First Time For Mom

My cunt… Eric’s cock.

My pussy… Marty’s prick.

Joan Lorman writhed on her bed, seeing the images of those two cocks behind her closed eyes. Her cunt was throbbing wildly, pulsating with a desperate need.

There was nothing special about those particular cocks, not really. They were average pricks in size and length. Eric’s cock and Marty’s cock were the same size as many boys.

No, there was nothing exceptional about those two pricks, except that Marty and Eric were her sons.

That made them exceptional.

That made her want them.

That made her cunt burn with desire for them.

Joan was honest with herself, and she had very little inhibitions to interfere with what she wanted. She was a sexy, lovely woman, very attractive, and she had a very hot cunt. She had always had a hot cunt. She often thought she had been born with a hot cunt. One of her fondest dreams had been of being kidnapped by a prince, being taken to his castle where she was installed in luxury. That luxury included being the playmate of the prince, being subjected to all manner of delicious, erotic things.

Some of her daydreams became so erotic they would have been impossible, but they were certainly a lot of fun to dream about.

As a small girl, Joan loved to sneak behind thick bushes with some little boy and play house, or pretend he was a doctor and she the patient. He would examine her, then the roles changed and she would examine him. She loved to watch his cock become hard as she examined it. It would make her little pussy throb. Once, she attempted to insert the cock into her cunt, but the experiment had been unsuccessful.

Then one day an incident happened that she would remember all her life. Any other girl, perhaps, would have been terrified by it, but not Joan.

Joan had loved it.

Her interesting erotic sex was intense even then, and when it happened, it increased her erotic curiosity.

She had been walking home from school, her books clutched against her chest. She had taken a short cut across a small field, kicking at rusted cans and pebbles, her mind on the little boy who lived next door. They had made plans to meet that afternoon in the old shed, where another attempt at getting his cock into her cunt was to be made.

So intent was her mind on what would soon be happening, she did not see the older boy in the field. She almost stumbled into him. The boy had been on his knees, concealed from the houses by the tall weeds and grass. His pants were at his knees, and he had been jacking off furiously.

Joan stopped abruptly, a few feet from him. Even to this day she could not remember what the boy looked like. All she recalled now was that he was older. This fact was impressed upon her because of the thick hair at the base of his cock and the hairiness of his balls. For all Joan knew, he might have been a man.

She was so fascinated to see this cock, she never lifted her gaze to his face. His prick was very long and thick and so hard, with a smooth head and large piss hole. In her wildest dreams she had not imagined a cock so huge. The boy was not startled by her sudden appearance, and she wondered if he knew she would be taking that route home.

The boy called her honey and asked her to hold his cock. His large prick felt strange in her hand; hard, hot… and it made her shiver in a delicious way. The boy showed her how to jack him off, and she was most entranced by the way fuck juice dripped from that piss hole! She had never seen any of the little boys do that. All she had seen come from those piss holes was piss. This liquid was slippery and a little sticky on her fingers, and she liked how it felt.

She fondled his balls at his directions and found that exciting, too. She gazed upon his cock with her hot, excited eyes, and, when the boy wanted to look at her cunt, Joan had her dress up swiftly and had her white panties about her knees.

Then the boy did something that really surprised her.

He licked his tongue up and down her tender young cunt.

The wetness of his tongue was like scalding water against her sensitive little pussy. He twirled his tongue about her tiny swollen clit, and Joan experienced an intense orgasm.

After he had licked her clit the boy wanted her to kiss his cock. Joan was more than willing, actually eager, and she went down on her knees before him, her lips pursed. She kissed his cock with her sweet lips, and the dripping fuck juice smeared them. The liquid seemed to scar her lips, made them tingle. Without being asked. Joan kissed the tip of his swollen cock once again. Since she kissed his prick this time without directions, the boy became courageous and wanted Joan to take his cock into her sweet little mouth.

“Eat my peter,” he said.

Joan giggled, telling him she couldn’t eat it. She told him it would hurt. But the boy explained it to her, and Joan thought it was a wonderful idea.

When the boy placed the smooth head of his cock between her lips, Joan’s mind reeled with ecstasy. Her lips, although stretched to the limits, burned and tingled hotly. The fuck liquid seeping from his piss hole coated her tongue, and the taste was so good that her small body trembled. She placed her hands on his hips to brace herself, wondering if she could take more of his cock into her mouth. The answer came to her by way of the boy shoving his cock deeper. Then her mouth was stuffed and she could take no more. Her lips had never been stretched so far. Not even by those large popsicles she sometimes bought. The big difference to Joan between the popsicles and this cock was that the cock tasted so much better!

She held the boy’s cock between her lips for a while, her mouth filling with the oozing sweetness. Finally, she had to swallow. Her eyes rolled back with erotic delight, and the boy held her face in his hands, gently fucking his hard cock back and forth in her wet, hot mouth.

Joan was not sure if she experienced an orgasm during the time she sucked the boy. All her sensations centered in and around her mouth, her lips, her tongue. The hotness of that cock in her mouth, the lovely hardness, the powerful way his prick throbbed, was enough sensation for her young body and mind at that time.

The boy, she remembered with fondness, had been very careful with her, fucking his cock into her mouth only so far, never choking her or becoming so excited he harmed her in any way.

As she lay in her bed, thinking of that long ago day, she found her cunt becoming hotter and so much wetter. As she allowed her mind to recall it, she idly fondled her hairy cunt, rubbing at her distended clit with one hand and toying with her rubbery nipples in the other.

It had seemed to her, that first time, that his cock had been inside her mouth for a long time. But she knew better now, of course. But as a small girl on her knees with her lips wrapped about a cock, it had seemed hours — but delicious hours. She remembered how her knees had been scraped on the wild grass, but she had felt no pain until later.

Working a finger into her steamy cunt and fucking it in and out, she mewled softly with remembered pleasure.

The boy held her cheeks almost tenderly and fucked his cock back and forth slowly. She had gazed with huge, excited eyes at his lower stomach, seeing all that wiry hair curling at the base of his cock. She had been afraid to dig her fingers into his hips, although she had wanted to. She did, however, move the fingers of one hand to that thick bush of hair and felt it as he gently fucked her sweet mouth.

She had heard the boy gasping above her, but he still remained gentle with her. When he came off, Joan had been startled and attempted to pull her lips away, but he held her in place, gushing thick come juice into her mouth. Joan had been surprised, thinking he was pissing in her mouth. She had not swallowed because of her surprise, and thick, creamy come juice slipped past her stretched lips and dripped onto her chin. After the boy came, he removed his cock from her mouth. The taste of his come juice was all over her tongue, and Joan, to her delight, found it delicious, very thick and hot, and very sweet.

The taste of his come juice lingered in her mouth for the rest of the afternoon, and her lips continued to tingle as when his cock had been between them. She had been unable to get it out of her mind, and her little cunt was in a turmoil, bubbling and quivering.

When she met her little friend in the shed, she had told him about it, although she was secretive enough to say nothing of when or where it happened. She wanted to take the boy’s cock into her mouth, and at first he was reluctant. But Joan was determined. When she had his prick between her lips, it didn’t feel the same, but was still good. This cock didn’t stretch her lips the way that huge one had. But she could get all of this cock into her mouth, right down to the base, and she had sucked for a long time while the excited boy squirmed and danced with surprise and pleasure.

Joan drew her knees up to her tits as she lay on her back in bed, an expression of pleasure on her beautiful face as she recalled those incidents of her childhood. She ran a hand down the back of her thigh and over the smooth, creamy cheek of her ass, then probed at her tight, slippery cunt with her fingers once more.

She saw the boy in the field one time after that, but it had been different. He wanted his cock inside her mouth again, but he did not come off there this time. Instead he asked her to remove her panties, which Joan eagerly did. He then had her recline back on the tall grass and spread her legs. The boy had spent a long time looking at and feeling her cute pussy, her slim thighs, the cheeks of her tightly rounded ass. As his tongue slipped past the tight wet rings of her cunt, she had squealed with the exquisite sensations that ripped through her young body. It had been her second orgasm, and Joan found this feeling so good that she wanted it to happen time and again. So the boy had thrust his tongue back into her sugary cunt and fucked her with it, making Joan come again. She had wiggled her tight little ass about on the grass in wild pleasure, churning her cunt into his mouth and tossing her head about as she clawed at the grass.

After she came a second time, the boy’s cock had become very, very hard, and she had wanted to take his prick back into her mouth. But the boy showed her something else that was exciting. He had moved on top of her without placing his weight upon her smaller body. Telling her to close her thighs together, he inserted his throbbing cock between them and began to fuck up and down. The hardness of his cock brushing at the hot inner thighs, scraping against the puffy sensitive lips of her cunt caused Joan to come again. With her tight thighs holding his cock, because of the way she squirmed and twisted, the boy soon came off, too. The thick, creamy come juice spurted between her pressing thighs, but most of his come juice splashed upon the lips of her sugar-like cunt, and it seemed to sear her flesh and caused a final orgasm to rumble through her body.

Joan never saw the boy again after that.

She initiated other boys, though, into the delicious things she had learned. Her only disappointment was that those boys were unable to splatter her cunt or mouth with come juice. Tiring of this, wanting to feel slippery come juice on her flesh, she sought out older boys. But she found that to be a problem. Most of them knew girls of their own age, girls they could fuck, and they wanted nothing to do with someone so young.

So Joan looked at her father.

It had been easy far her to seduce him. As she remembered it he had been quite willing when she sat on his lap and twisted her little ass about until she felt his cock swell into hardness.

She could not remember where her mother had been that night, although she was sure her mother was out of the house.

She had played with her father’s cock, giggling and laughing with him in a deliciously naughty way. When she placed her lips about the huge, swollen head of her father’s cock, he was surprised, but made no attempt to stop her. She thought her father would fuck her in the mouth as the boy had done, but when he remained still, she began to move her lips up and down the smooth prick instinctively. Her tongue fluttered all about the wide piss hole, and she learned at this time how to swallow without pulling from a cock.

As she sucked on her father’s cock, he caressed her hair and face, watching down his body, a smile of pleasure on his face. Joan could take half of his big cock into her mouth, but no more. Her lips were stretched even more than with the boy in the field.

As her father approached discharge, he attempted to pull his daughter’s face away, but Joan clung to his cock with tight, hot, desperate lips, refusing to release it. Her huge eyes burned with wicked, eager pleasure as his cock unleashed a flood of thick, creamy, sweet come juice. Her tongue lapped furiously about his spewing piss hole as she drew her lips up and down, finally holding them about his piss hole and sucking as she would through a straw. The thick globs of come juice splashed into her mouth, filling it, making her mind soar with ecstasy. Since she had only his piss hole between her lips and her tongue lapping against that, she managed to swallow her father’s come juice easily. Her throat had burned, but it wasn’t a painful burn. It was a burn of intense sweetness, excitement, and of a growing desire to have more of that delicious stuff flowing into her throat.

Joan now recalled that particular day as the day she had become an avid cock sucker.

From that time on, she and her father found every opportunity to be alone together. Usually she would suck his cock off, and she found out from him that her mother refused to suck his cock. However, he seemed inclined to sucking cunt, too, and would spend long minutes with his face buried between the hot, creamy thighs of his daughter, lapping and sucking her tender cunt, making Joan come and come with squealing, thrashing, churning ecstasy.

Soon, Joan was providing her father with all his sexual needs. Joan was an only child, and her mother always seemed to have something going, some function, some project that kept her out of the house. So Joan and her father were alone a great deal. It worked out perfectly for Joan and probably her father as well. She no longer had any interest in boys her age with their cocks that failed to gush. She devoured her father’s cock constantly, draining his come juice from his hairy balls until he would fall back, exhausted but happy.

And finally her father fucked her.

Joan had a few hairs about her sugary cunt by this time, and there was the promise of having a luxurious, very thick, bush of cunt hair as she grew older. He was delighted with the sparse cunt hair, and would pull at it with his teeth and lips, making Joan giggle and arch her tender sweet cunt against his mouth, pleading with him to stop teasing her and to fuck her with his tongue.

As the boy in the field had done, her father fucked Joan first between her thighs, making her come at the same time he gushed. Once, he jacked off with the head of his cock pressing upon her knotted clit, and, as the hot come juice spurted upon her cunt, Joan came in powerful waves of ecstasy.

It happened when he had been sliding his cock along her pussy. Joan, intensely excited, was arching her crotch up and trying to get more pressure upon her steamy, bubbling cunt.

The head of his cock slipped quickly between the tight lips of her cunt, and Joan yelped. The sound was not one of pain, but of surprised ecstasy. Her fingers, and the fingers of her father, had long since destroyed any possibility of pain.

Joan remembered that first fuck with erotic delight.

At first, her father wanted to pull his cock free, but Joan lifted her crotch up, the tightness of her hot cunt lips clasping him. She screamed at her father to leave his cock inside her, to fuck her. She wrapped her long, slim legs about his, her arms holding him tightly. She held him so he couldn’t get away.

Once he understood Joan was not in any pain, that she wanted to be fucked, he fucked her gloriously. Joan loved the sweet-sensation of his hard cock fucking in and out of her cunt, going deep and spreading those hot cunt lips until she was clutched in the heat of multiple orgasms — orgasms that shattered her young body with ecstasy. As he fucked her, Joan lost count of the times she came, but when the fuck was over, her cunt was drenched with come juice, inside and out. Her naked little body shuddered for ten minutes after he removed his cock, her flesh glowing and her eyes shining with pleasure.

Although her father was partial to having his cock sucked off and liked to lick her tasty, sugary cunt, they fucked often, too. He enjoyed the hot tightness of his daughter’s sugary pussy clinging to his hard prick, telling Joan her cunt was almost like her mouth. He told her that she had a hot little pussy that nibbled and sucked on his cock almost in the same way her mouth and tongue did. He had called her cunt, much to her amusement, a snapping pussy.

Joan did not know what caused this unusual ability, but she didn’t question it. All she knew was that she seemed to have been blessed with a cunt that men liked, a cunt that would gnaw and suck on a cock by its own volition, without any effort from her. It was automatic, and every time a cock entered her cunt, her pussy began to perform that feat without conscious thought from her. Joan was aware that her cunt was doing it, but it was totally involuntary on her part.

She remembered all that as she lay on her bed, her feet now drawn underneath so she could arch her hairy cunt high, her knees spread wide. The wall opposite her bed was almost a solid mirror, and she watched her hair-lined pussy as she moved a finger about her inflamed clit.

It was a hungry cunt, a greedy cunt, a cunt that demanded fucking by a tongue or cock. It was a cunt that loved hard cock more than anything in the world, and her pussy never seemed to get enough.

Watching her reflected cunt in the mirrored wall, her knees very wide, seeing the cheeks of her creamy, rounded, tight ass clench, she fucked her finger in and out, making herself come in a series of explosive orgasms.

As she produced these exquisite ripples of delight, she let her mind return to the present, and to the cocks of Eric and Marty, her two sons…


It was a beautiful, warm summer day, and Joan was going to get some cock.

She had not had a nice hard cock inside her cunt for over three months, and she wanted one desperately. She had gone the usual route of the divorcee — found a decent cocktail lounge, allowed herself to be picked up by some man, got fucked in some dingy motel room that made her feel like some five-dollar whore, then forgot the guy.

Those quick fucks were okay as far as they went. Most of them were satisfying enough, from a physical standpoint, but Joan wanted a great deal more than one-night stands. She required a closeness she had not found in any of those men, an emotional closeness. Without that, fucking was not nearly as good. But Joan did not want to become so emotionally involved with a man that it would lead to marriage.

She was quite content and happy enough to be alone with her two boys, Eric and Marty.

Both her boys were caring of her, showing their affection in many ways. They, unlike most boys of those ages, would find and bring her wild flowers as they came home from school. They were not wild boys, causing her no trouble at all. She was very proud of them, and rightly so.

The boys were one year apart in age, and Eric, the oldest, was doing his best to cultivate a few hairs on his upper lip. Marty was almost beside himself with envy because he had not a single hair he could point to.

The boys seldom squabbled among themselves as most brothers do. They even helped her about the house. Most boys thought wash big dishes was a girl’s job, but not her Eric and Marty. They often surprised her by cleaning the whole house as she slept late.

Somehow, a sixth sense told her she would have no difficulty in seducing either of her sons. It was nothing she could place a finger on, but was just a feeling, a hunch. There had been a few times when she was certain they had tried to peek under her dress. She knew, however, that they had been looking at her body in the way boys did when they wanted some pussy from a woman. She had, too, seen the sweet lumps inside their jeans when they had hard-ons. She suspected they were jacking off, either alone or together. With her knowledge, she knew boys did those things when erotic desires began to bubble hotly in those young balls.

She had gone through it.

She knew…

Boys, like girls, were very curious. She, even though older and a mother, was still as curious as she had been at their age.

It did not require much courage for Joan to select and seduce. It did not require a great deal of intelligence to know she could easily seduce Eric and Marty. Although she was not really an aggressive woman, she could take matters into hand when necessary. She could, when called upon, be the aggressor, the instigator, the teacher.

And it was called for now, she felt.

The boys would never make a pass unless she let them know she was willing.

Eric was not home, but Marty was.

So her youngest son was selected first.

“Marty,” she called from the kitchen, “please come and give me a hand, honey.”

He came in, and she told him to brace the high stool as she wiped the top of the cupboard down. When her son was holding the stool, Joan climbed up, making sure her dress came up to reveal her creamy thighs. Standing on the very top of the stool she went up on tiptoe, pretending to wipe at the shelves. Her skirt moved past her knees, and she glanced down to see if her son was peeking.

He was.

Oh, how he was, she thought with a rush of pleasure.

Marty’s head came to the bottom of his mother’s skirt, and he was looking up underneath it. Joan saw the hot gleam in his dark eyes and recognized the desire there.

Marty was looking hotly under his mother’s dress, seeing her long, tantalizing thighs, her lacy panties. The panties were bikini, sheer with frilly lace all about them. The dark shadow of her cunt hair could be seen easily past the sheer material. The sight was giving Marty a powerful hard-on.

“Oh, hold my legs, honey!” Joan said, pretending to shake. “Don’t let me fall.”

His hands gripped his mother’s knees, and he kept his gaze turned up under her dress. Joan lifted a foot, bending at the knee and pretending to reach higher. She swung her uplifted foot wide, and Marty stared directly into the lovely crotch of his mother.

That was enough to excite him, she thought. Placing her foot back on the stool, she said, softly, “Help me down, baby, don’t let me fall.”

Marty’s hands slid along his mother’s thighs as she squatted on the stool, preparing to slide her feet off. His hands touched the lacy panties, and Joan gave a husky laugh but said nothing. She slipped her feet from the stool, and his hands failed to move. She felt the back of her skirt catch on the stool so that when she was on her feet the dress was caught at her hips, her long, beautiful thighs exposed. She placed her hands on Marty’s shoulders as he pulled his hands from her hips.

Looking down into his face, she said very softly, “You got yourself an eyeful that time, didn’t you, darling?”

“Yeah!” Marty said, grinning, not at all embarrassed. “I sure did, Mom.”

She kissed his cheek quickly. “You little shit,” she whispered affectionately. “Peeking up mother’s skirt that way.”

“You didn’t mind,” he said.

“That’s right, I didn’t care,” Joan laughed, the sound throaty. “I’ll even let you see more.”

With that, she pulled her dress to her waist and leaned against the stool.

“Look all you want, honey,” she whispered in a thick voice, her eyes hot as she looked to the straining front of his pants. “Take a very good look at me.”

Marty gazed down at his mother, seeing those tight panties. Suddenly, Joan cupped his cock.

“Fair is fair,” she laughed, pressing against his prick. “You see me… I get to see you.”

“But I haven’t seen anything, Mom,” he protested. “Just those silly old panties, that’s all.”

“I can fix that easily enough,” she said. Joan hooked a thumb into the elastic waistband of her bikini panties and shoved them downward. “Now take a peek.”

Marty’s eyes rolled as he stared, seeing the thick curls of her pussy. Joan felt his cock jerk against her hand, and she fumbled with the zipper.

“Like I said, honey… fair is fair, so I get to see you, too…”

Marty was trembling with excitement as his mother slipped her hand into his pants and pulled his throbbing hard-on free. Looking down at his prick, Joan gasped with desire. “Oooo, honey, that is so beautiful!”

Joan closed her eager fingers around her son’s cock, squeezing tightly, making him moan with delight, feeling his prick throb in her fist. She began to work her fist back and forth, pumping Marty’s cock slowly, her eyes hot, soft hisses coming from her mouth.

“Ohh, baby, you’re so hard!” she cooed. “Touch me, too, Marty! You can feel me up, honey. Play with me, too!”

Eagerly, his hand went into her panties and through that thick bush of cunt hair. Joan spread her thighs when Marty pressed his hand between them, cupping her burning cunt. She wiggled her ass when Marty slipped his finger into her cunt.

But she wanted his cock in her pussy.

“Oh, darling,” she whimpered softly, passionately pumping on his prick swiftly. “I want this in me! Ooo, I’ve got to have this inside me, baby!”

Joan stood with her long, slim thighs spread wide, her pelvis arched forward, drawing her son’s cock closer to her boiling cunt. He was short enough for her to rub that swollen, smooth cock head along the steamy, hairy cunt lips and along her inflamed clit. With her panties stretched now about her knees, she bent a bit, and pulled her son’s cock between the lips of her searing cunt.

“Oooo, nice, so nice!” she gurgled as the hot, wet, puffy lips of her hairy cunt closed about the head of his cock. “Put it all the way in me, Marty! Oh, I want all of this inside me, darling!”

Marty was holding her hips now, his fingers digging into the firm flesh eagerly, lunging his cock forward. Joan gave a yelp of ecstasy as the full, thick length of her son’s cock fucked deeply into her burning cunt. She clutched at Marty’s hips, then began to push and pull at them, making her son’s cock fuck back and forth. The position was not the best, but Joan was in a hurry now.

With her cunt boiling hungrily, she held his hips still, and began to pump her ass back and forth, fucking her son. Marty was mindlessly excited, feeling his mother’s scalding cunt holding his throbbing cock, riding back and forth on his prick. He began gasping and moaning with delight, his voice louder than hers. Joan fucked her son with gasping pleasure, trying to look between their bodies, wanting to see his young cock fucking her hairy cunt. She couldn’t see much of anything, but she could feel each throb of his cock with the tight, sensitive lips of her cunt. Joan almost immediately began to come, her cunt gnawing and sucking and squeezing on her son’s cock.

Mewling in a thick voice, Joan closed her eyes to the ecstasy of fucking her son, to the throbbing waves of orgasms that rippled through her. Somewhere through the roaring pleasure, she heard the tearing sound of her panties, but she didn’t care. What she cared about was the throbbing hardness of her son’s cock, her cunt sliding back and forth, the shuddering waves of orgasms that shot through her like liquid fire. Marty was grunting now, and she opened her eyes. She saw his face through a film of misty pleasure. His features were contorted as if he was trying to keep from coming inside her cunt, but she had no intention of losing his precious come juice.

“Do it, Marty!” she urged in a hot voice, her hands closing into the bunching checks of his ass. “Don’t hold back! Let it go, baby! Oooo, come in me! Come inside me, Marty!”

She felt his hands clawing at her hips. She could feel the powerful throbbing of his cock as her clutching pussy moved frantically, devouring his prick. He was going to come, she knew. She gripped each cheek of her son’s ass, slamming her cunt hard against him, holding his cock deep inside with the powerful muscles of her pussy.

Marty’s cock squirted.

Joan felt his thick come juice as it splashed against the velvety walls of her churning cunt. She gave a yelp of delight and began to grind in a frenzy against him, Joan’s cunt drained her son’s cock, sucking and nibbling until Marty was shaking, his legs very weak.

Slowly and gently, Joan pulled her hairy cunt from her son’s prick. She gazed down, seeing the glistening beauty of his cock. She cradled his cock and balls in her hand. “That was just getting good, Marty. Want to do it again?”

“Oh, yes, Mom!”

“Then come with me,” she said, turning him loose and taking his hand instead. With her panties, now shredded, still dangling at her knees, she pulled her son into her bedroom.

Marty, of course, had been inside his mother’s bedroom many times. Now, however, there was a difference. He saw his reflection in the mirror, his cock and balls dangling from his pants. Joan watched her son, amused, as he looked at himself.

“Now you know the reason for the mirrors, don’t you?”

“The reason?” he asked.

“So we can watch,” she replied. “Wouldn’t you like to watch while we do it?”

A grin split his young face as understanding came to him. “Hey, that’s great, Mom!”

“I thought you’d like that,” she laughed sensuously. She pulled her torn panties from her knees, tossing them over the pillows of the bed. “Those panties are no good now, I suppose.”

She saw that his cock was beautifully hard again. That pleased her. She stood next to her son, taking his cock in her fist and jacking on his prick, both of than looking at their reflections in the mirror.

“Marty, you don’t feel bad about this, do you?” she asked. “I don’t want you to be ashamed, honey.”

“Gosh, Mom,” he groaned, “I love it!”

She squeezed his cock. “Good! Because I love it, too! And right now, you climb on the bed. But take your pants down first; I like it better when skin is against skin.”

She watched him as he eagerly dropped his pants. His cock stood out so hard, his balls loose beneath the base. There was a little dark hair at the base of his cock, but his balls were hairless.

“That’s cute,” she murmured softly, her voice husky. “That is very cute, honey.”

He turned to climb on the bed, and she stood watching, her hot eyes gazing over the tightness of his young ass cheeks until he was on the bed, his cock pointing toward the ceiling.

She pulled her dress up to her thighs, then climbed onto the bed with him. She straddled her son’s thighs, then lifted her dress to her waist, exposing her hair-rimmed cunt. On her knees, she inched upward until her cunt hovered above the smooth head of her son’s cock. With both hands, she parted the thick cunt hair, and she watched his eyes blaze with interest as he stared at her wet pink cunt.

“You just lie there and let mother do it all, baby,” she said hoarsely. “You just let mother do it for you. Watch in the mirror, Marty! You look in the mirror and see mother fuck you!”

“Fuck… fuck me!” her son gasped.

“Oh, baby, of course… fuck!” she laughed deliciously. “That’s what we’re going to do, fuck! So you just watch us in the mirror… fuck, fuck, fuck!”

Marty laughed with youthful delight. “Fuck me, Mom!”

Joan reached down and grasped his cock. She ran the swollen prick head back and forth across the steamy lips of her cunt, then fitted his cock between them. Taking the smooth head of Marty’s cock into her pussy, she slowly settled upon him until the soft curls of her cunt hair mingled with the few wiry hairs at the base of his prick. She sat there for a moment or so, rocking gently. Reaching behind herself, she took her son’s balls in her hand and pressed them against the heat of her creamy ass cheeks, laughing lewdly down at him. Finally she spread herself out on top of Marty, her legs sprawling along his, his cock deep inside her fiery cunt.

She lifted her skirt to her waist, revealing the creamy swells of her naked ass in the mirror. Marty turned his eyes toward the reflection, watching excitedly. He saw his mother’s naked ass cheeks while she began to pump her ass up and down, her hairy, very tight cunt riding on his cock.

“Hold mother’s ass, baby!” she mewled as she churned her naked hips about. “Ohhhh, honey, grab my ass in your hands and squeeze it! I love my ass being held and squeezed when I fuck this way! Grab mother’s hot ass, darling!”

Marty’s hands dug into the tight smoothness of her naked ass, holding on, his fingers almost in the hot ass crack. Joan turned her head so she could watch, too, and they both gazed with burning eyes while her naked ass thrashed up and down.

“That’s beautiful, baby!” she whimpered as her ass plunged, the ass cheeks tightening and bunching. “That’s so beautiful… watching us fuck! I love it, Marty! Oooo, I can feel your sweet cock all the way up my cunt! See mother’s ass, darling? See how mother’s naked ass fucks that cock! Oooo, I love you so much, love your cock up my pussy, Marty!”

Joan’s cunt was nibbling again, sucking on her son’s hard cock for the second time. She was clutched by a series of burning orgasms as usual. The tightness of her cunt seemed to be even tighter than ever, flexing on Marty’s throbbing prick as she pumped up and down. From the waist up, Joan was almost perfectly still, but from there down, her body was a dynamo of intense action.

As her orgasms increased in strength, she began to wail loudly, her ass pounding furiously. She raced a hand behind her banging ass and clawed at her son’s hairless balls. She pulled them against the cheeks of her ass, trying to shove them into the hot ass crack. Her son was grunting and gasping as he lifted his hips up, fucking his cock as deep as he could into that devouring, steamy pussy. Joan’s body was shaking with the intensity of her orgasms, and her mind was reeling with the ecstasy flooding her overheated body. Sparks flew about inside her, setting off explosions of such erotic pleasure that she was afraid she would melt or faint. And Joan didn’t want to faint because she would lose the feeling of her son gushing that sweet, precious come juice up her hungry cunt.

Once again she felt his cock ready to burst and her ass pounded in a wild frenzy, gurgles bubbling from her constricted throat. She felt his cock swell morel and the throbbing increased. She twisted at his balls and screamed mindlessly.

“Come, damn it! Come in me, Marty! Ohhh, please, please come in my hot fucking cunt! I want it! I want that sweet come juice squirting up my hot pussy!”

Marty grunted and she felt him become stiff beneath her.

Joan slammed her cunt down hard onto his cock, taking his prick as deep as possible into he squeezing cunt. She held herself there, grinding in, frantic attempt to make his cock gush a stream of come juice.

Again she screamed with ecstasy when she felt his prick spurt. The thick, creamy come juice flooded her greedy cunt, drenching her pussy, sending Joan into a final shattering orgasm. She shook violently against him, her cunt sucking furiously.

She rested on top of her son, both of them panting from the fury of the fuck.

After a while, Joan rolled from him, her legs sprawled wide, her cunt still pulsating from the pleasure rumbling through her. She closed her eyes, relaxing.

She felt the movement of her son and looked at him. He sat next to her, gazing down at her hairy cunt and long, slender thighs, at her flat stomach.

“Like me?” she asked in a soft voice. “Am I pretty?”

“Gosh, yes!” he said with enthusiasm. “You’re the prettiest mother in the whole world, Mom!”

She wiggled with delight. “You say that because I let you fuck me, I know.”

“No, Mom, it’s true,” he insisted. “Can I look at you?”

“All you want,” she replied.

Marty opened the top of her dress. Her bra snapped open in front, and she lay with her arms outstretched above her head, watching her son as he learned how to unhook it. Her tits came spilling free, and Marty stared at them with something like awe in his young eyes.

Joan’s tits stood up proud and firm, rounded and satiny to the touch. Her nipples, a light-brown color, were still very rigid.

“Can I touch them?” he asked.

“You can touch me anywhere you want, honey,” she said in a soft voice. “You can do anything you want with me… anything at all.”

Marty began fondling his mother’s tits, experimenting by pulling and twisting her sensitive nipples. Joan felt the excitement of her son, and it served to make her excited, too, her cunt beginning to throb and pulsate again. But she stayed still and allowed her youngest son to learn, to probe, to feel and know her body, touching her where he wanted. He gazed closely at her cunt, leaning over and peering between her spread thighs. He felt his mother’s cunt, examined her clit, and probed into her pussy. He ran his hands about her smooth thighs, through the thick curls of her cunt hair. He leaned down and swirled his tongue about a nipple, then took it into his lips and sucked. Joan’s tits tingled with the wet heat of his mouth.

By the time Marty had satisfied his curiosity, his cock was straining hard, and he wanted to fuck her again. The piss hole was slippery, seeping clear thick fluids.

Joan laughed at his eagerness, pulling him on top of her and wrapping her hot thighs about his hips. His cock was moving into her always-ready cunt.

She had been right — Marty had been more than eager to fuck her.

Now, perhaps, Eric…


Joan stepped from her bath and toweled her body vigorously, making her flesh glow.

Naked, she entered her bedroom. For a long time, she stood before the mirrored wall, searching her reflection.

She was a tall woman, taller than average by an inch or so. She was very attractive. Her hair was long and shimmering, waved just enough so she had no reason for curling it. It was dark hair, but neither brown nor black. Her eyes were dark and smoldering, with a piercing quality to them. Her nose was small and straight, and she had full, moist ups that required no lipstick unless she wanted. She was considered very beautiful by most people.

At the age of thirty-three, her body was as firm and rounded as it had been at fifteen. Her tits were not large, but stood high and round on her chest. There was no sign of sagging. They were creamy in texture, with dark nipples centered perfectly. Her tits, as were her nipples, were very sensitive to touch. She enjoyed having them sucked and fondled, squeezed and twisted. Her waist was small, flaring into graceful hips and long, tantalizing thighs. She was slender, and looked fantastic in a bikini swimsuit. Her ass swelled out in tight curves, the ass cheeks writhing tightly as she walked. Hers was a beautiful ass, a hot ass.

But then, so was her cunt.

Joan’s cunt was hairy, very hairy. Yet her cunt hair was a finely sculptured triangle of softness. Dark, like the hair on her head, it, too, shimmered with highlights. The lips of her cunt were not by any means fat, the way so many cunt lips were. The lips of Joan’s cunt were fine, almost delicate, with such sensitivity that the slightest touch could almost make her come. It seemed to her that her pussy was always in a state of quivering burning desire, bubbling wet readiness for a cock or a tongue.

Turning from the mirror, she slipped a gown over her head. The gown was a design from the days of the Roman Empire, a toga-like thing. It clung to her naked body, molding to her tits, to her swelling ass, to her rounded hips. It came just below her hips, almost short enough to expose the fine curls of her cunt.

It was exactly what she wanted. It would serve her purpose nicely.

It was early afternoon, and Eric, her oldest son, was in the living room alone. He suspected that his mother was up to something. It had been only yesterday that she had unabashedly fucked her youngest son, and, before he left her in bed, they had discussed Eric. Marty had been quite insistent that his brother would love to fuck her, too. He went so far as to tell his mother he was going to talk to his brother about it, kind of get him ready. Joan told Marty it would, perhaps, be best if he was out of the house, at least for the first time, and Marty did as she asked.

Feeling excitement running through her, she left her bedroom and went to the living room. She paused in the doorway for a moment, looking at Eric. He was sifting on the floor, leaning against the couch, thumbing through a magazine.

“Eric,” she said in a soft voice.

He looked up and his eyes went very round as she walked into the living room. She stood for a moment, letting her son look at her. She looked at the front of his pants, and was satisfied to see his cock swelling.

She moved closer to him, then took a wide legged stance. Her feet touched his and she arched her hips forward, knowing he could see under the hem of the short gown.

Eric stared up at his mother, seeing her long, creamy, teasing thighs and the curls of her cunt. Although her legs were apart, he could not see the pink pussy lips because the cunt hair was so thick and long. But what he saw was enough to make his cock lurch and strain excitedly.

“Take it out, baby,” she whispered throatily. “Please, Eric, take your cock out for me!”

He fumbled with his pants, then she was looking down at his beautiful cock. Her eyes burned and she licked at her full lips with eager anticipation.

“That’s beautiful, Eric,” she murmured. “You have a beautiful cock!”

He waited, gazing up at her hairy cunt.

“Put your hand on your cock,” she whispered. “I want to see you hold your cock, Eric.”

He gripped his prick, squeezing. Joan moaned with delight, then slowly squatted in front of him, her knees deliberately wide. Now Eric saw the pink wet lips of his mother’s pussy, the glistening tip of her clit. Joan reached out, taking her son’s cock in her hand. She squeezed his prick, pumping up and down the hardness slowly, watching his piss hole flare and drip with that sweet, precious fuck juice.

“Touch me, Eric,” she urged hotly, her ass swaying as she squatted. “Touch mother’s cunt! Feel me up… ahhh, please feel me up!”

Eric did not hesitate. His brother had told him all about fucking their mother and he was more than ready. He slipped his hand along the smooth inner surface of her thigh, finding the flesh hot against his palm. Cupping his mother’s cunt in his hand, he pressed and squeezed at her pussy, making Joan whimper with delight. She stroked up and dawn his cock, her mouth parted as she panted with growing anticipation. Eric, she realized, was different than Marty. Eric had apparently felt up a girl or two already.

He wiggled a finger into his mother’s hot, tight cunt, then began to fuck it in and out, finger fucking her in a way that sent sparkling ecstasy through her. Her fist pumped his cock a bit faster, but she wanted more than just this feeling around, more than his finger inside her burning pussy. She wanted his cock, wanted his prick sliding and thrusting and fucking into her cunt frantically.

She sat down, then sprawled back on the floor, spreading her long legs as wide as they would go, arching her hairy cunt upwards, fingering her pussy herself now.

“Fuck me, Eric!” she hissed furiously. “Oh, baby, put that sweet, beautiful cock in mother’s cunt! I need your cock so much, darling! Oh, fuck me! Fuck my hairy cunt, Eric!”

Eric settled between his mother’s thighs, and she arched her crotch higher. She felt the swollen head of his cock penetrating her bubbling cunt and a hiss of ecstasy burbled from her tight throat.

She pulled Eric onto her body, his chest mashing her upstanding tits through the toga-like garment. Wrapping her arms about his waist, she pressed her hot, smooth thighs against his hips, churning her cunt into him as he began to fuck deeply. Moaning with the pleasure of her oldest son’s cock stabbing into the fiery depths of her hungry cunt, she quickly clasped the cheeks of his bunching ass, her fingers digging into those writhing muscles. The cries bubbling from her were hot and hungry, urging him to fuck her faster and harder. Through the hot roaring of her mind she could hear Eric grunting as he buried his face into her neck, his ass bobbing up and down as he fucked his hard, throbbing cock into her ever-so-receptive cunt.

Eric slipped his hands down his mother’s sides, past her grinding hips, then underneath her ass cheeks. He closed his fingers about the two firm cheeks of her ass, pulling her crotch upward as he fucked into her hairy cunt. The slapping of his balls upon the sensitive cheeks of her rounded, grinding ass sent Joan into further ecstasy.

The rings of her cunt became tighter as the orgasms washed through her, each more powerful, more gripping, than the last. Biting into her bottom lip Joan mewled and sobbed as she clawed at Eric’s ass, trying to pull his cock, even his balls, into the overheated depths of her orgasming cunt. Her whole body was vibrating like a taut string, her nerves melting from the intense ecstasy flowing throughout. Joan hardly knew she was calling out to her son, her wicked words urging him to fuck his cock as deep as he could, to drive his precious prick into her steaming cunt, pin her hot ass to the floor.

Joan swung her crotch in frenzy against her son’s fucking cock. Her naked ass twisted violently, revolving smoothly. The sensations that tingled deep inside her fiery cunt drove her hips mindlessly. Her cunt clung to his prick almost desperately, with a power she wasn’t aware she had. Her cunt was clasping at Eric’s cock, flexing in muscular contractions as she came time and again. The orgasms were becoming much stronger, so strong she was clutched in a convulsion. Her tight clit was burning, scraping along the hard shaft of his prick, knotting with the orgasms. Her asshole, too, clenched and flexed. She scissored her hot, creamy thighs about his pounding hips, throwing her feet into the air and spreading them wide, only to close them again on the backs of his thighs. Whimpers gurgled from her constricted throat as words burst from her, words of encouragement, words to inflame her son’s erotic sensitivities. Words that would make his cock harder, stronger, longer… words that would make him gush that sweet, precious come juice she wanted so desperately. Her nipples burned against his chest, her tits flattened by his weight. Her hair fanned about her head, her eyes tightly closed as the ecstasy took complete control of her. Her mind reeled and everything else became unimportant. All her feelings, all her senses, centered in and around her boiling, hairy cunt. Her whole being was now her cunt, a pussy that greedily gnawed at her son’s cock as he fucked her faster and harder. Her hairy cunt became so tight it was becoming difficult to fuck into her pussy. The feeling of Eric’s cock fucking deep into her cunt, the powerful throbbing of his prick, his balls banging deliciously upon her churning ass cheeks — all of it sent Joan into a world of floating, blinding explosions of ecstasy. Her cunt would not release his cock; her pussy sucked and chewed as she came. She was now screaming with the intensity of her orgasms. Her pussy was burning like a roaring flame as she thrashed against him.

“Come… come… come!” Joan was yelling at him now, her fingers digging into the cheeks of his ass in an effort to take more and more of his sweet cock into her body. “Come… come… come, come!” she chanted.

Eric fucked between his mother’s thighs, his cock buried as deep into her hot cunt as he could. Joan felt his body stiffen up, then he trembled. The thick, hot cream of his precious come juice erupted from the flaring of his piss hole, splashing about the satiny walls of her almost-smoking cunt. Joan screamed as her son filled her pussy, drenching her cunt with that thick sweetness. Her body shuddered with one final shattering orgasm. Her cunt clutched at his cock, milking and flexing around the base of his prick, drawing every drop of come juice from his tight balls.

When Eric went limp on top of her, she caressed up and down his back, feeling his smooth flesh, the cheeks of his trembling ass.

She kissed his neck, running the tip of her tongue over his shivering flesh.

“Oh, baby,” she whispered. “Oh, that was so good! Eric, you fucked the piss out of mother’s cunt! My pussy seems drowned with your come juice, darling.”

He pulled from her, sitting on the floor and leaning on the couch. Joan stayed where she was, legs still wide, her hair-lined cunt revealed and pulsing. Silvery come juice seeped from her cunt, making tiny rivers on the curvy cheeks of her ass. She ran her hands over her tits, smiling at her son as he sat panting, his eyes gazing unashamedly between her thighs. “Was I a good fuck, Eric?” she murmured. “How was mother’s cunt, darling?”

“Mom, you’re great!” he gasped. “You’re the greatest!”

“Mmmm, do you want more pussy?” she asked, eyeing his cock. His prick glistened wetly, slippery from his come juice and the nectar of her cunt. “Want some more of mother’s hot ass, Eric?”

“I sure as hell do, Mom!”

She laughed, a low, husky, exciting sound. Sifting up, Joan pulled her knees to her tits, hugging them tightly with her chin resting on one knee. She gazed at her son, her face showing the affection she felt. Eric, in turn, kept his eyes trained on his mother’s bushy cunt.

Finally Joan stood up. She leaned over and took her son’s hand, lifting him to his feet. She led him down the hall to her bedroom. When there, she said, “I want you to take all your clothes off, Eric. It’s so much better naked.”

Eric, with his eyes gleaming, quickly removed his clothing. Joan kept her toga-like gown on, knowing the value of it.

When her son was naked, she cupped his balls, playing with them as she leaned forward. Her hot lips pressing against her son’s mouth, she was delighted when he snaked his tongue between her lips. She sucked at his tongue, her other hand sliding about to squeeze his tight ass cheeks. Turning loose of his balls, she stroked his still-slippery cock, feeling his prick swell so beautifully in her hand. Sucking on his tongue, Joan jacked his swollen cock, her fist tight and hot. Eric’s hands moved all over her hot body, feeling every inch of her creamy skin he could reach, exploring the sensitive flesh eagerly. Then her tongue was in his mouth. Eric sucked greedily at it, his own tongue darting about. Soon Joan was again moaning with burning desire.

She shivered as Eric slipped his hands along the backs of her thighs, then brought them up beneath her toga. He cupped the swelling cheeks of her ass, squeezing. Joan whimpered into her son’s mouth, her legs shaking as bubbling heat flooded her body. She drew Eric’s cock between her thighs, closing them on his prick. The shaft of his cock pressed against the sensitive lips of her hairy cunt, and she shivered with anxiety to have his prick throbbing inside her pussy once more.

She pulled from him, smiling wickedly, her eyes gleaming with lewd delight. Climbing onto the bed, she propped her body up on hands and knees. The short hem of her toga gown lifted to reveal the creamy wetness of her shapely, naked ass, the thick hair of her cunt peeking from between her thighs. She turned and looked at her son over her shoulder, eyes smoldering.

“Fuck that hot ass, Eric!” she murmured, shaking her creamy ass invitingly for him. “Put that sweet cock in my hairy cunt and fuck me again, baby! Oohhh, honey, I’m so fucking hot for it! Mother is so fucking hot for that beautiful cock! Fuck mother, Eric! Fuck your mother’s hot ass!”

Eric, his eyes gazing with eagerness at his mother’s uplifted ass, moved toward the bed, his cock arching out and dripping. He stood at the edge of the bed as his mother scooted her knees back. She felt the head of his cock brush the insides of her thighs, leaving a hot trail of wetness on her flesh. She wiggled her uplifted ass, inviting him to hurry.

Eric stared down at the tight cheeks of her ass, seeing her puckered asshole, sparse hair around it. He placed his hands on her ass, moving his cock forward. The head of his prick moved toward her cunt like a homing device.

“Mmmmm!” Joan whimpered when she felt the smooth head of his cock slip past the tight, hairy lips of her cunt. “Ooo, baby, baby! So hard… so hot… fuck me!”

Eric fucked his cock into his mother’s cunt for the second time, grunting as the liquid heat engulfed him.

“Fuck me, Eric!” Joan screamed, twisting her upraised ass lewdly. “Fuck my pussy, baby! Ohhh, fuck your mother’s so-Goddamn-hot cunt! Fuck me hard and fast again, darling!”

She cried with ecstasy when he started fucking in and out of her pussy. She peered beneath her body, past her slightly jiggling tits. She could see his balls swinging back and forth and felt them brushing at her thighs.

Joan’s naked arching ass began to dance lewdly, swinging in tight circles, then hunching back against him as he fucked deep. Her asshole clenched and flexed as he fucked his cock in and out of her velvety, fiery cunt. Her vision became blurred as the orgasms started again. She felt the hard thrust of Eric’s cock with the sensitive lips of her nibbling cunt, and even the ridges and grooves of his prick were detected by her pussy.

Eric, mesmerized by his mother’s twisting ass, stood still, his hands resting on her ass cheeks. He watched as she fucked him, her ass banging back and forth, her cunt holding his cock tightly. Then he began to really fuck her, digging his fingers into her hips, pulling her back as he plunged forward. The cheeks of her ass slapped at his lower stomach, his balls swinging as he fucked his cock back and forth into her insatiable cunt. Joan whimpered and sobbed with intense ecstasy as her son’s cock sent pleasure flowing through her body.

Joan shot her hand underneath and between her thighs, grasping him by his balls, twisting and pulling them as she mewled and moaned with increasing ecstasy. Moist sounds of his cock fucking her cunt inflamed her mind.

Her tits, dangling down, jiggled as she twirled and tossed and thrashed her naked ass wildly. Soft cries of pleasure escaped her lips time and again, whispered words that urged her son to greater speed and effort.

She was anticipating the sweet gush of his come juice, her cunt starving for it. Her naked ass went in every direction possible, doing a lewd, swinging dance. Her cunt was sucking at his cock, the tight muscles flexing, snapping at his cock. With each of her orgasms, her cunt would snap stronger and tighter, drawing at his cock powerfully.

The sensation was too much for Eric.

He was grunting hard as he fucked his cock into his mother’s overheated cunt. He was fucking her fast and frantically, his cock throbbing quickly in approaching discharge.

“I’m gonna come, Mom!” he howled. “I’m gonna come again… in your cunt, Mom!”

“Oooo, yes, yes!” she screeched. “Come in mother’s cunt! Oooo, make that sweet cock come off in my pussy, my hairy, hot twat!”

Eric grunted, and his cock sent spraying come juice into her cunt, triggering another body-shattering orgasm in her. Joan screamed loudly with ecstasy, her body shaking like a leaf.

Then she slumped to the bed, her son’s cock coming free of her gripping cunt. She lay there gasping, her naked ass shivering, her legs spread wide.

She heard the shower going in her bathroom, and, with a smile, stood up on still-trembling legs, pulling the gown from her head.

She entered the bathroom and climbed into the shower with her son, reaching for his cock, a bar of soap in her other hand, laughing with lewd pleasure.


Joan felt very happy.

She was happy with herself and, in particular, happy with Eric and Marty. They had jumped into this without any qualms, without shame. That pleased her very much. Yet, what pleased her more then anything else was their total lack of inhibitions. They were so curious about the erotic aspects between men and women, there was nothing they would not do.

The past two days told her that. The morning after she had fucked her oldest son, Joan climbed into her tub and bathed, something she did each morning without fail. She luxuriated in the scented bubbles for over half an hour, then dried herself. She chose a delicate scent, dabbing it at strange areas of her body. By the time she finished, she was bubbling with anticipation.

Her boys were so horny!

It was delicious because they were so horny.

And so was she!

Eric and Marty, she knew without a doubt, would poke and prod those beautiful hard cocks into her body… into any hot hole she presented them with.

She looked at her reflection in the mirror, smiling to herself, thinking, Holes… that’s something I certainly have. I’ve got holes for them. Her eyes sparkled with ideas.


Plural, not singular.

She smiled at her reflection again. Why, you wicked, erotic cunt, she said to herself. You have enough hot fucking holes in your body for those two horny boys and one left over!

It was close to ten in the morning by the time she finished with her body. She had not heard any sounds coming from the house, and she hoped they had not left. Her cunt was again pulsating with greedy desire. She struck a lewd pose before the mirrored wall, her shapely tits arching out, high and firm, nipples succulent, her pelvis thrust forward and one hand on a hip.

“Okay, you hot-assed cunt,” she whispered to her reflection, “go get them!”

With her naked ass swinging seductively, Joan left her bedroom and walked down the hall, peeking into the boys’ rooms. Each room was empty. She entered the living room, finding Marty there alone.

He was on the phone, and she paused to listen to what he was saying.

She smiled softly as she heard Marty say how tight her cunt was, how wild she wiggled her ass when he had his cock up her twat. She heard her youngest son say that her cunt was always hot for a cock. Hearing him, not knowing who he was talking to, Joan felt her pussy bubble with steamy heat. She almost came when she heard her son saying he was going to fuck her when she got out of bed.

She watched him hang the phone up, then grinned as he turned and saw her standing there naked.

“There isn’t any reason to talk about fucking me, baby,” she whispered sensuously. “Especially not when I’m standing here and damn well available for it.”

Marty’s gaze moved over his mother’s glowing, satiny body. He licked his lips as he looked from her tits to the thick triangle of cunt hair. Joan struck an inviting pose, jutting her hip and propping her hand there. Her shapely tits swelled out invitingly. Then Joan slowly spread one long, smooth leg, lifting her foot from the floor so she could reveal her hair-rimmed pussy.

Her gaze moved to the front of his pants.

His cock was starting to bulge up, straining. Joan ran her tongue over her lips suggestively, fingering the edges of her cunt hair with a fingertip.

Marty was on the floor, his back against the cushions of the couch. He straightened his legs out, his cock bulging against his pants. Joan began moving toward her son, her hips swaying as she twisted gently at her swollen nipples.

She stood before Marty, legs wide, hips arching forward. Marty gazed at his mother, his head turned back, looking between her creamy thighs. The pinkness of her cunt was moist and slippery looking, the tip of her clit peeking at him. Spreading her feet on each side of her son’s legs, Joan began to move slowly, inching her way toward his face. She stood with her cunt hovering a few inches above his face now, her inner thighs against his shoulders. She parted the thick cunt hair with two fingers, placing her other hand on the back of his head.

“Kiss it,” she murmured, seeing his eyes glowing. “Kiss mother’s cunt, baby.”

Marty licked his lips, glanced up at her passionate expression. He placed his hands on her hips, watching as his mother moved that hairy, wet pussy closer to his mouth.

“Kiss it,” she said throatily.

Joan pulled her son’s face between her thighs, but slowly and gently. She twisted her crotch erotically and finally felt his mouth at her cunt. She gave a soft cry of delight and held his head with both hands, moving her cunt about his mouth. She saw haw the thick hair of her cunt almost concealed his young face. His nose was buried, as were his cheeks, and only his eyes flamed up from her cunt hair. Pressing her hot inner thighs against his face, she moved his head about, smearing his young mouth, chin, and checks with the heat of her wet cunt.

“Kiss it, Marty,” she said again, her voice low and husky. “Kiss it for me, please!”

She felt her son’s lips part, and then he was kissing her pussy. Joan gurgled with pleasure when his lips grasped the tingling knot of her clit. She wiggled her naked ass, pressing her cunt harder into his face, still holding him by the back of his head.

“Use your tongue!” she cried with passion. “Marty, lick it with your tongue!”

She felt his tongue swipe along the fiery lips of her cunt, and her naked body shivered in ecstasy. She drew his face tighter into her cunt as he licked, and then she squealed as his tongue thrust between the tight, hairy lips.

“Oooo, yes, yes!” she whimpered, grinding her naked ass now. “Use that tongue on mother’s cunt, baby! Oh, God! Tongue mother’s cunt! Eat it… lick it… OOOO, suck my hot pussy, Marty!”

She felt her son’s hands slide up the backs of her shaking thighs, soft yet eager. His hands cupped the cheeks of her bunching ass, holding her, shoving his face harder into her very wet cunt. Although she knew there was no reason to hold his head now, she continued to do so. Her hips would not be still; they moved and slipped and revolved into his face as he licked and sucked noisily. She could feel his tongue plunging into her cunt the way she felt his cock. She was making soft mewling sounds as her son sucked and licked hungrily.

“Tongue fuck… tongue fuck me! Oohhh, fuck my hairy, hot cunt with your sweet, sweet tongue! Lick mother’s hot pussy, eat my twat… suck my snatch, Marty!”

Holding his head tightly, she began to grind her cunt into his face mindlessly, already clutched by those delicious orgasms desired above all else. Her tight tits jiggled as she humped her cunt into his face, her nipples swollen, throbbing sweetly. She felt her son dig his fingers into the tight flesh of her rounded ass, as if he were trying to pull her cunt tighter against his devouring mouth. Her knees were bent slightly, yet her silky inner thighs brushed his cheeks. The orgasms grew in strength, and she threw her head back, wailing with ecstasy as his tongue plunged up and down. The orgasms were creating a strong suction with her cunt lips, drawing at Marty’s tongue the way her pussy did on a cock.

Finally her naked body shuddered with one long drawn-out orgasm. She remained over her son’s face for a while, his lips kissing and his tongue licking in a gentle way now, not frantically plunging into her cunt. Her vision cleared, and she looked down into his glassy eyes, seeing the expressions of his pleasure.

Pulling her clit from his face, she saw that his cheeks and his were smeared with the slippery fluids of her cunt. She squatted quickly, holding his head as she pressed her lips to his cunt-wet mouth, kissing him passionately. Then, to Marty’s surprise, his mother began licking at his face, lapping the cunt fluids from him.

“Ooooo, that was beautiful!” she cooed and held him tight against her naked tits; “You’re a fantastic cunt licker, baby.”

Marty grinned at his mother. “I wanted to taste your pussy the other day, but I wasn’t sure if you’d let me, Mom.”

“Oh, you darling,” she said, gazing into his eyes. “You can do anything with me, don’t you know that by now? Anything you want, you can do it with me… both you and Eric.”

“Really, Mom?” he asked, excitement in his voice. “You really mean it?”

“You know I mean it.”

Still squatting there, she opened his pants, removing his throbbing cock from the fly. Closing her fingers about it, she grinned wickedly. “I want this beautiful cock constantly, this one and your brother’s prick. I want them fucking me… everywhere!”

“In the… mouth?” Marty asked, his voice cracking with excitement. “In the mouth, too, Mom?”

She laughed. “Now, where in the world did you hear about that?”

“Guys talk,” he said.

“Oh, they do, do they?” She grinned. “Well, girls talk, sometimes. I guess you hear all sorts of wild stories.”

Marty’s face started to fall.

She pulled him tight against her naked tits, resting her cheek on top of his head as she hugged him. “I didn’t mean to tease you, Marty. Of course you can use my mouth, too.”

When she let him go, his eyes were shining. “You’d like that, huh?” She grinned at him. “You’d really like to fuck my mouth, wouldn’t you?”

He nodded his head.

“I’ll make a bargain with you,” she said ma low voice. “You let me do what I’d like to do with you right now, and then you can fuck me in my mouth as long as you want. Okay?”

“Okay!” he yelped.

Giggling, Joan pulled her son’s pants off. She then had him sit on the couch. She drew his ass to the edge, spreading his legs as she knelt on the floor. She shoved Marty’s knees back, causing his crotch to lift. She stared at his cock, standing hard, his balls dangling slightly. The cheeks of his ass parted, and the pucker of his asshole seemed to wink at her. Joan licked her lips, her eyes glazed with wanton desire as she peered at her son’s exposed and vulnerable crotch.

Marty was looking past his legs at his mother, his eyes hot, but wondering as to her intentions. She lifted her eyes to his for a moment, then shoved her face into his crotch, kissing hotly and wetly, making soft sobbing sounds of erotic, almost-perverse pleasure.

The feel of her son’s balls and hard cock pressing against her face sent ripples of pleasure flowing about her naked flesh. She loved having balls and a hard cock against her face, almost as much as she loved having a prick up her cunt. She twisted her face into his cock and balls, moaning hotly, her tongue lapping everywhere. Joan ran her wet, hot tongue along the insides of her son’s thighs, circled it about his balls, then trailed it along the hot, throbbing hardness of his cock to the very tip, where she lapped away the seeping fuck juices at his piss hole.

Going back to his balls, Joan opened her mouth wide and sucked them both inside. She mouthed her son’s balls greedily and noisily, her eyes burning, too glassy to see. Marty’s balls filled her mouth deliciously. She held his thighs pressed back against his chest, and, releasing his balls, she began to race her tongue about the spreading cheeks of his ass. She lapped at the hot inner area, circling in a teasing manner at his tight asshole. Drawing back, she gazed at him, thrilled to see him so vulnerable this way, his cock and balls and that tight puckered asshole so close to her face. She ran her tongue over her lips, then, with a sob, shoved her face tightly against her son’s ass. She ovaled her lips pursing them, and kissed his asshole loudly. Her tongue darted forth, and she began to lick in a frenzy at the tight heat of Marty’s asshole. Her tongue swirled and lapped, probed and thrust against the sensitive asshole, her nose buried in his hairless balls.

Applying pressure, Joan shoved her tongue into Marty’s asshole, past the tight ring. Her son groaned, but he lifted his ass to her face. With her lips tight about his asshole, Joan began to tongue fuck Marty in the ass. Her cunt began to burn again, soft orgasms shooting through her pussy, making the hairy cunt lips twitch, making her clit tingle and throb. She could feel Marty’s asshole clenching around her tongue, holding it, then relaxing. She plunged it deeply, fucking the tip about the ass pucker as her lips sucked.

Withdrawing her tongue, she looked up past his throbbing cock to see his burning eyes staring back at her with surprised delight.

“You like that?” she whispered hoarsely.

“Ooo, yes, Mom!”

With a soft gurgle, she shoved her face back into his ass. This time she licked about the inner ass cheeks, again circling his asshole. She drew her tongue up to his balls again, licking them and bouncing them with the tip of her tongue. She ran the flat surface of her hungry tongue up the shaft of his throbbing prick, then closed her hot lips about the swollen cock head. She licked, and sucked the head of his cock, her tongue swirling against his dripping piss hole.

She cupped his ass cheeks in her palms as she mouthed the smooth head of his cock, her eyes shining into his, her lips wide about the tasty prick head. When Marty lifted his ass, trying to get more of his cock into her wet, hot mouth, Joan allowed him to slip his prick fully into her mouth. Her lips pressed at the base, the swollen cock head almost reaching her throat. She held his cock this way, her lips working, her body trembling with the ecstasy of having his cock deep in her mouth.

Draping his legs over her shoulders, she squeezed his thighs against her head, then began to suck up and down his prick. When Marty began to hump up and down, she held her head still, letting him fuck her mouth. The burning hardness between her lips set her cunt bursting into orgasms again, and she twisted her naked ass about while Marty fucked his cock up and down.

She let her son fuck her mouth for a while in this position, then pulled away from him. Marty protested but she shushed him and leaned back on the floor. “Come here and get on top of me,” she said.

Marty dropped on top of his mother’s naked body, but, as he started to shove his cock into her cunt, she stopped him.

“I thought you wanted to fuck my mouth.”

“I do, Mom.”

“Then you’ll have to bring that cock up here,” she said, pulling at him.

She helped him into position, his cock now above her face, the liquid dripping from his prick, spattering her lips. She cupped his naked ass and pulled his cock downward, opening her mouth for him.

Taking the head of his cock between her lips again, she began to push and pull at his ass, letting him know she wanted him to fuck her in the mouth this way.

Understanding, Marty began to fuck his cock in and out between his mother’s stretching lips. Joan kept her hands cupping his bunching ass cheeks, feeling his balls bounce about her chin, his cock moving up and down. At he fucked her, she sucked and licked, gurgling with ecstasy. She writhed her naked ass on the carpet, spreading and closing her thighs, her cunt bubbling in that delicious way she loved so much.

Although Marty fucked his cock very deep, he still could not reach her throat. The smooth head would probe close to it, but not so far as to gag her. Joan held his cock with her tight lips as he fucked, his fucking becoming wilder and more excited. She could feel his cock throbbing against her sensitive, hungry lips, and her tongue lapped swiftly with every withdrawal he made, then slid along the cock shaft when he came down. His balls brushed and rubbed at her chin as his movements became more frantic.

She could hear him gasping above her head and her fingers dug harder into the cheeks of his ass as she him to fuck her mouth as hard and brutally as he wanted. She knew the urge to push at the moment of orgasms would be strong when he began to gush that come juice into her mouth. She was prepared for it.

Gurgling with anticipation, Joan closed her lips as tight as she could about her son’s cock. She closed her eyes as ecstasy bubbled through her naked body, her naked ass twisting against the floor, her cunt starting delicious convulsions. Marty’s cock was throbbing much stronger, and he was fucking into her mouth with vigorous strokes now, panting heavily. Joan clung to his ass cheeks, ready to hold his cock in her mouth if he should suddenly try to pull free of her lips.

Marty grunted loudly.

Joan squealed about his cock.

The hot splashing of come juice spurted from Marty’s flaring piss hole. As the sweetness of his come juice coated her tongue, Joan realized she had no reason to cling to his ass; Marty had no intention of jerking his cock from her mouth. The urge to piss when he came held him in place.

Jean swallowed happily, her tongue racing about his spewing prick, sucking greedily. The thick, sweet come juice flooded her hungry mouth. As Joan’s cunt convulsed, she squeezed her thighs together, pressuring her knotted clit between them.

The taste of her son’s come juice sent Joan’s mind reeling with perverse, erotic ecstasy. She loved that sweetness in her mouth, filling it. She swallowed with liquid noises, her tongue never still, his balls writhing against her chin. She dug her fingers ecstatically into his shaking ass cheeks, pressing them down to hold his cock as deep as she could in her mouth.

When Marty finished coming, the squirting come juice only dribbling now, he relaxed where he was, his cock in Joan’s mouth. She didn’t mind the weight of him there; it was exciting to her. She caressed his shaking ass cheeks and the backs of his thighs, then, when he calmed a bit, she pushed him from her face.

Running her tongue over her slightly bruised lips, she grinned at her son as he sprawled next to her, his chest heaving.

“Was that as good as you thought it would be?” she asked, running her fingers about his cock and balls.

“Better!” he gasped.

“Now you know about me,” she giggled. “Now you know that your mother is one damned good cock-sucker!”


Eric, being a year older than his brother, tried hard to lead. In his older wisdom, he was more aggressive than Marty, but not much. It amused Joan.

Eric came into her bedroom that night, alone.

She was almost asleep, and, when she heard the shuffling footsteps, the dim light from the full moon coming through her window was enough so she knew it was Eric and not her youngest son.

Joan was stretched out on top of the sheets, with her window open to catch the slight breeze. Her gown was a long one, frilly and feminine. She lay with one arm above her head and the other resting on her flat stomach. She watched him enter the room and come close to her bed. Neither said anything. Eric stood near her bed, looking down at her. He was wearing shorts and nothing else.

Joan could see the way his cock strained against the white cotton material. It was obvious why he had come to her; he had gotten a nice hard-on in his room and needed it taken care of. She smiled in the dimness of the room, but kept quiet and didn’t move, waiting for him.

Eric leaned over and placed his hand on one of her upstanding tits, bringing a sigh from Joan. She pulled the hand on her stomach up and placed it on top of his, holding it there. When Eric climbed onto the bed with her, she scooted over, making room for him. Still silent, but with increased breathing, Eric fondled his mother’s tits, going from one to the other with both hands. Her nipples stood firm, pressing against the flimsy fabric of her gown. Joan writhed her body as he caressed her covered tits, but she didn’t reach for him. She knew this was what he wanted to do, to feel hers, to play with her body. His hands on her tits, squeezing the firm flesh, tweaking her sensitive nipples, was making her cunt throb, making her clit become enflamed.

Keeping one hand on her tit, Eric caressed downward, feeling across her now trembling stomach. He fondled with a light touch at the mound of her cunt hair, then stroked one of her thighs, going to her knee and back up again. He dug his fingers into her firm thigh flesh, and Joan made a soft whimper of pleasure. She spread her legs as his hand slipped between them, pressing her gown against her cunt as he cupped her pussy. Joan could not resist arching her pussy into his hand.

Eric leaned down and flicked his tongue about one of her nipples straining at the fabric. Joan trembled when he pulled her nipple between his teeth and bit gently. Now she could not keep from touching him. She slid her hand between his thighs and closed her fingers about his cock, feeling his prick through his tight shorts. Her son’s cock throbbed so deliciously against her hand. She jacked on his prick as best she could through his shorts, feeling a moist spot where his piss hole pressed. Sliding her hand down, she cupped his balls and held them, and she was not at all surprised when Eric moved his hot lips down on her body, licking at the fabric of her gown. As he pressed his lips between her thighs, kissing her cunt through her gown, Joan almost came. She lifted her hips and twisted her cunt into his mouth, mewling softly, squeezing at his covered balls. Her pussy was becoming very wet, and the juices soaked through her gown. When Eric buried his face between her thighs, leaning over her, Joan began to grind slowly, pressing her cunt into his face.

While Eric kissed and licked through her gown, he was drawing it up her thighs. Joan clutched his precious balls with an eager hand, breathing harshly as excitement burned through her.

It was obvious that Marty had told his brother what she and he had done that day. Now Eric was anxious to do the same thing.

When he had her gown almost to her hips, he lifted his face and scooted his mouth along the creamy inner surface of one thigh, shoving her gown higher. Joan lifted her ass and helped him, bringing the gown to her waist. Eric licked and sucked at the softness of her inner thighs, his chin brushing at her hairy, bubbling cunt, making Joan moan with increasing pleasure. She was thrilled to feel the wetness of his tongue moving about her inner thighs, excited when he sucked the sensitive flesh between his lips. He licked at her creamy thighs slowly, his hot breath searing her flesh. Joan kept her grip on his sweet balls, twisting them gently through his shorts.

And then Eric kissed her cunt.

His wet lips pressed into the hairy crotch, burning the flesh of her cunt lips and swollen clit. Joan gave a soft gasp of delight, pressing her cunt upwards. Her son shoved his hands underneath her ass, cupping the round, firm ass cheeks as he buried his mouth eagerly into her pussy. He was on his knees, and she could keep her grip on his balls as he began to lick his tongue up and down the throbbing wetness of her cunt. It seemed to Joan that Eric would lick one sensitive cunt lip, then the other. Sometimes his tongue would flick about her distended clit, sending a shudder of ecstasy through her. The way he squeezed her naked ass cheeks served only to bring her passions to a boil.

While still licking at her hairy cunt, Eric kept a tight grip on one cheek of his mother’s ass, the other hand moving about the swell of the other, over the back of her thighs, then returning to that creamy ass check again. She could hear the soft sounds of his sucking, his licking. She lifted her crotch higher, urging her son to thrust his tongue into her inflamed cunt.

Releasing his balls for a while, Joan fondled up and down the backs of his thighs, over his ass cheeks and between his legs. Her hand became feverish with movement as her son darted his tongue in and out of her slippery pussy. She squeezed his hard cock, twisted at his balls, dug her hands into the cheeks of his ass and kept up a twisting, gyrating motion with her crotch against his mouth and tongue. She was burning up because of the way Eric licked at her pussy. He would swipe his tongue along one cunt lip, trace it to her clit and then lick down the other pussy lip, almost to her asshole. He swirled his tongue about a curvy cheek of her ass, then dipped his tongue deeply into her eager pussy, thrust back and forth and repeated the same thing again.

When her orgasms began, they started softly, pleasantly. But, as each succeeding one burst, followed by another, they became stronger, more exciting. She twisted her hips about, pressing her cunt up into her son’s mouth as she came. He clung to her thrashing ass cheeks with both hands now, holding those round, firm ass cheeks tightly, his face buried into her hot hairy cunt, lapping and thrusting, his nose almost between the cheeks of her ass, near her twinkling asshole. His heavy, gasping breathing fanned her asshole like a searing flame, and Joan began to gurgle a bit louder in ecstasy.

Eric thrust his tongue as deep as he could into his mother’s sugary cunt, and, as she came, those, wet pussy lips squeezed and sucked on his tongue. Joan clutched at Eric’s ass, then his balls, then his cock, as if not satisfied no matter what she held in her palm.

With a final explosion, while Eric sucked harshly at her clit, his tongue flicking the tip, Joan shuddered in complete ecstasy, then became limp. Her ass dropped to the bed as Eric lifted his now-smeared face from her cunt. He sat on his heels, knees wide apart. Joan still held his balls, but her fingers were loose now as she breathed deeply, her tits rising and falling.

“Oh, God!” she murmured. “That was so good, darling!”

“I knew you’d love that, Mom,” he said, again fondling her tits, but gently now.

“You’ve been talking to Marty,” she said.

“We talk about everything, you know that.”

“I know, and I’m so glad you do. If you didn’t, this might not have happened.”

His cock throbbed along her arm, and she drew her hand from his balls, tracing a finger along that sweet hardness to where the swollen head stretched his shorts. The spot there was so much wetter now.

“Sit on my stomach, baby,” she said in a hoarse voice. “I want to feel you sitting on me.”

Eric threw a leg over his mother and sat upon her stomach. She could feel his thighs at her sides and, through the gown, the heat of his ass and balls. She stroked his thighs, moving her fingers about the tight leg-holes of his shorts, again tracing the outline of his hard cock. Finally she pulled her gown from her shoulders, revealing her succulent tits in the dim moonlight coming through her window. Placing her hands on his hips, she urged him to scoot up her body. Eric scooted, and Joan maneuvered him so that his ass was pressing upon her naked tits. Eric squirmed his ass about his mother’s tits, and she lifted her head to kiss the hardness of his cock through those white shorts. She trailed the tip of her tongue along the outline to the wet spot, and there she fluttered her tongue about, tasting the sweetness that soaked through the cloth. She closed her lips about his covered cock head, sucking on it. Then she moved her hot, open lips up and down the prick shaft, moving finally to his balls.

“Let me take my shorts off, Mom,” he grunted.

“No,” she hissed. “I want to lick and kiss through them for a while.”

Hungrily Joan licked and sucked at her son’s cock through his shorts much the same way he had licked her cunt through her gown. It was wickedly exciting to her and to Eric as well.

She finally had him on his knees above her face, and she ran her tongue about his inner thighs, teasing it along his shorts. She pulled his balls into her mouth, the shorts covering them making it difficult. She sucked on his balls through his shorts, then began to lick her hot tongue along the crotch, moving it from his asshole to the head of his cock. By the time she finished this, his shorts were soaked.

Holding his hips, she made Eric sit on her face, his asshole against her mouth. As she tongued about his covered asshole, his balls were rubbing at her nose. Joan’s emotions were flaring hotly, and her cunt was inflamed again. She twisted her ass on the bed as she licked through his shorts at his asshole, some times pulling his balls into her mouth.

Eric was squirming about, shoving his ass into his mother’s face, moaning and grunting with pleasure.

Joan felt her cunt convulse into orgasm as she furiously licked at his ass and balls through those tight shorts. Then, when her orgasm was over, she helped him get out of his shorts. Still wanting him to squat above her, she rubbed her swollen nipples about his ass, shoving them into the crack and pressing them upon his tight asshole. His cock throbbed near her face, and, as he dripped from the piss hole, she felt her face became wet and slippery with the juices. That excited her and she began to lap about his balls and ass cheeks hungrily, moaning in ecstasy.

She twisted her face from side to side, wiping it with his ass cheeks and balls, licking hotly at his inner thighs, then rushing her tongue about the cheeks of his ass, probing his asshole. Her hands were in constant movement, feeling his thighs, his tight ass, his cock and balls while her lips and tongue sucked and licked. This was easy for her to do since he squatted directly above her face. She slithered her tongue from his asshole to his balls, sucked them for a moment, then drew his cock to her lips. She kissed the wet piss hole, sliding her tongue about the swollen, smooth cock head. She sucked at his piss hole, mewling softly as her tongue fluttered there.

With a gurgle of eager delight, Joan closed her hot lips about Eric’s cock, her hands on his ass, pulling his prick into her mouth. She whimpered as she began to suck, bobbing her mouth back and forth. She took the full, hard length of her son’s cock into her mouth, feeling his prick brush at her throat. The throbbing hardness burned her lips, making them tingle, his balls bouncing against her chin. She dug her fingers into his ass cheeks as she sucked vigorously at his hard cock.

Then, almost in the same way his brother had done, Eric held his mother’s head and began to fuck her mouth. Joan wailed in ecstasy as he fucked that sweet, hard cock in and out of her tight, hot, wet lips, her tongue running along the prick shaft, pressing his cock against the roof of her mouth. The hotness of his prick was as good as the hardness to her. She had the eerie feeling that her mouth and throat had a clit, as if she could have an orgasm in her mouth. She sucked, hotly at his fucking cock, her eyes closed as the reeling ecstasy gripped her. She shoved a finger deeper into the crack of his ass, brushing his asshole, urging him to fuck hard and fast and deep into her starving mouth.

Eric was banging his mother’s head against the pillow with the force of his fucking cock, and Joan was thrilled almost out of her mind. If there was one thing she loved better than fucking, it was sucking on a hard cock.

She felt his cock throbbing between her lips, the signal that he would soon gush that sweet, thick come juice. She sucked harder than ever, her lips tight and hot.

But then, suddenly, she shoved her son’s cock out of her mouth and began to rub the swollen prick head about her tits. She enjoyed the wet heat of that dripping fuck juice on her nipples, on the creamy flesh of her tits. She mewled and gurgled as she tried to press a nipple into the piss hole. Then she brought his cock to her face, smearing fuck juice around her cheeks, her nose, her eyes, her chin.

Now and then, as she smeared her face, she would take the tip of his cock between her lips, suck and lick his prick, then smear his cock around her face again. Her naked hips were thrashing about, her ass twisting on the bed, her long thighs opening and closing as perverse ecstasy clutched her. She was helplessly caught in a desperate desire, a desire she could not deny herself. This was something she had wanted to experience for a long, long time. Now she had the chance, and she wasn’t going to lose it. She ran her tongue about her son’s balls, up the shaft of his cock, then down again. She probed the tip of her tongue into his ass, licking his asshole furiously, only to rush for his balls again, one hand jerking on his hard cock.

She wanted her face everywhere, wanted Eric’s crotch all over her face. She wanted his balls, his cock, his asshole on her face all at the same time. Her hot lips kissed and sucked as her tongue licked in mindless pleasure. She gurgled and moaned, mewled and grunted as she licked and kissed at his balls, cock and asshole.

What her son thought of her at this moment, she didn’t care. She was involved in her own pleasure, doing something she had wanted to do for years. If Eric didn’t like it, he could tell her later. But right now she was enjoying this very, very much.

The tastes of his crotch, his balls, his cock and asshole were thrilling. Even the clean odor of his crotch sent her mind reeling with mindless passion. She could not get enough of his crotch.

Again she was sucking on his cock, devouring his prick with hungry, starving ecstasy. She felt that sweet cock head almost enter her throat, and she tried hard to swallow. There was an enormous orgasm threatening to burst inside her hairy, steaming cunt, and she couldn’t keep her naked ass still.

The throbbing of Eric’s cock inside her mouth increased again, and again she knew he was about to come off. This time, however, she retained her tight grip on his cock as he began to fuck into her mouth frantically. She sucked as hard as she could, anticipating the hot spurting of his sweet come juice down her throat.

She listened to Eric gasping above her head, and she clutched the cheek of his ass with one hand, her finger pressing at his tightly puckered asshole. Her other hand was at the base of his cock.

Joan tasted the squirt of his sweet come juice as it roared from his cock. Quickly, she shoved at his hips. When his cock came from her lips, she grasped his prick at the base and jerked frantically, feeling his hot, thick come juice spew into her face. The creamy come juice splashed against her fore head, at her eyes and nose. She made it gush on her cheeks and chin, on her lips and tip of her tongue.

The more her face became smeared with her son’s come-juice, the more Joan whimpered in ecstasy.

By the time he finished coming, her face was coated, glistening with the thick come juice. She shoved her face into his crotch, making soft animal-like sounds as she twisted about, rubbing against his balls and cock. Her cunt was erupting in convulsion after convulsion, her body shaking violently.

Eric rested with his weight lightly on her body, looking at his mother. Her tongue moved about her lips, licking and grinning lewdly, her eyes glowing. She writhed her ass against the bed.

Finally Eric moved off his mother, standing at the side of the bed, still looking at her, confused somewhat.

Noticing his expression, she giggled. “Oh, I’m okay, darling,” she said, stroking his cock with a feathery touch. “It’s just that was so fucking good! My God… I never came so much or so strong, in my entire life!”

“Are you okay?” he asked.

She sat up, hugging herself, her face still wet with his come juice. “I’ve never felt better, honey.”

She used the sheet to wipe her face, and, after making sure she was fine, Eric left her.

Joan leaned back, still smiling happily, wiggling her body into a comfortable position, thoughts whirling about in her burning brain.


Joan hugged herself with pleasure.

The house was empty, but she didn’t mind that right now. The boys would not remain away long, she was sure. They had not taken advantage of this situation so far, and she didn’t feel they would. Of course, she had never had to be overly firm with them, always suggesting that they do certain things about the house. And, although she was fucking them daily, they still did what few jobs assigned them.

Joan was smart enough to know things could have gone the other way; they could have become difficult, demanding, unruly.

But they had not.

They showed her the affection she wanted, same as always. Perhaps more than before.

She danced about the house, her full skirt swirling about her long, exquisitely smooth thighs, her arms hugging her tits tightly. She sang happily. It was almost like the old days when she had been a small girl, playing with her father’s cock, sucking and fucking his prick.

As she moved around the house, her cunt was pulsating between her thighs, her clit tingling in that most delicious manner. Her tits were aching for the hands of Eric and Marty, her nipples rigid with anticipation of their mouths.

She paused before the television set, watching for just a moment as the newscaster spoke. What he said was not important but Joan lifted her skirt to her waist and arched her pelvis forward, offering her bushy cunt to the television screen, to the newscaster.

“Ooo, eat on this, asshole,” she murmured softly, feeling very wicked. A shiver ran up and down her spine, a shiver of pleasure as she spread her legs and caressed her fingers along the thick triangle of curly cunt hair.

“Suck this cunt, you old fart… lick this honey box.”

She stood still, her skirt hiked at her waist, wondering why she had done this. She knew it felt good, but it made no sense to her. It was something a child would do, she thought.

Guiltily, she looked around, feeling as if someone had seen her childish gesture. But she was still the only one home. Smoothing her skirt over her hips and thighs, she sat on the couch, almost demure now.

But her cunt wasn’t demure.

Her cunt was throbbing with heat again, and she crossed her knees, her inner thighs pressing against her swollen clit. Behind her eyes she saw the cocks of her sons — thick, hard, dripping, pointed at her. She ran her tongue over her lips, a small mewl coming from her. She was hardly aware of writhing her ass into the cushions.

She wanted cock, and she wanted cock now. She watched the door, trying to will Eric and Marty to come through it. Her palms itched to stroke those sweet hard pricks, to fondle those tight ass cheeks, to run her tongue over their hairless balls, to taste them… suck them… eat them.

A mild convulsion rippled through her cunt, setting her pussy on fire. The flaming heat of her pussy was becoming so hot, so damned hot.

She inched her skirt up, turning on the couch and drawing her knees up. Opening her legs, she pulled her skirt into her lap. She was not wearing panties, and she gazed down her body, looking at the thick curls of her pussy. She tugged at the strands, sliding her fingers down over her throbbing clit, feeling the slippery wetness of her cunt. She pinched and twisted her clit, causing tremors of pleasure to race about her body. She pulled one tit free, tweaking the sensitive nipple as she caressed up and down her cunt. When she had her hand thoroughly smeared with the juices of her pussy, she lifted it to her mouth and licked at it.

Joan did this time and again, tasting her cunt. She thrust two fingers into her velvety cunt and fucked herself, then brought the fingers to her mouth, sucking at them as she would a hard, delicious cock, her tongue swirling.

Soon, she was fucking her fingers into her pussy swiftly, bringing them to her mouth to suck and lick as her other hand fucked the steaming cunt. She alternated this way, her mind reeling with erotic yearning, mewls of desire bubbling from her. She wiggled her ass, arching it up, spreading her knees, thrashing and churning her hips.

Although she produced a few orgasms, they were mild, and left her feeling more than ever as though she needed a cock badly.

Once more she moved about the house, only now she was walking slowly, anxious to fuck her sons, or for at least one of them to return home. She stood and gazed out the window into the front yard, trying to will one of them to come home.

Her pulse raced when she saw Marty coming down the walk. As she watched him, love for the boy filled her eyes, and there was a burning throb deep inside her cunt. She lowered her gaze to the front of his pants as he turned into the walk. Her imagination was intense, and in her mind she saw him naked, his cock waving in hardness before him.

As Marty came through the door, she was there. Her arms went about him swiftly, holding him tightly against her tits. As Marty closed his arms about her waist, Joan pressed her pelvis against him, writhing.

“Oh, I’m so glad you came home, darling,” she murmured against the top of his head.

Marty lowered his hands to his mother’s swelling ass, cupping the ass cheeks and squeezing. Joan bubbled with pleasure as she gripped one of his tight ass cheeks. The insides of her thighs were slippery from her seeping cunt. She was so hot, so eager. She began to fumble with his belt hurriedly. After she shoved his pants down, his cock flipped out and up, swelling into beautiful hardness.

“Ooo, wonderful!” she mewled, closing her hot hand about his prick, stroking lovingly. “Oh God, baby!”

With a sob, Joan dropped to her knees before her son and began to gobble frantically at his cock. Her lips held his prick very tightly, very hotly, sucking vigorously back and forth, her tongue licking in frenzy.

Marty leaned against the wall, his hips arched forward, looking down at his mother, his expression showing pleasure. He could see her lips stretched around his prick, and her eyes glowed with heat into his.

Joan gripped her son’s tight ass cheeks, her fingers digging into the ass crack, her mouth fucking his cock furiously. She made sounds like a dog lapping at a bowl of water, hungry and wet. The smooth head of his cock scraped along the roof of her mouth, along her tongue, probing almost into her throat. Her ass swayed to and fro as she sucked, her cunt steaming and causing the insides of her thighs to become even more wet.

When she sucked in on his cock, her lips writhed at the base, tickled by the few wiry hairs, his balls resting on her chin. Holding her son’s cock this way, she quickly opened her blouse, pressing her naked tits against his thighs, her nipples tingling with the contact. Now, with her tits against his thighs, she again gripped the tight cheeks of his ass with both hands, her fingers moving into the deep ass crack. As she filled her mouth time and again with the hard heat of his dripping cock, she began to rub against his asshole. The tight pucker of his asshole fascinated Joan, and she probed it with the tip of her finger.

She heard her son grunt, but it was a grunt of delight. Swirling her tongue about his hard cock, she began to press her finger against his asshole. At first there was resistance, but she kept up a steady pressure. And, while doing it, her hot, wet mouth devoured his sweet cock energetically, her tongue licking hungrily.

She wanted his precious, sweet come juice very much. Like a starving woman, she sucked as hard as she could, trying to draw that sweetness from his tender balls, through his delicious cock and into her mouth.

Her finger slipped into his asshole, and Marty grunted. Joan felt the tightness of his asshole about her finger as she moved deep. Her finger seemed to make his cock lurch and swell inside her mouth. With a wet gurgle of erotic delight, Joan began to fuck her son up his tight asshole while she sucked vigorously on his cock. Her finger moved in and out, causing Marty to squirm and groan with perverse pleasure. She loved the way his asshole drew on her fucking finger, clinging to it. His cock was dripping even more with her finger plunging into his asshole, and her tongue became coated with the sweetness, and she swallowed frequently, her eyes blazing with intense pleasure.

The round head of his cock was so smooth against her tongue, so pleasant there. His prick could not reach her throat, but almost, and she sucked his cock with ease, comfortably. The hard heat of his prick against her tingling lips sent shivers of ecstasy through her, her stomach trembling and her cunt bubbling with small explosions that made her whimper around her cock.

The pulsating between her tightly clinging lips told her she was about to get what she wanted desperately. She sucked harder, more hungry, her finger plunging in and out of her son’s gripping asshole in a frenzy as Joan felt his approaching discharge.

A laud grunt came from Marty.

A glob of sweet come juice squirted from his cock, and she felt his asshole convulse about her finger. Joan sucked back quickly on his prick, holding only that smooth head between her lips, then just the piss hole. Sucking at his spurting piss hole only, her tongue flapping up and down it, she allowed her son to flood her hungry mouth with his thick, creamy come juice. The taste of it as it gushed into her mouth caused her eyes to become dreamy, glassy. Her cunt went into tight spasms, orgasms rippling through her body swiftly and deliciously.

She sucked at his piss hole as if it were a straw, her tongue licking quickly as her mouth filled time and again. Her slender throat worked desperately to swallow it all, but some of the slippery come juice escaped her tight lips and dripped from the corners to her chin. Her finger continued to fuck into his tight asshole swiftly, somehow causing her son to come hard, more than ever before.

Drawing her mouth off his cock, she gazed up at him, pressing her cheek against his cock and balls, her finger still buried in his asshole.

“Was that good, darling?” she whispered, then licked at her come-wet lips. “Does mother suck your beautiful cock good?”

“Ohhhh, wow!”

Slowly, Joan pulled her finger from his asshole. Getting to her feet, she turned her back and exaggerated the swing of her ass, moving toward the kitchen for a glass of water.

As she drank, she knew what she wanted.

Placing the glass down on the sink, she turned to see Marty watching her.

His pants dangled at his knees, his cock and balls sweetly revealed, glistening from the wetness of her mouth.

“Fuck me,” she murmured softly.

Marty took his cock in one hand, holding his pants with the other. She watched him stroke his cock, seeing that lovely prick swelling again with eager hardness. Leaning against the sink, Joan pulled her dress to her waist, spreading her thighs and plunging a finger into her pussy. They gazed at one another, watching. Marty seemed excited to see his mother finger fucking herself as he stroked his cock, and Joan was always excited by anything erotic.

Her tits were still exposed, her nipples rigid.

She framed her hairy cunt, pulling upwards. This caused her knotted clit to lift and burn. The pink wetness of her cunt was exposed, and Marty gazed eagerly, pumping on his cock with a tight fist.

Joan plunged her finger into her cunt again, then lifted the wet finger to her month and began licking it. Marty’s eyes burned with desire as he saw what she did. Joan, knowing it excited him, repeated the gesture.

“I still want to be fucked,” she whispered in a throaty voice. “Just because I love to suck off that sweet cock don’t mean my cunt isn’t hungry, you know.”

She slipped a hand past her hips, over the swell of one ass cheek. She probed the inviting crack between them, and rubbed at her own asshole, a finger still fucking in and out of her cunt.

“Do you know what I’m doing, baby?” she asked huskily. “I’m finger fucking my cunt and asshole at the same time.” She turned to show him. Her finger moved in and out of her asshole, and she leaned over so he could see her finger her cunt at the same time. Joan wiggled her ass for her son, then said, “Wouldn’t you love to fuck this ass, Marty? Mother has a hot ass, you know. Wouldn’t it be fun to stick your cock in mother’s asshole and fuck it?”

Joan moved to the table, then lay across it. Her dress was bunched at her waist, her rounded creamy ass revealed to him, as were the hairy lips of her cunt jutting past her thighs.

Waving her naked ass, she called him. “Come on, Marty, fuck mother up the ass! Oooo, baby, I want your cock up my hot ass so much! Give it to me, Marty… give my asshole your beautiful hard cock!”

Marty came up to his mother.

Joan felt him brushing the head of his cock about her ass cheeks. The contact burned her flesh, and she wiggled her ass invitingly, lewdly. Arching back, she tried to find the head of his cock with her ass, but Marty wanted to rub his prick along her creamy skin for a while. Joan moved her hand down and through her thighs, finding his balls. She fondled them as he brushed the head of his cock about her flesh, moaning softly with anxious desire.

When Marty drew the head of his cock up the crack of her ass, lightly brushing her asshole, Joan almost came from the simple contact. Her asshole puckered, but not to resist him; it puckered with strong desire to be stretched, to be filled with his cock.

“Oh, put it in me!” she begged, twisting her ass about. “Don’t tease mother! Put your cock in my ass, Marty! Oooo, I want you to fuck me up my hot ass, baby!”

When Marty pressed the head of his cock upon the tightness of her asshole, Joan’s mind reeled with the erotic sensations that filled her.

Marty placed his hands on his mother’s naked hips, gazing down. The cheeks of her succulent ass were spilt, and he could see the way the head of his cock pressed against her asshole. A few fine hairs surrounded that tight bole. He pressed forward but he was far too gentle to suit Joan.

“Harder, damn it!” she gurgled, shoving her ass back against him. “Press hard! Oh, shove that cock up my fucking asshole!”

Marty lunged.

“Ohhhh!” Joan yelled, throwing her head back.

The head of her son’s cock slipped into the tight ring of her asshole, stretching her ass ring more than she had thought. There was no pain, just a searing sensation of fullness, of exquisite pleasure. It was almost as if she were a virgin again, taking a cock for the first time.

Marty became still when his mother yelled, but she shook her ass wickedly. “Don’t stop, Marty! Oh… that feels wonderful! Shove more cock up my asshole!”

But Marty was concerned.

When she realized he was not going to do as she asked, Joan slammed her ass back against him. Marty, his eyes gazing in awe between the cheeks of her ass, seeing the head of his cock then, saw his prick now being swallowed by his mother’s very hot, very tight asshole.

Feeling her son’s cock fully inside her ass, Joan began to sob with ecstasy. It seemed as if his cock was all the way inside her stomach, and her whole felt as if it was stretched wide. The burning sensation there was intense, but it was mixed with a surprisingly delicious pleasure.

“Fuck it, Marty!” she urged, wiggling her ass on his cock. “Fuck that asshole, baby! Oh, God! You feel so fucking big in my ass… Your cock is so fucking big! Screw me now, Marty! Fuck the hell out of my hot asshole!”

Understanding now that his mother was not it pain, Marty pulled his cock out until only the head was inside that boiling tightness, then moved in once more. Joan, still holding her son’s sweet balls, squeezed them as he started fucking her. She sobbed loudly with pleasure, dancing about, her hips jerking in time with his fucking cock. She wiggled and twisted and thrashed her uplifted ass wickedly for him. The gurgles that came from her throat were more intense than ever, and Joan knew, in that instant, that she would take a cock up her hot ass any time her two boys wanted to fuck her. She would use her cunt, her mouth, her asshole, to keep them and her satisfied.

Feeling as if his cock was a telephone pole fucking in and out of her gripping asshole, Joan’s cunt was convulsing time and again the orgasms powerful enough to cause her half-naked body to shudder with ecstasy.

The hot gasps of both fuckers seemed to fill the kitchen. Joan was overheated, her cunt steaming with orgasms, the insides of her thighs very slippery, the juices of her cunt smearing her wrist between them, her hand clinging to her son’s balls as if she was afraid he would jerk his cock from her tingling, burning asshole.

She could feel the throbbing of his cock within the sensitive ring of her asshole, and, turning his balls loose, she felt them bang against her cunt lips. She churned her naked ass in mindless delight for him and found that her asshole was creating a sucking sensation as he fucked her vigorously.

She began to yelp with ecstasy, her hands now gripping the far side of the table, her eyes closed to savor this unusual ecstasy. She felt her son’s cock swelling and jerking inside her asshole and knew he would soon be gushing that precious come juice into her body.

“Oooo, come in me, darling,” she pleaded in a thick voice. “Come in my ass! Oh, baby, baby, come in mother’s asshole! Give my asshole that come juice! Fill it… flood my fucking hot asshole with that come juice!”

Marty fucked hard against the cheeks of his mother’s rounded ass, his cock fucking deep. She felt his balls writhing against her bubbling, convulsing cunt lips. The rush of his come juice squirting into her asshole sent Joan into shivers of orgasm.

While her body shuddered with this new sensation, she knew there was no doubt that she would take the cocks of Marty and Eric into her asshole time and again. There was nothing she would not do with them, and take intense delight in doing so…


It was early afternoon.

Joan sat with her two boys on the small patio in the rear of their home. The huge colorful umbrella shaded them from the heat of the sun.

Joan wore the skimpiest bikini she could find, and then modified it to expose more of her exciting flesh than ever. The dark discs of her nipples were barely exposed, and the hair-line of her cunt could be seen. Dark pussy hair peeked from the tight crotch, further intensifying her son’s interest. The back of her bikini bottom hardly covered the inviting swells of her creamy ass.

Both Eric and Marty could hardly keep their eyes off her. But there was no need to try. They knew she had put on the tiny bikini to excite them. And excite them it did. Both sat with their cocks out of their cut-offs, and both cocks were sweetly hard.

The patio was kind of private. The tall fence surrounding the back yard kept prying eyes away. Joan wished they had a swimming pool, but there wasn’t enough money for it.

Lounging back on the padded chair, Joan pulled her halter down, freeing her shapely tits. Both boys giggled and looked around quickly, shyly.

“Fuck ’em all,” Joan said. “If they haven’t seen a woman’s tits by this time, it’s just too fucking bad. This is our yard, and I’ll go naked in it if I want.”

Although they were exposed to any eye that might look over the fence, Joan didn’t give a damn. She didn’t give a damn about anything as long as her two boys were excited and had hard cocks.

She gazed at them, licking her lips with hunger. One hand moved about a naked tit as she looked at Eric and Marty, the other teasing the crotch of her bikini. With a sudden motion, she slipped a finger into the crotch band and pulled it to one side, exposing her hairy cunt. But that wasn’t enough for her. She untied the strings at the side, and flipped the bikini bottom between her thighs. She threw her legs over the sides of the lounge chair, her crotch spreading wide. The pink lips of her cunt glistened as the tip of her clit poked up from the wet folds.

“See anything you like, guys?” she asked in a husky voice, tracing a fingertip about the hairy cunt.

Immediately both Eric and Marty shoved their cut-offs down, kicking them from their feet. Joan was pleased that they became naked in the back yard so eagerly, knowing it was due to her uninhibited exposure.

She moved downward on the lounge chair until her ass was hanging over the edge of it. She spread her thighs wide, writhing her ass, the boys staring excitedly between her legs, watching her hairy cunt. Joan could not resist thrusting a finger into her pussy, fucking it in and out a few times, then bringing it to her mouth. She ran her hot tongue over the cunt-wet finger suggestively, her eyes burning with heat, almost glazed as she stared at those two hard cocks.

She framed her cunt with both hands, arching her hips up, offering her cunt to them. She cupped her tits and molded them, her nipples thrusting in succulent peaks. She had not fucked her two boys at the same time and she wanted to do it now.

“Fuck me, both of you,” she purred in a throaty voice. “I want both of you to fuck me, take turns with my hot, hairy cunt!”

She twisted her hips, spreading her legs as far as she could.

“Come on, take turns with mother’s wet pussy!” she begged. “Mother’s cunt is so hot and hungry for those cocks! Take turns fucking me, please!”

Eric was standing up, moving toward her. Joan stared at his throbbing cock, watching the moisture cling to his piss hole. She lifted her crotch as he went to his knees between her long, smooth thighs. Before he could fuck his cock into her, Joan lifted her hips and shoved forward. Eric watched the head of his cock disappear between those searing lips of his mother’s hairy cunt. He gasped with pleasure, and Joan began to fuck him, plunging her hips up and down, digging into her tits with both hands now, hissing and mewling and gurgling with ecstasy.

“Now Marty!” she yelled. “It’s Marty’s turn! Fuck me now, Marty!”

Eric was reluctant. His cock felt so good inside that wet heat, but he had to pull out. He stood on his knees watching as his brother fucked his cock into their mother’s slippery twat. Again Joan did all the moving. She slammed her hairy crotch up and down on Marty’s prick, groaning with pleasure.

She no longer had to tell them to take turns. Both boys fucked her one after the other, her body never staying still. She thrashed about wickedly, her hips grinding.

As they took turns fucking their cocks into her greedy cunt, Joan was coming. The powerful spasms of her heated cunt sucked and nibbled on those cocks as they fucked her with vigorous stabs. Her flat stomach rippled as she came, and, as one fucked her, she jacked on the hard cock of the other, her palm becoming slippery from the fuck juices clinging to the cock. When the boys changed places, she would bring her hand down to grasp whatever cock was not inside her cunt.

As they took turns fucking her, Joan was wondering if there wasn’t some way to take both those cocks at the same time into her greedy cunt. She wanted to try it, wanted to try anything and everything with her two boys.

She was squealing loudly as orgasms burst through her cunt, and, through her ecstasy, she felt the cock inside her pussy gushing. Although her eyes were glazed, she saw it was Marty between her thighs.

She mewled as her pussy was flooded with his come juice, and she thrashed her hips about wildly.

No sooner had Marty finished coming inside her pussy than he was out and Eric was in. His cock fucked back and forth, then, with a grunt, he shoved deep. Joan wailed as he came into her pussy, his come juice mingling with that of his brother.

Joan continued to tremble with orgasms after her two boys finished. The sun was burning her body, her legs were wide, her cunt revealed. The thick hair surrounding her pussy glistened wetly, the pink lips puffy. Her eyes were narrowed and slightly unfocused as she looked at Eric and Marty. The sensations in and around her cunt were the most delicious, tingling feelings ever.

Her youngest son was standing near her head, and his cock, wet with the juice from her cunt, was so appealing she could not resist shifting her head toward it. Pressing her hot, moist lips against the prick shaft, she kissed Marty’s cock. The taste of her cunt juice, mixed with the thick sweetness of their come juice, acted like an aphrodisiac on her erotic senses. She opened her mouth and sucked Marty’s cock between her lips, mewling softly.

Then Eric was standing on the other side of her.

Joan sucked off Marty’s cock and turned her head to pull the prick of Eric into her mouth. Each boy caressed and squeezed a tit, twisting her sensitive nipples. Joan’s hips writhed as she took turns sucking those amazingly sweet cocks of her sons. But sucking them wasn’t enough for Joan.

She shoved her tongue out as far as she could, lapping at Eric’s balls, then turning to lick the balls of Marty. Both boys arched their hips forward, legs spread slightly, making it easy for their mother to lick.

Joan whined softly as she turned her head from side to side, tasting, kissing, licking at the precious balls of Eric and Marty. Her hips would not remain still; they writhed about, moving up and down as though she were being fucked, then in tight circles of desire.

Taking Marty’s balls into her mouth she sucked happily, her tongue in constant motion, licking them. Eric took his mother’s hand and brought it to his cock, closing her fingers around his prick. Joan, her mouth filled with Marty’s balls, stroked her oldest son’s cock, finding his prick deliciously hard again, throbbing in her palm. Releasing Marty’s balls, she turned to look at the hard cock of Eric, a smile of erotic hunger on her face. As she placed her lips around the swollen head of Eric’s cock, she stroked the prick of Marty, feeling his cock swell.

While jacking Marty’s cock, Joan sucked at the smooth head of Eric’s prick. Sighs of delight bubbled from her, and when Eric placed his hand at the back of her head, she was eager for it. As Eric drove his cock deeper into his mother’s mouth, she jacked faster on Marty’s cock. She felt Eric’s moist balls against her bottom lip, and his cock was as deep as possible inside her hungry mouth. Pulling on Marty’s prick, she realized Eric was fucking into her mouth, using her mouth as he had her cunt. The hardness of his cock throbbed and burned at her needy lips, and her tongue pressed against his prick. The feel of his hard cock rubbing along the roof of her mouth sent her mind into reeling pleasure.

“Suck mine!” Marty yelped. “Mom, suck my cock, too!”

“Mmmmm,” Joan gurgled, sucking off Eric’s cock. She turned her face to Marty. “I’ll suck it, baby. I’ll suck that cock good! Ohhh, I’ll suck you both… make you come in my cock-sucking mouth! Ooooo, I love to suck delicious, hard cocks!”

She devoured her youngest son’s cock, stroking hard on Eric’s prick. She made low, throaty sounds of pleasure as she sucked, then turned to her other son. Again Eric began to fuck her mouth as he would her cunt. Joan thrilled to it, wanting him to fuck her mouth hard and fast. If he bruised her sensitive lips, she didn’t mind. She wanted to be fucked in her hungry mouth by them both, fucked hard and deep and fast. She wanted the sweetness of the come juice from both beautiful cocks. She was desperate for her two boys to gush that precious come juice down over her hot throat. Through the excited roaring in her mind, she could hear the boys gasping and grunting as they took turns fucking their cocks into her mouth. She didn’t have to bob her face back and forth; they fucked her mouth as she lay there. All she had to do was turn her mouth from side to side. She clawed at their balls, twisting them, squeezing them as they took turns plunging those two lovely cocks into her mouth.

Already her boiling cunt was experiencing convulsions as though jealous of her mouth. Her hips continued to writhe and churn. Moans of intense ecstasy came from her tight lips as her sons fucked her mouth in turn.

She knew her lips would, indeed, be bruised by the time they finished fucking her mouth, but she didn’t care. They could do what they wanted with her, anything and everything. There was no way she could stop them.

She pulled from a cock, her eyes glazed as she gazed up at them. “Oh, fuck my mouth!” she moaned hotly. “Fuck my cock-sucking mouth good. Use it like my cunt! Fuck my cunt-mouth! My mouth-pussy… Fuck my cock-sucking mouth!”

She dived onto the other cock hungrily, devouring it in greedy sucking. She slid her hand between the thighs of her son, squeezing at his tight ass cheeks while still pulling the balls of the other.

Her head was being banged into the pad of the lounge chair, but she didn’t care. The cock inside her mouth was fucking hard now. Joan gave the ass one more squeeze, then slipped her finger between the ass cheeks, searching and rubbing at the tiny asshole. Her mind was blazing with erotic pleasure, and she thrust her finger up the ass of Marty. Marty gave a squeal, but fucked into his mother’s mouth even faster and with deeper plunges. Joan ran her hand between the thighs of Eric, and shoved her finger up his gripping asshole. While they fucked into her fiery mouth, she finger-fucked them up the ass.

Through the erotic haze in her mind, Joan could feel those two assholes gripping her plunging fingers, and it seemed to make the cocks throb harder in her mouth. The boys, very excited, fucked their mother’s mouth with total abandonment, grunting with ecstasy. Neither attempted to pull her fingers from their tight assholes; her fingers increased their pleasure intensely.

Her mouth was watering with eager anticipation of sweet spurting come juice. Although they were fucking her mouth, Joan could suck and lick and she did so with a great deal of relish and enjoyment. Her fingers kept up a relentless fucking into those tight assholes. She could feel them contract about her deeply plunging fingers, making her squeal around whichever cock was fucking into her mouth. She no longer knew whose cock was fucking her mouth, nor did she care. They were her sons, and that was all she cared about.

Both Eric and Marty were turning her head now. She no longer moved, but just lay there and allowed them to twist her face back and forth. Her eyes were open, but so glassy she couldn’t see anything but hazy outlines of them.

One of the boys was holding her head tightly with both hands now, fucking his cock back and forth almost violently, fucking her swiftly. She felt the cock begin to throb more powerfully between her lips. Then the hot gush of come juice flooded her mouth. Joan gave a muffled squeal of ecstasy as the cock filled her mouth. She tasted the thick sweetness as come juice covered her tongue as it flowed down her burning throat. She plunged her fingers faster into the two clinging assholes.

She was still sucking wildly on the gushing cock when she became aware of come juice splashing against her face. With one cock spurting into her mouth and another coming off directly into her face, covering her nose, eyes, cheeks, Joan’s cunt burst into a powerful convulsive orgasm that caused her hips to swing high into the air.

The cock in her mouth finished squirting, and Joan quickly turned her mouth to the prick gushing into her face. But she was too late; all she caught was the final spurt of come juice on her outstretched tongue.

She pulled her fingers from their gripping assholes and smiled, her hips finally becoming still. Her face was covered with come juice, the taste lingering in her mouth.

“Oh, God!” she whimpered in a soft voice. “That was so fucking good!”

“I couldn’t wait, Mom,” Marty said. “I had to come! I didn’t mean to come in your face.”

“Oh, baby! I’m so glad you did,” Joan said. “I loved the way it felt. Oh, my face is so fucking wet and sticky now.”

She wiped her fingers along her cheek and nose, then pushed them into her mouth, licking at them.

“As much as I hate to,” she murmured, “I guess I better go wash my face. I’d rather leave the come juice on it, though.”

She stood on wobbly legs, and swung her rounded, smooth ass tantalizingly as she went into the house, knowing her two boys were watching her.


That evening, Joan knew things were getting ahead of her.

But she didn’t care.

If the boys wanted to come on her face, she was more than willing, actually eager, for them to do so. They could come any place they wanted on her slender body — her tits, her stomach, her face, her cunt, thighs, even her ass, if they wanted to do that.

And they could piss all over her if that was what excited them.

They could piss on her tits, her cunt, even into her face if they wanted to. She would hold still for them, in any position they desired, and let that hot pids flow over her naked body.

There was nothing she would not do with her sons — nothing at all, no matter what it was.

Wearing a floor-length nightgown of gauzy material, she entered the living room where Eric and Marty were. The dark nipples could be seen, and the triangle of her cunt hair was teasingly outlined. The round cheeks of her ass and long slim thighs could be seen through the garment. It concealed, and, at the same time, revealed.

Eric and Marty wore shorts, and their cocks and balls made delicious bulges.

She sat between them, and each boy placed an arm about her, one around her waist and the other around her shoulders. There was almost total silence in the room. The television was off, and only the ticking of a clock could be heard. The hand over her shoulders cupped a firm, spongy tit, and the one around her waist moved downward. Joan lifted her ass as Eric shaved his hand underneath it. Marty squeezed his mother’s tit while Eric squeezed her ass, and Joan mewled with pleasure. She placed her hands on those sweet lumps inside their shorts feeling their cocks and balls.

She knew what she wanted of them, but it wasn’t time yet.

She leaned back, her head resting on the back of the couch as the boys felt her up.

The two cocks began to swell beneath her hands, and she pressured against them. She squeezed the cocks as they grew into full hardness and stroked her palms about them as Marty pulled her gown up, revealing her slim thighs, then the curls of her cunt.

Eric tugged the top of her gown away, exposing her full springy tits with those throbbing, erect nipples.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned. “What are you two going to do with me? I mean, to me? I hope you’re going to do something delicious, like fuck me.”

Both cocks were firm now, and she clawed the crotches of the shorts out of the way. Gripping a cock in each hot hand, Joan jacked up and down on them. She turned her lips toward Eric and shoved her tongue into his mouth as he kissed her. Then she did the same thing to Marty. When Marty plunged his tongue into her mouth, Joan sucked as if she were sucking his sweet hard cock. As she sucked on Marty’s tongue, she felt Eric closing his hips about one of her tingling nipples. A hand — either Marty’s or Eric’s — was sliding along her smooth thigh, the fingers moving between. As the fingers reached her cunt, she spread her legs wide, one each dangling over a thigh of her two sons. As Eric pulled his mouth from Marty’s tongue, she looked down her body just as her oldest son slipped his finger into her hairy cunt.

“Ooooo, fuck me with your finger, darling,” she cooed in a hot voice. “Fuck mother’s cunt with your finger! Ahhh, finger fuck my pussy, Eric!”

As Eric fucked his finger in and out of his mother’s hairy, slippery, wet pussy, he jacked on the two cocks with an almost frantic motion. Her hips writhed as Eric fucked his finger in and out of her fiery cunt.

But it was not a finger-fuck she wanted.

“Oooooo, eat me!” she urged in a thick voice. “Oh, please eat my cunt, Eric! Tongue my pussy, darling… lick mother’s hot snatch! Please, oh please… eat my cunt, baby!”

With a low laugh, Eric went to his knees between her widely spread thighs. Joan looked down her body, her eyes glassy again, watching her son lick along the inner surfaces of her creamy thighs, working his way up to the hairy wetness of her cunt. She clung to Marty’s cock tightly as she shivered with anticipation.

Eric placed his lips directly upon her hairy cunt, kissing her pussy with a wet sound. Joan arched her hips into his face, grinding slowly, gurgling with pleasure. As her crotch smeared his face, Eric licked the puffy, sensitive cunt lips and twirled his tongue about her rigid, knotted clit Joan squealed and began pumping her crotch into her son’s face. When his tongue dipped into her bubbling, steaming cunt, she screamed softly.

“Eat me! Lick me! Suck my cunt! Tongue fuck mother’s hot pussy, Eric! Ohhh, tongue-fuck me… lick my twat, my snatch, my pussy, my cunt!”

She banged her cunt hard into his face. Eric clasped the cheeks of her grinding ass while fucking his tongue between the slippery pussy lips, his upper lip pressing hard upon her clit.

Marty watched as his older brother sucked their mother’s hairy cunt, and his cock throbbed, dripping from his flaring piss hole. Joan ran her thumb over it, smearing the smooth head of his cock.

“Let me suck it,” she groaned. “I want to suck your cock, Marty! I want to suck your cock while Eric tongue-fucks my cunt!”

Marty was quick. He stood on the cushions of the couch and offered his mother his throbbing prick. With her hips grinding into Eric’s sucking mouth, Joan ran her tongue over the smooth, swollen head of Marty’s cock, tasting the dripping juices. She probed the tip of her tongue into his piss hole, then closed her lips to suck on his prick as she would a straw. Marty, excited by seeing his brother sucking her pussy, grabbed the back of his mother’s head and plunged his cock into her hot, wet mouth.

“Mmmm!” Joan gurgled when Marty started fucking her mouth as he had on the patio. She pressed at the back of Eric’s head, forcing his mouth tighter against her boiling cunt. As before, she moved her other hand between Marty’s thighs, cupping one cheek of his tight ass, sucking furiously as he fucked into her mouth.

With Eric’s tongue deep inside her pussy, Joan came. Her pussy squeezed at his tongue, and she slammed her crotch, almost brutally into his face. She sucked harder on Marty’s fucking cock, her fingers digging into the cheek of his ass frantically as the hunger for his come juice became strong within her.

Marty fucked hard into his mother’s mouth, grunting with impending discharge.

Joan sucked frantically, moaning with desire.

“I’m gonna come, Mom!” Marty shouted.

Hardly had the words came from him, when his cock flooded her mouth with the come juice she loved so much. Joan gurgled with ecstasy as her mouth filled, her tongue racing in a frenzy about the spewing prick head. She swallowed with a wet sound, her hips still pumping into Eric’s face.

Marty slipped his cock from his mother’s clinging lips, sinking to the couch, panting. As Eric pulled his face out of her hairy cunt, she saw his features were smeared with her fuck juices. With a soft cry, Joan leaned forward and began to lick at Eric’s face, his lips and cheeks, tasting her cunt.

Leaning back on the couch again she stretched her arms above her head, her tits arching and thrusting, her nipples still tingling. She stretched her long thighs around Eric, who was still on his knees between them.

“I’m still hard, Mom,” Eric complained.

“I’m sure I don’t have to tell you where to put it, do I?” she replied. “There’s plenty of places for that cock, don’t you think?”

Eric’s cock was almost on a level with her hair-lined pussy. Joan moved her hand to his prick and brushed the swollen cock head about her clit.

“You could fuck me,” she whispered hotly. “You can always put it in my cunt, baby.”

“Or your mouth,” Marty giggled.

“Or…” she paused, grinning wickedly, “my ass!”

Both boys looked at her. “In your ass?” Marty questioned. “Really, Mom?”

“Why not?” she replied. “I like being fucked in the ass, too.”

“It won’t hurt?”

“Did it hurt when I fucked you in the asshole with my finger?” she countered.

“It felt good!” Eric said.

“Then your cock should feel good going up my asshole, don’t you think?” She saw that Marty’s cock was swelling again, and she grinned at him. “Kind of excites you, don’t it?” she said, taking his cock in her hand. “Thinking about fucking me in the ass makes your cock hard, doesn’t it?”

Marty grinned and nodded his head.

Eric looked down at his mother’s crotch. Joan pulled her legs up, her knees touching her tits. This caused the round cheeks of her ass to part, and she moved a finger down and rubbed about her asshole. The two boys looked, watching as their mother rubbed her own asshole. Then Joan slipped her finger into the tight ring, moving it slowly deeper. When she had the length of her finger inside her asshole, she pressed her thumb into her cunt. She knew very well that what she was doing excited her two boys. She began to finger-fuck herself in the cunt and asshole at the same time, making soft moans of pleasure.

“Ooooo, it feels so fucking good!” she mewled. “My finger feels so good in my cunt and asshole, but a beautiful, hard cock would feel so much better!”

Eric could see the way his mother’s asshole clung to her finger, and excitement gripped him. He grasped her wrist and pulled her fingers free. Bringing his cock up, he rubbed the prick-head for a moment about the slippery heat of her cunt, pressing the dripping cock head onto her clit and jacking himself for a bit. Joan moved a fingertip about the head of his cock and her clitoris, then sucked on her fingers.

“Do it, darling!” she whimpered, lifting her ass higher yet, her knees almost on each side of her beautiful face. “Come on, Eric… do it! Put your cock in my asshole! Ohhh, baby, fuck me up the ass!”

She shoved at his cock with her hand, pushing it down until the swollen prick head was against her tight asshole. When Eric removed his hand, she gripped his cock hard, pulling on his prick shaft. She groaned as the pressure of his cock increased against her tight asshole.

“Push!” she squealed in a thick voice. “Push your cock into my asshole!”

No longer holding his cock now, she wrapped her arms about her legs, holding them tightly against her tits, peering between them. Marty, too, was now leaning over to watch as his brother began to shove his cock slowly into his mother’s hot ass.

Joan felt the smooth head of Eric’s cock stretching her burning asshole. She mewled softly with pleasure, then the swollen cock head slipped past the tight ring of her asshole.

Joan yelped, and her ass twisted.

Eric and Marty gazed excitedly, watching Eric’s cock move deeper into her asshole, hardly believing it was possible. But Joan moved her ass, taking more of his cock into her ass.

When every inch of Eric’s cock was inside her boiling asshole, Joan began humping up and down, fucking him before he could start thrusting. Her asshole stretched like a searing fire about Eric’s cock, and for a moment all he could do was stare down, as his brother did. Her cunt was fully revealed to them the slit and hair and clit exposed with Eric’s cock an inch lower — deep inside their mother’s gripping asshole.

“Fuck it!” Joan screamed in ecstasy. “Fuck my Goddamn hot ass, Eric! Fuck my asshole… ream my hot asshole! Corn-hole my ass! Hurry, fuck me up the ass!”

Placing his hands on the back of his mother’s thighs, Eric began fucking her. He watched the flesh of her asshole suck at his throbbing cock.

Joan’s almost-naked body shivered with ecstasy as her son fucked into her asshole. She held her knees tight about her head, licking her lips as the pleasure became a burning fire inside her body.

Marty moved his hand to his mother’s hairy cunt, twisting her sensitive clit while his brother fucked her up the ass. This added sensation sent Joan into shuddering ecstasy. She was clawing at Marty’s cock and balls while Eric fucked his cock in and out of her clinging asshole, yelping softly with the delight rumbling through her.

It seemed to Joan that she could feel each groove of her son’s cock with her sensitive asshole. She could certainly feel his prick throbbing deep inside her. His balls slapped upon the cheeks of her uplifted ass. The way Marty was feeling her hairy cunt, now and then stabbing his finger into it, made Joan shiver with the intense delight.

“Oooo, fuck it, fuck it, fuck!” she moaned. “Fuck mother’s ass, Eric! Marty, fuck my cunt… fuck me everywhere! Ahhhh, your cock feels so hard in my asshole, Eric! Bang mother’s hot asshole… bang me, fuck me!”

Eric was grunting with his effort. His cock felt as if it had been plunged into a boiling cauldron, and the tightness seemed to suck him in. He could not take his eyes from his cock going in and out of her tight asshole. His balls had drawn up tightly against the base of his fucking prick.

Marty was now plunging his finger in and out of his mother’s hairy pussy, and he could feel the pressure of his brother’s cock easily. As he drove his finger into her clinging pussy, his thumb pressed and rubbed her swollen clit.

Joan was gurgling mindlessly, holding her thighs tightly, hefting her ass high so her son could fuck into her burning asshole. She was again jacking on Marty’s throbbing cock, squeezing his prick with eager fingers. She could feel her youngest son’s cock dripping onto her flesh, her tits as he leaned over to finger-fuck her. She smeared the head of his cock about her nipples, thrilling to the heat of that slippery juice.

“Come in me!” she screamed in a husky voice. “Oh, Eric, come in me! Come up mother’s hot asshole… flood my fucking asshole with that come juice! Ooooo, please, come in my hot ass!”

She jerked frantically on Marty’s cock, making sure the prick’s head was rubbing at her nipple. She arched her ass higher, twisting in ecstasy as Eric fucked harder and faster into her asshole. The friction seemed enough to send her asshole into flames. There was an increase in the tight throbbing of Eric’s cock and it seemed to transmit a shivering ecstasy through Joan’s half-naked body. Her cunt was contracting about Marty’s finger, convulsing with orgasms that grew hot and intense.

“Come… come… come! Fuck that hot ass… come up my fucking hot asshole! Squirt that come juice to mother’s hot ass… fill my asshole with sweet come juice! Come… come… come!”

She was not aware of her wild words. Her body was melting with intense orgasms. She jerked frantically on Marty’s cock, dripping prick head pressing at her nipple. She swung her naked ass up and down, fucking Eric’s cock as much as he was fucking her.

Suddenly Eric plunged deeply.

His body went stiff.

Joan squealed when she felt her son’s cock gushing. The hot, bubbling come juice seemed to scald the velvet lining of her asshole. Her cunt went into convulsions, and she trembled visibly.

She could feel each throb of Eric’s cock as he filled her receptive asshole. She could feel the heat of his come juice as it splashed up her ass. She jacked furiously on Marty’s cock, then was rewarded by the flow of his come juice coating her tit and nipple.

The sensations were so intense, Joan thought she would faint with ecstasy.

She could no longer hold her ass up, and it slumped down. But Eric’s cock was gripped so tightly by her asshole that his prick was captured for a while. It seemed to him that his mother’s asshole was gripping much too tightly and he would never be able to pull free. The spasms of her orgasm caused her cunt and asshole to cling hotly to the finger of Marty and the cock of Eric.

She moaned when he managed to pull his cock from her asshole, and then Marty was sitting on the couch. Both boys were gasping from the wildness of it, and Joan slumped, near exhaustion. Her asshole tingled and her cunt throbbed. Her tit was coated with the come juice from Marty’s cock, the way her face had been coated earlier.

“I gotta try that,” Marty gasped.

Joan turned her face toward him lazily. “Try what, baby?”

“Fucking you up the ass, Mom.”

“You will,” she said. “Oh, you will! Both of you will get to fuck me everyplace… anyplace! Oooo, I love you two horny little shits.”

She grabbed them both, hugging them tightly.


Joan felt no guilt about fucking her sons.

What pleased her most was they were so damned eager to fuck her in her cunt, her mouth, and now her asshole.

There were so many things she wanted to do with them, but she was also afraid to mention some of them. She knew they loved her, but would they love her if they were aware of her secret desires?

Joan wondered if she really wanted to be degraded by Eric and Marty, or if it was just the excitement of doing things with those lovely cocks and her body.

If she wanted them to come all over her, wanted to feel that sweet come juice covering her tits and stomach, her face and cunt, her thighs and ass cheeks, how could it be degradation?

If a person enjoyed it, was it perverse?

She lay on her bed, watching the sun climbing in the sky outside her window. She felt so lazy, but it was a good sort of laziness. She didn’t want to get up, not yet. She wanted to stay in bed, to think of what she had done with her two boys so far, what she wanted to do with them. Just thinking of erotic activity with Eric and Marty was enough to set her cunt to boiling.

She knew they would do what she wanted, no matter how strange or unusual. They had fucked her mouth right there on the patio, hadn’t they? They could have been seen if someone had looked into their yard. The possible chance of being seen had excited Joan, and she knew she had exhibitionistic tendencies. Wanting to be seen as she fucked and sucked cock made her shiver with pleasure. She was thrilled to be fucked by one of her sons while the other watched, or to take a hard cock into her hungry mouth as the other watched.

What Joan would have liked, she admitted to herself, was to have her sons fuck her cunt and mouth with other men and women observing, urging them on. She knew that would cause her to have some very intense, very ecstatic orgasms.

But there was no they knew, no one they could even approach with such a request. She knew that if there was someone to watch them, she would allow those persons to do anything with her body they wanted when it was over. She would even lick the hairy cunt of another woman, she thought. But only if the woman would watch her fuck and suck her two boys.

That was the only way she would do such a thing.

She heard Eric and Marty someplace in the house and threw her long legs over the edge of her bed. She had slept alone this night, and her sleep had been deep and untroubled. Now she entered her bathroom for a quick shower. She peered at her body in the mirror and saw her slim body again. It was a beautiful body, she knew, and her sons loved doing those delicious things with it. She pursed her lips, thinking how she enjoyed fucking them.

She wondered if it were possible to take both their cocks into her mouth at the same time, and she was determined to try it later. It would be awfully good if she could get their cocks inside her greedy cunt at the same time, but she didn’t think this would be possible.

As the water sprayed over her body, she realized that even if she couldn’t get both pricks into her cunt, there was one thing she could do — she could take a cock in her cunt and one up her asshole… both at the same time. She giggled.

“A sandwich,” she whispered to herself. “I’ll be a sandwich with them — the meat, of course. They can be the bread, and I’ll be between them… fucked in the cunt and up the asshole… at the same time.”

She finished her shower quickly, eager to try it.

She slipped on a pair of tight bikini pants, but nothing else. She left her room and walked down the short hall to the living room what her two boys were.

They were sitting on the floor, flipping coins in a circle.

They were naked.

She paused at the door touching a hip with one hand on it. Marty looked over his brother’s shoulder and saw her standing there, his eyes lighting up.

“We’ve been waiting for you to wake up, Mom,” he said.

Eric looked over his shoulder, grinning.

“We’ve been sitting here with hard-ons,” he said.

Joan smiled, half affectionately and half lewdly, licking her tongue over her lips.

“You didn’t have to wait for me to wake up,” she said in a husky voice. “You knew where I was. There’s no need to have a hard on and no place to put it, you know. I wouldn’t mind at all being woke up with a hard cock sliding up my cunt!”

“Why did you put panties on?” Marty asked.

“Just to be different,” Joan said. “But you can always tear them off, can’t you?”

Both boys stood up and came toward her. Joan’s gaze flitted to those cocks, seeing them strain outward, hard and so beautiful. She licked her lips again, reaching for the cocks as they drew close.

Closing her fingers about each cock, she kissed the boys one after the other as they began to peel her panties down. She kicked them from her feet and looked down as Marty knelt before her. She caressed the back of his head as he began to kiss and lick her thighs, then he shoved his face into the curls of her pussy. Joan spread her legs so her youngest son could shove his face into her cunt. She mewled as he licked at her clit.

Eric moved behind her and went to his knees, his hands moving up and down her hips and thighs. She felt his hot mouth against the cheeks of her ass, and she arched back, Eric licked the creamy cheeks of his mother’s ass, rolling his tongue hotly along the back of her thighs and up to the smooth cheeks again. She stood there as they licked and kissed her ass and cunt. When she felt Eric sliding his tongue up and down the crack of her ass, she arched it back even more and shivered. Eric probed his mother’s tight asshole with his tongue, and Marty could hardly lick at her cunt in this position.

“Ooooo, this is so fucking good,” she mewled. “Being kissed and licked this way, but I want something else.”

The boys pulled from her, looking up.

“Fuck me at the same time,” she said. “I want both cocks in me, fucking me, at the same time.”

“How, Mom?” Eric asked.

“I’ll show you.”

She gently pushed Eric to the floor. He lay there with his cock arching up. She straddled him, then lowered her crotch downward. Holding his prick at the base, she fitted his cock head to her cunt. Settling onto his cock she leaned forward, but with her knees still drawn up.

“Marty,” she said, “Shove your cock up my asshole.”

“Will it work, Mom?” he asked.

“Of course it will,” she said, pumping her cunt up and down Eric’s cock slowly. “Come on, honey, do it.”

Marty squatted behind his mother’s naked ass, his cock dripping with eagerness to try this.

Joan felt Marty’s cock brushing the cheeks of her ass, Eric’s already deep inside her cunt. As Marty rubbed the wet head of his cock about her puckered asshole, Joan shivered with anticipation. She wanted a cock in her cunt and one up her asshole badly.

“Push it in, Marty!” she squealed. “Push it in!”

Marty pressed the head of his cock hard.

Joan yelped with pleasure when Marty’s cock punctured her asshole. He did not stop as the head of his cock slipped past the tight ring of her asshole, but shoved his cock fully into her ass.

“Ohhh, yes, yes!” Joan wailed as her cunt and asshole were filled, stretched by those two hard pricks. She was squatting on Eric’s cock, her tits pressing against his chest, the cheeks of her ass parted widely with Marty’s cock deep inside her asshole. Her body trembled with ecstasy, and although she was unable to move, she felt Eric was doing okay by fucking up and down into her cunt. As he began to fuck his cock into her pussy, Marty was fucking his prick into her asshole.

Joan was almost swooning from the sensations that pierced her mind and body. Feeling both hard cocks fucking her this way already had her cunt contracting with the most ecstatic feeling ever.

“Ohhh, fuck me this way!” she yelped. “Oh, a cock in my asshole… a cock in my cunt… at the same time! All I need is a hard cock fucking my mouth! I wish we had one more cock with us! Fuck me, you darling boys! Fuck mother’s cunt and asshole! Ream the piss out of me!”

She couldn’t move, nor did she want to move.

She wanted to remain still, to let them fuck her this way.

The two cocks fucking Joan’s cunt and asshole sent wild, bubbling tremors through her body. The sensations of her cunt being filled and her asshole being stretched and stuffed simultaneously were fantastic for her. Her nerves were screaming ecstatically as she was buffeted between the bodies of her two sons. She tried to lift her ass for Marty, but found it impossible. It seemed to her that, as Eric withdrew, Marty slammed down into her, his cock going deep. When Marty was on the upstroke, Eric was thrusting into her bubbling cunt.

Her tits smashed against the chest of Eric, Marty’s full weight on her back. Her knees, still drawn up, seemed to be stiff. Her cunt was convulsing in those exquisite contractions, and her asshole seemed on fire, but it was a wonderful, ecstatic fire.

“Ohhh, pound me!” Joan screamed almost mindless in her passion. “Fuck me! Screw me! Ram me! Ohhh, those cocks, those wonderful hard sweet cocks! Fuck my cunt, Eric! Fuck my asshole, Marty! Ahhh, give those sweet pricks to mother’s cunt and asshole!”

Joan had never felt so good, felt so much pleasure. Her ass seemed stuffed to the limits by her youngest son’s cock, and her cunt felt filled like never before. She bit into her bottom lip to choke back her screams of delight. The orgasms rumbling through her were so powerful, she was sure her body and mind could not take much more. The contractions of her pussy were very strong, and she came one after the other, her pussy and asshole squeezing those lovely cocks, sucking at them, desperate to draw up that sweet, precious come juice from those beautiful balls.

Caught between them this way, her body was banged hard and relentlessly.

The pounding from the two boys, the way they smashed the way they smashed her ass and cunt as they fucked her with frantic motions, caused Joan’s mind to reel with the perverse erotic pleasure she had dreamed of. Her naked body shivered strongly between Eric and Marty, her hips struggling to twist and churn with them, but not very successfully. Between them this way she was at their mercy, but that didn’t matter. What did matter was they loved fucking her, loved having their cocks inside her cunt, her asshole, her mouth.

Joan was certain she was experiencing orgasms inside her burning, stretched asshole as well as her hot, wet, slippery cunt. It seemed to her that she was coming with her cunt and asshole at the same time. Her tits burned down on Eric’s chest, but Marty had gotten a hand around one firm, spongy tit, and was squeezing hard as he fucked his throbbing cock in and out of her gripping asshole. Also, she could feel Eric’s hand on one cheek of her ass, as though he were spreading it so his brother could fuck her asshole deeper.

The harder and faster they fucked her, the more ecstasy Joan felt, and the more powerful her orgasms became.

“Fuck me!” she screamed, the sound rebounding off the walls of the living room. “Fuck me! Ohhh, shit, fuck me! I’m coming so fucking hard! I’m coming… mother’s cunt is coming and her asshole is coming and I’m going to… to…”

Eric’s cock fucked deeply, and he grunted in a strangled sound.

Joan felt his cock shoot into her receptive cunt, and as that precious come juice splashed about in her velvety cunt she screamed in pleasure again.

“Now you, Marty!” Joan groaned. “It’s your turn, darling! Come in my ass, Marty! Oooo, give mother’s hot asshole that sweet come juice!”

Joan’s ass blazed hotly as Marty fucked his cock hard and deep into her asshole. She felt his prick throb as his body became stiff on top of her back. Then the frothy come juice squirted. Joan’s ass shivered as her youngest son filled her asshole with come juice, flooding her asshole as her cunt had been drenched by Eric.

When Marty slumped on top of her, she was crushed between them. She felt their chests heaving, one on her back and one on her smashed tits. She, too, was gasping for breath. Her cunt and asshole continued to tingle deliciously. She didn’t want to move; she wanted to remain where she was, between her two sons, their cocks gripped by her hairy cunt and hot asshole.

Marty was first to pull away.

She felt his cock slip from her clinging asshole and heard a soft suction sound. Her asshole closed, puckering and winking with an ecstatic feeling. Joan then lifted her crotch, letting Eric’s cock go free. She sprawled on her back next to Eric, her arms and legs thrown wide. Cooling air wafted between her thighs, causing a chill to ripple over her creamy flesh.

“Oh, my God,” she whispered, a smile spreading over her beautiful face, her eyes twinkling happily. “That was really something, you guys. I came so much, so very much! Was it good for you two? Did you like that as much as I did?”

Marty was slumped against the couch, his eyes half closed. He nodded his head. “You sure have a tight asshole, Mom.”

“The better to fuck you with,” she giggled childishly, opening and closing her thighs.

Eric leaned up on one elbow and looked at his mother. His eyes, too, were glittering brightly. “We’ve got the best fucking mom in town,” he said.

“You’re right when you said fucking mom,” she laughed. “I’m a fucking Mom for sure!”

Eric and Marty flung themselves on her, hugging her and kissing her. She hugged the two boys tightly against her naked body, returning their kisses.

But then she struggled away from them, getting to her feet. Her knees were weak and she wobbled for a moment.

“I don’t know about you guys, but that made me hungry.” She cupped her hairy cunt with one hand and her ass with the other. “I’m so full of come juice, though, I shouldn’t be hungry. My God… you two filled my cunt and asshole so full!”

They laughed with pride as she turned and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for them.


It was early afternoon, and Joan’s asshole and cunt still held that delicious tingling sensation.

She had bathed again, and she walked about the house in a bra that exposed her nipples and in a pair of panties that concealed nothing. The shadow of her cunt hair was seen through the flimsy panties, and, when her back was turned toward the boys, her ass cheeks could be seen.

Both Eric and Marty, wearing shorts again, allowed their cocks to stick out. As simple as it was, this kept all three in a high state of erotic arousal.

When Joan was near one or both of them, she could not keep her hands off those precious cocks. She would feel them, squeeze them, jerk a bit. And, her two sons would caress her nipples, her thighs, her ass and her crotch.

It was an afternoon spent in feeling each other. Sometimes either Eric or Marty would suddenly drop in front of Joan and kiss and lick at her cunt through the panties, or she would go to her knees and take one of those sweet cocks into her mouth to suck a moment. She loved it, and they loved it.

But soon the teasing got the best of them and they had to do more than feel.

Joan was on her knees before Eric, his cock deep inside her mouth, her hand stroking the cock of Marty who stood at her side.

“Turn around,” Joan said in a husky voice as Eric’s cock slipped from her lips.

When he turned, she licked up the backs of his thighs, then pulled aside the shorts, exposing the cheek of his ass. She ran her tongue about the firm flesh, wiggling it along the crease where it met his thigh, then, holding the shorts to one side, she thrust her tongue up and down the crack of his ass. She repeated this with Marty. On her knees behind her two boys, Joan licked her wet, hot tongue about the cheeks of their asses, delved the tip into their ass cracks and probed at the tightness of their assholes. The boys shivered and their cocks strained with eager excitement.

She had the boys hold those shorts to one side so she could reach between their thighs to stroke both cocks as she licked at their tight asses. When the boys leaned over, Joan could shove her face into the cracks between those tight ass cheeks and probe at the puckers of their assholes. She licked at the tightness of them, her tongue fluttering up and down, her fists pumping the throbbing hardness of their cocks. Her cunt, always so hot and wet, was becoming more so. She loved to use her lips and tongue on the flesh of Eric and Marty, loved it as much as she did when they fucked her.

With her tongue pressing against the tight asshole of Marty, she mewled and whimpered, stroking both cocks with tight fists, her ass swaying. The boys leaned over farther, and she could now lick up and down their ass cracks easier. She lapped up and down, wetly and hotly, sliding her tongue from those precious balls to the crinkle of their assholes, on up to the base of their spines, then down again.

She could hear the sighs and groans of pleasure they made and feel the shiver of their ass cheeks as she shoved her face deep.

She did not want them to come yet. She wanted them to keep those hard-ons, wanted to continue licking them about their assholes. She wanted them to come later, and she had decided to try and take both those cocks into her mouth at the same time. It would be difficult, Joan knew, but she was determined.

Pulling her face away, she slapped them playfully on the cheeks of their asses. “That’s enough sucking your fucking assholes,” she laughed. “As much as I love sucking your assholes, there are other things I’d rather suck.”

She hooked her fingers into the elastic of their shorts and pulled them down. The boys stepped out of them and turned to face her, their two cocks straining, and dripping.

Joan held the boys’ balls in each hand, her eyes hot and almost glassy as she gazed at the most precious cocks ever. They were so much alike, yet different. She shoved her face into Eric’s crotch, feeling his cock leave a hot trail of wetness on her cheek. Then she nuzzled into Marty’s cock and balls. She shoved her tongue out and flicked it about the dripping head of Marty’s cock, then did the same with her other son. The taste of them was the same, and she could detect no difference.

Eric and Marty stood looking down at their mother, waiting and willing to do anything she wanted. She looked up at the boys, her eyes misty with love and passion. She pulled the heads of their cocks to her cheeks and held them there, the piss holes burning her flesh. She rubbed the piss holes about her cheeks and chin, over her nose and eyes, then across her lips. She mewled softly with increasing passion as she sucked Marty’s cock into her mouth, her lips at the base, writhing. Then she turned to Eric, taking his prick as deep as she had Marty’s. The cock head probed her throat, and she gurgled with erotic pleasure. She went from one cock to the other, sucking them with her hungry mouth, her tongue tasting the dripping wetness.

But this was not exactly the way she wanted to suck them off.

She pulled the cocks together, watching the piss holes drip, then she ran her tongue from one to the other. She drew the swollen cock heads into her mouth. It was too much for her. Her lips stretched to their utmost, and she couldn’t do it.

Disappointed, she stroked them with her fists, her eyes glassy with desire.

“I guess I’ll just have to suck them off one after the other, right, you guys?”

They nodded, willing to do whatever she wanted.

Joan released the cocks and stripped her bra off, letting her tits free. Then she wiggled out of her flimsy panties. Dropping on her hands and knees, she waved her naked, creamy ass lewdly. “One fuck me… while I suck the other,” she said in a husky voice.

Eric was on his knees behind his mother’s uplifted ass, shoving his hard cock into her hairy cunt. Joan wiggled her ass wickedly for him.

“Come here, Marty,” she murmured throatily. “Let me suck your cock while Eric fucks my cunt.”

Marty stood in front of his mother, his cock straining out in throbbing hardness. Joan opened her lips and sucked his prick deeply as Eric gripped her waving hips, his cock thrusting in and out of her fiery cunt.

Then, quickly, she pulled her mouth from Marty’s cock, saying urgently, “Now you, Eric! Change places with Marty! I want to suck on your cock while Marty fucks me!”

“My cock is slippery with your cunt, Mom,” he said.

“That’s the idea,” Joan laughed lewdly. “I can taste my cunt and your cock at the same time! Come on!”

As Marty went to his knees behind her naked, uplifted ass, Joan closed her lips about Eric’s cock, tasting the sweetness of her hairy cunt on it. Marty thrust his cock into her cunt and began to fuck vigorously, digging his fingers into her hips as Eric had done. Joan sucked greedily at Eric’s cunt-wet cock, mewling with erotic pleasure. Then she pulled her mouth away and licked at his dangling balls.

This time she didn’t have to tell than to change places. They moved of their own accord, taking turns fucking her cunt and mouth.

Joan was filled with as much erotic pleasure as she had been when they both fucked her between them. She sucked on a slippery cock as one fucked her cunt, and they had her in convulsions quickly, her pussy gnawing and gripping and sucking as much as her mouth was doing.

“I’m gonna fuck her cunt now!” she heard Eric say, pulling his cock free of her clinging lips. “It’s my turn to fuck Mom’s cunt!”

They changed places once again.

“Suck my cock, Mom!” Marty yelled, thrusting his prick as deep as he could into her hot mouth. “Suck my come juice out of my balls, Mom!”

“Mmmmmmm!” Joan whimpered in delight.

Marty was short enough to stand before her face, and he held the back of her head fucking into her mouth as much as she was sucking him. Behind her raised ass, Eric plunged his cock powerfully, fucking deep into her boiling cunt. She could feel the cock in her mouth throb.

“Let me fuck Mom in the mouth!” Eric grunted.

Joan loved them switching places with her, and the only thing wrong about it was that, as they switched, she didn’t have a cock in her mouth or cunt. But not for long! They were as excited as she was and when they changed places they did so quickly.

As they changed now, she squealed, “Now fuck me up the ass! Fuck my asshole this time, darling!”

She groaned as a hard cock fucked into her tight asshole swiftly. She closed her lips about the cock in front of her face, and her erotic ecstasy was so great that she didn’t know who was fucking her up the ass or who was fucking her mouth. But that didn’t matter to Joan. She was getting fucked in her hot, bubbling cunt, in her hungry mouth, and up her tight asshole in turn.

On her hands and knees, she kept her face lifted up to whatever cock was presented to her mouth. She had her eyes open, but they were so unfocused that she saw nothing but a hard cock moving to her lips. She spread her knees on the floor and arched her cunt backward to the cock fucking into her pussy, then up her asshole. One of her sons was taking turns, in her cunt and asshole, and Joan was boiling with ecstasy.

But she did not want a cock to come off inside her cunt or asshole right now. She wanted them both at her face. She wanted to shove her tongue out and taste the come juice as it squirted from their piss holes. It would not matter if they came into her face, coated her cheeks with that precious come juice as long as they came into her face and mouth. Realizing they were close to coming, Joan moved quickly, sitting on the floor. She grasped their cocks and began to jack on them frantically, her face turned, up, mouth wide open and tongue protruding as far as she could make it go.

Joan beat swiftly with her tight fists, her eyes glazed in erotic passion, anticipating the spurt of sweet come juice into her face.

Her tits, tight and springy, swelled until her nipples were jutting up. She drew her knees up, but spread them wide. Her cunt was contracting with the eagerness she felt, and even her asshole had puckered tighter than ever.

“Oooo, come, come!” she moaned. “Oh, please come in mother’s face! I want these cocks to come in my fucking face.”

She squeezed the cocks tightly, jerking furiously on them, making the dangling balls swing back and forth. Eric and Marty thrust their hips forward, and the heads of those cocks were only an inch from Joan’s face and mouth. Her tongue tip licked from one dripping piss hole to the other.

She felt them throb in her fists, the sensations racing up her arms and past her tits, then to her steamy cunt. She was anxious to have that sweetness flowing, and she pumped harder and harder.

The boys began to grunt, thrusting their cocks closer to her face. Joan, her vision clearing, stared at the piss holes so closely that her eyes almost crossed.

Then it happened.

Eric’s cock gushed first, the glob of come juice spattering the tip of her nose. Hardly had it happened, when Marty’s cock went off. The first squirt of his come juice landed on the tip of Joan’s tongue. She wailed in ecstasy, and, as she pumped on the gushing cocks, she moved the heads about, feeling the hot come juice splash all over her face, in her mouth and on her tongue. Her cunt convulsed powerfully, her tits tightening.

“Ooooo!” she whined in ecstasy, her face becoming smeared with the sweetness, gushing through those cocks.

She was coming harder and with more pleasure than she had anticipated. It was the next best thing to being able to suck them off at the same time, having both cocks in her hot mouth. The slippery come juice flew into her face time and again, and she tasted it on her tongue, felt it drip from her chin to her nipples.

“Ooooo! Ohhh, more, more!” she whimpered, her tongue trying to catch as much as she could. She leaned her head back, mouth as wide open as she could make it. Come juice splashed into her mouth, and soon her mouth was filled, come juice running from the corners to her tits.

By the time it was over, Joan’s face was covered, glistening with come juice. It was in her hair, her eyes and even over her tits. Her flesh burned with erotic ecstasy, and an idea came into her mind with the flash of lightning.

She continued to sit on the floor, her face dripping with come juice, clinging to those sweet cocks, her body shivering with passion.

Eric picked up her discarded panties and started to wipe his mother’s face.

“No, don’t,” she said, pushing his hand away. “I’ve got a better idea. I want to feel this come juice on my face for a minute, then I know just how we can wash it off.”

They looked puzzled, but she grinned wickedly. “You’ve got to do it for me,” she said, almost in a pleading tone. “Promise mother you’ll do it.”

Eric and Marty nodded, not knowing what she wanted, but willing just the same.

Joan sat on the floor, her legs drawn up, her hairy cunt revealed. The boys sat on the couch, waiting to hear what she wanted next.

Joan licked at her come covered lips, a grin of intense pleasure on her beautiful face. She wiped at the come juice on her tits and nipples, bringing her finger to her mouth and licking it away.

Finally, she got to her feet. She stood before her sons, running her hands between her thighs and caressing her bushy snatch, her hips grinding lewdly for them.

“You promised, remember?” she asked in a husky voice, her eyes gleaming with anticipation. “You’ve got to do it since you promised.”

They nodded, still puzzled.

Joan held her hands out to them. Eric and Marty stood up, taking their mother’s hands.

She began walking between them down the hall, her body naked, trembling with anticipation. She hoped they would not break their promise. She felt sure they wouldn’t; they had done everything she had asked of them so far.

She pulled them into the hall bathroom.

Perhaps it was a sense of guilt. Whatever it was, Joan felt the need for degradation, to be humiliated by her two boys. She didn’t feel guilty, not really. But perhaps there was something deep inside her that needed this. Perhaps it was another way of showing her boys just how far she would go to please them and herself.

Joan had heard of this before and ever since had been curious. Now she had the chance to give it a try.

With her face glistening wetly, she climbed into the bathtub, kneeling there for a moment. Finally she leaned back, draping one knee over the edge of the tub. She looked up at her sons.

They stood there, looking down at her. “Piss on me,” she said.

Their eyes went wide.

“Please,” she whispered desperately. “You promised me! You promised mother you’d do what I wanted! Piss on me, please! I want you to piss in my face and wash the come juice off! Do… do it!”

Eric and Marty looked at each other, then down at their mother.

She waited, almost holding her breath.

She saw them take their cocks in their hands, and they edged close to the tub. She began to smile her beautiful face becoming radiant.

“Oooo, yes!” she mewled. “Piss on me, please! Pin in mother’s face… on her tits… her cunt! Piss all over mother!”

She stared up at the cocks aimed for her body. She cupped her tits with both hands, molding them so the nipples jutted up. They tingled with anticipation, and she licked her lips eagerly. Her eyes shone, the smile spreading over her face.

The hot piss splashed upon her tits first, then Eric moved the stream down her quivering stomach, drenching the curly hairs of her cunt. Joan lifted her pussy and felt the hot wetness flow over her clit and the lips of her cunt. Joan lifted her pussy and felt the hot wetness flow over her clit and the lips of her cunt.

And she came.


The hot liquid spurted and splashed across her face, and her orgasm became intense. She lifted her hands and began to wash the come juice from her face, smearing it down about her tits and running her fingers through her cunt hair.

By the time it was over, Joan’s body was soaking wet with piss.

The boys stepped back and looked at her. Joan searched their young faces, trying to see if they were disgusted with her. She saw nothing except acceptance of her desires.

She stood up, weak, turning the knob of the shower. She stood under the spray, taking a bar of soap and washing her body as the boys watched her.

Then, with giggles, they climbed into the tub with her, taking the soap and washing her slender body.

“There are so many things we’ve got to try,” she said in a thick voice, holding the cocks of her sons. “So many things, and you’ll love them all!”

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