Hot Neighborly Wife

Although Americans appear to the rest of the world as frank and open people, the truth is often, the opposite when it comes to relating on a personal basis. This is particularly true regarding sexual matters.

The fact is, Americans are only now beginning to learn to discuss sex and sexuality with candor and usually that is within the limits of marital sex.

While no one is advocating sex as the main topic of conversation, and while sexual privacy is very important to most people, many adults harbor fears about themselves and their sexual behavior that could be erased if they were more aware of other people’s behavior. Most of us have been brought up to be at least slightly ashamed of anything sexual, and it is frequently reassuring to discover that we are not different, naughty, or even perverted in our sex practices. In discussing sex with others, people find out how truly normal they are.

HOT NEIGHBORLY WIFE — a frank story of one young woman’s approach to sexual honesty. A story with a lesson for us all.


After Carl Tremayne left for work, his wife, Elizabeth, poured herself another cup of coffee and lingered over it restlessly, wondering what to do during the day. Elizabeth was thirty years old and looked younger. She had curly auburn hair and brown eyes flecked with glints of gold. Her mouth was wide and full lipped and sensual — Carl often teased her by saying that she had a cocksucker’s mouth, but Elizabeth didn’t mind. In fact, she took it as a compliment, because she loved to suck cock.

She was still wearing her silk dressing gown as she sipped the hot coffee. The gown was semi-transparent and revealed and enhanced her curvaceous charms, more than it covered them. Her tits were large and full, capped by big, stiff nipples. Her hips were full and her ass was shaped like a teardrop. She had long, smooth legs and a slender waist. Her cunt mound was a luxuriant wedge of tightly curled pubic hair, rising high on her flat belly and stretching out, at the corners, towards her hipbones. Her cunt was juicy.

She was feeling a bit horny this morning.

Usually Carl gave her a good fucking before he got up to go to work, but he’d been running a little late this morning. They’d been out for a few drinks the night before and he had awakened later than usual and so didn’t have time to give her the usual morning fuck.

She wasn’t feeling desperate. She could wait and look forward to a nice long fuck or suck or both — when her husband got home that evening.

But she was a bit bored, as well.

She thought that maybe she would get dressed and go to town and do some shopping to cheer herself up. She might buy some sexy new underwear, to excite her husband. She finished the coffee and took the cup over to the sink to rinse it.

She looked out the window.

The guy next door, Jimmy Martin, was cutting the lawn.

Jimmy was eighteen, a tall, sturdy young fellow at the age when young men get particularly horny. He had taken his shirt off and his smooth, hairless torso was glistening in the hot morning sunlight. His youthful muscles rippled as he walked behind the mower and a lock of sandy-colored hair had fallen across his brow.

Elizabeth, to her own amazement, felt a flood of hot fuck-lust course through her pussy and run up her thighs. She blinked in surprise.

Why, what’s got into me today? she wondered.

Then, giggling, she thought: Well, I know what I’d like to get into me — I’d like that young man’s prick in my cunt!

It was just a passing thought, of course. Elizabeth did not cheat on her husband and she certainly would never have thought about seducing a teenaged guy. No, it was only a casual thought.

Carl was a thick-set, powerful man, his heavily muscled torso matted with coarse hair. The contrast with Jimmy’s smooth and hairless body must be what made her think such naughty thoughts, Elizabeth reasoned. It was only natural for a girl to speculate about such things, to fancy a bit of variety, and there, was nothing wrong with it… as long as it was just a thought, as long as she didn’t do anything about it.

Her hand passed down and pressed against her.

Oh, my! I am feeling randy, she thought, feeling a bit sheepish about the admission.

She determined to force such thoughts out of her mind. She left the kitchen and went upstairs to get dressed. But then, in the bedroom, she just had to draw the curtains back and take another look at the teen. Again, she experienced a wave of desire.

What’s wrong with me? she wondered.

Am I going through change of life or something ridiculous like that? Why should I start to get horny about a teenager, at this stage of my happily married life? It was absurd. She determinedly walked away from the window but then she walked right back again.

She wished that Jimmy would look up and see her watching him.

Is he a virgin? she wondered.

He was only eighteen, but you couldn’t tell about youngsters these days, with the permissive society and all.

She liked to think he was a virgin.

If she were ever to seduce a teen — not that she ever would, of course, but just in theory — she would want him to be a virgin, so she could be the first woman to have his prick. She could just imagine how a smooth skinned virgin would whimper. She began to fantasize. Maybe she would take his cock in her mouth, first — yes! She would suck him off and swallow his virgin cum! Oh, how the teen would squeal! Afterwards, she would let him fuck her in the cunt and… but she pimply had to stop such thoughts.

The thoughts refused to go away.

If he looks up at the window, she thought, I can open my dressing gown, just casually, as if I don’t realize that I’m being watched. I can let him look at my tits. I can scratch my belly and let him have a look at my cunt with my thighs apart!

The thought made her pussy melt.

But Jimmy did not look up.

Elizabeth moved away from the window again. Catching sight of herself in the full length looking glass, she grinned. She drew the dressing gown open, looking at her reflection as she pretended that she was letting Jimmy look at her — seeing the sight that she knew would drive any teenaged guy to a frenzy of fuck-lust.

Her cunt was burning now.

Elizabeth felt half ashamed and half amused as she realized that she was going to do a thing she hadn’t done in ages. She felt like giving herself a hand-job.

She smiled to herself and moved in front of the mirror, letting her dressing gown fall behind as she went. Then, turning, she admired herself in the looking glass from all angles, not touching herself yet.

Her body was a remarkable instrument, all globes and sweeping curves, round tits, and round ass and tiny waist; round thighs and hips and graceful arms and neck. She looked like an artist’s-impression of a pin-up girl and she liked her body very much.

Elizabeth wanted to pretend that it was the virginal Jimmy touching her.

She started with her tits.

She rolled the firm tit mounds together, deepening the cleavage, and worked her thumbs over her nipples. They were already stiff and responded immediately. She looked out the window to where Jimmy was cutting the lawn, then she looked back at her reflection, admiring herself and thinking how lovely it would be to have Jimmy admire her body.

Her hands moved down. Her splendid thighs parted and, in the looking glass, she could see her juicy cunt slot, unfurled and bisecting her pussy, mound. Her clit was stiff. She rubbed her belly, moving in slowly towards her crotch, touching her clit first and finding that it, like her nipples, instantly exploded at the slightest contact.

Her legs parted wider.

She pushed her hips forward, mounding her belly, and began rubbing her pussy with both hands, working her cunt to a frothy confection. She watched Jimmy through the window. Jimmy, she thought, would like her hot, creamy cunt; he would like to suck her pussy.

She fingered her clit with one hand while, with the other, she slowly and steadily fucked three fingers in and out of her cunt. Her cunt sucked on her fingers, making moist, squishing noises. Each time she pushed her fingers, in, cunt juice oozed out. She watched the pussy nectar glisten, reflected in the looking glass, and she wondered if Jimmy would smell the taste of her cunt juice. And she wondered if cunt juice tasted as good as a mans cum.

Her thumb, rotated back and forth across her tingling clit as she shaved her fingers up her cunt slot. She added her fourth finger and scissored them about inside her fuck tunnel. Then she began fucking all four fingers up her cunt, deftly flicking her wrist and fingerfucking herself most pleasantly.

It felt quite nice to be fingering her cunt hole and thumbing her clit but, looking at Jimmy, she thought how much nicer it would be to have a rampant prick up there.

She brought her frothy hand to her mouth and sucked her own pussy cream from her fingers. It was nice, she thought, though not as nice as spunk. But she was sure that Jimmy would like her cunt juice.

She abandoned her steaming pussy for a few minutes and cupped her fat tits in both hands. She held her tits up to her lowered face. She licked at the stiff nipples. Then she fingered her cunt again and wiped a smear of cunt juice onto her nipples and licked it off, tingling physically and emotionally. Juice ran from her fuck hole, running back into the crack of her ass and down her thighs in silvery trails.

Elizabeth was tremendously excited at seeing her cunt gush cream and she shifted her hands down again and began rubbing her clit and pussy lips with a steady rhythm designed to bring her to the peak.

Her whole lush body began to tremble and quiver. Her mouth parted and her eyes narrowed. She looked at Jimmy and lusted, hungrily. Then she concentrated only on the vibrant sensations within her own pussy and loins, feeling the initial waves of her climax begin to pass laterally across her loins, coming faster and with increasing frequency, until the series of waves became one single wave, hard and fast and high, coursing like lava through her cunt.

Elizabeth gasped.

Her body tightened and her cunt melted.

Panting and sobbing, she rubbed herself with abandon as her prolonged orgasm flooded into her cunt and down her crotch.

She smiled dreamily and slowly as her fingers from her hot pussy and traced back and forth along her juicy cunt slot. Again she looked down into the garden at the laboring teen.

She smiled sheepishly. Now that her fuck lust had been temporarily taken care of, she felt a bit ashamed of herself.

But Jimmy, she had to admit, still looked desirable…


Not only had Elizabeth never given herself a hand-job while fantasizing about guys before — but she had never fucked either — not even when she was young, herself.

Elizabeth had been a teenager when she had her first sexual encounter.

The man had been twenty-two.

He had also happened to be her uncle.

Uncle Charley, her mother’s brother, had come to stay with them for a few weeks, being out of work and unable to afford to pay rent. Both of Elizabeth’s parents worked and so the girl, during summer vacation, was left home with her uncle during the day. Uncle Charley was the black sheep of the family, a drinking man who was often without a job, a gambler when he had the money for it, a womanizer at all times. He was a wastrel — but a charming, handsome sort of wastrel. He had crisp black hair and a lean build and he dressed well, although no one ever knew where on earth he got the money to afford such expensive clothing.

On this particular day, Uncle Charley had been hanging around the house, not having the price of even a beer. Elizabeth had gone out earlier. When she came home she’d gone to her room and her uncle had apparently not realized he was not alone in the house.

If he had, Elizabeth was never to know it.

He was stretched out on the couch, watching television and, more out of boredom than need, had decided to give himself a hand-job. He opened his fly and drew his sizable cock out. It was not hard yet, but even soft it was an impressive hunk of cockmeat. He folded his fist around his cock and stroked it up and down slowly, eyes closed, thinking about naughty women.

That was when Elizabeth happened to enter the room.

She stopped in amazement.

She knew about cocks and, vaguely, that boys jacked off, but she had never imagined that grown men played with their cocks. Charley, at twenty-two, seemed very adult to the girl. She held her breath and stood in the doorway, staring at his cock. His hand rose and fell and his cock got bigger and harder. As his fist came up, the foreskin curled behind the ledge of the cock knob and as his fist descended the skin drew tightly back so that the cockhead flared out in a vibrant slab of prickmeat.

Elizabeth was fascinated.

After a moment she realized that she was getting hot and wet between the legs.

Then her uncle opens his eyes and saw her standing there.

Elizabeth blushed deeply.

She expected Uncle Charley to be embarrassed, as well.

But Charley looked surprised for only a moment, and then he smiled his charming smile at the confused girl. His fist went down to the root of his fucker and stayed there, so that a good five inches of intriguing cockshaft stuck up from his hand.

Elizabeth stared at his big prick.

Uncle Charley let her look.

Then he said: “Why don’t you come a little closer, Elizabeth — if you want to look at my cock.”

Elizabeth felt as if she were hypnotized. Her legs moved of their own accord, dreamlike, and she found herself moving over to the couch without consciously willing herself to do so. She stood beside him, looking down.

“Have you ever seen a hard cock before?” he asked.

“N-no,” she murmured.

“Do you like it?”

She nodded slowly, frightened but, at the same time, intrigued.

“Do you know what I was doing?”

“You were jerking off, I guess,” she whispered. She had never spoken that term aloud before.

“That’s right. Do you know why men jerk off?”

“Well — I guess because they don’t have a girl, huh?”

He nodded, holding his meaty tower of hot prick flesh at the hilt, the cock knob bulging and flaring.

“And do you know what happens after a while? After a man strokes his cock long enough?”

“I-I guess it feels real good and-and…”

“And what?” he asks, looking amused.

“And stuff shoots out.”

“That’s right. Thick, creamy stuff. Would you like to watch while I do that, Elizabeth? Humm? Would you like to watch the jism shoot out of my big prick?”

Elizabeth opened her mouth but no words came out. She didn’t know what to say. She felt she should run from the room, and yet she had to admit that she wanted to stay — to see him shoot his cum-load.

Uncle Charley stroked his cock again, once, slowly. His cock head ballooned as his fist dragged down the prick stalk.

“Ooooh?” the girl moaned.

Charley smiled at the little whimper.

“Would you like to touch it?” he asked.

“It’s wrong, Uncle Charley.”

“Maybe. But it feels nice.”

And she did want to touch his cock. Her hands were fairly burning for a feel, of that delightful prick. She knew that she was liable to be awfully ashamed of herself, afterwards, but at the moment she could not resist the unholy urge to touch his cock. She reached out, tentatively, then drew her hand back quickly, undecided, afraid to and yet wanting to.

“Come on,” he rasped. “It won’t hurt you, girl!”

Elizabeth reached out again.

This time her fingertips brushed the tip of his prick. It felt lovely — like a wad of hot iron encased in rubber.

Uncle Charley groaned with pleasure. Elizabeth wrapped her fist around his cock and began to pull it up and down the way she’d seen him stroking himself. Her hand skimmed lightly, at first, then she tightened her grip so that she was dragging the foreskin back and causing the prick knob to flare out like a hooded cobra. The excited girl bent over him, staring down at his prick. The cleft was parted and she could see silvery fluid bubbling in the piss hole.

Charley moaned with pleasure. Elizabeth did not know about sucking cock in those days — but her mouth was watering as she gazed at his cock meat.

Uncle Charley placed a hand behind her head. He pushed her face down gently.

What does he want me to do? the girl wondered.

He pushed her lower.

She was not resisting.

The slippery head of his prick brushed against her lips, then ran up her cheek, leaving a trail of spunk glistening in its wake. He pulled her head up and pushed it down again. His cock head once again brushed against her pursed lips.

Does he want me to kiss his cock? she wondered, wildly. The idea was fascinating, intriguing, delightful. But she was inhibited. She thought that it must be awfully naughty to kiss a cock. Her lips fluttered, not quite kissing, as his hot, slippery prick meat ran up her cheek again.

“Suck it,” Charley grunted.

“Oh!” she cried, both shocked and thrilled, thinking it must be wrong and yet wanting to so badly that she felt an actual, physical hunger for that tasty looking hunk of cock meat.

“Take my cock in your mouth,” her uncle rasped, his tone halfway between pleading and demanding.

He pushed her head down again.

This time she did not turn away. She kissed the slimy cock tip and then let her lips slowly part, taking the cock knob into her mouth. It was delicious! She slurped on his prick and her nimble tongue began to glide around, laying the underside of the succulent mouthful of cock.

Cum was oozing from the cleft.

The delicious stuff coated her tongue, driving the girl crazy with pure, unbridled passion. She knew that if she kept sucking on his cock he was going to shoot cum in her mouth, that he would feed his whole hot, thick cum-load to her — and she wanted to drink it!

She stopped jacking his prick with her hand. Her fist held his cock by the root, the skin dragged back, as her lips and tongue worked on the cock knob. Charley squirmed with pleasure. He took her head in both hands and began to move her up and down, showing her how to suck cock. When he took his hands away, Elizabeth had fallen into the rhythm. She kept bobbing up and down the same way. She was taking his cock head right back into her throat, then sucking up until only the crown remained in her lips, then descending on the cock shaft again.

Uncle Charley’s eyes gleamed.

What a lucky day this was! How lucky it would be to have a cocksucker living under the same roof!

His balls were starting to balloon.

“Want to drink my jism?” he asked.

Elizabeth could not answer him, for her mouth was full of hot cock. She made a purring sound.

Uncle Charley began to hump up from the couch, fucking right into her willing, face. His cock head was awash with pre-cum now. It was coating her tongue and pouring into her cheeks and making her hungry for more cum.

“Ummm,” she sighed as she sucked.

Jism overflowed her lips and ran down his prick stalk as her mouth pulled up. As she bobbed down again, she slurped the cum back up, coating his cock with saliva, instead. She went down as far as she could, taking almost all of his prick into her greedy maw. Her nose nuzzled in his wiry pubic hair and her chin pressed against his bloated balls, while the head of his cock lodged in her throat.

Charley stiffened and cried out.

As her head went down on his cock, Elizabeth felt his cock expand mightily as the jism shot up it.

Suddenly her mouth was full of hot cum!

The nubile virgin swallowed his cum down, gulping, to make room for more cum as he shot another hot jet into her throat, then yet a third, the thick jism hosing her gullet.

Groaning, Uncle Charley thrashed about in ecstasy as his sexy niece milked his cock and balls for more jizz. His prick stopped spurting, but more of the sweet, savory spunk was still pouring out, trickling onto her tongue and into her mouth faster than she could swallow it. Cum bubbled from her lips and ran down her chin. The naughty girl sucked him dry, loving every precious drop and drinking his jism with gusto. When he had stopped shooting cum, she pulled her lips away and then used her tongue to gather up the stray drops that had overflowed and run down his cock shaft and onto his balls.

She looked up at his face.

Uncle Charley, now that his fuck-lust was spent, gazed at his niece with a worried look. He was afraid that, now that it was over, the girl might start to feel ashamed or guilty and might blame him. She had obviously enjoyed sucking his prick, but now that his cum was swallowed and his prick was starting to diminish, she might have second thoughts on the affair.

Uncle Charley need not have worried.

Elizabeth smiled at him with cum-smeared lips.

“Want me to do it again?” asked the novice cocksucker.


After that initial encounter, Elizabeth started sucking her uncle off every day. As soon as her parents had left for work, she would go to his room, exuberant and enthusiastic, and suck his prick dry, drinking his cum hungrily. She gave such sweet head that Uncle Charley didn’t even go out looking for other women for a week. But after a while he decided he’d had enough oral sex. He wanted to fuck the teenaged virgin. To his credit, Uncle Charley did think long and hard about this, feeling a bit nervous at the thought of committing incest but his cock was longer and harder than his thinking.

When Elizabeth came to his bedroom the next morning, he was determined to fuck her cunt.

She began gobbling his prick, as usual.

Charity started feeling her tits, then rubbing her pussy. The girl began to squirm and whimper and her cunt flooded. Charley twisted around and started using his tongue on her pussy, lapping and laying her cunt lips and then stabbing up her fuck hole. A few moments of this cunt-lapping had Elizabeth going wild. She still had his cock in her greedy mouth and she began to pant down it, gasping and moaning and drooling.

Charley drew his prick from her lips and mounted her.

A momentary doubt showed in her eyes.

The girl loved sucking his cock, but she was not sure that she wanted to lose her cherry to her uncle.

Charley rubbed his cock head around in her crotch, holding his prick by the root and shifting the cock knob around in her creamy cunt slit, driving her wild. He was stirring her pussy to foam. Cunt juice was running down her thighs and seeping into the taut crack of her ass. Her cunt seemed to be dragging his cock in by suction.

He waited until she asked.

“Oh, Uncle Charley — fuck me!” she cried.

Whereupon he poured the prick to her with long, rippling fuck-strokes that brought the oversexed teenager to a climax almost immediately, and then brought her to a second orgasm — and when he shot his cum-load up her cunt, she cried out with the ecstasy of feeling that scalding hot cum spurt into her pussy and flood her cunt guts with jism.

Neither of them ever mentioned the word incest.

From then on, for the next month, they alternated between fucking and sucking. Uncle Charley was rather a good lover and he fucked the more than willing girl with imagination and variation. She had never realized that there were so many ways to get fucked. In her innocence, she had believed that the man just got on top and fucked away as a matter of course. Uncle Charley soon disabused her of that limited thinking.

He fucked her from the back, as they lay on their sides, cupped together like spoons.

He had her get on her hands and knees while he fucked his cock into her cunt doggy fashion.

They fucked kneeling face to face and standing up with Elizabeth’s legs wrapped around his hips as he lifted her up and down on his formidable tower of cock meat.

They sucked each other off, taking turns, and then they did it at the same time, inverted into the sixty-nine position.

And it was while they happened to be sixtynining that her father came home unexpectedly and caught them at it.

There was a great deal of shouting and threatening.

Uncle Charley, shamefaced and sheepish, packed his bags and left. Elizabeth, naked on the bed, hid her face in the pillow, afraid to look her father in the eye, sobbing mightily. The girl was deeply ashamed at having been caught and she was also heartbroken that Uncle Charley had been sent away — and that she would never again have that lovely big prick stuffing her cunt to the brim and pouring delicious cum into her mouth.

Her father sat grimly beside her on the bed. He put his hand on her shoulder. She trembled violently. He stared down at her nubile, naked body and frowned.

“You’ve been a very wicked girl.”

“I know,” she sobbed, her face still buried. “Don’t you know that it’s wrong to blow your uncle?”

“I know it’s wrong,” she wailed. “But I just couldn’t help it, Daddy — his cock tastes so good.”

“Hmmm,” said her father.

His hand moved on her shoulder, stroking. “Has he been fucking you, too?” he asked. The girl nodded.

“Why, that’s incest!” he exclaimed.

“I know,” she cried. “But it felt so lovely!” He thought for a moment.

“Do you realize that fucking your uncle is just as wicked as if you were to fuck, say, your father?”

Well, Elizabeth hadn’t thought of it that way, but she was in no position to argue the fact. She nodded.

His hand seemed to have slid down onto her ass, by mistake.

He was squeezing the taut globes of her ass and his fingers slipped in between her legs. Elizabeth figured that her father was so shaken up by her wicked behavior that he didn’t realize where his hand was. It would not be polite to mention it, she reasoned — and, anyhow, it felt nice. His fingers dipped into her cunt slot. She gasped; she was afraid that, if he kept doing that, she was going to come and surely her daddy would think her really, really wicked girl, if she creamed on his hand! “Well, I won’t tell your mother,” he said. “Oh, thank you, Daddy! I’d be ever so ashamed if mom knew I’d been fucking her brother!”

“Yes — you must feel really embarrassed.”

“Oh, I do!” she assured him.

“You’ll probably never be able to look me in the eye again…”

His fingers slipped along her parted pussy slot and brushed lightly over her stiff and vibrant cit.

She trembled. She struggled to control her breathing. What would her father think if she suddenly started to pant with passion and flooded his hand with cunt juice?

“Unless…” he said thoughtfully. “Yes, Daddy?” the girl said meekly. “Unless I, too, were guilty of a similar sin,” he mused. “That way, if we were both equally guilty, neither of us would have to be embarrassed or ashamed. Right?”

What is he getting at? she wondered. Was he going to tell her he’d fucked his aunt or something?

“That’s true, Daddy,” she whispered.

“It seems to be the only solution to the problem, Elizabeth. Otherwise, your shame will endure for years. Yes, it’s my duty as your father to remove that terrible guilt and remorse. I don’t want to, you understand — but, for your sake, daughter, I am willing to commit the sin!”

“What do you mean?” she asked, and now, for the first time, she raised her face from the pillow and looked at her father — and gasped with shook as she saw him take his cock out!

He rolled her over and spread her slender legs.

“Daddy!” she wailed. “What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to duplicate your sin, daughter — for your sake, for your peace of mind. As much as I hate the thought, I feel I must I’m going to commit the wicked sin of incest!”

“Daddy!” she cried again.

But she made no attempt to close her legs. Her father mounted her and pushed his big, gnarled prick up her cunt and began to fuck away with all the energy of a whirling dervish.

Each time he slammed his cock meat up her aunt, he said: “Oh, I hate doing this terrible thing!”

Elizabeth, starting to get the idea, shoved her pussy enthusiastically down to meet his pounding prick and cried: “Oh! I’m such a naughty girl! Oh, how horrible this is!”

She arched her slender back and met him fuck-stroke for fuck-stroke. She wrapped her legs around him.

“Get it over with, Daddy! Fill my cunt with your lovely — errr — l mean, spend your incestuous lust in my loins quickly, so we can stop sinning.”

Soon enough, he spurted a heavy dose of hot jism into his daughter’s cunt and she melted, coming at the same time.

“That was awful,” said the dutiful father.

“It sure was,” said his daughter.

But why were they both smiling in such a contented fashion?

Later, Elizabeth said: “I sure appreciate what you did for me, Daddy — sharing my shame that way.”

“It was my fatherly obligation,” he said.

She was looking at him in a demure way, eyelashes lowered and fluttering, lips twitching as she struggled not to smile.

“But, Daddy, I’m still embarrassed,” she said. “I’m no longer ashamed about fucking Uncle Charley, now that you have committed incest, too — but I’m still ashamed about sucking him off!”

Her father thought about that for a moment.

He was lying on his back and his cock, which had softened and shrunk after he shot his cum-load in her pussy, began to climb right back up into a rampant and rigorous hard-on. The girl gazed at his boner, her face so close that her eyes crossed as they focused on the cock knob.

“I guess I’ll just have to let you blow me, in that case,” her father said, with as much reluctance as he could muster.

“I guess so,” the girl agreed.

And she sucked her father’s prick with such skill that he flooded her mouth with spunk in such abundance that the girl almost drowned in cum.

After that day, Elizabeth’s father began to come home early from the office, arriving an hour or so before his wife got home from her job. He would march into the house with a great big cock-bulge sticking out in his trousers and inquire, solicitously, how Elizabeth felt.

Elizabeth would say: “Oh, I’ve felt ashamed of myself all day, Daddy!”

And then, depending on her mood — on what it was that she felt ashamed of, that is — Elizabeth would suck her father’s cock or fuck him, and her shame would dissolve along with her melting cunt.

It was a handy arrangement — although she still missed Uncle Charley a lot — and father and daughter enthusiastically made sure that neither of them had any reason to be more ashamed than the other. This mutual absolving of a shared embarrassment lasted for a whole two months.

But then one day, who should arrive home unexpectedly but Elizabeth’s mother. That woman had not been getting nearly as much cock recently as she was accustomed to, since her husband had been emptying his cock and balls into their daughter with such frequency — although she never dreamed of that and innocently thought her husband was getting too old for it — and so she bought a nice big dildo that lunchtime and came home an hour early so that she would have time to try it out before she started making dinner.

She was disappointed when she saw her husband’s car in the driveway.

Eager to fuck herself, she hated the thought that now she would have to postpone the pleasure until the next day.

But when she went into the house, neither her husband nor her daughter seemed to be at home. She figured that they must have gone for a walk together, and that maybe she would have time to give herself a fast fucking before they returned.

She unwrapped the dildo, which was a good ten inches long and quite realistic, complete with bulging veins and a bulbous prick knob, and even a cleft in the tip. Her cunt started to simmer as she gazed at the delightful size and configuration of her new toy.

She kissed the cock knob affectionately.

Then she hurried up to the bedroom — where she discovered the reason why her husband had not been fucking her lately. Standing in the doorway, she froze in shock. Her mouth dropped open so wide that her jaw seemed to be resting on her tits and her eyes bulged out like hard-boiled eggs.

On the bed — the marital bed — her husband was fucking the ass off their daughter! She was writhing under him, her slim legs hooked around his hips, and he was fucking the cock meat to her cunt, his ass corkscrewing, his hips pounding, his bloated balls swinging in and out.

They heard the shocked woman gasp.

When they saw her standing there in the doorway, they both echoed her gasp.

She looked shacked and furious, of course — but her attitude was somewhat weakened by the fact that she was holding a fat rubber prick in her hand and was cupping her other hand over her cunt.

They were just about to climax when she caught them.

And at that point, no matter how embarrassed they were, it was too late to stop. They fucked away to a creamy conclusion.

Later, there was a great deal of ranting and raving and recrimination. What annoyed the deceived woman most of all was their audacity. They blamed it all on her brother.


After that fateful day, Elizabeth’s mother took to arriving home at unexpected hours and phoning her husband at his office to make sure he had not sneaked home for a bit of incestuous fucking. So Elizabeth and her daddy were no longer able to fuck every day, although they did manage to get a few fucks in from time to time, when one or the other was feeling so ashamed that it was worth the risk.

Elizabeth, having grown accustomed to steady prick, both avuncular and paternal, found herself constantly frustrated now. She discovered where her mother had hidden the dildo and fucked herself silly with the rubber cock, but it was a poor substitute for the real thing, mainly because the damned thing could not come. She missed having a load of jism at the end of a fuck or suck.

But she soon discovered that cocks were plentiful and easy to come by for a sexy girl. She took to going out in the evening and allowing herself to get picked up by strange men. The men were invariably older, in their twenties, at least, and had automobiles or apartments of their own, or the money to rent a motel room.

That was the main reason why Elizabeth had never fucked a guy, even when she herself was young. There never seemed to be a time and a place in which to fuck.

Sometimes she stayed out all night.

Her mother didn’t seem to mind — and, in fact, was just as glad to get the nubile competition out of the house.

Her father could hardly object.

Elizabeth would walk down the street, her hips swaying, her cute ass swinging like a pendulum… and it was never very long before a car pulled up and she was offered a lift. She almost always accepted. It didn’t much matter to the randy teenager if the man was good looking or not. She preferred them to be not too ugly, nor too fat, but it wasn’t all that important, as long as they had big, hard pricks and balls full of jism.

She even seduced her English teacher.

She fucked the neighbors on both sides of the house and she sucked off the butcher, in his shop, kneeling down in front of him with the dead meat hanging all around them and his very much alive cock meat squirting cum into her hungry mouth.

Once, she got gang banged on her birthday and thought it the nicest birthday present a girl could ever have. She had gone to a lover’s lane with a man who had fucked her a few times before. No sooner had he got her stripped naked than four other men appeared. They had been lurking in the trees and it was obvious to Elizabeth that it had all been prearranged. She knew that she had a terrible reputation, and did not blame the horny men. The man she was with looked nervous and a bit guilty when the others approached.

“Well, fancy meeting you fellas here,” he said.

But Elizabeth had put him at his ease. “The more the merrier!” she said. And she proceeded to fuck all five of them, twice each, and get some cocksucking in along the way. She enjoyed it so much that, for a while after that she never went out with a single man, but always made sure he had a few friends to join them. By the time she was eighteen, Elizabeth had fucked miles of assorted prick and drank gallons of cum. But not one that, had she ever fucked a man younger than twenty one.

Then she met Carl Tremayne.

He was big and brawny, ten years older than Elizabeth — and best of all, he was stuck to the other end of the biggest cock she had yet encountered.

They met at the theater, on one of the rare evenings when Elizabeth had gone out for any reason other than to get fucked. He was from out of town and did not know how sordid her reputation was. That was rather refreshing. Just about every man in town, from twenty-one to fifty, had fucked her at least once and they tended to treat her like a punch board. Carl was attentive and charming. He was trying to seduce her, of course, but not knowing that seduction was unnecessary with Elizabeth, he treated her with respect — and in the process, won her heart.

Elizabeth, with an eye to the future, did not go to bed with Carl that first night. It was the only time that she could remember going out with a man without fucking him or sucking him off, and it made a nice change. He asked her out again the next day.

Enough was enough, however.

On that second date, pretending that she was innocent and inexperienced, but had fallen in love and was therefore willing, Elizabeth allowed Carl to fuck her. He fucked her very satisfactorily. They began to go steady. She began sucking his prick, saying: “Oh, I never knew that it was nice to have a cock in my mouth, Carl — it must be because I love you so much.”

She had never been sure if Carl believed her. He seemed to take her, at face value — and he certainly loved to take her in the face.

He proposed marriage a month afterwards and Elizabeth accepted without hesitation. Her life as a punchboard had ended. Despite the fact that she had been a very promiscuous young lady, she had become a faithful wife. Maybe it was because she had already sampled so many cocks that she no longer felt the need for variety. She thought that was probably true. They had a happy life together and Elizabeth never thought of cuckolding Carl.

And then came the day that he awoke late and didn’t have time to give her a morning fucking and, looking out the window, she saw the smooth-skinned teen cutting the lawn next door — and realized, with amazement, that she had never once fucked a teenager.

Now, standing in front of the looking glass, with the cunt juice running down her thighs, Elizabeth frowned with concentration. She was wondering if she could seduce the teen without any repercussions. If Carl were to find out — well, it wouldn’t be worth it. But it was true that what a man didn’t know couldn’t hurt him.

She began to consider the possibility seriously.

She might have been even more serious and determined to fuck the teen next door, had she realized that her husband was fucking his teenaged secretary.

Just as Elizabeth had felt horny because they had not had time for their usual morning sex, so did her husband feel the urge to empty his swollen balls. But unlike his wife, Carl had a handy outlet.

Cathy Jenson was eighteen years old.

She could not type without looking at the keys, she could not file, she could barely read and write, let alone take dictation.

But, oh, could she fuck!

Cathy had long blonde hair and big blue eyes and a pair of tits that stuck out like a shelf. A lot of her trouble in filing, in fact, was because her tits got in the way, looming out over the cabinet. Her ass was as round as a beach ball and her legs were long, smooth and usually wide apart.

Carl had lusted for her as soon as she came into his office for the interview. She had been perfectly honest with her prospective employer, admitting to all of her limitations. He had desperately wanted to hire her — at the very least she would be decorative in the office — but he could find no justification for giving her the job. The other applicants were all skilled at secretarial work, but they were mousy creatures with flat chests.

“Well — errr…” he’d stammered.

Cathy had batted her big blue eyes and smiled confidently across his polished desk, as if sure she had the position.

“You hardly seem well qualified,” he’d said.

She breathed in. Out came those tits. Carl’s eyes bulged. Her tits were colossal.

“I’m sure I can make myself useful,” she said.

“Hummm,” said Carl.

He gave her the job.

It meant that he had to do a lot of work that a skilled secretary would have handled, but he figured it was worth the extra effort, just to have Cathy around to look at.

That was all he did — just look. For two days.

On the third day, she came into his private office, looking unhappy. Carl looked up from his desk. Her tits loomed out at him.

“Mister Tremayne,” she said, “I feel so useless!”

He tried to think of some job he could assign her that she couldn’t fuck up too much.

But she went on. “I’ve been working here for three whole days now, and you haven’t given me dictation even once.”

He wanted to soothe her. He hated to see her so unhappy. He decided to dictate a letter which she could subsequently type — and then he could tear up and throw away.

“Do you have your pad?” he asked. “Urn-hum,” she said, brightening and looking cheerful now.

And then, to his amazement, she came around the desk and plopped her luscious ass into his lap.

“This is the way it’s done, right,” she said.

“Well — em — yes, certainly,” he agreed.

His cock had started to swell immediately, as her juicy ass squirmed around in his lap. He could not think of a single word to dictate to her. All of his blood had rushed into his prick and his brain was starved for oxygen. His mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water, but no words came forth. Cathy didn’t seem to notice. In fact, she didn’t. She had not the faintest idea that dictation involved taking notes — she thought the word meant sitting on the boss’ dick.

She squirmed some more and his cock began to hammer.

“Oh, this is such a nice job,” she said.

She wriggled some more. The hem of her skirt drew halfway up her smooth thighs. She crossed her legs. The skirt went higher.

Carl was sweating and blushing, afraid that she would realize what the heaving lump under her ass was.

But she already knew that.

“Oh, you have such a nice big hard-on, Mister Tremayne! It must be just awful for a girl to work for a boss who has a teeny-weenie little cock!”

She smiled and snuggled. She batted her eyes and licked her lips. His prick got bigger and bigger, threatening to dislodge her from his lap, prying like a lever at her pelvis.

“I do so love big cocks,” she said.

Carl began to realize that his secretary might be gifted in ways that did not involve paperwork… that those fingers, clumsy on a keyboard, might be skilled when wrapped around a cock… that although she could not file, she might allow him to file his prick in her hairy cabinet… that her talents might be more in the way of dick-tation.

“Miss Jenson?”

“Yes, boss?”

“Would you object if I were to fuck you?”

The girl looked surprised.

“Well, of course not,” she said. “Isn’t that what secretaries are for?”

Carl realized, then, that Cathy had made a mistake in seeking employment. She knew nothing about secretarial work except what she had seen in the movies and on television. It was, he had to admit, an understandable assumption.

“That, my dear, is precisely what a secretary is for,” he told her.

Then he fucked her to a frazzle.

And Cathy had been most efficient and was delighted to find that the work suited her and that she would no longer have to feel useless around the office.


Carl had been fucking Cathy two or three times a week, since that initial encounter, and he was very, very glad that he had such a talented secretary today, since he had not fucked his wife and was in desperate need of having his balls emptied. His cock had got hard as a bone while he was driving to the office. He’d had to carry his briefcase in front of his crotch as he walked in and took the elevator up. But, once in his office, he put the briefcase down and Cathy, chewing gum loudly and reading a True Confessions magazine, gave his cock-bulge a look and a big smile.

She was wearing a red dress, cut low enough to show her cleavage and high enough so that, with her legs crossed, any interested party could get a look at her cunt. She never wore a bra and seldom wore panties. She was, Carl noticed, not wearing panties today.

“Will you come into my private office, please, Miss Jenson?” he asked, as he passed through, prick first.

She jumped up and took up her dictation pad.

She always brought that with her, and a pencil, although not one word had ever been written down. She seemed to think the pad and pencil had something to do with the job.

Carl did not correct her. He knew that she liked to think of herself as a proper secretary. She came in behind him and closed the door. He was adjusting the blinds, wanting enough light to see what he was doing, in all the juicy details, but not enough to be glaring. He liked soft light to complement soft flesh. When he turned from the window, Cathy had already begun to remove her clothing.

She drew her red dress over her head. Her high, thrusting tits needed no support. Naked, they were as firm as inflated balloons and the stiff nipples stood out erotically. Her pussy mound was a tangled mass of gold locks, curly and thick.

He gazed at her in appreciation. He wondered how many boyfriends she had, how many men were fucking her after work. He felt almost jealous at the thought. He moved toward her, the huge lump of his cock-bulge pressing his pants out.

Cathy went to meet him, still dutifully clutching the pad and pencil which had never once been used.

Still fully clothed, himself — in suit and tie — Carl took her into his arms and felt her hot, smooth, naked flesh quiver at his touch. Her belly pressed against him and his raging cock indented an elongated outline into her loins.

Leaning down, Carl took her big nipple into his lips and sucked on it. His tongue swept across the tip and coiled around the swollen nugget, causing Cathy to purr like a cat. He switched over and sucked the other nipple and then straightened up, smiling.

Cathy dropped her pad and pencil and opened his pants. She wrapped her hand around his rampant prick.

“Ooooh,” she sighed, as the huge slab of cock meat expanded mightily in her hand.

Carl smiled happily and thrust his hips toward her.

She skimmed her hand up and down on his prick a few times, causing the cock knob to flare even more. She could feel the thick vein pulsing against her palm and the crimson prick knob seemed ready to glow.

Cathy’s lush thighs opened slightly, parting involuntarily.

Looking down, Carl could see the top of her cunt slit, a moist pink gash that spilt her golden bush. Her clit stood out rigidly, beginning to tingle.

“Want me to undress you, boss?” Cathy asked.

“No, that won’t be necessary — there won’t be time to undress me,” Carl said quickly.

Cathy could see and feel that that was true. The head of his cock expanded mightily in her fist. The cleft was parted and already a glistening drop of pre-cum had oozed out from the cum slit and was trickling down the cock shaft.

Taking her by the shoulders, he guided her backwards until her ass bumped against the big executive desk and slid onto the surface, her pert ass braced on the edge.

Cathy placed her hands on the desk behind her and arched her back; her belly thrust out and her smooth thighs parted. Her cunt was flooded and unfurled, the pussy lips peeled back, revealing the creamy fuck slot, flecked with cunt juice.

Carl advanced on her, his prick standing out before him as he guided his cock head until it was on a line for her pussy.

Cathy waited, and her cunt creamed even more.

His cock head bounced against the inside of her thigh and then slid along to her crotch. The cock tip nestled into her sodden fuck slot. Carl paused for a moment, savoring the anticipation of the impending fuck, Cathy cooed with delight and squirmed, working her steaming pussy around on the head of his massive fuck tool. Her cunt lips clutched at his prick, as if trying to drag him into her hot fuck hole.

Then, bracing his thighs and tightening the muscles of his ass, Carl fucking his cock into her cunt to the balls.

Cathy squealed with delight. Carl grunted with pleasure and held that first full penetration for a long moment, thrilling to the feeling of having every inch of his enormous prick embedded in her hot wet pussy. His balls were jammed tight to her thrusting ass and her lithe thighs clung to his flanks.

Cathy began to pant as she felt the joy of having her greedy cunt stuffed chock full of hard cock meat. Her cunt rippled and pulled on his prick, dragging along every inch of the formidable weapon and squeezing lovingly on the great, throbbing prick knob that swelled deep within her pussy.

She wriggled and moaned, urging him to start fucking her. Her taut clit worked against his cock and her belly pushed up and down.

“Fuck me!” she cried.

Carl began to fuck her. He drew out until only the tip of his prick was in her pussy gash, paused and then fucked slowly back up the juicy passage. Cathy writhed down on his prick, panting. He gave her a second slow fuck-stroke, dipping his knees and feeding the prick meat to her with an underslung fuck thrust. Cathy pushed her loins out to meet him with a pelvic jolt. Carl corkscrewed in with the third stroke, fucking his massive cock in lustily. She matched his movements, rotating her hips and rippling her cunt around his cock, making her pussy a juicy socket into which he could plug his prick.

Carl began to fuck faster, slamming his prick into her frothy cunt hole violently. He was gritting his teeth and rolling his eyes and thrusting so mightily that his balls were thudding onto Cathy’s tilted ass. He was fucking her like an engine now. His balls were so swollen with pent-up passion that they bulged between her thighs and his cock was expanding, spreading her cunt slit wider and wider.

Cathy’s face was contorted with fuck-lust. Her eyes narrowed to slits and her pink lips were parted and moist as she gasped at his fuck-lunges. Her heels drummed on his ass, spurring him on, then they locked behind him and her thighs alternately tightened and reined over his loins, relaxing as he fucked in, compressing as he withdrew.

Carl grasped her hips, hauling her crotch up from the desk, and fucked resolutely into her pussy, as if he were trying to pulverize that soft vessel. He gritted his teeth and groaned as he rammed in, fucking his cock into her cunt so violently it seemed he was trying to hurt her, to pierce her nubile body through and through so that the head of his cock would come rushing out of her mouth.

His violence only inspired greater passion in Cathy. Her big tits bounced with firm weight as she rocked back and forth on the edge of the desk; she threw her head back, switching it from side to side; her threat worked as she gasped and then gurgled with the bliss of fucking.

Carl’s big prick was vibrant with tension. He cupped his hands over her tits, as if clawing at them for support. Her nipples were hot on his palms and his fingers dug into the soft tit flesh. His head fell; he was beaded with perspiration and his breath rasped out sharply as his orgasm drew near.

Cathy was panting and gasping. Her warm pliable pussy gripped him and clutched him and pulled on his cock as if she wanted more and more, as if to drag his whole body up her greedy fuck hole.

Carl tried to hold back, but there was no need to as far as Cathy was concerned.

Moaning and whimpering, she cried: “Pour it to me… come… come! I’m coming! I’m coming!”

Carl could feel her start to come. Spasms worked across her belly and rippled up and down her smooth thighs; her clit was pulsing as his cock ran over it, and her cunt was melting. As he fucked up her cunt hole, his mighty prick pumped out heavy streamers of cunt juice from her pussy slot. The slippery fuck juice poured down her crotch into the crack of her ass. He fed the cock meat to her pussy with wild abandon.

Cathy was going absolutely wild now, slamming her heels against his ass and twisting her body into impossible angles. Her pussy clung to his cock.

“Ahhh!” she cried.

The long waves of climax coursed in a mighty surge across her belly and into her loins, and her cunt opened up and turned to cream as she came again and again in a series of orgasms that followed so quickly one upon the other that they soon merged and blended and became one solitary, prolonged climax that seemed to turn her whole being to cunt juice and fire and electric spasms of ecstasy.

Carl’s big prick felt incandescent now. He fucked his cock up her cunt and, moaning with the sensation, blew a massive load of spunk deep into her fuck hole.

He shot so hard that his ass rebounded on the recoil, then his prick rammed back into her cunt. He fucked in again. A second geyser of cum hosed her pussy, spurting out in a thick, creamy jet.

He blew so much spunk up her pussy that it came flooding out, blended with her cunt juice, as he withdrew. Ribbons of cum curled down her thighs.

He was still coming. He plowed in and hosed her pussy guts with a third jolt of cum and then a fourth, filling her fuck hole to the very brim.

At last, his balls were drained. He felt hollow and empty and spent.

Cathy felt the same. She slowly dropped back onto the desk. Her cunt continued to work on his prick for a little while as she worked off the final spasms of her orgasm. They smiled at each other, and in those smiles was a tacit agreement.

They decided to fuck all day.


Not knowing that her husband was fucking his teenaged secretary with regularity and gusto, Elizabeth was not really serious as she thought about seducing Jimmy Martin.

The idea was pleasing, thrilling, even, and she enjoyed fantasizing about it, in all the juicy, graphic details — what he would say, how he would look, the involuntary moaning and whimpering her caresses would bring forth, and especially, how his sweet, virgin cock would swell and throb and spurt!

But the faithful wife had no intention of acting upon her lascivious musings. The erotic idea had been part of her self-gratification — after all, a woman had, to think about something while she finger-fucked herself, didn’t she? — no more than that. But she was still thinking about the handsome teen, less with lust now that she had come, but with dreamy speculation.

She would have been truly thrilled, had she known that young Jimmy was thinking about her, as well.

Jimmy was still a virgin, in fact, although it was a condition which he hated and wanted to rid himself of at the first opportunity. He was desperate with his burgeoning puberty. He jerked off at least twice a day, often more, and he thought about his sexy neighbor, Elizabeth Tremayne, quite often as his fist sped up and down on his swollen cock meat.

He often watched the older woman as she moved in the adjacent yard, and sometimes he could get a glimpse of her — a tantalizing glimpse that brought his prick into his fist without delay — as she passed by the windows of her bedroom or living room, or all the more provocative for being faint, all the more thrilling because it hinted at what he could not see, when she was standing behind the frosted glass of the bathroom window. Was she naked, perhaps? About to stand under the shower or climb into a soapy tub? Oh, how he would have loved to shower her with jism, to coat her with his foamy cum!

Jimmy had felt a couple of girls up, in the movies and in the corridor at school, after a dance. He had squeezed tit, both outside and inside a bra, and once a naughty girl had allowed him to have a feel of her hot pussy. But that was as far as his experience extended. He had never known the joy of having a girl even touch his naked prick, let alone fucking his cock into a cunt or a mouth.

He thought about the girls at school when he jacked off.

But mostly he thought about Elizabeth Tremayne. She was a married woman! She was no doubt getting well fucked every night! Jimmy found that a far more satisfying masturbatory fantasy than thinking about virgin girls who had never so much as touched his fucker.

Today, as he cut the grass, he had seen Elizabeth as she looked out her bedroom window.

Had the youth known what Elizabeth had been thinking, he would have come in his pants, on the spot. Not knowing, he still began to get a throbbing hard-on that was in need of attention. He tried to ignore it, but his cock kept getting bigger and harder and hotter. He guessed he had better jack it off, or else he was liable to cream in his jeans. He put the lawn mower back in the tool, shed.

He was tempted to jack off in the sheet.

But then he had a better idea. Elizabeth was no longer at her bedroom window. Maybe she had gone to the bathroom — naked, of course — and he could get a look at her silhouette on the frosted glass if he sought a vantage point in the bushes that extended along the common pound behind the houses on that street. He liked to jerk off in the open air. It was more refreshing and he could let his jism fly where it would, without having to mop up afterwards, as he did in the house or the shed.

Once, from the bushes, Jimmy had seen Mrs. Tremayne sunbathing in her back yard. Oh, what a glorious sight! She had been rubbing suntan lotion into the flesh of her inner thighs and he had whipped his prick out and shot his wad on the first stroke — and then kept right on jerking away until he came a second time, spraying the sticky cum all over the leaves and branches and fertilizing the grass with the deluge.

Walking bent over, to conceal his hard-on in case anyone happened to be looking, the horny teen went back to the line of thick bushes and neatly spaced trees. He was hidden from sight in the undergrowth and could beat his meat with impunity in the dappled greenery.

He moved along until he had a view of the bathroom window of the Tremayne house. She didn’t seem to be in there. He was saddened and disheartened. He vowed to wait for a while, hoping to catch a shadowy outline of her body before he jacked off.

But his cock was raging with need.

He decided he would jack off once and, then wait. If he saw her behind that opaque window, he was damned well certain that he’d feel like beating his cock off again. He knelt down on the grass and opened his fly. His cock rushed out like a steel spring uncoiling, the cock knob glistening and dripping. It was, Jimmy knew, a big cock. He’d compared it to the cocks of the other guys his age, in gym class and in the showers, and his prick was as big as any and bigger than most. It was as long as the prick on the center on the basketball team, even — and that athletic teen was almost seven feet tall. So Jimmy was very satisfied with his big fucker.

If only he had some soft, hot, juicy place in which to empty his desperate and lonely fuck tool! He folded his fist around the hilt and began to stroke his cock up and down in a steady rhythm.

He kept his eyes shied on Elizabeth’s bathroom window.

Which was why he did not see Brenda Dimbleby approach…

Brenda — nicknamed Dimples — was very well developed for her age, with small but pert tits, a well-packed and she had a way of walking with her loins sort of tucked in, almost swaybacked. The girl was, like Jimmy, a virgin.

Unlike Jimmy however, she was in no great hurry to get rid of her cherry. She had some vague idea that she might keep it until she was married — although her convictions were not absolutely firm on that. She was popular and had quite a few dates. She allowed guys to feel her tits if they took her out more than twice, although she had only let one guy finger-fuck her and had never jerked a guy off.

Brenda was quite innocent, really, although she was pretty sure that she was going to very much enjoy fucking, once she got started. As far as when that was, well, she would play it by ear — or, more to the point, by cunt — and let fate and circumstance decree. She had an idea that it was proper to start heavy petting and mutual masturbation before she went an to more serious things, like fucking and sucking. She played with her own pussy quite often and enjoyed coming.

Brenda lived in the house on the other side of the Tremaynes’ from Jimmy’s home and, therefore, shared the same greenery at the back. This morning, her mother had been nagging her to clean her room and she didn’t feel like it so she had sneaked out, the back door and walked down to the trees and bushes, intending to hide until her mother forgot about it.

She wasn’t feeling horny that morning, nor was she thinking about things of a sexual nature.

Not until she saw Jimmy jacking off.

Then it came over her in a hot flash, a wave of lust that flooded her nubile loins with urgency and need.

Why, that naughty guy! she thought: Oh, what a lovely big prick he has!

She slipped behind a tree and peeked out, wanting very much to observe the act to the conclusion, to see the horny teen squirt his jism all over the bushes.

Jimmy was kneeling, head and shoulders thrust back and belly thrust out. His prick stood out hugely and his fist ran up and down the cock lance rapidly. He was evidently enjoying the sensation, Brenda thought, because he was smiling. She fixed her gaze on the swollen, purple head of his cock, waiting eagerly to see it blossom with jism. Although she’d never watched a guy shoot off, she had a good idea that it was going to be a truly thrilling spectacle.

Brenda was wearing a sun dress.

As she peered around the tree, she suddenly realized that she had cupped her hand over her crotch automatically and was giving her excited pussy a nice squeeze.

Well, why not? What better time was there for a girl to masturbate than while she spied on a guy beating his cock meat?

But she didn’t want to cream in her panties or to get cunt juice on her dress. She raised the hem of the flower-patterned sun dress and tugged her bikini panties down around her thighs. The elastic stretched tight, like a hobble, as her legs parted. She cupped her cunt mound again, naked this time, and began to rub and squeeze. Her clit seemed to explode in her hand and she gave a little gasp of pleasure…

And Jimmy heard that gasp!

The teen looked around quickly, giving Brenda no time to duck back out of sight. When he saw her peering around the tree, he turned bright red and trembled with shame.

He looked down, as if to make sure that he had been doing what he thought he had been doing — and blushed even deeper as he saw that, sure enough, his cock was in his hand.

He was still stroking his prick, in fact. Despite his horrible embarrassment at getting caught, he was so used to jacking off that his hand had continued to pump merrily away even after he had spotted Brenda.

Now he forced that hand to stop pumping his cock.

His fist ground to a reluctant halt, like a train grinding to a stop on the tracks. His prick remained hard, a fat tower of prick meat jutting out from his stationary hand.

He was trying to stuff his cock back in his pants.

His cock was too big and rigid to fit. It hurt when he tried to bend it. He grimaced with pain and groaned with mortification.

Then he noticed that Brenda was grinning. At least, she isn’t shocked, he thought. She hadn’t run off in horror or started screaming.

“Hi, Jimmy,” Brenda said, friendly as could be.

Jimmy, flustered, nodded at the girl. He saw that she was staring right at his hard-on and that there was something strangely akin to interest in her eyes. There seemed to be a bit of regret, as well.

It was true. The girl was sorry that she had interrupted Jimmy’s jacking off by her involuntary gasp of pleasure. She was disappointed for she had been looking forward to watching him shoot his cum-load. She was normally rather a shy girl, but she felt bold today. After all, it was Jimmy who had been caught abusing himself. Why should she feel embarrassed?

“Don’t let me interrupt anything, Jimmy — you can go ahead and finish what you were doing.”

He gaped at her in amazement.

“Go ahead,” she urged.

“I — well, I can’t — with you watching!”

Brenda frowned. She guessed it was a case of the observer affecting the observed, like she’d learned in science class. But she was very disappointed. Then she brightened. Again she reasoned that she had nothing at all, under the circumstances, to be ashamed of.

“It’s okay — I was, too,” she said.

And she moved out from behind the tree and let the amazed guy see that her skirt was up, her panties down and her hand cupped over her pussy. Jimmy gulped as he gazed at his first naked pussy. His hand gave his prick a pull, automatically.

Brenda moved closer, walking awkwardly with her panties down around, her thighs and her cunt in her hand.

Jimmy couldn’t believe it!

Little Dimples Dimbleby, who he’d always thought of as a sort of tomboy, had been rubbing her cunt and watching him jerk off — and wanted to continue! He saw, too, that she was certainly no longer a tomboy. Her plump tits were thrusting out and — he gulped — the hand that was holding her pussy was slippery with cunt juice! The creamy stuff had welled up in her palm and was dripping over the edges of her hand.

Now Jimmy saw that he, like Brenda, had no reason to be embarrassed by a situation that was mutual.

Brenda came over to kneel beside him.

“You can watch me if I can watch you,” she said.

Jimmy nodded quickly. She giggled.

“Oh, this is naughty,” she said. “So deliciously naughty!”

All the girl’s inhibitions had fled now.

She could feel the heat of his prick wafting onto her bare belly, as if it were a flaming torch that he held in his hand. Her cunt, too felt as if it would ignite. She wanted Jimmy to have a real good look at her pussy. She knew that her own caresses would feel a lot nicer, with his eyes adding to the thrill.

Jimmy as not moving, just holding his fucker by the root and staring at the girl.

She tugged her panties all the way down and pulled them from her feet. She sat back, knees raised and legs apart, so that he could look right at her creamy cunt. His gaze seemed to burn into her like a laser. She felt her open cunt slot flood with fuck juice. She thought that she could have an orgasm like that, caressed only by his eyes.

And Jimmy thought her pussy was the most delightful thing that he’d ever seen. Her cunt slit was parted into a wide oval, filled with pussy cream, like a pool in a hairy glen. Her clit was as stiff as a bullet and throbbing.

Brenda pushed her middle finger up her cunt hole. Her cunt sucked on it.

Jimmy whimpered at the sight and the sound of her finger-fucking.

“You, too!” she urged.

The sex-crazed youth gave his prick a slow push-pull, causing the prick knob to flare out on the downstroke. Brenda pushed her finger up. Jimmy stroked his cock. They watched one another in a positive awe.

Do I dare ask? the guy wondered.

He didn’t want to frighten her off. He’d rather watch than nothing, but if she were willing.

“Want to jerk me off, Dimples?” he asked. The guy need not have been worried. “What a good idea!” the girl cried enthusiastically.

Encouraged, Jimmy said, “You jerk me off, first, then after I come, I’ll finger-fuck you! Okay?”

“Ummm — what fun!”

She was so eager and willing that Jimmy began to wonder if she might be game for more. Why, she might even let him fuck her! She might even given him a blow-job!

But he didn’t want to ruin things by pushing her too fast. He figured he would settle for a hand-job, his first time, and see if it might lead to further mutual encounters.

“I’ve never jerked a guy off before,” she said, wide-eyed and eager. “Does that stuff shoot far?”

“Pretty far,” he said.

“I don’t want to ruin my dress,” she said, frowning slightly. Jimmy was terrified that she might change her mind.

“You can point it away from you!”

But Brenda grinned. “No, I’ve a better idea — I’ll take my dress off! That way you can shoot all over my belly and tits, without getting my dress slimy!”

“What a clever girl you are,” Jimmy sighed, thankfully.

Brenda unfastened her sun dress and slipped out of t. She took her bra off. Her tits were delightful, Jimmy thought. They looked like succulent fruit just begging to be sucked. She slid closer to him, positioning herself so that his upward-angled cock was aimed right at her pert, stiff-tipped tits. Her face was tilted forwards and down and she kept looking at his cock head, gazing at him over the full slopes of her own bosom. She thought his cock looked like a cannon, ready to fire a volley at her — and she was more than ready to receive fire.

She reached out with her left hand, palm upwards, and cupped his bloated balls, lifting slightly, as if trying to ascertain how heavy a load of spunk they contained.

Jimmy moaned.

She touched the head of his cock with her other hand, running her fingers over the prick tip.

Oh! Cocks feel lovely! she thought. She had tried to imagine what a hard prick might feel like, and she wasn’t disappointed. She fingered the cock knob for a few moments, then moved her hand down and enclosed his prick shaft in her fist. She skimmed up and down, lightly, just brushing over his cock at first. Then she tightened her grip and began to pull his cock meat up and down with enthusiasm. She arched her slim back, pushing her tits closer — moving the target towards the gun.

Jimmy began to play with her tits and pull at her stiff nipples as she stroked his cock.

“Ummm — I can’t wait for you to shoot,” she purred. “I want to feel your cock go off in my hand — and feel all that hot, thick jism splash on my belly and tits, Jimmy.”

“It won’t be long,” he rasped through clenched teeth, as the thrill began to swirl through his belly and balls. His hips moved, humping in and out, fucking his cock through her fist.

Her hand flew up and down impatiently as she urgently tried to milk his cock and balls onto her tits. “Here it comes!” he wailed.

His whole body was vibrating. Brenda felt his balls expand in her cupped left hand, then blow. She felt his prick flare as the cum-load rushed up it. Then the sweet cum was squirting from his cock head as if it were a firehose.

His first heavy geyser of cum landed on her flat stomach and skidded up in foamy sheets, running all around the globes of her tits and seeping into the cleavage between them.

Brenda whimpered with joy and leaned closer, so that his second powerful jet of jism splattered right into her nipples.

His third cum-blast splashed into the hollow of her throat and ran back down to join the previous deluge on her tits.

She kept pumping his prick until she had drained his balls.

“Oh, that was exciting!” she cried happily. “It sure felt good,” he agreed. Who would have thought that a hand-job would be so much better, simply because the hand belonged to someone else? He was amazed at how empty his balls were — but he knew, in the potency of his youth, that his balls would soon fill up all over again. By the time he’d finished giving her a hand-job he would be ready to come again, he calculated.

And he hoped that Brenda would be willing and would not cool off because she’d got her own orgasm taken care of.

His prick was bowing, but not going soft all the way. The cock knob, rose and fell in front of his belly like a horizontal pendulum, giving promise of a brand new hard-on.

But first, he had some finger-fucking to attend tot, and he found that prospect intriguing.

He reached between her, legs.

Brenda began to squirm even before he’d touched her pussy. He gave a gasp when he felt how hot and wet her pussy was. He started to rub her clit and move his fingers up her cunt slot, and her hips and ass started to grind as she worked her frothy pussy around on his attentive hand.

Cunt juice was already pouring down into the crack of her ass.

Jimmy was just getting into the rhythm of the finger-fucking, just about to tilt his wrist and push his middle finger up her cunt hole.

Suddenly, Brenda gasped. Her eyes snapped open wide.

Jimmy turned, following her gaze — and both of the teenagers gaped in horror as they saw Elizabeth Tremayne standing in the trees, watching them.


Elizabeth had seen Jimmy put the lawn mower away and go down to the line of trees and bushes behind the row of houses. She had no idea why he had gone there, of course, but she had an impulsive urge to walk back there herself and, as if by accident, run into him. Elizabeth lied no intention of letting anything happen between them. But she thought it would be kind of exciting just to talk to the young man, maybe say something just a bit risque, tell a naughty joke or refer to something erotic, just to see how the teen would react. She figured it would be amusing to see the young man worked up — innocently of course.

She began to get dressed.

She figured it would be best to wear something sexy and decided on an out-of-date miniskirt which she hadn’t worn in years. She was not, after all, trying to look fashionable.

She started to put on her panties.

Then, grinning impishly, Elizabeth stopped. She would not wear any panties today! She would wear the very short skirt with nothing on underneath and, if she could manage it without making it too obvious, she might be able to give the teen a look at her cunt! Just a quick flash, she thought. She would make it seem accidental and innocent — bending down to pick something up, perhaps, or reaching up to a low branch, or maybe sitting on the grass and letting her thighs part for a moment.

She thought that it would be really exciting to see the guy stare at her naked pussy, pretending that she was aware of his interest, imagining how he was feeling. He might even get a hard-on, she figured — and how thrilling that would be. She could just imagine him rushing home to jack off after he’d glimpsed her cunt. She might even have to give herself another hand-job, thinking about Jimmy jerking off, afterwards. Elizabeth was delighted with her plan.

She had no intention of doing anything more, of course. It would all be just slightly naughty, erotic but basically innocent.

She stepped into the miniskirt, without wearing panties. Then she chose a pale silk blouse that buttoned down the front and put it on without wearing a bra. She left the top three buttons undone and looked in the mirror to judge the effect her garb would have on a horny teenager. Her tits were exposed almost to the nipples and she grinned at her reflection, pleased by her appearance and by her scheme.

She went out the back door and strolled down to the trees, acting as if she were merely out to get some fresh air and had no idea anyone else might be around.

She moved as quietly as she could, thinking that perhaps she could find a place to sit down — with her legs apart and her naked cunt exposed — and let the guy stumble upon her.

She heard a giggle, then low conversation.

Elizabeth frowned. He must have met one of his friends there, and she was not at all sure that she wanted to go flashing her cunt at the whole neighborhood. Still letting two or three guys look at her pussy, the idea was not unattractive.

Then she realized that one of the voices was a girl’s.

That brought up a brand new possibility, and a thrilling one. Maybe Jimmy was necking or petting with a girlfriend in those secluded bushes! Maybe she could spy on them. Instead of letting Jimmy get a look at her cunt, maybe she could get a look at his prick!

She advanced cautiously through the trees and shrubbery.

Then she saw them and gulped. It was far better than she had hoped for. She stood still and watched as Brenda Dimbleby — who was not as little as Elizabeth remembered her as being — proceeded to jerk Jimmy off and let him shoot cum on her tits!

The sight brought a flush of fuck-lust to the woman’s loins.

She started to move quietly away, not wanting to embarrass the couple and thinking to go back home and give herself another hand-job while she remembered that thrilling sight. The guy’s cock and balls had spurted so much jism onto the girl’s tits that Elizabeth was more thrilled than even at the thought of such pubescent potency. No man had ever shot that much cum into her eager mouth or willing cunt, and she saw how much she had been missing by never having fucked or sucked off a teenager.

Elizabeth was a cum lover as well as a cock lover. She had always found a sex act more pleasurable if the man fed a huge cum-load to her at the climax. Some men only dribbled a bit of jism into her pussy, and that was always frustrating for, even if she had had an orgasm, herself, it was a disappointment not to pull plenty of fuck juice from him. If she was sucking cock, a mere trickle only whetted her appetite. And if she was fucking, that scant measure only heated her pussy more. There was obviously no danger of a diminutive discharge of jizz from lusty Jimmy, and she began to desire the teen more and more.

Just as she started to slip away, she hesitated.

Now Jimmy had started to finger-fuck Brenda.

Elizabeth wanted to watch that, too.

The sexy girl’s nubile body fascinated her. Elizabeth had never made love to another woman, nor had she ever felt the urge. The thought of having some horny old dyke slurping away on her pussy left her cold. But it was different with a girl, she realized. She could take real joy in gazing at that sleek, smooth body and imagining how it would feel.

Was Brenda a virgin? She thought it likely. If Brenda fucked, why would the two teenagers be bothering with hand-jobs? And the thought that the girl was cherry made her seem all the more desirable to Elizabeth. The older woman was surprised at her own feelings, for she had never felt that way before but she could not deny the fact. She would have loved to take those plump tits in her hands, fondling them and pulling the nipples. She would have loved to suck those tits! Oh, to take a sweet virgin to bed, to cuddle and caress, kiss and fondle, press together belly to belly and thigh to thigh — to slip her hand between those slender thighs and cup that juicy pussy. Maybe even… she wasn’t sure… maybe she would even want to suck the girl’s cunt.

Elizabeth was amazed at herself for thinking that, but no sooner had she thought it than she realized that was just what she would want to do. She would get the girl hot and juicy with her hands, and the girl’s excitement would pass into her own body so that she was just as hot, herself. And she would want to move down and use her tongue on the girl’s cunt!

She would want to lick her and suck her pussy until she creamed!

It would be as good as seducing a guy.

The girl would whimper with every bit as much fuck-lust.

What does cunt juice taste like? Elizabeth wondered, getting carried away with her dark desires. Is it adultery to suck a cunt, as it would be to suck a cock?

She saw Brenda arch her slim back, thrusting her tits out. Elizabeth’s hands itched for a feel of those firm tit mounds. Her mouth was watering for a taste of the stiff nipples and a taste of the frothy cunt slot between her unblemished thighs.

It was just a fantasy, of course.

Just as she would not really have seduced Jimmy, she would not really consider seducing Brenda.

But what a lovely fantasy it was! Elizabeth had gotten so carried away with her thoughts that she didn’t realize she had moved out of concealment, as she shifted position to get a better look at the couple. She saw Jimmy’s finger start to fuck up Brenda’s sodden pussy. She saw the guy’s jism glistening and congealing on her belly and tits. Oh, how wonderful it would be to lick that cum off, of the girl’s tits! To lap cum off hot, tender tit flesh, to have the best of both a boy and girl at the same time — maybe even to suck the guy’s jism right out of Brenda’s soaking pussy!

It was still just harmless fantasy.

Then the couple saw her standing there…

They pulled quickly apart.

“Oh, golly!” Brenda gasped.

“Jeez.” Jimmy said.

They both looked mortified. Jimmy was stuffing his prick back into his pants with both hands, and Brenda was reaching for her sun dress and holding it in front of her nakedness.

Elizabeth had no desire to embarrass them. She smiled in a friendly fashion.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I had no idea you were here. I didn’t mean to interfere with your fun.”

“Well, you won’t tell my mom what we were doing, will you, Mrs. Tremayne?” asked Brenda, starting to tremble.

“Mine, neither!” Jimmy squawked.

He didn’t care about his dad, who was a randy old guy, himself, and would no doubt be proud to know his son was horny, but he sure as hell didn’t want his mother to know. His mother had told him that self abuse causes blindness — and then she had taken him to the optometrist to have his eyes checked. She was that sort of woman. Jimmy had been heartily pleased when the doctor said he did not need eyeglasses. No had believed his mother, in those innocent years, and had an idea that, were he to wear spectacles, everyone would point at him and laugh.

“Why, I wouldn’t dream of it,” Elizabeth said. “I like to see people enjoying themselves.”

When she realized what she’d said, Elizabeth blushed.

But both of them were blushing so hard themselves that they failed to notice.

And then Elizabeth had a truly thrilling idea.

“It’s normal and healthy for young people to-to do what you were doing. You don’t have to be ashamed. But it’s a shame that you don’t have a more comfortable place to fool around.”

Seeing that the woman had such a tolerant attitude, Jimmy and Brenda felt less uncomfortable.

Brenda said: “Gee, we never did it before. We just happened to meet by accident. And…” She grinned and glanced at Jimmy with an impish look. “And Jimmy was playing with himself and it got me worked up, so I just decided to join.”

“Quite right,” Elizabeth agreed. Then she pretended to have a sudden idea. “You know, you lovers are perfectly welcome to come to my house,” she told them. “I mean, if you want to — sit on the couch, say, and kiss and cuddle and pet — I’d be happy to allow it.”

They gaped at her in amazement. What a wonderful woman!

“I’d leave you alone, of course,” Elizabeth said. “And you could do whatever you liked.”

Jimmy and Brenda looked at each other. “You wanna?” he asked. “Okay,” she said, flushed now with excitement. It seemed naughtier to do things in a house than in the woods. More serious and more sensual. Being naughtier, it was also more exciting.

They both turned to Elizabeth and nodded.

“Gee, you’re so nice,” Brenda said. “It’s awful kind of you,” said Jimmy. “Oh, it’s my pleasure,” Elizabeth responded.

Elizabeth felt faint with lust. The thought of having these two delectable teens fucking in her house was thrilling. She was determined not to seduce either one of them herself, and by playing the hostess for their fucking she could be an innocent put of it.

She might eves get a chance to sneak a look in at them!

Oh, what a lowly thought! Yes, she would arrange it so that she could watch them, secretly. Would they just give each other hand-jobs she wondered, or would they, in the safety and comfort — of a house, do more? Would she suck his cock? Would they even fuck?

Elizabeth thought so.

She wanted to spy on them and finger-fuck herself while she watched their fucking. Slit wanted it so much that her mouth was watering and her clit was flooding.

“Will you come home with me now, then?” she asked them, finding it hard to keep her own emotions from registering in her voice, wanting to seem merely agreeable, rather than excited.

“Okay,” Brenda said.

She jumped up and started to put her dress on. Elizabeth stared hard at her sweet, smooth body. Lucky Jimmy! she thought. Then she stared at the huge cock-bulge in Jimmy’s pants and she thought: Lucky Brenda, too!

She wished it were possible for her to join them in their lovemaking. She wanted to seduce both of them, one at a time and then both at once, to make them moan and pant and whimper — and come.

Oh, how she wanted to make them come!

Well, that just was not possible, for she was a faithful married woman — but she could enjoy the next best thing. She could watch, rubbing her cunt to a froth, while the lovers made each other come.

Brenda had her dress on.

“All set?” Elizabeth asked.

“We sure are,” said Jimmy.

The three of them strolled, pretending to be casual, back across the lawn to Elizabeth’s house…


Elizabeth ushered the two horny teenagers into the living room. She adjusted the blinds, as if making the lighting more romantic but, in fact, making sure that there would be enough illumination for her to see all the juicy details when the lovers began to fondle one another.

They were standing in the middle of the room, looking sort of shy but also exchanging promissory glances, hinting with their eyes at what their willing and eager hands would soon be doing. At least their hands.

Elizabeth reached up to the cord and as she felt her miniskirt rise, remembered that she was naked underneath. She had forgotten all about her previous plan to expose her pussy, now that she was looking forward to playing the voyeur, instead of the exhibitionist. But there was no reason why she could not enjoy a moment of the other, as well.

She wanted them both to see her hot cunt.

She moved to the couch and, pretending to be adjusting the cushions, bent over.

Her miniskirt rode up to her ass. Her legs were apart. She knew they could see her crotch as she moved the cushions about, taking her time. She stole a glance over her shoulder.

Jimmy was staring right between her legs, his eyes wide and the cock-bulge in his pants writhing wildly at the sight, Brenda, top, was looking and there was a definite, if undefined, look of interest in the girl’s eyes as she looked at Elizabeth’s cunt, while her own cunt was burning.

I’ll bet she’s wondering about making love with another girl, thought Elizabeth. She’s probably never thought about it before — just as I hadn’t until today — but with her pussy all worked up, the sight of my creamy cunt just has to give her ideas.

Elizabeth really hoped so.

She lingered there as long as she could, letting them get a good look at her ass and cunt, without making it obvious that she was deliberately exposing herself. As she leaned over she undid another button on her blouse so that, when she turned around, one fat tit slipped through the opening and they got a glimpse of her taut nipple, too.

“Well, I’ll leave you to it, kids,” she said, playing the gracious host, all unaware that her tit was out. “Have fun!” She winked. “And don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

Elizabeth smiled and left the room.

Jimmy and Brenda looked at each other eagerly.

As soon as she had closed the door, Elizabeth spun about and dropped to her knees, placing her eye to the key hole. She had a good view of the couch from there — although she would have preferred to be a whole lot closer to the action. She cupped one hand over her cunt mound and settled down to wait and watch, enthusiastic over her voyeuristic arrangements.

“Mrs. Tremayne didn’t have any panties on,” Jimmy said.

The couple were approaching the couch.

“I noticed,” Brenda giggled. “I think maybe she got kind of hot, seeing what we were doing — her cunt was awfully wet.”

“Do you think she’s sort of a pervert?” he asked.

“Well, a nice one, if she is.”

Elizabeth was pleased by this praise.

“You know, I bet she let us see her pussy and tit on purpose,” Jimmy was speculating. “I bet she gets her jollies by flashing her cunt at innocent guys!”

“And girls!” Brenda added.

Then they were on the couch and stopped discussing their hostess.

“You know,” Brenda said, “we never even kissed! Imagine that? I never thought that I would jerk off a guy I hadn’t kissed.”

Jimmy drew her to him to rectify the omission. Brenda tilted her pretty face to the side and their lips met, lightly at first, then they began to grind their mouths together. Brenda’s lips parted. Jimmy pushed his tongue into her mouth, and she sucked on it. They swapped tongues back and forth, beginning to pant heavily as the kiss stimulated their desires.

At the keyhole, Elizabeth’s lips and tongue worked just as if she were joining magically in with that passionate kiss.

Jimmy was feeling Brenda’s pert tits.

Brenda was rubbing Jimmy’s cock and balls through his pants.

He pulled her dress up and began to nib her sodden cunt. She opened her legs wide, squirming her pussy on his hand.

“Oh! Let’s take all our clothing off!” the girl cried, getting really carried away with the situation.

It was silly not to take full advantage of the fact that they were together in the security of a house, where no one would happen to stumble upon them by accident, as in the woods. Brenda knew that it might be dangerous — that, naked together, they might go too far and actually wind up fucking — but she was so hot that the thought of losing her cherry did not distress her. It was naughty to let a guy fuck her on a first date, however. She figured it would be better if they just fooled around today and arranged to fuck tomorrow, the way a chute girl would.

Jimmy tore at his clothing.

Brenda fairly ripped hers off.

Stark naked, they kissed again, mouths grinding and tongues flashing back and forth. Jimmy groped and caressed her smooth, nubile body, his hands wandering from tit to ass to pussy. Brenda rubbed and stroked his prick, not actually pumping his prick now, for she was enjoying this petting session and didn’t want to bring it to a premature conclusion by milking his cum-load out too soon. Lowering his head, Jimmy began to suck on her tits and to run his hot tongue up her smooth soft cleavage. These were brand new experiences for both of them and they were rising to wild heights of fuck-lust.

So was Elizabeth.

She didn’t know which was turning her on more — the sight of Jimmy’s hard, male body or that of Brenda’s unblemished teenage perfection.

Her mouth was watering for both of them. It was only natural that she should want to suck his prick and have his cum bubble out into her mouth, of course, but she was a bit surprised at realizing that she was drooling with every bit as much desire at the thought of tonguing the girl’s creamy cunt. Surprised — but not at all alarmed. Variety was the spice of live, after all, and that sweet pussy looked terribly spicy and it wasn’t as if it was some horrid old dyke’s cunt. It was a sweet virgin cunt and, besides, she assured herself, it was just a fantasy — she would never really do a thing like that!

Elizabeth pushed three fingers up her slippery pussy gash and moved them around in her hot fuck hole.

Then she brought her fingers to her mouth and licked them.

Cunt juice was delicious, she realized. If pussy juice was so lovely, even delivered by hand, how yummy the stuff must be lapped up, all hot and bubbling, right out of a cunt! Oh, I am ever so naughty! she thought — and the thought pleased her greatly. She continued to finger-fuck her cunt and lick the cunt juice from her fingers as she watched the lovemaking progress in the other room.

Brenda was rubbing Jimmy’s prick around on her belly and tits and moving the prick knob through her curly cunt hair. Pre-cum flowed out, leaving a slimy trail on her flesh.

She thumbed the cock knob, causing thick globs of the stuff to ooze out. She rubbed the fuck juice onto her tits and nipples. Jimmy squirmed up, starting to hump as if he were fucking her.

“Wanna do it?” he rasped.

“Oh, we mustn’t — not on a first date,” she protested.

Had he coaxed her just a bit, Brenda would not have had the willpower to resist and would have let him fuck her without delay, but he was not experienced in the ways of girls, and did not realize that. Nor did he want to risk endangering this handy arrangement by trying to proceed too fast. But he’d already had a hand-job off her and he wanted more, or at least something different, for his second climax.

“Can I fuck you between the tits?” he asked eagerly.

His prick was already wallowing around in her cleavage and the girl smiled at the request, pointless as it seemed.

“Of course, Jimmy,” she purred. “I’d like that.”

She arched her slim back and thrust her tits out. Jimmy knelt beside her, his cock angled upward. Brenda cupped her tits together, deepening the cleavage, and the horny youth began to run his prick up and down through that smooth tunnel, depositing a trail of glistening spunk along her breastbone and up to the hollow of her throat. Brenda’s face was tilted down. She was watching his cock head come squeezing out from between her tits, then vanishing back into the cleavage. The bloated, purple cock tip was coated with jism now, and she licked her lips.

She wanted to taste it!

The girl hesitated. She wasn’t sure what Jimmy would think of her, if she did a thing like that. She knew that some of the girls at school had got bad reputations by sucking cocks. But Jimmy was a nice guy, who was not the sort to tell anyone what she had done, she figured — a nice guy who deserved a nice suck.

She glanced up at his passion-twisted face. “Shall I lick it, Jimmy?” she whispered.

“Oh! Yeah!” he cried.

“Oh! Yes?” Elizabeth whispered from the keyhole, wanting very much to see the sexy girl tongue that big hunk of hot prick meat. And wishing she could have that treat, herself.

“I’ve never licked a cock,” Brenda said, sounding shy, wanting Jimmy to know that she was not that sort of girl — until now.

But reputation be damned, his prick looked too succulent to pass up. She pushed her tongue out. As the head of his cock came plowing up from between her tits, she gave the cock tip a slurp, laying and lapping. He groaned, holding the thrust while she tongued him, then drawing down. Her tongue fluttered even after his cock was tucked back between her tits. There was a film of jism on her tongue and the rare flavor, thrilled her to the core. Cum tasted even better then it looked! She resolved, with her first lick, that she was going to be a steadfast cocksucker from then on.

His cockhead squeezed out from between her tits.

Brenda lapped his prick tip.

He drew back and surged up higher. This time she let the cock tip meet her lips, kissing it, and then she slowly let her lips part, taking the head of his cock into her mouth. Jimmy moaned and whimpered. He stopped fucking her between the tits and commenced fucking her in the mouth. Brenda took the mouthful of cock willingly. He placed one hand behind her head, urging her to bob up and down.

She took the hint and her head rose and fell rhythmically on his towering fuck tool. The fat cock knob was running right back into her gullet as he plunged in and, as he withdrew, she sucked through every tasty inch of the meaty cock lance. Her saliva was running down his prick shaft, mixed with thick globs of jism. She held his balls in one hand and began to lash her nimble tongue back and forth against the fat, pulsating vein that ran up the underside of his prick and merged put into the flaring cock knob.

“Can I — shoot in your mouth?” the frantic guy gasped.

“Ummm,” Brenda said encouragingly. The preliminary taste of jism had whetted her appetite for cum and she had never wanted anything as much as she wanted to drink his full cum-load.

“Unghh,” she gasped, as his swollen fucker clogged her gullet. Her compressed lips pulled up the cock stalk, collaring the burning crown.

Little spurts of spunk were shooting onto her tongue and into her cheeks now, not a full ejaculation but a creamy hint of what was to come. She knew how much of the precious stuff his balls held, having jacked him off on her tits, and she lusted for that mouthful of jizz. She was sucking with determination and natural, instinctive skill, the even motion of her tongue and lips designed to milk his cock. Pearls of jism clung to her lips. A trickle of cloudy come ran down her chin.

“Come! Come! Come!” she wailed, the repeated word muffled on his prick meat, but her meaning clear, her cock-hunger definite, her desire evident. Jimmy felt a wave of tremendous fuck lust wash through him at these words — at the knowledge that this sexy girl was every bit as eager to drink his jism as he was to feed it to her.

“Here… it… comes!” he groaned.

Brenda sucked ecstatically. Suddenly his wad burst in her throat with such force that her head rocked back and her lips almost slipped off his cock head. She gulped the thick slime down and pushed her mouth back down his cock in time to milk a second mighty spurt of cum from his churning prick. She was swallowing his savory jism as fast as she could, but his cum-load was huge. Jism overflowed her lips and ran down her chin and down his cock shaft, onto his balls. He kept fucking into her face and she kept sucking as working in unison, they got every last drop of his cum pumped out.

Jimmy, drained, stopped fucking her mouth.

Brenda retained his spent prick in her mouth for a few moments, sucking avidly on the softening prick meat, getting a last taste of his cock as she swallowed the last drops of his cum. She pulled away. His cock knob popped from her lips like a cork from a bottle. Grinning, with sparkling lips and glowing eyes, she used her tongue to gather up the stray spunk that had run down onto his cock and balls.

“Oh, that was lovely,” she purred.

Jimmy seemed to be in shock, dazed by the extent of his climax, as if he had shot his brains out through his prick.

Brenda took his hand drew it to her hot cunt.

With her mouth — satisfied her pussy needed some attention now — not much, however, for she was so hot that she was all set to melt at the first touch.

Jimmy began to rub her cunt and clit. He figured that he owed her a climax, and would generously provide it.

It didn’t occur to him that he might have returned the favor in kind, using his tongue on her pussy.

Nor did that occur to Brenda, for she was a girl who had not given much thought to such delicacies as cunt sucking and therefore, did not expect him to.

But it sure as hell occurred to Elizabeth.

Jimmy wasn’t going to give her head! Surely the sexy girl wanted to get her pussy licked? Surely she needed some tongue? Elizabeth, flushed fiery hot with lust, was almost tempted to rush into the room, push Jimmy and his spent cock out of the way, and go down on the girl. She had to really struggle to prevent herself from doing it. Her cunt was creaming on her hand and shuddering, she worked off the juicy spasms.

On the couch, framed in the keyhole, she saw Brenda begin to vibrate as her pussy, unsucked, creamed on Jimmy’s hand.

Then, both satisfied for the moment, the couple began to get dressed. Elizabeth was a bit disappointed. She would have liked to watch them do more. But on the other hand, she was not sure if she could bear any more voyeuristic thrills without getting some cock or cunt for herself.

Her resolved was weakening.

If one of them leaves before the other, she thought — it doesn’t matter which — I simply must have one of them.

But she did not dare seduce one when the other was there.

She moved away from the door, then came back down the hall, smiling innocently, as if she had been in the kitchen, as the contented couple came out of the front room.

“Have fun?” she asked.

“We sure did,” they both said, together. “Well, you are most welcome to use my house anytime.”

“Tomorrow?” Jimmy asked.

“Certainly,” Elizabeth said.

“Okay,” Brenda said happily. “Tomorrow will be our second date, Jimmy.” She gave him a significant wink.

Elizabeth, desperate with desire, said: “Maybe you shouldn’t be seen leaving together, huh? Someone might get the wrong idea. Well, hardly wrong,” she amended, laughing. “But don’t you think one of you should stay behind for a few minutes?”

Had they known why Elizabeth made that suggestion, either of them would have been more than happy to stay. But they took her words at face value, never dreaming that the sexy housewife wanted to suck both of them off.

“Oh, it’ll be all right,” Jimmy said. “We can go out the back door. No one will take any notice.”

Elizabeth shrugged to conceal her disappointment.

Still, she thought, it’s better this way. I really don’t want to cheat on my husband and I’m so horny right now that I sure as hell would, if I could get either one of these lovers alone.

She walked them to the door.

Brenda’s soft hips brushed against Elizabeth’s, probably by accident, sending a shock of desire up the woman’s flank. Glancing sideways, she saw that the naughty teenaged girl still had jism on her lips. It drove her wild.

“Wait,” Elizabeth said, her voice husky.

Brenda raised her eyebrows.

“You seem to have a suspicious film on your lip, Brenda. Someone might notice.”

Brenda blushed deeply and Jimmy coughed nervously.

Elizabeth put them at their ease with a smile.

“Let me wipe it off for you,” she said. “Oh, I don’t seem to have a tissue — here, hold still…”

Elizabeth, with lust dazing her, leaned down. Her tongue flicked out. She licked Jimmy’s congealed cum from the girl’s sensual lips. She could feel Brenda stiffen in surprise — and then relax. Elizabeth’s tongue ran back and forth across her own lips. Their parted lips met for just a second, not quite kissing.

Elizabeth didn’t dare to carry it any further, afraid that her resistance would crumble and she would start slobbering on the girl just like some horny old lesbian.

When she drew back, Brenda was giving her a peculiar sort of smile, half questioning, half knowing.

Their eyes locked for an instant.

The exchanged glance was provocative and gave promise of vague, undetermined future contact.

Jimmy had been looking on in surprise.

Elizabeth didn’t want the guy to get suspicious.

“And what about your lips, Jimmy?” she asked, turning to him.

But, as she knew, Jimmy’s mouth had not been busy and there was not the slightest trace of cunt juice to be licked away. She gave him a very light peck on the cheek, mainly just to demonstrate that she did not kiss only girls, making a game of the situation.

“See you kids tomorrow, then?” she asked.

“Sure,” Jimmy said.

“Same time?” asked Elizabeth, with a purpose.

She was hoping that one of them would get the idea and, knowing when the other was to arrive, might, show up an hour or so early. Which one? She honestly didn’t care. She had never fucked with a teenaged guy, nor had she fucked with a girl of any age. Both being new to her, both prospects were equally thrilling. The woman was positively wild with passion.

They agreed to arrive at the same time, the next day.

Elizabeth opened the door and they went out, saying goodbye to her — and giving her suggestive looks — and then saying goodbye to each other as they stood on the steps, looking into each other’s eyes in the way that young lovers do.

They turned and walked away in opposite directions, each returning to their respective homes.

Elizabeth stared after Jimmy, admiring his slim physique and athletic stride, then she turned to gaze appreciatively at Brenda’s nubile, bouncy body.

She closed the door and took a deep breath.

That had been close!

She had lost all her willpower. Had one of them stayed behind, she would have seduced her first teenager. In fact, in those final moments at the door, she had almost suggested that they all go to bed together. Oh! They would have thought she was a dreadful pervert, no doubt! They would never have believed that it was the first time for her, as well as for them — and why should they? She was almost old enough to be their mother! She felt like a pervert — but she grinned wickedly, thinking that there was nothing at all dreadful about the feeling.

Her pussy was blazing and her tongue tingled with the faint flavor of the cum she had licked from Brenda’s lips.

Where can I get some cock or cunt? she wondered. What am I thinking? It was all just a game, a little innocent exhibitionism and voyeurism — I’m not going to cheat on Carl. But I’m so horny.

Then she smiled widely. The solution was simplicity itself, and she had been silly not to have thought of it before. She could go down to Carl’s office and get fucked on his couch or on his desk. They had often done that in the fiery early days of their marriage. It was a romantic thought. Carl was not a succulent guy, and he most certainly was not a girl. He was brawny and hairy. But he had a large and lovely prick and a big set of balls — and she could fuck him without committing adultery. Fucking a husband was a very clever way to avoid fucking around on a husband.

That was just what she would do, and right now!

And that was why Elizabeth showed up at the office and caught her husband fucking his teenaged secretary.


Elizabeth telephoned, for a taxi. She didn’t want to drive to town in her own car thinking that Carl might be able to knock off work early and they could go somewhere, and there was no sense in having both cars in town.

She considered putting a bra and panties on, then grinned and decided not to. It was nice to be naked under her dress and she had an idea it might excite Carl to know it, to know without doubt just why she had arrived at his office.

When the taxi arrived, Elizabeth went out and, impulsively, got into the passenger, seat up front, beside the driver. She was feeling really naughty. She had truly enjoyed her little experience of cunt flashing — all just innocent, of course — and as soon as she got in the cab she managed to let her dress slide well up her smooth thighs.

The taxi driver was in no way an attractive man.

But Elizabeth loved the way he looked at her, his lust so obvious that it made her feel all warm and wanted. Nothing made a girl feel sexier, she thought, than the knowledge that she was making a man feel sexy, that a man wanted to fuck her. She crossed her legs. The driver gulped. His knuckles turned white as he gripped the steering wheel hard with both hands. She smiled and wriggled around, legs moving towards him. She knew that he could just get a shadowed glimpse of her pussy as he looked up her dress. His Adam’s apple began to go up and down like a yo-yo and the front of his trousers began to lift with his burgeoning hard-on.

When he reached for the gear lever he grabbed his prick, by mistake, and had actually pushed that carnal rod in the direction of first gear before her realized that he was shifting his own transmission.

It was a perilous journey.

The driver, unable to keep his eyes off her exposed twit, almost hit several other cars, a truck and a telephone pole.

But at last they arrived at Carl’s office building.

Elizabeth gave the driver a ten-dollar bill. He fumbled for change. When he handed it to her she managed to drop a fifty-cent piece on the seat between her legs.

“Now where did that go?” she asked.

Her thighs parted.

“I see it, lady,” he croaked.

He reached down for the coin. The back of his hand brushed against her juicy pussy. He was having some difficulty in picking the coin up, and his hand kept rubbing up and down on her steaming cunt gash.

Elizabeth purred and squirmed against him.

At last, he held the coin up.

The back of his hand was damp with cunt juice. His face was flushed bright red and he was breathing hard.

“You may keep it as a tip,” Elizabeth said, still keeping her slick thighs parted to his avid gaze.

The poor man looked so eager and desperate that Elizabeth, for a moment, toyed with the idea of sucking him off. It would, after all, be the charitable thing to do, especially since it was her own doing that he was in such a sad and needy condition. She had never been a cock-teaser before and felt a bit ashamed of herself. But still, she was determined not to cheat on her husband. Besides, the cab driver was no smooth, hairless youth; he was middle-aged and even the back of his hand was bristly with hair — and damp now, as well, the hair matted with pussy juice.

He held the fifty-cent piece up and looked at it with a baleful and mournful eye.

“That’s my tip, huh?”

“Isn’t it enough?”

“Well, they way you was flashing your quim, lady — I thought I might get something — you know? — more personal?”

“Why, whatever gave you that idea!” she said, feigning astonishment. She got out of the taxi, swinging her long legs across and giving him a final look at her pussy in the process.

The driver was deeply disappointed.

“And who’s gonna pay for my seat covers?” he shouted. “You got cunt juice all over them!”

What a churlish lout! Elizabeth thought.

She was glad that she had not given him a blow-job. It served him right for being so impolite and discourteous!

She shot him an angry glance and ran into the office building.

When she entered the office, Elizabeth wondered where her husband’s secretary was. Her desk was vacant. Elizabeth had never met Cathy, Carl’s new secretary, although he had told his wife all about her. He’d told her that Cathy was sixty years old and going bald, in fact.

He’d probably sent Cathy out for coffee, she supposed.

She went through to his inner office and walked in, without knocking, as a wife has every right to do. She stopped dead in her tracks.

It was a sight that could have stopped a locomotive.

Carl, stark naked, was flat on his back on the floor.

A nubile blonde girl was squatting on his hard prick, sliding up and down his prick like a fireman on a pole. Her big tits flopped lewdly. They seemed inflated, as if they were dragging her up as she rose. Then her cunt sucked her back down relentlessly. Her firm rounded ass was grinding and her belly was heaving. Her slim back was to the door. Elizabeth could see her husband’s fat, thick-veined prick vanish up the girl’s slot, then come sliding out slathered with cum juice.

“Well!” she said.

Carl cleared his throat and the girl looked back, wide-eyed, over her shoulder. She did not stop fucking, however — nothing ever startled Cathy enough to cause her to miss a stroke in the middle of a fuck.

“Er… I don’t believe you’ve met my secretary, Miss Jenson. Cathy, this is my beloved wife…”

“Pleased to meetcha,” said Cathy, fucking away merrily on the boss’ big prick and hoping that his wife was not the sort to interfere with business at the office.

“A sprightly sixty-year-old woman, indeed!” Elizabeth said with heavy sarcasm.

“Sixty? I’m only eighteen,” Cathy protested.

“I-I must have read her application wrong, dearest,” Carl explained with a sheepish grin.

Eighteen? Elizabeth thought, as it registered.

Why, that dirty bastard has been fucking the ass off a teenager, while I’ve been faithfully resisting them!

“Perhaps you had better — err — dismount now, Cathy,” Carl suggested.

“Huh? Gee, I haven’t finished yet,” the dutiful office worker said. “And neither have you.”

Elizabeth set her jaw resolutely.

She had come here to have an orgasm and she was damned well going to have one! One way or the other…

“You stay right where you are, Miss Jenson,” she said.

“You can call me Cathy,” the girl said, friendly as could be, as she continued to fuck on Carl’s meaty tower of cock meat.

Elizabeth stood over them. She raised her dress. Carl gulped when he saw she was, not wearing any panties and that her cunt was parted into a juicy oval and the insides of her thighs were slippery. She let him look for a moment, just as she might have let him look at a gun she was training upon him in a threatening fashion.

Then she sat down on his face.

“You’re going to suck me off, you swine,” she said.

“Certainly, dearest,” he croaked.

Carl was relieved to find that hewas going to escape from this indelicate situation as easily as that. It was no hardship to suck that succulent cunt, anyhow — as a punishment, it failed to intimidate him. He began to lap and suck her cunt with gusto.

He thought: Why, it must have made my wife horny to see me fucking Cathy! It would do to bear that in mind?

Kneeling over Carl’s face, Elizabeth smiled at Cathy, who was squatting on his prick. Face to face and sharing a man, the two girls felt a bond of intimacy between them.

And Cathy was a teenager!

Elizabeth glanced down to make sure that her husband’s face was well buried in her crotch, and that he would not be able to see what was going on above him. Then she pulled her dress off over her head. She arched her back. She looked speculatively at Cathy.

Cathy knew that secretaries had to do things like buy birthday and anniversary presents for the boss’ wife. She guessed that this was much the same sort of duty. She arched, too.

Their soft tits began to rub together.

Elizabeth mopped Carl’s face with her cunt and Cathy fucked up and down on his prick and, unknown to Carl, the two girls began to play with each other at the top of the action. They kissed, swapping hot tongues back and forth. They felt each other’s tits. Elizabeth looked down and slurped a fat nipple into her lips, sucking on it avidly. Then Cathy gave her nipples a juicy suck, in turn.

Fooling around with another woman was fun, Elizabeth decided, although Cathy was manifestly no virgin, and she had figured it would be lots better with an innocent girl — a virgin whose hot cunt was not stuffed full of prick and, therefore, not available for tonguing. Still, it was a pleasant initiation.

Elizabeth had decided she no longer had to suffer any qualms about committing adultery, no that she knew her husband cheated on her and, even as she worked her creaming cunt around on his face, she was thinking about Jimmy and Brenda and tomorrow.

And poor Carl thought he had got out of it easily.

Sucking on Elizabeth’s tongue and feeling her tits, Cathy fucked her cunt all the way down on Carl’s prick and felt his jism gush into her cunt as he came. Her cunt melted with him. She continued to rise and fail as she worked off their shared climax to the end.

Elizabeth’s pussy creamed in Carl’s face. She, too, squirmed about to work off every wave of the thrill and every drop of her cunt juice.

Then she gave Cathy a grateful kiss and dismounted. She puffed her dress back on while Carl eyed her nervously. Cathy was still squatting on his prick, waiting for it to shrink before she dragged her pussy off the big cunt stuffer, getting the terminal pleasure from his dying hard-on.

“I’ll see you, at home,” said Elizabeth.

She looked calm, he thought, not at all angry or hurt. But he wasn’t looking forward to going home that evening. Elizabeth turned and walked out of the office.

“What a pleasant woman your wife is,” Cathy chirped.

Carl gaped at her. But she was as dumb as that remark made her sound. Carl, with his head burial in Elizabeth’s crotch, like an ostrich in the sand, had not been aware of what had been happening between the two women as they rode his cock, and tongue…

Elizabeth halled a cab in front of the office building.

Slat was hoping that it would be the same cab she had taken to come here, for she was determined to cheat on Carl now and she flagged that cab driver who deserved a nice blow job, or a fuck — or both — from the woman whose cunt got pussy juice on the seat covers.

But the cab driver was a woman.

It took Elizabeth a few moments to deduce that, in fact, for the woman had short, steel gray hair and a brawny build. There was an anchor tattooed on her forearm and a heart, with the word “Mother”, on the back of her big, callused hand.

“Where to, beautiful?” the driver asked, in a voice like a bullfrog.

Why, I do believe this taxi driver is a lesbian! thought Elizabeth. But she did not want to make love to a masculine woman — not at all. She wanted a soft, feminine, teenaged virgin — quite the opposite. She pondered for a moment. She didn’t suppose that it would do any harm to let this woman suck her cunt, just out of kindness. But she had just been sucked and, anyhow, she was more interested in doing the sucking than getting it — provided the girl was someone like Brenda Dimbleby.

She gave the driver her address.

During the ride home, just for the hell of it, she managed to accidentally let her skirt ride up high enough so that the driver could get a nice long look at her pussy — but that was as far as it went. She gave the woman a generous tip — in lieu, of her cunt — and felt annoyed with herself for having become such a blatant exhibitionist, as well as a teaser of both cock and cunt.

Tomorrow, however, fully justified now, due to her husband’s misbehavior, Elizabeth planned to do no teasing whatsoever.

Well, just a little bit, maybe, just to get someone interested.

Which one would it be? Would Jimmy arrive ahead of time, or would Brenda?

Oh! Suppose they both arrive at the same time? she thought.

The thought disturbed her for a moment. Then she grinned.

It would only mean that they had a threesome, that was all — and a delightful thought it was.


Elizabeth did not intend to let her husband fuck her the next morning, because she wanted to be horny when the teenagers arrived. But she saw no reason not to get fucked that night, as soon as he got home from the office, where he worked harder than she had previously supposed. When it was time to expect him, she went to the bedroom, took all her clothing off and lay down with her legs apart. A few minutes later, she heard the door open and close.

“I’m home, beloved.”

Elizabeth did not reply.

Carl began running about the house, fearing that his wife had packed up and left him. But when he ran into the bedroom, he saw she had not gone at all — and looked very much as if she wanted to fuck, instead.

Maybe she really had been turned on, instead of angered, by having caught him with Cathy!

Looking sheepish, he said: “About this afternoon, darling…”

“I don’t want to hear it.”

“It was just a momentary lapse,” he continued. “I never did anything like that before, nor will I again. You see, Cathy was sitting on my lap, taking dictation and — well, I was thinking of you, my darling, of your sweet cunt — and naturally, with you in mind, my cock got hard. It was just an accident that my cock happened to slip into Cathy’s cunt, you see.”

“Oh?” Elizabeth said, raising an imperious eyebrow.

“I know that sounds incredible, but it’s the God’s honest truth. After all, I don’t take you for a fool — I would never make up such a ridiculous story, would I?”

“Carl, I do not intend to castigate you. There will be no recriminations. My revenge,” she paused and smiled at him. “My revenge will be taken appropriately.”

“Darling!” he squawked. “You’d not be untrue to me?”

“Time will tell,” she said. “But for the time being, Carl — I will allow you to fuck me. If your secretary has left you enough energy.”

Oh, what a sweet, understanding, tolerant wife he had! Carl was filled with love for her — and his balls, although well used during the day, filled with a brand new load of cum. Her pussy drew him like a magnet, as if his prick were a lodestone. How silly he was to waste cum on his dumb blonde secretary, when he had such a wife at home!

Carl whipped his clothing off.

His prick came up like a crane.

He mounted his wife and fucked the cock meat to her, holding steady for a moment and then starting to fuck into her cunt with long, corkscrewing fuck-strokes. His ass bounced and his heavy balls swung in, whacking against her upthrust ass. When he tried to kiss her, she turned her face to the side, as if still angry with him — but she was fucking with enthusiasm, meeting him fuck-stroke for fuck-stroke. Her lips might be rejecting his, in her indignation, but her pussy was sucking his cock in with rare desire. Cunt juice sprayed out as his fat fucker filled her pussy. She arched her back and lacked her elegant legs around his haunches, riding him from below, grinding out her fuck lust with fiery passion.

He noticed that her eyes were closed.

Usually she looked at him when they fucked, enjoying the visual aspects of lovemaking. He supposed that now she must be remembering what had happened in his office — that she must be thinking of Carl fucking Cathy and getting her jollies by fantasizing about it.

How was Carl to know that, behind those closed eyelids, Elizabeth was pretending that this brawny, hairy man fucking into her cunt was a slender, smooth-skinned youth?

He squirted his jism into her pussy in heavy jets.

Her cunt churned with her own orgasm.

Panting, Carl slowly stopped fucking.

“Do it again,” Elizabeth demanded.

So this was to be his punishment! She was going to make him fuck her time and again, emptying his balls so thoroughly that he would have not a drop of cum or a bit of hard cock left for his secretary! It was not the sort of punishment that Carl feared.

He fucked her again.

They spent the rest of the afternoon and a good deal of the evening fucking. They paused a few times to rest, and Elizabeth opened some tins for dinner and they watched half an hour of television, but basically it was a prolonged session of fucking.

Carl, thinking that he was wise to his wife’s scheme, expected her to demand more fucking in the morning, to make sure that he had nothing at all left to take to the office.

But Elizabeth surprised him.

Carl, waking first, began to rub her tits. She moaned in her sleep and her cunt began to get juicy. But when he moved to mount her, she came fully awake and rejected him.

Elizabeth found herself in a bind.

His caresses had made her horny even before she had awakened, and she felt like fucking — but she did not want to come. She wanted to save her first orgasm of the day for Jimmy or Brenda. She was determined not to even give herself a finger-fucking. So she would not allow Carl to fuck her cunt before he left for work.

She contemplated asking him to suck her off.

But if she came on his tongue, it would be the same as coming in the course of a fuck, and she was determined to save her first climax of the day.

On the other hand, she certainly did not want her husband to save any climaxes or any cum to pour into his secretary, so she had to do something about his big, booming hard-on.

Should she suck him off?

The idea was appealing and his prick looked as delicious as ever. She could drink his cumload, depriving his secretary of it while, at the same time, letting her cunt get fiery hot without coming, herself. She started to suck his cock. Her mouth was already open, ready to slurp his cock in. But then she hesitated.

Just as she wanted to save her cunt, she wanted to save her mouth, as well. She hoped she would soon get a chance to suck off horny Jimmy, and that treat would not be as wonderful if she had already had a mouthful of prick that morning. She wanted her mouth to be watering and drooling, just as she wanted her cunt hot and wet.

Poised over Carl’s loins, she gazed down at his cock and balls, belly and thighs. He was big and hairy. But she was drooling for a smooth skinned teenager.

She turned away again.

Carl was distraught.

“I got to unload my cum somewhere, honey,” he said. He didn’t mention his secretary, but the threat was there.

Elizabeth was thinking hard. She could just jerk him off, she supposed, but that seemed an awfully immature sort of thing for a married woman to do to her husband. If only she had another fuck hole.

Her eyes went wide with an idea.

It was the perfect solution! She could allow Carl to spill his cum-load into her and, at the same time, keep both her hungry mouth and her burning pussy filled with desire for Jimmy!

“Carl?” she purred.

“Yeah?” he asked eagerly, sensing from her tone of voice that she was not about to reject him.

“Why don’t you fuck my asshole?” she asked, delicately.

Carl was stunned. Elizabeth’s asshole was, he assumed, virgin.

In fact, in her wild and wanton youth, Elizabeth had had a few pricks up her ass and she had always rather enjoyed it — especially during a gang bang, when her mouth and her cunt were full of hot cock at the same time.

But she didn’t want Carl to know about her former indiscretions, so she said: “I’ve never tried ass-fucking, of course, as you know — but I’ve heard that it’s a nice variation. Do you want to?”

Carl squinted, wondering if she had any devious reasons for the request. He was willing to bet that she did. Maybe she figured that, if his cock was stained from her shit chute, he would not be inclined to let his dutiful secretary suck his cock. That was probably it. He almost laughed, thinking how silly she was being — for he could always give his prick a good soaping in the bathroom at the office, if he happened to feel like a secretarial blow-job. But there was no need to mention that to Elizabeth — and the idea of fucking his wife in the ass was thrilling.

“Sure, honey — if you like,” he said.

Elizabeth rolled over. Not facing him, she could keep her eyes open as she made believe it was a smooth-skinned, hairless teenager fucking her asshole.

“Tell me if it hurts,” he said.

“It won’t,” she said. “I mean, I hope it won’t.”

She grinned impishly. It hadn’t even hurt the first time she’d had an asshole full of prick!

Carl snuggled up behind her. He placed his hands on the cheeks of her trim ass and spread them apart, looking down at the little brown bud he was about to plunder. Her asshole certainly didn’t look wide enough to allow his fat cock up there, he thought dubiously. Christ! He hoped he didn’t wind up with a skinned prick! Still, it seemed well worth the risk. He knew that her asshole would be a lot tighter than her cunt and, if he could manage to work his way up there, the sensation would be wonderful.

He touched the tip of his swollen cock rod to her ass.

He pushed gently and tentatively.

Carl was amazed at how easily her asshole parted. The tip of his cock slipped in easily. He pushed again and the whole big, wedge-shaped knob of his cock vanished up her ass. Her asshole clamped closed around his prick shaft, collaring him behind the prick head.

“Okay?” he asked.

“Ummm,” she purred. “I mean, it hurts, of course, being the first time I’ve ever had a cock up there — but I can bear it.”

Carl felt a surge of pride that his wife was so brave, so willing to venture into the unknown realms of buggery.

He fed her another inch of prick.

The fat, cock head forged a passage, spreading her taut asshole out and blazing the trail for the long, thick fuck rod that followed. Elizabeth began to squirm happily as she enjoyed the sensation of having a hot, bloated cock head fucking gradually into her bowels. It was a pleasure that she had been without for too long. She’d forgotten how nice ass-fucking felt. He pushed another two inches of cock into her ass and her ass muscles began to relax and spread, accepting his cock at first, and then starting to actively fuck on his prick.

Carl moaned with the delightful sensation of having her asshole start to wring his prick. It felt as if she were sucking his cock right up towards her belly.

Holding her by the hips, he shoved harder and fucked every inch of his cock up her asshole. His balls were jammed into her sodden crotch and his hairy belly was tight against the curve of her ass.

“Okay, honey?” he asked, afraid that he might have injured her with that last fuck thrust and hoping not — for this was a new treat and he wanted to enjoy it to the end.

“It feels lovely,” she purred.

Carl began to fuck her ass with gusto.

His first fuck-strokes were slow but then her tight ass channel adjusted fully and he was able to lance his prick in with as much fluid speed as if he’d been fucking her slippery cunt. He held her hips steady and fucked in, then shifted his hands to her tits and mauled those ripe globes, pulling on the nipples and massaging the tit mounds. Her ass was dancing and fucking on his ass-reamer.

Carl wondered if his wife could come, this way.

She had no sensitive clit in her ass. Being a thoughtful man — and not realizing that Elizabeth was determined not to come — he slid his hand down to her pussy and began to rub her clit. She moaned and let him caress her tingling clit for a moment, then she pulled his hand away, knowing that a scant few seconds of that would have her hovering at the peak and unable to resist a climax.

Carl fucked in relentlessly, panting like a steam engine, his big prick driving like a piston.

Her ass and hips were buffeted on his fuck thrusts, tilting and twisting. Her ass guts seemed to be sucking on his cock-knob and her asshole was smothering his cock shaft in a velvet vice.

“Come,” she whimpered. “Oh! I want to feel your hot, thick jism pour into my ass!”

Coming was the object of the game, as of most games, and Carl started to pour the cock to her with redoubled vigor. His balls swelled up to alarming proportion as they filled with cum. His cock was expanding, spreading her asshole wider and fucking even deeper.

He howled with wild joy.

Elizabeth felt his hot cum flood her ass guts. It felt so lovely that she almost came, herself.

He fucked away, draining his cock and balls to the dregs, shooting load after load of his jism into her ass. At last, spent, he slumped down behind her. She sighed happily. Carl didn’t understand what she had got out of it. He certainly wouldn’t have fancied having a fat prick stuck up his ass. But still, that was what made the difference between the sexes, he reasoned — and if a woman has a hole, any hole, she naturally wants it to be stuffed full of cock.

His prick was softening and shrinking in her ass.

He pulled his cock out slowly. Elizabeth turned over, smiling contentedly. “Did you enjoy it?” she asked.

“Yeah!” he exclaimed enthusiastically.

“We’ll have to fuck that way more often,” she said.

“Sure — but was it good for you, too? I mean — did you came?”

Elizabeth gave him a mysterious look. “Not yet,” she said. “But I will.” Carl misunderstood. He reached for her, intending to bring her to a climax with his hands or, if she liked, his tongue. But she shook her head.

“You mustn’t be late for work,” she told him.

She bent down and took his soiled prick into her lips and gave it a nice wet suck. Then she lay back, relaxed and smiling with… was it anticipation?

Carl was bemused. He could only suppose that she wanted to stay horny all day, so that she would enjoy it more when he got home from work and threw a fuck into her.

What else could that strange smile imply.


Jimmy had spent the whole morning resisting the urge to jack off…

He awoke, as always, with a nice big hard on. Still groggy with sleep, he wrapped his fist around his prick and began to jack off, slowly and steadily. The teen always enjoyed his first hand-job of the day and liked to linger over it.

Suddenly, he remembered!

He was going to meet Brenda Dimbleby at Elizabeth Tremayne’s house!

He tore his hand away from his cock. He didn’t want to waste a load of spunk on his fist when he had Brenda to fuck. He had every expectation of fucking her today but, at the very least, he knew that she would suck him off again and he wanted to have a full set of balls for her to milk. But it was going to be damned hard not to jack off until it was time to meet her. He was in the habit of beating his meat with great regularity, at least once in the morning, first thing, and once at night, the last thing he did before he went to sleep, as well as on various other occasions in the course of the day. He was addicted to jerking off. It was going to be hard to kick the habit.

But the teen was determined.

Several times during the morning he caught himself just in time, with his fist already flying up and down his prick from force of habit. Once, he forgot long enough so that some slippery pre-cum had started to seep out before he remembered and stopped.

He tried a cold shower.

The spray, falling on his upright prick, made him hornier.

He tried looking at a sporting magazine. The baseball bats reminded him of his hard cock and he almost struck out. He thought he might go to the playground for a game of catch — but was reminded that his catcher’s mitt made a passable replica of a cunt, and that he had fucked it many times. He knew that he had to avoid the kitchen, although it was lunchtime and he was hungry, because there were too many fuckable things in the cupboard and the refrigerator. He had fucked liver and jello, peanut butter and jelly. Once he had fucked a squash.

His willpower was failing.

His hard, throbbing prick seemed to be taking control of his mind and his body. It was linked to his hind by clockwork. As his cock lurched, his fist dived for it automatically.

He could wait no longer — he was half an hour early but he simply had to get out of the house. If Brenda wasn’t there yet, at tent he would be safe from jacking off, because Mrs. Tremayne would be home, and he couldn’t very well pull his prick in front of her.

He crossed the lawn and went up to her back door. The door was partly open and, having been invited, he saw no reason why he should knock. He walked in, his cock bulging in his pants.

He arrived just in time to see Elizabeth sitting on his girlfriend’s eager face…

Jimmy was shocked at first.

Are they lesbians? he wonders.

But Brenda couldn’t be a lesbian — she had sucked his cock and given him every reason to believe she was going to let him fuck her cunt, as well. And Mrs. Tremayne was a married woman — lesbians didn’t have husbands, did they? Was he mistaken? Wasn’t Brenda doing what it looked like she was doing?

He squinted and crouched to get a better view. Yes, there was no doubt about it — Brenda’s tongue was flashing away on the older woman’s dripping cunt. And then the horny teen realized that, far from being disgusted by this perversion, he was enchanted. His cock, already swollen with need, was starting to tingle as if it was suddenly going to go off of its own accord, in his pants. It must be the sort of thing that girls do when they are alone together, he reasoned — and he was thankful that he had arrived in time to witness it.

Elizabeth saw the guy first.

She didn’t even look embarrassed.

“Hi, Jimmy,” she said casually.

Brenda opened her eyes when she heard that and the girl, being an innocent virgin, had the grace to blush.

“We’ve been getting ourselves ready for you, Jimmy,” Elizabeth said, thinking fast.

So that was it! How silly he had been to think they might be lesbians, when in fact they had merely been getting their pussies nice and hot and juicy for him. But — both of them? Was Mrs. Tremayne going to let him fuck her, as well as Brenda? He was filled with joy. He was also filled with jism, and the way his prick was jerking his pants was obvious.

“Come here,” said Elizabeth.

Jimmy approached the couch.

“I sucked Brenda’s cunt — then she sucked me off,” Elizabeth said, knowing that the innocent youth would be thrilled at such talk.

“Ummm — I love it, too,” Brenda admitted, licking her lips.

Jimmy stood before them, bemused. His prick was almost ripping a hole through his pants. Elizabeth was eyeing his cock-bulge. She glanced sideways at Brenda.

“Would you mind if I had a suck on your boyfriend’s cock?” she asked the teenager, politely.

“Be my guest,” Brenda said, being a gracious guest.

Elizabeth unzipped Jimmy’s fly.

Out sprang his prick, snapping to attention. The cock knob was dripping and the vein was pounding. Elizabeth leaned forward and tongued the prick tip, getting a lovely taste of his jism, then slurped the cock knob into her mouth and started to suck. She intended to pass the sweet cock meat to Brenda, in a moment, sharing the teen’s prick until one of them — the lucky one — got to drink his cum load.

But Jimmy was too hot.

As soon as she started to suck on the swollen head of his cock, his balls burst and his cum hosed her tonsils violently.

Elizabeth gasped and gobbled, drinking the delicious slime down as fast as she could. Jimmy kept flooding her mouth with his hot cum. It overflowed her compressed lips and filled her cheeks. Her head flew up and down as she sucked his cock dry.

She pulled her lips away.

His cock had not yielded an inch in size, nor cooled a single degree. His prick was as huge and hot and hard as if he had not just emptied his jism into her mouth.

Elizabeth turned to Brenda, ready to apologize for greedily gobbling all of her boyfriend’s cum, but Brenda smiled happily. The girl had been thrilled at watching it. With her own cunt so well sucked off, she was in no hurry to get some prick and was quite content to observe.

“Why don’t you fuck him, too?” she suggested.

“Oh! Shall I?”

Brenda nodded encouragingly and Jimmy almost fainted. Elizabeth gave the head of his prick a loving kiss, then drew the virgin teen down onto his knees in front of her. She moved her ass down to the very edge of the cushions and spread her legs apart. Taking his cock in her hand, she guided the bloated prick knob to her pussy.

“Put it in, Jimmy,” she urged.

Jimmy hesitated for just a moment, savoring the expectation, knowing that his virginity was numbered by mere seconds now. Then, grinning with wild desire, he plowed his prick into her cunt, fucking every inch up her slippery pussy hole with the first fuck stroke — the very first fuck-stroke that the randy teen had ever taken up a hot pussy. His balls slapped her ass. She clamped her thighs around his hips. He held the full penetration for a moment as she wriggled merrily on his cock. Then he began to fuck with gay abandon.

Elizabeth’s talented cunt began to work on his cock like a soft wringer, pulling and dragging on his prick meat as it fucked in and out. His cock was running directly across her clit, and every inch of the long, no longer virginal cock meat was massaging her stiff clit. She began to tingle with the building thrill.

Jimmy was not going to last long, despite the fact that he’d already blown a wad into her mouth. But he wasn’t troubled by that, because he knew from his repeated hand-jobs that he was quite capable of shooting off half a dozen times in an hour or so. And Brenda’s cherry pussy awaited him next, foaming and open and compelling. He didn’t know which of the girls he liked best — but he was pretty sure he was going to fuck them both, and often.

“Come!” Elizabeth urged him, trying to hold her own orgasm back so that she could come with him. “Squirt that hot juice up my cunt, Jimmy — fill me with your sweet jism.”

Jimmy howled with joy and poured the spunk into her cunt in great lathered doses as her pussy creamed on his big, spurting fucker.

He emptied his cock and balls into her pussy.

She oozed with cum and cunt juice.

Brenda was looking worried. Jimmy grinned and winked at her. He pulled his prick out of Elizabeth’s cunt.

His cock came out as it had gone in — big and hard and hot.

Brenda no longer looked worried.

It was Brenda’s first fuck — and only Jimmy’s second — and they made it last. The teen mounted her missionary style at first, fucking into her cunt with long, rippling fuckstrokes.

Then, at experienced Elizabeth’s suggestion, the young lovers changed positions. Brenda got down on her hands and knees and Jimmy fucked her dog-style for a while. Then he lay flat on his back and she rode his prick with all the gusto of a rodeo star. They fucked kneeling face to face, then standing upright. Jimmy came in her pussy twice, without even pausing to get his breath, not missing a fuck-stroke even as his balls emptied.

Brenda creamed on his cock in a multiple orgasm, prolonged and extended, so that she did not know if she had come once, for a long time, or lots of times, one right after the other. She decided that, as lovely as cock-sucking and cunt-sucking were, she was a fucker at heart — although variety was always welcome.

Her cunt sucked on his cock. She learned just how to tighten the circular cunt muscles so that her pussy hole pulled on his prick. Her ass and hips and thighs jolted and humped with all the diligence of an experienced fucker, the motions as natural as, earlier, her tongue-strokes had been.

Elizabeth enjoyed watching these lovers consummate their affair so tenderly.

But after awhile, she just had to join in the fucking.

Already full of virgin cum and cherry cunt juice, Elizabeth moved closer and her mouth began to water again and her cunt was foaming. She began to nibble at the edges of the youthful coupling. She rimmed Jimmy’s asshole out with her tongue. She licked his hairy balls. Then she slipped around to the other side and gave Brenda’s trim little asshole a nice tonguing, causing the girl to vibrate wildly as she rode Jimmy’s iron-hard prick.

She began choreographing the fucking.

She guided Jimmy around behind Brenda again, so he could fuck her from the back. That way, Elizabeth was able to lick the girl’s clit and the teen’s cock at the same time. Cum and cunt juice, blended together in a delicious sauce, poured into her mouth. She was going suck-crazy. She plucked his cock out of Brenda’s cunt and sucked on it wildly. Then she sucked the temporarily vacant cunt, before slipping his cock meat back in.

Jimmy squirted another thick cum-load into Brenda’s pussy — and this time Elizabeth opened her mouth wide, clamping her lips to the girl’s cunt like a limpet stuck on a rock, and sucked every precious drop of the teens jism from her fuck hole.

At last, Jimmy had to recover.

While they waited for his cock to rise again, like the phoenix from the ashes, they fanned those ashes for him by fooling around together. Brenda, grateful to Elizabeth for letting her get fucked so long, and for applying hot tongue to the linkage, gave the older woman another head-job, sucking her pussy gleefully.

Watching that, Jimmy found his prick surging up all over again and, as soon as Brenda moved out of the way, licking her lips, he plowed in and fucked Elizabeth again.

And so the day wore on.

Late in the afternoon, Jimmy looked at his watch and said: “Well, we better go before your husband gets home, huh?”

“Certainly not,” said Elizabeth.

“You want him to fuck me, too?” Brenda asked, not at all put out at the idea. No longer cherry, she was keen to get as many cocks and as many inches of prick up her cunt as she could.

“Well — we’ll just have to see about that,” Elizabeth said. “But I want him to know that I’ve been getting fucked. You see, the swine has been cheating on me with his teenaged secretary, and this is my revenge.”

They were more than willing to help the nice lady get even with her husband who, unfaithful swine that he was, deserved it…

Jimmy was fucking Brenda again when Carl’s car pulled into the driveway. He gave a last mighty fuck-thrust and came in her, as her cunt creamed at the same time. Elizabeth, smiling happily, ducked her head down to the girl’s crotch and sucked out a mouthful of cum and cunt juice.

She didn’t swallow the fuck juices.

She met her husband at the door.

“I hope you’ve forgiven me?” he said nervously, when he saw that she was naked.

She couldn’t reply because her mouth was full.

Instead, she kissed him on the lips. When his mouth parted, she let the blended slime trickle into his mouth. Carl swallowed uncertainly.

“What was that?” he asked.

Elizabeth gave him a sweet smile.

“That, my dear,” she said, “is sauce for the goose!”

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