Jenny’s GI Party

My name is Bill. I’m 27 years old and have been married
to Jenny for 5 years now. Jenny is a gorgeous blonde
about 5’6″ and 118 lbs. She has long legs that lead up
to a tight round ass and 36C breast that would pass any
pencil test. She turns heads no matter where we are or
what she’s wearing. In fact, it really turns me on to
know that every guy in the room wants my beautiful

We like to party at several local bars and pubs. I’m a
salesman and the social life always helps my business.
We usually go someplace where we can dance and talk. I
like watching the men check Jenny out. She likes it
too. I always feel a little sorry for them when she
flirts with them and leads them on. She likes to do
this in front of me whenever she thinks I’m taking her
for granted or she isn’t getting enough attention. I
always have to stop her before she drinks too much and
it gets out of control. I’ve gotten into more than a
couple of fights due to her flirting.

One day I set up a deal for a guy that owns a bar on
the north side of the city. He invited us to have
drinks with him later. I told him we would meet him

After work I told Jenny about the invitation and she
was a little peeved that I hadn’t called her during the
day to tell her. We had a little argument and I told
her that I would go without her if I had to because I
didn’t want to offend him and lose his business. Jenny
said she would go but that she didn’t forgive me.

I went to my den and mulled over some paperwork for
about an hour when Jenny called in to see if I was
ready to go. I told her I would be ready in a minute.
As I walked into the bedroom I was surprised to see
Jenny all made up. She looked great. Her hair was
perfect and she had a loose knit sweater on over a form
fitting sports top. She had on tight jeans that would
make any man drool.

I leaned over to kiss her but she pulled away and gave
me that look that let me know she was still mad at me.
While I changed my clothes she asked me where this
place was. I explained that it was on the north side
past the Army base and that I had never been there

Soon we were heading for the car. Jenny threw a little
fit and insisted on driving. I decided to let her have
her way just to keep the peace. As she drove through
the Army base I suggested that she take it slow. I knew
that the military police were much stricter than
regular cops.

She ignored my comment and drove on. Sure enough, about
2 blocks before we were off post she got pulled over by
the MP’s. The young MP asked for her license and
insurance. Right away Jenny started trying to flirt her
way out of getting the ticket. It probably would have
worked if I wasn’t in the car with her. The MP was a
little rude to her as he wrote the ticket. Maybe he
didn’t like to be teased.

We drove on and reached the bar. It was actually only 3
or 4 blocks outside of the Army base. I wasn’t
surprised that our host was making a small fortune. The
place was packed with Army guys and girls.

I waved at Dave as we walked in. He escorted us to a
booth in the back where we could sit and talk. We all
sat down and his wife, Tammi, showed up a few minutes
later. We ordered some drinks and talked business for a
couple of hours. Jenny and Tammi made small talk about
cooking and stuff like that.

After a while Dave and Tammi had to leave. Dave told us
to stay and have a good time as everything was his
treat. We said our goodbyes and then Jenny and I were
left alone. I tried to talk to her about our little
fight but she just said to forget it. We ordered
another drink and then I suggested moving to a table by
the dance floor. Jenny agreed.

I just wanted all the guys to see the fine looking
woman I was with and get jealous. It worked. The moment
we sat down I noticed several men checking her out. I
commented to Jenny on how horny it made me to see the
way other men looked at her. She licked her lips and
said it had the same effect on her. I could tell by the
smile on her face that she was starting to have a good

Just then my beeper went off. I recognized the number
right away. It was Dave’s car phone. I excused myself
and went to the bar to find a phone. I was really
impressed with the size of this place. It was huge.
Well, I finally made it to the bar and asked to use the
phone. Dave just wanted to thank us for a nice evening
and apologize for running out on us. I thanked him and
assured him that we would run up a tab. We both laughed
and then hung up.

When I finally found my way back to the table Jenny
wasn’t there. I soon saw her on the dance floor with
two GI’s. I watched as she danced between them. They
never took their eyes off her for a second. I knew she
was starting to flirt again and I wondered if I was
going to have to drag her out of the bar and make a

They soon joined me at the table and proceeded to order
another round of drinks. After the introductions Jenny
continued to flirt with the two guys. It turned out
that they were both in the Army and lived on base just
a couple of blocks from the bar.

After watching my wife flirt with Sean and Donny for
over an hour while they did their best to get her
drunk, Jenny announced that we were all going to the
Army base. She said that Sean and Donny were going to
show her what the barracks looked like. Sean laughed
and said something about a GI party.

I knew that this was my cue to step in and straighten
everything out. I thought about it for a minute and
started to get pissed off. Jenny always gets drunk and
leaves me with the mess to clean up. I really wanted to
teach her a lesson. I thought about what she would do
if I didn’t try to stop her this time. I figured she
would get nervous and try to bail out of it. The more I
thought about it the more that sounded like a good
idea. I decided to play along and watch her squirm for
a while.

I asked the guys if they had anything to drink back at
the barracks. They said they didn’t, but that we could
buy some to take with us. I watched Jenny for her
reaction. I knew she didn’t expect that. Sure enough,
her eyes almost bugged out. I asked her if she was
ready to go to the barracks. She didn’t answer, but
gave me a cold stare. Then she smiled and said lets go.

This time I was stunned. She had turned it around. She
was daring me with that look and that really pissed me
off. I wasn’t about to loose this fight. I was going to
go along with it just as far as she was. I knew she
would break first.

We bought some whiskey and left the bar. The guys had
walked so we all got into our car. I got behind the
wheel and told Jenny to sit in the back with Sean and
Donny. Donny gave me directions while Jenny and Sean
opened the whiskey. By the time we pulled into the
parking lot behind the barracks Sean was kissing Jenny.

We went in the back door and up a flight of stairs.
Donny showed us to a room with four beds in it and big
lockers separating the room in half. There was a table
in the middle and a TV and stereo by the door.

Sean and Donny sat down on one bunk with Jenny in the
middle. I sat at the table which was only three or four
feet from the bed. We all drank and laughed for a
while. Sean went out and got some cokes to mix the
whiskey with. When he came back he brought Eric with
him. Eric was a big black man. He was very friendly
though and soon we all decided to play some cards.

Then Eric suggested a friendly game of poker. I knew
that Jenny knew how to play, but she wasn’t that good.
The guys were more than happy to teach her all about it
though. She just flashed that perfect smile and they
were bending over backwards to help her.

After half an hour she was out of money. I was doing
good though. I was up by at least ten bucks. Jenny
asked me for some money so she could keep playing and I
just smiled and told her I couldn’t afford to let her
blow all my cash. She pouted for only a minute before
Donny jokingly suggested strip poker.

Everyone laughed, and as soon as the idea was about to
be played off as a joke, I pushed the issue. I said I
had the guts to play and then I looked at Jenny. She
gave me that cold look again and then got a wicked
smile across her face.

Before I knew it everyone was in. I watched hand after
hand as my wife graciously lost her shoes and socks and
then her sweater. She kept on flirting and I knew what
every guy in the room was thinking. I also knew that
there was no turning back after she lost a couple more
hands, but I was determined to teach her a lesson.

The next hand Eric called. Sean had a pair of jacks and
Donny had two eight’s. Jenny had a pair of sevens. I
laid down my three deuces and then Eric laid down his
hand with a pair of kings. I had won that hand. I
watched as Jenny wiggled out of those tight jeans. I
was a little shocked to see that she had on thong
panties. They barely hid anything.

During the next hand the room was full of sexual
energy. When the CD player stopped Jenny got up to pick
out another CD. Every eye in the room was glued to her
perfect ass as she bent over to change the CD. Then she
suddenly turned around and caught everyone looking at
her. She was loving all the attention.

I watched in amazement as she lost the next two hands
on purpose. She made a great show of pretending to be a
poor loser, but she took off her sports bra and then
her panties.

I quickly dealt the next hand. The guys were really
having trouble concentrating on the cards. I won the
hand and Jenny lost. She just laughed and said that she
didn’t have anything left to take off. She thought that
was pretty funny until I suggested that she get up on
the table and put on a show for us. All the guys
started cheering and I motioned her up.

She hesitantly stood up and then took my hand as I
helped her climb onto the table. Once she was up there
she slowly started to dance.

She started moving her hips to the beat and snap her
fingers. Eric turned up the volume and the guys started
clapping their hands to the beat.

Jenny picked up the pace and put on a great show. After
a couple songs she was even flashing her pussy and
sticking her ass in their faces to tease them. She was
a natural tease. The guys were loving it.

The song changed to a slow one and Sean helped her off
the table. Then he swept her into his arms and started
to slow dance with her.

Before the song was over they were making out and Sean
was grabbing her ass and tits. He lifted her up and
they fell onto the bunk. All the guys were trying to
get a good view of the action so Eric and Donny each
grabbed one side of the bed and moved it to the middle
of the room. Then they pulled another bed up next to

After a few minutes Jenny and Sean were fucking
missionary style. Donny pulled out a video camera and
decided to capture the Kodak moment. When Sean
repositioned Jenny into doggy style Eric decided to get
into the action. He whipped out his big black cock and
stood in front of Jenny’s face. She reached out and
grabbed it. She stroked it until it grew to it’s full
size and then eagerly started sucking him off.

After Sean pumped his load into my wives hot pussy
Donny took right over. he eased his long dick into her
dripping wet hole and then started long-dicking her. I
picked up the camera and kept on recording the whole
thing. There were hands all over her. She sucked and
fucked everyone in the room.

After Eric filled her mouth I even got a blowjob while
Sean took his second turn fucking her. I hadn’t even
realized that Donny had left the room, but right when I
thought I was going to come in Jenny’s mouth he came
back in and he was followed by two more guys.

As I started to come I thought one of the guys looked
familiar. Then I closed my eyes and enjoyed a mind
blowing orgasm.

I stepped back and picked up the video camera and
started recording the action. Sean was coming and Jenny
was moaning and screaming. She looked up and realized
that there were more men in the room than before. When
Sean stepped away the two new guys stepped in.

Jenny immediately started giving one guy head while the
other guy started fingering her pussy and asshole. The
guy getting the blowjob asked who’s slut this was. The
guy fingering her pussy said this was the bitch he gave
a ticket to a few hours ago. Then he pushed his dick
forward and slid right into her well fucked pussy.

Jenny’s eyes got real big and she started to scream,
but her mouth was so full of cock it was muffled. The
other guys were starting to play with her tits and they
were getting a great view of the action. I moved around
to the other side and got a great shot of the MP
screwing my wife. Then he pulled his slick tool out of
her pussy and pushed it up against her puckered
asshole. She screamed again as he slowly pushed forward
and entered her tight little hole. I could tell she was
squirming, but there were so many hands on her that she
couldn’t go anywhere.

The MP went slow at first then he picked up the pace
and fucked her real hard. As I moved around the bed
video taping all the men on my wife I realized that the
door was open and more men were coming in.

I kept on taping for another hour until the tape ran
out. They turned her over on to her back and she jerked
off two guys at a time while fucking and sucking
another two.

About half an hour later they were slowing down. By
this time I was ready to get some action. As the last
guy was getting off her I climbed on. I couldn’t wait
to sink my cock into her come filled pussy. I slipped
right in and it felt so warm and wonderful. I kissed
her and tasted the come on her mouth. Then I rolled
over so I was on the bottom.

She moaned real loud and started riding my cock. Then
Eric climbed onto the bed above us and stuck his cock
in Jenny’s mouth. I was really getting hot fucking my
wife while she sucked on Eric’s big black cock. He was
fucking her face good when I felt someone else get onto
the bed. I looked around and it was the MP. He was
fully erect and ready to go. He pushed Jenny down so
that she was flat on top of me.

Eric still had his cock in her mouth and he was
practically sitting on my head. Jenny’s ass was now
fully exposed and I felt the MP push his cock into her
ass. Jenny jumped, but just got Eric’s cock rammed down
her throat. I just laid still and enjoyed the
sensation. I could feel the MP’s cock sliding in and
out of her ass and a few inches from my face was Eric’s
cock pumping in and out of her mouth. Jenny tried to
fuck everyone back at the same time and soon started to
shake as she orgasmed.

I couldn’t hold back any longer. I started pumping in
and out of her spasming wet cunt. She went wild. She
couldn’t stop moving her ass. She was like a wild
animal in heat. She was fucking for the sake of

I heard Eric moan and watched as he pumped a load of
hot jism into my wife’s hungry mouth. She tried
swallowing it all, but a little dripped out of her
mouth and fell onto my lips. I licked it with my tongue
and then felt my own orgasm begin.

I cried out and then pumped Jenny full of my come. The
MP kept right on fucking her ass. I couldn’t move so I
laid there and enjoyed the sensation of the MP’s cock
hammering in and out of Jenny’s ass while my still hard
cock was still buried to the hilt in her cunt.

A couple minutes later he came and jumped off the bed.
I extricated myself from below Jenny and got dressed.
While dressing, I slyly snuck the video tape into my
jacket. Then I helped Jenny get dressed and we left.

While I drove home Jenny fell asleep. She was
completely exhausted. I had to carry her to bed and
undress her. In the morning she pretended that she
couldn’t remember what happened the night before. I
went along with it for now, but next time she tries to
flirt with every guy in the bar I’m gonna play the tape
for her.

Or maybe not…