jimmy climbed through the fence.

“You gonna put that big cock in my sister’s cunt, Jack?” he asked, his eyes glowing. “Golly, I sure wanna watch that!”

Kathy took her son’s hand, smiling at Jack. “We’re all going to watch it,” she said, blowing a kiss at Jack as they started toward the house, their clothing forgotten on the grass. Jack walked behind them, watching Kathy’s tight ass in her jeans, seeing Sharon’s ass cheeks wiggle.

“I’ve got to be the luckiest sonuvabitch alive,” he said.

Once inside, Kathy put her hand on Jack’s crotch.

Jack looked at Sharon, his cock throbbing in Kathy’s fist.

He looked back down at Kathy.

“This big cock has to fuck her little cunt,” Kathy murmured. “Do you think Sharon can take it?”

“I don’t know about that, Kathy,” he said. “Sharon has an awful small pussy there. We sure don’t want to hurt a sweet little girl like her.”

Sharon squealed. “You won’t hurt me, Jack! I wanna get that big old cock in my cunt. I can do it, you’ll see!”

Obeying Kathy, Jack lay back on the floor. His cock jutted up, long and thick. Sharon didn’t need to be told what to do. She straddled Jack’s hips, lowering her crotch down. Kathy sat next to Jack, holding his cock, watching with excitement. She rubbed the head of Jack’s cock along the wet, pink lips of her daughter’s cunt.

“Let’s put it in my pussy now, Mother!” Sharon cried softly.

She squirmed down.

Kathy gasped with delight as she saw her daughter’s hairless cunt lips spreading, stretching to take the huge, swollen head of Jack’s cock.

“Oooh, shit!” Jack groaned. “Sharon’s so fucking tight, Kathy! I don’t know about this.”

“I can do it!” Sharon sobbed, and before either her mother or Jack knew it, Sharon rammed down hard and fast. She screamed as the long, thick cock buried itself into her cunt.

“Ooooh, so fucking big! So fucking hard!” She wiggled her ass, hunching back and forth.

Her pink cunt was stretched, very stretched. Jimmy yelped with delight, his eyes hot as he saw Jack’s huge cock stuffed into his sister’s cunt. His prick was stiff, jerking about, dripping juices.

Kathy grabbed her son’s cock.

Sharon slowly began to lift and lower her slippery, thoroughly filled cunt up and down, sobbing with ecstasy. Her small clit was crushed against the huge cockshaft, and as she became comfortable with Jack’s throbbing cock, she began bouncing up and down, squealing and sobbing with rapture.

Jack grunted, unable to believe where his cock was. The tightness of Sharon’s cunt was only part of it — the rest was the wetness, the fiery heat. He cupped Sharon’s bouncing ass, his palms covering her small ass cheeks.

“See, I can!” Sharon wailed. “I can fuck this big cock, Mother! I can — I can fuck it!”

Kathy leaned over and kissed Jack, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. She had hold of her son’s cock.

“Well,” she chuckled. “I guess we’re here to stay!”

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