Lisa and Meg sexual ecounter

Dear Diary,

Shortly after I put you down last time, Dear Diary, I was sitting in
my room reading when I heard the door open and Meg come into my room.
Looking up, I lost my breath for a second as I gazed at Meg.  She was
dressed in a white cotton Oxford buttoned around her waist and a pair
of lacey, red panties… nothing more.

“Can we talk about what happened this afternoon?” she said to me

“Of course,” I said smiling at her. I patted my hand on my bed beside
me. Taking my hint, she came over and sat down on the edge of my bed. 
I was still taken aback by how beautiful she was. She’s 5’7″, with
shoulder-length blonde hair, green eyes that I can just melt into, and
a tight 117-pound frame. Most of the guys we meet tell us we should be
models, as we are identical twins.

“Lisa, you need to know that I love you more than I think I will ever
love anyone else in the world,” was all she could whisper to me before
I leaned forward and kissed her soft lips with mine.  I kissed her
lightly at first, then more passionately. I slid my tongue into her
mouth and felt her tongue returning the attention.  When we broke our
kiss, Meg murmured, “That’s what I wanted to talk to you about, I’m

Hearing that word I quickly touched my finger to her lips.  “Meg,
there is nothing to be sorry about.  I love you too and that was the
most sensuous and wonderful moment we have ever spent together. I
don’t want to hear another word of apology coming from…” before I
could finish she pulled my face to hers and kissed me, slow and hard,
our tongues dueling in a lust-filled dance.

I ran my hand up her side under her shirt, making her shiver slightly
as I grazed the side of her breast, before running the back of my
fingers over her nipple lightly. Feeling her nipple harden as my
fingers played with it drove me nuts. I quickly removed my hand and
undid the one button holding her shirt together and lowered my mouth
to her breast. First, I teased her by kissing all the way down her
neck and then around her breast. I took my time getting to her hard

Moving over in the bed so she could lay back, I quickly sucked her
right nipple into my mouth.  I brushed her left nipple lightly with my
right hand while flicking her right with my tongue.  When I heard her
moan softly, I opened my eyes and looked up to see Meg’s head thrown
back, enjoying the sensations I was sending through her body. As I
lightly bit her hardened nipple in my mouth, I felt her hands sliding
into my hair to hold me still while she enjoyed the sensations.

I could feel my own pussy getting wet, and ran my hand down my chest,
and tummy until I was at the apex of my pussy.  Mmmm,.. I loved the
feeling elicited when I slid my finger into my folds to come in
contact with my excited clit. In my excitement, I bit down harder on
Meg’s nipple, causing her to moan louder.

Moving my mouth over to her other nipple, I held my mouth open,
breathing my hot breath on her waiting bud, causing her to squirm.
Then I quickly lowered my mouth and sucked the full nipple into my
mouth, flicking my tongue across the top of her turgid tip, eliciting
another moan from my lovely sister.

By this time I had slid a finger into my pussy and was slowly sliding
it all the way in and all the way out, rubbing the side of my hand
along my clit. I started kissing Meg’s tight tummy as a way to
distract me but was only getting more and more turned on as I
approached the red lace panties she was wearing.  Running my tongue
under the elastic band of her panties earned me another moan from Meg
as she closed her eyes for a moment and laid her head back on the bed.
Repositioning myself, I started to kiss my way further down her
panties, refusing to remove them yet, choosing to tease her instead.

As I approached her pussy with my face I could smell her musky scent,
and feel the heat from her excitement on my cheek. Lightly nibbling on
the inside of her right thigh, I was driving her mad as she kept
nodding her head back and forth.  I would trace a path up her thigh
with my tongue and then nibble my way up the same path.  Taking her by
surprise I lowered my head to her lace covered pussy, sucking and
nibbling through her lace panties.

“Oh God, Lisa, ” was all she muttered as I sucked and nibbled my way
up and down her lace covered lips, tasting her and the lace. Pulling
the lace tight against her excited clit, I flicked my tongue across it
quickly many times…

With one hand I reached up and cupped her left breast, while I pulled
her panties to the side, and quickly slid my tongue into her hot tight
pussy, and ran it right up to her clit. Running my tongue around her
clit in little circles while I pinched her hardened nipple between my
finger and thumb earned me an “Oh god you are incred… ” Before I slid
my finger inside her hot pussy cutting her off in a gasp.

Quickly flicking my tongue lightly over her clit while I was sliding
my finger in and out of her was driving Meg wild with lust. She had
wrapped her fingers in my hair and was guiding my movements with her
hands while her head was nodding from right to left and back again,
mumbling things I did not understand. Then I slide my finger out and
held two of them together and entered her quickly while I lowered my
mouth to her clit and sucked it hard and fast into my lips.
“Fuck, don’t stop… God… God.” Meg gasped, as I started to hum quietly
with her clit in my mouth.

I felt her orgasm first when her pussy muscles started to grab my
fingers tight, trying to pull them in further, then she tried to close
her legs on me, her thighs holding my head in place tightly. When I
started to flick the tip of my tongue across the top of her captive
clit, she started to scream, causing another wave of pleasure to roll
over her body. Her pussy started to clench my fingers for the second

I left my fingers inside her, feeling how her pussy would continue to
clench even as her orgasm subsided and she started to breath normally
again. Then slowly sliding them out I moved her panties back over her
soaked pussy, and moved up so I could kiss her. This allowed her to
taste herself on my lips, and tongue.

After kissing and holding each other for a couple of minutes, I
whispered, “Meg, no apologies between us, we both love each other.”
Her mouth on my nipple quickly took my breath away.  I was laying back
not really expecting much more to happen, when I felt her silky lips
encircle my nipple, sucking it back to life, and sending a spark
directly down to my reawakened pussy. The feel of her mouth on my
flesh, and the sensations her tongue was affording my nipple were
driving me so wild I think a small moan escaped my lips.

My mind was racing, It had been only this afternoon that we had even
kissed for the first time.  Now I was feeling the heat as her lips
slowly kissed their way down my tummy. “What the hell would our
parents think if they found out that their daring twin daughters were
in bed together as lovers, not as sisters?” The thought of our parents
walking in on us just got me wetter.

As I felt Meg’s lips on the inside of my thigh, I closed my eyes, and
moved my hands down to her head, entwining my fingers in her long,
silky hair. I could feel my heart beating faster and faster.  I am
sure Meg could hear it all the way down between my legs.
Then it happened.  The moment I had been thinking about all afternoon
since our time in the shower… I felt Meg’s tongue as it slipped
between my outer pussy lips lightly making contact with my clit as she
ran it down from the top of my pubic bone to the entrance to my
steaming pussy.

As her tongue slid past my clit, my whole body shuddered while a gasp
escaped my mouth.  The feelings were exquisite, better than I had ever
dreamed. Then she plunged her tongue into my love tunnel, spreading me
totally, and smearing my hot juices all over her face… I almost came
right there, had she not pulled her tongue out, and started back up to
concentrate on my clit.

As her tongue came into contact with my clit, I felt her finger slowly
slide into me and wait as she started flicking her tongue lightly over
my clit. I’m sure my pussy started to clench her finger even before I
started to cum, because then she started to slide it in and out,
slowly at first, then, she picked up the pace as her mouth was working
its magic on my clit.

I thought I was in heaven and knew that I would not last long.  I
could feel the wetness from my pussy running down the crack of my ass
and my orgasm building very quickly.  Meg’s finger was quickly sliding
in and out of my pussy while her tongue was working up a storm on my
swollen clit. Then she did something that I had never even dreamed of
doing. She slid her finger out of my pussy, stopped for a second, and
then I felt a pressure against my asshole. With all of the lubrication
there, and my lust, there was little resistance when Meg slid her
thumb into my ass and her finger back into my pussy.

I closed my eyes and exploded.   First, I felt a huge fire building in
my belly. Then an explosion washed over me in wave after wave. I was
completely lost, thrashing around on the bed, with Meg’s head clasped
between my thighs. I could feel the walls of my pussy clenching her
finger while the walls of my ass clenched down on her thumb, each time
a wave would overcome me.

I think I must have cum for close to a minute.  As the pleasure
started to subside, I started to regain control and loosened my grip
on Meg’s head. I  then opened my eyes and looked down into her
beautiful eyes looking back up at me. After a couple of seconds I felt
her moving her hand, pulling her thumb out of my butt, while her
finger pulled out of my pussy.  I felt totally empty, but I knew that
it had to end sometime, so I closed my eyes and sighed.
A few seconds later I felt Meg kiss me lightly on the lips, while she
lay down beside me in bed. I rolled over to face her and kissed her
softly, our arms encircling each other.

I think we must have drifted off to sleep, because when I woke up at
5:00 a.m. to go  for my run, we were still in each other’s arms.