Writing A Sex Story

“Honey! Can you come here for a minute? I got a question I want to ask you?” Ben asks, while sitting at his computer. He’s written a bunch of sex stories but, he’s run out of ideas.

“Yes, how can I help you.” Judy responds, standing over his shoulder, looking at a blank page on his computer.

“If… let’s say… you wanted to write a sex story. Um… what would you write about?”

“Well, you could write the story about Dan and Julie. You remember, how they met at the bar. I always laugh when they tell it.” Judy smiles thinking about it.

“I already wrote about that. I called it “You Name It”. It didn’t go over very well. Apparently, people don’t want their sex story to make them laugh.” Ben shows her the low number of views. Judy shakes her head.

“You could write the story about you and your mom, after your dad died. I know I always get a little jealous when you tell that story but, it does kinda turn me on too.”

“I wrote that one too. It is called “Comforting Mom”. It is doing okay.” He shows her his story list. She looks it over.

“I see you wrote a series about Jim, Janet, Mark, and Trisha. The “One Long” series. That one seems to have done really well. What is this Trick or Treat story?” Judy asks, truly interested.

“I made that one up. It was almost Halloween, and I thought people might want a story that was sort of related. It’s about a divorcee moving in next door to a widower. They accidentally see each other naked in the window. I had a lot of fun writing that.”

“Yea, I bet you did. You have always wanted to see old Mrs. Gerber naked.” She chuckles. “Her 80-year-old tits, swaying as she walks around. Her wrinkled ass shaking at you.”

“Hey, I bet she could still suck the life out of a hard cock. I mean, imagine her with her teeth out, gumming away. I’m getting a chubby just thinking about it.” Judy reaches down to check Ben’s package. It was a little hard.

“Sucking the life out, it’s probably how she has stayed alive this long. You could write a story about that. A wandering succubus, walking around naked sucking the life out of men thru their penis. You could call it…”

“I could call it “My Mother-In-Law tries to take over the world.” Ben is laughing so hard he snorts. Judy smacks his arm.

“That’s my mother.” She thinks for a second and laughs too. “Okay that was funny.”

“It’s already a movie called Lifeforce. It’s awful. The succubus is from outer space. The only good part, the main character is naked thru the first half of the movie.”

“Well, you could always tell our story. You might have to embellish a little bit but, it’s interesting.” Ben thought about it for a moment.

“I could, but I will have to change the names. Maybe add a little more sex. You might come across as a slut, and I will probably seem like I was a little desperate.”

“I am… and you were. Who are you kidding. I put out that first day, and you came really fast… the first time anyway.” Judy leans down and kisses Ben. She rubs her hand on his chest. “Please! I really want to see what you come up with.”

“Okay, but I will probably ask for help. I remember my side of it but, I will need your input for the female parts. What do you want to be called? Pussy Galore? Ivana Humpalot? Allotta Vagina?” Ben laughs, until Judy slaps him on the arm again.

“Ha… very funny. I think those are already taken. How about we just use plain names like… Lori and… um… Tom. Short names, easy to type.”

“Sounds good to me. I think I know a good place to start.” Ben starts typing.


Met at a Matinee

Tom left work a little early for his lunch break. He, every once in a while, would take an early lunch and see a matinee. Nobody cared, as long as he got his work done. Today, his work was already done, so he was cutting out early on a Friday. The new movies were out, but Tom liked to go to the movies that had been there forever. The theater would be empty, and he could yell at the screen, fart, burp, text, or pretty much do whatever he wanted, and it wouldn’t bother anybody.

He waited in line, checking out the choices, then he noticed a beautiful woman in line behind him. A redhead, a little bit shorter than him. She was in a low-cut top and a short skirt. When it was his turn, he got his ticket, a Mega Drink, and a large popcorn for lunch. As he started to walk towards the ticket taker, without looking, the beautiful woman backs into him. The lid on his drink comes loose and his soda spills all over her, soaking her top and skirt.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t see you there.” she said, as she glanced down to take in the damage. She got the worst of it. Tom still felt a little guilty. “Let me get you another drink. It’s the least I can do.” the woman offered. The clerk at the counter tossed her a rag, then quickly handed another drink to Tom. “On the house.” he said as he handed Tom the drink. Tom watched, but tried not to stare, as the beautiful woman dried off what she could with the rag. Tom excused himself and headed to the theater at the end of the hall. As he expected, the theater was empty. He found the perfect seat, towards the back of the theater, in the middle, sat down and got comfy.


“I was freezing. The air conditioning was cranked and all of me was wet. My nipples must have been poking out. I went to the bathroom to try and rinse my clothes out, but people kept coming in. I was so sticky.” Judy’s nipples were hardening just thinking about that day.

“They were poking thru your top. I was trying not to stare. The poor kid behind the counter though. I bet he was hard as a rock when he threw that rag to you.” Ben turned to see Judy; her nipples are right at eye level. If he isn’t careful, he will be blind.


The previews ended and Tom started to munch on his popcorn. He had his feet up on the chair in front of him, reclining back in his seat. Just as the movie started, in walked that beautiful woman. She climbed the stairs and slid down the row and sat right next to him.

“You don’t mind, do you?” She asked. “I’m playing hooky from work. I like to relax and watch a movie, with my clothes all wet I picked a theater I thought would be empty.”

“Sorry again. I’m cutting work early too. It’s Friday so most of the office does the same. I probably do this once a month. I’m Tom.” Tom grabs a handful of popcorn and offers her the sack. She takes a couple of pieces. She starts to choke a little as she swallows, and Tom offers her his soda. She takes a quick sip, then hands it back. Just then, a car pile-up kills a bunch of people up on the screen. The theater lights up and Tom is caught looking at her breasts.

“I’m Lori. Do you know what this movie is about?” The accident happens again, but this time Tom catches Lori staring.

“It’s about some kid having a premonition of an auto accident, killing a bunch of people on an interstate. She’s scared so she doesn’t pull out. The people behind her can’t either, so she saves them. Only Death comes to get them, one by one.” Tom continues to scarf down his bag of lunch.

“So, we get to see each one of them die?” Lori uses her farthest away arm to reach across Tom and grab more popcorn. Her tits rub against his arm as she reaches. Tom can feel her hard nipples rub across his arm. Her face is just inches from his. He is almost tempted to kiss her, but he thought it might be awkward at that moment.


“I did that so you could kiss me. My clothes weren’t the only thing wet at that moment. I had taken my panties off in the bathroom. They were soaked. Standing behind you in line had me thinking all kinds of thoughts. Mostly I was trying to think about how I was going to meet you.” Judy begins to kiss and nibble Ben on the neck. “Keep writing.” she whispers in his ear.


They watch the movie munching on popcorn. Lori continues to rub up against Tom every time she gets more popcorn. This is making Tom want to try and get more too. On the screen, a guy jumps off a fire escape, slips on spaghetti, then gets impaled thru the eye socket.

“EWWWWWW. How gross.” Lori yells at the screen.

“Oh man! That was a good one.” Tom says, as he throws some popcorn at the screen.

Lori grabs her phone to check the time. It’s dead. “Oh, man. I think the soda has killed my phone. Um… could I borrow yours?”

“Sure, I guess.” Tom hands her his phone, and she gets up and walks down the row and then out of the theater. He thinks she just needs to make a call. He continues to watch the movie. A guy is suddenly crushed by a large pane of glass. “It’s your own damn fault. Scaring those pigeons. You dumb-ass.” Tom yells at the screen. Lori returns, and Tom watches her all the way to her seat.


“My phone really wasn’t broke. I turned it off to have an excuse to borrow yours. I just wanted to put my number in it but, when I opened it, I got a devious idea.” Judy removes her top, unhooks her bra, and drops both on the floor. She leans forward rubbing her hardened nipples across Ben’s neck. Her turns to give each a kiss. When he starts to reach for them, Judy stops him. “Back to writing… don’t stop.”


“Here, thanks for the loan.” Lori says as she hands Tom his phone. She reaches over to get more popcorn, kissing him on the cheek. She lays her head on his shoulder for a moment.

“No problem. You missed a kid getting crushed by a large pane of glass. He deserved it though.” Ben put his arm around her, and she snuggled up closer.

“Um, I left you a couple of presents on your phone. My way of saying thanks for the popcorn and drink. Take a look.” Tom opens his phone, there was a picture of Lori, lifting her shirt and bra exposing her breasts. They were beautiful, medium sized, but big puffy nipples. Pink areolas, just a little bit darker than her pale skin. Tom’s cock began to harden. He hit a button and the next pic popped up. Lori had her skirt pulled up showing her ass, with no panties. Tom’s cock pressed against his zipper, struggling to get out. Tom shifted in his chair to give it a little more room to expand. Her ass was a little flat, but there were no flaws. He glanced over at Lori who was staring at him as he looked. When the third pic popped up, it was her pussy. Her fingers holding it open. Her bright red bush, slightly matted from the soda. When he looked up from his phone, Lori’s lips touched his. Her hand drifted to his cock for a second, then started to unzip his pants.


“I got so turned on taking those pics on your phone. I couldn’t wait to show them to you. I wanted you so bad. Every time I reached for popcorn; I thought about shoving my tongue down your throat. If my seat hadn’t already been wet, it would have been.” Judy squats down in front of Ben, opens his pants, and removes them. “Continue writing.” Judy says as she lowers her mouth to the tip of Ben’s hard cock. Ben reads his story out loud as he types.


Lori fished out Toms hard member thru his fly. There was a good six inches sticking out of his pants. Lori wrapped her small fingers around it and began to stroke. While she stroked, Tom lifted her top and bra up, exposing her puffy pert nipples. He gently squeezed them, watching as Lori raised her mouth to his magnificent manhood. She licked the tip, then lowered her mouth down engulfing most of him. After giving him a hard suck, she begins to bob up and down on his hard shaft.


Judy performs exactly what Ben writes. Her tongue technique perfected now with years of practice. She lowers all the way down on Ben, taking him into her throat. She stays there waiting for the next line to be typed. Ben finds it difficult to type, turned sideways so Judy has access. As he continues, she begins to twist her hand around his shaft as she bobs up and down. “MMMmmm, that feels good.” Ben says. Judy looks up at him, then at the computer.


Lori feels Tom reach down her back to her ass. He flips her skirt up exposing her ass to the empty theater. He slides a finger down the crack of her ass, over her puckered asshole to the bounty of wetness that awaits. He slides his fingers up and down her wetness to prime his probing digits. Lori responds in kind and begins to moan on his cock. This sends vibrations thru his manhood, straight to his balls. Suddenly, almost without warning, he feels his load release. Tom plunges two fingers inside her as his cock erupts in her mouth. Lori opens her mouth to cry out and is blasted with load after load of hot, salty, semen. She swallows what she can, what she can’t, she licks up when he’s finished.


Judy worked Ben’s cock like a professional. She had him moaning within a minute and had him Cumming at the exact moment Tom did in the story. Judy stood up and turned around. She lowered her damp leggings while bending at the waist giving Ben a bird’s eye view of how wet she was. “MMMmmm, remember what happened next.” Tom inserted two fingers and began to finger fuck Judy’s wet slit with one hand while typing with the other.


On the screen, a woman gets her head stuck in the elevator doors, then the elevator rises, lifting her off the ground until, her headless body falls to the floor. “Oh, gross!” they hear from someone by the door, then they see the door close. “Whew!” Tom says, as he continues to move his fingers in and out of Lori’s wet opening. Lori moves in front of him, her ass and pussy on display for Tom. The longer he watches his fingers fucking her, the harder his cock becomes. He picks up speed as he fumbles to lower his pants with one hand. Just when he gets them down, Lori begins to shake and quiver. Her juices flow out on to the edge of the seat, and down her leg. Tom leans forward and licks them up her leg and straight to heaven.


Judy orgasms on cue. Ben feels it coming and licks her juices as they flow out of her. He spends a few moments licking her clean, including her puckered pink asshole. He guides her back on his hard member and she sinks right down on top of it. She begins to lift and drop down on his cock. Squeezing for all she’s worth on the way up, and then slamming down hard. Ben knows this technique well, he first felt it in a movie theater many years ago.


Lori leans back on Toms hard member and feels his shaft enter her wet offering. When he was all the way inside, she turned her head enough to lock lips with Tom. Their tongues meet and dance together for a moment, then there is a van crash on screen. Lori turns to look. She watches the screen as her hips begin to rock up and down on Tom’s stiffness. She squeezes as tight as she can while she bounces on his cock. Tom can’t take his eyes off of the view before him. Her beautiful asshole and pussy rising and lowering. His cock disappearing deep inside her lovely wet lips, then slowly reappearing only to be thrust upon again. The airbag deploys and our heroine is shish-kabobbed by a plastic pipe. She drops a lit cigarette which causes an explosion that slices a dude into four parts. “Oh, Fuck Me!” Lori yells at the screen. Tom, thinking she is talking to him, grabs her by the hips and begins to pick up the pace. Pounding into her on her down strokes. The familiar slap, slap, slap, of thighs echo thru the theater.


Judy feels Ben pause his typing. He wets two fingers and begins to pressure her asshole as she rides him hard. “Fuck yes… YES! Finger my ass, baby.” Ben feels one slide in, then on the next down stroke the second. He times it with her pounding on his cock. Up in, down out. Over and over. “MMMmmm, Faster honey. Fuck me!” Ben urges.


Lori begins to grind down hard on Toms manhood. She starts to rub her clit as she rocks back and forth. Tom feels his cock head rub against her cervix. This begins to make his balls tighten. Just as a woman enters a hospital room, BANG! The room explodes, and so do Tom and Lori. Fire shoots down the hallway as juices gush from Lori, all over Tom’s shaft and balls. She shakes on top of him as his seed flows out deep inside her. They both sit still, enjoying the moment as waves of euphoria sweep over them.


All Ben had to say was BANG! And Judy was Cumming hard. The memories of that night filled both of their brains with happy thoughts, horny thoughts, sexual thoughts. When Judy was done, she slid off of Ben’s cock and pressed her ass down hard over it. Just as it entered, Ben lost control and began shooting his load in her tight sphincter. “Oh, Yes! Ben, fill up my ass.”


Lori leaned forward and Tom licked clean all that came out, then Lori quickly turned around and licked Tom clean. Tom got dressed as there was one last explosion on screen. A BBQ grill blew up, then the credits began to roll. Lori leaned in for one last kiss. The taste of their juices mix together in their mouths.

“Thanks for everything. You were great” Lori said, as she got up and made for the exit. Tom tried to follow close behind her but lost her in the lobby. He stayed and looked all over but didn’t find her. When he got home, he opened his phone to look at the pictures again, and there in his contacts was LORI!


“So, am I going to get a writer’s credit on this one?” Judy asked.