Kiss me husband , kiss my sucker mouth!

With the top down and the wind blowing through her long black hair they
drive into Las Vegas with the setting sun behind them. Cruising down the
strip, passing the huge casinos in silence. At a stoplight Tom turns to
face her. She hasn’t seen him move and is still looking about, the ovaled
curve of her jaw, the glint in her eyes. Turning to meet his gaze as one
of his hands reaches out to caress her cheek.

“You know we just passed that drive-thru wedding chapel…” he trails

The suddenness takes her a back for a moment, searching his face for a
tell tale smirk. They had been going out for only a year, but she can
sense he is serious.

“That a proposal?” she sounds off to call his bluff just as the light
turns green.

As a horn blares behind him, “Lelia, will you marry me?”

A moment of panic ceases her, he’s serious. The car hasn’t moved, his
eyes not leaving hers even as the car behind him peels around to make the

“You can’t be serious.”

“Try me.”

Sitting there stunned through the red light, she looks straight ahead,
unable to breathe, mind racing. This is crazy but she’s never felt this
way about anyone before…

The light turns green as she turns to him and says, “Yes, drive fast.”

No sooner has she said “yes” before the tires are already squealing.
The V8 making the Mustang jump through the intersection. The car whipping
around, reversing their course. At the next stoplight she is the one
staring at him until he turns towards her evil little grin.

“Wha..” he begins to ask.

“Just drive,” she says as she looks around and unbuckles her seat belt.

Leaning down, undoing his jeans and pulling his cock free her lips open,
taking the head into her mouth. Her eyes closing, concentrating on her
tongue, swirling around the tip. Sucking in hard, her head descends
farther down his shaft as he moves through the intersection.

She feels him tense, something is wrong. Breaking off she looks up in
time to see an oncoming car in their lane, passing a truck at high speed
and their car rushing into cement post in front of a mall….

The darkness gives way slowly, only to a painful brightness. The haze
of the room focusing slowly only to spin away out of control. Her head
clears slowly, her eye barely can stay open. Just before succumbing to the
weight of her eyelids she can see Tom talking to….Elvis.

The next few days creep by. The accident was because of an impatient
drunk driver. The airbag had not helped her due to not sitting upright and
the bump on her head is the result. After a few days of observation she is
getting itchy to leave. She can’t complain too much, Tom has been by her
side almost the whole time. Though she doesn’t know where he is know in
the late morning.

Soon there after he comes in, leaning down, kissing her softly.
Following him in is the gaudiest Elvis she has ever seen. White polyester
sequined jump suit, and a bible.

“You must be joking”, she says incredulously.

“You promise to never step on my blue suede shoes, right?”

Soon after the ceremony with a nurse and a resident as witnesses, Tom
gets her released. Upon walking out of the hospital, she is still tucking
in a shirt tail when he asks, “So where shall we honeymoon?”

Stopping in her tracks, licking her lips, she says, “It’s been four
days, I’m not waiting any more.”

Pinning her against the door, his body crushing against her, their lips
locked together, his eyes looking sideways while trying the closet door
that she is backed against. Sliding into the dark closet, her hands fumble
with his jeans as he opens her blouse and releases her front clasped bra.
Their arms colliding in the rush to disrobe and not break their kiss.

Pressed back against a cart of linens she would have tripped backwards
had he not held her up. Still forcing her deeper into the closest pushing
her and the cart until her ass is on barely the cart and the back shelving
presses into her back. While holding the kiss his hands roughly pull off
her panties from beneath her skirt which is now a mere ornament bunched up
around her small waist. Wrapping her legs around him pulling them even
tighter together and pressing her slit to his cock.

Hands clasped he lifts them far over her head where he can hold them
tight to the top shelf. Stretched upwards makes it all the easier for him
you suck and lick her taut nipples. All the while the head of his hardness
is rubbing and spreading her arousal. The next time it spreads her lips
open she squeezes even more with her strong legs and forces him to enter

A mutual groan and a thrust pulls his lips back to hers as he fills her
tight pussy. Holding her there held up by his hands unable to press that
last bit of his cock into herself. The edge of the cart presses
uncomfortably on her ass as she relaxes and he begins to fuck her with long
deep strokes. Releasing her hands and grabbing her hips. She needs to
hold herself up some with the shelving and manages to get into a snug
position with her arms spread wide bracing herself on the two opposite

Shallower now, faster still, her pussy stretched open around the base of
his cock. The wheels of the cart squeaking as it moves with the force of
his body meeting hers. Their eyes have been locked since the break of the
kiss. She can tell he is closer than her. Grabbing the shelf above her
head with one hand she reaches the other for her clit. Never breaking her
stare she manages to massage her own climax closer.

It is sudden and violent, almost scalding heat centering on where his
cock touches her. Goosebumps from the cold tingling through the rest of
her body cover every inch of her skin from her scalp to the bottom of her
feet. Bucking her hips trying to extend the intense pleasure and
contrasting sensations.

Her pussy clenching onto him pulls him with her. His climax making his
knees weak. Grabbing the cart but still continuing to meet her thrusts as
he empties himself into her. Eyes still locked throughout even though his
every sense is focused on the pulsing of his cock deep inside her. Cupping
his face in her hands she draws back his concentration to her eyes.

“Kiss me husband.”

And he does.