Joan’s cum ride 1.

It was a perfect day for a bike ride, sunny with a few puffy white clouds,
temperature in the high 70s and almost no breeze. But then, almost any day
is perfect for a ride, isn’t it? But this day was perfection among perfect days.

It started while I was in my front yard, getting ready for the ride. I had
just lubed the drive train on my Trek 930 mountain bike and was about to
check the pressure in the tires when a young girl screeched to a halt on her
mountain bike. I had noticed her riding around the neighborhood before this
but we had never spoken.

“Are you going for a ride,” she asked?

“Sure am,” I smiled back at her.

“Would you mind if I went along with you?”

I looked at her bike. It was a ‘real’ mountain bike, not a toy store
knock-off. No problem on that score. I looked at the girl. She was in her
early teens, slim and pretty with straight sandy hair, and a lovely smile.
“Well,” I temporized, “first I have to know if you have a bike helmet…”

“Sure I do,” she answered quickly.

“O.K.. Go get it. Then ask your mother or father if it’s all right with
them. If they say yes you are welcome to ride with me. Tell them we’ll be
gone two or three hours but will be back before dinner.”

Her smile widened and she started off to her home. “By the way,” I said
quickly, “my name is Tom. What’s yours?”

“Joanie!” she shouted back. Then she was gone.

I continued my basic maintenance routine, and soon had the bike ready for a
day on the trails. I was checking the contents of my seat pack when Joanie
came riding up wearing a bright blue helmet. “My mom says it’s fine with
her!” She had made a quick change of clothes, too. Instead of the blue jeans
and loose tee she had been wearing, she was now in bright yellow lycra
bike shorts and a short, cropped half tee. I suddenly noticed that she was
not quite the young girl I had thought. Her hips, while indeed slim, were
beginning to widen toward womanly maturity. The thin lycra displayed her
young pubis as clearly as if she were naked. Her breasts, straining against
the cotton of her top, were full and firm. “This,” I thought to myself,
“could be a real pain. Riding with a child along is one thing. Riding with a
sexy underage teen is something else….”

I put my mental reservations aside and offered to check out her bike for the
ride. I added some air to her tires. “Would you like some insect repellent,”
I asked, offering her the plastic tube,

“Sure,” she replied, “but would you mind rubbing it on me? I don’t want to
get my hands greasy.” I hesitated for a second. Yes, I wanted to run my
hands all over her nubile young body, but as a mature adult I knew that it
would be dangerous. “Please?” she asked again.

“All right,” I relented. I squirted a liberal amount of the cream onto my
palm and began to cover her arms and the back of her neck with it. I put a
little dab on her face and rubbed that into the skin, too, taking care to
avoid her mouth and eyes. I squirted more lotion onto my palm and began to
cover her legs. Joanie had lovely legs and, despite my caution I could not
help but linger over the process. I slowly slid my palm up the back of one
calf then the other. I used both hands on the part of her thighs not covered
by the shorts. Finally I stood up.

“What about my stomach and back,” Joanie asked.

“Oh,” I said, looking at her bare midriff, “I forgot about that.” I added
more of the insect repellent to my hands and started to rub it in. I could
not keep my eyes from her tits even if I could not allow my hands to stray
that high. Her belly was firm and smooth, like the rest of her, with just
enough padding to feel good to my hands. What, I wondered, did I get
myself nto?

I started to cover my own arms with the stuff.Joanie broke in again. “You
know,” she said, smiling at me, “I decided itisn’t fair to let you cover
me and have to do the same for yourself. Let me do you.”

Do me? Damn, I’d love nothing better, I thought to myself. “But what about
getting your hands greasy,” I pointed out.

“Oh, I guess I can stand it. You’ve been so nice to me that I want to do
something nice for you.” She took the tube from my hand and squeezed some of
the white cream onto her hand. She started on my legs, doing it slowly and
carefully, just the way I rubbed it on her. I managed to keep from moaning
when she rubbed it into my thighs, her pretty face just inches from my
groin. I must have trembled slightly for she asked, “Are you cold?” I shook
my head and she went back to work.

At last we were done. I sighed quietly with a combination of frustration and
relief and buckled my helmet on. I smiled at her. “Let’s go!”

We rode on pavement for about 20 minutes to one of the trails I normally
ride. “I’ll lead here,” I told Joanie, “and I want you to holler to let me
know if you are in trouble behind me.” She nodded her assent and we went
into the woods. The path was a deer track just wide enough for one bike at a
time to pass. It was one of my favorite places, running several miles
through the trees and finally reaching a small clearing by a shallow stream.
I figured we could stop there and take a short rest, eat a powerbar for
energy for the ride home and then start back.

The ride through the trees was uneventful. Every few minutes I looked back
at Joanie who was having no trouble keeping up with me. She’d flash me that
beautiful smile every time I looked back at her and I’d give her a quick
grin before returning my attention to the trail. The trail was not too
difficult — that’s why I had chosen it — but with the warmth of the summer
sun and the fairly quick pace we were both sweating by the time we reached
the stream.

“Let’s take a little break, Joanie, ” I suggested. I opened my seat pack,
pulled out two powerbars and handed one to her. I grabbed my water bottle
and sat down on a grassy bank near a tree. The sunlight was mottled by
leaves from a nearby tree and the water made soft gurgling sounds. The
ground was springy but dry. I took off my helmet and nibbled at the powerbar
as Joanie sat down beside me. I lay back, my head pillowed on my helmet, and
gazed at the clouds. I have always loved the outdoors, the peace and the
serenity of nature. Joanie and I talked a little, mostly about the cloud
formations above us. “That one looks like a dog!” “No, it looks like a

It may have been the warmth of the afternoon. It could have been the dappled
sunlight playing over my face. It could even have been the soft music of the
water. It was probably all of those that put me to sleep lying there. I
could not have been asleep long, because the sweat had not yet dried on me
when I felt something… Something interesting. I realized with a start that
it was fingernails moving along the length of my cock through the lycra of
my bike shorts. I opened my eyes to see Joanie’s face above mine.

“J-joan…” I stuttered and tried to sit up.

“It’s O.K., Tom,” she smiled at me, pushing me back down. “I’ve wanted you
for a long time. I’ve watched you riding away on your bike almost every day.
I love the way your muscles flex as you pump the pedals. I love watching
your hard butt when you race past my house. Now I want to feel those hard
muscles as we make love.”

“But Joan, I’m old enough to be your father!” I protest.

“So what?” she retorted, “I’ve been fucking my father for five years. Why
shouldn’t I fuck you?”

I had a sudden insight. “Joan? You aren’t? You can’t be? JOAN-CUM? From the
Internet news group???”

Her smile widened. “Yes! You’ve read my stories?”

I groaned my answer. “God, yes! I think your stories are the sexiest things
on the ‘net! I never imagined JOAN-CUM was my neighbor!”

“Did you ever imagine you were the one fucking me.”

“Oh, yes, Joan!”

She leaned back and pulled her tee over her head, freeing her beautiful
chest to my gaze. I moved my hands up to cup them, feeling the nipples begin
to harden in my palms. “Mmmm, Joanie, you are so beautiful!” She smiled at
me as her hand moved back to my cock, stroking it toward hardness. I let my
hands slide down toward her belly and hooked my fingers in her shorts. “Help
me,” I pleaded, and she rose slightly to give me room to pull the tight
lycra down.

She giggled, “Let me,” and sat back, pulling the shorts completely off. I
used the space to do the same with my own shorts, letting my cock stand
erect and hard. Joanie again pushed me back to the soft grass, this time
leaning over me, brushing my chest with her firm nipples. I shuddered with
desire as her mouth found mine for a long, searing kiss. My hands caressed
her sweet young ass and she had one hand on my cock again, this time with
not even thin lycra to keep us apart. I was so hard I almost ached!

Joanie was the sexiest woman I had ever been with, 14 years old or not. I
had been reading her stories in for months and had imagined
it was me fucking her many times. And here she was, naked in my arms, her
hand stroking my cock like an expert!

I reached my hand down the crack of her ass to the opening of her pussy.
Joanie parted her legs so I could reach my fingers inside. She was
incredibly wet. I slid a dripping finger up to her clit and was rewarded
with a long moan of pleasure that I could almost feel, with her lips so near
my face. We kissed again, then she moved my hand away from her. “That feels
great but I’d like to feel your mouth there,” she said in a soft, husky
voice. I groaned in response.

Joanie straddled my chest, her sopping pussy near my head. She leaned back
and grabbed my still hard cock with her right hand and slowly moved it up
and down. I leaned forward to get my mouth to her. I was filled with her
heavenly aroma and my cock lurched, if anything even harder in reaction to
her erotic scent. She inched closer to my face and used her left hand to
pull me close as well. I snaked my tongue along her inner lips, tasting her
for the first time. There is nothing in this world that tastes as good as a
healthy young woman who is highly aroused. I pushed my tongue inside her and
felt her body jerk, pushing her pussy closer yet. I tongued into her
rapidly, like a little wet dick. “Oh, yes, Tom!” she cried and squeezed my cock.

I traced a tongue circle around her clit, then sucked it into my mouth. That
must have done it because she suddenly arched her back and screamed to the sky.


Her little body shook with the force of her orgasm. By this time I was
shaking with desire, too, and wanted to fuck her. But Joanie was on top and
Joanie was in control so all I could do was drink in her delicious aroma and
copious girl CUM and have faith that she would do right by me.

“That was wonderful, Tom,” she smiled at me with her body still wracked by
aftershocks. “I think it is your turn now.” She grinned at me. “How would
you like me to suck your cock?”

I nodded so fast my eyes spun. “Oh god, Joanie, please!”

She slid down my chest and belly, leaving a wet trail down my body. As her
hot young pussy passed over my cock I thought I was going to die, she felt
so good. “Oh, Joanie, I want to fuck you so bad!”

“I want you to fuck me good,” she laughed, “but first I have to taste that
beautiful cock!” True to her word, she slid down further, grabbed me with
both hands and flicked her tongue over the tip. She flicked a quick lick in
the hole then placed her lips around the head.

“Oooohhhhh,” I moaned.

“Mmmm,” she moaned.

Inside her mouth wonderful things were happening. Her tongue was doing a
dance around and around and back and forth, licking and sucking. She took
more of me inside her mouth and I could feel my blood pulse against her
tongue. “Oh, Joanie! I can’t believe this! You are incredible!” She started
bobbing her head up and down, fucking me with her mouth. Without warning,
she pushed a single finger in my asshole and that sent me over the edge.
With a long groan I came in her mouth. She never stopped her bobbing and not
one single drop of CUM leaked out of those talented lips.

My hands caressed her hair as she slowed her motion when my ejaculations
quit. “Joan, that was the best I’ve ever been sucked!”

“Well, my daddy taught me a lot,” she giggled.

Her mouth had done it’s work well, because I was still hard. A little more
CUM oozed out and Joanie quickly licked it up. “I was hoping you’d get hard
again pretty fast. I guess you must like me!” she teased.

“Joanie, I like you so much that if I don’t get my cock inside you in the
next 20 seconds I think I’ll die!” I teased her back.

“Well, we can’t let that happen,” she said in mock seriousness and moved
back up my body. Again I felt her heat and wetness against my cock as she
rubbed it against me. She rose up, her knees straddling my hips, and reached
both hands down to hold me and guide me inside her. She started to move up
and down slowly, easing all of me inside her. Finally I was all the way in,
her sopping wet pussy clenching the length my of cock, my pubic hair against
her shaved skin, her juices leaking down over my balls. Then she leaned
forward, letting her nipple again graze my chest. I put my arms around her
and started to fuck, holding her steady while I pistoned up into her tight,
wet pussy.

She was the best fuck I’d ever had. Each time I pushed inside her she would
grasp me with her fuck muscles and slowly release only when I started to
pull back again. Because she was on top, I could not move very fast. We
fucked like this for a long time. Joanie finally became impatient and
moaned, “Make me CUM, Tom, I want to CUM now!”

I held her tight and rolled us over taking control of our fucking. My cock
stayed inside her, throbbing in time to her squeezes as I let her back down
to the ground. I leaned down to give her a slow, wet kiss. Joanie wrapped
her slender legs around my waist and said, “Fuck me! Fuck me, Tom!” I
pulled almost all the way out of her and poised there, feeling the slight
breeze cooling my cock, then slammed hard back into her heat. I started
fucking her hard and fast, riding a wave of raw animal passion. No longer
did Joanie try to keep pace with my fucking. She just lay back, wide open,
and let me do the work. Finally she started to moan…

“Unnnnnnnmmmmmhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh! Yesssssssss! Ohyesohyesohyes! Ohfuckme!
Ohfuckme!” I felt my own orgasm near and picked up my already furious fucking.

“I’m CUMMING Joanie! I’m CUMMING!” I cried, holding myself deep inside her
as I spasmed. Suddenly I felt her pussy spasm around my cock, milking it, as
she came.


I slowly became aware of my surroundings again. I noticed the quiet gurgling
of the stream, the warm sun on my back, the soft breeze. Birds started to
chirp in the trees around us, after being silenced by our loud lovemaking. I
let my softening cock plop out of Joanie’s pussy and she relaxed her legs
from around me. I moved to lay beside her and slowly traced designs around
her nipples as we smiled at each other. After a while we got up, cleaned
ourselves and dressed. I held her close one more time, kissed her, and then
we rode back home.

Joanie’s mom came to the door when we arrived at her house. “Did Joanie
manage to keep up with you?” she asked.

‘Hey, it was more a case of me keeping ‘up’ with her!” I said with a smile.
Joanie just winked at me.