Kidnapped And Raped Schoolgirls

The onset of puberty inevitably brings with it the dawning awareness of sexuality, of a child’s inherent masculinity or femininity, and the struggle to put that sexuality into proper perspective with internalized standards and parentally prescribed teachings.

For some, the transition occurs with relative ease. For others, the change is marked by tension and anxiety, and a growing awareness that their world is not shaping up as expected. For Sherry Johnson, a young girl experimenting with her newly awakened sexuality, the change from childhood to womanhood is difficult and filled with anxiety. In her confusion about her sexual natures and true desires, she finds herself hurried along by a weekend of rape, torture and degradation.

KIDNAPPED AND RAPED SCHOOLGIRLS is the story of young girls searching for the meaning of sex, struggling to mature, and the finding themselves abused at a time when tenderness is most essential. It is a novel about the difficult transitional period through which we must all go.


Sherry Johnson put the finishing touches to her makeup and then looked herself over in the bedroom mirror. Perhaps she was vain to think of herself as beautiful but she knew she was, especially dressed in the clinging green dress she had gotten just for prom night.

The evening gown was strapless and barely contained her large, creamy tit’s. The color matched her green eyes and she let her long blonde hair hang to her shoulders as a final touch. She knew her appearance was going to make Jim’s eyes pop out.

Sherry also knew she was going to be troubled by his roaming hands all evening long, but she had grown to expect that. Jim knew how far he could go. They would be married eventually and then he would be able to go as far as he wanted.

Sherry felt a tingle of excitement as she thought of that. Jim did excite her, and there had been a couple of times when his hungry kisses had almost made her lose control. But she didn’t want the kind of reputation she knew that would give her. Jim would not respect her after that. She knew she had to stay a virgin until she married.

She heard her mother calling her from downstairs and knew Jim had arrived. Her appearance was perfect but she studied herself a little while longer just to keep Jim waiting. It wouldn’t do to appear too anxious.

Finally she walked downstairs like the grand lady entering the ball. She heard Jim’s gasp of appreciation as he looked up at her. He had a corsage but she had to pin it on. There was no place left except over her breasts and she wasn’t going to let him get that close.

Jim walked her out to his car and opened the door like a perfect gentleman. But she could see him trembling and knew that her low-cut dress had gotten to him.

“Damn,” Jim said, as he got into the car. “You’re fine looking tonight, Sherry. I could almost take you parking instead of taking you to the prom.”

“We’re going to the prom,” Sherry said. “And don’t try any funny business. I’m going to look my best when I get there.”

They were going by first to pick up Sherry’s best friend, Ginger, and they were a little late. That was all right. Ginger’s boyfriend would probably be there to keep her company. Ginger and James had been going together for what seemed like years. They were also going to get married someday.

Sherry was surprised to see all the cars gone from in front of Ginger’s house. Ginger’s mother was funny about not letting Ginger stay alone in the house. But Sherry knew that Ginger knew they were supposed to pick her up.

“I don’t see them outside,” Jim said. Sherry knew her boy friend was thinking the same thing.

“The lights are on,” Sherry said.

Jim parked the car and they both got out and walked up the drive. Jim rang the doorbell. He ran it again. They waited and there was no answer.

“She knows we were going to pick her up before seven,” Jim said.

“Let’s go in,” Sherry said. “Maybe they left a note or something. Ginger wouldn’t just leave without saying something. Maybe there’s been an emergency.”

“I don’t think we should,” Jim said.

“Come on,” Sherry said. “I treat this house like it’s mine most of the time anyway.”

They walked in. The house was silent but the lights were on all over. There was a pretty yellow corsage on the hall table next to an empty glass. Sherry picked up the glass and sniffed it.

“Ginger’s been drinking!” Sherry said.

“I could use one myself,” Jim said.

“Forget it, honey,” Sherry said. “You’re driving. I just can’t imagine why she’s not downstairs.”

Sherry heard a thump from upstairs and then the sound of Ginger’s laughter. Then there was a low voice that had to be James and there was more laughter.

“They’re upstairs,” Jim said.

“Yes,” Sherry said.

“Shouldn’t we yell out or something?”

Sherry’s heart was suddenly pounding and her mouth felt dry. Perhaps they should call out but she kept wondering what Ginger and her boyfriend were doing upstairs. Now she was sure that they were alone in the house and in the bedroom.

She knew exactly where Ginger’s bedroom was and she knew that the voices were coming from there. It was a cardinal sin to let a boy into your bedroom. Ginger and Sherry had talked about it lots of times. A boy should not get a girl alone in any bedroom. It could lead to things.

“Shouldn’t we call out?” Jim asked again.

“Let’s surprise them,” Sherry said.

She wondered if Jim was thinking the same thing she was. It would be wrong to sneak up the stairs, very wrong. Yet, she knew she was going to do it.

She took Jim’s hand and they started up the stairs. For some reason Jim was reluctant and kept pulling back. Finally she turned and looked at him with frustration.

“What are you waiting on?”

“I don’t think sneaking around is right.”

“We’re not sneaking around. Now come on!”

Sherry might not have been sneaking around but she kept her steps soft as she walked the rest of the way up the stairs. Jim reluctantly followed but his eyes were alight with a funny kind of excitement that Sherry felt too.

They didn’t know what they were going to find at the top of the stairs but they were both looking forward to it. Sherry stopped at the landing and peered into Ginger’s bedroom. It was empty!

“They must be in her mother’s bedroom,” Sherry said.

“What the hell are they doing in there?” Jim said.

“Let’s find out,” Sherry said.

Sherry knew they should call out but still didn’t. Something was holding her back. They stopped at Ginger’s mother’s bedroom and looked inside. The door was partially open and they could see everything inside.

Ginger was seated at her mother’s dressing table in a slip and bra. James was sitting on the bed watching her put on her make-up. Somehow Sherry had expected more. She started to put her hand on the doorknob and push the door open when Jim put his hand on her arm.

“Wait a second,” Jim said. “Let’s see what happens. Just a couple of seconds more.”

Sherry wasn’t sure what she was waiting on but she waited. She watched as James got up and walked across the floor and kissed Ginger on the back of the neck. She tried to push him away but James kissed her neck even harder.

“I’m trying to get dressed,” Ginger said.

“I’d rather have you undressed,” James said.

“You’re crazy,” Ginger said. “They’re going to be here pretty soon. Now stop that.”

Sherry gasped as James suddenly reached around Ginger and cupped both her creamy tits. He held onto them tightly as he kept kissing the back of Ginger’s neck. Ginger should have gotten angry but instead all the fight went out of her body and she turned her head to James.

“Damn you,” Ginger said. “You know how you turn me on.”

James laughed as he kissed her mouth. His hands still played with her titties. Ginger’s tits were smaller than Sherry’s but that didn’t seem to matter to James. He seemed to be having a ball, his fingers eagerly stroking the front of her body.

“Take your bra off,” James said.

“Are you crazy?” Ginger said. “They’re going to be here pretty soon. We haven’t got time.”

“Take your damn bra off,” James commanded.

Ginger sighed. Sherry didn’t believe she would do it but she was already reaching around and unhooking her bra. Ginger shrugged her shoulders and let the bra fall away from her creamy tits. Jim grabbed Sherry’s hand and squeezed hard. He was staring hard enough to burn holes in Ginger and James.

“I shouldn’t be doing this,” Ginger said. “You know you get crazy when I do this.”

“I stay crazy around you, baby,” he said.

James put his arms around Ginger and hugged her closer to him. He kissed her mouth. Ginger acted a little hesitant, at first, and then she seemed to respond hungrily, suddenly pushing her body against James savagely.

“You make me hot,” Ginger moaned.

“Let’s get on your mother’s bed,” James suggested.

“You’re crazy,” Ginger said, but she was already letting him lead her over to the bed.

James pushed her down on her back. He took off his frilly shirt and bow tie. He stretched out beside her and kissed her mouth hard while his hand moved up to stroke her titty. He moved his lips down her front and kissed her nipple.

“You taste good,” James said.

“Oh yes, James,” Ginger moaned. “I like that. Suck my titties. You know how that drives me crazy.”

James was moving his lips from one titty to the other. He was starting to make sucking noises as he nibbled on her titty. Ginger put her hands behind his head and gasped for breath each time his lips sucked her.

Ginger was not trying to push James away as Sherry would have expected. Instead she was pulling him closer. His mouth was making even louder noises as he sucked harder. He raised his head and there was a look of pure lust on his face. Jim moved closer to Sherry and put his arm around her. He tried to move his head down to one of her shapely tits but Sherry stopped him.

“None of that,” Sherry said.

“Do you want to leave?” Jim asked.

“No,” Sherry answered. “No, we won’t leave. Just behave.”

Jim kept his hand around her but he didn’t try to move anymore. Instead he simply hugged her a little closer as they watched. Sherry was having trouble breathing. In fact, she was wondering why Ginger did not hear her heavy panting. She knew she was getting really hot watching this.

“Your tits are so good,” James said. “I love your tits. I love every part of your body.”

“You’re an animal,” Ginger said, giggling.

James grabbed Ginger’s hand and pulled her fingers toward his crotch. Her fingers touched the huge bulge in James’ trousers. Now Sherry was sure that Ginger would pull her hand away. Instead she started slowly stroking the hard prick.

“You kind of like to act like an animal sometimes too, don’t you, baby?” James asked.

“You know I do,” Ginger answered. “I shouldn’t even be here with you like this. I wouldn’t but you make me so crazy.”

James laughed as he put his head down to Ginger’s tits once again. Sherry could see his pink tongue working around Ginger’s nipple.

Ginger’s hand was busy. She was pulling down James’ zipper. It was obvious that she didn’t want things to stop. Again Jim’s hand was moving down Sherry’s front and she had to remind him to stop. She had to admit that she was getting hot herself. Her body was burning and feeling sticky inside her gown. She wanted to walk away but she couldn’t stop watching.

“Let me take your cock out,” Ginger moaned. “I want to feel your cock in my hand.”

“I want to feel my cock in your pussy,” James said.

He leaned back and Ginger’s fingers worked furiously. She got his belt open and pulled his zipper down. She carefully slid her hand inside, his trousers and pulled his prick out.

Sherry couldn’t help gasping. James was the first boy she’d even seen with his cock hard. James was really excited and Sherry could imagine the heat that was coming off his prick.

“Your cock feels so hard,” Ginger moaned. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt it so hard before.”

“Play with it, baby,” James said.

Ginger wrapped her hand around his cock and started moving her hand up and down. James was back sucking at her titties again and that really excited Ginger. Her hand worked faster, sliding his cockmeat up and down and her fingers, moving all the way down to his heavy balls.

Sherry saw the sudden little drops of white running down Ginger’s fingers. He was starting to come and Ginger didn’t even act shocked. She moved her hand a little faster, grasping his prick like she never wanted to let it go. She moved her hand down to his balls and started stroking them.

“I’m so hot all over,” Ginger moaned. “I want you to fuck me. I need it bad!”

Ginger stopped stroking his cock but only long enough to help him pull her panties down her legs. She kicked them off and spread her legs open wide. Sherry could see the pink lips of Ginger’s cunt as Jim’s breathing grew heavy.

“You’ve got a beautiful pussy,” James groaned. “I’ve got to have some of your sweet ass!”

James rolled over on top of her. He grabbed his cock with one hand and he guided it up to Ginger’s redlipped pussy. Ginger was already lifting up her ass as she tried to get his prick inside her hungry cunt.

“Put it in me,” Ginger moaned. “I want to feel it now. Put your big cock in my cunt. Oh shit, I need it!”

James carefully put his prick against her pussy. He rolled his hips a little and his cockhead popped inside her. He moved forward a little more and his prick vanished into Ginger’s cunt.

“Oh yes,” Ginger cried. “That’s what I want. That feels so good. I love it. That feels so damned good!”

James slipped his hands underneath her shapely ass. He picked her up off the bed and he started pushing his cock in and out of her tight pussy.

“Nobody fucks as good as you do,” James groaned. “Oh shit, your pussy is fantastic!”

This time Sherry did not stop as his hand moved down her body and cupped her tit through her green gown. Her tit immediately felt big and achy and although she tried to stop herself she started pushing her tit into his hand.

“Oh fucking shit,” Ginger screamed. “Keep fucking me like that. Your cock is so big. It feels so good to me!”

Ginger lifted her legs and wrapped them around James’ back. She tightened her legs as she lifted her shapely little ass high off the bed. Sherry licked her suddenly dry lips. She was having trouble standing up and her pussy had started getting a little damp.

“Fuck me harder, baby,” Ginger moaned. “Fuck me really hard. I’m almost there!”

James began fucking Ginger’s pussy as hard as he could. His balls made loud slapping sounds as he fucked her. He seemed to be trying to drive his prick all the way through her body.

“Oh shit,” Ginger screamed. “I’m going to come. Oh fucking shit. It’s good, so good. Oh fucking shiiiit!”

Ginger seemed to go crazy. Her body shook in wild convulsions. She couldn’t seem to stop moving. Her body gave one last jerking movement and then she sighed in contentment.

“You make me crazy,” she moaned softly. “Your big cock makes me so crazy!”

James wasn’t listening. He was stabbing his prick into her like he wasn’t ever going to stop. Sherry could see the taut muscles in his ass as he drove his prick into Ginger’s pussy. He was lifting Ginger’s ass off the bed with every thrust.

“I’m going to come,” he whispered.

“Not in me,” Ginger whispered. “Let me feel it on my body. Don’t come inside me!”

“All right, you cunt!” James screamed. “You want to feel my cum, bitch, I’ll let you feel it. You fucking cunt!”

James yelled again as he suddenly pulled his wet prick out of her pussy. Sherry couldn’t take her eyes off his enormous prick. She could see the first few drops of cum dripping out. He seemed to have gallons of it. Ginger was touching the goo with her fingers, running her fingers all through and wetting herself.

“Oh fucking shit,” James groaned. “That was fantastic.”

Sherry moved away from Jim. He had been squeezing her tit and she thought it was time to stop. Soon Ginger and James would look up and catch them.

“Hurry,” Sherry said.

“What are we doing?” Jim asked.

“We’re going downstairs and ring the doorbell,” Sherry said. “They’ll never know what we saw.”

But Sherry knew she’d never forget it, even if she never told her friend about it.


The gymnasium had been decorated beautifully for prom night but Sherry was having trouble paying attention to any of the decorations. She knew that Jim was also having trouble. They were both thinking about what had happened, about what they had just seen.

Ginger and James had no idea that they had been watched. They probably wouldn’t have cared if they had known. They were so much in love.

Sherry was shocked, however, by her friend’s actions. She had always thought that Ginger was a virgin. Ginger had never talked about doing anything like that and it caused new feelings in Sherry that she didn’t understand.

“Let’s dance,” Jim had said.

She had agreed but she suddenly realized that Jim had only wanted to be close to her, to feel her body crushed against his. He was not dancing so much as rubbing her body against his. She knew how excited he was because she could feel him trembling.

“I think we’d better get some punch,” Sherry said.

“I don’t think punch is going to help me,” Jim said. “Hot damn, Sherry. Have you ever seen anything like that?”

“No,” Sherry answered.

Jim got the punch and they sat down by themselves over in a dark corner. They watched the others dance for a while but both of them were thinking the same thoughts.

Sherry kept remembering the look on Ginger’s face. Ginger had looked like she was having the best time in her life. Sherry’s mother had always told her that sex was not that great. Sherry thought she would enjoy it but not as Ginger was enjoying it. Ginger was practically acting like an animal.

“I need some fresh air,” Jim said.

“Let’s walk outside,” Sherry agreed.

This was the senior prom and nobody was going to stop them from walking on the senior court. It was a nice evening outside, but a tad cool and Sherry shivered a little. Jim took that opportunity to put his arm around her. His hand moved down her front and came close to the creamy curve of one tit.

“You’d better watch out,” Sherry warned.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been this hot,” Jim said. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt like this.”

“Just calm yourself,” Sherry said.

“Didn’t it even excite you? Watching that?”

“Of course it excited me a little,” Sherry said. “I’m human, you know. But you don’t have to keep talking about it.”

Jim put his arm around her a little more tightly, his hand moving down her body. She wanted to stop him, she really did, but his fingertips were already stroking the tops of her creamy tits. There was a burning sensation in her belly and she wanted to move away but she didn’t.

“Kiss me,” Jim said.

She turned her head toward him and kissed his mouth. She felt his tongue pushing between her lips. She kept her mouth tightly closed for a few moments but then she gave it up. She opened her mouth slowly and his tongue went deep into her.

She heard a muffled giggle over in the corner and then there was the loud sound of a slap. Somehow even that seemed exciting, and Sherry found herself being pushed down onto a cold concrete bench.

“Oh, baby,” Jim groaned. “You really turn me on. You make me hot all over!”

Jim’s hand was moving down slowly. Jim had gotten her blouse unbuttoned before but she had always had a bra on and he had never gotten his hand inside it. This time she realized he would have his hand on her bare titty but somehow she didn’t have the strength to stop him.

“You shouldn’t, Jim,” she whispered.

His hand moved inside the top of her gown and his hand cupped her rounded tit. His fingers moved across her nipple and made her tremble. She knew exactly what he was doing as he started to lift one of her creamy tits out of her gown. She looked down at herself as the gown fell away. Her creamy tit was poking out and she could see his hard brown fingers caressing her titty-flesh.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” she moaned.

“I’m sorry, baby,” Jim said. “I’m so damn hot. I’ve just got to play with them a little.”

He was playing with her titty a lot. His fingers kept brushing back and forth along her burning titty-flesh and his fingers seemed to be causing desire to flow down in her belly.

She put her hand over his. She wanted to pull his hand away but somehow she couldn’t. She found herself pressing his hand tighter against her titty.

He was kissing her again and this time she started moving her tongue frantically against his. Something in the back of her head kept telling her that she was about to lose control but she ignored the warning. She had never been on such dangerous ground before.

His hand moved over to her other titty. Somehow he was working her gown down to her waist. Now she really was in trouble. There was no way she could cover up in time if someone came along, and yet she still couldn’t stop him.

“Oh, please don’t do this,” she said.

She had known that Jim would ignore her. He had not gone this far with her before and he wasn’t about to stop now.

“You’re so fucking beautiful,” Jim groaned. “Your tits are so fucking beautiful. I can’t get enough of you.”

She knew she should somehow stop him but she couldn’t. She had one hand on his head as he moved down her form. His lips touched above one titty and she knew what was going to happen as she felt his hot breath blowing against her tits.

“Oh, Jim,” she moaned.

His lips moved down a little more. His breath blew against one of her already rigid nipples and she squirmed a little on the hard seat. She wanted to run away from the feelings she was having but she couldn’t.

Jim’s mouth opened. His lips touched her nipples gently and then he sucked her nipple into his mouth. He held it inside his mouth for a few moments and then he started sucking it deeper.

“Jim, don’t,” she moaned. “Don’t please.”

But Jim wasn’t listening and she no longer really wanted him to stop. His hungry mouth kept licking and sucking at her titty. He moved his hungry mouth to the other titty and his teeth nipped at her gently. His tongue licked across her nipple and then he was sucking even harder at her titty-flesh.

He seemed to be getting almost all of her titty inside his mouth. He was chewing and nibbling on her titty-flesh until she was squirming with pleasure.

“I’ve never felt anything like that,” she moaned. “Not in my life. That feels so good!”

She was telling him the truth. His lips made her shiver all over and she could feel wet saliva dripping down on her belly. She put both hands behind his head and pulled him closer. His teeth nipped gently at her flesh and then he pulled his head away. He couldn’t seem to get enough of looking at them.

His hand fell to her knee. He wasn’t going to be able to pull her gown up but he could put his hand where she had never allowed it before. He moved his hand up to her thighs and then a little more until he was actually rubbing between her legs!

“Don’t do that, Jim,” she whispered.

He was licking her titties again and rubbing her pussy with one hand. She had played with her cunt before. She wouldn’t have ever admitted it to anyone but there had been times when her pussy had gotten really hot and she’d had to do something.

This was one of those times and his hand was making her hurt from desire. She found herself lifting her ass up to press closer against his stroking fingers.

“I’ve never felt like this before,” she said.

“Neither have I, baby,” Jim assured her.

She knew it had a lot to do with what she had seen Ginger doing. Ginger had been fucked. She was no virgin after all the talking the two girls had done together. Ginger hadn’t told her the truth and now Sherry was confused about how she felt about things.

“Let me pull your gown up,” Jim asked. “Let me pull it up to your waist.”

“No,” she said.

“Come on, baby,” Jim pleaded.

“I’m not Ginger.”

“I know you’re not. I just want to play a little.”

Jim’s mouth was back at her titty. He was opening it wide and sucking at her titty-flesh and she couldn’t seem to find the strength to stop him. His hand moved down to the hem of her gown and she knew what he was doing. He was slowly pulling up her gown and she told him no, but he was doing it anyway.

“Stop, Jim,” she said, but her voice lacked conviction.

He had her gown up to her knees and he didn’t have to pull it up any further. His hand could slip inside now and he touched between her thighs, his fingertips stroking her. She closed her thighs together but she knew it wasn’t going to do any good.

“You taste so good, baby,” he said. “You taste really good. I love sucking your titties.” He opened his mouth wider, trying to get all of her titty inside his mouth. She relaxed a moment and his hand seemed to drive for the target. He had his hand between her legs and he was rubbing her pussy.

“You shouldn’t do that,” she moaned. “Oh damn, you shouldn’t do that, Jim!”

His hand moved around her panties. She knew what he was trying to do and she started to squirm. She was scared of what might happen if someone should find them. She would be marked for life!

His fingers got around to where he wanted them to go. He was gently stroking her pussy and his fingertips seemed to be made of fire. She had played with herself before but it had never been like this. He gently pushed one finger into her virgin pussy and started moving it around.

“Oh, you shouldn’t be doing that,” she moaned.

“Don’t you like it, honey?”

She did like it, she liked it too much. Still, she might have been able to stop him if he hadn’t pushed that other finger into her pussy and let his fingertips brush against her clitty. Her hard bud seemed to throb as his fingers brushed them.

“Oh, Jim,” she moaned. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’ve never felt like this before!”

Jim started sucking at her titty. His mouth made the same wet noises that James’ mouth had made on Ginger’s titties. Sherry knew it had gone too far for her to stop him. She closed her eyes and gave in to the delicious pleasure feelings.

She stopped thinking about anyone walking by. All she could think of was how sweet he was making her feel. His fingers kept moving in and out of her sweet pussy gently. It was almost like he knew where to touch her that would excite her the most.

“I love it,” she moaned. “I know it isn’t right, but I really do love it!”

Jim rammed another finger into her cunt. He wasn’t being as gentle as before. Now his fingers started moving in and out of her pussy very quickly. She felt wet and she could hear her pussy making wet little sounds and it shocked her. She wanted him to stop. She was sure someone could hear it even down the walkway.

“I love your body, baby,” Jim said. “I think you’re so sexy. I think you’re the best looking thing that ever came along.”

His words turned her on even more. He was bending down to suck her titties again. His fingers worked in and out of her cunt and she knew it was happening to her. She didn’t want to fight against it, even though she was ashamed of herself. It felt so good. Her body was slowly building up a fierce heat.

“Oh, Jim,” she moaned. “Oh, that does feel good. I can’t control myself. I can’t.”

She knew she would look lewd to anyone who came along. She probably looked obscene to Jim. She was in her prom dress and it was gathered at her waist while Jim sucked at her tits and drove his fingers into her pussy. It was a crazy thing to be doing.

“Oh damn,” she said. “It’s going to happen to me. Oh, Jim, it feels good. It feels so fucking good. I’m going to come, Jim. I’m going to come. Oh shiiiit!”

Even Jim was surprised by the quick way she started jumping around on her seat and the sudden rush of wet juices that soaked his fingers. Her body twisted with pleasure for a few moments. Then she sighed as the last pleasure spasm went through her and she relaxed. Immediately her good sense took over as she remembered where she was and what she looked like. She started trying to cover herself up.

“Don’t do that, baby,” Jim said. “Don’t try to get away!”

Jim kept pushing her hands away as she tried to cover herself. She was ashamed of what had happened, sick at herself and how she had allowed herself to lose control with Jim — and right in the middle of the senior court! It was disgusting.

“Take your hands away,” she said.

She was trying to pull her gown up but Jim kept pulling it back down. His hands kept grasping her titties, his fingers rubbing back and forth across her still aching tits.

“Come on, baby,” Jim said. “You can’t leave me like this.”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“I’m so hot. I need to get my rocks off. I need it bad. Couldn’t you just play with my cock or something like I did you? We don’t have to fuck.”

“I’m not going to do anything,” she said.

Jim kissed her mouth again and she could sense his hunger. She felt sorry for him. She had not meant for him to get this excited but now she could see that she couldn’t just walk away from him.

“What do you want me to do?” she asked.

“Let me have your hand,” he told her.

She gave him her hand, both afraid and excited as he brought her fingers to his crotch.

She jumped a little as she touched the hard cock in his trousers. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Closing her eyes made her see James’ hard cock and she quickly opened them again.

“It feels so hard,” she said.

“It is so hard, baby,” he told her. “Take it out. Take it out and play with it. Make me come, baby. I need it so bad.”

“I’ve never done anything like that before,” she said.

“Do it for me,” he said.

Sherry was still afraid but she knew she was going to do it. She wanted to do it for him. Sherry’s panties were sopping wet as she ran her fingers up and down his rock-hard prick. It was making her nervous as his prick jumped in her fingers. She took a deep breath as she pulled down his zipper as far as it would go. She slipped her hand into his trousers and felt his massive prick bulging inside his underwear. His shorts felt sticky. She wanted to draw her fingers away but she didn’t.

She grabbed the elastic band and pulled the shorts away from his swollen prick. Then she slowly pulled his prick out of his trousers. She wrapped her fingers around it and looked at the bulging cockhead carefully.

She had seen James’ stiff cock but it had been from far away. This was the first cock she had ever seen up close. His prick was red and swollen and it twitched against her fingers. She could see the bulging blue veins all over his prick.

“Rub it, baby,” he groaned. “Rub it for me. Rub it hard. Oh shit, your hand feels good!”

She couldn’t stop looking at his big cock. It was frightening. She closed her hand around his swollen prick and started moving her hand up and down. Her fingers were suddenly slippery with his leaking jism but she kept moving her hand, her heart hammering in her throat.

“Would you lick it for me, baby?” he asked. “Just lick it a little. That’s all I want.”

“I couldn’t,” she said.

“Please,” he said.

She couldn’t refuse. There was a throbbing inside her belly. She bent her head. What was she doing? She could be branded a sick woman for this. Yet, she couldn’t help it. She stuck her tongue out as far as it would go and she barely touched the tip of his bloated cockhead.

“Mother fucking shit!” he yelled. “Mother fucking shit! I’m coming. Oh fuuuuck!”

She tried to move back but she wasn’t fast enough. His prick suddenly exploded in a flood of thick white cum. His cum spattered on her face and on the fringe of her green dress. She jerked back a little more. She had cum on her face! She just couldn’t believe what had happened to her.

“I’m sorry, baby,” he said. “I’m sorry. I just lost control. I couldn’t help it!”

He was trying to wipe her off with his hand when they both suddenly realized that they were not alone. There was someone standing near them. Sherry looked up in alarm. It was a rough-looking young man and he was laughing at them.

“Who are you?” Jim asked. “What do you want?”

“I don’t want you, mother fucker,” the young man said. “I came for your girlfriend.”

The young man reached down and grabbed Sherry by one arm. He was dragging her up off the bench and Jim jumped up to help. The young man moved very quickly. He caught Jim with a brutal punch in the stomach.

Sherry clawed the young man’s face and broke free. Immediately she was confronted by another man. Jim was trying to regain his breath. The other man took a knife out and placed it at Jim’s throat.

“Be still, cunt,” he said. “Or your boyfriend gets his throat cut.”

“Put your arms in back of you!” the young man said.

She put her arms behind her and her hands were roughly tied. She was pushed ahead of the young man and she began walking toward the back entrance to the senior court.


Sherry could not believe it was happening. Her hands were being roughly tied behind her, there was some sort of rope around her waist, and she was being led away like an animal. She looked around for Jim but she could not see him in the darkness.

“Don’t worry about your boyfriend, sweetlips,” a man’s rough voice said. “We didn’t hurt him bad. You’d better save your worry for yourself.”

Sherry wasn’t sure what he meant but she knew she wasn’t going to like it. She heard someone crying as she was led through the dark parking lot. She kept wondering how this could be happening? There were teachers at the prom, and plenty of big boys. She couldn’t be just kidnapped in front of all of them.

“In the back of the van, big tits,” the man said. “Move your ass, bitch!”

A hand touched her ass and she was pushed up into the back of a crowded van. Another pair of rough hands grabbed her and she was forced down on her hands and knees. Her hands were loosened and then tied again. She realized her arms were being tied across some kind of board in the center of the van. Then the world went dark as the van doors closed. She heard crying near her and she called out softly but there was no answer.

“Please, who are you?” Sherry asked. “I’m Sherry. Is there anyone else here?”

“Sherry?” Ginger asked.

“Oh, is that you, Ginger?”

“Yeah. I’m here. So is Leslie Smith. We were all out in the garden. Leslie keeps crying.”

Sherry wanted to cry herself. Poor Leslie Smith. She was a small, dark-headed girl who was from a rich family. She was the homecoming queen and one of the most popular girls in school. Sherry and Leslie had never been friends but now Sherry felt as sorry for her as she did for herself.

“Stop crying, Leslie,” Sherry said. “It’s not going to do any good.”

“You didn’t hear the awful things they said,” Leslie said.

“I heard some pretty awful things,” Sherry said. “We’ve just got to be brave. They can’t get away with this.”

“What are they going to do with us?” Leslie asked. “Are they going to ask for ransom or something?”

“I don’t know,” Sherry answered.

But Sherry had a feeling that she did know. She had seen the way that the youngster had looked at her. He had practically stripped her naked. It made her shudder to think that he had seen her hand on Jim’s cock.

Sherry didn’t like thinking about Jim’s cock because it made her feel strange all over. She was almost glad that it had ended when it had because things might have really gotten out of hand.

“Do you think they’re going to rape us or anything?” Leslie asked.

“There’s no sense worrying about that until it happens,” Ginger answered. Sherry wished she could see their faces. The sounds of their voices seemed even more frightening.

The van was moving, moving slowly as if the kidnappers had all the time in the world. Sherry kept wondering how they had gotten away with this. She realized that they had entered through the other entrance to the senior court and she knew they had blocked the entrance to the gym off while they had smuggled them out. The entire operation couldn’t have taken more than a few minutes.

Only the boys would know what had happened to them. There wasn’t much anybody could do. She knew that the police would have a hard time locating the van if it went into the wooded areas around town.

“I wonder where they are taking us,” Leslie said.

“Stop being such a crybaby,” Ginger said. “We’ll find out when we get there.”

Sherry started to say something to Ginger about the sharpness in her voice but then she realized that the young dark-haired girl was also frightened. It was her way of fighting back.

Sherry swallowed nervously. She didn’t know how she was going to respond when the time came. She hoped she would be brave. She hoped they wouldn’t do anything terrible to her. She had never been able to stand pain.

“I’m so scared,” Leslie said.

“We’re all scared,” Ginger said.

The van gained speed and it seemed like a couple of hours before it pulled off the road and stopped. They hadn’t talked in a while but they could all smell the fear in the back of the van.

The doors opened. Sherry could see a grinning face underneath an old hat. The man was bigger than some of the others and there was a younger boy standing behind him.

“Out of the van, bitch,” he said.

He reached up and undid something and then he dragged Sherry from the back of the van. He fastened a silver chain around her neck and made sure that her hands were firmly tied behind her.

“All right, Bobby,” he said. “This one is yours.”

The young man named Bobby stepped up to her. She was watching with wide open eyes as he took the end of the chain and started tugging. She didn’t move. She didn’t want to leave her friends. She knew something terrible would happen to her if she left.

“What are you doing to do?” Sherry asked.

“We’re just going to have a good time, baby,” Bobby said. “Something I’ve been wanting to do since I first put my eyes on you. Did you and your boyfriend have a good time? Your tits were really hanging out.”

Bobby was licking his lips and she knew that what he was thinking about was turning him on. He moved close to her and she backed away.

“Don’t run away from me, bitch,” he said.

She was aware that Leslie and Ginger were watching closely. They both gasped as Bobby stepped up and suddenly rammed his fist into Sherry’s stomach. She gasped and bent over. Bobby slid both his hands into the front of her gown and lifted her titties out.

“Fucking beautiful,” Bobby said.

Bobby’s hands were cruel and strong. He twisted her titties and forced her down on her knees. She had never known such pain. It was so different from the gentle way Jim had been playing with her tits only moments before.

“Kiss my boots, bitch,” Bobby said.

Sherry would have done anything to escape the pain. She was aware of her blond hair falling around her face as she started kissing the young man’s boots. She felt sick with shame but she kept kissing his boots until he moved away.

“You learn fast, bitch,” he said. “And I don’t think you like pain very much. That’s good. You won’t fight too much!”

Bobby jerked her to her feet. He kissed her mouth hard and pushed his tongue between her lips. She wasn’t going to fight him. She knew that fighting him would only get her hurt and she didn’t like pain. She opened her mouth and his fat tongue slid inside her lips. He started moving it around inside her mouth and she fought the urge to bite it.

“You are really learning fast,” Bobby said.

“Are you going to rape me?” she asked.

“Not tonight, baby,” Bobby said. “We’ve got other plans for you tonight. But that doesn’t mean I can’t have a little fun with you. You don’t mind a little fun, do you babe? You didn’t mind a little fun with your boyfriend. You had his cum all over your fingers!”

She breathed a sigh of relief. Perhaps all he would want was for her to play with his cock a little. She could do that, at least she thought she could. Anything, so long as he didn’t rape her.

Bobby pressed her back against the van. He bent his head and bit at one of her titties. His teeth hurt her and it made Sherry cry out. She wished he would take her somewhere else and do this. It shamed her that her friends were there watching.

“I’m going to have a good time with you, baby,” Bobby said.

He moved both hands up and started cupping her titties. This time his hands felt gentle. She almost hated that as much as his being cruel. Gentle fingers sent funny feelings through her. His fingers gently moved over her swollen nipples.

“Get down on your knees again, baby,” he said.

Bobby twisted her titty to show that he meant it and Sherry went down on her knees in front of him. Bobby put his big hand behind her head and jerked her face against his crotch.

“Smell it, baby,” Bobby said. “You’re going to get to know it really good. It’s a man’s cock. You’ve never been this close to one before but you’re going to get a lot closer.”

Bobby gripped the back of her head and kept rubbing her face against his crotch. He was right. She had never been this close to a man’s cock before. She kept thinking about her boyfriend and how it had felt to have his cock in her hand. She knew that Bobby was going to want a lot more than just her caressing his prick.

Bobby’s hands moved down to her titties again. He started caressing them gently but she shivered with fear. She knew how they could hurt her.

“All right, baby,” Bobby said. “Undo my belt. Pull my pants down. Now, bitch!”

“Don’t make me do that,” she said.

He smashed his fist against the side of her head. It left her dizzy and sick for a moment. She shook her head to clear the cobwebs and he started to swing again.

“I’ll do it,” she said quickly. “I’m doing it!”

Her trembling hands went to his belt. She was frantically undoing it as she wondered why this awful thing had to happen to her? It wasn’t fair. It was a cruel nightmare.

Her hands trembled as she undid his belt just as she’d undone Jim’s belt a little earlier. She pulled the belt open and then pulled his pants down to his knees. He was wearing boxer shorts and she swallowed nervously as she looked at the huge bulge that changed the shape.

“Hurry up, bitch,” Bobby said. “We’ve got things to do. We can’t stay here all night.”

She was vaguely aware that others were pulling Leslie and Ginger out of the van. It didn’t seem to matter anymore that there were others around. Now all that seemed to matter was how she could make Bobby happy without doing too much and without getting hurt.

She pulled his boxer shorts down to his knees and freed his swollen cock. She glanced away with a red face. She had looked at Jim’s cock but she hadn’t been this close. Now, even in the dark, she could see every blue vein running up and down Bobby’s big cock.

Bobby reached down and put his hands in her hair. He turned her face back to his cock again. He held onto the back of her head tightly as he pulled her face to his crotch.

“Now this is your first lesson in sucking cock, baby,” he said. “First, you have to get it nice and wet. You have to wet it with your tongue. You have to get a lot of spit on it. Do it, cunt!”

She did it. She leaned forward and stuck her tongue out. She touched the end of his cock and she was afraid she was going to be sick. She drew her head back and knew immediately that it was the wrong thing to do.

“Stupid bitch,” Bobby said. “You’re going to have to do better than that.”

Bobby slapped her face a couple of times. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back until she thought her neck was going to break. Then he pulled her back to his cock again.

“Lick it all over, baby,” he said. “Lick my cock. Lick it all fucking over.”

She was pulled back to his prick so that her tongue was touching his cock. She started moving her tongue over his thick prick-flesh, slurping up and down. She touched his heavy balls. She had never done this before and she hoped she wouldn’t get sick. She kissed the head of his cock again and her tongue licked over the head and down around the crown. She slowly started licking down to his heavy balls.

Touching her lips to the base of his cock, she took a deep breath and the smell of cockmeat seemed to flood her nostrils. She started licking his balls. She ran her tongue over his heavy nuts and then down to the crack of his ass.

“Oh fucking shit, baby,” he groaned. “I’m going to have a good time teaching you things. Oh shit yeah!”

Her tongue kissed his balls. She started licking and sucking at them. She sucked his balls into her mouth and started rolling them under her tongue.

She released his cock and balls and lifted up her head and looked down at his steamy cock.

She had thought it terrible just to play with her boyfriend’s cock. Now it seemed twice as bad to feel Bobby’s huge cock trembling against her fingertips.

Her head moved forward again. She touched her lips to his cockhead and this time she opened her mouth as wide as she could. She took his rubbery cockhead into her mouth and she slowly started sucking. She thought she was going to be sick but somehow she kept herself from it. She kept sucking until she suddenly felt his balls against her chin and she quickly released him.

“That’s pretty fucking good,” he said. “You’re doing all right for your first time, virgin mouth.”

Her mouth and nose filled with the salty taste of his cockmeat. She felt his sticky wetness dripping into her mouth. She wanted to jerk her head back but she didn’t dare. She had to make Bobby happy.

“I’m going to fuck your virgin mouth,” he said. “I love fucking a virgin mouth. I’m going to fuck your sweet little virgin mouth.”

Bobby got a good hold on the back of her head. He started pushing her head forward and she had to take nearly all of his cock inside her mouth again. She could taste his salty cum and felt tears stinging her eyes.

“Take it deep each time, baby,” he said. “Just relax and take it deep. Enjoy every fucking inch of my big cock!”

He started a steady rhythm of thrusting his cock into her mouth and then letting her head come back as she gasped for air. It was painful at times, but at least she didn’t think she would get killed if she did this.

His cock was a lot bigger than Jim’s had felt and it was filling her mouth with every stroke. She knew very little about sucking cock but she did know that her neck was getting tired and she started doing things to get it over with quickly.

She started using her tongue around the massive cockhead. She could taste his salty tasting cum each time his swollen cockhead went over her tongue and she knew that was going to happen. She knew she was going to taste his cum this time. He was going to make her swallow it.

“You looked real good with your boy’s cum all over your face, bitch,” he said. “He couldn’t control himself but you can enjoy the taste of mine a little longer.”

He was going crazy as he kept stabbing his prick into her wet mouth. Her knees were beginning to hurt on the hard ground. She was beginning to choke on the thickness of his cock.

“Keep moving your tongue around like that, bitch,” he said. “Keep moving your tongue around. You give fantastic head, baby. Where have you been keeping yourself all these years, you cock-sucking bitch?”

He was fucking her mouth hard and fast and Sherry could feel his fleshy cockhead getting deeper into the back of her throat with every thrust. His balls kept slapping her chin and she was afraid she was going to be sick but he showed no mercy.

“All right, you bitch,” he groaned. “I’m going to give you your first taste of real cum. Get ready, cunt. Ready, you fucking bitch. Oh fuuuck!”

Something started splattering the roof of her mouth-his thick cum! She couldn’t spit it out. It was filling her mouth and dripping out the corners of her mouth. She coughed and gagged, trying to swallow as much as she could and wondering why this had to happen to her. He had more cum than she believed possible. It kept spurting out the head of his cock and she kept trying to swallow.

Finally he pulled his cock wetly out of her mouth.

“First lesson, bitch,” Bobby said. “But don’t worry. There’s going to be a few more lessons before the night is over.”


Sherry had no idea what had happened to the others. All she knew was that her captor had dragged her off in a different direction. She was now being led through a hallway of some kind and into a crowded room where there were half a dozen men sitting around.

“Hot damn,” one of the men said. “This is the best one yet.”

“I knew you’d like her, George,” Sherry’s captor said. “She’s still prime virgin. I checked her myself. How about a bid?”

“One thousand dollars,” the man said.

“Show us her tits,” another man yelled.

“You know the rules,” someone else said. “No tits until you pay for it. Play by the rules.”

Sherry stood there numbly with her hands tied behind her. She could still feel the shame going through her as she remembered what had been done to her already. And she had the feeling that the worst was yet to come. She tried to look around for one look of mercy but there was no mercy in any face.

The bidding was going up fast. She heard five thousand dollars and someone went even higher. She didn’t know what the final price was but the man named George had made it. He was grinning as he came down the steps and took the rope that went around her neck.

“You’re going to come with me, bitch,” George said. “Hurry up. I’ve been looking forward to this all night.”

George was a huge man with a red-looking face. There was also a cruel glint in his eyes that frightened her. She had the feeling that there was going to be no mercy with George. She also knew what he had bid upon. He was going to take her virginity. She had been saving it for Jim but now this man was going to brutally take it.

“Hurry up, bitch,” George said, jerking at the rope around her neck. “You’re walking too fucking slow.”

He jerked her neck again and she followed him up a long stairs. He turned and went into the bedroom on the corner but there was somebody already in it.

“Hey, what the fuck!” a man yelled.

“Sorry,” George said. “But you’re supposed to lock the door.”

“I couldn’t wait,” the man said. “I was in a hurry to get at this little beauty.”

Sherry could see into the room and she gasped. Leslie was on the bed, completely naked, tied on her hands and knees with a pillow under her belly. A fat, hairy man stood behind her and he was slowly forcing his enormous cock into her tiny pussy.

Leslie wasn’t saying anything and her eyes looked blank. The only expression was the one of pain as the huge man kept forcing his cock deeper into her pussy.

“Don’t do that to her,” Sherry whispered.

“What’s the matter, bitch?” George asked. “Don’t you like watching?”

“No,” Sherry said.

“Watch it anyway.”

He grabbed Sherry by the hair and forced her face closer so that she could see every detail of what was happening to Leslie. Now Leslie moaned as the big man pushed a little harder and his prick seemed to tear into her. His prick went all the way into her pussy from behind and Leslie started sobbing in terror and pain.

“Fuck her good,” George said.

It was the second time that evening Sherry had watched people fucking but this time it didn’t excite her. This time it hurt her as the man started pushing his bloated cock in and out of Leslie’s tight pussy.

“Good show,” George said, “but I’ve got to get busy with my own little bitch. I hope you got a good look at that, bitch. That’s what your pussy is going to be getting, pretty soon.”

Sherry tried to jerk away but the man held her firmly. He took her down the hall and he tried a few more doors. Finally he found an open one and he pushed her inside.

The room was just like the other. George locked the door behind them and gave her a shove toward the bed. Sherry nearly stumbled. Her mouth felt dry and her heart was beating. It was about to happen, just like it had happened to Leslie! She turned to face George and there was a fighting look of determination in her eyes.

“So you want to fight me,” George said. “I can see it in your face, bitch. You want to fight me. I’ll enjoy it.”

George grabbed the front of her gown and pulled it down. Her creamy tits popped free and she backed up quickly. She was ashamed of the way her tits stood out so proudly in front of his hungry eyes.

“Shit,” George said. “You really do have a pair. You really look good, baby!”

George came toward her and she started backing up. She was desperately trying to think of some way to stop him but she couldn’t. All she could do was postpone it for moments.

“Leave me alone,” she said. “My father could pay you money. He could make it worth your while.”

“I don’t want your money, bitch,” he said. “I just want some of your hot pussy!”

George came after her. She tried to twist around him but he was tired of playing. He hit her hard in the stomach and she grabbed her belly in pain. She folded over and he pushed her down on the bed. Both his hands gripped her creamy tits.

“Beautiful fucking tits,” he said. “Really nice. I’m going to love having you around for a while!”

He forced her backwards on the bed. She tried to struggle out from under him and almost clawed his face. He slapped her hard. There were tears running down her cheeks as she tried to fight her way out from under him.

He undid her hands and took one of them in both of his. She started smashing him with the other hand. He was cursing her but he pinned her hand down above her. She didn’t know what he was doing until she suddenly felt something metal around her wrists.

“What the hell are you doing?” she asked.

“I’m just fixing you up, baby,” he answered. “I’m going to fix you up good.”

He had her arm chained and she couldn’t get it free. He grabbed her other arm and fastened it to some sort of metal ring on the other side. Now her arms were spread out wide above her and she could do nothing but kick at him.

George got up off the bed. He was looking at her with a smug satisfaction.

“You just keep fighting, baby,” he told her. “You just keep moving that hot little ass around. I’m going to love it when I get my cock into you!”

She knew she was nearly helpless. She tried pulling her hands free but she was caught solidly. She could only kick at him and now her green evening gown had pulled up above her knees and he was getting a good look at her legs. He licked his fat lips.

He moved over to the bed. He sat down beside her and put his hand on her knees. He slowly moved his hand up to the edge of her skirt and Sherry tried to turn over on her side but she couldn’t get his hand off her. It made her skin crawl.

“I’m going to take my time with you, bitch,” George said. “I’m going to take my time and enjoy every inch of your delicious body!”

She couldn’t stop him as he moved his hand up higher. His hand went underneath her skirt. He was touching her thighs. His fingers stroked her naked thighs as she closed them tightly together.

“You should learn to relax, baby,” he said. “You fight too much. You should relax and enjoy yourself.”

“You bastard,” she said. “You sick bastard!”

“Such language from a young lady.”

His hand moved up higher. He was watching the terror on her face as his hand finally touched her panties. He enjoyed it as his fingers moved around her cunt. He started stroking the line of her panties almost down into the crack between her legs.

“Don’t do that, please,” she whispered. “I’ll do to you what I did for that other man. Please don’t do that.”

“You mean Bobby? What did you do for Bobby? Did you suck his hard prick?”

“Yeah,” she said. “I’ll do anything, but please don’t do that to me. I’m a virgin.”

“Of course you are. You wouldn’t be worth all that money to me if you weren’t a virgin. I like young virgins. I get them so I can break them in right.”

His rough fingers found a way around the edge of her panties. She gasped as one of his fingers probed her pussyhole. He laughed at the way she struggled against her bonds.

“It’s not going to do you any good to try and get away,” he told her. “You’re my piece of ass for tonight.”

George moved off the bed again. He watched her eyes as he casually undressed himself. She turned away. She had never seen a man completely naked before.

“Don’t look away, bitch,” George said. “Look at me. You look at me now.”

There was a commanding sound to his voice and she turned her head. He was a thick round man and his chest was covered with black hairs. Her eyes went down between his legs and she gasped at the enormous size of his cock.

“Don’t be shocked, baby,” he told her. “You’re going to like it before the night is through.” Sherry felt sick as he got back on the bed again. He was tired of fooling around. He reached up and grabbed the top of her gown and he started jerking it down her legs. She struggled but it did no good. He got it off her feet and he dropped it on the floor beside the bed. She was left in nothing but her flimsy panties. “Oh yeah,” George said softly. “You’re everything I like in a woman. I bet you’re going to be a fantastic piece of ass. I’m going to teach you how to wrap those long legs around my back!”

“You sick bastard!” Sherry yelled. George slapped her hard in the face and it stunned her for a moment. It stunned her long enough for George to grab her panties and jerk them down her legs. She was completely naked and George wasted no time grabbing her most vulnerable spot. His hand buried itself between her soft thighs. “Let me feel that pussy,” he groaned. “Let me feel that hot fucking pussy. I’m going to see what you’re made of, baby. I’m going to see about that sweet cunt!”

It was the second time that evening that fingers had probed at her cunt. But George’s fingers were nothing like Bobby’s fingers had been. George’s fingers were rough and hard and they seemed to thrust almost savagely at her cunt. It took him a few moments before he could work one fat finger into her tight cunt. She screamed and begged for him to stop but he only worked his finger in a little deeper. “What’s the matter, baby?” George asked. “This is only my fucking finger. I’ve got lots better than just a finger.” He stunned her by ramming another rough finger deep into her pussy. He rammed his fingers all the way against her virgin walls and there was nothing gentle about the way his fingers explored her pussyhole. He was like a wild animal. She had called him that and that was exactly what he was. She knew that nothing could stop him from taking what he wanted and what he wanted was her cunt. He somehow jammed another finger into her pussyhole. He enjoyed the look on her face as he made her squirm. George moved his fingers around inside her for a moment and then drew them out. He stuck his fingers in his mouth and sucked them for a moment.

“I’m going to fuck you silly, bitch,” he said. “I’m going to give it to you like you’ve never dreamed of getting it!”

She stopped struggling. There was no sense in it. She was not going to stop him. He moved closer and rubbed his prickhead against her thighs. He was leaking and his cum was making her leg feel sticky.

“Oh no, please,” she said. “I’m begging you. I’m a virgin. Please don’t do anything to me. I’m just a young girl. You can get better looking girls, girls who want it. Please don’t.”

“Of course I can get all the girls I want,” he said. “I don’t want them. I want a little piece of your ass!”

She still didn’t struggle. He was spreading her legs and she felt him push his hand up to her cunt. His rough fingers stroked her cuntlips and made her shiver. She felt one of his fingers rubbing at the entrance to her pussy again.

He rubbed his prick against her leg again. He rolled over on top of her and kept her legs open with one hand. He slowly started moving up until his big red prick was pushing against the entrance to her virgin cunt. He didn’t push his prick right into her as she had expected. He knew about virgins. He knew she was scared and her pussy was dry. He wanted to excite her a little more.

He pressed his hot cock against the entrance to her cuntmound and then started rubbing it up and down. His fat cockhead seemed to be painfully stretching her cuntlips. He drew back. He put his hand over her cunt again. His rough fingers parted her cuntlips and he started working them in and out.

“You don’t want to get excited, baby,” he said. “You’re fighting it. You’ll get hurt if you don’t try and relax.”

“You animal!” she said. “Why don’t you leave me alone?”

George only smiled. He bent down and licked at her belly. It was a strange, uncomfortable feeling for Sherry. She didn’t like feeling his hot breath blowing against her. She tried to turn over on her side but that didn’t work.

“Maybe I can get you a little wetter,” George said.

George moved his head down and kissed her belly a little more. He kissed at the top of her cunt. He sucked her cunthairs and into his mouth and wet them with his tongue.

“No, don’t do that,” she whispered. “Why can’t you just leave me alone?”

His tongue went lower. She clamped her thighs together but he kept licking at the tops of them. She shivered as his hand came up and roughly forced her legs apart. Then his face went between her legs.

“Oh no, don’t,” she pleaded.

It was unlike anything she had ever felt. His tongue moved up and down in her pussylips and he forced his tongue between her cuntlips and into her cunt. Again he was moving it all around the inside of her pussy.

He kept ramming his tongue into her cunt for a while but she fought those baser urges and he realized it was a lost battle. He was content to wait for a while. At that moment he was hotter than hell.

“I’d like to get you wetter, baby,” he said, “but it’s your fault. I’ve got to have some of that virgin pussy. I’m going to have some, bitch!”

He rolled over on top of her again and forced her smooth, soft legs apart. Then he moved up until she felt his cockhead against her pussylips once more. His cock looked huge to her, much bigger than any she’d ever seen but probably that was because she was going to get fucked by it.

Her head twisted back and forth in sheer terror as she wondered what it was going to feel like to have his big prick splitting her virgin cunt. She stopped moving, realizing that there was nothing she could do about it.

He moved up until the head of his cock slipped past her cuntlips and stretched her virgin cunt until she thought it was impossible. Just the head of his cock was inside her but she was already thinking that he was going to split her in half.

“What are you doing to me?” she screamed.

“I’m going to fuck you, baby,” he answered. “I’m going to fuck your sweet pussy!”

He pulled back for a moment and there was a wild grin on his face. He thrust hard until his prickhead was up against her virgin walls. She had only a moment to think when he gave her a savage thrust and his thick prick plunged all the way up inside her hot pussyhole. She cried in pain but he wasn’t listening.

“Now I’m going to fuck you, bitch,” he said. “I’m going to fuck your hot ass off!”

He reached beneath her and grabbed her ass. He rested a moment before he started thrusting in and out. He was really excited. She could feel his thick cock inside her. George’s hips moved very fast as he started fucking her.

“You sweet bitch,” he groaned. “You’ve got a hot little ass. You’ve got a fucking sweet ass!”

His balls banged against her asscheeks as he fucked her. Those balls felt heavy against her and she knew they had to be filled with thick cum. He would soon be shooting that jism inside her. She shuddered as she thought of it.

“I wish I could wait,” George moaned. “I wish I could wait for you, but I can’t. Oh shit, I can’t. Oh shiiiit!”

He came so fast that it surprised even him. His prick started jerking inside her and then his hot cum started spurting inside her again and again.

With one final spasm, he fell onto her with a force that knocked the breath out of her. Sherry started getting her breath back after a few moments. It had been so quick. She couldn’t believe it. She had been fucked! She had lost the virginity she had tried to save for her boyfriend.

“You bastard,” she said.

“You’ll learn to love it, bitch,” he said. “You’ll really learn to love it.”

“Not from you,” she said.

“We’ll see,” he said, and she didn’t like his smile.


Sherry opened her eyes and somehow knew that the day was already half over with. Her body felt bruised and sore and she was no longer a virgin. She could feel the dried blood between her legs and she shivered as she remembered the hard pounding she had gotten the night before.

She wondered where George was and she didn’t have to wait long to find out.

George came out of the bathroom. He looked angry as he bent over her.

“You weren’t much of a fuck, bitch,” he said. “You really didn’t try very hard.”

“I hate you,” she said.

“I thought maybe you’d learned your lesson,” he said. “I guess you haven’t. Well, maybe your friend will help teach your lesson.”

Sherry looked at him, puzzled.

“Your friend Ginger. She is your friend. You see, we know a lot about you. We just didn’t know that your friend Ginger was going to put up such a fuss and then it turned out she wasn’t even virgin ass. Her cherry had already been popped.”

“What have you done to her?” Sherry asked.

Sherry was sounding braver than she felt. At that moment she feared and hated this man more than she had ever feared and hated anyone. And she knew she was completely in his power, that he could hurt her if he wanted, and that made it all worse.

“You want to know what we’ve done to your little friend?”


“All right,” he said. “I’ll show you.”

He unhooked the chains that held her on the bed. He tied her hands behind her and she didn’t resist. He put a dog collar around her neck and tied a silver chain to it. He then put a robe around her naked body and buttoned it up front.

“Don’t want all the guys looking at you,” he said. “Not yet, anyway.”

He took her downstairs and outside. She saw Leslie and she nodded. She was dressed the same way Sherry was and her face was puffy and swollen. She looked like she had been crying again. She was walking meekly behind the man who held her chain.

“You walk behind me just like that girl,” George said.

Sherry started to refuse but then shrugged her shoulders. There was no sense in making him even madder. She would see Ginger first.

She was pushed along until they came to a clearing. She saw Ginger and Ginger looked bad. Her back was striped from a whipping and her mouth and eyes were puffy from being beaten. She was tied down on the ground face down and there was a kind of round barrel underneath her and she couldn’t move.

“Nice looking ass,” George said. “It’s a shame she’s been using it so damn much.”

“I don’t understand why you’re doing this to her,” Sherry said.

“Because she was supposed to be a virgin,” George said. “We were all to pick out one sweet virgin. She wasn’t a virgin. She’s been shaking that ass for some young fellow. The guy who got her is a little mad.”

“But you don’t have to hurt her,” Sherry said.

“Maybe you’d like to take her place,” George suggested. “You could, you know. Just say the word and we’ll put you over the barrel and beat your ass a little.”

Sherry found her mouth too dry to speak. She thought she would have done anything for her friend but she knew she couldn’t take that. She couldn’t help Ginger, not if it meant she would be put over the barrel.

“All right, Bobby,” George said. “Bobby Bishop knows how to use the fucking whip!”

A young man walked out. He was dressed in a pair of shorts and an open shirt. He carried a whip. Sherry swallowed nervously as Bobby looked at her and caressed the whip like a woman’s tit.

He moved closer. He drew back his hand and let the whip flash. Ginger cried out in pain as the end of the whip hit her ass. He did it again on the other cheek of her ass.

“That’s just to warm her up,” George said.

Now Bobby started moving his arm as fast as he could. It was almost faster than Sherry’s eyes could follow but she could hear the loud crack of the whip hitting Ginger’s ass. She could also hear Ginger’s loud sobs.

“Move your ass, bitch,” Bobby said. “Move your ass like you’re getting fucked.”

Sherry cried at Ginger’s humiliation. Ginger started moving her ass in an obscene way just as if she was getting fucked. Bobby turned the whip around. He moved even closer to Ginger and he pushed the handle of his whip between her asscheeks.

“Nice ass,” Bobby said. “Beautiful fucking ass. You really know how to move it, baby, but then that’s why you’re here. You’ve been moving that ass for some other boy.”

He moved the whip handle down her ass and between her legs. He gently pushed the knob of his whip between her legs and Sherry realized that he was pushing his whip into Ginger’s cunt!

“That’s right, baby,” Bobby said. “Move your ass against my fucking whip. Show me how you fuck leather.”

Ginger was sobbing softly but she was still moving her ass. Sherry knew that Ginger didn’t want to feel that whip anymore.

Bobby shoved the whip handle a little deeper into her pussyhole. Ginger screamed as the whip handle almost vanished in her tight cunt.

Bobby looked like an animal as be started pushing the whip handle in and out of her pussy. He finally drew it out and walked around to her face.

“Lick the handle,” he commanded.

“No,” Ginger said, shaking her head.

“Fucking slut!” he said. He lashed her across the face with it. He watched the blood spurt from her smashed lip. Then he bashed the other side of her face and Ginger cried out in pain. “Lick the handle, fucking cunt,” he said. “Lick your own pussyjuices off of it!” Ginger was shaking her head from side to side but it was only a reflex action. He pressed the handle against her mouth and this time she started licking it. Her pink tongue moved up and down the whip handle, slimy with her own cuntjuices. “That’s a good girl,” Bobby said. “You see how much better things are if you do as you’re told.” He made her lick the whip handle for a long time. Finally she had it glistening with her own spit. He pitched the whip away and unzipped his trousers. He pulled his cock out and rubbed it against her face. “Let’s see how you can do against my handle,” he told her.

Ginger looked sick but she started licking his cock. She licked and kissed his big prick all over. Sherry licked her lips as she remembered how it had been the night before. She remembered being forced to suck that huge cock. She didn’t know that the worst was yet to come for poor Ginger. “That’s right, baby,” Bobby said. “You’re doing a good job. Now lick it nice and clean. Lick my prick good!” She moved her pink tongue all over his halfhard cock. It was slowly getting harder and a few moments later it was pushing hard against her lips. Bobby reached down and grabbed her hair. He pushed her head back and pressed his prick against her lips so that she was almost choked with the size of it. “This time, take it in your mouth and move your head back and forth. You know how to do it. I’m going to fuck your face for a while!” Ginger had no other choice and she let him push his big prick into her lips. He gripped her head and started running his prick in and out of her mouth. Sherry could see dripping saliva running down the side of Ginger’s mouth and dripping on her tits. She was sucking fast and she was taking his prick deep into her throat with every movement of her head. His wasn’t the first cock Ginger had ever sucked.

“That’s enough, baby,” Bobby finally said. “I’m not ready to come. Not yet. I’ve got another surprise for you.”

“What else can you do to me?” Ginger asked.

“I haven’t even started yet, baby,” he told her. “Things are going to get really kinky from here on.”

George nodded and Bobby walked off behind the house. He was gone for a few minutes and nobody said anything. It was like everyone knew that something terrible was about to happen.

Sherry did not know how terrible things could get until Bobby came back around the side of the house and he was leading a huge black dog.

“What are you going to do to me?” Ginger cried. “Oh no, please not what I think! Oh damn, no.”

“What’s the matter, baby?” Bobby said. “Didn’t you think we could get kinky enough for you?”

Bobby led the dog around to the front of Ginger. Sherry could see the almost human hunger in the dog’s eyes as it sniffed at Ginger’s face. Bobby reached down and unleashed the dog.

“Fido here is a pretty smart dog,” Bobby said. “He’s done this before. I think I’ll let him find your pussy all by himself.”

“No!” Ginger screamed. “Please, no. You can’t do this to me. This is sick!”

Sherry wanted to run to help her friend but she couldn’t seem to move. She had never dreamed of seeing anything like this. Her heart was pounding and George must have known what she was thinking because he gave her a little pull on her leash.

“Don’t you get any ideas,” George said. “You try to help her and we can always find another dog.”

Sherry didn’t move. She told herself that she was not a coward but she was more afraid than she had ever been in her life.

The dog looked bigger than any dog Sherry had ever seen and it was obvious that he was in a high state of arousal. He was moving around Ginger slowly, sniffing at every place he could find that looked interesting.

Ginger was in hysterics and Sherry didn’t blame her. She was terrified by what was going to happen to her. She was screaming and begging at the same time. She was promising Bobby anything he wanted. Sherry had never heard such filthy language as Ginger described what she would do for Bobby. Bobby only laughed.

“Sorry, bitch,” Bobby said. “You should have been nice last night when your man found out you weren’t virgin cunt. You had a chance then. Now I want to see the dog fuck you.”

“Oh, help me,” Ginger pleaded.

Her face turned to the circle of people but Sherry could tell that she wasn’t recognizing anyone. There were tears in her eyes and she was numb with fear. Her face was a pale white. She was frantically jerking at her bonds but she couldn’t tear free.

“Don’t do this to me,” Ginger yelled. “Oh no, please. I’ll do anything. Oh fucking shit. Don’t do this to me!”

The dog was finally around at Ginger’s ass. Sherry could see everything. She swallowed as she saw the dog’s long red cock extending as the dog sniffed at Ginger’s asscheeks. Ginger started screaming again but she couldn’t jerk the chains loose or scream loud enough for anyone to hear.

It was obvious that the dog knew where to go. Sherry could almost imagine the pain and terror that was going on in Ginger’s mind. This had to be the most degrading thing that could happen to a woman. The ugly dog sniffed at Ginger’s cunt, then lifted up and put its paws on Ginger’s back. It was moving forward slowly and the red tip of its cock was suddenly touching Ginger’s cunt.

“Oh damn!” Ginger screamed. “Jesus, no! Don’t do that to me. Oh fucking shit!”

The dog was moving forward slowly, trying to get into exactly the right position. Sherry could see that huge red cock poised at Ginger’s pussy as it changed the position a few more times. Then it was thrusting forward. Half the cock went into Ginger’s pussy and Ginger stopped struggling as if she realized that it was too late to do anything about it.

“Damn,” Ginger said. “Damn, damn, damn!”

The dog thrust forward all the way. Suddenly its cock was all the way inside Ginger’s pussy. Then it stopped for a moment and Sherry noticed the dog’s excitement was making its body tremble.

“Let’s go in now,” she asked George.

“Fuck no, baby,” George said. “We’re going to watch every bit of this. I don’t want you to ever forget what might happen to you if you get smart!”

The dog started fucking Ginger with short, hard thrusts. Bobby walked back in front of Ginger again. He unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock. He was going to give Ginger the ultimate degradation. He was going to stick his prick into her mouth while she was being fucked by the dog!

Ginger tried to turn her head from side to side but Bobby grabbed her. He bent her head back until she was willing to open her mouth and start sucking him.

Ginger finally sucked his prick into her mouth and she began to bob her head. Sherry wanted to close her eyes and shut out her friend’s horror. But she couldn’t. George had noticed her closing her eyes a few minutes before and he had pinched one of her titties hard. He wanted her to see the entire show.

“That dog’s really getting excited now,” George said. “He’s going after that pussy!”

The dog did seem to be going crazy. It’s entire body shook as it tried to drive his prick deeper into Ginger’s pussy. His back legs straightened up as it got closer and closer to coming.

“Oh fuck,” Bobby groaned. “The fucking dog’s coming. He’s coming inside her. Hey! She’s turning red just hearing me talking about it. What’s the matter, baby? Don’t you like a dog’s cum?”

It was obvious that the dog was coming. Ginger was trying to move away and the dog was shaking like it was on fire. Its tail was wagging as it fucked Ginger faster and faster. Finally the dog fell away from Ginger and started licking itself in a satisfied way. It was disgusting.

“Keep sucking my prick,” Bobby moaned. “You don’t want to stop now. We could teach you other things if you don’t do as you’re told. We’ve got other dogs.”

Ginger seemed to shudder at the thought and she started to go after his cock like she was starving and he was raw meat. She let her head bob faster and faster and her teeth skimmed against his swollen cockmeat.

“That’s it, bitch,” Bobby moaned. “That’s the fucking way. Suck me hard!”

Ginger was making loud gasping sounds as she sucked him. Her black hair was flying behind her. She was letting some of his cum drip out of her lips but she kept sucking hungrily, even though he was ready to come.

“Oh fucking shit,” Bobby yelled. “I’m going to blow my wad. I’m going to blow my fucking wad. Oh shiiit!”

He grabbed hold of the back of Ginger’s head and he held her firmly as he started coming in her mouth. Sherry could see Ginger’s mouth working as she swallowed his thick jism. Finally some more of his jism started leaking out of her mouth and dripping down to her tits.

“You did good, bitch,” Bobby said. “Maybe you learned your lesson but I don’t know.”

He took his prick out of her mouth. Ginger was whimpering in fear and humiliation. Sherry knew one thing for sure. She didn’t want to have those dogs after her or Bobby either.


She was trying to sleep but she couldn’t. George was snoring. She had tried to ask him questions but he wouldn’t answer. He had simply grinned and told her not to be a nosy bitch. She was really frightened. What they had done to Ginger had been horrible but she was sure they were capable of doing worse things.

She heard a tapping outside her door. She thought it was her imagination but then she heard it again. Slowly the door started to open.

It was Ginger! Somehow the girl had managed to get away. She moved softly as she came into the room, putting her fingers in front of her lips.

“Is he asleep?” Ginger asked softly. “Where does he keep the keys?”

“In his pants,” Sherry said.

Ginger glided across the room like a ghost. She went through his pockets until she found the keys. She was very careful as she unlocked Sherry’s arms and legs.

“Come on,” Ginger said. “We’ve got to get out of this place.”

“How did you get away?” Sherry asked.

“I was just lucky,” Ginger said.

George groaned and started to raise up. His eyes blinked open and it took him a moment to realize what was happening. He started to reach for Sherry but Sherry moved first. She had grabbed the lamp by the bed and she brought it down across his head. He blinked in surprise and then passed out.

“I think you killed him,” Ginger said.

“I hope I did.” Sherry said.

The two young girls slipped out of the room quietly. They listened for a moment but they could hear nothing. They didn’t know any of the girls in the other rooms but they knew Leslie. Sherry looked at Ginger in a question.

“We could send the police back for her,” Ginger said.

“We have to try,” Sherry said. “She’s already looking kind of numb. We have to try to rescue her.”

“All right,” Ginger agreed.

Ginger led the way down to Leslie’s room. Sherry opened it slowly but almost immediately she knew that they could not rescue Leslie. They heard the voices inside and the sound of bed springs.

“Don’t do it to me there,” Leslie was pleading. “It hurts down there.”

“Shut up, bitch,” the man said roughly.

“Not there,” Leslie screamed again. “Not there. Not in my ass. Oh, damn you. You bastard. It hurts!”

Sherry couldn’t move for a moment as she watched the man moving forward until his cock was buried in Leslie’s tight asshole. He backed up a little and then slammed back inside her again. Sherry had seen enough. She started forward.

“No, damn it,” Ginger whispered. “He’s a big one. We’ll never get out of here if we have to fight him.”

Sherry knew she was right, although she was tempted to try, the lamp trick again. But, Ginger was already pulling her out of the room. She followed Ginger down the hall and down the stairs. The front door was open. They were free if they could find out where to go.

“Do you know where we are?” Ginger asked.

“Hell, I don’t know,” Sherry answered.

“Let’s go that way,” Ginger said.

They ran. They had no idea where they were going but they ran like hell. They were in the woods in a few moments and it was so dark they could hardly see.

“We’ve got to find a road somewhere,” Ginger said.

They were both getting scratched by bushes but they couldn’t feel it. All they cared about was getting out of the woods. Sherry tripped and fell. Ginger came back for her and helped her to her feet. Sherry brushed away twigs from her arms and legs.

Sherry heard the noise behind her and she whirled around. It was Bobby. He was dressed in a pair of shorts and he was holding his whip. He was grinning at her and she didn’t like it. She thought she had never seen anyone look so evil.

“So you young ladies thought you’d try and leave us,” Bobby said. “That’s a shame. We have to make an example of the girls who try to leave.”

Sherry never even saw him move his hand. He snapped the whip a few inches from her face. It would have cut her cheek if it had touched her.

“Run, Sherry!” Ginger cried.

But Sherry couldn’t move. Somehow she knew it wasn’t going to do any good to move. Bobby didn’t even try to catch her. Instead he lovingly coiled his whip back up again, then jerked his hand. This time the whip wrapped around Sherry’s knees and jerked her legs out from under her. She hit hard on her ass.

It hurt like hell but it evidently didn’t hurt as much as Ginger got hurt. She heard Ginger screaming in the darkness. A few moments later Ginger’s voice went silent.

“What’s happening to her?” Sherry asked.

“You’d better worry about what’s happening to you, baby,” Bobby said. “Or at least what’s going to happen to you. Maybe I should scar up your face a little for running away.”

Bobby snapped the whip only inches from her face.

“No, please,” Sherry begged.

Bobby laughed at her fear as he kept snapping the whip. Each time he came closer to her face and she thought she was going to be horribly scarred. Finally he stopped and coiled his whip up again. She was trembling with fear as he walked over to her and put his foot on her head. She went all the way down on her face. He applied a little pressure that forced her face into the dirt.

“You’re going to have to pay for running away,” he said. “You’re going to be very sorry.”

She was already very sorry. She was also remembering how she had hit George with the lamp and wondering if she’d killed him. She was in trouble if she had, even more trouble.

“You stupid bitch!” Bobby said. “Didn’t you know you’d get caught? Did you think you were just going to walk away?”

“No,” she answered. “I guess I didn’t.”

“But you tried anyway. You always try.”

Bobby sat down beside her on the grass. She didn’t even think about running away again because she had seen what that quick whip of his could do.

“Sit up and spread your legs for me,” he told her. “Spread your legs wide. I want to took at your pink pussy.”

She thought about resisting but there was no point in it. She sat up and spread her legs as he had told her. She felt a blush of shame as she saw that Bobby was looking right up between her thighs. She had never felt so naked in front of a man.

“Play with your titties,” he told her. “Lift your hands up to your titties and play with them.”

She didn’t know what he was after but she did as she was told. She moved her hands up her body and started caressing her tits. She was surprised at herself. Her tits seemed to immediately get hard and there was a slight itch between her legs.

“That’s right,” Bobby said. “Play with your tits. Make them nice and heavy. Excite yourself, bitch.”

Her fingers moved over her nipples and she gasped for breath. She was getting hot. Playing with herself was exciting her and she didn’t like it. She would have stopped but there was something in Bobby’s eyes that told her she’d better not.

“Now keep playing with your titties with one hand,” he said. “But I want you to make yourself come. I want you to play with your pussy with the other hand.”

“Damn you!” she said.

“You’d better do what I want,” he said. “You have no choice.” She kept stroking her titty with one hand and she slid her other hand down her belly and to her cunt. She let her fingertips trace the outline of her thighs. Her fingers moved closer to her moist pussylips and she suddenly knew that she was going to lose control. She didn’t want to show how weak she was in front of this man but she had been so hot for so long! Now her fingers moved a little closer to her wet pussy.

“That’s the way, baby,” he said. “That’s the way to play with your pussy. Put your fingers in your cunt!”

Bobby was looking at her with hungry eyes. She slid her fingers a little closer to her pussylips. She could feel the heat coming off her pussy and she nervously licked her lips as she moved her fingers up another inch and started stroking the outer lips of her cunt. She hoped it would be enough.

“Stop fucking around,” Bobby said. “That’s not the way you play with yourself at home, is it? I want to see some action. Stick your fingers up your fucking cunt!”

There was no hope for it. She would have to do it. It wasn’t that she had never done it before. She just didn’t like having somebody watching.

Her fingers slipped inside her cunt and she started with two fingers and worked them in slowly. Her cunt felt feverish. She knew her pussy would be that way. She felt so damn sensitive all over.

“Keep stroking your tits,” he told her.

“Do you have to do this to me?” she asked.

“The fun hasn’t even started yet, baby,” he answered her.

Sherry shivered at the hot expression on his face. She pushed another finger into her cunt and started moving them in and out. She hadn’t wanted to respond but already her ass was lifting up off the ground. She could feel her pussy getting wet.

“You’re a hot bitch,” Bobby said. “You just haven’t admitted it to yourself yet. You’re a hot fucking bitch!”

Her finger brushed against her clitty and it sent a surprised spasm of delight through her. She was fighting her own body’s urges but she was so tired. She had the feeling that she was going to give up at any moment.

“I bet George really gave you a fucking tonight,” Bobby said.

“Yes,” she admitted.

“George likes to break you virgin cunts in right,” Bobby said. “I’m glad you didn’t fight him too much. He wouldn’t have liked that. He can get real nasty.”

She shivered when she remembered that she had hit him with a lamp. She wondered how nasty he could get. She was sliding another finger into her pussy, working both fingers in and out. She knew her juices were wetting her fingers and mixing with the goo that George had shot into her.

“You don’t have to take me back,” she said.

“I don’t?” Bobby said, looking surprised.

“No,” Sherry said. “We could have a good time if you didn’t take me back. I’d do anything for you. You know I would. I’d suck you anytime you wanted it. Just don’t take me back.”

“You stupid cunt,” Bobby said. “You’re going to suck me anytime I want anyway. I’m going to take you back, but first I’m going to have a little fun with you. Keep playing with your pussy. Don’t stop moving your fingers. I want you to make yourself come. I want to see it right now or I’m beating the shit out of you.”

She had stopped moving her fingers. Now she started moving them again. She knew it was going to be easy to make herself come because there were already some sweet, fiery spasms inside her pussy. Her ass was coming off the ground to meet her thrusting fingers.

She could feel her fingers getting wet from her own thrusting.

“Please don’t make me do this,” she said.

“You’d better shut your fucking mouth and concentrate on what you’re doing.”

She got quiet as she started thrusting her fingers into her pussy a little faster. She didn’t try to fake it because she had the feeling that he would somehow know. She started rubbing the edge of her fingers against her clitty and a quick spasm went through her body. Her tits started feeling achy.

“Oh shit,” she moaned. “I am going to come. Oh shit, I’m coming. Oh fucking shit. Oh shiiiiit!”

Her fingers had done the trick and he was certain to see that she wasn’t faking as her body twisted around on the ground. Her juices ran down the insides of her thighs and she kept moving her ass until the last spasm had gone through her.

“You come good, baby,” he said. “Now get up.”

She stood up and he motioned her over to a tree. She saw him take a long length of rope from his pocket.

“What are you going to do with that?” she asked.

“Put your arms around that tree trunk and shut up, cunt.”

Sherry put her arms around the tree trunk and he tied her hands on the other side. She knelt on the ground and was able to move around a little, but not very far. She looked back over her shoulder and she saw Bobby undoing his trousers.

“You don’t have to tie me up,” she said. “You know that.”

“I had to tie you up for what I had in mind,” he said.

She wasn’t sure what he had in mind. His cock was rock-hard and he knelt behind her and placed his cock against the entrance to her cunt. He stabbed into her pussy from behind, stabbed so deep that he made her cry out.

“I’m going to fuck you a little bit this way,” he said.

Again she wondered what he meant but she didn’t have time to think about it now. He started moving his cock in and out of her pussy until she was wet again. He reached around and started stroking her titties. One hand moved between them and over her asscheeks. She got uncomfortable when he started playing with her tight asshole.

Suddenly he stabbed a finger into her asshole up to his knuckle. Sherry didn’t like it and tried to twist away from him but he wouldn’t let her. He pressed his finger even deeper into her asshole as he kept fucking her.

“Take your finger out,” she said. “I don’t like that.”

“You’re going to learn to like it,” he said.

He gave her another couple of strokes and then pulled his stiff prick out of her pussy. He finally took his finger out of her ass and she realized what was going to happen even before he pressed his hot cockhead against her asshole.

“Don’t do that to me,” she whispered. “Oh no, please don’t.”

“Sorry, baby,” he said. “You shouldn’t have tried to run away. You knew better.”

He reached around her and grabbed hold of her balloon shaped tits. He had moved against her and was pressing his big cock against her tiny asshole.

“Don’t do this to me,” she pleaded. “Oh, don’t please. I know it will hurt. Don’t!”

“Just relax, baby,” he said. “Just relax and it won’t hurt but a little bit.”

She braced herself for the pain she knew she would feel. She remembered her pain from the other fuckings but she had the feeling that this was going to be a lot worse.

He started pressing against her asshole. He had somehow worked his cockhead into her asshole and she tried to relax but it wasn’t easy with that huge muscle inside her ass.

He was slowly driving his cock deeper inside her, inching it farther and farther up her asshole. He finally gave one last hard shove and it went all the way inside her. It made her shudder as she felt how deep it was.

His hands gripped her tits as he started pumping his cock in and out of her asshole. He began to make animal sounds as he fucked her. He was right. It had hurt at first but now she was loosening up and it was getting easier for him to fuck her. It didn’t hurt so bad if she relaxed.

“You’ve got a great ass, baby,” he said. “You’ve got a great fucking ass!”

His balls were banging against her asscheeks so loudly that it sounded like gunshots. His prick was getting bigger inside her asshole and she knew he wasn’t going to last much longer.

He gripped her titties a little harder, his powerful pounding shaking her body each time he thrust. He was fucking her a little quicker and her asshole felt sore.

“Bitch!” he groaned. “I’m going to give it to you this time, bitch. It feels so fucking good. Oh shit. Oh shiiiit!”

He plunged his prick into her asshole hard. His prick was getting bigger and his prickmeat started squirming inside her. His cum started spurting again and again and she was filled up with it. He gave her a couple more hard strokes before he pulled his prick out of her asshole.

He walked around to her head. She could see it but she hated the thought of what she was sure he was going to make her do.

“Lick it clean, bitch,” he said.

She did but she thought she was going to throw up at any second. Finally she had his prick glistening with her spit and he stopped. He bent down and undid her hands.

“Let’s go back,” he said. “George is waiting.”

Her heart began to pound in fear.


They dragged them back to the house. Sherry kept falling and her captor would simply drag her along on her hands and knees for a while. The choke chain would threaten to cut off her breath if she didn’t keep up. She felt sick to her stomach as they finally reached the house. She didn’t know what would be done to her but she had an inner horror of being put to the dogs.

George was standing in the front yard along with a couple of other men. George looked mad as hell and there was a bandage around his head.

“What shall we do with them, sir?” Bobby Bishop asked.

“The pig pen,” George said.

Sherry felt that sickness in her stomach again. It wasn’t the dogs but it sounded like something worse. She was dragged along behind the young boy and into the back yard. There were no pigs but there was a huge mud hole.

“This is our pig pen, ladies,” George said softly. “It’s for pig sluts who try to run away. You’ll find it interesting.”

George was smiling at her but his hand was rough as he put it on Sherry’s shoulder. He squeezed until there were tears in her eyes from the pain.

“You hit me, bitch,” George said. “You’re going to spend a while paying for that.”

George slammed her in the stomach with his other hand and she folded over in pain. He gave her a push with his other hand and she landed on her ass in the mud.

“The other bitch,” George said.

Bobby gave Ginger a shove and she went into the mud almost on top of Sherry. Sherry had to sink deeper into the goo to avoid being fallen on.

“You two are best friends,” George said. “It’s only fair that you should know us how good of friends you are. I want you two to wash each other gently with the mud.”

Sherry was trembling but she was afraid to move. Ginger was looking at her with a blank face. Neither girl knew what to do. They didn’t want to anger George anymore but they felt all sticky in the muddy mess.

“So you don’t want to be nice,” George said. “All right. We’ll do it another way. I’ll tell you what, Sherry. Don’t be nice to your friend. Beat the shit out of her. Do it now, or I’m going to bring the dog over here and let him loose with the both of you.”

Sherry looked at him in horror. She was afraid of those dogs. She looked at Ginger and Ginger helped her make up her mind. Ginger didn’t want the dogs again either.

“Bitch,” Ginger said. “I’m going to bury you!”

Actually, it was almost fun. They didn’t really hurt each other but they made a good attempt to cover each other with mud. Sherry was a little uncomfortable at times, especially when her hands brushed against Ginger’s small tits.

“All right,” George said. “Fun’s over.”

He made them get out of the mud hole. They weren’t ready for what happened next. Suddenly water started crashing against them so hard that it knocked them on the ground. It was almost painful as the powerful water stream covered them both. They rolled on the ground, unable to get away.

Then, suddenly the water stopped. It had done a good job of washing the mud off them. Sherry had a feeling that the worst was yet to come as George stood over them.

“You two look real good down there,” George said. “All naked and clean. Like a picture or something. Now why don’t you two kiss and make up?”

Then men gathered around in a circle as if they knew what was coming and were eager to enjoy it. Sherry felt like she was about to be devoured by wild animals.

“Kiss and make up!” George demanded, his tone ugly.

Ginger leaned over and kissed Sherry lightly on the cheek.

“You’re going to have to do better than that,” George said. “I want to see a kiss, baby. I want to see you really kiss each other or I’m going to bring the dogs.”

Sherry knew they had no choice. She put her arms around Ginger and drew her close. She kissed Ginger’s soft mouth. She had never kissed another girl on the mouth before. There was a different texture to Ginger’s lips. Ginger was soft and hungry and it made Sherry feel strange all over.

“That’s good,” George said. “Now do it again. I want you two to make out with one another.”

Sherry wasn’t stupid. She knew what George was after. He would enjoy standing there and watching them be humiliated. Sherry knew she would never be able to hold her head up after this, but she could see no way out.

“Come on, you two fucking bitches. You know what I want. Kiss each other. Make out!”

Ginger kissed back this time. Sherry was afraid of the sudden hunger in Ginger’s lips. It made her start remembering things. Sherry had always thought Ginger looked at her strangely sometimes and Sherry had never liked changing clothes in front of her friend.

Now she could taste a funny kind of yearning in Ginger’s mouth. Ginger was the first to open her mouth and start pushing her tongue against Sherry’s tongue.

Sherry pushed Ginger away and gave her a shocked look. There was something wild in Ginger’s eyes. Her friend was moving closer again. Ginger was wrapping her arms around Sherry and pulling her close.

“I think the little dark-haired bitch likes it,” George said.

Ginger kissed Sherry again and this time the kiss was long and lingering. Ginger’s tongue was like a fiery dark snake sliding into Sherry’s mouth. Sherry tried to pull her head away but she was held tightly.

Ginger was pressing her supple body closer to Sherry’s. Sherry kept wanting to move away but she couldn’t. Ginger’s hard pointy tits were pressing against Sherry’s larger ones.

“I think you’re beautiful,” Ginger said. “I’ve always thought you were beautiful. Besides, we have to do this.”

Sherry’s breath was taken away. She had not expected this of her friend, no matter how many funny looks she had been given. She was being pushed back a little more and Ginger was crawling over her body. Ginger’s hot hands started stroking Sherry.

“This is going to be a better show than I thought it would be,” George said. “I’m getting a little hot and bothered already.”

The men drew around in a tighter circle so that they could see every detail plainly. Sherry thought that Ginger had forgotten about the men watching. Ginger was concentrating on doing something she’d always wanted to do.

“Ginger, please don’t,” Sherry said.

“Would you rather have the dogs?” Ginger asked.

No, she wouldn’t rather have the dogs. She tried to relax as Ginger started playing with her titties. Sherry couldn’t believe her friend was moving her hands over her titties so hotly. Sherry was beginning to like the sensation.

“You’re so beautiful,” Ginger said.

Ginger kissed her mouth again and then moved over her body. Ginger’s lips opened and her tongue started darting in and out of Sherry’s mouth. One of Ginger’s hands moved between them to stroke Sherry’s tit again.

Ginger’s felt so soft as she stroked Sherry’s nipple. Sherry gasped for breath as the first hint of excitement made her body shiver. Her tits were beginning to feel swollen. She was shivering all over when Ginger started moving her head down her body.

“That’s right,” Bobby shouted. “Go after those tits, Ginger. Suck on them. You know you want it!”

Ginger’s hot breath blew against Sherry’s tittles. Sherry looked down and she could see Ginger’s face against her tits. It was almost like a dream. She watched as Ginger opened her mouth and gently took Sherry’s nipple inside her mouth.

“This isn’t right,” Sherry groaned. “You shouldn’t. It does feel nice, though.”

She had admitted it out in front of these men. She had admitted that it felt nice. She had no self-respect left. Ginger’s mouth was a white flame as she sucked. Her mouth opened a little more and she was sucking even more of Sherry’s titty inside her mouth. Ginger seemed suddenly determined to get all of Sherry’s titty inside her mouth. Her teeth started nipping at the hot titty-flesh and Sherry gasped for breath. Damn, it did feel good!

“Suck her good, bitch,” George yelled. “She’s going after those titties now.”

Sherry found herself responding. She was lifting her back up and pressing more of her titty into Ginger’s mouth. She could hear Ginger making soft sucking noises and that turned her on. It wasn’t fair that her body betrayed her this way.

“Play with her pussy,” George yelled. “Stick your hand on her pussy and put your fingers in her pussy!”

Ginger lifted her head and seemed to consider it for just a moment. Then Ginger’s hand was moving down Sherry’s body, her fingers playing with Sherry’s pussyhair. All the while she was hungrily sucking at Sherry’s titties.

“I have to do this, Sherry,” Ginger said. Sherry knew better than that. Ginger might have to do it but Ginger was enjoying herself at that moment. Ginger’s fingers were moving closer to Sherry’s cunt at every movement.

“Oh Ginger,” Sherry moaned as those first two fingers gently parted the petals of Sherry’s cunt.

Ginger bit down hard on Sherry’s tit as she suddenly pushed two fingers deep into her pussy. Ginger started moving her fingers around and the edges rubbed Sherry’s clitty. It would have been impossible not to get excited.

“I know you like it a little,” Ginger whispered.

“I like it a lot,” Sherry moaned.

“I’ve always wanted to do this,” Ginger said. “But I’ve never had the guts to try anything. It does feel good!”

Ginger’s hot lips started tugging at Sherry’s titty again. Sherry was pushing her titty into Ginger’s mouth as Ginger’s fingers worked deeper into her cunt. Ginger started thrusting her fingers in and out like she was fingerfucking her.

“Let’s see the other one eat some titty,” some man suggested.

Sherry was afraid something like that was going to happen. She didn’t know how she felt about sucking on Ginger’s titty. It seemed even sicker than allowing Ginger to suck on her titties.

She didn’t have any choice, though. She moved around Ginger and looked down at Ginger’s smaller tits with their rubbery looking nipples. She drew her head back and took a deep breath. It had to be done sooner or later and she finally lowered her head. She took one of the rubbery nipples inside her mouth and sucked on it gently for a moment, then spit it out. She moved her lips to Ginger’s other nipple.

“Suck me, baby,” Ginger moaned. “Suck me good. It feels so good when you do that!”

Sherry opened her mouth wider and found that she was sucking more of Ginger’s titty inside her mouth. Ginger’s hand was moving all over her body and she moaned with pleasure as Ginger’s fingers found her pussy. Ginger spread apart her cuntlips and slipped one finger inside her warm cunt, moving her finger around in a wide circle. She was touching all of Sherry’s cuntwalls.

“That feels so good,” Sherry moaned.

“Let’s see some pussy-eating,” George said. “Come on, you bitch. Get down there and eat the blonde’s cunt. You know you want to. You’re nothing but a perverted cunt!”

Ginger looked up angrily. At first Sherry wanted to refuse but then she remembered the dog and she couldn’t afford to refuse. She grabbed Ginger by the hair and started tugging her down.

“Do me, Ginger,” Sherry said. “Come on, eat me. It’s all right. I’ll never tell.”

Ginger nodded. Her face went down Sherry’s body and she kissed at Sherry’s belly. She moved her tongue around Sherry’s cunthairs and sucked some of them into her mouth. She moved her tongue down a little more until she touched between Sherry’s thighs.

“Eat her, bitch,” George said. “That’s what we’re waiting on. Get down there and eat her good!”

Ginger didn’t waste any more time. Sherry moaned as Ginger’s lips pressed against her cunt. Ginger very carefully spread apart the lips of Sherry’s cunt, then slowly pushed her tongue deep inside Sherry’s pussy.

“Look at her go after that cunt!” George said. “I knew it the first time I looked at her. She’s a pussy-eater!”

Ginger did start to go after Sherry’s pussy. She pushed her tongue in and moved it around inside Sherry’s cunt. She seemed to be tasting everything she could. She finally drew her tongue back and rubbed it across Sherry’s clitty. Sherry moaned with surprised pleasure and put one hand on Ginger’s head.

“This is going to be great,” George said. “Go ahead, bitch. Eat her fucking cunt. Get down there and really eat that fucking cunt! Make her come.”

The men had gathered in an even tighter circle. They looked like a pack of wild animals to Sherry. At that moment Sherry wouldn’t have cared if they were a pack of wild animals. What Ginger was doing to her was beginning to feel good.

She put both hands on the back of Ginger’s head. She spread her legs wide and moved around so that Ginger had a better view of her pink pussy.

Ginger slipped her hands underneath and grabbed Sherry’s ass. Now the men were silent as Ginger started ramming her tongue in and out. Her tongue was very fast and it caused Sherry to feel things she thought she would never feel.

“Oh shit, Ginger,” Sherry moaned. “You’re making me crazy. Oh shit, that’s nice!”

Ginger’s hands slipped up Sherry’s body and her fingers started squeezing Sherry’s titties, her tongue stabbing deeper into Sherry’s pussy. Sherry was trying to fight off the feelings. She didn’t want to come in front of these men. But Ginger’s sweet tongue could not be ignored.

Ginger’s tongue moved around until she found Sherry’s clitty. She sucked it into her mouth and began to chew on it like an animal chewing on a bone.

“Oh no, Ginger,” Sherry moaned. “You don’t know what you’re doing to me!”

Ginger knew exactly what she was doing. Her wet tongue was moving around Sherry’s clitty even as she sucked. At the same time she was squeezing Sherry’s ass.

Sherry could not fight down the feelings that were gnawing inside her body. She knew it was wrong but she was responding to Ginger’s tongue, moving her ass a little faster. She knew her juices were filling Ginger’s mouth but Ginger didn’t seem to mind as she swallowed loudly.

“Oh fuck, Ginger,” Sherry moaned. “Oh fucking shit. It feels so good. It feels so fucking good. I think I’m going to come. Oh shit, I am coming. Shiiiit!”

She could not even think about the men looking at her as the wonderful spasms of pleasure started rocking her body. All she could think about was how good Ginger was making her feel. She flooded Ginger’s mouth with juices and Ginger kept swallowing. Finally the last spasm went through Sherry’s body and she was still.

“That’s enough for now,” George said. “Pull them apart.”

She was pulled away from Ginger. Bobby had grabbed Ginger and he was holding her by the choke collar around her neck.

“What shall I do with this one?” Bobby asked.

“She’s been nothing but a bitch since she got here,” George said. “Take her to the kennels and tie her down for the night. She ought to enjoy that.”

“No!” Ginger screamed. “Oh no!”

Bobby started leading her off behind the barn. She kept screaming. Sherry looked around at the hard, faces that surrounded her.

“Now for a nice gang-bang,” George said.


What had happened was horrible but Sherry had the feeling that the worst was yet to come. She couldn’t hear Ginger’s screams anymore as the two men led her into the house. Then she was knocked down onto a softly carpeted rug.

“You’re all clean now, bitch,” George said. “Your pussy’s all wet and ready. Now make my friends happy.”

She looked around at the faces that surrounded her. There were five men and they were all tough-looking, savage men and they were all grinning at her.

She couldn’t stand it. She jumped up but she was dragged back again. George hit her in the stomach and folded her over again. She heard the sound of a zipper as she was pushed down to her knees.

She could smell the odor of hot cockmeat as the man moved closer. He rubbed his prick against her face and this time she knew she was going to be sick. His rubbery cockhead rubbed down her cheek and against her trembling lips.

“You ever been gang-banged before, baby?” George asked. “Of course not. Your pussy used to be virgin. Well, this time you’re going to get more than you bargained for.”

She had hands all over her body. Fingers rubbed across her tits and her ass and other fingers were already pushing apart the lips of her cunt.

“No, damn you!” she screamed.

She was a wildcat as she somehow forced her way to her feet. She scratched one man and she kicked at another. Someone hit her in the stomach but she didn’t fold over this time. She was fighting for her life. She bit a hand that tried to grab her throat.

“Fucking bitch!” George shouted.

“Grab her, Andy. Hold the bitch still!”

Andy was the man standing in front of her. He was a huge blond-headed man and his hands looked like they would make three of hers. He grabbed her around the throat and she bit and kicked but she couldn’t get free.

“You’d better be still,” Andy said softly. “I’m just going to keep choking until you settle down.”

Andy started to squeeze and there was a sudden redness in front of Sherry’s eyes. Andy kept squeezing until all the strength went out of her legs. She was slowly going down on her knees again. Someone put a hand on her titty and started squeezing roughly.

“Keep still, bitch,” Andy said softly.

This time she kept still. Andy moved close again and his cockflesh rubbed her face. He was not only rubbing his cock against her, he was completely humiliating her. He was showing her who was master. She heard George laughing.

“Kiss it a little, baby,” Andy said. “You know you want it. Kiss my cock!”

His cock pressed her lips and she kissed around the head until it was hard as rock. Hands were still caressing her titties. Now the hands were moving back to her ass again. She felt a hand between her legs playing with her pussy.

She kept kissing his rubbery cockhead. She opened her lips a little and his cockhead was almost on her tongue. She moved her head back. Andy was grinning but his hands tightened in her hair.

“Now I’m going to make you suck it, bitch,” Andy said. “You’re going to drink my cum so don’t fight it. Open your lips.”

She opened her mouth and his cockhead moved inside. His swollen cockhead moved across her tongue and into the hollow of her cheek. She tasted his cockflesh and it disturbed her. There was a burning sensation in her belly and she tried not to think about it. She didn’t like sucking cock but it made her body burn.

Still, she was getting used to the taste and smell inside her mouth.

“Now take it deep, baby,” he told her. “I want you to take it deep inside your throat. Take it all the way.”

His cock was moving to the back of her throat and her teeth closed tightly around his swollen prickhead. She didn’t think she could take his cock all that deep but she could feel it pushing against the back of her throat.

“That’s the way, bitch,” Andy said softly. “You can take it. You can take every inch.”

He kept pushing until his balls were against her chin. She didn’t believe it but she had all of his big prick inside her throat. His throbbing prick was making her shiver and she tasted a little bit of his cum.

He pulled his prick out of her mouth and pressed his cockhead against her face. He rubbed it around in her face and up to her hair. He started wrapping strands of her thick blonde hair around his prick and he jerked his cock up and down.

“You’re a nice fuck-face,” Andy groaned. “You do this real nice. You’re nothing but a cunt!”

Those hands were still playing with her pussy and ass. Other hands were stroking her titties. She felt like a cow being milked as those hands pulled her tits up and down. Rough fingers moved across her rigid nipples.

“What a sweet fucking bitch,” one of the other men said.

“You ain’t never got a piece of ass like this, Buddy,” George said.

Buddy was a heavyset man with a ruddy face. He was rubbing the front of his trousers against Sherry’s ass. Sherry felt his cock getting bigger against the cheeks of her ass. She tried to move her ass away but it did no good. He was unzipping his fly and pulling it down. His naked cock rubbed against her asscheeks and it made her tremble.

“I’m going to stick it in her cunt,” he said. “I’ve been waiting for this.”

“Go ahead and give it to her,” George said. “I promised her a gang-bang and she’s going to get it good!”

Buddy moved forward until his cock was against her cunt. He gently started working it into her pussy. She was surprised at that. She expected him to drive it into her. His swollen cock was stretching her cunt walls.

“I’m going to have her sweet pussy good,” Buddy groaned.

He rammed it into her as she had expected this time and it made her shudder. She almost bit down on Andy’s cock but she somehow controlled herself. She started moving her head up and down so that Andy wasn’t having to move anymore. His prick was going deeper into her throat with each stroke.

“Yeah, now she’s getting into the spirit of it,” Andy said. “I knew you were a sweet cunt. You’re a sweet sucking cunt!”

Sherry was getting it from two ends. She had never had this much cock in her life! Buddy was shoving it to her from behind and Andy was standing still while she moved her head up and down on his thick cock.

“You’re turning into a regular wildcat, baby,” Andy said. “Move your head for me.”

She moved her head a little faster and her mouth was filling with the taste of his lubricating cream. It was spilling out of the sides of her mouth and dripping to her tits. She sucked harder and she started using her tongue around his swollen prickflesh.

“Sweet bitch,” Andy moaned. “You’re doing good!”

“She’s doing good for me,” Buddy groaned.

Buddy was randy as hell. His prick was stabbing deep into her cunt from behind. His swollen prick was leaking inside her pussy. It was dripping out of her cunt. She started pushing her ass back against his cock.

“Oh shit,” Buddy groaned. “Oh shit, I’m going to fucking come. I’m going to shoot my fucking wad. Oh fucking shiiiit!”

Buddy yelled loudly as he stabbed his cock deeper into her pussy. His prick grew inside her and then started spurting hot wads of cum. It filled her up and started dripping out. It made her cunt feel slimy.

Buddy gave her a couple more strokes and then slowly pulled his cock out of her. He wiped his prick against her asscheeks and it made her feel even wetter. She heard George laughing.

“Come on, boys,” he said. “I promised her a gang-bang. What the fuck are you waiting on.”

“I’m going to get some of that stuff,” another man said. “I’m going to wipe her ass out!”

She was still on her hands and knees and her neck was getting sore from sucking Andy’s cock. The man behind her wasn’t going to give her any consideration at all. He grabbed her asscheeks with both hands so that he would have a good grip. He didn’t hesitate as he rammed his prick into her from behind. His prick was long and skinny but the bulbous cockhead stretched her cuntchannel.

“Sweet fucking pussy,” he groaned. “Oh shit, I like this. I could fuck a good pussy all night long.”

Andy grabbed her head a little harder and his ass was bucking as he drove his prick even deeper into her mouth. He seemed to be trying to drive it down her throat and his cock was getting a little bigger with each thrust. She was tasting his cockcream.

“Get ready to swallow, baby,” Andy groaned. “Get ready to swallow my fucking load! I’m going to give you a hot mouthful. Get ready to swallow it all, bitch!”

He stabbed deep and hard into her mouth and his prick suddenly started exploding with hot spurts of cum. He had so much cum that she couldn’t swallow it all so it started dripping down the sides of her chin and wetting her tits.

“Oh fuck, Andy!” George said. “Now you’re going to have to give me some of that!”

George moved around to her face. He was rubbing his fat cock briskly and he pressed the knob against her lips. She realized she was about to take a second prick into her mouth. She wondered how many she would get before the night was over.

“Suck it, bitch,” Andy said. “Suck George’s cock like you did mine. You know you like it!”

Sherry couldn’t turn her head away. George had grabbed both sides of her face and was forcing his cock between her lips. She felt it on her tongue and then going over her tongue into the back of her throat.

She gagged for a moment and George drew back. She took a deep breath and then sucked his cock back inside her lips again. She was tasting cum all over her body, even up her nose. She closed her teeth around his prick as he kept pushing.

“Now I’m going to fuck your face,” George said. “I’m going to fuck your face hard!”

George began slamming his prick into her lips and she could tell that he was very excited. His cock was hotly throbbing as he kept ramming it into her mouth.

“You fucking cunt,” George was groaning. “I like fucking your face. You’re a fucking cunt!”

George grabbed her head. He was really ramming his prick hard into her mouth and his prick juice was already starting to leak inside her mouth. At the same time she could feel the man behind her ramming her pussy even harder. It was exciting to get it in two holes at once. She knew she should be ashamed of herself but she wasn’t. She was very excited by what was happening to her.

“Fucking bitch,” George groaned. “I’m going to make you drink my fucking come. I’m going to make you drink it all. Swallow it, you cock-sucking bitch. You fucking cuuuuuunt!”

George rammed his cock deep into her throat and she gagged at the first hot spurts of his cum. It spit out of her mouth and wet her chin. She started swallowing as quickly as she could and his cum had a strange salty flavor going down. She kept swallowing until the last few drops had spurted into her mouth.

“Sweet fucking bitch,” George said. He drew his prick out of her mouth and used her silken hair to dry his prick off.

The man fucking her pussy took his prick out of her cunt. She didn’t know what was going on. He was turning her body and Sherry was suddenly on top of him and he was pushing his prick up to her pussyhole.

“Sit on me, baby,” he said. “Sit down on my cock. Take it deep in your pussy!”

She understood then and she sat down on his prick. His huge prick filled her cunt as she settled down all the way. His prickknob was throbbing hotly. She looked over her shoulder and she could see Andy rubbing his cock and grinning at her. She was surprised that Andy’s cock was getting thick again. Then he knelt behind her.

“You know what I’m going to do, baby?” Andy asked.

“You’re going to fuck my ass,” she answered him.

“You got it, baby!” Andy said. “We’re going to give it to you in all three holes at once. You’re never going to forget this!”

Andy half-kneeled again. He rubbed his cock up and down her asscrack. She shivered as his cockhead rubbed against her tight asshole. Andy jabbed a finger into her asshole and worked it around in a wide circle. He seemed satisfied and he put his cockhead back against her asshole again.

“Here you go, baby,” Andy said. “Just relax and you’ll love it!”

Andy started working his prick into her asshole very slowly. She was glad because she was still sore from her last ass-fucking. He gently worked it into her halfway and then stopped, giving her time to get used to it.

It was a delicious feeling! She had two cocks inside her at once and they both filled her holes nicely. She finally pushed back against Andy to get the rest of his hard cock inside her. It went into her asshole all the way.

“That’s what I fucking like,” Andy moaned. “You’ve got a great ass, baby. A great fucking asshole and a great mouth. I’ve been with the best and you’re better!”

His compliments turned her on, she couldn’t help it. She found herself pushing back against his stroking cock. He was starting to drive his cock into her with the same rhythm that the other man was using to fuck her pussy.

“Fucking great,” Andy called. “You love it, bitch. I can tell you love it. You’re a real fucking cunt!”

He could call her anything he wanted and it wouldn’t matter, not now. She was already beginning to respond to his fucking. Her juices had started to soak the cock in her cunt.

They began pounding her cunt and her ass as hard as they could. She felt like she was being torn apart and put back together at the same time. Her juices were wetting his cock and making wet sounds as he drove up into her.

“Oh shit,” she cried out. “It does feet good. Ohl shit, it does feel good to be gang-banged.”

“I knew you’d like it, bitch,” Andy said.

Andy rammed her harder. She didn’t know where to move. She tried to push down and up at the same time. Her cunt was getting really juicy. She could feel hot flashes of fire going through her sensitive body.

“I’m going to come!” she screamed. “I’m going to fucking come. Oh shit, it feels good. So good. Shiiiiit!”

Her body twisted with pleasure. She kept moving against those two hard cocks as the pleasure spasms kept shaking her. She could feel more of her juices almost exploding out of her pussy. At the same time she could feel the man’s cock in her pussy getting bigger.

“Oh mother fuck!” he groaned. “I’m almost there. I’m almost fucking there. Oh shiiiiit!”

He rammed up into her pussy and his cock exploded in a spurt of thick jism. It was running down the sides of his cock and wetting the outside of her pussy. She kept squeezing her cuntwalls around his cock as she got every bit squeezed out.

She could concentrate on Andy. She started pushing her asshole against his prick as hard as she could. She could feel him going deep inside her asshole and she could reel his cum squirting slowly.

“I’m coming, bitch!” he moaned. “I’m going to fucking come. Feel it up your fucking ass. Feel it, bitch. Fuuuuuck!”

He rammed her hard and the rest of his cum spurted hotly into her asshole. It was like a soothing balm. She kept pushing her ass back against his prick until she had drained him completely dry.

He took his prick out of her and she practically fell onto the floor. She was physically and mentally exhausted. The men were through with her for the moment.

But she knew she wasn’t going to forget the way she had acted. She had shamed herself. She had turned into some kind of whore. She wouldn’t be able to feel any respect for herself any more.


Sherry’s body was numb. She had gotten a good night’s sleep and a hot shower and breakfast the next morning, but nothing could cover the shame she felt.

“I got to admit,” George said to her that morning. “You were a hard one to break. It took five of us to do it. But you sure enjoyed it when you came around.”

She still didn’t like George, at least not like Leslie obviously liked the man who had kept her all weekend. At the breakfast table Leslie had been allowed to go free. She was doing the serving and she couldn’t seem to do enough for the man. Sherry and Ginger were the only two girls still in chains and Sherry was worried about Ginger. All the fire had gone out of her eyes.

“You’re a hard bitch,” George said, “but I know you like it now. You’ll never be able to stop fucking now.”

George led her away from the breakfast table and back upstairs. Somehow she knew that something was ending and she was frightened. Her heart hammered as she thought of what might happen. She was sure they were going to get rid of them in a way where she wouldn’t be able to tell anybody about anything.

They were in the room again and George shut the door.

“I’m sure going to miss you, baby,” George said.

She turned quickly and went down on her knees in front of him. She was sick about what she was doing as she tore the buttons off her robe and spread it apart for him to see her tits. She bent her head and started slobbering over his prick, which was still in his trousers.

“Please don’t kill me,” she begged. “Please don’t. I’ll do anything for you. Please don’t hurt me.”

“I’ll have to think about it,” George said.

“I’ll do anything you want,” she promised. “I’ll do it anytime you want. I don’t want to die.”

“You’re pretty when you beg, bitch,” George said.

George pushed her away and went over to sit down on the edge of the bed. She followed him on her hands and knees and bent down and started kissing his feet. He had a funnylooking smile on his face.

“I really believe you mean it,” George said. “You really want to be my permanent piece of ass.”

“Oh, yes!” she pleaded.

“You’d have to work hard at proving it,” he said.

“I will,” she moaned. “I’ll do anything you want. Anything at all. I promise you.”

He reached down and unhooked her chains. Her arms fell free for the first time in a long while. She still had the leather dog collar around her neck but he seemed to like that.

“I knew you’d come to your senses,” George said. “But I still owe you a little for hitting me with that lamp.”

“Just let me make it up to you,” she pleaded.

He leaned back on the bed and put his hands behind his head. She somehow had the feeling that this was her chance, her only chance. She would have to make him happy this time. She realized there were other chains than the ones that held one physically. What was holding her now was her fear.

She jumped up on the bed beside him and with trembling fingers, pulled her robe off so that she was naked. The she bent down and started undressing him. It took her a little while before she got his shirt and pants off. His cock wasn’t hard yet and she took it in her fingers and lovingly licked it up and down.

“How about my asshole, baby?” he said. “You haven’t licked my asshole yet and you said you’d do anything.”

He lifted up and she bent her head down and started licking underneath his balls. Her tongue moved to his asscrack and she started licking at his asshole. Her tongue moved around his asshole for a moment. She gathered her courage and stuck her pointed tongue into his asshole.

“Yeah, baby,” he said. “I do think you mean it. You’re being good to me now!”

She started jabbing her tongue in and out of his asshole. All she could think about was her fear of what he could do to her. Her tongue kept rimming his asshole over and over.

Finally he put his hands in her hair and started tugging her head back up.

“Now lick my prick some more,” he said. “Lick my balls and lick my prick all over!”

She moved her head up to his prickhead. She opened her mouth and took in his swollen prickhead. She held it against her tongue before she drew it into her mouth but that delay was longer than he wanted.

“Come on, bitch,” he said. “Take it all. Now don’t be backing up now. Do anything I want and I want my fucking cock down your fucking cunt throat!”

She took a deep breath and then drew his prick deeper into her mouth, sucking his prick all the way down her throat. His cock was not even as big as Andy’s and she had known she could take it. She held it deep inside her throat for a long time and her teeth skimmed his hot cockmeat. Her tongue moved around his cockhead and she pushed her tongue into the tiny hole on the top.

“Oh shit, baby,” he moaned. “That feels fucking good. I like that feeling, baby!”

A month before and she would have been sickened by what she was doing but now she only cared about making George happy. She lifted her head and looked down at his swollen cockflesh. She licked at the tiny hole again and this time she tasted his salty jism.

She licked the jism away and used her tongue around the flared cockhead. She lavishly licked down the side of his cock and found his balls. She sucked one of his heavy nuts into her mouth and rolled it beneath her tongue.

“Oh fucking shit, baby,” he groaned. “That does feel nice!”

She kept his ball in her mouth for a long time, rolling it from cheek to cheek and she could sense his growing, excitement. She let her teeth nip at it before she released it. She started licking up and down his cockhead. She caught his balls again and licked them all over before going to his asshole. She stuck her tongue in his asshole without having to be told and worked it around and then pulled her head back again.

His prick was slimy and she could see her saliva glistening on it. She lowered her head again. Her tongue tasted his jism. It was a strong, salty taste and she again swallowed it down.

It was funny but there was a quick sense of excitement going through her. She had not gotten excited sucking cock before but this time was different. There was a fluttering in her pussy.

“Shit, baby,” he groaned. “You’re a regular sex fiend now. You’re starting to like it, huh? You’re starting to like sucking my cock?”

“Oh yes,” she answered.

She opened her mouth wide and took his rigid prickhead inside her mouth. She let his rubbery-feeling cock-head slide over her tongue and then into the back of her throat. She held his prick there for a moment. She had a sense of power as she tasted every inch of his big cock.

“So fucking good, baby,” George groaned. “That feels fucking fine. I’m turning you into a fine cock-sucker.”

He reached down and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her up against him. She came up into the bed willingly and covered his body, kissing his mouth.

“You’re my fuck slave right now,” he said. “Undress me. Treat me nice, baby!”

She carefully started taking off his clothes and she had him undressed in a few moments. She moved her lips down his belly and kissed his cock again. His swollen prick was sticking up like some kind of weapon. She started licking it again, running her tongue up and down his prick.

“Come on, baby,” he told her. “I know you like it, but you’re going to make me come too soon. I want your pussy this time. Come on up here and let me taste your tits!”

She wanted it as badly as he did. She was turning into some kind of whore. She moved up his body and pressed one titty against his mouth. She sighed in pleasure as his lips tugged at her hard nipple. His mouth opened a little wider and her rigid nipple started sliding over his tongue. He closed his mouth around her tittyflesh and let his teeth scrape against her tit.

“That’s nice,” she moaned. “That feels so good!”

He started caressing her titty with his other hand, using his teeth against her titty-flesh as he sucked her. He kept rubbing his fingertips back and forth across her nipple.

He opened his mouth wider and sucked most of her titty inside his mouth. She shivered and pushed against him a little harder. She was doing this to save her life but there were spasms of excitement going through her body.

She loved it when his hand moved down her body and between her legs. His fingers were rough as he spread apart her cuntlips and slipped one finger inside her cunt. He started working that finger in and out of her pussy until she was shivering with delight.

“That feels so fucking nice,” she moaned.

He took his finger out of her cunt and now there was a new look in his eye. He reached down for her ass and his fingers squeezed her and he pulled her up his body. She wasn’t sure what he wanted to do but she came as he pulled, spreading her legs around his neck.

“Come on up a little more, baby,” George said. “I’m going to show you a good time this time. I’m going to taste your pussy!”

“Oh yes,” she moaned.

Sherry could hardly contain the excitement going through her body. She went a little farther up and lifted up so George was looking right up into her pink-lipped cunt. George reached up and grabbed her titties, caressing them like they were something he had never felt before. He was pulling her down slowly, her pussy steaming with juice.

She jumped a little as his tongue touched her cuntlips. George may have been her master but he was going to make her feel things that no slave had ever felt.

His hands squeezed her titties harder and she found herself sitting down on his face. His tongue parted her cuntlips and went inside her slowly. He seemed to be exploring the tastes of her pussy and he moved his tongue around inside her for a few moments. She shivered with pleasure.

“You’re making me feel so hot,” she moaned.

She knew that she had changed a lot from the girl who had first been kidnapped. That girl would never have admitted that she could enjoy something like this. That girl would have called it sick. But Sherry was loving it.

His tongue found her clitty and he brushed back and forth against it for a moment and she nearly jumped out of her skin. He kept rubbing his tongue against her clitty until she screamed. Finally he pulled her clitty into his lips and started sucking on it.

“That feels good, so good,” she moaned.

He was teasing her nipples with his fingers as he sucked on her clitty. His mouth made sucking noises. She pressed her cunt harder against his face. Ginger had not made her feel this good. Her cunt was burning up and she was squirming all over his face as he sucked her. She sighed as he released her clitty and then started stabbing his tongue in and out of her cunt.

“You’re tongue-fucking me,” she moaned. “You’re tongue-fucking me and it feels good!”

George’s tongue seemed to be going deeper inside her cunt each time he thrust. He dropped his hands down her back and grabbed her asscheeks. He pulled her tighter against his face and his tongue started moving around inside her pussy.

She was dripping juice inside his mouth and she could hear him swallowing, not seeming to mind. She knew she was so very close. Her stomach was tingling and she knew that tingling was about to move down to her thighs and her pussy.

She started bouncing a little until she was almost fucking his tongue with her tight pussy. She was bouncing faster and faster and her body was shaking with hungry pleasure.

“So fucking nice,” she groaned. “You’re going to make me come. You’re going to make me fucking come!”

He wasn’t ready to make her come yet. He pulled his mouth away from her cunt. She tried to grind her cunt against him but pushed her off of him.

“Are you hot, baby?” he asked.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been so fucking hot,” she answered.

The answer pleased him. He was grinning as he rolled her over onto her back. He spread her legs apart with one hand while he pushed up so that his cock was against her pussy. He reached down and gripped his cock and nudged forward until just the head of his prick was inside her cunt. Then he started moving his cockhead up and down inside her pussylips.

She wouldn’t have believed the effect it had on her. It sent delicious shivers of pleasure through her. At the same time it left her inner cunt feeling empty and hungry.

“What are you waiting on?” she asked.

“I just want to get you really hot, baby,” he said.

“I’m hot already,” she moaned. “I couldn’t stand it if I got any hotter!”

He was still playing games with her. He gently nudged his cock inside her cunt a little more but he was still working his prick up and down. It was making her crazy. She started lifting up her ass but nothing she could do would make him put his cock in any deeper.

“Don’t make me behave this way,” she pleaded. “Don’t make me beg you. Oh shit, I can’t stand it. Please put your cock inside my cunt. I’m so fucking hot.”

She couldn’t seem to control the movements of her body. She was shaking all over the bed. Finally he moved forward slightly and his cockhead filled her even more. He was still for a moment and then he gave one brutal thrust that carried his cock all the way inside her. It was what Sherry wanted and it stretched her cuntwalls until she felt stuffed with his cock.

She lifted her legs and wrapped them tightly around his broad back. She started moving her ass against his hard thrusts. He was giving it to her like she’d never had it before and she loved it. Part of it was fear but part of it was that she simply loved his meaty cock at that moment. She loved the snug pressure of his balls as he fucked her. She even loved the feeling of his lubricating oil filling her.

“I love your cock,” she moaned. “I do love your cock. Oh, fuck me hard, George!”

His hands slid underneath her to grip her ass. He pulled her asscheeks apart and one finger thrust into her asshole. He started working his finger in and out of her asshole with the same rhythm of his thrusting cock.

What she especially loved was the way his hard chest mashed her titties flat. She started lifting up a little so that she could rub her heavy tits against his hairy chest. It made her crazy! She moved her ass faster.

“I’m almost there, George!” she screamed. “I’m almost fucking there. Your cock is so good. Your cock is so fucking good. Fuck me hard. Fuuuuuck!”

Her body twisted with wild convulsions and her cunt started flooding his cock with juice. She couldn’t seem to control herself as she moved from one side of the bed to the other. She kept shaking her ass even as the last hot spasm went through her.

“Keep moving your ass, baby,” he told her. “Keep shaking that wild fucking ass!”

She kept fucking him back as hard as she could. She wanted him to be really happy this time. She wanted this to be the best fuck ever. She squeezed her cuntwalls together as she kept lifting her ass as high as she could.

“I’m going to fill your cunt, baby,” he said. “I’m going to fill your fucking cunt with cum. Oh fuck, baby. Shiiiit!”

She gasped as his prick started spurting thick cum into her hungry pussy. There was plenty of it. She could feel his cum spilling out the sides of her cunt. She kept raising her ass as high as she could as she drained his cock completely dry.

“Please don’t hurt me now,” she whispered. “I’ve done everything. I’ll do anything. Please don’t hurt me.”

“I’m not going to hurt you, baby,” he told her. “I’m just going to take you back to where I found you and let you go.”

She wasn’t sure she believed him but she hoped like hell it was so.


George did exactly as he had promised. The van left the girls in front of the schoolhouse and they were dressed exactly as they had left. They had been given time to bathe or anything they wanted before they left the house and then were blindfolded and put into the van. An hour later they were pushed out in front of the school.

It took them a little while to get their blindfolds off and then they stood looking at each other with sick expressions.

“It’s all over,” Sherry said.

“Is it?” Leslie asked. “Will it ever be really over for us? After what they’ve done.”

“They didn’t do anything to us,” Ginger said suddenly.

“What?” Sherry asked.

“Don’t you understand, Sherry? When we tell what happened, my boyfriend will never look at me again. Neither will Jim or any of your boyfriends, Leslie. They’ll look at us like whores. It’ll be horrible for everyone.”

“She’s right,” Leslie said finally. “I know that my mother will look at me as if I have a disease or something. Even though she doesn’t mean it.”

“What will we say?” Sherry asked.

“They kidnapped us and kept us in a dark house where we were fed and cared for. We didn’t know what was going on until we were let go.”

They all nodded. And then Sherry understood why George had kept giving her that awful grin. He had known they would all be too scared to say anything. She wondered how many times those men had done it, how many more times they would do it until some girl spoke up.

Sherry knew only one thing for sure. It wouldn’t be her.

It was barely a half hour before the police found them. It was going to be a long two days for all the girls. There were many questions asked. Everyone wanted to know what had happened. And they had to keep repeating the same stories for the police over and over again.

Sherry was finally starting to think it was all over as she went over her statement one last time. She was just breathing a sigh of relief when she looked up and saw George. He was in uniform, a police uniform, and he was grinning at her.

“Oh no!” she said softly.

“I want to ask her a few questions alone,” George said.

“Sure, Captain,” one of the young officer’s said.

The room was cleared out in a few moments and Sherry was left alone with the man who had treated her so badly. He sat down beside her and put his hand on her knee. She shivered but she didn’t move her knee away.

“You know you’re doing the right thing,” he said. “You wouldn’t want all that trouble and shame brought on your family.”

“You’re in charge here?” she asked.

“Yes,” he answered. “I’m the boss. And you’re a young girl who’s been kidnapped. And you’re being smart. That’s important. But I think you could be a lot smarter.”

“What do you mean?”

“There are men in town who’d like a sweet young thing like you, and you could make a little extra money.”

“That’s sick.”

“Sure it is,” he said. “The trouble is that you want it, and you’d do it for no money at all. Maybe you don’t realize it yet, baby, but you need somebody to beat you up and fuck you silly. You need it bad.”

“You’re lying. You’re a sick animal.”

“So are you, baby,” he said.

George got up and left her alone. It was over, really over. The police had believed her story. But of course they would, George was in charge.

Sherry went back to the regular routine of living. She dated Jim regularly and it was obvious that they were going to get married. Jim kept up trying to get into her panties but she wouldn’t let him. And yet there was a nagging feeling that made her wish that Jim would get rough with her, that he would make her take her panties off.

A couple of months went by and gradually something was happening to her. She didn’t know what it was but it seemed like her life was boring. She found she had started to look at men on the street. And wonder what kind of men they would be.

It had to happen. George had known it. She hadn’t realized it until she came home one evening and knew she could not stand another night of just sitting around the house.

She picked up the phone and made her phone call. A few moments later she was talking to George. He gave her a name and an address and he told her to expect anything when she got there. He also told her to wear something sexy.

Sherry took a shower and dressed in a short, clinging green skirt and green high heeled shoes. She combed her hair out until it was shining.

She licked her lips as she went out to her car. She drove to the address she had been given and there was a burning excitement growing in her every moment. She tried not to think about what she was doing. She couldn’t even understand why she was doing it.

She saw people looking at her as she walked through the lobby of the motel. It made her feet naked. Her heart was pounding as she walked up the stairs and into the dark hallway. She found the room in just a few moments and she knocked timidly on the door. But there was no answer so she knocked again. Then she heard footsteps inside the room.

A moment later the door opened. He was a big, curly headed man with a cruel-looking scar across his cheek. He looked like he could break boards with his hands. He was everything that Sherry thought he would be.

He was dressed in only a towel that covered the essentials. His hairy chest was dripping water from his shower as he looked her over like he was inspecting a piece of merchandise.

“Mr. Wilson?” she said.

“That’s right. You must be Sherry. Come in.”

She brushed past him and then turned to face him. He reached out and grabbed her titty and she knocked his hand away out of shock and surprise. He kicked the door shut with his foot and brought his fist around in a wicked blow that knocked her off her feet. She tasted blood from a slightly cut lip.

“Let’s get something straight, cunt,” he said. “I bought your ass and I’m going to do everything I want to do to it. You don’t like the way I play then you get your big ass out. But George might not like that.”

George wouldn’t like it but that was not the reason she was staying. Almost immediately she had felt the quick shiver of excitement. This man was a brute and a brute was what she needed.

“Fix me a drink, cunt,” he said.

She fixed him a drink from the bottle on the cabinet. He had leaned back on the bed and jerked the towel off. There was not an ounce of fat on his body and Sherry was trembling as she walked over to him.

“How are you at blow-jobs, cunt?” he asked.

“All right,” she said.

“You’d better be better than that,” he told her. “Give me the drink and get down there and get busy.”

She handed him the drink as she sat down on the bed. He had not asked her to undress and somehow she knew that he wanted to see her suck him while she still had her clothes on and her face and hair fixed up.

She reached down for his cock and her fingers circled his shaft and she worked her hand up and down. His prick was as big and muscular-looking as he was and it grew even thicker in her fingers. She tightened her fingers a little more and moved her hand up and down.

She let her hand slide down to his heavy cum-filled balls. It excited to her to have her fingers on his cockflesh and she knew that it wasn’t going to be long before she had this huge cock in her cunt.

She bent her head down and she could smell his strong odor. His cockmeat had a sexy smell and just the smell of it made her pussy burn. She pushed her tongue against the swollen cockhead and tasted a little of his cum.

Her heart pounded faster and faster and she nibbled at the swollen head of his cock. Her tongue moved out slowly and touched at the tiny hole. He groaned in pleasure and his hand came down to stroke the back of her head.

He pulled her face closer to his cock, shaking as her long tongue touched at his cockhead. She gently moved her tongue around his cockhead again and again. Finally she opened her mouth and captured his cockhead.

She pulled her head back slightly as the meaty part of his cockhead caught on her teeth. She kept moving her tongue around the head. His cock was already hard but now it started getting even bigger. His bloated cockhead looked huge, almost so big that she couldn’t get her lips around it.

“Go on, baby,” he said. “You like sucking cock. I can see you like having your lips around a man’s cock. Get down there and do it, bitch. Do it!”

She licked down the side of his cock to his balls. She brought her tongue back up slowly and licked his cockhead for a few moments. She tasted a little more of his salty-flavored cum and she opened her mouth and took his cockhead inside her lips.

“Your lips are hot, baby,” he groaned. “It’s like putting my cock in warm honey. It feels good, bitch.”

She took a deep breath and then started sucking his prick deeper into her mouth. She had half his huge cock inside her mouth before she stopped.

“Suck it down, baby,” he told her. “You can do it. Suck it down deep!”

She took another deep breath and then started sucking as hard as she could. His swollen prickhead went over her silken tongue and then into the back of her throat. She sucked again and felt his balls against her chin. She was deep-throating him.

“You hot fucking bitch!” he groaned. “You’re taking it all. You’re taking all of it. I knew you could fucking do it!”

She took her time as she let her head come back. She raised her head and looked at his stiff cock. She had really gotten all of that cock inside her mouth. It was hard to believe. She sighed with pleasure as she put her lips against his cock again. She was loving every moment of this and kept thinking how great it was going to be to have his cock inside her pussy.

“Suck it some more, baby,” he told her. “Put your mouth back on it and suck it good!”

She licked her lips. She was almost as hungry to taste it as he was to feel it. She brushed her blonde hair back with one hand as she leaned over his cock again. This time she wasted no time. Her wet mouth engulfed his prick and she sucked him all the way to the back of her throat. She closed her lips tightly around the base of his cock and did not move.

“Oh shit, cunt,” he groaned. “You are good. You’re worth every fucking cent I paid for you.”

His words reminded her that she was getting paid for doing this, and that excited her even more. She kept her lips locked tightly around his prick as she lifted her head. She kissed the head of his cock again but then she swallowed his shaft one more time. She started moving her head up and down, keeping her lips locked tightly around his prick.

“That feels fucking good, cunt,” he groaned. “You keep doing that, bitch!”

She moved one hand up his body and between his legs. She knew he would like it as she started caressing his balls with her fingertips. He almost jumped off the bed as he tried to drive his prick even deeper into her fucking throat.

“You sweet bitch,” he gasped. “Shit, you are a fucking whore. You know what you’re fucking doing. You’re fucking good!”

He lifted up his ass again and again as he drove his prick down her throat. She could taste his cum all over her body. She let her teeth scrape his prickmeat as she raised her head.

“That’s enough, bitch,” he groaned. “You’re going to make me fucking come. That’s enough!”

He reached down and grabbed her by her blond hair and jerked her hair back savagely. She stopped and his hand came around in a savage swipe that knocked her backwards. Her short skirt slipped up to her thighs and her green panties and Sherry didn’t try to pull her skirt back down.

“You got an educated pussy, cunt?” he asked. “Is your pussy good enough to drive a man crazy?”

“Yes,” she moaned.

“It better be,” he said.

He got up off the bed, reached down, and grabbed the front of her blouse. She knew what was going to happen even before he started ripping her blouse down the front. For a moment she wondered how she would get home and then she forgot all about it as he freed her creamy titties.

“Fucking beautiful,” he said.

He cupped her titties with both hands and squeezed until she was gasping with pain and still wanting more. She pressed into his hands.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a good-looking cunt like you,” he said. “You’re about the best-looking whore I’ve ever seen!”

He grabbed her again and dragged her back up on the bed. She was able to peel out of her skirt before he could rip it off. She quickly slid her green panties down her legs and she saw his eyes go to her thick, blonde pussy bush. His eyes were so hot that they seemed to burn her.

“Spread those legs, bitch,” he said. “Spread them wide for me. I want to feel that fucking pussy.”

She spread her legs as wide as he could and he put his hand over her cunt. Her juices started running over his fingers almost immediately. She was so fucking hot! He laughed as he stabbed one finger deep into her pussy. Immediately she started bucking her ass up to meet his finger.

“That feels so good,” she moaned. “Oh yes, that does feel good!”

“You make me so fucking hard,” he groaned. “My cock gets hard just from looking at you, cunt!”

He rolled over on top of her. Immediately her legs came up and locked around his back. His prick moved up and gently moved his cockhead into her pussy. He shoved a little harder and his prick went halfway into her cunt. She loved it. It was such a warm, delicious feeling to have his cock inside her cunt.

“All the way,” she groaned. “I want your cock in my pussy. I want it in my pussy. Put it inside my pussy!”

He shoved hard and his prick went into her pussy all the way to his big balls. She sighed with pleasure and tightened her legs around his back. She started moving her ass up to meet his cock and he didn’t move.

“Your pussy is good,” he moaned. “Shit, I’ve never felt such a good piece of ass!”

He started fucking her with slow, deep strokes. She had needed it for so long. She couldn’t wait. She started bucking up her ass to take his prick really deep. Already there were juices bubbling up in her pussy.

“I needed this,” she gasped. “You don’t know how bad I needed this. I’m going to fucking come! I’m coming. Oh shit, I need it good. Shiit!”

She squeezed his back a little tighter, screaming, although she didn’t even realize it.

The spasms of joy kept rocking her body again and again. Her clitty was still brushing his cock and sent a few more shivers through her.

He was fucking her a little faster, harder. She could feel his prick swelling up inside her and that was what she needed. She started squeezing her cuntwalls together.

“Fuck, baby,” he groaned. “Fuck. Oh fuuuuuck!”

He took his prick out of her pussy at the last moment and moved up her body. His prick started spurting into her face and dribbling down her heavy tits. Sherry lifted her head up and licked the rest of his cum off his hard prick.

“Now get the fuck out of here, cunt,” he said.


“Get the fuck out of here!” he said. “Do you think I want a cunt like you hanging around?”

She climbed out of bed, numb by his sudden change in attitude. She started to go to the bathroom to wash herself but she heard him behind her. He jerked her around and pushed her toward the bed.

“Get your fucking clothes on and get out of here!” he said. “I want you to walk through the lobby with my spunk on your titties and face. Let everyone know what kind of whore you are.”

She dressed as quickly as she could and in a few moments she was standing out in the hall. She had managed to make her blouse decent with a safety pin but she didn’t know how long it was going to hold together. She hoped nobody would notice the streaks on her chin. She had wiped herself with her panties. She wasn’t wearing any as she walked downstairs.

She somehow got through the lobby and found her car. She sat there breathing deeply and suddenly realized that she was burning with excitement already. She knew she wasn’t going to be able to wait for George to call her. She was going to have to call him. She was already willing to go to another man and she knew she would be willing with many more.

George had done just what he wanted to do to this little prom girl.

He had turned her into a cock-loving cunt.

And Sherry loved it.

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