Lacey Likes ’em Large

Maybe it’s because I’m such a small woman (5-foot-2, 102 pounds). Or
maybe it was my strict upbringing. Or maybe it’s because I was
spoiled from the start.

I was still a virgin at 18 (thanks to the aforementioned strict
upbringing.) I’d done a little heavy petting with high school
boyfriends, but I’d never even seen a hard cock until the summer after
my senior year.

That’s when one of my old classmates first paid me a visit. His name
was Gregory, but he insisted on being called ‘Gonzo.’ I hadn’t seen
him since graduation six weeks earlier when he knocked on the gate
surrounding my parents’ built-in backyard pool one afternoon when I
was home alone, sunning.

He said he had been out roller skating and sure could use a cool dip,
if I didn’t mind. Who, me? I’d always had a secret crush on Gonzo,
but never acted on it because of my shyness.

I told him to help himself, so he skated in, sat down on a chaise
lounge and removed his skates and T-shirt, leaving only a pair of
flimsy white nylon shorts, the kind I always like to see because they
show off a guy’s butt so well.

Gonzo dived into the pool, splashing me pretty good in the process. I
was checking him out the whole time through my mirrored sunglasses as
I pretended to read my magazine, and I could tell that he was checking
me out too. I was wearing a floral-print one-piece bathing suit that
didn’t show too much skin, but I thought I looked alright in it

After a while I asked him if he’d like something to drink and he said
that he would, but he couldn’t get out of the pool just yet. I told
him to stop being silly and come get his lemonade, and when he pulled
himself out of the water, I saw immediately why he had been hesitant.

His white shorts had gone all but transparent in the water and didn’t
leave much to the imagination. He had apparently been checking me out
a little closer than I realized, because his dick was as hard as the
diving board and just about as big, or so it seemed to me.

The shock of seeing Gonzo like that caused me drop the tray of
lemonade onto the concrete patio surrounding the pool. I bent over to
pick up the pitcher and plastic cups, and looked up to see Gonzo
standing right in front of me, his crotch right at eye level.

‘God, Lacey, I’ve wanted you since sophomore year, but you always
acted like I wasn’t good enough for you,’ he said. ‘As you can see,
you still turn me on. I haven’t seen you for weeks, so I skated all
the way up here just hoping you’d be home.’

I didn’t know what to say, so I did something that was totally out of
character for me. I reached up, grabbed the waistband of Gonzo’s
shorts, and pulled them down to his knees, freeing his cock. As I
said, I’d never actually seen a hardon before, so I had no idea
Gonzo’s 11- incher was anything special. I stared at it for a minute,
looked up at Gonzo’s face, then burst into hysterics.

He had no idea what I was laughing about until I told him that I had
been secretly lusting for him for years. He started laughing, too,
but stopped immediately when I put a hand on his cock.

‘You want to show me how this thing works,’ I asked, hoping my naiveté
and inexperience wouldn’t show through.

He showed me how to gently tickle his balls and how to stroke the skin
of his cock up and down. I hesitated when he asked me to kiss it —
I’d heard stories of blow jobs, but always thought they were something
that only ‘bad girls’ did. But I was feeling pretty bad right about
then, so I leaned forward and planted a kiss on the head of Gonzo’s

He taught me how to kiss it all over and lick the head like an
ice-cream cone as I worked up the courage to take his thing into my
mouth. I nearly gagged as I stretched my jaws open to slip the head
of his cock between my lips.

The taste wasn’t what I expected, but it wasn’t too bad, really. Kind
of salty, mixed with an aftertaste of the chlorine from the pool.

Clearly, Gonzo was enjoying himself as I swirled my tongue around the
head of his dick, which barely fit into my mouth. He really started
enjoying himself when I reached forward with one hand to tickle his
balls and with the other to slowly stroke his cock into my mouth.

When I looked up at him, his eyes had that sort of glazed-over look
the dog gets when you scratch in just the right place. He let out a
little moan as I picked up the pace. Before long, his cock swelled to
an even larger size and he pulled it out of my mouth and began jacking
it off by himself.

I didn’t really know what to expect, but I didn’t expect the load of
cum that burst from the purple tip and splattered all over my face.
At first I thought it was kind of gross, but then I felt its warmth
against my skin, which was already hot from the afternoon sun, and I
got a little taste of some of the stuff that had splashed onto my
tightly closed lips. Not bad tasting, really. No chlorine aftertaste

I saw a lot of Gonzo that summer, but he lost interest after a while
when it became clear to him that he wasn’t going to pop my cherry.

It wasn’t until I got to college that fall and started dating some of
the guys in my dorm that I realized what a good thing I had with
Gonzo. I think I offended the first guy I dated when I let out a
laugh and asked him where the rest of it was when I first saw his
dick. I sucked him off and he enjoyed it and everything, but it just
wasn’t the same.

Apparently rumors about my preference for well-hung men must have
gotten out, because before long I found that I couldn’t get a date
with most guys. But soon Jeff and Tuck, two linemen from the football
team, invited me to a party at their dorm and hinted that they had
just what I needed.

The night of the party, I showed up right on time and was surprised to
find a parking spot near the door. Usually when there’s a party, you
have to park six blocks away. All was quiet on their dorm floor when
I knocked on the door, but I figured maybe I’d misunderstood the
invitation and arrived a little early.

When Tuck answered the door in his football jersey and nothing else, I
got my first hint that maybe this was a special party just for me. I
hesitated at the door, but once I got a look at the schlong hanging
between his legs, I stepped inside.

There were six guys there that night, all football players wearing
nothing but their jerseys. Every one of them was hung at least as
well as my old pal Gonzo, and one or two of them had cocks that would
have put his to shame.

‘Don’t be afraid, Lacey,’ Tuck said. ‘You are free to leave any time
you want, or you can just sit here and drink beer with us if that’s
your thing. But we heard that you like big dicks, so I rounded up the
biggest ones I could find, if you’re interested.’

Well, I was definitely interested. I was still a virgin, but I was
getting a little tired of it and wanted to see what all the excitement
was about.

‘I guess I’m game,’ I said. ‘But nobody does anything I don’t agree
to first, okay? ‘

I got them all to sit in a circle around me and start playing with
themselves as I slowly removed my clothes. Like I said earlier, I’m
kind of petite and I have basically no tits at all, but my nipples
were standing at attention by the time I removed my bra, and my
panties were damp with my excitement before I got to them.

We played a weird sort of ‘spin the bottle’ to decide where to start.
I decided I would spin the bottle and give whoever it pointed to a
30-second blow job before spinning it again. Side bets were placed on
who would be the first to blow his load.

As luck would have it, the bottle stopped first while pointing at
Randy, a strapping black guy who had led the conference in rushing the
season before and was expected to go high in the upcoming NFL draft.

Besides being the best football player in the room, Randy was also the
best hung. His black cock was as big around as my arm and was easily
a foot long. The head was nearly the size of my fist, and I had a
hell of a time getting even the tip of it into my mouth. I ended up
giving him a hand job while I licked his head and fondled his balls.
He lasted the 30 seconds without shooting, so I spun the bottle again.

This time, it fell on Jeff, one of the original instigators of my
seduction. Jeff was a freshman like me and apparently wasn’t too
experienced sexually. His was one of the smaller dicks in the room,
but was still about nine and a half inches long. I sucked him hard
for 30 seconds and could feel that he was close to cumming, but his
time was up, so I gave the bottle another spin.

Wouldn’t you know it, Jeff again. The poor guy didn’t stand a chance
this time as I went all out on his cock, sucking it hard and pumping
with both hands. About 15 seconds into his second blow job, Jeff let
loose with a torrent of cum, most of which shot into my mouth before I
had a chance to withdraw.

After that, the next half hour or so was a blur. Randy got between my
legs and started licking me while the others took turns feeding their
dicks into my mouth. I made four of them cum before Randy finally
pushed me over the edge by licking my clit furiously and pushing a
finger into my tight twat.

I’d never had an orgasm except by my own hand before, and those
couldn’t compare with the sensations coursing through my body and
Randy pumped his fat index finger in my virgin hole and licked my
stiff clit.

By that time I was ready to lose my virginity, and I had determined
that Randy was going to be the lucky guy. While all the others
gathered around, I lay down on the table and spread my legs as wide as
I could to give him total access.

Randy placed the head of his massive cock between the lips of my pussy
and leaned forward, but it slipped aside instead of inside. He tried
several more times before it became clear that this just wasn’t going
to work.

I got him to lay down on the table and climbed on top of him. I
zeroed the head of his dick into my sweet spot and pressed down with
all of my weight, but again it was nothing doing. I felt my pussy
stretch to accommodate him, but it just wouldn’t fit. He was too
damned big and I was too damned small.

By now I was nearly crying with frustration. I just had to have that
cock inside me. One of guys suggested doggy style, so I got on all
fours and let Randy climb behind me.

First, though, I asked him to loosen me up some. He easily slid a
finger into my slit (I was really wet by then). The second finger
stretched me open pretty good, but he never could get the third one
in. No matter, though. This time I was determined to take him in, no
matter how long it took.

Tuck, one of the guys who had originally invited me to this little
bang-fest, stepped in front of me and offered his cock. When I
reached forward to take it into my mouth, Randy gave a mighty heave
behind me. This time I felt something give and, before I knew it, a
ragged cheer had broken out and I was stuffed with Randy’s meat.

Randy asked me if I was alright (apparently there was a little blood)
and I responded by pushing back, engulfing even more of his cock with
my no-longer-virgin pussy.

Randy dumped the first-ever load of sperm into my pussy a few minutes
later. Before the evening was over, I collected at least one load in
there from each of the guys.

I walked kind of funny for a few days after Tuck’s ‘party,’ and my
reputation was completely shot at the school, but I gained an
appreciation for big dicks that day that I’ll never forget. To this
day, I always offer a guy a blow job on the first date. Most think
I’m just easy, but really, I’m just sizing them up.