Joan’s cum ride 2.

It was one of those days where your parents tell you to go outside and
find something to do to enjoy the good weather but the only trouble was
that there was no one to share the day with. Oh it was a beautiful
enough day, sunny with just a few clouds floating around and not too hot
(about 70 degrees Fahrenheit or about 21 degrees Centigrade) or humid and
very little breeze and I had the whole day free but BIG deal, Daddy was
working, my brothers were both away, Mommy had tons of work at home, and I
couldnąt even go over to my friend Traciąs because her folks took today,
and her, to visit family.
I was really starting to feel sorry for myself when I spotted something
out of the corner of my eye. Our neighbor down the road was outside and
it looked like he was getting his mountain bike ready for a ride. I had
been keeping an eye on this fellow ever since I first noticed him jogging
past our house one winter day and now that summer was here he did a lot of
mountain biking.
I liked the look of those strong legs as he ran or biked and especially
that tight ass of his ass he moved. I tried to meet him one day when I
saw him riding past our house. I went out to our mailbox and waited for a
long time knowing that he had to pass our home to get to his and when he
did I pretended to be checking the mail and waved but all he did was wave
back and ride on. 🙁 I did learn one thing though, that glint I had
noticed from afar turned out to be a stud or ear ring in his left ear
under that short brown hair over his matching beard
I had, through hard work and digging, found out his name was Tom
Mailloux—hard work, digging, and the fact that his name was on his
mailbox. <GIGGLE>
Well, I thought, łToday Mr. Tom Mailloux, we are going to get to know
each other……….and if I have anything to say about it, more than
I got up and yelled into Mommy that I was going to ride my bike around
the neighborhood and got my Terry mountain bike from the garage and headed
to Tomąs.
Tom was out in front of his place working on his mountain bike, getting
it ready for a ride and as I drew closer I could see it was a Trek 930
with a hunter green fade to dark purple paint job, no slouch when it comes
to bikes.
I came to a screeching halt (to get his attention) and asked him the
first thing that came into my head, łAre you going for a ride?ą
<No, Joan, the manąs out front of his house getting his bike ready and
has on lycra bike shorts, a T-shirt, and sun glasses and has a bike helmet
lying there—of COURSE heąs going riding.>
Itąs no wonder that he smiled as he told me that he was but I really
didnąt care, just so he smiled at me.
Next was the big question, łWould you mind if I went along with you?˛
He seemed to be looking over my bike (probably to see if I was a serious
rider or just some kid messing around) I had Gript Shifts and Shimanno
components. One thing that I was sure that he could see was the color
pattern, black fade to strawberry sizzle. I could have sworn that he was
looking me over too but maybe that was just wishful thinking.
He first asked me to get my helmet and to ask my parents if were all
right to be gone two or three hours.
I was all smiles as I quickly turned to go home but he called out that
his name was Tom, but then I already knew that, but when he asked my name
I realized that I had forgotten to even introduce myself so I called out
,˛Joanie˛, and then berated myself for forgetting such a simple thing but,
then. what did I care, he was going to let me go along!
I got back to our house in record time and rushed in to ask Mommy if I
could go and was prepared for a big debate but she surprised me by saying
yes right off.
<Now, before you send letters telling me that a mother would not let
her daughter go off with a stranger like that let me tell you that later I
thought of the same thing and I found out that Mommy, seeing my obvious
interest in Tom, had gotten to know him a little without telling me
thinking that something like this might happen someday.>
I ran to my room and skinned out of my blue jeans and loose T-shirt and
stripped off my panties and pulled on my Yellow Lycra bike shorts and a
cropped half T-shirt. Normally I would have put on a sports bra but today
I wanted Tom to see me braless. Also, while my bike shorts have this
padding for the crotch, it pulls out to wash, so I just removed it but I
left the shorts not pulled tight so Mommy wouldnąt go ballistic on me. I
pulled on some socks and shoes and headed out grabbing my helmet on the
way. A quick kiss to Mommy and I was out the door with her calling after
me to have a good time. (Now why did she have that smile on her face?)
As soon as I got my helmet on I pulled the riding shorts up tight so
that the Lycra was even more form fitting to my crotch.
When I got back to Tom he had finished preparing his bike and as I rode
up he was checking his seat pack, He did stop to give me a good look
though and this time I was sure that it was me he was looking at and not
the bike that he had seen before.
He finally offered to check my bike but all it needed was some air in
the tires and then he offered me a tube of insect repellent.
łThanks, but would you rub it on me? I donąt want to get my hands all
I could see him trying to make up his mind so to help sway it I said,
Please?˛ (ever polite—and horny!!!)
He agreed and started to rub it over my arms and the back of my neck.
By the way he did the front of my neck I could tell that he was glad that
my top was not low cut—but I wasnąt. <G> After he rubbed a little on my
face he knelt and started on my legs and I noticed that he was taking more
than enough time on my calves. This, of course, was fine with me but he
finished there and stood and when he started to turn away I reminded him
to also cover my bare midriff.
He seemed to hurry through this but I did notice that he was getting a
good eyeful of my tits—good!!
When he started to cover his own arms I łjust happened˛ to change my
mind about getting greasy hands—said I wanted to return the favor and
offered to do him since he had been so nice to me, and he bought it, or at
this point didnąt care <G> . The double meaning of that little phrase
didnąt seem to escape him and he gulped Before he had much of a chance
to object I took the tube of cream from him and squirted some on my palms
and knelt and started to rub his legs slowly, just as he had done to me.
While I was łdoing˛ his thighs he trembled a bit and, stifling a small
giggle, I asked him if he was cold. He just shook his head (whatąs the
matter, Tom, not trust your voice?) <G>
As nice as this was I stopped teasing him and we strapped on our
helmets and were off down the road. We followed the pavement for about 20
minutes or so till he pulled of and I could see the start of a trail. The
trail was really a deer track and only wide enough for single file
riding. He said that he would lead the way as he had been here before and
that I was to shout if I got into any trouble but little did he know that
there was no way that I was going to fall behind and not be with him.
I could see why he liked this trail, it ran through the trees and,
while not difficult, was very nice, Every once in a while he would glance
back at me and and grinned, no doubt checking to see if this łlittle girl˛
were keeping up. I just smiled in return but the main reason I was
smiling was the view, and Iąm not talking about the trees. Being behind I
got a GREAT view of those legs and that tight ass as he pumped away at the
pedals.> He, of course, had to turn his attention back to the trail,
well, I guess he didnąt HAVE to, but I donąt think he wanted to go riding
into a tree either. <G>
When we got to a little stream he slowed and the stopped in this very
nice little spot. By this time I had worked up a sweat and was glad that
he wanted to rest before heading back. He got out his water bottle, as
did I, and then he offered me a power bar and we took our helmets off and
sat on the grassy bank and talked and as we did so he lay back and we
discussed the really important matters of the day, like what the cloud
formations looked like. (I still think that one looked like a steamboat
and then there was that long, slightly curving one that I thought looked
just like a great hard-on but didnąt say so) I think he thought that I was
still the łinnocent˛ little girl. <VBG>
As we softly talked he got quieter and quieter till his breathing
became regular and I knew he was dozing. I can’t say as I blame him. Any
other time and the flickering sunlight through the trees and the soothing
sound of the running water would have lulled me to sleep also but today I
had a secret weapon keeping me awake—I was VERY horny for a certain man
and that man was lying asleep next to me.
I took the opportunity to get a good look at Tom. He was about 5 foot
11 inches (or about 1.9 meters-for my European readers) and, at a rough
guess, I would say 155-160 pounds (around 65 Kilos–street
value……….no, Iąve been watching too much T.V) <GIGGLE> Brown hair
and beard and he seemed to keep himself fit with a waist at about 33-34
inches (i think about 85 cm) below a 38-40 inch chest (about 100 cm–I
hope my conversions are right or my European friends are going to think
Tom is one weird looking person—heąs not) and above those fit legs (I
guess from all the running and biking) and that tight ass.
He was wearing sun glasses but the part I really liked was the TIGHT
lycra bike shorts for I could see the outline of his semi-hard cock. I
had noticed that it was harder when we first stopped but it had gone down
some since then. (ladies, ever notice that after exercise, when all that
blood is pumping, that a man gets a hard-on—of course our nipples grow
too, but I like to look at the hard-ons)
While he was asleep I decided to get a closer look—I told myself JUST
a look. (YEAH, I didnąt believe it either) <G> When I got near (leaning
over him) I saw the earring stud in the left ear, a garnet, must be a
birthstone, but my eyes were on that cock and I convinced myself that just
tracing the outline in the air was O.K. but then I talked myself into
running my fingernails lightly over the form and as I touched it it
lurched and
Tom mumbled and stirred.
łJ-Joan wha..what……..?????˛
I smiled and told Tom to relax, that everything was fine.
łTom, Iąve watched you running and biking almost every day and I
especially liked the way your tight ass moved as you passed our house and
now I would want to get my hands on that ass and I also want to feel it
and THAT (pointing to his obvious hard-on) while we make love.˛
He seemed to think a second and then said, łBut, Joan, Iąm old enough
to be your father.˛
I knew that this was going to be cumming up and had already thought it
through. Since I wanted this man to be a part of my life I had decided
to tell him all about me right from the beginning—besides, I never could
see any problem with incest.
łSo what if youąre older, Iąve been fucking my father for five years
now and enjoying every stroke.˛
You may have seen those cartoons where a light bulb goes on over a
guyąs head when he suddenly realizes something. If this were one of those
cartoons, then Tom would have had a spotlight over his head.
łJoanie˛ Joan? You arenąt? No, you canąt be. Youąre not
JOAN-CUM???? Not from the Internet news group??
I got a big smile and told him that I was the one. łYouąve read my
stories then?˛
łGod, yes!! I think your stories are the sexiest things on the net but
I never imagined that JOAN-CUM was MY neighbor.˛
(I want to add here that I donąt really say that about myself—my ego
isnąt that big—-but this time I am trying to convey what Tom said.)
łDid you ever imagine that you were the one fucking me, Tom.˛
łOH YES, Joan!!!˛
łThen, quit imagining and fuck me.˛
I sat up and pulled my crop top over my head allowing my tits, hot in
anticipation, out into the cooler air for Tom to savor. and he raised his
hands to palm them and feel the nipples as they hardened under his touch.

He massaged my nipples till they were hard and then his hands slid down
my sides S-L-O-W-L-Y till he reached my shorts He hooked his fingers in
the waistband and started to draw them down but he was soon stopped by me
He looked into my eyes and ask me to help him which I gladly did by
raising my butt so he could pull the lycra shorts over my ass and to my
He seemed to be struggling a bit so I smiled and asked him to get rid
of his shorts and I would finish mine. It didnąt take that long but when
I finished kicking my shorts to the side and tossing my shoes and socks
after them he had done the same plus gotten rid of his shirt and sun
glasses and was sitting there naked waiting. He had this silly smile on
his face, like a kid with the keys to the toy store, and I had to hold
back a giggle but not the smilethat went with it.
I pushed him back and followed him down till I was leaning over him. I
felt as my breasts grazed his chest and each time my nipples tingled that
much more. I kept going and pressed my lips to his and open his lips with
my tongue. This was no time for soft little kisses, I was much too horny
for that, perhaps later. Our lips pressed together and our tongues played
as his hands roamed my ass while I again found his cock and gave it a few
light strokes but this time it was on the taught skin and not the lycra of
the shorts
One of his hands (at this point I really donąt much care which one)
move down into the crack of my ass and then down over my asshole
(OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!) and probed between my legs which I opened to give
him access. I was rewarded as he slid his fingers over my dripping pussy
lips to my clit causing me to arch and press against him as I let him know
that he had hit his mark <G> by giving a loud and long moan.
I gave him another sweet, long kiss and gently took his hand from my
cunt and, looking him in the eye, I broke the kiss and explained that as
good as that felt (and it DID) that I really would like his mouth there if
he didnąt mind. The resulting groan I took as a yes. <G>
I straddled Tom and placed my pussy just above his lips as I turned to
stroke his great cock some more. I felt his hot breath as he raised up to
to taste me but then I eased closer to his lips and he kissed the inner
thighs and then my tender cunt lips. The feel of his tongue in me after
wanting it there for so long made me jerk and squirm against him and call
gently squeezed his cock.
His tongue circled my clit and then he sucked that bud into his mouth
and after waiting and thinking about this for so long I was quickly
shouting out my body shaking CUM.
As I came down from my CUM he was busy drinking up all my girl CUM but
I could tell from his look and by the way his cock trembled and lurched at
the slightest touch that he need some release too.
łTom, all that was wonderful, but you look like itąs your turn now.
How would you like it if I sucked your cock now?˛
To say that this was quickly agreed to would be the the understatement
of the year, if not the century. <G> He rapidly nodded and I began to
slide down his body, leaning forward as I did to lick at the wet trail I
was leaving but when I felt his cock head probing near my pussy I lifted
up a little and then pressed the cock shaft between our hot bodies as I
slid over it till my head was below his balls.
He told me how he wanted to fuck me and I assured him that I wanted him
to in the worst way but first I just had to get a taste of his cock.
Before I went on I took a brief moment to admire what I had longed for
for so long, He had a hard 5 1/2 to 6 inches with a cock shaft that was 2
inches across and the purple cock head was swollen so that the skin across
it was shiny, it was drawn so tight. And right in the center was his
oozing piss hole with a now, it seemed, steady stream of pre-cum coming
from it.
I reached with both hands and held that beautiful cock and with a flick
or two or three I licked up the pre-CUM (MMMMMMMMMMMMM) before placing my
lips over the cock head. He arched his back and gave out with a strong
MMMMMOOOOOAAANNNNNNN and, never taking my lips off him, I also moaned in
I used my tongue over the cock head and along the shaft before taking
him deeper into my mouth. I pushed my tongue against his cock head and
started a low pitched hum sending vibrations of pleasure into his body.
łOh Joanie!!! So good!! SO incredible!!!!˛
As he was enjoying this and twisting around a bit I decided to go for
it and pushed a finger into his asshole and finger fucked it. Far from
objecting, that little maneuver seemed to send him over the edge and his
whole body stiffened, he arched off the grass, and drove his cock to my
throat before the head twitched a couple of times and then pumped shot
after HOT shot of sweet CUM down my throat.
His CUM lessened and as I slowed my bobbing head he told me how he
thought it the best.
łWell, Tom, my Father taught me well.˛ <GIGGLE>
As I was licking up the last little bits of oozing CUM I told him that
it seems he may like me a little, for his cock was hard after that CUM.
łJoanie, liking you Śa littleą is putting it mildly. If I donąt get my
cock in you soon Iąll die.˛
łWe canąt have that–the police report might be a BIT strange—˛Well,
you see officer, he had finished eating my cunt and I had just finished
sucking him off when…………well at least he died with a smile on his
face. <VBG>
During this I moved up and straddled his hips and then raised up,
reached down and took hold of his hard-on and guided the cock head to my
HOT and eager cunt where I wasted no time impaling myself till I felt his
pubic hair against my shave pussy lips. As soon as I was on I leaned
forward and with some sideways motion (very little) I allowed my stiff
nipples to graze his chest and he held me in his arms as he thrust up into
I had wanted for so long to feel this that I remained on top and just
used my cunt muscles to hold onto his cock on every out stroke. This was
fine for a while but then I felt that I just had to have more so between
moans and groans I asked him to fuck me hard.
łTom. I must CUM, please make me CUM.˛
While holding me to him he rolled us over and took control completely,
I just lay there and wrapped my legs around him. He first kissed me but
then I broke the kiss and begged him to FUCK ME! He pulled his cock out
to the tip, paused, and then drove hard and deep. I did not even try to
keep up with the strong thrusts but just opened myself to them as he went
so deep every time, bumping my cervix a few times. I grunted every time
that he did but then I felt that tingle start and quickly build till my
clit felt like it was on fire and then.
łOh yes Tom, yes, oh yes oh yes YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!˛
He was suddenly still and quiet as he arched his body, driving his hard
cock home and then I felt it as the first of many hot spurts shot into me
and as they hit my insides I went over the top.
As he shot into me my cunt muscles worked overtime as I came, milking
his cock dry.
After the intensity of that our CUMS it took awhile for either of us to
come back to earth but as we did I loosened my legs and he lay beside me
and we cuddled and played with each otherąs bodies. After a while we were
able to get ourselves cleaned up a bit and dressed although I hated to see
his cock covered—-unless I was doing the covering! <G>
Before we mounted our bikes again we held each other close and softly,
but longingly, kissed.
On the ride back I again had a great view of his ass but when he looked
back I was smiling, not about that, but I was remembering what that body
had just done to mine. He was smiling too, and, I think for much the same
He stopped at my house on the way to his and saw me to the door where
Mommy met us.
łDid Joanie manage to keep up with you?˛
As he answered something like he had to keep up with me I thought,
łMommy, if you only knew, if you only knew…….! But I just smiled at
MY Tom and winked.