Roped Sitter, Chained Mom

The subject of victim psychology has become an area of great interest in recent years, due mostly, perhaps to the widely publicized “conversion” of Patricia Hearst to the radical SLA. Why a victim will turn and become a party to his or her own abduction is a question open to hot debate.

The women in this story find themselves pawns in a vicious slavery game and through torture and repeated sexual assaults, these victims eventually become docile and obedient slaves to their “masters”. What becomes of these onceinnocent women after their “training” sheds some light on the subject of man’s potential for depravity. But what of the women? Are they also guilty because of their behavior? Or are they simply robots carrying out their assigned tasks? Who can say?

A thought provoking story of two women’s reactions brutality and slavery. A word of warning to us all.


“Ohhh, please,” Joan begged, squirming against the strong cords holding her wrists and ankles to the bed. “Jack, please do it! Fuck me now, Jack!”

“Why?” he asked, a cruel grin on his face.

“Because I want it!” Joan whimpered, her hips twisting with passion. “You know I want it! I love it, Jack!”

“You love what, bitch?”

“Cock!” Joan moaned. “Your cock!”

“Bullshit!” the man snapped, lashing her creamy flat stomach with the narrow leather strap. It was about three feet long, and left a red stripe on her stomach.

Joan screamed in pain, twisting almost frantically.

Jack laughed. “That’s what you like, cunt! Pain, that’s what you want, not cock.”

“I do!” Joan cried. “Ohhh, Jack, please, give me your cock now!”

“I’ll give you this strap, you rotten cocksucker!”

“Yes! Oh, yes, darling!” Joan pleaded, her eyes teary with pain and lust. “You know it makes me so hot! You know what it does to me! It makes my cunt wet and hot and I want your cock in me, fucking me!”

Howie crouched in the dark shadows, peering into the well-lit room, watching, eyes huge. His cock strained inside his jeans, his balls aching. He thought his mother was fucking with Jack, her longtime boyfriend, and that was what be had expected to see, but this… he felt as if he were going to come in his pants.

His mother was tied helplessly to the bed, and he gazed at her body. She was totally naked, except for nylons, a scarlet garter belt holding them up, and a pair of black, shiny high-heeled shoes. Her tits rose up sharply. Her nipples were a light brown a hal-finch long, and stood up in stiff peaks.

Howie ran his palm into his crotch, feeling his hardon throb. His mother was so beautiful, but even more now, all tied up and naked. Jack could do anything to her, and she couldn’t stop him. It excited Howie to see his mother so helpless, begging jack to fuck her.

Howie could see between her long slender thighs. His mother had very long legs, he thought. Her bushy cunt was exposed, the pink pussy lips glistening wetly. He stared for a long time at her cunt, finding the thick, triangled dark hair exciting, her pink pussy looking like candy, with the tip of her knotted clit visibly throbbing. Howie wanted to stick his cock into his mother’s cunt and fuck her the way she was begging Jack to fuck her. The way she twisted against the strong cords, her ass writhing, sent a fiery tingle through Howie’s tight balls.

“You’d fuck a cock, all night, you cunt,” Jack snarled down at her. “You’d fuck any hard cock right now, mine, or any other cock!”

“Oh, yes, darling!” Joan whimpered.

The belt snapped loudly as it came down across her white stomach again. Now there were two red stripes on her flesh. Joan didn’t scream this time; she tried to arch her cunt up. Jack laughed again, rubbing his hand along the front of his white Jockey shorts. His balls filled the crotch of his shorts, and his long, thick cock stood toward his stomach, outlined by the stretching fabric. Joan stared at his cockbulge hungrily, licking her lips. Her cunt clenched with readiness, but she knew he wouldn’t fuck her yet.

It was a game they played every chance they got, which was about twice a week. They would play it more often, but Jack’s job took him out of town for most of the week. Joan would love to play every night, but it was impossible. She had been dating Jack for over a year, and their weird relationship had developed quite fast. Joan had always loved being tied up and abused, but her ex-husband didn’t go for it, and that brought about an early divorce. When she found Jack had the same interests, she was elated.

“Want to suck my big cock, you fucking cunt?” Jack asked, lowering the elastic waist of his shorts just, enough, to let her see the huge, swollen head of his prick. “How would you like to lick on this?”

“Ooo, please!” Joan gasped, lifting her head, lips open wide. “Put it in my mouth! I’ll suck it, suck it very good for you, Jack!”

“Fuck you, cocksucker!” he said, snapping the waist of his shorts back over his cock head. “I’m not through teaching you a few things yet.”

Howie was fumbling at his pants as he watched, the need to release the pressure on his cock and balls great. He pulled his cock and balls from his pants, but the left them alone. He didn’t want to come off right now. He wanted to watch the ending of what he was seeing.

“Jack, darling,” Joan panted. “Please, do something to me. My pussy is on fire! It needs your cock, darling! If you won’t fuck it, just kiss it a little!”

“What do you think I am, a fucking cunt licker?” Jack said, and he lashed the strap across Joan’s shapely, upstanding tits.

Joan howled in pain. Her tits were very tender, and especially her swollen nipples. The pain seared the creamy tit flesh. She seldom enjoyed the pain on her tits, but it was part of the price she had to pay for the rest of it.

“Maybe I’ll turn you over and beat your fucking hot ass, Joan,” he said. “Would you like that?”

“Yes, oooo, yes!” Joan whimpered. “Don’t hit my tits again, Jack. I can’t stand it when you hit my tits that way.”

“Are you telling me what to do, fuckface?”

“No, never,” she replied. “But you know how tender my tits are, darling.”

“Why do you think I like to hit them?” He smiled in a cruel way at her. “You have to learn who’s in control, Joan. You have to learn to do anything I say, obey me to the letter.”

“I do,” she whispered, her green eyes fixed upon the thick outline of his hard cock. “God, I do obey you, Jack! I try so hard to obey you.”

“That’s a fucking lie!” he said, and he brought the belt down across her lower stomach, leaving a stripe just above the hairline of her cunt. “You wore panties the other day shopping, and I told you never to wear those panties again. You’re supposed to wear the panties I choose for you.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, darling,” she whimpered. “I had to wear panties. But I wore the dress you told me to wear. But, Jack, it was so windy that day. What if my dress blew up? My God, Jack, everyone would have seen my ass.”

“So what? It’s a pretty ass, isn’t it?”

“But I had those red marks,” Joan said. “People would know I’ve been beaten. I would have been so ashamed.”

“I don’t care what you would have been, damn it,” Jack said angrily. “You’ll go out naked if I say so.”

Again he struck her with the belt, this time across the tops of her thighs, where her nylons stopped.

“Owwww!” Joan yelped. “I will! Untie me… I’ll do it! I’ll go out naked, let people see me!”

“Maybe laser,” Jack said, shoving his shorts down and letting his cock and balls bang out.

Howie, listening, was getting more and more excited. He saw Jack’s big cock, and wondered how it could possibly fit into his mother’s cunt. The idea of seeing his mother walking outside naked sent an exciting tremor through his balls, and he almost came off.

Inside the room, Jack had dropped the leather strap, leaning over Joan. He slapped at her tits hard. The sound came out the window to Howie, and it was a wonderful sound to the boy.

Jack climbed onto the bed, straddling Joan’s body, his ass planted on her stomach. Gripping his cock, Jack began to whip it back and forth, hitting Joan’s tits with his cock. Then he slipped his ass back and began to slap at Joan’s tits with both hands. Joan cried loudly, her ass twisting. The pain he created in her tender tits was bad, almost unbearable.

She sobbed with real pain now.

By the time Jack stopped slapping her tits, the creamy flesh was a bright red, but her nipples jutted up even harder than before. Her cunt was made wetter, dripping juices now. The pink pussy lips seemed to open and close, and her cunt looked harder.

Howie grabbed at his own cock as he crouched, squeezing it, breathing heavily. The desire to fuck his cock into his mother’s cunt was stronger than ever.

Jack scooted up toward Joan’s tits, his cock sliding between them Howie gasped as he saw the man close his mother’s tits about his cock and fuck back and forth. His mother was no longer sobbing, but holding her head up, her eyes on the head of his cock as it appeared between her tits.

“Let me suck it, darling,” Howie heard his mother say. “Let me suck your cock.”

“Not yet, Joan,” Jack grunted. “But you know I love to suck it,” Joan whimpered.

“Shit, you’d suck any cock you could get your fucking hands on,” Jack taunted.

“I would,” Joan replied, licking her lips hungrily as she watched his piss hole drip hot juices on her flesh. “You know I would.”

“But only if I tell you to, right?”

“Yes,” Joan whispered.

“You love to suck cock so much, you’d even suck Howie’s cock if I told you to, wouldn’t you?”

Joan’s breath caught, her eyes darting up to his face.

“Answer me, you cunt!” he snarled, and he slapped Joan’s face.

“Owwww!” Joan howled, her head snapping to one side from the force of the slap. “That hurt, Jack!”

“Of course it hurt,” he said. “I meant it to hurt. You have to answer me when I ask questions.”

“Sack, you’re going too far,” Joan pleased. “You’re supposed to just tie me up and hit me a little, that was the agreement.”

“I’ve changed the rules, bitch.”

Joan stared unbelieving up at him. She felt his cock throbbing so sweetly between her tits, her tit flesh slippery with the hot juices that dripped. She squirmed her naked ass against the mattress. Her cunt was boiling, clenching rightly.

“I’m waiting, Joan,” Jack said, fucking his cock in and out between her tits. He held them tight around his cock, sliding his heavy balls along her it flesh.

“For what?” Joan asked, trying to get him off the subject of her son.

Jack slapped her again, rocking her head and making her dizzy. “You’d suck your son’s cock off if I told you to, right?”

Joan screamed as fire burned through her cheek. She was still screaming when Jack dug his fingers into her tender nipples, pinching very hard.

“Yes!” Joan howled in pain.

“Yes, what?”

“I’d suck his cock!” Joan blubbered, real tears of pain and shame in her eyes now.

Jack was gong farther with her than he ever had, and she wasn’t sure she liked it. She might be a bit perverse in what she enjoyed, but she certainly didn’t want her young son involved.

Jack slapped her again, using both hands, rocking her head from side to side, hurting her, laughing in a cruel way.

“You’d take his little cock in your cocksucking mouth and fuck him, right? You’d fuck your son’s cock with your hot, wet mouth, and when he came, you’d drink his jizz right down, wouldn’t you? You fucking cunt!”

“Yes, yes!” Joan screamed as the pain blazed through her head. “Stop it, Jack! It hurts!”

“If I tell you to suck Howie off, you’ll do it?”

“Yes! Oh, damn you, yes!”

Howie’s cock throbbed wildly as he listened, watching Jack slapping his mother. The idea of his mother sucking his cock off excited the boy tremendously. Maybe Jack would tell her to do it, maybe he would tell her to fuck him. Howie gripped his cock so hard, it was painful.

Joan’s cheeks burned with pain, and she sobbed pitifully. Once again Jack closed her lovely tits about his cock and began fucking between them.

“Okay,” he said, “now you can suck my cock a little.”

An eager whimper came from Joan as she opened her lips to accept his big prick between them. Howie hoped they couldn’t hear his breathing. He didn’t want to be chased away now, and he didn’t want to get caught, either.

Although he saw it, he didn’t believe it. His mother closed her lips about the big head of Jack’s cock. He watched Jack lift to his knees, his hands holding the headboard of the bed, and slowly fuck more of his thick cock into his mother’s mouth. He saw her eyes, roll and become dreamy, heard the gurgle of delight she made. Jack fucked back and forth, fucking Joan’s mouth, his heavy balls swinging, and Howie crouched outside the window in trembling excitement.

“You like that big cock, don’t you?” Jack asked.

Joan’s eyes looked up at him, shining with pleasure, her tongue crowded by his thick prick. The cock head rested a while at the back of her throat, and the throbbing pulsations of his cock shaft tingled her lips. The wiry hair at the base of his cock tickled her lips, a feeling she liked very much. She enjoyed the way her lips stretched around his hardness, the weight of his balls on her chin.

Sometimes she wanted him to be still, to let her suck all she wanted, and other times she loved to have him fuck her mouth as if it were her cunt. Jack always came so much, sending that thick and creamy come juice spraying over her tongue. She loved it whew he came, filling her mouth until jism dripped from her stretching lips.

Howie watched his mother trying to lift her head, trying to suck on Jack’s cock. But Jack wouldn’t let her. He leaned over and fucked up and dawn, driving his cock between Joan’s hot lips slowly taking his time. Howie’s eyes darted feverishly from his mother’s cockfilled mouth to her hairy, wet cunt. He watched his mother’s ass squirm, seeing those hairlined pussy lips clenching. It excited Howie to see his mother’s lips lifting up and down, grinding as if she were fucking. He imagined it was his cock in her mouth, that he was the one who had tied her up and could do anything he wanted to her.

“You want me to come in your fucking mouth?” Jack asked.

Joan’s eyes rolled with delight as she nodded her head.

“Maybe I will,” Jack replied. “But then, maybe I won’t.”

Joan squeezed her lips about his cock as he fucked back and forth, not knowing if he would jerk free before he came. She wanted to taste his thick come on her tongue, feel it burn down her throat. Her cunt was so hot, and if he came in her mouth, Joan knew her orgasm would be terrific.

Howie was seeing the passion of his mother. She was so different now than when she was at home. There, she always dressed so proper. Going without panties! If only he had known, he would have found some way to get a peek at her cunt before.

Suddenly Jack jerked his cock out of Joan’s mouth.

“Nooo!” Joan wailed, trying to close her lips around the big cock head. “Please, in my mouth, Jack! Came in my cocksucking mouth!”

But Jack scooted quickly down between her widely spread thighs.

Howie watched. Jack’s thick cock ram into his mother’s cunt swiftly. He saw the man’s balls bounce up and down as he fucked fast and hard into his mother’s cunt. Joan was twisting her naked ass in a frenzy, trying to arch her pussy high.

“Ooo, fuck me, darling?” Joan wailed. “Ram your big, hard cock deep into my cunt! Oooo, you’re so fucking hard and you’re going to make me come and I love it!”

Twisting and squirming, Joan moaned with pleasure, fucking up at Jack’s cock as best she could. Howie could actually see his mother’s hairy cunt stretching about Jack’s thick cock. The sight sent chills of perverse pleasure racing about his young body. He couldn’t stop jerking his fist on his cock now. He began to pump, beating at his swollen prick frantically.

“Jack, you’re going to make me come!” his mother yelled. “Ohhhh, ram it to me, you big cocked bastard!”

Jack jerked his cock from her cunt.

“No, nooo!” Joan howled, her hips thrashing. “Put it back in me! Oh, God, I was about to come!”

“So am I, cunt!”

Jack’s cock gushed, sending hot geysers of come juice along Joan’s stomach, from her cunt hair to her tits. Joan moaned, twisting her hips frantically, almost coming, but not quite.

Howie wondered why Jack had come on his mother’s body instead of in her pussy. It puzzled him.

When Jack stopped coming, he shoved his cock to Joan’s mouth. “Lick it clean, bitch.”

Howie watched his mother’s tongue licking at Jack’s cock, but Jack wouldn’t let her take it into her mouth. Joan’s tongue lapped in a frenzy, licking the come juice away. Then Jack stood at the edge of the bed, his cock dangling, still long and thick.

“Ready?” he asked Joan. “Oh, am I ever!”

Howie gasped with surprise.

Jack was pissing on his mother!

He swung his cock back and forth, pissing on her tits, on her come-covered stomach, pissing into her cunt hair until it was matted, drenched in piss.

“Oooo, I’m coming now, darling!” Howie heard his mother wail, her hips thrashing wildly, her wrists and ankles fighting the strong cords holding her down. “Piss on me! Piss all over me! Piss on my tits, piss on my hot cunt!”

Howie’s cock went off.


Howie didn’t stay any longer.

He stuffed his cock into his pants and rushed to the sidewalk, almost running home. He had three blocks to go, and he hoped Cindy was still sleeping on the couch.

Cindy was Jack’s daughter, and she usually stayed with Howie when Jack dated Howie’s mother. Not that he needed a sitter, but his mother insisted. Between Cindy and the women his mother wanted to sit with him, he chose Cindy. He hated those women who sat with him in the beginning. They were demanding and mean. Cindy, though, only a few years older than Howie, was nice. She didn’t really care what he did, as long as it wasn’t anything that would get both of them in trouble. He could stay up late, watch TV, and even snack, and Cindy didn’t mind.

Bu as he walked quickly home, he had other ideas he wanted to try with her. Cindy, he felt, would put up a fight. She probably wouldn’t believe him if he told her what he had seen. But Howie didn’t care, because he knew what to do now.

He entered his house quietly, not wanting to wake Cindy up if she was still asleep as she had been when he sneaked out.

Cindy was still asleep.

But she wasn’t on the couch anymore. She was on the floor, with a throw pillow beneath her head. But she was still asleep.

He looked down at the lovely girl. Her dark blonde hair fanned about her face. Her nose was small, with the tip slightly turned up cute.

Her lips were full and moist, so ripe she didn’t have to wear lipstick unless she wanted. He looked at her tits, watching them rise and fall beneath the frilly white blouse, wondering how her tits would look naked. They were smaller than his mother’s, he could see that.

But what drew his attention more than anything else was her sleeping posture.

Cindy lay between the couch and the heavy coffee table. One leg rested on the cushions of the couch, propped there. She had kicked her shoes off, and her legs were parted. Her pleated skirt was halfway up her thighs, and when he stepped back a bit and leaned over, he saw the lacy crotch of her panties. Howie’s cock started to swell again as he peered beneath her skirt. Cindy’s legs were long, very smooth and slender.

Leaving the sleeping Cindy reluctantly, he went to the kitchen and searched until he found some old clothesline. There was enough of it for his purpose. He didn’t know how much time he had before his mother came home, but Howie didn’t give a shit. If she came home and found Cindy all tied up, what the fuck could she say? He would just confront his mother with what he knew, and she couldn’t say shit to him.

Being as careful as he could, his hands shaking, he gently pulled Cindy’s arms above her head, tying them at the wrists, then attaching the clothesline to one end of the heavy coffee table, tying her other arm to the leg of the couch. Cindy had not stirred, and he looked gown, pleased at what he had done.

He was even more careful with her legs. He lifted the one leg from the couch very gently, then spread her legs about three feet apart. Carefully he tied her ankles to the coffee table and the other end of the couch. Cindy moaned in her sleep, frightening him. But she didn’t move.

Cindy was now spreadeagled the way he had seen his mother. Now he had to get her skirt up without waking her. But first, Howie removed his clothes, standing between Cindy’s thighs, rubbing his balls in one hand, his swollen cock in the other. His eyes gleamed with lust.

He lifted the front of Cindy’s skirt, managing to get it up to the waistband of her bikini panties. He couldn’t shove it any higher because he would have to lift her ass. But it was high enough. The band of her panties stretched wide over her cunt, but they were so sheer, he could see the mass of blonde cunt hair through them.

Now Cindy couldn’t fight him. She was helpless, the way, her father had Howie’s mother. He could take all her clothes off, play with her tits, feel her cunt, even. Why, he could fuck her! Fuck Cindy the way he had seen Jack fucking his mother!

Howie’s cock throbbed in his hand.

Trembling with excitement, he squatted at her feet, peering between her beautiful young thighs tie wondered how he could get her panties off without waking her up. Then he realized it didn’t matter if she did wake up. She couldn’t do anything about it.

He moved closer between her legs, still squatting. He touched her inner thigh very lightly. Cindy made a soft whimpering sound, but didn’t wake up. Feeling brave and powerful, Howie placed his hand on her crotch, feeling the heat of her cunt radiating through the thin band of her stretched panties. The more he felt of her cunt through the panties, the hotter she seemed to be.

Cindy’s hips moved a little, just a small, writhing motion, and Howie swallowed the desire to giggle. He slipped a finger inside the tight band of her panties, slowly and very carefully. Lifting the band to one side, he gazed at Cindy’s cunt. The blonde pussy hair was thick and curly, but the pink lips of her pussy held his attention more than the hair. They were puffy cunt lips, and when he lightly touched them, he found they were moist.

The band slipped from his finger, snapping back over her cunt.

Cindy’s eyes flew open.


He let the giggle go flow.

“What are you doing, Howie?”

It took a moment for Cindy to realize she couldn’t move her arms or legs. When she did, she began to struggle.

“Howie, what are you doing? Why am I tied up? Turn me loose, Howie! Pull my skirt down… don’t you dare touch me like that!”

Remembering what Jack had called his mother, Howie snickered. “You’re a cunt, Cindy.”

“What? Howie, you’re going to get into trouble,” Cindy yelled: “Your mother won’t like this. You’re going to be in serious trouble.”

“Aw, who gives a fuck?” Howie said.

“And stop using that language!” Cindy said, twisting and trying to pull free.

“I’ll say any fucking thing I want to say, you fucking cunt,” Howie said, laughing with delight. “You’re just a rotten cunt and a cocksucker, Cindy. I can do anything I want with you, even fuck you.”

“Howie, are you crazy!” Cindy shrieked. “Untie me right now! Howie, I’m going to tell on you!”

“I don’t give a fuck,” he said. “Look at this!”

He stood on his knees, arching his hips forward, his cock straining out in full hardness. “You give me a fucking hardon!”

“Stop it!” Cindy yelled, closing her eyes so she couldn’t see his cock. “And get your clothes on! What do you think you’re doing, anyway?”

“I’m playing with you, Cindy,” he said. “I’m going to play with your rotten cunt, and maybe fuck it.”

“You wouldn’t dare!” Cindy shout at him, struggling against the ropes.

Howie pulled his belt from his pants, getting to his feet and waving it around. “You shut your fucking mouth, Cindy, or I’ll bit you with my belt.”

“Oh. God!” Cindy whimpered, seeing the fire in his young eyes.

He swung the belt about, staring down at her. Her skin, no matter how much she wiggled, stayed where it was at her waist.

Suddenly, he lashed at her thigh with the belt. The sharp pain Cindy felt as the belt landed made her scream in sudden pain.

Howie felt his cock throbbing, and the sound of the belt hitting her creamy thigh sent delicious shivers up and down his spine. The belt left a red mark on her pretty thigh, and he liked the way it looked.

He swung again, lashing across both her thighs this time. Cindy screamed again, and the screaming made his cock jerk up and down.

“Oh, God, don’t, Howie!” Cindy yelled. “You’re hurting me, Howie!”

“Yeah, and I’m going to hurt you more!” he panted, gripping his cock hard.

“Oh, please don’t!”

“Fuck you, you fucking cocksucker cunt!” he said, dropping the belt to the floor. “I’m going to tear your fucking panties off!”

He grabbed the elastic waistband, tugging hard. But her panties wouldn’t tear. Almost frantic in lust, he looked about for something to use, and found a small pair of scissors his mother used on her nails. He snipped Cindy’s panties away, and she closed her eyes with shame, crying from the still-burning pain.

“Now just look at what I found,” Howie giggled wickedly as he tossed her panties on the couch. “I found a pretty cunt, all hairy and sweet. You ever had a cock in your pretty little cunt, Cindy?”

Cindy made no reply. Her face was burning with embarrassment. She attempted again to close her thighs, and found it was hopeless. Tears of shame and embarrassment streamed from her blue eyes, and she turned her head to one side, afraid to look at Howie.

“I bet you’ve had a dozen cocks up your fucking cunt, Cindy. My cock shouldn’t make any difference. What’s one more fuck to a pretty girl like you?”

He ran his hand up and down Cindy’s cunt, feeling the silky pussy hair. He parted the puffy cunt lips and peered at her pussy. The cunt jutted forth, and he touched it lightly. Cindy’s hips jerked, and she tried to squirm her ass into the floor.

“Don’t!” she screamed. “Don’t touch me, you nasty little boy!”

“Nasty, am I?” Howie said, and he rammed his middle finger into her cunt.

“Owwww! That hurt!”

He thrust his finger back and forth, fucking her swiftly, not caring how hard or if it did hurt her. He booked his finger inside her cunt and lifted. Cindy cried out in pain, arching her hips up to relieve the pressure. But Howie pulled harder until she was arching up to the limits.

As her hips came up, he jerked her skirt underneath. Now he had her exposed from the waist down. The red marks seemed to glow on her thighs, and, when he let her down, he tenderly rubbed them with his cunt-wet hand.

He moved his cock across her smooth thigh, smearing the dripping juices on her flesh. Cindy, feeling it, sobbed with misery. She didn’t like what he was doing, and she didn’t like being tied up, either.

Although she was an extremely lovely girl, with a well formed body, Cindy didn’t have much sexual experience. She hadn’t really enjoyed the few times she had let boys fuck her. It had been no big deal to her, and she had felt little or nothing. Her cunt had experienced a fullness when the cock was in it, and she had felt the friction, but there was no excitement, no thrill. She was a modest young girl, always making sure her dress was at her knees, seldom wearing shorts even on the hottest days. She was a very clean girl, bathing twice a day, often three times.

She knew boys wanted to fuck her, but she felt nothing at all, for them.

Now, tied up, exposed so blatantly by Howie, she was ashamed she could die. He had always been nice to her, never mean. But he wasn’t the same Howie now.

“Howie,” she whispered in a shaking voice. “Why? Why are you doing this to me? Haven’t I been nice to you?”

“You’re going to be a lot nicer from now on, Cindy,” he said, stroking her cunt. “I’ve wanted to see your pussy for a long time, and now I see it. You have a pretty cunt, Cindy. I bet you love getting it fucked.”

“No, no!” she said, twisting her head from side to side. “I don’t like that! Please, Howie, at least pull my skin down.”

He leaned back, looked at her, and slapped her face as hard as he could, the way he had seen Jack do to his mother. Cindy cried out with pain.

“Go ahead and cry, you cocksucker,” he laughed. “I can slap you all, I want.”

Cindy’s cunt was so vulnerable as he looked at it. The blonde pussy hair was soft, and he enjoyed running his fingers through it. The feel of those pink cunt lips made his hand tingle. The wetness was pleasant as he ran his fingers up and down the cunt slit. The fact that Cindy was sobbing and felt embarrassed added to his delight.

Howie knew only what he had seen through the window, but his mind was getting quite active. Running his palm along Cindy’s thigh, feeling the soft warmth of it, and especially the inner surface near her cunt, he suddenly gave her a pinch.

Cindy howled with pain, squirming her ass. His thumb and finger left imprints there, and she was going to have a nice little bruise. His attention was drawn to her tits. He squatted at her side and looked at them, saw the up and down movement. Cindy had her head turned to one side, so humiliated she couldn’t look at his face. The red tingle on her cheeks pleased him.

“Let’s just take a peek at your titties, Cindy,” he said, his fingers fumbling with the buttons.

Cindy’s breath caught, and she choked, crying. It was useless to try and talk him out of it.

Frustrated because his fingers shook so much, he ripped the final button off. Flinging her blouse to each side, he saw her frilly bra. The creamy flesh of her tits seemed to strain against it. He studied her bra a moment, wondering how to get it off. Then he saw the front hook between the cups. Discovering how it worked, he opened Cindy’s bra and sucked in his breath. Her lovely tits thrust up, and her pink nipples seemed hard. With increased excitement, Howie touched her wits. He caressed them almost tenderly, feeling with both balls. He cupped her tits, squeezed them, rubbed it swollen nipples.

Taking each nipple between his thumb and finger, Howie began pulling. Slowly at first, he stretched Cindy’s nipples to their limits. Cindy cried harder as the pain started. The more she cried, the harder he pulled, pinching at the same time. There was a wicked grin on his young face as he watched how far he could pull her creamy tits. The sound of her sobbing caused his cock to jerk up and down.

He didn’t want to wait any longer. He couldn’t wait any longer, or his cock would go off.

Releasing her tits, he moved between Cindy’s parted legs. He loved to look at her hairy little cunt, but right now his cock was so hard, his balls so full, he didn’t look very long. Pressing the head of his cock to the slit of her cunt, Howie rubbed his cock up and down. The feel of her soft cunt on the sensitive head of his cock was almost too much. The heat of her pussy, the wetness of it, drew his balk tightly into his crotch.

“Don’t, Howie,” Cindy begged. “Please don’t do that to me. I don’t like it, and…”

Howie shoved the swollen head of his cock between the puffy lips of her pussy. Cindy groaned. Howie held the head of his cock just inside, the heat of her succulent cunt almost overwhelming his senses.

With a moan of delight, Howie fucked his cock deep and hard into her cunt. Cindy wailed, twisting her face as far into the carpet as she could. She felt no pleasure.

Howie couldn’t fuck for a moment. He was surprised at the tightness of her cunt, at the mindboggling heat. It felt so good, he almost came immediately. When he started to fuck in and out, Cindy sobbed softly, wishing she could cover her face, anything so he couldn’t see how embarrassed she was.

Howie would not have seen anyway. He was fucking into her cunt swiftly, his eyes clamped shut, the sensations of ecstasy overcoming his mind. His cock fucked in and out, his balls so tight they couldn’t bounce.

The wet heat of Cindy’s cunt clutched at his cock, and the more he fucked her, the better it felt. Leaning forward, he gripped her tits with both hands, digging his fingers into them, squeezing hard, making Cindy cry out with pain when his fingers dug harshly. His cock swelled more, and with a grunt, Howie came.

The thick juice of his balls sprayed the satiny walls of Cindy’s cunt. Cindy could feel the deep throbs of his cock as he shot his jism up her pussy. And still there was no response from her only the soft sobbing of shame.


Howie wasn’t through with Cindy.

If things went as before when his mother was with Jack, he had most of the night left. Often Cindy didn’t go home until the following morning, his mother coming home around four or five o’clock. There was no reason for this night to be any different.

Besides, Howie just didn’t give a shit if his mother walked in and saw what he was doing to Cindy. She certainly had no right to stop him not after what he had seen her doing with Jack.

He untied Cindy, but as she sat up, he grab bed her arms and pulled them behind her back, tying them there. With more clothesline, he tied her elbows at her back until they were almost touching. He enjoyed the way it made her perky tits thrust forward. He considered undressing her, but decided she looked more exciting with some of her clothes on.

He had to help her to her feet. Cindy refused to look at him, but he didn’t care right now. With her blouse open, arms tied at her back, he liked the way she looked. Her skirt had fallen to her knees, but her sweet tits arched out nicely.

He sat on the floor before her, lifting the front of her dress to peer at her cunt. Come juice was seeping from her pussy, running along her thighs. He giggled.

Cindy felt the come juice on her thighs, and being such a scrupulous young girl, she felt distaste. Having Howie see it made her embarrassment more intense. She looked at the door, thinking she could run out. But with her hands and arms tied the way they were, she wouldn’t be able to get it open.

Moving around behind Cindy, he lifted her skirt and looked at her ass. It was a lovely ass, so creamy and smoothlooking, with a deep, enticing split between the ass cheeks. Cindy’s ass was small, but flawlessly shaped in firm roundness.

His cock began to swell again. He cupped an ass cheek, feeling it, fondling the smooth flesh. Draping her skirt over his head, he felt Cindy’s ass with both hands, finding her cute ass a delight to touch.

He pulled the ass cheeks apart.

“Howie, don’t!” Cindy groaned in shame. “That’s… dirty!”

Howie peered between her ass cheeks, seeing her pretty little asshole. It was sweetly pink, sucking inward as if trying to conceal itself from his burning eyes.

“You have a real pretty asshole, Cindy,” he said, rubbing a thumb on it. “Nice and tight and pretty.”

Cindy’s hips moved forward, but she couldn’t get his thumb off her asshole. Her face flamed with intense shame. No one had ever touched her asshole except her, and then only when she bathed. Standing with her head hanging down, tears in her eyes, her body trembling, she could do nothing but let him feel her ass.

Cindy yelped.

Howie was pressing his thumb against her asshole, and it clenched against the invasion. But Howie pressed harder and harder, and he giggled when he saw his finger slip past the tight ass ring.

“Oh, God, Howie!” Cindy cried. “Please don’t! That’s so nasty!”

“Is it?” he laughed, shoving his face against her ass. He kissed one smooth ass cheek, then opened his mouth and closed his teeth into the flesh. “I think it’s nice, not nasty at all.”

Cindy’s asshole held his thumb with squeezing pressure. Not that she wanted to, but her asshole clenched on its own. She felt the unfamiliar pain, the unfamiliar stretching, and cried helplessly.

Howie worked his thumb back and forth, his eyes glassy as he watched Cindy’s asshole stretching. He wondered if he could get his cock up her ass. Pulling his thumb out, he watched her asshole close quickly.

“You’ve got jizz on your fucking legs, Cindy,” he said, finally getting to his feet. “I thought you didn’t like feeling dirty. I bet you’re going to hate the way you’ll feel later.”

“What are you going to do to me?” she asked, her voice low and fearful.

“None of your business,” he snickered. “Lay across the coffee table.”

Howie shoved Cindy over the low table, smashing her tits flat on the hard wood. Grabbing his clothesline, he quickly tied her knees apart, then drew the line under the table and around her neck. Taking a handkerchief from the pocket of his discarded jeans, he stuffed it into Cindy’s mouth.

Cindy’s head hung over the coffee table, her blonde hair hanging to the floor. Howie flipped her skirt up to her waist, exposing her lovely ass. He stood and grinned as he watched Cindy shaking, goose bumps rippling on the cheeks of her ass.

Picking up his belt, he swung it back and forth, his eyes glowing with anticipation. Cindy didn’t know what he was doing. She couldn’t see him, and she didn’t feel him touching her. With her naked ass sticking out, her hands and neck and knees tied until she couldn’t move, couldn’t even scream, she was totally helpless. Her asshole drew inward as if he were poking at it again. Her cunt seemed to suck inward, too.

The belt lashed down and across her creamy, sweet ass. Cindy’s head jerked, but the clothesline cunt into it, the gag effectively cutting off her scream. Her ass jerked as the belt came down again. The pain seared her all the way to her smashed tits.

The more he struck her with the belt, the more excited Howie became. The red stripes on her flawless ass and his cock stand up firmly. He spanked her time and again, making the cheeks of her ass red all over.

Cindy, feeling her ass grow hot with pain, moaned time and again against the gag. Tears streamed from her beautiful eyes.

“Nice red ass you cunt,” he said, lowering the belt and running his hand across the fiery red cheeks of her ass. “Nice and warm, too. I think you like being spanked, Cindy. I think your pretty ass loves it. It sure makes my cock hard, that’s for sure!”

He fucked his finger into her asshole.

Cindy’s eyes popped open with surprise and pain. Moaning into the gag, she twisted her ass, but couldn’t move it. She tried to dislodge his finger by straining, and Howie laughed.

“You shit on my finger cunt, and I’ll really beat your fucking ass,” he said. Fucking his finger in and out of her cunt, he ran his other hand about her angry red ass cheeks. “I’m going to fingerfuck your asshole until it’s big enough to drive a fucking truck up it. I might not get my cock back!”

When Howie jerked his finger from her asshole, Cindy closed it tightly, feeling as if she were going to shit. That would be an embarrassment she couldn’t live with.

Taking his belt again, Howie lashed, at Cindy’s ass and thighs, leaving ugly stripes on her tender, creamy flesh. Cindy couldn’t scream, and she sobbed with hot tears. Every inch of her flesh felt as if he had sliced it to ribbons. The fire in her ass and thighs was horrible, and she didn’t think she could stand much more of it without fainting.

“You have a nice ass for sure, now, you fucking cunt,” Howie laughed. “That’s a nice, red-hot ass for sure.”

His cock strained upright by the time he dropped the belt. The appearance of her ass and thighs caused his, cock to throb and drip. His prick was dripping so much, the juices dripped onto Cindy’s ass.

“You make my cock hard, Cindy,” he said.

“I guess I better shove it to you again. You’re a good fuck. Did you know that, cunt? You’re a real good fuck.”

Getting onto his knees, Howie rubbed his cock about Cindy’s sweet ass, leaving trails of slime on her flesh, trails of wetness that she could feel through the burning pain. Her ass shivered in a way that caused Howie to think it was deliberate.

“I knew you wanted my cock, Cindy,” he giggled, dragging his cock up and down the crack of her ass. “You can shake your ass all you want. It makes my cock tingle.”

He shoved his cock downward, leaning back to watch. He rubbed at the lips of her hairy cunt, poking the swollen cock head into her pussy gash.

Cindy felt his cock fuck into her cunt, and still she felt nothing but that stretching, stuffy feeling. She wouldn’t mind it so much if he just fucked her and got it over with, if he would leave out the pain. She could endure his fucking.

Howie rammed his cock deeply into Cindy’s cunt, holding her hips. He fucked his cock in and out a few times, his balls smacking the wetness. Then he yanked his prick out with such quickness, it surprised her. She hoped he wasn’t going to use the belt on her again. She tried to spit the gag out, wanting to talk to Howie. She wanted to tell him he could fuck her all he wanted, if only he didn’t hurt her anymore. Cindy was desperate, eager to cooperate with Howie, do anything to keep him from hurting her again.

She felt him rubbing his wet cock into the crack of her ass again, and a pitiful moan came from her when she realized his intentions. She was sure of what be was intending to do when she felt the pressure of his swollen cock against the tightness of her asshole. She screamed into the gag as he exerted more pressure. She felt her asshole stretching, opening as he pressed harder. She closed her eyes again, as if this would blot it all from her mind.

“Up your ass, cunt!” she heard him grunt, “I’m going to fuck you in the ass! I’m going to stick my cock up your pretty little asshole until you can taste it in your cocksucking mouth! I’m going to fuck your tight asshole and come in it… I’m going to fuck your hot little asshole until it stays stretched!”

Cindy groaned as the pain in her ass increased. She could feel the head of his cock pressing harder, feel the ring of her asshole giving. She felt as if she were going to shit, making her humiliation burn deeply.

The pain lashed through her as the head of Howie’s cock fucked in. Immediately her asshole clamped just past the cock head. Her scream came through the gag, but was muffled.

“Oh, shit, you’re tight!” Howie grunted. “So fucking tight! I hope I can fuck you. Cindy!”

Cindy felt grateful as he stopped, not shoving more of his cock into her asshole. The first sharp pain was going away, but still strong enough to make her cry. She was ashamed because her asshole seemed to be clenching and reining around the head of his cock. She was afraid Howie would think she did it deliberately, afraid he would think she liked assfucking. But she couldn’t make her asshole stop squeezing. The more she tried, the harder her ass ring squeezed his cock.

Howie moaned with pleasure. “Keep squeezing my cock, cunt, and I’ll come off up your ass!”

Digging his hands into her hips, Howie lunged forward. His cock fucked into her asshole so fast and deep, Cindy screamed again into the gag. The pain flared once more in her asshole.

Again Howie rested, his cock buried deep into the fiery tightness. His balls rested on her hairy, wet cunt. She could hear him breathing with excitement, and her body shivered with pain, and to her horror, her asshole was squeezing the base of his cock. And again she couldn’t make it stop. Tears streamed from her eyes, her face burning hot with shame and pain.

She grunted into the gag, trying to tell him of her pain, that she hurt terribly. It wouldn’t have done her any good, she knew, but she had to try. Being unable to talk to him, she decided that if she could help make him come quickly, it would be over faster. And the faster she made him come, the less pain she would feel and maybe he wouldn’t hurt her anymore. Maybe, just maybe, she thought, he would be satisfied enough to lose interest in her.

With that thought in mind, Cindy wiggled her ass as much as the clothesline allowed. She could lift her ass perhaps an inch, and she tried it. Howie laughed wickedly.

“Ahhh, you like it this way, do you?” he asked. “You go for it like this, huh, cunt? You love my cock up your fucking asshole, don’t you? Shove it up, cocksucker! Fuck your pretty ass up at my cock!”

Desperately, ignoring the pain, Cindy lifted her ass and tried to wiggle. Howie laughed again and, clutching her hips hard, started fucking his cock in and out. The friction in her asshole helped soothe the pain, oddly. She felt his balls slapping against her cunt, and to her surprise, Cindy started to feel something.

It started as a slight tingle, but grew into a perverse feeling of unwanted pleasure. It started feeling good to have her asshole stretched to have his cock throbbing in her ass guts. She felt as if her asshole would be forever stretched open, but the pleasure was increasing.

Cindy didn’t understand what was happening to her body, but the pleasure was there now. As the pleasure grew, her asshole seemed to suck hotly at his cock, and even her cunt was swelling, the pussy lips puffy, getting wetter. Her cunt, for the first time, started tingling and growing hard, turning into a tight knot and throbbing.

The deeper Howie drove his cock, the better it seemed to feel. Her asshole burned, but the burning felt good now, and she jutted her ass up as high as the clothesline allowed. There was the rumbling of ecstasy in her lower body, and Cindy’s tears turned into tears of delight. She was whimpering softly, surprised at the pleasurepain.

Howie failed to recognize that he was giving Cindy pleasure now. He was concentrating on fucking her tightly squeezing asshole. He watched his cock fucking between her pretty ass cheeks. He could see the flesh of her asshole drawing on his cock and fell his balls slapping at her cunt.

The burning, delicious sensation of Cindy’s cunt and asshole increased until she thought she would come. She tried to fight off the feeling, not wanting to come. She didn’t want to give Howie the pleasure of knowing he made her come.

“Ahhh, you’re nice and hot, Cindy!” Howie growled, panting as he fucked his cock in and out of her tight asshole. “You’re a fine piece of hot ass, cunt! Maybe I should untie you and let you fuck my cock let you really wiggle your pretty ass!”

If only he would, she thought. If only he would untie her and hurt her, she would wiggle her ass off for him.

It felt to her as if his cock were getting harder and longer. His prick seemed to dig very deep into her asshole. And, the deeper it fucked, the better it felt to Cindy. It seemed impossible that she could feel pleasure by having a cock fucked up her ass, yet that was what she was feeling. The tingle of pleasure, became burning ecstasy now.

Cindy arched her ass as high as she could, feeling the clothesline cut into her neck and ankles. She felt his cock throbbing aping the sucking, tight ring of her asshole, feeling that Howie was close to spurting his jism into her ass. She clamped her asshole astight as the could, trying to make him come, still not wanting the pleasure assfucking gave her.

“I’m going to fill your fucking ass, Cindy!” Howie yelped, plunging his prick brutally into her asshole. “I’m about to come, right up your hot ass!”

He fucked fast, his balls beating wetly at Cindy’s cunt. The throbs increased, and then his body went stiff, his cock as deep as he could shove it. It felt to Cindy as if his balls had actually been jammed into her cunt, too. When the thick come juice gushed up her ass, burning the tender walls, Cindy was afraid she would shit for sure. It felt almost like an enema, and she knew what an enema did. Believing she would shit and embarrass herself in front of Howie, her growing, bubbling orgasm faded away, and the pain returned.

She relaxed her asshole around his cock when he finished coming. She felt weight on her back as he gasped heavily, his cock still inside her asshole, but no longer hard. It felt better, now.

But when Howie pulled his cock out of her ass, her ass ring seemed to remain open and stretched, and the feeling of wanting to shit was powerful. She managed to control the urge, and started to relax just a little.

And she began to piss.

She groaned with embarrassment, trying to stop. But all she managed to do was spurt piss in quick gushes. Her whole body, turned red with shame, and her tears of humiliation flowed once more.

Howie, standing on his knees behind her, began to laugh in a wicked way, adding to her shame.

“Piss away, cunt!” he yelled. “Piss all you want! Dirty little bitch, pisses in her fucking panties! Rut you don’t, have panties on, do you, cunt? You should see yourself, Cindy… your cunt pissing!”

The hot, golden stream of piss spewed from her cunt, splashing onto Howie’s thighs. He jerked out of the way, yelling at her: “Piss on me, will you, cunt! I’ll beat your fucking ass raw for that!”

But Cindy didn’t hear him.

Her cunt had erupted into orgasm.

She groaned into the gag, surprised and ashamed that she was coming. It was impossible, but her cunt was clutched in a tight, hot, exquisite orgasma much more pleasurable orgasm than she had ever felt.


Joan came home about fivethirty that morning, and found Cindy, as usual, sleeping on the couch. Knowing that Cindy’s father was dead tired, she let Cindy keep sleeping.

She checked on her son in his room, and found him sound asleep, too. Going through the house to make sure everything was locked up, she walked between the sleeping Cindy and the coffee table. She sniffed, understanding what the odor was immediately. She squatted down and ran her hand along the carpet, finding it wet. She smelled her hand.

“Piss,” she whispered, turning to look at Cindy, a slight frown on her face. Joan began to wonder. Cindy was uncovered, having kicked a blanket to her feet. Her pleated skirt was above her knees, and Joan couldn’t resist taking a peek, needing to satisfy her curiosity.

Lifting Cindy’s skirt, she saw the girl was naked underneath. Frowning again as she lowered her skirt, Joan stood. She had seen the come juice on Cindy’s thighs, and her blonde cunt hair was slightly matted. She wondered if Cindy was having boys in after Howie was in bed.

If so, Joan wasn’t going to say anything to the girl’s father. Cindy had just as much right to a good fuck as she and Jack did, she felt.

Going to her room, she undressed and climbed between the sheets. She had bathed with Jack at his house. As she started drifting off to sleep, she considered his proposal of marriage again. It could work, she thought, except for one thing: how could they enjoy their kind of sex living in a house with a boy and girl? That was the only thing Joan knew of that prevented a marriage between them. They would eventually be caught, and there was no telling how Howie and Cindy would react.

Later, Joan thought at first she was dreaming, that Jack had her tied to his bed again, spreadeagled. She moaned softly in her sleep, wiggling her hips. Her legs were spread wide, and her cunt was so wry hot.

Howie stood over his mother, watching her with gleaming eyes. He had awakened early, finding Cindy gone, and finding his mother in bed. She had kicked the sheets to the foot of the bed, her legs thrown wide apart. She was naked.

Immediately, he carefully tied her to the bed as she had been in Jack’s house. He stood at the foot of the bed, gazing between his mother’s long thighs, staring at her cunt. It was different thaw Cindy’s cunt, yet just the same. He examined his mother’s cunt carefully, and the only real difference he could see was that the cunt hair seemed thicker, and it wardark, where Cindy had blonde cunt hair.

But the real difference was that it was his mother’s cunt he was looking at, and that he had her tied up so he could fuck her if he wanted to.

Joan slowly opened her eyes, her hips wiggling with pleasure. It took a moment for her to focus her vision, and suddenly she yelped.

“Howie!” she shouted, trying to close her legs. “What are you doing in here? Why am I tied like this? Get out of here, damn you!”

Howie laughed. “Not yet, Mother.”

“But why?” she asked, her eyes darting about. She felt embarrassed to have her son staring at her with that gleam of lust in his young eyes.

“I saw you, Mother,” he said. “I peeked and watched you and Jack. Shame on you.”

“You… saw?”

“Everything,” he laughed. “I saw him piss on you, Mother. I watched him fuck you, and I heard you begging for more.”

“Oh, my God!”

“Why are you blushing? I thought you’d like waking up all tied up.”

“But you’re my son,” she yelped. “You’re not supposed to see me like this! Cover me up, at least.”

“I want to look at you,” Howie said, moving to the side of her bed. “See what you do to me, Mother?”

He shoved his shorts down, and his cock popped up, swollen and hard. “You give me a hardon.”

Joan stared at her young son’s cock, her face flushed. Howie’s cock was not as big as Jack’s, but she found it beautiful. Despite being humiliated by her son this way, Joan was reacting. She was reacting to being tied and naked, the same as she did when Jack tied her up. The passion to be tied and helpless was stronger than her shame. Her cunt started pulsing, her clit tightening up. She squeezed the cheeks of her ass together, a soft, low moan coming from her throat.

Her reaction was not missed by her son. He darted his eyes to her hairy cunt, giggling as he stroked his cock slowly. He saw the lips of his mother’s cunt quiver.

“I can fuck you, too,” he said. “I can fuck you the way Jack did.”

“Oh, God, Howie,” she moaned, staring at his swollen cock. “You mustn’t! It’s so wrong to fuck your own mother! Please, don’t get such crazy idea, honey.”

But Joan was lying. She was hungry for her son’s cock. She struggled against the cords, but it was only a show. Her desperate need to be helpless and humiliate caused all thoughts of right or wrong to fade completely from her mind.

“Please, baby, don’t fuck me,” she said, gazing at his cock with smoldering eyes. “Please, don’t put that in me! Don’t fuck your mother!”

She saw in her son’s eyes the same expression Jack got when she was tied. Her naked body shivered with anticipation, and she wasn’t in the least surprised when her cunt came. It was a mild, rippling orgasm, but delicious just the same. She watched her son’s piss hole grow wet, and she licked at her lips.

Howie kept stroking his cock, staring at her, seeing her hips twisting. There was a wild look on his face. And then he cupped his mother’s firm tits, digging his fingers into them. The slight pain made Joan moan, and she lifted her hips from the bed.

“You can’t stop me, Mother,” he said, and he pinched her nipples. “I can fuck you anytime I want.”

When he pinched her nipples, Joan cried out, but it was the cry of a woman experiencing needed pleasurepain. Her cunt quivered, and she almost came again. He pressed his cock against her tit, trying to fit her nipple into his piss hole. Joan dipped her chin, watching him, wishing he could get her nipple in there. The wetness of his dripping cock thrilled her.

“Oooo,” she mewled. “You’re making my tit wet, Howie. It’s slippery… please don’t, darling.”

“What would you do if I pissed on your fucking tits, Mother?”

“Oh, God!” Joan whimpered. “I’d come, that’s what I’d do. I’d come, damn it!”

“That’s what I thought,” he laughed, taking his cock from her tit. “But I’m not gonna piss on you; I’m gonna fuck you, Mother!”

Joan choked, gazing at her son. “You want to fuck?” he asked. “I heard what you said to Jack last night.”

“You know everything, don’t you?” she whispered.

Her son nodded.

“Do you really like tying me up like this, or is it because you think I wouldn’t let you fuck me?”

Howie laughed at her. “I like it when you talk that way, you cunt,” he said.

“Ooooo, damn it,” Joan sighed. “Call me anything you want, Howie. I love it… it makes me so hot!”

She twisted against the ropes, her cunt boiling with seeping pussy juices.

“Are you a cunt, Mother?” the boy asked. “Are you really a cunt?”

“Look at me,” she whispered. “Don’t I look like a cunt? Look at my pussy, baby. See how wet matter’s cunt is? I love being tied up and helpless, being forced to do what you want with me. It’s the only way I really enjoy it.”

“I saw, remember?”

“Then fuck me, Howie!” she urged, arching her hips up as high as she could. “Ohhh, honey, put your hard cock in your mother’s hot cunt, and fuck it raw! Hurry, Howie fuck your mother!”

Howie climbed onto the bed between his mother’s spread thighs. His cock jerked about wildly as he moved it to her hairy, wet pussy. Joan held her head up, watching between her tits, watching his cock, her cunt already twitching with her perverse eagerness.

Howie pressed his cock head into his mother’s cunt, and Joan purred with pleasure, her head dropping back to the pillow. She twisted her hips, grinding her cunt onto his cock as he fucked it all the way into her.

He felt his mother’s cunt clamp at the base of his cock. He fucked in deeply, leaning over and grabbing her big, firm tits with both hands. He held his hips up, letting his mother’s cunt fuck up and down on his cock stuffed a long nipple into his mouth, sucking hungrily Joan pumped her ass up and down, whimpering as her hairy cunt sucked at her son’s cock. The ecstasy was intense at the moment, and she didn’t think of Howie as her son, but as a cock only.

“Oooo, suck my tit!” she moaned. “Mother will fuck your hard cock off! You like it, darling? Is my cunt hot enough for you? Wet and slippery?”

Howie didn’t reply. His mouth was filled by a hard nipple, and his hips were plunging now. He fucked frantically, grunting. Joan squirmed and writhed beneath him, the hot sensation of orgasm swelling inside her pussy.

“Ohhh, you’re going to make Mother come, baby!” she wailed, slamming her hips up and down. “If I was untied, I’d wrap my legs around your fucking ass and hang on!”

When she came, Joan howled with ecstasy, smashing her cunt powerfully into his cock. She squeezed so tightly at the base, Howie jerked his lips off her tit and groaned. His cock gushed, sending hot, thick spurts of come juice into his mother’s hairy cunt. Joan twisted her naked hips in a frenzy her cunt sucking and draining her son’s balls. When it was over, she let her ass slump to the bed.

Howie rested on top of her, clinging to one fit with tight fingers. His cock went soft in her pussy, but he let it stay inside.

Howie started pissing.

“Oooo, Howie,” his mother mewled. “You’re pissing in me! Oh, you’re pissing in my cunt!”

“Why not? You’re just a fucking cunt anyway, Mother.”

“Yes! Oh, God… I am just a fucking cunt!” she wailed, feeling her pussy suck at his pissing cock. “I’m a fucking cunt and my son fucked me and he’s pissing in my hot cunt and I’m going to come again and I love it! Oooo, drown my hot cunt, darling… flood Mother’s cunt with piss! Ooooo, beautiful! Piss in me… piss in my fucking pussy!”

The piss filled her cunt, then sprayed out, soaking her ass and the bed. She came, strong and hot and deliciously, shrieking with perverse ecstasy.

She continued to writhe with pleasure after Howie pulled his cock out. He wiped his wet prick on her stomach, then untied her.

“I’m hungry,” he said. “Get your fucking ass in the kitchen and fix breakfast.”

“Oooo, I will,” Joan cooed, sitting up in the puddle of piss.

She rubbed her ankles and wrist, seeing the red marks on them. She smiled shyly at her son, watching him finish removing his shorts. Instead of dropping them, he threw them in his mother’s face. She caught them, smelling the piss.

“Wipe your fucking face with them, Mother,” he demanded.

“Anything you say, darling,” Joan purred, wiping her face. “Ooooo, you’re so manly! I had no idea you could be this strong, Howie.”

He grinned at his mother. “Fix breakfast. I’m not through with you, fuckface.”

“Ooo, I hope not!”

She started to get her robe, but Howie stopped her.

“Just nylons, garter belt, and high heels, Mother,” he said. “Just like last night with Jack.”

With a shy look at her son, Joan pulled her nylons on. She snapped her garter belt to them, then put on her black high heels. Giving her son a coy look, she went to the kitchen.

After breakfast, Howie told his mother he needed to purchase a few things.

“Like what, darling?”

“You’ll see,” he replied mysteriously. “You have to go with me to pay.”

They visited a hardware store, where Howie searched out the specific items he wanted. He chose large hooks that could be screwed into wood, shining chains of various sizes, and then leather straps that could be fashioned into cuffs or whatever his imagination could do with them. He chose a dozen or so small locks with keys.

When Joan paid for the items, the man gave her a knowing grin. Joan blushed deeply, keeping her eyes down and not looking at the man.

The counter was almost chest high, and she felt her son’s hand running over her ass, which only made her flush more.

“Please, Howie,” she said when they were in the car. “Don’t touch me like that in public.”

Howie shoved his hand up his mother’s skirt. “Why the fuck not?”

“It embarrasses me,” she whispered, feeling his fingers twisting the hair of her cunt.

“That’s fine with me, Mother,” he laughed, and he pinched her soft thigh. “Besides, you get off being embarrassed.”

“Oh, God,” Joan gave a soft gasp, staring at her son. “You’re worse than Jack.”

“I hope so,” he replied. “Let’s go home. I’ve got things to do.”

Joan shivered as she drove home. She wasn’t sure if the shiver was anticipation, or fear. She didn’t mind at all being tied to a bed with ropes, but the items her son had chosen looked really cruel to her.

Howie got busy right away at the house, screwing hooks in various places. He spent all day rigging up his equipment. Joan’s cunt throbbed excitedly, yet she wasn’t sure she was going to enjoy some of this. Her son was excited as he worked; his cock strained all the time, inside his pants. It was dark when he finished.

“You’re not going to see Jack tonight, are you, Mother?”

“Not tonight,” she whispered. She had sat most of the day, watching him, wearing only her garter belt, nylons, and high heels. “Did you tie Cindy up last night, honey?”

“Yep,” he replied. “After watching you and Jack, I found her asleep, so I tied her up and fucked her.”

“Did she enjoy it?”

“Shit, no,” Howie laughed. “She was so pissed off at me, she pissed on the floor.”

“Will you tie her up again, fuck her?”

“I’ll probably have to grab her quick next time,” Howie said. “She’ll be watching me kind of close from now on, I think.”

She watched him pull on chains connected to hooks. He had them all over the walls, on the floor, and even the ceiling. Some had small, heavyduty pulleys.

“Are you going to use all that on me?” she asked, her voice shaking slightly. It didn’t look like fun to her, not now.

Howie didn’t answer his mother. Satisfied with what he had accomplished, he undressed. Joan’s eyes started smoldering when his cock jerked free. His prick was very hard, the cock head smoothly swollen, dripping already. His balls, she thought, were cute. There wasn’t much hair, nothing at all compared to Jack’s hairy balls. His cock wasn’t as big either, yet it had felt wonderful fucking her that morning.

Howie stood in the center of the room, gazing at his mother, slowly pumping on his cock. “Open your fucking legs and show me that rotten cunt, Mother!”

“Tie me up first.” She smiled sweetly at him, cupping her tits. She stood, her shoulders back to thrust her lovely tits outward.

“Nice tits, Mother.” He grinned at her, selecting leather cuffs. “Turn around so I can tie your hands.”

Joan turned willingly, her cunt pulsating with hot wetness, her naked body trembling slightly. Howie cuffed his mother’s hands behind her back, then placed cuffs around her ankles.

He slipped a crudely fashioned harness under her armpits, and Joan wondered.

Howie told her to lie on the floor on her back, and she complied. It was uncomfortable with her hands cuffed there, but she suffered with it, watching her son closely. This was not going to be simple, she knew. He wasn’t just going to tie her up in a helpless position, then fuck her. Howie obviously had something else in mind.

Standing over his mother, Howie looked down at her, his cock throbbing very hard. Joan looked up, her eyes fixed on his cock and balls, her flesh pimpling.

“Howie, you can’t fuck me with my legs cuffed together this way,” she ventured. “You are going to fuck me, aren’t you, darling?”

“Sure, Mother,” he grinned. “You’ll see.”


Howie snapped ropes to the cuffs of her ankles, then to the shoulder harness. Joan, her eyes starting to glaze with a mixture of ecstasy and fear, watched as Howie began to pull on the rope attached to the pulley in the ceiling. He lifted her feet, and Joan’s weight was on her shoulders. Next, he pulled her shoulders and head up by another pulley. Her ass sank until she was almost doubled up, hanging from the ceiling. Her dark hair fell downward, and she turned her head to follow her son’s movements.

He was quite pleased with himself. He walked around his mother, looking at her from every angle. He enjoyed the view of her ass. The puffy lips of her cunt seemed to pooch from her thighs, and the creamy whiteness of her ass seemed to beg for a good spanking.

He swung his flat palm hard against his mother’s ass.

“Owww,” Joan whimpered.

“Owww, is right,” Howie agreed. “I guess I can’t spank your hot fucking ass with just my hand. I’ll use this.” He picked up a leather belt, waving it in the air.

The belt smacked against her ass, making Joan writhe. She didn’t cry out this time. The pain lashed through the smooth cheeks of her ass, but Jack had struck her much harder before. Howie examined his mother’s ass, seeing the pink stripe the belt had left.

“You’re going to have to hit harder,” Joan whimpered. “You’re going to have to spank me real hard.”

“Would it make you come, Mother?” he asked.

“Ooo, yes, it would!”

“Then fuck you,” he said. “I don’t want to give you any pleasure. I want to make you scream, you fucking cunt!”

“Yes, darling! Oh, yes!”

Howie rummaged into the tool box he had brought into the house earlier. He found a couple of small vise grips. Joan stared at them, real fear in her eyes now. She didn’t have to ask what he was going to do with them.

“Not those, honey,” she pleaded. “They’ll hurt me, Howie! Please, baby, just hit my titties! Hit them all you wanta, but don’t use those on me!”

“I’ll use them if I want to, so you just shut your cocksucking mouth, Mother.”

He adjusted the grips, and then squeezed one onto a firm, long nipple, locking the grip. Joan howled in pain, real, excruciating pain. When he turned the grip loose, it dragged her nipple down and to one side. Quickly, he snapped the other grip onto her other nipple, and Joan thought they were being not only smashed, but pulled from her tits.

“Howie, you’re going too far!” she shrieked.

“Not far enough yet,” he giggled wickedly. He moved to her ass, digging a finger into her cunt.

Despite the pain in her tits, Joan wiggled her uplifted ass when he finger fucked her. She felt him part the hairy lips of her cunt. She couldn’t see what he was up to because her thighs were together. She felt him rubbing at her knotted cunt, and it felt so good, she hoped he would make her come. She felt the coldness of metal, and suddenly screamed as another small vise grip was pinched onto her cunt.

Howie let the grip hang down, the cold metal dangling between the cheeks of her ass. Joan was crying now with the scaring pain. Jack had never done this to her. She wasn’t sure she could stand much more of it. Her cunt felt as if it were being stretched, pulled long by the weight of the grip.

He stood to one side, looking at his hanging mother, his eyes shining with wicked pleasure. His cock jerked up and down, and Joan could hardly see him through the tears flooding her eyes.

“Darling, please, not this!” she moaned. “Tie me up and fuck me piss on me, but this is horrible, Howie! It hurts my tits and cunt! You’re going to ruin them, baby!”

“Want me to put a fucking gag in your cocksucking mouth, Mother?” he warned, cupping his balls and squeezing them tenderly.

“But, Howie, if you ruin my cunt, you can’t fuck it!” she protested.

“You’ve got other places for my cock,” he giggled. “I can shove my cock down your cocksucking throat, or up your asshole.”

“Do it, baby,” she sobbed. “Take these things off me, and let me suck your cock! I’m a good cocksucker, darling, real good! And I like to feel a cock in my mouth! I’ll suck it so good for you! I like to have a cock in my mouth, Howie. Please, darling, it hurts!”

Howie stood at his mother’s head, running his cock through her hair, getting it sticky with his dripping juices. He wrapped his mother’s dark hair about his balls and cock, looking into her face. “I think I’ll jack off, Mother. I think I’ll just come in your fucking hair.”

“Then hurry,” she urged. “Hurry up and do it, then take these things off me!”

“Naw, you’d like that too much,” he said.

He began to lower her head, using the pulleys. When he had her face just below his balls, he stopped lowering her. Joan head hanging gazed at her son’s balls and hard cock. Despite the fiery pain in her nipples and cunt, she licked her lips, anticipating her son fucking her mouth with his hard cock.

Howie straddled his mother’s face, rubbing his balls back and forth, across her forehead, her nose, her lips. Joan opened her mouth, trying to pull his balls into it, but Howie seemed content to rub only. She thrust her tongue out, managing to lick at his balls. Her cunt was wet and throbbing, her clit trying to swell in the grip of that thing clenching it.

“You like my balls, Mother?” he asked, pressing the hard shaft of his cock against her chin. “You want to suck my balls?”

Joan moaned, her tongue twisting against his full, hairless balls. Howie pressed them down, and her lips parted. When his balls were in her mouth, Joan sucked them, her nose pressing between the cheeks of her son’s ass. There was a shitty odor, yet it somehow excited her. Jack had never done any of this to her, and Joan found it almost exhilarating. She sucked hard on Howie’s balls, feeling him press and rub his hard cock on her chin. He was dripping on her neck, and even that felt good to her.

“Suck my balls, you cocksucker!” Howie grunted, pulling up on the vise grips, sending a slashing pain through his mother’s tits. Joan howled around his balls as the pain sent tears from her eyes. “Suck my balls and I might, just might, take those grips off.”

Joan began to suck her son’s balls frantically, willing to do anything to get rid of those cruel grips. Her clit felt as if it had stretched a foot long, and the pain was terrible on that sensitive organ. She sucked ax his balls as her tongue flew around them. She could feel how loaded they were with come juice. Her nose pressed harder between the cheeks of his ass, resting now on his puckering asshole. The odor of shit was stronger, and Joan couldn’t understand her erotic response to it. It seemed to make her hotter than sucking his cock.

Howie let go of the grips, and they fell down, pulling brutally on her nipples. He drew his balls out of her mouth and rubbed the dripping head of his cock across her lips. Joan thrust her tongue out, licking the swollen head of his cock, tasting the juices on it. She licked at his piss hole, breathing heavily with ecstasy.

When he stepped away, she begged: “Put it in my mouth. Howie! Please, fuck my mouth! Baby, oh baby, fuck Mother in the mouth! I want to suck your cock, make you come in my hot, wet mouth!”

“You really want to suck my cock, Mother?”

“Oooo, yes!”

“Here, take it,” he said.

She opened her mouth wide, and Howie shoved his cock deep. He fucked into her mouth so fast and deep, Joan choked as his prick almost penetrated her throat. He gripped the back of her head, pulling her face up. He pushed his cock as hard as he could. Joan couldn’t breathe, and she was strangling on her son’s cock.

When she thought she was going to pass out from lack of air, he pulled his prick free. Joan gulped in air as quickly as she could. Howie watched her, stroking his cock, his eyes bright.

“I thought you wanted to suck my cock, Mother,” he laughed. “Shit, you didn’t even try.”

“You shoved it too deep, Howie,” she gasped. “I couldn’t suck.”

“Maybe later,” he replied, and he moved to her uplifted legs. He pulled on the vise grip pinching her clit, making his mother shriek with pain. He shoved the grip between her thighs, out of his way. Her head, was still down, but her ass was level with his cock. “I want some hot pussy, Mother,” he said. “And since you have the hottest pussy around, I guess it’s you.”

“Take that thing off first,” she said.

“I like it right where it is,” Howie replied, fingering his mother’s cunt. “It seems like your cunt likes it too, you’re so wet and hot.”

“I don’t like it!” she yelled. “It’s about to pull my clit off!”

“Good,” Howie laughed. “You don’t need it to back anyway. Who cares if you come or not. I sure don’t.”

Howie fucked his cock into his mother’s cunt, making her swing gently. He grabbed her thighs and pulled her against his body, his cock deep. Joan felt his prick throbbing inside her pussy, and began to clamp down on it with her hairy cunt lips. The quicker this was over with, the quicker he would take those evil things off her body.

“Oooo, that’s nice, honey,” she purred through the pain. “Fuck Mother’s cunt, Howie! Your cock feels so good in Mother’s cunt. Fuck me real hard! I love to have a hard cock fuck me hard and fast, Howie!”

Howie wasn’t paying any attention to his mother’s words, watching his cock fuck into her hairy cunt. He took hold of the vise grips again, and while fucking her, pulled on them, watching her cunt stretch. Joan howled with pain, her cunt clutching at his cock as tightly as possible.

Joan wiggled as best she could, trying to make Howie come, wanting him to come, wanting him to take those things off her nipples, off her clit. She felt more pain than pleasure now, and she didn’t like it at all.

Howie jerked his cock from her cunt. He let the vise grips drop by themselves, and the sudden pulling sent pain from Joan’s clit to the top of her head. She screamed loudly. Howie moved to his mother’s head again, his cock dripping with cunt juice.

“Lick it, Mother,” he said, shoving his cock to her lips. “Lick my cock and see how you like the taste of your fucking cunt!”

Joan began to lick frantically at her son’s cock, tasting the hot juices of her own pussy. She swirled her tongue around, lapping it all up, then pulled the head of his cock between her lips, tasting his seeping fuck juices with her own. Her cunt throbbed despite the pull of the grips.

Howie pulled his cock away.

“That was very good, Mother,” he laughed down at her. “You like the taste of your fucking cunt.”

“Yes, Howie,” Joan said, shamefaced. But it was the truth; she did enjoy the taste of her own pussy.

“Tell me how much you like it!” He picked up the belt and began lashing at the back of his mother’s thighs with it. Each blow caused her to swing back and forth.

“Oh, God, that hurts, Howie!” she screamed.

“Tell me, you cunt!”

“I love it!” Joan screamed. “Owww, I love it very much, Howie!”

“You like cunt, don’t you, Mother?” he asked harshly, hitting her thighs harder and harder. “You’re a fucking cocksucker and a cuntlicker, right?”

“Yes, I am!” Joan screeched, the pain in her thighs severe now. Jack had never struck her this hard. “I’m a cuntlicker, Howie! I love to eat pussy! I love to suck cock! Ohhh, stop! It’s killing me!”

“You want to eat a sloppy, juicy cunt, Mother?”

“Yes! Oh, God, yes!”

Howie dropped the belt and fucked all his fingers into her cunt, pulling the grips to one side. The pain slashed through her cunt. He fucked his fingers in and out of his mother’s hairy pussy, then shoved his wet hand into her face. Joan began to lick at the wetness frantically, tears flowing from her eyes. Howie shoved his fingers into her mouth, and Joan sucked wildly.

Pulling his fingers from her mouth, he turned and shoved his ass into her face. “Suck my ass, you cunt!”

Joan shot her tongue out, licking up and down the hot crack of her son’s ass. He shoved his hands behind his ass, pulling the asscheeks wide. Joan pursed her lips and kissed her son’s asshole, then began to lick at it ma frenzy. She felt his asshole pucker tightly, and wanted to try and get her tongue into it, but was afraid Howie wouldn’t like it. She didn’t want to do anything he didn’t enjoy; he might hurt her worse.

She had her tongue pressing and licking in hot circles on his asshole when Howie suddenly farted. Joan groaned with distaste, trying to pull her face out of his ass. But Howie squirmed tighter, preventing her from pulling away. Joan felt the hot air of the fart scorching her tongue, and since her lips had been open, she inhaled the foul fumes.

Again her son farted, right into her mouth.

He laughed and wiggled his ass into her face for a moment longer, straining to fart again. Unable to, he pulled his ass out of his mother’s face and looked down into her eyes. Her face burned with shame, and tears glistened on her cheeks. She closed her eyes, ashamed to look at her son now.

“You like those fans, you cunt?” he asked, giggling with delight. “Fartface, that’s what we can call you I guess. You get off by having fans in your cocksucking mouth!”

Joan felt more humiliated than ever before. To have someone fan in her face was the ultimate degradation, she thought.

“Fartface,” Howie said again, pleased with himself. His cock was still throbbing hard, dripping all over the place. He lifted one vise grip that clung to his mother’s nipple, then let it fall again. Joan screamed as the weight of it jerked on her tender nipple. “Fartface, cocksucker, cuntlicker! Some fucking mother you are!”

He moved again to her ass, and started rubbing his cock up and down, sliding the swollen cockhead between the cheeks of her ass. Again he shoved the grips between her thighs out of his way. He stroked his cock along her very juicy cunt gash, then down to her ass again. When Joan felt his hands pulling the cheeks of her ass open, she began to whimper, knowing very well what he was going to do. Even Jack had not shoved his cock into her asshole, for which she had been thankful.

Howie began to press the smooth head of his cock against her tight asshole. Joan squeezed her ass ring as tight as she could, trying to prevent the penetration.

“You better open up, Mother,” he warned. “If you don’t open your fucking asshole for me, I’m gonna stick a broom handle up it!”

“Please, baby, don’t!” she begged. “Not there! You’re too big for my asshole! Fuck me in my cunt, Howie! Ohhh, please, fuck Mother’s cunt! You like my pussy, darling! It’s hairy and wet and so hot! I love it when you lick my cunt!”

Howie stepped back, picked up the belt, and began to lash at her thighs and hips, turning her flesh a bright pink. Joan sobbed with the pain.

“Now, open your fucking asshole for me!” he demanded, shoving his cock against her ass once more.

He pushed hard, and the head of his cock popped into his mother’s asshole. Joan screamed. It felt as if his cock had sliced her open, and the need to shit was strong. She felt her asshole squeeze, trying to expel his cock, but it didn’t work. He fucked in deeper, and she felt his lower stomach pressing at her creamy ass.

Howie lifted the grips from between her thighs and pulled on them, stretching his mother’s clit. Joan kept screaming as new pain went through her. As he pulled on the vise grips. Howie started fucking his mother in her asshole. He shoved a couple of fingers into her cunt at the same time.

The pain in her asshole went all the way to her head, and the more she screamed, the harder her son pulled at her cunt. She couldn’t tell which hurt worse, her cunt or her burning, stretching asshole. She sobbed as he fucked fast into her asshole, the need to shit becoming very, very strong now. She felt stretched so wide.

“Take it out!” she yelled. “Oh, Howie, please take your cock out! My God, it hurts! Don’t fuck me there Howie! Fuck my cunt… it’s wet for you! Please, don’t fuck me in the ass anymore!”

“Shut up or I’ll shit in your ticking face, Mother,” he growled, fucking faster.

Joan sobbed and tried to keep from screaming, even when he was pulling very hard on her tender clit.

Howie rammed his cock deeply, his balls smashing at her ass. He was close to coming and with a grunt, he jerked his prick from her asshole. Joan quickly clenched her ass ring, afraid of shitting. Still, her asshole felt so wet and open.

Howie moved near her face again, and she saw how hard his cock was. Her eyes flew open when he shoved his slimy cock to her lips.

“Noooo!” she wailed.

But Howie grabbed his mother’s hanging hair, jerking it hard, sending searing pain through her head. Her mouth flew open to scream, and he rammed his cock into her mouth. Joan was crying hard now, her son’s cock between her lips. It tasted of shit, like his farts.

“Suck it, cunt!” Howie demanded harshly. “Suck the slit off my cock! Suck it good! I’m gonna come in your fucking mouth, Mother!”

Hardly had he said it when his cock started spurting jism. The thick come juice gushed into her throat, and Joan swallowed out of desperation. She tasted shit, and come juice was spewing over her tongue, and she thought she was going to gag. But the more her son filled her mouth, the better it tasted, and despite the shit on his cock, Joan sucked hungrily, her throat, working to swallow, every bit of his creamy, sweet come juice. His balls rested on her nose, and she felt them writhing as they emptied down her throat. Her cunt was boiling, and she was close to coming, herself. But Joan knew she wouldn’t. Not this way.

When Howie lifted his limp cock from her mouth, she moaned, eyes streaming with tears, but glittering with a perverse passion.

“Piss on me!” she yelled. “Piss on your mother!”

“Anything you want, fartface,” he laughed, and he began to spray her face with hot piss.

Joan, feeling her son’s hot piss on her face, also felt her cunt starting to convulse with a tremendous orgasm. She whimpered, her face drenched with his piss. She loved the stinging spray on her lips, and started to open her mouth to let him piss into it, when the stream suddenly cut off.

“Not yet!” she wailed. “I’m about to come! Piss in my face again, Howie! Ohhh, God piss in my fucking face!”

Howie moved to her ass, and let it go again. He pissed on her pussy, then directly on her sore asshole. Joan wailed as her cunt boiled into a very powerful orgasm. The wails were those of ecstasy. The hot piss seemed to sear the tender lips of her hairy cunt, yet soothe the pain in her asshole.

Howie pressed the head of his cock against his mother’s asshole, watching the piss spray over it. He pulled the lips of her cunt apart and drew his cock up, pissing into her cunt, making his mother’s orgasm stronger yet.

Howie laughed hilariously, looking down.

Joan was humiliated.

She had dribbled shit.

She felt the shit squeeze from her asshole, no matter what she did to stop it. Her degradation, she felt, was absolutely final.


Joan decided she wasn’t going to tell Jack about her experiences with her son. She didn’t know how he would take it, and besides that, she had really been humiliated.

When Cindy came to stay with Howie, Joan noticed the girl was withdrawn, not looking at Howie. She could understand Cindy’s reluctance to stay alone with the boy. Apparently, she had said nothing to her father, either. Cindy seemed more shy than usual. She had not been a shy girl before just a little withdrawn. But now she seemed to try and shrink into herself. Her shoulders slumped, her head low.

The girl had a very good figure, but now it looked to Joan as if Cindy were doing everything she could to conceal the thrust of her young tits.

As Joan left the house to visit with Jack, she saw her son looking at Cindy, his eyes glowing with anticipation already. She shivered as she closed the door behind her, hoping her son wouldn’t hurt the pretty girl too badly. There wasn’t anything Joan could do to help. Both she and Cindy were in a situation of secrecy. Neither could say anything. Otherwise, it would blow sky high, creating trouble they didn’t want.

“Fucking cunt,” Howie said as soon as his mother was out the door.

Cindy’s shoulders jerked, and her face turned pink.

“Look at me, cunt!” Howie demanded.

Afraid to refuse, Cindy lifted her eyes. She didn’t raise them any farther than his crotch. Howie had taken his cock out and was slowly jacking off. Cindy watched, shivering, afraid of what he was going to do with her.

“I didn’t think you’d say anything to your father,” Howie said. “You’re just a cunt and afraid to let anyone know what happened.”

She gazed at his swollen cock, twisting her hands in her lap nervously. His cock was hard and throbbing by the time he turned it loose. Her shoulders slumped a bit more. Howie opened his pants far enough to lift his balls out. He slumped in the chair, legs wide, looking back at her.

“Raise your dress, Cindy,” he said.

Her shoulders shook, and she looked Howie right in the eye. She didn’t say anything, but Howie saw defiance there.

“Lift your fucking dress, cunt!” he said harshly, sternly. “Lift your dress and show me your pretty panties.”

“Howie, this has gone far enough,” she said with a shaking voice.

“That’s what you think,” he grinned wickedly. “Now, raise your dress or I’ll tear it off.”

“You wouldn’t!” she gasped.

“Try me, cocksucker.”

Howie would, she knew. It was in his eyes. There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do to her. Cindy wondered if she could get away. But he was strong, very strong.

She lifted her dress.

“Well, how about that?” Howie laughed. “You ought to be ashamed, Cindy.”

Not understanding, she looked down. Her face turned beet red. She didn’t have her panties on! The blonde curls of her cunt showed between her creamy thighs. She had been, so absorbed in thinking of ways to stay away from Howie, she had forgotten her panties! That was the reason, she told herself, it certainly couldn’t be that she wanted to go without panties!

“Spread your fucking legs,” he said, his eyes taking on a gleam that told her she had to obey.

Cindy opened her legs, crying silently with shame.

“Farther,” Howie whispered, his voice thickening with desire.

Cindy sat on the couch, her dress held up and her long legs very wide. When he told her to scoot her ass forward on the cushions, she did.

But Howie wasn’t satisfied. With his cock sticking out of his pants, he stood and went to her. Cindy looked into his face fearfully, afraid to move.

“That is a pretty cunt,” he said, running his hands through the soft pussy hair. “Pink and tight. But it’s not wet, Cindy. You’re supposed to have a wet cunt.”

He slapped her pussy.

Cindy shrieked in pain, her legs clamping reflexively. “Owww! God, that hurt me!”

“I know,” he giggled, pulling her legs wide again. “And I can hurt your cunt worse.”

“Please, don’t!” Cindy sobbed, her eyes flooded with tears. The pain burned, and the heel of his hand had smashed against her tender cunt when he slapped her.

“Get out of your clothes,” he said, his cock almost painfully swollen. The scream had excited him, and his balls seemed tight. “Take everything off.”

He turned and walked away.

For a moment she sat there, sobbing with misery, her cunt seared with pain. She was just standing up to remove her clothes when Howie returned. He was carrying an old kitchen chair, backless except for the upper back. Where he had gotten it, she had no idea. There was no bottom to it, just a rim. The four legs were not braced, just four posts to hold the chair up. It looked as if it had once had a wicker or cane seat, but no longer.

“You’re not naked yet?” Howie asked. “You better hurry or I’ll tear your clothes off, Cindy.”

She worked with fumbling fingers so fast that she ripped buttons from her blouse. She finally stood naked, trying to conceal her shapely tits and cunt, crouching slightly. It amused Howie to see her modesty gone, to see the blush of shame on her beautiful young face. Placing the chair in the middle of the floor, he grabbed her arm, pulling her.

“Sit in the chair,” he said. “No, not that way, you cunt! Turn around and straddle it, put your tits against the back.”

When she complied, she found her ass sinking through the ring, her cunt seeming to open. Howie quickly tied her hands behind her back, then drew the rope to the bottom of the chair, securing her hands so she couldn’t move them. That done, he lifted her tits over the back of the chair and began winding clothesline about her until she was pressing to the chair back. He tied the rope over her tits, but left her nipples exposed. The tighter he pulled on the rope, the more her nipples thrust out. Then he went to work tying her feet to the legs of the chair. When he stepped back to examine her, he could see her bare ass drooping through the open bottom, see her gaping cunt.

Tears flowed from Cindy’s eyes, dripping from her cheeks and splashing on her tits. She sobbed silently, her eyes closed. Howie pinched both her nipples very hard, making Cindy groan with pain. His cock was standing out and his piss hole was very wet as he pressed forward. He rubbed the head of his cock about her nipples, smearing her flesh with the oozing juices from his piss hole.

Moving behind her, he realized he had not tied her enough. Looping clothesline about her small waist, he secured the other ends to the ring of the chair. Now she couldn’t move at all, hardly even wiggle her ass. Satisfied, he walked around her to make sure he had not forgotten anything else.

Howie picked up a leather belt, a narrow strap that would cut flesh if he hit her hard enough. He swished it through the air, and Cindy’s eyes opened when she heard it. She saw the belt, and her eyes grew big with fear.

“No, Howie, please!” she groaned. “I don’t like it! You’re going to hang me, Howie! God, please don’t hurt me!”

“A little pain won’t kill you, Cindy,” he said. “I’m just going to warm your pretty little ass up, that’s all.”

He’s an uppercut sort of swing with the belt from behind Cindy. Although it struck her ass, the ring of the chair caught most of the force. Cindy whimpered, but he wanted to hear her screaming with pain. He tipped the chair over until her face was on the floor. Her ass presented a lovely target now.

Getting to his knees, he ran his hand over her swelling ass cheeks in a gentle way, feeling each ass cheek. He fondled her pooching cunt a moment, then he stood sand undressed himself. Cindy couldn’t see what he was doing, but she knew he was undressing; she could hear the rusiling of his clothing. Hoping against hope that Howie would simply fuck her, then untie her; she shivered. She didn’t know how he could fuck her in this weird position on the chair, but that was what she wanted. Getting fucked, even though she felt nothing from it, was preferable than getting hurt.

Standing on his knees, Howie swung the belt up through the legs of the chair. The belt smacked Cindy’s naked ass in a resounding whack. She screamed as the burning pain went through her like a broken darn of water. The belt left an angry red stripe on her naked ass, right across both sweet, creamy ass cheeks. Howie rubbed the mark tenderly, breathing fast with excitement.

He began to spank her harshly, lashing time and again with the narrow belt. He didn’t hit he hard enough to break the skin. He didn’t want that. Soon her ass was a fiery red, and the screams and sobs Cindy made served to send his balls into writhing pleasure. His cock was very, very hard now. He gripped his prick tightly, squeezing to stop a sudden discharge.

Dropping the belt, he lifted the chair back up, setting Cindy upright again. Her face was smeared with tears, and she was gulping for air. Her ass was burning hotly.

Howie scooted under the chair, looking up at her red ass and cunt. He kissed the sweetness of her ass, licking the red marks with his tongue. When he licked along the slit of her cunt, Cindy groaned. Her cunt, surprisingly, was wet now. She was reacting to his brutal spanking, reacting in a way she thought impossible. Not only was her ass hot from the belt, but Cindy found her cunt hot with desire. She couldn’t believe this cruelty could make her want his cock, want it in her cunt, fucking her. Her cunt felt swollen, and it throbbed with unexpected pleasure.

When Howie tapped his tongue across her cunt, dragging it into the cunt slit, Cindy actually came close to coming. Her sobs turned into whimpers, and she tried to wiggle her ass, but couldn’t. He was running his hands over her ass while licking her cunt, and she gasped in delight as he thrust his tongue up her cunt. Howie fucked his tongue in and out of her pussy, then pulled her knotted cunt between his lips and sucked. And the harder he sucked her cunt, the more excited Cindy became.

She gazed down at his cock standing up so hard. She wanted his cock now, wanted it badly. She wanted Howie’s hard cock fucking her, fucking her hard. Her pussy became very juicy, and Howie was sucking the pussy juices like a thirsty boy. Cindy whimpered as the pleasure became ecstasy. She wanted to get her hands on his cock, to jerk it, to stuff it into her cunt and fuck him frantically. If he would fuck his tongue up her cunt again, she felt as if she would come.

But he stopped sucking her pussy.

Scooting from beneath the chair, he stood up and grabbed his cock, pumping it a few times as Cindy watched, her eyes taking on an excited, glassy expression.

“You want some cock, cunt?” he asked, moving his cock close to her tits. “You want this cock up your fucking cunt, Cindy? How would you like it rammed this cock up your shitty asshole?”

“Howie…” she replied softly, licking her lips, her eyes riveted on his prick. “Please, Howie.”

He turned from her, bending to the side of the couch. She saw the vise grips in his hands, and her expression changed from desire to fear again.

“What are you going to do with me?”

Howie snapped a pair of grips onto her right nipple. Cindy howled in pain as they clamped down. Howie laughed in a wicked tone.

“Oh, God! Howie, it hurts!” she shrieked.

“This tit is gonna hurt, too,” he said gleefully, and placed the second vise grip on her left nipple.

The pain seared her tender tits, yet her cunt seemed about to explode into an orgasm. It was unbelievable that she could feel this horrible pain and also be about to come.

Howie tied clothesline to the grips, then pulled the cord of one to a hook in the floor. Then he did the same to her other tit. The cords pulled tight, the grips stretching her nipples, pulling at her tits. The pain was severe, but her cunt seemed to pulsate even more. Cindy was sobbing with the strange feeling of pain and pleasure, and her cunt was so very close to coming.

“Do those pretty little titties hurt, cocksucker?”

“God, yes!” she wailed.

“That’s nice,” he grinned at her.

Howie once again scooted under the chair, this time shoving his hips beneath her hanging ass. With one brutal thrust, he fucked his cock up into her cunt. Cindy howled again, but now in pleasure. She felt something this time as his cock fucked into her pussy, he felt her cunt grab at his cock of its own volition, squeezing it between the hairy cunt lips.

Howie, looking up at her, began to fuck his cock in and out of her slippery cunt Cindy, her eyes sparkling with wet tears, began to moan with pleasure for the first time by a cock fucking her. But Howie didn’t keep it up. He pulled his cock from her cunt and rested his ass on the floor a moment. He ran his hand along her juicy pussy, his finger rubbing her puckering asshole.

Then he rammed his finger up her ass.

Cindy shrieked with the unexpected penetradon. But his finger felt different than his cock. In fact, it felt good.

“Ohh, Howie!” she moaned.

“You like it, huh, cunt?”

“Oooo, I think so,” Cindy murmured.

“You’ll like this better.”

Howie pulled his finger from her asshole, his hands pulling the cheeks of her ass very wide. Her asshole seemed to pucker and, without warning, Howie fucked his cock into her asshole.

Cindy screeched with the sudden penetration, and her asshole gripped his cock at the base. Howie fucked his cock in and out of her asshole, grunting as he slammed up hard, making Cindy’s tied-up body jiggle. As he fucked her tight asshole, he began to pull down on the strings holding the grips on her tits. Cindy cried out as the extra pressure was exerted on her nipples. They stretched painfully. She began to cry loudly, turning her head from side to side, her lovely blonde hair fanning about.

Howie poked his cock up and down, fucking hard into her asshole, then jerking his cock free and ramming it deeply into her cunt. Cindy almost came with that first plunge into her pussy. But Howie pulled his prick free, then stood up again. He pressed down on the cord holding her tits, sending a fiery pain through her tits again.

Taking his third pair of vise grips, he clamped them onto Cindy’s cunt. It felt to her as if he had smashed her cunt beyond repair, and the screams came from her until her throat was hoarse. The grips, hanging down by their weight, stretched her cunt the way her tits were stretched.

“Take it off!” she screamed. “Oh, God… you’re pulling my cunt off, Howie! Take it off me, please! You’re going to kill me, Howie!”

He snickered, stroking his cock slowly. Cindy looked erotic to him, the grips pulling at her tits, the other grips hanging down lewdly, stretching her cunt, the cheeks of her ass hanging between the seat of the open-bottomed chair.

He shoved his cock to her face, and Cindy jerked her head back. He yanked her hair, bringing more screams from her.

“Don’t ever jerk away from me, you fucking cunt!” he snarled at her. “You jerk away from me ever again and I’ll sew your fucking cunt up, pull your cunt hairs out one at a time!”

He rubbed his cock across her lips. Cindy tasted the juices of her cunt on her lips, smelled the odor of shit on his prick. She grimaced and almost choked, but he was pulling her hair hard, jerking her face into his crotch. “Open up, damn it!” he snarled.

But Cindy refused.

Howie slapped her face, very hard.

“Now, open your cocksucking mouth! Now, you cunt!”

Helplessly, sobbing with pain in every part of her body, Cindy opened her lips. Howie’s cock slipped between them, and she felt it sliding across her tongue. His fucker was wet from her cunt, and there was a shitty taste. She gagged on his slimy cock.

Gripping her blonde hair with both hands, Howie started jerking her mouth back and forth on his cock, thrusting forward as he pulled her face into his crotch.

“You’ve got a hot mouth, Cindy,” he grunted, fucking deeply, the swollen head of his cock banging at her throat. “You’ve got a sweet, hot, wet mouth. Just like your hairy cunt… I’m gonna fuck your face, you bitch! I’m gonna fuck your cocksucking face and come down your throat!”

She didn’t suck on his cock, but it was big enough to stretch her lips, make her mouth feel tight. She could feel his prick throbbing between her lips, and the juices on it from her cunt coated her tongue. Hating what he was doing to her, she found the taste of his hard cock in her mouth suddenly good. Her cunt, despite, or because of the pain, began to throb with a fiery heat again. Her cunt, smashed by the grips, was trying to swell, and she knew her cunt was dripping.

Yanking at her hair, Howie pushed and pulled her face on his cock. He was breathing swiftly, snorting and dancing on his feet, watching her lips on his cock. His balls drew up tight at the base, smacking Cindy’s chin, her lips being tickled by the wiry cock hair.

“Take it, bitch!” Howie grunted.

His cock began to gush, spraying thick come juice into her mouth. Cindy gagged, closing her throat to keep the jizz from running into her stomach. Her mouth filled with jism until her cheeks ballooned outward, and the come juice seeped past her tight lips, dripping down to her tits.

“Swallow it, you cocksucking cunt!” Howie yelped, his cock spurting powerfully. “Swallow my come juice or I’m gonna rip your hair out by the roots!”

Cindy began to swallow his jism out of fear. The thick come juice entered her throat like scalding liquid, her throat working in wet sounds. Howie laughed wickedly as he came, his eyes bright with ecstasy.

Removing his cock from her mouth, he ran his fingers over her tits, smearing them with the come juice there. Then he wiped his hand across Cindy’s lips.

“Good, huh?” he grinned at her. “You like eating jizz, don’t you, cunt?”

Cindy began to spit, trying to get the taste out of her mouth. Her cunt still burned with expectant orgasm, though. Her lovely young face was flushed, but not with shame. It was because of her overwhelming desire to come, a feeling that could not be denied.

“Since you love to suck a cock,” he said, “and love that load of come juice in your mouth, you’ll flip for this, you bitch.”

Howie began to piss on her.

“No, not that!” she howled, feeling the hot piss drench her tits. “Please, Howie!”

He laughed loudly, lifting his cock and pissing into Cindy’s face. She closed her lips and eyes quickly, moaning with shame. The hot piss streamed down her body, dripping from her face. He pissed into her blonde hair until it was almost plastered to her head. Tears mixed with his piss, and the more she cried, the better Howie liked it. He sprayed golden piss up and down her body, pissing on her exposed stomach, then her tits, and again into her face. Cindy felt the hot piss stinging her tightly closed lips.

To her horror, her cunt suddenly burst into orgasm. It was such a powerful orgasm, her whole body went tight, then started shaking. The strong convulsions of her cunt caused the grips on her cunt to sway.

“Ooooo,” she moaned, her face grimacing with ecstasy. “Ohhhh God!”

“See, you came,” Howie laughed. “Your cunt was so fucking hot, and you loved sucking my come juice out of my balls so much, you came.”

“Yes, I did!” she whimpered.

And as her orgasm faded, Cindy yelped with embarrassment.

She was pissing a strong stream.


Cindy was tied to the wall.

Howie had refused to let her bathe, or even wash her face. He sat on the couch, looking at her. She was tied with her shoulders against the wall, her arms lifted high over her head, her tits straining outward, her nipples stretched by the vise grips, and those were tied to the floor. Her ass was pulled forward, her ankles secured by more clothesline, held up, her legs wide apart. Her blonde-haired cunt was fully exposed, the wet pussy lips glistening with pussy juices and his piss. He had tied her so the cheeks of her ass were spread, enjoying the sight of her tight asshole. He had placed clothespins on each lip of her cunt.

Cindy was horribly embarrassed to be so open and vulnerable like this, yet at the same time she was finding it enjoyable. Howie had turned the pole lamp on her, flooding her naked, tied-up body with light. Most other lights were out, and she was spotlighted in the dim room. He had opened the front door a few times, taunting her with full exposure if anyone should be walking past the house.

Even that, to her horror, made her cunt twitch with a constant excitement. She didn’t know what was happening to her emotions, but she was finding all this exciting. She was hotter than she had ever been, and she wanted Howie to fuck her, fuck her cunt raw. She was even wanting him to fuck her in the asshole, now. Remembering the pain when he first fucked her ass, Cindy wanted more of it.

She could not get enough of staring at his cock and balls now. She would even take his prick in her mouth willingly at this moment, but she said nothing to Howie not right then. The clotheslines on the lips of her tender cunt hurt, as did the vise grips smashing her nipples, but somehow it felt good to her.

Cindy couldn’t wait much longer for Howie to do something to her. Her body felt hot, as if she were feverish, and her cunt kept throbbing despite the pain, or because of it, she didn’t know which.

Howie didn’t seem interested in tormenting her right now, nor did he seem interested in fucking her, or even shoving his cock into her mouth. Howie loved to feel a wet mouth on his cock that she knew. She licked her lips, staring at his cock and balls. The taste of his come juice still seemed to linger on her tongue, and she found it wasn’t so bad after all. She would even like to have his cock back in her mouth.

“You make a pretty picture like that, Cindy,” he said. “Maybe I should take a picture of you this way. Use color film, so everything shows.”

Cindy gulped. “You wouldn’t do that, would you, Howie? I’m being nice to you.”

“You don’t have any choice, cunt,” he said. “Besides, you might decide not to come here again, and I don’t want that to happen. We have too much fun together.”

“But what would a picture help?” she asked.

“To show your father,” he grinned at her.

“Oh, God, you wouldn’t!” she gasped, shocked that he could even think of such a thing. “That would cause me trouble, Howie. You don’t know my father. If he saw me like this… oh, please, don’t even think about that!”

“I know your father better than you think I do,” he laughed.

“He’d kill me!” she said.

“More likely jerk off,” Howie giggled. “He’d look at you all tied up, your cunt showing, your tits all stretched that way… yeah, he’d probably get so fucking hard, he’d jack off.”

“He’d kill me, Howie!” she pleaded. “Please, no pictures of me not like this!”

“Aw, shut your cocksucking mouth,” he said. “I’m getting tired of your complaining.”

“Howie, I’ll always come here, let you tie me up,” she said. “You can beat me with the belt. I won’t even scream anymore, Howie. Please, you can do anything you want with me. Fuck me, even in my asshole. You love getting sucked off, Howie. I’ll suck your cock for you and you can come in my mouth, too. I like it when you come in my mouth, and I’ll swallow it all. Howie, piss on me… you like to piss in my face, Howie. Come on and piss in my face now, please!” Cindy was pleading with desperation, afraid he would take the picture and show it to her father.

“You’ll do all that anyway, you hot bitch,” he said. “And even if you don’t, I can always make you do it.”

“Yes, you’re right, Howie,” she replied. “Please, make me do all that now! I love it, love what you make me do, Howie! Want to watch me piss again? I’ll piss for you, Howie!”

“Suck my asshole?” he asked, his cock starting to lift. “You’ll suck my asshole, too?”

“Yes!” she yelped. “I’ll do anything if you don’t take any pictures of me!”

“Maybe I’ll use your fucking mouth and tongue for toilet paper, Cindy. Maybe I’ll just take myself a nice shit and make you lick my ass clean.”

Cindy’s stomach churned. She thought she was going to be sick, yet at the same time it seemed preferable to having her father see such a picture of her.

She nodded her head, looking down shyly, her cheeks hot with such an admission of her total passivity to his whims. She saw him get to his feet. She stopped breathing, thinking he was going to do just as he said. But Howie came to her, wiggling his cock up and down.

Looking up, she said desperately: “Put your cock in my mouth, Howie. Let me suck you off, make you come in my mouth.”

But Howie turned, presenting his ass to her. He straddled her body, shoving his ass back into her face. Cindy gagged as he wiped the cheeks of his ass about her face.

“Kiss my ass, you bitch,” he said. “Kiss my ass good.”

Cindy, choking with shame, kissed the cheek of his ass. But Howie wasn’t satisfied.

“Lick it with your fucking tongue!” Swallowing nervously, Cindy licked up and down the cheek of his ass. She closed her eyes as the shame of her humiliation burned through her naked body.

He arched higher in her face, his balls brushing along her mouth.

“Suck my balls,” he said. “Take them both in your mouth!”

Cindy opened her mouth, trying to capture his balls, but he pulled them away, sliding his ass into her face instead.

“Suck my asshole, cunt!” he demanded, pressing his ass into her face. “Suck my asshole with your mouth!”

I had his asshole against her lips before she could close them. With distaste, she pressed her tongue at his tight asshole.

“I said suck it, not lick it, you dumb shit!” Moaning with nausea, Cindy started to suck at his asshole. She pushed her open mouth tightly around his asshole, sucking hard.

“I might shit, Cindy,” he said. “I just might let you have a few big turds in your mouth.”

Cindy, horrified, tried to take her mouth away, but he pressed his ass into her face, the back of her head against the wall. She couldn’t move.

“Now you can lick my asshole,” he said.

Frantic, afraid he would shit in her face, Cindy ran her tongue in hot circles about his puckered asshole. With fear that he would shit, she tried hard to excite him enough to make him put his cock in her mouth. If she could make Howie come, excite him enough he would forget about shitting in her face.

Howie began to laugh as her tongue licked in a frenzy at his asshole. Then he began to blow fans. Cindy’s breath caught in her throat, and her tongue was pressing at his asshole. She felt the heat of his farts scorching her tongue, and her stomach churned.

“Fartface,” he said, laughing and pulling away from her face. He turned and looked down at her. “You like that, you dogshit?”

Cindy was gagging. She shook her head violently, the blonde hair flying.

“God, that’s horrible!” she said. “Don’t do that anymore, please. It’ll make me throw up.”

“So what? Who’s gonna care if you throw up?” he snickered, twisting his ass toward her again, letting go with a loud fart.

A small yelp came from her when her cunt exploded. She burned with it, her face blushing. She tried hard not to let Howie know she was coming, but her ass writhed anyway. Howie saw the quick flush, the grimace on her face, and squatted down, seeing the lips of her cunt convulse. With Howie knowing what was happening to her, Cindy felt miserable. It could only make him torment her more, in more wicked, painful, humiliating ways. This was his intention, she knew to make her love being abused.

The clothespins attached to the lips of her cunt seemed to move with each pulsation of her orgasm. They weren’t as painful as those wicked vise grips, but painful enough to hurt badly. Her cunt throbbed in a sweet way, overcoming of the pain.

Howie laughed in lewd amusement as Cindy came. He waggled his cock at her. “You don’t even need this to come, do you, cunt?”

When she didn’t answer, Howie slapped her already pink face. Cindy howled, her head rocking… and the orgasm became stronger yet. She was horrified to find the pain created such intense passion within her young body. Cindy couldn’t understand how anyone could enjoy being abused, humiliated and degraded. Her head spun with confusion.

“You better answer me, bitch!” he demanded, slapping the other side of her face.

“Yes!” Cindy yelled in pain. “Yes, I do! Ohhh, damn you, Howie, I like it!”

“That’s better, fuckface,” he said. “If you always answer me right away. I might let you suck my cock off. I might even fuck you once in a while.”

“I’ll answer,” Cindy said softly, her head hanging now, sobbing softly. To tell him she liked this was shameful, very humiliating. It could only lead to more, she knew.

“You like to get fucked, don’t you, Cindy?”

“Yes. I do,” she whispered, gulping between sobs. “I love to get fucked.” Cindy was answering him out of desperation, but she also knew it was true now. She didn’t know if she would enjoy being fucked by other boys, but she loved Howie’s young cock in her body. She wondered if the only way she could enjoy fucking was to be tied up and degraded this way, and she wanted to try fucking without it. She had to know, had to know if she was warped in some manner. However, she didn’t want Howie to know. If he found out she fucked someone else, there was not much telling what he would do to her. She was becoming a slave to him, she felt, a slave who would perform any vile act at his command.

“I love your cock, Howie,” she went on. “I love your cock when it’s so hard. I love your cock in my mouth, or my cunt, or up my asshole.”

It was what Howie wanted to hear. He released the clothespins on the lips of her cunt, tossing them to one side. Cindy’s eyes brightened. But Howie didn’t untie her, nor did he take the vise grips off her nipples. What he did instead was pick up the leather belt again, swishing it through the air dangerously, his eyes burning on her cunt.

He suddenly lashed the belt down between her widely spread legs. The belt struck her clit and the pain that shot through Cindy almost cased her to pass out. She screamed in a horrible sound of torment, throwing her head back hard against the wall. Howie looked at her cunt, seeing those pink, blondehaired pussy lips turn red. He watched her cunt pucker inward. Howie lashed at her cunt again, bringing more screams from Cindy. The pain shot through her highly sensitive cunt, burning to the top of her head. Piss dripped from her pussy, the pain so bad she was unaware of it. Howie, however, saw it and laughed.

“Pissing yourself,” he laughed. “Shame on you, you cunt. Can’t hold it in, huh? Just gotta piss all over yourself like a baby, don’t you?”

He lashed her cunt again.

Cindy howled, but her cunt was convulsing again. It was crazy, but she was pissing and coming, and her cunt felt on fire from the pain. Her ass twisted on the floor, her shoulder and arms trying to flail about. The ropes better tightly, and the more she struggled against them, the more intense the orgasm was. When the orgasm finished, the boiling, golden piss spurted in a strong stream for a moment. Her naked body rippled and shivered, the pain in her cunt fading the rippling of her creamy-smooth flesh was from pleasure now. The heat of her cunt felt good.

Cindy looked up at Howie, her eyes shining in a mixture of pain and desire.

“Piss on me,” she whispered, her voice very low and filled with embarrassment. Yet she wanted to feel him pissing all over her flesh.

“Talk louder, cunt,” he said. “I didn’t hear you.”

“Piss on me!” Cindy yelled, her eyes rolling with a dreamy, erotic expression. “Piss on me! Piss all over me!”

“That’s better,” Howie replied, taking hold of his cock and letting go. He pissed first on her wits, then aimed at her cunt. Cindy writhed with pleasure against the ropes, mewling in perverse passion. Lifting his cock, he pissed into Cindy’s lovely face. Again she closed her lips and eyes frantically.

“Open your fucking toilet-mouth, cunt!”

“Oh, not in my mouth!”

“Open your cocksucking mouth now.”

Cindy parted her lips. His piss went past her teeth, over her tongue. She tried, not to swallow.

“Wider damn it!”

Howie pressed on the clothesline holding the grips on her stretched tits. Cindy howled and opened her mouth has wide as she could. Howie pissed into Cindy’s mouth, watching, laughing with lewd delight.

“Fucking cunt,” he said. “You’re gonna be my toiletface from now on. You hear me, asshole?”

Cindy tried to reply, but piss ran down her throat.

“Drink it, cocksucker!” he laughed. “Drink that piss down, you fucking shithead!”

Cindy swallowed because she had no choice. And to her horror, she began to come again.


The front door opened.

Cindy was still tied in her lewd position, as if she were offering her cunt to whoever came in. Howie was sitting on the floor close to her, stroking one of her long thighs almost tenderly, a grin on his young face.

Joan gasped, stopping short. Her eyes were wide as she stared at Cindy, then her son.

Cindy cried out with shock, trying to bury her face into one shoulder. She would not conceal her naked, tied-up body, but she didn’t want to look at Howie’s mother. She blushed from the top of her head to her feet.

“Is it that late already?” Howie asked no one in particular. “I didn’t expect you home until later, Mother.”

He said it so easily, so unashamedly, Cindy peeked at him. Howie looked as if he were pleased his mother had caught them. Peeking at Joan, Cindy was startled to see fire in her eyes, the fire of passion. Joan’s eyes smoldered as she shifted her gaze from Cindy to her son. Her eyes, Cindy noticed, looked only at her son’s cock and balls, then at Cindy’s exposed cunt.

Understanding came to Cindy: it was in Joan’s eyes, in the way she stood, shivering slightly, one hand clutching her tit.

“No, please,” Cindy whimpered. “Joan, don’t look at me, please. Make Howie untie me!”

Joan slowly closed the door, leaning against it, not saying anything, just looking with wild, hot eyes at them.

“My mother wouldn’t do that, Cindy,” Howie said, giggling lewdly. “She does what I say, not the other way around.”

“Oh, God!” Cindy whimpered, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Howie shoved a hand to Cindy’s cunt, rubbing it, pulling the sweet pussy lips farther apart. Moving his other hand to her pussy, he began to fingerfuck her. Cindy cried in humiliation, her ass twisting as if trying to dislodge his finger.

“Not with your mother watching, Howie,” Cindy sobbed. “Please, not, with Joan here.”

“Why not?” Howie said. “I told you, you’re just another cunt didn’t I?”

Joan still leaned against the door, watching Cindy’s tied body, her eyes gleaming as her son’s finger dipped and pulled. She saw Cindy’s lovely cunt becoming wet, glistening, and realized the girl enjoyed her embarrassment.

Fingerfucking Cindy, Howie looked at his mother. “Take your tits out, Mother,” he said. “Show Cindy what pretty tits you have.”

Joan, her eyes glazed in passion, lifted her sweater to her neck. She was naked under it, and her big tits strained put, her long nipples swollen.

“How would you like to suck those big tits, Cindy?”

“No,” Cindy moaned. “Howie, please I’m not that way.”

“What way, cunt?”

“You know.”

Howie pulled his finger from Cindy’s cunt and began to pinch the tender, soft flesh of her inner thigh, pinching hard to make her cry out.

“I don’t like girls, Howie!” Cindy screamed.

“Maybe you don’t now, but you will,” he giggled.

“No, please,” she sobbed.

Howie stood up, his cock rigid again. He looked at his mother, wrapping a hand about his cock and stroking it slowly.

“Get out of your fucking clothes, Mother,” he said. “Take everything off but your nylons and shoes.”

Cindy felt only slight surprise at the way Joan obeyed her son without question. She watched Joan undress, finding herself becoming excited, despite her other feelings.

Joan had very big tits, with long nipples, and they were firm and lovely. When Joan slipped out of her skirt, she was naked under it, too. The dark bush of her cunt hair held Cindy’s eyes. Her own cunt was starting to pulsate again. Howie, still standing and moving his fist back and forth on his cock, watched his mother, eyes gleaming in a cruel way.

Joan stood, naked except for her nylons, garter belt and high heels. Her hands hung at her hips, head and shoulders back. She was waiting for her son to tell her what to do next. Cindy knew Joan would not refuse, no matter what Howie told her to do.

“Open your fucking legs and show Cindy your hot cunt, Mother.”

Joan complied, spreading her knees and going into a half squat. Cindy stared, seeing the pink lips of Joan’s cunt, already wet.

Howie went to his mother, turning her around. Cindy watched him snap leather cuffs on her wrists, then wrap a cord about his mother’s neck, fastening it to her hands. He pulled the cord until his mother’s hands were lifted painfully toward her shoulders. If she tried to struggle, the cord would choke her. Leaving his mother standing there, Howie began to pull at the ropes holding Cindy’s legs apart and high. He lifted her crotch up, then her head until she was hanging there, legs pulled very wide, her blondehaired cunt vulnerable.

“See that cunt, Mother?” Howie said, rubbing Cindy’s pussy with his palm. “Don’t you think it’s a real pretty cunt, Mother? It tastes like candy; I know, I’ve sucked on it. Cindy’s cunt gets so hot and juicy. I bet you’d love to eat her pussy, wouldn’t you, Mother?”

“Yes, baby,” Joan whispered.

Cindy moaned with shame. Not just because of her helpless position, but because of what Howie was going to make them do.

His palm was smeared with the juices of Cindy’s cunt, and he walked to his mother. Cindy couldn’t believe it when Howie wiped his palm across his mother’s lips. He drew back his other hand and slapped his mother’s tits with a sharp blow.

“Lick it, Goddamn you, fartface!” he demanded. “Lick the juice off my fucking hand, Mother!”

Joan cried out in pain, but thrust her tongue into the palm of Howie’s wet hand, licking hungrily.

“Now, wouldn’t you say her cunt tastes like candy, Mother?”

“Yes, baby,” Joan answered, her lips glistening with slippery pussy juices. “Just like sugar.”

“And you want to suck her cunt, don’t you?”

“Yes, baby.”

Howie gripped his mother’s upper arm, squeezing into the flesh harshly. “Then come on and do it, fuckface.”

Cindy was sobbing with shame, but she saw no such shame on Joan’s face. Joan was staring between the girl’s uplifted legs, her eyes burning on Cindy’s cunt. Cindy saw the woman lick her lips.

Cindy’s body was raised almost to the level of Joan’s tits. When Howie had his mother between Cindy’s creamy thighs, he grabbed one big tit, squeezing it with both hands, making the long nipple stand hard.

“Let’s see if we can fuck her cunt with your tit, Mother,” he said.

Cindy, her head lifted up far enough for her to see, peered down her body. Her eyes, wide, began to show a perverse desire. Howie rubbed his mother’s nipple up and down Cindy’s cunt slit, smearing it with the seeping cunt juices. Joan stared into the young girl’s face as her son rubbed her nipple up and down, stuffing it between the cunt lips. Cindy’s cunt felt hot on Joan’s nipple, wet and delicious. She had to bend her knees a bit for her son, and she began to pant with lust as he fucked Cindy’s cunt with her tit.

“Nice and hot, Mother?”

“Yes, baby,” she replied softly.

“Think we can make Cindy come this way?”

“We can try, darling,” Joan moaned, looking down at her nipple stuffed into the tight slit of Cindy’s wet cunt. Cindy wiggled, unable to stop it. The tit inside her cunt felt, good, and she was sure she would come if they kept it up long enough.

But Howie had no intention of keeping it up. He pulled his mother back. Her tit gustened with pussy juice.

“Stick your tit in her cocksucking mouth, Mother,” Howie said.

Joan looked at Cindy, her eyes almost but not quite apologetic. She moved to Cindy’s face, and when Cindy tried to turn her head away, Howie yanked at her long, blonde hair.

“Lick it, cunt!”

Cindy’s tongue shot from her mouth, licking frantically at the juicy tit. The taste of her own cunt juice sent ripples of erotic sensations through her hanging body. When Howie told her to suck on his mother’s nipple, Cindy closed her lips about it quickly. She sucked hard, taking the nipple deep in her mouth, her lips wide and clamped onto the spongy tit.

After everything else that happened to her, Cindy was not surprised to find she enjoyed sucking Joan’s tit. She sucked greedily at Joan’s tit, and the more she sucked, the better she enjoyed it. Her cunt was twitching again, becoming fiery hot. Her cunt swelled into a throbbing knot of pleasure. As she sucked Joan’s tits, she felt Howie playing with hers, digging his fingers into the tit flesh. But at least he wasn’t pulling on the grips clamped on her nipples.

Sliding his hand over her quivering stomach, Howie started fingerfucking Cindy, watching her suck hungrily at his mother’s tit. Cindy responded to his finger, her cunt gripping it. She started moaning softly, sucking with wet sounds, pulling on Joan’s long nipple.

“That’s enough titsucking,” Howie said, jerking his finger from Cindy’s cunt. He wiped it first on his mother’s lips, then Cindy’s. Cindy found herself trying to get his finger into her mouth, to suck it, but Howie wouldn’t let her.

“Not my finger, bitch,” he said. “You’ll get a chance to taste Mother’s hairy cunt soon enough.”

Jerking his mother back between Cindy’s spread legs, he shoved her face into Cindy’s cunt. “Eat her hot cunt, Mother! Suck her pussy… make her come with your cuntlicking, cocksucking mouth! Tonguefuck Cindy in her sweet little cunt!”

Joan began to lap her tongue up and down the wet slit of the girl’s pussy. Howie twisted his hand into his mother’s hair, holding her face away from Cindy’s cunt so. He could watch her tongue licking the juicy curt slit. Cindy’s ass writhed within the limits the cords allowed her, her eyes enormous as she saw Joan’s face between her legs. The feel of the woman’s tongue lapping at her cunt was good.

Joan licked, her tongue swirling eagerly at the puffy lips and swollen cunt. Howie jammed his mother’s face into Cindy’s cunt, turning loose of her head.

“You just keep eating her fucking cunt, Mother,” he said.

He released the grips on Cindy’s tits, and she moaned in relief. Her nipples felt smashed, and as the grips came free, her nipples swelled with pleasure and pain.

But her relief was short-lived.

Howie had picked up the belt, and started lashing it across her tender tits. Cindy howled in pain, crying out with tears streaming down her pretty face again. He struck her tits hard, making the soft, white flesh red and angry looking. But Cindy’s nipples remained swollen, throbbing with pain and pleasure.

Joan, hearing the flashy slaps of the belt, closed her eyes and fucked her tongue deep into Cindy’s cunt. She wiggled it about, licking and drawing the slippery, scalding juices into her mouth, swallowing. Her own cunt was on fire, and her rounded ass clenched. She didn’t dare move her face out of Cindy’s crotch until her son told her to, but she didn’t mind. Cindy’s cunt was sugary and sweet and tight, and so young.

Howie dropped the belt and went to his knees beneath Cindy. His cock stood up hard. He gripped his prick tightly and began to lick at the creamy cheeks of Cindy’s ass. He poked his tongue against her clenching asshole, licking it. Cindy began to squeal in pleasure. With Joan’s tongue fucking into her cunt and swirling about her tight, throbbing cunt, and Howie licking at her asshole, she begap to come in tight waves of orgasms. The more she came, the more pussy juice dripped into Joan’s mouth.

With his tongue lapping at Cindy’s tight, hot asshole, Howie ran a hand up his mother’s creamy thigh, poking his fingers into her cunt. Joan moaned into Cindy’s pussy and waggled her ass about, lifting and lowering her cunt on her son’s fingers.

Pulling away from Cindy’s ass, Howie stood up, looked into his mother’s hotly glowing eyes a moment, seeing her mouth surrounded by blonde cunt hair, her nose buried into it. He felt his cock throb, and he slipped behind his mother.

“Shove your cunt back, Mother!” he grunted.

Joan shoved her ass back at her son, her lips wide open and sucking, her tongue fucking into Cindy’s fiery cunt. Howie rammed his cock into his mother’s cunt swiftly, fucking deep. Joan moaned in delight, her cunt gripping his cock tightly, her naked ass swaying for him. Howie clung to his mother’s hips, driving his cock fast up her pussy. He fucked into her so hard, it caused Joan’s mouth to smash into Cindy’s cunt. Cindy squealed and whimpered as the pleasure flooded her hanging body.

“Ohhh, you’ll have me coming soon!” she shouted.

“Who’s stopping you?” Howie said over his mother’s back. “Come in Mother’s cunt sucking mouth, Cindy! Mother loves hot cunt in her cocksucking face?”

He smacked his cock into his mother’s cunt hard, making wet sounds.

“I’m going to come!” Cindy shouted. “Ohhh, God! Lick me, Joan! My cunt is so hot… I’m going to cum.”

Joan sucked and licked furiously, her face smeared now with the seeping juices from Cindy’s succulent cunt. She stabbed her tongue as deep as she could, swirling it about the velvet soft cunt walls, dragging it up over the knotted elk. She closed her lips around the hard clit and sucked it like a tiny cock.

Cindy screamed, this time with intense ecstasy. Her cunt grabbed at Joan’s tongue, sucking on it, squeezing it. Howie fucked his cock back and forth in his mother’s cunt, smacking his balls against her. His eyes were squeezed tight, his young face a grimace of tormented ecstasy.

“I’m gonna fill your hot cunt, Mother!” he grunted, pressing into her ass cheeks tightly, his cock throbbing inside her cunt.

Joan’s pussy erupted into a powerful orgasm. She wailed into Cindy’s cunt as the orgasm burned deliciously through her pussy. The orgasms were so light, her cunt seemed to claw at her son’s cock, gripping in hot waves of rippling motion.

Howie groaned, and his cock sprayed the walls of his mother’s cunt. Come juice gushed, his balls writhing as they emptied into her pussy. Joan’s naked body trembled as she took her son’s come juice up her cunt, the scalding sweetness of Cindy’s pussy juice almost squirting into her mouth.

Howie pulled his cock free and moved toward Cindy’s face. He rubbed the wet cock head across her lips, then stuffed it into her mouth. This time, Cindy took his cock into her mouth willingly, her tongue racing about the dripping piss hole, tasting come juice mixed with the hot juices of Joan’s cunt. Almost immediately, Howie’s cock turned hard again, and he pulled it out of Joan’s mouth.

“On your knees, Mother,” he said.

Joan went to her knees quickly. Her hands tied behind her back, the rope looped around her neck, she couldn’t shove her face forward. So Howie stood in front of her, fucking his cock into her mouth.

Cindy saw it, and her body started to steam again. “Let me!” she whined. “Howie, let me suck it off!”

“You’ll get your chance, bitch,” he said, twisting his fingers into his mother’s hair, yanking her face back and forth, making his mother fuck his cock with her mouth. “Mother, I’ve got another load here, and this time it goes in your cocksucking mouth!”

Joan sucked as frantically as she could, the pain in her head severe because he yanked her hair hard. Howie’s cock was so hard and hot between her lips, and her cunt bubbled again.

But before his mother came, he started gushing creamy come juice into her mouth. Joan whimpered as his jism flew across her tongue, then down her throat, burning and sweet. She sucked powerfully, her naked ass swaying. Cindy’s eyes smoldered, watching Joan swallowing hungrily, taking all the come juice from her son’s cock.

And then she was the one who came.


Howie allowed his mother and Cindy to clean up. He had no fear that Cindy would try to run now. He was pleased with himself; he had discovered his mother’s secret passion, and was teaching Cindy to like it, too.

As they bathed, he made his call.

It was late morning by now, and although he had not slept, he wasn’t in the least tired. Neither were his mother and Cindy, apparently. Both, although blushing a great deal, seemed as fresh as usual. He said nothing to them about calling Jack. He didn’t tell Jack, either, about anything. He wanted to surprise Jack and humiliate his mother and the man’s daughter at the same time. He was sure Jack would like it, but he wasn’t so sure about Cindy. His mother would find it delightful of that he had no doubt. His mother go off on being embarrassed, shamed, made to do all those erotic things he felt she wouldn’t do otherwise.

After they were squeaky clean, he had his mother put on fresh nylons, with a different garter belt, and her high-heeled shoes. He found more nylons that fit Cindy, and had her put them on, although there were no high heels that fit her. He placed garters on her nylons, teasing Cindy by spreading her legs, kissing her cunt, then biting at her clit hard enough to make her gasp with pain.

Cindy was sitting on the edge of his mother’s bed, and when he stood up, he shoved her flat on her back, jerking her legs wide.

“Stick your fingers up her cunt, Mother,” he said.

Joan, knowing enough to obey, stood on her knees and fingerfucked Cindy.

“Now let her suck your finger,” he demanded.

When Joan’s finger entered her mouth, Cindy began to suck at it hungrily, her naked ass twisting on the bed.

“Enough,” Howie said. “I don’t want you two to become overheated, not yet.”

He took them back into the living room. For a while, he simply had them walk around, shaking their naked asses and jiggling their tits for him. He held the leather belt, swinging it back and forth, threatening them with it if they didn’t do what he said.

“Get on the coffee table, Cindy,” he said. “On your stomach.”

Cindy glanced at Joan, and Joan nodded her head, her eyes warning the girl that her son could become quite brutal if she hesitated. Cindy lay over the table, her tits hanging over the sharp edge of it. Howie began to tie her to the table, putting a pillow underneath her cunt to lift her ass high into the air. He tied her hands outward, stretching her arms to each corner of the table. Then he secured her knees wide apart, so her cunt was exposed. Finally, he placed a blindfold about Cindy’s eyes.

“Why?” she asked. “I want to watch.”

“Shut up, cunt!” he snarled. “You’ll do just what I say.”

“But, Howie…”

He picked up the belt and lashed at her uplifted ass, making Cindy cry out in pain.

“Okay!” she screamed. “Okay, don’t hurt me anymore!”

Cindy couldn’t see, and her ass was in the air, her arms stretched to each side, her knees open and her cunt pooching from her thighs.

“Shove your face in her hot ass, Mother,” Howie said. “Get on your knees and stick your tongue up her shitty asshole.”

When his mother was on her knees behind Cindy, Howie lashed her hands to the coffee table, then pulled her knees wide and tied them to hooks in the floor. He saw his mother holding her face off Cindy’s ass, resting her chin on the hot, creamy split of the ass cheeks. Then he used rope to tie about his mother’s head, drawing it underneath Cindy’s hips. He shoved his mother’s face into the crack of the girl’s ass, making sure her mouth was pressed against the puckering asshole.

“Now, lick her asshole, Mother,” he demanded.

Cindy shivered, feeling Joan’s lips close around her asshole, her tongue pressing at the hot tightness. She felt the need to shit and piss, and tried to close everything as tightly as she could. It would be so embarrassing if she should piss, or worse, shit in Joan’s face.

A thought came to her.

“Howie, I’ve got to get home,” she said. “My father might…”

“Don’t worry about it, fartface,” Howie said. “I’ll let you go home when I’m ready and not before.”

He dropped down in front of Cindy, shoving his cock at her face. “You’re gonna suck my cock, Cindy, and Mother is gonna suck your shitty asshole.”

He rammed his cock into Cindy’s mouth, lifting her head by pulling on her long blonde hair. Cindy’s lips closed about his cock eagerly, sucking with wet, hungry sounds. The blindfold prevented Cindy from seeing. She felt Joan licking at her ass, tickling the pucker with the tip of her tongue. The urge to shit was so strong, she was afraid it would happen.

Joan’s eyes were on her son, her face tight into the hot, creamy ass of the girl. She sucked at the asshole, licking it, unable to pull her head away because she was tied there with the ropes. Her hairy cunt became puffy, getting very wet. She was inflamed with weird passion, thrilled at what her son was doing to her and Cindy.

Cindy sucked at Howie’s cock, her ass wiggling into Joan’s face. A small fan slipped from her asshole, and her face burned in shame. Joan felt the brief heat of the fart on her tongue, and her cunt throbbed and she came close to coming. She whimpered as her tongue twisted, moving into the hot tightness of Cindy’s asshole. Cindy groaned as she felt the tongue move up her ass, and she came close to shitting into Joan’s face.

Sucking in a frantic way on Howie’s tongue, Cindy experienced a wild and sudden change within her body. The tongue fucking into her ass felt good, and Howie’s hard, throbbing cock sent ripples of pleasure through her. She found joy in the way he was pulling at her hair, trying to fuck that dripping cock into her throat. Her cunt, pressing against Joan’s chin, burned with need for orgasm.

“Eat her fucking asshole, Mother!” Howie yelped, his eyes gleaming hotly. He liked seeing his mother’s face between the creamy cheeks of Cindy’s ass, knowing her tongue was plunging into that tight asshole. “Eat the skit from her fucking asshole! Suck my cock, Cindy! Suck the come juice out of my balls! Suck hard, cunt!”

He jerked at Cindy’s hair, making her cry out, but the sound was muffled; her mouth was filled with his hard prick, dripping juices over her tongue. She closed her lips as tight as she could around his cock, sucking very hard. She wasn’t sucking with painful desperation, but with ecstasy. The way Howie’s cock swelled, the delicious throbs, the burning friction blistering her tight lips, Cindy’s cunt bubbled with increasing ecstasy. She moaned against Howie’s cock, trying to shove her ass higher, pressing it into Joan’s face, wanting that tongue deep up her asshole.

“I’m going to drown your cocksucking mouth!” Howie shouted, fucking his cock fast and hard into her mouth. His balls beat against her chin, and her lips started to feel bruised. “I’m gonna come in your cocksucking mouth, you fucking cunt eat my cock! I’m about to come in your fucking mouth!”

Cindy mewled, swallowing Howie’s cock just as the creamy jism spurted from his piss hole. The thick, burning come juice scalded her throat, and she swallowed with ecstasy, gurgling wetly. Her ass twisted within the confines of the holding ropes, her asshole clutching at Joan’s tongue, sucking it inward, her cunt smearing the woman’s chin. A wet, gurgling squeal came from Cindy when her cunt went into powerful spasms of a sensational orgasm. Sucking Howie’s cum juice frantically she came and came. Her tongue flipped wildly on his jizzgushing piss hole when he pulled his cock our a bit.

Joan’s tongue was deep in Cindy’s asshole, gripped so tightly she couldn’t fuck it in and out. Her own cunt was boiling, very close to orgasm, yet so far away. She stared pleadingly at her son.

As the last spurt of come juice went over Cindy’s licking tongue, Howie pulled his cock free.

“Ooo, more, Howie!” Cindy cried. “Please, let me keep sucking your cock. It’s so beautiful and it tastes so good! I wish you could keep coming in my hot mouth!”

“Cuntmouth, you mean,” Howie laughed. “You’ve got a cuntmouth, Cindy.”

“Yes, Howie,” she said submissively.

He untied his mother from Cindy’s ass, but pulled her around the table, draping her legs on each side of Cindy’s shoulders. He tied cords to his mother’s ankles, stretching her legs, lifting her cunt into Cindy’s face. He laughed lewdly when he saw Cindy starting to lick at his mother’s cunt immediately. Her pink tongue was swirling into the dark, thick cunt hair, lapping at the soaking wet slit of his mother’s cunt. Joan purred and wiggled her lips, grinding her cunt up into Cindy’s young face.

“You like eating that cunt, Cindy?” Howie asked, standing up when he had finished tying his mother in position.

“Mmmmm!” Cindy gurgled.

“Tonguefuck me, Cindy!” Joan howled, so hot she was going out of her mind. “Eat my pussy, honey! Ohhhh, God… suck my wet, hot cunt!”

“You tell her, Mother!” Howie laughed, picking up the belt and lashing Cindy’s rounded, pretty ass, leaving it streaked with red imprints. The loud smacks of the belt sent Cindy into frantic sucking. The pain Howie sent burning through her ass increased her perverse passion. Her tongue fucked deep, wiggling against the slippery, smooth walls of Joan’s cunt.

“Beautiful tits, Mother,” he said, panting from the exertion. “But they’ll be even prettier if I smack them a little with the belt.”

Joan’s eyes were wet with ecstasy. At the moment, her moment of almost unbearable ecstasy, the need to come burning through her Joan didn’t care what her son did, just as long as she came. The belt came down across her big tits, stinging her long nipples. She gasped with the first blow, and screamed with the second. Her hips twisted Cindy’s sucking mouth furiously, grinding powerfully. The pain seared her tits until they felt raw. But Howie, his cock lurching up into hardness again, continued to lash at his mother’s red tits, moving back to lash at Cindy’s beautiful little ass. He struck Cindy’s ass, then his mother’s tits, and the more he beat them, the harder Cindy sucked at Joan’s grinding cunt.

“Oooo, almost there!” Joan whimpered. “Hit her fucking ass, Howie! Spank Cindy’s hot, lovely fucking ass!”

Howie lashed brutally, twisting so he brought the belt down into the crack of Cindy’s ass cheeks. Cindy felt the fiery pain sting her asshole, and the end of the belt curled down against her cunt. The pain was unbearable, yet it made her all the more horny. The harder Howie beat at her tight asshole and cunt, the more eager she was to bring Joan’s cunt to a boiling orgasm into her mouth.

“My tits!” Joan groaned. “Hit my fucking tits now! Oh, Howie, hit your mother’s fucking tits! Beat my tits hard, baby! Oooo, I want you to whip my cunt!”

Howie slashed at his mother’s tits, making her writhe with pain. His cock stood straight up, smacking with hardness against his stomach. His balls hung low, and his mother gazed with tearstained eyes at them through the excruciating pain, she wanted to have his cock in her mouth. She wanted her son to stick his cock into her mouth so deep that she couldn’t breathe. She wanted him to come in her mouth, the way he had with Cindy, and she wanted him to piss in her face, use her mouth for a toilet. She was out of her mind with pain and ecstasy, and she would have loved it if her son had pissed into her mouth at that moment.

But Howie was more interested in spanking her tits and Cindy’s hot, red ass. He beat them, one after the other, now gripping his balls tightly, dancing the belt from Cindy’s ass to his mother’s tits.

Flinging the belt away, Howie spread his feet over his mother’s face, then squatted there. He rubbed his asshole into his mother’s face, grabbing her hair and jerking her head up tightly.

“Suck it, cunt!” he yelled down at her. His balk rested on his mother’s face. “Suck my asshole, bitch cunt! Tongue my shiny asshole!”

Joan fucked her tongue up her son’s asshole quickly, plunging it in and out. Cindy was sucking at her cunt like a starving girl, licking at the scalding pussy juices, sucking her tight clit. Joan was very close to coming, and she banged her cunt into Cindy’s face in a frenzy of movement, tonguefucking her son wildly.

Howie rammed his ass into his mother’s face, grinding at her sucking, licking mouth. Joan went wild as her orgasm started. She jammed her hairy cunt hard into Cindy’s face, and screamed with ecstasy into her son’s ass. The orgasm boiled through her body, and her tongue plunged deep into her son’s asshole. Howie gripped his cock hard, watching it spurt creamy come juice into his mother’s hair.

He was still coming when the door opened.

Jack stood still, staring at Joan’s face in her son’s ass, his cock gushing come juice into her hair. Jack’s cock started swelling inside his pants.

Then he realized that the blind folded face pressing into Joan’s cunt was the face of his daughter. His cock lurched straight up inside his pants. His eyes went hot with lust as he closed the door behind him.

Howie grinned crookedly at the man, his cock softening now. He lifted his finger to his lips, indicating Jack should stay silent.


Howie scooted his ass to his mother’s tits, covering her mouth with his hand, indicating she should be quiet, too.

Joan saw Jack standing there, her eyes going wide. She felt fright first, then noticed his cock pressing at his pants, the gleam of lust on his face. She glanced at her son, who was sitting on her tits, and nodded her head.

Howie stood up, untying his mother’s ankles and pulling her from Cindy’s face. The girl’s face was wet with the juices of Joan’s cunt, and Jack stared at his young daughter. Cindy, of course, still had the blindfold on, and couldn’t see her father.

Grinning broadly, Jack released his cock. It thrust out long and thick, the cock head smoothly swollen, looking like a plum. His piss hole was big, glistening with wetness as he walked farther into the room. He went behind his daughter, seeing her cute ass, still red from the belt. He saw the fuzzy blonde hair of her cunt, the pink pussy lips so wet and sugary sweet.

Joan and Howie watched the man drop his pants, his hairy balls hanging down. Howie was grinning with lewdness, and Joan felt excitement rippling through her.

“What’s happening?” Cindy asked. “Howie, tell me what’s happening? Take the blindfold off, please.”

“Why?” Howie asked.

“You know why, Howie,” Cindy said. “I want to see you, see your cock and balls.”

Behind her, her father was undressing completely, his eyes burning on his daughter’s beautiful ass and exposed, vulnerable cunt.

“Want to suck my cock off again, Cindy?” Howie teased, standing on his knees, rubbing the head of his cock about her lips. “You want me to stick my cock in your hot, hungry mouth again?”

“Oooo, please!” Cindy whimpered. “I love it, Howie! Come in my mouth again! Please, please!”

Jack snickered, going to his knees behind his daughter’s ass.

Cindy’s head jerked up. “Who’s that?”

She was frightened, wondering who Howie had brought in to fuck her.

“Never mind, cunt!” Howie said. “You can’t stop it, no matter who fucks you.”

“I know, Howie,” Cindy said. “But at least take the blindfold off. I don’t want anyone else to hurt me, just you, Howie!”

The boy rammed his cock into Cindy’s mouth, cutting off her begging words. Jack, looking over his daughter’s shoulder, snickered again when he saw Howie’s cock fuck into Cindy’s mouth. Cindy heard it, and her face burned with shame as Howie shoved his cock deep. She didn’t want anyone else to see her with a cock in her mouth.

Jack pulled the lips of his daughter’s cunt wide, tubbing the big, swollen head of his cock up and down her pussy slit. Cindy felt the cock pressing into her cunt, and she couldn’t scream. Her mouth was stuffed by Howie’s cock. The cock entering her pussy was huge. It stretched her cunt until it was painful. When the big cock head was inside her cunt, Cindy began to come immediately. The more that big cock fucked into her cunt, the more pleasure pain she felt, and the tighter her continuous orgasms became.

When her father had every inch of his thick cock fucked inside her pussy, Howie pulled his prick from her mouth.

“OOOo, please, put it back, Howie!” she yelled. “Who is it? So big… whoever you are, you’ve got a big cock! It hurts and feels good and… ohhhh, you made me come so fast! Ohhh, fuck me, whoever you are! Fuck me good! God, what a cock!”

Jack placed his hands on his daughter’s ass, fucking his prick in and out, his big balls swinging. Cindy tried to wiggle with him, but she was tied up much too tightly to help. She groaned and gurgled, feeling her cunt expand to accommodate the huge prick in her cunt.

Joan, still tied on her back, watched Jack fucking his daughter, feeling her cunt quiver. She wished she could see his big cock fucking up Cindy’s cunt. Her son stood next to her, his eyes gleaming.

Jack pumped frantically, driving his cock deep into his daughter’s cunt. His face was twisting into a grimace of ecstasy, an expression Joan had seen many times. He was about to come, and he had all intentions of coming in his daughter’s cunt. The very idea that he would even fuck his daughter and come in her pussy excited Joan tremendously.

Jack grunted, fucking hard and deep, sending spurts of boiling come juice into his daughter’s clamping cunt. Cindy howled with ecstasy, feeling the come juice burning along the satiny walls of her cunt.

“Ohhh, fill my hot cunt!” she screamed. “Oh, God… flood my hot cunt with come juice! I want it my hot, hungry cunt wants it all! Oooooo, wonderful!”

When Jack freed his cock, it glistened with slippery wetness. Joan wanted to tell him to plunge it into her mouth, let him know she loved a cock with jism and cunt juice all over it between her lips. But she didn’t dare say anything until she was told.

But Jack wasn’t finished with his daughter. He moved to her face, shoving his cock against it, wiping his slimy fucker all over her pretty, blindfolded face. Cindy opened her mouth and tried to suck the big wet cock, but Jack refused to let her.

“Let me taste!” Cindy sobbed, still reeling with perverse erotic hungers. “Let me suck on it, please! Oh, it’s so wet and… let me suck you!”

Jack finally placed the head of his cock to his daughter’s lips, and Cindy’s tongue licked frantically about the smooth cock head. She mewled and gurgled as Jack fucked more of his cock into her mouth. The more cock meat he shoved in, the harder Cindy sucked. She could only manage about half of the big cock shaft, but that was enough for her. Still, she worked her head up and down, sucking his prick hungrily.

Jack abruptly jerked her blindfold off.

For a moment, the light hurt her eyes and she couldn’t see, except for the wiry mass of crotch hair at the base of his cock. As her vision cleared and focused, she looked up into her father’s grinning face.

Cindy jerked her lips off his cock, yelping in shame and starting to cry.

Jack laughed, sitting near Joan, running his hand along her creamy thigh and fondling her hairy cunt. He watched his young daughter sobbing with shame, enjoying her humiliation.

Cindy began trying to make excuses, choking as she cried at the same time. “Oh, Daddy, I couldn’t help it! Howie made me do it, Daddy. It was Howie’s fault. He made us take our clothes off, tied us up like this. Daddy, you can’t imagine how horrible he is! Please, Daddy, untie me and help me up. Don’t look at me this way, please, Daddy!”

“Why not, Cindy?” Jack asked, stroking Joan’s cunt. “You seemed to enjoy it when I had my cock up your fucking hot cunt. It’s too late now to try and hide it. I heard what you said, begging to suck my cock, wanting it in your cunt. I see how red your hot ass is, and I saw you eating Joan’s pussy, too. You’re just a little cuntlike all the rest.”

“No, Daddy!” Cindy wailed. “I’m not! Please, untie me and take me home!”

“I like you just the way you are, cunt,” Jack said, thrusting a finger into Joan’s cunt hard, making Joan gasp. “Besides, I’m going to have to warm your ass up a little, teach you to be more honest.”

He scooted to his daughter’s face again, his cock beneath it. Cindy stared at his cock, seeing the reason it had hurt her cunt. His prick was so big, so long and thick, she was surprised it could even go inside. Frightened and humiliated because her father had fucked her, she was still fascinated by his huge cock and hairy balls. Despite the shame of being tied up, naked, her father fucking her, Cindy felt her cunt twitching again.

Jack pinched his daughter’s pink nipples very hard, making Cindy cry out in pain.

“You want to suck that big cock now, Cindy?” he asked. “Now that you know it’s me, your father, do you still want to suck my cock off?”

Cindy didn’t answer immediately. Her father pinched her tender nipples harder.

“Yes!” she screamed, understanding coming to her. Her father was like Howie, and he would torture her, hurt her, if she didn’t go along with whatever he said.

“You really want to suck Daddy’s cock, Cindy? You really do?”

“Yes, Daddy!”

“Drink my cock cream?”

“Yes, yes! Let me do it, Daddy! Don’t pinch my tits so hard! I’ll do anything you ask! Please, please, Daddy!”

“Piss on you, cunt,” Jack said.

“That, too!” Cindy wailed.

Joan was watching, her eyes glowing, her hips twisting on the floor, her cunt wet again. Howie stood at his mother’s head, interested in what Jack was doing to his daughter. The boy held his cock loosely, then grinned down at his mother.

He let loose a strong stream of piss, right into her face. Joan yelped, causing Jack to turn and look. He laughed in pleasure.

“Piss in her cocksucking face, Howie! We’ll teach these two cunts a thing or two!”

Jack suddenly pissed upward into his daughter’s face. Cindy squealed as the hot piss splashed about her cheeks. Her cunt began to throb with a sweet heat again.

“Open your cocksucking mouth and gulp my piss, cunt!” her father demanded.

Cindy opened her mouth and began to lap her tongue into the stream, tasting her father’s piss. She purred softly as she swallowed piss, her lips opening and closing into the stream. She could see Howie standing over his mother’s face, raining golden piss into Joan’s face and mouth. She saw Joan writhing with wicked ecstasy, and knew Joan was coming.

As her father’s piss slowed, he lifted his hips. Cindy hungrily pressed her lips about his piss hole, licking away the final drops of hot piss, then she closed her lips about the big cock head, sucking, trying to work her tongue into his flaring piss hole. Jack’s cock grew hard, and Cindy gobbled wantonly on the swollen prick head, her eyes rolling in a perversely dreamy way.

Jack, very excited to have his daughter in her helpless position, came unexpectedly. The hot gush of thick come shot into his daughter’s mouth. Cindy squealed and tried to swallow, but most of the come juice dripped back to his balls.

“That’s enough, you little cocksucker,” he said. “We can’t deprive Joan of it, you know.”

He crawled on his hands and knees and straddled Joan’s pissy wet face. Grabbing her hair, he yanked her mouth to his wet balls.

“Lick my balls clean, cuntsucker!” he demanded, smashing his balls into Joan’s face.

Joan eagerly went to work, tasting his come juice, licking his balls with delight.

Later, Howie and Jack shackled them both with the chains Howie had made his mother buy. They could only take very short steps as they served coffee to the guys. Jack had found two small aprons, which he allowed Joan and his daughter to wear. The aprons hid nothing, and those lovely, rounded ass cheeks remained exposed.

“I guess we can get married now,” Jack said, looking at Joan. “We don’t have to worry about the kids catching us. It seems they’ve been at it for a while. Howie and I can have fun with you two. I really love you, Joan, and we’re well matched, and now it seems that your son and my daughter are matched up. The four of us can have a ball.”

“Yes, darling,” Joan replied, standing subserviently with her hands clasped behind her back. Cindy was next to her, also acting submissive. There was a faint grin on her lovely young face as her eyes moved from Howie’s cock and balls to those of her father.

“I’ve been wanting to fuck your hot little pussy, Cindy,” Jack said. “I look at you, and see you all tied up, that sweet cunt ready for my cock. This is all for the best, I guess. Maybe you won’t run around now and turn into a real tramp.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she replied, but she could not keep the pleased grin off her face.

“You know me and Howie will have to keep your ass and cunt warmed up with a belt now and then?”

“Yes, Daddy,” Cindy said, her smile growing wider.

“Let’s see,” Jack said, leaning back and talking to Howie. “How about we find some nice wedding dress for your mother, and a real pretty dress for Cindy? They have to be sheer, though. We want people to see through them, see what you and I are getting, don’t we, Howie?”

“That’s right, Jack,” Howie agreed.

“Yeah,” Jack said, seeing Joan and his daughter. “We want everyone to see those hot cunts and sweet asses, let them know what we’re getting. Of course we’ll have their hands chained, maybe a nice collar around those smooth necks. I think I know a man that will perform the ceremony just the way we want. He’ll probably want to fuck the bride and Cindy, but I guess we can let him do that.”

Joan and Cindy started trembling, believing every word Jack was saying.

“Let the guys gangbang them after the wedding,” Howie laughed.

“Why not?” Jack agreed. “We can make Joan and Cindy suck the cunts of the women, too.”

“Then we get everyone to piss all over those two fucking cunts!” Howie laughed, getting into it.

“We might just do that,” Jack said, stroking his cock and eyeing them. “We just might do it.”

Joan and Cindy glanced at each other, eyes sparkling, and both of them felt their cunts tingling with a hot, wet feeling of anticipation.

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