I love cum

I’ve been out of town for the past few months (college
internship). Since I’m back, I though I would share some of my
experiences. I had mentioned that I had a “Green Door” experience.
Well, I don’t know if this qualifies but…..here goes.

I had been on the plane for hours and was feeling so
relieved when we finally landed. The only problem….I was
feeling pretty gross too. Some guy from the company, Bill, met
me at the airport and, after picking up my luggage, took me to my
hotel. This was not my first trip but definitely the longest.
All I wanted to do was get in, get a hot shower, eat and sleep.

Once I arrived at the hotel, Bill mentioned that he had
heard I liked parties from some other company employees in other
areas I had been and that, if I was interested, there was one
that night. After thinking about it, I figured I could still
eat, get a shower and who was I to turn down free booze. I
thought it was a little strange that other company employees had
talked about me but, since one or two of them had “gotten lucky”,
I figured that Bill was hoping for the same.

I told Bill to pick me up around 8:00 pm. After he left, I
ordered some dinner from room service and, once it arrived,
turned on the TV. The hotel had an adult channel so I figured,
why not and turned it on. Watching the various folks suck and
fuck each other really “perked” me up. I then undressed,
noticing my nipples were hard, and took a shower. Afterwards,
still feeling horny after watching those porn movies, I took out
a nice white crotchless teddy and put on my black mini skirt and
a thin white blouse. It had been a long plane ride and I decided
I needed some serious attention. Looking at myself in the
mirror, I could see my nipples poking through the material in the
teddy and the blouse.

Bill called up from the lobby exactly at 8:00 pm. Once down
at the lobby, we walked to the car, my nipples rock hard from the
movies and the chill in the air. All Bill could do was look and
say “uh…you look NICE”.

The people at the party were pretty much in their late 20’s,
early 30’s and pretty much a 40/60 ratio (women/men), with about
30 people there. After a few drinks, I was feeling pretty good
and that horny feeling was getting stronger. One of the guys
there, Frank, asked if anyone would mind if he put in an adult
tape and, with there being no objection he began it. After about
20 min of this, combined with the booze, the other movies and the
long plane ride, I was about to crawl out of my skin. After
about another 10 min, someone suggested we play a game called
“truth or dare”.

“Truth or dare” is a game where you are asked a question by
another player. You can either answer the question or take a
dare. If you answer a question but the group votes that you have
lied, you have to take a dare. The game went on for about 15 min
and then turned towards sex. I was then asked the question “have
you ever made it with a woman”? Not knowing these people and
being somewhat embarrassed, I said no. The group however, voted
that I was lying. By this time in the game, a few others had
to take a dare (a few of the guys and gals had already striped
down to their underwear). When the group decided I had to strip
down to my underwear, I almost died. However, I had no choice
and, undoing my blouse and skirt, everyone got a “view”. The
game continued and finally came back to me…I was asked it I had
ever masturbated. Again, being to embarrassed to admit it to a
room full of strangers, I said no and once again they voted that
I was lying. This time, my dare seemed to be easier; simply put
on a blindfold and kiss 4 people, identifying each. After taking
another drink, stood up, forgetting about my crotchless teddy,
and put on the blindfold.

The first came up to kiss me and, putting his hand between
my legs, gave me a deep french kiss. I wanted to push his hand
away but it simply felt to good. The rest of the 4 each got
their turn, each stroking my so sopping wet pussy. After I took
the blindfold off, I could only identify 2 out of the four.
Thus, the group voted another dare. I was simply told to put the
blind fold back on and wait. After a what seemed like a lifetime,
someone in the group told me to begin playing with myself.
At first I resisted but, after someone forced my hand between my
legs, I could not help it. I began stroking my pussy and the
thought of doing this with 20 or thirty people watching made it
even better. I was then told continue to stroke my pussy while
someone tied my legs spread eagle. “Your pretty hot….but are
you hot enough for this?” someone said as I felt a rock hard cock
placed into my hand. “Suck it!” he ordered. While still fingering
my cunt, I bent over and took his cock into my mouth. I then felt
a tongue replace my fingers on my pussy. It thrust deep into it…god it
felt GOOD! By this time, I had lost control…all I wanted to do
was suck and fuck everything in sight (pardon the pun, since I
was blindfolded). With someone tongue fucking me, I felt a huge
cock suddenly enter my pussy from behind. He began fucking me
for all I was worth, banging his cock into my pussy. The cock I
had in my mouth began to pulse and, with a moan, the guy sprayed
his come all over my mouth. As soon as he finished, another cock
took its place. I could not stand it any longer and, as my knees
began to quiver and buckle, I came, all the while with a cock
being rammed into my pussy and mouth and someone eating my pussy
like there was no tomorrow. I could feel as the guy pulled his
cock from my pussy and came all over my ass. The cock in my
mouth once again began to pulse and, with a deep thrust, came. I
let him shoot his cum down my throat, savoring it.

Thinking it was over, I began to remove my blindfold. I was
told to kneel down on all fours. I did so and my face was met
with a very wet pussy. “Eat me you slut” she said. Not needing
a second invitation, I dove in. I then felt a guy slide under me
and, inserting his cock into my pussy, began pumping away. I
then got a shock as I felt another guys cock begin probing my
asshole. I started to lift my head in protest but it was pushed
back into the drenched pussy. After a few tries, I felt his cock
enter my asshole, slowly and shallow at first, then deeper and
harder. I then heard two or three guys begin to moan as I felt
their cum shoot onto my back (I guess they stood next to me and
jerked off). The gal whose pussy I was eating began to moan and,
feeling her tense up, I knew she had cum…”that was great!” was
all she said. Her pussy was then replaced with another cock.
Not being to hold back, I began to cum again and, sucking the
cock in my mouth for all it was worth, felt his warm cum shoot
onto my face. A few seconds after that, I felt cum shoot onto my
ass again as the guy that was fucking my asshole came. Feeling I
could cum one last time, I now sat up and began to ride that cock
that was still in my pussy. I began to bounce up and down,
forcing his cock into my pussy as hard and deep as it would go.
With a moan, I knew he had cum and, arching my back, I came as
well. “Well, I think she has had enough…someone walk her to the
bathroom with her clothes so she can clean up”. When I came out
of the bathroom, everyone was clothed and all was as it was
before my sex adventure had begun. One of the guys then offered
to take me back to the hotel and, being totally wasted and
exhausted, I accepted. I never did find out who was doing what
but, it was GREAT!