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Our Mexican Honeymoon

When I married Kristi I felt like the luckiest man in the world. I’d been a bachelor for the past 2 years ever since I’d caught my first wife cheating on me. We split up right then and there and it wasn’t until I met Kristi that I had any sexual relations with a woman […]

The Gangbang Scholarship

I looked at the two applicants as they walked in. Both of them were a bit intimidated by the wealth used to furnish a simple office. The floor was a lush red carpet and the furnishings were Old English. My chair had a high back that looked vaguely like a throne. The desk in front […]

Donna Got What She Needed

My wife, Donna was all a man could ever want. Successful at her work, a good wife, and excellent mother. Unfortunately, I could sense that sexually, she was frustrated. As beautiful as the first day I saw her, Donna had that kind of beauty that everyone noticed. Donna was concerned with her weight but it […]

The Grand Hotel with Sarah

Another Friday night at home watching TV with Sarah, my eighteen year old daughter. The ten o’clock news has just started; I’ve had my shower and am dressed in my ‘knee-warmer’ flannel nighty. Sarah is sitting opposite me in a nighty that I would have thought more appropriate on her honeymoon rather than a night […]

Jenny’s GI Party

My name is Bill. I’m 27 years old and have been married to Jenny for 5 years now. Jenny is a gorgeous blonde about 5’6″ and 118 lbs. She has long legs that lead up to a tight round ass and 36C breast that would pass any pencil test. She turns heads no matter where […]

Tied To The Table

One evening my husband Tom asked if he could tie me naked to the kitchen table and fuck me. It seemed a bit silly but if that would make him happy, I didn’t mind. He stripped me naked, blindfolded me and put a gag around my mouth. Bent me forward across the table, spread my […]

Tasting the Exotic!

Sometime after we reached puberty, my sister and I engaged in incestual contacts not so much out of curiousity, but in search of sexual release. We were competitive and proud, so when one of us was trying to get the other “interested”, we didn’t use romance or seduction. We often suggested a role-game, such as […]