Hot Nights With Granny

My Grandpa had passed away after being admitted to the hospital for the past week. Frankly, we had made peace with the fact that he wouldn’t make it out of the hospital alive, given that he was over 70 years old and that it was his third heart attack.

The entire week, granny sat right next to him, like a dutiful wife, staring vacantly the bleak hospital walls, or silently crying while caring for her ailing husband. She hadn’t left his side for longer than a few minutes. Even when the doctors werent very hopeful about grandpas condition improving, she stood her ground and prayed day and night for grandpa to get better. But all her prayers went in vain when grandpa quietly passed away in his sleep one evening.

If granny was heartbroken, she didn’t show it. Her face had a stagnant expressionless look for the next two weeks, throughout the ceremonies of grandpa’s passing. She just sat in a corner of the house, looking bleakly into the distance. Sometimes she would pick up an old album and sift through them and silently cry at any picture with grandpa in it. It became a sort of obsession for her, and mom put an end to it by taking the album from her. Granny wasn’t in a position to fight for it and continued to suffer in silence.

“She needs to learn to live without a crutch, she’ll get over it soon.” mom would say when anyone expressed concern.

But granny showed no signs of change even after 15 days and she continued to wallow in her despair in silence. My parent’s leaves were coming to an end, and they couldn’t stay any longer.

“Amma, you need to take a break,” mom said, unable to watch her own mother take it so hard. “Why dont you come and stay with us for a while.”

Granny didnt move an inch. She sat still, with the vacant look on her face. Mom went close to her and shook her, “Amma” she said a little louder this time.

“Its fine, I need some time alone.” She said when she clearly wasn’t fine.

Granny refused to come with us, even after mom’s constant persistence. So it was decided that I would stay with her till my summer holidays ended. I didn’t mind, and granny wasn’t in a position to object.

The first night alone with granny, I realized how quiet the house had become without the hustle and bustle of other people. It got really creepy very soon, especially with granny sitting on the couch, unmoving the whole while.

“Granny,” I said, trying to break the deafening silence, “do you want to have dinner now?” Expectedly, she didn’t respond. I went near her and shook her by the shoulder, “Lets have dinner granny” I said. She silently stood up and went towards the sink to wash her hands.

I brought out two plates of food for us to the dining table. Granny was sitting on a chair, dejected, her pallu was astray, giving me a good view of her huge cleavage and ginormous tits encapsulated by the thin fabric of her blouse. This was a common sight in the past couple of weeks, as granny gave little importance to how she looked and carried herself.

Still, every time I was presented with her mammaries, I couldn’t help but wonder how it would be to suck them. You couldn’t really blame me. I was an 18 year old with raging hormones back then where my dick had a mind of its own. However I knew I wouldn’t do anything stupid because she was my granny, and she grieving her dead husband.

We ate in silence, or rather I ate in silence, while granny aimlessly ran the fingers all over the rice and dal. “Granny,” I said, “if you eat your food, I’ll bring out the photo album which mom has hidden”

She looked up at me immediately, her demeanor changing almost instantly. “Really?” she asked. This was the first time she had responded to a direct call without us having to repeat ourselves.

“Yes,” I said, smiling at her “really?”

Her plate was empty in no time, but she refused my offering of a second helping. Once I cleared the plate, I handed her the photo album as promised and I went to the kitchen to do the dishes.

By the time I was done, granny had immersed herself in the photo album. Her eyes were filled with tears and she kept tracing grandpa’s outline on the pictures with her finger. I sat quietly sat down next to her, mostly because I had nothing else to do. Soon, I was asking her about the stories behind the pictures she had opened.

It didn’t take long for granny to open up and she spoke more in the next two hours than she had spoken in the last two weeks! She seemed a little better by the end of the night. All that talking seemed to tire her out, and she began to yawn. “Okay granny, enough for tonight,” I said taking the photo album from her hand and sent her off to bed.

That night, I couldn’t seem to sleep and spent most of the night tossing and turning on the bed. The house was hauntingly silent that night, and I was quite scared, especially with grandpa’s death recently.

It was almost midnight when I quietly tiptoed to granny’s room, hoping to sleep in her room. “Granny” I called out to her, the silence making my low voice sound louder than expected. Granny turned around at my call as if she wasn’t asleep. “Can I sleep with you tonight… I…” I couldn’t bring myself to say her that I was afraid to sleep alone.

“Yes, yes,” Granny said, shifting to a side of her bed making way for me “Come” she patted the empty space next to her. Neither of us fell asleep easily and spent a lot of time tossing and turning in the bed. “Not able to sleep?” granny asked, peering over her shoulder looking back at me.

“No granny,” I said and turned around to face her, and granny turned around as well. She hugged me and put my head on her bosom. I drew closer to granny and hugged her as well. Granny’s saree was a bit astray and my face was pointed directly at granny’s deep cleavage.

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My dick began to stir and started to grow in size inside my underwear. I shifted a bit back, hoping that my hard-on does not poke granny. But granny moved forward and pushed herself into me, pressing her body on mine. My growing dick was hard-pressed against granny’s torso and my mouth was unintentionally kissing her soft, smooth cleavage every time she took a breath.

Slowly granny’s breath became deeper and I took an advantage of it and started kissing her unabashedly. My hand started caressing her back. Granny was playing my hair and was gently pulling on it. I pulled granny closer and she let out a soft moan. My hands found their way down to her ass and I started to knead her soft ass over her saree.

In no time, I was sucking on granny’s boobs. Her thin blouse was wet with my saliva, turning it translucent and exposing her dark areolas and nipples. I pulled away from her saree and alternated between licking her two boobs.

My dick was at full attention and was constantly pushing against granny’s body, occasionally dry humping her. Granny was moaning heavily and was madly caressing my hair. Granny put her hands on my waist and slipped her hands underneath my t-shirt and ran her hands all over my naked body.

She pulled up my shirt over my head and threw it aside. We both looked deep into each other’s eyes, and I could see a sliver of lust lingering in her eyeballs. Granny had a naughty smile on her lips and I lunged forward to suck on her juicy lips. Granny participated enthusiastically and our tongues wrestled with each other in our mouths.

I lifted granny’s saree and slipped my hand between her thighs until my fingers found her wet pussy. She wasn’t wearing any panties giving me easy access to her wet pussy. I slipped one finger into her pussy and began finger fucking her. Then, I slipped in another finger and increased my pace. Soon there were three of my fingers lodged tightly inside her pussy. While exchanging hot saliva and breaths with my granny, my fingers were buried deep inside her velvety pussy.

“Aaahhhh… beta…” granny moaned loudly, unashamed that her own grandson was fingering her pussy. Soon I felt her pussy lips tighten and she gushed out oodles of wet sticky cum onto my fingers. Granny laid back, breathing heavily, sucking on her lower lip seductively. I pulled out my fingers from her pussy and wiped them at the edge of her saree and hugged her tightly and started kissing her all over her face and neck. My hands got busy fondling her boobs over her blouse.

“Uffooo… slowly…” granny moaned and giggled. She unhooked her blouse and freed her dairy globes for me. For the first time in my life, I was looking at real breasts and it seemed like an early Christmas present. Granny’s boobs sagged a bit, but her ginormous size more than made up for it. I opened my mouth wide and started sucking one of her tits like a hungry child with my hand played with the free boob. Soon her boobs were wet with a generous coating of my saliva. Granny was in the mood again and was moaning loudly as I kissed and bit her skin.

Granny made me lay on my back and pounced on me and began kissing me madly all over my chest. She went lower, kissing my stomach, and lower to my crotch. She pulled away from my shorts and my underwear in one go, freeing my hard cock. My thick dick was pointed at the ceiling. The veins on the sides were thick and throbbing, giving it a monstrous look.

Granny bit her lower lip seductively while she pulled down my foreskin. She let a thin stream of saliva fall from her mouth onto my dick, and started giving me a gentle handjob while lubricating my entire shaft with her warm spit.

“Oh, granny” I let out a moan and I involuntarily bucked my hips so that my penis head touched her lips. Granny looked up at me and gave me a seductive look. “Naughty boy,” she said and gulped down my entire cock in one go. The tip of my dick was pushed against her throat while granny’s lips tightly gripped the base of my dick.

She began to bob her head up and down, her lips tracing the entire length of my dick from bottom to top and from the top to bottom, slowly and gently. Soon she picked up her pace, and her sagging tits started shaking to the tune of her head movement. Granny slid her hands underneath me and grabbed my ass for support, while I reached out and grabbed her tits.

Whenever she would feel me tense up, as I was on the verge of cumming, she would slow down and start licking my dick and balls. when I felt calmed down she would resume sucking me. It was like heaven.

I soon got bored of her teasing and I pulled her up to me, crushing her huge tits on my chest and started to French kiss her. I reached my hand from behind her and started to massage her pussy. Granny was moaning like a bitch.

“Let me fuck your granny,” I said, taking a break from chewing her lips. Granny reached out to my dick and guided it to the entrance of her pussy. She was fully wet and my dick went deep inside her with a single stroke. I laid granny on her back and got on top of her and started pumping into her juicy pussy, while my hand and mouth were busy exploring her body.

Granny folded her knees up, giving me better access into her deeper crevice and dug her nails into the back of my head, pulling my hair out of horny ecstasy. Soon I came deep inside her pussy, filling her insides with my thick hot cum and lay on top of her exhausted. Still, inside her, I started to kiss her.

“Thanks, I needed that,” granny said once we parted lips, and smiled at me. I just smiled back at her and buried my face on her tits. For the next month and a half, I was granny’s unofficial husband. I satisfied all her needs for companionship and she taught me new tricks in pleasing women. See you soon in the next sex story.