I work for my husband

I was sitting in my office at work, looking at porn on my computer, when my phone rang, and my husband spoke to me.

“Miss Smith, would you please bring the champagne in now. We’ve just signed the contract.”

Smith is my maiden name.

Immediately I stood up, slipped my short skirt and my little top off, which left me naked except for my high heels. My husband forbids me to wear panties or bras to work. I took a bottle of champagne from a small fridge and placed it in an ice bucket which was standing ready on a tray with three glasses. I walked through the door which connects my office to his and placed my tray on his desk. Then I turned to my husband’s client.

“Congratulations Mr McVey. I understand that a celebration is in order.”

“Phillipa. I’ve told you before that you should call me Kevin.”

Then he stood up and stepped toward me and crushed my naked breasts against his shirt and kissed me passionately on the lips. I responded by opening my mouth a little and pushing my tongue into his mouth.

I had been with Kevin McVey a few times before and so I knew exactly how the evening would progress. We would share the bottle of champagne, then I would undress Kevin and he would fuck me there in front of my husband, although Kevin didn’t know that he was my husband. He only knew that I was my husband’s personal assistant.

Then my husband would get sloppy seconds. I would fetch a second bottle of champagne which we would share still naked. Then we would all get into the generous shower attached to my husband’s office and they would both enjoy washing me and being washed by me. After dressing and a taxi ride to Kevin’s hotel we would sit down to dinner in the hotel restaurant.

Kevin would insist that I sit close to him, and, between courses his hand would slide up my inner thigh to my pussy. Then he would remove his hand and lick the mixed juices that had oozed out of my cunt since our communal shower. Usually, by the second or third time that he touched me my orgasm would sweep through my body and I would somehow have to stop myself from screaming in the busy restaurant.

After dinner we would all go to his room and drink more champagne from his mini-bar. Then we would have the most exciting fuck of the evening, with my husband fucking my arse while Kevin fucked my cunt.

After that was over we would leave Kevin and return home in a taxi. In the taxi Len, my husband, would be finger fucking me in the back seat. As soon as we were inside our front door we would be naked, then race for our bedroom. Len would have his tongue in my cunt, licking up Kevin’s cum and making me cum almost at once. Then he would fuck me with long slow strokes until we both would cum very noisily.

I was brought up knowing that sex was only permissible between a man and his wife, so how come, you are probably asking, was I now performing as my husband’s whore? I thought back to when we first met.

When I first met Len I was a virgin and, of course, intended to remain so until my wedding night. Two weeks later he had convinced me to go on the pill “just to be on the safe side” and as soon as he knew that I could not get pregnant he seduced me. By the time that we got married, three months later, he had taught me to enjoy all sorts of sex, vaginal, fellatio, cunnilingus, and anal. Our first year of marriage was wonderful with varied sex every night, but then he talked my dad and his dad into funding a business idea that he had — something to do with computers.

For the next 3 months he was working 80-hour weeks and was mostly too tired for sex except on Sundays; I really missed it but I still hung in there, hoping that things would pick up when he had finished developing his project, whatever it was.

But no! Once he was happy with what he had developed he started marketing it. That meant many dinners with potential clients talking about his product. He invited me to the first of his sales dinners, but I quickly became bored with all the technical talk and declined further invitations. Still, whenever he made a sale he would come home late and want to celebrate so I was getting some satisfying sex, just not enough.

Then he got more ambitious and started travelling to remote cities, even overseas, to contact potential clients. He was often away for extended periods, up to two weeks, and I found his absences very trying, not just because I wasn’t getting any sex, but that was an important part of it. Of course I complained to the girls at my work, and they invited me out to the local bar with them for Friday night drinks.

In the bar, the first time I went with them, men kept hitting on all of us. I liked the idea that other men would like to fuck me, but of course I would never be unfaithful to my husband. But as the evening wore on I was shocked to see that most of the other women disappeared with one or two of the men who had hit on them. I knew that most of those women were married. Eventually I decided that it was time that I went home. In a taxi, on the way home, I could not help wondering what it would be like to go with someone that I had met in a bar.

My husband was at home for the next couple of Friday nights, and I was very happy with the fucking that I got those two nights. Apparently, judging by how enthusiastically he fucked me, he was missing me as much as I missed him. However my well-fucked feeling wore off by the following Friday evening and so I found myself with my work-mates in that bar again.

As before we were all being hit on and, as before, my friends disappeared one-by-one as they fancied one or two of the men. When I was just about to go and find a taxi to go home, this hunk asked me if he could buy me a drink.

He introduced himself as Rob, and he was very pleasant company. He didn’t seem to be hitting on me, just enjoying my company, I thought. By now I had lost count of how many drinks I had had, but I was certainly feeling the effects, so when Rob suggested that perhaps I needed to lie down and that I could lie down in his bedroom upstairs in the hotel, I agreed.

I don’t remember much of what happened after that, but I woke up next morning, Saturday, feeling good, despite all the alcohol that I had consumed the night before. Rob and I were both naked in bed and there were a couple of wet patches on the bottom sheet. I went to get out of bed, but Rob’s hand grabbed me and pulled me back against him.

“One more before you go?”

I knew that I should say ‘no’, but my body said ‘yes’. After all the damage was already done; I had cheated on my husband. Would it be any worse if I stayed?

I stayed with Rob until Sunday afternoon, only taking short breaks to eat, the rest of the time we were naked and in bed together. During that time he fucked me in my cunt, arse and mouth. I felt wonderful.

At home, waiting for Friday, when Len would get home, I wondered why I did not feel guilty. Instead I just felt happy to have had such great sex with Rob. When Len got home he seemed pleased that I was in such a good mood, and that is probably why the sex was so great that night and Saturday and Sunday, but then he left again on Monday.

By Friday night I was randy again and ready for a visit to the bar with the girls. I was hoping that Rob might be there again, but there was no sign of him. Most of the girls had paired off and I was just thinking about going home alone when a good-looking young man offered to buy me a drink and I accepted. Fred was as smooth as Rob had been, and a couple of drinks later I was ready to go with him, where ever he suggested.

We went to his home and the first thing that he wanted was for me to do a striptease for him. During the first year of our marriage Len had taken me a couple of times to watch women stripping, so I had a fair idea of what was involved. I must have been pretty drunk because I just asked him to put on some music, and as soon as he did I started moving to the music, trying to make sensuous movements. I soon took off my blouse and then my bra. I was feeling very embarrassed until I looked at his face, which was beaming and his crotch which was bulging.

I went to him, where he was sitting on the couch and straddled his lap, pushing my breasts into his face. He took one nipple into his mouth and sucked, then switched to the other nipple. By now his reaction to my performance so far had me totally turned on. I danced away from him again and slipped my skirt off, which left me in my high heels and tiny panties.

I moved back to him and this time he started to finger my pussy through my panties. I quickly realised that the panties were only a nuisance so I stepped away, pulled them off and moved back to Fred. He went from fingering my pussy to eating it. I screamed through my first orgasm of the night then started giving him a blow job. Before he came he pulled me off his cock then lined it up with my cunt and plunged it into me. I screamed with another orgasm and maybe it was my orgasm that triggered his because he was immediately pumping his cum into me.

I stayed with Fred all that night, all Saturday and Saturday night. Eventually I left him on Sunday afternoon, after promising to see him again next time that my husband was out of town. He was surprised that I was married, probably because I had left my wedding and engagement rings at home on Friday morning.

Afterwards I was thinking about how turned on Fred was by my very amateur striptease, although there was not much teasing involved. I wondered how I could do something similar to arouse Len. I considered various possibilities, but finally chose to welcome him home, completely naked, apart from my favourite, red high heels.

“Hello Phillipa. How come you’re naked?”

“I wanted to show you how excited I am to have you home again. Also I’m hoping that my naked body will arouse your interest in fucking me. I really need to be fucked.”

I had taken a risk, but I was relieved to discover that it worked. Len was only home for the weekend but it was the best weekend that we had shared together in a long time. Part of the success of that weekend was that Len had just landed a big contract and was pleased with himself. Also, I feel sure, I was in an equally good mood because of the wonderful weekend that I had spent with Fred, plus my gamble, welcoming Len home naked, had paid off; Len loved it. In fact he told me that he hoped that he would always be welcomed home like that.

The next Friday night that Len was away, I went to the bar with the girls, hoping to get lucky again. As soon as I walked into the bar, Fred approached me and offered to buy me a drink. As I enjoyed that first drink someone tapped me on the shoulder. It was Rob! There were my two favourite lovers and I didn’t want to chose between them. I introduced them to each other, and I think that they both guessed very quickly that they had both been my lovers.

After a couple of drinks, Rob took the bull by the horns.

“You two. I’ve got a room upstairs in the hotel. Will you both join me there for another drink … or two?”

A shiver went through my body as I thought of being in bed with these two men. Once we were in his room, Rob started organising drinks while Fred turned on the radio and searched for a station playing music that was vaguely suitable for a stripper.

“The last time that I was with Phillipa she did a striptease for me. Do you want to do it again for us, Phillipa?”

I burst out laughing.

“Why is that so funny?”, Fred wanted to know.

“Well, before I left work this evening, I took off my bra and my panties, so I can strip for you but there wont be much teasing involved.”

Once Fred and Rob were sitting down I started swaying to the music. Then I pulled off my blouse and wiggled my tits at them. I moved close so that I was standing between the two men and offered a nipple to each of them. I had never had two men sucking on my two nipples before. It was so erotic that my pussy juices were trickling down my inner thighs. Then I felt two hands sliding up my inner thighs until they met at my pussy. That’s all it took for my first orgasm to sweep through my body. “Aaaaaah!”

Then Rob undid my skirt which fell to the floor. I stepped out of it and kicked it aside. Fred and Rob pulled their shirts off and discarded them, then they both undid there trousers and shrugged them off, taking their underpants with them. At last we were all naked. Rob spat in his hand then rubbed his cock, lubricating it with his spittle. Then he turned me around and pulled me down onto his slimy cock. His cock penetrated my arsehole and slipped right in.

“Fred, why don’t you come around in front of Phillipa and fuck her cunt while I fuck her arsehole?”

Fred did as Rob had suggested and suddenly I was experiencing sensations that I had never felt before as their two cocks pumped in and out of me. “Aaaaaaaah!”

After we had all cum, mine was the best that I had ever experienced, they swapped places and did it again. I actually passed out the second time, the sensations were so intense. I woke up some time in the night to discover that I was lying between the two naked men. I shivered as I remembered my first two double penetrations, then snuggled against one of the naked men and went back to sleep.

The three of us spent the rest of the weekend together, most of it naked in Rob’s bed, fucking in various combinations. I got home finally on Sunday evening feeling very content. I realised that I was becoming, or had already become, a slut but I justified that to myself by thinking that after a session like the one with Rob and Fred I would be so much happier for my husband that sex with him would be much better than if I had gone without for the whole time that he was away. Really it was for his benefit as well as mine.

Some weeks later …

I struggled awake wondering why I could see flashing lights. I was lying naked on top of our bed with no sheet or blanket over me. There was a naked man lying beside me and wet patches on the sheet. What was the man’s name? I was sure that he had told me but I could not remember. Then I realised that the flashing light came from my husband’s camera. He was moving around the bed taking pictures of me and my most recent lover from various angles. Oh shit!

“You,” my husband addressed the man beside me, “you can use the bathroom through that door, then get dressed and get out of my home as quickly as you can. I will not harm you in any way provided you go quickly and without any fuss.”

He scrambled out of bed, gathered his clothes from the floor and disappeared into the bathroom.

“As for you, Phillipa, things are going to change for you and me. I see that you are not wearing your wedding and engagement rings. I also see that last night you wore only a short skirt without panties and a little top without a bra. You are going to give up your job and from now on you are going to come to work as my personal assistant. You will revert to your maiden name and you will dress as you did last night. No one at my work need know that we are married.”

“Why? What does your personal assistant have to do?”

“I haven’t had a PA until now. You will mostly have light duties except when you will provide sexual services to my clients and potential clients.”

“You want me to become a whore?”

“No, Phillipa, you are a whore already. I’m just going to use that fact to my advantage. In future you will travel with me on all my business trips and you will function as my whore for any of my clients that desire your body.”

“I was only fucking other men while you were away so that I would be in a good mood for you when you came home. I was really doing it for you.”

“I’m sorry that I have neglected you so badly. As well as fucking clients you will continue to fuck me too. Your travelling with me will have the double benefit that you will be helping me build my business and also I’ll be getting to fuck you much more often than in the past.”

That morning I rang my boss and told her that I was quitting my job immediately. She wasn’t happy that I had not given any notice. As instructed by my husband, I agreed to forego my severance pay.

Then Len and I went together to an STD clinic and were both checked out thoroughly. Then we went to his office where he introduced me to his office manager as Phillipa Smith and had him put me on the payroll.

We had not yet had the results of our tests for STDs so he told me to use my new company credit card to go and buy extra changes of sluttish clothes to wear to work. Apart from shopping, I spent my time learning how to make myself useful around the office.

After a few days our results came back: we were both clear of any infection. That night Len took me to dinner with one of his clients and after dinner, in the client’s hotel room I started my new profession. As soon as we were in his room I offered to perform a striptease for both men, even though I knew that there would be more strip than tease. Both men looked pleased and so that is how I began.

By the time that I was naked both men had serious lumps in their trousers. I went to the client first and struggled to release his cock. I gave him a quick suck, but then stopped telling him that I wanted him to cum in my cunt rather than my mouth. Then I turned to Len and gave him the same treatment except that I told him that I wanted his cum in my arse.

By now we were all ready for serious fucking. They quickly stripped out of their clothes and I led them both to the bed pulling them by their cocks. I pulled all the covers off then had Len lie on his back on the bed with his cock pointing at the ceiling. I spat on my hand and rubbed it up and down his cock, then backed up to him and managed to spear his cock into my arse. Then I beckoned the client to me and he lay on top of me with his cock in my cunt.

At first the two men struggled to find a rhythm but eventually they settled on one pushing into me as the other pulled out. I was in seventh heaven, as I knew I would be from my time with Rob and Fred. The two men showed their appreciation with little groans and oohs and ahs. Eventually we all came, more or less together.

“Well, Len,” the client commented, “that was fantastic. I hope you have a contract ready for me to sign. I’ll want to stop by your office first thing tomorrow, on my way to the airport, to sign it.”

“We have it ready. We’ll see you first thing tomorrow.”

Len and I got dressed and went home by taxi. As soon as we were home we were fucking again, perhaps the best fuck that we had ever had together.

So began my new job as my husband’s PA.