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Divorce is hard. What started as a fight for little Tia eventually became a battle to win. A year and many thousands of dollars later, the fight between former Mr and Mrs Sunwater was just how it started – 50/50 joint custody.

Every two weeks, on the Friday after school, Tia would switch parents. She preferred it at her mom’s, that’s where all of her stuff was from before the divorce. Diaries, pictures, toys, her Nintendo Switch. Everything.

On the other hand, everything at her dad’s was new. Mere copies or replacements of things she already owned flooded the cupboard still filled with packed up boxes. Nevertheless, she knew he was trying.

This Friday, it was dad time. She waved goodbye to her friend Sally and climbed into her dad’s clunky Ford Mondeo. He looked happy to see her, she was just happy there was no more school.

“I bought you something” he said as soon as her butt was firm in her seat.

“Really? What is it?” She asked.

Her dad nudged his head backward, pointing at a bag from the local second-hand store. Tia instantly leaned back, grabbed the bag and peered inside. It was a MacBook! Almost like the one at mom’s, but a year or so older.

“I know you’ve been bored a lot… I, well, you know how you young ones like your computers. I don’t want you to feel like I can’t give you what you want.” He said, his head dropping.

She leaned over to her dad and kissed him on the cheek. “I love it, dad. Thank you.”


After a dinner of mashed potato and chicken nuggets, Tia went to her room. The one thing she preferred at her dad’s was the room. She had a lock on her door, something her mother would never allow, a balcony, a good view, and it was just roomy. Dad made sure to give her the bigger room, he never needed much space. She felt like a princess.

Tia undressed, kicking her clothes into a corner. She looked into the mirror, attempting to admire her own body. Her olive skin reflected in the moonlight, it also caught her ass, illuminating her figure. Well, what figure she had.

She moved her hands to her chest, grabbing at nothing. Her mom had large, impressive boobs, but she barely had nubs. She grabbed her long, silky black hair and pulled it over her chest. It was so long that strands were starting to make their way between her legs, tickling her most precious parts.

“I just want to be sexy.” She sighed as she frowned at herself.

After her daily ritual of being upset at her lack of impressive breast tissue, Tia turned her eyes to the MacBook. Knowing dad, it probably didn’t even work, but it was the thought that counted. If it was broken, she probably wouldn’t tell him anyway.

Tia plugged it in and pressed the power button. Huzzah! It turns on! Huzzah! It boots! Huh? There’s already a profile. “Scarlett” the screen read. Whoever sold this MacBook forgot to wipe it at all.

Tia pressed enter, no password was needed. She was in. Unlimited power to do whatever she wanted. Immediately, she moved to the Finder.

“What secrets do you hold, MacBook? Tell me all!” She giggled to herself.

Documents: just some weird tax sheets. Downloads: JPEGs and YouTube videos. Music: nothing. Videos: the motherload. The videos folder was filled to the brim. Inside videos was a collection of sub-folders: anal, pissing, public, incest, zoo, BDSM, forced, live. Oh my god, was this someone’s porn folder?

Tia had only ever seen one bit of porn, once. On her 10th birthday, she walked downstairs to surprise her dad. Unbeknownst to her, Mr Sunwater was mid-wank, dick in hand while the living room TV displayed two women and one man doing acts that Tia couldn’t quite remember. Ever since then, she’d been sheltered.

This was her time to explore. That time had passed and Tia wanted to know what was waiting for her in the adult world. She clicked on the Live folder which met her with a huge collection of videos with dates on them. February 21st was her birthday so she clicked the video with that date, it opened.

The video displayed a screen from a website called OhMeGirl. On the left there were two cameras, one labelled You, the other labelled Stranger. On the right there was a chat box. On the You box, there was a girl a few years older than Tia. She was white, blonde hair, glasses, just a tad bit chubby.

The video continued, the blonde girl matched with a man almost the age of Tia’s dad. The text box pinged.





Hot. What you looking for?

Some fun. Are you fun?

Yes baby. Call me daddy.

Yes daddy. What do you want me to do?

Daddy wants to see your body baby.

Yes daddy.

The blonde girl stood up and started to undress. She pulled off her top, exposing her breasts to the older man. Next came her bottoms which she slowly pulled down, sticking out her ass as she did.

Fuck, baby. Your body is so good.

Thank you daddy. What do you want me to do next?

Spread your pussy for daddy.

Yes sir.

The girl spread her legs open, pulling apart her hairless pussy to show the man her insides. She was wet, glistening, overflowing. The man got up and pulled out his penis, furiously rubbing it over the little whore in front of him.

The blonde girl moved her fingers to her pussy, rubbing between its lips. After a short while she dived inside, her head rolled back in pleasure.

Fuck baby. Daddy’s close.

Cum for me daddy

Yes baby thank you

The man started rubbing his cock even harder, pulling the skin back until his cock bent. The girl took her second hand and moved it to her ass, pushing her finger in with the goo that dripped down from her pussy. After a few seconds, the man shot white ribbons on cum all over his camera. Shortly after, the girl rithed around, her limbs locked and an audible shriek could be heard. Then the chat disconnected.

Tia sat there, starting at the screen. She quickly clicked through a few of the other videos, all of the same girl matching with different men. Was this her laptop? One video she was with a boy Tia’s age, pushing a big rubber penis into her ass. Another video showed her with a very old man, rubbing herself in her garden. Tia’s favourite video saw the girl match with a couple who were already having sex. Eventually, the blonde girl’s dog came to join her and she had sex with the dog!

Tia was so flustered. Her face was red and there was a massive wet patch between her legs. What was this? Is this what you do when you’re older? She moved to the internet browser, went on private mode and loaded up the website the blonde girl used.

She clicked on connect and quickly pulled her blanket up to hide her body. She had a connection: a boy with glasses was laying in bed, staring at the screen.


Tia stared back. Unable to move.

You real?

The boy waved.


Tia moved her hand and waved.

Lmao. M18.

Tia moved her hand to the keyboard.

I’m new. What does that mean?

M18 means I’m a male that’s 18 lol.

Oh. F1*.

You’re a bit young to be on here.

Is there an age requirement?

No. But like naughty things happen here.

Like what?

The boy pulled his blanket away, revealing an impressive rock-hard cock. Tia stared at it, almost salivating. She couldn’t believe it, just like the videos she was seeing people actually expose themselves.

What do you want me to do daddy?

I thought you were new lmao. Take your clothes off slut.

Tia took off her blanket, revealing her flat chest. The boy started to stroke his cock in response.

Mmm you were waiting for that weren’t you slut

No daddy

I know you were. Open your legs for me.

Yes daddy

Tia spread her legs open, revealing her pussy for the boy on the other side of the screen. She moved her hand to it and started to rub, just like the girl did in the video.

Damn. You’re making daddy so hard.

The boy rubbed harder, his face screwed up. Tia was still exploring herself, but she discovered that the tippy top of her newfound pleasure zone felt incredibly good to touch. She looked at the boy, salivating as she saw his cock leak precum. Jolts of pleasure shot through her, she couldn’t control her legs. Her body locked up and her mouth let out a shriek as her first orgasm arrived, flooding her hands. The boy smiled and shot his load before instantly disconnecting.

Bang bang bang. “Tia! Are you alright?” Her dad shouted from behind her door, trying to get in.

She slammed down the laptop lid and ran to the door, opening it.

“Dad, what’s wrong?” She said.

“I heard you screaming! I thought something happened!” He replied, trying not to stare at his daughter’s naked body.

“I, uh, thought I saw a spider!” She quickly lied.

“You poor thing!” Her dad said, picking her up for a hug.

Tia giggled as her dad picked her up, locking her legs around him. She held onto her dad; it’d been a while since she had a hug like this. Her dad placed her into bed, moved the MacBook to the floor and tucked her in.

“You sleep well, Princess.” He said, pulling the covers up to her head.

“I will, dad. Thank you.” She turned to her side and closed her eyes.

Her dad walked out and went to bed. He pulled off his shirt and noticed a few wet spots. “She didn’t feel sweaty.” He thought to himself before climbing into bed.