The Life Of An Army Wife

My name is Karen. I am a reasonably attractive young
woman. I am five foot, four inches tall and weigh one
hundred and twenty-two pounds. I work out and have a
good figure, though my breasts are smaller than I would
like. My husband seems to like them the way they are
though. I have light brown hair, when I am not a
blonde, which varies from shoulder length to just below
my shoulder blades. I am twenty-four years old and have
been married for two years. My husband is an NCO in the

I am not able to have children, which has never been a
problem for me. I am apparently missing that gene that
makes women crave babies and motherhood. Fortunately
for me, my husband seems to lack the gene that drives
men to want to father children. We both love kids when
they belong to other people and we don’t have to spend
too much time around them.

There is one other thing that makes us a little
different than most other young married couples. We
both enjoy showing me off, discreetly, of course. I
don’t walk around the neighborhood in the nude,
although I bet that would be exciting. I will
occasionally flash truckers on the Interstate when we
are out for a ride. We also enjoy it when I flash men
at nearby tables when we are out for dinner.

We aren’t swingers. Neither of us has expressed an
interest in sex with other partners. Just showing off,
turning on strange men and ourselves in the process. We
have recently included another person in our games,
however, and things are changing.

Ted is a very good friend of mine from work. Ted and I
tell each other everything at work. If he were not a
tall, well built, black man he would be my best girl

One day I let it slip about the little game of
exhibitionism my hubby and I like to play. Ted’s eyes
lit up like you would not believe and for days he kept
bringing up the subject. He asked me to tell him about
what I had done and how it felt and how my husband
reacted. I was reluctant at first, but I found that
talking about it to Ted was almost as big a turn on as
doing it.

Then, one day he talked me into demonstrating. We had
been talking about it and I was kind of turned on and
the next thing I knew I was slowly spreading my legs
and sliding down slightly in my chair until the crotch
panel of my panties was completely exposed through my

Ted groaned out loud and stared at my exposed crotch
for a few moments and then suggested that it would be a
much better view if I would remove my pantyhose. I
smiled at him and I didn’t even have to think about it.
I knew I was safe here in the office, we had nowhere
near enough privacy to actually have sex even if I
wanted to. I stood up and headed for the door.

He asked me where I was going and I told him I was
going to the ladies room to remove my pantyhose. He
told me to stay. He wanted to watch me take them off.
The idea excited me, but I was nervous about someone
walking in and catching me in the act of removing them.
There would be no explaining that away.

I hesitated for a few moments, really wanting to do it,
but afraid. Ted got up and moved over and stood in
front of the door. If anyone tried to open the door it
would hit him and stop, giving me time to rush to my
desk and slide my legs underneath.

I stood facing Ted, about ten feet away. I slipped my
shoes off and then I reached for the hem of my skirt
and slowly pulled it up to my waist. I turned my back
to Ted, slipped my fingers into the waistband of my
pantyhose and, keeping my legs straight, bent slowly
and rolled them down my legs. I removed the hose and
put my shoes back on. I slowly turned around to face
Ted, still with my skirt around my waste. At that
moment I was as aroused as I had ever been in my life.
Then I noticed the huge tent in the front of Ted’s
pants and gasped.

I am not sure what would have happened next if someone
had not opened the door to our office. The door hit Ted
and stopped. I scrambled for my desk and sat down and
Ted grabbed the door knob and pulled it open, acting as
if he had just been reaching for the door to leave.
Luckily for him he is a large, black man and his
excitement was not obvious in his face.

My face, on the other hand, must have been bright red.
Fortunately I was able to sit with my back to the door
and work at my computer while Ted left with our
coworker who had come looking for him.

I was thankful for the interruption. I needed the time
to regain my composure. All I could think about right
now was how much I needed a good hard cock. Then I
thought about the front of Ted’s slacks and wondered. I
had never seen a black cock in real life. I had never
seen a real large cock of any color. Then I started
thinking about what I was going to tell my husband.

I finally cleared my head and got back to work. Ted
came back in a few minutes and we smiled at each other
but we both had work to do and we never even mentioned
what had just happened.

Finally it was time to go home. I grabbed my purse,
with my pantyhose stuffed inside, and headed home. My
husband gets off a half hour before I do and he was
already home. As soon as I got in the door I attacked
him. I rushed him into the bedroom and started

He, being a man, needed no further encouragement and
also undressed. We jumped into bed and I told him that
if he would eat my pussy and give me a couple of great
orgasms I would tell him about something that happened
to me today that was really going to turn him on. My
husband has a nice cock. Not real big, about six
inches, and not real thick, but nicely shaped and clean
and pretty. I like it. I like to touch it and taste it
and I like having it in my pussy. He is a very
thoughtful and considerate lover too. But what he does
better than any other man I have ever had sex with is
eat pussy. Don’t get me wrong. I have not had sex with
that many men. There have been four including my
husband. But he never fails to get me turned on and he
never fails to get me off, usually many times.

So, as he started licking around my thighs and my
stomach, teasing me with his tongue and the light
caress of his fingertips running lightly over my
sensitive skin, I began to tell him about what happened
with Ted today. I didn’t get far before the first
orgasm hit me. I was still just as turned on as I had
been in the office when I had put on that little show
for Ted. It was a short story. Not that much had
actually happened. It was a difficult story to tell
though. I had to keep stopping for orgasms.

Before long I had told him everything, in minute
detail. As I finished he got to his knees and then
attacked me, plunging his cock into my sopping wet
pussy and fucking me violently. He came almost
immediately. He wasn’t done though. He stayed in me and
stayed hard and in a few minutes he was fucking me
again. Damn! It felt so fucking good!

At last we came together and then lay on our sides
facing each other. We talked a little about what had
happened and both of us were sorry that he could not
have been there to watch.


The next day I got up and showered and was getting
dressed for work. My husband has to get up early and go
in for PT (physical training) before work. I laid out a
nice dress and a lacy bra and panty set. I then picked
out a pair of pantyhose and started to get dressed. I
put on the panties and bra but as I held the hose up I
thought about yesterday and put them back down. I put
on my dress and headed for work.

Ted wasn’t there when I arrived. I put my purse in my
desk and sat down. I turned my computer on and as it
booted up I looked over at where I had stood yesterday
and pictured what had happened. Just then Ted came in
and smiled his usual friendly smile and went to his
desk and we both acted as if nothing had ever happened.

We are both programmer/analysts for the Government,
working on an Army base in the Southwestern US. We each
worked at our terminals for about an hour and then it
was time to go get a cup of coffee in the break room
and just kind of stretch our legs. We did it every day
at about this time. I noticed when I stood that Ted did
a double take, noticing that I wasn’t wearing hose. He
smiled but didn’t say anything. We went down the hall
and got some coffee and spoke briefly with some of our
coworkers before taking our coffee back to our office.

We normally work with the door closed. We share the
building with the Judge Advocate General’s Office and
there is often a lot of traffic from troops coming in
and out. Sometimes it gets pretty noisy and distracting
if the door is open.

For a long time it has been our habit to take this
morning coffee break and he would sit at his desk and I
would sit in the chair in front of his desk facing him
and we would talk. Gossip, flirting, talking shop,
whatever came up. We both knew in advance what the
topic would be today.

As soon as we were seated he asked me if I had told my
husband about yesterday. I grinned, wondering if he was
worried about a jealous husband. He had met my husband
several times, but they didn’t really know much about
one another. I just nodded my head.

Ted asked how my husband had reacted. I told him, in
great and glorious detail. As I talked I slowly began
moving my legs apart. It was getting almost as hot in
the office as it had yesterday. The lacy panties I wore
were almost transparent when they were dry. I didn’t
have the nerve to look, but I was pretty sure they were
not dry right now. While I talked Ted stood up and
moved out from behind his desk.

He moved over beside me and the large bulge in his
pants was right in my face. He casually reached down
and slowly pulled my skirt up just a bit further so
that the crotch of my underwear was visible from where
he stood. Finally I had to look. I was right. My
underwear was soaking wet and completely transparent!

Neither of us moved for a moment. Neither of us spoke

Ted stared at my exposed underwear for a moment and
then he slowly and gently bent down and moved his
finger over my clit. The moment his finger touched me I
had an instant orgasm. He watched me tense up and groan
as I struggled to keep quiet through an obvious orgasm,
then he turned and went back to his desk. I checked the
time and our break was over. I got up and walked
unsteadily back to my desk and we both went back to

Nothing more was said and I was glad that there was no
uncomfortable moment between us. Neither of us seemed
to be embarrassed. Except for those few minutes during
our morning break we both behaved normally throughout
the morning.

That afternoon, during our mid-afternoon break, I was
again sitting in the chair in front of Ted’s desk. He
had asked me to tell him about some more of our
flashing adventures. I started telling him about a
recent trip and the fun we had had flashing truckers.
As I talked I again spread my legs until they were as
wide as the arms of the chair would allow.

I could see that he was adjusting his cock in his
pants, and then rubbing his cock as I told him all
about how I had begun the day exposing my bra and
panties to truckers and gradually getting more bold
until I was riding naked and playing with myself as my
husband drove the car right beside one eighteen wheeler
after another.

When I paused at the end of my little narrative Ted
told me to pull the crotch of my panties aside so that
he could see my pussy. I know that he had already seen
me through my transparent underwear. I knew that they
were so wet right now that he could see through them.
Still, the act of moving them out of the way as I sat
right in front of him and baring my pussy was extremely
exciting. I also thought about the way he had told me
to do it. It had not been a request. It had been an
order! That was exciting too.

I carefully grabbed the sopping wet crotch of my
panties and pulled them out and away from my pussy. I
held them that way for a moment and then he told me to
put my finger in my pussy.

Without hesitation I put my finger in my pussy and
gently moved it in and out a few times. When he told me
to suck it clean I moved my finger to my mouth without
question and while our eyes locked I sucked my finger
as if it were a cock until all traces of my juices were

Then I got up and moved back to my desk. As I sat back
down I discretely pulled the back of my skirt up enough
so that the juices pouring out of my pussy would not
leave a stain.

Again, as soon as we got back to work our banter
returned to the normal office banter. This was a relief
to me. I was enjoying this at least as much as Ted was.
But I didn’t want to ruin our friendship or affect our
working relationship.

I got home at the usual time and there was a repeat of
last night. I told my husband, Dave, everything that
had happened today, every juicy detail. After we were
both sexually satisfied we held each other close and
Dave started to wonder out loud where this might be
going. He noted that Ted obviously urging me to go a
little bit farther each time. He asked me how I felt
about where this might be going.

It may seem strange, but I had not considered it. It
was taking place in a relatively safe environment where
there was no possibility of us actually having sex. I
was just enjoying being an exhibitionist and getting
Ted so turned on he couldn’t get up from his desk for
half an hour.

I hadn’t really thought about actually having sex with
Ted. I asked Dave if he wanted me to stop. He was quick
to say no. I asked him what he would think if I went
further, if I actually had sex with Ted.

He didn’t answer for a long time. I could tell he was
thinking about it because I could feel his cock getting
hard again and begin sliding up and down the crack of
my ass. Finally he told me that there was nothing I
could do to make him stop loving me, or respecting me.

We had talked before about how our sexual appetites
were a little different than those of most people. He
went on to say that listening to what had happened to
me at work the last two days was a huge turn on and
then he admitted something I did not know. He said that
he sometimes had fantasies of me having sex with other

He asked me how accurate my description of what
happened had been. I had given him as accurate and
descriptive an account of what took place as I could. I
don’t believe I left anything out. He pointed out that
Ted had progressed in only three short sessions to the
point of giving me orders.

Dave knew that my favorite fantasy was of submission.
The idea of being dominated and used and even slightly
abused was one that I had enjoyed since puberty. Dave
and I had played at it, but he is just too damned nice
to be a real good dominant. That was okay. We had a
great sex life and it was probably better to keep that
fantasy in the fantasy world. Especially since we were
talking about someone I work with.

That was about as far as the conversation went, we were
both highly aroused again and after another round of
very satisfying sex we drifted off to sleep. We awoke
an hour later and got up and had supper. Then we
cuddled on the couch and watched television for a few
hours. Just like normal people!


The next morning was Saturday and after breakfast we
went shopping. Before we went to the grocery store we
stopped at the mall in town. It wasn’t a very big town,
or a very big mall. There was not a whole lot to do in
this town besides shop. We walked around the mall, me
in my mini dress that buttoned down the front and was
slit up from the bottom to just below my crotch.

We were walking around turning on every guy that
happened to look my way, and ourselves of course. We
stopped in one of the little specialty shops, the kind
that specializes in lingerie. Together we picked out a
handful of cute little panties and a couple of new
outfits to wear to work that were sexy, but not so sexy
that anyone would object.

We left the mall and went grocery shopping and then we
headed home. After putting the groceries away and
eating lunch, Dave suggested a fashion show. He wanted
me to model my new underwear. I had tried on the other
clothes in the mall and he had seen them, but not the
panties. It sounded like fun to me, but when I headed
for the bedroom to change he told me to wait.

I sat back down and he got the phone book out and the
next thing I knew he was talking to Ted on the phone! I
listened in surprise as I heard Dave tell Ted that we
had just bought a half dozen new pairs of panties and I
was going to put on a fashion show. Then, he asked Ted
if he would like to come over and enjoy the show!

My head was full of questions as Dave hung up the
phone. Did he really want me to have sex with another
man? With a large, black man at that! Did I really want
that? Would it screw up what we both thought was the
perfect marriage? Then I started thinking with my
hormones instead of my brain and thought, “What the
fuck, go with the flow.”

Dave told me to go put on a t-shirt and one of the new
panties, a pair of my loose jersey exercise shorts and
a pair of shoes with heels.

I changed and came back out and Dave had made us both a
couple of strong drinks which we drank before Ted
arrived. We didn’t talk much while we waited, but Dave
said enough to reassure me that whatever happened, it
had nothing to do with how we felt about each other.

At first I didn’t think that exposing my underwear to
Ted outside of the office would be as exciting. That
added risk of all those people around and an unlocked
door that could open at any time had been part of the

Now I was thinking about exposing myself to a large,
black man in front of my husband. It really added to
the excitement that he was a man that was inclined to
take over. A man who would very much like to have me
suck his cock, or lie on my back and take his long
black cock into my sopping wet pussy, right in front of
my husband. Suddenly I was very much looking forward to
what might happen and I was wondering if my dearest
fantasy might even be lived out today.

When the doorbell rang Dave went to answer it. I heard
Dave and Ted talking quietly for several minutes before
they came into the living room. I couldn’t hear what
they were saying but it was obvious from the sound of
their voices that they were getting along well already
and both looking forward to whatever was going to

They came in and sat down in the two leather recliners
and Dave told me to show Ted the first of my new
panties. I turned my back to them and while keeping my
legs straight I bent slowly, sliding my shorts off and
exposing my ass in the tight little bikini brief I had
just bought.

It wasn’t anything too wild, not a thong or see through
panty. It was just the idea of standing in front of my
husband and my friend in my underwear that was so
exciting. I pulled my t-shirt up so that my panties
were completely exposed and slowly turned around so
that they could have a good view of the panties, and
me, from all angles.

Dave motioned me closer with his finger and when I was
standing in front of him he moved his hands gently over
my new underwear, rubbing my ass and my soaking wet
crotch. It was easy to see that both men were enjoying
the show. After a moment of being caressed in front of
Ted, Dave suggested that I let Ted have a closer look
at my new clothes. I moved over a few feet and Ted sat
up and he too moved his hands over me. His hands were
much larger and he was not nearly as gentle as Dave had
been. He was forceful and it seemed as though he was
daring me to say something, to stop him. I didn’t of
course. I was too busy trying very hard not to have an
orgasm. It was much too soon for that.

Before long Dave suggested I try on the next pair. I
was grateful for the break and rushed from the room. I
went to the bedroom and stood with my back to the door
for a moment and took a few deep breaths.

When I was slightly more relaxed I went to the
adjoining bathroom, removed my underwear and using a
moist towelette I cleaned and freshened my absolutely
soaking wet pussy. I toweled it dry and went back into
the bedroom and put on the next pair of panties. I had
already lined them up from least to most risqué before
Ted arrived. So each time I went out I would be wearing
a slightly sexier, slightly more revealing panty.

When I got back to the living room both men had a drink
in their hands and Dave had another ready for me. I
took it gratefully and gulped it down.

As I set the glass back down Dave told me that the t-
shirt was in the way and not really part of the show
and he suggested I remove it. I had not yet exposed my
breasts to Ted. As silly as it seems I was a little
nervous about that. Although I believe my breasts are
sexy and have a perfect shape they are a little small,
just barely a B cup. We girls know how guys like big
boobs. The world seems to pretty much revolve around

I looked at both men and saw the lust in their eyes and
found that reassuring. A girl needs to feel wanted you
know. I grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt and slowly
pulled it up and then off, letting my tits bounce free.
I knew Dave loved my tits, but I was still nervous
until I saw the look in Ted’s eyes.

I moved over and stood between his knees and asked if
my tits were okay. Did he think they were too small?

Ted just smiled and put one hand on my ass and one over
my mound. He rubbed my pussy firmly for a few seconds
and then moved his hand up to my tits and started
squeezing and pulling forcefully on one and then the
other as his other hand held and squeezed my ass.

I looked over at Dave and it was obvious this was his
wet dream come true. He was red as a beet and not so
much breathing as panting as he watched Ted manhandling
my body.

Ted moved his hand back to my pussy and said “You are
one hot cunt, aren’t you”? For some reason, hearing him
say that as he rubbed my pussy in front of my husband
was all it took. I had an orgasm right there in front
of them.

My knees sagged and it was all I could do to remain on
my feet. But Ted told me that I couldn’t rest now. I
had more outfits to model for him. He rubbed my pussy a
little more and then sat back.

I looked at Dave and he just nodded towards the

As I hurried out of the room and repeated the changing
process, including the towelettes, it occurred to me
that Ted was starting to take over from Dave. Or was it
that we were giving him control?

I put on the third pair of panties and headed back to
the living room. There was no longer any question in my
mind. I was going to get fucked today, by Ted. I was
going to get fucked by a large, forceful, dominant,
black man. It was going to happen right in front of my
husband. I couldn’t wait.

I entered the living room and went right to Ted and
posed in my panties. He told me to spread my legs and
turn around and bend over, which I did without
question. He just looked at first. It seemed like a
long time before I felt his hands on my ass, touching
and squeezing as my husband looked on. Dave had
completely turned me over to Ted. I didn’t find out
until later that while I was in the bedroom changing
Dave had as much as given me to Ted.

I felt Ted’s fingers between my legs, rubbing my
already wet crotch. I almost screamed when he removed
is fingers from my pussy and they moved to the
waistband of my underwear and forcefully pulled them
down to my knees. I realized that the fashion show was
probably over.

Ted moved his hands over my ass. Spreading my cheeks
and touching me all over, even pushing the tip of his
finger into my tight, virgin asshole!

He removed his hands from my body and I didn’t move as
I heard him stand up behind me. I heard the rustle of
clothing and looked between my legs. I saw him
undressing behind me. When he was naked he stepped up
behind me and rubbed his cock in the crack of my ass
for a few moments and then he ordered me to stand up
and turn around.

For the first time I got a good look at his large black
cock. It was beautiful! It was probably eight inches
long and perhaps an inch and a half in diameter. Maybe
not huge by porn star standards, but certainly the
biggest I had ever seen.

I reached out to touch it but he slapped my hand away.
Shocked, I looked quickly up at his face. He looked
quite stern as he told me that he had not told me that
I could touch him. So, I stood in front of him while he
looked at my naked body for a few moments. Then his
hands started roughly moving over my breasts again,
squeezing until I would wince. Or squeezing and pulling
on my nipples until I moaned in pain. Then he suddenly
stuck two large fingers at the entrance to my pussy and
jabbed them all the way into me.

Then he smiled and said, “You love the hell out of
this, don’t you bitch?”

I knew I should have been pissed at him for talking to
me like that. I wasn’t. It just made me hotter. I
nodded and it was all I could do to faintly hiss

I felt his hands on my shoulders, pushing me to my
knees. He moved forward slightly and his hard, drooling
cock was rubbing my face.

“Kiss it bitch,” he ordered. I did. I puckered up and
kissed the hot wet throbbing head of his cock.

“Again,” he ordered, and I did.

He suddenly exclaimed, “What are you waiting for you
dumb cunt, lick it!” I moved my tongue from the base of
his cock all the way to the tip, enjoying the taste of
the pre-cum that covered the tip.

“Keep licking,” he ordered and I bathed his cock with
my hungry tongue. I moved down and ran my tongue over
his balls, which seemed huge. Then back up and all over
his throbbing cock.

“Enough bitch, suck it now.”

I put my lips against the head of his cock and held
them tight against that large black piece of meat as I
slowly forced my mouth down over his cock. I went down
as much as I could, and thought I was doing a pretty
good job getting all but about three inches into my
mouth. Until he said “That ain’t gonna cut it bitch,
keep swallowing. I want to feel your nose against my

I like to suck Dave’s cock. From the time we are little
girls entering puberty we hear about sucking cocks and
how nasty it is. But some girls, like me for instance,
like their sex nasty. I admit I wasn’t that good when I
first started, but before very long I was a damned good
cocksucker and damned proud of it.

I had some serious doubts about taking that last three
inches. I was sure going to try though. I moved back up
until just the head of his magnificent cock was in my
mouth and then started moving back down. I glanced at
Dave as I struggled with Ted’s big cock. I had almost
forgotten about him! I was reassured by the look of
lust on his face.

I got back down to that same point on Ted’s cock again
and felt his hands close behind my head.

“Come on bitch,” he said gruffly, “you can do it.
Swallow that black meat”.

I had stopped gagging, at least for the moment and was
trying to move my lips farther down the shaft, hoping
that would please him.

Suddenly he thrust his crotch forward forcing his cock
down my throat, much to the surprise of both of us.

At first I was too surprised to react, but then I
started to panic. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to
breathe. He pulled my hair and yelled at me, and
finally I calmed down and looked up at him and he said,
“Breathe through your nose you stupid bitch!”

I tried it and when I realized that I could I relaxed a
little, although having his large cock in my throat was
still quite painful. He slowly pulled it back out and
then slowly pushed back in again. It paused briefly at
the entrance to my throat and then pushed all the way
back in again.

Thankfully he was so excited from days of teasing, my
little fashion show, and the idea of taking me in front
of my husband, that he came very quickly. As he started
to cum he pulled back so that only the head of his cock
was in my mouth and shot more cum than I would have
believed possible into my mouth.

“Don’t swallow yet bitch, and don’t you spill a drop!”
he ordered as he slowly massaged the last few spurts
out of his cock into my mouth. Then he slowly pulled
his cock from my lips and tilted my head back. “Open
your hot mouth, cunt,” he ordered. “Let Dave and me see
how much I liked your hot cunt mouth.”

I carefully opened my mouth to avoid spilling and
looked them in the eyes as they checked out the huge
load of cum in my mouth.

“Good girl,” Ted said. “Now you can swallow.” It took
me three swallows to get it all down.

Then Ted stepped back up to my face and I licked and
sucked his cock clean as he patted my head and told me
what a good cunt I was.

My throat hurt a little, but I must admit I was pretty
proud of myself right then. I once saw the movie
“Deepthroat” and it made my throat hurt just watching
it. I never thought that there would come a time that I
could do it myself!

As I sucked and licked on Ted’s cock I noticed that it
was still almost as hard as it was before he came in my
mouth. I was impressed. Ted was more than twice my age
and I had heard that guys his age didn’t have the
stamina of younger men. That didn’t seem to be a
problem for him.

I soon felt his cock hardening fully again and when it
was fully erect he pushed back into my throat and held
my face against his belly for a moment. I relaxed and
just enjoyed the idea of being used this way in front
of my husband.

After holding me that way for a moment Ted pulled out
of my mouth and ordered me to lay on by back across our
large, leather hassock. He fell to his knees between my
legs and as he lifted my legs up over my body I was
embarrassed to see that my thighs were covered in my
juices. I was soaked!

I felt his cock at the entrance to my pussy. He pushed
in, slowly at first, calling me a cunt and a hot bitch
and a slut and all the nasty names that made me so hot.
I had never been so filled in my life! It actually took
my breath away. After a brief pause to enjoy the heat
from my cunt he started fucking me violently.

“Look at the way her tits bounce,” I heard him say and
looked up to see him talking to my husband. Poor Dave,
he was so horny his eyes were glazed over! I watched
the violent motion of my tits bouncing in reaction to
the violent thrusts of Ted’s cock. It was
uncomfortable, but it was also erotic that I made no
move to steady them with my hands.

Then I heard “Go ahead Dave, fuck that hot mouth. You
haven’t lived until you have those lips buried in your
cock hair.”

Dave moved to where my head hung down over the end of
the hassock and stared down as he undressed. I noticed
the large dark wet spot on the front of his pants and
wondered if he had cum in his pants.

It was hard not to focus on the large cock battering my
pussy, but I was curious about how much Dave would
enjoy his first deepthroat. Dave’s cock was soaking
wet, but it didn’t look like cum. It was just pre-cum.
So I think it was safe to say that he was enjoying this
as much as I was.

I opened my mouth and he quickly started forcing his
swollen, throbbing cock down my throat. It was much
easier now that I had adjusted to Ted’s black monster
and although my throat was still sore, I was really
excited by having a cock in my mouth and in my pussy at
the same time.

Dave shoved his cock down my throat and held it there
for a moment. Then pulled back and started stroking in
and out slowly. I knew he wouldn’t last long and was
looking forward to tasting his hot cum. In almost no
time he shot a huge load of hot cum into my mouth and I
held it there, savoring the taste for a moment before

After I swallowed, Dave put his cock back in mouth and
I gently sucked on his soft cock while Ted began to
pick up the pace. As I felt Ted begin to cum violently
in my pussy I had what must have been the greatest
orgasm of my life. I’m not sure but I think I kind of
blacked out for a just a second or two.

We just stayed like that, the three of us locked
together for a couple of minutes. All three of us were
gasping for air, fighting to regain our breath. Then
Ted pulled his soft, but still very large cock out of
me and moved around to my face. Dave pulled away and
Ted put his cock to my lips and I greedily sucked it
into my mouth and licked and sucked all of our juices
off of it. I had never done anything like that before,
but I did it now, for Ted, without a second thought.

While I sucked Ted clean I felt Dave between my legs.
He was looking at my stretched out pussy and Ted’s cum
running down my legs.

“Damn!” he exclaimed. “I sure hope that thing closes up
again! Looks like I could get my whole hand in there!”

Ted just chuckled and watched my husband explore my
well used pussy.

Ted got up and suggested I clean myself up and bring in
a few towels. I ran to the bathroom and I wiped my
thighs and my pussy clean and hurried back out with a
towel for each of us and a rag to clean the hassock

As I bent over to clean the hassock, both men grabbed
my ass and massaged it gently for a moment before
returning to their chairs and sitting on the towels I
had brought them. Since nobody was getting dressed I
deduced that the fun and games were not yet over. You
can’t fool me, I spent four years in an all girl
Catholic High School!

I draped another towel over the hassock and went back
to the bathroom to clean up a little better. I sat on
the toilet and was shocked at the amount of cum that
drained out of me. It was easily twice as much as I
might expect when Dave and I had sex. It was all the
more amazing because I had sucked him to a big orgasm
before he fucked me!

I had never met Ted’s wife. I know he has been married
to the same woman for more than thirty years. I know
they don’t have much, if any sex life. Ted confided in
me as much as I did in him. Whenever we had an office
party or picnic Ted always came alone. I suppose I
should have felt guilty about helping him cheat on his
wife. I didn’t though. In fact, I felt like I was doing
a good deed. Helping him out, providing a valuable
service even!

After I had cleaned myself up I put my heels back on
and, after deciding that nobody cared about the other
panties I had not yet modeled, I strolled back out into
the living room in just my heels.

There were drinks all around again and Ted pulled me
into his lap. As we sipped and talked Ted alternated
between running his free hand over my tits and then
sliding it down to rub my clit gently, keeping all
three of us aroused. I could feel his cock twitching
against my ass, so I knew that he was enjoying playing
with my body.

I suggested that I make us something to eat but Ted had
another idea. We all got up and went into the bedroom
and Ted and I went through my dresses. He picked out a
very short mini dress that had a low scooped bodice and
a short row of buttons down the front. He told me to
put that on and nothing else. Then the guys got dressed
and we all went out to get something to eat.

We went in Ted’s car. Ted was driving, I was in the
passenger seat and Dave sat in the back. As we drove
Ted pulled me closer, pulled my skirt up and gently
massaged my pussy.

The ride was only about fifteen minutes. We ended up in
a pool hall. It wasn’t exactly the bad side of town.
Our town didn’t really have a bad side. It was a tad
seedier than Dave and I normally hung out in. it was a
new experience for me. I had never in my life been in a
pool hall.

There were about a dozen men in the place. It was kind
of dark. I was the only woman in the room. The air was
smoky and unpleasant, but after a little while I
started to get used to it.

The men in the place were a mix. Some were young,
obviously young GIs from the base. Some were older,
some black, some white.

Ted led us to a table in one of the alcoves off to the
side of the main room. There were several side rooms
with tables. They weren’t private, there were large
openings between the side rooms and the main room, but
it was a little more private. Ted sent Dave to get us
some beers and hamburgers from the bar while he racked
up the balls on the table.